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Eagles QB Nick Foles Will Be Headed To Hawaii For The Pro Bowl

NickFoles3Eagles quarterback Nick Foles is guaranteed of a trip to Hawaii for the Pro Bowl this year because of  New England beating the Indianapolis Colts 43-22 in their AFC playoff game in Foxboro, Massachusetts.   The victory by the Pats guarantees at least one of the six quarterbacks selected to play in the Pro Bowl ahead of Foles will be playing in the Super Bowl, so that opens up a spot for Foles, who was voted as the first alternate at quarterback for the Pro Bowl.

Foles would have been shut out of a Pro Bowl appearance, if the San Francisco 49ers led by Colin Kaepernick and the Indianapolis Colts led by Andrew Luck had made it to the Super Bowl because neither Kaepernick nor Luck were one of the six quarterbacks voted to the Pro Bowl ahead of Foles this year.

Here’s the reason why.  The Pro Bowl will be played on January 26th, which is a week ahead of the Super Bowl.  Therefore, all the players selected to the Pro Bowl, whose teams qualify for the Super Bowl are unable to play in the Pro Bowl game.  They are replaced by alternates, starting with first alternates and then second alternates. Foles was selected as a first alternate.

With their now being no chance that Luck will make it, there’s a guarantee that at least one of those six quarterbacks will go to the Super Bowl, so they won’t be able to attend the Pro Bowl, which will be played a week earlier in Hawaii.

Of the six teams remaining in the NFL playoffs five of them are led by Pro Bowl quarterbacks: Tom Brady of New England, Peyton Manning of Denver , Russell Wilson of Seattle, Cam Newton of Carolina, or Phillip Rivers of San Diego.  The only non-Pro Bowl quarterback leading a current playoff team is Kaepernick, so at least one of those Pro Bowl quarterbacks, will be busy preparing of the Super Bowl on the Sunday of the Pro Bowl and open up a space for Foles.

He had a Pro Bowl worthy season with 27 touchdown passes, only two interceptions and a 119.2 quarterback rating.  Of course it will be his first Pro Bowl. on Facebook

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20 Comments for “Eagles QB Nick Foles Will Be Headed To Hawaii For The Pro Bowl”

  1. Congratulations to Nick Foles on a good first season and of course the recognition by his peers who sees his performance as pro bowl worthy! Congrats on your pro bowl. I believe the first of many!



  3. the pro bowl is really nothing the way it’s arranged now.

    The Superbowl participants can’t go aond that’s the only reason Foles is in.

    The real starter for the pro bowl is in the Superbowl, alternates are in through technicality.

    • True statement Songs but the numbers he put up are deserving of a Pro Bowl nod. You have to admit sooner or later that this kid had one hell of a season.

    • Songs being Songs,
      Actually since they did away with sepearate AFC & NFC Conference Selections,
      It’s actually become more diificult to make the Pro Bowl and more meaningful
      To unbiased Real Football Fans..

    • Bruh, you are a fermented pile of bull turds, in the summer sun! Just admit you are a racist, troll, & not an Eagles fan, & go away!

    • Songs, I’m sure I’m opening up Pandora’s box but what could Nick Foles have done differently this past year for you to be sold on his as our QB of the future? Please keep in mind that he’s started like 16 total games in his brief two year career.

  4. Who cares

  5. Ill admit foles had a great season…we dont need a qb now….but….i want the eagles to draft logan thomas or that kid kenny guiton in the 7th rd or get them as undrafted free they can be groomed..i dont like barkley as our qb though…dont see anything special about him..

    • Rhino, being a Virginia native, I can tell you that Logan Thomas is nothing special at all and has regressed in his few years at VT.

      • He was a Player with a lot of upside potential and hype and really never did progress very well at the College Level.. He really should have shined this Season but was very up and down all Year as he was during his Career..
        Big kid, strong arm, but just never got the nuances of being a top QB down
        as far as reading Defenses, being accurate and protecting the ball..
        With hard work and solid Coaching, I think he can compete for a 3rd QB on a Roster in the NFL with future hopes of a Back-Up
        I’ll be honest about Virgina Tech, they seem to consistently get good athletic QB’s into their Program, but rarely develop and Coach them up to be legitmate NFL QB’s.. Who is Frank Beamer’s QB Coach??

        • I don’t follow VT that much but their bread and butter is special teams and defense. They’ve never been much of an offensive power.

          • No they haven’t though they have produced some Good RB’s and WR’s to the NFL but are better known for their CB’s & LB’s ..

    • That is the 3rd stringer I want drafted Rhino…That is the guy!!!

      Logan Thomas…

  6. Congratulations to our young QB. Regardles of the Pro-Bowl, I am looking forward to seeing how much progress both the young QB and his HC will make in their first full offseason together. The coaching staff has been in place for a year now, and Foles will be the incumbent entering into the offseason camps.

    From listening to Foles speak, the kid is humble, deflects praise and is self-critical when evaluating his performance. I believe that he his main focus is in getting better as a QB, and with the stability of the coaching staff this year and the team learning Kelly’s system, I look for his play to only get better.

    GO BIRDS!!

  7. Songs hasn’t been around lately…I hear he’s ghostwriting RGIII’s facebook posts.

    • Reports are that Songs & TS Johnson are Apartment Shopping in Tampa Bay, Nashville or Cincinnati depending where Marcus wants Mike Vick to play next Season… Again, this is only reports that I’m hearing but not confirmed yet, that’s what Jon Hart does…

  8. Reuben Frank takes on critics of Nick Foles

    “The anti-Nick Foles faction we’ve seen pop up the last couple weeks cracks me up. Since the season ended, I’ve heard Foles is only a game manager — which is odd, considering he led the NFL in yards per attempt. I’ve heard he’s too careful with the ball and won’t throw into traffic, which is odd considering I was taught at an early age that throwing interceptions is a bad thing. I’ve heard he didn’t perform against top defenses, although against top-15 defenses this year he was 103 for 158 (65 percent) for 1,155 yards with 11 touchdowns and no interceptions. Why are so many Eagles fans unwilling to embrace Foles after one of the greatest seasons in NFL history? Think about 29 touchdowns and two interceptions for a moment. And you’re going to find somebody better?”

    “And I’ll tell you what … watching the other quarterbacks in the playoffs, I didn’t see anybody who’s head and shoulders above Foles. Andrew Luck threw four interceptions against the Patriots. Foles has four interceptions in his last 567 attempts. If Luck was a third-round pick and Foles was the first pick in the draft, people would already be sending Foles to Canton. But since he was a three, I guess nobody wants to admit what’s obvious. He’s really freaking good.”

  9. 20% of Fans are not going to like/support because he’s
    white And 20% are going to like him just because he’s white..
    Bottom line, Most Fans will support and like Foles for what he does on the field and after this past Season performance, it’s pretty hard not to like and support the Player (Foles) moving forward..

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