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Redskins Hire Jay Gruden As Their New Head Coach

JayGruden1The Washington Redskins have hired Bengals offensive coordinator Jay Gruden as their new head coach and they will be having a news conference this afternoon to announce the decision.  According to reports from Jay Glazer of FoxSports, the Skins have signed Gruden to a five-year deal.

One of Gruden’s main jobs will be to build a strong relationship with Skins young quarterback Robert Griffin III.   There have been numerous rumors and reports that highlighted former  Skins head coach Mike Shanahan’s strained relationship with Griffin as the main reason the coach was fired.

I haven’t been impressed with the job Gruden has done in the playoffs the last few years as, Andy Dalton, his young quarterback has flamed out each year under his tutelage. on Facebook

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9 Comments for “Redskins Hire Jay Gruden As Their New Head Coach”

  1. A good hire by the Redksins
    Word is that jon Gruden has already had a serious talk with RG3 about being a leader,united his players around him and to give his Borther Jay the time and opportunitiy to put in a great System.. believe it or not, RG likes and repsects Jon Gruden a bunch and is willing to give Brother Jay a chance
    one thing I do find very unusual with the Redksins this Off-Season is after firing Shanahan and most of his Assistants, they decided to Keep DC Jim Haslett around who has only overseen one of the wrost Defenses in teh NFL the last 2-3 Seasons.. How does Haslett keep his Job…

  2. Who cares how he keeps his job as long as he keeps it, I agree with you G, I’m not impressed at all with him, with those offensive pieces he had, he should of lit it up, I read in a four game stretch they put up 33 points, that’s horrible. Our Eagles are still the team to beat in our division.

    • I belive many of the Bengals Offensive Woes can be attributed to QB Dalton who I think has maxed out and reached his Cieling.. He just doesn’t exude a lot of Confidence when I watch him play… It’s as is they win Games in spite of him… Put Vick on that Bengal Offense and they would be a very dangerous Team which is what I am predicting to occur..

  3. lol The Redskins continue to be the Redskins…..Too bad they don’t have that #2 pick this year lmao. Oh well We get better the rest of the division sucks.

  4. Hey Paulman, former Eagle Ray Farmer is being interviewed for the Dolphins GM job, I bet he gets it.

    • I hope he does, so Gamble stays Put..
      I hope that Tom Gamble evetually becomes the GM for the Eagles as Howie Maybe moves up to Vice-Pres of Football Operations and hanlde more the $$
      side of the Operations and let gamble handle more of the Player Personnel/Draft/Scouting/Free-Agnecy,etc,etc, side of the Franchise

  5. I like that scenario Paulman. Lets hope that comes true..

  6. Good pick for the Redskins. Should help the Eagles remain division champs for the next few years. With that knuckle head in Dallas and the Giants aging.

    We should get another division title with out back-ups.

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