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Nick Foles Struggled Early But Came On Late

NickFoles2Despite feeling the pain of a playoff loss, at least the Franchise QB didn’t contribute to it.

Nick Foles shined against the No. 4 ranked Defense, going 22-33 for 195 yards and 2 touchdowns. He did not turn the ball over and commanded the Offense with the same poise he has shown all season.

In the first half, Foles looked a little slow to get going. He held on to the football too long.  The young signal caller didn’t see open receivers downfield (DeSean Jackson was open a couple times) and he threw to receivers short of the first down marker on third down. He wasn’t bad but he couldn’t move the chains. The Saints were playing the rushing lanes and forcing the Eagles to pass.

As the first half went on, Foles started to look more comfortable. He found arguably his favorite target, Riley Cooper, more often and completed a great pass to him for a touchdown. Cooper is the red zone threat the Eagles have lacked for years, plus at 6’3 he is a good compliment for DeSean Jackson.

When the Eagles got the ball the start of the second half, they still looked flat. Foles held onto the football too long and got flagged for intentional grounding, which like last week is starting to get annoying.

Foles is very good at not turning it over, but you have to get rid of that ball better. But the real killer was the dropped pass by Riley Cooper on third down. Cooper was looking to go downfield before he secured the ball, which is a big no no.  It was a crucial mistake, which cost the Birds at least three points and maybe six points.  There was nothing but plenty of open space for Cooper to run.

However, the drop didn’t deter the Birds’ offense all night, as they finally got in gear. Foles finally connected with Desean Jackson for a couple nice gains, and Lesean McCoy started to show why he is one of the best offensive players in the league. At this point, Foles looked dialed in, throwing a go ahead touchdown to Zach Ertz. Foles reminded me of Joe Montana at this point of the game.. Like Montana, he simply did not look fazed by the blitz and made all the right throws. Give him another shot at the postseason with a better Defense and he could carry this team.

Even the Eagles lost Saturday night, we found out that Foles can play in big games. He just didn’t get the ball last, which stinks because I felt he could have driven the Eagles down the field. A las, there is always next year. on Facebook

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229 Comments for “Nick Foles Struggled Early But Came On Late”

  1. Foles is QB for next year there is no question about it. The only problem I have is with the redneck fans who for 11 weeks wont criticize Foles for anything. That is what is annoying. He can do no wrong. Its ok to say Foles held the ball to long at some times, its ok to say Foles didnt play well. It doesn’t change the fact that he played well for the Eagles this year. Brees was terrible in the 1st half, so was Foles. Look forward to seeing Foles with a full offseason to prepare.

    • Hopefully, Foles will develop into the next Brady.

      However, at this point, Kelly’s offense has allowed him to succeed by hitting wide-open receivers. When those receivers are not wide-open, Foles is hesitant to pull the trigger, preferring to throw away the ball or take sacks.

      There is “Open” and then there is “NFL Open.”

      Footage from the Saints game reveals that Jackson was definitely “NFL Open” in the 1st half, but Foles wouldn’t take the risk.

      Turnovers are huge! So, I respect those decisions.

      However, the 2 Franchise QBs who won on Saturday threw a combined 5 interceptions (while their counterparts threw none). Brees and Luck were “willing” to take those risks and equally “able” to overcome them.

      If Foles is going to essentially “remove” the QB-run threat from the Eagles’ offense, he’s got to make ’em pay with tight-window passes. For the record, Rob Ryan instructed his defense to ignore Foles as a runner, and we know that other teams will follow suit.

      Great pocket passers can thread a needle 50 yards down field.

      That’s not something I’ve seen from Foles, yet.

      He must grow in the next year as he faces a 1st-place schedule. If Foles fares well, the Eagles will undoubtedly invest the $100 million required to define him as a “Franchise QB.”

      Personally, I hope he does!!!

      • Good post Drummer, just about dead on bro..

      • drummer,

        If Foles can be selective with how open a receiver has to be for him to trow at him, yet continue to have a completion percentage in the mid 60s, I’ll take that. I think Kelly will too.

        I do agree with some of your points though. Foles has to improve his awareness in the pocket and get outside the tackle box while keeping his eyes down-field.

        There’s actually many areas that Foles needs to improve. The good thing is that he knows it and he is young enough to change.

        He’ll have to continue to play at a high level though because there is not very much tolerance for losing in this town. It my appear that he has the unwavering support of fans, but they will turn on him in a heartbeat if he loses games.

  2. Enough blame to go around, the battle kept being lost at the line of scrimage, offense and defensive line got pushed around to the point of embarrasment,djax needs a injury from op to start getting open, special teams KILLED them roc kicking the ball into the endzone instead of pinning them on 2yd, alex henry missing field goal which is unacceptable in big game,not being able to stop run, us not being able to run, coaching especially bdavis deciding more important to stop the pass and not the run, he played not to get burned with the pass and we simply got out coached. let me tell you there are some guys on this team that are stiffs I dont care what anyone says and here is my list Cox, Trent, desean always diassapears with someone who can play,alex henry find another kicker, roc carmichael where they find this goof, patrick chung go back to the pats,last but not least at some point we need a fullback a real fb that can lead block so we can get the critical 3rd and 1 when needed a guy like we had before you remember JOHN RITCHIE! I saw this guy play with his head gashed and blood comin down his face he was an animal. Trent cole can go shoot some chipmunks now that season uver and he got embarrssed on prime time after all that jawing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Trent can go shoot some chipmunks. LMAO Now that made me laugh.

    • All your criticisms are correct but the fact remains the Eagles don’t quite have the horses yet. Foles is young and hopefully will mature. Andrew Luck didn’t look so great in the first half yesterday didn’t he? His defense held. Ours didn’t. Eagles needed an A game, Their B-B- game won’t cut it. Add to the roster and you possibly have a contender. Yes it was winnable but you were facing a HOF coach and a HOF QB, the coach with his A game. Look up. There’s hope.

  3. Scared quarterbacks don’t win Championships….are we satisfied with winning enough to get to the wild card?

    If so, why did we fire Reid again?

    This team is not too far folks.

    Right now we’re stuck between a QB who scared to make mistakes and a QB who have the arm and athleticism in Vick to put pressure on defenses but make mistakes sometimes along with being too stubborn to learn how to slide.

    So we really need a QB in between these two variables and I don’t think that’s too far away.

    Foles is really a back up that comes in when the starter goes down to manage games until the star comes back.

    He’s serviceable in the right offense but lack the killer instinct to win it all because he’s too passive.

    Can we win games with him?


    But, his short comings can not be taught.

    You can’t teach speed and improvisation and the championship QB’s knows how to improvise when other facets of the offense are hindered.

    When the play doesn’t go exactly how it’s designed, Foles get mental freeze and that’s not acceptable.

    Acceptable for a back up but not a game changing QB.

    Look at the teams who will be playing next week and tell me if you would prefer Foles over any of them.

    They have that “it” factor.

    Foles can be compared to some degree to Alex Smith yet I would take Alex Smith over him because at least he can improvise and use his legs in certain situations, and have the arm to throw stikes if his wide receiver is running free behind defense.

    Hell with QB rating it means nothing comes playoff time as we can all see.

    Chip get your guy!!!!

    the offense have been implemented with all the pieces outside of the QB’s you inherited.

    Foles did good when called upon and Chip did a good job in hiding Foles weaknesses when he could but I think Chip knows what he need in a QB to compete for a Superbowl and I won’t be surprised if that guy is drafted to wait in the wings behind Foles like Kap was behind Alex Smith.

    So, Foles do deserve to be the guy starting next season because he have earned it but Chip will groom his guy who will step in and take the offense to the next level if Foles faultier or go down with an injury.

    I want a Championship and my eyes have never lied to me.

    Foles is just a guy.

    Mcnabb was our best chance in his prime because he had the “it” factor along with a strong arm.

    The guy that can take us over they top is not yet on this team. period

    I’m praying that Chip do what I think he will do…..turn up the heat!

    Go Eagles! Especially when you get our guy.

    • Jeez after 16 starts you’re ready to bury the guy. Luck threw 3 interceptions and was miserable in first half. Want to bury him? Brought his team back, like Foles, but his defense held. Saints did not collapse like KC.
      Grow up.

    • I could not have said it better Songsrme2!!!

  4. The Saints controlled the line of scrimmage. Their offensive line pushed our defensive lineman around all night.

    Playoff games are won and lost in the trenches – that’s where we got beat.

    • on your trench comment.

      just asking.

      remember when the Eagles were in easy scoring position and Foles held the ball with a clean pocket only to wait and take a sack that moved us out of Alex Henery range?

      How did the guys in the trenches do on that play?

      Once you answer I’ll have another trench moment for ya.

      • A couple of bad plays. The entire team was not up to snuff. How ’bout the perfect touch pass to Cooper who dropped a sure point getter? This was a team effort in which scheme and execution did not quite come up to snuff. And a good kicker should make a 46 yarder. Henry has killed them for years.

    • I agree 100% and stated so a few times after the game.. How many 3rd & 1 or 2 Yards did the Saints convert last evening..
      At least 6-7 times..The Eagles had their opportunities to a Stop the Saibts on a couple of Drives and hudt simply got pushed around up front and failed to come up with the big stops when it mattered most
      It was a great Game Plan by Saints Payton and their RB’s by committee wore down the aeagkes front 7.. Kendrick’s shot the gaps a few times and was just a step away for some big Tackkes in the backfield..
      If he makes a pkay or two, who knows.. It was a great game to watch even thoug the final Score was a bummer..
      Eagles have a lot of positives and can hold their heads up high..

  5. By the way.

    The Saints will get blowed the hell out next week and you’ll see how the Eagles should have handled a injury racked pathetic secondary.

    • Saints will give the Seahawks a good game

      It will be the Seahawks/49ers in the NFC
      And the Broncos/Patriots in the AFC

      These 4 Teans have been the most consistent and are heads above the rest of the NFL in Terms of Talent & Coaching

      Eagles,Packers Chiefs,Bengals,Chargers,
      Panthers are not in the same class as these Top
      4 Teams I listed

  6. what game were you watchin the o line gave him zero time please this was ateam effort including coaches and we dont have to look for qb we have one idiot! We need more defense first big fast physical dudes that can rip heads off people that can get to qb get in the backfield and fuk somebody up not talk about them being a rookie and they gonna take care em when they cant TAKE CARE OF A FUKIN SQUIRREL BITCH!

    • The vast majority of the game the O line gave Foles plenty of time. Foles made some bad decisions by not getting rid of the ball on the series Henry ultimately missed the 48 yard field goal He was a little shaky in the beginning but showed moxy as the game went on. Foles should grow by learning his mistake, that mistake cost us points. I saw a lot of come back fight in Foles yesterday, he led us from 20-7 deficit to a24-23 lead. That’s apositive…could he have played better? Yes, I expect him to get smarter with experience and stronger this off season (armwise). It was his first playoff game with 16 starts under his belt. There’s room for improvement, all in all…he aquitted himself good, not perfect…but good!

    • so what you’re saying is 24 points is good enough to win it all in this league?

      Is that what you’re saying?


      Get use to these kinds of games with Foles at the Helm ..ok?

      Teams will continue to play him the same way, and I also noticed that defenses aren’t falling for the misdirection smokes and mirrors anymore.

      They are just collapsing on Shady every play whether the play is called for him or not.

      they are saying, “we don’t fear this quarterback”..period.

      allocate the defense to swarm Shady and put the game on Fole’s arm to win it.

      Teams have the blue print so it doesn’t matter how exotic Chip designs plays next season..teams will use the same game plan until Foles shows he can make teams pay for taking chances.

      Foles is not built like that guys.

      He’s not!

      He’s a slow game manager.

      That’s it.

      people try to blame Shady, the lines, the defense, the play calling, the kicker..on and on.

      The bottom line is that Foles choked and couldn’t get any guts to do anything until late in the game when he had to.

      Chip even said their was opportunities out there but Fole didn’t pull the trigger early.

      Get use to these games with a few more pad the stats mirages like the Oakland game if you’d like.

      If winning a Superbowl is the goal we must realize when we have “FOLES GOLD”.


      • “Teams have the blue print so it doesn’t matter how exotic Chip designs plays next season..teams will use the same game plan until Foles shows he can make teams pay for taking chances.”

        Yeah that’ spretty much it.

        Against weaker defenses we will do well against better ones we won’t. Until Foles proves otherwise.

        • Dumbest statement ever. Elite defenses have this offenses number because they have the ability to go man to man. Man to Man is the achillees to any offense in this league. If the weapons around you can’t beat the press you will get murdered. Man to Man combined with a pass rush eliminates all offense.

      • 15 out of the last 20 seasons 24 points would have been good enough to win the superbowl. One week we give up too many yards against a QB that hadn’t played in two years and the next week we give up a bunch of rushing yards against a team ranked 25th in rushing. This team needs to improve on the secondary of the defense. In addition, a kicker who can make a 47 yard field goal wouldn’t hurt either. The point is you seem obsessed with Nick Foles while ignoring other obvious flaws on this team that were exposed last night.

      • Just come out and say you want a fast athletic QB who is the second coming of Vick RG3 Randall etc etc etc just using Vick in a statement who is a MENTAL MIDGET in the pocket and couldn’t read a defense if his life depends on it shows your biased and retarded viewpoint.

  7. “what game were you watchin the o line gave him zero time”

    Um..he had all day to throw. You can’t hold to the ball as long as he did unless you are giving massive amounts of time to throw the ball. Oline wasn’t a problem. Foles just didn’t pull the trigger.

  8. Look we all know certain people have an agenda.. It is more than transparent. Fuck them!
    The birds played a football game last night they went toe to toe with a very good football team. Both teams made plays. It came down to the end. Great season lots of questions were answered. We found some players in key positions.

    • the Saints aint shit!

      Toe to toe my ass!

      The Saints will get blowed the hell out next week buddy.

      The Saints lost every game outside the dome in which Brees turned over the ball this year, so please.

      stop it.

      The Saints will get blowed the hell out if Brees give them 2 turnovers before the half.

      The Eagles with a better QB blows that same team out of the water early and are resting their starter late in the 4th quarter for a playoff run.

      The Saints secondary was injured before their best guy went down in the game.

      Come on guy.

      • Songs…..likeI told Vinny..he had a serious preoccupation that was bordeline psychotic with Vick…you are demonstrating the same symptoms with your fascination with Foles. I think the two of you should go see a psychiatrist together and get prescribed some OCD medication.

        • psych my balls.

          I’m stating the obvious buddy.

          O C D’s BALLS!

          • LOL….you can’t talk about anything else, which demonstrates your preoccupation. You’re Vinny part 2. Now if you have OCD with your balls that a ‘personal problem that you can share with your lady or keep to yourself..LOL. You’re back…lol your kid got hold of your account…..LOL…you never left! Don’t make excuses for your OCD…deal with it!

      • And exactly where is that QB? Which tree do they grow on? Want Romo? Tannahill? Dalton? Cutler? Hmmm?If Foles does not progress, I’ll agree with you, but your rants are way too early. Cam Newton regressed his second year, bounced back big time. These guys learn.

  9. Historically, QBs in their first playoff start win at about a .350/400 clip (somewhere in there) with about a 2-1 interception to td ratio.

    Foles played a very, very good first playoff game. He’ll learn from the experience.

    This upcoming draft will see the Eagles take OL and DL with their first 2 picks. S/CB in the 3rd round. New kicker somewhere in there obviously.

  10. I think the big play missed by Foles
    Was on that 3rd & 7 Pkay at the 15 yard line early in the 4th with Eagles Trailing 23-14.. He had Cooper cutting across the end-zone with 2 steps on his defender and threw instead to McCoy in tragic for a 5 Yard gain where they settled for FG to make the Score 23-17 when if he passed to Cooper, it was 7 Pts and momentum seized.. That entire play was unusual
    Both McCoy & Avant were running routes putting them to close together with 3-4 Saints Defebders right there, but if anyone watches the tape,
    Cooper is cutting across the end-zone open and Foles didn’t see him
    All in all, Fokes played well in the 2nd half but it took him and the entire Offense too long to warm up..
    That earlier drop by Cooper on 3rd & 4 with 30 yards on daylight was a killer..

    • Yes Paulman it was noticed. Foles didn’t lose this game the inability to stop a mediocre running game was the cause. Yes the offense left too many plays on the field but the defense needed to be strong enough to not allow a chip shot field goal at the end.

    • Paulman..have you heard from Cliff, I haven’t seen anything from him he ok? I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s taking a break from GCOBB, sometimes it’s necessary to regain some sanity.

      • No I have heard from GMCliff and was wondering the same thing and hope he’s ok.. He may have travelled over the Holidays are like you said, just taking a break from some of the lunacy that goes on here..

        • He is sequestered in a back room dreaming up a series of 9 trade downs which will yield the eagles 22 draft picks. His scenario will have the eagles with 22 pro bowlers and if the eagles do anything different he will bitch

          • Man that’s cruel, why pick on the GMCliff,

            • Paul, because he’s an @$$hole, who has nothing else better to do with his insignificant life, than to troll on other posters. gmcliff forgot more about sports, than the troll can hope to attain.

  11. Eagles need to STRIKE NOW! If the Eagles truly believe Foles is the future this is the time to lock him up on the cheap. After a playoff loss with 2 years remaining on his contract. He has no leverage at this point. A 5 year deal worth 50-60 million could save the Eagles tons of money if you wait and he has a stellar year going into his final year the price tag may go up 40 million. Its a gamble but if the Eagles can structure it in a way that they could get out of it in 3 years with minimal cap consequences they should do it. I cant believe Foles would turn down millions and gamble on his future earnings. Now is the time to make a deal.

  12. In the off season, the Eagles must figure out what they are going to do with the WR position..two sleepers. WR Jeff Janis from SaginawValley State 6’3″ 218 4.43 and Chris Roby 6’5 205. I also like the #2 wideout from Clemson Martaivus Byant 6’5″ 205. Sleeper safeties, Johnathan Dowling 6’3″ 218…4.43 Western Kentucky and Lyndell Johnson 6’3″ 215. The Eagles will need to draft they must get rid of Chung..Wolffe and Allen are good back ups. They also must upgrade the OLB position…Khalil Mack may be attainable, If not, Vic Beasly, Jeremiah Attachou, or Kyle van Noy who IMO is the best cover linebacker in the draft. Either CB, Sylvester Jean Baptiste (Nebraska) or Piere Desir would be a good 4th round pick up. DT Zack Kerr from delaware is a big DT 6’2″ 320 pounds is a good space eater.

  13. I’m on the phone behind the scenes right now with Byrd’s agent I’m Roseman.

    Get Byrd here playing with an average Nate Allen, with Earl Wolff spot duty and this secondary can be a strength.

    We need to get some Corner help too along with a monster pass rushing 3-4 OLB.

    I would like to see the Eagles get the top read option QB on the board in the 2nd or 3rd round also to be groomed if this year with Foles is showed to have been a mirage.

  14. A Safety, a Run Stuffer DT, and a Pass Rusher
    Anyone notice that Brandon Graham probably played his best overall game as an Eagle lady evening..
    They have 3 similar Pkayers in Cole, Graham & Curry
    And 1 of them will probably have to go if they intend to add another Pass-Rushing DE/OLB like Beasly,etc..

    • You nailed it Paulman. That is exactly our needs. Saying all that with the 23rd pick in the 2014 NFL draft the Philadelphia Eagles select Marquise Lee WR USC. lol

      • Dag…Lee is Maclin part two! He’s had some injury in college. Good skill set…I’d rather resign maclin than waste a # 1pick on a player who has a simular skill set as JMAC.

        • Fair enough I just hate Maclin looking for 1st soft piece of turf to lay down on.

          • I really like what I saw out of Jordan Mathews this season and he had a spectacular bowl game. Kelvin Benjamin is another stud too. If they are there in the 1st, I have toconsider drafting one of them. I know taking a receiver in the first isn’t popular with the defensive help we need..but my logic is that by pick #23 you drop off from round 1 and 2 players aren’t that great. I do however think that the WR drop off will be greater than the OLB drop off between round 1 and 2…barring K. Mack and A. Barr!

          • Eagles should have the 21st to 23rd Pick in the Draft
            My early Sleeper Pick is DL Ra Seede Hageman from the University of Minnesota .. He’s 6-6, 315lbs, strong, and an explosive first step or two and reminds some Scouts as a young Albert Haynesworth
            Hageman has the wing-span, and build to put another 10-15 lbs in 2 years time and can be a beast at DT and still has the athleticism to play done DE in a 4 man Rush.. Keep an eye on this kid during the Indy combine,College work days, etc,etc..

            • I’ve seen Hageman mocked to the Eagles in a couple of mock drafts. I watched him in his bowl game..He does have an explosive first step. Same was said about Cox..if you select Hageman in the first to play at D my as well put Cox there!

  15. ****NFL News***
    Titans fire HC Mike Munchak,
    Who could end up at Penn State if they don’t
    Hire AL Golden from University of Miami..

    Titans could be a landing Spot believe it or not, for the fired
    Mike Shanahan…

    • Paul…that news is old, that happened yesterday early evening. This league hires to many retreads. I can’t believe Ken Wissenhunt is being considered for a head coaching spot again. Shanahan is a QB killer who needs to hang his clipboard up.

  16. I was at the game and at the stadium all day and I haven’t seen an atmosphere like that since the 2004 NFC champ. I don’t know if anyone else on here went to the game but the energy was something I haven’t seen in a while. The Eagles fans brought it and I think the noise really screwed the Saints out of a couple more points. Better things are ahead for this team. I knew we weren’t going to win the Superbowl this year. We just don’t have the overall talent yet. The great teams this year don’t have guys like Chung and Allen playing safety for them.

    The way we lost just sucks. Sitting there in the freezing cold just watching our D get abused for 5 slow min after our bitch kicker cant kick it out of bounds on the kickoff was brutal to watch. The short kick, return, penalty gave the saints 54 yards. Thats ridiculous. And then for the defense to not get off the field with 5 min to go 2 timeouts and a 2 minute warning is inexcusable.
    The offense wasn’t great (probably because it was like 20 degrees) but the last time they were on the field, it was a TD pass for the lead. They did enough.

    You have a lead late in the 4th at home in the playoffs with a crazy crowd behind you yelling their balls off in the freezing cold…The D needs to get off the fucking field in that spot.

    • Yes…the Colts was in the same position…the Colts came back to take the lead, the defense then held….period. They hold. the lead and get off the field..we win..end of story!

      • Great comback by the Colts. But was it just me laughing at how Reid ONCE AGAIN tried to prove he’s the smartest guy in the room by passing all over the field. You’re up 38-10 at one point. You’d think he’s try to assert his run game and impose their will on Indy. Keep that offense of indy off the field.

  17. A bright spot in this loss is that the Eagles have a shot to take the division for the foreseeable future (kind of like 2001 all over again). Redskins/Cowboys/Giants are all a mess when it comes to players/coaching.

    They can carry over the unused 20 million in cap from this year and add it to the 2014 limit. There will be plenty of cash to work with after that and when they get rid of some of the overpaid trash on this team/restructuring
    Orapko/best safety available would be my priority..
    Depending on the deals, I would resign Cooper/Maclin (i think they both want to be here in this offense next year over anywhere else and don’t think they have much bargaining power either)

  18. I agree Pheags that the Crowd was the most vocal
    And into the game the best I have seen in some time
    The Loss Stings, but I can’t really get mad or dissapointed for they had a great Season and far exceeded my expectations, but the reality is that
    Once your in the Playoffs, at home, take a late lead, it’s a bitter pull to swallow.. Eagles need some more beef up front
    The positive is that Cox,Thornton & Logan are
    24 and younger and will get better.. But there needs to be another Pkayer or two added to the mix, and especially on the interior

  19. QB Braxton Miller is returning to OSU. LB Ryan Shazier is entering the draft.

    • Shakier a a Good LB but at 6-2, 225 lbs is too small
      In my opinion to be more than a Special Teamer/Back-Up
      LB in the NFL..

  20. It was an excellent game: The Eagles lost by 2 points i.e. in essence a field goal.

    You know when I read all these Sunday morning QBs and fantasy footballers looking up the team’s ass with a magnifying glass, looking for whatever you find looking up a rectum, I feel sad, and shake my head…The athletes all competed and gave their all.

    Since I’ve been a performing musician for 30+ years, I tend to compare athletes and musicians, since what we both do is give a performance in front of an audience.

    Sometimes you play before a big crowd, sometimes a small one; sometimes the fans are in your corner, sometimes they don’t like you at all; sometimes you give a great performance, sometimes you give a workman like performance just to get through the gig, doing the best job you can, and sometimes you just have a stinker….But the one think that remains consistent in this is that it takes time to get a good rhythm going on stage, and it takes time to build a good band…Could take a number of years…You try to get a good plan, and then you stick with and get to work.

    It is exactly the same with a sports team.

    Saturday night. it took both Foles and Brees awhile to find a rhythm in the game, and, in the end, it was pretty much a ‘Texas standoff’ with the QBs…The Saints running game was slightly better, their line play was a little better, and in the NFL, whoever wins the battle in the trenches usually wins the game.

    I though Payton vs. Kelly was pretty much even up, as was Billy Davis vs. Ryan in the coaching battle…The Saints had the edge in experience, and combined with a little better special teams play, they won.

    Great season for the Eagles and kudos to all the players who played in that 15 degree weather out there…Tough loss, but you need to make some mistakes before you get to be a consistent winner in any field of endeavor.

    ‘There is nothing new under the sun.’

  21. Eagles chairman Jeff Lurie wouldn’t label Nick Foles as the future of the franchise, but said the quaterback is “incredibly impressive.” (USA Today)

    Thank God!!!!

    • more from the owner

      “Michael has been as impressive to all of you, I am sure. But, to us, internally, he is so incredibly mature,” Lurie said. “He’s a great teammate and the ultimate leader. He is somebody who has helped Nick tremendously. He has been a joy to have. He has represented the team always with class. I didn’t know a lot about Michael before he came. I had heard a lot and he has been very impressive.”

      • Translation…. You guys in Ottawa will love him

      • And that’s all true. Mike has been the ultimate team mate and a good person who’s demonstrated leadership quality and has been a good role model and an outstanding citizen in Philadelphia. Mike is moving on because he wants to start or at least go somewhere he will have a chance to start. I wish him well, unless he is playing the Eagles.

      • But back to the questionsongs…what about Alge Crumpler, Warrick Dunn, TJ Duckett, Deangelo Hall, Peerless Price, Dez White Michael Jenkins and Brian Finneran…they had nothing to do with the Falcons getting to the NFC Championship game…Mike did it single handedly? Really? Why did the Falcons lose that game? Was that a team effort or do you give that credit to Mike too? Answer the ?’s Inquiring minds wanna know bruh?

      • Eagles chairman Jeff Lurie wouldn’t label Nick Foles as the future of the franchise, but said the quaterback is “incredibly impressive.” (USA Today)
        Thank God!!!!

        • That’s never been Lurie’s position..commenting on talent like Jerry Jones..Thank God!!!! That’s Howie and Chips job. (Eaglehaslanded)

        • FraudSongs,Here’s what Lurie said after being asked the question”Is Nick Foles the franchise QB?” …”I won’t commment on any player,but you have to be very impressed with everthing Nick has accomplished..especially tonight…leading us back from a 20-7 deficit”.

          • That may be because he doesn’t want to speak for Chip or he may have said that to not give up bargaining power when it comes to negotiating an extension. Why would you sing the praises of someone before you have extended a long-term contract to them? Jeff Lurie is very smart about his words, anyone in that position should be.

            • Dude Foles isn’t eligible to renegotiate … Lurie said he was very impressive. Translation… All the idiots on GCOBB shut the fuck up we have our qb.
              Anyone that has ever dealt with the press knows you don’t say anything. EVER…it’s all coaches speak, sound bites and zero facts.

              • Watching DNL tonight and Westbook and Didinger speaking after analyzing Foles. Westbrook said after watching tape that the one thing Foles has to work on is taking chances. He said he would rather see Foles throw 10 ints and not hold the ball and take chances for big plays than him to check down all night long and throw 2 ints all year. He said that’s what separates game managers and the elite QBs. He said just because a DB like Lewis is running down the field side by side with DJax doesn’t mean hes not open, throw it up and no one in the world can shift into 5th gear like DJax if hes even hes leaving. He also said he wasn’t sure if the system made Foles or it was Foles talent. Chip really wants someone who can run and be accurate like Foles but guys like that are hard to find., There is no other option at this point.They than played Chips press conference when Chip was asked if Foles is starter next year he said yes in a very weak, soft voice. He honestly got excited talking about Barkley they all joked about, (I don’t know why ). That’s just there opinions, we all have one. .

              • Now we are interpreting tone of voice?
                As for 36 criticisms… Saying a 24 yeR old qb isn’t perfect far from a critiscm…

              • I saw interview and yeah Chip said it very very softly and the media picked up on it. Just telling you what the analyst are saying dude. Relax wasn’t me. Jus there opinions. Its just like Chip saying yeah hes gonna be my QB for the next 1000 years. He said that loud and clear.

              • I get it… Nothing to talk about but let’s face it a head coach wants to win and the qb is the key. Eagles 9-3 in games Foles played more than a half… And this team is flawed! Give him another stud WR and a defense and he is gold

              • Just his opinion doesn’t mean he is right. He didn’t say Foles wasn’t any good he said Foles had a great year but that’s what he needs to work on.

              • That’s amazing Westbrook knows so much about Chip Kelly.
                That’s amazing none of it matches what Chip Kelly has been saying all year.
                That’s amazing it all sounds JUST LIKE some of the other peoples opinion in here, word for word.

              • Well he knows more than mimitaro from the internet that’s for sure. I guarantee you he has spoken to Chip more than mimitaro on the internet. I also know he has played more football and broke down more film than mimitaro on the internet. lol

              • My opinion does not matter in a debate of the facts. I know what Chip Kelly said. And none of it matches what Westbrook says Kelly said.

              • I heard Jaws talk about Foles today after breaking down the tape of the Saints game. He said the future is bright for Foles and the Eagles.

                I saw the press conference and it seemed to me that Chip answered the question like he was tired of answering it and he was annoyed.

                Westbrook is entitled to his opinion, but go with Jaws and Kelly’s words.

              • How do you know that dag, judge Westbrook by his content not his playing ability, stats, and as a commentator he sounds like a llittle bitch

              • That’s his opinion… 32 nfl coaches would disagree. Turnover is the worst 4 letter word to a coach

        • I was going to mention this last night. That was very telling..

        • That’s more than he has ever said about any player’s on-field performance. He doesn’t comment on players performance ever. For him to say that much about Foles is high praise.

      • Before the stadium was even empty…

        “When asked if he would come back to Philadelphia next season, Vick simply shook his head no. “I’m still a starter,” Vick said. “I’m not a backup quarterback.”

        Right back to the I, I ,I, I “great teammate” we all know and love. And a subtle little jab at Kelly who he clearly thinks made the wrong decision at QB.

        Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

        • Mike was a good team mate this year. There’s nothing wrong with him revealing his feelings now. The season is over and it’s not a distraction.

          • Couldn’t have waited a day.

            Team is in the locker room after a terrible loss and Vick is,

            “I am a starting QB……”

            That, my friends, is the real Mike Vick.

            • What difference does it make in the scope of things. The reporter asked him a question…Why BS around about it. Mike speaks his mind as he should..He has been the model team mate. If you can’t see that you’re blind just like your buddy Songs. You guys have more in common than a dislike for the other QB on the Eagles. If he’d waited then it would be…why can’t he answer the question. If hewould have said I’m ok with being in Philly, then signed with another team he would’ve been called a liar. He can’t win with you Vinny.

              • Vick has been a model teammate…its too bad that he gets hurt too much because in reality he is a better fit for this offense with his arm strength and athleticism than Foles..but its time to move on…he gets hurt and you cant help the club in the tub.
                Songs was dead on point when he said Kelly needs the flexibility to get his own QB…no need to saddle him with Foles by signing him to a big money contract! On the flip side of that…if I’m Nick Foles, I would have my agent demand some big bucks. Its going to be interesting!

              • You realize Kelly drafted non mobile Barkley?
                He can’t demand bucks… He isn’t eligible till after next year… Playoffs next year 30 TD and 5 int… He will break the bank

              • Stop killing kools points with facts, he doesn’t like it.

              • He took a flyer on Barkley in the 4th round…that was a solid pick at that position…he had seen Barkley do some good things as USC…throwing the ball with anticipation, timing…throwing the ball to receivers that were not wide open but putting the ball in positions where the receiver can make a play…Barkley may still be a good quarterback..haveablunt…its not ONLY about mobility.

              • Chip Kelly has always said he doesn’t need a certain type of QB or a certain type of prototype player in ANY position. That’s what makes Chip Kelly great. He says you give him the players and he will make an offense to suit. Which is why he has had instant success with the Eagles. He has also said Foles is his guy, so you now have two options… Get on board, or get over it.

              • LOL…mimitaro your an idiot! Of course he said Foles is his guy…he is his guy until he gets another guy that’s better…that’s how the NFL works! Yes…Chip Kelly squeezed all he could out of this squad and our limitations were exposed…we were not good enough and one of the main positions that we are not good enough is QB…simple as that…can the game managing Foles get us there if he has the best offensive line and running back in the league…sure..we can win the division…who knows maybe one day we might be able to win a playoff game with Foles…bottom line is we are trying to win a Super Bowl…
                We are not good enough..and Foles is not good enough…bottom line!

              • Where’s the violins to go with this?

            • Who the fuck made you boss of what is right or wrong?

  22. QB Aaron Rodgers did not complete a Pass in the 1st Quarter vs the 49ers
    Wonder if Packers should bench him and bring in
    Matt Flynn …

  23. Damn Kaep just floated that ball up for grabs!

  24. Kaepernick under 50% with a pick and all kids of redzone troubles in the first half??

    Rodgers 1 for 3 for 8 yards??? 0 points??

    I thought they were franchise QBs and franchise QBs can never ever struggle in playoff games?

    That’s what Kool and Songs said….this is all very confusing.

    • It’s amazing how what some people say can come back and bite them in the butt!

    • are you kidding me??? You have to be really dense if you would not take Kaepernick or Rodgers over Nick Foles. Did you see the throw Rodgers made to get Green Bay into the playoffs…you will never see a play like that from Foles…never, ever, ever! Nothing close to a play like that…listen…I’m trying to give the kid a break..he is a good, young, game managing QB…that’s solid…but we need a playmaker at QB…we need a guy who can make it happen…Foles is not that guy! I dont wanna hear about his damm stats!

      • Kaepernick fucking stinks dude and is the reason San Fran won’t win a Super Bowl this year or ever. He is terrible. He is like Vick but a worse thrower and better runner he does take are of the football though.

        Regarding Rodgers id take him over every qb in football not named Peyton and Brady

      • Foles don’t need you to give him a break, douchbag.

        Do you realize how stupid you sound calling Foles a “game managing” quarterback. Show me a “game managing” quarterback who throws 29 TD’s in 11 games… I wait dickhead…. Foles is as big a game changer as any QB in the league.

        You see this Green Bay defense that Keapenick can’t get nothing going against… well Foles threw 3 TD on them and never struggled for a second. He got the team ahead and McCoy finished them in the 4th quarter. All Keapernick can do is tuck it under his arm and run so far.

  25. Only Aaron Rogers can make that TD throw. wow

  26. Jeff Lurie:

    “has, has, has, has, ed, ed, ed”

  27. I don’t think Foles problem is speed as much as awkwardness…He needs to run in the off season: 1- 2 miles a day day just so it feels more natural…Foles will never be a Vick, but he needs to be able to take advantage of running opportunities better.

    Kid is still maturing physically.

  28. Profootballfocus just graded Foles as the best Eagles player yesterday.
    Nick Foles +2.4
    Lane Johnson +2.0
    Todd Heremans +1.8
    Jason Peters +1.5
    Evan Mathis +1.3
    Brent Celek -2.0
    Jason Kelce -1.0

    Bradley Fletcher +1.2
    Trent Cole +1.1
    DeMeco Ryans -3.4
    Mychal Kendricks -3.2
    Fletcher Cox -1.4
    Patrick Chung -1.1

    • Wow. From what I’ve seen on this website I’ve been lead to believe it’s all Nick Foles’ fault. You mean defense not making stops plays a role in playoff football as well?

  29. Kap took a big sack in fg range? Really?

  30. Hahaha hey kool look at Kap “making plays” and “not playing scared” and taking sacks and moving out of FG range.

  31. 49ers defense and offensive weapons are great.. Give them manning(2), Brady, flacco, rivers, Foles, Rodgers etc. and. They are a dynasty. Kap ain’t all that

  32. I guess Rogers is playing scared..holding onto the ball to long..not getting the ball out. Taking sacks. If that was Foles OMG…all the see I told you so’s. Kaepernick isn’t playing to well either. He’s made some plays with his legs..but it’s only helped translate into 13 points into an Average Greenbay defense. The 49ers should be blowing this Greenbay team out!

  33. Kaepernick just short hopped a pass. That’s not the sign of an elite QB!

  34. Whhhattt Kap missed a wide open receiver? Maybe he should have waited for the window to close before throwing it. Then he would have really impressed kool.

  35. Whhhaattt why is Kap throwing it to Crabtree short of the first down marker on 3rd down when he had guys open down field???

  36. Not to impressed with the 49ers Offense and QB Kapernick
    Packer have about 6-7 Defensive Starters out and 49ers have had good field position and plenty of opportunities to put the Packers away..

  37. Foles definitely played better against this Average GreenBay defense. I’ll say it again. The 49ers should be blowing this team out. .. Right Kool? Right Songs? Green Bay defense is Average, and their missing key players!!!!

  38. Arron Rodgers with one of the greatest plays I ever seen right there

    • Very lucky. He looked stupid for a bit there. Needing 2 yards and had both tailbacks wide open 4 yards down the field and he just looked at them.

  39. Kap won’t be judged on the same scale as Foles…by those with an agenda

    • he stinks. anyone talking about kaepernick and greatness or a top qb in the nfl is retarded he is awful

      • No…Kaep isn’t awful, he’s still learning the position just like Foles…Gotta bust Kools and Songs balls because they praise Kaep for his running ability…He still has alot of work to do to become an elite QB. They don’t see that though because they just want a running QB who can make an occasional strong arm pass. Kaep struggles with some passes because he is just starting to stay in the pocket, survey the field and look for his receivers through progression. It’ll take time. Like right there on that TD. That was a very good pass from the pocket by Kaep.

        • yup…Eagleshaslanded…look at what that running ability got SF today…he made key plays with his legs buying time…Green Bay played excellent defense on one play but got their back broke when Kap took off and ran…did you see that pass he made to Davis…on the money, between defenders…natural running ability, speed, fearlessness, that ‘it’ factor…
          We got Foles and his high QB rating and stats…San Francisco has got a guy who makes key plays at key moments of the game with his legs and arm.
          I’ll take Kap over Foles any day of the week!!!

          • Kool….And they all have the same amount of SuperBowl rings..0, so what difference does it make?We’ve had running QB’s Donnovan, Randall, and Mike…we still have no rings. Our cupboard is bare! A running QB does not assure us a superbowl. Pocket passers have won superbowls. It’s just a fact. I don’t care about the flash and the sizzle! Give me a QB that wins a ring. I don’t care how fast he runs!

            • You know we’ve had pocket qb’s before Randall came into the league, don’t ya?

              Eagles have never won a Superbowl with pocket passers on the team, so what’s your angle here?

  40. kaepernick under throws Vern Davis by 5-10 yards in what should have been an ez td

  41. Damn, Kap should have thrown it to Davis while he was wide open. Like Foles does with his receivers.

  42. The only time Songs was dead on is when he said his son was a racist like him.

  43. Rodgers is insane. could’ve took off for an ez first down but nope just believed in his playmakers and made a huge play

  44. This is what I mean by deceptive quickness and pocket awareness. Rodgers has it all.. Unreal, the show hes putting on tonight..

  45. great throw by kaepeRnick to 33 on Green Bay. of course 33 can’t catch that pretty pass

  46. Why are we not good enough at QB? He outplayed Brees. He made more plays than Brees. Threw more TDs than Brees. Threw less intercepts than Brees. Yet we still lost. Not his fault.

  47. 20-20…2 minutes left. No reason why the49ersshouldnot be blowing this GreenBay team out. They havea mediocre defense. What QB is gonnacome through in the clutch…Kaep..or Rodgers. Will Rodgers get a chance to lead his team back. Like Aikman said about the Philly NO game….sometimes it just comes down to who has the ball last!

  48. Rodgers looked just like Foles in this game. Slow start (Rodgers no completions in first quarter). Less TDs than Foles. Less yards than Foles… (was it kool who said 195 yards won’t cut it in a playoff? How about 177?). Rodgers leads his team back in 4th qtr just like Foles. Packers defense couldn’t make a stop just like the Eagles defense.

    Is Rodgers just a game manager now too? Answer that kool.

  49. This game should have never been that close. Green Bay has an average defense..San Francisco should have blown them out.
    As far as Aaron Rodgers…what’s his problem? If he led his team to more points they would not have had to worry about a last second field goal. He didn’t have a chance to get back on the field to lead his team for another score..but that’s his fault. He should have scored more. These guys are elite QB’s LOL. Any given Sunday fellas..any given Sunday!

  50. Kap is fast and has cool tats

  51. It is nice to have a QB that can bail you out with his legs, you guys keep comparing QB’s all you want, compare this 4 teams left one true pocket passer and they will get the ass kicking next week they should have gotten yesterday. Chip Kelly will continue to play Foles because he has proven he can be productive in this offense. He will draft a mobile QB because Barkley isn’t the answer. I will continue to say this the best thing about Foles emerging is Chip can fix the defense.

    • There are 8 teams left with 5 ‘pocket passers’ and one mobile qb (Wilson) who consistently says he never wants to run because its mot a consistent way to win.

    • You continue to cater to those with an agenda lion… Are you sure you don’t have one

      • What agenda would that be cigar? Are 3 of the 4 remaining QB ‘s in the NFC mobile? So pointing out a fact is having a agenda? My friend I’m not the one dropping racial innuedos for the past 2 weeks that would be you.

        • I thought he was above the race-baiting that many he agree with wallow in. It’s clear to me now he isn’t. Apparently a few posters indulging in over the top criticism of Foles after dealing with the Vick obsession is “agenda obvious”

    • I’m an Eagles fan – if there is a quarterback out there that can win more games than Foles, me and the rest of the Eagles fan would want him.

      Foles is not my son… I don’t care if he has a job… I just want to win… So tell me who you got that will win more games for the Eagles than Foles.

      Don’t tell me about some unattainable dream that you have. Give me a name, and proof he will win more than Foles.

  52. Did anyone see the great plays made by Kaepernick…smh…great runs to extend drives…gutsy, pinpoint throw to Vernon Davis for a touchdown…man!!! On the road, in Green Bay…clutch time, big time performance…making plays…making it happen!!

    • Kaepernick has shit passing skills – If he don’t get those yards with his legs they lose to a defense the Foles picked apart.

      Stick that up you ass and chew on it dipshit.

      • LOL…you guys feel as you are…idiots. ‘IF he dont get those yards with his legs they lose to a defense the Foles picked apart”
        You are dumber than brick IrishEagle..
        Maybe if we had a quarterback that could get some yards with his legs and make some plays…maybe we are not knocked out of the first round of the playoffs against a team we should have beaten!
        Fool azz!!
        Yes he got yards with his legs…he made something happen when the play didnt unfold perfectly for him…Colin Kaepernick is a PLAYMAKER…instead of taking sacks..he uses his athleticism to make plays…so while SF fans are going forward in the playoffs after winning a tough game on the road…we are sitting at home making excuses for Nick Foles…’he’s just a kid” bullshit!!!
        Spare us the bull, Irish…

  53. Playoffs next Weekend
    Seahawks 26 – Saints 20
    49ers 27 – Panthers 9
    Patriots 36 – Colts 23
    Bronco’s 34 – Chargers 24

    The Championship Games will be as most have expected all Season
    Long and will probably be more exciting Games than
    The Super Bowl will be

    Seahawks over 49ers in a blood bath
    Patriots over the Bronco’s in a shoot-out

    I like the Seahawks over the Patriots
    In theSuper Bowl

  54. LOL.

    All the Kaep hate doesn’t make sense. Didn’t make sense last year. Doesn’t make sense this year. Once again they (the 49ers) send the pack, packing.


    Damn those mobile QBs and their shitty play.

    • 23 points and a fg his last possession our guy 24 points td

    • exactly….where is Alex Smith and where is Kap?

      Kap is still playing…..the league is trending towards these types of QB’s who can do it all while we make excuses for stiffs who throw intentional groundings, or take sacks once the bubble screens are covered.

      Chip sees it and we will get Chip’s guy now the offense have been implemented.

      When Vick beat out Foles and was playing well earlier in the year, these are the same guys who were saying Chip’s guy is not on the roster because the 1st year is used to install the offense until Chip draft his guy.

      Chip will draft his guy knowing the Eagles can’t win in the big games with an one dimensional statue at the helm.

      Brady & Manning are the exception more so than the rule because the majority of pocket QB’s come and go with little to no fan fare.’

      We will have our future from this year’s draft.

      book it.

      • 2 problems with that theory:

        1. Chip doesn’t do the drafting.

        2. If you knew anything about Chip, he says he doesn’t have a prototype QB. He takes the personnel you give him, and he creates the offense to suit. Thats what makes him great. Most coaches have their own styled offense, and then try plug it with players to make it work. Chip does it the opposite way, and thats why it works so well.

      • Songs he(Foles) isn’t a stiff. I agree that he has a few rough edges, but disagree with your stiff label. Please tell me you’re giving the Vick haters a taste of their own medicine in hatred and obsessive behavior.

        • Coldbrewski….Let Songs have his can only take it as such at this point!
          He’ll be talking about this all the way through the summer, and if Chip had his way..the next 1,000 years. For someone who turned his back on the Eagles and found himself 3 new QB’s to root for. He certainly spends a lot of time on an Eagles blog.

    • Its not “Kap hate” you twit.Its pointing out the hypocrasy of your in the anti-foles crowd.

      Since the Saints game all we’re read is how Foles played poorly over the first half and then didn;t do what he needed to do….Foles can’t “make plays” and is limited by his lack of mobility. He is only a “game manager” and not a franchise Qb like Kap, or Newton etc.

      Then along comes Kap who for 58 mins does nothing but (to use Songs’ word) play like ASS. At about 50% with a turnover. He is erratic with his throws and struggles mightily against a not too tough Packers’ D. On the final drive he throws a pure pick-6 that is, luckily for him, dropped.

      Yes, on his final drive he ran the team down and scored the points to put them ahead….so did Foles.

      Yet according to you clowns, Kap is a superstar and Foles is a game manager.

      Oh well, you get your whole superstar Kap vs sauperstar Newton matchup which, for me, will be very funny to watch.

      Which superstar is going to fuck-up least…..’casue that’s what its going to come down to…Both guys bumbling along at or sub 50% with multiple turnovers till one guy “wins” the game with a 40 yard run at the end.

      The “future” of Qbing will be on full pathetic display next weekend.

  55. Paulman Rumors has QB Mike Vick and his agents are going to reach out to the Cincinnati Bengals & Tamp Bay Buccaners about competing for their Starting QB Position’s…
    Word is that Bengals HC Marv Lewis is now on the hot seat and needs to go
    all-in for 2014 or will lose his job and has doubts about QB Dalton..
    Meanwhile in Tampa, new HC Lovie Smith prefers to have a Veteran QB whilst they continue to develop Mike Glennon

  56. There is so much damn talk about other Qbs on an Eagles blog. Post after post. People act like these other guys are available for the Eagles to sign tomorrow.

    My thoughts on these games today is that the Dalton/Lewis is not the answer for the Bengals. SD is having a great season, too bad they don’t have fans tho.

    The SF/GB game was exactly like the the Eagles game. When its that cold out teams will struggle on offense, the Qbs will struggle just like Foles/Brees did in the beginning of the game.

    Funny how Rodgers had pretty much the same game as Foles (even though Foles was better and actually gave his team the lead not the tie when it counted most) yet the national media still wont give him any credit. But hey when you win a SB like Rodgers did, the national media will kiss your ass.

    SF just like last year has talent from top to bottom. They don’t have Patrick Chungs/Nate Allens starting on D. They have studs everywhere on that side of the ball. Crabtree/Anquan beasts on offense, would be nice to get some tough physical WRs like that here since it gets cold (Djax was great this year but that guy did not want to play yesterday, dude was shivering all day like a girl with his hands in his pockets as much as possible).
    Kaepernick has talent but he has a long way to go as a passer. He made some pretty horrible throws today (overthrows,underthrows=no accuracy) but got really lucky.

    He basically gift wrapped a pick 6 on the last drive with a horrible throw. It was game over but the backup GB corner dropped an easy one. But hey sometimes you need luck over talent in the NFL to get by.

    • Just goes to show you how much luck and good fortune can be in a close game in the playoffs.

      Remember the Jimmy Graham called fumble. Got overturned and gave the Saints 3 points. How much did we lose by again? Shit like that drives me crazy.

      Kaepernick gift wraps a pick 6 on the last drive. Even though that guy is a backup corner in GB, he would probably make that play 9/10 times. Had luck over talent there.

      Indy RB fumbles the ball at the goal line. Out of all people, Luck picks it up and dives for the TD. If chiefs get that ball instead they probably win.

      Getting lucky might be just as important as having talent.

  57. For whatever it’s worth, on the 49ers final drive,
    If Packers Starting CB is not Injured and out of the game
    That pass to the sideline which the back-up CB dropped,
    Is a Pick 6 by Dhields going the other way..

    • Exactly my point Paulman. Shields is a beast at making those type of plays. Kaepernick better go to church tomorrow morning and thank god for that blessing. Horrible throw/decision with the game on the line, sometimes you just have to be more lucky than good.

      • You bright Pheags, a few plays later Packers CB blitz’ sand takes too inside of a path allowing Karp to break containment and run 9-10 yards for a crucial 1st Down to get them in FG position
        Good Play by Kaep, but a huge mistake by blitzing Packer CB
        How about last night, if Cooper catches that 3rd & 4 play and crumbles 30-40 down the right sideline where it looked like he had lots of open field in front of him, who knows how that impact TS the game..
        All of a sudden Foles has another completion and adds
        30-40 yards to his passing stats, etc, etc..
        It’s about seizing the moment and making plays when
        Given the opportunity .. Many times, it does comes down to some fortunate bounces,calls made or missed by Refs..
        Short-yardage, Red-Zone efficiency,
        Made or missed FG’s , penalties, etc…

  58. We need Nick to work on his footwork speed, whether its how quick he drops back (if you watch the greats, Brady,Manning,Brees,Rodgers they drop back fast). He has to pick up the pace. Brady tirelessly works on his flaws, one being his foot speed, not running, but things he can actually improve, like drop back foot speed, how quick he gets the ball in the belly of his RB, how quick he gets in and out of play action, his lightning quick decision making. We need him to work on these things every offseason for the rest of his career..

  59. Colin Kaepernick is a very good QB…But let’s consider a few things here.

    Kaepernick was brought in last year when Alex Smith got injured…Smith QB’d the 49ers to the NFC championship game a year, which they lost in OT after they fumbled on a KO return.

    Coach Harbaugh thought that Kaepernick looked good when he stepped in for Smith, and felt he had the added explosiveness, both passing and running to get the 49ers over the hump…In fact, Kapernick did just that, and the 49ers were a ‘blackout’ away from possible claiming the Lombardi Trophy.

    However, the 49ers were pretty much the finished article when Kaepernick stepped in.

    Now, when Foles got the nod this year, the Eagle’s season was going down the toilet, the defense had not come around, and the whole squad was fragmented.

    Kelly’s instructions to Foles were to manage his game plan properly and protect the ball, first and foremost…But Foles did a lot more: He managed to gain the respect of and unite the offense, and have a string of great games interspersed with one record setting performance…So, to truly compare Kaepernick & Foles, one would have to take all these factors into consideration: Kaepernick was stepping into a highly experienced team that was playoff tested, while Foles was coming in trying to prevent the Eagles from falling apart.

    All that said, Kaepernick is excellent, although he doesn’t have Foles stats, he has more experience with a better team, and excellent running ability.

    Foles has more command of the field from his position, but needs to develop more of Kaepernick’s improvising…However, that was not what Chip Kelly asked of him this year, but you can expect more in this direction next season.

    Kaepernick had a really good game against Green Bay, helping to beat them with both his legs and arm.

    Two potentially great young QBs.

  60. Why do you feel the need yo break down a young quarterback all the time

    Westbrook has shown his bias a long time ago

    Trott has too in the opposite slant

    Who gives a fuck what they say

    I trust my own eyes

    I wouldn’t throw down field to thst puny ass receiver unless he’s wide open. That’s what I see.

    Game managers. Funny. Game managers don’t hold records or near records for touchdown passes, longest average passes, etc

    Get Foles a true number one and even the idiots will be silenced

    And one more thing. This discussion of foles as a franchise an might be relevant if there is a better option, but where is he? No one out there available better than foles in either in pros or college

    So stop sounding like scorned bitches who think the hot bitch ain’t all that


  61. And Kelly was excited about the back up because the current back up is adios

  62. Also:

    “He said he would rather see Foles throw 10 ints and not hold the ball and take chances for big plays than him to check down all night long and throw 2 ints all year.”

    So basically he wants him to force a play? Wants him to play like Mike Vick? We tried that, didn’t work. I would much rather a QB who takes care of the football than try to force a big play. That QB is Nick Foles, and thats what gets you an 8-2 starting record for the season.

  63. If Westbrook said that then he doesn’t know Kelly, nor does he know football

    He’s caught up in this same be here

  64. Westbrook sounds like a stunad

  65. Keep in mind, Westbrook also said Dennis Dixon would beat-out Foles as Mike Vick’s backup. How did that turn out?

  66. On another note just read the report that prima Donna 3 in Washington is/has been acting like a total asshole …Snyder has firmly planted his tongue up his QBs ass… Gimpy 3 has openly pointed fingers at receivers and bragged about the owner kissing his ass.. This is great news

  67. Foles is the starter next year. Book it. The guy helped his TEAM win 10 games and set records.

    as for the backup spot… I see the birds drafting a qb again in round 3 or 4 IF Kelly sees a young speedster to groom behind Foles.

    I have to say…. if a year ago you told me Wade Phillips was out there…. I would have said grab him to be our DC. Right now… I think Davis did a good enough job to shut me up about a DC… thats the first time in years. Well done Davis.

    • Chip has made it clear that Foles is very accurate, very smart, young and has earned the right to be the starting QB next year. This discussion should be over, I know Chip has made up his mind…no doubt has been left by the head coach. It’s time for others to either accept it or find another team like Songs found 3 new teams!

      • Here’s the answer chip gave…

        “Obviously, you’ve got to have one guy,” Kelly said. “Right now, Nick is that one guy, but I don’t think Nick has ever been afraid of competition. He showed me that the first time we had that.”


        What does that tell ya?

        Exactly, Chip bringing in competition.

        That’s what a want.

        • Eh…did you not hear what Chip said straight up. There is only one starting QB and Foles earned that. Chip said clearly that competition will happen at every position. He believes competition is healthy and brings out the best in players. There are no underlying themes or coded messages. Gotta let it go. Do you dream about QB’s that you think Chip would like? QB OCD my man…LOL! I know your just having fun though. Seriously. maybe you should apply as an Eagles college scout, that way you can recommend the best QB’s to Howie for Chip.

  68. Chip will be looking at the QB’s in the Playoffs which will solidify his efforts to get a QB that rivals the Kaps, Wilsons,and Newtons.

    He know he need a QB in those modes because a stiff and slow QB is a liability when the play breaks down.

  69. this is telling…Chip Kelly

    “We have to still continue to outline what we’re looking for in players, because there are certain players that are great fits, there are other players that are tremendous football players but they may not fit scheme wise into what we’re doing,” Kelly said. “There’s a great collaboration in terms of who we’ll bring in here.”

  70. Songs bringing up Kap and Newton. That’s a suprise.

    You know what Kelly is going to watch this weekend?

    A comedy of errors as those 2 bumble their way through that game….both rotting with 50% (or less) comp with multiple turnovers.

    After both having laughable games, one will pull off some 40 yard run and their team will kick a fg (I mean someone has to win right?). Songs, and others, will then immediatly proclaim this guy as a superstar for ‘making a play’ at the end of the game.

    Last time they played the two “superstar” qbs combined for 27 of 54 for 270 yrds 0tds and 2 ints (combined!)

    The 49ers/Panterhers game will be a QBing joke. The team that will win will be the one with the guy who screws up less.

  71. Songs bringing up Kap and Newton. That’s a suprise.

    You know what Kelly is going to watch this weekend?

    A comedy of errors as those 2 bumble their way through that game….both rotting with 50% (or less) comp with multiple turnovers.

    After both having laughable games, one will pull off some 40 yard run and their team will kick a fg (I mean someone has to win right?). Songs, and others, will then immediatly proclaim this guy as a superstar for ‘making a play’ at the end of the game.

    Last time they played the two “superstar” qbs combined for 27 of 54 for 270 yrds 0tds and 2 ints (combined!)

    The 49ers/Panterhers game will be a QBing joke. The team that will win will be the one with the guy who screws up less.

    • So, what would you think if the Eagles in the early round draft the kind of QB Chip had at oregon?

      What would be your response to that?

      • If they brought in a QB that could win more games than Foles I would be ecstatic. I don’t think that will be very easy to do.

        Kelly said – “Right now, Nick is that one guy, but I don’t think Nick has ever been afraid of competition. He showed me that the first time we had that.”

        Remember, Foles out-played Mike Vick and took the job. Nobody handed Foles the job like Kevin Kolb…. Foles is battle tested…. I don’t think some rookie is going to come in and outplay him.

        And if a rookie did outplay Foles, and he could win more than Foles, why wouldn’t Eagles fans be happy?

      • Still beating that dead horse. Heres the deal. Only two QB’s are worth taking in the first, Bridgewater and Blake Bortles, who IMO will be a need pick at QB but is more so a 2nd round talent. I don’t like Manziel as an NFL calibur QB, but I can see Cleveland going for him. Bridgewater isn’t a so called Chip Kelly QB. The Eagles, if they draft a QB, will not do it till the 5th, 6th or 7th round. How do you feel about Chip saying Nick was a smart, good decision making QB and has earned the starting job next year? And that Quote” A lot of people forget that Nick is young is young and he came in in a tough situation and did a remarkable job under the circumstance of taking over after the season started.”

        • Kap and Cam is young to.

          What does that got to do with anything?

          Brady was young when he won his first Superbowl.

          I remember when Daulton took Cincy to the playoffs his rookie season and everyone said he could only get better, but now people are questioning his ability now that the team is one and done in the playoffs 3 years in a row.

          Is Daulton better now compared to his rookie season?

          People are now saying he have regressed, so go somewhere with that young garbage as if he’s the youngest guy in the league.

          There’s young guys still playing right now and there’s a good chance one of the young guys will hoist the trophy next month.

  72. Well, none of us now for sure if Foles is the QB of the future until the Eagles commit franchise money to him and that can not happen until after next season.

    This is a perfect scenario with all the best QB’s coming out in the 2015 season.

    Let Vick go and have Foles go into the season with no veteran behind him.

    Move up Barkley to 2nd and sign some scrub for an emergency 3rd for the 2014 season.

    That mean the team sink or float with Foles in his opportunity to play for the big contract which would work out great because we see how he reacts to pressure.

    The Eagles have a disappointing season with a stagnant offense outside of Shady legs, coupled with a disgruntled DJax who pull the reigns back because of his contract and now that Foles have decided to check down and throw balls to Riley Cooper with him running wide open.

    A down season allow Chip to get his guy in 2015 without any push back with how he’ll handle Foles going forward.

    Paste it!

    We just have to sleep walk through 2014 and that’s not a big deal for our fan base who have been waiting forever.

    2015 begins the Eagles contention for the Superbowl.

    • Songs…it’s not for you to worry to much about. You still have two teams in the playoffs. The 49ers and Seahawks.
      I do agree with your assessment scenario above. It’s the perfect situation for all. You continue to ignore the facts of your assessment of checking down though. It makes you look foolish because the stats tell a much different story. Are you going to harp on the QB situation for the next 5 months or does your fixation not allow you to discuss other areas of need on the team.
      Oh and rest assured..RGIII will be back after his sophomore slump. You can get back on his bandwagon. It didn’t go unnoticed how you did not hype him up this year…you moved your sights to Cam and most recently Luck…hopper!

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