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2014 Outlook: Quarterbacks

NickFoles&MichaelVick2Nick Foles

The quarterback position has been stabilized, at least for the coming season.

Nick Foles set the world on fire in 2013, but there’s still a fair amount of concern remaining about whether or not he truly is the long-term answer. In spite of all that he accomplished this season, many still talk about whether or not the Eagles will draft another quarterback with one of their early picks should the right guy still be on the board.

The way I see it, there’s no way that the Eagles can (or should) spend another pick on a quarterback. If the Eagles were to use a draft choice within the top four rounds on a quarterback, it’d be the third year in a row that they’ve committed a higher selection to the position. They used a third-round pick on Nick Foles in 2011, and a fourth-rounder on Matt Barkley last year.

With the emergence of Foles, and with Barkley just beginning his development, I don’t think it makes sense at all to add another young quarterback to the mix. Some will argue that Chip Kelly truly wants a mobile quarterback to unleash the full potential of his offense, but I think the idea that Kelly needs his quarterback to be mobile is a myth.

What Kelly wants is a guy that can run his offense efficiently and score points. And right now, he’d be hard-pressed to find a better guy for the job than Foles. Plain and simple, this team has a number of other areas that are bigger priorities and need to be addressed. Maybe it turns out that the success Foles experienced this year was a fluke. But after all that he’s done this year, he’s more than earned the right to enter next season as the unquestioned starter.

If he falters, then next year we can think about drafting another quarterback. But right now, I don’t understand why anyone would want to make upgrading the quarterback position a priority when you’ve got a young quarterback coming off of a tremendous year.

Was Foles perfect? No. But here’s the thing about young players. Because they’re still in the early stages of their careers, they’ve still got a good chance to develop and improve on the flaws in their games.

Michael Vick

Would Vick return to the Eagles as a backup?

I’d be very surprised if Vick comes back. Of course, I thought his departure was all but assured at the end of last season, so I suppose you can’t rule anything out.

Vick clearly wants to start, and there are too many teams out there that need help at the quarterback position, so at the very least there should be an opportunity for him to go out somewhere and compete for a job.

If Vick were to return as a backup, I’d be just fine with that. The Eagles need to have a veteran behind Foles and Barkley, and Vick is by far the best out of all of the veteran options (see below) that will be on the market, plus his familiarity with the system after already having been in it for a year is a plus.

The concern with Vick moving forward is that he’ll be another year older, and his skills may very well diminish further, which combined with some of the flaws in his game makes him unattractive as a starter. But he’s still got some explosiveness left in him, and if needed for a game or two could prove to be a very valuable asset.

Matt Barkley

Give Barkley a chance.

The former USC standout didn’t look impressive at all in his two appearances this year, but he was thrown into difficult situations for a rookie.

While Barkley didn’t show us anything to even make you feel good him as a possible number two quarterback, remember that all young players need to time to develop and adjust to the pro game. A year ago, I didn’t think Nick Foles had a chance to be anything more than a serviceable backup. I learned from his case that you’ve really got to be patient with young players, and give them a real chance to show what they can do before writing them off.

Barkley is going to be a guy to watch next year at Training Camp. He’s going to have a chance to push for the backup job, regardless of whatever veteran that the Eagles bring in over the offseason. Let’s see if the coaching staff can bring out the best in him.

Possible Free Agent Additions

The free-agent market isn’t very deep when it comes to veteran backups.

Josh McCown is the best name out there, but he’s earned a chance to go somewhere to at least compete for a starting gig.

Josh Freeman is a guy I would have some interest in, but I wouldn’t bang down the doors go get him. He’s got great physical talent, and he’s been put in to some pretty terrible situations in Tampa Bay and Minnesota during his career. The best thing Freeman could do would be to go to a positive environment with a good coaching staff that can help him get his career back on track, and I think Kelly and his quarterback-friendly system would be as good a situation as any for Freeman to land in.

Chad Henne is another guy I wouldn’t mind seeing the Eagles take a run at. He’s another guy who I think has done a decent job while playing on some terrible Miami and Jacksonville teams. Plugging him into a good system with better offensive weapons than he’s ever had before could make him a decent fit as a veteran backup here.

Beyond those three, there’s really nothing on the quarterback market.

Matt Flynn? No thanks. Tarvaris Jackson? I’ll pass. Kellen Clemens? Not interested. Rex Grossman? No way. on Facebook

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222 Comments for “2014 Outlook: Quarterbacks”

  1. No draft prospects huh Denny. Classic. You also forgot about G.J. Kinne

  2. please i pray not josh freeman, he is awful. i will take doug pederson at age 55 over him

  3. A couple of Free-Agent QB’s who have some NFL experience who could work in Kelly’s Offense in a Back-Up Capacity

    QB Thaddeous Lewis – Bills (not sure of his Contract Status,but could probably get him for a 6th Round Pick)
    QB Mark Sanchez (Yes, that Mark Sanchez once he gets released from the Jets and the Eagles could get him on the cheap)
    QB Tim Tebow (Yes Tim Tebow which again would be low cost,with no real committment)

    Then you have Tavaris Jackson, Seneca Wallace, Josh Freeman,
    Dixon again and other re-treads, but not an exciting list of back-ups QB’s…

    • Absolutely no to all those QB’s Paul. Thad Lewis I would think about

      Brian Hoyer, Vick (if he is willing to stay), Matt Shaub, or Chad Henne

      Draft: I like in order, Brett Smith, Wyoming, Logan Thomas, Virginia Tech, Jimmy Garoppolo, QB, Eastern Illinois, and Tyler Russell, QB, Mississippi State.

      I find a way to trade Matt Barkley. To me not worth a roster spot; not an NFL QB.

      • add TJ Yates if the Texans keep Shaub….

        • What Value does Barkley hae Cliff..
          You have to play him next Summer to see if he cuts it or not, then
          they will make a decision..

          These QB’s I listed above are all Back-up /2nd Stringers and Players with NFL experience who are more Arthletic than a Matt Schaub,Cade McCnown, Chad Henne,,, which is the reason I listed them.. do I like any of them to Start and lead the Eagles, no, but as I back-up, I rather have a QB come off the bench with some NFL Experience and somewhat be athletic enough to work in Kellys system which i think a Tadd lewis, T Jackson, Mark Sanchez or even a Tim Tebow could do, even if it’s in a limited way..
          Christian Ponder/Jake Locker may get cut from their Current Teams and may be worth a look .. At least they are younger and more Athletic than most of the re-treads on the Free-Agency List

          • Right Now none. But if he can perform in a stretch of pre-season games we could sucker some team into rationalizing he’s better than he is and get a 6th…..

            Veteran Leadership is needed behind Foles. Although some that you listed are younger, and have, not much but, some talent, they are flat out, not better QB’s than Shaub, Yates, or Chad Henne. That includes Ponder, Jake Locker, Sanchez, and I don’t know why you mentioned Tebow; same boat as Barkley – Overhyped College QB only

            Then we could draft, and groom, a better option than Barkley behind the veteran, like the incoming draft prospects that I mentioned.

            We don’t necessarily need an athletic QB to run this Offense. I thought we were past all that hogwash…..Foles has already proved that.

            • Of course he (barkley) has no Trade Value, for he hasn’t played or learn what he’s doing yet.. So you may as well ride it out and see what he does this Summer Camp, then make a Determination.. He probably isn’t a fir in Kelly’s System, but it he looks good, maybe then you can get some Value from another Team who may like what he does or is a better fit … No one knows anything about Barkley which is why you work him and play him and see what he can do

            • Of course he (barkley) has no Trade Value, for he hasn’t played or learn what he’s doing yet.. So you may as well ride it out and see what he does this Summer Camp, then make a Determination.. He probably isn’t a fir in Kelly’s System, but if he looks good, maybe then you can get some Value from another Team who may like what he does or is a better fit … No one knows anything about Barkley which is why you work him and play him and see what he can do, releasing or cutting him now would be foolish.. they already made the decision to Draft him last Year, so see what he’s got and he may surprise or impress some Teams elsewhere
              so what’s to lose ..

              • I also don’t think its foolish getting rid of dead weight.

                He may be around by training camp, but realistically fall victim to the numbers game, if he doesn’t perform well, and the veteran does, and the rookie displays enough potential.

                I never said release him or cut him. I feel we should try to get something for him, if we can, that is, if he shows enough to be traded for something…..

          • and Tavaris Jackson, and Mark Sanchez stink. I don’t want those stiffs on this team…

  4. 1) Nick Foles $770,880 (Raise next offseason)
    2) Matt Barkley $639,257
    3) Gj Kinne $450,000

    4) Draft Tajh Boyd Logan Thomas if they fall to a high value spot
    5) Seneca Wallace $840,000
    6) Josh Freeman $840,000 – $1,000,000
    7) Tarvaris Jackson $840,000
    8) Dennis Dixon $720,000
    Kellen Clemens $1,000,000 – $1,200,000

  5. Whether we like it or not I think Chip will have Barkley a his number 2 guy next year. They used a high 4th round pick on him. I cant see him and Howie just throwing it away for nothing, on top of it no one will give up anything for Barkley thats close to a 4th round pick. he will be the backup before they just flip him for a 5/6/7th round pick.

  6. Draft Tajh Boyd 5th round or later, bring in Hoyer or Lewis dump Barkley for a bag of kicking tees and a blocking sled and hope like hell Foles doesn’t get hurt. Denny give Barkley a chance to do what? Turn into Matt Leinart or Mark Sanchez, no thanks.

  7. Good analysis Denny

    Hey big, Barkley is the back up get used to it, I agree based on his limited production he stinks, but this is kelly’s pick. Foles wasn’t

    • Yeah I know Jake but damn we can’t go into the season next year with that stiff one snap away from running the team.

      • I would agree BL. In todays NFL the backup QB is even more important to a teams success. I am sure that Kelly and Roseman / Gamble will have a number of candidates in to try for the position. Based on Barkley’s performance this year, he should not feel safe that he has a secure spot on the team. A veteran QB with a track record is where I would look.

  8. A question was raised the other day to why a lot of fans have a wait and see attititude towards Foles after an exceptional year after Vick went down.

    I’m one of those fans and will answer to why we really want better than Foles.

    It’s not because of race!

    I would take Luck and Romo over Foles in a hot minute because they would be ridiculous if they were surrounded by all the talent that surrounds Foles.

    It’s not because he was a 3rd round pick.

    Russell Wilson was a 3rd rounder and I’ll gladly accept Wilson over Foles.

    “G”Cobb made an assessment that many here are Vick fans and because of Vick we will never accept Foles.


    Vick is probably gone and I still don’t want Foles as the main guy.

    So why?

    Number one – Chip Kelly!

    Chip Kelly’s offense was potent under Vick as well as Foles, so that tells me that Chip offense will succeed regardless and I’d rather have a quarterback with the fire who can take over on 3rd down to move the chains when all else fails.

    Foles is just not that guy.

    He’s ok if everytjhing is working well around him but that won’t fly come playoff time and we as Eagles fans have had enough of winning games against mediocre talent during the year only to have our weaknesses exposed in the playoffs.

    We need a game changer at quarterback and that’s why I will not settle.

    There’s many QB’s who would have done the same under Chip that I would put ahead of Foles…

    Guys like Alex Smith, Philip Rivers,Tony Romo, Ryan Tannehill,Sam Bradford. These guys are all white and I would accept them over Nick Foles.

    I believe any of these quarterbacks could excel under Chip.

    Foles is slow and have “0” pocket awareness.

    Foles will slip no one moving in the pocket.

    His long ball takes forever to get to wide open receivers giving DB’s opportunity to break back to the ball.

    Defenders would rather plan for Foles opposed to a threat like a Michael Vick, or Kaepernick.

    So these are the reasons Fans like myself won’t embrace Foles knowing a championship can not be won with him at the helm.

    The QB’s in the NFC Championship game is what we must beat in order to get to the next level.

    We need a QB comparable to them when comparing the greatest measurement for a QB…………..
    “converting 3rd downs for 1st downs” when it counts.

    • You continue to be a fraud….the reason that you don’t want Foles is because you are a REDSKINS FAN….a loser and you continue to prove it over and over again.

      You would take a broken down 34 year old choker in Romo rather than Foles….you are really showing your stupidity there FraudSongs…..what a loser.

    • I’ll respond the the village idiot.

      Pretty much, everything you say is untrue! Let’s look at production:
      1st 8 games: we were 3-5 and averaging 22 points per game and 397 yards
      Last 8 games : 7-1, 33 points per game and 437 yards.

      Foles on 3rd down: ranked 4th in the league in completions that went for a 1st down on 3rd down at 46.2% (that is NOT completion percentage). Phillip Rivers lead the league at 49.4%. Other two ahead of Foles were Peyton Manning and Josh McCown. Basically, we have the 4th best QB in the league on 3rd downs.

      Songs, you say things that reality completely contradicts.

      • I’ll just add to that by saying Foles was also the highest rated QB in the NFL inside the redzone, and completed something like 70% of his passes in the red zone.

    • Thanks for your input Songs, but the Eagles already hired Chip Kelly to decide what’s best for the team.

      Let me ask you a question…. Do you think Chip Kelly knows what he needs to make his offense work?

      What I don’t understand is guys like you and Theone1, and koolbreeze, who think Chip Kelly is an offensive genius, yet you think he is making a mistake with the most important position in the sport of football.

      If Chip Kelly doesn’t think Nick Foles can take this team to the super bowl he will replace Nick Foles.

    • Songs..Let me see if I can Re-Phrase it for you…

      You want a QB that when it’s 3rd and whatever and the Defense is man up
      on recievers with their backs turned running downfield and it’s 10+ yds of greenery in front..
      You wants a QB that can take off and get that
      Or when the team is running those “zone read/read option” whatever plays and the DE is clearly crashing hard to stop the RB ..You wants a QB to be able to pull that ball out and get around that corner for 8 to 10yds..
      If there is a QB out there can do those things along with what we have witnessed from Nicky “slow shoes” ..then songs wants that guy

      • The rest of us just want to win a superbowl…. kinda like brady (3), Mannings (3), Ben (2), Flacco (1), rodgers (1) Favre (1). We want a qb that makes big plays on third down too… kinda like the guys i just mentioned.

  9. Look guys, this will not be the first time I harped on about player getting much opposition and turned out I was right.

    No one came back and apologized admitting their error and I don’t expect these same guys to admit it when we get the QB Chip dreams of for this offense.

    Paste it!

  10. Is Songs really George Costanzsa?

    Does anyone remember the Seinfeld episode when George realizes that every instinct he has is wrong and then suddenly decides to do everything the opposite?

    Is this songs? Whatever Songs says – believe the opposite!!

    Songs: “Foles is a game manager – he can’t compete with any problems – everything must be working well for him to be successful”
    Except snowstorms, coming in cold for 2nd halves of divisional games on the road, setting rookie records at end of last year while team is collapsing around him…..cannot compete unless everything is perfect – that’s so true!

    Songs: “The offense was just as potent under Vick as it was with Foles!”
    Except it wasn’t. Neither in 2012 nor 2013.

    Songs: “Foles checks down and won’t force the ball downfield!”
    Except he led the league in ‘deep throws’ 17.4% of his passes over 20 yards. Highest in the NFL.

    Songs: “But the ball takes forever to get there allowing DBs to break them up”
    Except he was 7th in the NFL in deep throw accuracy. (up from last year of course)

    Songs “but he doesn’t take chances down the field. He checks down all the time and doesn’t see Desean streaking down the field for tds!”
    Except he was second in the NFL with deep ball TDs with 14. Brees was first with 15, but played 6 more games.

    Songs: “Foles does not take over on 3rd down – he can’t make plays to keep drives alive!”
    Except he was 4th in the league completing passes for 1st downs.

    Whatever Songs says – take the opposite!!

    • Exactly…he states things without any factual information to back his statements up. It’s all based on personal feelings, not proof. I think he was eating to much paste as a child thinking it was Philly cream cheese!

      • I think it’s just the culmulative impact of Songs receiving too many “Vaccine Shots” when he was a kid… Reports have been unearthed to state that his Mom & Aunt would take him to the Clinic like every other week during his formative years… I kind of feel a little bad for the guy..

  11. ok…..say what want..paste it!

    Chip will have his guy in next year’s draft and it won’t be Foles.

    Foles is nere on a base contract until Chip’s guy is running this team.

    Paste it!

  12. **Eagles News**

    The Maxwell Football Club has named Chip Kelly Coach of The Year

  13. Are we still arguing about QB?

    Look SONGS, Kool, and the other haters…..YOU LOSE!! HAHAHA !!

    Those on here that have a brain called for Foles all last offseason. We look really stupid now don’t we… No you haters do. Go worship at the feet of RGIII and his entitled Diva A$$.

  14. You dudes are wrong about songs

    He is biased, maybe racist, but he is honest about his beliefs

    How many of you show your true colors here like songs does

    I dislike songs comments but respect him

    • I would disagree Jake, but you are entitled to your opinion.

      The guy baled on the team. No respect for that. He hides his bias behind capital letters, nonsensical statements and bullshit. Quitting on your team when times are tough gets no respect from me. And I will continue to remind everyone how he is a Fraud every chance I get.

  15. You know green, you may be right, but when I read about a Virginia mom getting run over by a drunk, and that drunk hiding his pain, a doctor, who lost his wife from cancer and has children without a mom, I can’t get too wrapped up in this fandom discussion.

    • I don’t quite know what to say Jake. Everyday there are thousands and thousands of sad and tragic stories around the world. When they strike closer to home, you will notice, but using your logic I guess that every form of entertainment and non-essential activity be discontinued. It is a choice that everyone can make. I am a fan of the birds and enjoy discussing everything about the team. If someone believes that it is trivial or not important, I really cannot argue, but everyone gets to make that personal choice.

  16. Joe Montana

    “The game is changing,” he said. “Nobody wants to throw with pressure anymore. But the guys who can win in this league are the ones who can make throws from the pocket.”

  17. More Joe Montana (on Kapernick)

    “I like his mobility and that he’s getting the ball downfield,” Montana told USA Today. “But sometimes, he needs to be more accurate in the pocket with pressure.

    Montana believes Kaepernick must learn how to stand tall in a pocket and take a hit.

    “Kaepernick still needs to get better at that,” Montana said. “He’ll look and then he’s off and running. I still think the thing is the pocket and making those tight throws from the pocket.”

    Montana also sees accuracy as an issue for Kaepernick.

    “He’ll make some,” Montana said of Kaepernick, “but a lot of times guys are wide open, and he misses them.”

    Foles is $$

  18. Joe Montana is not wrong…. Anybody that watches football can see that Kaepernick would not be an NFL quarterback if not for his speed. He has one of the slowest releases since Byron Leftwich, and his accuracy is less than average.

    • Really now so Harbaugh replaced Alex Smith with Kap because he can run fast? Damn

      • All I know is that he winds-up to throw a pass…. and his completion percentage in 58%

        Coming out of college he he had the slowest throwing motion among all QB in his class.

        He’s ‘6 5″, 230 Lbs. and runs a 40 yard dash in 4.53 seconds…. Perhaps you can tell me why a guy with those measurables was the 6th QB taken in 2011.

        Yeah, I would say he took Smith’s job for no other reason, but that he can run fast….period.

        • In less than two years of starting he has appeared in the Super Bowl and now the NFC Championship game. I know SF has a very good defense but please don’t diminish what he’s done by saying it’s because he runs fast.

          • We know. You love the scramblers. No exclamation marks this time, but close. Pump up their accomplishments.

            Diminish Foles.

            Foles sucks.

            Kaep is (right now) not an NFL QB. He stares at one WR. He makes one read then scrambles. If he had been on the Birds, they would have been 6-10.

          • Big, the 49ers were in the NFC Championship game the year before Kaepernick started too. And they were well on their way to the super bowl last year before Kaepernick took over.

            I’m not trying to diminish Kaepernick’s contribution to the 49ers success. I’m just saying that his biggest contribution is his rushing…. Lots of other QBs could give them more in the passing game.

            • That’s your opinion and yes he’s not as accurate as some but you are diminishing what he’s done by saying he’s only successful because he can run. If you know football and I know you do making that statement is foolish.

  19. I don’t have anything against Colin Kaepernick – I hope he wins the super bowl this year. I don’t think Joe Montana has anything against Colin Kaepernick either, but all you have to do is watch him play to see that he is no a very good passer.

    • Kaepernick can’t throw for shit. However he will be in the Super Bowl this year.

      Niners ml for a paycheck this weekend.

  20. Any one wonder why a running qb with no passing ability compared to the standards, kaepernick, is a heralded starter while another qb with roughly the same skill set, Tim Tebow, can’t get a job as a back up

    • Jake you know football why would you even ask that? So now Kap is that bad that you want to compare him to Tebow? Stop it just stop it.

      • Timmy Tebow makes Kaepernick’s passing ability look like Marino’s. Jake, please, look at how many chances Tebow got. He was hot garbage. If he could play a little bit and didn’t have the media circus follow him everywhere, he would at least be a back up. His skill set just was not good enough to keep him around with the circus that comes with him. The NFL would love to have Tebow as the face of the NFL, but he blows. Elway didn’t want Timmy, nor did Belichick or Rex Ryan. Last I checked, they are so called “white guys”. His so called race has nothing to do with it. Stop with the race crap. So Sick of people feeling sorry for themself.

        • You are a dope

          I am not feeling sorry for anyone, just making commentary about what I believe is going on in the nfl, which has now become the wwe, previously the wwf

          There is an agenda among these greedy owners to promote a black athlete at qb, because of profits, I am not denigrating the black athlete, but to ignore this obvious agenda is ignorance

          Tim tebow would be in the nfl but for his color and religious beliefs, the guy has flat out won on every level, including the playoffs in the nfl, but he’s out of a job

          Meanwhile you see below average, putrid qbs like Pryor, have starting jobs, and Kaepernick will soon join the garbage heap of over hyped qbs , but say what you want eagleshaslanded , get your head out of the sand, mike Vick was rehabbed because of fools like skayne, he was money to the nfl, he publicly questioned why upon his release from prison he didn’t go to buffallo or some other franchise that needed a quarterback, but he went to the eagles because that’s where he could make the nfl the most money, even though he doubted he would ever get a chance to play behind mcnabb and kolb, but his chance was preordained by these greedy white owners, who exploit these players, particularly black players like Vick

          Vick is now out, not because of his talents necessarily but because the public, particularly the black community has finally warmed up to foles , songs, etc. notwithstanding

          You can root all you want and believe it s a meritocracy , but you are being fooled like Vick was

          • This is really sad and you probably really believe what you just posted. How about Nick Foles beat out Michael Vick. Just like Michael Vick beat out Kevin Kolb. It really that simple. The object is to win the game and Nick Foles gives the Eagles the best chance to do that.

          • Jake, you can believe I’m a dope, as what you think of me has no bearing on my sense of self worth or what I know or believe about myself, especially when I know I’m correct in my statement. There are a lot of other so called white QB’s out there who are back ups that are crap too, Tebow could not beat them out either. You seem to have a sense of entitlement about Tebow because he is caucasian. No, he stinks! Now , in your mind, everyone who is of his own persuasion who has come to the conclusion, and hold decision making power are pawns too huh? Jake, race does not rule every decision making aspect of the world. Those who seek to look for reasons based on race to justify their failures are dopes. That is the foundation of bigotry and racial hatred. If he could play, he would be playing. Get you’re head out of the 1950’s. Just because he is caucasian does not justify or warrant him a job as an NFL QB (backup or starter). If he wanted to play full back or a tightend/fullback hybrid, he would still be playing. He chose not to switch his position which is his right. It appears you are looking for some sort of quota system, however, that doesn’t work, especially when the QB can be measured clearly on his performance on the field. Tebow would be good in the CFL as a QB. He’s not NFL caliber material though on any level. Get over your racial hang ups man. Society (GCOBB) is a much better place with out it!

    • That doesn’t even pass the laugh test. I actually liked Tim Tebow for what he was, a very good college QB who had limited success in the NFL. His arm was his problem, and nowhere near that of Kapernick.

  21. Why aren’t we talking about Wilson? Oh… right.. it doesn’t fit the bias…gotcha.

    Tebow? Really?

    Tebow would have a job on a team is he wasn’t so outspoken. And… if he could throw.

    I think Kap is overrated but he’s taken his team far twice now… I would argue that his D has been a huge help but we know from Vin that its all about the qb… and its ” its. Qb league”. So…. it has to be kap.. right? Or does that only work if its a pocket passer?

    I would take a pocket passer all day over a runner BUT… you can still win in this league with a run game (however u get it), a tough D, and smart coaching.

  22. ‘Why you were wondering’ big lion??

    That you can’t see how Montana’s comments relate to Foles is precisely your problem.

    Well, llet me clarify, as your inferencing skills clearly need an upgrade.

    There are a ton of guys on here who diminish Foles because he’s not a runner. you yourself have said Foles cannot do ‘other things’ (ie. run) to win games. Along with diminishing Foles, you all constantly extol the virtues of what you think are better qbs, Kaep, Newton, Wilson. ( better because they can run)

    Now along comes the best qb ever who says the only way to win is with a pocket passer.

    Foles is a much better pocket passer than Kap or Newton, and I think better than Wilson.

    49ers were a dropped punt away from the an without Kap. Nothing changed when he arrived. He looked befuddled and confused last week against Carolina and he’ll look the same this week…staring at one guy then off and running. If he had been the Eagles qb, we’d have watched the birds flounder to 6 and 10.

    The greatest qb ever says pocket passers is how you win in the nfl.

    Eagles have a very good pocket passer now.

    I’ll take that over your pathetic clad that Foles can’t do the ‘other things’ to win games.

    • Claim, not clad. Stupid phones.

      • I agree with you Vinny Kap is not a very good passer he looks like a baseball pitcher winding up to throw a fastball. But saying that he has a swagger, a toughness, a will to win in him. Will that be enough? His defense will determine that. I thought he passed better last year in his playoff run, he honestly looks like he has digressed this year. But saying that I don’t see NE or Denver both with superior QBs beating either Seattle or SF because of there defenses. Just the way it goes.

    • Vinnie the game is changing. Right now Foles maybe the best young pocket passer in the NFL but how is that relevant to tomorrow’s game. Do you think either of those teams would be playing tomorrow if Foles was their QB? I have a question that you can’t or won’t answer why is any compliment towards another QB a slight of Foles?

      • Look at the top QB’s coming out, only Bridgewater is a pocket passer and even he’s mobile. The QB I like coming out is the LSU kid but he tore his acl and guess what Vinnie? He’s a pocket passer.

  23. “Along comes the best qb ever who says the ONLY way to win is with a pocket passer.”

    You realize that half of the 4 teams left have a running qb… right?

    And the other 2 are the #2 and #3 best qbs of all time.

    So… if I were to look at this I would argue that you either have to have a running qb or a hall of famer. And by saying this i would sound stupid.

  24. The reality is this little brother- there are many ways to win in this game…. hall of fame QB would for sure be the easiest route but those are few and far between. Good coaching, a run game and sound D can do wonders. I realize you are pissed that guys like Kap and Wilson get to do subway commercials and our guy isnt yet… this seems to hurt you. You are offended. But just you wait…. his time is coming.

  25. “tomorrow’s game” I’ve seen “tomporrow’s game” and the flavor of the month come and go over and over and over. Always ends the same. With a pocket passer handing off and making throws.

    Besides, tomorrow’s game is here right now….a game where every single new rule benefits pocket QBs.

    I guarantee you that SF and Sea would be in the exact same position with Foles at the helm….It is their Ds and running games carrying those teams.

    SF wins despite Kap.


    The Eagles would not have been in he same position with Kap at the helm….maybe with Wilson.

    • Vinnie that’s your opinion just remember the AFC Championship game will be played with two of the top five passers in NFL history and guess what? Both of those guys are closer to 40 then 30. Where is the next wave of pocket passers coming from? The game as we know it is changing, even with all the rules favoring pocket passers.

  26. Stevo you should run for the president of the NAACP , seriously you are a wack job

    • Can’t say that I even understand your comment Jake. Stevo is a pretty level guy….good fan….knows his football and is usually a pretty calm voice on here. I disagree Jake.

  27. JaKKKe you are a weak, pathetic little man.

  28. What do I see? I see 2 traditional pocket passers, 1 guy trying to be a pocket passer (WIlson – who has stated repeatedly that he wants to be a pocket passer because he knows qbs running is a failed play and can’t win consistently with QBs who play like that…who has stated consistently that he does not like running .oh, and who scrambled a grand total of 3x for 15 yards in last week’s playoff game)

    So 3 pocket guys and one scrambler tonight.

    Said scrambler is going to stink, stare at one WR then bail, overthrow a ton of guys, but then will hit one 60 yard pass and make one 40 yard run and you’ll all think he is a superstar, ignoring the fact that his crappy play kept the other team in the game the entire time in the first place.


  29. Yes Vinnie completely ignore the facts and continue to try to make Wilson a pocket passer which he’s not. Where is the next young wave of pocket passers at? The game is changing and you are to stubborn to see it.

    • Wilson is like young mcnabb – buys time with his legs, runs away from pressure while keeping eyes downfield, runs when he has too…

      Kaepernick is like Vick when his first read isn’t there he looks to run, first sign of pressure run, if u pressure him he starts seeing ghosts and runs.

      Seahawks win Ez today mostly because kaepernick blows and will be seeing ghosts.

      • Wilson has no where near the arm strength, speed, nor the size of McNabb. I’d take McNabb all day every day over Wilson. Looking at Wilson over the last month, I think teams are figuring him out. I also think Wilson is trying to hone his pocket skills which are slowing his decision making down right now. I think it benefits him in the long run, as I know Wilson has stated he does not want to be a running QB because he knows he will not be able to survive doing that. At the end of the day, if Kaepernick develops, he has the better upside, oddly enough, I think Kaep was a better passer in terms of accuracy last year..

    • Wilson had 96 rushes for 539 yards and 1 td this year/

      Foles (pro-rated over the season) was on track for 91 rushes for 353 yrds and 4 tds

      Who is the runner and who is the pocket passer again?

      As Mhenski states, WIlson is always looking to pass first….like a good QB. He has repeatedly stated he thinks a QB running is a failed play and not the way to win in the NFL.

      Kap is a one read then take off kind of guy.

      • Meanwhile he uses his legs every chance he gets, watch the games and stop posting stupid stats.

        • Wilson doesn’t use his legs very chance he gets. I have the ticket and watched virtually every Seahawks game. Not sports center, not red zone and not just nationally televised games. Wilson always tries to extend the play to pass not take off running.

  30. BTW Biglion, what is with your completely stupid, “where is the next young wave of pocket passers at???” (all snarky style.

    Well, ummm, there’s one playing for the team you pretend to like….of course you didn’t notice. He can’t do the “other things” you feel are sooooo important.

    • No, read my posts dummy I said Foles is probably the best young pocket passer right now ya idiot. Now name me three besides him. And name two that’s coming into the league. Mobile QB’s are the future just sit back and watch.

      • You stick with your “mobile QBs are the future” thesis and we’ll see how that works out for you.

        You hang your hat on Kaep, and Newton, and Manuel, and Johnny football…or whatever other scramblers you want.

        Then check back in after the next 10 Sbs are won by Wilson, Foles, Luck, Rodgers and any other number of young qbs who recognize the best way to play football and win consistently is to stand and deliver to their teammates because a QB running is a failed play and should only be used as a last resort.

        • Wilson, Luck and Rodgers are all mobile or don’t you get that? talking to you and mhenski are like talking to rocks. They extend plays with their legs they can hurt you outside the pocket. You are delusional. How did GB make it into the playoffs? Rodgers escaped the pocket and found Cobb wide open. Geez

          • Stop making sense.

            This convo becomes moot very soon anyway. By 2015 at least half the QBs in the league will be mobile QBs. High Schools and Colleges started putting their best ATHLETES at the position years ago b/c DEs were getting faster and stronger year end and year out.

            As they started making rules for Brady you’re gonna start seeing rules for the Wilson’s and Kaep’s of the world. That’s just the way the game is going and the Vinnie’s of the world can keep bitching about it as the world keeps changing.

  31. Yes the ticket works here in Jacksonville as well and you can try to reword anything you like. Russell Wilson is a mobie QB, you two can play sematics all you like whether he scrambles for yards or continues to look for receivers down the field he’s not a pocket QB.

  32. Who is who?

    96 rushes for 539 yards and 1 td
    91 rushes for 353 yrds and 4 tds
    53 rushes for 221 yrds and 0 tds
    63 rushes for 377 and 4 tds

    Because 3 of them are your ‘mobile’ QBs and one is Foles.

    Those are 4 pocket passers…you will see WIlson dropping to the 60 carries a year #, and hopefully Foles too as soon as Kellydrops the running option silliness.

    I expect next year all 4 guys in the 60-70 carry a year range.

    Pocket passes.

    Guarantee there are more SBs in this group than in your favourites Kaep, Newton, vick and any other silly scrambler.

    • Keep posting meaningless stats, which ones are mobile and which ones are not? like I said you can play semantics all you want. Foles rushing stats are the direct result of the offense he plays in but that doesn’t make him mobile does it? so yea throw the scrambler word in there why don’t you.

  33. Brady is great when there’s protection . But damn if there’s just a little breakdown he is totally useless. He cant get out of a 350lbs DT way.

  34. Would you trade Brady? Listen Brady is HOF great great great but what if? Brady has 3-4 years left IMO. Do you believe in Mallet his backup he isnt getting any younger. Would you call Bill OBrien and tell him give me the 1st pick in the draft and 2nd this year, next year and a 1 the following year. Farver was replaced, Manning was replaced, Montana was replaced. This may be the perfect time. I know its not gonna happen but do you think the Texans would?

  35. Brady looks like Vick when theres no protection. WTF cant he read a blitz? lmao

  36. LOL.

    Kap has 15 yards passing and 31 rushing. You know what that is….recipe for:

    a) Losing B) QB killed.

    Good luck with that strategy.


  37. And still, even after watching these pathetic offenses grind to a halt, idiots like Biglion and TS still pine for ‘mobile’ QBs

    Because they are the ‘future’

    The future

    Ya that’s the ticket

    • Yep I’m sure SF wishes Kap stayed in the pocket on that 58 yard run. I’m sure Seattle wishes Wilson threw that ball away instead if extending that play into a 51 yard pass play.

  38. Seahawks QB Wilson looking shaky out of the gate..
    Has been late with so a throws, hanging the ball and should of picked by Safety Eric Reid on one toss and about got his TE killed on another lob pass down the middle..
    It looks like Manning will take either one of the QB’s from NFC to school

  39. Kaepernick will never be a an nfl.qb until he learns. To stay in the pocket and deliver the pass, he resorts to the run at the pressure

    Just be glad we have foles

  40. I don’t know, but.he would not be so amateurish to play like these college clowns, he’d take some sacks but play like a pro

    Talk about game managers

  41. These two guys (right now) are both struggling.

    Their teams win despite their play.

    Foles, playing the way he did, would take either of these teams further with his play.

    3 fKap – or 5 for 17 yards? That’s’ a fucking joke. Might as well have any fast guy at QB for that kind of pathetic production.

    Seriously, could Leasen McCoy do any worse at QB??????

    Kap is not an NFL QB, he’s no different that MIA running the wildcat a couple years back,

  42. Yep that Kap sucks what a game manager.

  43. Biglion all the black QBs suck. Lol. No more Vick now onto the next black QB playing by these hillbillies.

    • No Dag all mobile QB’s suck.

      • kaepernicks not black u donkey.

        • Um…

          Both Wilson and Kaep have black daddies.

          They are black enough.

        • Yes kaepernick is black, just like Wilson, just like James Franklin new head coach of Penn State just in case there was any misconception.

        • Is that more redneck hillbilly slang? You donkey? Thats not what you really want to say is it hillbilly.

          • learn something new every day. didn’t know who his daddy was. thank your mommy for me for allowing you to post tonight.

            • Well you are an ignorant fuck.

              I’m glad I could help you with some of that.

              We’ve already established you don’t know shit snout shit…so no surprise you didn’t know that too.

              • with that subject was ignorant for sure but not in general I like learning new things and keeping an open mind.

                don’t know what shit snout is but that’s awesome you do. maybe instead of finding out who people’s daddies are and studying shit snout you could work out and lose some of your fat rolls and maybe find a job too. worthless welfare leach.

              • Nice to meet you too worthless Internet Troll – a scared little limp dick bitch of man who talks big online but bitches up real quick when someone calls himm out.

                “Wah, Wah”

                Keep whining…

  44. Game stinks

  45. kaepernick fumbles again. he blows

  46. Foles is the eagles qb dag, better than these clowns, especially kap, what a joke

    But they are not my bitches

  47. This game is being poorly officiated!

  48. Kap or Wilson may end up winning the Super Bowl this Year but I do not think they are “Championship Level QB”
    The play on great Teams, great Degenses & good Coach’s

  49. Anybody who thinks we are watching good qb play has no idea what a qb is suppossed to do to win games … Wow

    • biglion must be typing an essay about how good kaepernick is … or maybe he put on his glasses? either way kaepernick can’t throw.

      • No henski I’m watching a guy trying to get his team to the Super Bowl but not for a GREAT play by Richard Sherman would have done it.

        • haaaa. yea ok. or if he didn’t fumble or throw that other pic or if he could throw. he blows.

          • Yep he blows, the Niners or most of the NFL disagrees with you. He’ll lose his job next training camp to Colt McCoy.

            • I’m used to people disagreeing with me. eagle nation disagreed when I pleaded for them to understand kolb was awful – he played just like kaepernick minus legs. most in the nfl disagreed with me clowning on tebow too.

              it’s cool. I’m just glad kaepernick isn’t an eagle and isn’t going to get 100+ million here.

              • Except Mhenski the Niners will be rightt back contending again with Kap so I think he’ll be just fine. He drove that team down the field at the end and Sherman made a great play. He doesn’t suck and heck no I wouldn’t trade him for Foles if thet threw in a draft pick. Don’t be narrow minded and think there is only one way to win in the NFL. I think this game just showcased that.

              • lion if kaepernick could throw , play consistent qb and make plays with his arm I’d admit it. I could care less if he was good or bad. I’m just calling spades spades.

                IMO if u take that niner front 7 away and replace them with any other front 7 (except Seattle and Arizona ) he is a 6 win qb at best.

                time will tell.

  50. kaepernick just handing Seattle the game by himself. guess ur d can only take u so far. not that Wilson was good tonight but he at least tried to throw to win and can throw the ball

    kaepernick is awful. just like Vick but better runner, worse thrower and generally is secure with the ball.

  51. Worst qb play in championship game I ever remember

  52. It’s as if both these Teams Win in spite of their QB
    Play… It’s the new NFL, like it or not…

  53. Kaepernick flat out stinks

    Where is Randall Cunningham

    Wilson is a nice fella, but he is way undersized, no arm

    Makes you appreciate the play of manning

    The qb play today was a joke

  54. True, for all the criticism of Vick, he’s better than kaepernick

  55. Kaepernick ‘s flaw is his inability to.make big plays from the pocket, he can run, but cannot pass, especially in the bug moment, that was the differences, Wilson was not good from.the pocket but kap was putrid

  56. Not to change gears here, but with the 49ers probably letting Boldin/Manningham go as they are Free-Agents, would anyone be surprised to see the 49ers pursue either Eagles Free-Agent Receivers Cooper or Maclin… They are still missing a legitimate Deep threat at WR..

    • niners will bring back boldin IMO

    • They’re not going to bring Mannningham back probably due to his injury history….same reason they won’t bother with Maclin. Yes, I can see them bringing Boldin back though. I think Reily will stay here due to comfort. He and the Eagles will come to an agreeable figure and he will be back. He fits the system and what Chip wants….not to mention the chemistry between he and Foles.

  57. I told you all weeks ago that the 49ers win despite Cap. Carolina wins despite Newton.

    They’re terrible QBs.

    Perhaps if they practice kissing their biceps and ripping off their shirts they’ll become better QBs.

    • “I told you all weeks ago that the 49ers win despite Cap. Carolina wins despite Newton.”

      Kaep was pretty much San Fran’s offense tonight.

      Cam is basically all of Carolina’s offense.

      But I guess you can’t make that claim about Wilson ’cause he won the game? I mean if two mobile QBs are playing – guess you can’t bitch about them both ’cause one has to win it.

      • Kaep is SFs offense. Newton is Carolina’s offense.


        And that’s why neither will win a SB.

        Too bad those teams are wasting their fabulous defenses with guys who will never get them over the hump because they aren;t good QBs.

        A QB running is a failed offensive play.

        An I suprised that the QB who ran 11x for 130 yrds lost? Nope.

        You are though….because you have no idea how offensive football is supposed to work.

        • Umm Vinnie Seattle won last night I don’t think that was the way offense was supposed to be played either. They are in the Super Bowl with a QB who in your words thinks nothing of turning his back and running the opposite way holding the ball like a loaf of bread. He looked like a young righthanded version of Michael Vick last night. And guess what his team is in the Super Bowl because he has a lights out defense so I guess it isn’t all about the QB and I guess you can win with a scrambler running around like a chicken with his head cut off. Remember all those phrases Vinnie?

      • Kaep was SFs offense.

        Too bad for Kaep he has been saddled with all those terrible players around him like the shit offensive line and bums like Vernon Davis, Frank Gore, Boldin and Crabtree.

        Just like Vick his entire career….saddled with nothing but miserable, terrible players around him.

        If only he had some talent, he wouldn;t have to try to carry the entire team by himself…….

        That’s the story right? Just like Vick….you are repeating the same old tired excuses……

  58. Where is Songs?

    Didn’t he write a dissertation on how big time Qbs step up late in the 4th with the game on the line? Didn’t he specifically mantion Kaep?

    A fumble and 2 interceptions in the 4th Q???

    Is that the kind of “stepping up” that the Eagles need?

    BTW – how many yards did ‘running QB’ Wison have last night?

    • Both Kap and Wilson is better than our Foles..ok?

      There were times in which the o line broke down and they were able to turn a negative into a big plays,now Foles would have been smashed in those same situations.

      We have either of them on this team and the Eagles would have een playing in that NFC Championship game.


      • Songs did kap step up? No! Did he turn the ball over? Yes! Does he have a great receiver corps? Yes it’s a top five… Damn trade DJAX and a pick for Crabtree!!!!!!

      • Had Kaep been on the Eagles, they’d have been 6-10 at best.

        I think we’d have been around the same with Wilson as Foles because Wilson is a much better QB than Kaep is.

    • Still rolling out the meaningless stats Vinnie? Anybody here please raise your hand if you think Wilson is a pocket passer because he had 0 rushing yards. You claim to know football and then you post nonsense like that.

      • wilson isnt really a pocket qb and needs a ton of work but he is a thrower more than a runner and he can and does make plays with his arm. kaep is opposite

  59. I would like to see Tajh Boyd picked up in the 3rd round by our Eagles to really spice up the QB positiongoing into camp. It’s a perfect situation for the Eagles to have a real threat in waiting learning the offense while Foles play out his last year on a minimum contract.

    Barkley is ass but hopefully Chip can get him to look half descent to fleece a mid round pick from some team out there.

    I think we can expect a move this come draft day.

    • Songs…you mean by your REDSKINS! With all the help the Eagles need all over the place you’re talking about a QB in the 3rd. Tahj Boyd at that! Go back into your hole FRAUD!…Glad your not the GM!

    • Songs I like Boyd in Chip’s offense but only if he drops to around the 5th round. They cannot go QB and not address other areas. Yes Barkley blows, everybody knows I can’t resist saying that

      • No one on here – no one – has any idea whether Barkley will be a good QB or not. Those evaluations cannot be made on any QB untill they’ve played (at least) one full season of games. Again, that’s a minimum.

  60. Here’s the board.


    1.Kony Ealy -pass rusher

    2.Calvin Pryor-Safety

    3.Tajh Boyd- Read option QB with a strong arm.

    4.Daniel McCullers-DT Mammoth to clog up the middle which improves pass rush.

    5.Cody Latimer-WR – let Cooper walk! He can easily be replaced by a better player in Latimer who slips to us in the 5th round. kick returner still on the board linebacker still on the board to beef up special teams.

    • Over the past 2 years the Birds have used a 3rd, 4th, and 7th round pick (traded to move up for Barkley) on on Quarterbacks. One of which is in the pro0bowl.

      It would be a misallocation of resources to again use another pick on a position that is not required.

      • Good players Songs
        I don’t see Safety Calvin Pryor lasting to the #55 Overall Pick
        He’s a last 1st Rounhder, early 2nd Rounder
        I don’t see taking another QB (Boyd) in the 3rd Round after they invested
        in Barkley with a 4th Rd.. I could see adding an Athletic QB, but you can select one late in the Draft or even as an Undrafted Free-Agent
        Eagles & Chip Kelly are going to give QB Barkley every chance to solidify himself as the Back-Up to Foles, even though many of us have our doubts

        I see first 3-4 Picks at DL,Safety,OLB & WR

    • How would you play kony Ealy? He’s 6’5″ 275. To small to play DE in a 34. I’m not seeing where he’s proven himself as a pass cover guy. I don’t want a guy who doesn’t fit into the system. I like Cody Latimer, but seriously, resign Cooper and use that draft pick else where. We don’t have a 6th round pick. Calvin Pryor is now slated to go in the 1st round. have to keep up on these things. Dan McCullers does nothing to improve pass rush.He underperforms actually. Watched him to see how he uses his size. Takes to many plays off!!!

      • true…..but he’s a worker, blue collar type but now that mentioned we can plug in “Jeremiah Attaochu” from Georgia Tech to step in as that pass rushing threat in the 3-4.

      • I agree about Knoy Ealy, who fits much better as a 4-3 DE Rusher instead of a 3-4 Scheme .
        I see Teams like the Falcons,Cowboys,Giants being very interested in him..
        He’s too much like V Curry,B Graham and T Cole in my opinion..
        Chip wants to get Bigger & Stronger

  61. Remember the name Keith McGill out of Utah. Hes a physical freak at corner. At the Senior Bowl weigh-in he came in at 6’3 214. He had the longest arms of the day amongst corners, a freakish 80 and 7/8th inches. We know the type of player/corner Chip wants tall and long, and this kid fits the description. Remember Keith McGill of Utah..

    • Yes, I like Keith McGill, that’s the type of player the Seahawks will be paying attention to.

      • He could be drafted anywhere between the 1st round to somewhere in the 3rd. He is a tall long freakish corner. Im curious to see how he looks this week and the coming weeks and months, but from what I seen so far he has tons of potential.. I hope the Eagles draft him

        • First is to high for him…I’m thinking 3-4.

          • McCgill has 4.49 Speed and is Currently Rated as a 3rd/4th Round Prospect.. A Strong Week a tthe Senior Bowl with a solid Indy Combines probably pushes him up the Draft Board to a maybe a late 2nd Rounder… It’s a Copycat Leauge and most Teams are enamored with the Size and Athleticism of the Seahawks Secondary and Drafting Bigger,longer Players at CB is back in vouge again..
            Expect biggers CB’s like Justin Gilbert 6-0 200lbs , Baptise of Nebraska 6-2 205lbs , Desir of Lindenwoel and Gill of Utah and others all to get checked out closely by most Teams in the NFL..

            • Richard Sherman runs a 4.59 so this kid is faster…I see the Eagles targeting McGill around the 1-3 rounds and will see him begin to climb the draft boards especially with the release of his official measurables.. 6’3 214 80 and 7/8th arms.. Freakish for a corner. I heard many of the corners including McGill, were noticeably bigger than the linebackers today..

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