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Get Off Of DeSean Jackson’s Back

DeSeanJackson2I’m not ready to jump all over Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson for his sideline blowup yesterday at the Eagles-Vikings game.  Let’s step back and look at the situation, rather than overdo the criticism of him for what was definitely a mistake.

First of all let me make it clear that his blow up was wrong.  You can communicate during a game with your teammates and you can do it forcefully, but you don’t want your communication to divide the football team.  You can criticize your teammates, but you must do it in a way, which improves the play of the team rather than makes it worse.

Something happened on the sidelines yesterday after an Nick Foles interception, which precipitated a meltdown by Jackson after one of his teammates said something to him.  Jackson went off and it took the Chip Kelly to cool him off.  I don’t know if he was dropping F-bombs, but he was dropping some type of verbal bombs.

I’m Jackson will admit that he made a mistake.

Truth of the matter is that this happens a lot during a football game when things aren’t going right.  Players say things that would have been best unsaid.  Coaches get too critical on the sideline and make a player or players play worse.

The reason I wouldn’t be too hard on Jackson is because of the growth and development I have seen in him since he’s been an Eagle.  He has developed into a good leader for this football team.

You don’t see him shut himself down in a game and tune out, even if he’s not getting a lot of balls thrown his way.  You will still see him contributing in other ways, such as a punt returner or as a decoy.  He’ll continue to hustle even when things are going well.

The Arizona game is a great example.  Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson was a doing a good job on Jackson in their one-on-one battle, but on a key play, Jackson fought with Peterson for an under thrown Nick Foles pass that stopped the cornerback from picking it off.   It was a key play in the game.

Early in the season when Michael Vick was starting and the passing game was inconsistent, Jackson was questioned week after week and asked question after question about his struggling wide receiver mates, but he never said anything negative about any of them.  I sat there and watched him keep his composure and be a leader for this football team.

You see him staying after practice and getting in extra work.

Numerous times I’ve been standing in the locker room after practice this year with the media and just about the whole team in there and Jackson will come walking through after spending some extra time outside working on his game.

Jackson knows he made a mistake yesterday, but I would rather have a guy who cares enough about the team that he’s willing to get emotional about it, rather than that team which went up to Minnesota yesterday and tried to win a game while going through the motions.

Number 10 caught 10 passes for 195 yards and a touchdown. Maybe if the defense had showed up with Jackson’s attitude yesterday, we wouldn’t be trying to explain how you make Matt Cassel look like a Hall of Famer.

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50 Comments for “Get Off Of DeSean Jackson’s Back”

  1. Lol. You tell um gcobb. Its not like he said hes gonna kill all the ………

  2. That didn’t need to be brought up

  3. Supposltly the WR coach told him he should of tried to break the play up and he snapped out, we all saw he gave up on the play, I’m not going to crucify him for it but he was wrong and if someone brings it up to him especially a coach you have to take it as constrictive criticism and take it like a man

    • yes. This is what happened and 10 barked back about being open for ALMOST the entire play. He was pissed that he wasnt seen. In defence of Foles…. he was (if i remember) screened from seeing him with hands in his face.

  4. This was a TEAM loss yesterday, starting from the Coach and coordinators on down.

    DJax may have had a blowup on the sidelines, but he also had a hell of day day on the field when too many of his teammates were having a day from hell. I have been critical of DJax in the past, but he would not be on my list of problems this morning. 10 catches for 195….I would take that EVERY week if it meant a little stir-up on the sidelines.

    I agree G…there are plenty of other places to look after this weeks loss, but DJax isn’t one of them.

  5. Prater sure showed the Eagles yesterday – Take your job and shove it

  6. I was in the 12th row RIGHT behind the Eagles bench and this was not a big deal. I watched him come off and yell at the ass. coach. No biggie at all. McCoy pushed him away… and everything continued. Nothing to see here.

    • Thanks for that “man in the streets (or seats) report” Stevo.

      Bet you were hoping for a lot different game….between this game and the Joe Webb game I say that the Eagles avoid Minnesota as much as possible!!

      • its fine. I was there when we beat them in the playoffs.

        This loss is on me. I wore my Djax jersey instead of the Dawk jersey.

  7. What’s funny is watching that blow up on the sidelines…Fired me up more than I was fired up all game…Maybe D JAX could of fought for the ball, was my first thought when it happened…But I counted 2 defensive players in the vicinity of the pass…A pass being thrown up to a smaller receiver…The pass really shouldn’t of been thrown considering those factors…Foles trust in DJAX is why he threw the ball…just something he can learn from, some passes are just not good passes to make, regardless of the trust…

    • Real, DJax was initially open, but Foles floated a duck. It didn’t have anything to do with the coverage. Foles threw it too late, & floated it to the inside, instead of more to the sideline. It was a bad throw, but DJax made ZERO effort, & he just stood there & watched the play unfold.

    • I like that Foles throws a ball up for grabs sometimes downfield with hopes of a big play. He really trusts his receivers. All the real good teams in this league throw the ball up for grabs once and awhile. Its a good thing. I do, however, think the Cooper is the guy Foles should throw to if he needs his WR to go up and get physical. Cooper has shown that this is a strengh. Yesterday may have been a situation of throwing the ball a second too late, instead of throwing it up for grabs. Foles timing was a little off on that play. It’s all good though, there is no such thing as a perfect QB, and the mistakes Foles had yesterday (while still playing a decent game and putting up enough points for what should have been a win) are all correctable.

  8. We would get off of his back, if he would wash the sand out of his lady parts, & un-bunch his panties! Maybe if he came back & made an effort to knock down the floating duck Foles threw, or made an attempt to tackle Prater, maybe the teammate he was spewing at, wouldn’t have ripped into him! If you act like a spoiled, little, school girl, diva biotch, you get criticized, & treated as such! If you don’t like it to freaking bad!

    • Did you have the same thought about Cooper a few years ago in the GB playoff game?

      • Yep! I don’t like Cooper, & thought he should have been released in camp, with his remarks. I’ve stated it many times! WTF does he have to do with the conversation?

        • It was his lame attempt to make this about race, not football.

          • green, I know! But when I bring up the fact that I’m half Black, Italian & Cherokee, the tune changes, & they say racist $#!t about that! Nothing knew here. We know who the racists are on here, & they are a plenty, & I’m not 1 of them! I’ve gotten on jake, vinnie, & countless others, but the nimrods see what they want to see, to hide their own biases, ignorance, & insecurities! I couldn’t care any less than what the miscreants on here think!

            • I know where you are coming from DCar, I have seen you tell your history before.

              How Cooper fit into this conversation I could not tell you, unless there is another agenda involved.

              I thought that DJax has come up big in the last 2 games, and I said so last week also when I didn’t think he was getting credit for some big catches at some crucial times in the Detroit game. WR’s are always know for being Diva’s, but give me the production of 10 catches for 195 (not to mention a TD called back AGAIN this season) any week.

              I have more of a problem with the personal fouls on the taunting with Williams and Cunningham then anything that DJax did on the sideline. That shit really hurts the team.

              • Green – you further prove my point how you are a fake as cat! You float around here and post generically, straddling the fence, trying to sound intelligent, but your just as much as a fraud as the rest of them…Did you feel the same way about those that post to songs saying “he’s racist” or “he doesn’t like Foles because he’s white”…same shit with you…you only call out those on the other end of your opinion…because you can relate for some reason to those that make those kind of statements…

                I never heard Songs, say “I don’t like that white boy Foles”…or have I never heard him say “I only like black athletes”…so where does the racist questions/remarks come into play..

              • RealJoke, I guess you missed my comments related to Jakes racist tirades. Play your games, but everyone saw through your “Did you have the same thought about Cooper a few years ago in the GB playoff game?” comment.

                I guess that you and Theone1 will start the crude statements about my dead mother again. It is the only level that you seem comfortable relating in. I get it.

                If you think I straddle the fence I can be clear as crystal…I think that YOU are a joke. You pretend that you are interested in the Eagles but only seem to be on here to provoke comments on a former QB….you say that you coach young kids, but from the volume of profane, threatening and illogical posts on here I would question the sanity of any parent that would let you within10 feet of their kids.

                You obviously have a problem with me. Don’t really care. You and the rest of the Vick-trolls will be gone as soon as he signs elsewhere…sure you will drop in to pretend that we were not right about all of you, but in the end you will drift away to some other site. You are a RealJOKE. So go and type your CAPITAL LETTERS somewhere that people take that shit serious, because it only makes Eagle Fans laugh AT YOU…hahaha….you don’t fool anyone, except yourself.

              • Green, Be real, you know damn well I never once mentioned your deceased mother, that’s just not my style! But if accusing me of things I haven’t done, makes you feel good about yourself…do you! You talk like you know me personally. You sit hear complaining about vulgar language, threats…on a football board…one of the most violent opinion, I think you should stop acting like a little bitch…

                I could care less what you think about me…I have no respect for half you clowns on here, so why should I be cordial…I don’t tip toe around anything, I’mma straight up in your face type of cat…not gonna bite me tongue if I don’t agree or if I feel personally attacked.

                Maybe you’re right..I may fall off this site “one day” and if so, you will most likely find me on bleed green nation! ha, you dumb ass! Why the hell would I remain on a site if I weren’t a fan of the team? to prove something to you or others? really? you thing I give a shit about you, or what you think? I’m not that type of man…

          • Nothing to do with race never had that on my mind when I asked that question…Especially considering the person I’m asking it to…Because DCAR does not see color I know this…Maybe just to do with personal feelings to specific players…Green you are so transparent….nothing about race at all…

            • just looking for fairness in the critique for all parties involved…

              • Listen, everyones families growing up root for their own, that’s not a secret. Both sides of my family always rooted for every Italian, & black athlete that lived, but when it blinds you, & makes you loyal to that person, rather than your team, just because of what they look like, & not how they play, it is asinine, ignorant & wrong. Then to irrationally, stupidly argue about it, makes that said person a racist moron. Just saying.

              • hence the reason for my post I made about the double standards, by some on this site in regards to the QB…some say I am a vickpologist because I defend Vick with statements, like defense was horrid, bad play calling etc etc…Then apply that same rational to the game yesterday with Foles, am I still racist or a Vickpologist? or am I football fan that knows it takes a “TEAM” to win games…its not any deeper than that with me!

                I’ve been an Eagles fan since I can remember…I remember watching Seth Joyner and Clyde Simmons on defense growing up. Eric Allen (who inspired me to want to play football, reason as to why I wanted to play CB as youngen’) Dawkins…I’m a defensive fan…I appreciate defense, love hard hitting football. I like 17-14 type of games, where defense is vital. Unfortunately, haven’t really had a stand out defensive player in years…And its’ pissed me off that this defense hasn’t been given enough credit over the previous 6 games.

              • You cant expect someone to bring up a play from a rookie that happened three years ago, when discussing a play that just happened yesterday with a whole different reciever. Riley Cooper clearly learned from that play 3 years ago, cause he has fought tooth and nails for some deep balls this year. As has Desean Jackson. I personally wondered if D-Jax maybe didnt see that safety coming over until it was too late, but either way, the little guy is a great player and will hopefully learn from this also.

            • Wow, you finally see the truth! Hallelujah! Thank you for giving me the benefit of the doubt, unlike some of the other dickheads on here.

          • Nothing to do about race it was about Cooper not fighting for the ball and people ripping Vick up and down and now real is seeing why didn’t DJax fight for that pass yesterday so yeah green maybe you need to stop trying to see race in everything.

            • Big, maybe you should open your eyes, stop kissing the racists @$$, & stop picking sides. You reprimand vinnie & jake, but seem to have no problem with Songs, the1one, or koolbreeze. The are more transparent, vulgar, & ignorant than anything vinnie has ever said, but you seem to do nothing but excuse them, & make excuses. Get real bruh, open your eyes, & mind, & be true about $#!T. There are nothing but racist, ignorant trolls on here, that only come on here to irrationally argue for their hero failure Vick. God forbid someone rips Vick, then his trolls say well what about Kolb? What about Feeley? What about Cooper? Any coincidence, that they are white? HMMMM! I don’t give a fuck, if the player is black, white, purple, yellow, green, or glowing in the fucking dark! If you can’t see the true racists on here, you head is even further up your @$$ than I thought. Guys like me, can’t stand Vick, because he blows! Always did, always will! Nothing personal, but he should have never been brought back, in a rebuilding season. PERIOD! That’s were the angst comes from. Same as when McPuke got traded, Andy should have with him! You seem to be a true Birds fan, but when you make excuses, & defend one side over the other, it’s asinine! Use your brain, & call out all the ignorant morons!

              • Dcar, I call out theone, koolbreeze when they go too far and Songs why do you cats even engage with him? By the way realtalk’s comment had nothing to do with race and Greenfan totally misread that. That’s what I was commenting on, yep you have been consistent with your Vick blows comments but it’s just funny to me to see people falling over backwards to give Foles the same excuses that Vick wasn’t allowed to have. Bottom line the non understanding so called football experts on this site are a joke. It’s a QB driven league but the ultimate team sport. Some people just cannot wrap their brains around that.

              • Sometimes people forget that what we say on this site doesn’t carry any weight in the real world.

                Regardless of what people on this site have posted, the fact is that Michael Vick has received the benefit of the doubt on numerous occasions from the Eagles organization.

                So to say that Foles is allowed excuses that Vick was not allowed is absolutely ridiculous. Unless you give weight to the things people post on this board.

                The reality is Foles had to out-play Vick to become the starter. AND he didn’t have to prove himself to Vinnie. He had to prove himself to someone who was more predisposed to favoring Vick. Anyone who doesn’t think Chip Kelly favors Vick is blind. It took a lot for Foles to get the starting job from Vick.

              • Big,

                I’ll tell you another thing – For Realtalk to call me a drunk because am Irish is a stereotype that you and every other black man on this site should be offended by.

                If I were to come on this site and throw around a bunch of racial slurs you guys would be up in arm – and rightfully so…

                I have no time for a low-life like Realtalk. Whats more, he is a liar.

              • I thought all Irish-People are Drunks who can’t handle their Liquor, have Red-Hair, Freckle-Faces with Pale White Skin, generally are not too bright and definitely go to Church too often…..

              • ha DrunkEagles you are a clown…you being Irish may have a connection with the nick name I gave you…But I dubbed you DrunkEagles mainly because you sound like a drunken idiot in mostly every post.

                BTW, I’m speak and mean exactly how my name reads “real talk”…some just candle handle it, I know.

              • no doubt real, some just candle handle it.

  9. He got upset because someone called him out for not trying to catch the ball and chase down the defender. He knows he was in the wrong for not putting full effort on that play. Don’t get me wrong I love me some DJax, but that shit was clear as day. Just another learning experience that’s all. Brush it off and move on..

  10. @dcar, I trust you understand my comments and you know the posters I’m talking about.

  11. As the days go by this site becomes less and less rational. Hard to read all the double talk.

    • X it would be much easier if we could keep it to just football and leave all the other nonsense out, move forward Vick is not in the picture this team with two games left have a chance to win the division. Nothing else should matter.

  12. Desean quit on the team when he didn’t have a contract. Desean quit on the team during the Dallas game.

    You do that and you lose the benefit of the doubt when you again quit on a play in a game the team is losing.

    He should not be surprised that his teammates, coaches or the media is bringing it up.

    I will also tell you this….it tom Brady was his QB and he played the way he did against Dallas or on that play, he wouldn’t see a ball thrown his way for a couple weeks. I do not have any idea what kind of personality Foles has, but my feeling is, if Desean does that in a year or two, he might see a little dry patch coming the following game.

    • . What a bunch of hypocritical bull! Tom Brady gets emotional and cusses out his offensive line…throws the receivers under the bus and its ‘leadership’…Desean gets a bit emotional and cusses a bit…nothing new or out of the ordinary in the NFL…and all of the sudden he is a bad guy!
      Foles better not allow any ‘dry patches’ to Desean…we need wins not the QB getting in a hissy-fit over nothing. Foles should kiss the ground Desean walks on because , DJax speed opens up a lot of room for all of the other receivers to flourish!
      Foles is doing the right thing in this DJax situation …keeping his mouth shut and keep trying to feed him the ball!
      catches 10 passes and could have caught more if the QB would have

      • Would have caught more if the QB would have…..

        would have what meathead? Been competent? Thrown the ball better? Been accurate?

        That’s where you were going weren’t you. Desean was “held back” from having more catches by Foles.


        How many 10 catch games Desean have with the former superstar again?

        • wasnt koolbreeze the guy who said 2 weeks back he would rather have geno smith and ej manual over foles?

          • eagles0superbowls

            they have potential, LOL -
            but they do deserve a chance to develop –
            Kapernick & Wilson were selected by very good teams. RG3, Luck, EJ, Geno and Foles weren’t.

        • Desean is having a career year…mainly because of his coach, not the QB! Have you seen how he is being utilized?

          • Like cooper is having a career year because of the coach? Lesean? While I agree Kelly’s system has been great but give me a break unreal Foles gets no credit? None? You are as low as some of these others to not even acknowledge that the kid has been real good? His career may fizzle, surely he will not throw 21 TD to 2 int ever again… But really

  13. This is really a nothing story. I was right there and there was nothing to really talk about.

  14. Paulman’s Mock 2014 Draft (Version #7)
    Eagles will have the 22nd Pick in each Round
    This Mock does not include and Trade Ups or Trade Downs or Compensatory Picks … My focus is on the Def Seconday/OLB/DE/OL & WR Positions

    Rd #1 (#22nd) Safety Ha Ha Clinton-DIx (Alabama 6-1″ 210lbs)
    Rd #2 (#54th) CB Kyle Fuller (Virgina Tech 6-0″ 195lbs)
    Rd #3 (#86th) CB Victor Hampton (South Carolina 5-11″ 200lbs)
    Rd #4 (#118th) DE Joseph Mauro (Stanford 6-6′ – 285lbs)
    Rd #5 (#150th) OT Justin Britt (Missouri 6-5′ 315lbs)
    Rd #6 (#182nd) DT Shemar Stephen (U Conn 6-5 315lbs)
    Rd #7 (#214th) Guard Kadeem Edwards (Tenn State 6-3 320lbs)

    • As for no WR, The Eagles Resign Both Cooper & Maclin to go along with
      D-Jax/Avant and will invite a Couple of undrafted WR’s to do battle with Jeff Maehl/Brad Smith/D Johnson/Cunningham, for the WR Spot so there is no real reason to Draft one early in this Draft

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