Andrew Bynum Has Worn Out His Welcome In Cleveland

AndrewBynum``Remember when there was actually some debate about whether or not the Sixers should have taken another chance on Andrew Bynum?

Remember when there was a fear that if the Sixers let him go, he’d sign somewhere else, get healthy, and become one of the game’s top centers again?

Thank goodness Sam Hinkie was smart enough to slam the door shut on Bynum, or else the Sixers would be an even greater wreck than they are right now.

Things have not gone well for the Cleveland Cavaliers, who gave the talented center a two-year deal last summer. The Cleveland Cavaliers have suspended Bynum indefinitely for conduct detrimental to the team.

Bynum has appeared in 24 games this season, averaging just 8.4 points and 5.3 rebounds per game. He was supposed to be a signing that could give the Cavs a dominant force in the paint and help push the young team into the playoffs.

From ProBasketballtalk: “Cavaliers center Andrew Bynum has been suspended for conduct detrimental to the team, Cavaliers General Manager Chris Grant announced today. Bynum did not travel with the team to Boston last night for the team’s game this afternoon at 1:00 p.m. vs. the Celtics and has been excused from all team activities indefinitely. His status will be updated as appropriate.

Bynum has been sulking recently because his playing time and touches have dwindled even as he’s at times showed he can still be a significant contributor. During the Cavs’ double-overtime loss Thursday to the Atlanta Hawks, Bynum was benched in the third quarter and never returned. He spent the rest of the night at the end of the bench and appeared to be sulking.

On Friday, Bynum met with coach Mike Brown, sources said. It isn’t clear what happened in that meeting, but it’s possible he was told the Cavs might go a different direction with the big man’s minutes. Afterward, the Cavs decided to suspend Bynum and not take him on their team flight to Boston on Friday afternoon. By Saturday, the team had him on the trade block.”

The team will look to move him or release him before January 5th, at which point the rest of his contract becomes guaranteed.

One of the knocks on Bynum throughout his career has been his maturity and his commitment to the game, and over the last two years he’s proven those ideas of immaturity to be true.

It’s more clear now than ever that he had no intention of playing for the Sixers last year. He took a year off, and more or less stole money. He quit on the Sixers, and never wanted to embrace the chance to be “the man”, and build his own team. Now he’s gone and quit on the Cavaliers too. This guy doesn’t care about the game, or about being great. He’s a guy who will go down as one of the biggest wastes of talent in NBA history.




6 thoughts on “Andrew Bynum Has Worn Out His Welcome In Cleveland

  1. Remember when Paulman stated that this Bum-Ass would never Play a Game
    For the 76ers last Season and that he would be out of the NBA completely within 2 Years Time and most called me out on it and said I didn’t know what I was talking about.. I may not follow the NBA that closely, but I know a Bum-Ass when I see one and Andrew Bynum Turns out even worse than I thought..
    What a waste this Bum-Ass is… Good Riddance..
    And the 76ers gave up Vucevic, who I stated would be and already has become a Double-Double Scorer & Rebounder every night and will be for the next 8-10 Years in the NBA, meanwhile the 76ers still don’t have a legitimate PF/C on their Roster.. Good Grief Doug Collins..

  2. Trade the pick we received for Jrue, to the Bobcats for Mike kidd-gilcrest. Keep your pick and hope for Parker.. If not Parker take the 7footer from Kansas. I won’t even take a shot at spells g his last name.

  3. Once a POS, heartless mutt, always a POS, heartless mutt! Hope he chokes on his $$$$, & is broke in a year, or two, like the rest of the entitled buffoons, that don’t know how to manage their $$$$! F^#@ him!

  4. He is the poster boy for what is wrong with the nba… The nba could fold up and die and not many would lose a bit of sleep.
    I get my hoops fix now by going to maybe 7-10 high school games. I pick well coached teams, play fundamentals and have no attitude problems. Costs me 5 bucks I sit 5-7 rows up near center court…f. The nba

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