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mccoydomEagles Bounce Back With Dominating Effort

A week ago, the Eagles fell flat on their faces against the lowly Vikings. A poor gameplan combined with terrible gameday management, and absolutely wretched defensive effort doomed the team in an embarrassing loss.

This week, the Eagles did a complete 180 from what they were in Minnesota.

Chip Kelly’s gameplan was much improved, with Kelly wisely making LeSean McCoy the focal point of his offense. McCoy ripped off 133 yards on 18 carries, scoring two touchdowns while Kelly’s offense dropped 45 points on the Chicago defense. Kelly’s offense dominated time of possession, and punted the ball only twice. This was an effort so dominating, it looked like one of Kelly’s Oregon Duck blowout games.

Defensively, Billy Davis and his unit did a great job cleaning up a lot of their misques from a week ago and returning to the solid form that has anchored the Eagles to a lot of their victories. The defense began the night by pitching two three-and-outs, and kept the explosive Chicago offense in check.

Brandon Marshall, Alshon Jeffrey, and Matt Forte have combined for over 4,000 total yards from scrimmage. What did the numbers look like for these three potent weapons tonight? Through two and a half quarters when the game mattered, Marshall was held to two catches for 19 yards. Jeffrey had five for 66. Forte gained just six yards on five carries. To bottle up all of that explosiveness is truly commendable, and you have to give the defense credit for forgetting their failures in Minnesota and getting right back on track. Davis’ defense didn’t allow a touchdown until the final play of the third quarter.

The defense was responsible for scoring nine points, and they chased Jay Cutler from the game early in the fourth quarter.

Foles Keeps Impressing

It was another solid night for Nick Foles.

Foles began his night by making a great play to find Riley Cooper in the back of the endzone on the team’s first score. Foles remained calm with a rusher heading right for him, went through his progressions, kept his eyes downfield and delivered a strike to his wide receiver.

Foles did the same thing on the next drive. He bought just enough time with his legs to extend the play and managed to find Zach Ertz for a 26-yard gain to put the team in the redzone. The big gain helped set up LeSean McCoy’s first touchdown run of the evening.

Foles had a beautiful pump fake that got a Chicago defender to jump, and allowed Foles a chance to deliver a pass to Jason Avant for a first down in the second quarter. Throughout the night, the young quarterback made big throws on third down that extended drives. He did not throw an interception, and made smart decisions to take care of the ball.

Foles finished 21/25 for 230 yards with two touchdowns.

Quick Thoughts


  • LeSean McCoy beautiful spin move on his second touchdown run.
  • Chris Polk missed a block on Julius Peppers in the first quarter. Peppers nearly got to Foles, but Foles was able to get rid of the ball in time.
  • Polk picked up a touchdown in the fourth quarter to make it a 40-11 game.
  • Todd Herremans and Lane Johnson did a nice job blocking on McCoy’s touchdown run in the first quarter.
  • Can we do away with the Wild Cat formation please? That fad was stale and done with three years ago.
  • James Casey came up with a big block that sprung McCoy on the 4th and 1 run in the first quarter.
  • The Eagles called a lot of plays that had DeSean Jackson running routes from out of the backfield. Jackson caught three passes and picked up two first downs from these formations.
  • The team also called a great deal of screen plays for McCoy, which they turned into big gains all night.
  • Kelly cost the team a timeout by attempting to challenge LeSean McCoy’s fumble in the third quarter. All turnovers are reviewed automatically, so a team cannot challenge a play or if they do they lose a timeout.
  • Bryce Brown finished the night with a 65-yard touchdown run, giving him 115 yards for the game.


  • Defense began the night with two three-and-outs. Jay Cutler didn’t target either Brandon Marshall or Alshon Jeffrey until the end of the first quarter.
  • It was a huge night for Trent Cole, who finished the game with three sacks. Cole picked up his sixth sack of the season on a third down on the Bears’ opening drive. His resurgence has been remarkable.
  • Earl Wolff returned to the team tonight, and broke up a pass intended for Marshall on third down early in the second quarter.
  • Cary Williams broke up a deep pass intended for Marshall in the second quarter.
  • The Eagles’ linebackers struggled to cover Martellus Bennett in the second quarter. Cutler found Bennett three times for 51 yards on one drive.
  • Mychal Kendricks picked up a sack on Cutler in the second quarter that put the Bears in a third and 28 situation. Kendricks’ sack ended up taking the Bears out of field goal range. Kendricks picked up a second sack in the third quarter on a third down, forcing another Chicago punt.
  • A poor spot by the officials gave the Bears a field goal attempt before the half, which Robbie Gould was able to connect on.
  • Cedric Thornton stopped Matt Forte for a loss in the endzone for a safety in the third quarter.
  • Nice play by DeMeco Ryans in the third to break up a third-down pass to Matt Forte.
  • Brandon Boykin picked off a Cutler pass in the fourth quarter and ran it back for a touchdown. Boykin has five picks on the year, which is tremendous for a nickel corner.

Special Teams

  • Great play by Bradley Fletcher to strip Devin Hester and create a turnover for the Eagles. Fletcher was pressed into special teams duty along with Cary Williams due to the absences of Kurt Coleman and Colt Anderson.
  • Brad Smith has become a nice contributor on special teams. Smith picked up a tackle on the opening kickoff.
  • Alex Henery hit a 49-yard field goal before the half to make it a 24-0 game.
  • Another week, another great punt from Donnie Jones. In the third quarter, Jones launched a punt that pinned Chicago inside their own 5-yard line which was downed by Brandon Boykin. The punt from Jones set up a safety for the Eagles.

Final Thoughts

With nine wins, Chip Kelly has secured a winning season, continuing to go above and beyond the expectations of many, myself included.

Sure, the Bears have a very poor defense, but to see this team bounce back the way they did and look so crisp on offense and to see them fight hard again on defense was extremely encouraging, and its a tribute to the mentality that the new coaching staff has installed in these players.

However, its not time to celebrate yet.

The Eagles have one more massive challenge in front of them to close out the regular season. They must go on the road and defeat the Dallas Cowboys in order to earn the right to participate in the postseason.

Everything that the Eagles have worked for over the past year is on the line. For all intents and purposes, the playoffs begin next weekend for this team.

The chants of “We Want Dallas” in the middle of the third quarter were a beautiful thing to hear.

With Week 17′s match against the Dallas Cowboys shaping up to be a showdown for the division, Denny Basens and Jeff Kolsky are planning to get a group together to watch the game at XFINITY Live, and we would like to extend invitations to any and all readers of to come out and join us. We sincerely appreciate all who read, comment, and make this website great, and we’d love the opportunity to meet some of the readers and experience a great game together.



85 thoughts on “Thoughts From Eagles-Bears

  1. Foles is the real deal. Shady is a beast. The O-line is playing lights out. The DF has impressed me with their improvements, after playing bad. Man, if Kelly didn’t screw the poch last week, we’d be NFC East Champs right now. Stupid pooch kicks, & running Shady only 8 times. IDIOTIC!!!!

  2. All around exceptional performance from the Eagles in all 3 phases of the game. 25 TD’s and just 2 picks….7-2 as a starter…8-2 if you include that Giants game. Damn good quarterbacking!

  3. I can’t wait for when we beat the Cowgirls next week, when the story will be Romo choked, their DF sucked, & our DF was good, for the reason why we won! Can’t wait! Foles won’t get any credit, while throwing 22-30, 300 yards, 2 TD’s, 0 int’s. Can’t wait for the troll roaches to come out from under the radiators! All of you can commit Hari Kari, for all I care. POS’s!!!!!

  4. This was a total dismantling of the Chicago Bears tonight.

    I find nothing to criticize: Kelly went back to a balanced offense, and actually emphasized the running game.

    For MVPs this season, the award has to go to the OF line, with Foles & McCoy close runner ups.

    The defense was outstanding and inspired.

    I haven’t been willing to venture predictions on the Eagles this season, but I will now say: the Eagles will beat the Cowboys, unless Las Vegas steps in.

    However, I think Las Vegas likes the Eagles, at least to get into the playoffs.

    Jerry Jones is still having problems with the Vegas boys.

  5. Bradley Fletcher had an awesome game
    10 Tackles to lead the Game, bot he and Cary Williams were
    Agressive from the get go and in the Bears Receivers faces at the line of Scrimmage which is how they need to pkay versus the Cowboy Receivers
    TE Bennett had a big game for the Bears but I rest her see the Defense give up 8-10-12 yards Catches to the TE than 20-30 yards Deep to their bigvReceivers
    They Stuffed RB Forte all Game long which was impressive
    Thornton, Kendrick’s, Ryans & Chung all hand nice games as well
    As Trent Coke who has been rejuvenated at OLB and has fresh legs and and his motor late in the Season as opposed to being worn down as a DE as we’ve seen in recent Seasons..
    Fletch Cox,Logan, Barwin & Nate Allen were
    All doing their part and not obver pursuing and tying up blockers and finishing off Plays.. A butt-whipping in all aspects which is exactly what the Team needed
    Heading into next weeks showdown in Dallas

    1. Best game the secondary played all year! That’s what happens, when you DON’T play 10-15 yards off of the wide receiver? WOW, what a concept!

  6. A powerful and overwhelming game by the Eagles Defense! To shut down the best offense in the NFC is simply amazing. I was convinced that we would have to win a shootout with Chicago…boy I was wrong on that count…the defense came out right from the start and established a tone of dominance for the game….and then the best running back in the NFL…Shady McCoy took over the game!
    Play defense and hand off to Shady…it will open up the offense and give Foles some very easy passes. This is how we can win…put team on Shady’s shoulders!

    1. I agree with all that you said, but you still refuse to give any credit to the kid at QB, HUH koolfraud? Transparent as a see-though nighty! Pathetic my man, just pathetic.

    1. But…. but…. but…. if he plays like crap next week, he’s a choke. Sooooo pathetic! Dude is a leader. He’s accurate. Makes good decisions. Is big, young & improving. WTF else does anyone want? Maybe if he had a deep tan, the troll masses on here, would like him? That’s the only thing I can see at this point. I was leery, & skeptical at 1st, but this kid is the real deal, & the troll, racist haters, can go f^#@ themselves!

  7. Bring on the cowgirls!! It’s funny how so many people were saying it will come down to the final game against the Eagles and Cowboys…epic season finale!

    1. I hope we shatter Tony Blowmo into pieces, just like what is going to happen to plastic man’s face, when we destroy them next week!

  8. Decent article Denny.
    “However, its not time to celebrate yet.
    The Eagles have one more massive challenge in front of them to close out the regular season. They must go on the road and defeat the Dallas Cowboys in order to earn the right to participate in the postseason.
    Everything that the Eagles have worked for over the past year is on the line. For all intents and purposes, the playoffs begin next weekend for this team.” Best thing I’ve heard from any poster all season. Screw the name calling so quickly DMAN. Them so called Cowgirls are the difference in us making it or staying home this year. Lets take it one game at a time because we can be so hyped during the Detroit game and let down the next week with the terrible no win season vikings. One game at a time.
    On another note, General Foles is growing on me. I like the way he protects the ball and doesn’t throw int’s. I hate how slow he is when taking sacks and can’t run for crap. maybe we need to get the Navy seal or somebody in here to help him with his quickness etc.

    Overall a good article and “LETS GO EAGLES”!!!!!!

  9. Yup, I said cowgirls buddy. I dislike every damn thing about them. And yes, one game at a time, I agree with you on that. And Foles is the REAL DEAL folks! Who cares if he isn’t as fast as Vick…at least he doesn’t fumble, or throw picks when he’s back peddling from being sacked. Ya, I think we can all relate to that shit. The Eagles will have to play like they did tonight in order to win in Dallas. The Cowboys will be ready for the challenge..

  10. Billy Davis needs to be punched in the head! Thats the defensive game plan that needs to be used EVERY DAMN WEEK! Keep up the pressure and stop playing the DBs 15 yards off the LOS. Great game plan. Even when we were up 20 Davis didn’t go to that friggin 3 man rush prevent defenses. lol. Great job. But seriously Williams and Fletcher obviously thrive on big recievers who aren’t that fast. that was a good matchup for them since they are nice size to. .

  11. Monday morning is GREAT after a DOMINATING game like that from the BIRDS!!

    Great game plans on both sides of the field. Good special teams play. The defense really stepped up, big plays by Kendrick’s, Williams, Cole and Fletcher. That was the defense that we had gotten used to over that 9 game stretch.

    Shadey and the OL were intent on dominating the worst rush defense in the league, and they more than did the job. Files was steady and clutch when we needed him to be. I think he was like 22 for 25, and at least 2 of those in completions were intentionally thrown in the seats. Staying away from turnovers and getting first downs is a great way to lead a team.

    Great job all around. Now is the time for Kelly and Davis to get this team focused on facing the Cowgirls. Can’t wait!!! Another Sunday Night game with everything on the line!!!

    Merry Christmas to all of those of you who celebrate and Happy Holidays to all others!! It is a great week to be an Eagles fan with this team getting hot St the right time. No doubt that this team is on the rise and that great things are ahead for this season and many into the future.

    GO BIRDS! !!!

  12. That was fun last night. Good O, good D, even Henry with a good fg. Foles 21-25???? And at least 2 were throw-aways. That’s completely ridiculous. Not enough for a couple frauds on here, but incredible for just about anyone else watching.

    Now on to TS….

  13. To Fraud Fan TS…should have posted this last night, but better late than never…..

    Yesterday, in the midst of your joyous Cam Newton celebrations (why not as happy after Birds wins?) you wrote:

    “Newton will have finished the greatest first two seasons we’ve ever seen out of an NFL quarterback” Now I know those aren’t your words, but you posted them, so its what you think. You think Newton is one of the best QBs ever.

    You come on here and sing his praises at every opportunity.

    First 16 starts (Foles only has 15, but that’s fine)

    Newton 6v 10 L
    Foles 8w 7l

    Newton 60%
    Foles 61.5%

    Newton 4051 yrds
    Foles 4327yrds

    Newton 21 tds
    Foles 29tds

    Newton 4.1 td%
    Foles 5.5 td%

    Newton 17ints
    Foles 7ints

    Newton 3.3 int%
    Foles 1.3 int %

    Newton 84 passer rating
    Foles 98 passer rating

    Now, that’s Newton on his way to….what was it? The “greatest 2 first seasons” of any QB ever.

    And Foles is better in every important category. In 1 less games!

    But Newton is “greatest ever” and Foles is what were your words…..Foles is “THE problem on offense”


    Myself, I cannot wait to see Eagles/Panthers in the playoffs so that I can laugh throughout the second half every time Fox shows Newton slumped on the bench pouting with that stupid towel draped over his head.

    1. Newton has done well in his first 3 seasons. As the 1st OAL pick, he has been under a great deal of pressure and expectations. He and his team are starting to play well and look to certainly be a handful in the playoffs.

      I really don’t know why so often on here it is “all or nothing”….you are great or your are “ass”…..and also when making comparisons, too much time is spent being overly critical of one play to “raise” the stature of another. You know, both players may be very good and have a very successful career. It does not need to be mutually exclusive that if Newton is a success, that Foles cannot. Both are very good if not great young players. Comparisons are great for debates, but in truth, they may both be ranked as elite QB’s somewhere down the road, but only time and games will tell.

      1. Thank you Greenfan great post what Newton did at the end of that game was outstanding, what Foles has done this year is borderline ridiculous. Who cares about comparing the two, I just want one more Eagles win and on to the playoffs my friend.

        1. Why do you care what newton does, but we know, balance your praise of newton against your feint praise for the best young qb in eagles history

          I figured your lame ass out a long time , you are garbage

  14. Newton is about to complete his 3rd Season
    And though he did compile some great aindidual Stats his first 2 Seasons
    His Team didn’t win enough and had a below .500 Record
    This year he has stepped up his maturity, getting ball out to his playmakers and not trying to do it on his own, obviously he has a better a Defense and Team around him, but their Offense is basically the same,
    He’s just more nature and a better decision as his Team has enjoyed more success though his aindidual Stats are down from his first 2 Seasons
    But anyone who knows the game Football can see that he is a better QB
    Now than before, protecting the ball, etc,etc..
    The sky’s the limit for him and Foles, Luck and Wilson for these QB’s are wise beyond their years & age..

  15. The Eagles shifted the focus of the offense from Foles passing- which in large part lead to a loss last week with Foles missing wide open receivers in the 4th quarter-to Shady McCoy and the running game. With Shady and the Offensive Line overwhelming Chicago with a powerful running game, it made the passing game extremely easy…giving Foles very easy screen passes and dump offs.
    Shady, the Offensive Line and the Defense will need to repeat the same effort against the hated Cowboys….

    1. Wow. Your hate for Foles comes through in every word.

      Do you not think that the defense giving up 48 points had ANYTHING to do for the Minnesota loss?

      You have a dominate performance by all aspects of the Eagles team last night in a nationally televised game, but instead you want to make a ridiculous statement about last weeks loss.

      Truely, why even watch these games kool? To look for the smallest area to try and tear down the QB? Pathetic existance where you spend all of your time hoping that a team loses so that you can feel better that your favorite player was not playing. Pathetic really. You need a new hobby.

  16. This is what you get when our O has a Balanced gameplan! Theirs no reason whatsoever to do anything different next week, I wouldn’t change one thing on either side of the ball.

  17. Cripes Kool, you still at it? You make it seem like Foles was the only reason why they lost last week. He didn’t play well, but he also didn’t give up 48 points. They certainly didn’t lose because he missed passes in the 4th quarter. I know that you don’t like him, but it gets a little ridiculous at times.

    You call others trolls about Vick, but this is certainly quite troll like.

    1. bugsyhawk you guys are ridiculous…You guys are the ones who keep dragging up Vick. You guys look more at what I dont say then what I say…I didn’t say he was the ONLY reason why they lost…however, the game was put in his hands. The plan was to take advantage of the Vikings back up, second string quarterbacks (who were exposed this week by the Bengals) In the clutch time of the game, the fourth quarter…Foles didn’t keep key drives alive in the 4th quarter…sometimes the offense is your best defense by scoring and keeping the opposing defense on the field you limit the opportunities of the opposing offense.
      Last week when we needed key first downs in the fourth quarter…Foles didnt and couldn’t deliver…so this week what we did and what we should do for the remainder of this season…is hang our hat on the Shady McCoy and the running game. Limit Foles to the simple easy passes, keep him out of the pressure situations as much as possible…this is the role that Foles can be very effective.
      Its similar to what Baltimore did with Trent Dilfer the year that they won the Super Bowl with him…
      The superstar on this team is not the Quarterback…it’s Shady McCoy!
      We need to keep that has the focus…

      1. I haven’t said anything about Vick except for that comment in months dude. Go ahead and check it out. My point is that you call all of the others guys out about criticizing Vick or not giving him credit and then you do the same thing with Foles. Even when you plays well, you give everyone else credit. When he doesn’t play well, or the team doesn’t play well, it is all his fault. Even when the defense gives up 48 points.

        You can label me or group me in with whoever you want, but I call them like I see them.

        As far as your point about Shady I agree, but Foles is gonna have to make plays too for this team to be successful.

  18. Most people think that you determine good Quarterback play by stats..Newton stats yesterday were unimpressive…what was so impressive about Newton was the poise he showed after struggling all game against New Orleans defense! Three passes at the end of the game…He stood tall in the pocket and threw strikes to covered receivers on the money in the clutch time of the game….this after losing his best receiver!
    Chip Kelly is a genius…by way of play design he makes it extreme easy on the QB…and with Shady the best running back in the league and DJax…he has successfully brought his offense from Oregon and adapted it to the NFL game….he maximizes the vast talents of Shady McCoy and DJax to open up the game for the whole offense…if the Eagles Defense play at the level that they did yesterday…we are witnessing something special

    1. koolbreeze, I wonder why none of those things that the genius does worked when Vick was the starter, or when Barkley played.

      Mike Vick couldn’t beat the lowly Giants. And don’t give me some bullshit about Vick not being healthy. Vick is faster with a pulled hamstring than Foles is healthy. Obviously the QB matters.

      1. Exactly….if the play design makes it easy for the QB to be successful, why was Vick ranked 32nd in pass completion and 17th in QB rating while Foles (in the same ‘easy’ system) is ranked 1st in QB rating?

        Nothing to do with the QB…only the system.

        1. Because he had to play against two playoff teams, possibly a third. Because everything was new, for the coaches as well as the players. So Kelly made adjustments as the season went on.

          Because Foles got to start mid-season against the easiest part of the schedule. Because the o-line improved as the season wore on, while it struggled early in the season, giving up a lot of pressure, and having committed the 4th most penalties as an o-line thru 4 games.

          Because Kelly used a lot of 11 personal early, giving Avant more snaps, while using more 12 personal later on to take advantage of Ertz, especially in the redzone.

          Because he adjusted to calling more pick or rub routes against man coverage, instead of attacking with as much vertical routes, in order to free up our lesser receivers against man coverage.

          Because Kelly started moving Desean into the backfield, putting him in motion, having other receivers run clear outs so he could attack underneath against man coverage, in order to get him away from teams just shading a safety over top of his go routes.

          Before Foles got in the offense was 2nd in yards/pass att., 2nd in yards/play, 5th in 3rd down pct., etc., etc. There was no dramatic turnaround on offense, or qb play, just the gradual improvent of the players in the offense as the season wore on, and adjustments by Chip Kelly. Vick played only 4.5 games, got hurt, and didn’t get to take part in the gradual improvements on offense, unless you count the game he rushed back from injury, which some of you gleefully like to do.

          If you want a dramatic turnaround, look at the defense.

              1. your another blind fool! Everyone pointed out the offense was still effective early on…the defense was ranked as the worst defense in the league at that time…is it not in you to have a fair evaluation?

              2. #9 is the QB of the eagles. Simple as that. Moving forward the last era was a failure and like it or not eras are defined by wins and losses and the QB shoulders the glory

          1. And about 30th in red zone and scoring. Same problems as they had for previous 3 seasons.

            Then one change and poof! “Gradual changes” my ass.

            From 33, 30, 16, 13, 7 points (nice trend)

            to 31, 3, 49, 27, 24, 27, 34, 30, 54 points

            1. You show how much of a moron hater you are by counting the first Giants game as all Foles, even though 16 of those 31 were when Vick was in, more points than Foles had though Foles was in before halftime.

              And what 7 did you pull out of your ass? Just make up shit, Vinniethemoron.

              1. 31 is the TB game twit. I left the first Giants game out….

                7 points is the 2nd Giants game….and I probably should have had that at 0, as that’s how many were scored when your hero was in.

                Other than against the absolutely pathetic Ds in Wsh and SD, your hero couldn’t get points on the board….averaged under 20 wth him under centre….average 31 wth Foles under centre

                That’s right bucko….avg points scored up by almost 12 points after the change at QB….and it was pretty much an immediate change (wait…..didn’t the exact same thing happen last year…..why yes….it did!!)

                The only thing being pulled out of any asses is the pathetic myth that the offence was (or would be) the same with either QB in.

              2. Your a moron hater, so of course you left out the first Giants game. As I said, Vick had more points scored with less time than Foles.

                Being the unfair, hypocritical hater you are, you count the second Giants game, even though Vick was hurt.

                The Eagles were well on their way to 30 points and a blowout with Vick in that game. Shows your bias picking the 2nd Giants when hurt, not the first when healthy.


              3. Lol Skayne is wrong as usual…Vick left with 16 points on the board final score was 36 for the Birds. Not to mention Vick leaves with 2 mins on the clock and eagles at their own 7 with 2nd and 10. Don’t let facts get in the way of your Bias though. I don’t even comment much anymore because of the blatant hate on here towards a damn good young QB.

          2. Foles has also played against two playoff teams, maybe three, and we beat two them, so far. And opponents knew what to expect from Kelly by the time Foles played.

            Part of the offensive line improvement in pass protection is because they know where the quarterback is and the quarterback gets the ball out of his hands faster. But, I agree they have jelled and improved as they have played more together.

            Kelly has been using more 12 personal only since the Detroit game. He has been motioning DJax in the backfield for only one game.

            I have not seen any different routes since Foles has been playing – just the same four verticals, double post concepts. All I see is Foles getting the ball out on time and hitting small windows that Vick refused to attempt.

            I do agree that the offense is doing some things with Foles in the game that they were not able to do with Vick. And they are not doing things with Foles that they could do with Vick.

            Overall, I don’t think you are wrong in saying that Vick was playing well when he was healthy. And I think you would be wrong if you were to say that the offense is not playing as well or better with Foles.

    2. Newton “poise” etc.

      Didn’t you just say that QBs had to deliver in the 4th Q when the chips were down.

      Because yesterday Newton had 4 3 and outs in the 4th Q and his great “poise” was a pretty badly thrown ball that the WR had to dive for and scrape off the turf. It was short and wide.

      I wonder how you would have regarded that throw (and overall play in the 4th Q) if Foles had made it.

  19. Nick foles is by far the best qb under 30. I’d take him over any qb in football for the next 7 years with the exception of Rodgers. Our future is fucking bright boys!!!!! Shady only 25 and is gonna get better… Defense is gonna get better. Future is fucking bright!!!

  20. Any troll that is talking trash on Foles either has an agenda (you fill in the blank as to what that agenda is) or they simply don’t watch or understand the game of football. The secondary was freaking outstanding last night… So take that armchair GM’s.
    21-25 with a qb rod I think 117. And yes Kelly in his ‘gimmick’ offense is very qb friendly it’s freaking great and only an idiot would use that AGAINST the fastest rising star in all of football!

  21. I think one thing is very obvious to all..
    When the Eagles Run the Ball, it opens up the Passing Game…
    A Balanced Approach where Foles has 25-30 Passes is abou perfect..
    I don’t think he needs to be back there slinging it 40-45 times a Game
    When the Eagles Offense runs thru McCoy and that OL gets into a Rhythm this Offense is about impossible to stop.. They Beauty of Foles is that he understands this and for the most part, has not tried to force the issue or make a play that has risk to it and for a Young QB making only his 16 th Start in th eNFL, this is quite impressive no matter what anyone says.. He has shown a mastery of the System and Playbook and yes, he’s not the most fleet of foot or most athletic QB on the Roster, he simply is the most efficient,smart and protector of the ball Qb on this Roster and this is why he’s Playing .. The Great News is that he will only get better and better as his builds up his strength, gets more timing work with his Receivers/TE’s .. This could be the Start of something rreally Special In Philly.. You want to hate and dislike the kid, that’s your choice, You feel like Vick got a raw deal and would be great in this system, then that’s your choice again..but to say that Foles is not a Winner, A Leader and doesn’t run this Eagles Offense extremely well, then you simply don’t know much about Football…
    Go Eagles….

    1. paulman
      December 23, 2013 – 10:19 am

      “I think one thing is very obvious to all..

      When the Eagles Run the Ball, it opens up the Passing Game…

      A Balanced Approach where Foles has 25-30 Passes is about perfect..
      I don’t think he needs to be back there slinging it 40-45 times a Game
      When the Eagles Offense runs thru McCoy and that OL gets into a Rhythm this Offense is about impossible to stop.. They beauty of Foles is that he understands this and for the most part, has not tried to force the issue or make a play that has risk to it and for a Young QB making only his 16th Start in the NFL.”

      Paulman, you’re making too much sense here…

      Foles had 4 incompletes yesterday: We need to draft Jameis Winston or Teddy Bridgewater, who have ‘tremendous athletic skills and mobility’.

  22. Ride the wave! Thats’ all Foles needs to do…Manage the game…keep doing the dump offs…dont try to throw the ball into tight windows or make super passes…Baltimore won with Trent Dilfer by running the ball and defense!
    We can win the same way!
    Lets RUN the ball..put the pressure on Shady McCoy-the best running back in the League. If the Defense plays like they did last night…smh…we dont need the QB to show a ‘mastery’ of the system…games will be blowouts because Shady is playing on another level…t

    1. Did you just compare Foles, a QB who is leading the league in QB rating has passed for 25 tds with only 2 ints, to Trent dilfer? You clearly must not have watched Trent Dilfer play.

      While I agree, Shady is an absolute beast and probably the offensive MVP of this team, it is down right disrespectful to call Foles a game manager at this point.

      Quick question for you and the only two or three anti-foles people on here (im new but if memory serves its Songs, TS, and one other)….If Vick, Newton, RGIII or Wilson were leading the league in QBR, passed for 25 tds and only 2 ints while scoring another 4-5 tds on the ground and rushing for a couple hundred yards…all while their team had gone 6-2 with them at the helm would they be game managers as well?

      1. Perfect comparison.

        Here are Dilfer’s stats from that year in 11 games:
        59% passing, 1500 yards, 6.6ave yards/pass, 12 TD, 11 Int, 70 rushing yards, 0 tds, 2 fumbles

        Foles from this year in 12 games (9 starts)
        64% passing, 2600 yards, 9.0 ave yards/pass, 25 TD, 2 Int, 226 rushing yards, 3 TDs, 1 fumble

        Those numbers are identical. haha

    2. Kool I got to disagree with your Dilfer comparison. Trent was in every sense of the word a BACKUP. He was just lucky enough to be on a team with a very good running game and arguably one of the best defenses in generations. Foles -regardless of the opponents record or D- has proven to be one of the best young qbs in the game.
      Personally I don’t believe you dislike Foles. I could be wrong, but I think you like giving these clowns a bit of their own irrational medicine. I could be wrong; but I hope not…lol

  23. Quick question…..Did that spot at the end of the first half when Cutler slid piss anyone off?? They gave him and extra yard and a half, marked it a first down which allowed them to spike the ball and kick the field goal. I am glad that it did not come close to making a difference, but it was another terrible call by the refs this year.

  24. I noticed a comment about Kelly going back to using the running game to make it ‘easy’ for our QB.

    I agree completely, as this was always the formula for winning in the NFL, and it still is, except that QBs are more athletic nowadays, and you can sometimes use the pass to open the defense up…The Eagles did a bit of both yesterday, but emphasized and ESTABLISHED the running game.

    Isn’t this what everyone was screaming for Andy Reid to do for the last 5 years?…Kelly learned something from the Vikings game, and a light bulb also went off as he realized that running the ball forces the defense to stay on the field…The Chicago ‘D’ was whipped and tired yesterday.

    Foles QB rating was what: 130?…Pretty damn good.

    But have no fear: If the Eagles come up short next week, the calls will be to get rid of Foles…Maybe the Eagles can package Foles, Bryce Brown and their top daft pick to draft Jameis Winston! [—))

    1. would it surprise you if Foles come out over throwing players and taking unnecessary sacks, with continual 3 in outs, looking like a deer in head lights?

      What should Chip Kelly do If that Nick Foles show up on the biggest stage of the year?

  25. I have a feeling Vick will save this game and lead the Eagles to the NFC championship game.

    I don’t know how it will happen but just have this feeling.

    1. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! You have to be f^#@ing with everyone, & trolling? Because nobody can be this stupid, delusional, & imbecilic! Vick cavalry to the rescue! PRICELESS!!!!

  26. I am totally flabbergasted with some of these ridiculous comments. I for one was upset when some of you were on here giving Vick absolutely no credit when he played well and all the blame when the team lost; but Kool, Songs and the rest are taking this too far. Please don’t stoop to their level. Foles is playing as well as you could possibly ask a QB to play right now. He looks better this year than Vick has ever looked as a QB. And I am a Vick fan, but I’m also a realist, and a Birds die hard to boot!. I only care about one thing and that’s the Lombardi Trophy. IDC if the qb that gets us there is a one legged transvestite! You all need to get over your color bias’ and celebrate your teams’ success.

    Kool my brother, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but you are officially the new Vinnie of As supremely ignorant as Vinnie used to sound when criticizing Vick, you sound 100 time worse because Foles is actually playing borderline MVP ball and you still refuse to show love. Again I know it was hard to swallow all the negativity thrown at Vick on this site but that doesn’t make it ok. Take the high road, give the boy his props.. We may have something special here and you will feel bad forever if you miss out over petty biases.

    On a nother note I have a feeling that we will be in that NFC Chip game. Just saying, feels like one of them years when anything can happen. And if this D keeps playing this well, we are going to be a serious problem for someone in the playoffs! Go Birds!!!!!!!

  27. I had 2 quick thoughs wthen I heard Romo out.

    1 – probably better for Dallas.

    2 – Songs will be in within the hour saying pressure off Foles.

    He’ll be back 3 mins after the “now easy” game with “Next week Foles must or else…..”

  28. Off the hook of his irrational agenda driven rants

    Songs for a time you had cred, but you are well gone, well gone my friend , check out checkers or women’s soccer, you are lost in this discussion

  29. Songs your right, Kaps had a nice pick 6 or the niners would have lost to the Falcons. Oh wait, that was Bowman. My bad. Guess he wasn’t putting all his weight on the proverbial “foot on the neck” after all.

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