Thoughts From Eagles-Vikings

Disappointing Defense Highlighted By Brutal Secondary

The Eagles defense was the most disappointing aspect of today’s game.

With no Adrian Peterson, no Toby Gerhart, and one of the league’s worst quarterback situations, this is a team that the Eagles’ defense should have kept under wraps.

Instead…they gave up 48 points.

That’s right, 48 points to an offense led by third-string quarterback Matt Cassel, third-string running back Matt Asiata, and an offense, that with Adrian Peterson in the lineup, struggled to score more than 20 points a game all season.

The defense couldn’t get off the field, and had no answers for this patchwork offense. It was their worst performance since the Denver game in Week 4.

They couldn’t get off the field during a grueling sequence that saw the Vikings score on 16-play 75-yard drive that ran nearly eight minutes off of the clock.

The unit allowed the team to fall behind even further as the first half began, allowing Matt Cassel to run for a touchdown on a drive that went 52 yards in just four plays. Cassel finished the day with 382 yards and two touchdowns, the Eagles allowed him to look like a competent quarterback.

The secondary was at their worst today. Blown coverages and bad penalties were a frequent trend throughout the game. Safety play in particular was horrendous. Patrick Chung began the game by giving up the 57-yard touchdown pass to Greg Jennings in the first quarter. Nate Allen, Kurt Coleman, and Colt Anderson all played significant snaps as well, and all of them were guilty of missed tackles and blown coverages of their own. Jennings had one of his strongest games of the season, with 11 catches for 163 yards and a touchdown.

Matt Asiata made a name for himself, scoring three touchdowns in his first start of the season.

I think Chip Kelly put the Eagles defense in a bad position by choosing to kick away from Cordarelle Patterson all game and giving the Vikings a short field every time they got the ball. Once it became apparent that the defense was having trouble matching up with what Minnesota was doing, he should have adjusted and trusted his special teams to handle Patterson. However, given the talent that they were matched up against, the Eagles needed a much stronger effort from their defense.

Foles Hangs Tough Through Adversity

Nick Foles wasn’t at his best today, but I thought he hung in there and did his best to fight through adversity and give the team a chance to comeback.

Foles recovered from a third quarter interception to lead the Eagles on two quick scoring drives before the end of the third quarter to make it a five-point game. The second-year man made a nice throw to DeSean Jackson to cap a six-play 70-yard drive in just 1:29, and then found Zach Ertz on a three-play 45-yard drive in just 1:03.

It was a difficult situation for Foles to succeed in. With the defense uninterested in playing competitive football, and his offensive line allowing a constant pass rush on him (the line gave up four sacks on the day), that’s about as tall an order as you can give an passer in this league. The young starter kept his cool and did his part. The defense and special teams needed to help him out, and they were unable to raise their level of play.

Foles finished the game with 428 yards and three touchdowns with one interception, and also added 41 rushing yards on five carries.

Quick Thoughts


  • LeSean McCoy did a great job a screen pass that set up the team’s third field goal. Foles threw the ball a little high, but McCoy was able to haul it in and take it for a big gain, staying in bounds long enough to pick up 24 yards and make the kick attempt much more doable for Alex Henery.
  • McCoy finished with just 38 rushing yards, but did manage to add 68 receiving yards on five catches.
  • It was another strong game from DeSean Jackson, who had 10 catches for 195 yards and a touchdown.
  • Jackson also had a touchdown run on a 4th and 1 wiped out by a blocking penalty on Nick Foles. 
  • Jason Avant caught his first touchdown pass since the Kansas City game.
  • Riley Cooper was targeted twice on both two point conversion attempts, and managed to catch one of them.
  • Amazing one-handed grab by Zach Ertz on his touchdown reception.


  • Trent Cole played a great game against the run today, making several plays behind the line of scrimmage. Cole finished with seven tackles, and was one of the few defensive bright spots.
  • Fletcher Cox got his hand up and batted the pass that was intercepted by Mychal Kendricks.
  • The defense did manage to pick up three sacks today. Connor Barwin, DeMeco Ryans, and Mychal Kendricks all got Cassel.
  • Bradley Fletcher called for a pass interference penalty that gave the Vikings a first down at the one-yard line before the half.
  • Earl Wolff was inactive once again, giving Patrick Chung another start in his place.
  • Najee Goode was also among the inactives for the second straight week.

Special Teams

  • Alex Henery kept the team in the game early by connecting on three field goals in the first half,including a 51-yarder. 
  • After getting burned twice in the return game last week, the Eagles’ plan of attack was to kick the ball away from Cordarelle Patterson. Alex Henery spent the day performing squib kicks. While the Eagles were spared dealing with the dangerous Patterson on kickoffs, the trade off was that they gave the Vikings great field position throughout the game.
  • Brad Smith had a couple of nice stops on kick coverage.

Final Thoughts

The defensive effort in today’s game was incredibly disturbing.

This effort today was the type of pitiful performance that we would have expected from this unit at the beginning of the year.

How concerned should the Eagles be with their defense after today’s game?

I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.

They were an absolute disgrace today, but they’ve also been the backbone of this team’s success over the last two months.

Bad games happen from time to time. Hopefully Billy Davis and his defensive staff will get everything cleaned up by next Sunday night, if they thought Greg Jennings was bad today, they’ve got to deal with the top receiving tandem in the league next week in Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffrey.

With Week 17′s match against the Dallas Cowboys shaping up to be a showdown for the division, Denny Basens and Jeff Kolsky are planning to get a group together to watch the game at XFINITY Live, and we would like to extend invitations to any and all readers of to come out and join us. We sincerely appreciate all who read, comment, and make this website great, and we’d love the opportunity to meet some of the readers and experience a great game together.


212 thoughts on “Thoughts From Eagles-Vikings

  1. I didn’t like the play calling at all today, our D was bad and Foles was off, once that was realized, the game should of been turned over to Shady. I thought the Vikings scoring on that last drive was classless, their was a minute n a half left and we had no timeouts, they should of knelt down n ran the clock out, I hope that leaves a bad taste in their mouths, we just have to root for Dallas to lose which doesn’t look good right now, were going to be fine, I’ll say this about Chip, he learns from his mistakes, we’ll look a lot better next week.

  2. Foles threw just his second pick of the season and was sacked three times.. .FOLES STUNK TODAY… as the media continues to cover for Foles…. who’s been average to good…. not great, as the media has overtly called the Cowboys game ” the concussion game” the reality was that foles played poorly in that game also, before he was injured ,in which was his first real test, in which he failed. this game was test number 2 , not the Lions game in which Shady and the defense has balied him out… todays game in which shady and the d wasn’t a factor , it was up to the qb to put this game on his shoulders and get it done. I will support foles for the rest of the season….. BUT HE IS NOT THE LONG TERM ANSWER

    1. WTF are you talking about? Covering for Foles? If anything the media has’nt been giving this kid any respect. 24tds and 2 ints all season and he has’nt even gottin close to the amount attention he deserves. People still expect this kid to fail. 3tds and throws for over 400 yards and Desean as a career day and he you say he stunk?

      If RG3, Andrew Luck, Russel, or Kaep were putting up these numbers, EVERYONE would be lickin there balls. But bc a goofy lookin lanky white boy does it out of no where, its all luck, and people still expect him to fail.

  3. Denny, are you kidding? Foles stunk in key moments of the game he was missing wide open receivers…holding the ball too long. Hey the defense stunk today…but they have bailed us out some games…it was time for the offense with the Vikings playing with a depleted secondary to bail us out…Foles didnt get the job done and had too many three and outs today!

    1. Koolbreeze you are a ship jumping badwagon jumping turncoat. You was with Foles after last week and now look how you have abandoned him. Fact is he did enough to win…the defense clearly failed.

      1. I’m a EAGLES fan, Eaglehaslanded…not a Foles fan. I am also fair and objective! Foles contributed to the win last week but this week in a very key game where we needed the Quarterback to step up…Foles failed miserably!
        The Defense bailed us out of some games where Foles didnt play well in the fourth quarter…it was time for the QB to return the favor and bail the defense out so we can win…he was terrible in the key moments of the game…missing open receivers,…holding the ball too long!
        Stop flip-flopping! You gave the QB the credit when he wins and look for excuses for him when he fails to get the job done!
        Foles has got to get us to the playoffs in order for me to buy completely into him…If we dont make the playoffs, we need a franchise QB who is clutch and can get it done!!!

          1. apparently the only way Foles could have been any good is if he had single handidly scored more than 48 points. Defense and kick team played horrible but all the dumb fucks on this site can rag on is a guy who contributed about 460 yards and 3 scores.

    2. Today, I saw a game getting out of hand in the third quarter, with no aspect of the team playing well at all, quarterback included. Then at the end of the third quarter, Foles and the offense came to life and scored two touchdowns to make it a five-point game in the blink of an eye.

      They needed the defense to step up too and get them a stop, but that stop never came. Was it Foles’ best day. Absolutely not. Sure he did some things wrong, and made some mistakes, but I thought he was one of the guys who stepped up at the end of the third and helped make it a game.

      Even on an off day, 428 and three scores is still pretty darn good. That performance and 30 offensive points should be more than enough to beat a team like this.

      Giving up 48 to a team missing their offensive engine while being quarterbacked by the likes of Matt Cassel? Absolute disgrace. This loss is on the defense.

      1. Danny I have to agree with you, even though I didn’t see the game just parts bc I live in mass, but foles did bring them back with in 5 and them the defense just couldn’t stop them. But the PI call on fletcher in the 4th was bull. I don’t understand what everybody is so irrate about this team. We weren’t expected to be in this position period. Plus GB just won so this wasn’t a total lose for us but I hope good learning experience for this team, plus they should be pissed with Minnesota scoring at the end when they could have just kneed it.

  4. The secondary has done a decent job all year not special but decent. Today they were exposed for their depth.
    This is going to be a tough finish… It’s the nfl boys anyone who thought we wouldn’t get punched in the mouth has not been following

    1. No Ciggy, they were exposed as a Starting UNT….I told you all of them need to be upgraded. I don’t care how much they play over their head, they are NOT Starters….all four… plus Wolfe, should be playing Special Teams…….

      So much for Howie’s successful FA Signings. That Coach just turned into a Pumpkin real fast didn’t it. I don’t want to ever hear from anyone that Bradley Fletcher is a serviceable CB. ……and don’t tell me that Connor Barwin didn’t disappear today,. Did anybody even hear his name called today…Really, He played not that much different than he has all year long…….We have had a good season, but we have been lucky.

      I’m confident, we will bounce back next week, but the Cowboys as sorry as they are will be fired up at home.

        1. Yeah right Ciggy…You, and Howie keep dreaming, and watch the same insanity, and results continue…..You cannot walk on a prayer every week that two average to below average CB’s are going to be able to play over their head all year long…Just swallow your pride, and upgrade

          The Entire Secondary is weak….Period.

            1. You That is not what I think…I think you can have better players than we have at position of weakness.

              I feel we can do a better job with talent evaluation, and Free Agent acquisitions.

              You don’t need 22 pro bowlers to win a Superbowl…but you do need better leadership in the Front Office with better VISION, of what a Championship team looks like………

            1. Who cares Ciggy…and they’re still 31st in Total Defense in the NFL.

              That doesn’t mean crap to me, because realistically, that’s on your front 7, more than the CB’s…Your rationalizing again to defend your viewpoint……What you are trying to say is that the Defense as a whole gave up less than 21 points a game……right?

              You have to because Cary Williams, and Bradley Fletcher are flat out weak, and not going to get it. If you think we can go to a Superbowl with those two starting …You are not out of the Country….You are out of your mind…..Open your eyes my friend…

              1. Who cares about points given up? Ummmm anyone trying to WIN a football game
                We can’t go to the SB with these guys of course who is talking SB? Not you for sure 3 win cliff…. We are in a process. We are way ahead of the curve!

              2. I’ll tell you what…….

                You just keep on avoiding reality, by ignoring the obvious….

                And I’ll keep telling you I told you so sense your so smart……

                3 wins is all I expected, so I am not that disappointed. They have had a good year. But what I said about the Secondary is still fact…

  5. I expected the birds to lose 1 of the last 3 games, but I didn’t think it would be this game. Ugh.. I will say that I didn’t feel comfortable with them being on a 8 game win streak going into the playoffs. This loss could have a humbling effect on this team who may have began to smell themselves a little after the historic win last week. Guys need to keep their heads in the game, study film and perform at a high level. It was poor tackling , guys were out of position, Oline struggles, bad special teams gameplan, horrible horrid penalties by the corners, where was Lesean??? Just a poor team loss all around.. Looks like the cowboys have this game in the bag, so more than likely its gonna come down to that last game in Dallas, win or go home..

  6. This loss was’nt on Foles.. At all. He threw the damn ball 48 times!! Jesus. Are you kidding. FORTY FUCKIN EIGHT. Lesean Mccoy, who leads the league in rushing only had 8 carries! Chip has been great during this 5 game winning streak. But today was just brutal. Idk how you only let the best RB in football run 8 times. It was a predictable gameplan from start to finish, similar to what Andy would do. Puttin our D in tough situations does not help either. Every time MInn had the ball it was in our territory. First time we have allowed over 20 pts in 8 weeks. We will bounce back with a better gameplan. Maybe this team needed this to get back down to earth. Were still in it. WHich nobody would have ever expected at the beginning of the season.

  7. Is anybody watching the Dallas game? Their dominating right now after being embarrassed last week, just goes to show how teams can have a bad week and bounce back, everybody has to chill out, as for the Foles haters, your comments show you don’t know anything about football, Chip called a bad game today, if he would of balanced it out instead of only giving the call to Shady EIGHT times you would of saw different results, but the last I checked, Foles had over 400 yards n 3 TDs, n his passer rating was over 100, you guys have no clue.

    1. man Andrew the script didn’t dictate that. Their secondary was depleted we should have been able to sling it all day, and that’s what Chip attempted to do. You spell a back like McCoy, you don’t wear him down when you don’t need to. Besides they stacked the box and dared us to beat them in the air. Foles couldn’t deliver. he should have used his legs more in this offense, but he quit after the first quarter. This is how teams will play him going forward, and he must adjust. I don’t think he will do it this year as teams key in on his weaknesses especially at this time of the season. Teams will stack the box for the rest of the season, but te good news is that Kelley will be better prepared, realizing that foles simply can not carry this team without utilizing McCoy. We have to ride him if we want to get into the playoffs.

      1. If you watched the game you saw our O line played bad today, Allen made Peters look bad today, theirs no excuse, you don’t give it to your best back EIGHT times, besides that, as bad as everyone claims Foles played today which is crazy he still got us 30 points, your not suppose to lose when you put up that many points, the D played liked they did in the beginning of the season, lets just hope it was a fluke.

  8. Foles didn’t look too good until around the mid- end of the 3rd quarter. He missed a lot of throws, he took too long to get rid of the ball (as hes known for) guys were wide open but he just struggled. He took a lot of unnecessary sacks when he should of just thrown the ball away. When he finally began to check the ball down it was too late.. Next week I expect him and this team to rebound in a crucial game against the Chicago Bears. This is a must win for the Eagles. They cant worry about what dallas is doing, just win… They have to prepare and play every game each week as if its a playoff game…

    Brandon Boykin went down with supposedly a head injury, concussion, we ll find more out Monday or Tuesday.

  9. So what happens now?

    We have to beat Chicago next week and Dallas has to lose to Washington? Then we beat them in week 17 to get into the post season?

    But if we win next week, and Dallas wins then were out because the own the tie breaker? and it would’nt matter if we beat them in the season finale? Im confused haha some explain please.

    1. We have to win out! We cant have any more losses…cant afford them! We have to beat Chicago and beat Dallas…we have to assume that Dallas will beat GB and Washington…to make it a showdown game with Dallas. If we lose to Chicago and Dallas beats Washington then the Dallas game is meaningless for us and it means no playoffs for us!
      We have to win!

  10. Basically, Dallas has to lose all of their games….. providing we win all of ours…. Losing that Dallas game cost us, and is biting us in the arse right now.

  11. Its obvious that Chip saw some opportunities in the passing game against this poor secondary, but the Viks have played much better the past 2 weeks going into this game. Chip should have adjusted and fed the beast. McCoy had 4.8 yds a carry for the game, that’s pretty much a 1st down ever 2 downs. And with McCoys ability he could have probably broke one for more. He didn’t get that opportunity.. Now, we have to move on to next week. We cant look back..

    1. Jon Hart they had 9 men in the box at times daring us to throw the ball…Foles had receivers running wide open! We should have scored 50 points at least today…they weren’t making great plays on defense to stop us…Foles was missing throws, indecisive on a lot plays, holding on to the ball…he had wide open receivers and he was throwing the ball out of bounds…he had a number of the ‘airballs’ that he throws where he should have gunned it to the open receiver who would probably be still running!
      Foles had ample opportunity to bail the defense out…but he failed!

      1. I’m watching 11v 11 now and I’ve not counted 9 in the box. He wasn’t perfect for sure but you are overstating because you truly don’t know a thing about football

      2. Kool yes Foles missed open receivers yesterday. There many missed opportunities especially in the first half. But c’mon bruh, the kid showed some guts and hung in there. We should have imposed our will regardless of how they stacked the box. I’ve been all in with chip (and still am) but he was on some Andy Reid ish yesterday. If you can be all ballsy and go for it on 4th down in your own phuccing redzone; GIVE ME MORE THAN 8 CARRIES from the league’s leading rusher. if I can forgive Mcnabb for the occasional worm burner or pass behind; the kid gets a pass for some bad throws too. C’mon bruh I need you back on board.

  12. Come on Green Bay…give us a little breathing room! Bail us out! Beat the Cowboys and keep us in the drivers seat!

  13. Though I like what Foles has done so far for us, he isn’t a Chip Kelly kind of QB. He is too slow and doesn’t have the “jets”to get himself out of situations. Kelly will ride this wave with Foles out, but believe me that CK will jump at the chance for a big and fast cam newton, tajh boyd , and/or James wineston type of QB. Just wait and see.

  14. Eagles has landed – I here you buddy but CK needs a “fast twitch” type of QB to run his type of offense. If anyone thinks that Foles is the answer has got to be delusional. Foles is serviceable and may thrive in certain offenses but IMO I believe that he would be trade bait or a serviceable backup to CK’s starter. He folds under important games and real playoff type of pressure.

    1. Rocko, your my man but you are wrong…Foles is the future. There is not another QB in College. Senior, Junior, Sophomore, or Freshman – That is better than he is right now…….

      He had 400 yrds, and 3 TD’s, and still he didn’t have his best game, but this loss in on the Defense. They have to fix that first, not the QB.

      The only QB in that should be in the Eagles Plans is a back up…

  15. Foles has been so good of late that we all have no tolerance for what statistically was a very good day .We got away from Eagle football ,starting and ending with coaching ..It was a shock to nobody that what was assumed a weak depleted secondary would be exploited ,we got that ,but when foles was not given enough time ,his zone reads confounded him ,and as a young quarterback will do ,he held the ball too long and missed open flat reads ,safe safety valves,attempting to make in its stead a big play …we are guilty of not adjusting and being more mindful of there over pursuit by running quick reads for foles..Guys are in the comfort of there blanketed seats ,not. Seeing the whole picture ..Coach needed to give the guy who was the talk of the universe more than 8touches ,I’m sure he knows it,but he fucked up..he also has to explain how he became the Fat man over night ,wtf ,kick and trust your kicker indoors to put it through the end zone or trust in special teams…that strategy was flawed and created a short field on a defense,that wasn’t going to bail out the coaching blunder …last week we lauded the tight ends ,they’re both weapons of mass destruction ,each week I want to see more ,not less …I trust them to make plays ..again coaching failed …foles needs a rhythm ,in many weeks ,we ran a high paced. Offense ,where was that tempo today? Coaching? They got there mulligan ,they had a splash of reading there own headlines and got embarrassed ,now on a national stage ,well see what this Eagle teams made of ….coach has showed one thing…he’s receptive to self examination and he’s agreeable to change ..I just hope it’s for the better eagle ball ,it’s not that complicated ..get in the qbs face ,to compensate for the back end ,and create mismatches ,utilizing tight ends and quick releases …smash em in the mouth ,give the offensive line a chance to play downhill ,not always on there heals …it’s not our personality …I’ve had a great ride this year ,and I know we are not yet a completed roster ,but we are capable of winning these next two games …it’s the championship rounds …and were still fighting

  16. Some of the dumbest posts ever here

    Let me lclue you in on something

    Foles is the best young qb in the nfl

    His stats prove it today, an off game by him is 400+ yards, three touchdowns, and a qb rating 100+

    Nick foles is the future of the eagles , so get used to it and a lot of unhappy posters here

    1. Hey jakdog! Foles better get the next couple of wins! This lost is on him and I dont wanna hear about his damm stats, qb rating, or any of that crap! WE LOST! The only stat that matters is that lost and once again in the fourth quarter when we needed the QB to come up with some plays….He failed miserably!

      1. This loss is on the QB? oh my goodness. we lost cause we couldnt stop the vikings and because we gave them the damn ball at the 40 or 50 every time. I have some advice for you, use your brain!

  17. Being unhappy Vs criticizing your qb for his faults and what your coach expects of him are 2 different things. Know what you’re talking about bandwagon jumper. I was born an eagle fan and will support whichever General is leading our troops. I will never say I hate my qb as some of you fake ones did when Vick was our qb. I support Foles and respect him as our leader, it doesn’t mean I have to be unhappy you toolbag. The only team I follow in sports is my eagles period. get a life outside of football man…

    1. Well said Rocko! A lot of these guys are frauds and fakes! They abandoned the team when Vick beat Foles for the job in training camp….now all of the sudden they are ‘loyal’ Eagle fans!
      Get outta here!!
      We got break…we are still in first place! So we have absolutely no excuses whatsoever now…The ONLY way we can fail to make the playoffs is if we choke and lose to both Chicago AND Dallas!

  18. whoooooooo!!! we needed that break!! Romo might be our ace in hole! I dont know if Foles is a choker yet…but boy that Romo is certainly good for coughing and choking a game right on up!!!

  19. Y’all good Eagles fans have a good evening and a great week! I gotta go and study medical boards to hopefully pass after my last semester of school coming up after the break.” LONG LIVE THE EAGLES!!!!!”

      1. Agree that he’s going to be special. Actually felt uneasy about the pick because of the glaring needs on defense. But getting Ertz there I can understand Howie and the gang pulling the trigger on talent over need. Where the fucked up was with the overrated bum from USC.

  20. Dallas coach thros romo under the bus saying publically he audibles out of a run play on the pick..and dezz walks to the locker room before the clock strikes zero ….how bout them cowboy….a day that started as shit is sunny and bright ..gotta love it

    1. Vin…let the cockroaches who have come out in force today have their fun day. They’ve been waiting a loooooong five weeks for this day and it finally arrived for them. Hence, their untamed exhuberrance.

  21. Let me make a few comments.

    The Eagles lost today primarily due to two factors: A collapse of the defense, and the apparent lack of defensive intensity, and the play calling of Chip Kelly.

    As far as Coach Davis’s defense, I feel that he has done an outstanding job this year, given the players he has to work with…However, today, there was a lack of intensity, and perhaps a lack of adjustments made…I cannot pinpoint specifics until I ‘look at the tape’. [—-)

    On the offensive side, the lack was obvious: There were what, 10 running plays called?…Where were McCoy, Polk and Brown?…Having such an unbalanced attack is a guaranteed recipe for failure in the NFL, and especially in the playoffs…Guaranteed.

    For the ‘trolls’ dumping on Nick Foles, statistically he had a day that would rank in the top 5% games in the careers of both Donovan McNabb and Michael Vick…BUT. the Eagles lost, so this would only matter to fantasy leaguers.

    Nick Foles doesn’t call the plays or make the game plan…Chip Kelly does.

    In the games the Eagles have lost this year, it appears that we still have Andy Reid coaching his ‘west coast offense’…Thi won’t work…You need a balanced attack.

    Kelly also does not appear to trust his kicker, Alex Henry, as the Birds consistently pooched their kickoffs…Doesn’t Henry have the leg to just kick it out of the end zone?

    Thank you.

  22. this lost is not on foles but on chip and this defense first chip come on u gotta run shady more than 8 times point blank no matter what and defense in the offseason we need new cb’s and another safety pat chung is the worst safety and cary Williams is the worst cb in the league hands down and if u got them bums on the back end out of here and blitz more if you see they cant cover and btw hell of agame d-jack but next time fight alittle bit more on that pick nick thru but gg u balled out. and how bout them cowboys just get back to what we do well run shady and play action that was almost like andy reid got into chip’s body with all the passes and ertz I see u young man keep up the good work.

  23. Where you drunk watching that game frank?? Receivers were running wide open….the game plan didnt prevent Foles from hitting open receivers…it was simply poor quarterback play!
    Spare me with the stats! The key thing to look at is did the offensive line provide the Quarterback with enough time to complete passes? Were receivers open? The answer to both of these questions was yes…which is why he piled so many stats in the first place.
    The assessment of the Quarterback comes in the fourth quarter of the game…when we needed the QB to make some plays to take the lead in a significant game with playoff implications did he come thru…or did he fall short, miss open receivers, take bad sacks. Did he play well when the game was there for the win…the answer is NO
    Dont give me the play calling, dont throw Vick or McNabb in this…they are not playing…Foles is playing and he deserves the same heat that everyother QB gets when the team loses and he stinks up the place in the fourth quarter!

    1. Foles is 6-2, nobody else in the Eagles QB stable has a winning record That’s why he’s the starter. End of story! If Kelly followed your criteria for QB selection, Vick would’ve been benched afler game two, definitely after 3, most definitely after four…lol. You get the point!

      1. Vick got hurt and is out of the picture…stop dragging him up! Foles is the QB of the team and he gets the credit when they win…and blame when they lose! I have a very objective criteria.
        1.Did the Offensive Line give him time to make throws and complete passes?
        2. Were receivers open and available for big plays?
        3. Did the QB make plays in the fourth quarter of a tight game to give the team a chance to win?
        Foles didnt get the job done today. I am not calling for his benching…you have to ride him out…he has two games to get us in the playoffs! I dont care how it gets done…hook or crook..luck..whatever…all Foles has to do is get us in…Period…
        No excuses, no breaks…just bottom line results!

  24. What game were you watching, foles hit most receivers the obvious ones he missed were confusion on route

    Did you ever wear a jock strap

  25. He throws for over 400 yards and he stinks the joint out

    There are the most stupid, racists on here, bar none, this site takes the cake

  26. Also for all you fake, conditional Eagle fans who are only Eagle fans because of the Quarterback…stop with phoney excuses and lame stats.I am consistent. Stats are for losers! Foles didnt have a great ‘stat’ game against Detroit..but I made it clear that I though it was one of his best games. Why? Because he made key throws in the game that brought us back…he opened up the running game with his passing and then Shady ran wild.
    Here, Foles missed key passes, failed to move the team at key moments…didnt make plays that we needed the QB to make to keep the Vikings offense off the field…He stunk in the key moments of the game, crunch time…he was terrible!

    1. Unkool aka hot air, you are fake and a flip flopper, last week Foles is the man, this week he stinks and needs to be replaced. If you’re with someone, stick with them through thick and thin…good game and bad because all QB’s will have bad performances…God knows we’ve seen plenty bad QB performances over the last two years but no protests from you. Stone cold hypocrite!!! LOL stone cold!

  27. Quick question…Foles is doing good in my opinion…if some qb hungry team made us a deal…close to the rg3 deal…would you bite.. i would..not saying i dont like foles..i do..but i think he can get us a lot in return..then we can draft a qb like say Derrick Carr…i think he would run chip kelly offense real good…what do yall eagles fans think…good idea..not a good idea…Cause i honestly think that teams will come at us for Foles

    1. Hell yeah!! I would take a RG3 deal for Foles with the quickness. But I really dont think that you would get much for Foles right now…maybe a second rounder…I dont think anyone would give you a one for Foles

        1. smh…whooa..Songsrme.! I wonder if we could sucker Washington into a deal like that…RG3 for Foles and a two…Snyder might bite on that!
          Chip would really know what to do with RG3!

          1. RGIII will be out of the league in 3-5 more years if he doesn’t learn how to play the QB position. He regressed this year as a QB, but improved his stock as a running back that can pass. Bottom line results for Griffin, a losing record. Don’t blame Shannahan if you didn’t credit Shannahan last year. Bottom line results…no excuses LOL. To much running and getting battered around. Reports out of the Redskins locker room is even the players were ready for Robert to take a seat in favor of Cousins.

            1. Typical idiot response. RG3 played less than a year out from knee construction – he shouldn’t have played this year and aside from him the Skins aren’t a very good team.

              He will be fine. He needed some humbling and he needs a new coaching staff. Shanny is likely out this year and that will be good for the Skins overall.

            2. RGIII can play. He’s entitled to his sophomore jinx/growth like all highly touted young qbs. Even this year and considering all the adversity his numbers aren’t terrible. He set the bar pretty high. He’s missing throws he routinely made last year. and though his knee is healed, he ain’t the freak of nature AP is and clearly needed the extra time to get the mental part together as well. He does not look confident in the pocket making the same routine throws. I call BS on any suggestion he can’t play. I call BS on defenses figuring him out. I even call BS on the overrated Shanahans being the reason. RGIII has been his biggest obstacle.

    2. Unless Foles totally shits the bed; I’m on board with him as long as Chip is. He’d have to really shit the bed these last 2 games. I’ve been consistent with the kid. He passes the eye test; has the toughness I like in my qb; apparently very coachable; and has played some real good football once he was named the starter. Even this last lost wasn’t all on him. The 400 yards are hollow stats. I’m more impressed with how a player responds when things aren’t going well. Truth is he missed too many throws you have to make; BUT he hung in there. he could have used some help from our monster run game. THAT’S ON CHIP. But the defense should have been able to stop these practice squad masquerading as the Vikings offense. PERIOD!!!

  28. jakdog the only confusion is in your head…he missed a bunch of open receivers on third down plays, in the fourth quarter we couldn’t generate any offensive. On his interception, he made a bad read-Cooper was wide open…He had Avant wide open on a key third down play where he threw the ball way over his head and out of bounds…just admit this key and important game he came up short…real short!
    Its a good thing we got our ace-in-the-hole! El-Choko Romo!! He is another guy that racks up a lot of stats and yards…and then throws interceptions to other team when it gets tight in December.

  29. I was at the game and ill say this… Bad game. Simple as that. As bad as i can remember but its 1 bad game.

    The only half bright spot was the oline. I know there were a few sacks bit foles had all day.

    The d sucked today. Sucked. Blitz blitz blitz and it never worked. Cassel for 12 Cassel for 12. ALL Day.

    Not a great day for Foles bit its 1 game so… calm down yall.

    Chip Kellys playcalling was bad today.

    Special teams sucked. The vikes started at the 50 all day.

    My biggest concern was that after Williams went off and cost the birds.. noone said a word. No coaches got in his ear. No one cared. Noone.

    The really really sh/#y part of the day is that i had to listen to a guy in a pink/purplish fran tarkenton jersey yell at me all day. Shame on the eagles for putting my threw that mess. A pink/purple jersey. Ugh.

    1. The Birds owe you Stevo for putting you through that….was it a faded Pink Fran Tarkington jersey or a new pink one? Either way that had to suck. I would have been primed to see my team, in my town against a team that 9 out of 10 games they beat hands down. They owe you Stevo, they owe you.

    1. Michael Vick will save this season.


      I think Vick is too old to even be Foles’s backup.

      I think we should try to trade Patrick Chung and Roc Carmichael to the Redskins for RG3. He will make a better backup.

  30. We have to put a lot of this shit on Kelly.

    Hell, I like him but everyone saw Foles playing like like hot, steaming shit!!!!

    He should have just put the ball in Shady’s hand to break a few, even though the box was loaded.

    There’s a reason teams would rather deal with Foles opposed to dealing with Shady.

    Foles is a pedestrian stiff only good enough to manage a game if the other phases of the game give good field position.

  31. I’m not shocked by this loss. I even told my fellow Eagles buddies that this smells like a trap game. Like Foles said…this will humble them. Luckily the cowgirls took it in the ass today. The Eagles need to play better and they know it. No room for error going forward

  32. The defense took a beating today. Kelly’s play calling was horrific! WTF was he thinking, squib kicking every f^#@ing time, giving them field position at the 40-50 yard line. You have the NFL’s best RB, coming off of 217 yards rushing, & you don’t even give him 10 carries???? Kelly cost them this game, & those are the 2 main reasons. If they don’t realize now, that our secondary needs to be flushed, I don’t what will convince them. The front 7 can’t carry them an entire year DAMN IT!!!! Now that we know we have a QB, RB, DJax, Foles, enough TE’s, a young D-line, 2/4 of a good LB core, we need to concentrate, entirely on the secondary, a young, stud, big, WR, O-line depth, & a couple of LB’s. Thank God the Cowgirls, & Tony Blowmo, choked again.

    1. I totally agree with that assessment– you guys that follow the college game need to find us playmakers in the defensive backfield– ball hawks– i guess you can’t have big hitter safety types anymore because its a sissy game anymore– this years d.backfield was ‘ok’ for what i and everyone assumed was a rebuild– but now we need it to be as good as the front 7.
      BTW after watching all the games yesterday and watching the up/down of the nfl…. i don’t think they make the playoffs this year — which is disappointing to say now but if you told me they’d end with 8-9 wins i’d have been happy at beginning of year.

      1. Ciggy, You did hear DCar say, “the Secondary has to be flushed”, right? You do realize He’s talking about the ENTIRE Secondary right?

        BUT YOU AGREE WITH HIS ASSESSMENT?…You, the one who mocked me, because I said the same thing? But because the Defense had allowed only 21 points per game….Williams, and Fletcher were serviceable……..LOL!!!!!

        Okay Ciggy – The Entire Secondary can be upgraded through Free Agency, and the Draft – I like:

        Alterraun Verner, Corey Graham, Jarius Byrd, and Malcolm Jenkins- FA’s

        Kyle Fuller- CB – from Virginia Tech 6-1 208 (2nd Round)
        Ha Ha Clinton Dix- S – from Alabama 6-1 209 (1st – 2nd Round)
        Pierre DeSir – CB – from Lindenwood Univ – 6-2 206 (4th – 5th Round)
        Julien David – S – from Howard University – 5-11 205 (5th – 6th)

        1. cliff i never said this was the secondary to take us to the SB– i said they were servicable and did a nice job– my primary beef with you is you think we should have 22 pro blowlers and when we don’t you proclaim it a failure– i think they upgraded the secondary in attitude alone– i think fletcher has been a ‘nice’ player– williams adequate– safeties another story especially w/o wolfe…
          i believe teh eagles were looking to establish a culture and make changes that woul point them to the future one step at a time- maybe 2 good secondary draft picks and a big time FA and some of these guys end up as depth– i don’t know the overall plan but we all know they don’t have the overall talent to win the SB at this point– its about changing the culture, building– and in my opinion they are way ahead of schedule.

          1. I told you before, and I will say it again…That’s not true. I don’t think we need 22 Pro Bowlers…Many of YOU said that….I think we need better talent, and ……and talent evaluators, with vision of what a Championship Team looks like…….

            I disagree that Williams, and Fletcher have been adequate. I think they have been protected by the play of the Front 7, in many games, and in the games they have looked bad, they were TOTALLY exposed for what they really are………2nd String…

        2. gm, I agree 100%. Byrd is a must sign. I also like Verner. It’s going to be hard for them to get rid of all 4, like we want, since they f^@ed the pooch this years off-season. If they signed Byrd, &/or TJ Ward, Verner/ Vontae Davis/ Talib/ I’d be happy. The draft is going to be pretty week this year in the secondary, so they must get at least, a couple of FA upgrades.
          My preference would be get rid of the entire safety corps, – Wolffe. Get rid of all the CB’s but Boykin & sign FS Byrd, SS Whitner, & CB Verner.
          1st- CB Ifo Ekpre-Olomu/ WR Jordan Matthews (Jerry Rice Cuz)
          2nd- Safety Ha Ha Clinton Dix
          3rd- OLB Jeremiah Attaochu
          4th- WR Brandon Coleman (My sleeper of next years draft)

          1. What up DCar!!!!??

            DCar, we really need to move up to get one of the top OLB –
            a. Anthony Barr.
            b. Khalil Mack – My choice

            I love Clinton- Dix, and Matthews in the 2nd Round, but we would need to trade down to get both, and my guy Kyle Fuller…

            I think you, myself, and Paul agree on Attaochu – I love the thought of Mack, and Attaochu coming off the edge, with Barwin covering the TE, and Kendricks improving game to game…..

            Add that…to our FA Selections, and Coaching, and we are looking more like a Championship team…..

            1. gm, if those scenarios turn out, along with the signings of Byrd, Whitner/ Ward, Verner, & Orakpo, I’d be as happy as kid with a sweet tooth, in a candy shop!

            1. “Attacohu”, God Bless You… “Attacohu”..God Bless You… Attacohu” Hey Man, maybe you need to see a Dr about your Cold…

            2. Brew, why isn’t he? He has had a bad year, & has dropped in rankings by 10 spots, since last year. If he drops to the 3-4 round, he’s a sleeper, because in my opinion, he’s going to be a stud. Think VJax.

  33. Songs:

    “Foles is a pedestrian stiff only good enough to manage games”
    “Vick will save the season”

    Vick last 4 starts: 1 win (bailed out by Foles) 3 losses
    39 of 80 (49%) 584 yards 1td 3 ints (including a pick 6)

    Foles last 4 starts (one in a blizzard): 3 wins 1 loss
    79 of 130 (61%) 1141 yrds 7 tds 2 ints

    Who the fuck is pedestrian again??????????

    Oh ya…Vick is “dynamic” he has 20 carries for 220 yrds and 0 tds over those 4 games. The “pedestrian” Foles only had 29 carries for 133 yards and 2 tds.

    (as an aside, that must really KILL the Vickpologists…that Foles actually has more rushing TDs (4 to 2) over the past 2 seasons than their hero does….and that’s what he’s BEST at!!)

    Vick isn’t riding in to save any season bucko. He can’t even get on the horse anymore.

    You do know that after yesterday, Foles now has as many 400 yard passing games as Vick does over their careers…though it took Vick 11 years, and Foles 11 games.

    Foles is already better at comp%, td%, int%, yrds/att, passer rating, total tds, In 8 games he’s thrown for 23 tds (more than Vick’s career high) and in 8 games is only 900 yards below Vick’s career high.

    You know….quarterback stuff.


    He has more rushing TDs than Vick over the past 2 years.

    Give it up man, Foles is 2x the QB Vick ever was.

    Vick isn;t riding in to save the season…..he’s being put to pasture. The team is already in good Qbing hands.

  34. What pisses me off is the double standards…the inability of some to critique/analyze players in the same manner…

    I will use the same lines I’ve used to defend Vick and defend Foles…The defense played horrid, play calling yada yada yada…maybe Foles should of suited up and played defense too…now am I a Folespologist???

    QB position being the most pivotal position….hmmmm…really doesn’t make a difference who your QB is, if you defense gives up a TD on every drive, does it? Reminds me of the Denver and SD game…

    But some of you clowns, like Vinniethesister, DrunkEagle, Phag, Xero, HaveNoBrain, MHeShe, and so many others are truly comical and ignorantly selective.

    Had Vick played the game, you would be complaining that 9 points in the first half was not enough…and that he had to do more…Then probably say that Vick only finished with (stats that Foles finished with) those numbers because the Eagles were trailing and the Vikings played softer coverage…I’m tired of the ignorance on here, and it seems that most of you can only see things your way! Fucking dumb asses!

    The defense reverted back and the play calling on offense and defense was terrible. How you allow the Vikings to have short fields on every possession, then play some soft ass zone coverage, makes no sense to me. AP wasn’t even in the game, the game plan should of been all about the pass rush!

    It’s interesting that you need the defense to play a solid game to have a chance to win, isn’t it…So much for it being all about the QB play, huh?

    1. foles did not have his best game yesterday no doubt about but he played well enough to win.

      no double standard with vick real get it through your head. the people that didnt want vick as their qb didnt want him because he has demonstrated over the years that he is a Below average qb in the NFL. In terms of throwing he has always been a bottom 10 qb, add in his legs and he is average, add in he always gets hurt and he is back to below average.

      its really simple real, we wanted a future , we wanted hope and vick didnt bring that we knew what we were getting with him.

      mike is a class act, a hell of an athlete and by all indications a solid teammate most of the time.

      it is really that simple man at least for me.

      now with foles we have a future, a qb who should continue to get better (scary to think)…

      foles has beat mikes career high in tds thown in basically half a season. nick will basically beat mikes career highs in every category in 10 games this year.

      1. The problem is you aren’t considering the rest of the team…Foles will lose every single game if the defense plays like that again! that is the bottom line! That has been the majority of the issue this whole season and seasons past…This Eagles defense has played the best defense over the previous 5 games than they have played in damn near 5 years! You don’t have a future if you have a “Ass” defense.

        1. You are correct Realtalk they won’t win another game this season if the defense and special teams play like this, and eveyone knows he is telling the absolute truth about you dudes.

        2. real i am considering the D of course I am.

          truth of the matter is everything starts with the QB and goes from there in my opinion.

          you and i dont get along and never agree but know my opinion about mike is always as stated above. there was never a double standard. all about hope, potential, future…

          1. I’m saying a loss is a loss…and they will continue no matter the QB, if the defense plays like they did yesterday….really what is so hard to understand…

    2. Realtalk777,
      If you are so fucking tired of the ignorance on here why don’t you go back to rooting for whoever you rooted for before Vick came to Philly, you asshole.

      You are only on an Eagles message board for one reason – to defend your hero.

      You got balls calling my DrunkEagle, you lowlife piece of shit. Do they even show Eagles games down there in VA Beach, asshole?

      1. Not sure about games in VA Beach, but they show games in here Jersey, dumb ass…30 minutes from the Linc, dumbass…I see I must of hit a nerve, sometimes the truth will get a reaction like that!

        Truth is McCoy is my favorite player…just so happens I don’t have to defend him from the same types biases that take place in regards to Vick…

        Ha, Eagles fan all my life, son! Rooting for the Eagles every Sunday, even when Vick went out…Don’t be upset with me, because I see the game as a team sport, where circumstance, luck, scenario, execution all plays a factor…

    3. everything you say is correct. Blaming Foles today would be like blaming Vick for the Chargers loss, or blaming the offense for the Broncos loss. Double standards are unneccessary. Football is a team sport, need a competent defense, offense and special teams to get victories in the NFL. (unless you are playing in the snow, then you can give up two special teams TD’s and still win 🙂 ) We played poorly in two of the three categories yesterday.

        1. Yeah that was a really stupid comment, but I’m pretty sure Real Talk didnt say that.

          Who would have thought we’d be 8-6 right now with any QB? I’m loving this year so far. I know a lot of people are melting down because we lost, but I sure as hell didnt expect us to win the final 8 games of the year. We still need to improve a few area’s of this team (CB’s especially) to be a Superbowl Contender.. but this year has exceeded my expectations so far.

          The real issue I have with yesterdays game is the coach. Those squib kicks were inexcusable. And not running shady at LEAST 18 times was terrible. We got rid of a Reid last year, dont want to see his type of decision making ever again.

  35. ***Eagles Breaking News***
    Chip Kelly has agreed with U Of Texas Officials to take over the University of Texas Football Program once the Eagles Season is over….

    Short List on on Owner Lurie’s and GM Roseman List

    Pat Shurmur
    Jay Gruden
    Tom Clemens

    The Chip Kelly Ride was fun while it lasted, but I am not surprised that he sold out and moved onto to bigger and better things back at the College Level… Wish him the Best, but I never truly felt like he was 100% full-fledged committed to the Eagles, and that the Eagles Job would be used as a stepping stone, just didn’t think it would happen in Year 1..

    1. Are you being facetious?

      Chip was given an 18-month show-cause penalty by the NCAA in June which means he is not allowed to coach in college this season and next.

    1. Kelly is Goner per all Reports and Sources…
      He only took this Eagle Job since he would have likely been suspended and reprimanded if he stayed at Oregon with the Recruiting Violations/Scandal he was involved going on there, so instead of losing his Brand Name, he jumped on the Eagles Job instead of the rebuild Celeveland Browns Job to help rehabilitate his name nad reputation..
      Nopw that he’s done this, it’s off to Austin,Tx for the Big Bucks and a Football Rabid State ready to welcome him with open hands and open wallets… Have you ever been to Austin,Tx.. Great City, Who would want to work/live in Philly over Austin,Tx… That’s right, nobody…

      1. Plenty of people would asshole. Not everyone is a front running attention whore like yourself. Austin I’m sure is a fine city, but as usual you pull shit out of your ass. Care to back up your statement? I’ll give you enough time to make up an answer that allows you to flip-flop as usual.

        1. There’s no Whinning or Crying on GCobb Brewski
          Your such an Pussbag.. Try getting out once in a while ..there’s a whole wide world out there…

          1. C’mon attention whore you can do better than that weak attempt of a shame tactic. What you think; after all this time everyone else can’t see through your bullshit? Newsflash…..trying to reinvent yourself on a message board won’t change the fact that you were picked last; girls wouldn’t give you any;you can’t fight; and just plain ain’t tough enough. Now try to jump a little higher while screaming “LOOK AT ME” a little louder.

      2. Spoken like a true Boone NC backwoods hick.

        No Paul, there are many many people that would choose, and do choose to live in the Delaware Valley. Chippa is from New Hampshire…he has a NorthEastern upbringing and disposition. If you are saying that he would leave Philadelphia for Austin just because of the people / geography / or climate you are wrong. Kelly has lived all over the country pursuing his passion for football. If he were to leave it would be based on football or the opportunity, not the city, and certainly not Philadelphia. You are wrong Paul.

        1. That’s just it though; he’s always wrong. He wasn’t renamed “fraudman” for no reason. He’s a perfect example of what happens when you’re exposed for the wannabe your destined to be at an early age. Could of been different though. When someone like me saw him getting slapped around I probably could have helped him out. Oh well….lol.

          1. No help needed Brewski, Paulman has done very well for himself and his Family.. No regrets ever moving away from South Jersey in 1988 to Indianapolis for a Nice Job Promotion which was a great Opportunity for a 24 Year Kid at the time, then onto anoth Promotion/Opportunity in Charlotte in 1994 .. Sometimes you have to move around to take advatantage of better employment opportunity and when I was younger and before our Kids were born, I have no problems of moving as long as I was Paid/Compensated well..
            Now with our kids, we settled in the Beautiful Blue Ridge Mtns of Northwestern NC in a nice little College Town (Appalachian State University) .. The Area has great Schools, little Traffic,Congestion,Pollution & Crime and a relatively low Cost of Living in a vibrant, growing University (with 17,000 Students) which atttacts Students, Professors, Administrators from all over and offers many Artistic/Music/Athletic Events for me and my Family to enjoy without having to live in a “City”… To each their Own, but this is the choice I have made for me and my Family and though I could earn more $$$ living in a big City (Charlotte,Raleigh,Dc or Phill) ,
            I am done with the Rat-Race, I have nothing to prove to anyone anymore and don’t work for the $$$ like I did when I was younfer, and enjoy my lifetstyle just fine here in Boone,NC ..

            1. Just like I thought. All over the place. Still waiting for you to prove your original claim about Austin and Philly. Miss me with the sappy-ass bio. Just more attention-whore nonsense.

              When you were being chased home did you scream HELP ME HELP ME!!. Or did you just curl into a ball and cry? Just curious.

              1. Your a Fuc*-Tard Brewski and not worthy of a repsonse
                Reports that Kelly will take the U Of Texas Job are being reported all over the State of Texas, I for one, could care less if he goes or stays… I am an Eagles Fan, not a Chip Kelly Fan and have forgotten more about Football that your small brain can retain..but who cares anyways…

            2. Still not a good reason to put down Philly. I do get around to a lot of different cities in North America. I can basically live where ever I wish, and I have chosen Philly for the past 30 years. Every area in America has it good and bad points. I know your area of the country, no doubt it is vastly different than the Delaware Valley, but both have strong reasons for wanting to live there.

              Being from the area and a fan of the team, why take a cheap shot at Philly? And why would you still be a fan of the areas sports after so many years if there was not something good about the region? If you think it is such a terrible place why not just be a fan of the Panthers and leave GCobb?

              1. I have nothing against Philly, GreenFan,
                I have all my Family and many of my neighborhood, College Friends that still live there and get hone once,twice a year
                I keep an eye on the a Panthers and glad they have turned things around, but I root for my home-town Teams and there’s nothing wrong with the Delaware Valley, but I choose to live and raise my Family down here for the many reasons as a listed earlier ..
                To each his own.. 6-8 Days a year back up North is enough for
                me.. Simply too crowded, too congested and too expensive for my Tastes , but i will always follow my home town favorite Teams
                (Eagles & Phillies) no matter where I live..

      3. Sure you don’t care whether Chip stays or goes. You’re so disinterested that you were -as usual- in full attention-whore mode and posted this:

        “Kelly is Goner per all Reports and Sources…
        He only took this Eagle Job since he would have likely been suspended and reprimanded if he stayed at Oregon with the Recruiting Violations/Scandal he was involved going on there, so instead of losing his Brand Name, he jumped on the Eagles Job instead of the rebuild Celeveland Browns Job to help rehabilitate his name nad reputation..
        Nopw that he’s done this, it’s off to Austin,Tx for the Big Bucks and a Football Rabid State ready to welcome him with open hands and open wallets… Have you ever been to Austin,Tx.. Great City, Who would want to work/live in Philly over Austin,Tx… That’s right, nobody…”

        Yup…this screams no interest. And that little insult you just threw, I’ll take as a compliment coming from a lame like you. Lmao @”fuck-tard”.

        1. I report them as I see them whether they are Rumors, Facts, Innuendo, People, Places, Whatever, made-up Ridiculous, Funny or Stupid……
          Who cares anyways, No one takes anyone’s Posts on here seriously, Or at least they shouldn’t, It’s a damn Sports Blog for crying out loud…

          1. I thought I wasn’t worthy of a response? Oh that’s right; you’re a flip-flopper. You report them as you see them?….lmao. Did you just state “no one takes anyone’s posts on here seriously”? Did you feel this way before or after you stated you were tired of all the Vick posts but always placed yourself in the middle of every thread about him? Was it before or after you accused GCOBB himself of being a racist because of his comments about Riley Cooper being a marginal player? Help me out fraudman.

            You’re full of shit. I don’t give a damn who likes you on this site. You look as foolish as you did when you made that bet with Mehinski and thought your dumbass wouldn’t be called on it. It’s been a joy exposing you.

            1. Brew, you guys are ripping Paul for leaving this city, but if you had an opportunity to better your life, leave this crime riddled, drug infested, dirty, congested, $#!T hole city, you’d leave in a heartbeat! Cut your shit the f^#@ out! I’ve lived here for almost 45 years, & now that 3 of my kids are gone, & in college, & my 4th is going this coming year, the old lady & I, are looking to move. Savannah Ga.? North Carolina maybe? We are still deciding. Now, does that make soft, a coward, or whatever? I can guarantee you I’m as tough as they come bruh, & me leaving is based on bettering my life, safer environment, & for my families future. Just hinges on my old lady getting a nursing job transfer. I admire your loyalty to our city, but like I said, to each is own, no need to rip someone for leaving & ripping this city, because truthfully the city does suck, & is getting progressively worse, in all aspects. If you don’t believe that, you are living in a fantasy land.

              1. Check the Wilmington,NC area out DCar
                New Hanover County Hospital
                A nice City, with a good Cost of Living,Clean,lots to do,
                Close to Beaches, great weather, a nice Airport with a growing University in Town (UNC-Wilminhgton)
                You go to the County South of Wilmington
                And you hit Brunswick County which has
                Lots of active,retirement communities for active people
                Golf,tennis, fishing, etc and a great cost of living and still with if 30 minutes of some great Beach Towns (Southport,Oak Island,
                Sunset Beach,Etc)

  36. I told everyone last week that this game would be another Foles moment like Dallas.


    Foles is just there…..he’s not a game changer, and will fail at every defining moment.

    Dallas will get the division if it comes down to the last game….PASTE IT!

    when the division was there to be controlled dallas beat us in Philly with and their top running back and defensive player injured.

    Foles played like shit there and that spoke volumes….he played like hot shit last week before Shady bailed his ass out.

    I know you guys going to bring up stats and while doing so, please take heed to Vince Lombardi famous saying……….

    “Statistics is for losers”

    Stats is a way to have other see the silver lining in the dark cloud after a lost.

    Foles accumulate those yards after we were down forcing the coaches to call throws because of his poor 3 quarters of play.

    Here’s another stat for you guys who use fantasy stats to excuse poor performances like the pathetic game Foles just had……

    You would never guess the QB with the highest 4th quarter QB rating in the history of the game.

    Not Tom Brady, Not John Elway,… not Joe Montana either.

    Tony Freakin’ Romo

    There’s a stat for you peoples.

    The greatest 4 quarter choke artist in the history of the game also holds the highest QB rating in the history of the NFL.

    Give me a QB who knows how to put his foot on the throat of a team when all is on the line.

    Hell with stats.

    We need a winner.

    1. Yes. It was exactly like the Dallas game.

      The only game it remotely resembled was the Denver game….’cept the offence put up 30, not 13 in a shottout. Not enough, but still better.

      The Defense sucks(ed). Why do you try to use that as an arguement to start the inferior QB?

      1. Every expert out there is saying Foles played with the same flawed play as Dallas.

        Overshooting wide open receivers, holding on to the ball knowing he can’t get away from anyone, errant throws tossed up into double coverage.

        Even Brian Dawkins compared Foles demeanor to the Dallas poor performance.

        Now, focus on the points made about stats…..

        It’s a difference if the offense put up points leading all game only to lose because the defense allow a teams to come back late in the fourth quarter.

        You can put that on the defense, but it’s not on them if the game is there for the taken yet the team stalls because of a skittish, erratic, scared quarterback.

        Yes, the defense played bad but good quarterbacks win under the same circumstances when your passing against 2nd and 3rd string players in the secondary.

        Foles Choked.

        1. You’re right. A choke. He should have thrown for 600 yards and 6 tds. Clearly that’s what is now expected of him by idiots like you.

          430 yrds 3tds not enough. Its a choke.

          BTW – if that’s a choke-job, then how would you describe your Hero’s performance against Denver? KC?

          He led the team to an almost impossible 13 measly points in the worst QB performance against Denver by anyone this year. And the KC game…His pick 6 accounted for 30% of their points total!

          Were those ‘chokes@. Where was your “ride to the rescue” hero there….where was the “good qbs win” under the same circumstances charlatan?

          Fairweather Vick fan.

          By the way, how did your “ride to the rescue” hero do in his 14th start dumbass?

          12 of 25 for 125 pathetic yards 1 td and 1 int. In a loss where the O scored 10 points (suprise)


          Yet it was good enough for him oviously. He’s your hero.

          But 430 yards 3 tds and 30 points is a ‘choke.’

        2. where do some of you come from? geez louise. Why the hell are we even talking about the offense when they put up 30 points which should be more than enough to win an NFL game? Songs, you make NO sense whatsoever. Sunday was NOTHING like the Dallas game (where Foles played three quarters and was injured). It was like the damn San Deigo game or Denver game… were you on here talking about how the only reason we lost to Denver was Mike Vick?

          Some people on here need some perspective. We could be having real conversations about real issues in Sundays game, aka COACHING, SPECIAL TEAMS and DEFENSE. but yet there is so much nonsense about an offense that put up 30 points and a QB that contributed about 460 yards and 3 TD’s.

          There is a word for it, that word is Bullshit.

    2. Songs I’m not trying to sell you on Foles. All I’m asking you to do is what these clowns you are debating never would with Vick. Let him play it out. He’s not Kolb. Kolb never possessed this kid’s intangibles. I’m not saying Foles is a perfect fit for Chip’s offense. But if Eli’s fraud ass can win 2 DAMN RINGS we can at least give Foles the benefit of the doubt. It is not his fault Chip retained his services. It’s not his fault that he could actually look like shit every game and many in this fan base would scream for him to start over Vick no matter how good Vick plays. We got a chance to possibly make the playoffs. He’s the starter and has accounted for himself pretty well. Let’s see where this all goes.

      I’ll even throw you this bone. If Vick were to somehow replace Foles due to injury and play the same; YES I agree the same ones you’re debating now would be sick over it.

      1. “if Vick were to play the same”

        Except that would never happen.

        Vick has 2 400 yrd passing games in 108 starts

        That’s right, Vick has a 1.8% chance of throwing for the same yards as Foles did….

        Vick has 7 3 td games in 108 starts. Vick has a 6.5% chance of equaling F0les’ TD performance Sunday.

        The odds of Vick ever playing like Foles just did are miniscule…..he’ll never come close to that…….and yet Songs rips that as “choking”

        ….that’s what the joke is.

  37. In the fourth quarter the Vikings lead was cut to 27-22 after Foles tossed two beautiful TD passes – the Eagles had clearly taken momentum. The Vikings were facing 3rd & 14 from the Eagles’ 42 and Kendricks got beat by the Chase Ford. Two plays later Matt Asiata, scored his second TD.

    ^^ That is went the game was lost by the Eagles defense.

    Songs, you can type your bullshit on this site until your fingers fall off. Chip Kelly watches every play the Eagles run – he knows how good, or bad Nick Foles plays. He doesn’t need you, or Brian Dawkins to tell him who should start.

    Here’a a tip – when you see Vick go in to replace a healthy Foles, then you will know that your assessment is correct.

    1. The Game was lost on the Stupid Pooch-Kick-off after the Eagles closed the gap 27-22.. That sucked the momentum right out of the Eagles and the Vikings started at the 45 Yard Line, 2 plays late the big Pass to Ford and then it was game over..
      HC Kelly showed xippo confidence in his Kicker and Special Teams Coverage Teams which was a hugh mistake and not giving this run-down Defense any Favors at all..
      Now fast Forward to the Bears and Cowboys who also have good Returnmen — Is Coach Kelly going to kick the Ball Deep or keep this Pooch-Kick Crap around… this Pooch-Kicking all game long, in my mind, is what really blew this game for Kelly abandoned 1 Part of this Team which he showed zero confidence in because of the big returns by the Lions ROss in the snow game.. Poor decision by Kelly and not only did it cost him a chace in the VIking Game, it probably cost him his Kickers Confidence & the Coverage Unit’s Teams which you will need to beat the Bears & COwboys.. Trying a Pooch Kick once, that’s ok, but every time after an Eagle score was just assanine…

  38. i urge all EAGLES fans to not respond to the idiot above who said one player choked last week. He is less than an idiot, he is a racist– move on from his comments- don’t respond

  39. great post paulman after that touchdown throw by foles I was in the shithouse, came out and said wtf, how did the Vikings already get to midfield then realized another pussy pooch kick, then kendricks and colt McCoy whiff, game over

    Kelly needs to realize that too much outthinking convention is going to get you beat in the nfl, for as poorly as some claim Foles played, he was getting some serious momentum and those two plays killed it, end of story

  40. Will Chip pooch it again against an equally dangerous return man in Hester and with conditions at the Linc that will make it difficult to get the ball to the Five, Kelly now has a big issue on his hands.

    I agree paulman that tells your special teams kickoff team the coach doesn’t believe in you, especially bad for the psyche of a kicker

    1. Hell if you can’t kick-off Deep and play Solid, Kick-off Coverage’s in perfect Indoor Conditions, then when can you do it ??.. I just didn’t understand doing it over and over again all game long , a real rookie mistake and decision by Kelly and his Explanation was lame also yesterday which concerns me even more heading into this week..
      Eagles are going to need Kicker Henery and it’s coverage Teams these last 2 Games and watch, now they will be teetering on egg-shells..
      It will come back to bite this Team in the ass…

      1. The kick-off ‘strategy’ was abysmal, as was being in the shotgun on 4th and 6 inches with a 6’5″ qb who just has to fall forward to get the stop.

        Both coaching decisions were inexcusable and should be the story.

  41. Hey brother songs, can’t wait to meet you and bond with you at xfiniy live on December 29, as well as with my other friends

      1. You guys should have a Blast at Xfinity Live
        Maybe a group Picture with the Gang
        On a thread would be cool to have..
        Maybe GMCliff could make some of his Sportswear Items
        With the GCobb Gang on them.. Ha ha

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