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Notes From The Sixers’ 104-92 Loss To Utah

sixjazzThe Philadelphia 76ers lost their 16th straight game on Saturday night, falling to the Utah Jazz. Their record drops to 15-47.

  • The Sixers certainly made this one a competitive game. They played the Jazz pretty evenly through three quarters, and the game was well within reach with the team being down only three points with just over a minute to go.
  • The Sixers actually led by two going into halftime, but were outscored 25-18 in the third.
  • Tony Wroten exploded for 30 points on 12-15 shooting. He became the focal point of the Sixer attack, and nearly carried the team to a win on his own.
  • Michael Carter-Williams had a wretched shooting night, connecting on just 2-13 shots. He didn’t get to the free throw line at all. MCW was still able to contribute nine assists, seven rebounds, and five steals.
  • Thaddeus Young scored 18 points, but did not collect a single rebound.
  • Henry Sims continues to start at center, and scored just five points to go with four rebounds.
  • James Anderson was third on the team in scoring with 16, and also pulled down six rebounds.
  • Arnett Moultrie played just over seven minutes once again, scoring just two points and collecting a single rebound.

Final Thoughts

This could very well have been this team’s best shot to win a game between now and the end of the season.

The Sixers did what they could to snap their losing streak, and nearly pulled it off, but they just couldn’t sustain a strong enough effort as they ran out of steam in the final minutes.

Its incredible just how inept the Sixer big men are on the glass. You have your starting point guard and shooting guard leading the way in rebounds with seven and six respectively, while the starting power forward doesn’t get a single rebound and the starting center grabs only four. If any stat is indicative of just how abysmal this roster currently is, its those numbers from tonight. on Facebook

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66 Comments for “Notes From The Sixers’ 104-92 Loss To Utah”

  1. denny you should just include parker/wiggins stat lines when u do sixers recaps

  2. Parker dropped 30 pts tonight in a win (he worked hard for those points both inside and out, still way too over weight in my eyes)

    Wiggins dropped 41 pts tonight in a loss (made it look so easy, brought team back from huge deficit)

    McDermott dropped 45 pts tonight in a win (made it look easy)

  3. JP was on a roll tonight and just back from watching the
    Game.. As JH noted, he was working inside and outside and appears to be the Best All-Around Player In the NBA Draft in my opinion

  4. Parker Over weight ? Time for new glasses jackass

    • mh, pay him no mind, he’s just trying to justify his BS, about Exum rising the charts, & overtaking Parker on the draft board. He’s a f^#@ing retarded Court Jester!

  5. J Parker is fine weight wise, when I was last nights game,
    His game reminds me a little like a young George Gervin
    If you remember him.. And I don’.to mean he’s as thin or lanky
    As Gervin was or has the range that Gervin had,
    But the way he shoots, creates separation, uses both hands, can score from anywhere on the court, inside, outside he has that similar
    little hesitation 10-12 Ft jumper shot and the way he uses his body
    To shield defenders.. You had to be impressed with his game hast evening
    He is going to be a very good NBA Player for whoever selects
    And for some reason, I thinks he ends up with the Lakers

    • Okay let’s say he’s just big boned sheesh haha.. he needs to improve his conditioning in a big way… He was exhausted after putting up 30 pts, Wiggins didnt break a sweat dropping 41, not a single one.

      You go Wiggins or Exum who I feel both have a bigger upside then Parker.

      And in regards to the Lakers who I know the league wants back at the top, they bring big revenue to the league. They will probably get either Wiggins, Parker or Exum. I think it’ll be Exum, he already picked the LA based agency that Kobe uses. The writing is on the wall…

      Lakers get Exum, Sixers get Wiggins, Celtics get Embiid, Kings or Bucks get Parker

      • Serious question JH……What make you so sure the seedings will fall like that?….How would any of us know?…..

        The Lakers could end up out of the top 5 if the ping pong balls fall a certain way, as could the Bucks….What makes you sure?

        • I didnt guarantee it Cliff, its just where I think each guy will go sitting here on March 9, 2014

          I dont think this should be a shock. Each of those franchises bring big money to the league (minus the Milwaukee Bucks) They need drafts like this to renergize the fan bases of both the franchises and NBA as a whole..

          Its going to be a lot of wackiness as the draft approaches..

    • Ice, is my all time favorite player Paul….

      With all due respect, There is no way anybody can claim Parker plays like way.

      Parker to me plays exactly like a more mobile Derrick Coleman with a Jumpshot, or a Glenn Robinson type.

      • Well I already did Cliff..
        A young Gervin I stated, not the All-Star Player he became
        I stsated that Parker works his shot off from various styles much like the Ice-Man did which is difficult to defend
        a comparison the DC is a laugh, Coleman could not that outside shot as a College Pkayercabd was much bigger, and lie post Scorer during his earky years.. He developed an outside touch well into his NBA Career
        Parker has it at 19 years of age…
        Glen Robinson is another poor comparison for he was a straight up shooter and was not very good putting the ball on the floor or driving the Lane like Parker is and again at age 19..

        • He’s nothing like George Gervin, and Robinson is not a poor Comparison – he plays exactly like him. does everything Parker does…Parker, isn’t a ball handler either, as was wasn’t Robinson.

          I know DC was bigger, but Coleman always had a consistent outside shot, on the perimeter, and 3 pointers, and could handle the ball, so much so he would bring the ball up for the Nets playing the Point Power Forward Position at times – allowing my cousin – Kenny Anderson – to work like a shooting Guard – The blend of those games I see in Parker

          • Kenny Andsrson was a good NBA PG,
            Had a nice Career, and probably never received the recognition that he deserved going against the MJ, Dumars ,Stockton
            back in the day

            • Yeah, my family we call him Chippers….Had mad skills

              He got hurt, and his game was never the same after that. Hid High School Jersey, is in the Basketball hall of Fame I believe….

              He’s got 3 girls – two girls he’s trying to get close to – and a son in his new marriage, and is doing ok since he grew up a little..

  6. With the 2nd pick I see the Sixers targeting Gordon, Vonleh or McDermott

    • I can see that Jon….I can also see that pick being Exum – But he would have to come in as MCW’s backup…

      But, I think you may be correct on drafting anther Big man – but not Gordon – Perhaps – Vonleh, or McDermott – with the arrow pointing to Vonleh

      They may also package that pick with Thaddeus, for a High pick next Year, which is a deeper draft – giving them 2 #1’s – and grabbing Emmanual Mundiay, and Kevon Looney – and sign two max free Agents

      • This may be the big FA class this yr with Wade Bosh Bron Bron Melo all most likely opting out.

      • Exum isn’t backing anyone up, your opinion of this kid is way off. Backing up MCW??? I actually like Exums game coming into the league now more than I liked mcws coming in.

        He would start day one on the Sixers at PG or SG

        I like MCW but Exum is a better scorer and passer. MCW has alot of work ahead of him. Good thing he’s young..

        I dont like Gordon but he does have length and athleticism. I like Vonleh and Mcdermott. I also like Smart and Hood

        The Pelicans have been losing a lot of games and aren’t far from 6th worst record in the NBA.. so we will see they may fall right into that 6th spot for us

        • No, I actually think he is a better PG than MCW, but because MCW, is invested in the team, and with the season he is having. No rookie is coming in and taking his spot……That’s just reality…

          Exum, is not much of a shooter; That’s why Wiggins is more likely candidate to be drafted before him – and more likely by the Sixers, if they are in a position to do so – no knock on Exum, but he still has a ways to go before he gets to where you say he is – outside being a point guard

          I am hoping the Pelicans get the 6th pick – works great for the Sixers.

          • no way wade opts out. no team in nba would give him a max deal at this point.

            • I’ve been saying the Sixers need a Big Time Player like LaMarcus Aldridge – who will be an UFA in 2015 – Make a trade then with Sacramento, and team him with DeMarcus Cousins, then along with the rookies, and free agent signed up to that point should give us a Championship looking squad…

              G- Michael Carter- Williams
              G- Andrew Wiggins
              C- DeMarcus Cousins
              F- LaMarcus Aldridge
              F- Terrance Ross

              G- Emmaual Mundiay
              G- Jordan Hamilton
              C- Myles Turner
              F- Noah Vonleh
              F- Kevon Looney

              • while i love that suggestion and you have been very consistent in thats what u want. i just dont think most stars walk away from their teams especially when their team can offer more money and years.

                i would love if that could happen tho

              • I hear you big mhenski Brother, but they would also like to win a Championship also.

                If the Sixers can prove they are headed in the right direction, and sign some complementally stud players, they have a chance to accomplish this.

            • Wade is toast and the end of the line
              Wouldn’t be surprised to see him retire after Season and especially if
              The Heat Win it all this Year..,

              • Wade isn’t retiring after this season haha where on earth did you get this? He has another 2-3 years to go. He wants to keep winning and winning and winning..

                They may make it so that Bosh Bron Wade and Melo all team up and play together. That would then take the load off of Wade immensely and help prolong his career..

          • I agree,
            76ers have their PG in MCW
            They need a SG to pair with him,
            Then a Veteran Back-Up Guard
            Like a Jarrett Jack or A 4-5 Year Vet to spell MCW and lead the
            2nd Unit, but first and foremost they need 2 Front Court Pkayers to go along with Noels and since is challenged offensively
            They need a Scoring PF and a Defensive,Physical Rebounding PF
            Before they can competes

            • Jack stinks Paul C’mon…

              and I hope we see soon why Noel is what I say he is…..

              • As a back-up PG, j sack is more than serviceable..
                You think the 76ers are going robber carried next season with ‘3’-4-5 players who aren’t 22 yet.. MCW could kearn a lot from a Vemteran Back-up PG.. He (MCW) is still very raw..

              • He stinks – I ‘d rather keep Tony Wroten….

  7. **Sixers News**

    I’m hearing that Nerlins Noel will make his NBA debut on 4-4-14. That game will be against the Boston Celtics

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  8. Paulman stated back in January that Noel’s would see his first action with 15 games or so Remaining, How is this news now in March??
    He needs to experience NBA speed and learn a lot about the NBA in the final 4-6 Weeks if the a Season to gain a little confidence and to knock off the rust of not playing over a A Calender Year, so he can go into the Off-Season with some NBA experience ..

  9. I hope Nerlans tries, and shows passion and effort.
    I was not a fan of Arnette Moultrie last, I hated his pick and roll defense. But I was shocked to see him just apathetically go through the motions when he returned. I remember when Royce White was on the preseason roster trying to make the team. He would use 4 fouls in 3 minutes trying, he just wasn’t good enough. Moultrie doesn’t get even get effort fouls ( he just jogs up and down the court not a care in the world.)

  10. McDermott is the best shooter in the draft, so I would love to see them pick him with the 2nd pick depending on when it is.

    • Watch my sleeper Guard of the Tourney (Eldrid Payton) of Louisiana-Lafayette take McDermott to School this Afternoon as La-Lafayette upsets Creighton….. Payton is 6-3 195lbs and smooth as silk and would be a great Pick with one of those 2nd Round Picks for the 76ers..

  11. After Parkers chock job today, he will most likely stay in school and enter the draft next year… sheesh…


  12. Wiggins plays later today. Lets see how he does

  13. Stay away from Parker.. Duke players rarely ever project well to the NBA.. He really choked today. His nerves got the best of him, he looked a complete mess out there.. He needs to stay in school hes not ready..


  14. Where are all the Parker lovers at?!

    You guys still think hes worth the 1st overall pick?

  15. Does JH still sound crazy saying Wiggins is waaay better than Parker? And that Exum is taking his spot in the top 3 on draft boards?

    Wiggins has always been better than Parker like Ive been saying from the beginning. Its not even close. Wiggins is learning how to play basketball the right way playing for Coach Self, Parker on the other hand was given the ball every play and told to go score..

    Wiggins could put up big points in his sleep, but instead hes a team player learning the game. I guarantee that Wiggins will walk away more fundamentally sound and more prepared for the league over Parker…

    You guys who were down on Wiggins all year long sure look silly now.. haha..
    And hes over weight like ive been saying..

    You still “parking4parker” and “sorry4jabari”???

    How bout this, feel “sorry4jabari” hahaha jeez louise…

  16. Wiggins 1-6 with 4 points. Is everyone still crazy for saying that they like Parker better than Wiggins? Um…no. and they are also not running any plays for him.

    Everone has bad games Jon Hart even the second coming.

  17. jon hart why no discussion about wiggins? you were so adamant about how bad parker choked but nothing about wiggins choke job?

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