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Nick Foles vs. Matthew Stafford: Great Decision-Making Against Big Arm

NickFoles5This week Eagles quarterback Nick Foles will battle against another “Franchise Quarterback”.  It’s the Lions Matthew Stafford this time, who is a former first-round draft pick and supposed savior of his Detroit ball club.  Foles has the numbers going his way so far, but he doesn’t have the Superstar pedigree of being a first round draft pick, like Stafford.

The Lions signal caller has great size and a great arm.  He’s got a lot of confidence and he can make all the throws, but I give Foles an advantage over him when it comes to decision-making.

Foles is showing all of us, that good decision-making and an accurate arm is better than a gun for an arm and okay decision-making.  It’s amazing that Foles has been so consistent with his decision-making other than that Dallas game.  It’s his decision-making that has him threatening the record books.

On the other hand, the talented young signal caller for the Lions will pull the trigger on just about any throw, in much the same way we saw with the Cardinals Carson Palmer last week. Palmer is also a former first round pick, who had this Superstar pedigree, but can’t match Foles when it comes to taking care of the football.

Stafford can be so trigger-happy at times that some people compare him to Brett Favre in his mindset, that he can make any throw.  There’s a lot of ego in that attitude and it costs your team wins.  I like the humility I see in Foles.  He’ll give up all the highlight plays for another win.

Because of the differences in taking care of the football, I like Foles’ chance of out dueling Stafford.  The Lions quarterback will wind up with some great highlights because he takes so many dangerous chances with the football.   I know Foles wants to get victories rather than a good highlight reel.

Like Palmer, Stafford has thrown quite a few interceptions, 14 in his first 12 games to be exact.  The Birds secondary got two interceptions last week against Palmer, they should be able to get at least as many against Stafford, if they attack the football at its highest point.

Stafford has a receiver in Calvin “Megatron” Johnson, whom he’s going to throw the ball to regardless of how many guys the Eagles have covering him.  Palmer has Larry Fitzgerald and Stafford has Megatron.  Nobody’s going to stop Stafford from going to Megatron in any situation.  The Birds defenders, who did a good job against Fitzgerald must expect the football being thrown to Johnson often.

The Birds defensive backs should also know that, the former Georgia Bulldog will throw the ball up for grabs to not only Johnson, but his other big receivers like 6’5″ Brandon Pettigrew and 6’6″ Kris Durham.

Foles needs to continue with his attitude of staying away from turnovers.  The three to nothing turnover advantage the Eagles had against Arizona was one of key reasons they won. I liked the fact that after the game last Sunday, Foles said he should have taken a sack, when he threw the interception to Patrick Peterson, which was negated by a holding penalty on the Cardinals.

It’s not just about decision-making, it’s the attitude of decision-making.  Foles cares about winning above trying to make a great throw.

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Nick Foles/Riley Cooper Highlights

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Nick Foles Highlights

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21 Comments for “Nick Foles vs. Matthew Stafford: Great Decision-Making Against Big Arm”

  1. Paulman Reports that GM Howie Roseman is set to Announce a 6 Year Contract Extension to QB Nick Foles for a Total of $95 Million with $20 Million in Bonus $$ spread out for the next 3 Seasons ..
    The Eagles will be $15 Million over the Salary Cap for 2014 and have many Tough Decisions to make on which Veteran Players to Release and Cut
    Right Now the Following Players will be on the Chopping Block

    WR Jason Avant
    RG Todd Herremans
    TE James Casey
    OLB Trent Cole
    OLB Brandon Graham
    Safety Patrick Chung

    Right now, word is that only Riley Cooper, Nate Allen and Phillip Hunt will all be Offered 3 Year Deals to return to the Eagles as they become Free-Agents
    after the 2013 Season

    No Contracts will be offered to Mike VIck, Jeremy Maclin, Kurt Coleman,

    This is the Price an Organization has to make with a QB getting paid “Franchise QB type of $$$”
    FOles Deal to be Structured something like this per Sources

    2014 $5 Million Salary + $5 Million Roster Bonus
    2015 $7 Million Salary + $7.5 Million Roster Bonus
    2016 $10 Million Salary + $7.5 Milion Roster Bonus
    2017 $17.5 Million Salary
    2018 $17.5 Million Salary
    2019 $18 Million Salary

    • As a side note, I reserve the right to change,add,delete any information
      with no penalty about Fole’s Contract and any other Players Contracts per my agreement with GCobb.Com

      • HAHAHA!!! You crack me up Buddy. You have to reserve the right to change. You know they’re going to re-sign Maclin, and they are not going to re-sign Phillip Hunt.

        There is no guarantee for Nate Allen to be on the team, nor Herramans, James Casey, or Vick to be cut or released, if he wants to remain with the team as a back up.

        I agree with you that the rest should absolutely be upgraded. We need Linebackers, specifically 3-4 rush end Lb’s.

  2. vinnietheevictor

    Battle between the kid with a crew cut and the QB who still wears his hat backwards.

  3. eagles0superbowls

    I thought the lose of Jeff Backus would lead to another Stafford injury but so far LT Riley Reiff has held down the job admirably

  4. eagles0superbowls

    one of the reasons that stump miraculously and insanely was named 1st game starter was Nick had fumble issues on sacks. He almost coughed up another fumble last week. Nick was sacked 5 times and tackled 9 times against Cards, lets hope he doesn’t get battered like that again this week.

  5. Detroits dline is hella disruptive. Been getting after QBs all year. I expect they will do the same here.

    • More disconcerting is the fact that the Eagles have become more of a finesse Offense under Kelly. The weather forcast is condusive to grinding it out on the ground this week. Low and behold Detroit has given up 46 or so yards on the ground in the past 2 games. Also the don’t give up many rushing TD’s. Stafford is the least sacked QB in the league, but he can get his Vick on with his Turnover habits…..This is a tough one to call. Especially if it’s wet and snowy. Reggie Bush has had issues holding onto the ball in the Dome, so advantage birds. Lets go 21-16 in sloppy sloppy conditions.

      • Bush has had 4 fumbles on the year…not as big a deal as many make it out to be – he’s also a very good receiving RB – was looking like a damn wideout in the Green Bay game.

        Now Stafford’s propensity for picks is problematic…so yeah if they turn it over 3/4 times a game as they have the last couple I think they lose. Can’t turn it over that much against this offense and win.

        With that said if the turnovers are down I expect they win. The combination of Bush, Bell and Megatron is pretty formidable.

    • great point tsjohnson5 as always you are dropping knowledge on us. never mind the fact that detroit is 25th in the NFL in qb sacks they are hella disruptive (hella means not at all, right?)

      • yes very good point tsjohnson5 in that some of us who are true football fans understand that a defensive line being ‘disruptive’ does not simply mean sacks! The Lions have the best goal line defense in the league, their tackles Suh and Fairley are extremely physical and very capable of taking over a game like they did against Green Bay. These guys do get hits on QB’s and sometimes they play a little bit after the whistle! Our Offense Line will have to be on top of their game with these guys!~

  6. Been after them but never get to them. 25th in the league in sacks.

    • I said they were disruptive and they are. That’s about more than sacks. Hurries and hits count as well. And they’ve managed to cause problems without the sacks.

      • Yes. Very good point TSj. Its not about the sacks so much but its about pressure that cause an earlier throw or movement in the pocket. Many don’t understand nor see the bigger picture when analyzing football. They think you have to get sacks to be disruptive, in reality pressure is just as good as a sack on occasion…Pressure causes mistakes, sometimes a sack don’t mean shit, but a turnover can’t be the difference in the game.

  7. They are also 15 in the league in scoring. Top 5 against the run and 24 against the pass.

  8. I have a feeling the Eagles zone blocking will do a good job against Washburn’s “Wide 9″ in the running game. The Lions run defense’s success is a little deceptive. Some teams didn’t run against them because it was so easy to pass on them.

    • I agree Irish the Eagles can exploit their defense in numerous ways, just need Foles time, I don’t know about a high scoring game but I do know we need to play a complete 4 quarters Sunday. Speaking of which that Panthers Saints game is a must see, some good games on tap.

      • Panthers/Saints is a big game…but I think Panthers gonna be on the wrong end of that one. Saints rarely lose at home AND Panthers secondary is lil’ suspect – they can’t quite shut’em down the way the Seahawks can – though Panthers have the best front 7 of the two (Seahawks and Panthers).

        Panthers could surprise though. They’ve been on a roll thus far.

        • A key match-up is the Saints back-up RT against Returning Panthers DE Charles Johnson whose been out the last 2 Weeks
          And rarin to go.. I also think Saints Arab Pierre Thomas is dinged up from Seahawk Game and RB Sproles & TE Graham are still hobbling and not a 100% either..
          Will come down to Cam Newton making sone big plays,
          Watch for Panthers TE Greg Olsen have a big game versus the Saints LB’s in Pass Coverage who were terrible versus the Seahawks last week

  9. We need to keep handling our business! During this winning streak for us, very little mention has been made of our excellent offensive line work in keeping Foles clean giving him a lot of time to go thru his progressions, set his feet and make accurate passes…we need our O-line to keep up its excellent play and handle Detroit

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