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This Isn’t A Foles Vs. Brees Contest, It’s Eagles Vs. Saints

NickFoles11Eagles quarterback Nick Foles must not try to make this game a battle between himself and Drew Brees.  He can’t try to do too much.  Foles must take care of the football, like he has been doing all year, as well as focus on taking what the defense gives him.  He doesn’t need to force anything.   The Birds have plenty of weapons to help him.  All he needs to do is get the ball to the playmakers.

Brees is a great player and he’s going to make some plays, that have us all shaking our heads, but the game will still be there to win.  The Saints don’t have a good running game, so the Birds defense should be able to make the Saints totally one dimensional.  They will get the chance to pick off some of Brees’ passes and they must catch those interceptions.

The New Orleans Saints run defense surrendered 4.6 yards a carry during the regular season, so the Eagles must feature NFL leading rusher LeSean McCoy in their game plan.  The Eagles offensive line must dominate.  If they can get Shady going, it’s going to open up the passing game for big plays and hopefully help the Birds get a lead.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the Saints defense overcommits themselves to trying to stop McCoy and thereby open up plenty of big plays in the passing game.  Rex Ryan is sure to blitz the Eagles, so Foles will get some chances to make them pay by going attacking one-on-one coverage situations.

Stopping Brees and the Saints offense isn’t going to be an easy job.  I want to see them mix up the coverages of tight end Jimmy Graham.  New Orleans will put some points on the board, but the Eagles defense must make their work for everything they get, but it’s essential that they force some turnovers.

At times during this game, the Eagles linebackers and defensive backs must move up into tight man-to-man coverage and force Brees to hang onto the ball.  They must reroute the Saints receivers by jamming them as they come off of the line of scrimmage.  It will give the Birds pass rush a chance to get to the New Orleans quarterback and at least get some hits on him.  Forcing him to hold the ball will also get him out of rhythm.

The Eagles pass rushers must get their hands up, if they realize they’re not going to get to Brees.   On each play, you try to get to the quarterback, but when you see you can’t get their, you must get your hands up to knock down some of Brees’ passes.  He’s only 6-feet tall.

They’ve got to mix up their coverages and blitzes, but don’t get blitz happy.  They’ve got to get pressure on Brees with four pass rushers.  You can’t make blitzing a habit. on Facebook

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176 Comments for “This Isn’t A Foles Vs. Brees Contest, It’s Eagles Vs. Saints”

  1. G you are right on the money with it. I always laugh at the Manning vs Brady duels as a QB vs QB. People love to forget that the offenses that Manning led were going against defenses that had Ty Law Willie McGinest Teddy Bruschi Rodney Harrison Mike Vrabel Richard Seymour.

    Foles has to protect the ball and just make the plays that are there which I believe will be many in this game. I think Rob Ryan is going to sell out and stop the run and also sell out to stop the pass with the idea of chaos will force Nick to do something stupid.

    I believe the screen game could be HUGE tonight.

  2. Since getting up 38-10 in the 3rd Q, Reid has called 14 passes and 4 runs. LOL. Thank god there’s no more of that. I am not surprised its now 41-38…it KC had just kneeled 18x, they’d be better off.

  3. LOL…now a timeout coming out of the 2 min warning!!!


  4. OK…that was a terrible sack. But otherwise a good game so far.

  5. This is the real Foles!!!!!

    he is shit!

  6. Get used to watching him, he’s going to be here a long time. lol

  7. Tae away the dink and dunk and let Foles beat them and this is what you get.

    A scared bitch holding the ball.

  8. so far Nick Foles’s sack takes the team out of a makable field goal leading to 3 points for the opposing team, which is a 6 point swing.

    Bench his scared ass if he fuck up this next possession.

    We don’t have time to hope this bum ass get it together by the 4th quarter.

  9. Foles play not to lose.

  10. Strange….Kelly is still rolling out that “scared bitch” instead of the superstar…that\s weird.

    BTW – that’s his 3rd 3rd down completion. That’s weird.

  11. Who the hell was he throwing it to?

    I seen that first duck he threw up on the first play and knew this is what it would be.

    The defense is playing well but Foles is keeping the Saints in the game.

  12. What? The Scared bitch is playing better than Brees? Higher %..more yards…no turnovers???

    That’s weird.

    I’m really surprised the Saints have a sack. They only had the 3rd most in the NFL. That’s weird.

    I am really surprised that a playoff game vs the Saints is close.

    That’s weird.

  13. McCoy is invisible…

  14. DJax can’t get open.

    • Djax doesn’t get the ball in the 2.5 games since he gave up on that one pick and then didn’t hustle to tackle the guy…..I told you that would happen.

      But anyway….backed to our ‘Scared Bitch’ QB…he’s terrible…..all those turnovers and incompletions…..can’t win with a guy like that!

  15. about time …with his scared ass

  16. Foles passing opens things up for McCoy

  17. ok..let’s see the next 3 yard play.

  18. 12 for 16 so far for the scared ass. The HOFer has two picks. LOL

  19. What are you blind asshole? 22 yards to Cooper. 15 yards to Ertz. 24 yards to Celek.

  20. I be seen Foles throw a dart in the red zone. He be outplaying the hall of farmer. He be a good dink dunk qb.. Not bad for a pussy ass

  21. gotta gotta him credit there..alright.

    let’s go

  22. Go Demeco giving the offense a short field.

  23. This fucking scared bitch. Horrible.

    The way he just stands there. With the line holding up. The way he just stays there in the pocket. scans the field and finds the open guy.

    Fucking scared bitch pussy.

  24. Nice throw Foles, nice catch Cooper. Didn’t think Riley would of wanted to catch that ball, since its “brown”

  25. With the defense playing so if we had a better QB we would be up by at least 2 touchdowns at the half.

    • Please….stop being modest. If the superstar had been playing, The Birds would be up by 3 tds. Stop selling the superstar short.

      Foles is only 13 of 18 (72%) with a td and no ints.

      That’s fucking ‘scared ass’ terrible.

      Vick would be 18 of 18 for 322 and 3 tds at this point.

      How can Kelly not see that?

  26. I was looking a Luck tonight…now that’s a quarterback who rips the heart out a team. Fuck a game manager…we need a stud.

    • Fraud Songs …Ummm. it was 38-10 in the 3rd quarter in favor of the Chiefs. It’s on halftime. Your desire to hate on Foles is clear bias. Were you calling Luck a stud during the first half or 3rd quart when he only managed to lead Colts to 10 points. No u were not. You have some issues dude!

    • Fuck. Right again. Those 3 ints and fumble ripped the heart right out of KC. We NEED a guy who throws interceptions like that.

      Dammit….we HAD that guy…..but for some strange reason, the new coach seems to HATE QBs who give the ball to the other team 4x a game.

      He’s an idiot who likes pussy assed QBs. Too bad.

  27. Drew Brees at the half: 10 for 18 for 98 yards, 2 INTs, 31.5 passer rating.

    Nick Foles 13 for 18, also for 98, 1 TD, 0 INT, 103.5 rating.

  28. Andy Reid is going to fire his defensive coordinator and hire Juan Castillo to run the defense. Typical Andy!

  29. Good game both defenses are playing well. Eagles have sold out on the pass and the Saints have sold out on the run defensively. Makee Foles beat you or make the NO rbs beat you looks like game plans.

  30. didn’t i tell you.

    This bum ass is an intentional grounding waiting to happen.


  32. A little pass protection would be nice. Foles was on the ground in 2.8 seconds.

  33. now let’s see what captain dink and dunk do.

  34. Yeah, I’ll tell you when he fucks up.

  35. This possession tells it all.

  36. How bout we run shady why you be not yelling at shady

  37. that passing rating is sure paying off..not even 100 yards yet.

  38. desean running wide open…again

  39. he drop a dink…wide open

  40. Song I thought the Dallas game was the test?

  41. That pussy assed scared Foles.

    What a shit throw to Cooper.

    If only we had a non scared assed stud at QB, Cooper would have gone for 60!

  42. I want to see people blame this loss on the “D”.

    This game was lost in the first half when the “D” was balling out and Foles playing like hot shit to start a game again.

    This guy have had horrible starts against the Lions, against the Vikings, against Dallas and now tonight.

    Foles is shit!

  43. Every game I watched the QB was scrambling. Alex Smith, Andrew Luck, Drew Brees. FOLES JUST FUCKinG STANDS THERE!!!! Rob Ryan had his number at Dallas last year . Duck outta here this is not our QB of the future.

  44. Why can’t Foles stop the saints

  45. now, saints going to blow this out the water.

    Foles is shit!!!!!

  46. i don’t want to hear shit about Foles going forward..Shady is the reason we made it and we see what happens when Shady is stopped.

    Foles aint shit.

  47. Third n twelve n can’t get off the field.

  48. Chip Kelly better get his guy from this coming draft because all the other components are in place.

    We don’t need a QB that plays scared and come out the shoot playing like shit habitually.

    He think someone is near and throws balls to the ground.

    HE IS SHIT!!!!

  49. Win or lose you will see Nick Foles starting at QB for the Eagles next year so start liking it or move on.

  50. This offense gotta score a TD on this drive. You cant put everything on the defense my god.. Cmon man!!!

  51. Tat dink didn’t work..maybe foles should throw a dunk.

  52. The saints have the offensive gameplan that the eagles should of had. Run the ball!!! Too late, now they gotta throw their way back in the game

  53. don’t forget Foles is playing against a depleted secondary again.

    • I KNOW. He’s such a pussy-assed scared player against these NFL defenses.

      One day he’ll have to play a REAL D and then we’ll really see how pussy-assed he really is.

    • Again your a piece of garbage. As soon as he hits Desean on a long one you try to degrade it. I really hope you get exactly what you deserve in life.



  56. 40 yard dink and dunk to 10

  57. This is it, 6 points down, 8 mins to go, 4th q, its all on the Offense… Run the freaking ball!!!

  58. 10 plays 7 shady runs 3 big passes TD we win

  59. The refs are slowing us down tonight.


  61. Songs is in the other room taking it like the bitch ass he is

  62. That friggin kicker better be Off this team tomorrow.

  63. No idea why Eagles took a time out ther on 3rd and 1….Saints get it and its 2:00 min warning with 1 TO left.

    Don’t take it and its 1st down Saints at 2:00 min warning with 2 TOs left…..


  64. Great season, great game… Unfortunately it came down to breeze with great field position at the end. Lots of questions answered we have a team

  65. how can brees do QB sneaks but a 6′ 5″ Foles can’t get an inch when he does it?

    Foles lost this game in the 1st half and I don’t want to hear shit about what he did to mount a come back.

    This game shouldn’t be close.

    The only thing that could stop the Eagles would be if Foles came out with another Shit half to start the game.

  66. Have to block the FG attempt.

  67. The Eagles must get a Kelly guy to run this offense and a new kicker who can kick the damn ball to the end zone.

  68. This game really really sucks… If we lose, this falls on the offense. I don’t care that they led by 1 in the 4th q. They blew like 5 opportunities to score

  69. Dream on Songs. Foles is the guy.

  70. remember that sack Foles took to get us out of field goal range earlier?

    look at the scoreboard.

  71. how’s that QB rating?

  72. My hart is broken.. OMG.. Again… Unreal… chokers


  74. I like Chip Kelly though….now Kelly ..get your type of QB in here to raise the offense to the next level so if Shady get’s limited through 8 men fronts the QB can demolish their asses with options.

    Give Foles and his QB rating the damn clip board to back up.

  75. Eagles were out-coached again… .they go for a long FG which was dumb and the defense struggled in the end like always…. Chip was schooled.

    • out coached my ass……did you see that duck Foles threw on the 1st play of the game?

      I was like…awwww shit!

      Here we go again!

      Looking like he have autism. dumb as hell throwing the ball to no one and taking dumb ass intentional grounding calls.



      “SHIT FOLES”

  76. The Eagles lost cause the Saints could run the ball. Simple as that.

  77. Reid used a 4th round pick on a bum ass kicker that can’t kick anything over 30 yards.

    But again Henery didn’t lose this game. Foles play or lack thereof in the first half kept New Orleans in the game when the “d” caused 2 damn turnovers.

    Foles holding on to the ball, intentional grounding, and taking sacks just have a good rating.

    FUCK A RATING!!!!!

    Give me a QB that may throw a pick or two but have the fortitude to rip the heart out of the opposing defense.

    Foles is not a championship caliber QB…He’s not even Joe Flacco or gay ass Eli Manning.

    He’s shit.

    • You a troll and full of shit. You have no clue about what a good NFL qb is. Your a racist and I wish you exactly what you deserve.

    • “We took sacks again…didnt get the ball out”–exact quote by Chip Kelly on why DeSean Jackson couldnt get the ball!! 195 measly passing yards is not good enough for the playoffs…yeah, yeah…he didn’t turn the ball over…but he didn’t make plays.
      You could see DJax throwing his hands up in frustration because the QB couldn’t get hiim the ball…he was running open, he is behind the CB…but the QB cant get the ball out to him..smh!!

  78. Stats are bullshit. Foles threw for 195 yards and a 105 qb rating. Looking at that you would of thought he played well.

  79. Sometimes you need more than a game manager…you need a QB who when he is given forever to throw the ball can make some throws to get it to your weapons…the first half killed us! The Saints defense is not that good…

    • Wait….last several weeks you said Foles was a game manager because he did well in the first half when there was no pressure, but “folded” in the 4th when pressure was high.

      This week, in their last offensive possession, in the 4th, Foles led the offense down the field and threw the go ahead TD. The O never touched the ball again.

      In a high pressure, 4th Q situation, on their last posession, Foles led the team down the field and threw a td to take the lead.

      Exactly what you said he needed to do to prove he wasn;t a “game manager” (or whatever).

      SO he proves it.

      And you (what a surprise) change the marker and say….”but he did nothing in the 1st!!”

      TO review:

      Awesome in the 1st….so no need for a comeback….”he’s a game manager”

      Struggles in the 1st…needs a comeback and does it….”he;s a game manager!”

      Never good enough unless its 10-0 each game….and still that wouldn’t be enuf for a charlatan like yourself.

      • This was the playoffs…we needed the QB to make some plays…3rd down conversions through out the game…a measly 25% He is only a game-manager…Foles is a good QB…I like him…he is NOT a championship caliber player…he is NOT a crunch time QB who will make plays for you…He is Alex Smith…and for this offense we need a QB who will make some key plays…Foles is just not that guy!

  80. And don’t forget yall……..

    The Saints secondary was all patch worked and Desean was running free all game including the 1st half.

    I pray Chip Kelly bring in his type of QB and trade this peice a shit for a bag of rocks.

  81. Well here we are again gang. We can’t run 1 yard and score a touchdown. We have Polk and Bryce who are much bigger than Shady and are “downhill” runners who can get us 1 yard for a touchdown and aren’t used to do so. Foles is ok but doesn’t have the speed or wherewithal to get out of jams, and he keeps on taking sacks for losses (also misses open receivers at crucial times). Kelly doesn’t really use the clock to his advantage because we scored a touchdown and gave the saints 5 minutes to milk the clock and score a field goal to win the game. Kelly really wants a different QB and I bet he’ll draft a Bridgewater, Boyd, Mariotta or J. Winston type of qb weapon who a defense will have to account for and worry about all game long.

    We had a good run but lost the game at crucial times ie R Cartwright kicking the ball in the end zone at the 1 and C Williams getting a 15 yard horsecollar penalty. We shot ourselves in the foot once again and I will be too busy keeping up with our boys until late season/playoff time from now on because other important things are getting more busy for me on my end. I hope everyone have a safe and prosperous new year.

    Peace to all and LONG LIVE THE EAGLES!!

  82. After all the hype of a Brees/Foles showdown- neither QB played particularly well. The game came down to who could run the ball and who could stop the run and the Saints were better at both. Still think the arrow points up for this team going forward. Need a premier rush OLB, a NT with series girth & 2 safeties (Byrd FA/maybe Wolff is a player) a OG for Herremans and another big, fast receiver.

  83. now Foles can shove that QB rating up his ass!

    How many of you would rather have Brees 2 interceptions tonight?

    Who had more command of his offense all night?

    Fuck a QB rating because tonight revealed the truth.

    Give me Brees with his 2 interceptions any day. Foles can shove his QB rating up his boney napolean dynamite ass!

  84. Last I checked the offense regained the score…unfortunately the defense gave up the lead, helped by the special teams.

  85. Good season, tough loss get rid of Chung find a kicker who can get a touchback when you need it and find a monster pass rusher. You dudes can argue with Songs until training camp. Good luck with that.

  86. Foles played like shit today. He took unnecessary sacks didn’t find open receivers. Listen to chips press conference. Listen to the queens
    Questions the press is asking. The Saints took away McCoy and Jackson, and dare Foles to beat us and he couldn’t . Can’t , and as long as teams have the tape to scheme him and know he can’t run, these quick defensive ends I’m the NFL is going to murder him. Foles….. Nice run. Your outta here.

  87. Foles was 23/33 195 yrds 2 tds. Was it the saints defense or was it the Eagles offense? Smfh

    • It was the QB…he aint good enough…he is good..he is average…he is not a championship-caliber QB that will take us over the top. We need a QB with some better skills…a stronger arm…some mobility and speed…someone who can make some plays for you.

  88. CHANGE ThE TOPIC!! We Need A QB in The Draft!!

  89. Best thing is this team outperformed everyones expectations and a solid core for this team to build on. A QB who will continue to get stronger and more savvy. Next stop…free agancy and THE NFL DRAFT! GO EAGLES!!!

  90. Ya get what ya ask for fuck all of you

  91. If you don’t like Foles then find a new team. That’s pretty simple. What do you expect to accomplish by talking negatively about our quarterback. Chip Kelly makes the decision about who the quarterback is going to be, and he thinks Foles is good.

    Kelly don’t read your post. If he did, he would laugh at you.

  92. Teams just let Foles bum ass run the read option only to crash down on Shady knowing he can’t outrun no one.

    Shady bailed his ass out all season and it finally bit us in the ass.

    Rosebud need to sell, sell, sell, while other teams might think Nick Foles is a player.

    package him and his pristine qb rating for a 2nd rounder. Get him the hell outta here so we can win.

    the pieces are in place and now all we need is a Russell or Kap like QB with strong arms and killer instincts.

    Foles should be selling girl scout cookies.

  93. To paraphrase Koolidiot and Fraudsongs

    Newton was/is amazing…because in a pressure situation, (against the Saints), despite playing like absolute shit all fucking game, he took the Panthers down the field on their last possession to score. That is the mark of a $$ QB.

    But Foles….despite playing pretty well (and certainly not absolute shit like Newton did), in a pressure situation (against the Saints) took the Eagles down the field on their last possession to score and take the lead.

    But for Koolbreeze/Songs Newton is a superstar, and Foles is like Dilfer – or “bum ass shit”

    Koolidiot and Songs are pretenders.

    Fuck, its 4:45, I have to hit the sack.

    • if he would have showed up in the first have when the defense gave him 2 turnovers the saints wouldn’t have been in the game the 2nd half.

      Foles played like shit!

      • Like Andrew Luck and his 3 interceptions over the first 3Q of the game?

        Wait, you were saying he was amazing today.

        You said it doesn’t matter what happens as long as the QB then comes back at the end.

        But when Foles leads the team to the go-ahead score on the last possession its not enough.

        Its good enough when Newton does it.

        Good enough when Kap does it.

        Obviously good enough when Vick does it.

        Surprisingly (from you), today it was good enough when Luck does it.

        But if Foles does it……he’s a bum-assed-scared-pussy.

        Do I have that right maggot?


    • Stop feeding into the nonsensical rhetoric….as if what they say hassome real bearing on who the Eagles pick to be their franchise QB. As little as the Foles haters dislike it….Foles is the franchise QB. Although I disagreewith Koolbreeze and Theone1, atleast they are Eagles fans who stay with the Eagles. Unlike that Fraud Songs who johnson hops from team to team based on who the QB is and the hyper troll this blog.

  94. Good season… better than I expected. Foles is our guy moving forward. Slow start today by the O… need more early and I wasn’t a fan of the play calling. This O will look even better next year.

    The D answered the call today, good to see them step up. Barwin is the real deal. I expect to see them go for a FS, SS, and a pass rusher and perhaps draft a CB

    Pumped to listen to you guys bitch about the QB again for 8 months. Its a team sport and I like this team.

    • a FS SS CB won’t mean shit if the QB take sacks, intentional groundings, and play scared.

      This offense coud put up 35 points a game with the right QB at the helm. Could you imagine what this offense would be of Luck, Cam,Kap, or Wilson was running it?

      I know Chip see it.

      Foles should be trade bait and I think he will be.

      You have to have the 85 bears defense to win it all with that stiff.

  95. Foles gave them the lead and the kick coverage team blew it and gave the Saints a short field. Then the defense couldn’t stop the Saints running game.

    • it should have not come down to the last possession when the defense give the offense 2 turnovers in the 1st half.

      2 turnovers and we go into the 2nd half up 7-6?

      that’s bullshit!

      Even Payton said he was ecstatic to only be down 1 freakin point after such a bad half with turnovers.

      Vick would have destroyed that weak as defense.

      • Vick only has two playoff wins in 12 years in the NFL (none with PHL). That means he only has two more wins than Foles who is only in his second year. You do realize Foles walked off the field last night with a lead and 5 mins to go. Your D has to make a stop and they didn’t. Special teams has to make 47 yard field goals and make sure one of the best return men don’t get huge returns with the game on the line as well. Please consider everyone on the team instead of honing in on one person just because you dislike them.

  96. I went to the vikes game…. after that mess and tonight… we need a kickoff specialist. We may be the only team that cant kick out the back on kickoffs.

    Heres a fun question…. do we have the starting 3 cb’s or need to upgrade? I dont know what I think here.

  97. SHIT FOLES!!!!!!




    • Songs Foles wasn’t terrible. Again he doesn’t have to be better than the qbs you mentioned. He just has to be good enough to execute the offense and not turn the ball over, Yes, he needs to do a better job getting rid of the ball. And yes the intentional grounding penalties were killers. He’s still a very good qb. I believe he can get better. It was his first post season. He’s gotten it behind him. I expect him to work of his arm strength to get better on his deep balls. Not all his deep throws were him throwing up to allow his recvr to make a play. I also believe that he will make teams pay when they stack the box and dare him to beat them.

      I need for Foles to be the guy so that we can sure up other areas. Did you see Chung out there? There’s an example of hot shit. We need a cyborg who can rush the passer; a monster at safety; AND A DAMN PLACE KICKER!!

  98. Songs, if were being honest, Shady is a dynamic player and I’m glad he’s an Eagle. At times, his play has carried this offense. That said, he’s always looking to hit a HR and often doesn’t get the yards that are right in front of him i.e. 4th and short, he also played poorly tonite. The read option offense is slowly becoming extinct in the league and teams are just taking portions of it and sprinkling it into their base offense i.e. the wildcat concept from several years ago. Even the QB’s you routinely name, don’t really run a true college RO, just parts of it. They also have the benefit of the best or among the best defenses in the league. Foles may turn out to be “bum ass” or “bitch ass”, but his play this year has certainly afforded him the starting gig next season. Now, if he regresses next season you have to find your QB of the future. I suspect he will improve. Or maybe I just hope he will. Either way, Kelly seems to like him & you certainly don’t draft a QB high in this draft when you only have a handful of glaring holes on playoff team that you could fill in the draft.

    • they have the added threat the must always be accounted for and the arms to sling it. they don’t play “not to lose”.

      They play to win.

      • When Luck threw 3 ints and had 2 fumbles was he playing to win. I only ask because between slurps of his cock, you somehow managed to toot his horn a lot today….between gags that is.

        Luck threw a td to give his team the lead with 6 mins to go then Kc could not score.

        He is now a hero of yours because, despite playing like shit for 3 Q, he threw a td on his last possession to take the lead.

        Foles threw a td with 5 mins to go to take the lead but he is bum ass.

        You are a joke.

        • Stop arguing with him….his personal job is to antagonize and team johnson hop! His antagonizing is his way of self medicating because he lost his heroes this year. Ignore him and he’ll eventually get bored and go away.

  99. Foles is here to stay and I expect him to really grow tho off-season. I bet you find him working out and studying under some hall of famer or something. He is a student of the game and I like it.

  100. What’s the deal with him holding the ball with Desean wide open in the 1st half taking only to throw an intentional downing pass to the gophers. I’m so tired of you damn losers making excuses for this stiff. When he goes gun shy you guys point to his age, but when Shady have monster games which allow him to have wife open receivers you compare him to the greats.


    He is what all of us see and will never be more than what we see.

    Foles is a guy who you put in the game who can do nothing extra but just manage the plays and not make mistakes.

    He plays not to make mistakes and that’s not good enough to win big.

    Everything else must b perfect for him to succeed and that’s not goo enough.

    Good to Great QB’s know how to do plays that covers and help an average offensive line succeed.

    A Good to Great QB knows when the RB is being taken out of a game with 8 men fronts and exploits the one on one opportunities early..not wait until you have no choice and fall behind.

    I dont’t want to hear the bullshit Foles takes what the defense gives you.

    He don’t !

    They gave him the deep ball all game and he didn’t take it!

    I would rather see a QB take the shots knowing if the ball do get picked then it’s equivalent to a good punt, than see this stiff hold the ball because he’s not sure his arm can get the ball there.

    What good is being 6′ 5″ and see the field when you’re afraid to throw to your wide open star receiver to blow the game out the water early?

    Foles kept the Saints in this game the 1st half, not the Saints defense.

    We all knew what the Saints knew. They seen the Dallas Game.

    They seen the Vikings game which is the blueprint going forward against this stiff.

    Play close man to take away the screens, and runs, and force Foles to beat you down field because he losses confidence without the early dinks and dunks.

    The Philadelphia Eagles are better than the Saints with a QB who pulls the trigger in the 1st half…plain and simple.

    The game should not have come down to the kicker, or last special team play or the defense having to play the run in the second half.

    We go up early in the 1st half that forces Brees to throw in the 2nd half.

    That pathetic 7 points when the defense gave us 2 turnovers allowed the Saints to stay with the run and not have to worry about passing.

    This game is not the defense or special teams fault.

    Foles killed momentum!!!!!!!

  101. Expect these type of Posts & Remarks
    From Songs until the next Black QB plays for the aeagkes, then Songs will go back to shift ky Safety Play, WR’s can’t get open,
    Poor blocking by OL, DL can’t make a stop, Kicker stinks.
    Etc,etc.. Good Grief
    The Saints are thr better all-around Team and it showed last evening
    These Teams play 10 Times and Saints probably
    With 6-7 Times..

    • every single post songs makes he is trying to get people to argue with him, don’t you guys get it?

      he says outrageously retarded things for your attention and banter…

  102. in other news I keep reading posters saying we didn’t run enough. but the whole first half was run run run even when it was clear the saints were and were going to continue to shut down shady. I love the fact that chip adjusts but IMO he didn’t adjust fast enough in is game.

    matter of fact he didn’t adjust until we were down 2 scores.

    I just got the sense that early chip was playing not to lose and wasn’t going to change anything with his offensive gameplan until they started losing. the running game just wasn’t there yet he didn’t put the game in Foles hands until it was almost too late.

  103. Wins and losses are not restricted to quarterback play. Look up Tom Brady’s playoff stats early in his career when the Patriots actually won Superbowls and you will see the same stats Foles put up last night. Our special teams didn’t do everything they needed to and our defense couldn’t stop the run late in the game. Drew Brees had a terrible game and our defense still couldn’t stop the Saints. I’m not saying Foles played a great game, but he played well enough to win seeing he lead us to what would have been the game winning touchdown if the special teams didn’t give up a big return and defense didn’t allow the Saints hold on to the ball for the last five minutes of the game.

  104. What I learned last night is that we need a kicker and safety. It also wouldn’t hurt if we had another receiver that was big and fast as well as a power running game. Our run game works at times but if we had a fullback in front of Shady, he may have been more effective.

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