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DeSean Jackson Wants New Deal, Should Eagles Do It

DeSeanJackson3DeSean Jackson wants the five-year $48.3 million dollar contract he signed in March of 2012 restructured and/or renewed.  The deal, which included a $10 million dollar signing bonus paid Jackson $6.75 million in 2013 and will pay him $10.25 million in 2014, but only $250,00 of this coming year’s salary is guaranteed.  Jackson wants more of the money guaranteed.

Jackson had the best season of his career in 2013-2014.  He caught 82 passes for 1332 yards with nine of those catches being for touchdowns.  He showed maturity as a player in being more of a team leader and helping to deal with some of the distractions, which threatened to split the team.  I remember him biting his tongue as he refused to criticize his fellow receivers, even though he was being double-teamed.

I think the Birds could solve this problem with Jackson by taking some of the money he’s supposed to make over the next couple of  years and giving him some of it in a bonus.  The reason more of his money wasn’t guaranteed was because they wanted to be sure he would produce and he did produce this season.  I didn’t like the way he faded in the last couple of games and the playoffs, so I would only be willing to increase his $48.3 million dollar package to $50 million.

I would stress to Jackson that we need production out of him in the big games against the best teams in the league.  The diminutive wide receiver should try to improve his route-running to the point where no cornerback in the league should be able to cover him one-on-one.  I would like to see him work on the cuts in his routes.  We know he has the deep speed, but I want to see him improve his short an intermediate routes.

Back to his contract, changing his deal to put more money in a bonus would lessen how much Jackson is costing them on their salary cap and put money in his pocket right now.  Jackson is scheduled to make $9.75 million in 2015 and 2016, but you don’t want to start paying that money because there’s no guarantee that he’ll still be here or still be playing in the NFL .

If the Birds were to work out a deal with Jackson and his agent to give him a bonus I think the wide receiver would be happy. on Facebook

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77 Comments for “DeSean Jackson Wants New Deal, Should Eagles Do It”

  1. Absolutely not G-Man..
    Re-doing a 5 Year Deal that is only in it’s 2nd Year sets a very bad precedence for the remaining Players and subsequent Players Contracts..
    Owner J Lurie/GM Roseman will not be for this 100% and if Joe Banner was around, he would say F-Him, and release him .. Eagles have never been a Cheap Team under Lurie and take care of their Players Contracts/Bonus’s and extensions as well as any Team in the NFL Does.. But they will not go down this Path of have the “Prisoners run the Prison” .. If there is a way of moving some Future $$$ into a Bonus for next Season that doesn’t compromise the Salary Cap Plan and Overall Roster Management of the Franchise, then go ahead and so something, but otherwise , no Re-Nogoitiated for once you do it to D-Jax, then you have to do it for McCoy, Peters, etc,etc and you just can’t run a Fiscally Sound Football/Sports Organization when you make expections to your Standard Plan & Model

  2. Rock and a hard place.

    There’s no way the Birds want to re-negotiate 2 year’s into a 5 year deal. That’s not how they do things.


    If they don’t, then here comes whiny, “I’m being disrespected so I will quit on the team like last contract squabble” Desean again.

    • desean will and probably should get a new deal. his original deal was essentially a 2 year prove it deal that was solely based on potential. now the 2 years are up and they can walk away with limited or no cap hit or they can give him a new deal and make those 3 years remaining on his current contract more cap friendly.

      question is what did he prove in those 2 years. year 1 he proved he is average to slightly above, year 2 he proved he is above average and a player to reckon with most games but in other games he disappears.

      only problem with jackpot jackson is he is all about money so it may be hard to renegotiate with him as he now feels he is a legit superstar and should be paid like the best in the game and probably wont settle for anything less than a monster deal…

      id give desean a new 5 year deal slight better than his last with more guarenteed money BUT I am not giving him superstar money if he dont like it fuck it he can play this year for $10million and have no assurances next year or the year after… that may keep his ass in line. and with all the cap $ we have this is probably likely

      • If they cut him, it’s $6.250 of dead $$$$ against the cap. If they trade him, it’s $2M of bonus $$$ against the cap through 2016, so your “now the 2 years are up and they can walk away with limited or no cap hit” comment is wrong.

    • Vinnie,
      I really hope that you’re not right concerning the above. As Herm Edwards used to say” the object is to win the game” and not have the quarterback play silly games and not throw the ball to the open receiver. With the being said this is a very bad time to be talking contract. We just lost a play off game. Jackson isn’t the same under paid player of a few year ago when he again was sully and not playing hard.

  3. BTW – Jackson’s production “faded” the moment he gave up on the ball and didn’t hustle to tackle the guy who made the INT.

    Foles saw that in the film room. And remember it was the second time this happened….Desean also quit in the Dallas game when Foles was struggling….waving his arms and pouting on the sidelines. Foles saw that too.

    I told you you were suddenly going to see a drop in Desean’s production, because Foles isn’t going to put up with that shit.

    You guys on here constantly say you want to see “fire” from Foles like from Brady…well, had Desean done that to Brady he wouldn;t have seen the ball for weeks after that either….and that’s exactly what Foles did. Hang me out to dry and we’ll see what happens to your touches.

    I told you it would happen. All top Qbs do the same.

  4. I don’t know if I buy that Vinnie. I think that he got shut down in the playoff game because of a solid CB playing against him and from poor scheme in the 1st half.

    I don’t think that Foles is gonna stop trying to get the ball to his best target.

    • foles didnt try to stop getting the ball to his best target but it is very reasonable he stopped trusting him in 50/50, 60/40, maybe even 70/30 situations.

      vin is 1000% right, brady does that all the time

  5. Hmm then what about the long completion late? DJax wasn’t open on that play. He just threw it up in single coverage.

    • desperate times always causes people to adjust

      • add to that the saints starting cb was injured and out of the game at that point

        • All I know if 2x in the first half, Foles saw Jackson open.

          First on the “sack” play. Later with Jackson on a fly and he threw to Celek instead.

          He saw him, and he didn’t throw the ball. I think this is because of the 2 “quit” games and also possibly because on the first play of the game, I think he expected Desean to run a dig and come back for the ball, but he did not.

          No more balls the rest of the half.

          BTW – this happens all the time on every team.

          But I think it plays into any contract negs…’ve got a WR that I’m not sure the number 1 QB cares much for.

          • I’m not sure if I’m buying this theory and Kelly would have to be part of it in order for it to work. Every pass play has a first, second, etc option right? If Jackson is the 1st option on a play and Foles is going to the second or third option don’t you think that the coaching staff would be getting on Foles if Jackson was open? The object is to win the game

  6. Cant Say Jackson hasn’t been productive this year at 1500 yards. With that being said, ANY RECIEVER WOULD BE VERY PRODUCTIVE IN THIS SYSTEM! Shidd Cooper looked like a pro bowler at times. I say Jackson needs to pull off one more year on his current contract. I think the more money you give this guy, the more of his I Don’t Care attitude shows. He was just on the sidelines pouting a few weeks ago. I don’t like it. What is this some TO brown paper bag BS. Naw. Sure see where his head is. Don re-negotiate until after the start of next season, and see if he pouts. if he does, GET RID OF HIM!!!!!!!

  7. in the real world, there are 3 types of employees when it comes to performance

    #1 – Worth more than what paid for
    #2 – worth what paid for
    #3 – not worth what paid for

    Jackson did not exceed his performance for what he is being paid… he falls under #2…. in the real world, if someone is a #2 after 2-3 years, they are complacent and become a liability..

    • But Football & Sports Contracts are not the Real World and a Athletes Earning Power and Staying Power is very limited, so y9ou get it while you can.. I don’t like these Type of Players who whine and voice their displeasure over their Contracts in Public on my Team, but it is the nature of Sports and when I think about it, I can’t blame them to get the most they can while the iron is hot..

      • It’s not my business, nor does it effect me or my family personally so I don’t worry about it. If it hurts the team..then move on. if not, that’s for Howie to deal with..I can’t or won’t judge him over that, I gotta be real, I’m out here getting as much money as I can too! Gotta make it when you can. People get their panties in to much of a bunch over this stuff.

        • The best post in this thread. football and it’s contracts are as real as it gets. The fact that billions are generated based on what these guys do on the field proves that. There is a gambling industry that feeds off it as well. Eagle whenever I see fans getting worked up over these sports contracts, I just chuckle and reminded of how much ignorance is bliss.

          • Yeah, I don’t get it. I can’t get upset over someone wanting more money. It doesn’t bother me because it doesn’t hurt my personal bottom line, so what do I care. I just want to be entertained and hopefully one day…watch the Eagles win a superbowl before I’m called home to meet my maker. Hopefully that won’t be for a long time!

            • It is funny money for sure but the guy whines publicly… That to me makes it public domain. Be a man get your people to talk to their people. Whining to the media makes you a whiny bitch

              • It may be public domain hac, but it still doesn’t mean the average fan bitching about contract status any less “manly” To me whining and bitching are the same whether you punch a clock or make millions entertaining fans like me and you. I guess that’s my issue with certain fans feeling empowered and entitled to do the very thing they condemn.

              • The reporter flat out asked him about if he was happy with the contract. DeSean did not initiate the discussion. If DeSean would have said no comment and a story came out about that…he’d be called a punk who was a diva that didn’t want to answer the question. He was asked..he answered, where is the problem?

              • Keep your finances private is all I’m saying. It is a punk move to bring it to the public… But then again consider the source

              • This character Jackson sounds like a little whiny punk baby, every year crying about something. I guarantee his favorite game of the year is when he gets to wear pink.

              • Sort of how I feel about fans(men) who want to know what I think about djax contract demands as oppose to something more substantive like his season compared to other top wideouts or how do you like how he was used by Kelly in the offense; should we trade him for another #1 wr or picks. Get it? No offense, but where I’m from how much money he makes and his opinions about that status is his business. Anyone concerning themselves with it to the point of complaining like some on this site; 2 of three contractors working on my duplex; several co-workers… very unmanly my book. just my opinion.

  8. This is a preemptive strike on Jackson’s part…. He knows that both Copper and Maclin are up for new contracts so he wants to get a bump before they get theirs.

    It will be interesting to see what happens with the “New” front office. No more tightwad Joe Banner or Andy Reid. Will give DJax what they wouldn’t give T.O.?

  9. Will **THEY** give DJax what they wouldn’t give T.O.?

  10. On Monday, Jackson expressed his desire for a new contract (see story), asserting “it’s something deserving” and “hopefully we can work things out smoothly” and that he’s “very confident that my agent will work something out.”

    Then late Monday night on Instagram (according to the timestamp), he backtracked and — of course — blamed the media for misinterpreting him.

  11. Immature….. Get Rid Of Him!!!!

    • dude is probably wasting millions a year on jackpot records and he isnt selling any records. he needs more millions to cover his music hobby

    • He can’t escape or backtrack what he said, as it is on audiotape. I think he really just want to restructure his existing contract where some of that back end $ which is not guaranteed will be put up next year. That can actually benefit the Eagles down the line. I like DJax but bad timing. can’t just toss that talent aside that easily. Who would you replace him with? Please don’t say JMac..coming off an injury and a history of injuries. If we could get Sammy Watkins, I’d be with it. But that’s just a pipe dream of mines.

  12. DeSean plays and comports himself better when he feels financially secure. Therefore, the Eagles need to determine whether they want to keep him or trade him. If they decide to keep him then they need to work out a deal that makes him feel secure and the Eagles comfortable that they are not going to have a sullen under performer on their hands. Not easy but doable.

  13. Damning article about RGIII’s behavior in Washington Post January 6 edition written by Sally Jenkins , basically bragging that he can procure favors from Dan Snyders and can influence situations involving the teams direction, also discusses how he and the Washington receivers were having problems because he kept finger pointing as to his and the offenses lack of success this year. Class Act! It’s not just wide receivers that are divas, right Desean?

    • RGIII is far from a saint, but he is far from the problem with that overrated franchise. aside from Garcon, the skin’s receiver stink. And once again jealous fans and apparently reporters too, get overly consumed in these players and franchises affairs. So what if RGIII has an inside track to the owner. that owner morgaged a good deal to make RGIII the face of that franchise. I like his inside track much better than the punk-ass move Elisha Manning pulled forcing a trade as well as Elway’s (one of the best ever) bitch move with Baltimore. I remember clearly just shaking my head at the arrogance and how so many fans found convenient excuses ready to serve.

      • It’s only news because RGIII is making it news when he brags about it. You don’t put that information out there and throw it up in the players (your team mates face! If you don’t think that’s not going to attract a story in the sports world, nothing will. It may be jealousy, call it what you will. That’s going to get printed to sell papers.

        • No problem with it. And you know what? If RGIII with all that access to the owner and the big public platform sinks under it’s own unproductive weight; oh well. I won’t shed a tear and might even chuckle. For whom much is given, much is expected. I hear you about his teammates Eagle. But if he has something that resembled proven talent outside of Garcon, I might be inclined to say “SHUT THE HELL UP RGIII”, but they’re bums.

  14. No way give him the new deal and “improve his route running” he should have been doing that from day one! Stop babying the primadonna, he shows up at the end when guy coverin him gets hurt please dudes too soft and i never thought he was worth the bread only reason why his numbers are up is cause cooper started to get action!

    • He does’nt want to sign a new deal. He wants to restructure his current contract. Same money involved…just pushed up from he back end.

    • No…Coopers numbers went up because DeSsean was attracting the attention in double coverages and the best CB’s on the field. Do not minimize or trivialize his on the field importance or production. Does he need to step up more in big games? Yes, Cooper does not come close to what he got without DJax on the field though..

      • Kills me Eagles, Desean wants his money so now he’s a bad guy? LOL the NFL is the ultimate in playing with Monopoly money and folks acting like he’s taking money out of their pockets.

        • jaccpot is a major talent on this team and aint going anywhere for 5-10 years.

          considering victor cruz is better than him and just got 43 million over 5 years i would basically offer desean the same contract he started with 5 years $47 mill with at least half guarenteed

        • Its not that he wants $$. They all want $$.

          Its that there is no way the Birds re-negotiate after year 2 of a 5 year deal (and he has to know this) and his history says, when he doesn’t get his way, he becomes a bitch about it.

          That, and he isn’t Foles’ #1 wr anyway. With the emergence of Ertz, Cooper etc….Desean isn’t Foles’ first look anymore. He doesn’t trust him.

          • Yep that worked out well in the Dallas and New Orleans game ignore or not trust your game breaker.

          • Foles is going to have to take that leadership position that comes with being the starting QB and have DeSean come out to work with him to develop that trus tand chemistry. Ignoring a talent such as DJAX by deciding not to throw to him, if in fact that’s what Nick did its only hurting the team…we all know he’s a diva, so what get over it! He better throw the ball up next year. He will be under the microscope by the people who count on Oregon Avenue!

            • As great as he(Foles) played; he doesn’t have enough cred equity built up to have the gall to decide arguably your most explosive player shouldn’t get the ball. As a matter of fact I’m just going to refuse to believe he’d do something that damn stupid. We eagle fans will gladly run djax out of town if he proves to be unproductive and a poison as well. But we want to win a damn superbowl too. I don’t want Foles or any qb(insert manning/rogers/brady) having that kind of personal leverage over my 37 plus years of actively living with no sbs. Shit I’d have a problem if Chip himself told him to do it. I agree with Eagle. Foles need to assume a real leadership role and get the fuck over and utilize a skilled asset until one better presents himself.

  15. As quick as I mentioned Ifeanyi Momah yesterday, they signed him to a future deal today. I told you guys chip wants a giant WR. Momah is 6’7 240. They also signed two more Oregon players and a few other guys that were on the practice squad and roster..

    • of course they were gonna sign him to a reserve/future deal here as pretty much all teams do this with their practice squad guys at seasons end. nothing to see here

  16. I remember the year he quit on his team because he was unhappy about his contract. He’ll quit on us again if he does not get his way. Trade him for a good safety if possible or picks, keep the other 3 and draft a stud WR. Nuts on the shrimp diva.

    • Thanks for the walk down memory lane…but, this is GCOBB, not the history channel. How do you guys think you can just trade him for another stud positional player? If you think he gives up on plays don’t you think other GM’s may see the same issue, so why would they do it?

      • Exactly! People just conveniently forget about the $6.250M of dead money, if he is released, or traded! Do you think this ownership, or any other for that matter, will eat that kind of $$$$? NOT!!!! That’s why you tell him to go pound sand, & if he dogs it, you fine him each time, for conduct detrimental to the team, & that can lead to a void of contract, if it gets out of hand! So, he has no grounds, nor any leg to stand on. F^#@ him!!

  17. Since the Dallas game:

    Desean’s catches: 5, 4, 4, 3, 4….then he had 10 catch performance against Minny…but gave up on that play….and since then…4, 3, 3

    So with Foles under centre he averages about 4 catches – 60/70 yrds a game.

    Now a lot of this is a young/rookie QB….they often look first to their TEs or safety valves and less to their deep Wrs,(again, another reason why the “didn’t pull the trigger” comments are ridiculous) but there might be something else at work here.

  18. LMAO…Early in the season everyone was complimenting him on his play and production as well as his demeanor on the field…LOL

    As soon as he starts talking dollars yall turn like a cheap gold chain
    Funny ass dudes on site this

  19. It would make sense for the Eagles if they wanted to free up cap space. 10m cap hit for a WR who is not top 5 at his position is quite a hit.

  20. It’s not a 10million hit either and these are the people the eagles should target Jason worilds,tj ward & trade djack. Players that need to be cut or traded peters trade he is getting older and he isn’t getting better gave up the most sacks I’ve seen him give up since he has been here- Todd release him just past his prime, pat Chung don’t need to give a reason his name speaks for himself Cary Williams talks better than he plays,graham better suited for 4-3 cox if they can get a 1st for him and Bryce I love to bounce it brown if anybody wants to give you a 4th for him take it and run

    • Jason Worilds is a draft pick of the steelers that is just coming on, I doubt if they let him walk without offering him acontract with enough in the purse to keep him in the burgh. A first for who? Fletcher Cox and Bryce Brown. Who’s going to do that?…LMAO I’m starting to suspect you are playing around with these trade proposals? I have to ask…What world are you living in? Are you serious, or do you not really know and understand how trades work for draft picks..which rarely happens and if so, for a first it will include a major blockbuster all pro player! And you mentioned who…Bryce Brown and Fletcher Cox. Best laugh I had today gloomy….best laugh I’ve had today!

  21. It’s not a 10million hit either and these are the people the eagles should target Jason worilds,tj ward & trade djack. Players that need to be cut or traded peters trade he is getting older and he isn’t getting better gave up the most sacks I’ve seen him give up since he has been here- Todd release him just past his prime, pat Chung don’t need to give a reason his name speaks for himself Cary Williams talks better than he plays,graham better suited for 4-3 cox if they can get a 1st for him and Bryce I love to bounce it brown if anybody wants to give you a 4th for him take it and run. And if you can get younger get demeco out of here.

  22. Has anyone given thought to this? With Vick leaving who the hell is the backup? The chances of Foles starting 16 games I would think is 55-65 percent. I didn’t look up the numbers but at the top of my head Im thinking of all the starting QBs in the NFL that missed games this year and it was a lot. Foles has missed games his 1st two years with a hand injury and a concussion. Say Foles has the Eagles at 6-1 and gets hurt and misses 3-4 weeks how confident are you in Matt Barkley coming in and playing well? We could be 7-5 before you know it. GB should of taught us that lesson. Backup QB is a major concern. You will be asking a 2nd year guy who never started and when he did play this year was awful. You gonna roll the dice with that? I think a # 1 priority is to get a veteran backup in here. What vet is available?

    • Paulman put a goood name out there..Thaddeous Lewis from Buffalo. However, it seems as if Chip really wants to give Barkley an opportunity when he spoke of how excited he was to get the chance to work with him during the off season. Chip may be serious about not worrying about a specific QB type to run his offense.

  23. On Sunday afternoon, Dec. 22, 2013 at FedEx Field in Landover, Md., the Dallas Cowboys‘ franchise quarterback and most valuable player, Tony Romo, scrambled desperately from the pocket. During the play, he appeared to tweak his back or hip. The injury left him limping noticeably for the remainder of the Cowboys’ dramatic win over the Washington Redskins. The injury was soon revealed to be a herniated disc in his back. It ended Romo’s season, and a dark cloud descended on the Cowboys’ franchise.

    Nineteen months earlier, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones signed free agent quarterback Kyle Orton to a three-year, $10.5 million contract, which included a $5 million signing bonus. It was a quiet signing by a characteristically unquiet owner. The contract made Orton one of the highest paid backup quarterbacks in the NFL, and it was also the team’s most important signing that offseason.

    With Romo headed to injured reserve, the Dallas had no choice but to regroup for their upcoming win-and-you’re-in regular season showdown with the Philadelphia Eagles the following Sunday. In that game, Orton proved his worth by completing 30-of-46 passes for 358 yards, two touchdowns and two interceptions, but the Cowboys eventually lost to the Eagles 24-22 and missed the playoffs. Orton had an opportunity to tie the game late in the fourth quarter, but failed on a two-point conversion. With Orton, Dallas was competitive. Without him, they would have been demolished.

    With the circumstances of their Week 17 victory still a vivid memory, it is no surprise that when Eagles head coach Chip Kelly was recently asked for his thoughts on the 34-year-old Michael Vick, he heaped compliments upon his high-profile second-string quarterback. Kelly’s praise surely indicates that the Eagles would prefer that Vick return to backup Nick Foles in 2014.

    As an unrestricted free agent, however, it will ultimately be Vick’s decision. He will enter free agency at a time when the cupboard is historically bare at the quarterback position. The top five free agent QBs-to-be are as follows: 1. Michael Vick, 2. Josh McCown, 3. Chad Henne, 4. Josh Freeman and 5. Shaun Hill. For teams looking to add a playmaker at the position, Vick will have 100 percent of the leverage, and the Eagles should pay whatever price he commands.

    Though NFL quarterbacks are protected from vicious hits like never before, the position continues to be highly volatile. The following signal callers were either knocked out with injuries or benched due to ineffectiveness in 2013: Michael Vick himself, Aaron Rodgers, Romo, Foles, Robert Griffin III, Jay Cutler, Jake Locker, Sam Bradford, Freeman (twice), E.J. Manuel, Jake Locker, Terrell Pryor, Geno Smith, Christian Ponder, Blaine Gabbert, Brandon Weeden, Brian Hoyer, Jason Campbell, Scott Tolzien and Thad Lewis. Second-string quarterbacks were called into duty more than 20 times this season, and in many cases, the backup QB was a significant downgrade from his first-string counterpart. More often than not, an injury to a franchise quarterback is the bellwether event in a lost season.

    With the league becoming more tumultuous each year, it is critical that the Eagles re-sign Michael Vick at any cost. The alternative would be to rely upon the development of Matt Barkley, who finished 2013 with zero touchdowns, four interceptions and one lost fumble – a lost season waiting to happen.

  24. F^#@ what this delusional, bony @$$ wants! He just signed an unwarranted contract, before 2012, after blatantly sulking, & tanking it the prior season. Tell him if he doesn’t like it, go pound sand! He is, was, & always will be a deluded, egotistical, overrated, diva, one trick pony! I don’t give a crap how good of a year he had.
    9th in receiving, 19th in receptions, 9th in average yards, 14th in td’s, 13th in YAC, doesn’t warrant another contract! FU you self-entitled little biatch!

  25. Said it then, & I’ll say it now, they should have signed VJax instead. Similar numbers, better contract, he’s a monster, & not a cancer.

  26. get rid of this underweight bum…
    Nick Foles set records, shady set records…riley had his best season..
    it’s the offense…
    Deshorty Jackson, aka “boney James” is a bum…
    if the saints starting cb had not got hurt, DJ would not have caught a ball.

    Too short, Too skinny, and only cares about himself…

  27. How many players in the NFL do the same thing? How many players do you see rushing for pay cuts? or not seeking pay raises, when there are players with better contracts who produced less…I recall when the contract talks were going on with DJAX, numerous people on here wanted to base his salary on what others were doing in the NFL…what’s the difference here? with NFL is not only a business on the owner side of things, but players also.

    But the question was asked to DJAX he didn’t bring it up…media again, setting the wood and adding gasoline…hoping DJAX response is the match to ignite…
    guess it worked…

  28. Of course DJax should get a new deal!! His numbers would have been even more impressive if he had a QB with some more arm strength to throw the ball deep to him as he has been running down the sidelines waving his hands showing that he is open!
    DJax opened up a lot of things for the tight ends and other slow receivers on the Eagles with his speed…he kept the safety back in the middle of the field often…he does not drop many balls…and Foles failure to get him the ball in the New Orleans game is one of the reasons we are sitting on the sideline talking about contracts instead of a playoff game!
    Pay the Man!!!

  29. Yeah the Eagles need to pay the man. He was open quite a bit at the end of the year and just didn’t get the ball.

  30. Eagles need to cut ties with this guy

    No smart qb will throw a jump ball to an undersized , puny bones ass wideout

    Foles threw plenty to cooper, with great success, which in part explains foles’exceptional big play capability

    Jackson is a bad fit, he’s got a bad attitude to go with his bad body, he’s fast, but so what

    He’s a bad dude, I think foles senses this, among other players

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