Notes From The Sixers’ 111-93 Loss To Cleveland

turnersixersThe Philadelphia 76ers lost their second straight game on Tuesday night, falling to the Cavaliers 111-93. Their record drops to 12-23.

  • The Sixers were blown away in the first quarter, getting outscored 36-20.
  • Three-point defense was terrible last night, the team allowed C.J. Miles to drill 10-three pointers.
  • Michael Carter-Williams did most of the scoring for the Sixers, dropping 33 points to go with six boards and five assists.
  • Thaddeus Young cooled off, missing all seven of his shot attempts. Young had been on a scoring tear lately, regularly scoring 20 or more.
  • Evan Turner scored just 4 points, and played only 17 minutes.
  • Spencer Hawes continues to play poorly, scoring only nine points and picking up just three rebounds.

Final Thoughts

It’s good to see the Sixers back on a losing streak.

After they had ripped off four in a row, they were beginning to concern me that they might be making a push to get back into the playoff picture.

Also of note, the Cavaliers pulled the plug on the Andrew Bynum experiment, sending him and three future picks to the Bulls for Luol Deng. The Bulls have since waived Bynum, signifying to me that they want no part of the talented but troubled center.

Is this the end of the line for Bynum?

Cleveland may have been his last chance to get himself right. After he’s proven to be more trouble than he’s worth for both the Cavs and Sixers, what team is going to want to bother with him at this point?

4 thoughts on “Notes From The Sixers’ 111-93 Loss To Cleveland

  1. This is something I was thinking about this morning as I woke up. Could the Sixers trade MCW on draft day in order to get into the top 3-5? They could potentially have 3 picks in the top 10 if they do that. But hear me out, You trade up and you replace MCW with Marcus Smart. Not bad right? He plays a lot like Russell Westbrook. Lets say you end up with the 1st overall pick, you go Wiggins or Parker. then with the MCW pick which could be 3rd or 4th ovr you go Smart. Then with the 6th pick from the Pelicans you draft center Joel Embiid. This would be the starting lineup..

    PG Marcus smart
    SG Tony Wrotten
    SF Andrew Wiggins/Jabari Parker
    PF Joel Embiid
    C Nerlins Noel

    That’s a championship starting lineup right there. This would be the team to beat for years to come. The new twin towers, a team that can be lockdown defensively and get out on the fast break and score, but could also slow it down and feed the post to Embiid..

    Of course this is a long shot but I wouldn’t mind if it did…

    1. Jon how about that fact that Jrue is out indefinitely as is Ryan Anderson. And Pelicans are shopping Gordon… At this moment we are looking at a top 5 pick and a 5-10 pick to boot. Exciting times lie ahead!

      1. rootdown, I couldn’t agree more. The Sixers could end up with 3 top ten picks. That’s why I mentioned them possibly trading MCW for Marcus Smart. I like MCW esp his length, but he needs to add 10-12 pounds of muscle. Hes very frail and injury prone. Smart already has a NBA body and is beastly on the defensive side of the ball. Hes an athletic freak.

        We need the pelicans to stay right around where they are then we can get a pick around 6 or 7..

  2. Pipe Dream JH
    76er’s will end up Selecting PF Daria Saric from Croatia (6-10 – 225lbs)
    and PG/SG Dante Exum from Austrailia (6-6″ – 188lbs)

    Hinkle and Brown love these Foreign Players.. .

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