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I’m Going With The Two Visiting Teams

Kaepernick1The San Francisco 49ers and the Carolina Panthers are getting ready to get to started in a minute.  I’m picking the 49ers to win that one because they have more experience and I think Colin Kaepernick has more weapons then Cam Newton.  So I’m picking the Niners to win 20-13.

In the second game, I like the San Diego Chargers because they have the running game, defensive play and experienced quarterback to go into Denver and beat the Broncos.

You read it correctly, I’m going with the two visiting teams. on Facebook

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33 Comments for “I’m Going With The Two Visiting Teams”

  1. I got a paycheck on each of the road teams I hope ur right.

  2. This roughing the QB call has gone too far. What a home town call.

  3. I’ve watched Cam Newton for 3 a years now..
    An exciting Pkayer whose Career reminds of Moke Vick to be honest..
    Looks good, then looks bad, doesn’t read a Defenses real well, hangs onto the Ball until he sees his receivers open, is inaccurate with his short throws and doesn’t have a nice touch,arch on his intermediate throws yet..
    He throws a nice deep ball, can escape the pocket and make Plays with his feet,
    But I am not sojd that he will ever be an “Elite QB”
    Or a Pkayoff Winner in the NFL just like I never thought Vick would be..
    If Cam where playing in the Northeast, he would be crucified for hux decision making and honestly, I don’t think he’s mentally strong enough
    To handle criticism very well..

  4. Kap is the truth…I hope Chip is watching the playoffs and see how important it is to have the total package QB in todays NFL.

    • Fraud Songs, Kaep was the definition game manager incarnate today…LOL 15 of 28…196 yards. 1 TD. When Foles put those numbers up against Dallas but he had two TD’s you said he was ass. You didn’t care that the Eagles won. Russel Wilson put up 9/18 103 yards for the game. You said you didn’t care about the stats….his team won. Just like to ploint out the hypocrisy you operate with. Is Cam not the truth in your eyes anymore? Why not mention him….you have been up until today. You are the ultimate QB hopper! No true loyalty. You also abandoned RGIII this year….Fraud!!! You jump on whatever QB Jock that wins week to week. You have ZERO credibility, you are the the joke of! Trent Dilfer could have won those two games with the 49ers and Seahawks run game and defense.

  5. Paulman why write a book,

    Cam newton sucks, he should team up with desean Jackson

    They can write a shirt story about bad body language

    Two cancers

  6. Songs their gm

  7. Kaepernick and Wilson are very good, elite qbs

    • They are no where near elite. Look at what Brady did. That’s elite. Kaep and Wilson have the potential. As of now they are relegated to the realm of game managers. Pete Carroll took the ball out of Russel’s hand yesterday. It was all about the run game.

    • Wilson has been lousy the last 4 games. Throws behind people all the time.

  8. So, it will be San Francisco vs. Seattle, and New England at Denver: Both good matches with all four teams playing well…I won’t venture a prediction except that the games will be close, with a slight advantage to the home teams.

    Well, I still see the same chatter going on, but I have to bow out because Mom passed this week and I have to bury her broken body.

    You know people, let me tell you what the Truth is, because some misguided ones call athletes ‘the truth’:The truth is God and our Lord Jesus Christ, and your Mother, Father and Family…Always remember that and don’t get too caught up in billion dollar circus extravaganzas…Talk to God as much as you ‘tweet’.

    I wish Our Lord grant peace to you all.

  9. Maybe not elite, but they are good, very good, and Foles is in the same company

  10. You were wrong. Denver dominated most of the game.

  11. Some awful calls in both games. I wasn’t rooting for either team in either game, but I think it ruins the spectacle of football when referees have too much influence with bad calls.

  12. Its really too bad the Birds didn’t make it past the Saints.

    Then we could have enjoyed all those shots of Newton slumping on the bench with that stupid towel on his head instead of 49ers fans. (Btw – doesn’t the team have any PR people that can go to him and tell him how dumb (and defeated) that looks?

    It really was a great game to watch yesterday as both elite QBs did their best in the first half to give the game to the other team locking on to one WR, both completely baffled by the blitz, defenses lining 9 guys at the LOS with no fear of being burned deep, throwing balls behind guys, again both doing their best to give the game to the other team, but neither of them seemed to want it.

  13. The last 4 teams. 2 teams with great defenses (Niners,Seahawks) and 2 teams with elite HOF QBs (Broncos, Patriots). I really hope the new Eagles coaches and the players are watching the intensity and skill that needs to be brought when your in the playoffs in order to make it this far. You wont make it far with an average inconsistent team. I’m kind of happy we didn’t go any further in the playoffs because we just didnt have the overall level of players needed to win. We made it and was ousted where we deserved to be. I didnt want to get my hopes up and then be disappointed, again. People say “oh we woulda matched up well against the 49ers or seahawks” And I say wake up from your dream. These two teams from the NFC are the two very best. The two best defenses in the NFL, with two unpredictable QBs. Comparing the Eagles, someday maybe we can get to this level but the team I saw this year, I know couldn’t beat these type of teams. They have two very aggressive defenses, holding prolific offenses to single and teen digits. Everything intensifies in the playoffa and this years Eagles team just wasn’t build or ready for it. But I think we will be in the near future..

  14. Should be a Great Championship Weekend with the 4 Best Teams who have been the most consistent Teams all Season long and deserve to
    to be Playing to go to the Super Bowl..
    I like the 49ers & Patriots to make it to the Super Bowl with the 49ers Winning it all.. 49ers are on a mission after being close last year and are probably playing the best all-around Football right now..

  15. All the other Teams in the Post-Season had good Seasons, but are simply a few Players away from competing on the Big-Stage
    If Eagles were to play all of these 4 Teams, they would go
    0-4, they are not far off, but they are just not good enough to compete
    With these Teams right now and a Safety, Pass-Rusher, a Big DT and another WR to compete with the Big Boys of the NFL

  16. Cams pregame superman cleats got more attention than his game yesterday, I wonder why.

    They looked like high heels to me but maybe I’m not up to date in cleat fashion.

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