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Which Eagles Deserve Pro Bowl Consideration?

NickFoles4How many Philadelphia Eagles suit up for the 2014 Pro-Bowl?

How great would it be if the answer was “zero?” All of the voted Eagles players have a bigger game to focus their attention on as NFC champions preparing for the Super Bowl. If by some reason this fruition does not hold true, these are the Eagles players I believe represent the 43 man NFC roster.


I feel there are 6 quarterbacks that could make the club. Leading the way is Brees, and in no particular order- Romo, Foles, Newton, Stafford and Wilson. The chances are pretty good that either Brees or Wilson will be representing their team in the SuperBowl. The other player will be taking Pro Bowl week to recover from the NFC Championship game. I will remove Stafford from the equation as he throws too many interceptions. Romo will elect to nurse an injury sustained week 17 that he blames for his three interception day.


He will finish the season as the leading rusher in the NFL. Enough said.

WR- Desean Jackson

Breaking all of his previous receiving milestones, Desean will join Megatron, Fitzgerald, Dez and the twin towers from Chicago for one very dynamic group of receivers for the NFC signal caller.

Offensive Line Center- Jason Kelce Guard- Evan Mathis

When you create the holes necessary for your running back to lead the league in rushing, a minimum of two offensive linemen are going to make the Pro-Bowl. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jason Peters gets the nod as the Eagles third offensive lineman.

Defense- Ryans

Three names could be mentioned. Cox, Ryans and Barwin. Out of the three, I see only one getting in.

Punter- Donnie Jones

The guy has been one of our best free agent acquisitions, changing field position and really having an impact on where the opponents began their drives.

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Nick Foles/Riley Cooper Highlights

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Nick Foles Highlights

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LeSean McCoy Highlights

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Eagles Prepare For Both QB’s

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26 Comments for “Which Eagles Deserve Pro Bowl Consideration?”

  1. Foles, Shady, DJax, Kelce, Ryans, Barwin (take that Gmcliff 8D), Jones.

    • I’ll take it DCar, and see it without Rose Colored Glasses –

      Foles, Shady, DeSean, Ryans, (The Eagles Best Linebacker this year), and Jones……Period

      • No cliff your glasses are clouded by your ego. Barwin does soooo much dirty work on that defense… I can only say your blindness hurts your ability to actually watch the game

        • Says you Ciggy. Reality is that I’m more correct, THAN YOU WANT TO ACKNOWLEDGE and he won’t make the Pro Bowl, for such a lackluster season no matter how you see it Brother…LOL!!!

      • Right on the money Cliff that’s the five right there and probably Peters.

        • Biggie, I am glad there is someone that impartially watched the games, and can see that Barwin’s performance this season, has been totally exaggerated by a lot of people on here…

      • GMCliff,

        I think Peters will make it as well. He has not been as good as he was in past years, but he is still better than anyone else.

        3.5 sacks and no holding penalties in 13 games is pro bowl quality play for a left tackle.

        • Mathis has a chance as well. There is a lot of buzz around the league for Mathis. Plus, when a RB leads the league in rushing, some of his lineman normally make the pro bowl..

          • I believe 3 from Offense
            LG Mathis for sure
            RB L McCoy
            WR D-Jax

            LT is stacked with Seahawks R Okung
            49ers Joe Staley & Cowboys Tryon Smith
            But Peters has played very well of late and may sneak past the 3 LT’s
            I mentioned, but is not a given..

            • On Defense
              I see DL Fletcher Cox, Cedric Thornton getting attention
              And even Nate Allen will get a few Votes for the Safety Play in the NFC has not been lights out except for Seahawks Earl Thomas who is a shoe in, then maybe D Whitner from 49ers, Cardinals A Wilson will get Votes and also under consideration
              Is ‘Saints Rookie K Vacarro & 49ers Rookie Eric Reid , but Vernon Gholston of TB Bucs has been average at best as had Mark Barron and look around the other Teams Safeties in the NFC, it’s not been very good

              • ILB D Ryans has had his Best Year as an Eagle
                But with ILB’s like Panthers Kuechley, 49ers Willis & Bowman,
                Bucs L David, Seahawks KJ Wright (who is now Hurt as is Cowboys S Lee) and others like Saints C Lofton have all had good Seasons also on better ranked Defenses

            • I do believe Barwin get’s some Votes at OLB
              Where Orapko has disappointed, Briggs from Bears has been hurt

              But there are some Players like Panthers Thomas Davis,
              Vikings Chad Greenway, Cardinals K Dansby
              Will all get consideration

              • He may, the majority GET VOTES. But, unfortunately, he won’t be a Pro Bowler, or alternate, because the guys selecting the teams actually watch the games impartially.

          • Yes Irish as a matter of fact, wouldn’t surprise me they both made it.

        • Usually, I agree with that. Peters when healthy is the best in the league.

          But this year, I feel the Offensive Line deserves credit as a UNIT, not individually. Coach Jeff Stoutland, is much better than what we have had over the years, and he has them playing well as a unit. Too bad coaches aren’t given that top of credit; Pro Bowl of Position Coaches.

  2. Have been away for a bit… Is that Dcar showing Barwin some love?

  3. Your point to what happens in the playoffs to QB’s begs the question to how far the Birds go in all of this. We’ve seen them stall late in games and do nothing early last week due to the crappy weather. What if they play their best football the remaining of this year or pretty close? They are hard for other teams to beat period right now. I’d put them up against anyone. There are hickups, but it’s mostly when they are in the lead and try to slow it down. I’m still wondering about what if…

  4. Let’s Finish the a Season First and see how the Team and the
    Individual Players play down the Stretch with The 3 most important Games played by the Eagles in some 3 years…
    I see articles about All-Pro, MVP Candidates,
    Contracts for next Year and I hold my breath for this Team has not won anything yet or clinched a Playoff Spot..
    Let’s focus on the task at hand and that’s beating the Vikings on
    Sunday ..

    • We’re fans, were not playing the vikings sunday.

      I agree with you picks for the most part. If either of Foles, Shady, Mathis, Kelce, DOnnie don’t make it they got robbed.

      Ryans is playing really good football but no way he even gets close in the NFC pro bowl. Its loaded with high quality linebackers

      • I will be Playing the Vikings Sunday
        #37, on Special Teams, keep an eye out on me..
        GMCliff said I was “not all that” when I came out of College..

        • You still aren’t Paul….


          But, I’m sure you’ll get more yards than Michael Floyd did last week.
          (26 yards against the Rams……LOL!!) The result of paying attention to him, and not solely on Larry Fitzgerald……Impressive? and still no consistency, but I’m sure you’ll see it differently…..LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Rams have a decent Defense and Floyd was less than a 100%
            He has 3 games left and is 140 Yards away from reaching 1,000 Yards for the Season which is a nice accomplishment for any WR in the NFL and if you can’t acknowledge that, than there is nothing else I can say regarding M Floyd.. A 1.000 Yards receiving for a WR is a nice threshold to reach and puts a WR in a class of being considered a productive Player in the NFL by everyone’s standard..

            • Blah , blah, blah…….nothing special….He looked like the player he has been consistently his entire career – minus 3 games out of 26 of course…..

      • Thats true Pheags, but Ryans, has been the EAGLES best Linebacker this year, and the ONLY one worthy of Consideration…….as he was consistent game in, and game out……as opposed to some, who disappear from games, and his fans imagine he’s done more than he really has…..

  5. Well true, but it is great to lay around with this and feed off of the excitement that this team is bringing. it all starts up top. We have a very good owner (s). Look at the messes around the league and the ownership involved. This is a fun ride.

  6. eagles0superbowls

    pro- bowl has weird rules — like there are only 3 OT the same amount as QB. So many Vets pretend to have injuries and then they add 10 new players to replace the phony injury players. The players who participate in the super bowl need to be replaced also.
    Mathis, Foles, and McCoy are guarantees-
    DJax & Peters reputation might help them get in.
    Barwin and Ryans might get in due to injures and/or Super bowl bound players cannot participate.

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Nick Foles Highlights

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LeSean McCoy Highlights

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