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Nerlens Noel Cleared For Basketball Activities, Could Play After All-Star Break

noelPhiladelphia 76ers’ rookie center Nerlens Noel has been cleared to resume basketball activities by Dr. James Andrews.

“He’s doing excellent, and the team is taking good care of him.” Andrews said Wednesday.

As exciting as it would be to Noel take the court, I don’t want to see him out there unless he really is 100% healed. There’s absolutely no reason to rush him back with the team’s objective being to lose as many games as possible.

Before the season, there was a report that the team would just shutdown Noel for the entire season, but now it seems as though a return to the court is going to happen sometime before the season comes to a close. on Facebook

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4 Comments for “Nerlens Noel Cleared For Basketball Activities, Could Play After All-Star Break”

  1. Take a seat Son! Work on your game, heal up, & I’ll see you in training camp.

  2. Hes ready to go. Time to play after the all-star break. The only way he gets better is playing. I expect him to immediately give us shot blocking and rebounding. Nothing more. If Dr Andrews says he is good to go he is good to go. This aint RGIII! Hes paid to play if healthy.

  3. Real world game experience is invaluable they need to get Noel in ASAP and Moultrie too.

    Tanking is retarded…especially when 3 out your starting 5 are starters anywhere in the league, it’s just a ludicrous strategy for this organization. I also want to add that of all of the teams that have tanked over the past 5-6 years none of them have won anything. Hearing about how great the Houston ROckets, as an organization, are over the past several years always makes me vomit in my throat, because you would think they’d won multiple conference championships and a few titles and that team hasn’t been able to crack the play-off nut which is why they’re on the verge of trading a number of valuable players now.

    Once the Sixers add Noel and Moultrie, most of their defensive problems are going to fade away. Once Thad Young is moved to small forward (if it ever happens) he’s going to flourish offensively and defensively, he’s too light weight and too long to really dominate at power forward, but at the 3 the dude will be a beast in a good front court regardless of where he plays. Evan Turner is great and will be a lot better with Thad Young setting picks for him and vise versa. If Noel is in, Moultrie is in and Tuner drives at point a bit more he and MCW will be swapping 30pt nights on a consistent basis.

    Turner’s numbers have improved year over year on a team that’s never had a legitimate center or power forward while he’s been here. (which means the whole team has to compensate for the lack of defense at defense critical positions) If Turner had just a little bit of job security he would be playing dramatically better, you can hear the frustration in the comments he’s made thus far and there’s no question that it’s effecting his game. It seems that Turner has never had a ball handling problem or even an erratic performance problem until the criticism started raining down on him here.

    People really need to stop thinking Evan Turner is the next Andre Iguodala.

    • Sixers have to resist winning at all costs – they need to stay as a bottom 3 team to ensure they get a top 5 pick because Boston and Lakers might hop them in a lottery ping pong draw.
      In 2007 the Sixers were one of the worst teams in the NBA until the last month when everyone started to tank for Oden, Durant and the Florida twin towers ( Horford & Noah) and dumb dumb Maurice Cheeks went on a winning streak finishing with the 12th pick and were left drafting a tweener in Thad Young.
      Absolutely tank to get in the top 5 for a Lebron, Melo, Bosh, Wade or
      an Oden, Durant, Hortford, Noah.

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