So Far, Little Market For Michael Vick

vickOne week into the NFL’s free agency period, most of the big names on the market have found new homes or re-signed with their old teams.

But there’s still a number of interesting names left on the market, and possibly the biggest of those names is none other than Michael Vick.

Vick is an unrestricted free agent, and he’s made it clear that he sees himself as a starter and wants to be one again in this league. However, the former Pro-Bowler has yet to find a team willing to commit to him and give him such an opportunity. In fact, Vick has generated very little interest since hitting the open market last week.

Right now, the New York Jets and Oakland Raiders seem like the best fits for Vick. But even if either team is interested, neither of them have been banging down the doors to get him, meaning their interest in the veteran can’t be all that great.

The problem for Vick is that most of the teams that need help at quarterback are so far away from the playoffs that it doesn’t make sense for them to to bring in a guy of his profile. These are teams that are in the rebuilding phase, and most coaches would prefer to take their chances with a young quarterback and attempt to find the league’s next rising star rather than try to squeeze some hollow temporary success out of a veteran.

Let’s run through the quarterback-needy teams and see what the best fits for Vick might be.

New York: The Jets have been active in free agency so far, locking up Eric Decker to a big deal. With Rex Ryan on thin ice, they desperately need someone who can potentially give them a spark that could make them relevant in the AFC East again. Geno Smith didn’t impress anyone last year, and even if the organization still views him as their future, he may need another year of seasoning. With Marty Mornhinweg in place as offensive coordinator, and the circumstances surrounding the head coach’s future, Vick would seemingly be a great fit for New York.

Cleveland: The Browns are as unstable at quarterback as anyone, but they seem to be high enough on Brian Hoyer to give him a shot this year. They’re also likely to draft another young prospect at some point.

Houston: I think Bill O’Brien wants to take his time, and build up his team slowly. He’ll get his quarterback from the draft, and let him play out his first year while going through growing pains.

Jacksonville: The Jags are sure to draft a young quarterback, and they’ve already re-signed Chad Henne to serve as their veteran presence, leaving no room for Vick.

Oakland: The Raiders could certainly use a quarterback, but they’ve actually been linked more to Matt Schaub so far than Vick.

Minnesota: The Vikings decided to bring back Matt Cassel, eliminating them as an option for Vick.

The New York Jets are the only team that really comes close to fitting the profile of a franchise that a Vick addition would make sense for right now. There’s a lot that still has to play out, but its possible that Vick won’t sign anywhere until after the draft. If one of the quarterback-needy teams aren’t able to find a young prospect they like in the draft, they may be more inclined to roll the dice with a guy like Vick and see what happens.

But at this point, Vick could very well return to the Eagles as their backup.

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    1. Again, as stated above, Rex Ryan needs to at least make the playoffs to avoid being fired, and Geno Smith/Mark Sanchez just isn’t going to get it done. They ‘re the one mediocre/quarterback-needy team that could use a talented guy like Vick to try to give them a boost and make them relevant in the AFC playoff picture.

      And if not the Jets…who else? Again, most other teams would rather go with a young quarterback and see if they’ve got anything to work with. When I look at the teams that need quarterback help, the Jets situation is the only one that really appears to be a fit.

      I’m sure plenty of teams would be interested in him as a backup…but Vick has made it clear he wants to start, and if he’s going to hold out for a starting opportunity, the pickings are very slim.

  1. He’s not going to the Jets. I stated this months ago. MM does NOT like MV7 as a QB. Thinks he is undisciplined. Can’t break down defenses and coverages. MM pushed hard for Foles to get drafted as he wanted a replacement for Vick who he was never comfortable with.

    There is no market for a 34 yr old injury prone turnover machine, and MV didn;t make like easy on him self with all those “I’m a starter” declarations over the winter……now its just embarassing.

  2. The over/under for number of comments on a Vick post has been set at 176. The number would be higher but hot air, unreal, songs and ts have been absent from the board

  3. Guess it all depends on what perspective you are trying to view Vick’s situation….

    Posted by Mike Florio on March 11, 2014, 7:22 PM EDT

    Free-agent quarterback Mike Vick can sign with any team at any time. Chance are he won’t be signing with any team any time soon.

    Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Vick plans to be patient in his search for a new job. He realizes that this is likely his last chance to find a starting job, so he’s looking for the right fit.

    In this regard, a very real concern becomes the possibility that his new team would acquire a quarterback in the first round of the draft after signing Vick. Vick could, in theory, go from being penciled in as the starter until May, at which time a hot-shot rookie acquires the inside track to the job.

    For that reason, it’s possible Vick will wait until after the draft to make a decision. If a team in need of a quarterback doesn’t get the guy it wants, Vick becomes an instant fallback option.

    At a time when teams like the Vikings and Jaguars possibly have signed their fallback options pre-emptively, Vick’s best move could be to wait and see where the top quarterbacks get drafted before committing to a team for 2014.

    Vick also could decide to wait and see whether a starter gets injured, during offseason workouts or, if he chooses to let it play out into the late summer, training camp and the preseason.

    Either way, a quick decision isn’t expected — unless Vick gets firm assurances that he can trust regarding what his role will be for the coming season.

    1. problem is that the longer VIck waits, the nore moved other Teams make insolidifying their QB Positions (even the bad Teams) and if he waits until adter teh Draft, he’s doomed for there will be no real openings left
      He needs to Strike now and before the Draft if he wants a shot to compete for a Starters Positions whether that be the Jets,Browns,Raiders or the Texans or Jagaurs
      These Teams will address the QB Position in the Draft with early Round Sleections (1st/2nd Round) making the appeal for Vick to maybe have a chance of winning some games now, even less..

      His Best bet is to sign as a Back-Up for the Eagles but I see it awful hard for the Eagles to Offer Vick Twice or 3 Times that $$S than what the Pay Starter Foles for 2014 (Approx 750K) .. Is Vick going to Sign for a $1 Million $1.5 Deal.. probably not ,Are the eagles going to Pay Vick $3-$4 Million to be a Back-Up, probably not, so thats the Situation as I see it..

      On a side note, watch for Cowboys to Release $5 Million Back-Up QB Kyle Orton,if Brandon Weeden shows well in his early workouts with the Club who they picked up for League Minimum as they continue to try to get their Salary Cap mess straightened out for the Future …

  4. I really though and hoped Mike Vick would have landed
    In Tamp Bay, but Lovie Smith went with
    Josh McKnown instead..
    The best scenario for him would be the Browns with Josh Gordon,
    Greg Little and TE Cameron Jordan the recently signed RB
    Ben Tate at least giving him some up and coming weapons
    They only have Brian Hoyer on their Roster and have a ton of Draft Picks
    If they sign Vick to a 2 Year Deal, they could spend their Fist Draft Choivec and maybe get a WR Watkins or Evans and help turn aroubmd that Team in a hurry is a pretty weak AFC North..
    The Browns also have a decent OL
    In Ma very good LT Thomas & Center in Mack
    The Jets have few weapons on their Offense and Vick would have to carry that Offense on his back which is not a good idea

  5. People, who cares where Vick ends up! We have problems here that we have to worry about, this DJack situation is blowing up nationally, now it’s a big story on Espn with all kind of senerios, this kid is fragile, this is going to affect him if we don’t straighten this out immediately and if that happens this season is going to end up a total flop, we seen this movie before with him.

      1. Which is why Paulman brought this up yesterday…
        I strongly believe his Agent is putting out these Stories for he (D-Jax) wants out of Philly… He has seen how the Media & Fans were with
        Mike VIck and he is D-Jax bright enough to think about his future and his brand and that he knows Philly well enoough that “element” that makes up the “Vick Haters” will now become “D-Jax Haters” as Vick moves on
        and this my friend is the bottom line… D-Jax has a lot of Projects going on and doesn’t want or need to be the “Whipping Boy of Philly”

        A Deal has to be made and it will be made Draft Weekend

        1. I agree. I thought that day was a lock to be here but now after all of this…. Seems he / his agent have the most to gain from these stories as they are pressure for the birds to reassure day (throw him some new g-coin) or move him to another team that is going to redo a deal.

          Vick and Djax born Raiders

  6. Bet you they regret not VJax instead, now, huh? When he quit on us in 2011, should of bought him a bus ticket out of town. You enable a distraction, you get a distraction. If he wasn’t here, they’re wouldn’t be an issue.

  7. D-Jax to the 49ers for their 2nd Round Pick in 2014 (#62nd Overall)
    and a 3rd Round Pick in 2015 (probably in the #84th to #92nd Range)

    Does anyone take this Deal….

  8. The Eagles might as well lock him up as a backup if no one bites, because he already know the system here.

    Once Foles gets blasted fro the blind side we may need Vick to pick up from where he was before injuryt.

    My fingers are crossed.

    1. He already know e system… But the system is based on the pre snap read and knowing where to go with the ball… Vick can’t read defenses… And you can’t have an injury prone turnover machine as a backup

  9. DJAX is always a good lightening rod story while little to nothing is happening in Eagle land. I personally believe #10 will be an Eagle for the 2014 season and all this trade talk is over-hyped nonsense that started off as a speculative story with no foundation.

  10. Derrick Gunn is saying the Pats n 49ers both inquired about DJack, supposedly we can only get a third round pick in return, he’s saying if a player is there on draft night that they want when those teams pick, they might do the deal, If that’s all u can get, I say don’t do it, no third round pick is giving us the numbers he gave us last year.

  11. Here goes the article, their crazy if that’s all they end up with and still have 6 million of his salary count against the cap,

    The Eagles might not be actively shopping DeSean Jackson but they’re picking up the phone and listening to offers.

    And, according to CSN’s Derrick Gunn, other teams are interested.

    The team has taken inquiries from the 49ers and Patriots, Gunn has learned from a league source, and notified the Pro Bowl wideout early last week that it’s not shopping him but is listening to potential suitors.

    Also according to the source, the Eagles are seeking at least a third-round pick and potentially more for Jackson, whose career-best 1,332 yards last season ranked ninth among NFL receivers. Jackson also tied a career high with nine touchdowns and averaged 16.2 yards per reception, third-highest among wideouts with at least 80 receptions.

    1. Then the Eagles can continue to ignore the defense and take a receiver in the 1st and 2nd rounds. Who tries to trade a WR in a WR rich draft? Once again the 0 SB Eagles are smarter than everyone else. If I was another team I wouldn’t give up high picks for a WR either. Plus its a cap hit? Then they can blow smoke up the fans ass about how good there drafts are with the likes of that stiff Cox(avg at best) and Kendricks who is a bigger version of Ernie Sims and a wasted #4 pick in the NFL draft on a right tackle. good grief.

    1. Haveacigar I just watched a special a few months ago on ESPN on how much he is involved with kids in the area. How hehelped these kids that were bullied. How he is involved in pancreas cancer research. No arrests, no drugs, no woman beating. My god he isn’t Ray Rice, Donte Stallworth etc lol

  12. Eagles must be starting the bidding at a 3rd pick no way in the world I’m trading him for a 3rd pick coming off a career year still young and fast it’s gonna take atleast 1,3,5 to get this deal done.

    1. Gloomy who the fuck is gonna give you all that in the deepest WR draft in 30 years. Its fucking stupid. Why would anyone trade ANY receiver besides Megatron (and I wouldn’t even give that for him) for all them picks when you can draft a stud receiver basically anywhere in the 1st round?

  13. You want to get rid of a receiver on a team that was 2nd in the league in yards and 4th in points so then you can waste the #22 pick in the draft on another receiver and neglect the best defensive player on the board because you have to replace a probowl receiver you already have? So screw the defense lets replace a position we already have. brilliant.Then hope Maclin #1 stays healthy, #2 has his 1st 1000 yard season of his career, # 3 if Maclin does have a great year doesn’t hold the Eagles hostage with his contract demands and doesn’t leave for more money. WTF brilliant.

    1. Dag….Idon’t get it. We bitched when we had James trash, Todd Stinkston and Charles “molasses” Johnson. They were all good guys, but had their flaws on the field that made them average at best WR’s that Eagles fans…including myself complained about. Then we get a player like DJAX….who has his flaws too, but he is a serious threat and weapon that DC’s must plan for. Does DJAX has flaws in his game and some character issues, yes, we all do. I’ll take the flaws, paired with the good he does off the field, and the production on the field over an unknown commodity. If it was all about good moral character, Jason Avant would still be here…like Jackson. All teams listen to possible trades. I’m, sure the Eagles listen to trades all the time for numerous players..but DJAX is the lightning rod! If a trade to good to pass up comes along, you take it, but that would have to mean a 1 and a 2 or 3 to start…and I don’t see that happening.

      1. I agree with you Eagles….unless there is a lot more going on behind the scenes, DJax opens things up for the other guys to be successful on the field. I doubt that a draft pick would have a similar impact or come close to replacing the catches and yards that he produces.

  14. Pryor is on the board at #22 but now I cant take him because I gotta friggin draft Marquise Lee to replace Djax. who I already had. Are you kidding me? How the hell are they gonna sell that to the fans?

  15. Smokescreen guys now when they draft Beckham or Benjamin or some other WR instead of a safety at 22 they have a built in excuse. Man you guys got to follow along it’s about Chip and his offensive machine. LOL seriously if they only get a 3rd they are a bunch of idiots.

    1. I can see Benjamin,Not Beckham. I think he (Beckham ) will just be a good receiver, just “A Guy” not worthy of #22. Regardless..If Pryor is there, you take him.

      1. Come on Eagles you see the game that’s being played here right? Your damn right if Pryor is there you take him at 22 but now because your cough cough trading DJax you can draft your WR with minimal backlash.

        1. LOL…I see what you are saying Big…I don’t like giving up that threat that DJAX offers to the opposition though. I think Jackson still offers something special, especially in this offense. I don’t trust Maclin to stay healthy and Cooper is a product of Desean’s presence in my opinion. I don’t know about the devil I don’t know, I’d rather keep jackson and take the best player availablt cough cough Pryor if there. If not I want Benjamin. I’ll roll with all of them (WR’S) for a year.

  16. Trade Djax next year.I have no problem with getting rid of him AFTER I see if Maclin is healthy. After we draft all defense in the early rounds so they can grow. Not this year so I have to cross my fingers and hope Maclin doesn’t go down, or can even come back ok from surgery.Ridiculous.

  17. Desean is coming off of his best stats of his career, not only that he also returned back to the pro bowl.. Noway is a 3rd or less gonna be enough. This report is bull..

    This has gotten out of control. Theyre not trading Desean Jackson guys.

  18. No one will miss Desean when he’s gone. He’ll be forgotten in a couple weeks and the offense will hum along just fine. Guaranteed.

    The only strange thing about this rumour (and at this point the story is Blowing up and heading to critical mass where something will have to happen) is the idea of getting a 3rd.

    Last year Seattle paid a 1st, 3rd and 7th for Percy Harvin. So I would hope the Birds could get something more than a 3rd. (Though I’d be supried the Pats would offer even that!)

    1. Vinnie of course DJax wont be missed because the Perennial Salary cap champ Eagles churn out pro bowl receivers like fucking butter. I know you have a fucking hard one because of this info, Now all you need is to release Peters, bring in Joe Thomas, trade Shady for Toby Gerhart and your life is complete. lol

        1. D-Jax maxed out last Season and doesn’t have the body frame to withstand a 130 Receptions.. Trade him while his Value is the
          Highest it will ever be..
          With Maclin & Sproles’s and a developing Ertz
          D-Jax’s short term Production can easily be replaced..
          Maybe not the home-run threat, but total catches & Yards & TD’s
          Easily relaxed let alone adding a Draft Pick WR Prospect by Year 2 & 3

          1. Paul that’s garbage, he does not have to have the frame. People get on him from getting down or going out of bounds…that’s smart in my opinion, he knows how to preserve his body, Maclin does the same thing..hell self tacklin Maclin gets taken down by the turf monster and gets injured during non contact. Jackson hasn’t missed much time due to injury…so where is this claim coming from…and based on what? It’s merely conjecture on your part. I don’t think he maxed out..I thinkhe just demonstrated his potent ability in this offense. he’s only 27 and has no history of missing games on an annual basis. You don’t have to like him Paul….but don’t make things up as it relates to his ability to stay healthy or continue to play at a high level!

            1. 5 years as a 1 Trick Pony is a long time without serious injury and I credit D-Jax for staying healthy (outside of concussion)
              But to count on him to play at same level for 3 more same adorns at age 30 or so is very unlikely..
              Look at Santonio Holmes, Mike Wallace, as recent examples,
              These guys take a lot of hits and can only remain super fast for so long.. Trade his ass like I’ve been saying, for his Value will
              Only begin to decline here on out..

              1. A one trick pony is a guy like Randy Moss who could only run straight down the field. A guy who makes the pro bowl at multiple positions by definition is not a one trick pony. For all you idiots claiming he’s soft try punt returning and then talk that shit. Otherwise shut up you sound really really stupid.

  19. You guys act like without Jackson his production evaporates, without him not only do you lose his considerable baggage, but the production will be spread out among the other weapons

    Let me clue you in: the franchise qb does not like Jackson and for good reason, he gives up, get rid of this malcontent

  20. No doubt he’s catch 100 passes on the Pats…but he won’t in Philly.

    Lets say Foles completes 350 passes next year (seems about right)…where they going to go?

    Remember….Maclin’s going to be more productive than Avant’s 38 catches, Cooper is Foles’ safety valve, Ertz will be better in year 2 and Sproles has been added.

    If you think Desean is going to have the same year as he did last year, you’re not paying attention.

    60 to Desean
    60 Maclin
    45 Cooper
    50 to Lesean
    40 to Sproles
    80 to tight ends combined
    20 to everyone else

    Those 60 catches could then easily be re-distributed if Desean is gone….10 more each to Maclin and Cooper, 10 more to tight ends, 10 more to the backs and 20 to a rookie WR.

    We saw this over the last half of the season last year as Cooper and Ertz began to emerge and Desean’s caches went:

    4, 4, 3, 4, 10, 4, 3, 3……..with 2 TDs over the final 8 games.

    He was already being fazed out!!

    The guy is not Foles’ 1st look and won’t be missed.

  21. The fact is…the Eagles have been listening to offers for jacksonthe last two or three years, he’sstill here. hell, if the right deal came along Nick Foles would be given a one way ticket out of town also. Trust me…If chip Kelly could find away to get his hands on Jameis Winston or kaepernick, Nick would be outta here!

  22. Whoops, that’s 355! But you get the idea. Desean next year will be 60 catches for 900 yrds and 5 tds….that not irreplaceable.

    And if he is being a bitch in the locker room as every report seems to suggest, then its very easily replaceable.

    1. Vinnie that’s a dumb ass way to look at it. Get rid of fucking Shady then and give Brown, Polk and Sproles his carries. Im sure they can combine for 1300 yards and 10 tds. While your at it Detroit should get of Megatron you can distribute 30 more catches to Bush and Golden Tate. Cincy should get rid of AJ Green his receptions would be spread out to other receivers. Every team in the league can do that. You think if Megatron isn’t on Detroit Stafford will complete 100 less balls, no, Its more than that. Coopers slow ass gets single coverage because nobody respects him to put there best DEB or double coverage on him. But guess what happens if Djax isn’t there.

    2. If anyone can be replaced its Cooper and Maclin and there non-pro bowl, never had a 1000 yard season, dime a dozen, injury prone, 40 catch career year, never saw double coverage, 2nd CB , never game planned for, Djax presence benefiting wrs. Cooper should kiss Jacksons black ass for that contract.

      1. You mean Cooper should Vick’s Black Ass for getting injured and allowing the Opportunity For Foles to Play
        Vick will now be referred and remembered as the “Wally Pipp” of Football..
        … Classic right there…

  23. We need to get the Vikings Gm here if all howie can get for desean is a 3rd pick cause the Seahawks gave up a 1,3,7rd picks for Percy harvin and he’s not half the receiver desean is. And Percy was an asshole to his coaches and teammates so if all they can get is a 3rd I say keep him a 3rd just ain’t worth someone who just 1300yrds and pro bowl now I’ll take a 2,3,4 for him but not just a 3rd.

      1. I agree and this is how they turn the table on what I believe to have been a ploy by Jackson and his camp…IE Leak that he is uncertain in order to put public pressure on Eagles to give him more Guaranteed money….OOOPS Howie says… OK jackson you want out or more money we are ALL EARS… NOW Djax plays on his current deal or he is outta here. OOPS that did not go as planned did it Jackson and agent.

    1. Not apples to apples.. Seahawks were desperate
      For a big threat on Offense with their limited WR Corps
      And had the rest a very good Team already in Place (Great D, Beastmode,
      Young athletic QB)
      They rolled the dice and gave up a lot for Harvin
      To put them over the Top
      Maybe the 49ers are that Team to give a bunch of Picks up
      For D-Jax, but I wouldn’t count on it..

    2. A “2nd & 4th Round Pick” will deal the Deal

      Teams that can afford his Contract and the Picks and be interested
      Are the 49ers & Raiders & Jaguars & SD Chargers
      He’s going to end up out West..

      1. Should be “Seal the Deal”
        Maybe Eagles toss in a Brandon Graham or Bryce Brown
        To the Jaguars to make it happen,,

        1. Paulman so basically what your saying is a teams like the 49ers and Patriots and there perennial SB challenging, 5 time SB trophy winning organizations deem Djax as a valuable asset yet the 0 SB, 50 year floundering self named Gold Standard team view Djax as not useful? I forgot we are smarter then everyone else.How does that work? He is good enough for them but not for us. Oh yeah we have Cooper and Maclin, we are loaded at WR I forgot. .

          1. What vocal say Dag, is that True Legitimate contending Teams
            For the Super Bowl, who feel they are 1-2 Players away are the ones more willing to take a chance with a player who has baggage or a checkered past..
            Seahawks did it last year with obtaining Harvin
            Pats have done it many times in their past with Moss, Corey Dillon,L Blunt, and dud it again this year with signing CB Browner

            The big difference is that the Eagles are not 1-2 Players away
            They are like 5-6 Players away from contending
            And maybe they feel they can give up some Offense to obtain
            Some of these other players of need for their Defense by getting some Picks in return for the long run..
            D-Jax does not fit the longer range Plans of Chip Kelley
            Or the Organization any longer..

            1. Paulman you mean baggage like a player using the N word and embarrassing the entire franchise and city? That kind of baggage. Seems like he was rewarded with a long term contract. That’s a slap in the face to all minorities that have some baggage.

              1. How you compare a drunken incident at a Concert who had never shown any other issues in 4 Years
                To another with arrest record in College (D-Jax – Stealing and Marijuana) which is why he fell to a mid-2nd Round Pick to begin with.. Who has Quit on his Teams & Coach’s many times, has publicly whined about his Contract is no comparison and bottom line just does how “own thing” is not what the Eagles & Coach Kelly
                Is looking for, plain & simple..
                Cooper paid for his mistake, got some help,
                And has proven to be a Team Player and continues to work hard to
                Improve his overall game..
                Chip Kelly/GM Roseman will never say publicly,
                But they prefer Players to stay in Philly all year round and workout at NovaCare instead of working out on their on out in California like D-Jax does.. D-Jax is not a true Eagle,
                He’s a Football Player who happens to play for the Eagles
                Chip Kelly & Roseman want “True Eagles” , plain & simple

              2. Paulman….lol…I like Cooper, but seriously, what help did he get. He was gone away for 3 days. Did he go to the river jordan and get a full cleansing and baptised. And wow buddy….who are you to set the criteria for who is a true Eagle and not a true Eagle, that’s pretty arrogant on your part. He’s from Cali and wants to be around his family and friends….I don’t see the issue with that. Especially since it’s the off season and his time to do as he pleases. That’s like a Philadelphia fan saying…you’re not a true Eagles fan because you do not live in Philadelphia.

          2. They obviously don’t see him as that valuable an asset, otherwise they would have made an offer that the Eagles would have accepted. They obviously haven;t done that, so they obviously don;t think that much of him.

            Lets compare this to the Boston Bruins for a second.

            Are Riley Smith and Louis Ericcson as good as Tyler Seguin?

            Nope. No one had even heard of Smith prior to the trade (though he is having a nice season)

            Yet the Bruins still traded a budding superstar in Tyler Seguin for
            them and are a better team for it. Seguin was an immature diva-type who wasn’t listening to his coaches. Immature.

            Bruins picked up two ‘lesser’ players, removed the festering blister and the team is better off. Happens all the time.

            IF (and I am still in the ‘if’ camp) Desean is behaving like Gunn and others say he is, then the best move may be to remove him….you might lose 300 yards, but you’ll gain other intangibles.

              1. Yeah, I would say that 70 points later, Dallas was pretty happy to get Seguin. The player has to fit the team need too.

                I am not in favor of a DJAX trade at all, because what is the plan without him? Maclin/Cooper is a downgrade no matter how you look at it. Sproles offsets that somewhat but not really. He ain’t gonna be running fly patterns and putting double moves on people. So then is the move to go with a rookie? Which guy and is that in the 1st round, because I would have liked to make that a defensive pick. Lee? Benjamin?

                And what are they gonna get for him? I don’t think that anyone is going to offer a 1. So now a 2nd or 3rd round pick for him. I know that that may be market value, but I don’t consider that to be equal value to replace his production.

  24. For God’s sake….I signed up for the NFL Europe package last fall to watch the Birds while I’m over here. has been sending me their daily email ever since.

    Guess what today’s title was:

    “Eagles shopping DeSean Jackson”.

    When it hits the official site, its over.

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