Michael Vick Should Not Return In 2014

MichaelVick3The Philadelphia Eagles must cut ties with Michael Vick. The former starter, the designated leader in the locker room has seen his role with this team assigned to other players. His elite speed and the elusiveness in the open field are in the past. The belief that he can still be productive at a high level is for another franchise to commit a false sense of hope to. Vick is no longer needed, and for me, no longer beneficial to our football team.

Could he start for another NFL team? Sure, a few games before an injury sidelines him again, but it will certainly put some extra fans in the seats. Will he find work as a back-up for another NFL team?

Absolutely, Vick has demonstrated he is a positive figure in the locker room, and can assist with the maturation process of younger players.

I have no animosity for the guy; I simply just feel the attention that he credits should be distributed to other players. When he lost his job to injury, he did all you could ask for from a veteran player with assisting the coaches and young quarterback.

How will Vick be remembered in Philadelphia? Does the 2010 season serve as the first thought for Eagles fans? Do the turnovers and inconsistency trump all statistical accolades? Are there still those who turn their back to the Eagles for signing Michael after his incarceration?

Vick has been with the team for five years now and a constant professional during his tenure in Philadelphia. He provided the veteran presence for the rookie head coach coming from the college ranks and for a young quarterback just getting his feet wet in the NFL.

I believe the Eagles are at a different place moving forward and no longer need the services of the injury prone and aging “once was.”

Vick should not return for the 2014 season, I wish him well in free agency.

238 thoughts on “Michael Vick Should Not Return In 2014

  1. Michael Vick had a bigger impact on my (football watching) life than any Eagles player ever had. And not in a good way.

    Since my wife and I started dating, over 20 years ago, we went to every Eagles game together – until the Eagles signed Michael Vick in the 2009 pre-season. Since then, I go to games with other family members.

    There were many other changes as well… like having to listen to a bunch of crap every year when I have to pay for my tickets. And having to listen to a bunch of crap when I miss other family functions to go to games, or watch games on the TV.

    But I think the hardest thing has been living with people who openly root for the Eagles to lose every game.

    I never agreed with the unforgiving feeling toward Michael Vick, but honestly, him leaving town will be a welcome site in my house.

    1. I know you said football life Irish, but does this go for everything or just Vick? So everybody in your family only deals or watches or roots for people who are perfect? Or like I asked does this only apply to Vick?

      1. Hmmm he mentioned nothing of perfection. He simply pointed out that in his home a person or persons found Vicks crimes morally reprehensible and some they chose not to support the team for bringing in a high profile person convicted of those crimes. Does this apply only to Vick? To thebest of my knowledge the eagles don’t have other high profile convicted felons. So if that’s the case it is just the one man VICK! That is their right … He committed the atrocities why not. You don’t have to agree nor do I

        1. You really believe that cigar, so anybody who makes a mistake isn’t worthy? What worse killing dogs or cheating on your wife or with someone else’s wife? The hoodie is loved in the New England area does he get the hate that is reserved for Vick? No he gets more flak for spy gate some messed morals we go by.

          1. I’m not sure but it doesn’t sound like Irish wife is a patriots fan. As far as which one is worse I think is a personal choice and I can’t answer for her. Under the law the dog ring was worse.
            And to say Vick made a mistake is a serious understatement… He conspired and carried out felonies and cruelty over an extended period of time. We all make ‘mistakes’ …of all Vick defenders on here for you to claim it was a mistake…wow
            Vicks crimes have spurred national vitriol as we know. I just think you indicating that she only root for ‘perfect’ people is a bit exaggerated given that there is a large group of non perfects in between a perfect person and him.

  2. I will remember the years with Mike Vick as a starter as a complete disaster and a waste of my time as a fan. His few games where he lit the world on fire was fun but to reward the guy with 100 million contract was a mistake.

    His time here as a starter were wasted years in my eyes as a fan of this team because I knew what he brought to the football field and more importantly what he didnt and couldnt bring to the field. It was more than obvious to me we would not be able to compete for a superbowl with him because he wasnt a good enough passing quarterback. From a passing standpoint he is and always was a bottom 10 quarterback and that will not win you a whole lot, then you add in that his reckless play and him being injury prone and you have a no hope team.

    It wasn’t fun, it sucked as a fan to know year in year out you had no shot and I am glad it is finally over with. We now have hope at bare minimum.

    His years here were successful at Mike repairing his image to which I could care less about mostly because it did not lead to success for our football team.

    Happy trails in Tennessee.

  3. When I think of Michael Vick, I think of a man who embraced a second chance (which I think people deserve in this country) and became a better man because of his past. I think of a man who went from a negative lifestyle to someone who should be considered a role model. I have all the respect in the world for how he has changed his life since prison. He seems humble, he is a great locker room guy, and just seems like an overall genuine human being. I’ve never met the guy, but I am proud of him and proud of his time in Philly.
    When I think of Michael Vick the football player, I think of a gifted athlete, maybe one of the best athlete’s in the history of man. I also think of a below average Quarterback, someone who while he played in Atlanta, I never wanted to be the quarterback of my team. If he was a few inches taller, and maybe had studied more in his younger days, the story could be different, but it is not.
    However, I do not let my view of him as a football player impact my view of him as a man. I am a huge fan of Michael Vick. I was not a fan of his when we signed him, and he has changed my opinion completely by the way he has handled himself as a man. He is someone we all can learn from, and I am happy he has been a Philly guy. Best of luck to him, I’m a Vick fan and that is something a few years ago I never thought I’d say!

    1. I could care less about him as a man or his image rebuilding. The guy had hundreds of millions of dollars at stake, and had the best PR people in the world at his disposal. Good for him he listened to his team…

      You say he is a role model, but I would never in a trillion years encourage my child view him as a role model. However if I had a wife who was a convicted felon who showed psychopathic and sociopathic tendencies for his unspeakable and well thought out barbaric torture he made those dogs endure and I believed my wife was rehabilitated post prison I suppose I would encourage my children to look at him as a roll model. Fortunately my wife is not those things…

      1. I don’t understand why people get upset over athletes not living up to their expectations that they create in their mind for the athlete to live up to. They should not be held up as role models for no one’s children. That’s what parents and family are for. Think about it. Why would any rational person point to a media figure who they know nothing about personally and say be like him or her. Just dumb! It’s fine to appreciate the athletes skills on the field and allow a child to try to model their athletic skills after an athlete..but to hold them up on a pedestal and then complain when that athlete doesn’t live up to expectation heaped upon them by others is immature and irrational thinking. Did that athlete say personally to the masses, I’m the person you want your children to be like. Let them be like me because I am the gold standard of morality. Take responsibility of your own children and be their role model instead of allowing some guy you don’t know personally and only see on the tv screen once or twice a week to be the morality teacher of your offspring!

        1. agreed Eaglehaslanded. Be the role model your kids look up to, don’t take the easy way out and point elsewhere.

          From what I observed and they way that he handled his business in public, I believe that Mike Vick showed class and leadership during his time here in Philly. From much of what I have seen him say and what I have read about his time in Atlanta, MV matured as a person and player once he exited prison. There was no question that the players on the team respected him.

      2. you sound like a holier than thou type of cat…someone who thinks their own “shit” don’t stink. Someone who walks with their nose upward, someone who thinks their better than others…who the hell are you to judge anyone…comparing your wife to a man says a lot about your dumb ass…MeHeShe!

        Everyone has their opinions and that’s fine…The problem with your logic is you believe the days of mediocrity is over for this football team. Maybe so, I hope so…but its not guaranteed! When you take account all the other football players on this team that have a job to do…The Eagles could very well be in the same position they were in 2011 and 2012 in 2014 if players and coaches around the QB do not step and do their jobs!
        Its funny to me that you act as if you are unbiased toward the man, when the comment you posted above prove otherwise…your negative feelings and interpretations of the man is 90% of the reason you don’t like him!

        1. realtalk clearly you are a fucking idiot with no clue how to read. Go back and reread what I wrote and then cite where I stated or implied that I believe the days of mediocrity is over for this football team.

          and i dont act like i am unbiased to the guy i am biased. he fucking sucks at quarterback and is a career underachiever and a waste of talent and not who i want running my team. sorry not interested in a scrub bottom 10 qb running my team nor a QB who gives you 0% shot at winning a championship.

          bottom line realtalk is you dont know how to read and interpret things properly, you dont know proper definitions of words and you are a weirdo troll. if i were you i would look up the following definitions today and try to learn a few new words:


          ahhh fuck it your hopeless, pretty much everything you wrote is retarded and completely made up by you.

          my recommendation is you see if you can take english lessons which focus on reading and comprehension skills for people ages 7-12.

          1. Gives you a 0% shot at winning a championship, really?….you get dumber with every post!
            What you fail to comprehend is that this season, the team that wins the SB will be the best team and possibly may have the best QB (if Denver wins it) Just as seasons before it takes an entire team to have a shot at winning a championship. You run around here making excuses nowadays like the OLine didn’t play well, the defense sucks, the kicker yada yada yada….where were those same excuses in 2010, or 2011 for that matter…

            Still waiting for you to give me an address other than a police station, so you can disrespect my mother to my face…

            1. OLine didn’t play well, the defense sucks, the kicker yada yada yada….where were those same excuses in 2010, or 2011 for that matter…

              show one post where i cited one of these excuses, you fucking imbecile.

              1. its not that important to me to go back and find GCobb articles of what you said…Its not that serious to me..this is not my life. I Calling me a 14 year old and you sound like the kid throwing the temper tantrum.

                What are you 50 or so? and I am unable to act civil? While you carry on the way you are? not a trash man, but nothing wrong with it if I were…But as for you who sit home probably with 2 beers in each hand at a time and a plate of pig fat in front of you waiting for you WIC check…

      3. This though… I never said he was a role model for children. In my mind he is a role model for people who have gone down the wrong track and can look at someone who righted his wrongs and became a great man because of that.

        As for role models for children, that should be their parents, teachers, fireman, etc.. not an athlete

      4. that and he is a role model for other players in the league on how to recover from a negative past, as well as how to gracefully be a team player when you are used to be the starting superstar.

          1. that makes sense anti, i didnt think about that. thanks for explaining. i didnt associate roll models with adults…

          2. in fairness to mhenski I did not expand on the Role Model comment in my original post, and usually when you see the word role model you think it’s for children. I do agree with the above that children’s role models should be their parents, teachers, etc.

            One thing I really respect about Vick… he paid back all his debts to society and to his creditors (or is in the process).. He didnt just file a Chapter 7 and be done with it.

              1. Yeah I gained a lot of respect for him in his time here. He gave back and paid back his debt. He also was a leader this season dealing with the Cooper comments and throughout the season. He seemed to be an excellent teammate too and to Foles especially even when he lost the starting job.

              2. so now we salute a grown man for handling is everyday, normal responsibilities? really? congratulations mike you paid off your financial debts. good job!

  4. Jeff your article would have more credibility if you had gone beyond your own personal bias. The truth of the matter is the owner, gm, former coach and current coach all saw things totally different in regards to his play. Your outlook doesn’t jive with how Kelly saw his production. I believe your article is lacking in depth and honesty. It could have written by a number hate filled zealots who frequent this site claiming to be fans feeding off the mere mention of his name. On second thought it probably explains why you wrote it.

    1. that goes both ways cold…You see how people still think he is a starting QB in this league. Fact is if he wasn’t the #1 overall pick he would have been out of the league a long long time ago with those QB numbers.

      1. That’s not a fact Xevious. It’s your opinion. There are alot of credible football people who feel he can play. One of them happens to be Chip Kelly. You know that guy who came in with no nfl experience and took a 4-12 team to 10-6. He made it clear when he took the job that felt that way. But I guess Kelly doesn’t know anything about talent evaluation.

        1. compare his career numbers with others with similar numbers….12 year starter? The only other Qb with Similar attributes was Jeff George. People still thought he could play when he was in the league a long time also……yeah he was awesome those games he started, just got better and better.



        1. Yelling and calling names isn’t gonna get your point across Mhenski. You have the numbers an history on your side, saying stuff in that way just weakens your argument. Fact is I will just be happy we won’t be having this unending debate on this site anymore. The experiment was a failure here, I think he cold do decently in Oakland for a year or so. If the get a young mobile QB.

          1. no its not gonna get my point across. matter of fact i didnt even make a point to him. what i did was engage in a grown up conversation with someone and disagreed with mike being a role model to any child that doesnt have a felon for a parent or sociopath, psychopath for a parent.

            but because realloser cant read properly, wants to call names and lie and said i said x, y, and z when i didnt. i have to resort to childish antics, its possibly the only way he may have a chance (albeit unlikely) of reading and understanding

            1. you’ve never made a point as long as you’ve been posting on this site…you don’t know shit about the game of football…all you bring is your personal feelings toward a single player and spew tough talk over the net…

              1. thought so coward. all you are is a lying piece of shit troll. couldnt answer a simple question which just proves you are a lying piece of shit troll.

                you were asked to answer the following and couldnt. typical of a loser liar like you:


              2. ps no clue what a wic check is but i can infer it is a government handout. im sorry us people that arent leaches on society only know of welfare handouts so the fact that there are other handouts and you know about them tells me all i need to know about you.

              3. haha thought so what? you think I give a shit bout what you think of me? haha never!

                all I want to hear from you is time and place..I done with the talking when it comes to you!

              4. you said this many times before idiot:

                “I done with the talking when it comes to you!”

                but of course you are to dumb to remember or hold true to your word or back up anything you say with facts. youre just a piece of shit loser troll who cant read and comprehend english

          1. Ha…if the RB’s, WR’s and the O Line and the defense play well…you may be right Foles may be better…in 2014…But if they don’t….will you cats blame Foles like you’ve done with Vick, for the failure or will it be the rest of the teams fault? Ha, no need to answer…we know the answer

            1. hey imbecile why do you write we? nobody talks with or agrees with you ever. primarily because you are a lying, immature, twirp that doesnt know how to have grown up conversations.

              skip the we loser, its just you.

              1. ha…there’s other cats on this site that share the same logic as I…especially in regards to some of you Vick hating assholes! how bout you meet me in the streets? tired of the name calling and shit…act like a tough guy face to face…you ain’t nothing but a little bitch!

              2. I agree with him 100 percent henski and I’ll tell you something else. Foles had a year for the ages this year no question, but if he stumbles Kelly will replace his ass in a second because everybody knows in order to run his offense the way he prefers you need a different type QB. Believe all that I tailor my offense to the QB if you want to.

              3. “how bout you meet me in the streets? tired of the name calling and shit…act like a tough guy face to face…you ain’t nothing but a little bitch!”

                why would I risk my livelihood, my family, my job over some irrational, uneducated, jerkoff, piece of shit, twirp, imbecile who cant read especially when I can beat them at their own childish game on the internet? I am not a ex con piece of shit like you with nothing to lose that is willing to sacrifice things i worked for over a piece of shit imbecile troll who cant read.

                good to know you agree with everything realtalk says biglion, that makes a lot of sense.

              4. I’m certain I have a higher education than you do…Bachelors in computer networking…finishing up my master in computer engineering this year buddy! Pretty certain right now at 33 I make more than you’ve ever made, yearly salary…We can expand further and talk about ways I could satisfy your wife in which you can’t as well…
                You’re smart..I’m not gonna take your livelihood…possibly have you drinking through a straw for sometime, but as far as your livelihood you’re good!

              5. Big’s not hoping he fails…he’s just questioning what will be the logic/rationale on Foles if the Eagles do not have success in 2014…and if Foles struggles…Big is an Eagles fan, who roots for the team…he’s not like you clowns who support or don’t support based on the QB…

              6. Hahaha….Most definitely not confident in your “hand” skills as you are as your “finger” and “mouth” skills you possess on here…as tough as you talk you’d think you’d be ready to see me 1 on 1 anywhere….don’t talk tough if your not tough, son!

              7. clearly you are lying about either your education, your job, your salary and/or what you would do to me. makes no sense to assault someone and waste your education and or job. makes zero sense at all. but thats you in a nutshull, a liar, an imbecile, immature, piece of shit low life.

                you wanna be tough give me your name and address and i will go to your house any time you want, this way i can not only call you out but i can also inform whatever poor souls live with you pending that is the case.

                you dont wanna post that information here, email me it to me at mhenski AT gmail.com i will 100000000000% come to your house, be polite and say everything i would ever say here to your face. and if you chose to not be able to handle the reality of my words you can chose to assault me but after that i will rightfully be able to defend myself. your move idiot

              8. Big,
                You could be correct about Kelly replacing Foles at some point with a mobile QB. I’ve said the same thing myself. But, it won’t happen while the Eagles are winning games with Foles.

                And if the Eagles are not winning games with Foles, I sure hope they replace him. For me, it’s all about winning.

            2. He’s better because he doesn’t turn over the ball and looks better passing that #7 ever did. Vick was an Illusion a mirage as an NFL QB. 29-2 Td/int ration this year. It’s not even close. 1-1 ratio ir 10-1 ratio…he was better in 2013 than Vick ever was. I think we will win or lose as a team, the rest of the team was tossed under the bus by Vick supporters.

              1. i blamed him for his 12years of turnovers bad throws and average at best play. The only clown around here is the excuse making machine that you and a few others are. If you can’t win an argument you like to change the parameters. When Vick was QB it was the Lines fault for fumbles Int’s Incompletions…ect. Foles does well it’s weak defenses, Shady ect…..So transparent. Such garbage. Can’t go one response without name calling can you? All Butt hurt cause your hero sucked for 12 years…Let’s see first possesion of the year we drive all the way down the field…Super 7 fumbles the ball backwards 7 the other way…Game 3 against KC pick 6 back the other way you blamed Celek lol….Fun Stuff.

              2. X, football people everywhere have the same opinion I don’t think they consulted with Songs on that, get off that man Vick is out the door and Barkley is a stiff. Read my comments it’s about KELLY not FOLES.

  5. Big seriously? Kelly came in here and told everyone what he was gonna do, but everyone else knows better. He continues to tell everyone what he is gonna do, and still everyone knows better. He’s lyng, or playing his cards tight to the chest….No, dude hasn’t lied since he got here a Calendar year ago. Everyone needs to stop trying to look smart and just listen to what the man has said since he has gotten here. I can’t think of one time where the man has mislead or lied to the press or the fans. Hearing what he said and seeing the QB numbers he isnt looking for any other type of QB except a smart one. Might pick up a FA back-up like Mcknoewn or a 6th round project.

      1. You keep posting this every where as if it supports your argument. Quit the blind Foles love, my god.. You know you heard Howie and Chip say they drafted Barkley for VALUE! It was a VALUE PICK! Get over it man

        1. Has nothing to do with Foles …we KNOW 2 facts about Kelly and ‘his’ kind of qb, the rest by you is speculation. We know 1. He said, ‘I don’t have a set type for qb’ and when they drafted a qb he is not mobile.
          Actually chip said he was a good qb and you need more than one good qb. You are continuing making this shit up.
          So eagles go 10-6 next year, Foles is a top 10 qb, 35 TD, 10 int and they go deep into playoffs. His contract is up…. And chip makes a run at a mobile qb? Interesting…

          1. Also a player has zero value if he can’t play the way you want him to. You only have 53 players and three QBs …there is no room for a guy that cantplay

    1. X, why was Nick Foles running read option plays against the Saints? He hasn’t catered his offense he still has Foles slow ass running for 2 yards to keep the defense honest? You know this guy is going to run HIS offense.

      1. And Foles ran this offense better than Vick. You think with Kelly knowing Foles is his guy the entire offseason he isn’t gonna switch it up some. You forget he had no idea who his starter would be then started Vick. He kinda lucked into Foles. Lets face it the entire city lucked into Foles. I remember his first half when Vick was hurt last year the first thing you said was he doesn’t have “it” You have come around but others here still see through a narrow tunnel vision. Thank god Kelly doesn’t.

        1. With a whole off season in front of him, no he won’t change the premise of his offense, like you said he lucked into Foles. So you know he will not continue to hope he stays lucky. Who the back up is and who they bring in will be very telling.

  6. RealTalk, your bias towards Vick is comical and all you ever do on this site is talk shit to everyone. Vick was not a good QB and Foles is. Vick was too small, could not stay healthy and was incredible at turning the ball over. He had a cannon and could run but that’s about it. It amounted to 3 wins last year. He threw more interceptions in one game than Foles threw this entire season. Now THAT’S REAL TALK.

    1. My bias toward Vick? what bias toward Vick? you are a dumb shit, that doesn’t know anything about the game of football…with your dumb ass questions…

      Now at no point on this threat, did I compare Vick and Foles…NO WHERE!
      My whole issue is with the clowns that have problems with Vick personally and don’t judge other QB’s or hold them to the same standard…
      That is my issue…

      And Guess what, there were 20 other QB’s who threw more INT’s in one game than Foles threw over his, what 11 starts…you dumb fuck! Eli Manning ex example…a 2 time SB winner threw more INT’s than any QB in the NFC..you see how holey your logic is, you dumb ass!

      the only thing that is RealTalk about you, is that you are missing the “I” and the “H” in your name….BITCH!

        1. hard to believe real talk back again today acting like a 12 year old little boy, unable to have conversations with grown up and acting like the imbecile he is.

          makes my day go so much faster when i read and laugh at your immature posts

          1. and you posted for what? What of value did you bring to this “football thread”…
            I see more points in my above post than you’ve ever posted…
            you are definitely exactly, what I thought…you act like your “shit” don’t stink…
            you get into more negative conversations with folks than I do on here…but I’m the imbecile…I’m probably 20 years younger, and I’m the immature cat? haha, you are 100%, clown!

            1. BTW…some folks on here I just can’t stomach…folks like you, Vinnie, BTC, Xevious, Irish
              that pretty much sums it up…I’ll disrespect you clowns in a heartbeat because I have no respect for you…that’s the bottom line!

              1. you can do, say, respect, disrespect whoever you want whenever you want but that doesnt change the fact that you can’t read and comprehend the english language, nor the fact that you are a low life scumbag with no class who acts like a 12 year old

  7. Micheal Vick showed and demonstrated true leadership, courage, and fortitude in his time with the Philadelphia Eagles. The cackles of his unreasonable critics should be dismissed as ignorance at best and racist at worst. He clearly beat Nick Foles for the job in training camp…demonstrating that he was the better QB.. Chip Kelly’s offensive genius was set perfectly to Vick’s skill sets, Vick’s turnovers were way down under Kelly. Indeed, one of the true tragedies of this season is that if Vick could have only stayed healthy…as the defense improved…we would now probably be talking about a game with the Carolina Panthers! Alas, Vick could not overcome his biggest misfortune as a football player….injuries!

    1. Ignorance and racism seems like a good description of you. Vick is a below average QB bottom line. Deal with that fact and stop making up or exaggerating shit. 53% when he got hurt two turnovers for 6pts the other way in 4 games. Still a turnover machine. I have from day one talked about his play on the field. Below average career if he weren’t a first overall pick his story would have ended a long time ago. The horrible part is people like you build him up to be this tragic bad luck figure. Then go out of your way to rip a guy that had a great year. There is your ignorance at best racism at worst. Love the intelligent posters on this site.

      1. Actually, when you do a web search of the word ‘ignorance’, your picture pops up Xevious! Mike Vick was playing well against the best defenses that we played against this year…during a 3 game in 11 days stretch against playoff teams when our defense stunk.
        The facts speak against your rant…Vick was playing well and he got hurt. Bottom line!

        1. My ass, look at the stats…Still turning over the ball 53% completion yeah great numbers…live in your fantasy world. I wish i was ignorant of your Bias stupidity.

        2. there is a HUGE difference in football between a 63% (Foles) and a 53% (Vick) completetion percentage. 63% can take you to the playoffs, 53% rarely does. you say you understand football, but clearly you do not.

    2. “Micheal Vick showed and demonstrated true leadership, courage, and fortitude in his time with the Philadelphia Eagles.”
      kool, I agree with that, but none of that, made his play, nor decisions on the field any better, nor kept him healthy. That’s my beef with him. But the the people with agendas on both sides, like the @$$ kissers like Songs, TS, Theone1, Biglion, yourself, & the obsessive ones in vinnie, jake, Irish, & a few others, don’t get it. All you clowns, make it about race, & can’t face the fact that he’s an overhyped, overrated fraud of a QB, that has never been a good QB, & is nothing more that a glorified RB. Nothing less, nothing more. Facts, are facts, & people can’t handle the truth.

      1. Dcar I refuse to comment on what Kind of person Vick is, because none of us know what any of these guys are like. In the PC PR savy world I can’t say who is real or fake. All I know is on the field as a QB he sucks…..That has always been the most annoying part of the Vick Philadelphia story. I wouldn’t mind him as a back up, but we both know if he stays this garbage goes on and on and on.

        1. Yeah your boy Koolbreeze brought up Race so do the pot and Kettle shit somewhere else. As soon as someone has any negative word to say about Super7 the race shit comes up. Read above dude. Besides him being a bad QB a lot of the trolls will go away.

          1. lol my bad…I was responding to the racist comments KoolBreeze brought up….Inevitably that happens in a Vick posting…Im hoping it goes away someday bro.

          2. Big, because all the boobs on here, make it about race, & you are their PR person. Are you f^#@ing blind, ignorant, or just plain stupid???? The irrational arguments on here, are ALL ABOUT RACE! If it was strictly about QB play, hands down Foles is better right now! If you can’t handle the truth, I don’t know what to tell you. BTW, my apologist, nimrod, I have never made a racist comment, ever on here, & have fought against all of the scumbags on here, that do. Get your head out of your @$$!

    3. Even when Vick got healthy Kelly continued to start Foles. Why do you think that was? You are calling Kelly a genius – Would a genius start an inferior quarterback?

      1. Foolish IrishBeagle…of course he continued to start Foles…the team was playing well, winning…Vick was out too long…he would have had to been rusty! Circumstances called for Kelly to play Foles and I agreed with that! I’m not like you clowns who abandoned the team because they didn’t like the QB!

        1. Foolish IrishBeagle…of course he continued to start Foles…the team was playing well, winning…Vick was out too long…he would have had to been rusty! Circumstances called for Kelly to play Foles and I agreed with that! I’m not like you clowns who abandoned the team because they didn’t like the QB!

          koolbreeze, Vick is not injured NOW… If you are correct about Vick being sooooooo much better than Foles, and Vick being soooooooo much better fit for Kelly’s offense, then why is Kelly not reinstating him as the starter.

          Kelly is a genius, right? That’s what you said. So let me hear you tell me why a genius like Kelly would let the best quarterback on the team go?

          If you want to know what I think…. I think Kelly is letting Vick go because Vick is not as good as Foles.

          Oh, and BTW, as for me abandoning the team…. I have been to more Eagles games in person in the last 10 years than you have seen on TV in you lifetime.

          You are the transplanted Falcons fan, remember.

          I think Kelly is continuing to run the zone read plays with Foles under center because McCoy lead the league in rushing. McCoy’s numbers were unaffected by the change in QB’s

      2. Irish there was no way Vick was getting back into the line up. Foles seized the job and made it his. I for one am skeptical of listen everyone Chip Kelly because we all know coaches are egotistical assholes. If you truly cater your offense to the players then cater it to a kid who put up pro bowl numbers.

    4. OMFG, talk about ignorance, koolbreeze what you just wrote is the most ignorant thing i’ve seen. We’d be talking about a game with the Panthers? We were 1-3 when Mike Vick got injured. I already stated above how much respect I have for Vick, but come the fuck on. Its clear as day that Foles is an extremely better option. Not happy with the guy who had a 119 QB rating? 32 total TD’s to 4 total Turnovers? The best rating in the league against the blitz? You are as ignorant as it comes.

  8. Foles is our starter, like it, or not. He had a historic year for a rookie. Give him credit. His positives far outweigh his negatives.
    Big, good arm, accurate, good decision maker, leader on the field, good in the red zone, doesn’t turn the ball over, still has an upside.
    Slow, still young & learning, holds on to the ball too long at times, & takes unnecessary sacks.
    I’ll take that over anybody already here, on the FA market, or anybody coming out of this years draft. Bridgewater could be very good, but is an unproven college QB. Manziel is too small, a head case, unproven college QB. Carr could be very good?

    1. If Foles can come out of nowhere as a 3rd round pick with a average college career, why the hell cant Manziel and Bridgewater do the same as top 10 picks? lol. The size thing with Manziel is bullshit. Isnt he like 8lbs less then Brees? Ive seen big QBs constantly get hurt including Foles at 6’6 his 1st 2 years. So I would like to see data on bigger QBs vs smaller QBs getting hurt all the time. I think its bogus. Especially with the new rules to protect QBs.

    2. Foles positives: Big, does not turn the ball over, average arm, coachable, good in the red zone.
      Foles negatives: Slow, indecisive under pressure, holds the ball too long, takes sacks, too much air under his deep balls…not much more of an upside
      I dont believe Foles is a QB that can win you a championship…unless we go the route that Baltimore took when Trent Dilfer was QB and really get a shut down defense…which is extremely difficult in today’s NFL.
      Foles is fine when everything is going well around him is perfect…but he is not going to carry a team…
      He has a year to prove me wrong…I dont care about his stats…the bottom line is that he took us no further than the last guy everyone is complaining about…Vick.
      Vick’s best year 10-6 …knocked out in the first round.

      1. After essentially starting a total of 17 games (one season) you’re already saying he can’t win a Super Bowl? What were you saying about Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Drew Brees, and Aaron Rodgers during their rookie seasons (many of which didn’t even start)?

      2. Ok Coach Kool, so you’re going to cut him if he doesn’t prove you wrong. What will be his consequence if he doesn’t meet your expectation? You’re going to bench him. LOL. Dude, you talk as if you have some say in this matter. Does coach Kelly even know you exist? (That’s a rhetorical question).

        1. Nick Foles vs the blitz tale of the tape

          52 -85
          811 yards
          61.2% comp %
          9.54 average per attempt
          long 55
          7 tds
          0 ints
          8 sacks
          120.3 qb rating

          1. when you throw a 2 yard pass and your RB and WR can gain 60% of the 811 yards…you should be good..
            But why was his rating against the blitz so good? was it because he was changing plays at the line of scrimmage? haha…..or play call from the sideline? was it that Kelce had a pretty good year, calling audibles for the Line on pass protection?

            not taking anything away from Foles..but stats are skewed, when you’re talking about a team game, where one has to catch a pass and run after catching the pass…

            1. mike vick splits vs the blitz

              441 yards
              51.1% completion percentage
              9.38 yards/attempt
              70 long
              2 tds
              2 ints
              9 sacks
              80.2 qb rating
              0 rushing attempts

              1. its crazy how in a team game one qb can have far superior numbers than another qb that is a superior athlete.

                its crazy how good our team must have been this year for a 3rd round qb to basically beat vicks career highs in virtually all passing categories in what is essentially his first year starting.


                imagine if vick had kelce calling all this pass protection audibles. imagine if vick got the ball in his playmakers hands with all those 2 yard passes, imagine if vick had those legendary coaches calling him the plays from the sidelines (nevermind mike doesnt execute plays…)

                just imagine if mike had a level playing field against foles, imagine if he was taller, imagine if he didnt have t rex hands, imagine if he didnt get hurt multiple times a year, imagine fellas, he would probably have thrown for double maybe even triple what foles did. he probably would have ran for another 1000 yards and because he was such a superstar and undisputed greatest athlete to ever play shady probably would have rushed for 3000 yards this year

                imagine what could have been.

              2. Imagine if you knew the first thing about statistics, you would know you can’t compare the personal stats when Vick and Foles faced different competiton.

                You’d have to account for the fact that Vick faced 3 future playoff teams, in the first 4 games, while Foles faced one future playoff team in all his games, with that team being down to its 3rd qb.

                It’s easy to have better numbers when facing lesser competition.

              3. just went back and looked at a sizable sample of eagles scoring drives with foles and wow all i could see is nick foles leading his team to scores on short fields mostly under 50 yards. then i put my glasses on, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

                speaking of drives though and the great thing about the post vick era, the drives the nick foles led team sustained was very refreshing especially when compared to the drive killer qb days….

              4. Just go by career Numbers you can’t screw with those….and before you say it yes Foles only has 17 games so it’s not fair. All we can do is hope his numbers after 12 years beat the below average super 7 numbers….can’t twist the career numbers to your advantage.

              5. Real Talk… i know you seem to know football. One guy for this team got the job done much better in the Red Zone than the other QB. You know this, you’ve been watching. It makes a huge difference in the final score.

            2. YAC is an excellent stat for a QB (as well as the WR) because the QB has to find the open guy and throw the ball to a place where the momentum is going, which foles does an EXCELLENT job of. It’s a product of the QB seeing the field and accuracy, giving guys space to run into.

              1. i find it interesting how riley cooper was laughed at and considered by many (including myself) to be a horrid WR, waste of a roster spot, draft bust.

                then all of a sudden foles steps in whaaaaaaaaaaala

  9. Like I said before Foles played in 2012 and was injured. Foles played in 2013 and was injured. God forbid Foles gets injured in 2014. They better have a viable backup. No excuses.

    1. I would sign QB Thaddeous Lewis of the Buffalo Bills to come in and compete for the Backup.. He’s young, athletics but has starter and played in the NFL
      The last 2 Seasons at Buffalo & Cleveland
      He’s a Duke Graduate, smart kid who can handle the ball, learn Chips Offende and throw it enough to be a viable Back-Up

  10. All you fans who criticize what Vick has done must live in Mayberry. A lot of people I know have family members or friends that have done awful things and been incarcerated.. Some have gotten out and changed there lives some are in and out of jail for the rest of there lives including my family and friends. We may not let our kids stay over night at there house{lol} but we damn sure accept them back. I don’t care what you post I damn sure know fans are full of shit and if Vick was there friend growing up, there brother, or cousin they wouldn’t feel the same.

  11. Jeff Kolsky I will remember this article next year because your full of shit. I could care less about Vick personally but if we go into next year and Foles gets hurt and Barkley or whomever cant play we will revisit this article. No excuses. Foles should be the starter but weakening a backup position how the hell does that benefit the team or me as a fan? Ive seen teams lose there starting QB and if fucking Barkley shows up like he did this year there will be problems. If Vick can start somewhere else that’s fine but if he doesn’t and Howie doesn’t bring him back as a b

    1. and puts all his eggs in a basket with a Barkley or a Dennis Dixon or whomever and they are terrible there will be a lot of answering for them to do.

      1. Chip Kelly was speaking really highly of Barkley…said he has increased his arm strength…thinks that he is very smart and accurate. Lets see how he looks in camp this year…

  12. Bring in Trent Edwards. I thought Edwards did a nice job last preseason. He is athletic and a vet presence. I would have no problem taking another look at Edwards and having him being the vet backup to Foles. He moved the team in preseason and looked better than Vick and Foles actually.

  13. If Vick don’t get a starting position (which I think he will) he’ll take a modest back up salary with the Niners to back of Kap knowing they have a good chance to bring home the Lombardi, and if Kap go down Vick will be a monster with those weapons.

    I think that’s Vick next stop.

    1. I do not like Michael Vick as a quarterback. On the field, he’s not a good decision maker. He’s not an overly accurate passer. He takes too many unnecessary sacks. He’s turnover prone, injury prone. But I absolutely love Michael Vick as a football player. He throws the football with effortless power and grace. He runs with the quickness and speed of a leopard. But more importantly, he is a warrior. He is Captain Nathan Algren, and it will be his downfall. The remainder of the article can be found at the site below.
      This article was written by John Keane on September 13, 2013 and posted on Bleeding Green Nation. It was truly prophetic.

      Look for Mike to go to a team like Cleveland or Minnesota. He would never land in San Francisco.

      1. I see Vick landing with the following 2 Teams
        1) Bengals (HC M Lewis has to Win or at least make a deep run next Season or will lose his job, and most observors don’t believe that Andrew Dalton is the QB to get them over the Hump)
        2)Tampa Bay Bucs as a Wildcard for Vick with new Coach Lovie Smith who prefers a Veteran QB over a youngster (Glennon) running his Offense.. Put Vick with WR’s Vince Jackson, M Williams,T Wright & T Underwood, along with a healthy RB Doug Martin and Bob Rainey and maybe they can do something..

        I don’t see 49ers/Harbaugh as an interested Team in Vick at all..

          1. Depends who they Hire as a Coach
            If a Young/1st Timer HC, they will probably stick with Locker/Fitzpatrick and see what they have..
            I believe that only a Veteran HC who is more familiar and has possible Coached against Vick in the Past would be interested enough to give him a Shot.. but noy any newbie HC.. Vick’d Persona/Charisma would most likely overshadow a young first time HC as they try to their own Program going…

  14. Why would people be accusing the Eagles of “putting their eggs in one basket” if Vick leaves?

    It is Vick who says he is leaving because he thinks he is a starter. I am sure the Birds want Vick back (well, maybe not that sure – I certainly wouldn;t) But if they do, they’ll make him an offer.

    But its Vick that has decided to leave to be a starter.

    That being said, I just don;t see it. Every GM in the league is going to look at how much better Foles was with the same personnel/coaching. How is Vick going to get a starting QB contract. What GM would say, “hey, lets hook our wagon to the 34 year ols scrambler who couldn’t outperform the 24 year old 3rd rounder with barely any experience”

    (though if said GM were named Kool or TS they might come back with “but he won the job in preeeeeseasonnnnnnnnnn”

    1. he outperformed the 24 year old guy remember?

      That’s how he started the season and was doing real god until injury, and Foles was fortunate to get the start at the same time the defense learned to play defense.

      If Vick had the midseason form defense the Eagles are 4 wins strong before goes down.

      But that’s neither here or there.

      It’s Foles team and next season tells us everything we need to know about Foles and I’m willing to bet top dollar he fails under pressure.

      1. VIck outperformed Foles by a slime Margin with 4 Quarters Each of Pre-Season Football which doesn’t mean Jack by mid-September..
        Hang it up Songs, see what tommorrow brings….

      2. what are you talking about? It wasn’t about the Eagles defense…Foles won all those games by himself! He played defense, was on kick return, and was calling plays from the sideline….

            1. not about Vick and Foles…it’s all about Foles…Eagles only won games because Foles was the QB…the defense still played like trash…the O Line still didn’t block…Shady only gained a few yards..

      3. Vick was 1-2 In his First 3 Games wasn’t he..
        Didn’t win a Game at Home since early 2012 Season..
        Just not a good winning NFL QB anymore.. Plain and simple..
        Tough guy, big heart, never say die, but at the end of the day, you are what you are, and Vick will go down as simply an underachiever, a mediocre NFL QB who had plenty of opportunities for success, but failed to achieve any consistentcy in hi game which is shame when you look back, but it is, what it is, nothing more, nothing less…
        Time to move on as I stated last January, about 50 times concerning Mike Vick…

      4. Songs, Drew Bledsoe outplayed Tom Brady but I guess the Patriots were stupid for letting Brady take over full time back in 2001.

  15. Realtalk, I said you had bias towards Vick and you begin saying I”m a dumb fuck, etc. Why all the hate? Why can’t you ever just have a civil conversation on this board? I must have really struck a nerve eh?

  16. What is being argued by Songs and Realtalk??

    That because the D is improved the Eagles should have then gone back to the inferior QB???????????????????????????????

    That’s stupid.

    Vick in his “MVP” 2010 season
    8 wins 4 losses in the 12 games he played the majority of…
    233 of 372 (62.6%) 3018 yrds 21 tds 6 ints 11 fumbles over 12 games

    Foles in his second year 9 – 2 in 11 games he played the majority of..
    203 of 317 (62.5%) 2891 yrds 27 tds 2 ints 4 fumbles over 11 games

    So already…..in the very very early parts of his career, Foles is QBing better than Vick did in his “greatest MVP runner-up” year…..More TDs, less ints, less fumbles…..oh, and more points and more wins.

    So I don;t give a fuck if the defense is good or bad, the better Qb is the better QB.

    Vick was replaced by a 24 year old 3rd round pick.

    Vick will struggle to get any interest in a starting job, and if he does will do nothing in the 6 games he starts for them before they move on.

    This will not be the Eagles’ fault, This will not be because the Eagles are putting all their eggs in the Foles basket. This is because Vick (and his still loyal, but dilusional, fans still think he’s an NFL starter (he isn’t)

    If he knew what was good for him, Vick would sign any contract the Birds put in front of him and be grateful he’s getting league minimum. League min and the chance at playoffs should be more appealing then getting $1.5 mill with a bunch of bonuses he’ll never obtain and coming in 3rd in the division down in TB.

      1. you’re a dumb ass…I never said the Eagles should of gone back to Vick after how well Foles was playing…don’t make shit up and put words in my mouth…

        I’m saying..Foles didn’t win by himself…The team played better, mainly the defense…In comparison to how you, blamed Vick for every loss, even when the defense was playing poorly….But now want to credit Foles for every win, while the defense played well….

        I don’t think that is hard to understand!

  17. yea that’s what I said…civil conversation, mainly because I don’t like you, son! I’ve had plenty of civil convo’s with logical and sensible people on here…some of you are just not logical or sensible…and are very ignorantly selective when evaluation Vick…that’s my issue….

    1. That’s fine if you don’t like me although I’m not sure how you can dislike someone on a chat board. I guess because my view on Vick is not in line with yours? I just don’t understand why you’re so angry all the time. Were you bullied a lot as a kid? Insecure? Just tone it down with the insults on every post and maybe try giving your view on someone and we’ll all take you more seriously.

      1. I don’t give a F about you taking me seriously…you think me and some others take you clowns seriously? Its not all about you and your little pack of online chat buddies…

        haha…some of you cats must not have family or friends…its not that serious for me on this site…

        Crediting Foles for all the success when the Eagles played better as a team…and throwing shit on Vick while he played well enough for the Eagles to win some games, but the defense was playing horrid, that type of bias I don’t support and honestly there’s a deeper reason as to why you cats see it that way!

        1. If it’s not that serious, why are you always calling people dumb asses, stupid fucks, etc?

          I agree with your last comment to a degree. The defense definitely improved which helped Foles. But that doesn’t change the biggest knock on Vick over the past decade and that’s his ability to stay healthy. He’s just not a guy you can rely on to be there week in and week out. Also, at his age, he is what he is whereas Foles is so young and raw that we have no idea what his upside is. Maybe he turns out to be horrible, maybe he turns out to win us multiple rings. Either way, a lot of us like the potential as opposed to what we know we’re getting with Vick. See, that wasn’t so hard to have a nice exchange in football opinions was it?

  18. Vick is the perfect back up .. A player that can come in and be a star for 3 or 4 weeks. Alll this hate for vick killing dogs , which I am totally against, but he was putting them out of there misery. Your white women are fucking dogs as you watch and tape record.. I dont which is worse.

    1. He also bank rolled the operation which put the dogs into the position of having to agonize in the misery he so graciously put them out of. That’s like a killer torturing the victim and then wanting credit for killing them to end their suffering. The Mike bashing on here can be ridiculously reprehensible at times. But Seriously larrwd, your post is twisted!

      1. In all seriousness good post Eagle. I refuse to comment on any redemption story from this because we just don’t know. With PC and PR these days you don’t know whats really in a persons heart. I won’t judge that’s gods place, but I also will be vigilant.

    2. I guess in MENSA they don’t check if you know the difference between there and their….or using them in proper context. Im just gonna focus on that little nugget since the rest of your post goes downhill from there…or is it their….or maybe they’re….I wish I was in MENSA so I could figure it out.

    3. just to be clear on facts. vick wasnt just killing dogs, and he definitely wasnt just putting them out of his misery.

      Drowning dogs to death, beating dogs to death, electrocuting dogs to death, chaining them to concrete slabs and starving them to death, hanging dogs to death is not putting them out of their misery or isnt just killing or putting them out of their misery.

            1. nope no email sent. it probably has to do with the fact that you’re a retard and cant read, and comprehend english. you probably cant type and hit send either.

              1. now i got it. i know reading and comprehending is a daily struggle for you but go back and reread my post about this situation and when you are ready to comply then email me. until then fuck off idiot.

                because it is hard for you to read and comprehend, it may make sense to have someone else read that post to you so that you understand before emailing me again.

              2. only punk ass is you. you keep making these threats hiding behind your gcobb screen name. finally i got to the point where i agreed to stoop to your level and you won’t agree, that makes you in addition to every other accurate adjective i have used the past 24-48 hours a heartless, chicken shit, coward with no backbone.

              3. Yup ur hiding. You told me name the place as time and I told you I will meet you at your house and instead you gave me the name of a gigantic park in Trenton.

                I don’t care to prove ur chicken shit to drive to a huge park and stand there twiddling my Thumbs with no clue who I am looking for.

                You’re pathetic, you wanna prove something put up or shut up you have my email give me your address. No need to Incolve others here. Email me the details. Otherwise shut the fuck up chicken shit imbecile.

              4. its not that hard. if you wanna be tough stop hiding. pretty simple:

                you wanna be tough give me your name and address and i will go to your house any time you want, this way i can not only call you out but i can also inform whatever poor souls live with you pending that is the case.

                you dont wanna post that information here, email me it to me at mhenskiATgmail.com i will 100000000000% come to your house, be polite and say everything i would ever say here to your face. and if you chose to not be able to handle the reality of my words you can chose to assault me but after that i will rightfully be able to defend myself. your move idiot

              5. ha coming from the guy that sent the police station address…I know what will happen, I lay hands on you, cops come to my house…park is a better option for me…

                One thing about culture or being a product of your environment as it applies to me and you…I grew up fighting damn near every day, you obviously grew up where trash talking was about as real as it gets!

                Your 100% sissified…I’mma a stop wasting my time with you…

              6. the police station was a joke you retarded imbecile. clearly you are to stupid to understand sarcasm. i should have known… you cant understand and comprehend english so there is no way you would understand sarcasm.

                anyways back then i was joking now i am not. wanna be tough and do something email me the details for the 80000th time you moron.

                i am not driving to a park an hour away with no clue who i am meeting or where, you are a retard for thinking anyone would. you wanna stop hiding i will prove you are an all talk retard. if you dont yea stop wasting your time and mine

    4. After of course putting those dogs IN misery . Stop making excuses . Putting them out if their misery? How the F did they get in misery , this is like lion saying he made a mistake

      1. Dude I live down South fighting dogs is a business down here black and white. The only mistake he made was getting caught. Here is a hint cigar I don’t give one shit about dogs so your barking up the wrong tree. I guess that makes me a pyscho huh. LOL

        1. Haha big, you finally gave me a reason to reach some common ground with you, I don’t give a fuck about dogs either, unless they serve humans, these people who love dogs, sleep with them, there is something wrong with them, if the worst thing mike Vick ever does is being involved in a dog fighting ring he’s way above these other sickos, miscreants ,degerants, wack job people

        2. there are lots of cultural things in the south that some in the south say are ok… the law says differently thank god.
          vick didn’t make a mistake he committed multiple felonies. a mistake is locking your keys in the car.
          just because its black and whites committing the crime mean nothing. a grown man with his face plastered on ads with a $100million contract should have a few more brains than to conspire to run a low class redneck POS two bit dog ring.

          1. dog fighting, and gambling rings arent a big deal to me at all.

            but the means by which he/they tortured the dogs shows he/they were/are sick and demented. shoot the dog and thats it no big deal. but hanging, electrocuting, beating, starving… just shows you are a sociopathic, psychopathic, barbaric, savage…

            1. Yeah henski get back to me when he becomes a serial killer and that should be any day now, since he’s psychopathic, barbaric a savage and a sociopath.

          2. Cigar, the law says it’s wrong I say when it comes to dogs I don’t give a damn, people spend thousands on a sick dog but would just as soon spit on a homeless person. My wife is Filipino I took my family over there to visit their relatives, in every neighborhood they have legal cock fighting arenas. Different people live by different rules.

            1. LEGAL being the operative word

              and as far as ‘his mistake was getting caught’…wow that says a lot about low expectations of a grown mans behavior…. wow!

              i happen to believe marijuana laws are put in place to keep people down and are stupid… so if i grow marijuana and get caught my mistake would be the getting caught part? wow

              1. Yep you do you and I’ll do me. Cigar I worry about real shit I could care less about dogs get back to me when some laws against man were violated.

            2. Ok, Ive read this for a few days now. People say it’s a cultural thing yada yada yada…IF it is thats fine..But explain this. The fighting is one thing, and if the animal has to be put down is still another. Now lets say an animal had to be put down? The compassionate thing to do is a bullet to the head, quick painless. What makes this disgusting is the fact that Vick and his cronies tortured the animals to put them down. They devised ways to inflict pain to entertain and enjoy the deaths of these animals. That goes beyond the cultural aspect and speaks of a cruel lack of compassion that any of god’s creatures deserves. Im not a PETA person or anything even close. These actions spoke more to the types of human beings these people were than to any culture of Dog, Cock or Bull fighting….No one is perfect but torture and cruelity to entertain ones self is not the type of thing I would want myself associated with. Like Ive stated before this has nothing to do with football, I dont have a clue what type of person he is now. None of us do. I just would rather stick to the game because the crime is deplorable.

              1. I hear you X, my point in all this is I don’t give a shit it’s dogs. That’s just me I don’t hunt nor do I care what goes on with packing plants it’s not going to make me go vegan. But hey that’s just me.

              2. I get it lion you don’t give a shit about dogs. Fine but this started a couple of days ago when you gave a poster hell because his wife refused to follow the eagles because of Vick. And then you spewed off about she must only like perfect people and mike made a mistake. And you were indignant it was all Vick… Dude his mistake wasn’t getting caught! Getting caught proved how stupid he is but that wasn’t his mistake…his mistake was being an educated committing the numerous felonies… Saying getting caught was the mistake paints an ugly picture of low expectations within his culture (his culture are your words)

  19. But its so spot on and true.. Every time I see a “dog fucking white woman” I make that “Pwhu Pwhu” sound like im calling the dog.. At that exact point you can see the truth in their actions.

  20. Obviously, through deductive reasoning, anyone can clearly see “Xevious” has some satan- like compulsion with humans fucking dogs.

      1. That’s a “Mensa” for you Xevious.. They are Book Smart no doubt, but lacking in Common Sense, People Skills and Reality in General..

        1. he still doesn’t get the gyst of my original post Paul. He used the wrong form of their….Mensa? I think not. Where the Satan stuff came from is in his own warped sense of reality or self worth. Jesus Christ is the only way to salvation Larrwd!!

    1. Either Songs is preaching about the government plot to kill citizens through vacinations…..larrwd with his…I still don’t know what the hell he was talking about Satan, white women and dogs??….or RealTalk trying to meet up and fight everyone on the board……

      Has this site gone crazy? I get my eagles news and talk elsewhere, but come here just …..well, it’s like watching a car wreck in slow motion I guess. Crazy.

      1. I agree the jerry springer show has taken over GCOBB. Unfortunately watching this train wreck has gone over the top. As I said it’s just a bunch of ignorant slobs ranting and raving, bleeping out their foul language threatening to do physical harm… No exchange of real ideas…

            1. Agreed. What did you think about the Utley extension? I like Utley and he had a great season, but it seemed like they had some young players that could have taken that spot if they wanted to start going young. Cesar Hernandez or potentially Asche if Franco pushes his way into the lineup.

              1. Yeah they seemed to be protected a bit with the options… I think they see him as the guy to orient those young guys into the clubhouse. Asche I understand clings to him in the clubhouse. With the payroll they have tot ry to win… As I’ve said a thousand times Howard has to be Howard or nothing else matters

      2. vaccines do kill people…Eugenics,,,here’s a list of diseases directly attributed to vaccines….retardation, autism multiplesclerosis,shingles,asthma,hepatitas,
        flu symptoms, neurological damage,autoimmune issues,sterlization, cancer(look up SV40 which was put in polio vaccine now the CDC admits they were all tainted with cancer viruses) Vaccines have nothing to do helping people but cause sicknesses and death. The pharmaceutical companies best friend. “VACCINES”…..GO TAKE YOUR KIDS TO GET THEIR JABS AT YOUR OWN RISK.

        1. Lol…..fishing in a barrel. It is so easy sometimes.

          He won’t respond to the hundreds of posts where I call him out for being a FRAUD and having quit being a fan of the Birds LAST YEAR…but mention vaccines and he will post something within minutes. It is hilarious. Too funny really.

          How do you like your new coach Jay Gruden?

          1. LOL, exactly. RGIII stated today he does not want to run a read option but a traditional offense. Translation, he wants to stay in the pocket and be a pocket passer. Maybe he secretly listened to McNabb!

            1. So right…that is McNabb II….I wonder how Gruden use him?

              Watching Jay Gruden on Hard Knocks on HBO was very interesting. He is a smart coach. The problem in Washington is the hole that the RGIII trade left the team with regards to draft picks and cap position…..well combine that with the owner who is constantly trying to build a fantasy team….oh well….that is great for us Bird fans!!

  21. No dude. you need help. Thats untrue paulman. Reality is not a constant and changes as life carries on. Globalism and evolution will eventually weed out these klansman. Any extinctionist can clearly see that. Ive done a drug in my life. Anyway enough with my tangent about devils on earth. I still like michael vick as the backup.. Hes good enough to beat anybody. If we draft a guy as soon as foles starts playing bad they’ll want to see the new guy.

    1. Dude I live down South fighting dogs is a business down here black and white. The only mistake he made was getting caught. Here is a hint cigar I don’t give one shit about dogs so your barking up the wrong tree. I guess that makes me a pyscho huh. LOL

      1. BL….I always wonder about the fans all over for the Birds…you transplant from Philly or just been a fan of the Eagles for some other reason.

        1. I was born and raised in Frankford greenfan, I have been an Eagle since birth. Believe it or not down here in Jacksonville you run into just as many Eagle fans as you do Jags fans. Most of them started following them after the Super Bowl and never stopped. Lito Shepard, Brian Dawkins and Harold Carmichael all went to the same High School here.

          1. I figured that with your passion for the Birds, that you had to have some kind of connection to the area. Not that it matters, because the more fans for our team the better, but I always wonder about how people who live far away become fans of the team. I run into them all over, and just always wonder how they came to follow the Birds. Sorry for asking a personal question, but like I said, I was curious. Thanks.

              1. I follow the Eagles for their Cheerleaders to be honest with you..
                Did you guys know that TS Johnson tried out twice for the squad in 2009 and 2011, but apparently her ‘2-Left Feet” made it difficult for her to compete in some of the Routine’s per Sources..

  22. Is McCoy useless? Irrelevant? On WIP once a week on the morning show a stat website with obscure stats(I forget the website name its something like bloop stats.com or something close) came on with Angelo this morning. One of his obscure stats was that the NFLs leading rushers team hasn’t won a playoff game the last 6 years and the NFLs leading rusher has only won the SB 4 times since 1970, 3 times by Emmitt Smith and once by Terell Davis. lol. I guess leading the league in rushing really doesn’t mean shit.

  23. And also,, , , whomever still brings up Vick a and dog fighting, etc is a pussy and Ill informed

    I think biglion stated, and it’s true, in the south it is part of the heritage, Vick is from the south, that was his heritage, you may disagree with these cultural practices, but Vick is not, never was a criminal, he is an average qb, but a man that got railroaded by northern bias against southern culture, particularly these dog loving freaks, kiss their dogs, sleep with them, meanwhile they look the other way when their own children are adrift

    Keep bringing up the dogs, screw the dogs, what about human beings

    1. As far as I am concerned, it is over, but I am pretty sure that he was convicted by a court so that makes him a criminal. Just because you don’t believe in or like a law doesn’t mean that it is not a law.

      That being said, he did his time and now it is over.

  24. I know no one will believe this, but I would be fine with Vick being resigned as a backup QB.

    I think he can come in, run around and win a game or 2. His problem is consistency, and he cannot ever maintain any as he runs around too much, gets beaten to a pulp and starts turning over the ball.

    I would have no problem with him coming in for a week or two is Foles gets hurt.

    I think VIck, at this stage, is making the wrong choice going on about being a starter. He isn’t. He’lll end up signing with TB or something, leaving in week 6 hurt and ineffective (as usual) and sitting on the bench wallowing on a 4th place club.


      1. I disagree…It’s a business decision…One in which a difference of about 5 to 6 million a yr
        Im sure he can get a 2yr contract for 10 mill vs a 2yr contract for 3 or 4 mill as a backup

  25. Flordia State standout WR Kelvin Benjamin has declared for the NFL draft. Hes 6’5 234lbs. For those who don’t know him, he caught the game winning TD in the BCS Championship game.. Caught 15 tds this year.. Dude is a potential stud

        1. FSU’s DL Jernigan also declared for the Draft as did Auburn’s underclassman OT Greg Robinson and RB Tre Mason

          OT Robinson may be a Top 8 Pick and RB Mason a late 1st Rounder

          I expect WR Benjamin will go Mid 1st Round 12th-18th Range

          1. At this point I would take Benjamin. I know were gonna sign Maclin back but I wouldn’t shed a tear if he left either.. I would go for two WRs in the draft. Young guys. Fast with height. Kelvin Benjamin and Odell Beckham Jr are the two Id look at drafting at WR…

              1. Expect for us to get a lot faster on offense. This year we didn’t go nearly as fast as Chip wanted us to go. We need more speed. At the RB position and specifically at the WR position. Also if we switch over to the defensive side, we need more speed at both starting CB position, also at all 3 LB spots and definitely at safety all around..

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