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Eagles Suffer Awful Loss, But It Was Only One Game

Our five game win streak has come to an end.  We leave Minnesota as losers, unable to capitalize versus an opponent depleted in their backfield and secondary.   Disappointed, frustrated and disgusted.  I guarantee every player and coach like each one of us is looking to make sense of this week 15 catastrophe.

Questions; there are many.

How could our secondary mimic a performance similar to the one in Denver when no future Hall of Famer was throwing the football?

Without their franchise running back, their back-up running back, how did three touchdowns get scored by the ground attack?

Not going to kick to Patterson, I get it, but field position put our defense in a terrible position all day, not to even mention the unnecessary 4th and 1 attempt on our own 25 yards line midway through the third quarter.

Our leading rusher with eight carries?  Sure there are plenty more head-scratchers to list, but no good will come from staying on this horrific defeat.

We were let down by our Philadelphia Eagles, and yet it was only “one game.”

The recovery and healing process has already begun.

Swallow, digest and erase your memory.  Re-capture the appetite for NFC East supremacy.  I have no doubt the Eagles will rebound for their final regular season game next Sunday night.

This is a young football with tremendous talent.  If the past has taught us anything, they have found a way to lean on one another during adversity to correct mistakes and be better as a “team.”

The Cowboys lost, it doesn’t change our performance, but it draws a few pinches of salt out of our open wounds.

The Chicago Bears are coming hungry after their comeback win against the Browns.  Sunday Night Football at Lincoln Financial Field will be flooded with questions of how the Eagles will rebound after their most recent setback.

The facts are straight forward.  We still control how our season finishes.

We expect our coaches and players to look in the mirror; take accountability and come out swinging week 16.

Vent your feelings; but we need to move past the Vikings game.

Sunday did not change our playoff positioning, but it did change how we perceive our football team.

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Nick Foles/Riley Cooper Highlights

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128 Comments for “Eagles Suffer Awful Loss, But It Was Only One Game”

  1. Good points Jeff. People really need to pump the breaks on all of a sudden saying this team is garbage. For those of you who are ripping Foles, you also need to put this season into perspective.

    I think most of us knew we would not win out. Winning 8 games is ridiculously hard to do. This was a text book trap game. My biggest issue with the performance was the defense; who was not exactly put in a great position throughout the game by refusing to kick to Patterson.

    This is a young team who has come along way in just one short season. This team is not a Super Bowl team and people need to realize that. Enjoy where this team has come from and where they’re going. We will win the division and that is something nobody thought was possible.

  2. This was a very very bad TEAM loss yesterday, Plenty of blame to go around… starting (and almost ending) with the coaching staff.

    1. On D- blitz blitz blitz. You could see it happen every time. The WR’s went 12 yards deep and curled in for a nice easy catch. No LB’s roaming the middle and the safeties still nervous to get beat deep again. It was soft zones all day. I was actually looking for Nnamdi out there. It was bad.

    2. No D adjustments at the half. Nothing. Same D over and over again.

    3. I said it yesterday but it really bothered me that NOONE cared about the williams mess at the end. No coaches talked to him. Noone said anything at all.

    4. Foles held the ball too long. Sorry- its true. Just to even it out- Vick did nothing to help. He stood on the sideline and talked to noone.

    5. Run game??

  3. PHILADELPHIA — Eagles coach Chip Kelly said an ESPN report that he is a candidate for the University of Texas head coaching job is “just speculation.”

    “I understand you have to ask the question,” Kelly said Monday, “but I’m not involved in any jobs. I’m the coach of the Philadelphia Eagles. I’m going to prepare for the Bears and prepare for the Cowboys after that. Hopefully, we have an opportunity to go to the playoffs and I’m going to be here for a while.”

  4. Trap Game, Let Down Game. Team came out flat. Coaches played not to lose and passive. It happens to a young team that football nation was overpraising after the Detroit game.

    Its only one game. The Eagles only have to win one game and they are in. The only game they have to win is against Dallas. Play aggressive and use your weapons (i.e. Shady). With Cousins and a desire not to give St. Louis a top 3 pick, the Skins will probably beat the imploding Cowboys.

    If that happens, I could see the Eagles letting up and losing to the Bears. But it doesn’t matter, because they will defeat Dallas in the last game and make it to the playoffs. My prediction is the Eagles will finish 9-7 win the NFC east and host Niners in the Wild Card game.

    I think that’s where our season ends. But not bad for the first year of the Kelly Era. Once we get more of his players, this team will be formidable in 2014 and beyond.

  5. Yes Jeff, this is only one out of 16 games. It was a bad game for the birds on a lot of fronts. Hopefully they learn from the mistakes that they made. Chicago is ranked dead last in the NFL against the rush. One way to neutralize the big receivers of the Bears is to keep them off the field. A sustained ground game would help do that.

    Sunday night game at the start of Christmas week. Eagles are in first place. Sounds like a scenario that we would have never thought possible last summer. Enjoy it Bird Fans. We are playing for the division and playoffs in late December! !

    GO BIRDS!!!

  6. eagles0superbowls

    Giants shut out 23-0.
    Washington decides to go for 2 instead of overtime and accepts defeat.
    Romo tosses 2 interceptions in 3 minutes blowing a 23 lead.
    Eagles give up 48 points.
    NFC least.

    • Reports are specualting around the NFL Commisionar’s Office, that the entire NFC East will be demoted to the NCAA as part of a new “Big-East Football Conference” .. Stay tuned for Details
      While the NFL Expands into Los Angeles, Calgary, London and Oklahoma City to replace the departed 4 Franchises..

      The New Big East will include Football Powers of
      Temple, Connecticut,UMass, Delaware,Hofstra, James Madison along with the Eagles,Giants,Redksins and Cowboys

  7. I’m really hoping that the division comes down to the last game against Dallas in Dallas to see if Foles can actually win with the season on the line in an hostile environment.

    He have shown a propensity to choke in these situations and if he fails the Eagles can not go forward with him as the QB of the future.

    A winning QB comes up big in big games…period.

    I don’t want the division to be decided this Sunday.

  8. A winning QB comes up big in big games…period.

    Like Vick did in Andy Reid’s return to the Linc, on the day that Donovan McNabb’s number was retired in front of 70,000 fans and a national TV audience.

    On that day Mike Vick threw two interception passes into the hands of Eric Berry and Sean Smith. Vick finished the day 13 for 30 with a 43.33% completion percentage and a 49,.4 passer rating.

    We can also go back to Vick choke in the last playoff game the Eagles played when he saved his worst for the biggest moment.

    In fact Vick’s career is all about choking in the most important games.

    And before you Vick slobbers ask why I an talking about Vick, the answers is because Songs has stated that Vick should replace Foles.

  9. I too hope the division comes down to the final Dallas game, because I firmly believe that Foles will jam it up the Cowboys rear end in a rematch. I understand that our (my) expectations have changed from the beginning of the season because the team has won more games than most expected, but at the end of the day, this was/is a rebuilding year of a 4-12 team that had no direction at QB and a swiss cheese defense. It’s baffling to me that our current QB, with not a full season of starts under his belt is being held to the same standard as 5 & 10 year vets. Foles didn’t play his best game on Sunday despite what the stats say, but he wasn’t terrible either nor the sole reason the team lost. I believe that he can be a franchise QB going forward. Look, this team isn’t good enough to win the SB this year, so just enjoy the ride and be happy that we can now draft the best defensive players available in the draft (not a QB) and have a real shot next season.

    • ok…if Foles beat the Cowboys and show the first choke was just a bad day then I can see him being the future, but if he choke with everything on the line against a lame defense in Dallas, then that’s all Eagles fans need to see of him before moving on.

      I agree and hope it comes down to the last game.

      We really need to see If Foles can step up, but he have failed when the pressure was turned up so far.

  10. Round and Round we go… and now…. it appears that I have flipped sides (but only to the simpletons)…

    30 points by your QB should win you the game. Foles struggled early but finished with 30/48 428 yards 3 TD’s and 1 Int. He held the ball far too long at times but still did what was needed to put up 30 points. Mike Vick… I mean Nick Foles is not the problem. Our D is still the problem. I will repeat what I’ve said…. we played some good teams early and suffered, played very poor teams and the D looked good.

    Nick Foles has played well enough to be our starter next year while we continue to rebuild this D.

    Our QB’s are not the problem simpletons… its the D and it’s you.

    • The Eagles can’t concede the whole half to the opponent because the QB is spaced out and can’t get his footing until late in the 2nd half.

      We all knew the defense would be up and down, it’s the inconsistent QB play that must be corrected.

      Throwing ducks up in the air at no one and missing wide open receivers going forward is not going to cut it.

      • your mother can suck a golf ball through a garden hose

      • i was there Songs and can tell you that the WR’s were not open. It was more about the playcalling than anything else. No runs… and it was clear early that they were going to try and air it out. On top of that.,.. jackson had a great TD ed around and a penalty took care of that.

        The D has to make stops.

        Why is this so hard for people like Songs and Vinnie to understand???
        30 points is 30 points. If your qb and team score 30 points… you should win. Only way this changes is if your qb is throwing pick after pick.. neither qb has done that this year.

        • Songs and Vinnie are the same person and that person draws a paycheck from

          There I said it.

    • I agree Stevo. See unlike the simpletons you and I (along with many other so-called vickpologist) have no problem admitting this. This concession would not be forthcoming the simpletons. Remember the Charger game and the comments blaming Vick? Not saying it’s right, but Songs was also here when many of the same clowns anointed Kolb. Who couldn’t carry the jockstraps of the Mcnabb, Vick, or Foles on their worst days. Songs, Koolbreeze, and a few others are more reactionary in their comments. can’t say that about the Muppets.

      • I agree Stevo. See unlike the simpletons you and I (along with many other so-called vickpologist) have no problem admitting this.

        Really? That’s funny because I see a whole group (many from the 757) who come to this site after every game and criticize Foles’ performance, win or lose.

        I will admit that some (jroc757, DizzyJ, skyane, etc) have become scarce since Vick is on the bench, but there are still quite a few Foles haters.

        People like you just see the hate on one side. Nobody blinks an eye when Realtalk calls me DrunkEagle, because am Irish, but there would be hell to pay if I called him a watermelon eater.

        • Your outrage is fake and selective. If you hadn’t gotten in bed with documented bigots on this site time after time, I’d be inclined to understand where you’re coming from. But You already played your card. You remind me of those angry whites who preemptively scream reverse racism. I tell ya That “privilege” must be a wonderful thing. Besides comments much worst than watermelon eater have been stated on this site with hardly a peep from clowns like you.

          • His outrage sounds sincere to me. Just out of curiosity, how can you tell.

            I have been reading most every post on this site for quite a few months now and I have not noticed anything that would indicate that Irisheagle is in bed with anyone. I’m surprised you say that.

            It seems to me that you label everyone who dislikes Michael Vick as a bigot, or racist. There seem to be quit a bit of that on this site.

            I can assure you that there are many reasons to dislike Michael Vick that have nothing to do with his skin color.

  11. Songs, what constitutes a high pressure game? Foles is 6-2 as a starter. Why are the two losses “high pressure” and the 6 wins, not? The first Dallas game was a horrific performance, but not unlike many young, growing franchise QB’s, like Stafford last nite; 18-34 for 235 1-td- 3int (the 3rd in the last minute-game ender) 48.0 QBR. I don’t hear anyone saying he’s not the franchise QB & he’s got megaton and a good defense (that lost to the Eagles). I don’t know if it’s because he was a 3rd round pick, or he’s religious or that he talks slow or that he doesn’t run fast that your not giving Foles a very long leash, or credit he can grow into a very good QB.

    • answer…the game against Dallas with the division lead to give a cushion playing at home…and not show up?

      The Division can be won by beating a 3 win team decimated with injuries and playing against a team without a defined starter at QB?

      Those are pressure moments.

      If Dallas win this Sunday then the Bears game will be even more pressure.

      Don’t be surprised if Foles fold.

      Now, if he folds guys like you will be saying it’s not all lost, that Foles can redeem himself in Dallas.

      I’m here to say if it comes down to Dallas game for all the marbles, then Dallas will win handedly with “Folds” at the helm.

      I seen the look in his eyes against Dallas the first game and he wanted nothing to do with that game.

      He was shell shocked, so we’ll see.

      Pressure is coming.

  12. Songs is sane not drunk, but you cannot reason with someone who has become entrenched on a position not based on reason

    As Jonathan Swift stated, you cannot reason with a man on a thing he has not reasoned into

    Come up with some new material songs

  13. Jake,

    Songs and Vinnie are just guys who have it in their heads what TYPE of QB this team needs and they are hell bent on having that guy/style.

    Songs wants a high flying running QB who makes sportscenter top 10 every week.

    Vinnie wants anyone but Vick.

    Both are entitled to their opinions.

    Its guys like them that are blind to what a team is all about. Dont get mad… just smile, nod and roll with it.

    • Yes we have a “type” of QB on this team.

      We want the “type” that wins.

      Foles first 14 starts

      7-7 record 61.4% passing 4,097 yards passing 29 pass TDs 7 INTs

      No seriously….are you reading that???

      That’s INSANE. He is on pace for 4600 yrds 32+ tds and under 10 ints in his first season as a starter.

      NO ONE has done that. EVER.

      And yet, “Vinnie just wants his “type” of QB” for the Eagles.

      Ya I do…the historically amazing kind.

      This team is not good enough to win right now. Given.

      This young QB is historically good. Given.

      Lets talk about the Dallas game, or how Vick will ride to the rescue.

      • please show me stats off your first love.. Kevin Kolb.

        Point remains… you only see 1 player.

        no room for team.

        • or better yet… Keep your word and ride off in the sunset.

        • wtf does that even mean?

          What are you saying….”no room for team”? What…because the D sucks, I can’t appreciate that we have a young QB who is doing historic things, yet gets ripped for “choking”

          What exactly. I said all preseason and into the year that this D would be terrible. They are. They did well for a few weeks because they faced a lineup of shitter Qbs…er I mean teams…..

          In fact, the reality of the bad Eagles D is precisely why the team should have started the season with Foles.

          Can you imagine where the “team” would be if that hammy hadn’t happened? I guarantee you the Birds would be below .500 and thinking about which QB to take next draft.

          I guarantee you, there is no QB available in the draft that will even remotely come close to playing the way Foles has over his first 14 starts.

          Eagles D sucks….so what? This does not diminish what we’re seeing at the most important position on the ‘team’

          But keep bringing up Kevin Kolb (Vick’s equal)…because….well, I don’t know why either.

          You keep locking on to thinks I said months/years ago. Its like you get stuck on one thing and can’t let it go. You should get checked for Asburger’s or something.

          • Haha… I can’t let it go? Lol….

            I’m just here to remind you guys that we are fine on O … And have been… Time to talk about the d and nothing but the d.

  14. Songs, you answered my question as to why you believe that Dallas and Minnesota were “high pressure” game loses and I’ll respect your opinion on that. You did not however, explain why division wins against the Giants in relief & Washington, Tampa, a historic day in Oakland, GB, the red hot Cardinals, and the unbeatable D-Line of the Lions were not “high pressure”. Had we lost would those games not have counted the same as Dallas and Minnesota?

    • He moves the bar every week Everz11.

      He says every week…If he beats a team with a winning record, then I will believe he is the QB going forward…..if he beats the Cardinals…….if he beats the Lions…..wait…..wait….oh, they lost….so now Foles is ass and cannot play…he changes the bar every week.

      The guy is a cold-stone FRAUD. He quit on this team last year and took up with RGIII and the Redskins (who were at the time the conference winner’s….front-runner mutch FraudSongs?).

      • Songs and Koolbreeze (hot air) do the same thing every week. Koolbreeze used to comment on the Atlanta Falcons sight about Mike Vick, no more though, he comments on Eagles boards. When Mike leaves, He will follow. Songs is a turncoat fraud Redskins, wait, SeattleSeahawks, wait 49ers, wait back to the Eagles again team hopper….we all know that. He has NO credibility. He can’t talk about RGIII, who by the way was shown how to play QB last week by Kirk Cousins who had a better performance that RGIII. Reports are that the skins are tired of RGIII’s pop too,sound familiar? It’s McNabb and Lindross down there. And these two clowns were fantasizing about RGIII being an Eagle, nope, to much Mike Vick in him right now, injuries, benched, underperforming, underachieving, turning the ball over. No thanks.

  15. All I can say is go eagles

  16. And I am planning on bein at xfinity can’t wait to meet you mothers

  17. Especially my long time Internet friend songs, can’t wait to finally meet you

  18. Brookover made some good points in the Daily News today concerning Foles,,,check it.

    It is terrific to throw seven touchdowns in a Week 9 game at Oakland and it’s wonderful to throw 19 touchdowns to start the season before throwing a single interception, but quarterbacks in the NFL are measured more in terms of big wins than great personal accomplishments.
    That’s why Joe Montana is considered better than Dan Marino in that NFL era and why Tom Brady will be considered just ahead of Peyton Manning in their shared era. Foles has had his name mentioned with Manning’s a couple times already this year, but as this season nears its conclusion, you wonder if he can do the things that have made Eli Manning a two-time Super Bowl champion with the New York Giants.

    here’s the kicker.

    in his only two college bowl games at the University of Arizona – the Holiday Bowl as a sophomore against Nebraska and the Alamo Bowl as a junior against Oklahoma State – Foles completed just 51.8 percent of his passes and threw one touchdown and four interceptions. Both games were lopsided Arizona losses.

    These final two games against the Bears and Cowboys will be far bigger than those two games and could tell us more about how ready Foles is to take the Eagles into the future

    Didn’t I say the same thing earlier today?

    This Foles guy have history of choking when it’s all on the line.

    These games will speak volumes.

    NO EXCUSES!!!!!

    • Exactly right songs. No excuses.

      Foles should have done what’s needed. Like Montana or Brady would have.

      Eagles needed 50 points, so Foles should have thrown for 600yrds and 6 tds. 430 and 3 tds not enough.

      Like Montana and Brady would have under similar circumstances. That’s your (and Brookover’s) thesis is right? Good quarterbacks have to do what they have to do.

      Its what defines ‘good’ quarterbacks. “NO EXCUSES!” if Foles doesn’t throw 600 and 6 tds to win. Like ‘great’ QBs do.

      Except neither ever did that. Once. Ever.

      In fact……No one has ever done that.

      In order to be ‘good’ Foles had to do what no other QB has ever done in history. That’s the standard Songs sets.

      At this point, the only possible explanation for your completely ridiculous post are that you are trying to rile people up – and believe me, I respect that….because you can’t actually be serious….

      The only way Foles can be seen as ‘good’ is if he does something no other QB has done in the history of the NFL. That’s the standard now?

      BTW – Brady did throw for 6 tds once, in a 59-0 blowout of the titans.

      Was that ‘good’ or a ‘big win’ or the same as what Foles did in Oakland? (basically nothing)

      • ni he should have showed up before the end of the 3rd quarter to avoid playing catch up!

        • The only way Foles could become an acceptable QB to Songs and the other Vick lovers is if he could become a black man.

          Then he would only be required to win 5 games in 2 years like Vick.

          • Like I said before, you Vick haters hate when your logic is applied to Foles. Vinnie the moron was ripping Vick after the Chargers game, but now he defends Foles after the Vikings game. The defense was the main culprit for the loss, but that wasn’t the opinion of Vick haters after the Chargers or Broncos losses. Those losses were all Vick’s fault. But of course you Vick haters spot irrationality when people hold Foles to your Vick hater way of thinking.

            Foles wasn’t that great in this game. 185 of his passing yards came after we were down 18, so no, he wasn’t that good. But the defense was horrible. Doesn’t matter who the Qb is when the defense allows 48.

            • Never mentioned the Chargers game….but the denver game is pretty apropos.

              The Defenbse WAS the main culprit in the Denver loss. But the Offense, led by a QB who played a shitty game, didn’t even put up a fight. At least in this past game The O came to within 5 before the coach once again pussied out and handed the ball back to Minny at midfield.

              There is no ‘hater’ way of thinking….but as long as Songs calls Foles a choker for this game and announces that Vick will ride in to the rescue on his white….er….black stallion…….I am going to point out the lunacy of that position.

              This same Vick that completely choked in both the Denver (13 points??????????????????????????? The worst game any QB has had against Denver this year) and the KC game where he gift-wrapped the Chiefs 1/3 of their points and followed that up by completing under 50% (pathetic) and another pick.

              THOSE are chokes.

              Not a guy who led the O to 30 pts (with no running game) and had to overcome a coach who decided it would be fun to let the opposition start at the 50 every drive.

              Foles was not @Great@ in that Det game…no one is disputing that Bucko….

              But its pretty f-ing funny that you clowns push the standards so frikkin high that the only way Foles CAN be considered good is if he has the all-time greatest QB performance ever. Everything else is a ‘choke’

              You want to talk about ‘haters’ and double standards.

              I wonder what the Jets, Bills, Redskins etc fanbases would be saying if their young QB threw up 400 yrds 3 tds and 30 points in their 14th start (even in a loss).

              Thay’d be pretty f-ing happy with that kind of shit from their young gun….estatic probably.

              But not here….nope…..14th start? Not named Vick?

              Well then you better win every game and throw for 600 and 6 every freekin week, or esle you’re a ‘choker’

              You’re standards are pathetic and transparent.

              • Quit lying, you were on here after the Chargers game, with the same Vick hater logic. In the Denver game there were multiple drops, Vick played well, you’re just a moron who looks only at the boxscore. That’s why Pro Football Focus gave Vick the highest rating on offense after the Denver game, and gave Foles the second lowest rating on offense after the Vikings game. You’re a moron who thinks stats tells the whole picture, unless the stats don’t say what you want, then you move the goalposts.

                You think Foles played well…as I said, almost half his passing yards came after we were down by 18. Those were garbage time stats. He was inaccurate for much of the day.

                Stop talking about the KC game, considering it blows Foles’s game against the worst defense in football out of the water. What’s transparent are your standards. Vick was supposed to keep up with Manning, but Foles isn’t supposed to keep up with CASSEL? The game turned into a blowout after halftime, just like the Denver game, there is no difference, except you have your Vick hate goggles on, and rose colored glasses for Foles. As I said Foles passed for 185 yards after the score was 41-23, when the game was out if reach.

              • I think its funny that NOW Vinnie is not mentioning the chargers game….

                I think its funny that Songs says “a qb does whatever it takes to win”.

                I think its funny that Vinnie was saying the same thing 2 months ago.


                They are so different that they are the same. This is good stuff… im loving the threads this week.

          • Vick is riding in to town with those 5 wins to ‘save’ the season.

            Because he never chokes in big games…….oh wait….

          • Care to tell me where myself, Stevo, Big, TS, and Real EVER placed a race qualifier on our team’s qb? This is why I stated earlier guys like you are worst than the Jake’s of the world. At least he embraces his bigotry. Punk-asses like you only initially speak up to chastise someone when they point out racism. You then become worst than the most fervent racist by ARROGANTLY and DISENGENUOSLY making false claims of some kind of reverse racism.

            • If you don’t mind, I’ll chime in. Don’t you think it’s fairly obvious what Songs preference would be for a quarterback? Do you think is a coincidence that Songs moved on to the Redskins last year when Foles took over for Vick?

              Do you think is a coincidence that Songs has been back here posting much more often since RG3 got benched?

              Based on everything that I have seen, I agree with Irisheagle. He never mentioned you or the other posters.

              • No. You see that would definitely be the definition of playing the race card. Reading something not stated by said poster clearer fits that. But when you have posters that not only show a ridiculous obsession for one player and THEN GO ON RECORD TO ACCUSE COLLUSION BY THE OWNER AND THE LEAGUE TO APPEASE BLACKS; THOSE ARE FACTS. Nothing to read into or presume obvious. When you have posters WHO ACCUSE THE SITE’S OWNER OF RACISM because he gave an opinion about a receiver (never mentioning or alluding to race); nothing to READ INTO THOSE ARE FACTS. When you have posters using the N word on this site and arrogantly try justifying its use because they KNOW a black player on the team uses it; oh well. Posters selectively screaming race-card because another posters dared bring up NFL racism in the past, but are ok with the “privilege” to determine the motive of wanting a qb who happens to be the same race…oh well.

            • Fuck you Jesse! You, Songs theone1, TS, and RealTalk are the biggest racist on this site.

            • And here’s an example of Songs feelings on white QBs…..

              January 23, 2012 – 10:54 am

              If Andy Reid didn’t have exceptional QB’s with great Athletic ability, he would have been fired a long time ago the way he call games. Remember Doug Pederson without receivers before McNabb came in and won without receivers?

              Reid knew exactly what he was doing jettison Kolb before getting exposed. Vick brought Reid another 3 years.

              So, be careful before you try to make it seem that a team have a better opportunity of winning with a white QB.

              Someone please give me the stat of the number of white QB’s who started and never made it to a Superbowl…Let’s compare that number to Blacks who never made it.

              That stat will expose the so called white/black QB argument.

              The ceiling is obviously higher for blacks at the QB position.

              The ceiling is higher….I guess that’s why Foles will never do.

              • Vintage and priceless!

              • So Irish that is Songs point of view that he thinks black QB’s are held to a higher standard then White QB’s I happen to agree with that but it’s no big deal not going to stop me from rooting for Foles it is what it is. We are all entitled to our own opinions. I think Vinnie and Jake are assholes you don’t like realtalk it’s all good.

              • That’s your smoking gun asshole? You only proved my point to being the bigot in denial. Care to address the full context of WHY Songs posted what he did? Which hardly is an example of racism on his part. Oh that’s right Bigs already explained part of it below. Nice try Hannity.

              • “The ceiling is obviously higher for blacks at the QB position.”

                That sounds like a qualifier for the race he prefers to me…

              • First of all buddy, this is deceiving not posting what I was responding to.

                I was responding to a post that was claiming white QB’s have a higher percentage of success and the Eagles failed get the big game because we had Black QB’s for 2 decades.

                Well, my response won’t change buddy!

                Blacks were locked out of the QB position from the beginning, so stats comparing black QB’s to whites are ridiculous!

                If the QB’s drafted in the league are 90 percent white that leaves a lower percentage of Blacks in the pool of Superbowl winners.


                It wasn’t until recent Blacks had the opportunity to be drafted high consistently, so we’ll be able to gage the truth concerning the position and race probably 10 years from now.

                Again, this qoute you’re pasting was in response to a racist claiming that teams win Superbowls with non mobile QB’s and the Eagles need to move from the athletic QB, which really translates to “white quarterbacks”.

                Paste the post of the racist I was responding to.

              • No it wasn’t – you were talking to Dag…. Schooling him on why a black QB has not won the super bowl. There was no racial comments in the thread besides yours and Dag’s

                And what you were responding to is not relevant to the point that I was making to coldbrewski, which was that you have a preference for black QB’s – As evidenced by your comment “The ceiling is obviously higher for blacks at the QB position.”

            • coldbrewski nice job

              I embrace truth , there is nothing but truth, in the words of Jacob Marley, and in the spirit of Christmas, truth lives, truth lives, God bless my friend and merry Christmas

  19. Songs, I don’t care for Bob Brookover, so unless his article answers my unanswered question as to why Foles 6 wins are meaningless and 2 losses are “chokes”, I’ll pass. Like I said, I hope it comes down to the Dallas game on Dec. 29 as well. I like the growing/learning/young QB in the rematch.

  20. Anyway….. It’s been a crazy season… a little better than I expected. Lets go Birds… seal this thing.

  21. Boy it will be nice when Vick is gone so we can be done with this bullshit every day.

    I pity the fan base of the team that Vick goes to next. They will be invaded by a group of ignorant fans that care nothing about win and losses, but only how Vick played.

    I have decided that I am not a Vick hater. Vick turned out to be a better player and person than I thought he would be when we first signed him – What I am is a Vick fan hater. I hate the scumbags that followed Vick here.

    • agreed. Sadly…. it was convos about McNabb prior…. this is Philly…. home of the simpletons.

    • Then comment on the team like a normal fan and stop aligning yourself with the likes of you know who. Your inability to REMEMBER the outrageous venom and comments attributed to Vick and how THAT brought about the need of some(so called apologist) to call THAT ridiculous behavior out is why this shit continues. Claims/accusations that THE ONLY REASON CERTAIN POSTERS would defend Vick is because they and he are black……IS RACIST AND PLAYING THE RACE CARD AT IT’S WORST. That’s where this shit started asshole; FIRST!!!!

  22. Like cockroaches scurryin’ out when the lights turn off (or perhaps rats is a better metaphor) here comes the anti-Eagles brigade. Led by Songe, now followed up by Skayne.

    Where to begin on your rash of ridiculousness.

    “The Denver game there were drops….” Did you see the 1st half of the Det game? At least 4 easy ones in the first bit…and Cooper not being able to keep a foot in on a good ball….you think I use that shit….no, that’s for the Vickites who like to blame everyone else for their hero’s shortcomings.

    You go on ahead and cling to your Pro Football Focus reports…whatever floats your boat…if they can convince you what happened against the Broncos somehow magically turns that into a good QB performance, more power to you I guess. The reality is that the Superstar completed a measly 14 passes against a terrible D, and led the offense to a pathetic 13 points before being pulled from the game for ineffectiveness. Now if you want to call that…what was it….”highest rating on offense” well, its because you are obviously delusional. BTW – I doubt Kelly was thinking he was ranking highly on offence when he sat his terrible ass on the bench.

    And the KC game? It “blows Foles out of the water” What the fuck did you injest before writing this?

    Buddy, his second pass went 38 yards the wrong way for 7 of KCs 23 points! He then followed up that beauty with a pathetic 13 of 30 and another pick. leaving the Birds no chance of ever catching up in that game.

    What is your next stupid line…oh ya….about how both the Denver and Det game were the same, turning into blowouts in the second half…

    Funny, I seem to remember that it was 42-13 at the end of the 3rd Q in Denver, and what? 28-23 in the Detroit game at the same point…….so ya, I can see how those are EXACTLY THE SAME.

    You are just another in a long line of heartbroken Vickites who, because they can’t admit their hero is a POS Qb, and also can’t admit that damn, the Eagles actually have the hottest and best performing young QB in the league, go about moving the chains, and inventing impossible to meet standards.

    62% 430 yrds 3 tds 1 int 30 points from a guy in his 14 start is choking.

    51% 248 yrds otds 13 points from a guy in his 11th season is not choking (the WRs had drops don’cha know)

    45% 201 yards 1td 2 ints (pick 6) from a guy in his 11th season is not choking

    Transparent charletan like the rest of your crew.

    • Pro Football Focus is good when they clocked Vick as holding the ball the longest. I just assumed their opinion mattered to you cuz you loved bringing up that stat. As I said, the stats matter to you when they confirm your bias…that’s why depending on the circumstance, you disavow stats that you don’t confirm your bias, and latch onto ones that do.

      Foles the best young qb? He’s not better than Wilson, Newton, Kapernick, just to name a few. Put them in Kelly’s offense with these players, and they would be way better than Foles.
      I didn’t say Foles choked. That was someone else. I said he didn’t play well. Which he didn’t.

      The standards Foles can’t meet are the ones you set, not me. Like I said, being chief Vick hater you only notice how tough the standards are cuz Foles came under fire. When you where on here killing Vick after the Chargers game, somehow you weren’t unreasonable then.

      And the KC was Vick’s worst game. The Dallas game was Foles worst. Against the worst D in the league, his game was way worse. That was the comparison, you’re a moron so you continually fail reading comprehension.

      You still kill Vick for losing the Broncos game, while at the same time giving Foles a pass. It’s just an extension of your logic that Foles was the reason we lost the Vikings game.

      Now for me the defense was the culprit in both games. Foles wasn’t that good, but he’s not to blame for the loss. I’m being consistent about defense being important. But for you, in the same post you kill Vick while claiming Foles deserves no blame. Yet you can’t see the double standard.

      Transparent hater like the rest of your crew.

      • I don’t kill Vick for “losing” the Denver game. I kill him for playing like shit. I don’t kill him for “losing” the KC game, I kill him for playing like shit.

        Foles did not “lose” the Detroit game either….what makes his performace DIFFERENT than Vick against Denver is it wasn’t a steaming pile of shit performance like Vick’s was. Neither of them “lost” either game, but one guy gave his team a hell of a lot better chance than the other did.

        As for your “young QB business” Funny you mentioned all young QBs with a lot more experience.

        As stated before…Foles compares very very favourably to Wilson over their first 14 starts.

        Foles Wipes the floor with Newton over his first 14…..that Newton is playing well now, in what? His 3th year? Why make that comparison? Of COurse he’s better now….he’s had 2 full years of starts to get used to the NFL before this season……..Look back in time….by his 14th game Newton had 5 wins 17 tds and 16 interceptions….its not even close to what Foles has done.

        Kapernick? Over his 14 first starts he was about 50% passing with 18 tds and 8 ints….again Foles QB numbers smoke those too. Do you know that over his first 14 games he threw 0 tds 5x?? He has 1 300 yrd passing game. Foles has 6. Kap has hit 60% 7x….Foles 11 (and one below 60 was a blizzard) Kap is lucky he has one of the best Ds in the league, because if he posted that kind of ho-hum production on the Birds he’d have a lot of Ls in his win-loss column.

        So ya….I’ll stick with the best young QB right now.

        BTW – why no mention of Luck or Dalton as good young QBs I wonder?

  23. And selectivly moral Stevo….where were you on my posts when I predicted what was going to happen in Minny? Where were you after my comments on the coaching, or playcalling?

    Not interesting enough for you I suppose…..didn’t see you rushing to Kelly’s defense when I said his dexisions were inexcusable….but lo, I mention Vick and you come a runnin’

  24. Its amazing how stupid some people are on here. I hear people bitching about double standards between Vick/Foles. I have explained this a million times but obviously some are too slow when it comes to grasping it. Let me try to make this as simple as possible.

    When it comes to reality, young players/rookies should not play like vets and vets should not play like young/rookie players.
    Why in the world would I expect Foles (doesn’t even have full season of starts yet, had a handful coming into the season) to play up to the standard of a league veteran with about 100 starts…seriously only a fucking idiot would expect any young player to just step onto a field/court and play like a guy who has over 100 starts of experience…if its a veteran player, I except much more as anyone who knows anything about sports should, they esp shouldn’t be comparable to some of those worst players at the position when it comes to numbers and you better be talking playoffs when you are starting those guys. You dont start a vet at QB to go 8-8/6-10 or whatever.
    People bring up Denver when we didn’t even have chance once Vick stepped on the field. Sand Diego? Last time I checked Vick had the ball with 2 min left, 1st and 10, at the San Diego 14. What Vet Qb in the league isn’t expected to get 14 fucking yards for the TD with all that time at the end of a close game. Vets should not choke right there and get a field goal. That should be an easy TD for any vet QB in the league.
    I dont hold Wolfe to the same standards as guys like Nate Allen
    I dont hold Lane Johnson to the same standards as guys like Herremans/Peters
    I dont hold Ertz to the same standards as what I expect out of Celek
    I dont hold Kendricks to the same standards as Ryans
    Boykins to Cary Williams
    MCW to Evan Turner

    • And Btw, I personally dont give a damn about Foles or any other individual Eagle player if you can find me someone better. If Foles isn’t the starter in two years because we have somebody that is better than 26 total TDs to 3 turnovers, 117 QB rating in not even a full season than I wouldn’t think twice about it. This season he showed he is above and beyond better than Vick/Barkley. Those two should be shining his fucking cleats before every game thanking him the Eagles are getting moved to prime time games in December.

      But you find me somebody better and I wouldn’t give a shit if Foles is cleaning shit out of toilets for a living.

      Seriously, I could care less about anyone of these players and where they are 5-10 years from now if they are replaced with better players for the team.

      Im all about the Eagles team not the individuals unlike many of these degenerate lowlifes who cant even find Philadelphia on a map.

    • Well not exactly. I hear what your saying but expectations change to the situation. Everyone is held to the same standard with 2 weeks left in the season. Im not going into the Chicago game and if Lane J gives up 3 sacks and say oh that’s ok hes a rookie, f&&k that. If Ertz drops a td pass, oh hes a rookie f&&k that. If Foles is horrible this week and or next, f^&k that. With their record and the way they have played this year they are expected to perform against a weak Dallas or a pathetic Chicago defense. Now if your talking about going on the road to Seattle that’s a different story. No excuses against Chicago/Dallas you better come out balling. Rookies and vets. I have seen Matt Flynn and his 3 career starts light it up last week. Im not just talking about Foles all of them. Expectations have changed!

      • To Foles credit he is the main reason expectations have changed with his stellar play. Theres no going back.I expect him to perform and do his job. I think he will but when a guy sets records and has played extremely well against much tougher defenses he no longer gets the “excuse” of well he only has 12 starts especially playing these 2 defenses. He has raised the bar! This offense is talented enough. The defense is another story.

        • Not saying I wouldn’t be disappointed if we didn’t make the playoffs even though we likely have no shot to win the SB. Just making it clear that thee is no actual double standard between guys with barely a full season of starts versus guys who have been in the league for a decade. People who say there is a double standard don’t know what reality is when it comes to sports.

          The reality is if Russell Wilson throws 2 picks and contributes to them being beat in their first game off the bye in playoffs there will be disappointment. If Peyton throws 2 picks and Denver loses right off the bye its inexcusable and he will be rightfully crucified for it.

      • eagles0superbowls

        or Vinny Curry has zero tackles
        or if Fletcher Cox gives up 100 yard rusher
        or Kendricks is too short to cover another TE

    • GTFO, with that half minded bullshit ass rant…

      The double standards comes from, you mtf’s not being able to evaluate a TEAM…Its all QB all the time in your worlds…Bottom line every player has a job to do…If your defense is giving up a TD on every touchdown, How the hell can you have any standards for QB and not the defense or special teams, or coaching? How the hell does it equate to being all about the QB, under those circumstances.. How about this scenario? What if the defense made SD kick a couple of FG’s, instead of giving up TD’s….Its a different scenario…

      Same is said for this past weekend…in regards to #9…Now all of a sudden the defense played horrible and Foles was great…how would you expect any QB to get a W, with defensive play like that? Just as all 60 minutes have to played, All players placed in the game play to the final whistle blows, not just the fucking QUARTERBACK!

      • Realtalk I am pretty sure every single defense in football gives up on TD on every touchdown

        • typo smart ass.. meant TD on every drive…that’s all you got

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      • For the millionth time there is no double standard that exists from me or most because it is mentally retarded to expect guys who barely have 10 pro starts to perform like 10 year vets (if they do then great). Its simply called having a reasonable standard. I promise if Foles ends up being the QB for the next couple years and starts to play like crap I will be criticizing him like all other loser vets out there. I will be begging for something better.
        And when it comes to the perception of the NFL from the national and local media it is all about the QB. All I did was point out that thats the reality of it. Never said that thats the way it should be if it was up to me.

        I couldn’t even watch ESPN for a good 2 months when they were going crazy for Tebow. SportsCenter singing him happy birthday because he completed 2 passes in a fucking game.

  25. Why are Posters talking about Games from 2 + Months ago ??
    Eagles have 2 Games Left and Control their Own Destiny with the biggest game this SUnday versus the Bears in almost 3 Seasons…
    C’Mon let’s snap out of these meaningless discussions on Why this, Why that,Whose Should be QB, Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda, Coach AR , Coach MM, Coach JJ, D McNabb, Brian Dawkins, BRian Westbrook, etc,etc
    Let Go Eagles and Beat the Bears and nothing else matters until the following Week…

    • same reason you talk about drafts from 4 years ago, the phillies from 2 years ago and what paulman said on x date about y situation

  26. Remember when the Flyers were on PRISM?

    Philly fans are always going to reference players and games from the past, we know our sports in depth, I view it as a positive for arguement sake when its valid. Too much still about the Vikes game troubling us as fans. The Bears are coming to our house for Sunday Night Football. Last time we were on prime-time, the Chiefs took it to us. Now this is a whole different point of our season, but I’m looking to punch Cutler in the mouth, and have McCoy run all over that pathetic run defense.

    • remember when Craig Biggio got fucked over last year for the hall of fame? Unbelievable that shit better not happen again.

  27. Jay Cutler has kicked our ass the last two times we played the Bears. This is a new year and a new team. Let’s hope for different results.

  28. This site is the best, you wonder where Skayne has been and he comes back opens both barrels and is right on the money with everything he wrote. I will say this again repeating what realtalk said, if the defense and special teams play the way they did on Sunday, this team will not win another game this year. So stop talking about who the damn QB is and let’s hope the defense can stop somebody and we can see our team in the playoffs. Jake I’ll see you at Xfinity live. LOL

    • I agree 100% Biggy and stated that it wouldn’t have mattered if Joe Montana was QB the Eagles last Sunday the Way teh Eagles Defense players and assanine decision to pooch-kick-off after every Score giving the VIkings great Field Position against a lost Defense.. …

    • You lost everyone when you said Skayne was right on with everything he wrote.

      • Vinnie I know I said I wouldn’t address you again but Skayne didn’t say a thing not truthful in his post.

        • Didn’t say a thing not truthful….

          except that whole part about Vick playing well in Denver
          except that whole part about Vick in KC being not that bad…certainly not as bad as Foles (funny I don’t seem to remember the other team running any of Foles passes in for tds this year)
          except that part of Foles passing for 185 after the score was 41-23 (Foles has 291 yrds passing and 3 tds at the end of the 3rd – when the score was 27-22)

          Otherwise right on.

          Other than all that, he was completely truthful.

          • But hey…we learn all about what kind of Eagles fan you are.

            I mention Foles is the best young QB in the game right now. (something, I would think all Eagles’ fans should be excited and happy about)

            Skayne immediately responds….”No he isn’t!!!!!!”

            Kapernick is better!
            Wilson is better!
            Newton is better!

            (really shocked those 3 named)

            And you…..happy as a pig in shit….Skayne is rolling in with both barrels speaking the truth…..and you are in complete agreement.

            Part of me thinks the Birds should trade Foles….you fuckers don’t deserve what you are watching.

            • Don’t let facts get in the way, stop cherry picking his argument was right on the money and he didn’t say anything negative nor did anyone else about Nick Foles.

            • Yeah, we could trade Foles for Wilson…they would probably throw in a draft pick, Foles being the ‘best’ young qb and all. I mean Foles is the greatest young qb ever. The 49ers would probably trade Kapernick and a first rounder for Foles, all they have to do is look at Kapernick’s stats for this year and come to the conclusion that Foles is way better.

              • Hmmm…

                Over his first 10 games this year Kap was 6-4, under 50% passing, 9 tds and 7 ints

                In his first 8.5 games this year Foles was 6(7)-2, over 60% 23tds 2 ints.

                I wonder if you’d be so forgiving of Foles if he had been performing like Kap over this first part of the season,

                Kap also in his 3rd year….Foles 2nd.

                But I get it… both think Kap is great, Foles inferior. No problem.

                That’s the kind of fake front runner fans you are.

              • Since your VinnietheOblivious, looking at stats is the extent of your analysis for everything, with nothing else factored in.

                The 49ers have had multiple injuries on offense, which might explain some of Kapernick’s early struggles this year. That never factored in for you, cuz you think stats are the whole analysis.

                Kapernick has equity built up due his play leading to a SB run.

                If the best young qb ever leads his team to the SB this year then he would get similar slack for a slow start next year. How about the best young qb lead his team to the playoffs before we start comparing him to guys who are better.

  29. Cutler…on the road in a big game? That’s got 2/3 picks and 5 sacks written all over it.

    Don’t get me wrong, he’ll throw for 300+ and Chic will score, but if Birds can capitalize on Chic mistakes they should be able to pull it out.

    Foles with 300 and McCoy with 150…less mistakes.

    Big shootout though….Eagles 35-31.

    • I honestly think this whole game comes down to what Dallas does earlier in the day. If Dallas loses the players and the crowed will be jacked. If Dallas wins I think the players will be jacked but human nature will take over. The fans and players will still be excited but in the back of everyones mind will be this game really doesn’t matter and the urgency wont be the same IMO. Its not saying the Eagles wont want to win I just think that little “extra” wont be there.

  30. You’d think…you’d anticipate….that a fanbase whose team has been down in the dump for several seasons. Who has been floundering for a QB since about 2009 might be a little excited right now.

    You’d think they’d look at the 24 year old QB with less than a year’s worth of starts and see:

    A scintilating 6-2 record this year. In fact, 7 of the team’s 8 wins coming when he plays more than a half.
    A record tying performance with 7 tds in one game!.
    A guy who was 1 td away from the all-time td without an int record set by a HOFer.
    A guy who last year set rookie records for pass completion.
    A guy who is 1st in the league in passer rating (Not enough!)
    A guy who is first in interception %
    A guy who is first in TD %
    A guy who is first in yrds/att
    A kid who is clearly very grounded. Who won’t ever be plastered over TMZ. A kid who won’t ever do say anything stupid on twitter or whereever.
    A kid who interviews beautifully. Always humble and appreciative of his teammates.
    A kid who is clearly very coachable, ewxcelleng in his 2nd offense in his first 2 years.

    You’d think Eagle fan would look at that and be excited for the future. You would understand if Eagle fan would be watching this kid and thinking he was playing amazingly for a guy without a year of starts. You would understand if Eagle fan thought the future looked bright and the Birds had the best young QB in the game.

    But you’d be wrong.

    Because you’d read this board and you’d read “eagles fans” saying the season needed to be saved by Mike Vick.

    You’d read ‘Eagles fans’ vehemently arguing that Kaepernick, and Wilson, and Newton (but never luck) are all better than the guy the Eagles have. You know that these same guys would add in Geno Smith and EJ Manuel if they could.

    You might think Eagles fan would be pumped. But you’d be wrong, you’d instead read them cracking jokes about other teams would never trade for Foles.

    You’d read them saying “no one ever said anything bad about Foles” and yet, when others rip him for “choking” they are silent….but if someone were to mention the Eagles’ former Qb playing a bad game, they’d come running calling those posters ‘haters’ at every opportunity. Clearly, despite all the amazing thigs the young kid is doing, they still pine for the old guy who hasn’t won a playoff game for a decade.

    You’d think Eagle fan would be excited, but not if you read this thread. You’d think Foles is no better than a bumbling Brandon Weeden.

    • I think your off base Vinny. Nobody is clamoring for Vick. Honestly Vinny nobody has mentioned Vick for weeks in the Delaware Valley. He is not been discussed for weeks here. Its all about Foles and the Eagles future. There may be a few stragglers on the boards but the Vick discussion has been dead and buried. Vick is a backup. Nobody wants Foles to fail. We hope he becomes Tom Brady. You are way off base.

      • I was and still am a Vick supporter for many different reasons but Foles has exceeded my expectations and deserves all of my support which he has.The best players play and clearly Foles is the best QB on this team and one of the brightest upcoming young QBs in the NFL.

        • One more thing Vinny. Do you really think Vick supporters want Foles to fail so we have to go to work and listen to Cowboy fans laugh at us for beating us? Do you really think we don’t want to have our team in the playoffs and extra weeks of football just so we can come on a friggin message board and say told you Foles sucks? Come on man. Your damn right we hope Foles leads us to the promise land!

          • I have no idea what people think…only what they do.

            Do I think they wanted Foles to fail so they could come on a message board and say “told you so Foles sucks”……I have no idea what they wanted.

            But I do know that not one thread passes on this site without some clown bringing up the Dallas game.

          • Any reasonable person knows what you stated in regards to Foles support is true. There isn’t a radio/TV jock who has suggested Vick be the starter. The fanbase, local, and national media are behind the kid.

            Dag what makes no sense is how a clown like Vinnie is STILL FUCKING BRINGING UP VICK!!. Foles has been the starter for how long now? Look at every post this jack-ass makes. IT’S ALWAYS ABOUT VICK. can any rational person see this and pretend this is normal and somehow fair commentary? This is the shit that fuels arguments on this site. Somehow Vinnie can rail on forever nonstop about Vick. But if someone calls out this obsession they’re a Vick lover?

  31. Ans Skayne…..I though it was a ‘team game’.

    But now suddenly (when considering Foles) he gets no slack he must lead the team to a SB in order to get some slack.

    No mention of ‘team’ anymore….Foles must lead them to playoffs…..otherwise, not good enough.

    BTW – The 49ers were a fumbled punt away from the SB the year before Kap….the ‘team’ basically stayed the same – results wise.

    The Eagles were 1-3 before Foles took over. Now knocking at the door of the playoffs. Who had the greater impact on their team?


    Oh….and the “Kap had injuries”….wow…now making excuses for him because Crabtree out…….but no mention of Maclin. Not important I guess.

  32. If you want a laugh, go back and look at the post from December 2010 when the Eagles were approaching the playoffs.

    You’ll find Songs, and RealTalk and everyone else behaving friendly. People were generally happy because the Eagles were doing well.

    This season those same people have no joy. They come to this site to do one thing — complain and argue about the QB. Many of these people are miserable after every win, and rejoice when they lose.

    I’m happy to say that I have been to every Eagles home game for several years and I have rooted for them to win regardless of who played QB.

    • Irish how do you know they have no joy? Realtalk is a fan he may have pissed you off but he’s been consistent in his support of the team. Songs is trolling and you guys are obliging him by responding. Foles is the QB on this team approaching what almost nobody thought possible a playoff berth. During the summer when I was talking about this team maybe stealing a playoff spot I was ridiculed by more then a few and yes I thought this offense with either Foles or Vick would score enough points to beat teams if the defense could stop some people. The majority wanted this team to lose so we could get a high enough pick to replace the QB. Remember that flip flippers? Now try to rewrite that history.

  33. So when you guys talk about rooting for the team or the QB. I can see right through that and that is what Coldbrewski, Realtalk and Skayne see as well.

  34. ^^^ Bullshit

    You just mentioned the “win now” gang from the training camp days. Not one of them, including you, ever though that Foles was the one that represented winning now. Hence, the reason they are all so miserable now.

    • Just like you researched songs research mine, Stevo and myself talked over and over about the offense it was easy to see during the preseason that both QB’s would do well in this offense and yep I will always be a part of the win now crowd I don’t believe in giving away seasons because I don’t like the QB.

  35. I’m not trying to be right. I’m just pointing out facts. I also didn’t agree with bringing Vick back but I root for the Eagles and I wasn’t on board with hiring Chip Kelly but I root for the Eagles. These arguments are ridiculous and yes even Vinnie and I going back and forth was ridiculous. I still don’t like him but it was stupid.

  36. Some things just never change with Philly Sports Fans do they…. They are probably among the most passionate around, but also the most ignorant and ungrateful Fans in the Country.. Everything is about Race,Race,Race ..
    It get’s old reading,posting and even wasting time thinking about it after a while…

    • and of course, I do not mean every or even most Philly Fans, for some are quite knowledgeable,repectuful and Enjoy their Teams,Players and Sports in General for what it is… Entertainment, Athleticism and Competition at the Highest Level.. buy there is a large,loud faction that just can never be satisfied by anything and whether it’s the supid-ass morning Sports Shows which hype,blow everything out of porportion,rile up the troops for Ratings or just plain ignorance or whatever you want to call it, it has continued to give the City a black eye as far as the Collective “Sports Fans” go..
      To each their own I guess, Fans pay big $$$ to see and root for their Favorite Teams, but the loudest squawkers are probably those who never even go and just enjoy arm-chair QB’ing after every game to prove their right, or this guy was wrong, etc,etc….. Who Cares.. It’s a Damn Game all should be Happy that the Eagles are even relevant this Year after a few recent down Seasons.. 2 Weeks to go and the Eagles control their own Destiny and Posters/Fans talking about garbage from 3 months ago or SUmmer Camp… Unbelievable …

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