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Report: Dolphins Hire Bill Lazor As Offensive Coordinator

lazorEagles’ quarterback coach Bill Lazor has reportedly been hired by the Miami Dolphins to serve as their new offensive coordinator.

Lazor played an important role helping Nick Foles to perform at a Pro-Bowl level in 2013, and it will be interesting to see how much his absence impacts Foles’ play next season. on Facebook

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116 Comments for “Report: Dolphins Hire Bill Lazor As Offensive Coordinator”

  1. Did the Dolphins sign him or did the Lions? Jon Hart source reported yesterday it was with the lions. I am confused.

  2. Panthers May Have A Tough Time Retaining DE Greg Hardy

    • Greg Hardy says he is willing to give Panthers a home-town Discount as many Players often say, until the Offers start coming in.. I expect the Falcons
      to go after him hard but with all things being relatively equal, he fits the Panthers Scheme Well, have 3 other good DL along with him in Charles Johnson,Star Lotuleile,Kwann Short & Frank Alexanfer who are all Young with an up and coming Team..
      I would not be surprised to even see the Cowboys take a run at Hardy though they have major Salary Cap Issues that they have to take care first

  3. And no I don’t want Greg hardy he is just like cox doesn’t fit 3-4 I was just passing this along

    • I don’t want Hardy either Smitty

        • Woundn’t mind the Phillies getting SS JJ Hardy from the Orioles..

          Phils Biggest 3 Moves this Off-Season

          1) Signing Marlon Byrd
          2) Firing Announcer’s (Wheeler/Matthews)
          3) Bringing back Charlie Manuel to work as Advisor

          Phil’s Franchise has become very inept, with no strategic plan on rebuilding te Roster.. I am afraid they will be a 75 Win Team//Last Place for the next Few Seasons.. Get this Amaro out of Town already..

  4. I like DE Arthur Jones from the Ravens as a “under-the-radar” Signing
    At 6-3 315lbs, he’s a load than can play DE in base 3-4 Scheme, then can slide inside at DT on short-yardage, red-zone packages. He is not a big-time Pass-Rusher, but he will set the edge and keep containment and make Plays in the Running Game.. Get a good young Pass-Rusher playing outside him as a Pass-Rusher OLB (Kendricks, Draft Pick Vic Beasly) then maybe you have something on that edgie opposite of Thornton/Barwin..

    • I think that guy may be their pick Paul….Vic Beasley.

      or they try to trade down for multiple picks in the 2nd, and 3rd….which isn’t a bad move.

      • gmc, Beasley is too small (6’3″ 225), to be either 5 tech DE, or rush OLB & doesn’t fit our 3-4 scheme. Not a chance. No square pegs, in round holes. We already have 7 out the starting 11 like that.

        • So DCar, if Khalil Mack, falls to about 14-15, do you trade up to get him from 22?

          We both agree, we need ONE OF THE TOP Pass rushing OLB’s in the draft….Do you go for it Bruh?

          If not, do you agree with my suggestion to try to trade down, and get multiple picks in the 2nd, and 3rd?…and if he is still available sign Jason Worilds? and draft from the 2nd, and 3rd Rounds? I would be looking for something like this:

          1. Kony Ely – DE/OLB 6-5 268 Missouri

          2a. Hasan Clinton- Dix -S – 6-2 212 – Alabama
          2b. Gabe Jackson OG – 6-4 332 – Mississippi State
          2c. Kyle Fuller – CB – 6-1 208 – Virginia Tech

          3a. Jeremiah Attoachu – OLB – 6-4 262 Georgia Tech
          3b. De’Anthony Thomas – KR/PR – 5-8 182 – Oregon

          4a. Aaron Lynch – OLB – 6-4 248 – South Florida
          4b. Daniel McCullers – DT – 6-7 362- Tennessee
          4c. Pierre DeSir – CB – 6-2 204 – Linwood College

          5a. Brett Smith QB Wyoming – QB – 6-3 210 – Wyoming
          5b. Logan Thomas QB Virginia Tech – QB – 6-5 232 – Virginia Tech

          6. David Born – OG/OT – 6-10 338 – Old Dominion
          7. Ethan Westbrooks – DE – 6-5 275 – West Texas A&M

          • gmc, I love Mack, but only if they move him inside to replace Kendricks, or Ryans. He’s another, that’s too small to be a 3-4 OLB. He’s good in coverage, & can play the run, & blitz, but cannot be an every down rush OLB. We need a 6’4″-6’6″ 275+ pass rusher, that can drop in coverage. I love your 2-7 rounds, but Ealy is too small to be an 5 tech DE, & is not an OLB. He’s more of an every down 4-3 DE. Another round peg, in square hole. Attoachu is 242 lbs. Too small. Thomas is not a 3rd rounder. Ha Ha ain’t getting past 20-25. Guys that I like, that are perfect fits, that could be there IF we stay put, in the 1st. I think teams are going to stupidly make runs at all of the QB’s, so we will get a good player.

            WR- Mike Evans- 6’5″ 230- Texas A&M. Kelvin Benjamin- 6’5″ 235- Florida St.
            DE/OLB/NT- 5 tech DE Steven Tuitt 6’6″ 315- ND (Usually stay clear of ND, but he’s a monster). 5 tech DE RaShede Hageman- 6’6″ 315. OLB Trent Murphy- 6’6″ 270. NT Louis Nix- 6’3″ 345.

            My draft barring trades-
            1st- DE Steven Tuitt- ND- 6’6″ 320/ FS Ha Ha Clinton-Dix- 6’1″ 210- Bama.
            2nd- WR Jordan Matthews- Vandy/ WR Allen Robinson- PSU- Both 6’3″ 205-210.
            3rd- CB Terrance Mitchell- Oregon/ CB Louchiez Purifoy- Florida- Both 6’0″ 195. SS Craig Loston- 6’1″ 210- LSU.
            4th- NT Daniel McCullers- Tennessee- 6’6″ 350.
            5th(1)- OT Billy Turner- North Dakota State- 6’6″ 315.
            5th(2)- De’Anthony Thomas- Oregon- 5’10″ (Lightning).
            7th- OG Ryan Groy- Wisconsin- 6’5″ 325.

            • Mack would be the perfect 3-4 ILB. He can do everything Kendricks can, but better, & is big enough to cover the opposing TE’s.

              • My hopeful off-season-
                Let All free agents walk, but Jones, Cooper, Thornton.

                Release Wang Chung, Alex Henerey, Arrelious Benn, Brad Smith, Jason Avant, & Matthews.

                Renegotiate contracts for Williams, Cole, Peters, Herremans, & Celek, if they refuse, see you too (Cole has $4,800,000 of dead $$$$, so he ain’t going anywhere; WTF contract).

                Trade Graham, & Curry.

                Sign FA’s SS TJ Ward, NT Linvale Joseph, OLB/DE Michael Johnson, veteran kicker with a strong leg (Folk, Gano, Feely).

                1st round- Ha Ha Clinton Dix.
                2nd round- Jordan Matthews.
                3rd round- CB Terrance Mitchell- Oregon/ CB Louchiez Purifoy- Florida- Both 6’0″ 195
                4th round- NT Daniel McCullers- Tennessee- 6’6″ 350
                5th(1)- De’Anthony Thomas- Oregon- 5’10″ (Lightning).
                5th(2)- OT Billy Turner- North Dakota State- 6’6″ 315.
                7th- OG Ryan Groy- Wisconsin- 6’5″ 325.
                If we can pick up some more picks, the merrier. I would love to get at least 2 top half of the draft, & 2 lower round picks, for Graham, & Curry. Do you think we can get a 3 & 5/6 for them both? If we did, I’d get QB Logan Thomas in the 6th, & the rest is icing.

            • We agree, I like Mack too playing the ILB in the 3-4. That’s where he plays right now for Buffalo. He would have to replace Ryans, at least as a future starter until he learns the Pro game. DeMeco is the QB of the Defense, and played well this year – and YES, better than your boy Barwin.

              I wouldn’t worry about a 5 technique DE. We need pass rushing OLB’s. They don’t have to be that big.

              Kony Ely, is 6-5 275lbs, in the mold of Aldon Smith, who plays OLB in the 49ers Defensive scheme, but unlike A.Smith – Ely runs a 4.62 40 – He is athletic enough to play OLB..

              If, I were to focus on a true 5 Technique DE, I would have to go with ReShade Hageman. I would stay away from Steven Truitt. I have seen mocks that have him going in the mid 2nd round, which tells me some scouts see him flash inconsistently. To me he is no better than Vinny Curry. If you draft him what do you do with Fletcher Cox?

              Attoachu, will probably put on weight, not much because you don’t want to effect his speed, and they can do that with Kellys Nutrition Program.

              I don’t know why, but Ha Ha Clinton-Dix is dropping in a lot of Mocks into the second round.

              As far as De’Anthony Thomas is concerned, just like Tavon Austin last year some prospects will be over drafted, because of the potential impact they bring – Thomas will not last until the 5th Round. More like Mid 3rd – early 4th – after he runs his 40 at the combine teams may even clamor to move up to draft him. That’s why I have him in the 3rd.

              Don’t sleep on Ely Bruh…..Good Post man….

              • gmc, gonna be another interesting off-season. Hopefully not as irritating as last years.

              • Hopefully DCar, but things don’t begin to come into focus until these prospect start playing against one another at the Senior Bowls, and the Combine. So there will be some changes in our thinking by that time.

                But I like Ely more, and more. I really wish we could get he, and Khalil Mack. I would be fine with just that for the draft, but we need Ha Ha, and Gabe Jackson to replace Herremanns.

        • I am not a big fan of Beasley, but if the Eagles Draft him,
          he would not play DE in 3-4 Scheme.. He would strictly be a Pass-Rusher like Trent COle from the OLB Position and would be a rotational Player for his 1st Season or 2.. He has the Frame to bulkd up to 255-260lbs in 2 years time but is not a DE in a 3-4 Scheme.. A push Rusher and nothing else which is why I would not select him with the 1st Pick.. Think of a Bruce Irvin Type for Seattle who comes in to do 1 thing and 1 thing only and that’s Rush the Passer, not play the Run Game..

          • For the record, I don’t like him either. But he is the highest rated OLB on the Board at that point, and your right Paul, he is compared to Bruce Irvin.

            So my choice has to be Kony Ely of Missouri, who is very similar to Aldon Smith in size, and potential, playing the other OLB side replacing Trent Cole, and having Jeremiah Attoachu, and Aaron Lynch as depth, and future.

            • I like Kony Ely of Missouri also,and have mentioned
              Him in a couple of Mocks, unfortunately, he is rising up the charts and will probably go by the 15-17th Pick and not be on the Board
              By the time the Eagles Select..
              If Eagles stay at #22, you may just see them grab Safety
              Calvin Pryor of Louisville .

              • I believe the Top 7-8 Defenders will be long gone for the Eagles
                Clowney,Barr,Mack, Ely, Hageman, Nix, & CB’s Denard & Gilbert
                Will go in the Top 20..
                Eagles will see names like Murphy,Beasley, Safeties,
                CB’s & WR’s on the Board when they Select @ 22

              • If he, or Mack gets to the 15-16 range the Eagles should be thinking about trading up if they want to get a pass rusher in the draft.

                For me Pryor is okay, but not in the first round. I get my Safety that drops into the 2nd round, and get 2 young veteran Safeties in Free Agency – Jarius Byrd, and Malcolm Jenkins….

              • I do not like Justin Gilbert, Trent Murphy, Vic Beasley, nor the Oregon State DE/OLB, whose name escapes me…..

              • paul, Pryor is a bit of a reach, especially if Dix is still there. Both are going to be good, but I like Dix a little more, because he’s a bigger play maker. Pryor hits like a Mack truck though & is a better tackler, so I wouldn’t be opposed to it.

              • I like S Deone Bucannon- 6’1″ 215- Washington State, in the 2nd also, if we go WR/DE/NT/OLB in the 1st. Going to be an interesting draft.

          • Vic Beasley is staying at Clemson for his senior year.

            • Got it on Beasly who should return to School and is not big/strong enough for NFL as an everydown Player
              I prefer Safety Pryor over Alabam’s Dix
              Pryor is a true Strokg Dafety and brings the Physical prescence that is sorely needed on the back line of Eagles
              Dix is more of a Free Safety, better in Pass Coverage than Pryor
              Right now, but I like Pryors upside and is much more physical and stronger .. Remember Chip Kelky wants to get Bigger & Stronger Players..

              • Dix is a FS. He would be drafted to replace Nate Allen, but he won’t have to start immediately if they sign Byrd, and Jenkins, and allow Clinton-Dix, and Keelan Johnson, to develop gradually. I wouldn’t be opposed to re-signing Nate Allen, but not as a starter, but for good depth.

                Here is my SS draft sleeper – Julien David – Howard – 5’10 210 – 4.54 40.

      • Vic Beasley is staying in school.

    • paul, we need big-time pass-rushers at 5 tech DE, & Coles OLB spot. Jones is a neither. No thanks.

      • You are not going to find 300lbs Pass Rushers playing the 5 Technique in a base 3-4, that’s the job of the OLB
        Do you ever see the Steelers,Ravens,Patriots have their big DE making sacks… The Pass-Rushing from the 3-4 Scheme comes from OLB’s that you move around and get match-ups,delays, A gap,B gap, etc,etc rushes from..
        Can anyone show me a 300lb DE in a base 3-4 that’s a Pass-Rusher
        maybe Calias Campbell from Arizona, but not many my friend..

        • paul, FYI-
          In a “normal 3-4 front, the defensive line is typically made up of a nose tackle & 2 DE’s. Those defensive ends typically line up at a 3 & 5 technique. Usually when people talk about a 3-4 defense, or a “true” 3-4, they mean that each D-linemen will be responsible for two gaps against running plays.Typically, & normally, these guys are, near or over 300+ lbs. 280 & lower is small for a 5 tech. They have to be physical & strong, able to play two gaps versus the run, & able to shoot their hands right up into an offensive tackle’s chest, stand him up, & shed the block, move to either side of him to try & make a tackle. They don’t necessarily have to be extremely quick or athletic, but have to be strong & explosive. All I’m trying to say, is in the 3-4, you need size on the line, that can stop the run, & get pressure. Thornton is ok, not a 5 tech, & should be rotating at 3 tech with Cox. Logan is not a NT, & should have never been drafted, especially where they reached. All of the guys you like are too small, & don’t fit in this defense, especially if you have listened to what Chip & Weaselman have been saying since seasons end. They want size, strength, & speed, not to get smaller, & more square pegs in round holes. I like all the guys you like, but they do not fit here, & are suited for the 4-3 defense.

            • Exactly DCar.. I agree that the DE’s must get bigger which is why I like an Aurhur Jones, etc,etc But I wanted to make the point that your “Pass-Rushers” are going to come from your “LB Corps” in a 3-4 and not the DE postion.. You are not going to find many big 290-305lbs DE’s who play the 5 Technique who are also able to get to the QB with any consistency..That’s why you have 4 LB’s which 2 of them should be potent Pass-Rushers

  5. They was saying the panthers Gm said they may not have the money to keep hardy and the cowboys may have to release ware just to get under the cap and a few other players

  6. I wouldn’t be mad at the eagles took a wr in the 1st rd as long as they got a olb and safety in free Agency

  7. There is some talk out of Miami about a possible trade with the Eagles…Dion Jordan for the #22 pick….or a pick and player.

    Any thoughts? I say do it in a minute. Jordan only had 2 sacks in his rookie year, but he was misplaced in the 4-3 scheme. Put him in our 3-4 scheme and I think he will be a pass rushing beast. This would be a HUGE move if Roseman and Gamble could actually pull it off. HUGE.

  8. Where did u hear this at

  9. If it was the case they can have vinny curry and graham &2nd for Jordan and a 4th

  10. Reports that Redskins want the Eagles #22 Pick

    Redksins have the #33 Pick (2nd Pick in the 2nd Round) and their 4th Round Pick (#97th Overall)

  11. Why do the redskins want our pick a and I’ll give them that for rg3

  12. Would you trade #22 for Dion Jordan? Reports are that Jordan is a 3-4 OLB and not being played right. Its reported that Gamble loves him as 3-4. Would you do it? Maybe we can move Graham down there with a 2nd?

    • Yes Dag I would do it especially if Gamble is high on him, look at the Niners defense I think he knows talent. I don’t think he’s playing at 230 and if so why would the Dolphins have him playing DE. Playing a guy out of position is wasting him. So if we can move Graham and get Jordan and only give up a two or three then yes I would do it.

      • For a two, yeah, I do it. I can probably move up a little bit in the third round and still secure Deone Bucannon at the safety position. Jordan wasn’t able to lift last year due to his shoulder injury so putting weight on was difficult. That shouldn’t be a problem this year.

  13. Give graham and curry and a 2nd for Jordan

    • Thats not going to work Smitty. How does he fit into the Eagles plans to get Bigger?

      • 6-6 230 lbs that’s small for an OLB……Bigger doesn’t exactly mean taller Bruh….

        Kony Ely is 6-5 275 lbs, doesn’t run a 4.5 40, but runs a 4.62 40
        I draft him, and keep my second round picks, and try to make trades for more 2nd and 3rd round picks without giving up the farm for Dion Jordan.

  14. Well chip said longer and bigger he is what 22years old I would give up my 2nd curry and graham. Hell curry and graham might not even be here next year anyway so whynt trade them for a olb

    • What he said was we needed to get bigger, and stronger…….. not longer

      We don’t want to give up a 2nd, and you won’t have to if you draft Kony Ely, who is equally as talented, but bigger, and stronger…..

      Giving up your second for an underachiever is just asinine. Have you considered why the Dolphins want to give up their high #1 pick from last year for a 2nd Round Pick this year?????????????

      They don’t need a WR for their #1 pick anyway. This year as last year DEFENSE is a priority.

      Linval Joseph is not a game changer. Otherwise, the Giants wouldn’t be letting him walk. So why do you think that makes a difference? Ward is a hitter, but not the cover safety that Jarius Byrd is.

      Smitty with all due respect brother , I really don’t think you really understand what is really going to benefit this team……….

      • The giants don’t have money to keep him that’s why not cause they don’t want him let me guess if Dallas let’s go of ware cause they afford to keep it’s really cause they don’t want him lol these guys and just cause he didn’t fit in Miami doesn’t mean he won’t fit here they run 4-3 we run a 3-4 he played a 3-4 un college come on people this is not hard to figure out so I guess the bills and browns don’t want there safety’s either since they are gonna be free agents we should let them pass us by also cause there them didn’t want them so we shouldn’t either

        • Giants aren’t able to re-sign their own players..
          They have Approx $100,000 under their 2014 Salary Cap which does not include deals with their Draft PIcks..
          I expect Cullen Jenkins, Mike Patterson, Justin Tuck, Center Dave Bass, Guard David Diehl, LB Keith Rivers, CB’s Aron Ross, and a few other Veteran Players to be flat out released/cut ..
          I see their own Free-Agents in WR Nicks, WR Barsden, DT Joseph all moving on
          They will shed Payroll and Veteran Players and look to rebuild thru the Draft.. The Cowboys are in a similar situation and the Redskins under a new Program.. This would be the smart time for all 3 of these Teams to look more towards to Future and get their Rosters Younger and get rid of their Dead weight..

        • Thats not the only reason…

  15. All ur really giving up is a 2nd cause graham and curry 9times out of ten won’t be here next year anyway

  16. All ur really giving up is a 2nd cause graham and curry 9times out of ten won’t be here next year anyway so take the trade if it is even there and keep it moving then with your 1 st rd pick you can take a wr and in free agency get the dt from the giants and tj ward

    • Curry is a good player, and doesn’t HAVE to be traded.

      Brandon Graham, was worth more last year when GMCliff said to trade him last offseason, because his production was an aberration….but not this year……He’s not worth a 6th round pick now

      • Curry & Graham do not fit in this Eagle 3-4 Scheme..
        Both have the Size of a OLB back do not have the skill sett,pass coverage abilitites or the agility to play everydown and are only Rotational Pass-Rushers when they go to a “4-3 Pass Rush” in obvious Passing Downs..
        If you could get a 2nd or 3rd Rounder for Curry, I move him in a heartbeat.. Graham would only return at 5th/6th Rounder but I would move him too…
        Falcons,Giants,Vikings & Bears all play a “4-3” and could all use DE’s

        • Curry seem to fit in well to me. He had as much impact, when they let him play as Barwin. That’s why he is one of our most valuable trade baits, but he can play in this scheme

          I know you are going to give your rebuttal, but I disagree….But I wouldn’t be against getting an extra 2nd for him. But I want more than Dion Jordan……..

        • Curry is 6-4 275 lbs – he’s not an OLB. He is a DE, and the same size wise as Greg Hardy, whom you love, and the next option behind Fletcher Cox……

          He can be traded, but doesn’t have to…….

          • Greg Hardy is a DE in a 4-3, same as Curry.. Your missing the point
            GMCliff… Coach Kelly wants bigger Players and 290lb-300 lbs DE’s .. He want’s OLB’s at 260 and not 240lbs but who still have the athleticism to rush the Passer and drop back in Pass-Coverage..
            Curry,like Graham are caught in the middle physically where they are not quite bit enough to play DE in the Base 3-4 Scheme, and they are not athletic enough to drop in pass-coverages which is required when playing OLB’s…
            I like Curry alot, I just don’t think he’ a good fit for this 3-4 System other than an occasional Pass-Rusher.. He has not shown to be an everydown player yet as an Eagles, (just like Graham hasn’t been able to either) so if you can get a 3rd Rf for Curry and a 5th/6th for Grham, I take it in a heartbeat and move forward on getting bigger & stronger

            • and as far as Dion Jordan, I wanted nothing to do with him last Draft and my opinion of him has not changed..
              Very raw, stiff, needs upper body strength,lateral agility, he’s just a freak of an athlete but will need 2-3 Years develop if he ever develops He really hasn’t played a lot of Football and his inexperience really shows, as does his athleticism, he just has to learn how to use it and needs good and constact Coaching..
              I wish him well, but I don’t expect that he will ever be more than a Role Player in the NFL which is what I though when he was coming out of College…

            • Like I said..I disagree…in reference to Curry

              Graham – you know what I wanted to do last year with that mistake.

  17. Paulman I don’t think cliff gets it he thinks when a team let’s a player go to free agency it’s cause they don’t want him but 95% of the time it’s money reasons most teams wanna keep there own unless they have off the field stuff going on

    • I agree, I’m about 99% positive that Giants would love to keep the 6-3
      315lbs run-stuffer Kinval Joseph who they Drafted
      A few years back, but their almost at the Csp Kevel right now and have sone
      5-6 Veteran Players they have to cut/release before resigning any of their guys..
      The Cowboys & Redskins are in a similar boat..

    • Cliff is very intelligent, and doesn’t need an explanation.

      What your saying – goes without saying that they would like to have him back.

      My response to you, was based on the way you were stating L.Joesph, and TJ Ward, Dion Jordan, picking a WR with our #1 pick, and having no 2nd round pick were going to solve our issues.

      I want him too, but I don’t want Jordan, Ward, or WR in the 1st Round. That is what we need, but we need better options than what you posted.

      • gmc, you undervalue Ward. He has been a very good, young SS, with an albatross of an organization. I agree about about Jordan, but also disagree about your assessment about using a 1st on a WR. You’re telling me, if Evans & Benjamin are there at 22, you won’t take them? They are both exactly what this team has lacked since TO, an big, fast, talented, #1 WR.

        • No I don’t DCar….I wouldn’t mind at all if they signed him, but if Howie is going to underwhelm us by not signing He or Malcolm Jenkins, along WITH Jarius Byrd…Then I would rather have Byrd…

          If those two were to come available at #22 – No…… I want Defense predominantly in the first 3 Rounds…I like Both WR’s,but I think both will be better College Receivers, than NFL Receivers…..

          DCar you’ve known me that last few years, and that there are times I don’t always support the popular decision on some of the popular prospects……

          I like those two, but I am underwhelmed somewhat with what I assess them as pros….Paul is correct when he says, there will be growing pains, but it depends upon them….which I cannot dictate, or say for sure confidently…

  18. Well the Off-Season is just getting Stsrted for the Eagles
    I have to believe if Eagles Re-sign both WR Cooper & Maclin that selecting a WR is not going to happen not should it..
    I believe Kelly’s goal and plan is to get Defense stronger up the middle
    At Strong Safety, LB & DT and a Pass-Rusher ..
    Free-Agency begins March with Draft pushed back to Late May so we should have a pretty good idea by May what their strategy will be for the Draft
    Bases who they acquire or lose during Free-Agency

  19. Here is a late Round Middle Linebacker that should be drafted or signed as a UFA, by the Eagles….Jeremiah George – Iowa State – MLB 6-0 225

    and WR – Cory Washington – Newberry College – 6-5 203 4.38
    Alex Neutz – Buffalo – 6-3 205

    • Those guys were given a lot of attention during the NFLPA practices during the week. I will be looking at the game to see what players stood out tomorrow.

      • All 3 are very good prospects….I mocked George, and Neutz as Undrafted Free Agents months ago…….

        Washington is a good Prospects….the better teams get it done in the 3-7 rounds, and with UDFA…..

  20. CB from Duke had a nice game as did the QB

  21. I want Mack! He’s what we need. A flat out stud! Cliff/Paul do you see any way we can get him?

    • Khalil Mack will most likely go in in the Top 8th to 13th
      Selection of the Draft , so for the Eagles to move up would cost
      Them probably their 1st Rd #22 , 3rd Rounder. #86, and either a Player
      Or a future 2015 Pick (3rd or 4th Rounder…which is too steep a price to pay in my opinion., though Mack appears to be a very good Prospect
      If Mack drops down to close to 20th and still on the Board, then maybe they can get him with just a 3rd or 4th Rounder (along with their 1st Rd)
      Lots of Teams like Mack and for good reason
      The Bills, TB Bucs,Giants,Steelers,Lions,Ravens, are all said to like him and could use some LB’s also …

      • He may be out of reach. Kony Ely, should be the pick…

        • Unless you give up future 1st round picks…which may be too steep.

          I have been talking about Khalil Mack since the end of last season, when no one knew who he was. He would be perfect playing next to Myckal Kendricks, but he could guard the TE.

          Then again, could Howie make some noise in the draft by doing that, and stocking picks….NAAAAAHHH!!! Sounds too much like GMCliff. He could never be me.

          • I’ll give you props on that Cliff. I looked Khalil Mack up after I saw you post about him and started to watch Buffalo play to look at his skill set.

            • I also talked about the QB from Eastern Illinois Eagle, he looked better than all 4, 1st Round QB’s, and potentially could be. I wouldn’t be against the Eagles grabbing him in the late 2nd- early 3rd..He has the tools, he just needs NFL Coaching, and experience, as does Billy Smith, of Wyoming, and Logan Thomas, who is a better athlete, bigger, and faster than the later.

        • Konya Ely will be off the Board by the 17th Pick
          DE/OLB will be Players like Trent Murphy, Van Noy,
          Shazier, and 2nd Round Grade DE
          It may be better to get a higher rated CB/Safety
          At #22 then reaching for a 2nd Round Grade Talent at DE/OLB

          • Can Kony Elaly cover, we need a LB that can cover and rush the QB. If he can’t do both I’m not interested when it comes to my first round pick. No, I can get my safeties in the second and Johnathan Dowling in the 5th, and my corner in the fourth.

            • Yes he can cover, and rush the QB – Think Aldon Smith, who also does both…..

              You may be able to get Dowling in the 7th Round – He has some cover-ability issues that concern scouts, along with his speed.

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