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It Was a Bad Day For Many Of The Eagles

DeSeanJackson1It wasn’t a good day for Chip Kelly, his players, his staff and especially his defense against the Minnesota Vikings.  There was no question that the Vikings coaching staff game planned to win from the outset.  This wasn’t Chip’s best game, but so what that’s how the NFL is from week to week.  Kelly has done a great job in his first year, he’s got to learn from it and move on.

I understand how a play caller can get caught up in the game and not realize that he’s not utilizing his number one weapon, but there’s still no excuse for handing the ball off to LeSean McCoy, the NFL’s leading rusher only 8 times in the game.

“We got down a little bit there, and we really weren’t moving them very well up front,” Kelly said after the game. “But I think trying to take advantage of some of the matchups in the passing game, trying to free up DeSean and those guys… I also thought LeSean was a very good weapon in the passing game itself with the screen passes and some of the underneath routes. Didn’t convert in the red zone and then we were down. It felt like we were down two scores all the time, so just trying to get back into it.”

Kelly needs to have one of his coaches let him know that one of his major weapons hasn’t be getting the football.  You always want to make sure you force the other team to stop your weapons rather than doing it yourself.

Kelly made a mistake by going for a first down on fourth down in the third quarter with the ball deep in Eagles territory.  The Eagles didn’t make the first down then he challenged the spot and they still didn’t get it.

Nick Foles and the offense wasn’t on top of their game yesterday but they still played well enough to win, if the defense had played decent.  Yes, Foles threw an interception and he wasn’t at the top of his game, but he got them back in it in the third and fourth quarter, but the defense that’s been playing for the Birds the last month didn’t go to Minnesota.

I can understand the Eagles respecting talented rookie wide receiver/returnman Cordarrelle Patterson, but that doesn’t mean letting the Vikings start each drive outside the forty-yard line.  Kelly should have first of all challenged his kicker to kick the ball out of the end zone.  At the same time, he should have challenged the kickoff team to go down and make a play on Patterson.

In his post game interview Kelly was asked about his strategy against Patterson.

“We were concerned going into the game with Patterson, obviously the best returner in the league,” Kelly said. “If you look at what he’s done during the season, even when you do kick it deep, he takes it out and he’s got a 109-yard kickoff return. We knew how dangerous he was and were just trying to keep the ball away from him.”

I say you’ve got to try something else when that’s not working.

The Eagles defense played a horrible game.  The Vikings could have very easily scored 50 points if their field goal kicker was on target.  How do you let an offense like the Vikings go up and down the field like they were the old Montana or Young-led 49ers, or the Kurt Warner-led “Greatest Show On Turf” Rams, or Manning’s Broncos.  Matt Cassel isn’t Tom Brady or Peyton Manning, but the Eagles pass defense made him look like them today.

They exposed the Birds cornerbacks.

Eagles defensive coordinator Billy Davis started out the game out with a simple strong zone coverage.  Minnesota showed on their first drive that they were going to throw the football on first down, when Davis expected them to run.

Once the Vikings showed that they were going to throw the ball on first down, Davis needed to get out of the straight zones and start playing some man-to-man coverages to force Minnesota quarterback Matt Cassel to pull the down and not be able to throw to his first option.  The strong safety can help out in run defense better when you play zone, but zones are easier for the quarterback to read quickly and get rid of the football.  They should have made Cassel hold the ball early in the game, so they could get some hits on him.

For some reason, the Birds defensive coordinator seemed to play defense the rest of the day like Peterson was back there running the football rather than the inexperienced Matt Asiata.

I can understand respecting Minnesota wide receiver Greg Jennings, but that doesn’t mean Birds cornerbacks Cary Williams and Bradley Fletcher giving him a 15-yards cushion. Once Jennings got behind Patrick Chung and Nate Allen for that first touchdown catch, none of the Birds pass defenders would challenge him.

These cornerbacks must get up in the face of receivers and challenge them.  They’re not nearly as effective when playing off of them.  I’ll be there’s a “GJ” tattoo on every Eagles cornerback today because Greg Jennings owned them yesterday.

One good thing about Sunday was the Cowboys losing to the Packers.

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64 Comments for “It Was a Bad Day For Many Of The Eagles”

  1. Matt Cassel looked like a super star today fellas. Never did I think in my wildest dreams that Matt Cassel and a 3rd string RB would have kicked our asses like they did. What I really didn’t like was DJax on the sidelines acting like TO…we do not need another drama queen…leave that to Dez Bryant and the cowgirls. Now is not the time to be fighting amongst each other

    • DJax was acting like a biotch, because someone got on him, for not trying to knock that INT down, then making no attempt to tackle Prater, after it was intercepted! As talented as he is, I’d get rid of his biotch @$$ tomorrow, if we could get 2 bigger WR’s, that could catch & run!

      • I don’t give a damn what players do on the sideline. I don’t give a damn what players do off the field. How does that effect me as a fan one bit? All I care about is what players do in the game. 10 catches 195 yards and a td. On pace for 4th pro bowl 85 catches 1500 yards and 12 tds. This team isn’t in no position to be getting rid of pro bowl players.

      • Think with your head, not with your heart bro. That would be cuting off your nose to spite your face. WR act like that for some reason, not all, but a lot. Did you catch Dez’s act yesterday, that’s crazy, but hell, give me that talent. If actions aren’t costing us games it’s whatever!

  2. Kelly & the defense lost this game! PERIOD, END OF STORY! You scared get a dog. No excuse for the stupidity of squib kicking, every freaking kickoff! I’ve never seen such cowardly garbage, borderline arrogant idiocy, in my life. Shady 8 times, is inexcusable. I don’t give a f^#@ if they stacked the entire DF in the box! If you have the BEST, again the BEST RB in the NFL, you F^#@ING run him! The defense was even more atrocious, & couldn’t stop a blind-man, in a wheelchair. The secondary is brutal. Foles needs to stop holding on to the ball, & taking unnecessary sacks. Throw the f^#@ing ball away! GEESH!!!!

  3. Foles played ok, good enough to win. Wasn’t his best game but that happens. One thing is for sure no QB in the NFL runs a screen pass like him. He is very good at it. Would like to see a little more emotion out of him. I understand that it isn’t his personality but hopefully the more comfortable he gets a little more fire comes out of him. Sometimes he looks like a deer in headlights.

  4. Could see this coming from a mile away. This is a young team – unaccustomed to success.

    From the moment the ‘snow game’ ended players were tweeting. Celebrations. Headlines like “game of the year”. “defining moment”. Then they Flexed the Chic game to primetime. More ego stroking. Then the SI cover. Pump that ego baloon.

    Look at the articles in here over that time….”who is the MVP?”, “who should go to the probowl”

    The team got ahead of itself. It happens to all teams that experience ‘success’ so quickly. (but especially young teams) High as a kite going into 2 big matches to end the year (primetime and Dallas) and lowly Minnesota in between (a team that plays hard every week).

    So I am not at all suprised the players came out flat. We had missed passes, unnecessary sacks, dropped balls, blown coverages, questionable effort on a couple plays, finger pointing and sideline arguements.

    Lack of focus. Reading their own press.

    I predicted they would come out flat last week.

    What I am suprised by is the ridiculous coaching. The kickoff business was abysmal….worried about 1 long kick return?? And the solution is give the ball to Minny at midfield every posession???? NFL teams score like 60 or 70% of the time when they reach midfield.

    This coaching staff just handed Minny points and they should be crucified for the decision.

    I for one didn’t mind the 4th and one “go for it” decision… needed a spark.

    BUT FROM THE SHOTGUN?????????????????????????

    You have a 6′ 5″ QB who just has to tap his centre on the ass and fall forward. The refs will grant that almost every time.

    Dropping back 3 yards when you have to make 6 inches is inexcusable (a word we’ll be hearing a lot today).

    I expected the players to come out a little flat. I did not expect the coahing staff to lay this kind of egg.

  5. They still need another big receiver.. Avant is too slow to be a number 3.. and Maclin is to small to be pared with Djax.. I suggest we draft one and move cooper/maclin to 3/4 and avant at 5

  6. Ya the D stunk it up. 48 friggin points. I think they, LIKE FOLES, Rallied to little too late. No excuse for the QB play or the defense “G”: . Lets get an article about what Foles could have done better because I saw a lot of shit yesterday.

  7. In a game like this where your defense is struggling big time, you need your QB to step up and make plays that covers up for the defensive liabilities. Green Bay’s defense is terrible they were getting gashed…Flynn stepped up in the fourth quarter and made plays in key points of the game to lead GB to the win. Chicago’s Jay Cutler was rusty…Chicago defense is weak…but Cutler made key plays in the fourth quarter to give his team the win!
    Its crunch time now…Foles will be going head up with Cutler next week and El-Choko Romo the following week…Foles has to step up and win the match up and that means making plays in the fourth quarter!
    We haven’t seen that yet….we need to see it in these next two games!!

    • we haven’t? hmmmm interesting you might want to rewatch without your 7 jersey blocking your view!

    • You’re a fucking idiot koolbreeze – Did you not see the Packers defense hold Dallas to 10 second half points, and intercept Romo twice to get the ball when they needed to.

      If you are going to hate on Foles at least make some sense.

      Do you really think that you acting like an idiot on a public message board will help Michael Vick get his job back?

      • Saw our defense pull us within 5, we scored one more time after that. The 3 an outs were rediculous. Taking sacks. Way over throwing recievers. I thought he had a concusion.

    • Had to log on to point out how much of an idiot you are. Foles did not lose this game whatsoever. Special teams, Coaching and Defense lost this game. 30 points should win any game. Open your eyes.

  8. Also in a game like yesterday when the Defense is obviously struggling
    You need to slow the game down, go with some power running
    (McCoy only had 9 carries) and you definitely need to stop pocket Kickoffs giving the Vikibgs Offense the ball at the 40 yard line after the Eagles did score deflating any momentum that the Offense just got for the Team
    This game was very similar to the Charger loss from earlier in the Year
    Questionable Plsy Zcsllibg, Time Mabagement
    And failing to feature your best weapon in LeSean McCoy
    The Eagkes Staff was out-coached big time..

    • Duece Staley said its over his dead body that McCoy will have more than 200 rushing attempts this year. Concerned about his long term health. Shady has close to 1500 yards this season. Think he needed a spell yesterday? Especially since we was supposed to be going up against a weak secondary?

  9. Hey, has anyone noticed that Foles has thrown more TD passes in 8 starts than Michael Vick has in any season over his carreer.

    I’m sure Chip Kelly has noticed.

  10. You guys are hypocrites and frauds! Here is what I saw drunk Irishbeagle! I saw Matt Flynn bring Green Bay back from a huge deficient…I saw him making plays in the fourth quarter. When Dez Bryant scored that big touchdown for Dallas…Matt Flynn took Green Bay down the field with excellent passes and scored a touchdown
    There are games where it becomes a shootout…and comes down to which Quarterback will execute…which QB will blink in the face of pressure..yesterday in the Matt Flynn-Tony Romo shootout…Romo choked…no surprise there.
    We got back in the game against the Vikings…we were 5 points down with the ball…in the crucial moment of the 4th quarter we needed Foles to make some plays…he blinked, held the ball got indecisive, got sacked and couldn’t pick up a first down! Matt Cassell got it done…Foles didnt!
    The kid has a chance…our secondary is hurting…these two games are going to be like playoff games with teams fighting for their very survival…Foles will be going head up with Jay Cutler and Tony Romo. The games will probably be shoot outs…Foles needs to get it done!
    I’m fair and objective…Ive said all along…Foles needs to get us to the playoffs…Bottom line, no excuses, no breaks!

    • We got back in the game against the Vikings…we were 5 points down with the ball…in the crucial moment of the 4th quarter we needed Foles to make some plays…he blinked, held the ball got indecisive, got sacked and couldn’t pick up a first down! Matt Cassell got it done…Foles didnt!

      What game did you watch dipshit? The fourth quarter started with us down by 5 points after Foles lead two drives, and threw two beautiful TD passes to get us back into the game – Then the defense promply gave-up 21 points in the final quarter.

      In the Dallas game the Packers got back into the game because their defense held the Cowboys to 7 points in the 4th quarter and intercepted Romo twice.

      • LOLYou drunk jackazz! What was the offense doing in the fourth quarter while defense was giving up the 21 points fool! We had the ball in the 4th quarter too! How many points did we score?? Foles was holding the ball taking bad sacks, missing open receivers…in the 4TH QUARTER…
        The Packers got back in the game because Matt Flynn got hot in the 4TH QUARTER and when GB defense failed to hold Dallas…giving up the Dez Bryant touchdown…Flynn lead GB offense right back down the field for the score…putting pressure on Romo and when Romo made the big turnover…the Quarterback made pressure plays, completed passes with accuracy, and led his team to a touchdown win!
        The difference is not in the ‘stats’…the difference comes down to which Quarterback made plays when the game was on the line…Foles and Romo didnt make plays…Flynn and Matt Cassell made plays in the crunch…that was why Dallas and us lost…while the Vikiings and Green Bay won!

        • according to Koolbreeze, there is no need to have 53 players on each team, since it is only 1 on 1 football.

          • Koolbreeze, the1one, & Songs, are the 3 stupidest, ignorant, idiotic, blind mother F^#@ers, that I’ve ever seen, in my 44+ years on this Earth! You embarrass yourselves bruhs! Give it up! None of you are Birds fans, you are Vick idol worshippers! WTF games, have you 3 JO’s have been watching all year?The kid has had 1 atrocious game, & this past game could have been better, but he got us back in the game! THE F^#@ING DEFENSE GAVE UP 48 F^#@ING POINTS! The JO coach deferred the opening kickoff, then squib kicked, then subsequently squibbed on ever kick afterwards! He ran the BEST RB in the NFL 8 times! 8 TIMES!!! He went for it deep in our on end, on 4th down, & lost. He is terrible at challenges! Doesn’t know when to go for 2 points, or extra points! The DF & Kelly cost us this game you F^#@ING MORONS!!!!!

  11. the nfl is getting what it wants– shootouts and no defense– outside of seattles trouncing of the pathetic new york midgets the ball gets tossed around. can’t hit ‘defenseless’ receivers, can’t bump them, phantom interference penalties, QB’s wearing garter belts and lingerie….
    For the small minded foles blamers…. second highest qbr and 63% completions – he wasn’t a superstar but he was ok–
    the kickoffs wtf was that? henry can kick out of end zone in a dome????

  12. well haveacigar take the weed out of your cigar and accept that this is what we are facing! This is why I keep emphasizing that its the QB who is going to have rise to the occasion and make some big plays in the fourth quarter…when we had a chance in the game and needed some plays from Foles…he didn’t get it done! Bottom line! I dont care about his stats or QB percentages…who cares! Wins and losses. and the QB making plays when it COUNTS!!

    • agreed! he is 6-2 as a starter when it counts!!!!!!! we agree on that! 6-2 i’ll take– it projects to 12-4 over a season! is that ok with you?
      as for big plays in the 4th quarter did you watch the game yesterday? or last week? because you surely are making stuff up!

    • so the defense giving up 48 points didnt affect the outcome at all?

      • why even talk to someone about football who has down syndrome or is high on crack???????????

        • Personally, I was worried about this being a trap game. I can live with the defense having a poor game and us getting a loss against a team that played pretty well yesterday. What I can’t live with though, is some of the coaching decisions. It was embarrassing that we were handling kickoffs the way Chip told them to do it. That field position cost us the game as much as anything. I also cannot live with the complete abandonment of the run game. I have confidence that Chip Kelly can correct those mistakes, but we cannot make those kind of calls again.

    • What an IDIOT, did you actually watch the game, after they got within 5, the Vikings got the ball near the 50 on a stupid squib kick and scored to go up 12. With you and KBreeze logic, Foles must be the greatest ever, I mean , if you think he had a very bad game with 3tds 400+ yards, your to use to, 7 td games and no ints. Its tough, even Foles is Human. If Vick was playing yesterday with the same same #’s as Foles and the same result, you Vick lovers would have beating your chest, that the whole team let down Vick. You people are pathetic. LMFAO.

  13. its only ok with me if we make the playoffs! plain and simple..if we are 7-3 and two of those 3 losts are against the hated Dallas Cowboys and we miss the playoffs….then its not good enough! plain and simple. If he is 7-3 or 8-2 and we are in the playoffs….then its good enough for me!!
    Is that ok with you?!
    Its fair and objective! Bottom line…Win or go home…if he wins..just like in the Detroit game…i’ll give him props! If he loses..I dont wanna hear excuses, ifs, buts..or anything…it comes down to the bottom line!

  14. Yesterday was a brutal reminder of how flawed this team remains. That defense is brutal and needs A LOT of work in the offseason. Hopefully tanking out at 8-8 will be a blessing in disguise. Chicago and Dallas are going to score over 70 points combined on us. That should be enough motivation to just give Jarius Byrd the five year fifty million dollar contract he wants. The guy is the next best safety in the league behind Earl Thomas. (You know the guy we drafted Brandon Graham over?) Just doesn’t get the press playing in Buffalo. We need to fix this secondary. They should also draft a corner in the first round. Its not going to be a very happy new year in Eagleville. But they are headed in the right direction. They need a good offseason and they will take over the division for the next few years.

  15. Duece Staley said its over his dead body that McCoy will have more than 200 rushing attempts this year. Concerned about his long term health. Shady has close to 1500 yards this season. Think he needed a spell yesterday? Especially since we was supposed to be going up against a weak secondary?

    • dumb statement but i’ll bite… why not give it to brown and polk 30 times? 3rd string viking back got 30 carries for like 50 yards– but was still effective.

    • McCoy has over 200 carries this year already this year, genius.

  16. I thought I read it all on here until Theone just posted “saw our defense pull us within five”, you just can’t make this shit up, this is what this guy believes, the defense scored those two touchdowns,where is dcar , this guy theone must have eaten a lot of paint chips or huffed a lot bad shit

    • this game was fucking disgusting




      Makes it way worse to come to this eagles website and bitch and moan with other eagles fans and see imbeciles loving the loss and writing purely idiotic shit like theone, kool, songs.

      im on break from this site. i cant argue with retards this week, ill lose it.

      hopefully our defense shows up and takes advantage of cutler next week. If this D plays like this again this season the season is over

      • take a loooooong break mhenski…you dont contribute anything intelligent to the conversation anyway! A lot of you conditional, flip-flopping, pretend-to-be- Eagle fans should take a long break…because your minds are exhausted and tired.
        All of the sudden you are so tough on the defense…earlier in the year when Vick was in the game…and the defense was getting their butts kicked all you haters could do is focus on Vick…and root for the Eagles to lose
        Vick gets hurt, Foles is up the defense has won some games for us…covered the offense’s azz on a number of games this year and now asking Foles to bail the defense out for a change in the crunch time of the year while we are fighting for the division is just too much!
        Hypocrites and Frauds!
        So do us all a favor and BEAT IT mhenski and take jakdog, drunk Irishbeagel and few more of these fake so-called Eagle fans with you.

        Now…that Foles

        • Here (below) is a post in a sports message board, by koolbreeze, from back in 2008 when Vick was still in prison. It sure looks like he was a Falcon fan back then. Now he has the balls to call people flip-flopping fans…. It’s pretty clear why you are here koolbreeze…. LOL… What a dick!

          01-05-2008, 12:43 AM
          KoolBreeze –

          hell yea niccas,this man will be back on the falcons next year and hittin niccas wit this !!

  17. Last I checked, the Saints, Pats and Broncos all lost this week, does that mean all those teams stink? Chill out guys, it was a bad week just like it was a bad week for all those other teams mentioned , we’ll rebound and be fine.

    • andrew those teams dont have much of a challenge in securing a playoff spot because of their record! We have to win out…we have to win the division in order to secure a spot because two of the three teams: Saints, Carolina, and SF are going to grab the two wildcards spots.
      Its probably going to come down to us and Dallas in the last game…

  18. ***Breaking Eagles News***
    University of Texas making a Big Pitch for Chip Kelly

    • Not gonna happen. He wants to master the NFL first before reverting back to the college ranks…or at least try that is..

  19. I have flushed this game out of my Season
    5 of the 8 Teams leading their Divisions lost this Week
    (Broncos, Patriots,Eagles,Saints, & Bengals) with the Lions playing tonight against a Hot Ravens Club ..
    No time to panic and no time to wallow either, There is a big Game to get ready and prepare for versus the Bears for Sunday Night at the Linc..
    Right now, their Focus needs to be how to slow down the Bears Offense
    this will be a shootout as both pass-defenses are playing poorly ..

    • “Right now, their Focus needs to be how to slow down the Bears Offense
      this will be a shootout as both pass-defenses are playing poorly ..”
      Our secondary is banged up…this is a powerful and explosive Bears offense and now Cutler has a game under his belt…Matt Forte is a problem too so you can’t just gear up on the pass…
      Its gonna be a shootout…and the offensive has got to step it up big time…Shady has got to be more involved so that we can take advantage of Chicago’s young and inexperienced linebackers!
      Foles has to be on top of his game…and be ready to go head up with Cutler. When Chicago scores we got to come right back on offense and match up…hopefully the defense may get one or two turnovers that will help decide the game

    • Pman, I agree with your outlook. This team had been on a 5 game winning streak, but any fan of this team knows that we still have flaws on this team that need to be addressed. Davis and his defense went back to playing the corners soft and they did not adjust after getting abused. Giving up 48 points is going to all but guarantee your team a loss every week.

      No doubt that Kelly did his best Andy Reid imitation and only ran Shadey 8 times in the game. He must not lose sight of the overall need for a balanced attack to keep the defense honest.

      Foles did not have one of his better games. There were too many 3 and outs. He missed a number of open recievers and the stupid low block that brought back a touchdown is something that they should have discussed when they put installed the play.

      Like you correctly stated Paul, this week was one where the division leaders did not play well, and most lost. It does not mean that these are all bad teams, it just points to an overall parity in the NFL, and that even those who have won a majority of their games can run into trouble.

      Next week we have the Bears at home. A healthy Cutler and (2) big-time recievers are what we are up against. Davis needs to get this defense playing back at the previously high level. No reason that you should not expect a team that is shooting for the playoffs in week 16 to be up to the task. No doubt that a healthy offensive attack will help the defense also, so this week we will need all hands on deck to get this one done!

      GO BIRDS!!

  20. If Chip Kelly is going to play fast football he is going to have to score touchdowns in the red zone. Foles was 2 for 5 in the Red Zone, and they were the first 9 points all field goals. The Eagles lost every quarter on the scoreboard. Matt Cassel was 5 for 5 for 35 points in the red zone.

    • Absolutely E0S, over this 5 game win streak our play in the redzone has been a big part of why we have been winning. For whatever reason, we did not see that from Kelly, Foles and the offense. We had DJax’s TD called back, but settling for 3 field goals in the first half put them in a hole. You were right about that E0S.

  21. Why are some of you still talking about Vick? I mean do you guys really wanna see him come back and play this season? It would be like stepping backwards in my opinion. Foles has one so so game and you guys are wanting Vick back? Unbelievable! Stay the course and roll with the punches. Be thankfully were even in a position to make the playoffs…

  22. The most UNBELIVABLE stat of the year!. Im watching all these highlights and stats of Dallas latest meltdown. It it UNBELIEVABLE that the Philadelphia Eagles scored 3 points vs statistically the worst defense in NFL history. Matt Flynn with 9 career starts who has been awful ate Dallas up be we scored 3 damn points. How is that possible?

    • Do you watch the nfl? The ebb and flow? The ups and downs? Or are you just a tunnel vision asshole like the rest on here

  23. Dag you need to get out of the past, that Dallas game was a season ago, just like foles record tying performance against the raiders

  24. Hey dag, if you get bored watching old eagles games I got some good Gilmore girls DVDs from my daughter, let me know…

  25. Fellas, relax: This happens every year in December …If everything is settled, Las Vegas sports books don’t make big money.

  26. If VICK had played yesterday and had the same stats as Foles and the result was exactly the same, all you Vick supporters would be pissed off that the whole team let him down, and we hear ” his numbers were unbelievable”, “that Vick is back”. And that my Vick lovers is the absolute TRUTH. What a bunch of hypocritical mental midget you nuts are.

  27. Yesterday was a bent nose victory parade ,games with inexplicable outcomes …What’s fascinating about a week off between games ,the natural buildup and then in three hours you’re either feeling like road kill or Sunday dinner ….that’s the beauty of the ebbs and flows of the nfl …it’s self serving for the birds to put on tape ,for the bears to see ,a defense that in man coverage had guys wide open ,a Matt stinking Casell light us up like a Xmas tree ,and then rub our noses. In it ..if that’s not a wake up call ,we need purge the roster of some dead meat …I think the Eagles also watched a bears team allow Cleveland to score 30 ….both teams have high anticipation of seeing what they can do against the others defense…it’s time for the best player on this team to be ridden to the finish line ….I trust shady ,I love the kid taking snaps ,but he is still raw…he’ll watch ,that he held the ball ,he missed safety valves focusing thing he’s been impressive at was surveying the whole field ..yesterday without any excuses ,he and the game plan of him slinging in 45times vs 8 shady touches speaks volumes …I think chip knows he fucking dropped the ball as did his staff and they’ll keep the bears game simple ,allow your offensive graters to play downhill ,feed your franchise back and keep the bears off the field with time management allowing your defense to have fresher legs ..yesterday it was telling how they looked physically spent early in the first quarter …I have no problem with D Jax ,I’ll take his passion and all ,every time over a disengaged desean …where the heck is curry? Every week I watch him be disruptive ? And bar win was he out there ? Kudos to Trent cole …I have no illusions about the back end of our team ,we need the guys upfront to create havoc ,and an offensive game plan without Andy’s fingerprints all over it…we’ve seen how that plays out …fuck I was fearing I gotta do a better job ,tight asses and the playoffs ,all new to this bunch ,and it’s not an easy hurdle ..closing shit out is the toughest thing to do in professional sports …2 games to define a season and a 3 seed with an outside shot at hosting a NFC championship game to play down the turnpike as a grand prize …100 miles from broad street and. A parade ..can’t wait …Birds we’ve seen the good the bad and the ugly ….show me the $…..

  28. The guy was concussed early in the dallas game thats why we loss stop reliveng the frickin game over end of storyNow as far as this game goes the defense played horrible, the coaching was horrible and the line play bad and after all that we are still in position to win div this team and coach is work in progress u aint fixin this team in 1st year you frickin kidding me!

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