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My Evaluation Of The Eagles Offensive Personnel

LeSeanMcCoy&NickFoles1The Eagles offense was one of the most explosive in the National Football League in 2013 and they’ll look to improve in 2014.  They must get better and I think they will because Chip Kelly will make adjustments going into the season and have a better idea how teams will try to defend them.

They will first evaluate their offensive roster then try to upgrade it through free agency and the draft.  Here’s a look at how I see their offensive personnel.

QB: Nick Foles, Michael Vick, Matt Barkley,  G.J. Kinne

Foles had Pro Bowl year and it was one for the record books.  The third-round pick threw seven touchdown passes against the Raiders to tie a NFL record.  He completed 203 of 317 throws with 27 of them going for touchdowns and only two for interceptions.  His quarterback rating was an astonishing 119.2, which is the third highest ever for an NFL quarterback.   Still the Eagles have another year to decide if he’s their franchise quarterback.

With another year any where near  as productive as 2013, he will be the team’s franchise quarterback with a big contract.  The second-year quarterback from Arizona must continue to grow and be ready to take his game to another level in the playoffs.

Michael Vick will be playing for another team in 2014.  If for some reason he were to decide he wants to stay with the Eagles as a backup, I think he should be kept around, but I think he’s going to get the chance to start elsewhere.

I don’t feel good about the backup quarterbacks.  Barkley hasn’t proven anything and neither has Kinne.  I would like to see them acquire a couple of quality veteran backups and I would want one of them to be able to run.  The key to the quarterbacks is their ability to make good decisions.

To me, Barkley is a west coast offense quarterback, who doesn’t seem to fit here.  I wouldn’t even want to imagine seeing Foles go down and having only Barkley and Kinne to hand the ball to.  That’s what you call a nightmare.

RB:  LeSean McCoy, Bryce Brown, Chris Polk, Matthew Tucker

This is one of the strongest and deepest positions on the team.  McCoy led the league in rushing with 1607 yards on 314 carriers which turned out to be a 5.1 yard per game average. He’s the most accomplished player on the football team.  McCoy is in his prime and definitely the guy they’re going ride for the next three or four years.

Brown had a disappointing year, but he wound up making maybe scoring the biggest touchdown of the season against Dallas.  It secured the NFC East title and put the Eagles in the playoffs.  Polk showed promise and he seems to be a smart, versatile player, which is exactly what you want in a backup.

If they were to make any changes here I would want to see them get a big back in the 240-250 range.  The only place where they had problems running was in short yardage. I want a guy who can overpower a tackler for one or two yards if necessary.

WR: DeSean Jackson, Riley Cooper, Jeremy Maclin, Jason Avant, Jeff Maehl, Brad Smith, Damaris Johnson, 

The Eagles wide receivers had a big year in 2013 with both Jackson and Cooper having career years.  Still I would like to see them get bigger and faster.

Jackson wants his contract restructured so he can get more guaranteed money.  The Birds should restructure the deal give him a bonus out of the money he’s going to make in 2014 and let it help their salary-cap situation.  He had the best season of his career catching 82 passes for 1332 yards and nine touchdowns.

Unfortunately, Jackson had too many times where he disappeared when covered man-to-man by the opposing team’s best cornerback.  He needs to be challenged to run more precise routes to get open against a defender, who has the speed to run with him.

They’ve got to make a decision on whether to bring back Cooper and/or Maclin.  I think they should bring both of them back because they’ll be able get each of them cheap.  Cooper isn’t as valuable elsewhere because of his chemistry with Foles and the N-word controversy.  He knows the guys here.  They know him and have forgiven him, but elsewhere he might not be as welcome.  Maclin is coming off a ACL, so he has to prove he can still get it done.

The Birds are going to need to make a tough decision about Avant.  He’s a tremendous leader for everybody on the team, but especially Foles.  Avant is closer to Foles than anybody on the team and he has built strength and confidence in the young quarterback from their relationship.  They need to get faster at this position because Avant is as slow as molasses, but he’s an outstanding blocker.  This team values blocking from their receivers more than anyone else in the league.

I think he’ll be back because Kelly appreciates what he brings to the football team.  He provides leadership for the entire team, but especially Foles and Jackson.

I would say good-bye to Johnson, who was probably the biggest disappointment of the season.  He did nothing in the passing game or as a returner.  They need to replace him with a productive player.

Smith didn’t do much as a receiver, but he’s a good, smart tough experienced guy to have around.  He’s a very good special teams player.  Smith can play the wide receiver position and he could be an emergency quarterback.

Maehl must improve to keep his job.

I would like to see them get another big wide receiver with speed.  The Birds must get bigger and faster.

TE:  Brent Celek, Zach Ertz, James Casey, Emil Igwenagu

Celek had a down year as a pass catcher in 2013, but he did a tremendous job as a run blocker.  Ertz was great target in the red zone and he showed us why he was such high-draft pick.

The veteran will try to continue to shine for Kelly in the run blocking and passing game.  He’s likely to keep his starting job because of his blocking and the Eagles are a running team.

Ertz has everything you would want as a pass-catchin tight end, cut he must learn to block as a tight end to take over as the starter.  He needs to get in the weight room to get stronger. I could see him being the Birds third-leading receiver next year.

I could see them trying to replace Casey with someone bigger and faster, who could challenge for the starting position.

OL:  Jason Peters, Evan Mathis, Jason Kelce, Todd Herremans, Lane Johnson, Allen Barbre, Dennis Kelly, Julian Vandervele, Matt Tobin

During the regular season, this was the best offensive line in football.  They helped McCoy lead the league in rushing and they gave Foles the time to put together a Pro Bowl season,  but for some reason, they didn’t get it done int he playoff game against the Saints.

More than any other area of the football team, I was disappointed that this group didn’t take over the game.  This is something to keep an eye on because for the next three or four years, the Niners, Seahawks, Panthers and Saints will be standing in the Birds path to the playoffs.  This line must play better in the playoffs next year or somebody must go.

I take my hat to the season Peters had why recovering from two Achilles tendon injuries.  He didn’t have as good of a year as he had in the past, so he should be even better next season.

Mathis emerged as one of the best guards in the league and he did a great job in both the run and the pass game.  He’s a very good athlete to be playing guard with great strength and body control.

Kelce is emerging as one of the best centers in the league.  He’s very smart and athletic, which allows the Eagles to get him out in space on screens and sweeps. Kelce has been an outstanding leader for the offensive line and this football team.

Herermans rebounded from a bad year in 2012 to have a good year in 2013.  I think he just got healthier.

This was a good start for Johnson, but I want to see that big jump in 2014.  I like the consistency Johnson showed throughout season and he didn’t have any catastrophic games, where he was jumping offsides every play or getting beaten play after play.  The youngster had a consistent season which is impressive for a rookie.  He’s got all the tools to be a great player at the position and should be there for 10 years or so.

They need to improve their backups to the point where they wouldn’t mind starting them.  Barbre has proven he can play, but I would like to see get some youngsters in line to step in. on Facebook

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91 Comments for “My Evaluation Of The Eagles Offensive Personnel”

    • well he isnt going anywhere nor should he. get a clue and please stop making such dumb posts

    • stop it. He had one of the best years statistically of an Eagles receiver. stop it

      Add another decent receiver to the team and watch his numbers go even higher. Kelly now has a year under his belt with these players. I also believe that he will have many more plays that will exploit DJax speed next year.

  1. A Good Re-Cap G-Man, but you took the easy way out and would like to read on the Difficult Calls of who has to Go in order to Updgrade the Offense..
    The Eagles do not have the Best OL in the NFL, that goes to the 49ers and is not even close..but anyways, the Eagles OL was maybe the Best OL that the Eagles have had in Years , but still not at a Championship Level…
    They could really use that tough, kick ass type of Player along that line …
    (Maybe an Ritchie Icognito type who gets under your skin, but is productive with a mean,crazy streak)

    QB’s — Vick is a goner as we all know for an opportunity to Start elsewhere … Eagles need an Athletic QB who can handle the ball and keep up with Coach Kelley’s Fast paced Scheme.. I like QB Thaddeous Lewis, Tavaris Jackson as back-ups.. maybe even a Mark Sanchez once he gets released by the Jets as a short-term Back-Up with NFL Game Experience

    RB’s — McCoy is the stud here, but Eagles must utilize their 2nd/3rd RB’s as all these better Teams to help keep Defense’s from zeroing in and game planning to stop 1 RB and to bring a different skill set to keep Defenses scrambling .. Look at the Saints,the Panthers, Pats, Bronco’s,Packers all use different Backs to change things up.. I think Eagles should attempt to get a Scat Back and a Power Back… I like Polk, and not a big fan of Bryce Brown who they could trade and get a 6th or 7th Round in Return and should explore moving him to a Team in need of RB’s (Browns,Falcons, the Titans if they let Chris Johnson go, or Jaguars after letting MJD go or even to KC Chiefs who could use a back-up for Charles..)

    WR’s —
    If Eagles sign both Cooper & Maclin, then Avant must go.. They cannot tie up $25 Million at the WR position when the Teams Cap is apprx $125 Million with the four of them (D-Jax,Avant,Cooper & Maclin) ..It’s just too much $$$ tied up to one Position .. Either way, the Eagles need to Draft a Big-Target,Fast & Physical WR in this Draft which is very Deep at WR this Year and has good WR Prospects available thru the first 3-4 Rounds..
    I would be happy with a WR Corp of D-Jax,Cooper,Maclin,Smith & Draft Pick or even a D-Jax,Cooper,Avant,Smith & Draft Pick

    TE – Ertz is the Future Starter and big Receiver out of the TE Corps..
    Celek is good for another 2-3 Seasons in areduced role, but probably not at his Current Salary level.. Casey was a flop this year, starting out of the gate injured, missed lots of Summer Camp, High Draft Pick with Ertz which was surprising to many.. but they need to either Release him or Play him and find out what he can do or possible convert into more of a FB/HB, but you don’t pat almost $4 Million for a 3rd String TE who takes 5 Snaps a game to Block.. Figure out what you do with Casey and that will dictate whether you add a TE thru the Draft or bring in another Veteran Blocking TE that won’t cost you much in Salary…

    OL — I believe Herremans needs to go, though he had a good 2nd Half of the Season and did help mentor RT Lane Johnson.. As I mentioned before, I would like to see the Eagles add a tough-nosed, high energy Player on their OL who takes no shit from any opponent but that has the skills,athleticism that Coach Kelly System demands.. I don’t believe Herremans is Eagles best option at RG… I like Free-Agents Jon Asomoah & Geoff Schwartz of the Chiefs.. Schwarts is 6-6 330lbs and played for Kelly in Oregon and knows his system well and I believe would be an upgrade over Herremans and probably a lower Salary and would add some grit/toughness to the OL
    Then I would Draft an OT for Peters is in his final year of his Contact and will become a Free-Agent at Age 33 next Off-Season so the Eagles need to start thinking of who will replace him in 2015.. A Barbree, maybe Lane Johnson slides over from RT to LT opening a spot at RT.. Dennis Kelly could be that RT Player , My Free-Agent wish list Geoff Schwartz, could play RT for a Year or 2… They also need to add a back-up Center/Guard in which they did recently in Signinf David Molk who played at Michigan and is a tough,hard-nosed Player who can figure into the mix …
    This Draft is very Deep along the OL to address quality depth and back-up Players for now with time on their Side to Develop and get Coached up to become Starters in 2-3 Years down the road… (Peters,Herremans & Mathis are all 30+ Years of age.. replace Herreman’s this off-season, then replace Peters next off-season and look to replace Mathis for 2016 is how you plan for your OL needs over the next few years.. Replacing 1 at a time is a lot better then waiting to replace 2-3 Players along a 5 Man OL in one Off-Season..

    • eagles o line ranked 9th overall. 1st run blocking and 18th in pass blocking.

      jason peters was the 4th best tackle
      lane johnson was the 39th best tackle (awesome for a rookie!!!)
      Mathis ranked as BEST GUARD in the NFL
      Jason Kelce ranked AS BEST CENTER in NFL
      Herremans ranked 26th best guard.

  2. Paulman loved that atlas of info in response to G but the D is probably gonna be big focus in draft we have some defense positions to address I would be more concerned with building this d comparable to niners, panthers etc our offense can get by but that d cant but thanks for the insight and hope fo listens to some of your suggestions I agree bout herremans, celek I think avant should go and sign coop and mac too, but I want a big back like the”bus” for when we need that important short yardage tc

    • I agree DonP.. But this Offense is not a finished Product yet and needs upgrades and especially along the OL due to Age and injury History of Peters/Heremans and at WR..They can make some relatively inexpensive Upgrades at OL and TE thru Free-Agency and use the Draft to get Bigger,Stronger and Faster on Defense…

  3. I love djack on the field but he is a cry baby and all he cares about is money and I’m not on Instagram but I’ve had people tell me he smokes weed on there a lot I think he just very immature I love the big plays he brings but if you get a cb that is bigger than him 6′ and taller than he gets shut down way to much so much so that chip had to find ways to get him the ball by putting him in the back field fake endarounds if they had a 6’4 guy with speed they wouldn’t need to do any of that with him cause that’s a grown man who can beat press coverage I swear trade djack let him go to another team and cry for his money and since he so small you hav to take him off the field when you want to do power running and put avant in the game to block which tells the defense your not throwing cause avant is in there kc you had a big guy in there you won’t need to take them out and the defense can’t just play for the run game then

    • Why are you concerning yourself with his personal side as it relates to his business. Seriously, why does that bother you. Fandom should stay on the field with performance, unless the player does something to hurt someone or commit a crime. Other than that, stop worrying about it. In other words…Get a life dude. All of the “Oh I heard he smokes weed”…and blah blah blah from instagram. Rumors and hear say…that’s what girls do. How do we know you don’t smoke weed with some of these posts you put up here…seriously, some of them are out there! If he does how is that hurting you? That’s for the NFL to deal with if that happened to be true. Have you heard about how he volunteers his time and money to under-privelidged youth and families? Why not talk about that???Your moniker is very fitting. It’s time to trade gloomysmitty!

      • Amen…in this age of social media broadcasting every minute of a persons life….famous or not…I guess this is really a topic for something other than GCobb….but I agree Eaglehaslanded. Keep it on the field. Yes, I am aware of the community involvement that DJax and many other players do, thanks to the Eagles and their private PR…all comendable, but when the comments drift into some many private areas…it is too much as far as I am concerned.

        I can tell you with out a doubt, many of those longstanding sport icons from the ’60’s and ’70’s have just as many off-field issues as the players today, but it was not covered or broadcast over social media the way that it is today. The leagues were full of drunks and drug users…but the media hid the facts and they remain icons to this day. Humans are not perfect…quit trying to expect that athletes are….they are human just like each one of us fans.

        Call it old-fashion or out of touch…in my world I would prefer that when dealing with the players of the teams that I root for, that it focus on what happens related to that sport. That they stay out of legal problems, do jepordize their ability to play…and that is pretty much it. I know that I will admit that when the news gets overloaded with stories about an athletes problems, I will comment…I am guilty too….but really keeping it to football related items is best….at least IMO.

  4. D-Jax is not going anywhere, and is the biggest Playmaker on this Eagle Offense besides McCoy.. I don’t believe they need to do anything about his Contract that he just signed 2 Years ago.. but as far as Trading/Moving him, it doesn’t make any sense, now if he becomes a major attitude or distarction about his Curent Contract, then I move him to get rid of the Cancer, but I believe he will come around to realize that $12.5 million in 2014, $12 Million in 2015 and $10 Million in 2016 is not too shabby… D-Jax just needs to shut up, work hard this off-season to get stronger and look to play the next 3 Seasons in an Offense that suits him perfect and earn that $34.5 Million that is out there for him over the next 3 Seasons, but that’s just me ….

    • My fear for McCoy is its just a matter of time with the way he plays. He puts so much stress on his knees making the unbelievable moves on the field that he is just a torn ACL waiting to happen. Just enjoy him while we can. I hope Im wrong but time will tell.

      • And yet Barry Sanders only missed 6 games in 10 years and that was playing on turf. It could happen, but I am not going to worry about it until it does. If anything, he is a pretty shifty, so he is not always gonna take clean or big hits like a lot of other RBs.

  5. How much more offense do you friggin need? You cant have all-pros at every position! You have a all-world QB in Foles, the leagues leading rusher. 3 pro-bowl offensive lineman. A 1300 yard receiver and a up in coming te. Hell I go to NE and they have shit on offense. I go to Seattle and they have a QB who throws for 150 yards a game with very little at wr, with 1 great back. I go to SF with a QB who cant throw. lol WTF else do you want on offense? Denver is the only team left with weapons galore and guess what they aint beating both NE and Seattle/SF. IMO. NE, SF and Seattle’s offense isn’t even close to the Eagles and they are all ready to win a SB. I thinks its pretty clear the Eagles defense is the only thing that should be addressed early and often unless a Evans or Benjamin or someone like that falls in there lap.

    • “unless a Evans or Benjamin or someone like that falls in there lap.”

      Agreed. Though I’m pretty sure Car is taking Benjamin and would prob make a move for Watkins if possible.

      • Benjamin would look real nice in midnight green. Watkins has star written all over him.

        • I’ll gladly take them. lol. Unfortunately however I think we’re getting beat to the punch for either of those guys.

          I know defense is where we will likely focus the attention (and some line depth would be nice) but man a big WR would be AWESOME.

          • BigL & TSJ- Expect Chip Kelly and the Eagles brass to get more speed on offense. Whether its thru the draft or FA. I see them going heavy for speedsters. I mentioned a few weeks ago De Anthony Thomas as a strong possibility (Oregon, Chip guy) And I like a few WRs that are coming out this year too (Kelvin Benjamin and Odell Beckman Jr). So the Eagles have a lot of options here. I know they will address this woeful safety position. Most likely signing a FA, either or both Byrd and Ward. Get a pass rushing/cover OLB (Kyle Van Noy or Vic Beasley), a big fat slob at DT (McCullers) and 1 tall corner either Justin Gilbert or Marcus Roberson and they’d be set going into next season..

  6. DJax for Megatron and Riley Cooper from Brandon Marshall deal done today. Guess what if that happened the Eagles still woundnt beat Seattle or SF. You know why because those defenses shut that shit down. You need a toughness to beat them teams. You gotta be able to play great defense against them teams to have a chance.

  7. You sound crazy it takes at least 2 people to cover megatron and then I got Brandon Marshall to go with him lol they would kill evey team left in the playoffs cause none of them hav a great secondary

    • Were they killing it in the playoffs this year? No…they were not in the playoffs. Having either of them does not guarantee a playoff game. You sound crazy, as if the Eagles could get both of them, let alone one!

  8. Well that’s all true but we aren’t talking defense

    There’s more to being a great team than just having great players, we learned that with the dream team fiasco, but it’s really common sense, an overachieving lot of players can beat underachievers, malcontents

    Djax disappears in games, in fact he basically admitted he took an entire year off

    He shows disrespect to his qb with his hands flailing in the air when he doesn’t get the ball

    Do you believe he’s the only fit here because he’s got burners, well there are other burners who also have size to match and don’t come with his baggage

    This will be interesting to see how Kelly handles this because djax will not back down and if he does his play, antics just become worse

    • Jake from your description of DJax you could be naming most any other #1 WR in the league…..they are all Diva’s. The only one that I can think of in recent history that doesn’t really fit this mold is Larry Fitzgerald…otherwise they all tend to be more like Dez Bryant and that is how they all play these days. It is not just DJax.

  9. Hey dag, you and others accuse some of us with race baiting but there you go calling us hill billy rednecks because we don’t like djax

    We may be rednecks and hill billies but that has nothing to do with our dislike of djax

    • You dislike someone who has statistically put up historic numbers for our franchise. You conveniently litter the boards with Foles statistics why not throw DJax stats up compared to the last 100 Eagles receivers. A guy who is in his prime and pulled double coverage away from Riley Cooper to have 1 on 1 matchups which to Coopers credit took advantage of. Do you understand what courage it takes to step on a NFL field at 165 pounds and be successful? Talk about having heart to face them safties and dbs thaqt are just looking to knock out that little guy. He can physically can only do so much. We have had 2 home grown pro-bowl WRS in 30 years. Quick and Barnett and now DJax. Isnt there other pressing needs? Theres only 1 motivation that can come from the hatred for DJax. IMO.

      • Your full of shit dag, I laced them up, I played at college, scouted, free agency with Michigan panthers, turned it down for more schooling

        I played with many black players, in my day color was never an issue, never, never among the players, and I believe it’s the same today, but you want to make it about color

        I have brought race into the discussion because, in my view, it’s prevalent among want to be commentators, that want to get ahead by trashing, discounting the white player, I also believe its prevalent with ownership that want to profit of the likes of you, who will always discount the white players ability at quarterback, the white folk has bought in , but as these discussions have born out, without a black man the black man will not follow

  10. And yet he had 82 catches for 1332 yards and 9 tds on the number one rushing team in the league. You may not like him, but I don’t believe that he is as easy to replace as you do.

  11. Before T.O. came we had a bunch of stiffs at the receiver position. It was like narrow receivers because none of them could create separation. Djax is a home grown wide receiver. Our draft pick! why are some of you guys always salivating after another teams players? Would some of you guys want James Thrash and some of the other stiffs whose names I can’t and don’t care to remember that they ran through here posing as NFL caliber receivers back ? soon we forget.

  12. Get djack out of here you can take whatever draft picks you get for him and either draft a beast or trade for Gordon with the pick that they get for djack he must go cry baby all about me attitude must leave cut the bait now I’ll take decker cooper and Maclin if need be take the picks for him and put it on the D

    • That’s brilliant lets keep the 8 game a year 1st round bust in Maclin. brilliant. How about this gloomy if we releaseDJax sign Decker, Cooper, and pry eddleman from Patriots. We then can trade McCoy and pick up Toby Gerhart and then trade Peters and bring Incognito in. It could be a all white offense. That would work!

  13. Wtf what does race have to do with any of this I’m black I just don’t like selfish people all he cares about is himself this guy golden is an ass I talking realistic stuff he quit in 2011 and he is about to do it again if he doesn’t get his way so let him cry on another team not this one plus I know decker won’t let a 6’1 cb take him out the game everything I state about djack are facts the team would be better without blowing up in the sidelines in Minnesota cause he quit on a play and didn’t break up a bad pass by his qb decker cooper Maclin ted ginn and a draft pick within the first 3rds will do this team some good there is no I in team so djack will tell there is a me in team lol

    • Trade Djac and watch McCoy ask WTF is going on. That would make a very toxic locker room. Why the fuck aint Dallas trading Dez and his dissapearing perrenial 8~8 ass. I dont like the way Desean acts on the sideline! How the fuck does the way Desean acts on the sideline effect you in anyway?.Desean being a me guy. How does that efftect you one bit? The answer is it doesn’t effect Eagle fans at all! Who cares just catch the damn ball and score tds. Thats the only thing you need to worry about.

      • people dont like desean because HE QUIT and it was all about money.

        i find desean quite annoying how he goes about his business, mostly because he handles it with no class and makes it the publics business BUT at the same time he should do whatever it takes to get his money and every last cent he can squeeze out of the NFL before his time is up…

        but dont quit jackass, dont pout, dont make your dissatisfaction with your millions public knowledge…

  14. this site is toxic. every conversation drifts into calls of racism. really sad…really sad.

  15. You guys have to get off this Trade D-Jax crap
    No Team is going to assume his $34.5 Million Deal Remaining over the next 3 Seasons.. Just like no Team is going to Trade for Patrick Chung and his Contract or Trent Cole or Todd Herremans,Demeco Ryans,etc,etc…
    D-Jax is the Eagles Biggest Playmaker and not going anywhere..
    End of Story..

  16. Did he really just ask that dumb ass question djack is the last cancer to get rid of

  17. Fun facts that piss people off.

    1) Eagles O line really is this good pman. Its amazing what an Oline can do when a team runs the ball. The reason the Oline was bad before falls ALL on big red. Peters and Mathis are lights out. Herm is better than you think and Johnson will get even better. I am surprised by only Kelce who showed me lots this year. Herm is one of those guys you cry about each year… like Djax.

    2) D jax is going nowhere. He said something stupid…. people called him on it…. he can sit if he wants but he is not getting traded or cut so…. move on. He is a WR.. this is what they do.

    3) Cant bring back Jmak, Cooper and Avant. You just cant… unless Jmak is playing for peanuts. Either way…. birds need to land a tall, fast WR with amazing hands…. good thing they grow on trees. ;( That said… i have a feeling the Eagles can get an ok guy and make him look good under this system.

    4) I have no clue who we should land as a backup but Barkley is not that guy.

    • I disagree about the OL Stevo..
      SOmeone posted aboiut the Eagles OL being Rated #9th Overall which sounds about right… not sure of the Source,Criteria used for that Determination but I would rate the 49ers, Seahawks,Patriots,Broncos,Bears,
      Saints,Bengals, Chargers and possibly even Cowboys OL as better than the Eagles from Top to Bottom… Just an unbiased observation from me.
      McCoy takes a lot of Pressure off this OL with his Cut-Back Runs for Big Yards..
      I believe it’s a Good OL, but can and will be better with an more experienced and strong Lane Johnson and an Upgrade at RG for Herremans
      I still believe that Herremans is the weak linke to the OL..

    • I don’t know Stevo i think all three will be back but sadly Avant won’t be. Barkley blows, I actually like paulman’s choice of Thad Lewis as the back up and would kick the tires on Brian Hoyer if he’s healthy.

  18. Ha..any talk about DJAX needing to go is asinine. He put up career numbers and cats are actually wanting him to go? Mainly because he wants his contract restructured? Do you cat realize how favorable DJAX’s contract was to the Eagles? DJAX didn’t have a lot of guaranteed money? So now that the player wants to treat this as a business and be compensated for his protection he’s a “me first” guy? Big, Dag I hear what you’re saying and understand exactly where you’re coming from in all aspects concerning some of these cats on these boards…

    • Foles put up career numbers as well and people want him gone so what’s the difference?

    • Another absurd inference, if djax were my teammate his. antics would’ve ended real fast, plenty of white dudes carry on the same way, they are all punks, prima donnas , but make it about color you jackaas

  19. On offense I think the Eagles need a tall fast slot receive. If DeSean is going to drag double coverage down field (which he does), we need a big fast target inside. Someone with the ability to elude linebackers or run over safeties. A guy like Anquan Boldin. Or maybe replace Cooper with a big speedster….. We could use more speed along with Jackson.

    • I have long liked the play of Boldin, and last year he was the offensive reason that the Ravens won the SB (defensively, they were not too shabby either!). I would be concerned about his age, but I am a big fan of his career.

  20. **Eagles News**

    Bill Lazor has been hired by the Lions to be their OC

  21. The Lions, Another team that the Eagles beat this year, and another team that is trying to emulate what the Eagles did with their offense. One thing that they are forgetting though, Chip Kelly and the Eagles offense only laid the groundwork for what they’re going to do down the line. This thing is just starting and Bill lazor does not have the mind that Chip Kelly does.

  22. I was hoping to see this staff stay together a little bit longer, but it is really Kelly who is putting his plan in place with the QB’s, so losing Lazor after only a year should hopefully not be a big deal. As this team improves, don’t be suprised to see us lose more coaches. Let’s hope that Chip has some other coaches in mind that can step in and keep the progress moving forward.

  23. I could care less about Lazor leaving, the real loss would of been if Tom Gamble left.

  24. I’m an ass for wanting a guy that already quit once on us because of money and he is going down the same road again and might kill the team to be traded you guys must have him on your fantasy team that’s why u don’t want him or y’all play madden a lot y’all act like djack the only one that can put up big numbers so afraid of change so scared if he leaves we can’t find anybody else to replace him well cry me a fucking river

  25. Losing Bill Lazor is a strong hit, he really did a great job with Nick Foles this year. After one season of the Chip Kelly era, we had and have to expect that guys from the coaching staff and front office would get plucked. Lets just hope that we wont lose Tom Gamble..

  26. Bill Lazor is replaceable in Chip Kelly’s offense. Did anyone know who Lazor was before he got here, without referencing Google? I didn’t know much about him, neither did anyone being truthful about it. Kelly’s offense is an QB friendly offense, & the QB coach has little to do with its success. Kelly’s offenses have been successful with many different types of QB’s. Lazor leaving will have little, to no affect in Foles next year.

    • Reports are Lazor did a lot of work with Foles behind the scenes, footwork, film study etc. To think he did nothing is kinda ridiculous. I guess Detroit gave him the job for doing nothing. But rumors swirled last week that Shurmur could handle both jobs if Lazor did leave.

      • A couple of names for Chip Kelly to at least talk to about open QB Coach who ehat NFL & HC Experience
        Mike Shernan fired by Dolphins
        (Was HC of Packers & Texas A&M and has a lot of experience with QB’s)
        Scott Linehan former OC of Lions under Schwartz
        And HC Of Rams a few years back

      • Any coach is replaceable but to think he means nothing is just ridiculous he obviously was in demand if teams were calling to interview him.

        • DCar has no idea what hes talking about. When he tries to make sense without ranting and cursing he makes a fool out of himself, and when he rants and curses he makes a fool out of himself, its a lose lose.. sheesh..

          • That is a spot on analysis Jon. Great job as always!!

          • What part of what I said didn’t make sense, nimrod? I said he is replaceable, & Kelly’s offenses are QB friendly, that works for all QB’s. He had little, to no affect on Foles. Was Lazor with Kelly in Oregon & New Hampshire? NO! You overstated, that “Losing Bill Lazor is a strong hit”! So where did I make a fool out of myself? You are the only court jester on this site bruh, so you & your new butt buddy TeamHurnt, can go sword fight in the dark together. I forgot more about sports, than either of you both can ever hope to attain. I don’t discuss real topics with @$$clowns like you, because you are nothing but an attention seeking, no life loser, who has to make $#!t up, to make himself feel better about his pathetic life! I discuss sports with real knowledgeable, sensible, intelligent men, bloggers on here, like gmcliff, paul, bsm, Eagleshaslanded, not imbecilic fools like you.

        • Big, where did I say he means nothing???? I said Lazor leaving, will have little, to no affect on Foles next year!! Get your head out of the @$$e$, & instead of excusing, backing & enabling the racists on here, try learning how to read & comprehend. Maybe he did work good with Foles, but him leaving will hav no affect on Foles moving forward. His talent is either going to come to fruition, or it’s not. Kelly’s offense is more important to Foles progression going forward, than a QB coach. You don’t think Kelly works with the QB’s himself?

  27. Jason Avants only shot is to tell his agent that he will come back to the Eagles at the vet minimum. Nobody is gonna give a roster spot to a aging vet whose best skill set now is blocking. Too many young fast recievers out there. Nobody is gonna fill a roster spot with a guy with no future in there organization. His leadership value is worth more here than anywhere else. Chip seems to like him and maybe that can get him the 4th or 5th receiver spot here. If not I believe his career would be over. This would be like a mentor role for him and then he may be able to transition into a receiving coach after 1-2 years. Some money is better than no money.

  28. Teams that may want djackass 1. The rams they have two 1st rd picks and look to be set on D they hav a young rb in zack Stacy and have a good Oline they just need more fire power for Bradford. 2.the panthers as the same with the rams there D is set for years to come Steve smith is getting older now and cam needs young weapons to throw to and they wouldn’t giving up a 1,3,5 due to where they are drafting. 3. The 49ers there D is also set but bolden is getting old and we be a free agent at the end of the year and Crabtree isn’t a game changer by no means plus djackass is from the west coast do it’s like we’re sending him home plus where they are drafting they might not mind giving up 1,3,5 picks. 4. The pats they have trying to find Brady recivers for the longest with djackass there maybe Brady could get him to act right. 5. I don’t think they would trade for him but the raiders they also need wr help he is from Cali and the raiders don’t mind wasting draft picks/ and I’ll throw the colts in there also there Gm shows he is trying to win now and if he gave up 1stfor Richardson I know he would do the sand for djack and they have a need there also with Reggie Wayne getting old and coming off a ACL tear so keep the colts in mind also

    • I think many Teams around the NFL would love D-Jax, but not at $34.5 Million over the next 3 Years which is why you see little trades around the NFL Most Teams, if they are going to pay that kind of $$$, will only do so in Free-Agency so they wouldn’t have to Trade away Valuable High Draft Picks on Top of incurring a large Salary..

  29. Paulman give me a list of 2nd tier FA safties. After looking into Bryd and Ward theres noway in hell the Eagles will pay there asking price. 60 million with around 40 mill guarenteed lol. He will get it because there are quite a few teams with cap room.Eagles need multiple upgrades on defense and cant give Bryd that kind of money. Look at Washinton to sign him. What good young up in coming under the radar safety may be a good fit?

  30. Under the radar safety is antrell rolle

    • Gloomy – I don’t believe that Antrelle Rolle is a Free-Agent
      Dag – Here’s a list of Free-Agent Safety’s who are 2nd Tier but could be some nice Pick-ups… I like the first 2 the most ..

      1) Mike Mitchell – Panthers (A true Strong Safety)
      2) James Ihedigbo – Ravens (A Strong Safety)
      3) Will Allen – Steelers (More of a Free-Safety)
      4) Chris Clemons – Dolphins (Combo of a Strong/Free Safety)
      5) Major Wright – Bears (More of a Free-Safety)
      6) Ryan Mundy – Giants (Strong Safety)

  31. **Eagles News**

    According to my source, Tom Gamble will not be accepting the Dolphins or Bucs jobs. He will be staying with the Eagles another year. I was told that he enjoys what the Eagles are building and feels they can get even better next year. I’m also told that he really loves his position with the team.

    My Thoughts- I’m a happy happy fan, we need his eyes and evaluations these next few crucial months. Hes one of the architects that built this team. Give him next year and 1 more after that and he could turn us into the 49ers. But if we end up winning the SB nxt yr he may be a goner.. Guys like Gamble like the journey and the challenge, but not a team thats in a deplorable state (a la Dolphins,Bucs,Jags etc). Let’s try to keep him as long as possible..

    • SEE, this is the $#!T I’m talking about, & you wonder why you look like a court jester, & nobody takes you serious. Just STFU!

  32. Good try with your source, but PFT posted a story about this at 9:00am this morning. Albert Greer of NFL network tweeted about this at 8:52 am.

    So your source is the internet?

    • BGN reported it yesterday afternoon…regardless, it is good news for the Birds. Gamble has proved in SF that he is an excellent personell guy, and give him a couple years here and I believe that he will start building a stronger team for the future.

    • I don’t report when they report. I only mention it when my “source” tells me about it. I don’t trust sites like PFT etc etc.. Why does my reporting bother you guys? Its great news.. haha

      • You are a funny guy JH. Keep on reporting…..and working those sources…..funny guy. Whatever does it for you JH, no problems here.

      • OK, I will bite. Because none of us think that you have sources since you have never had any news before anyone else.

        • Maybe because it was yet to be officially “confirmed”.. Sites like PFT and Adam Schefter tend to report the news before its confirmed so that they can be the first that said it and they’ve had their share of blunders.. I try to stay away from that..

  33. Paulman I hear you but there are no good wr’s in free agency this year the only good one is decker

    • Here’s a list of 10 WR’s that will garner the most attention as Free-Agents and probably half of these Players will get overpaid by Teams in need

      1) Eric Decker (Broncos)
      2) Jacoby Jones (Ravens)
      3) James Jones (Packers)
      4) Emmanuel Sandera (Steelers)
      5) Hakeem Nicks (Giants)
      6) Golden Tate (Seahawks)
      7) Ted Ginn Jr (Panthers)
      8) Doug Baldwin (Seahawks)
      9) Riley Cooper (Eagles)
      10) Julian Edelman (Patriots)
      11) Brandon LaFell (Panthers)

      Here are some WR’s coming off Injuries or Unproductive Play or just under the Radar that in a change of Scenery,Coaching & Scheme, could blossom

      1) Jacoby Ford – Raiders
      2) Kenny Britt – Titans
      3) Jeremy Maclin – Eagles
      4) Taquan Underwood – TB Bucs
      5) Desmon Briscoe – Redskins
      6) Darrius Heyward-Bey – Colts
      7) Louis Murphy – Giants
      8) Devin Hester – Bears

      Some Veteran Names that would probably only be interested in a Team
      that’s built to Win now would be

      1) A Boldin
      2) S Moss

      • Where’s Jeremy Maclin?

      • Paul, I’d re-sign Cooper, let Maclin walk, & draft a top WR, in the 1st 2 rouds of the draft. What do you think. Give me any of-
        Mike Evans, Kelvin Benjamin, Allen Robinson, Jordan Matthews, & I’d be happy with them as #2-#3, this year, with a ceiling to be a #1. Even Bryant, Coleman, Davis, Moncrief, later in the 3rd-4th rounds, would also be good.

  34. Hart, I said last week Gamble wasn’t going anywhere, it was obvious, both teams said the coaches would have final say and Gamble made it clear he would never take a job if he didn’t have final say. On another note, Lazor took the Miami OC job instead of the Lions job as first reported.

  35. **Eagles News**

    Bill Lazor is going to the Dolphins as the OC not the Lions

  36. **Vikings News***

    Vikings Hire DC Mik Zimmer of the Bengals to be their Head Coach
    I expect that he will reach out to Mike Sherman to be his OC for the Vikes

    Jon Hart can fill you in with details later on…

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