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Should The Sixers Pursue A Trade For Omer Asik?

omerasikThe Houston Rockets have been actively shopping reserve center Omer Asik.

Asik, who has been relegated to a bench role since the team signed Dwight Howard, has been unhappy with his position on the team and has made it clear that he wants out of Houston.

One of the rumored landing places for Asik has been Philadelphia. Sam Hinkie was one of the guys who played a big role in bringing Asik to Houston a couple of years ago, and he may be interested in bringing him to the Sixers.

Does a trade for Asik even make sense for the Sixers?

I don’t like the idea at all.

First of all, the Sixers just made a deal to bring Nerlens Noel in. Noel is still recovering from his knee injury, but he figures to be the team’s future center.

Asik isn’t a special talent, and he isn’t a team guy. He’s already got a big contract, and he has a chance to play for a contending team. But that’s not good enough for Asik, who has done nothing but mope and complain ever since Dwight Howard joined the team. He wants to play starter’s minutes, and once Noel eventually gets healthy, I don’t know that he’s going to get them here.

However, even though I don’t like the idea of Asik coming to Philadelphia, I trust Sam Hinkie completely. I’m convinced that he knows what he’s doing, and that there is a larger plan behind each move. The days of the shortsighted Sixers are over.

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112 Comments for “Should The Sixers Pursue A Trade For Omer Asik?”

  1. How does Asik help the Sixers win two years from now? He is a role player on a good team. If you trade away Thad, Spence or Evan, you need young talent with upside (or draft picks), not an older malcontent with a big cap number. The only way I pick him up is to trade him away in another deal later.

  2. Trade Thad, ET, Hawes, & however else, for picks & expireds! Nothing less, nothing more! We don’t want anybody making us better this year! Dump the trash, for recyclables, & picks! That is all!

  3. Off season, is a different story. Wheel & deal to your hearts desire!

  4. eagles0superbowls

    The addition of Asik will chop 10 points off their opponents score. He would be a massive addition defensively. But his addition might also drop the Sixers 5 spots in the draft lottery also. Spencer is not resigning with Sixers so a Center will be needed to replace him.
    I still don’t get the release of Darius Morris. They replaced his minutes with the signing of Lorenzo Brown and/or Elliot Williams. Morris is way better than either of those two guys.

  5. they can add this scrub i dont care. trade spence and thad and get worse, hopefully scoop another 1st round draft pick

    i would be hesitant to trade turner, just let him walk imo. he is key to us continuing to suck this year. he is garbage and single handily assures losing and more ping pong balls.

  6. ******* SIXERS TRADE ALERT*************

    My sources are stating that the sixers could be involved in a trade for Omar Asik. This could get interesting, stay tuned.


    Jon Harts secretary

    • mhitler, you really have an obsession with me huh?!. .btw genius, I mentioned this trade like 2 months ago haha… I’m ahead of the curve my friend..

  7. Adding Omer Asik isn’t a bad idea long term. Hes a young center 27 years old, physical, athletic, runs the floor very well, and most importantly he can play defense in the paint, hes a great rim defender. Having him and Noel in that paint isn’t a bad Idea. They both can play either PF or C. They both have a lot of versatility… The Sixers need bulk in that paint, guys with toughness. With Hawes they get offense, but you still have to stop the other team from scoring..

  8. Omar Asik, brings nothing to the Sixers that Spencer doesn’t already bring, and he is a much better player. So trading for him makes zero sense.

    Trade Evan Turner, #1 pick from the Pelicans,and the rights to Nerlens Noel, to get the star this team needs….

    Noel is Caldwell Jones – Gimme a break on his potential. He has no Offensive game, and should be exclusively coming off the bench to block shots. My wang is thicker than he is…..He isn’t going to dominate anyone, or anything..

  9. Would would you think of Pacers Danny Granger GCliff
    The Pacers don’t need him anymore, if healthy he is still a good Player
    Don’t think the Pacers really need anyone from the 76ers Roster, but I have always liked his game..

    • They’re going young and healthy. Not damaged goods. Granger is a gunner anyway. His game has gotten progressively worst as the years gone by. And this is a young mans game, he’s what now 30? They stay away from him

    • Doesn’t he have a career debilitating injury Paul?…….I would pass…

  10. **Sixers News**

    My source has just informed me that Dion Waiters to the Sixers or to the Bulls is a very strong possibility. Dion is fed up with coming off the bench, and is fed up with the team and organization. He “wants out.” Dion prefers to play for his hometown team the Sixers where he thinks he can be the “go to guy.” If its to the Sixers the deal would include Evan Turner. If its to the Bulls, it would include Luol Deng.

    My thoughts- Its the same guys dancing, lets see where they all land. But the Sixers are coming up in trade discussions a lot lately. Maybe its front office putting the word out, or in regards to this deal possibly Dion and his camp but things are beginning to heat up.. But let me be clear, Id rather have Waiters on this team over ET. They both have attitude issues but one is younger than the other and is more explosive offensively and that’s Waiters. Waiter is just 21 years old and has a lot of growth and maturing ahead of him on and off the court… But lets envision him being taught and groomed here by coach brown and this staff. I don’t think its a terrible idea. Helping him improve his mid range shot and overall game.. I can see it happening and working out…

    • yep, we all read the same articlefrom NBC.

      • Nbc? haha way off stev”no”… good try though. I have very good sources pretty much on or around each team.. Could never say who though.. Top secret.. Shhh..

        • Mmhmmm. Well… let us know when he doesnt say something thats printed 20 mins prior.

        • You are the biggest f^#@ing imbecilic nut-job, on this site! You have no f^#@ing sources, you @$$puppet! Go back in your sex dungeon & talk to your sources. Your blowup dolls! Stupid f^#@tard! Sources my Black, Italian, Cherokee @$$!


            • i endorse dcars post

              • That Waiters to the 6ers rumor is not hours old, it is weeks old. My source is the internet.

                And I don’t want a malcontent like Waiters or an average dude making a lot of money like Asik. Although I do support getting rid of any and all tweeners like Thad and Evan Turner on this team. No more 2/3s who can’t shoot or 4s that aren’t big.

  11. Btw, December 19th is an important date because on this day the Houston Rockets said that this will be the self imposed deadline for a deal to be done involving Omer Asik.

    **Hot off the source**

    Their is buzz league wide that the Celtics are neck and neck with the Sixers for Omer Asik in a 3 team trade. Its really starting to heat up guys, I ll keep you posted as I hear more news..

  12. eagles0superbowls

    I hope these potential trades the Sixers’ may be having don’t include Tony Wroten. Tony Wroten (20 years old) is every bit as good as MCW (22 years old). As long as both are under contract let 2 years of on the court play determine who is the future.
    Thad Young has to be traded. Nerlans, Moultrie and two 2014 first round draft picks are his game minutes going forward. There is a logjam at that spot on the horizon.
    I would trade Evan for Waiters.
    I would trade Thad Young for Asik
    Just don’t add Wroten as a throw in, Keep him he is a building block.

  13. the only persons traded should be Evan Turner, Arnett Moultre, and Nerlens Noel.

    Thaddeus Young is more important to this team than Turner. Just stupid to trade him for this scrub…or at all for that matter…

    • gmc, trade everyone. Who gives a f^#@? They all suck, but MCW.

    • eagles0superbowls

      GMCliff – Thad Young gets no plays called for him nor does he shut down anyone defensively. He is the forth or fifth play option ever time down the court. He is a below average rebounder. He is how do you say it: “Not all that”
      Evan and Spencer contracts are up and are gone at trade deadline and/or free agency. Thad Young will be the uncontested team leader. You can’t have a team leader that doesn’t have plays called for him and is not a defensive force.

      • I’ve been hearing all the petty hang ups about Thad for about 3 years now, and have yet to see evidence of the negatives you state. Charles Barkley himself, screamed that He was better than Igoudala, when he was here.

        E0S, if that’s the way you see it,…then your welcome to your opinion. I see it differently, and I say he is a way better talent than people give him credit for.

        I’m tired of listening to guys that don’t know basketball talent.

        Thad has no plays called for him but in many games, has been either their leading scorer, or most valuable asset on the floor, including when Evan Turner is in the game…..But like I said you are welcome to your uneducated opinion….

        • Thaddeus Young’s natural position is the small forward position, which Doug Collins wanted him to change to allow Igoudala court time.

          Explain the reasoning to me though…Many would like to see us draft JaBari Parker, who has a power forwards game, although he can shoot. But is not taller, and heavier than Thad who also is 6-8 235 lbs, but lacks the experience of the pro game, and would be overwhelmed by both PF, and SF in the NBA., leaving us at a disadvantage… what would be the difference?…….

          • eagles0superbowls

            GMCliff – I am one of the few on this sites that actually watches all the Sixers and Flyers games. Thad Young just got dominated in 5 consecutive games by Andray Blatche, Lemarcus Aldridge, Amir Johnson, Kevin Love, and Blake Griffen. DOMINATED!!!!!!what does Thad Young do well? He doesn’t shoot 3 points well, he doesn’t shoot free throws well, he doesn’t rebound well, he doesn’t get assists, he doesn’t dribble well, he doesn’t block shots well, he doesn’t get double teamed. Thad Young runs the floor well. But he can’t stop anyone from tossing him out of the way and doing as they please down low. Unless you want to explain how the five players mentioned above didn’t kick the crap out of Thad Young I don’t want to read your nonsense. DOMINATED!!!!!

            • Thad Young is not a good enough Outside Scorer/Ball Handler to play SF which I have stated for 5 Years now.. He has the mindset,tenacity and and skills of a PF, but in a msall body and only has the Size of the SF, but doesn’t shoot well enough or handle the ball well enough outside the Paint area to actually Play SF at the NBA Level.. He is not, and never has been an Impact Player ir someone that you build around a Roster
              Thadd Young is simply a nice Bench Role-Player good for 15-20 Minutes a Game who bring’s energy and experience off the Bench, but nowhere near worth $9 Millin Per Season, he’s a 7th/8th Man off of any Good Team’s Bench, Nothing more and nothing less

            • He is not a Power Forward. Nothing to be ashamed of to be dominated by 3 All-Stars, while your playing out of position.

              Paul has stated his feelings about Thad as well, and has been continuously wrong about his contribution to the team…That’s why he is still here, and unless they get an all-star for him…He will continue to be here, AND he’d be starting also for most teams in the NBA……..

              • He’s only playing 30 Minutes a game because he
                Plays for the 76ers Cliff.. He’s not a PF or a SF Starter
                For a Quality Pkayoff Team
                He’s a Player without a Position and simply a 15-18 Minute a Game Player for any real Playoff Caliber Team
                Sorry Cliff, Thad is just not “all that”..
                And not worth his current Contract, just a solid Role/Bench Player just like Hawes & ET would be if on a better Team
                And that’s about it..

              • that is just the opinions of those that don’t know better Paul.

                Unfortunately, There are plenty of GM’s in the NBA that know better than that…..

              • So Thadd is a good player and a major contributor on a bad Team
                Does this make Thadd Young a Good PLayer..
                Any Player in the NBA getting a Consistent 30-35 minutes a Game is going to put up points Cliff.. But so what, the Team wins 25 Games and is not competitive against Good Teams.. Does this make Thadd Young a Desireable and Good NBA Player as you state or just the best Player on the 76er Front Line (wihch isn’t saying much) … He’s a Role Player on any Good Playoff Team and would get 15-18 Minutes a Game

              • He’s had the same minutes he has had for the last 3 years, and his career average is the same as his current average 17ppg, and 6.6 rebounds a game……..Your reaching Paul.

                and in less minutes not too long ago when Igoudala was here he was your leading scorer, halfway through the season – before he got injured – So, in less minutes, or more minutes, as a pro, he has had the same production……

              • yes Cliff all on bad Teams so what does that mean…
                He’s a good Player, but nothing Special and surely not a Player you are going to build a CHampionship Roster around.. He simply is a contributor like 200 other PLayers in the NBA..
                He gets his Stats and Minutes for he plays on a Bad Team..
                just like many Players would play 35 minutes a night in the NBA
                Hell I could get 8-10 Points a game for a 5-9 White Guy who can’t jump or shoot either ..

              • No, but better than what you give him credit for……Your boy Connor Barwin has less impact, and you refuse to see him for what he is though…..They both have their roles don’t they?

                Thaddeus, up to this point, has been a lot more consistent in his career though…..

          • gmcliff, I guess that it depends on what their plan is as to whether they should keep him. I don’t think that he is a starting 3, because he can’t really shoot. He seems to be more of a role player to me. That being said, if they get a 2 who can actually a 4 that has a low post game, then maybe he can fill that spot at 3. I am not saying that he can’t play, but I am saying that I am not sure if he has a role going forward.

            • I’d agree with some of that Bugs. My point is he is more valuable than even Evan Turner, and I wouldn’t irresponsibly trade him for garbage like Omar Asik…….

              E0S, said he would be a asset to their future….LAUGHABLE, what is he doing for Houston now?….not half as much as Thad is for the Sixers…Omar Asik is garbage…..Point blank, and if you think different, you are as dumber than I think you are…..

              The only person I would give up of equal value as far as talent is concerned is, for Asik is LaVoy Allen.

              • eagles0superbowls

                The Philadelphia Sixers cannot defend the lane. they just gave up 130 points to Brooklyn and 139 points to Portland both in regulation. Omar Asik is needed THAD YOUNG is getting dominated. It is a dunk-a-thon!!

              • Asik isn’t doing anything for his current team. What do you mean that “He is needed”?…..You are dumber than I thought…..

                Any evaluator of this team can see we are young, and lacking talent.We are rebuilding. Yes I know, so whats new. Your trying to make it out that this all Thaddeus’s fault that they are lacking. I disagree with you.

                Omar Asik isn’t NEEDED on any NBA Team…especially our 76ers.

              • eagles0superbowls

                GMCliff – if you can’t read into the obvious I’ll give you a lesson, get your notebook.
                the Sixers traded back to back all stars (Iguodala, Holliday) and used 3 straight #1 picks on Vucevic, Moulrtie, and Noel because “WHY?” they are happy with Thad Young.
                the Sixers swung for the fences twice trying to acquire Elton Brand and Andrew Bynum trying to replace the non existent low post scoring option which is currently Thad Young( by default). The Previous regime and this current regime entire focus is replace the the Power Forward and Center. Every trade talk the Sixers had and are having involves upgrading the PF and Center position — EVERY ONE!

              • eagles0superbowls

                the reason Thad Young is still here is because Iguodala, Holliday, Vucevic, even Dalembert were more desirable commodities. Spencer Hawes is even a more desirable commodity if we are to believe the Rockets interest for Asik rumor.

              • I agree with you that he is definitely more valuable than ET on this team’s future. ET is a 2 that can’t shoot and who needs the ball in his hands. With MCW going forward, he is not in the future plans or else they would have re-upped him.

              • That’s right Bugs, T, Young came out after his freshman year at Georgia Tech, he is still Young, and valuable.

                Evan Turner was obviously overrated coming out of college, but could still get us a #1 Pick. I feel the same way about Nerlens Noel, but because he is young, and virtually unknown at this point – and he could land us a player, and draft pick packaged with some expiring contracts, with Turner – maybe a DeMarcus Cousins?

                E0S, I will never need you to give me a lesson on anything ..Period

              • The Rockets already have a player that’s ‘Thad like”, in Terrance Jones. They also have a contract like Thad’s, in Chandler Parsons. So it’s not Hawes value to them that’s more attractive than Thad’s, it’s the price tag against the cap……FYI, and a lesson for you E0S.

                For them to trade Thaddeus Young, a major player would have to be packaged in the deal, or a potentially high draft pick.

                I say they hold on to Thad, to the objection of E0S,and Paulman.

              • ET is very unlikely to return a 1st Round Pick in Return
                He’s an average Player…
                TY would also not return a 1st Round Pick on his own either
                S Hawes would also not return a 1st Round PIck

                Unless 2 of these Players are Packaged together, No NBA Team is giving up a 1st Round Pick for any of theses Players on their own…

              • Your wrong Paul.

                Scoring 23ppg, and still young – He would return a 1st Round draft pick.

                They had one for him during the draft last year, and backed out of it. That’s when he wasn’t really playing well. I say trade him, and Noel ,and we’ll get what we need in player, and draft picks.

              • Evan Turner is again out rebounding Thad Young on the defensive boards just like last year. Thad Young is a horrible rebounder, he can’t help guard the paint because he can’t even guard his own man.

              • GMCliff – no body wants to play with Cousins. He is a skunk.

              • i want cousins!!!!!!!!!!! im sure mcw does too. the guy would be the best player in a sixers uniform since AI. period.

              • I guess some things make too much sense huh Big Mhenski?

  14. I don’t want to trade Young for this Asik, but I do believe that they will go after a true 4 which will make him irrelevant and not worth 9 mil per.

    • GM, I am nowhere near sold on Noel either. How could I or anyone be? He didn’t even play a whole season in college, doesn’t have a developed offensive game, is a stick and now has a major injury under his belt. People think that he is the Unibrow 2.0, but I just don’t know if he is that guy. Could he be? Sure, but I would much prefer your thought and get a force like Cousins in here.

      • Always said you were smart Bugs. Its just the wisest, and practical thing to do.

        Here is my vision for the Sixers:

        G – Michael Carter-Williams 6-6
        G – Emmanuel Mundiay (2015 draft pick) 6-6
        C – DeMarcus Cousins 6-11
        F – LaMarcus Aldridge 6-11
        F – JaBari Parker 6-8

        G – Tony Wroten – 6-6
        G – Terrance Ross – 6-6
        C – DeAndre Jordan – 6-11
        F – Donatas Montejunas 7-0
        F – Julius Randle 6-9

        • Wow, a lot of things have to happen for this lineup to happen.

          Can you explain this one including how they would get Parker and Randle in this year’s draft? Or are you thinking that one of those guys stays in school this year?

        • NO WAY GMCLIFF- and you are not shucking off the crap you wanted last draft either when you called Nerlans and Carter Williams bench pieces, so add your GM junk draft picks from last year to your lineup with Thad Young.
          June 29, 2013 – 10:33 pm

          bench pieces Diddy. Neither one of them is a real starter. The PIECES we get next year are what you roll the dice for.

          I like the result of the wheeling, and dealing. I just would have liked better pieces. Giannis Adetutkbou, and Dennis Schroeder, have Kevin Durant, Rajon Rondo type potential. Ricky Ledo has Paul George type talent.

          I’d like to have them as well as the 2 #1′s for next year .

          • I am flattered that you would go back that far to find that..But, it is what it is right? It also shows the gcobb family how obsessed you are….

        • wait how are we getting cousins, aldridge, randle and parker??????

          • Just like GMCliffs Eagles 2013 Draft last year, when he said the Eagles could get Z Ansah, Sheldon Richardson, James Cyprien & Jaime Collins all in the Top 40 Selections by Trading Up and Down ….etc.etc..
            We may have to start calling GMCliff, “GMFantasyCliff”
            if he continues with these unrealistic aquisitions…C’Mon Man…

            • Paul, you continue to downplay the phrase aggressive. NONE of what I project is not unrealistic. It may not be what the Front Offices may do, but that doesn’t make it unrealistic.

              If the Sixers were to somehow trade Turner,Nerlens Noel, Spencer Hawes, and a swap of the Kings #1, and the #1 we get from the Pelicans – Possibly in return for DeMarcus Cousins

              That swap could possibly move us up in the draft with two top 3-5 picks – Possibly and hopefully Parker, and Randle

              The Sixers, will also be players in the Free Agent Market. – Terrance Ross – A shooter, and defensive player
              DeAndre Jordan – Good Depth at Center, and Defensive Player

              The Blazers will not be able to retain LaMarcus Aldridge after 2015 when he becomes an unrestricted FA. They could sink their whole off-season in trying to sign him…….

              Obviously, some things would have to fall into place, but totally realistic….Whoever thought LeBron, Wade, and Bosh, would be on the same squad? – I don’t know seemed unrealistic to me…….

              Paul, This city, as well as you yourself have for too long, taken a passive approach towards drafting, and I know you feel like I do as to the draft strategies of the Eagles, and the Sixers have been unsatisfying….so get out of that mindset, and get aggressive.

              • And if “Fish” could Fly Cliff.. . Everything is Possible I suppose,
                But being “Possible” and being “Likely or Realistic” are 2 different things and I rather stay with what’s more realistic here whether it’s with the 76ers,Eagles or Phillies or anything else for that matter..
                Philadelphia is just not a attracative Professional Basketball Town for Big-Time Players.. The Sport of Basketball is behind Football,Baseball and even Hockey in the Winter Time, so the Support, Media, Opportunities are just not the same in Philly as they are in other large Markets that Support Basketball or don’t have as much Sports Competition..
                Big-Time Players Want LA,NY, South Beach, Boston heck and will choose Chicago,Dallas over a Philadelphia

              • I do agree with you there Paul. Its hard to get them to come, mainly because over the years we have either had nothing to offer in terms of winning a Championship, Cap issues, or bad front office decisions.

                That can all change if they can draft better, and evaluate better talent to add to the chemistry.

                I believe Sam Heinke will be aggressive in his approach to building, a Championship team. Everything is possible, and could be a reality, if followed through with a more aggressive approach.

                It’s not fantasy, when they have the means, and the resources. What they need more than anything else is a real desire to succeed like GMCliff……..

              • I agree that GM Sam Hinkle will make things happen for the 76ers
                Though I do believe it will be the more methodical route and take 3 Off-Seasons to accomplish.. If he can add 2 more solid Players and a key Free-Agent next off-Season, then they will be on their way..
                The Fans & Local Media will need to support this Team during this Transition period.. Basketball has a Rich History in Philly and it would be great to see the City rally around this Franchise again..

              • My thinking was in 2 years….no longer if they do the right things.

      • Nerlens has less than 0% chance of being the next unibrow, no fucking way.

  15. *Latest Sixers News*

    Word from my source is that the Rockets want Spencer Hawes and a 1st round pick for Omer Asik. Im hearing that Sam Hinkie is reluctant to part with a 1st rounder.Today is the deadline so expect Asik to be moved.

    My Thoughts: I’m not a fan of giving up a 1st rounder for Asik. I don’t feel hes worth all of that. I was expecting the Sixers to get a first for spencer. But now is the time Sam Hinkie proves his worth. Stand pat Hinkie is the deal is ridiculous, dont force it..

    • My source says, you are a f^#@tard, @$$miner, that couldn’t get pussy, in a whorehouse, with a fist full of Benny’s! STFU you delusional lunatic!

      • i have the same sources as jon, his post is accurate. here is what my source said to me (source listed at the bottom)

        07:29 AM ET 12.19 | As Thursday dawned, no deal had been reported, but that doesn’t mean one won’t happen for Omer Asik.[Sources] said Houston officials spent much of Wednesday weighing the merits of Boston’s offer of forward Brandon Bass, guard Courtney Lee and a future first-round draft pick for the 7-footer from Turkey while remaining engaged in talks with Philadelphia and leaving open the possibility that other teams could still join the bidding. The Rockets, sources said, have been interested in prying veteran center Spencer Hawes away from the Sixers along with a future first-round pick, but they won’t know until Thursday whether Philadelphia is prepared to part with that much for Asik or whether Boston’s offer is the best available.

        source – ESPN

        • wow – Jon Hart not only works for CSN Philly but ESPN too.

        • Does that same source have a degree in Psychiatry? Or is it one of his blowup dolls, in his sex dungeon? Dude is a f^#@tard!

          • haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

            jon hart the gift that keeps on giving

            • I wish I knew where he lived, because I’d send the white coats, to protect the rest of society, from his crazy, delusional @$$! Believe something, he believes everything he spews! My favorite, is he works at the Novacare complex, & gets all the inside scoops! RIIIIIIIGHT! That’s hard to do, when your cleaning roads, in a jumpsuit!

     – Please show respect to everyone who comes on this website.

    • JH, the Sixers, and Sam Henkie, should have absolutely NO interest in an average player like Omar Asik……let alone consider trading a 1st Round pick for him…….Just Stupid….

      • I agree gm they shouldn’t. And I don’t think the Sixers will. That’s a steep price tag for a young rebuilding team. Word is the Rockets have froze trade talks until later on down the line near the trade deadline. By that time, the Sixers may have other offers on the table.. But in those deals, the Sixers shouldn’t have not one 1st round pick it in.. That would be foolish..

        • jon did your sources tell you the rockets froze trade talks or is that just the word?

          • mhitler, do you have a life? You sit at your computer pressing the refresh button waiting for me to post something. Get a life. How about you go write another racist rant buddy, either that or get a job bum.

            • i will take my life over that of some deranged lunatic who posts on here “breaking stories” from their “sources” 3 hours after everyone who reads rotoworld, espn, si…. your a fucking imbecile and everyone laughs at you every time you post

              • Get a life and get a job bum, keep pressing the refresh button hoe

              • speaking of hoe, i saw your mom scoop up a couple jons today. christmas should be solid for you this year

              • If all else fails so a mom joke. Grow up, get a life and get a job. You have too much time on your hands. Creepily browsing and lurking on You and Dcar must be twin brothers.. But you take the ultimate crown of Hoe of The Year

  16. No way Hinke gives up a first rounder for Asik. That dude is a overpaid stiff.

    Nice work Mhenski and good call on Jamaal Charles!

    • yea any gm that gives up a first rounder for asik needs to be fired asap. shit i would think spence for asik and houstons 1st rounder wouldnt be fair for the sixers.

      hey bugs charles is an animal in kc. imo take him off the chiefs and they dont win 8 games let alone…

      • Take McCoy off the Eagles and they probably don’t win 6 Games..
        It’s all relative.. You make do with what you have..

        As fas as 76ers Dealing for Asik,
        I would offer both Thadd Young & Steven Hawes for Asik and Rockets
        #1 Draft Pick Take it or leave it Offer …
        No way should the 76ers trade away one of their 1st Round Picks

        Young or Hawes Alone will not get Asik
        so Trade both of them and get Rockets 1st Rounder along with Asik giving the 76ers 3 First Picks in 2014 and a lot of Felxibility to move up or down in a Deppt Draft .

        • i cant comprehend trading anything for asik, he isnt good

          • Thank you Big Mhenski….somebody on here has some sense of equal value…..

            They are worse with Asik..I hold on to both Thad, and Hawes, and upgrade next year with FA’s, and Draft Picks….

            • Personally I would use Young/Hawes for a better Player than Asik
              The Key is the Draft Pick.

              Anyways Lakers Guard Kobe Bryant out for 6-7 Weeks with an Injured Knee as his body continues to break down with all the years and minutes he’s played.. I think it;s the end of the line for him..

            • eagles0superbowls

              Hawes and Young = 100 points for the opponent — the guards have to double team every entry pass freeing up the 3 point line — Terrance Ross, Joe Johnson, Andre Iguodala, Aaron Affolo will have career nights again.

        • And that would be a bad, trade for the Sixers made by Paulman, for a straight up scrub, because his PERSONAL feelings for a productive player, that’s worth more to the team than he wants to believe.

          Thaddeus Young will be here like it or not, unless a potential superstar is in a package, and you can and will get a 1st Rounder for Evan Turner. They were offered one last year, and they will get another this year…….Stick to Football Buddy.

          • I am not a Gasol Fan or a Thadd Young
            Fan..both are marginal Players..
            You talk about Impact apkayersxon in Football
            Thadd Youngbis no impact player for the 76ers or the NBA
            He’s a dime a dozen Cliff.. 5 years in the NBA, what’s excuse
            Your quick to write off Eagle & other a Football Players after 1-2 average a seasons but stick with your boy,Thad after 5 Years. Who is rationalizing personal feelings for a player now Cliff.,

            • Your in denial Paul Buddy…We’ll agree to disagree

              Thad has been an impact player for the Sixers since his 2nd year in the league. Barwin isn’t IMPACT at all.

              You rationalize that 6 tackles, and a batted ball from time to time, is more impact for a team than 17-25 points scored, 7,.7 rebounds per game, and a Defensive charge magnet.

              You’re seriously in denial. Your partiality is clouding your better judgement.

            • Kevin Love scores, and contributes on a BAD team, but he is in no way irrelevant. He plays on a bad team ,but scores and produces against good NBA TEAMS………….Give credit where credit is due.If you can give credit for production that is not there, you can give it up for consistent production, that has been there for the last 4 years.

              BTW 25 points 6 rebounds last night

              • 30 points 10 rebounds tonight for Thaddeus Young. Just another day at the Office…..:)

              • Against a 5 Win Team vs the Bucks
                And Thadd still couldn’t ‘t impact the game enough
                To carry the 76ers to a WIn , but I hope he continues to good play for it will only enhance his Trade Value …

  17. More than right man. I lost in fantasy semis this week because of that SOB. GD Raiders defense.

    • I as well Bugs by 2.14 points…..50 points wouldn’t have been enough to beat me…..but they got 55 from Jamaal Charles, to me isn’t close to as talented as Shady…..

  18. My sources are stating Jon Hart is gonna have an update on Asik a few hours after the news has already been posted. Sources are stating Jon is going to break news that Omer Asik left Thursday’s practice “to go see a doctor for his knee.”Asik has been out indefinitely with a phantom thigh injury while the Rockets pursue trade options, but as of Thursday those talks have been put on hold.

    • Sources state that Mrs Hart got Jon a “Super Mario Brothers Game Cartridge” for his Play-Station for Christmas..

      • I know your old and basically fossil status, but you need to get with the times fraudman. “Super Mario Brothers Game Cartridge”? C’mon guy..

        • Sources state that Mrs Hart got Jon a baseball for Christmas..

          My thoughts within an hour he will lose the baseball and until next Christmas every person he meets he will ask “have you seen my baseball?

          • Aren’t your fingers tired of pressing the refresh button? Is that your job all day to press the refresh button on your computer waiting for me to write something? You are definitely the Hoe of The Year.. Your not only a racist, but your a hoe too? Sheesh.. a racist hoe.. smh

  19. New Sources out in Los Angeles state that the Laker are interested in a
    ET & Hawes for P Gasol and a Draft Pick… Details at 11pm

    • No for Gasol, and no deals involving our draft picks Period.

      • eagles0superbowls

        Merry Christmas GMCliff and Paulman and the rest of the characters here on Gary’s website. I’m going on Holiday for two weeks. And for anyone who doesn’t celebrate Christmas have a Happy New Year!
        Please don’t drink and drive or serve too much alcohol to someone who may be driving later in the day this season.

        • Same to you Eagles, have a great Holiday Season
          And Safe Travels.. And hopefully when you return
          We are chatting about the NFL Playoff Games within the Eagles in the Chase.. GMCliff & I can wait to Febuary to start with our Draft Talk
          Ha Ha… Enjoy..

      • Agree GM…they can’t give away any draft picks…that’s what the foundation of the future will be built on, you can’t give them away, especially for a guy like Gasol who already has a ton of miles on him.

        The Sixers have tried going down that road, trying to trade for older big-name guys (Webber) and learned the hard way that it doesn’t work.

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