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Eagles-Vikings Pregame Thoughts

How The Vikings Can Beat The Eagles

The Vikings aren’t a great team, but they’ve got a couple of electric weapons that have big-play potential.

Running back Adrian Peterson is their heart and soul. However, after suffering an ankle injury last week he seems unlikely to suit up. If Peterson is infact good to go, he can bring a great deal of stability to the Minnesota offense and help open things up for other players. As dreadful as the quarterback situation has been for the Vikings, Peterson has still managed to put up over 1,200 yards and score 10 touchdowns.

Cordarelle Patterson is another guy to watch out for. Patterson has scored five touchdowns, and he’s picked them up in a variety of ways. He’s picked up two as a receiver, two as a kick returner, and one as a rusher. He’s got great speed, and he’s filled the void left by Percy Harvin as a dynamic offensive weapon that can do it all.

Why The Eagles Will Win

The Eagles’ offense has been on fire as of late, and they’ll get a juicy matchup against a team that averages over 30 points allowed per game.

The Vikings’ defense doesn’t do anything well. They’re ranked 30th against the pass and 22nd against the run. Against a passing defense this poor, Nick Foles should be able to pick this group apart. DeSean Jackson and Riley Cooper have been making some big plays as of late, and I don’t think the Minnesota secondary is going to be the group that slows them down.

LeSean McCoy comes off of a record-setting performance against the Lions. Against a rush defense that has given up over 118 yards per game, McCoy could be in line for another big game.

The quarterback situation in Minnesota has been a disaster. Christian Ponder, Matt Cassel, and Josh Freeman have all gotten opportunities and three of them have been brutal. Now with Adrian Peterson’s status in doubt, the weakness that is the Vikings’ quarterback position could become even more exposed. Cassel appears to be in line for another start this week. The now reliable Eagles defense should be able to force Cassel into several turnovers.

Final Thoughts

The Eagles are in such a good groove right now.

Offense, defense, special teams, every unit on this team is clicking right now.

Some may worry about this week’s match as a possible trap game, but I just don’t see it.

The Eagles have so much to play for right now. They’ve got to win to keep a step ahead of the Cowboys, and a loss to an opponent that they should beat handily is just not an option.

The Eagles have favorable matchups across the board in this game, and I think this is a week with little drama, and we should be able to sit back, put our feet up, and watch the team cruise to a solid victory tomorrow afternoon.

Pick: Philadelphia 33, Minnesota 13

With Week 17′s match against the Dallas Cowboys shaping up to be a showdown for the division, Denny Basens and Jeff Kolsky are planning to get a group together to watch the game at XFINITY Live, and we would like to extend invitations to any and all readers of to come out and join us. We sincerely appreciate all who read, comment, and make this website great, and we’d love the opportunity to meet some of the readers and experience a great game together.

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Nick Foles/Riley Cooper Highlights

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Nick Foles Highlights

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LeSean McCoy Highlights

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Eagles Prepare For Both QB’s

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267 Comments for “Eagles-Vikings Pregame Thoughts”

  1. I agree Denny,
    Eagles shoukd win going away but we all know too well that games are not won on paper as the a ones gave played hard and for 60 Minutes a week as we’ve seen over the last month with last minute losses to the Cowboys and Ravens last week that the Vikings should have won, even the tie vs the spa jets 2 weeks ago was a game the Vkings shoukd have in the W column so they are not as has as their 3-9-1 indicates avd could really be about a .500 Team
    The strength to the Vikes and is their Front 7 and in particular their LB Play of Greeaway & Hernderson who are solid Players, their Secondary gas struggles all Season and especially at Safety where they lost 2nd Year Safety
    Nolan Harrison early this Season who was the glue that held that Secondary together..
    Watch for WR Greg Jennings who dissapointed everyone this year but has had good games vs the Eagles as a Packer
    I expect the Eagles to load the box and put done pressure under the
    Immobile Cassell early.. If given time, Cassell can get in a Rhtym and be very accurate, get him in the move and he’s and Int waiting to happen..
    I look for Trent Cole, Kendricks and B Graham all to get a Sack or 2
    Eagles win going away 31-17

  2. Patterson is a monster and after last week he shouldn’t be allowed to touch the ball on returns. Shady should have a big day because Robison and Allen are both up the field pass rushers so they can be exploited no turnovers no short fields for the Vikes and this should be an easy one.

  3. eagles0superbowls

    It’s the sport of kings better than diamond rings …F O O T B A L L !!!!!
    Are you ready for some football?!!
    Routine schedule win.
    Pad the stats. a few sacks, a TD, 100 Yard game -
    Eazy Peezy!

  4. Let’s Go Eagles!!!
    Adrian Peterson and Toby Gerhart are out for the game. I hope Eagles don’t go in with the mind set of it being a cake walk though. Pedal to the metal all day long. Smash and trash the vikes!

  5. The thing in looking for is how our D does on third downs, we have to improve getting off the field, especially on third n longs

  6. Special Teams gave up a couple of TD’s last week, and the offense was completely shut down for the first half against Detroit. And the week before they were shut down in the 2nd half against the Cardinals.

    The Eagles are winning, but let’s not get carried away, I saw safeties bouncing off of recievers and the backup to Adrian Peterson broke one against the Bears.

    These dome teams have a big advantage, just look at what the Saints did to the Panthers.

  7. Birds 41-13.

  8. Doughnut.

    This has donut written all over it. They can talk all they want, but teams off a huge game (snow) and into a huge game (primetime coming) with tons of national media (SI) in between….lowly Vikes in between.

    Birds sleepwalking….as to be expected. Hopefully the inept Vikes will not get too far ahead.

    I still think Eagles will wake up and pull away Quarters 3 and 4.

  9. Hmmmmmmmm………………………….

  10. If you don’t think Chip is telling Foles to run more often after these slow starts your kidding yourself. The QB Needs to be Mobile in this system.

  11. Dropped balls, squib kicks to the 40, wide open Vike wrs.


    As long as Eagles keep it close they’ll be ok in 2nd half.

    But Theone1 is probably right…..I don’t think Foles is Kelly’s guy. Unfortunate.

  12. Eagles Denfense needs to step up and get sone energy and gave a sense of urgency.. Cassell is 7 for 7 and they are making him look like an All-Pro

  13. 9 for 9…the doughnut is powerful.

  14. Coleman? Sleepy….that could have been pick 6….doughnut sleepy.

  15. SON OF A BITCH!!!!!!!

  16. This Bitch Ass Fox commentator is SICKENING!!!!!!!

  17. Bummer… Great Call too…
    Eagles D need a 3 & Out and Start Playing sone Team Defense out there..

  18. What’s funny…is if Foles stays on his feet and gets pummeled by the defensive player, its a 15 yrd penalty against the Vikes!

    NFL getting so soft.

  19. It doesn’t matter Vinnie,
    The Eagles have had a few lucky break calls go their way the last 2 weeks
    The story of Today is the Eagles Defense is a no-show and getting torched by Cassell & Jennings who always plays well vs the Birds
    If they don’t figure it out for 2nd half their are letting a golden opportunity slip through their hands..

  20. Guys, Now you know I have a problem with your post, but I want you to be upset with what you have been seeing with the NFL and OUR Team! Let me say that again OUR TEAM! The League, Nor the Media should be able to decide who the fuck our starting QB is, and this bitch ass fox commentator has been as biased as I have ever seen a sports broadcaster be. The referees pretty much decided Nick Foles was going to be Tom Brady the last five and made it happen. I for One don’t like Michael Vick for our future OR Nick Foles. Either of them can only run one facet of this offense very very well, but there way too many QB’s coming out in the draft the next two years. WE DETERMINE WHO SUITS THIS TEAM FUCK THE MEDIA, THE LEGUE, AND ANYBODY ELSE TRYING TO FORCE FEED FOLES TO OUR BASE!!!!!!!! Now the FOX NEWS Bitch blames the entire first half on the “d” Amazing! Fuck this…

  21. 2 questionable calls and that’s an 8 point swing (eagles get Fg instead of td -4, Vikes get td instead of fg +4)

    16 play drive??? Ugh.

    Again, was expected. Donuts. As long as Eagles weather this storm, they should wake up in 2nd half……maybe Birds get a fg at end of half and then get ball 1st in 2nd half… its good……

  22. Don’t enjoy watching our games on FOX anymore this fucking sucks!!!!

  23. Don’t whine about calls! They average out

  24. Good test for Foles. Not everything is gonna be rosey. This is a good look to see how he plays through adversity. Can he lead this team back. Defense looks like it wont be great this game., Offense needs to carry team in 2nd half!

  25. Theone , take another hit of the bong and stfu, the qb is playing fine, the defense needs to figure it out

  26. Dag, Foles can’t lead if he’s not on the field

  27. But I agree with you this is yet another test for him

  28. Defense can give up 30 points they get a pass. They have done waaaay more than their share the last 6 weeks. No excuses for the offense getting 3 fgs vs this defense.

  29. He had led the team to a td but was negated by a ballsy block, first time I ever heard of qb getting personal foul, beautiful

  30. This Eagles Defense is bad,bad, bad today
    Just brutal..

    • Game over .. An overall Poor Performance by the Entire Team, the Coaching Staff.. Enough talk about the Pro-Bowlers,
      Pkayers and Contracts for next Season
      This Team and it’s Coach’s are still too immature to perform
      When the brighter lights are on, hopefully they learn from this sleep-walk performance.. Remember that every opponent and their Coach’s in the NFL are Paid to Play too.. There is never a sure thing in the NFL which is why they play the Games..

  31. The Defense is sooo bad today.

  32. Donut central

    Defense nowhere.

    Qb taking unnecessary sacks

    at least 4 easy drops

    Looking ahead to next week…..predicted this would happen….but again…the Vikes like to shoot themselves in the foot….so its not over

  33. K maybe now its over….though if I acted like a Folespologist I might start screaming why Desean didn’t make a better effort to fight for that ball.

    (I won’t do that)

  34. If Foles lose this game I don’t want to hear shit about him going forward.

    Fuck that!!!!!

    This damn guy is holding on to the ball and know he can’t run no damn where.

    I don’t want to hear caparisons to Brady or anyone else if he lose to these damn bums who are playing with back ups.

    I don’t want to hear it.

    Big time players win against bum teams and this reminds me of the Dallas game when they were missing key players.

    Foles better come through or bench his ass!!!!

  35. A lot of game left relax. One thing that needs to change. McCoy needs to stop coming out of the damn game every 3 plays WTF. The offense has only run 20 plays. He shouldn’t need a blow.

  36. Y this is a disjointed mess. Donut city. Seen it a million times. Thought the reverse td would bring the Birds out of their slumber, but the call ruined that.

    Maybe the sideline argument will light a fire under their asses.

    Still lots of time left.


  37. Chip looks like he is clueless

  38. I LOVE the call of going for it on less than 1.

    I HATE the shotgun handoff.

    Just f-int QB sneak it.

  39. Foles looks clueless…there are receivers running wide open and Foles is missing them…he has gotten hit just a few times and now he is all disjointed…they have backup cornerbacks in the game…Foles needs to come up big! Here is where we need some big time, clutch play from the QB…

    • No mention of the 4 drops. Or Johnson just falling down there on a good pass.

      What a surprise Vickite. Get lost.

  40. 3rd and 1…run a sweep??

    4th and a half….in the shotgun????

    Now challenge a play that clearly didn’t make it????

    Disasterous series.


  41. Bad defense. Bad offense. Bad coaching.

    The curse of Joe Webb lives on

  42. Bad game today. Wtf. Songs is a moron troll

    • fuck a bad game!!!

      You can’t have a bad game when the pressure turns up during playoff time!!!

      Get his ass outta here if he’s having a bad game.

      • He has proved this year he is above and beyond the best option on the team right now.

        Your not even an Eagles fan. what do you care..O I forgot the redskins are starting a white guy today.

  43. so the defense gets the ball back for your hero. Can he score ?


  45. There you go!! Touchdown…it there all day…we can come back!! Bring it Foles!!

  46. We got a game.. Do you go for the 2 PT Conversion here??

  47. Offensive Line is giving Foles time…tighten up defense…we need this win…step up Foles!!!

    • “step up foles”

      21 of 32 for 291 2 tds int. (over 3 quarters)

      “step up” to what exactly? To your hero? Those are career #s for your hero Koolbreeze….just get lost.

      This was a donut game…everyone asleep…O, D, QB, Wrs….it happens…now they are awake and we’ll see if they can carry it to the 4th.

      This short kickoff shit is killing me.

      • No excuses! Vinniethevictim…no one cares about your stupid stats! Stats mean nothing…Foles didn’t have great stats against Detroit and I gave him big props for making the plays needed to win the game…in this game…there where too many plays with receivers runniing wide open and Foles didn’t get them the ball…he held the ball too long on plays….he didnt finish the job! The defense has picked up and had Foles and offense back for several weeks now…it was time for the Foles-going against a depleted Minnesota cornerbacks-to bail the defense out…and he failed! Bottom LIne!

  48. Why cant our NFL kicker just boom one out of bounds (were fucking indoors)…Im not liking this short kicks. If they are scared about patterson boom it out of bounds like any NFL kicker can indoors

  49. It’s Shady Time
    Let’s get to work and pound the rock right into
    The end-zone here

  50. LETS GO!!!!!!!!!

  51. Now line-up and go for 2pt play immediately

  52. Way to cone back Foles and keep your composure
    We got the entire 4th Quarter to Play
    Shady should be fresh for not many touches today
    Eagles D needs to continue to ratchet up the pressure

  53. ok……

    We’re working now…but I’ll tell you what!

    These slow starts are not a good sign because playoff teams will blow your ass out if you play 15 minutes of football in a 60 min game.

    • Don’t even entertain bitch ass Bonnie(Vinnie) He is going to twist this his way win or lose. Then turn around and say your not a fan.(see below) Your right about the slow starts. Its costing us right now. The defense bailed his ass out somewhat, but the points left in the first half are gone. Foles stopped running in the first Big Time for this cat.

  54. Lets not forget the Eagles have given the ball to the Vikes on the 40 every single kickoff. Not a fan.

  55. Kick the ball off the F’n End Zone…
    C’mon and stop with these pooch kicks
    Your indoors for crying out loud and giving momentum and field position right back to the Vikings.. Stupid,Stupid,Stupid

  56. I hope they leave all of our safeties in Minnesota. let them walk home…fucking bums

  57. Defense and Special Teams fail to step-up when it counts
    The Eagles Deswrve to lose this game and wallow for the week on what could have been..

    • THE DEFENSE JUST GOT HIM THE BALL BACK TWICE!!!! He is holding the fucking all too long……..NEEDS TO RUN!!!!!!!!

  58. Ertz blows! Lol

  59. How can u take a 10 Yard Sack on a 3rd & 2 Play
    Inexcusable right there..

  60. 3rd and 2 …no shady?

    weird playcalling.

  61. Even if the Eagles scored a td, they’d just give it back to the Vikes at midfield.

    Terrible coaching today.






    • Put rg 3 in! Joke

    • Just waiting in the bushes to pounce, just like we figured. Vick had his chance in 2010, how’d that work for you. Go root for RGIII, oh yeah, that’s right hero1.b benched too!

    • Figured a Fraud like you would be all over an Eagles loss. Go jerk off to your poster of MV and RGIII, you are a pathetic piece of shit.




  65. Leslie Frazier just knows how to beat the Eagles…even with back ups!

  66. Eagles losing and We got dirt ball cunts like songs and theone gloating. Fuck you pieces of shit cunts. Kill yourselves.

    Defense and chip have had awful games today.

  67. Is Foles playing defense?

  68. The kickoffs are the stupidest thing I ever saw, giving this team great field position the whole game, I think Chip forgot, Shady is playing today

  69. Timeout for a 2 point conversion???? Down 13. Chip is having an embarrassing game.

    Songs fuck you cunt faggot fraud

  70. The Eagkes were beaten by the better Team today,
    Plain and simple.. You win as a Team and you Lose as a Team
    Wasted opportunity that provably will come back to haunt the Eagles big time and just gave the Cowboys a huge breathe of fresh air for their game vs the Packers…

  71. Yea he is playing “offense”and he has like 400 yards 3tds 1int…103 QB rating

    I guess the kid has to throw 7 tds a game or else he is playing like “shit” to some of you retards. Just admit the reason you don’t like the guy is because he is white. At least have the balls to admit it. How many young Qbs have you seen up numbers like he has this year

  72. This is by far the worst defensive performance of the year. Most points given up by them this year (there were 2 special team TDs against denver). And considered it was to Cassel is a joke with no AP. 41 points what a fucking joke

  73. Foles is taking too long to get rid of the ball, you cant keep taking sacks like this losing so many yards. Just throw the freaking ball away. Also, he’s not responding well to pressure today. Glaringling bad today. He has pretty good stats but its because we’re down by a large margin and are forced to throw the ball. Not a good game. Can’t wait to get them out of Minnesota and put this game behind them. Hopefully the cowboys lose today..

  74. I don’t think they took the Vikings seriously today.
    We will see how the Eagles respond after this loss next week! Gut chech game.





    • Fuck you faggot fraud fan

    • The only ASS that’s sitting is Vicks. Picking the splinters out of his ass…lol. Vick had his chance and lead us to a 1-3 record playing like hot garbage and shit. Vick still blows! LOL, he’ll never play again.





  77. It was a donut game….happens to every young team (not ready). I called this over a week ago.

    Anyone who puts this on Foles is an idiot.

    Eagles (all) were sleepwalking, which ALWAYS happens to young teams coming off big wins and going into big games… between the “bad” Vikes”.

    Landmine. And Eagles stepped on it.

    Good to see Songs and Koolbreeze and Theone1 celebrating Foles’ 62% 400yrd 3 td “failure”

  78. Wow, I’m freaking on how fast people on here turn on this team, you guys are nothing but a bunch of flip floppers, it was a bad game, we lost, instead of just chalking it up and talking about rooting for the cowboys to lose you weirdos are talking like ya’s did when we started 1-3 and didn’t know any better. We’re still winning this division and still gonna do damage in the playoffs, mark it down!





    • Look at his stats you fucking retard. You don’t like Foles cause he is white, everyone with a brain knows it.

    • So it didn’t matter last week or the week before that? Of course it did, you’re as transparent as glass and Vick had his chance. It’s over with him get over it LOL.

  81. The secondary today was awful, Cox, Williams, terrible

    And that damn ddecision to pooch all kick offs, bad

    And Foles just sucked today compared to his hall of fame start to his career as a starter

  82. Songs you are a first class idiot my friend

  83. That was a disgrace what the Vikings just did, a minute and a half left with us having no timeouts, all they had to do was kneel down n run the clock out but those crumbs went and ran it in, look at us, were up last week n celek could og walked it in but fell down to run the clock out, Chip better not forget that.

  84. The DBs are a depleted group. This loss really stings. This isnt the time for them to be getting hurt and to be losing games like this.. Poor tackling poor effort from both the offense and defense. And those stupid short kickoffs put so much pressure on the defense, it wasn’t smart chip.. tough loss..

  85. It was a road loss… Anyone who thought they could run the table is an idiot

  86. The team wasn’t ready to play today. Offense and defense. Chip called a bad game and the oline and QB were out of sync. Defense played atrocious ball and the cowardly kick offs were embarrassing. Hopefully this will kick them in the teeth and let them know they need to focus on every game.

    As for the morons on here…whatever…..they have agendas and are full of shit. This site becomes less and less attractive to post on.

  87. Now you dopes who defend these miscreants can see what I have been fighting for years here, racism is boiling here, figure it out, they are not Eagles fans, they are low lifes who cant make it
    in America that’s been given to them

  88. This was a game that we needed the Offense to carry the load..the Defense has bailed out Foles and offense on several occasions this year…it was Foles who needed to step up against the sub-par Vikings defensive backs! Receivers were running wide open all game…and Foles just didn’t connect in the clutch!

    • Yes…like Vick in the Denver, KC and SanDiego game. He did’t make the clutch plays when it counted.

    • exactly!!!

      Have you ever seen a QB miss receivers so wide open?

      oh …the Dallas game. sorry about that…

      and here’s a kicker.

      Foles will play even worse when it counts in dallas the last game of the year if he’s still in.

      Paste it!

      He is a game manager and only can excel when the other phases of the game are on point.

      You can not expect him to put a team on his shoulders and win when the defense is off, like a Brady or Manning.

      Foles is pedestrian, especially if Shady is bottled up.

      The Vikings coach took the running game away and dared Foles to beat 2nd and 3rd string players in the secondary.

      He is what the Vikings coaches that he was.

      out of his element.

      • Songs….maybe Vick and RGIII can teach Foles how to ride the bench, because here’s what we know. They are both oakridge boys sitting on the pine. lol!!!

  89. Read post above

  90. Matt Cassel looked like Joe Montana…. the Eagles secondary is their weakness and they were exposed today.

  91. Foles needed to play defense too today to bail the defense out, three touchdowns not enough

  92. This is what we know.

    We can’t afford to have a QB that shows up with 15 left on the clock.

    It’s time to put Vick in and see if we can’t get this offense back on track.

    • Yeah….please hold your breath for that. Vick has no shot…he’d bring more interceptions, fumbles and losses. The special teams and defense killed us.

    • The offense that scored 30?

    • only with 15 left on the clock”

      21 of 32 for 291 2 tds int. (over 3 quarters)


      You twit…that was a career game for your heor…you must be so pissed that both your scrambling heros are rotting on the bench/

      Look…it was a doughnut game….trap…..all young teas get sucked in to the trap….read their press after a ‘big’ win going into a ‘big game (in this case primetime) and they lose the road game against a shitter in betweem. Its as consistent as Haley’s comet.

      Go root for whoever is your nextest best qb.

  93. Defensive tackling was atrocious

  94. against a team with 3 wins.

    must I say more?

  95. Songs, send me some of that shit you are smoking it must be some damn good shit

  96. Um…what happened?


    I was Xmas shopping with my mom? I expected this to be a blow out..and um….

    • IT WAS!!!! 48-28 VIKINGS!!!!!

    • Welcome back…you have been MIA for a while. What do we owe this appearance to? hmmm

    • Just confirms how dumb you are.

      Vikes have been competitive in most games this year. Total donut for the Birds off a big game going in to a big game.

      Anyone who expected a blowout knows nothing about the NFL.

      • vinnie…break down the quick release and smart play for us today.

        Explain why the division is there for the taking against an ailing 3 win team and the QB over and under throw 90 % of his passes and looked clueless for 3 quarters.

        please explain the quarterback play since you’re so good at breaking down stats concerning bad QB play.

        • “clueless for 3 quarters:

          21 of 32 for 292 3tds and 1 int

          clearly clueless.

          You are an idiot.

          I’d say go root for your 2d hero RGIII, but he’s also on the bench.

      • Um AP was out…there second string RB was out and their secondary was depleted…there was no reason to believe that with their offense, the game would be anything but a decisive win – especially sense the defense has been holding people to 21 or less for what 8 games?

        Spare me your BS.

    • They lost… What don’t you understand?

    • No respect for you Sherel….you go quiet when Foles is playing well and the team is on a 5 game win streak and then you jump on to post something like that? You just proved that you are a lowlife like so many other posters have said you were. Bullshit statement from the leader of he MV fan club.

      • You’re an idiot.

        I have been here every week with the exception of this week. But I was just on here last Sunday…so what are you talking about? I didn’t say anything negative about Foles – however, you all who seem to lack reading comprehension skills seem to think anything I say is a knock on Foles.

  97. Pay no attention to fraud fans like jakdog, Vinniethevictim, and other fake fans…the real Eagle fans will call this game for what it is…a bad game by the defense and a game where Foles just didnt come through with the clutch performance that a prime time QB comes through with. Foles was outplayed by Matt Cassel who showed a little more poise under pressure when the Eagles pass rush did get to him.

    • You are a joke

    • I’m still confused how we got beat by Cassel and a third string back.

      And did I read that right…48 pass attempt? Foles rarely passes more than 30x a game. There’s a reason for that. Ugghh..let’s not do that again.

      • Go vick

      • Simple, Foles didn’t intercept enough of Cassels passes or stop the run enough, his goal line Defense sucked.

        • Notice I didn’t blame anything on Foles. But of course that’s what you idiots see.

          • But of course you mysteriously show back up after a loss. You’ve posted more today than you have the last couple of weeks. Lotta shopping with moms I surmise. Your posts started waning after the Cardinal win, then completely fell of last week. After the lights go out, you come out!

            • Try again.

              I was on the board last week. I wasn’t on the board this week. I’ve purposely stayed off the board during the week with plans to be on the weekend. I would have been on earlier but yes…there have been a myriad of other things to do, than be on GCobb.

              And guess what – I’m gonna be off this week and not likely be back on ’till Saturday or Sunday. Win or lose, but I suppose you will be talking about my “disappearance” then too.

  98. Some people on here are a little excited that the Eagles loss, some people have conspicuously reappeared all of a sudden, I’m pissed we lost, why aren’t some other Eagles fans more upset? Because their allegiance lies more so with a player and not with the team.

    • are you upset with the quarterback play?

      • Good one dick… I agree Foles didn’t make enough plays to win today? Neither did rg3

      • 30 of 48 3 and 1 QBR of 103 ain’t a terrible day…you do get that right?

      • No, I’m upset with the D ans special teams, 30 points is enough to win, giving up 48 against back ups and losing TOP kills any chance at momentum.

    • I’m pissed and upset that the defense was awful and that Foles failed to hit wide open receivers to bail the defense out…who were having a tough game. Why aren’t you upset with the poor Quarterback play we got today along with the pitful defense?
      The game plan was designed to take advantage of all of the injuries that the Vikings had in the secondary…receivers were running wide open…and in the fourth quarter when we were backed up…and needed Foles to make a play…what does he do??
      C’mon…a lot of you guys are flip-flopping frauds! When we win…its the great Nick Foles…we lose in a game were he had some stats but obviously blew the game and you guys want to give the guy a pass…in such a critical game!
      Frauds and fakes!!

      • ^^^^you are one of the biggest frauds here. You don’t even live here. You don’t even know what Philadelphia looks like.

        The QB didn’t have a poor game. He just threw for the 5th most yards in a game for Eagles history. 400 yards, 3 tds, 1 int, over 100 QB rating.

        Foles would of had to throw for 700 yards and like 7 tds to win that game.

        Lay off the drugs crack baby

  99. Anyone who thought they would win 8 in a row and cruise into the playoffs has NEVER witnessed an nfl season…

  100. Middle line backer and defensive team captain nick Foles has issued an apology for giving up 40

    • maybe if he didnt miss all those wide open receivers the offensive would have been on the field a little longer to help prevent that 40…the defense has made plays this year and bailed the offense out…how come going against a depleted Vikings secondary….why could captain Nick Foles get the job done??

  101. How can you have a running back that is leading the league in rushing and you give him the ball 8 times? If this was Reid we would be killing him.

    Foles played badly, missing open recievers and holding on the ball too long.

    Peters and Johnson each let up a couple of sacks.

    The defense left recievers open all day and let a 3rd string RB run for 3 TD’s…pathetic.

    All areas played poorly on a week when they had a chance to put a stranglehold on the division and a playoff spot.

    So much for Kelly not getting caught up in a trap game. We are still in the run for a playoff spot, but we have got to turn things around from this disaster of a game.

    • Looks like it is still going to come down to week 17 and Dallas.

      Here’s hoping for a Dallas lost.

      • If only we had gotten off to a better start we could have cruised into the playoffs! I agree with you there

      • Green Bay sucks…the Cowboys are blowing them out…big game against Chicago next week and hopefully the Dallas game will mean something…we needed this win this week! Chicago’s offense is explosive…we are going to have to outscore them which means we need a big, clutch time performance from Foles to have a shot!

    • “How can you have a running back that is leading the league in rushing and you give him the ball 8 times? If this was Reid we would be killing him.”
      Good point..but the Vikings secondary was depleted…starters have been hurt… but they still stacked the box heavily against Shady and dared Foles to beat them through the air. Receivers were runninig wide open…if Foles gets them the ball and is not holding the ball all day long…then it would have given Shady some running room.

    • you can have a running back get 8 touches when the box is stacked and an atrocious team dares your QB to throw to wide open receivers,

      Why run when if the QB gets the ball to wide open receiver, you blow the lid off the game?

      You take what the defense gives you and they dared Foles to get the ball to wide open receivers.

      I seen the look in Foles eyes the beginning of the game and told everyone in the spot that he’s gonna suck ass today.

      The same dumb ass, scared look he had at the start of the Dallas game.

      Chip need to call Vick up for the next game and see if we can jump out early on teams.

      If it stalls Foles is an option but something need to be shook up right now.

      Foles Folds under pressure.

  102. Wow – If Foles and the Eagles have one bad game every 5th game they will be 13-3 every year.

    Hey, if Andy Reid ran McCoy 8 times you guys would be up in arms. Quit bitching about Foles, it was a team lose.

    • Quit flip-flopping IrishEagle and be consistent! This was a game that the defense needed a bailout …this offense should have scored 50 points against that weak Vikings secondary…Foles on so many occasions had plenty of time to throw the ball….he took dumb sacks and had receivers wide open on waaaaay too many plays
      Sometimes the QB has to make key plays in a playoff run….its about winning not stats! I’m consistent…Foles made some key plays in the Detroit game that lead to the win…we needed this game and some key plays from Foles to win…he failed miserably…and i dont wanna hear about his damm stats and QB rating!
      You have to make plays in the clutch period of the 4 quarter!
      Foles didnt get the job done!..

      • He would agree and say ‘I didn’t make enough plays’
        You are right breeze he should have completed 70%

        • He didnt make enough plays in key moments of the game…its not about completion percentages…its about making plays in key moments of the game! Be consistent. Last week Foles didnt do much but I gave him big props because he did what the team needed to do to get the win! He made some big plays and then Shady took over…Foles gets the credit for that Detroit win!
          Now so many of the fake Eagles fans want to give Foles a pass for this BIG loss!!
          Next week is a must win! Chicago has a high power offense and a weak defense…Foles is gotta get the job done to give us a chance to have a meaningful game against Dallas. You have to figure that the Cowboys are going to beat Green Bay this week and will probably beat the Skins next week!

  103. Some of the GCOBB faithful have won the Super Bowl!

  104. i said it…..if Foles play like shit like he did against the Cowboys…especially against a bum ass team like the vikings that I’m done with foles.
    Big Players shine in big games.

    he sucked ass against Dallas and now have given Dallas new life choking against a terrible Vikings team.

    Foles is shit!!!!!

  105. Vick need to get the reps….we have seen enough.

    Vick have fresh legs at a time when defenses are wearing down.

    Let’s compete…..Vick can win 2 in a row and begin a run into the playoffs.

    Let’s go Vick!!!!

  106. There’s no way Foles can win a shootout against the Bears…. those big receivers and our shaky secondary.

    Vick need to get the Nod to get our offense going early.




    PASTE IT!!!!



    PASTE IT!!!!!

  108. Songs need to get grammar lesson. He be sayin’ some stupid shit on here. It be tough to understand. He be axing for Vick to come in. He be a Vick rg fan. He be happy when eagles loss game

  109. Patriots lost on the road, Saints getting beat on the road. I guess Brady and Brees isn’t clutch either…especially with the tight race between Carolina and the Saints.

    • they both won Superbowls and Brady actually won one after he was thrust in due to an injury to Bledsoe his rookie year.

      Brady took the reigns and many games put the team on his back,,,,so don’t give me some damn brady, and brees comparisons.

      Brees kicked Dallas ass…Foles bum ass looking like a cross between Napoleon Dynamite and the Buzzard off of the old Bugs Bunny episodes…looked confused the whole damn game.

      BENCH HIS ASS!!!

      • So what…this isn’t the history channel, we’re talking right here, right now. Clutch is clutch regardless. Mike Vick sucks ass, if he didn’t Kelly would have put his turnover prone ass in as soon as he got healthy. He doesn’t win no more. But hey…maybe Vick will play for Washington next year as a back up…because he’s not a starter.

  110. Brady is not in any race with Carolina and the Saints, Eagleshaslanded…and if we had Brady or Brees…or if we had Matt Cassell today playing QB the receivers who were running wide open would have gotten the ball!! The Offensive line was giving Foles all day to throw the ball…Foles was holding the ball taking stupid sacks and miss firing in key situations!
    Yeah…with a clutch QB we get a win today!

    • Umnmm, read my post again and please comprehend it. I never said Brady was in a race with Carolina and the Saints, how could that be when they’re not in the same conference. Duh!!!

  111. Chuckles. Songs. TS. Kool. Theone.

    All roaring out of the woodwork with their CAPS LOCK Exclamation mark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! celebrations.


    All here in force. Angry about how Foles didn’t come through….62% 400+yrds 3 tds being a dream game for their hero…but not enough if its Foles at the helm.


    This letdown game was predicted well in advance. I sad it would happen 2 weeks ago. Happens to every young team. Learning experience.

    If the Birds, let by the former superstar, hadn’t stumbled to 1-3 it wouldn’t have been that big a deal. but since every game is now a ‘must win’ these roadbumps are magnified.

    I still think the Eagles win next week setting up a big showdown against Dallas….I am not sure if the Birds make it….but teams that start 1-3 (even with superstars at the helm) rarely do.

    • discuss Foles over shooting and under throwing wide open receivers.leading to multiple 3 and outs.

      what’s your opinion on that?

    • At this point I want to give credit to my nemesis unreal talk…. I thought he was a Vick fan but I think he is an eagles fan unlike the ones mentioned. Of course big lion understands too… This was a game that I think we could all see coming. The vikes weren’t going to roll over…
      Foles far from perfect but he played well enough to win. He would say he left plays out there… Of course he left them out there when he threw 7

    • TS didn’t say anything bad about Foles. TS said it didn’t make since to have him throw 48x in the game. He rarely throws for more than 30.

      I “get” the logic – Min’s secondary is horrible, but ultimately it wasn’t working. Looking at the score on Bleeding Green nation it seems like things didn’t really get going until late in the 3rd/4th.

      When I looked at the score when I got home it was 34/22 Vikings – 3rd quarter I beleive – that doesn’t suggest either side was having that great a game.

  112. Defense gives 48pts to a broken down Offense without its best player in RB Peterson
    Strategy all game on Kick-offs is to give Ball to Vikings at the 40 yard line after
    Your Team Scores
    Shady McCoy gets 8-9 Carries
    A recipe for Disaster even if Joe Montana was pkaying QB
    Poor Pkay calling, preparation by the entire Coaching Staff and Players
    Now we will see what this 2013 Eagles Team & Coachibg are really made of these next 2 Weeks, until then, that’s all we can do,
    The Eagles got a lot breaks, fortunate calls and bounces during their Win Streak, now let’s see how they handle disappointment and adversity

    Coach Kelly called this game as if his mind
    Is distracted by the calls and offers from President, AD & Boosters from the University of Texas.. This ain’t over yet…

  113. can’t believe this shit!!!!

    division in our hands against a pathetic,injured team, and a lame duck coach.

    Frazier stacked the line and dared Foles to beat his patch work secondary..

    Foles is not the answer.

    Chip Kelly is the truth but he need to put Vick in to salvage this season.

    We can win shootouts with Vick.


    it can’t get any worse.

    • If Vick goes in there it will get plenty worse…fumbles, interceptions, pulled hammies while scrambling around in the backfield like a chicken with his head cut off, and another loss. LOL, hope on …but it’s never gonna happen!

    • “it can’t get any worse”

      It can get a hell of a lot worse.

      MY7wins last 4 games combined:

      39 of 80 1 td 3 ints 584 yrds

      Nick Foles, in a loss, buttfucks your heroes last 4 games COMBINED with
      30 of 48 for 428 yrds 3 tds and one int.

      It can’t get any worse?????????????

      It can get a lot worse.

      It can get Mike Vick worse.

    • Your coach did make a change this week….Kirk Cousins. LOL, you Fraud. Quit jerking off all over this page. Funny how you and Sherel,and The others cannot find the time after the Eagles win, but have them lose a game with Foles as the QB and they cannot type enough. Losers.

      • I didn’t say anything badly about Foles…and um…with the exception of this week I’m on here win or lose…so miss me with that.

  115. I cannot believe you guys are letting Songs get you guys going back and forth. I will let you guys in on a little secret he knows that if the defense plays like this it wouldn’t matter who the QB is, just like the early season losses. But yet everyone after every loss people was here bitching about Vick. So what do guys do? Fall right into proving the point he’s making.

  116. The Bears & Cowboys Offensive Coordinators,QB’s & Recrivers are licking their Chops going against the Eagles Secondary
    Both Teams Offenses are hot with big Receivers, good QB’s
    And Scary RB’s in Firte & D Murray
    These next 2 a Games are not very good match-ups
    Against this slipping Eagle Defense

  117. On another note geno smith looks like a stud! Lol

  118. Man, Vick haters hate when their Vick hating logic is applied to Nick Foles.

    Now it’s unreasonable to blame the qb for a game where the defense sucked…funny how that didn’t apply for Vick. It’s funny to see Vick haters blowing a gasket when people hold Foles to the same unreal standard applied to Vick.

    Nah Foles isn’t the main culprit for this loss. But he didn’t deserve all the credit for the 5 game win streak either.

  119. The special teams and defense were horrible today period end of story. I don’t want to here anything about Shady or Foles. Matt Cassel looking HOF bound give me a damn break.

  120. Thank God Chip Kelly has a pair of eyes – Because anyone with eyes knows why the Eagles lost today.

    The only way you guys will see Michale Vick starting for the Eagles again this year is if one of you shoot Nick Foles.

    You idiots can talk until you are blue in the face. People with eyes (like Chip) know better.

  121. Dallas got away with a false start penalty. Unreal. I hate them so much. They whine after every play. I really hate them..


  123. Dallas just bailed Foles ass out. He is the luckiest SOB I know….


  125. Tony ohno throws another pick, the ref is trying to save the game for dallas



  128. this makes the Eagles loss even worse.

    damn shame.

    We could have the division easy if Folds hit receivers wide open

  129. Hell Yesssss!!!! Still in first place..period. Damn, if we could’ve just won that game!

  130. Thank you Tony Ohno Romo and thankyou Green Bay.

  131. romo!!!

    chokers gonna choke!!!

  132. who want to see Nick Foles in Dallas the last game of the season with the division on the line?

    I sure don’t.

    He gets scared.

    We need a fearless QB at the helm.

    • Songs reading is fundamental! Since you struggle with the English language I suggest you admit yourself to an adult learning class for the under served.
      I know your response will have something g to do with your balls which is about the depth of your debate skills but seri piously bro get some lessons I the English language

  133. Now after this Cowboys debacle, this is what can happen. If the Eagles win next week and the Cowboys lose, the Eagles can clinch the division, any other scenario it comes down to week 17. #GoBirds

  134. What a choke
    Why the Cowboys didn’t run the Ball earlier in the 4th Quarter
    Who is calling the Plays, HC Garrett, OC Callahan
    QB Romo..
    This NFC East is back to Playing crappy Football again and clearly is the weakest Division in the NFC
    Giants get shutout at Home – 5 Turnovers
    Redskibs go for 2 Pt Coversion instead of kicking the Ctrs-point and take the Gane to overtime
    Cowboys blow a 23 Point lead at home
    Eagles give up 48 Pts to Matt Cassell and Vikings Offensecwithout RB AP

    NFC East is Brutal but at least the Eagles have already begun
    Their rebuilding while changes are definitely going to occur in Washington, NY and Dallas this off-season

  135. Nick Foles will nail it down, the best young qb in the nfl just watch.

  136. man i wish vick played today. this would be over. he wouldve thrown for 5 ints, all of which desean jackson wouldve hunted down the interceptor and stripped the ball and ran it in for a td.

    he also wouldve fumbled 8 times, jared allen wouldve recovered all 8 fumbles then lane johnson wouldve stripped allen recovered his fumble and ran those fumbles in for 8 tds

    unfuckin real

  137. As I stated earlier this week. If Dallas beats Washington next week the Sunday game vs the Bears means ABSOLUTLEY NOTHING. There is no wildcard scenario for the Eagles. Do you rest your starters and treat the Chicago game like a 1st round bye with Dallas being the 1st playoff game. Or do you risk injury to Foles, McCoy and Jackson in a meaningless cold December night?

    • Personally if Dallas wins next week McCoy, DJax, Peters, Herrimans, Demeco Ryans don’t see the field next week. Foles only plays the first half. Vick plays the 2nd. That’s what I would do if Dallas beats Washington.

      • Great question, but let’s try to build momentum. It’s definitely a good question to seriously think about dag. Hopefully dallas loses though, that way we can with the division with a win.

  138. Foles played like a scared bitch today folks and I don’t want to hear shit about Dallas.

    Dallas would have kicked our ass today the way Foles is playing right now.


    Bring up MV7!!!!!!!

  139. Couple more games songs you will be oblivious again, big Nick is the best young qb in the nfl there is nothing scared here except for you and your reaction to the truth you are a little pussy bitch

  140. Eagles need to Draft the best CB, Safety
    And De/OLB on the Board in the first 3 Rounds
    Of next years Draft..

    • I concur with you there pman. I thought about receiver, but resign Cooper and Maclin…then go defense. Credit to Cliff, he’sbeen saying this!

  141. Strange Sunday in the NFL
    5 Divsional Leaders all lost this week
    Denver, New England, New Orleans, Eagles
    And the Bengals are down 24-7 ..
    Teams are on Roll and playing good Football
    Are Dolphins, Chiefs, Chargers, Ravens if they Win Mon Night vs the Up and down Lions..
    In the NFC the Seahawks, 49ers, Cardinals, Panthers
    Bears & Packers all with big wins this week
    The AFC is wife-Open while the NFC is looking like it will have to go thru Seattle to get to Super Bowl which is a tough place to play and QB Russell Wilson has never lost a home game in Seattle in his almost 2 Seasons there..

  142. 48 point against?!? 8 rushes for the NFL’s best RB?!? Squib kicking every kick, giving Minny great field position?!? Man, that Foles really sucks, doesn’t he????

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