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Assessing The Eagles: Tight End

ZachErtz1Current Status– The Philadelphia Eagles for some fans, did not maximize all of the tight-end talent in 2013. Some would question why bring a guy like James Casey into Philadelphia, pay him well for the versatility he demonstrated in Houston, only to draft another tight-end in the second round when there were so many glaring defensive holes left to fill.

Casey was not the “jack-of-all-trades” player we expected. Celek was relied on heavily as a blocker and became more of a possession receiver then a stretch the field type player. Ertz came on strong during the second half of the season, showing some athleticism that supported drafting him as high as we did. No “clear” reason for why Casey was used sparingly in the passing game by Chip, but for whatever reason; it just didn’t happen. What should the Eagles do next season? If they couldn’t find a way to

utilize all three tight-ends last season, should they bring them all back in 2014?

Moving Forward

Brent Celek– Not the best of hands, but the guy is tough as nails. Rarely do you see the first defender bringing Celek down after the catch. His worth to the team as a vocal leader and locker room guy is something that Chip really appreciates with his men. Celek will be back next season.

Zach Ertz- A small sample of what this kid can do in a Chip Kelly system was on display in 2013. Ertz will only benefit from a full off-season; and the Eagles upgrading their speed at the WR position to free up additional space in the middle of the field for Ertz to do his thing. Ertz can be used in many of the same ways the Saint deploy Jimmy Graham. Ertz is smooth with his route running and meets the ball in the air out-positioning the defender. Expectations for a sophomore season with the snaps he is sure to earn.

(2014 projections: 55 reception 725yards and 6-8 touchdowns.)

James Casey– Whether Casey makes the team next year might have to do with the status of Riley Cooper returning to Philadelphia. We are all calling for the big/physical wide-receiver, but if Kelly is using two and sometimes three tight-end sets, your bigger receivers are taken care by this position group. The cap penalty if we just cut Casey makes less sense then actually keeping him. He was signed by the Eagles in the 2013 off-season for a reason; the kid has a special skill-set.

Recommendation: See if a team like the Patriots would be interested in bringing one on board. The draft pick in return is going to be a 6th rounder at best, but that cap space can be used in the area that is of biggest need, “DEFENSE.” on Facebook

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34 Comments for “Assessing The Eagles: Tight End”

  1. James Casey…….picture should be in the Post Office…….biggest theif on the team…..what did he have, 3 catches all year? Maybe 30 yards? How many millions was he paid? Big disappointment. I am glad to see Ertz progress through the year, and since he was unable to attend OTA’s last year due to graduation date, I look for him to make a big step forward with a full year of training and work with the QB and staff. Celek is steady, and not yet ready to retire. Too bad it would be a big cap hit to cut Casey and look for a younger player that can actually contribute, but some times you win and some times you lose.

  2. I would not be surprised if we signed a RFA TE after the draft and or late round pick and cut Casey to save money as his production can be replicated at a much lower cost.

    If a player that can be that hybrid TE/FB is floating out there late I would spend a 7th on him. Even better if he can long snap. (not hating on Dorenbos just don’t like active spot for a Long snapper only.

  3. Here is a List of Top TE’s in this Draft and their likely Selection by Round

    1) Eric Ebron – UNC 6-4 245kbs – (Mid/Late 1st Rd)
    2) Jace Amaro – Texas-Tech 6-5 260lbs – (Late 1st/Early 2nd)
    3) Austin Seferian-Jenkins – U Of Washington 6-6 276lbs (2nd Rd)
    4) Troy Niklas – Notre Dame 6-6 270 lbs (2nd Rd)
    5) CJ Fiedorwicz – Iowa 6-6 265lbs (late 2nd/Early 3rd)
    6) Arthur Lynch – Georgia 6-5 255lbs (3rd Rd)
    7) Marcel Jenkins – Fresno State 6-5 270lbs (3rd/4th)
    8) Joe Son Duncan – Dixie State 6-4 265lbs (4th/5th)
    9) Rob Blanchflower – U Mass 6-4 260lbs (5th)
    10) Crockett Gillmore – Colorado State 6-6 255lbs (5th/6th)
    11) Richard Rogers – California 6-4 245lbs (6th/7th)
    12) Jacob Pedersen – Wisconsin 6-4 245lbs (6th/7th)
    13) Xavier Grimble – USC 6-5 250lbs (7th)
    14) Colt Lyerla – Oregon 6-5 250lbs (7th)

    • I’ve read some good information on Rob Blanchflower as far as his catching and routerunning ability. not certain about his blocking. It will be intersting to see if Chip gives Colt Lyerla a shot. Before his off the field problems he was going to be a second round selection.

      • I really like Marcel Jenkins of Fresno State & Crockett Gillmore from
        Colorado State as Pass-Receivers…
        If Eagles Release/Trade James Casey or simply convert him to FB with a Salary Cut, then a TE could be a mid-late Round Selection..

  4. DJAX has been added to the Pro Bowl as Andre johnson has bowed out. I think DJAX was more deserving to go over Johnson as far as production is concerned.
    Congrats DeSean!

  5. The Whiny little one trick pony goes to his 3rd pro bowl in his short career as our home grown talent marches on to shatter every fucking Eagles recieving record. There have only been 2 other Eagles draft picks in the last 20 years with more pro bowls Daek, McNabb. Djax is only 27. As the redneck hillbillies clamor for his dismissal. Lmao

    • Wait you mean Cooper didn’t get the nod? LOL let’s see how many congratulations Desean gets on this board, matter of fact damn that let’s trade the little whiny taking plays off who doesn’t fight for his QB and throws tantrums on the sideline diva.

    • Redneck hillbillies? So if someone doesn’t support a player who is black, it makes them a redneck hill billy?

      • No, but to some of the illogical racists on here like the two above I guess it does. Personally I would trade any player on this team for the right price. Ask the Packers if they want Foles and our 1st and 2nd round picks for Rodgers, I would do that shit in a heartbeat if they took it, just like I would trade Djax for the right deal. Some lunatic gave up a 1st round pick for Trent Richardson. It happens. Give me a 1st rounder for Djax and its a deal. I’ll just trade for a bigger guy like Gordon or draft Benjamin who actually plays with some balls. Any real fan would if it would better the team. But some of these frauds like the individual players more than team, mostly because they have the same skin color. Pathetic. Then they resort/support to racist name calling if someone disagrees with them. I wonder how these people get by in real life.

        Anyways, congrats Djax. I cant watch the probowl but hopefully you smoke Deion Sanders if he tries to play/cover you. I just hope you show up to training camp on time

        • Just out of curiosity…What makes you think Kelvin Benjamin, or Mike Evans will even come close to DeSean in terms of talent, and production?

          I ask that because a few on here go overboard with the love they have for the prospects coming into the league, and they turn out to be nothing. Kendall Wright, Stephen Hill, Michael Floyd, and others were claimed t be better than DeSean Jackson, but flat out are not.

          Just bad evaluations, and presumptuousness on the part of those that just don’t know what they are talking about.

          Be careful what you wish for

          • Both Kendall Wright & Michael Floys has nice Seasons last year and made some nice improvements in their game.. WHo said these guys were better than D-Jax..
            My argument with you want you said both K Wright & M FLoyd Stink
            and I say, your wrong and will end up with nice productive careers..
            You think everyone Drafted is going to be an Impact Player or an All-Pro or that only the Prospect you like are worthy of consideration…
            I am here to tell you, that it doesn’t happen thet way Gliff, just like you trade downs every Draft will get the Eagles 4-5-6 Picks in the first 3 Rounds.. more wishful thinking….
            Get me 4-5 Solids Picks every Draft, Sign 2-3-4 Good Free-Agents, Stay Healthy,Coach them Up and Execute and you can build a nice core Team in 2-3 Years…

            • most who hated on DeSean, and wanted him released or traded including you.

              I said neither one is all that, and I am right. As much as you are in denial they aren’t all that. I made the point that DeSean Jackson in his contract year without really trying had over 900 yards in less than 16 games, and you wanted him traded, and said that he was overrated, undersized, and not all that, and you were tired of his one trick pony..You did…

              But that season mirrors the best seasons that those two will ever have. You are more hypocritical than you want to admit. But it shows, when they are your guys…

              You, and others are the only ones that say, I think everyone drafted is going to be impact….You said it not me. I think there are better players than some – SOME – of the ones you mock. Wright, and Floyd, and his 3 -100/yd games included……Most went overboard about the year Brandon Graham had, Trent Richardson’s season too.

              Paul, You are one of the most insightful, and bright talent evaluators, that has no professional training that I have seen. That’s why I am a fan. But there are some flaws to your game that would be smoothed out by professional training for you to understand where I am coming from.

              I trade down for the past few years because, we need so much, as a result of bad drafts by Reid, Banner, and Howie. I would be content as a GM, with 5-6 picks every year if my team didn’t have so many obvious holes.

              And although you can’t get it all in one draft, we could have built this thing a whole lot better if the Front Office had a better vision of how a Championship Team is supposed to look like without trash like they drafted over the years….That Front Office was content with Mediocrity…Not GMCliff

              I think your core team – with all due respect translates into the same mediocrity.

          • Kelvin Benjamin will have growing pains until he gets better at route running but that guy is a freak athlete that teams will regret if they pass him up. Kelly will snatch him up in a minute if he’s there at 22.

            • I agree, if he’s there at 22 I have a feeling they’d snatch him up.

            • I would love to see Benjamin on the Birds and playing for Kelly. I would be very surprised to see him last till 22

              • Benjamin reminds me a lot of a young Brandon Marshall, Sidney Rice where he is mostly a straight up the field outside the numbers type of receiver where he uses his size, leaping ability and good hands to make plays.. He has a lot to learn as far as route running,
                Using the entire field of play which he wasn’t asked to a lot at Florida State..He’s got a lot of upside potential but with most Rookie WR’s it will take him a year or 2 to really make an impact in the NFL, but he had all the tools to get off to a great start
                But I don’t see a complete WR at his stage of development yet.

            • UH Huh…….Okay, Biggie. Remember you said that…..:)

              • You too Eagle Brother….:)….I’m smiling waiting for him (Benjamin) to make my point….

              • I will Cliff, I honestly have him rated the top receiver coming out, why he would be available at 22 makes no sense to me. He will be a game changer.

              • We shall wait patiently together bruh!

              • Paulman, Benjamin is 6’5 and 240 pounds and runs a 4.4 there is no comparison and FSU used him in a number of ways not just running fly patterns. He has made a big jump in his route running but needs to get better. Once he realized that his talent wasn’t enough he began to put in the work. Other than Watkins there isn’t a receiver close to these two and that includes Mike Evans.

              • He has great “straight-line” speed, I want to see more in and out of more routes other that a deep, straight route..
                Stephen Hill in last a Years Draft has Size and Speed and has been unable to translate it to the Pro Game yet..
                I just don’t get the wow factor yet like I did when seeing Fitz,
                Julio Jones, or an AJ Green when they were coming out..
                Time will tell..

              • Benjamin is clone of VJax, & if the Birds pass on him, they would foolish, as they were when signing DJax, instead of VJax.

              • The other point is since the Eagles already have an outside the numbers, deep threat in D-Jax who is their straight line speed guy..
                The need for the other receiver is to work the intermediate routes and work the middle of the field and I have not seen Benjamin do this often at FSU
                You can’t have both top WR’s as strictly outside guys..

            • Paul…look at who was throwing the ball to Stephen Hill last year. The Jets QBing stinks. I would not measure how Hill’s game translates into the NFL until their QB situation is at least stablized. Benjamin does present more than straight line speed in his game. A talent like his does not come along often. If it’sthere, I jump on it.

              • I disagree Paul…I’ve seen benjamin play the intermediate routes, work his way back to Winsron when he was under pressure, and his red zone skills and catch radius is outstanding. Do the Eagles need to focus on defense? Yes. However, if the greater talent on the board is on the offensive side of the ball, you take him. I’m not prepared to depend on Maclin if resigned.

              • Is Steven Hills doesn’t run that crazy 4.3 40 at the Combine,
                He’s not a 1st Round Selection in which he was part of a weak
                WR Draft Class in 2011.. Stephen Hill is not a Starting caliber NFL Receiver in my opinion and will probably be out of the NFL by the end of his Rookie Deal..

              • I agree Eagles, it’s an embarrasment to even mention Hill and Benjamin in the same sentence, I have watched FSU the last couple of years Benjamin is the real deal and plays quite a bit out of the slot. Just look at the game winner in the NC game he started in the slot.

  6. Congrats DJax on making the ProBowl in recognition of your excellent season.

    And just like all of the other Eagles playing in the game….DON’T GET INJURED!

    • I’ll be honest, Why do they even continue to play this meaningless game..
      Announce the Pro-Bowlers Selections (2 Deep at every Postion) at the Halftime of the Conference Championship Games…
      NFC Squad at the NFC Championship Game
      AFC Squad at the AFC Championship Game
      and just be done with it…

  7. and Congrats to D-Jax,Mathis,Peters,Foles,McCoy for all making the Pro-Bowl though I only consider Peters/McCoy as “legitimate” Pro-Bowlers that were named on the Initial Roster
    At the end of the day, there are 45-50 Players orginally Selected to the Pro-Bowl, then about 20-25 of these Players in the Super Bowl, Out with injuries or just bow out of the game making the “Pro-Bowl Status of 75-80 Players which is not a true account of Pro-Bowlers in my opinion,,,
    Just bag the game, make annoucements of the Best Players in the NFL (2 deep at each position) and move one.. Some PLayers season’s ended a month ago, let them rest up and get their bodies right for Spring OTA’s.. It’s a long season adn watching a game played at 60-70% Speed or intensity is a waste of time and each year, there will be a few Players who sustain injuries.. It’s not even Football..

  8. The Pro Bowl is a farse now that it’s placed before the Superbowl.

    The real Pro bowlers are still playing.

    • Songs the pro bowl is a farce no matter when it’s played. I laughed when I realized that DJax was replacing Andre Johnson who had no business in the pro bowl .

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