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Is Riley Cooper Better Fit Than Maclin In Chip Kelly’s System?

RileyCooper1Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer penned an article which identified a huge decision the Eagles will have next year at the wide receiver position.  Both Jeremy Maclin and Riley Cooper have contracts which expire before the 2014 season begins.

Which one do you bring back?

Do you bring back Maclin, who was a number one draft pick and has been ahead of Cooper throughout their years together here in Philadelphia?  The team will have to decide how much they believe Maclin will return to the player he was before being injured.  Will he be as fast and elusive?

Do you bring back Cooper who seems to be a great fit in the Chip Kelly offense?  Cooper is an outstanding blocker and he’s shown the ability to make plays on the ball.

Here are Maclin’s numbers so far in his career.  During his rookie year in 2009, Maclin caught 56 passes for 773 yards and 4 touchdowns.  In 2010, he improved to 70 catches for 964 yards and 10 touchdowns.  In 2011, he caught 63 passes for 859 yards and 5 touchdowns.  Last season in 2012, Maclin caught 69 passes for 857 yards and 7 touchdowns.

He has been a very effective number two receiver and he’s only 25 years old, so he probably has plenty of football ahead of him.

The other guy in this story is Cooper, who hadn’t done much during his career with the Eagles until Nick Foles took over at the quarterback position.  He has been on fire since then.

In the last eight games, the former Tim Tebow target has Cooper has come down with 29 catches for 621 yard and six touchdowns. Cooper has proven to be one of the best receivers in the league at adjusting to the ball once it’s in the air.  He’s a great fit for this system and he has a chemistry to Foles.

Of course you could bring both of them back, but which one will start and who will get the majority of the playing time.  Will Cooper’s chemistry with Foles make him the starter?

It’s a good problem to have.

I personally believe both of them will be brought back because I don’t see anybody giving big money to Maclin until he proves he’s his old self, unless it is Big Red in Kansas City.

I could see Maclin flourishing in this offense because he’s a good blocker and a good runner with the ball after the catch.

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37 Comments for “Is Riley Cooper Better Fit Than Maclin In Chip Kelly’s System?”

  1. Rodgers is out vs Dallas…what a little bitch!

    • Paulman Reported this on Wednesday DMAN
      If Packers Lose to the Cowboys, Rodgers will be shut down for the rest of the Season..

  2. I would like to see them both back next year together with a 6′ 3″ middle round draft pick with speed and the potential to unseat one of these guys.

  3. Jaguars Release former Starting DE Jermey Mincey after being late for the 3 Time in the last Month for Team Meetings… Back in November, He overslept and missed the Team Bus Ride to the Airport when flying to Houston for a Game versus the Texans, so Coach Bradley told him to stay at Home.
    This morning Mincey was late again for a Team Meeting and they annouced his Release after Lunch…

  4. The only way that Cooper & Maclin are both Back is if Jason Avant get’s released and or D-Jax Restructure’s his Deal… You just cannot spend $25 Million on the WR Position, with at $120 Team Salary Cap , It’s just not Feasible

    Re-Signing Cooper is a No-Brainer
    so the Real Decision for teh Eagles is between Keeping Avant or releasing him and re-signing Maclin..
    I believe Maclin is the odd-man out and will sign a 3 Year Deal by the Chiefs who desperately need WR Help and of course, Maclin knowledge and familiarity of Coach AR Offense where he could come in and hit the ground running, as well as Coach AR & Maclin’s close relationship make him playing for KC a good match..

    • Jason Avant has been solid in the slot. Barely misses a catch. The man catches damn near every ball tossed his way. HOWEVER!!!!! He is getting old. Chip Likes Big recievers too, just like he wants size and speed for the rest of the team. I say transition Maclin to the Slot, or maybe Cooper, tough as nails SOB can play the slot AWESOMELY!!!!(Ya New Word) I like DJax, Cooper, Maclin…… Imagine that. Neither Maclin or DJax was a true red zone threat. Cooper is the answer. We must find a way to keep all three. Maclin is younger than Avant. I say we keep him. As solid a year as Avant is having, I say he is expendable.

    • Both Cooper, and Maclin will be on the team, and DeSean will not have to restructure his deal either…

      Avant, may be released anyway, to make room, and upgrade with a Rookie Drafted this year….

      If they are not going to pursue a major WR Threat they better sign Maclin, who is at least familiar with the system…..

  5. gimme cooper over maclin in an easy decision. foles makes this guy look like jordy nelson and if foles is comfortable with him so am i. in this scheme coopers blocking is not replaceable.

    id like both to come back and have cooper always split wide and then you can just move around maclin and desean in all kinds of different ways.

    maclin may get some serious offers though, free agent market is very thin…

  6. Desean, Maclin, Cooper….WOW. We need to find a way to make it happen. It’s definately possible. Maclin has been the best WR on the team before this season. He has decent size, very fast and great hands. He was way more consistent than Desean the past few seasons. Not to mention, resigning Maclin saves us a draft pick. Why draft a WR with a corp like this one? Go OLB,OLINE,OLINE

    • MAKES SENSE DONT”T IT!!!!!!!

    • Totally agree with this CT, except we need more secondary help big-time esp safety. I would just take one of the OLLINE’s out above and put safety in there or corner.

    • Maclins been consistently hurt. A 1st round pick who has never had 1000 yards on a team that threw 70% of the time. Djax a 2nd round pick will be going to his 3rd probowl this year while Maclin rehabs yet again searching for his first 1000 yard season. Maclin is a dime a dozen injury prone player. I sign him to the league minimum 1 year deal.

  7. Keep cooper the racist with black friends at 2 and Maclin at 3 Avant at 4… Cooper is the big receiver we need. Honestly We should probably draft another big reciever… But i dont know because we have ertz and celek

  8. I go into 2014 with D-Jax, Re-Sign Cooper, keep J Avant, then Draft a WR in the Mid-Rounds and let Maclin leave via Free-Agency..It’s that simple
    Let J Maehls, Brad Smith, D Johnson fight it out as your 5th WR
    I think we will see some action on Brad Smith this week and make a few catches, run a Reverse and maybe even a Read-Option play here or there

  9. Eagles need an upgrade at wide receiver, cooper is because of foles, he’s nothing special, eagles need to draft a big, physical wide out that can run fast, real fast

    Riley cooper is not that guy, he’s got great game, bit he’s not a difference maker over a long season, career, he’s a great third receiver, but not a prime go to guy, again, foles made the mirage that he’s that guy, but he isn’t

    • One year contract for both Cooper and Maclin. Draft a receiver and let the best man win in training camp. I think that’s how chip will do it. Downside is I think Cooper and Maclin attract some really nice offers via free agency……. this is going to be a very tough decision.

  10. Maclin was the guy who caught Foles’ pass with no time left on the clock to beat the Bucs for Foles’ first win w/the Birds last year.

    It all depends on Maclin’s health.

    Cooper will be here.

    Both fit…BTW, Foles can make any receiver look good.

  11. We have to wait and see if Maclin comes back with his speed…I would weigh what’s in the draft…can we get a big, fast wideout with more speed than Cooper?

  12. I knew this would be a topic of debate at some point after mid season. It really comes down to what Cooper is going to demand salary wise. Riley Cooper has come a long way…however Maclin has the ability to be a top 15 WR in the NFL for the rest of his career and if we’re all honest with ourselves Cooper isn’t likely to have anywhere near that kind of upside after this season. Keeping Jackson, Avant and Maclin at the top of the depth chart should be the main priority.

    Beyond that I’d like to see the Eagles draft a big WR, bring back Ifeanyi Momah and sign Ramses Barden for summer camp. Personally I felt the Eagles should have kept Momah on the practice squad to develop him. The dude is raw, but clearly has a lot of athletic ability and moved the needle considerably from the first to the last pre-season game I saw him in even though he wasn’t targeted much. You really shouldn’t throw a guy away with that kind of size, speed and work ethic.

  13. Maclin needs to go. All he has done is underachieve his entire time here. He is the king of catch & fall, & is as fragile as tissue paper. Cooper is having a breakout year, but lets not anoint him Megatron 2.0 just yet. We still need a good, top, big WR, or at the very least, a big man, with quickness, & hands. Maclin & Avant, need to go!

  14. Big talented WR’s coming out this year, that would instantly upgrade this squad.

    1- Mike Evans- 6’5″ 225. [1st round]
    2- Davonte Adams- 6′ 3″ 205. [2nd round]
    3- Allen Robinson- 6’3″ 210. [2nd round]
    4- Jordan Matthews- 6’3″ 210. 2nd-3rd round]
    5- Kelvin Benjamin- 6’5″ 235. [2nd-3rd round]
    6- Brandon Coleman- 6’5″ 225. [3rd round]
    7- Donte Moncrief- 6’2″ 225. [3rd round]
    8- Devin Street- 6’3″ 200. [3rd round]

  15. Birds will be set keeping both. and if one of the WR’s get injured, not much of a beat will be missed. There are other things to worry about on this team. Resign them both and patch the other leaks with the draft and FE. Losing one of the is regression.

  16. Both Cooper and Maclin should be resigned along with using a round 2 or 3 pick at WR. The next 3 years the Eagles have to go for it. Yes, I said the next 3-4 years because they have an extra $12M per year to spend now that will go to Foles in his next contract. I try to sign Cooper for 4-5 years and Maclin to 1a 1-2 year deal to let him prove his health is good. The financial window is open now that Foles is the QB of the future. His best days are hopefully ahead of him, but he will be a big chuck of the salary cap and there will be more of a budget to live within. We have to go all in with Foles now and hope the defense keeps getting younger and better.

  17. Big receiver are the way to go. Foles likes to let the receiver go get it. DJax is easily boxed out of lob passes, but his speed helps all the recievers since the safeties have to honor his speed. Big guys along with Djax is a nice balanced stable of WR. Throw in Ertz, Celek and All-Pro McCoy, that’s something to get excited about. A good QB will have the opportunity to make lots of plays.

  18. Salary Cap Wise- The Eagles cannot keep Avant with his $4.5 Million Salary along with D-Jax $12.5 Million Salary in 2014 & 2015 and
    Sign both Cooper & Maclin.. It’s not Feasible to have
    have 20 + Million tied up at the WR Position
    Copper with his Season will be able to command a decent
    3 Year Deal on the Open Market while Naclin has little leverage due to his injuries and remember that Maclin has missed approx 35% of his Games over his 4 Years while Cooper has been relatively a Healthy, plays Special Teans and is the more physical WR of the two and blocks well in the running game which is required by Coach Kelly
    Re-Signing Cooper is a no brainer, the decision comes down to keeping Jason Avant or not.. The only way the Eagles can afford to Re-sign both Cooper & Maclin is to release Avant, it’s this Simple ..

  19. Under the new CBA, cant teams carry over unused cap space the following year? So the Eagles have about 20 million in unused cap this year that they can carry over if they choose for inflation of contracts next year/FA…and then after restructuring/cutting there should be plenty of cap space to work with, Im guess at least 20 million.
    Im not worried at all about that because I know the FO will find a way to maneuver around it if they really want a player just like they always have. Its what they do best.

    Cooper and Maclin will be back here basically if the Eagles want them back. They wont offer a long term/big money contract to either and I think thats the right move.
    ON top of it where is the leverage for these guys? Maclin has none after his injury and the national media is still all over Cooper for his behavior. Im sure many teams around the league don’t want to touch him. Thus these guys have no real bargaining power.

    I think a lot of you people are underestimating how much offensive players will want to play here. Saying Maclin will go to KC is lazy thinking like the national media does in regard to our team. Maclin would be a terrible fit in KC since that QB doesn’t even attempt a pass over 7 yards. They run the ball the majority. They already have their possession guy in Bowe. And they are not in great shape with their cap and will have to give money to guys very soon like Houston.

    I think Maclin and Cooper are back next year. I think Djax restructures, I don’t think anything left on his contract is guaranteed, so Im sure he will want some more security. I would cut Avant, I like it him as a team guy but he doesn’t do enough for me. We can upgrade in the draft.

    Dont be surprised if we go offense in the 1st round again

    • Salary Cap Space does not Carry over Pheags
      Each Season Salary Cap Wise is unique to that particular Year
      Right now, Eagles have approx $116 Million in committed Salaries and Bonus &&& for 2014.. The Team Sakary Cap is expected to be approx $123 Million
      This $116 Million the Eagles does not include their 6-7 Free-Agents they have coming after the 2013 Season
      Players like Vick, Maclin,Cooper, P Hunt, Nate Allen, Kurt Coleman
      & Colt Anderson are not included in this $116 Figure
      Plus you have to leave $4-5 Million available for your incoming
      2014 Draft Class..
      The Eagles will have difficult Decisions to make and probably Re-Structure
      Some Players Deals if they want to keep basically the same squad for 2014 let alone sign Cooper,Maclin,Nate Allen and other
      Free-Agents that will be on the Market..
      Part of not Spending $$ last year and bring under the 2013 Cap Linit has no bearing or carry-over to 2014..
      For a breakdown of Salaries,Bonuses,Cap Issues
      Check out web-page “” and you can read all about it
      Scroll to 2014 & 2015 & 2016 committed Contracts with current Roster

      • Paulman, under the new CBA a team can definitely choose to carry over any unused cap space from the previous year if they want.

        “Under Article 13, Section 6(b)(v) of the CBA, each team may carry over any remaining cap room from one year to the next by submitting written notice, signed by the owner of the team, to the league office no later than 14 days before the start of the next league year. The written notice must indicate the maximum amount of cap room that the team wishes to shift from one cap year to the next.”

        “One of the nice parts of the 2011 collective bargaining agreement is the “carryover.” Teams that don’t spend all of their cap dollars in a particular year can carry over those dollars to the next year. It’s a team’s decision how much it wants to carry over, but if it manages its cap wisely, it can handle what is expected to be a flat salary cap for the next couple of years”

        Eaglescap is great for fans but they have no idea how much of the unused 20 million in 2013 cap the Eagles will choose to carry over under the new CBA for new contracts. So even though they are near the cap right now with the inflation of contracts/2014 rookies…when you consider the carryover thats available and the restructuring/cuts they will make, the cap will not be a problem. They will have plenty of room as always do go after a stud player if the choose or resign guys like Maclin/Cooper. Now
        if those guys ask for longterm deals/big money, Im sure they will let them walk just cause they don’t think they are worth it, not because they cant afford it.

  20. Maclin’s production will go through the roof with Foles at quarterback. Remember Maclin has had McNabb and Vick throwing him the ball since he has been here.

    McNabb and Vick were great quarterbacks in their day, but neither were exactly WR friendly quarterbacks during the time Maclin has been playing.

  21. Anyone watching this Kentucky/UNC College B-Ball Game
    Kentucky’s Freshman John Randle really struggling under the bright lights
    And against Good Comoetition
    He has a lot of work to do to make impact in the NBA
    A great Game to watch with about 6-7 NBA Prospects On the Floor

  22. this might just be me…but i say we keep both wr’s…that way we see if maclin is good for a contract…also then we can use our picks on defense..I personally think we should use our 1-3 rd picks on defense..shoot and if there is a decent player that falls i would use a 4th pick on defense…our offense is doing good and will be alright. I know we may not have faith in this dude..but we do have another wr out there…Arrelious Benn…yes he is coming off a serious injury…but he can be our 4th/5th receiver…he is still young at 25 and has good size 6’3 225 and speed…

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