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NIck Foles Wins Offensive MVP Award At Pro Bowl

This has been an amazing year for Eagles quarterback Nick Foles.  He came out of nowhere to win the team’s starting quarterback position, while having some Hall of Fame level performances.  Fittingly, his season finished up with another outstanding performance by the young quarterback and this time it was at the Pro Bowl.

In much the same fashion that he began the Eagles season as a backup, Foles was the next to last pick in the Pro Bowl draft process.  It’s taken him a year, but he may have won over most Eagles fans, but he hadn’t impressed NFL Hall of Famers Deion Sanders and Jerry Rice to the point where they were anxious to have him on their teams.  That’s why he was drafted ahead of only one player, Alex Smith.

Foles waited for most of the game to get his chance and when he did he made the most of it.  The Eagles signal caller may have won over Sanders and Rice, after winning the Pro Bowl Most Valuable Offensive Player Award.

Foles was one of four Eagles selected to the Pro Bowl.  During his MVP performance, he completed 7 of 10 passes for 89 yards and a touchdown throw to Cleveland tight end Jordan Cameron.

DeSean Jackson caught the first touchdown pass of the game from Andrew Luck on a flea flicker play.  LeSean McCoy didn’t do much.  He carried the ball three times before being sidelined with an ankle injury. on Facebook

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151 Comments for “NIck Foles Wins Offensive MVP Award At Pro Bowl”

  1. Congrats to Saint Nick and the rest of the Eagles for representing well.

  2. Didnt watch the game but was happy to see Foles with MVP and DJAX with a TD reception…Not really big on the Pro Bowl because its really not a competitive football game as far as 100% effort. Pro Bowl games are just boring as hell to watch in my opinion!

  3. Congrats to FOles,D-Jax, Mathis
    though it was a bummer to hear that RB Lesean McCoy injured his Ankle and did not return to the Field in the Pro-Bowl Game.. I don’t beleive it was a serious Injury of any sort.. but a RB’s Feet/Ankles can only last so long….

  4. RT You couldn’t have watched last nights game. Their was some big hits

  5. The Pro bowl is a joke….and no serious football fan watches it.

  6. First pro bowl I watched in at least 10 yrs if not more, and glad I did. They actually played football last night, just ask D. Brees he might have got sacked like 10 times. I watched the game with my boys and I’ll tell you what I was not the least bit disappointed, both teams came to play especially on the Defensive side of the ball. Still have that bad feeling though when you watch that game and guys are hitting like that, makes you feel like someones gonna get hurt for no good reason. Real good game though. I was glad Foles got in an threw a touch down for no other reason then made my kids night.

  7. Listening to mike missanelli today you would think foles is a scrub

    That’s what the media does, it creates division among fans for ratings, profits

    This pussy missanelli had herm Edwards on his show, he first attempted to goad Edwards that foles has inherent weaknesses that cannot be improved, like holding the ball too long and taking sacks, Edwards would not go there, stating it is an experience thing

    He also thought and attempted to get Edwards to state that Kaepernick is a better thrower, Edwards shit him down stating that Kaepernick is an inaccurate passer and needs working, whereas foles is very good here, especially with touch

    But the bottom line is this, who cares, Kaepernick is not competing with foles for the starting position, so why bring him up

    There is less division among us but the media will not let it go

    I have zero respect for these clowns, they race bait,

    • Jake,

      It doesn’t matter what Mike Missanelli thinks about Nick Foles… He doesn’t know anything more than an average fan… He just has a microphone.

      As for Herm Edwards – he wouldn’t be on Missanelli’s show if he was going to disagree with his opinion.

      There’s only one person that Nick Foles has to satisfy and that’s Chip Kelly. If Chip Kelly wants Foles to be the Eagles quarterback then he will be.

      We will know exactly how much Kelly likes Foles on draft day. If the Eagles draft a quarterback on the first day, you will know that Foles is not the answer in Kelly’s mind.

      All this debating about Foles’ skills is bullshit. The numbers don’t lie… 27 TDs – 2 INTs – 119.2 passer rating… That doesn’t happen by accident… It’s never happened in the 113 year history of the NFL…. Foles does some things extremely well… Many, many guys like Nick Foles have won championships.

    • Herm Edwards also said he would take Kaepernick over Foles due to upside.

      Jst wanted to make sure you didn’t miss that.

      Herm also said Foles is not a franchise QB.

      He also mentioned he wouldn’t take Foles over Wilson, Cam or Kap.

      Just wanted to make sure you also heard that from Herm and not Mike Missinelli.

    • When Missenelli showed back up on the talk radio scene with 97.5, I was glad he was around to take on Eskin. I hated Eskin’s arrogance. Now, a few years later and I can not stand to listen to Missenelli for more than 5 minutes without turning the station becuase he has become everything I hated in Eskin times ten. When you look up condescending in the dictionary, there is a big picture of M.G. Missenelli. He uses the old standard tricks in the radio industry to gain listeners and panders to specific “politically correct” groups and dismisses any alternative point of view. He is a clown and hopefully his time in town will be short….I am sure that he is due to punch another co-worker soon and disappear like he has done before.

    • Mike Missanelli is on the lowest rung of media whores.

      His real profession is lawyer, but he gets more perks, free lunches and ‘attentiom’ as a media prostitute…I don’t want to puke so I never listen to his vomit.

      Thank you.

      • its so tough choosing between him and gargano. everything u said i find to be true of miss but gargano acts like a 12 year old too much, and plays too many games, and talks about movies and nonsense. not to mention gargano totally mushed doc halladay, the moment he started calling him “COD/GOD” his career went to the shitter

        • I used to like Mike Miss, and I still listen to him on the way home from work, but his hate for Foles is just ridiculous.

          He is a lot like people on this site, he wants to be right in his opinion despite the facts. He knows that he has no football credibility, or knowledge of the quarterback position so he enlist a select group of others who share his opinion to come on the show.

          Herm Edwards is about as arbitrary as it gets. Who seeks out the opinion of a failed coach who switched back and forth between quarterbacks the whole time he coached.

          If you notice, Missinelli has stopped inviting Jaws to discuss Foles. Because Jaws changed his opinion, and now he thinks Foles is a legit franchise QB. So does 90% of all the other ex-coaches.

  8. jakdog…missanelli is a straight shooter who simply sees what a number of smart football minds see about Nick Foles. A good player benefiting from excellent offensive line, play calling and design, and pure luck by beating up on a bunch of weak teams. Missanelli’s sees the inherent weaknesses like an inability to throw the ball in tight windows, the inability to run, an average arm, and a noticeable lack of that ‘it’ factor that you just cant coach up in a QB.
    No Kaepernick is not competing with Foles but we see that ‘it’ factor with him…a strong arm, speed, mobility, and plenty of heart.
    The comparisons between Foles and Kaepernick or Wilson is fair…they have same experience in the NFL…but Kaepernick and Wilson are head and shoulders above Foles!
    I think the Eagles should buy into Nick Foles! They should look to bring some more competition at the position…if it is possible….they should draft Johnny Manziel and let them fight it out for the job! If Foles loses the competition then you have a legit back up…and if Foles wins…you have two good QB’s

    • Trollbreeze, is the reason contraception was invented. Missanelli is a condescending, elitist, POS, who does nothing but pander to the brainless, with the hot topics, lightning rods & soup du jour. You are just the brainless, racist, troll, dummies, that he targets. STFU, deal with him being our QB, or go away. If not, you aren’t a real Birds fan. And for you to want to waste a 1st rounder on Johnny Football, shows your lack of football knowledge, common sense, & intelligence, & just shows what a racist hater you are.

      • LOL…Dumb azzCar…your emotional rant simply unveils your deep ignorance and buffoon like qualities! What really happened…you called Missanelli show and he hung up on you for being stupid!
        Johnny Football can play…he would upgrade the position above what we have now…simple as that. He is a better fit for the read-option offense that Chip Kelly really likes to run. It is to Chip Kelly’s credit that he has maximized Foles abilities…but we need more…simple as that.. I believe the best role you can put Foles in is has a back up!

        • Trollbreeze, calling me a “Dumb azzCar”, “ignorant”, & a “buffoon”??? This coming from one of the biggest, racist, ignorant, stupid, uneducated, nitwits on here. That’s priceless bruh! 1st of all, I wouldn’t waste a second of my important time, calling any radio program, let alone your snob boyfriend Mikey Miss! 2nd of all, you wouldn’t know talent, nor whats right for this team, even if Kelly himself told you. You have a biased hidden agenda, just like the rest of the racist haters on here! Be a F^#@ing real man, & admit you don’t like Foles because he’s not of your liking, nor preference of color. GTFOH, with your @$$clownery, & imbecilic buffoonery! You & your butt buddy songs, are one in the same! Beat it, & go root for another team. Foles is our QB, & ain’t going anywhere! Stop being butthurt, & DEAL WITH IT! BTW, Johnny Football is an overrated, over-hyped, midget, & will get hurt, & be out of football in less than 3-4 years! You can bet the house on it!

    • Toolbreeze, foolbreeze, droolbreeze, stoolbreeze, aka Hot Air, Are you serious…lol. As if the Eagles can waste a # 1 pick on a college QB like Manziel to bring in competition with all of the glaring holes the Eagles have. What a foolish and unenlightened statement. Your dislike for Foles’ skill set has blinded you as far as any other position on the team as far as needs. Then you suggest manziel….LMAO@ u Foolbreeze

      • LOL…Fool azz Beagleazfallen…there you go again with another one of your emotional, tissy-fits with your panties all up in a bunch! LOL! Stop whining and bitching and man up…this is simply some sound rational football talk.
        Manziel is a winner…he is mobile…he fits the offense Chip Kelly likes to run better. He has heart…Chip Kelly knows how to utilize a mobile QB to his strengths…and put him in good positions…just like he did with Foles…but Manziel unlike Foles has a better skill set to work with…so when things are not going perfect according to the play that Chip calls…he can improvise…move, run…..he is not scared to throw the ball into tight windows . Plus…it is no denying that the kid is a warrior…a leader of men…his intangibles are there.

        • Toolbreeze, foolbreeze, you must come up with something better than Beagleazfallen…that’s weak and doesn’t strike a nerve….lol…like foolbreeze does. You are living in your own world. You’re one of these clowns (Clownbreeze) who thinks he knows what’s best for Chip at the QB position. He already stated a plethora of times that he wants a smart, good decision making, accurate QB who does not turn the ball over That’s his type of QB. But you choose not to believe him because it’s not what you want. Stop projecting your idea of the ideal QB Chip wants. You make yourself look foolish…hence your name “foolbreeze” toolbreeze. Manziel is a smurf who will constantly be injured in the NFL as he was starting to get numerous injuries this year at A&M. Thank goodness your not the GM. Your OCD fixation with Foles is as funny as your inability to evaluate talent at the QB position and your inability to come up with sound, rational,logic as to how you think you know what Chip Kelly wants at QB. In your mind you substitute what you want…but put it on Chip. You’rea funny dude stoolbreeze droolbreeze. One last thought foolbreeze. College is a lot different than the NFL…your crush on johnny pocket football is premature as he has not taken one snap, read, or hit against or from a professional team or defense. Think about this toolbreeze! If having a mobil QB would guarantee us the Eagles a Superbowl….why don’t the Eagles have one yet..we had #5, MV7..and my favorite Randall Cunningham#12, Randall and Donovan were mobil, strong armed, fast and both had very good defenses during their career. Where’s the ring at if it’s all about that type of QB. LMAO @ u Foolbreze aka Hot Air.

    • What do you think that Wilson has in Seattle. #1 defense and top 5 rushing attack on a run first team. They don’t ask him to do much (only 330 yards), but when they do, he comes through (26 tds). Sound familiar to you. I do think that he is ahead of Foles because of the competition that he has faced, but I am not going to say Foles is bad because of that. Wilson has started more games. But Wilson is also playing with a stacked deck man. If you can’t see that you are blind.

      I can’t get a read on Kap at all. He shows flashes of brilliance and obviously he is a dynamic runner, but I am not sure that he can be a consistent passer in the league. I think that he is just going to take off running every time the first option isn’t available to him. At this point, he has been succesful, but also with a top defense and strong running game.

      • All good points Bugsy. Obviously both young QB’s (Kap & Wilson) have done Wilson coming out of the draft, having watched him play in two different style systems at NC State and Wisc. No doubt that Lynch and the defense have been a huge part of the success in Seattle, but Wilson also gets the job done when called upon. I can see Foles operating the same way once we get some improvements on defense. We already have a strong runner in McCoy, so there can be a number of similarities drawn between the two teams in that sense. Totally different style QB’s, but the same philosphy.

        I also agree with your comment about Kap. I think he is a dynamic player, but as a QB…at least IMO, he takes off too soon before letting a passing play develop. Also, while he has a very strong arm, his motion is still much like a baseball pitcher, and his accuracy is less than what you want from a high level QB. I believe that he can improve these things with offseason work and good coaching, but right now I have some doubts that he will achive a high level of consistant performance.

    • its time to put you in Songs level and just skip your postings. I wish there was a block feature so certain people’s comments just dont show up.

  9. Nick foles is set in stone as are star quarterback.. He went to the probowl saw what they can do and did it just as well or better It will be huge for his confidence.. He’s 6’6 and that is one of the biggest attributes of a good quarterback. He doesnt have to do as much to make plays as the shorter quarterbacks do. He doesnt to well so I would keep vick around..He seems always to get hit hard.

  10. next season the carriage turns back into a pumpkin. a Cinderella story that gets the team kicked out of the wildcard round……AT HOME.

    All the offensive pieces are in place and I just hope this offense is not wasted with a QB that no allusiveness in the pocket.

  11. Go to fanatic fm and hear the Herm Edwards interview.

  12. Foles may never be considered a star. The media determines who a star is in the NFL. Foles may win 2 superbowls for us and still not be considered a star. The media anoints the RGIII, the Lucks, Kapernicks and Wilsons as the young stars. Then theres the Peytons, Brees, Rogers and Bradys. While the Flaccos, Rothleisbergers and Elis of the world win multiple SB and don’t get half the credit they deserve. I don’t know if its the personalities or what. They aren’t flashy enough? I guess it doesn’t really matter in the big picture but I just hope one day they say Nick Foles and the Philadelphia Eagles are coming to town.

  13. Nick Foles is better than Mike Vick –
    Vinnie told everyone here not once but a thousand times and it couldn’t penetrate those thick skulls –
    Until Nick Foles receives Mike Vick money he is a developmental QB and he currently ahead of schedule.

  14. Let Foles QB the 49ers and they win the Super Bowl
    Put Kap on the Eagles and they are about the same Team
    It’s a lot more to do with the other 52 Players on your Team
    Than who the QB
    What I like about Foles and have stated a few times,
    That when he is struggling or having a rough game,
    He doesn’t become a “turnover machine”
    And take unnecessary chances with the ball
    Where as Kap will make the turnovers..
    Russell Wilson is similar to Foles that he keeps his head on the game
    and waits patiently for his chances..
    Both Foles & Wilson are wise beyond their years in maturity, leadership
    Which is why I have them both ranked ahead of the more athletic Kap or Cam Newton who just don’t have the mental side of the game down just yet, as far as young QB’s…

    • I like Wilson, but maybe we are looking at things differently but I see a guy who looks at his first read and then starts running around. By the way paulman you put Kap on the Eagles in Chip Kelly’s offense it wouldn’t be the same you’d see a completely different dynamic.

      • I like Wilson too, but he has got a really nice set up with the best defense in the league and one of the best RBs in the league too. That is a run first team that doesn’t ask Wilson to do too much (3300 passing yards). I am not taking anything away from him, because he performs when they ask him to (26 tds).

        Work on the defense in So Philly and they could have the same set up.

    • you must be on crack! Hap was able to put his team in position by himself in that last game. No running game…dropped balls, etc.

      Kap made plays when there were none, and if Foles was in that game niners would have got blown the hell out.

      Foles is shit ..ok?

      Anyone think this guy can beat good defenses come playoff time is delusional and Chip will show everyone here how confident he is with Foles at the helm when he brings in his style QB groomed to take this offense to the next level.

      paste it!

      • I don’t think that Kap is a bad QB, though I think the weakest part of his game is throwing the football accurately and going through progressions which is the thing that I like to be the strongest in qbs.

        You are using logic to defend Kap that you are using to attack Foles. Kap played well for part of the game, but then blew it in the 4th and that is ok. Foles didn’t play well for part of the game, but then came through in the 4th but that isn’t.

        Doesn’t make sense to me.

        • um cuz he is a racist troll!

          • kaepernick is awful and once they throw a huge contract at him that team will begin its decline

            • Mike and Mike were talking about him getting 20 mil a year like Flacco. Holy crap.

            • yea awful he is indeed…helping his team to the NFC Title game, he’s horrible….also helping them to a SB last year, yea he’s awful….you sound ridiculous!

              But I could care less about who’s better Foles, Kaep, Wilson…One thing is for sure, both SF and SEA defenses are better than the Eagles…And until the Eagles look to become a dominant force on the defensive end, there will be no SB in sight for us Eagle fans!

              • The 49ers were built to win it this Year…
                See lots of changes with them moving forward as they have must of their Core Players getting some Age on them (Frank Gore, A Boldin, V Davis, Justin Smith,P Willis,D Whitner,Carlos Rogers,M Manningham) and now have to deal with 2 of their better Younger Players with Seirous leg/knee injuries in N Bowman and M Iupati.. With the Improved Cardinals, up and coming SL Rams, I would not even be surprised to the see 49ers not make the Post-Season next year.. They have Salary Cap issues, still have little depth at WR outside of Crabtree, not pur RB behind Gore and a Defense that is aging..

              • Re : 49ers
                Plus you have some Coaches on that Statff that are now ready to branch out and pursue other opportunities before time passes them by
                OC Greg Roman, DC Vic Fangio in particular..

              • good post Paul…so if the 49ers decline, may actually have more to do with the 49ers players on both sides of the ball declining skills, injuries etc……than if Kaep gets a $20 mil contact as mhenski mentions above…

              • yep give kaepernick 20+ million which hurts their ability to sign their own and FA’s and keep that D as tops in the league that team has 0 chance to contend. kaepernick cannot carry a team like the top 5 and top 10 qbs can

              • nice way to spin it…you know you were trying to imply that once Kaep received his money, his effort or desire would decrease..

              • actually thats not what i was implying and only a retarded fool (you) would assume such a thing

              • and here we go with the name calling…at this time I’ll digress from responding with insults…but the invite to meet me at the park is always open, for you!

              • So…
                1) Orakpo
                2) Byrd or Ward
                3) Draft an NT or DE

  15. Foles was the best QB in the NFC East and that is why they won the division–
    RG3 was benched-
    Romo knocked out-
    Eli cooked & playing bottom third in the league for 2 consecutive years now.

  16. Songs, I love how you say Foles won’t win a Super Bowl because he can’t even win a playoff game in his first year. Star QBs (Brady, Manning, Rodgers, Brees, etc) were not star QBs in their first one or two seasons. Hell, Brees, almost didn’t even make it in the NFL.

    Koolbreeze, how on earth would the Eagles get in a position to draft Manziel?

  17. Btc24, he knows because Foles didn’t just lead a drive to give them the lead with less than 4 minutes left. He also kicked the ball off short, gave up a big return/horse-collared Sproles and then let the Saints run the ball right down his throat to get in FG position to win the game. That is why he will never win a SB, because he is too tired because he plays on all phases of the game. Offense, defense and special teams.

    • bugsy, good points. I didn’t even think of that. I’m now in favor of getting rid of Foles. Also, I now remember that Foles held onto the ball too long on a few plays this year. We should absolutely NOT tolerate that from a young QB. Foles really needs to focus this offseason on throwing the ball up for grabs while getting sacked like Vick used to. Who cares if it goes to the other team more often than not.

  18. **Eagles News**

    Sorry I have to report this sad news, But former Eagles GM and father of Tom Gamble, Harry Gamble has died this morning.

    My Thoughts: My sincere thoughts and prayers are with the Gamble family. Hes been ill for some time now but its still devastating. Very sad news..

  19. I’m not going to argue with anyone over who’s better or worse. I just think it’s sad that all these fans that aren’t impressed with Foles are missing out on a fun ride.

    No QB we could draft or somehow acquire will come with a guarantee that we will win a Super Bowl or even that they will achieve our expectations for them.

    Is Foles’ sample size enormous? No. But he couldn’t have had a better year. And for those that argue he doesn’t have that “it” factor, well he doesn’t if your definition includes being mobile. And I think that’s what excites people. I’d argue that I do see an “it’ factor in him. He’s team first, plus size and even from the first year he played about half the season you can see he has great decision making.

    It would be a waste right now to draft another QB. Improve the team around Foles, whether it be offense or defense.

    Be upset if you must but you’re possible missing the start of something great. Enjoy it, we are lucky to have him!

  20. It all comes down to who can get to and win the Superbowl. Foles have shown to be pathetic against good defenses. We need a QB that excels against good defenses.

    • Pathetic? That makes me laugh. You will go to some pretty long lengths to spread your hate for Foles. Just makes me laugh.

      Every week you would state that “Foles is ass” …that the teams he beat the previous week sucked and that the upcoming week was the real test…..until he would beat them the next week……then you ignore that and play the same game agin….moving the bar and moving the bar.

      Now you want to rewrite history and tell us he did not play well last year. We the fact is he played better then ANY of your heros FraudSongs. Can he improve…YES….has he said that he needs to improve…YES….is he going to work this off-season to improve with his coaching staff…YES.

      You are proving more and more that you are actually a plant from GCobb to create more posts and controversy, because the completely stupid shit that you post cannot come from someone capable of typing at a computer….you spout shit that you would hear from a homeless man on the corner. Crazy.

      • This is a great post. I remember everyone including me being nervous about the Cards, then the Lions and so forth. We need to celebrate the season, and be excited about the great year coming up.

        • were you nervous when the Eagles played the Vikings?

          I said that Foles would fold against a pathetic Vikings defense with subs in the secondary because they were not going to play off of the recievers and give those buble screens and quick passes. remember that?

          With the NFC East there for the taking?

          What happened?

          please elaborate.

  21. There are just folks on here playing around being devil’s advocate. Foles is the dude hands down. The Birds have so many other needs, that this Foles vs no Foles is ridiculous. He ain’t cool. He ain’t exciting either. He’s just efficient and very effective. Geeze….maybe a debate on whether it is cold enough outside would make more sense. This is stupid.

  22. Isn’t it funny that over the 2010-2011-2012 Season’s when the Eagles underachieved big time as a Team, not once did you hear Songs complain about the Eagles QB play, it was their crappy Defense, lousy Special Teams, the Coaching, the Fans, the Uniforms, the Cheerleaders,etc,etc …
    Now we finish 2013 and Eagles win the NFC East
    and make the Playoffs for the first time in 3 Years and all he wants to talk about is the QB position… The Man is a Lunatic, Plain and SImple..

  23. As coined by barstoolsports the next 5 years is all about




    Super Bowl recipe once we figure out how to get 11 pros to play defense

  24. So the pats were looking to trade for Larry Fitzgerald howie line 1 djack for a 1,3,5

  25. He’s not on the decline he just doesn’t have a qb

  26. Is RealTalk really inviting people to meet him at the park to fight? HAHAHAHAHA. I didn’t know kids still meet at the park to fight these days. I thought that was a lost middle school / high school tradition from my generation.

  27. No way do the Eagles Trade D-Jax
    And their 1, 3 & 5 Round Draft Picks for Fitz who has 2-3 Years left
    That would be the worst Trade in a long, long time for Eagles to make and besides the
    Cardinals are trying to rid Fitz $18 Million Salary
    Why would they want D-Jax 12.5 Million Salary in Return
    Stupid, stupid stupid ..

  28. No Paulman not djack to the cards djack to the pats they wanted to trade for Larry they need wr’s so djack to pats for there 1,3,5

    • you will need to slip Belichik a quaalude, hit of acid and a bottle of jack to pull that off– on a site that many delusional people propose many ridiculous trades– that one wins!

  29. Djack is younger cheaper and fast than Larry Fitzgerald so I don’t know why it sounds crazy they want a wr let’s help them out I tried of this little boy djack he’s great on the field but says everything wrong off of it

    • dude the patriots would not give a 2 for djax let alone what you propose..never in 1 million years!

    • D-Jax is also a 1/2 Ft smaller and 40lbs lighter ..
      The Pats are in need of a BIG Target WR they alrleady have 2 little quick WR’s in Amendola & Edelman on their Roster..

      • besides, Pats would never in a 100 years agreed to take on D-Jax’s $34.5 MIllin Salary over the next 3 Years.. They do not spend that kind of money at the WR Position, they never have and never will….

        • did Randy Moss make All-Pro money? He did catch 23 TDs one year

          • i believe they got him on the cheap after his antics almost put him out of the league.

            • exactly, Patriots never pay Market $$$ for any Acquisition whether its in a Trade or Free-Agency.. They add Veterans who are coming off Injuries or have baggage and get them on the cheap..

        • and furthermore Gloomy,
          Chip Kelly & Company love D-Jax and have no interest in Trading their biggest Playmaker at the WR positon.. So there is no sense in even discussing D-Jax being traded..

          Players who I do feel that could be Traded for Draft Picks and who probably don’t fit the Eagles Schemes moving forwars are

          RB Bryce Brown
          DE Brandon Graham
          WR Jason Avant
          TE James Casey
          and that’s about it

          • paul, you forgot Curry.

            • I think they keep Curry for 2014 and see if he can take over the Role of Trent Cole, which is primarily is a Pass-Rusher from the OLB/DE Position..
              I beleive Curry can put up better Stats,Sacks, Hurries & Overall Produtction with the same amount of Snaps as Trent Cole recevied in 2013 (Approx 35-40 Snaps a Game)
              Curry is in Year #3 of his Rookie Deal and is inexpensive to keep, so they need to find out about him one way or another which is what 2014 Season will be for him, (just like 2013 was the year to finally come to conclusion that Brandon Graham was not a fit for the Eagles) but I think Curry steps up and proves to be a productive Player for the Eagles..

              • paul, you could very well be right, but he’s another square peg in round hole, & if they can get a couple picks for him, I’d do it in a heartbeat!

          • Not in 2 million years would any GM give up a draft pick for any name on this list. Maybe just maybe Brown.

            • In Paul’s world every eagle player is worth a 3-5. He doesn’t deal with reality too well

              • These Eagles Players I listed are more like 4th-6th Round Picks in Return or could be used to move up a 1/2 round
                Eagles Trade B Graham and their 4th Round Pick (#118th Overall) to the Atlanta Falcons for their 4th Rd Pick (#102 Overall)
                basically Trading Graham to move up 16 Spots..
                for the Hawks 4th Round Pick (

              • I understand that but why would someone do that? He can be had on the cheap when he gets released,

              • Because a Team like the Falcons have Zero Pass Rush and there are very few in this Draft and may think he (Graham) can help them..without spending big $$$ for a Free-Agent DE since they are only on the hook for his final year of his Rookie Contract..

              • Okay paulman but I would draft and develop my own pass rusher in a later round then bring him in and find out he is what he is and nothing more.

    • gloomy, lay off of Madden GM mode. You are so far off the reservation, it isn’t even funny!

  30. DJax is the only guarantee WR to return —
    Maclin and Cooper will both get offered more money elsewhere –
    Avant might be a salary dump-
    the rest of the WR group are not NFL receivers nor special team standouts

  31. It’s a catch 22 cause the only way we will know if howie wants to trade djack is if he gets traded cause they could be trying to trade him but not getting what they want you know howie over values players he may a deal on the table for a 1,4,6 but he wants a 1,2,4 so howie may not trade djack cause of his greed

    • Again, 1,2,4? It is not a catch22…. The eagles would not get a 2 for DJAX …
      He doesn’t over value anything the nfl is not full of trades … All GM’s ‘value’ their players which is the reason NO TEAM would even think of a one for him NONE

    • It only took two thirds to get Brandon Marshall…are you just stupid?

      • Brandon Narshall wore out his welcome in Miami with his off the field baggage, new GM came and got rid of what he stated was a Cancer to their Club and basically gave him away and his big Contract

    • The ravens got a sixth for Boldin! So some gm who is looking to get fired is going to give the eagles a 1,2 and 4

      • Raven could not afford to keep Boldin due to their Csp Issues and signing Flacco to his big $22 Million per year Deal
        So instead of releasing Boldin and getting Zippo
        For him, they got with him, and he gave them a list of a few Teams he wanted to pkay for and ended up with a .6th Rounder from the 49ers instead of nothing.. That Deal as many others in the NFL do not always reflect a Players True “Market Value” but Ravens wanted to do right by him and trade to his steam of choice..
        Timing and relationships between Teams & Players still mean a lot in sone cases..

  32. Well Marshall was a nut case he tried to kill his wife twice that’s why he went for a two 3rd picks

  33. He is worth all that who is a better player Percy harvin or djack and like I said we will never if he wants to trade him unless he does

  34. Paulman at least you know why other teams couldn’t or didn’t want there players and why they traded them for what they did .like I said before the only way we will know if howie wants to trade him is if he gets traded cause he will deny it if he doesn’t trade him.

    • Yes Gloomy,
      I just see no reason for the Eagles (Roseman/Kelly) to attempt to Trade D-Jax,
      he’s coming off a Career Season and is an vital part of this Eagle Offense at 26 Years old who has been durable during his 5 Year Career minus a Concussion or 2, so why this talk about trading him… Makes no sense at this Time
      Re Brandon Graham, what makes him more attractive to Teams is that he is in his FInal Season of his Rookie Contract meaning he doesn’t earn a big Salary.. A desperate Team needing a 4-3 DE Pass-Rusher (like the Falcons,
      for example) would be smarter to pursue a Brandon Graham for mid-round Draft Pick and take a shot on his 1 remaining Deal than going out and spending Free-agent $$$$ on a Player who may or may not work out..
      I think Graham is a goner and it could be the Falcons,,Colts,Falcons,Bears (who will be releasing J Peppers for Salary Cap reasons)
      Come next Week after the Super Bowl, we will see many Teams around teh NFL to start cutting/releasing Veteran Players to free up Cap Space and to get their FInancial Houses in Order
      I expect a good 50 Veterans to be released around the NFL, some will be older Players, but there will be some Players that still have a lot to offer that will become Free-Agents
      Players like Terrell Suggs, MJ Drew, Chris Johnson, Julius Peppers, Jared Allen, Ed Reed,Jonathon Stewart,Brett Kiesel, etc,etc

      • Or wait till graham gets cut….

        • Which will most likely occur in Graham’s case, as they have probably decided to move on from him already but they may hang onto him until Camp Time since he’s in final year of Contract and see if they can get anything for him, no harm on hanging onto him, He’s received all his Bonus $$$ at this point of his Contract so no real cost in waiting

          4 Times when Trade Talks occur in NFL

          1) Right Now before Free-Agency occurs
          2) Draft Weekend Time which is the busiest time
          3) Post Draft Time which a Teams fails to fill a need thru the Draft and or lost Players in Free-Agency that they thought they would retain
          4) Summer Camp – Teams sustains injuries at certain Positions which requires them to go out and fill a need to filed a competitive Team

          • as an armchair GM what is it about GRaham that makes you think a real GM would give a mid rounder for him? if you were a real GM would you give up a pick for him? maybe i watch a different player than you

            • I think in a 4-3 Scheme, DE Brandon Graham can get you 8-10 Sacks a Season as a Designated Pass-Rusher and would be worth a 4th/5th ROund Prospect Draft Pick in Return
              Why If I am a GM be interested in this.. I could keep and Draft a new 21 Year old to learn the NFL and wait for 2-3 Years for Development or I can get Grahama and only be on the hook for his Final Season and play him and hope he blossoms.. Remember that Graham would be in his Contract Year with plenty of motivation to put up Stats, if I am the Falcons GM where I have to rebuild the Def Front 7 of the Team, why not bring in a couple of PLayers who have experience, the motivation to play that are not going to cost me much or require any big committment from the Falcons.. If he doesn’t work out, then all I gave up was a 4th or 5th Round Pick who maybe makes the Team or not as a Rookie who isn’t going to factor much for 2014 to begin with.. I take th chance as the Falcons GM for my job is on the line to improve this Falcon Pass-rush which has been amongst the worst in the NFL the last 3 Seasons and 1 Draft or Off-Season is not going to fix it completetly..,,,

              • That thinking got big red fired! If the eagles get a pick for him it’s highway robbery

              • All it takes is 1 GM or Team or Coach to like Graham,
                Remember that when he did come out in the Draft, there were a number of Teams who were all very high on him at the time ..
                maybe all he needs is a change of scenery… He’s been thru 3 DL Coach’s and 3 Different Schemes in his 4 Yearswith teh Eagles
                (not making any excuses, but the 3-4 Scheme is simply not a good fit for Brandon Graham..)

              • paul i hope they find a team that has a broken tape machine and hasn’t seen him play since college– i hope they rape a team for a 2nd rounder— as you say it takes one– having watched every game he’s played… i don’t see it- hope you are right

            • Me too HAC.. It would be nice to get something for him..5th/6th/7th Rd Pick.. or use him to move up 10-15 spots in a Round..
              I think he has the Talent/Drive and Motivation to be a Rotational DE for some Team that runs a 4-3, just not in Philadelphia..

      • paul, Jared Allen is a FA.

  35. Paulman I love djack on the field but I hate his little kid act off the field he needs to grow up plus I rather have a 6’4 wr over a 5’9 wr just saying

    • I hear you and don’t like some of his antics either, but as long as his off the field projects,antics,rants, do not interfere with his Production on the Field, then I don’t think anyone in Eagles Front Office of Coaching Staff is going to care that much about it .. The Botom line is that D-Jax is going nowhere, so you have to resolve yourself that D-Jax is here as an Eagle for the duration of his Current Contract .. Now the Eagles can still add a 6-4 WR regardless of D-Jax is here or not and most likely will re-sign Cooper and stioll a big Target WR to groom for the Future.. but D-Jax is a very important Player to Kelly’s scheme as the Eagles moves forward..
      Why would you want to trade or get rid of a 1,300 Yards Receiver anyways, just because he says some dumb things on ocassions..

    • size– another reason your ridiculous trade scenarios are ….uh…well ….RICIDULOUS!

  36. Paulmans Potential Trades

    1) Brandon Graham & Eagles 4th Round Selection (#118 Overall) to the Atlanta Falcons for their 4th Round Pick (#102 Overall)
    2) Bryce Brown to Cleveland Browns for their 6th Rd Pick (#164th Overall)
    3) James Casey to Carolina Panthers for their 6th Rd Pick (#188th Overall)

    Eagles now have the Following Picks

    1st (22nd Overall) – Safety Calvin Pryor (Louisville 6-2′ – 210lbs)
    2nd (55th Overall) – CB Kyle Fuller (Va Tech 6-0″- 195lbs)
    3rd (86th Overall) – OLB Jordan Zumwalt (UCLA 6-4″ – 240lbs)
    4th (102nd – Falcons) ILB Chrsitian Jones (Fla St 6-4″ – 235lbs)
    5th (150th Overall) TE Crockett Gillmore (Colorado State 6-6″ – 255lbs)
    6th (164th – Browns) OL Justin Britt (Missouri 6-6″- 315lbs)
    6th (188th – Panthers) DT Shamar Stephen (U Conn 6-5″ – 310lbs)
    7th (214th Overall) WR Cody Hoffman (BYU 6-4″ – 218lbs)

    Safety Calvin Pryor becomes Starter Day 1 in Camp

    CB K Fuller competes and gets some playing time and competes at Bradley Fletcher Spot, Fuller becomes the Full-Time Starter in 2015 replacing Fletcher

    OLB Zumwalt competes for playing time with Trent Cole and eventually splits snaps with him and becomes fuill time Starter in 2015.

    ILB C Jones is the main back-up for both Kedricks & Ryans and begins to see the field more as the Season goes along in place of Ryans in Passing Downs, C Jones Becomes Full time Starter in 2015 replacing Ryans who gets released after the 2014 Season

    TE Gillmore is one of the real Surprises of the Draft and has a Great Spring/Summer Camp and gets some playing Time in 2014 behind Celek/Ertz, plays Special Teams and contributes and becomes the #2 TE in 2015 behind Ertz

    OT J Britt – learns both RT/RG postions for Depth and a potential replacement for Lane Johnson who is poised to to move to LT in 2015 after Peters becomes a Free-Agent in 2014

    DT S Stephen is very raw, struggles in Camp with conditionion/focus but comes on strong and makes the Roster in what is a learning Season

    WR C Hoffman is a typical jack-of-Trades from BYU who is not super fast, super athletich, but just a good Football Player who plays Special Teams, blocks like a mad-man and shows some good hands and toughness that Kelly likes to see in WR and lands on the Practice Squad with his eye for 2015


    • I like Jordan Zumwalt…he’s an ILB…not OLB. Christian Jones will not make it to the 4th, he will be gone in 3rd. That’s where the Eagles will take him if he’s there.Better chance at getting Jones in 3rd and Zumwalt in the 4th.The D Tackle I would like to see in Eagles green is Justin Ellis….6’2″ 347 from Louisianna Tech.

  37. Chip needs to package some players to get Johnny Football even if Foles is at the top of the list to get shipped the hell outta here for a real threat a QB.

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