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Who Is The Eagles Offensive MVP; LeSean McCoy or Nick Foles?

NickFoles&LeSeanMcCoy1Who is the Eagles offensive MVP, Nick Foles or LeSean McCoy?  With three games left to play in the regular season, I think a good argument could be made for Foles or McCoy to be named the team’s offensive MVP.

Foles has played in 10 games this season.  He’s completed 135 out of 218 pass attempts with 20 touchdowns and one interception.  In a game versus the Oakland Raiders, the former University of Arizona signal caller tied an NFL record with seven touchdown passes in one game.

He’s the highest rated quarterback in the league with a 120.0 QB rating.  The Birds have won five games in the row since Foles took over the quarterbacking duties for the second time this season.

McCoy leads the league in rushing with 1305 yards on 261 carries for a 5.0 average.  The Birds are also the number one rushing team in the league with McCoy leading the way. He broke the Eagles single game rushing record last Sunday, when he ran for 217 yards in the snow against the Detroit Lions.  McCoy has scored 7 touchdowns and fumbled only once.

Who do you think is the Eagles offensive MVP and why?

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Nick Foles/Riley Cooper Highlights

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Nick Foles Highlights

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LeSean McCoy Highlights

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Eagles Prepare For Both QB’s

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55 Comments for “Who Is The Eagles Offensive MVP; LeSean McCoy or Nick Foles?”

  1. After Years of Listening to Andy Reid say “I’ve got to do a better job of putting the players in a position to win..” It’s nice to actually have a coach who does,

    My offensive MVP is coach Chip Kelly.

  2. Andy Reid would have never run the football in the fourth quarter. It would have been pass, pass, oh…and pass some more. Sack Sack and Scramble for your life….

    Chip Kelley has grown and learned from previous blunders in just one season. The Fat Man would never change. No matter what. My second vote is for Chip Kelley…

  3. Still 3 Games Left to Play G-Man,
    Let’s see how the Team and any Individual Players finsh first and then we can talk about “Awards” or “Honors” once the Season is Complete..
    3 Big Games and the entire Team needs to finish strong

  4. Not enough chatter on here yesterday. Something has to get the controversary poppin!

  5. Controversy

  6. if the season ends today its nick foles.

    he has made riley cooper look like a pro bowl caliber WR which is beyond insane. think about it, if anyone told you nick foles (or any NFL qb for that matter) would make riley cooper look like a probowl WR before this season you wouldve laughed so hard you wouldve cried.

    what nick is doing is absolutely historic. nick is in talk for league mvp so its nick and its not even close.

    while shady has been nothing short of spectacular himself he doesnt have enough tds at the moment to be in the discussion for eagles mvp.

    • HOwever, with cupcake run defenses in minny, chicago and dallas mccoy could close the gap. if shady gets 5 tds in the last 3 games my vote could change

    • Contract year for cooper. Its The Drugs!

      • must have started them week 6

      • Wasn’t it his contract year in the beginning of the season also when he had 8 passes for 93 yards in the first five games? Stop it! His turn around has everything to do with Foles! I think they should be co MVPs but if I had to pick one, the Eagles are 8-5 with Shady playing and 6-1 with Foles, I would have to give the slight edge to Foles.

        • ok we all know shady is the most important guy to this offense and is the mvp of the team to the fans. but in reality, looking outside being fans foles has got it done and outplayed everyone in the NFL since he took over this team

  7. Shady McCoy is second to Peyton Manning in the NFL MVP vote -

  8. Punter Donnie Jones, Hands down, not even close…

  9. Paulman’s Top 5 for MVP’s if Season ended Today

    1) Peyton Manning – Bronco’s
    2) Russell Wilson – Seahawks
    3) Nick Foles – Eagles
    4) Lesean McCoy – Eagles
    5) Jamall Charles – Chiefs (1100 Yards Rushing + 460 Yards Receiving)

    Offensive Rookie of the Year
    Tie Chargers WR Keenan Allen & Bengals RB Giovanni Bernard

    Defensive Rookie of the Year
    LB Kiko Alonso (Buffalo Bills) 131 Tackles 2 Sacks & 4 Int’s and a everydown Player

    Coach of the Year
    Tie – Andy Reid (Chiefs) & Ron Rivera (Panthers)

    Rookie Coach’s of the Year
    Tie – Mike McCoy of the Chargers & Chip Kelly of the Eagles

    G-Cobb Poster of the Year
    TS Johnson who has mysteriously gone silent in recent weeks and may end up forfeiting her Prize

    • russel wilson for league mvp? lmfao

      mhenskis top 5

      1. peyton
      2. brees
      3. charles
      4. jimmy graham
      5. Foles

      Coach of the year is Chip Kelly and its not even close.

      • Good add of Jimmy Graham. His has been a beast this year, and his numbers are huge. I agree that he should be included in the top 5. As far as your list, I would have Shadey instead of Brees, but both are having great years. I would believe that Brees has many more offensive weapons at his disposal versus Shadey playing in a new system with a team that was 4-12 the year before. Different positions, but for my vote I would go with Shadey.

        • I Think jimmy graham really could easily be #2 on my list

          • eagles0superbowls

            Jimmy Graham is a free agent and is worth Calvin Johnson money. This is a huge problem since he is listed as a tight end but never lines up on the line of scrimmage. He is always lined up as a wide receiver. The franchise tag money gap between tight end and wide receiver is huge. Ben Watson comes in as the blocking tight end and is the only official tight end used that way. Big drama coming in the off season with Jimmy Graham and the Saints. ( NFL lawyers are going to get dragged into this)

            • Can you imagine him on the Eagles?

              Great size, great speed and hands. Crazy talent.

              • jimmy at times disappears in big games and sometimes plays scared imo…

                also he lines up on the line plenty at least half the time

              • I would disagree mhenski. Graham had a few leg injuries this year that limited his play in a couple games, but overall he is a huge part of what Brees does with a powerful offensive team. I would take him any day.

              • i would take him any day too he is imo the biggest difference maker at any one position in the NFL. there just arent any jimmy grahams at TE besides gronk…

                im telling you gronk and jimmy are equally awesome but jimmy is very careful with his body and the hits he absorbs (its kind of playing scared but more so playing smart…), gronk he just a warrior and not scared of anything but look at him. guys career is in jeopardy before it really even took off…

                jim is unreal and if there was a real life fantasy draft and im a gm jimmy is my first skill position player i take.

              • eagles0superbowls

                mhenski – Jimmy Graham never lines up as a tight end – ever, not even for a token snap. Jimmy Graham is a wide receiver.

              • eagles0superbowls you are wrong bud. only stats i can find on this shows that through week 6 of the season he was lined up as a TE approx45% of the time and split out 55%. id imagine that still holds true now as im certain the saints dont want to have to franchise him at the wr rate… also i think a lot of times they go out in a 2 wr set so he has a lb on him at the line that motion him in space.

                regardless he is lining up at te plenty. i watch him virtually every single week as i have him as my TE in both of my $ fantasy leagues

              • It’s a moot point for the Eagles can’t afford him or other big name Free-Agent Players that will be out there. They are currently close to their ms alarm Cap in 2014 Dollars and will need to shed 3-4 Veteran Players as it is if they want to Re-Sign some of their own Free-Agents. The Upcoming Off-Season will be the quietest one in recent Eagles years..

      • I don’t understand how you can have Charles in front of McCoy. 200 less rushing yards for Charles.

        I agree that Wilson has no place on that list. He is having a great season, but not an MVP season.

        • Wilson is only leading the NFL Best Team for the Season
          They have lot their Top 2 WR’s for much of the Year and is still getting it done and has played well in the Big Games as well… He is definitely in the Conversation and a Top 5 Candidate
          Players & Leaders from the Top Winning Teams always get Votes

        • bugs i just think charles means more to the queefs then shady does to the eagles. he doesnt have 200 less yards its 144. the tale of the tape:

          mccoy 8TDs
          charles 13 TDs

          they are neck and neck in receiving yards, and close enough in rushing. Charles does have 17 more catches

          i give the nod to charles who has contributed 30 more points to his team thats a lot of points my man.

          takes nothing away from shady as he is having a phenomenal season and has much more to offer than charles going forward…

  10. When Jared Allen was asked who must they stop on the Eagles he chuckled and said the human joystick Shady McCoy.He is our #1 priority. When All-Pro ballots come out it will be Peyton Manning with McCoy as the best back in the NFL. Foles has been great but McCoy is the most dangerous player in the NFL with the ball in his hand. Foles is a close 2nd. Both have been great.

    • i love some shady but charles is better and having a slightly better season. if ur an rb and u dont have double digit tds ur not in an mvp conversation

    • Henski is not an eagles fan. # never roots for his own fucking team, # Does not like or respect any of the black players, # post replies unsolicited. Fucking Troll……

      • can you back up anything you just said theone?

        • Theone1 one thing that is a reoccurring theme with you is you like to talk about racism, racists and you like to call people racists. A quick google search of your name plus gcobb brings up a post where you call gcobb a racist.

          you got issues bro

  11. In other news.

    Now, in this, his first season in the NFL and his first season as the Eagles’ offensive-line coach, Stoutland is in charge of one of the best – and most athletic – offensive lines in the NFL.

    His two starting offensive tackles, Jason Peters and rookie Lane Johnson, both are former tight ends. Johnson even played quarterback. Center Jason Kelce is a former linebacker. And Evan Mathis and Todd Herremans are as quick as any pair of guards in the league.

    • eagles0superbowls

      Additionally Stoutland probably offered an endorsement on Bennie Logan during draft process since he was in charge of blocking him in the SEC — definitely agree he was an excellent hire

      • Eagles0Superbowls…… I don’t really like the name, and if I can respond without seeing that shit I would. So untill you change it….

  12. ANY WHO!!!

    If Peterson is out, Toby Gerhart is next up. He didn’t practice on Thursday either because of a hamstring injury, but reports out of Minneapolis indicate he has a better shot at playing. Chip Kelly knows Gerhart well. The Stanford product, who is averaging 7.9 yards on 36 carries, had some big games against Oregon when Kelly was there. If both Peterson and Gerhart are out, the Eagles could be playing with a running clock by the third quarter. Matt Asiata is the third string tailback and he’s yet to take a carry this season.

    • Stack up the Tackle Box and play 5 DL on obvious Rushing Downs
      Gerhart is ineffective and does not have the speed to get outside and turn the corner versus the Eagles LB’s

      • They will have absolutely no rushing attack for us this week. Our DE, and LB’s will be in thier backfield all day.

  13. ***Eagles Breaking News****
    Vikings just Activated Hershel Walker & Chuck Foreman to play this Week versus the Eagles… Jon Hart to give some updates later on…

  14. Who has done more with less then Tom Brady? Can anyone name who his starting WRs are? He’s the real MVP !

  15. Both foles and shady deserve consideration

    Let’s leave it at that

    The article is premature

    It is divisive

    We don’t need that, nor do the eagles

    This is the best group of young players in a long time

    The eagles have a great coach, promising young players

    It will only get better

  16. Well it’s a QB league and right now it’s Manning, Foles and Wilson but Shady has to get some consideration.

  17. There is no doubt that Shady McCoy is the MVP of the team! Ask opposing players who they are worried about on the Eagles and the first name you will hear is Shady..He is the best running back in the league!

  18. Not to change the Subject, but I cannot help myself…
    Did the Phillies GM Amaro even attend this past week’s GM Meetings in Orlando.. Not a move made.. It’s going to be a long Summer for Phils Fans as the Nationals, Mets, improved their Rosters while the Phils have done
    Very little to address their Club in terms of getting Younger, more athletic and what to do to upgrade their Pitching Staff..
    Maybe add Nelson Cruz, and a Reliever and at least 1 experienced Starter is needed to be able to compete in the NL East next Season

  19. Paul your right, Amaro’s moves, or lack there-of have been perplexing to say the least. The rebuild should have begun last year at the trade deadline and they did nothing. Now they’ve locked into two more un-tradable contracts in Byrd and Ruiz and have no shot of winning next year. I didn’t think it was possible but IMO they’ve actually gotten older and worse this off-season. This team’s going to be bad for several years going forward.

  20. KC Chiefs RB Jamall Charles is MVP if Season ended today
    He’s on fire and Chiefs have 2nd Best Overall Record in the NFL
    Manning, Graham, Brees, McCoy all dropped after this week, while Russell Wilson stays in the mix..
    That’s how I see it..

    • As I said the other day he is ahead of shady now way ahead.

      Awful game today by chip

      • Yes I agree 100%..
        Chip still not ready for prime time
        These last 2 Games are going to be wild shoot outs and last Team with the ball probably Wins
        Bears, Cowboys & Eagles Defenses are all
        Pretty bad and can get torched in the Secondary and give up big plays
        Whoever can run the ball better and put more pressure on the QB will Win these games…and of course Special Teams and Turnovers will be huge as well ..

        • Paul do you remember a few weeks ago when you criticized Kelly for not adjusting yet every analyst in America praised him for his adjustments? Do you remember before the five game winning streak calling him jelly Kelly? Can you please just preface anything you say with ‘I’m full of shit and I make stuff up’

  21. Paulman, don’t discount chip he had a bad game today but he will be back

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