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Appreciating Brandon Boykin

boykin2Eagles’ nickel cornerback Brandon Boykin my not be a big name nationally, but he should certainly be one of the most popular Eagles in town after the year he’s had.

Boykin has had a Pro-Bowl caliber season.

He’s a versatile player who has excelled in whatever role the Eagles have asked him to play this year.

The 23-year old has finished the regular season with six interceptions (one returned for a touchdown), 17 passes defended, and two forced fumbles. He’s also been one of the team’s most effective special teams players. He’s often been the guy who has run down Donnie Jones’ punts to down them deep in opposing territory.

When you look at those turnover numbers that have come from a guy who isn’t a starter and doesn’t play on every down, to get that kid of turnover production is absolutely remarkable. But whats even more stunning is when you examine those turnovers even more closely.

Many of Boykin’s turnovers have come in big moments when the team has been in dire need of a big play.

In Week 2, Boykin forced a fumble before the end of the second half on a drive where San Diego was marching into the redzone looking to go up another touchdown.

In Week 5 against the Giants, Boykin made an incredible interception, taking a ball away from Hakeem Nicks that helped seal the road win against New York.

In Green Bay, Boykin picked off a pass in the redzone and returned it 76 yards. It was a game-changing play that helped the shift momentum in the Eagles’ favor.

In Week 11 against Washington, it was Boykin who came down with the interception in the endzone that stopped Washington’s comeback effort with 40 seconds left and helped the Eagles hang on for another win.

And much like he did against the Redskins, the young corner had another huge interception last night against the Cowboys, intercepting Kyle Orton at the end of the game to help preserve a two-point lead and win the Eagles their first division title since 2010.

That’s five games that Boykin has had a significant, game-changing impact on. He’s become an impact player who is thriving in his role with this team. on Facebook

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8 Comments for “Appreciating Brandon Boykin”

  1. Boykin has been tremendous, a spark plug for the whole secondary…Cary Williams has been a plus, too: He can cover, plus he has a mouth on him, and you need someone talking shit to the opposing receivers.

  2. Boykin has been excellent…a key part of a growing Defense..he comes up with big time plays and we need it!

  3. Told people about Boykin. He is a player! He led his team at Georgia and is the kind of guy that will always show up. Same can be said for Kendricks these are the type of guys that entire teams turned to in college when they needed a big play. It takes some time when learning at the next level but all the signs have been there.

  4. Which begs the question why does he only play 51% of the snaps? I love him in the slot and know he isn’t the biggest guy in the world but he is as big as Honey Badger. They moved Honey Badger to Free Safety and moved him all around the field. Can Boykin be our FS?

    • in todays NFL, the FS position has kind of morphed into a CB whether its in the slot, guarded athletic TE’s or in the multiple 3-4 WR Sets that many Teams now employ as part of their Regular Offense..
      Look at Saints Safety Kenny Vacarro (before he was hurt) or Seahawks
      Cam Chancellor.. Chiefs Eric Berry,etc,etc… They line up all over the Place and against different Recivers/TE’s …
      Today’s NFL Safeties with all the recent rule changes make it paramount that the Sadety is good in “Pass-Coverage” meaning he needs speed, some length,quickness & agility and the ability to play the ball once it’s in the air just like a CB… The Days of having that big thumper back there are becoming more obselete for many times these players (Troy Palomula,Vernon Gholston,etc,etc are getting exposed in their pass-Coverages and giving up big plays down the Field)

      • Historically speaking, the safety position has been for players not athletic, i.e. fast and/or agile enough to play cornerback or reciever. I would keep Boykin where he’s at. He’s excelling there, putting him at safety is just creating another whole to fill. Then until Boykin’s role could be filled with a player as good as he is, our secondary would be getting burned and lack the production Boykin provides as the nickel/slot!

        • I agree, but poor Safety Play really gets exposed thee Days..
          Look around the NFL and the Teams with poor Defenses .. (Bears,Packers,Redskins,Cowboys,Raiders,Vikings,Falcons) and notice how poor their Safety Play has been all Season
          The thre are some Good Safeties in this upcoming Draft and in Free-Agency (Byrd,Whitner)..
          I would Use a 2nd or 3rd Round Draft Pick to grab one of the Top Safety Prospects in the Draft

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