NFL Week 12 Picks

Cowboys quarterback Romo signals before the snap against the Bears in Arlington, TexasMy Overall Record: 102-61

New York Jets @ Baltimore

Its time for the Ravens to start summoning a little pride to make a run to save their season. They’re going to play three straight at home, beginning with the Jets. Ray Rice began to show a little life last week in the loss to Chicago, if Baltimore can get him going again then they’ll be tough to beat at home.

Pick: Baltimore 23, New York 10

Pittsburgh @ Cleveland

Speaking of an AFC North team looking for some life, the Steelers have found some over the last few weeks. They’ve finally started to produce more than 19 points a game on offense, and they’ve got their eyes on a late run to get back into the division picture.

Pick: Pittsburgh 27, Cleveland 13

Tampa Bay @ Detroit

Tampa Bay is actually on a two-game winning streak. It’s time for that to come to an end. The Lions need to win this game at home to help continue to keep pace with the rest of the contenders in the NFC North.

Pick: Detroit 31, Tampa Bay 17

Minnesota @ Green Bay

The Packers finally get a bit of break by lining up against an opposing starting quarterback that is worse than their current one. Must-win situation for the Pack at home, Minnesota takes another embarrassing loss.

Pick: Green Bay 20, Minnesota 14

Jacksonville @ Houston

As long as Gary Kubiak doesn’t make any more bizarre quarterback changes in the middle of the game, the Houston losing streak should finally end this week.

Pick: Houston 27, Jacksonville 17

San Diego @ Kansas City

Chief Andy enjoyed a nine-game winning streak to start the year. Now I think its time for the Chiefs to face the reality that they just simply aren’t as good as their record says they are. San Diego goes out to Arrowhead and pulls off the upset.

Pick: San Diego 24, Kansas City 17

Carolina @ Miami

The Panthers are for real. Sean McDermott’s defense anchors another win.

Pick: Carolina 27, Miami 13

Chicago @ St. Louis

If the Rams were at full strength, I would like them to take down the Bears at home. However, Kellen Clemens is still the quarterback. Although he’s done a good job, Josh McCown is running Marc Trestman’s offense at a high enough level that I still like the Bears to come away with a tough road win.

Pick: Chicago 24, St. Louis 20

Indianapolis @ Arizona

The Colts are well-rested after playing in Week 11’s Thursday night game. Arizona just doesn’t impress me. Carson Palmer is a turnover-bomb that is waiting to detonate at any minute.

Pick: Indianapolis 27, Arizona 13

Tennessee @ Oakland

Matt McGloin didn’t look half bad while leading the Raiders to victory over the Texans. The Titans are starting to fade fast with Jake Locker out for the season, and I don’t think they have a road-win in them this week.

Pick: Oakland 21, Tennessee 13

Dallas @ New York Giants

The Giants have themselves back in the thick of the NFC East picture after ripping off four in a row. Dallas has been such a hot-and-cold team all year. On a good day, they can put it all together and hang with the top teams in the league. On other days, they look the textbook definition of mediocrity. Its been awhile since Dallas has looked really good, and I have the feeling that they’re due for one of their better efforts tomorrow.

Pick: Dallas 33, New York 20

Denver @ New England

Its Tom Brady vs Peyton Manning once again. I think this is a tough spot for Denver. They’ve just come off a huge victory against the Chiefs, and actually have to face them again in a week. Brady and the Pats now return home, angry after losing their game to Carolina on a questionable non-call. Its a rough road trip for Denver, and I think they lose their second game of the season.

Pick: New England 33, Denver 27

Washington @ San Francisco

The Redskins are all but dead in the water, and the 49ers will be desperate for a win after losing a couple of tough games.

Pick: San Francisco 38, Washington 27

11 thoughts on “NFL Week 12 Picks

  1. 2 Upsets that I like

    Rams over Bears
    RB Zac Stacy is having a great Rookie Season
    And the Vears Defense is littered with injuries
    Rams at home are fast & physical and their Pass-Rush in that Fone will raise havoc on McCown and the Bears
    Close game Rams 24 – Bears 20

    Cardinals over the Colts who have a weak running game,
    Questionable OL and really only 1 consistent Receiver in TY Hilton with Reggie Wayne out, although TE Fleener has played well of late
    QB Palmer has actually played well the last few games,
    Their Receivers have stepped up with Fitz,Floyd & TE Housler all getting more
    comfortable with Palmer and dangerous Scat/Back Andre Ellington
    I look for Cardinals Defense to stymie and harras QB Luck all game and the Cardinals Secondary shut down the Colts receivers,
    CB Patrick Peterson will probably take TY Hilton out of the mix for most of the game..

    1. good stuff Paul,
      interested in the Cards performance today because Eagles next opponent — I remember their DE Calais Campbell & LB Daryll Washington just blowing up the entire Eagle roster last year, and still have nightmare of Darnell Dockett who single handledly defeating the Eagles offense in the playoffs when they went to superbowl — that offensive skill position crew seem to be clicking like you mentioned – Honey Badger might be the steal of the draft and Peterson is All Pro caliber

      1. The Cardinals got another Steal in Safety Tony Jefferson from Oklahoma who somehow went undrafted last year.. I had a couple of Mock Drafts
        Of the Eagłes grabbing him in the 5/6th Round last Draft
        Check him out, he plays Special Teams and splits Starters time at a safety and looks to be a good one.. If Cards ever get a consistent Running game going and upgrade their OL, they could be a tough Team

  2. Denny likes the cowboys 33-20 over the giants at the 4 o’clock Game of the Week.
    who do I want to win? do I want the Giants to lose to be 2 games back with 5 to play or the Cowboys to lose so the Eagles are in first place all alone but Giants and Cowboys both within striking distance of the Eagles for division?
    Dam so frustrating I don’t want either to win.
    I think the giants win because the Cowboy defense looked so bad against New Orleans . Giants 20- 17 Cowboys.

    1. Definitely torn all, but in this case I would rather see the Cowboys win and knock agiants out of the Picture so the aeagkes only have the Cowboys to worry about.. The Eagłes control their own Destiny and will need to finish at least 3-2 and best the Cowboys regardless, so to me, why not have another NFC East Steam basically eliminated today..
      Cowboys have at Giants, home with Raiders, at Bears, home versus Packers (who will have Rodgers back), at Redskins and then Final
      Versus Eagłes in Dallas

      Giants have Cowboys at home, at Washington, at San Diego
      Home versus Seattle , at Detroit then home versus Redskins

      Eagles have bye, home vs Cardinals, home versus Lions,
      At the Vikings, home versus Bears and then at Dallas

      If Eagłes beat the Cardinals, Bears & Cowboys,
      They will be in almost no matter what and hold Tiebreakers versus
      The Cardinals, Bears, Cowboys & Packers with head to head wins and a
      a better NFC Conference Record
      Now if Eagłes go 4-1, they are in no batter what
      For they would win the NFC as long as the best Cowboys

    1. AR back to his “passaholic ways”
      RB Charles gemrs only 14 Carries (only for a 115 Yards by the way) and instead has ALex Smith attempt 40 Passes and try to win a shoot out versus Phil Rivers, dumb move by him..
      Also Chiefs lost both DE’s Hali & OLB Houston to Injuries which account for 20 Sacks between them.. Chiefs are going nowhere with their lack of outside weapons and will overpay for WR Maclin in Free-Agency..
      WR D Bowe is not manning up and Plays too soft for a Pkayer of his size, plus getting arrested 2 weeks ago for marijuana.. and nany Posters on here were clamoring for this underachiever last off-season
      I never thought he was an elite WR..

  3. No Oskie-wee-wee Oskie Wa-wa tonight. It’ll all be Rider Pride.

    I like the Saskatchewan Roughriders over the Hamilton Tiger Cats at home in tonight’s 101st Grey Cup!

    A game that the Ti-Cats keep close for longer than people expect.

    Green Riders 35 Tabbies 23

  4. Paulman all over his 2 Sleeper Picks
    Of Rams over the fading Bears and the hot
    Cardinals over the overrated and slumping Colts who since they’ve lost WR Reggie Wayne, are just not the same Team
    And RB Trent Richardson has been a huge
    Bust for them averaging not even 2 yards per carry since he’s joined the Colts..
    Another Over-Rated NFL Prospect from College Power Program of Alabama..

    Talking about the Cardinals, another NFL Prospect I was high on in the Draft 2 years ago WR Michael Floyd is beginning to blossom as a Pro even though GMCliff said he sucked and nothing special and would not make an impact in the NFL..


  5. Going to get Arizona at a good time next week. Coming off their big triumph over the Colts and before an important divisional matchup against STL.

    They should be a little lackadaisical, and Birds should be able to take advantage early before they wake up.

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