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Does Nick Foles Crack The Top-10 Quarterbacks For 2014?

NickFoles10Nick Foles threw 27 touchdowns while only being intercepted twice. Prior to this season, only three times over the last 35 years did an Eagles QB throw for 27 or more touchdowns. Jaworski (1980), Cunningham (1990) and McNabb (2004).

Statistically what Foles accomplished with his overall quarterback ranking and touchdown to interception ratio was astonishing. His name is forever connected with Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady for the “statistics” he produced.

Statistics is the study of the collection, organization, analysis, interpretation and presentation of data. Statistics; weighed and interpreted differently when it comes to valuing the “total” package of a quarterback.

Statistics is “part” of the whole when breaking down where a quarterback ranks in comparison to his competition. Can the guy make all of the throws, will his team to victory, mount that 4th quarter comeback and execute the 2 minute drill? What doesn’t he do well, and how many things does he do great?

With what we saw from Foles this season flaws, does he warrant consideration as a top 10 quarterback in the NFL?

Eight names immediately come to mind that I would say are better than Foles.

Peyton Manning
Aaron Rodgers
Drew Brees

Tom Brady
Russell Wilson
Cam Newton
Ben Roethlisberger
Andrew Luck

After these eight, names like Kaepernick, Stafford, Ryan, Rivers, and Romo become debatable in addition to Nick Foles.

Would you list Foles as one of the two remaining “Top 10” spots for 2014 quarterbacks? on Facebook

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188 Comments for “Does Nick Foles Crack The Top-10 Quarterbacks For 2014?”

  1. Foles had a great season, but the sample size is still too small to rank him among guys who have produced over the course of a full season or more.

    Foles was the best first year quarterback this year. He shows a lot of promise.

    • I agree Irish. Too hard to say at this point. I think Foles takes a big step forward next year. Hard to believe that he hasn’t even gone into training camp as the starter yet.

    • Based on the numbers Foles put up this season, he most definitely is part of the top 10…not throwing picks is the top factor, in my analysis in Foles this season. He may not be the type of QB I prefer, but I still respect him for his play this season…
      Now if you’re talking about comparing Foles to those players and ask flat out, who’s the better QB…my response would be different…
      Still a lot for Foles to prove to be labeled the franchise QB…Next season will be make or break for him…

  2. We”ll see next year, next year he goes against Wilson, Luck, Rodgers, Kap and Cam, that will be the test, my money is on Foles.

    • you will lose your money.

      • I was told I would lose my money this year when I said they would make the playoffs, Foles is the real deal and with a full season under his belt plus going into OTAs and mini camp as the number one and getting all the numver one reps will only make him better, you can bank on anywhere from 10 to 12 wins next year with Foles as the starter and a few upgrades on D which we all know is coming.

  3. Drew Bree’s didn’t do much in the playoffs. Except of course throw 2 interceptions against an Eagles defense that barely showed any pressure on him. I’d like to see what Foles can do with Maclin in the lineup. Or imagine what Foles could do with Dez Bryant a big receiver that goes after the ball!

  4. Drew Bree’s didn’t do much in the playoffs. Except of course throw 2 interceptions against an Eagles defense that barely showed any pressure on him. I’d like to see what Foles can do with Maclin in the lineup. Or imagine what Foles could do with Dez Bryant a big receiver that goes after the ball!

  5. Foles is the best qb from last years draft class…he’s better than kap too. Imagine if he had a defense like San Fran’s or Seattle’s

  6. absolutely not……even the guys you left off the list have the ability to carry the team on their back to victory.

    Foles is just a guy in the system who Chip Kelly asked not to take risk and just run the play.

    The guys in the top 10 can make plays even when the defense know what they’re doing but can do nothing to stop it.

    Top 10 QB’s are playmakers.

    Top 10 QB’s have the arm to beat top defenses and don’t sail balls and make bone headed intentional grounding penalties in the playoffs.

    Foles is just a guy.

    • Go talk about your new coach Idiot!!!

    • Foles is “just a guy in the system”.

      He may very well be. But he sure as hell was a lot better than the other guy they had in that same system.

      • system guy thats a funny word… when manning went to denver they changed the whole SYSTEM to fit him! Brady runs a system…all the good ones do wtf is he talking about!

    • Songs…did you sing “Hail to the Redskins” as Dan Snyder hired a new coach for your team? What’s your assessment of the skins next year. You spend a lot of time on here talking about a team you traded on and no longer are a fan of, actually not even the team, just Foles. I went on a couple of skins sights yesterday to see how their fans felt about their new coach….didn’t see any of your post. You are a fraud and not a real fan of no one, Just a fraud trolling on GCOBB with some sort of hang up on this teams QB position. Scram!

  7. Foles will be in the top 10 among NFL QBs next year. (yards, %, tds, ints etc)

    He has just completed his first full season of starts. Did he check down a bit? Of course, all young QBs do. Nothing to see here.

    As far as “the list”
    Peyton Manning…..will again post ridic #s
    Aaron Rodgers….post ridic #s
    Drew Brees…post ridic #s

    I don’t think its reasonable to see Foles ranking higher than these guys, though I do expect him to throw less ints than Brees

    Tom Brady…..guy will be what? 37 next year…his numbers have been dropping steadily for 3 seasons (but no one seems to want to notice)
    Russell Wilson….rising star obviously
    Cam Newton….24 tds is his career high (in his 3rd season) He really only threw for 3300 yrds this year….
    Ben Roethlisberger….who knows
    Andrew Luck…..rising star who still throws wayyy to many picks

    So I see the “big 3” at the top with Foles in that next tier from 4-10 with Wilson, Stafford (overrated pick machine), Rejuvinated Rivers, bounce back Ryan, Brady, and someone like Romo or maybe Newton.

    Kaepernick? He’ll never be a top 10 Qb (stistically anyway) until he leans the position.

  8. The eagles were outgained by the saints 2-1. Foles and the Eagles were winning in the end because Foles did not and does not commit turnovers.

    If the Eagles had a true number one WR who could beat single coverage then the saints never would have been able to shut down shady mccoy. The Eagles need a pro sized WR not a HS sized WR at number 1. Desean “boney James” Jackson is the 8th highest paid WR in the league but he is not in the top 8 of any categories. He is an overrated BUM who like Andy Reid, wilts when true competion arrives.

    Brady and Manning can’t run either. Has not hurt their careers. I love Vick. But he could not get it through his thick skull and you can’t throw ints all the time. Foles will only get better. We have seen the best of Vick.

    If the Eagles can get a Kapernick type QB then go for it. But I would be super happy to go with Foles and get a darn SS who can actually play football and a WR other than Avant who will go over the middle. Maclin and Jackson run out of bounds and look for a soft place to fall down.

    It’s not a cawinsidence that the Eagles signed a couple of BIG WRs as soon as the season ended. The had “boney selfish James” backtracking of his latest MONEY demands….

    • Great post bsmvideos. I would love it if this team could somehow find a way to move up and get Mike Evans in the draft. If they could also sign either Jarius Byrd of TJ Ward (both of whom went to Oregon), we will have just made two significant upgrades. Then I would look to draft an OLB in the second round, provided we don’t have to trade that pick away to move up and get Evans.

      • To much is needed on defense to move up to draft a receiver. I think we should get one in round two or three, but not in the first. Certain players I want I believe will be gone by pick 21, so I’m looking at players I believe will be available when the Eagles pick . I’m looking at my first five picks for my Eagles mock to be:
        Kyle Van Noy OLB 6’3″ 240 -BYU- (Mack and Barr will be gone.) I love Van Noys diversity( cover skills and ability to rush off of the edge.)
        Deone Bucannon or Calvin Pryor -Safety Big hitters both make playson the ball
        Martavis Bryant WR 6’4″ 205 4.39 40 time Clemson
        Stanley Jean Babtiste 6’3″ 220 CB Nebraska
        Johnathan Dowling Safety 6’2″ 200 FS great cover skills.

        I’m looking at free agency to upgrade my O line and D line.

        • Can’t argue with that. If you recall the Dallas game, Collinsworth made the comment about Foles taking coverage sacks which is why it would be nice to get a big WR who can make plays in coverage. How many times have we seen Andy Dalton or Matt Stafford chuck the ball up for grabs to AJ Green and Calvin Johnson?

          I assume you’re looking to add depth to the o-line as opposed to upgrading it? Our o-line was one of the better o-lines in the league this past year and now have a good bit of continuity playing together.

          • Yes..the Eagles signed Center David Molk who played his college ball at Michigan to a futures contract . He can play and will be a good back up to Kelce. I think Molk is better than Julian Vandervelde. They also still have Michael Bamiro and Matt Tobin.

        • How many time since the draft last year have you heard me say fix the Defense?

          You are absolutely correct Eagle. There is too much needed on Defense to worry about a WR in the first Round. You can get one in the 2nd, or 3rd…

          There are also some Offensive Lineman that may be there for us in the 2nd, and 3rd that would make for great depth,and possible starters in the future that we should draft as well… Cyril Richardson, and Gabe Jackson….

          but the focus should mostly be on Defense….OLB, S, CB for depth, and future…..

        • I am aware who Kyle Van Noy is. I think he is a good player, and has talent, but what worries me about him is…… am I looking at a prospect whose talents translate well to the NFL, or , am I looking at another Matt McCoy?

          • They have to hit on those signings or draftees. They need an OLB and a new S to contribute next year.

            • Absolutely Bugs, but if Mack doesn’t drop, then they may have no choice but to trade down a few times for more picks….which wouldn’t be bad either………

              but more would be needed in FA in terms of experience, and impact.

              • Yeah… no good OLBs really in FA. That is gonna have to be drafted.

                I don’t think that they will be anywhere near where Mack goes unfortunately. This may be a tough fill.

  9. Question for the writer and anyone else ?

    Why is Cam & Russell Wilson considered better that Foles ?
    Statiscally speaking Nick is on par if not better than those two ?

    • Because they can scramble to make a play and Foles can’t.

    • You will see (very clearly) on Sunday why Can Newton is not better than Foles. Probably Kap too as both those guys are going to barf out horrendous games.

      One guy will scramble for 40 in the 4th and be labeled a superstar though.

      I think next year Foles will throw for more yards and tds than Wilson will. Wilson is considered better obviously because the team wins…but with that defense…..Birds had that and they’d still be playing too.

  10. Tired hearing about if Foles can cut it or not the friggin guy dont even have full season under his belt lets see him develop change couple bad decisions he makes and see what it all brings.People want this guy to be in top 10 already! Wait and see Right now I would put him in top 15 which aint too bad for short time been here. I dont want to keep hearing bout the dallas game too the fukin guy got concussed EARLY in that game watch the replay.Give any qb all time in world with good Oline and guys eventually get open. Long and short of it if oline gives him the time he makes plays if not he looks mediocre and you know what so would your top 10 friggin qbs!

  11. Foles/Wilson
    Common opponents over the 2nd half of the season (NYG, Minn, Ariz)

    Both guys led teams to 2-1 records over those games.

    Wilson: 42 of 72 for 544 yrds 4 tds 2 ints
    Foles: 67 of 107 for 862 yrds 8 tds 1 int

    Eagles are in good hands.

  12. Here’s a list of a Couple of Prospects that are Listed as DE’s from their College Days but have the Athlecticism to Play OLB in a 3-4 Scheme and could be used as Pass-Rushing Specialists starting out their NFL Careers.. I imagine some of these Prospects will get worked out at the OLB during Senior Week and Indy combine Drills

    Scott Critchon (Oregon State – 6-3″ 265lbs — 2nd Round Prospect)
    Chris Smith (Arkansas 6-2″ – 265lbs — 2nd Round Prospect)
    Marcus Smith (Louisville 6-3″ – 252lbs — Late 2nd/Early 3rd Round)
    Demarcus Lawrence (Boise State 6-3″ – 245lbs – 3rd Round Prospect)
    Aaron Lynch (South Florida 6-5″ – 245lbs – 4th Round Prospect)
    James Gayle (Virginia Tech 6-4″ – 255lbs – 4th Round Prospect)
    Larry Webster (Bloomsburg 6-6″ – 240lbs – 5th Round Prospect)
    Cassius Marsh (UCLA 6-4″ – 260lbs – 6th Round Prospect)
    Chidera Uzo-Diribe (Colorado 6-3″ – 250lbs (7th Round Prospect)

  13. I broke this down myself a couple weeks ago and rated him in the top 15. He shares company with the likes of Flacco and Cam Newton in the 11-15 range. I think I had him at 14.

  14. I like Foles alot…. I got so tired of the turnover/injury prone Vick, whom I like, he just turned the ball over entirely too much at the most crucial moments. Foles is not a risk taker he protects the ball which gives our high powered offense a chance to strive. give him a true #1 receiver and we will then see his full potential. too many haters on this page

  15. Who cares if he is in the top 10 as he is winning games no matter how good he plays people are down talk him cause he wasn’t a 1st rd pick he doesn’t have Super Bowl yet as I sit here right now only qbs I would take over foles on this team would be luck,wilson and Rodgers that’s it nobody else

  16. I wonder what the eagles think about kuger

  17. Foles a system QB??? If you are 6’6 – get the ball out quickly – make the right reads – don’t turn the ball over – YOU CAN PLAY in ANY system!!! Question is, can he keep it up.

  18. Watch Panther Game and see how long Cam Newton
    Holds the Ball.. I live in NC and have seen him for 3 years almost every week
    On TV.. He does not make quick decisions on a consistent basis and like Vick and even McNabb did, has a tendency to wait until Receiver looks back and is open before pilulling the trigger which costs him a valuable second or two..
    When he steps up and gets rid of the ball and trusts his Receivers,
    Then he’s very good, but Newton has not learned to do this consistently yet though he was better at it during sone clutch Drives late in sone games for the Panthere this Season.. If Newton played with type of urgency & decisiveness,
    Then he has all the tools to be an Elite QB but he’s not there yet..

  19. Just read something on nfl trade rumors and they said Chung should be cut ASAP and it will save the eagles 3.2 millions

    • We know that’s coming, chung is a goner

      • I think they will release a few players soon
        Chung, Herremans and possibly TE Casey & LB Matthews
        And maybe even Trent Cole though I think they bring him back for 1 more Season.. And even WR Avant if/when the resign Cooper/Maclin
        And then look to move forward with other Players to replace them
        Barbree or Tobin for Herremans
        Knott/Goode for Matthews
        Sign a Free-Agent Strong Safety
        And then also Draft a Free Safety
        Add a WR in the a Draft

  20. Cam newton doesnt have alot of weapons. What he’s done is amazing in my opinion.. Look at Blaine Gabbert in his similar situation. Nick Foles performed at a top ten level this year.. But there is noway he takes a step up. 29-2 is unreal. he had about 5 dropped interceptions that I recall, but Id take 29 and 7 just as well.. thing about Cam Wilson and Kap is there not scared to win a game..

  21. Stats say a lot. He has the best QB rating in the league and is easily in hte top 8 for this year. He took a 4-12 team to 10 and 6. It would have even been better had he played the whole season. What other QB did that and 1st year starter to boot.

    • Marino, Foust, Manning and many others have great stats. While the Aikmans of the worlds stats are unimpressive. Be careful about anointing someone better than another based on stats.

    • He’s no where near top 8.

      Those stats are a mirage and means nothing if you are kicked out of the Wild-
      card round after coming in with game day jitters on the biggest game of his career.

      Cam,Wilson, or Kap would have won that game and produced points after the defense gave them the ball on 2 turnovers early in the game.

      Foles is not even close and he’ll lose every game if the game is put solely on his arm to beat you.

      Shady is the Key for the Eagles and Foles was able to get by if shady could work miracles, so please that claim it’s because Foles the Eagles went 10-6 because the offense was doing it job with prolific numbers before Vick went down.

      Foles worked within the offense and didn’t turn the ball over.

      The offense is the reason for the success and Foles will have a short leash if he come out next year with these slow starts now that teams will key in on Shady by stacking the box while playing man to take away those bubble screens that went for big plays.

      Foles was given high percentage designed plays so the skill position players could use their talent to make plays.

      So, Chip proved he could win with this offense with any players and can’t help to think about what this season would have been had he played this year with the Quarterback of his choice and not with what he inherited from Andy Reid.

      This is a win-win for the Eagles because they can pay Nick a base salary for a 3rd rounder and not be forced to committing, and it wouldn’t surprise me if they look to move Foles while his stock is soaring in an effort to get Chip’s guy because Nick’s stock will never be this high.

      But no..Foles is not a top 10 QB.

      He’s a good backup type that plays not to lose. Plain and simple top 10 are game changers and we all know Foles is not a game changer.

      • How many times will you write/post the same thing. You’re like Captain Cut and Paste!

      • FraudSongs…I guess you could say the same thing about RGIII who was “kicked out of the Wildcard round”. All of those stats he put up don’t mean anything, right you Fraud? Eagleshaslanded has it right… are a classic TROLL…pathetic.

  22. The exciting thing about Foles is that he will only get better & better
    Now I do ‘t expect only 2 Int’s in Future Seasons for that’s nearly impassible to duplicate, but I do believe he can be a
    3500-4000 Yard Passer with 30TD’s – 10 Int’s
    Consistently in this Offense..
    The best thing I like about him is that he’s very even keel,
    Doesn’t get too up or down and you need that with your QB
    He will work hard to improve, needs to get stronger in his core and legs which he will.. Add another 5-8 lbs to his frame for next Season and work on his footwork.. He has a very high Football IQ for a 2 year QB
    And puts the Team and ball into his hands of his playmakers
    There about 15 other NFZl Teams who would love to have him as their Leader
    He has a very bright Future ahead of him as do the Eagles moving forward

    • that’s great which mean one of those teams may be wiling to part with 1st rounder to get Foles.

      Getting a top pick for a guy who is just a game manager, slow with an average arm would be a win for the Eagles

  23. Wilson doesnt even have any weapons..

    • Lynch, Tate, Harvin, Rice, Miller. No weapons???? Not very smart comments, for someone who is supposedly in the MENSA club! STFU!

  24. Stats are for losers, I don’t care if he’s ranked 15th if the team finishes 12-4. He had a great year but guess what we’re watching other teams play this weekend and not our team and yes that applies to Shady as well. Congrats on that rushing title. SMH what did Drew Brees say when asked about Foles breaking his records? Yea but I won a state title and he didn’t!!!!!

  25. Songs, who would you want as qb coming out of the draft, you just can’t create qbs to your liking like dr Frankenstein, they all come with limitations, upside, etc, and they are all a risk as you just cannot predict with certainty how they will adjust to the pro game, where on defense there are professional athletes looking to destroy you and the speed of the game is without comparison to anything these touted college qbs see even in the best conferences

    How is geno smith working out for the jets, he put up ridiculous numbers and can run

    Who is your man songs to take the place of a proven commodity in foles, we want to hear analysis not copied or made up, and/or useless jargon, labels like game manager, etc, try with a little intelligent discourse analysis instead of insults against a fine young man, athlete

  26. If the Eagles can build a defense like the ones in SF, SEA, CAR…All Foles will have to do is be a game manager like Newton, Kaepernick, Wilson.
    Hell all he would have to do is throw for about 175-200 yards and 1-2 TDs couple interceptions here and there and we would get the win with a defenses like that. All the offense would have to do is score like 14-17 points. As we have seen with those teams, all you need is a game manager on offense to win when you have a defense like that.

  27. It will be interesting to see what happens to the SF/SEA defenses when Kaep and Wilson need new contracts. It will kill their cap just like every QB does when they get that big contract and guys on defense will have to be let go. We could pick of some of those guys.

    Seahawks players like Avril, Clemons, KJ Wright, Irvin, Wagner could be available for us since they will likely do everything it takes to sign Sherman, Thomas, Wilson longterm.

    Niners got guys like Whitner, Brown and a few others like Olinemen that may be of interest to the Eagles.

  28. Why are people calling Foles a game manager? The gus has started one season’s worth of games for crying out loud and put up ridiculous numbers in the process. Game managers don’t put up the kind of numbers Foles did. Also, why do people act like we know what Foles’ upside is as QB? Young QBs only get better. I imagine the Foles haters would have been unbelievably disappointed with Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Eli Manning, etc after their first season or so. He’s already proven he can play in this league and I see no reason why he doesn’t take another step forward next year.

    Also, why aren’t Cam, Kap and Wilson considered game managers? Just because they can make plays with their legs suddenly that puts them in the “play maker” category? I’d rather my QB make plays with his arm and avoid injury by running all over the place. You saw what happened to RG3; it’s only a matter of time before big injuries start happening to the likes of Newton, Wilson, and Kaepernick.

    • that’s the problem…Foles can’t beat a team with his arm.,

      • Oh, I thought I saw somewhere that Foles was 8-2 over the last 10 games.

        • Btc…Cam, Kap, Wilson are the definitions of game mangers

        • BTC what Songs is trying to say is if you need a QB to go out and win you a game Foles is not the guy but Cam, Wilson and Kap have the ability to make things happen and win if plan A fails. Personally if you give me a game manager with a TD to pick ratio of 29 to 2 I’ll take that.

          • Like in his, what? 4th start coming back and beating TB?
            Or against Was (again last year) putting the winning td right in the arms of the TE on a perfect throw?
            Or with 2 tds in the 4th in NY to come back and win that game?
            Or the 34 second haldf points points coming back against Det.
            Or marching the field and throwing a td to put the team ahead late in the 4th of a playoff game?

            Are those the examples you using to back up this thesis that “Foles is not the guy” …that he cant “go out and win you a game” but Cam, Wilson and Kap are?

            Keep saying you like Foles, its clear you do not.

            • What the hell are you talking about? Yo dude your man love is over the top pay attention Vinnie. Damn don’t you understand anything? If things breakdown Kap, Cam and Wilson can do other things to win you a game that is all. Is that not a true statement?

              • Wilson’s not a mobile QB either right Vinnie?

              • Mostly Kap and Newton are “doing other things” to “win” the game because they’ve played miserably for 3.5 quarters and have put their team in that position.

                Dude, you posted that Foles “cannot do things” (ie run) to win a game late.

                I gave you 5 examples (in his 16 games) where he has done things(ie throw the ball like a qb sould) to put his team in the lead late in games…..

                You dismiss it with a “ya be he can’t do other things” (ie run) bullshit.

                Fine you, like the other haters on here, think running QBs is the way to go. We’ll see how that turns out over the next decade. I for one am immensely glad the Era of the scrambling QB is done in Philly for the next 10 years….you on the other hand mourn its loss.

              • Big why do you continue to post to that clown? You didn’t really think an asshole who can’t keep his word to leave would give you credit for being fair and objective about Foles; did you? As wrong as Songs is about Foles, Vinnie has no peer in regards to spamming the board with the same qb driven bs.

  29. Someone please answer btc ‘s questions, maybe it will take Diogenes to answer, but why is Foles, argueably the most successful young qb in the history of the game subject to so many detractors ,especially by young, want to be writers, commentators, bloggers

  30. Why does Wilson have 4 completions for 21 yards? Why is he starting the game slow?

    Why is he afraid to pull the trigger?

    Why are they taking FGs when they need tds? Why are they only up 6 while ‘dominating’ the first Q.

    Wilson is not putting the Saints away. He’s starting slow.

    A drive that began at the 35? And the first drive that began at the Saints 40?

    And only 6 points??

    Who would have “won the game” is given so many early gifts again???

    Wilson is clearly a game manager.

    Right Fraudsongs?

    • Good thing Seattle looks like its taken the ball out of WIlson’s hands. Going to run. I suppose they don’t trust his game-manager skills in a big game.

      • Vinnie your bias has gotten the better of you. Wilson is doing exactly what is expected of him or of any qb not named Peyton… Hand the ball to a stud back and then make a few plays. That’s the nfl… It is what our guy did so successfully. As for the term game manager… Again I think all of them are, they just manage it a bit differently. Of course Wilson is managing the game..managing it quite well

        • Don’t bother cigar, Wilson will continue to hand off and they’ll win 34-0. In trying to go at Songs everybody loses common sense.

        • Do I really need to tell you to read between the lines? Perhaps take the ‘tone’ of my posts into consideration?

          We’ve got a bunch of clowns on here (Biglion included) who go on an on about how Foles is just a “game manager” and can’t do the “other things” to win games (ie run)

          Its complete bullshit.

          So I’m just throwing it back in their faces a bit watching Wilson hand off a million times, whilst tossing nothing but short passes.

          This guy is a hero for the anti-Foles crowd….I’m just pointing out Foles did the same (or better) against the same team. Too bad we don’t have the same D.

          • Vinnie read between these lines, the only clown on this thread is you. You think there is only one way to play the game of football and every slight is taking a shot at Foles. Your just sad.

            • Listen Buddy….say what you want…bitch about bets, complain about hating, whatever, I don’t care.

              But know this.

              I have never, ever come on here nad dropped the double exclamation points about another team’s QB (!!)

              I have never, ever, come on here and ectoled the virtues of Wilson, Or Kap, or Newton, or Brady, or Brees or whatever.

              I have never, ever been a cheerleader for anyong other than an Eagles’ player.

              Yet here you are, first in line, telling everyone how much better Kap, and Newton, and Wilson are than Foles and when Wilson makes a play, you are there with bells on (!!) telling us all how great he is.

              Go buy a jersey.

          • Super Bowl winning QBs are game managers. They manage the game, control the tempo and make a few big plays a game…a big 3rd down pass, a long scoring strike, a 3 yard scramble fora first down etc….

  31. The Seahawks will have to win this game on the legs of Marshawn Lynch. QB play is sub average on both teams. I don’t know. Brews does have the ring though. But…the QB play stinks. Right Fraud Songs? This is the definition if game managing live in motion.

  32. What? Down to the 10 yard line and 3 incompletions and a sack?

    Is that “doing other things”?????

    Seattle with a 2-1 run/pass ratio so far…..better keep that ratio up and keep the ball out of their “game manager’s” hands if they want to win.

    • Explain the two plays that put them in the red zone!!

      • Wow….double exclamation points… WIlson your new love that you are now going to wax on poetically about for the remainder of the year???

        Redzone 4x.

        FG, FG, FG and the one td Wilson did nothing.

        If Foles produced like this you’d be right there continuing the new narrative of Foles being a “Game manager – can only win when things go perfectly – can’t do other things” bullshit.

        Go root for Wilson charlatan, your enthusiasm (!!) drips of the page wen you write about him.

  33. Songs believes that the qb’s he favors don’t start slow . If Nick Foles plays like this he’d b on here raising Kane. Where is he at? I Just like to point out his hypocrisy. Plus he’s an Eagle trader so I gotta dig at him.

  34. my guy is actually coming out in 2015, I just hope this coming season align the Eagles to get him in the 2015 draft.

    You hate Foles so much you want the Eagles to lose and get a top 3 pick so they can get Mariota.

    So you would rather see the Eagles lose than to see Foles be the QB? But you and not a racist asshole, right?

    • How many on here wanted to lose when Vick was in? Do you only notice these things when Foles is criticized?

      Every one of your posts accusing people of racism and attacking people for what the Vick haters have already done is comical. Your blinders are squarely on.

      • No one wanted the Eagles to lose, we wanted to win but knew we wouldn’t. There is a huge difference. No one rooted for the eagles to lose. Unlike Songs and now you.

      • I must have missed it when all these posters were hoping for the Eagles to lose when Vick was playing. You will have to show me those post…..

        When Vick was winning games the people loved him. The losing is what brought the hate..

        • Like I said, blinders squarely on. We were losing because the defense consistently blew leads. Just like it lost the lead in the Saints game. But when Vick was in, the defense was never at fault.

          • The QB always get the blame… And that’s hardly the same as rooting for the Eagles to lose.

            • Bullshit the qb always gets the blame, Vick always gets the blame…Foles always gets a pass. If the qb always gets the blame then according to your statement Foles was the reason we lost the Saints game…but I don’t think you feel that way.

              Please, people wanting a high draft pick was a common wish from Vick haters.

  35. The Great Russell Wilson has kept the Saints in this game
    Saints starting to pound the rock like they did over the Eagles and have a 100 Yards Rushing with the 4th quarter to go..

  36. Lol if Foles played like Wilson today Songs Skayne TheOne and Koolbreeze would be bitching up a storm. This is a joke. Stats aren’t for losers, losers are the ones that ignore the reality of the stats for years and make excuses for those with bad stats.

    • Which is exactly why I posted that Xevious..
      It’s a Team Game… But Wilson looks very
      Indecisive and holding the ball way to long
      On almost every pass attempt..

  37. 75 Yards Passing by Russell Fyi,
    Throw the Ball will you..

  38. Fellas it’s a football game. Expecting perfection whomever you are rooting for is imbecilic …

  39. The Saints defense is playing a great game again this week. If Brees can get the lead here in the 4th quarter, the Seahawks are not built to score fast.

  40. Momentum is all on Saints side, I would keep pounding the rock if I were them
    Seahawks blew it when they had a chance to go up
    20-0 before the half as they got too conservative and confirtabke with their lead, besides Russell taking a bad Sack.. Just pointing out
    That a Football in the NFL is a 60 Minute Fane
    Like think HC Carroll pusses out by not going for a 4th & 1 at the 50 Yard and is not showing confidence in his Offense which will come back and bite him and the Team in the ass. .. You can never count out a true pro that is Drew Brees..

  41. That’s 2 Missed FG’s by Saints Graham after he was so clutch versus the Eagles… Argh!!!

  42. The Play of the game by Wilson which should seal it for the Seahawks who happen to have the Best FG in the NFL
    3 Runs, milk the Clock and kick the FG and game over

  43. Beast Mode has ended the game, no need for a FG

  44. Now, that’s how a big time QB make plays to seal a game.

    • He was like 2 for what 40 something yards n the second half. This win goes to Marshawn Lynch and the defense. Russell did manage the game , but big time? What game were u watching? So transparent. FraudSongs!!!

    • he was 2 for 9 in the second half, with the “play” being a poorly thrown ball (underthrown) to a guy who was wide open if he had led him…..

      But according to a non-eagles fan like yourself, this makes him a hero, while Foles is a Game-manager.

  45. Our Eagles will be on par with the hawks once Chip gets his guy along with tightening the defense.

  46. Wilson – 50% completion percentage – 103 yards, against the depleted Saints secondary is not real good. I would say Wilson was the very definition of a game manager today.

    • Wilson be playing next week and the last I checked “W” is really the only stat that matters, so please tell me now how Foles stats is helping him pull lent out of his naval on a lazy boy while watching Wilson in the NFC Championship game next week.

    • Right cuz all you people do is read the boxscore. Xevious earlier talking about stats doesn’t get it either. Stats can’t be your whole evaluation, just part of it. You think when coaches judge Qbs they read the boxscore alone?

      It escaped all you geniuses that it was raining for most of the game. You probably missed it cuz you were hitting the refresh button online to get up-to-date stats during the game.

      You probably also missed that Harvin left the game to a concussion. Once again, hitting refresh repeatedly will have you missing those things. With Harvin out Wilson is missing his top 2 receivers in Harvin and Rice. He’s been missing those two the entire season, and only briefly had Harvin in this game. They have no burners on the outside like DJ with the top 2 out. Put DJ in a Seattle uniform, and he would catch multiple deep balls from a qb who can consistently get it downfield, unlike Foles.

  47. You are a fucking joke Songs – take a walk.

  48. Who want Foles now?

    Wait til you see Cam and Kap tomorrow.

    Chip knows he need those type QB’s to get to the big dance.

  49. I heard next year the NFL will be giving out Lombardi’s strictly off stats, so QB’s can just throw check downs and bubble screens in a losing effort to make it to the next round.

    • That was a Trent dilfer win. Running game..defense. Russ managed not to lose the game. I’m not even trying to b funny now. Wilson didn’t play well. It was a sub average performance.

      • Please, it was raining most of the game. Plus Wilson is missing his top 2 receivers in Harvin and Rice. Give him DJ for this game and you would have seen more passes like the throw he made to Harvin against a heavy blitz and the dagger he threw to Baldwin at the end of the game.

        • Get the hell out of here skayne… If he had DJ he would have been shut down by Keenan Lewis again. Wilson finished 9 of 18 for a career-low 103 yards. Even you can’t put a good spin on that.

          • DJ was shut down by Foles, not Lewis. I guess missing your top 2 receivers in a raining and windy game doesn’t mean anything…just read the boxscore.

            If you actually went to other sites who actually show the all-22, like Birds 24/7, you would have seen the throws Foles didn’t attempt to make, instead choosing to check it down for little yardage.

            • Oh I saw the throws Foles didn’t throw to Jackson when he was open – it totaled one play. And that’s what happens in football games.

              Take an “all 22” look at every play in any game and you will find QBs not throwing to open receivers all over the place. The whole “all 22” thing is a practice writers do to thrill ignorant fans like you. Neither the writer or you know who the primary receiver is and what Foles progression is on that play….

              • I am really, really surprised that a guy with 16 starts and in his first playoff game ‘checked down’ to Avant on one play when Desean had a step.

                Really, really out of the ordinary. No other young QB has ever checked it down. Foles must suck.

              • You think his progression is to read short then deep? He’s supposed to ignore man coverage with single high safety, with that safety not over top of DJ, and DJ blowing by him and open? In fact, the safety was coming forward, oblivious to DJ. Right, Middle of the field closed, tighly covered TE with safety reacting to his route, ignore DJ open downfield. Yeah, whatever.

                Look at the all-22, and you will find Qbs who aren’t confident not throwing to open receivers downfield.

                And not knowing the primary receiver or progression didn’t stop an ignorant fan like you from criticizing Vick…what, did you just find out that fans are frequently unaware of what the qb is supposed to do? Didn’t see you using that defense for Vick.

              • Teams are always playing single high safety against us. Most young Qbs love to have their top weapon one on one downfield with no safety help. That’s what most young Qbs would do.

              • I watch the coaches films of 5 to 10 games a week. I can tell you, If it’s only QBs that lack confidence that don’t see open receivers downfield, then there are no confident QBs in the league.

              • He wasn’t facing some complicated combo coverage. It’s single high safety. MOFC. An in breaking route is your choice, with the safety reacting to Celek’s route?What is there to talk about?

                He’s supposedly better than Kap, Russ, Cam, and Luck. The great and wise Foles should be able to make that easy read.The problem is for him it’s a difficult throw. A shorter throw is a safer bet, even if he’s tightly a covered receiver with a safety reacting to his route.

      • Wilson is in the NFC Championship game. He led his team to a win and did not do boneheaded turnovers.

        He did enough to win………

        Hell, I wish the Eagles had Wilson because we would have blew the saints the hell out.

  50. Wow. Andrew luck just threw a pick during first two minutes of the game. Off to another slow start, which actually cost his team points. Luck must not b good enough. Right songs…lol.

  51. Honestly, I’m a little disappointed. I thought Wilson was better than what he showed. It’s like Pete Carroll has no confidence in Wilson as a passer. They were even running the ball on third and long.

    Talk about dink and dunk. Wilson had zero passes over 25 yards.

    • He has full confidence in Wilson, but weather conditions and the play of his defense meant he didn’t need to force anything. On the final drive he trusted Wilson to throw.., and Wilson throws a strike to set up the TD run.

      Your refresh button must have been broken…Wilson’s final pass was for 31 yards.

      • They took the ball right our of Wilson’s hands. 1st and goal and he went 3 incompletions and a sack. He stunk.

        His “great play” was an underthrown shitter to a wide open wr….had to be reviewed 74000x to make sure his knee scraped the turf.

        Wilson threw for 103 yrds on 50%…that game manager is lucky he has a D and a good RB to save his ass.

        Though I am sure charlatan Biglion will drop a couple of !!!!! in praise of his game.

        • Welcome to Vinnie’s world where a compliment means you have to buy a jersey. LOL using that rationale we know what your bedroom looks like.

          • Not my world…… Eagles’ world.

            But hey, keep on jizzing (!!!!!!!) about other teams’ QB.

            Keep on celebrating other team’s successes.

            Keep on singing Wilson’spraises

            ….and then come on here and pretend you are still an Eagles’ Fan.

            Go buy a Wilson jersey charlatan

            • BTW – at least my bedroom has Eagles’ shit in it.

              Yours has Vick, Wilson, Kapernick and Newton pinned to the walls.


              • No sorry idiot only Eagles and Phillies gear in Jacksonville. BTW my kids don’t do athlete role models the wife and I don’t allow it. Try it and get your face out of Foles ass.

              • Big, practice what you preach! Get head out of your own @$$, & your lips off of the racists @$$! Stop enabling, excusing & backing those frauds, because you look as bad as them. You go out of your way to back them, when they are worse than vinnie has ever been. He’s no Angel, but those POS frauds are racists, that aren’t Birds fans. PERIOD, END OF STORY!!!!!

        • As I said it’s was windy and raining, not bone dry like it was in Philly. Foles had his top receiver, Wilson didn’t have his top 2. The pass to Baldwin was on the money, not like the underthrow to DJ last week when he had blown by his man. DJ had to slow down, come back to the ball, lucky for Foles since the ball was underthrown the DB made contact with DJ when he came back for the ball.

          • Foles went 23 for 33 and 2TDs against this same Saints defense. The Eagles scored 24 points against this same Saints defense. If the Eagles had the Seahawks defense they would still be playing.

            Wilson is a role player on that team – nothing more.

      • Check again skayne – it was a 24 yard pass to the 31 yard line. Whatever your reading is incorrect.

        • Associated Press had it as a 31 yarder…if there is a mistake it’s theirs.

          Doesn’t negate the fact it was raining and windy…his yards/pass att. was 5.5, Foles in dry Philly 5.9. Foles only missing Maclin. Wilson missing Harvin and Rice, while playing in bad weather.

  52. i really think foles is the best qb from last years draft and im not being biased

  53. Watching Brady … Boy I hope we have a game manager

  54. Who mentioned kids?

    I can’t wait till tomorrow when you put more exclamation marks each time your heros #2 and #3 (Kap and Newton) complete a pass. (well, actually there probably won’t be many)

    To review Biglion tonight:

    Wilson is !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Foles is “game manager – can’t do other things to win games”

    Pretender Eagles’ fan.

  55. Russell Wilson completed 9-of-18 passes for 103 yards, zero touchdowns and zero interceptions in Seattle’s 23-15, Divisional Round win over the Saints.
    Bottled up as a runner, Wilson managed just three scrambles for 16 yards. Put simply, Wilson wasn’t good. He missed a number of makable short passes, and overthrew Golden Tate on a fourth-quarter deep ball. A 16-yard completion to Percy Harvin could have easily been an interception. Wilson is now averaging just 157.4 passing yards over his past five games, and has managed only four scores in the process. He’ll have to be better if the Seahawks are to win next Sunday’s NFC Championship Game.
    Jan 11 – 7:47 PM

  56. You guys are brutal, Wilson played average to poor, but why do you want to shit all over him like these dumb assess like skayne and that dope songs

    He’s a good young qb, we have one too

    • I agree. I think Wilson is a fine young QB (better than Kap and Newton)….

      I am just pointing the hypocrisy of clowns on here anointing Wilson, Kap, Newton as the coming of the next big thing, whist dismissing Foles as a game manager.

      (And after tomorrow’s shitterfest I think others will too)

      And digs at Biglion the pretender Eagles’ fan who drops “!!!!!!” after every Wilson completion, yet says Foles is just a “game manager” who cannot “do other things” to help the Birds win.

      • Sorry Vinnie the idiot I’ll be celebrating my sons 6th birthday while sadly you’ll watching and hoping that Cam and Kap play badly so you can validate your man love for Foles even more. Such a sad man.

  57. Luck just threw his third pic of the game his sixth on two playoff games

    Boys it looks like we have the qb from the 2012 draft

  58. man i just love how luck takes chances by throwing all this ints. must be nice to have a qb like that

  59. Here’s the qb rank from that class


    2. Wilson

    3. Kaepernick

    4. Luck

    • Come on jake! Stop it!
      Foles is not better than Luck, nor Wilson yet.
      1- Luck.
      2- Wilson.
      2a- Foles.
      4- Kaepernick (took a step back this year, DF got them there).

      • Why isn’t he?

        Luck, for the second year in a row has puked up a playoff game. He now has 8 interceptions in 3 playoff games – that’s ridiculous.

        (and its close between them)
        Kap (and he better stop staring at one WR)
        Luck (too many turnovers)

        • Because he is not. vinnie, quit it with your over-the-top man love for Foles. Nobody is criticizing him. He is a good young QB, & I like him, but you are too much! And you wonder why the racist trolls get on you!!

  60. Fourth pic for that stiff luck,way overrated

    How does our boy Nick. Foles look now

    I am.laughing my ass off at all these fools on this website trashing foles

    Foles will be better than Tom Brady, this kid has it, get ready eagles fans

  61. **Eagles News**

    Nick Foles is officially a Pro Bowler.

    My Thoughts: Well deserved! Congratulations Nick!

  62. I believe I got kap wrong, he is part of the 2011 draft, but nonetheless a great ranking of the top qbs

    January 11, 2014 – 8:00 pm

    Who want Foles now?
    Wait til you see Cam and Kap tomorrow.
    Chip knows he need those type QB’s to get to the big dance.

    LOL…I want Foles now!
    I waited to see what Cam and Kaep did! I can take Kap between the two of them, although he underwhelmed me based off of the expectations you set for him. You still haven’t given your critique or analysis of Cam. What I saw was, in your words “ASS”.

  64. Both QBs held onto the ball too long. Cam had that one great pass, but otherwise was not much of a passing threat.

  65. I’ve been tellin ganyone who wants to listen about Cam Newton..
    I’ve watched him for 3 Seasons living here in NC and he has the same issues
    that Mike Vick had.. Slow to read and recognize Coverages, Waits to Receiver is open instead of throwing Receiver open, has a great Deep Ball, but lacks touch,finessee and accuracy with the short to intermediate Routes.. He holds the ball too long and probably half the sacks that he receives are his fault by moving too late, running back into the backside rush just like Vick did for years… Cam Newton will be nothing more and 50% Winning QB in the NFL just like Vick was…

  66. Keep Cam in the pocket and make him beat you with his arm and that is an anemic offense.

    • I agree and Panthers have age along a average OL to begin with
      LT Jordan Gross and LG Travelle Wharton are early-mid 30’s and are both Free-Agents and about at the end of their Playing days…

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