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DeSean Jackson Rumors Keep Growing

DeSeanJackson2The DeSean Jackson trade rumors continued to swirl on Tuesday evening, when reports surfaced that the Eagles are listening to offers for the former second-round pick.

According to Derrick Gunn, the team has received inquiries from the Patriots and 49ers, with the Eagles reportedly seeking at least a third-round pick and possibly more.

The Eagles also apparently tried to trade Jackson last off-season, and the time were willing to accept a middle-round selection, but were unable to find any takers.

The team is also not actively shopping Jackson, but they’re willing to listen to any offers that other teams might have.

My Take

Even if the Eagles want to move Jackson, I can’t believe that they could let him go for just a third-round pick. Jackson is coming off of a career-year, with a personal best in yardage with 1,332 to go with eight touchdowns.

The Eagles may (or may not) want to rid themselves of Jackson’s personality, but his on-field accomplishments far outweigh whatever headaches he may cause the coaching staff from time to time. If you’re going to subtract a guy who can stretch the field and open things up for a lot of other players on the offense, you better come away with a lot more than a third-round pick.

Teams value their top draft picks like gold, and its very rare that you see a veteran dealt for high draft picks. If Jackson isn’t one of those players that can draw at least a first-rounder from another team, then the Eagles can’t seriously entertain other offers. I have to believe the Eagles would be a lot better off attempting to work out their differences with Jackson rather than dump him for a third-round caliber player who will not come close to matching his impact.

I do believe that the Eagles are certainly willing to move DeSean, and with every new report I’m becoming more and more convinced that their plan is to deal Jackson and use their first-round pick to take another receiver. This is supposed to be one of the deepest receiver classes in years, and I’m sure there are at least a few guys that Chip Kelly believes could add a lot of punch to the offense. on Facebook

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180 Comments for “DeSean Jackson Rumors Keep Growing”

  1. If howie doesn’t get a 1st he needs to be shot.

    • We can agree on this gloomy. If they did it…they better get a first. I won’t advocate slaughtering Roseman..but he should be relieved of duty and forced to be Jeffrie’s butler!

    • He’s not getting a 1st Round Pick in Return with this Deep & Talented WR Draft Class, No Way, No How…
      The Best they will get is a 2nd & a 4th Round Pick, which I still take

      • paulman…..that is why you are NOT a GM in the NFL. The Vikings got a 1st, 3rd, and 5th for Percy Harvin who is a step below DJax. So the Eagles need to get that package or a player and a 1st and 3rd. They are under no pressure to trade him so they can wait for a kings ransom.

        • They are not going to get that in Return Iggles..

          1 Trade by another Team it Terms of Compensation does not have any bearing on a Current Trade or Future Trade..
          The market for Players and Positions changes year to year based on many Facotrs, like compararable Free-Agnents, the Draft Class, Teams that are in actualy need, Coach’s Philsophies, etc,etc …

          Remember the Cowboys giving up 2 1st Round Picks and a 2nd Round Pick for WR Roy Wiulliams a few years back, then 2 Years ago, the Bears gave up 2 #5 Round Picks for the troubled Brandon Marshall

          even last Year, the Ravens who had no Cap Space to resign A Boldin and everyone around the NFL knew it, traded him to the 49ers for 5th Round Pick..
          Bottom line, there is no standard, it really depends on what Teams are willing to giev up and how bad the Eagles want to move him, and it sounds like they want him gone pretty bad…

          I will take a 2nd Round with a 4th Round or a future 3rd round and the Deal is done.. No Team is going to have to give up a 1st Round Pick due to the fact that this Years WR Market is Soft Overall and the Fact that the Draft Class is so Deep at the WR Position…

          It is what it is, I am just glad to see a 3 year wish of mine come true
          and to send his selfish ass back out to California where it belongs
          His Numbers & Production will easily be absorbed by Maclin, Sproles , Ertz and whoever they add as a Draft Pick at WR, so there is little loss as far as I am concerned…
          Go Eagles, Rid the Cancer one Player at a Time … Build this Team in Coach Kelly’s likeness and make Philly Proud…

          If Eagles want him gone, then he’s gone…

  2. If he’d have been offered a first, he would have already done the deal.

  3. Now I don’t agree with trading DJax, but if you offered me a 1. I would have traded him 20 minutes ago. LOL

  4. You losing your mind if you think they can get a first for him just aint worth it he carries too much baggage,

    • What baggage would that be Don? Percy Harvin’s has a ton of baggage and Seattle gave up how much for him?

      • That was my question to. He had a sideline spat with a coach. That crap happens every week around the league and they figure it out.

        He wants more guaranteed money? So do a lot of players after a career year and especially so those that are as tiny as he is. I don’t love that he is asking for this, but I understand it.

  5. the contract that DJax currently has at 10 million a year is worth a 3rd rounder. If DJax had Maclin’s or Cooper’s 5 million a year deal he would be worth a 1st rounder plus.

  6. If that is the case then I don’t trade him. A 3rd round pick for the best WR on your team who had a career year? No thanks.

  7. I agree that as an Eagles fan I want nothing less than a 1st round pick, but after all of these rumors and crap, I can’t see it happening. Too much is made on why the birds would want to rid themselves of DJax, enough to scare off most teams, or at least lessen their possible offers.

    With Avant gone, the Birds will need to find another “peacemaker” with the WR corp. Jackson will be even worse after all of these rumors have been put out there. He feels unwanted, and most likely we will see the sulking DJax we had before he got his latest contract.

    If Kelly is able to get him to play and not be a distraction in the locker room or on the practice field, he will be a miracle worker and will deserve NFL Coach of the Year!!

  8. Maybe or maybe you will get another 1300+ plus season out of him. I will take my chances. There is supposed chemistry in that locker room with strong leadership, so the loss of Jason Avant is going to ruin that?

    Do you think that we may be projecting a little bit here?

    Or do you think that they let these rumors persist and fan the flames, so that we all forget to talk about the fact that they have not significantly upgraded the weakest aspect of the team yet?

    • No doubt, the way that this team seems to be casually addressing the huge holes on this defense is a big concern. I have been generally disappointed with the “second tier” type of guys that they have signed for the defense during this stage of free agency. We all know that Chip has a big focus on the offensive side of the ball, but ignoring the failings of this defense will continue to haunt the team.

      As far as Avant, no projecting here. He (Avant) stated as much when asked about his role as a buffer between DJax and the WR coach. Just as when TO wouldn’t speak with MM, it will cause issues if he is allowed to continually disrespect a coach and get away with it. I want him to stay, I believe that he is a special player that has the ability to demand the attention of a defense and thus open things up for others even when his production is down. That being said, if he is as big a problem as has been described, and chances are much has never gotten out, then Kelly will need to have it addressed early.

  9. ********* Paulmans trade alert ********

    Eagles trade desean and there 4th rd pick

    Miami for a dion Jordan and Miami’s 2nd and 5th rd picks

    • D-Jax a Bad fit for the Dolphins whot already have WR Mike Wallace, that they comitted to … .Dolphins need a Big WR Target…
      Scratch Dolphins off the List

      Teams who could use a WR are the 49ers,Panthers, Jets,Vikings,Chiefs,Raiders & Chargers
      My Guess is he ends up out West where he has wanted to Play since
      Day 1…. D-Jax is a “Part-Time Eagle” who just happens to Play Football for the Philadelphia Eagles.. He’s not a Full-Time Resident or Committed to being a “True Eagle” .. Trade his Ass….

  10. Here’s a rumor. Mike Vick signs with the Raiders and lobbies for Raiders to trade for Desean. Raiders offers a third.

    I see Eagles losing in this scenario. Vick coming close to a decision time.

  11. Who else wants to see a DJax interview as badly as me right now.

  12. More Paulman Rumors

    Eagles Trade D-Jax to the Carolina Panthers for their 2nd Rounder (#60th) and their 3rd Rd Pick in 2015

  13. All this crap comes from these hack reporters and there so called sources. These guys are the sources. Gunns source is Mosher, Mosher’s source is Gonzolaze, bunch of hacks. They get a quote and then tell you perhaps or maybe or what if.. Like a bunch of dogs chasing there tails. The 49ers and Patriots wouldn’t even call the Eagles unless they had the cap space to fit Jackson in, and if they do they would have done the deal yesterday for a 3rd round pick. Two teams on the verge of winning a superbowl could pick up a weapon like D jack that could quite possibly put them over the top for a 3rd, done deal.

  14. A source tells that free agent QB Michael Vick will visit the Jets this weekend.
    This will be Vick’s first official visit of free agency. Reports out of New York have consistently maintained that he is the Jets’ top choice at quarterback, as they want him to provide both mentoring and competition for Geno Smith. Vick had arguably the best year of his career with the Eagles in 2010 under offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg, who now holds the same position with the Jets. Even at age 34, Vick would be a heavy favorite to beat out Smith in an open camp battle.
    Related: Jets, Geno Smith
    Mar 19 – 9:56 AM

    • Knowing Gov Christie like I do, and the fact is a huge Jets Fans,in more ways than one, I Predict, that he will have his Subordinates Block all Bridges/Tunnel’s/Heli-Pads to NYC from NJ to Prevent this meeting ever occuring… Remember, you heard it here first and not thru MSNBC…

  15. There are several teams that had good records last year that are in need of a wr.

    NE, Car, KC, SD, and even NO and Balt. The first 4 NEED a wr. but where are the offers?

    This reminds me very much of the you know who situation. There were a lot of people on here completely over-valuing his abilities/value. Screaming about his importance. 3 months later and he can’t find a job.

    Now all I’m hearing is how Desean “opens up” the O. How he’s indespensible. How he’s in his prime coming off a career year. How he’s a number 1.

    Well, the rest of the GMs in the league don’t agree with you. They know what he is. A small fast guy who runs fly routes with his hand in the air and who displays terrible body language when the ball isn’t thrown his way. A guy who dives backwards into the enzone and pounds his “look at me” chest when he catches a bomb, but stands and watches a DB run away from him after making an interception.

    He can’t over-power anyone. Can’t catch fades or jump balls. He’s always demanding more $$. Quit on the team. Quit on plays. Argued with his coach (a lot apparently).

    He hasn’t returned a punt of any significance for 3 seasons.

    Look I understand why people overvalue their own, but Jackson is not the player a lot of you think he is.

    Down the stretch:

    Catches: 4, 4, 3, 4, 10 (outlier), 4, 4, 3
    Yrds: 80, 82, 36, 59, 195 (outlier) 29, 28, 53

    Look at those last 3 games as the Birds were coming down the stretch and into the playoffs…..Look, the guy occasionally makes a spectacular play. Got it. But he’s inconsistent. For every 100+ yrd game last hear he had a sub 40 yrd game.

    Doesn;t seem like there are a lot of teams out there willing to pony up for a guy I’m being told is sooooo important.

    • Here are the breakdown going backwards:

      17 Cowboys- 3-28 yds- bad game
      16 Bears – 4-29- this was the blowout game where he was hardly needed
      15 Vikes 10-195, TD Outlier, so it doesn’t count right?
      14 Lions 4-59 yds, TD – snowbowl game- Foles only had 179 yds passing
      13 Cards 3-36 yds- bad game
      11 Redskins 4-82yds
      10 Pack 4-80yds, td

      I understand your that point that you are making but don’t agree with it, because he also goes against the best CB which would default go to Maclin or Cooper.

      So my question is do you think that they are a better team without him? I don’t.

      • I didn’t think the Bruins would be a better team without Seguin. They are.
        Most didn’t think the Eagles would be a better team without Vick. They are.

        As far as Eagles’ offensive production is concerned, I just don’t think losing Desean is as big a deal as other people do.

        But I do think the culture of the team will change for the better if he’s gone. Then again you all know I don’t like the sideways hat wearing chest pumping ‘look at me’ players, because they always fold up and point fingers when the going gets tough.

        Cutting those guys never hurts a team.

  16. And here’s the bigger issue (for Kelly)

    He has arrived and tries to impose his pholosophy. All effort. All the time. Bluck downfield right to the endzone. Hustle back. Hustle hustle hustle. Effort effort effort.

    Players are buying in. Then comes the Dallas game, and while Foles is struggling, Desean quits. Call it anything you want, I watched it all on the coaches film. He quit. Gave up on routes. Bad scene.

    Kelly, and every player on the team saw this in the film room.

    Fine. I’m sure he tore him a new on behind the scenes. Things go well for a couple weeks.

    Then the Minny game (again a game they’re losing) and Jackson again gives up. Quits on the interception. Everyone saw it. And everyone on the team saw it in the film room.

    So what does Kelly do? There are only 2 ways it can go. Is Kelly really serious about trying to install this “everyone get with the program – effort effort effort for the team” philosophy.

    Or does that only apply to the Avants of the world, and not the DeSeans?

    • I’ve stated this when Kelly was Hired last January .

      The Eagles will not be truly 100% Kelly’s Team until the following 3 players were moved..
      1) QB Vick
      2) WR D-Jax
      3) RB McCoy

      I believe by Summer Time, we will start hearing the whining my McCoy and his Agents/Team of Managers about the less touches he will receive with the addition of Darren Sproles and the fact that the Eagles Extended Sproles thru the 2016 Season shows the Eagles are no longer committed to LeSean McCoy for the Long-Term.. I can see the Headlines now …
      I say, out with the old who are selfish, regardless of how good they are,
      and bring in Players who reflect and exude Kelly’s Team First Mentality and Character….
      I do believe there is a good chance for McCoy to salvage himself with both Vick & D-Jax selfish attitude’s gone from the lockerroom, but it will be up to him to mature and buy into Chip Kelly’s Philosophy 100% or he will be next after D-Jax on the Hit-List..

      • Makes sens. Might as well trade a top 3 RB in the league. If you wanna say that DJax is replacable, I can almost see that, but McCoy? Come on man.

        • Not now Bugs, but in 2 Years time ..
          If you hear the eagles Select RB Bishop Sankey from University of Washington in the 2nd Round.. Then you will know the clock is ticking faster than you think… Coach Kelly lost out on Recruiting Bishop Sankey and just loves his game.. The kid is the best Overall RB in this Draft Class and very few out of the Pacific Northwest know jack about him…

          • 2 years time? They have legit holes to fill right now, Huge gaping holes on the defensive side of the ball. It would be ridiculous to take a RB in the 2nd round in this draft because you are concerned on what will happen to McCoy in 2-3 years.

      • Yes because his Oregon teams were full of such character guys like Lagarret Blount and Colt Lyeria and that’s just off the top of my head. I wonder how many other character guys were running around up there.

        • haha… not to mention his violations of NCAA policies at Oregon and subsequent flight to the the NFL. Still got some months to go on his Show Cause Penalty

  17. If he is traded the eagles will draft Brandon cooks to replace him.

  18. ” If you’re going to subtract a guy who can stretch the field and open things up for a lot of other players on the offense, you better come away with a lot more than a third-round pick.”

    There are 13 WR projected for the 1st or 2nd round. Almost all have 4.3 -4.4 speed. So you can draft a player that can stretch the field. In the 1st 2nd and even 3rd round.

    One that is a team player. Is willing to lift weights. Eat a decent meal. Not look for as soft spot to fall down all the time. And actually break a tackle.

    I have said for years “boney James” is overrated and he is easily shut down against any aggressive corner. Until the Saints DB went out with an injury “boney” his usual disappearing act in the biggest game of the year.

    He is a regular season player and is not worth top 8 money. Foles is going to have to get paid after this year and the Eagles have already committed more money to the WR position than any other team in the NFL save one.

    Boney’s 10 million a year needs to go. Free up space to pay Foles. Unless by some miracle he actually breaks a tackle this year. Or does not run backwards on punt returns.

    Your can draft speed. So far in free agency the Eagles have added defensive backs that are big and fast. They will coach them up and they will compete. They will do the same at WR. The Todd Stinkston, James Trash and Boney James days of over in Philadelphia.

    • Bsmvideoe I guarantee Djax doesnt drop the game changing play Coop choked on vs New Orleans.

      • daggolden I wouldn’t be bringing up playoff games to support DJax vs Cooper.
        DJax —2 catches for 47 yards 2011 vs Green Bay
        DJax -3 catches 53 yards 2014 vs Saints
        Cooper –2 catches 18 yards 2011 vs Green Bay
        Cooper- 6 catches 68 yards 1 Touchdown 2014 vs Saints

        • Eagles0superbowls I recall the announcers saying Djax is wide open all game why doesnt Foles throw him the damn ball. Then he eventually did a wala a deep completed pass. I then recall Djax clearing 50 yards of open space and wala Cooper choked. Game set match. Oh yeah New Orleans should relrase Graham because his playoff performance was pitiful.

    • I’m willing to bet that when Darren Sproles said his offense will be scary, he meant with Desean in the line up, and not without him!
      Todd Pinkston was fast..he had legit deep speed…yet you call him Stinkston, Stephen Hill has legit 4.3-4.4 speed and is big, he can’t catch a cold. You can’t assume that a rookie is going to come in and make an impact immediately, if at all. Desean actually did start lifting weights last off season, he’s just not a big guy. You can take any WR and find flaws in their game, skill set, character, physical condition and style of play.

  19. Drafting speed always works. Just ask the Raiders.

    Sure draft a WR in the first round so you have one less pick to sure up a leaky defense.

    Clear his cap space even though you still have plenty of cap space to go around and players that are overpaid that probably won’t be on the team next year or maybe this year in Cole, Herremans and Casey.

  20. Raiders never had a qb with all that speed

  21. i find it hard to believe they will trade him just because of the $6.5 million we would have in DEAD money from his contract. While next year we can cut him essentially without a hit to the cap. I understand that we would rather get something for him rather than just cutting him but to me its not worth having $6.5 mil in dead money while leaving us thin at WR.

    They need to squash all these rumors as soon as possible or he’s going to be thinking about it all off season.

    • The Eagles still have what? 20 million in cap space….and I’m not sure that they can carry that whole amount forward to next year (I may be wrong)…so exactly what detrimental effect does a dead money hit this year have anyway? Not much.

      As I’ve stated 1000x, I don;t read much into offseason speculation. Nothing matters except what the Eagles do. Not what some people think they’re going to do.

      But if Jackson is traded…..I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it, and I am quite sure the Eagles’ offense will be just fine without him.

  22. Lets be real….Maclin will be on the field more than Avant was. Sproles will now be seeing the field. (I think a lot) Ertz will be on the field more than last year.

    So start doing the math.

    5 olinemen and a QB leaves 5 spots to share between DeSean, Maclin, Cooper, Ertz, Celek, LeSean AND now Sproles. (not to mention Polk, some drafted WR, whoever the 3rd te will be etc)

    Someone’s production/opportunities are going to drop – a lot!

    Are the Eagles really going to run a ton of 2 TE sets like we’ve been told? If so….

    I think you are going to see a significant reduction in Desean’s time on the field as it stands right now….


    Coach Chip Kelly has reportedly called DeSean Jackson and told him not to worry about the intensifying trade rumors.
    This whole mess started right after the Eagles’ playoff loss to the Saints, when Jackson suggested that he deserves a new contract just one year after inking a $47 million deal. Then came reports that the diva is not a fit in the locker room or Kelly’s scheme, and then came free-agent deals for Riley Cooper and Jeremy Maclin. Still, Kelly loves playmakers, the Eagles have plenty of cap room and Cooper/Maclin would be a well below average starting duo. We’d be surprised if a trade went down.
    Source: Les Bowen on Twitter
    Mar 19 – 12:31 PM



    • But wait henski he’s a cancer and he has baggage and he’s soft and he’s a diva and and and the posters here are a bunch of bitch ass women who sound like they’ve never played a down of football in their lives.

      • desean is for sure soft and being the skinny smurf he is who can blame him… the other stuff is retarded.

        im not deseans biggest fan mostly because he is a jackass and while playing for my team during the game he acts like one. dropping the ball on the 1/4 yard line pre-celebrating his TD comes to mind.

        but i want him on the team, he is a difference maker and on a team where we have 0 on D i want as many on O as possible.

        regardless of all this desean is and was never going anywhere. it legit would make 0 sense for any and all parties.

  24. Sums it up for me.

    Now can we go back to talking about the defense which is what is really wrong with the team.

  25. ***Latest Paulman Trade Alert***

    Eagles announce a Trade of WR D-Jax to the Philadelphia Phillies for SS Jimmie Rollins..In a unprecedented Deal involving 2 Disgruntled Athletes from 2 DIfferent Sports traded for each other in the same City agreed upon by 2 GM’s, who are still confused and were left scratching their Heads…

    When asked about D-Jax’s Potential and Position with the Phillies
    GM Armaro States,” Well the kid does have some speed which we would like to utilize on the Base Path’s, I kinda of have a good Gut Feel about it”

    and when GM Roseman asked about J-Ro’s potential… Roseman States ” We are not sure what to do with him just yet, but he loves to compete and loves the Game of Football, so we will figure where to play him”

    Def-Com Records Owner Jay-Z, says “Those damn Philly People are some messed up folks”

    Former Manuel Charlie MAnuel States “Almost the Craziest Deal I ever been around in my 50 years of Baseball… Good Golly”

    Former Eagle Ron Jaworski …. ” I like Rollin’s Upside as a NFL WR,
    has wuick hands and feet, burst of speed and really cool Sunglasses”

    Even Gov Rendell got in the mix as he called for a “State Holiday” without relaizing he is no longer the Governor anymore… “Everyone on both sides as well as Fans needs to cool down and let this digest” …

    I will be writing a new Cable TV Script about this .. Not sure what to call it, but it has legs already on Twitter…

  26. It was said a number of years ago that when McNabb finally left town the hate would turn to Djax. Well… it took a detour to Vick but it has finally landed on the little guy. Im not surprised.

    Love him, hate him- whatever… but sadly many of you have fallen into the little media hype that started in the press with the sole purpose of getting people to read the tabloids.. i mean papers… over the LONG dead period in the NFL.

    NOTHING will happen. Nothing. And even if it does…. it wont happen till the draft.

    Now- about our defense….

    • BTW- 1300 yards and 9 td’s for this year. In space- he is a problem. If we get offered a #1 for him… fine. Outside of that…. he stays in philly.

  27. kelly called desean and said shut the fuck up and take your 10 mill and then called paulman and gloomy and told them are you two fucks gonna do what he does for this offense didnt think so chip kelly out

  28. 44 I’m in favor of keeping him if all they can get is a 3rd

  29. I know what u mean i just want him one more season with are weapone in sproles and maclin

  30. This story keeps getting crazy now reps for desean are saying him a chip never spoke lol this is out of control but if I can’t get a 1st and some change I don’t do the deal.

  31. You guys have got to learn with all the stuff in the press to just chill and don’t over react. The stories are usually half truths or gotten from anonymous sources …meaning nobody of significance– in the old days stories like this were done to sell newspapers, then espn perfected them to get you to watch…now its number of hits on websites and blogs….whether its vick, jimmy or desean you suckers buy right in! (oh i’m guilty sometimes too)
    just don’t judge every situation by the reports you read when no one in the decision making room comments!

  32. I hope Kelly talked to Desean. (more on tis in a sec)

    Desean won;t be going to the 49ers or Pats. Pats will never give up more than a 4th for a wr. 49ers have no $$ under their cap to re-negotiate a new deal for Desean – which would undoubtedly be part of any trade negotiations)

    That leaves the Raiders, who have lots of cash and like to overspend on guys like Desean.

    So. I hope Kelly spoke with Desean and it went something like this:

    Desean. Here’s the deal. It’s all-in this offseason and season. No pouting, no whining, no arguing with coaches. No showboating. Every meeting paying attention etc.

    If not, then we’re shipping your ass to the Raiders. They’ll give you a big fat 5 year contract and you can earn every penny of it rotting in the Black hole winning 4 games a year and watching your stats wither because they dont have a QB.

    So you decide. Shut up, earn your 10 mill and be a good soldier on a winning program, or take the $$ and enjoy the disaster that is the Faders.

    Your call.

  33. T0day Jackson instagramed, or tweeted, or whatever the kids are doing these days:

    “The most expensive thing in the world is trust. It can take years to earn and only a matter of seconds to lose.” Tupac

    Damn, he is a whiny biatch.

    • I believe tupac died a violent gang style death..and quoting that genius ain’t exactly digging deep into the volumns of historic quotes…anyway a theory I heard was that the birds internal spy machine is not happy with the crowd he is keeping, the pics he is taking flashing gang signs and the fishiness of this break in…

  34. Djax is just one stupid human being, quoting a thug rapper, putting it in the face of eagles chip Kelly and management,

    Jackson is a goner, he will never suit up again as an eagle,

    And the fact he can’t pass the moral turpitude test in Philly says a lot

    We have felons, racists, liars, probably gays, but no room for gangsters

  35. The Philly media are a bunch of bitches. All they care about is making it to the next level. All the writers want to be on the radio, all the radio guys want to be on local tv, all the local tv guys want to make it to the big networks. This is why u have bs stories like this.
    Diax is going nowhere unless something that we do not know about has happened behind the scenes. Why would a coach trade one of his top 3 players for a draft pick that no one knows for sure can play. Look at all the WRs that were picked before djax that year. Most of them stink. Until he commits a crime or totally destroys the locker room there is no reason to get rid of him. This is football after all. What the hell do u want choirboys?

  36. (Sigh) why oh why when an athlete likes rap music or tattoos we cant never keep it between the lines when discussing them. None of that stuff plays a part when the games start. people make me sick just say you don’t like him and move on. I can’t tell you how dumb a lot of you sound speaking on things you have no clue about trying to sum somebody up by some footage or a quote. If that was done to you over half the dumb shit said on here most would never get a job or be trusted with kids lol. gang signs? how do you now his hand signal represented a gang? people have hand signs for all sorts of things and some just do dumb shit with they fingers when taking a photo just bc with no meaning. Fraternities, streets, blocks families, hand signs could be anything so without actively participating in gang activity you are not in a gang or a gangster. Its sad that people take opportunities such as a business matter to expose their ignorance.

    As far as Desean he makes me sick needing validation or some sort of coddling and reassurance that the team wants him here. A guy scheduled to make $10 shouldn’t have a question like that or care if they want him 2 years from now or not. If not all that means is another contract somewhere else, look at how Revis is pimping the system. I don’t like him always bitching, but it has nothing to do with his taste of music his friends who outsiders looking in can only be judging, or his tattoos or any other thing that has no barring on the outcome of Sunday’s games. The fact of the matter is he blows the top off of defenses and has to be game planned for week in and week out. Do not be stupid enough to think Riley Cooper can take on the #1 CB like Desean when he called Revis out the scorched the Bucs secondary.

    If the Eagles want him here they need not be stubborn and learn from their experience with T.O. If not trade him and move on. Trading him however in no way will make us a better team next year, maybe in 2016 but next year we will suffer growing pains and adjustments.

    • Oh, I see now. He’s flashing fraternity signals in those pics.

      Thanks for clearing that up.

      • Did I say that Vinny? point is you have no clue what the hand signals represent if anything at all. All you know is what you see on TV so you assume its easy for you and that’s fine. His hand sign could be representing his music label he started, YOU DO NOT KNOW!!! How about come with something intelligent to support your hate for things that have nothing to do with football about the man. right now over 80 balls 9 td’s over 1300 yards is not easy to replace. Its funny the glass is always half full with guys you don’t like, but you will cry if Foles is not able to be as effective without all the spacing having a Desean creates. you think if Desean doesn’t play Foles gets those 9td’s 1300 yards between the rest of the rec on the roster last year? Don’t let your hate get in the way of common sense.

  37. I forgot alleged woman beaters, but no room for djax

  38. Looking at some of these posts the level of ignorance is ridiculous so flashing hand signs means you in a gang, being upset because you see your name in every trade rumor make you a whiner. I don’t who the bigger bitches are the media or half the posters on here. Didn’t see all this vitrol when Mister Cooper was running around yelling the n word, but yep let Djax say something and oh my he’s a thug and whatever, I can see through most of you dudes like glass.

    • I guess next time I see a guy with a sleeveless flannel shirt I should make all kinds of assumptions about eating possum dropping N bombs and jamming to Kenny Chesney.

    • uh the cooper thing drew a helluva lot more attention than djax…

    • Big L, They’re racists with one heck of a double standard. White is right in their eyes. Many were raised that way others developed that over time..

      Its pathetic and sad to read this ignorance. Riley gets a pass in their eyes but Jackson should be traded, your very best WR on your team with the most production of them all hahaaa so telling

      • making an accusation like that without knowing a person is straight up ignorant and/or stupid and shows just how little you know about the world.
        Cooper got a pass? again shows you how stupid you are!

  39. Alright then. So I should be able to walk right in to some of the dicier areas in southern California and just start throing up those same hand signs I see in Desean’s pics.

    It’d be all good, because no one knows hat they mean.

    I might just be promoting my on record label.

  40. No doubt on more than one occasion Jackson flashed the crips gang sign, once on the field against a redskins defender and recently with some rapper

  41. Whatever it is that DJax does that doesn’t sit well with Kelly is not public knowledge.

    I think DeSean does many of the things that Kelly likes on the field. Kelly just traded for another small guy like Jackson – so it’s not his size that Kelly don’t like.

    I think there is something we don’t know that the Eagles organization, and Chip Kelly does knows.

    If I had to guess I would say that there is more to DeSean’s house being robbed than we know… One thing for sure – when you have over a hundred grand and some guns in a safe in you house that might not be so bad. But when there is a criminal element on the streets that knows what you have in your house, that might not be good…

    DeSean was very likely robed by his mates…. That says something.

  42. Haha Eagle fans watch a few episodes of gangland now are experts on “crip”

    • Hahahahaha unbelievable drag

      So funny how after one good year from Riley the racist Cooper, these clowns wanna forget all that Desean has done for this team.

      He’s allowed for Riley and the rest of the receiving core to get open and produce. You guys need to wake up, this discussion is about money not any of deseans antics off the field because he’s been the same way since he was in HS College and the NFL. Nothing has changed..

      And not to mention his on field production. No one can ignore that. So the idiots bring up the gang signs, the hat turned backwards as if no players turn there hats back, and the “thug” term is used a lot and it makes you look like a racist reject.

      There are a lot of players and regular people in general that aren’t in the gang itself but have friends and associates that are so yes they’re gang affiliated but not putting in the work, maybe before the fame he was initiated who knows thats not my place to say, but regardless Desean gets a pass because of this and can throw it up..

      If you dont understand how it all works say that, but dont talk out your butt on a topic you have no clue about and say “oh he’s just another black thug” in more ways than one..

      You guys really need to be careful how you word yourself. And the ones that have strong “issues” always reveal themselves when a rumor like this is brought up. Interesting how many were clamoring for the eagles to sign Cooper back, trade desean and let Maclin walk, sheesh something is seriously wrong with this picture..

      • i don’t believe there was anyone on here saying jackson isn’t a good player… i believe that most of us know his value on the field but question his character and possible detriment to the team in other areas. i also believe that if you had a real source you would tell us eactly what the the eagles problem is with him…

      • John Hart our President, Attorney General, and Home Land Security Director have asked anyone who suspects criminal activity to contact them even if you are not sure.

      • Jon Hart, you and Dag can bury your head in the sand and call it racism, but the NFL take a different view on players flashing gang signs on the field.

        “There have been some suspected things we’ve seen,” said Milt Ahlerich, the league’s vice president of security, according to an LA Times’ report. “When we see it, we quietly jump on it immediately, directly with the team and the player or employee involved to cease and desist. Period.”

        Maybe you never saw DeSean’s hand gestures to DeAngelo Hall, but I would be willing to bet the league office talked to the Eagles about it… Now his house is robbed and they steal a handgun and more than $250,000 in jewelry and cash.

  43. Who cares about gang signs and who he hangs out with. Im going to call this exactly for what it is. Desean Quits when he isn’t feeling like he’s being respected. Either getting the ball or money. I saw Biglions post talking about people whining…Dude seriously if one of my teammates ever quit because he was being selfish I would 1. Put my foot up his ass 2. toss him off the fn field. Obviously this doesn’t sit well with Chip Kelly and it shouldn’t sit well with any Eagles fan. Who wants to go to war with a dude that could quit because he was missed open one play? Thats the truth of the whole situation. He quit on the team because he wasn’t paid enough in 2011…Maybe the team should have asked for money back the games he quit last year. Instead he wants a raise. Certain people on this site will protect overlook any bad behavior for certain people. Riley was stupid in his private life also..but he’s a team player enogh said on him. Desean is getting double the money of any receiver on the team this year. STFU do your job and get paid…or get traded and be someone elses problem.

    • who a person associates with off the field is important…ask the patriots and aaron hernandez…. you know the eagles private eye department is all over his associations….

      • What I meant by who cares is that hes done enough on the field to warrant his trading. That shit is just icing on the cake.

        • Desean quit 2x (at least) last year. Both times when the team was losing. Once when his (basically) rookie QB was struggling and was in need of support.

          No one remembers that play when Foles was rolling right, desean started to run parallel and then just let up and Foles got planted?

          Desean just stopped running and let his QB get killed. You don;t think Kelly sees that.

          You don;t think Kelly sees Desean standing there making no effort to do anything when a DB intercepts the ball and starts running away from him.

          You don;t think Kelly sees Desean’s body language after he puts his arm in the air and Foles then Foles dumps the ball off somewhere else and Desean heads back to the sideline pouting?

          You don’t think that Kelly sees Desean chasing after his WR coach yelling at him?

          You don;t think that possibly Kelly doesn;t like this?

          Look, the hand sign house robbed backwards hat dressing business is just background windrow dressing to the fact that Desean only plays hard when he wants to.

  44. You don’t care about flashing gang signs, I’m sure lurie does and all other law abiding people

    • I care but it doesn’t matter when the dude is quiting on his Team. If he was the best person ever but quit on his team…hes gone.

  45. ****Other Real Football News******

    Arizona Cardinals SIgn CB Antonio Cromarties who was cut by the Jets
    Cincinnati Bengals Sign QB Jason Campbell as Back-up to Andrew Dalton (which is were I thought VIck could possibly pursue)
    Raiders Re-Sign DB Charles Woodson for a 1 Year Deal
    Panthers Sign veteran WR Jericho Crotchery from the Steelers

    Panthers Cam Newton had sucuessful surgery on his Ankle Ysterday and is reportedly going to be out for approx 4 Months (Mid july to when Camp Starts) Panthers Offense will be way behind schedule with a new WR Corps
    and a brean new OL .. Panthers will struglle mightily next early Season
    take the Under in their first 6 Games.. Their Defense may keep them in some games, but their Offense will struggle to score 13-17 Points a game

  46. Jackson flashed the crip gang sign again on March 10 with rapper hussle who also flashed it with two others, Jackson then posted the photo on instagram

    No doubt the eagles want to get rid of him

  47. So funny how the same racist clowns come out of the wood work and make their same racially motivated type of comments over and over again, disguising themselves as diehard fans when its more to it than that..

    They attack whoever exposes them for who they are or disagrees with their point of retarded view…

    Theyre the same guys that said in regards to the Riley Cooper crap, “They (meaning black people) use the N word in their rap songs so whats wrong with using the word?”

    That’s how these racist rejects reason. Disgusting..

    Anyone that’s black with a hat turned backwards and listens to rap music is a thug right?! Stupidity..

    It would be priceless if after all of this nonsense that Jackson is still on the team week 1.. it would be priceless.. I ll laugh in your racist faces hahaa

  48. ***More NFL News***

    DE Jarred Allen signs with the Seattle Seahawks, Terms and Conditions have not been released as of yet…

    DT Henry Melton Signs with the Dallas Cowboys on a 1 Year $5 MIllion Deal.. Melton was not pursued by his former Team, the Bears and was an
    All-Pro in 2012 before suffering a knee injury last Summer Camp

    • Allen has not officially sign with Seattle. He is weighing the offer against a few others. I have said it before, I would like to see the Birds sign Allen to a 2 year incentive laden contract. We really need to address this defense and our pass rush. Allen would be a strong addition to the DLINE rotation and a good influence in the locker room (according to Herm Edwards).

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  50. desean loves the dboys. is he queer?

  51. I have been hoping that all of these rumors were just that, baseless rumors, but there seems to be too many of them to ignore.

    I don’t know, and doubt that many fans actually know all that might have happened in the past to have the team fielding offers, but I have always been a fan of DJax. I have not liked some of his pouting, and more selfish actions, but I recognize that he is a special player and just like in other areas in life, the super talented are often more difficult to manage. I know that is true in much of my work experience.

    As for the “gang signs” I will admit like many on here have pointed out, I wouldn’t know a gang sign from stop sign. That being said, as we have seen in New England and the Hernadez trial and saga, I really hope that DeSean has nothing to do with gangs or any other illegal activity. Just because these guys are famous and making millions doesn’t mean that they will always make smart decisions…and Hernandez proves that.

    From the look of many of the posts above, many fans are still offended by the Cooper comments last summer, and they have every right to be. Just as dog lovers choose to never forgive Vick, Cooper will always have a group of people who choose not to forgive or forget his racist comments. It is the right of every individual to decide for him or herself.

    I am a Birds fan who want what is best for the team. I think that this is a better team when DJax is playing and playing without drama. Hopefully it can get worked out and the team can more forward.

    GO BIRDS!!

  52. Greenfan, stick your head in the sand or enlighten yourself

    This thug has repeated pictures flashing the crip gang sign, the mist recent on March 10 with a rapper and crip member

    He posted an instagram photo of himself flashing this sign

    He showed it to the redskins vBulletin Angelo hall

    His house was broken into, cash and guns

    What more do you need, educate yourself

    The eagles need to cut ties with him

    • Screw you Jake. I see you are back on the bottle again.

      Did the Steelers get rid of Rothlesburger when he appeared to be a serial rapist? Has Jackson ever been charged with a felony or ever arrested?

      No doubt that the Eagles security team has an extensive file on all that Jackson does in the off season. That may be the very reason why all of these trade rumors started in the first place. But chances are that most of the teams in the league will also have an idea if he is into this stupid shit. And the effect on the Eagles is a lesser trade value. Don’t kid yourself if you think that Kelly’s offense will be able to operate with with only Maclin and Cooper. Jackson’s speed and the threat of his speed open up the field for everyone else….even when he is sulking he opens things up.

      I want what’s best for the team. If Jackson ends up being a knucklehead and hurting the team, then I would agree that we cut ties sooner rather then later.

  53. There is a reason there’s no support for Jackson from the eagles and the nfl, he represents a criminal element the nfl and the eagles need to separate themselves from

  54. What if Cooper put a white hood on his head, took a pic and posted it on instagram

  55. now hand signs are such an issue. I swear anything to try and support your hate. if you don’t like him as a player that’s your choice but stop making all these lame fake social and moral reasons there are plenty of other reasons to not like his game. Gang/hand signs have been going on in the NFL long b4 desean Jackson, Bobby Taylor comes to mind nobody called him a thug. Fools up here talking about a criminal element represented by Desean and he doesn’t have any run ins with the law. comparing him to Aaron Hernandez who was always troubled even as a teen oh the ignorance.

  56. Hes identified himself with a criminal element, gangs, destructive forces, killing people, killing youth

    What the fuck is the matter with you nugreem this word hate is not in my vocab but deSean Jack is a big time thug and pussy

  57. His house was broken into, cash and guns, thug

    • Jake you are loosing credibility with every word you write. A home invasion can happen to anyone and often does happen to athletes in all sports. I guess redskins safety that was tragically killed Taylor he was a thug bc his home was invaded. Like I said Bobby Taylor was he a thug? he threw up his “set” numerous times. Thug and Pussy really don’t go together I agree on one assumption but you have to make your mind up which one it is. Desean grew up doing nothing but working out being pushed by his dad doesn’t look like a guy that had much time for gangbanging use your head. This is a contract issue and a little about his attitude or approach to the game at times nothing more nothing less if anything at all. yet all you fools take this as the time to reveal all your assumptions of somebody from the outside looking in lol. Countless NFL players make rap songs that are not as popular bc nobody knows them with their helmet off. Every week a hand sign is thrown up by a player may not be the crips but another “gang” or “block” or w/e that is not as popular are they all thugs/criminals?

  58. When did Bobby Taylor identify with a gang, let’s hear this one

    • Boy are you self-righteous and judgemental . Hope you are 100% perfect.
      I have cash and a gun in my house too…I assure you, I am no thug. But….if my house was broken into, would that make me one…or is that just the icing on the cake?

  59. look it up a whole piece was done on the NFL and gang signs several years ago around the time Ricky Williams left for using Marijuana educate yourself so you don’t sound stupid.

  60. I dont think desean is a thug he just wants that to help sell hisbrap careerbive actually met the guy real down to earth but he does have lil man syndrome but he loves philly and he told me thos city deserves a superbowlbmore than anybody

  61. Nit one thing in isolation but a pattern

    Bobby Taylor was not in gangs

    DeSean Jackson is a member of a violent gang by his own admission

    And pussies and thugs are one in the same, they are cowards without their gangs and guns

    • How do you know bobby Taylor wasn’t in a gang he threw signs up. is it bc he doesn’t have a rap video or tatoos? is it Bc he didn’t whine about his contract? I’m losing brain cells debating with you. What pattern of thugary has Desean shown? wanting a new deal? You can’t just sum people up in a category. so every gang member is a pussy who can’t fight without his boys and or a gun according to you lol you don’t even realize your own judgmental stupidity.

  62. I thought Bob Taylor was the Back-Up Goaltender for Bernie Parent
    Back in the day.. Didn’t know those Guys from Canada knew Signs and had Tats.. I am going to ask Vinnie to do a little research when he gets back from
    His Europe Trip to give us the real deal about those Canadiens..

  63. D-Jax’s real problem is that he’s a “Thug-Wanna-Be” and makes poor choices listening and hanging around with those “hangers-on” who see him as a $$$$ machine …
    His Father, RIP, would be ashamed for he was not brought up that way.. D-Jax trying to be Hip & Cool with his side projects,rap music, buddies,etc..

    • Spot on Paul. that home invasion had alot to do with that. word on the street is people got word he was going to be out of town for a while and put some guys up to it. He is not as street smart as he thinks and guys get over on him all the time. The music business he decided to enter is based more on image nowadays than actual content which further forces him to be a fake in the public. Still doesn’t mean the man is a gun tooting gang banging fool in his down time

      • but again non of this stuff has anything to do with him on the field or the Eagles future plans. No music label or rap songs or gang affiliation would stop him from mouthing “where the fuck is he throwing the ball?” during that horrible game Foles was having vs Dallas. He is not worried about his image there just why are we playing like shit. He is not the first wr to get upset on the sidelines nor the last.

  64. I wonder why Chip Kelly is open to the idea of trading?

  65. I hear what your saying about a Players production on the Field is what matters. But I am 100% certain that all these other distractions, stories, rumors & perceptions of D-Jax does not sit well with Owner Jeff Lurie who will not have any Player on his Team that sheds a negative light on the Franchise
    I am not saying this is right or wrong, but I am saying that this is how Owner Lurie runs his Organization, and ultimately if he feels that D-Jax is hurting the “Eagles Brand” on a regular basis, hen he will demand that GM Roseman remove the distraction And will tell them to go out and get his replacement

    Anyone who knows Lurie is extremely close Patriots Owner Robert Kraft who
    Was extremely upset about all the crap that happened with the Aaoron Hernandez and I guarantee you as I type this that Robert Kraft has hired a private security firm checking into every Player on that Team after their internal reports of how a person like A Hernandez slipped thrubto cracks to not only be drafted but to receive a big extension & contract and I am pretty sure that Owner Lurie is doing the same thing.
    These owners and nany others are not going to tolerate a few bad apples to damage their Billion $$$ Franchises even if it means losing a few very talented players or taking a short term step back as a team if a few players have to go..
    Moving forward, owners Kraft, Lurie, the Ravens, Falcon & Dolphins organizations are all owned but very successful business people who happen to own a Football Franchise
    I believe the Organization also had a nice chat with LeSean McCoy after the Season about him laying low and cleaning up some of his antics & activities..
    Anyone even heard a peep about McCoy this off-season???
    I believe he has received this message loud & clear..

  66. The more this story becomes more non football or contract issue,
    Than the more that it won’t matter what Chip Kelly thinks or wants..
    If Lurie feels that D-Jax is or will become a detriment to the Eagles Brand
    Than he’s a goner no matter what his contract status or his importance
    Is to the Team.. There may be some background, security information involved here, but if Lurie says, “Sorry guys” to Roseman & Kelly, “we have discovered
    that we discovered ???? about D-Jax and He has to go”
    Than this is what will happen…

    • And maybe this is why Chip Kelky has been so quiet about the entire D-Jax
      Story thus far.. Maybe he has been instructed
      By Lurie and Company that he has no contact or comments until an internal Investigation has been done with the Authorities and their Private Security Firm about that Break-in & circumstances surrounding at D-Jax’s place..
      Maybe I’m barking up the wrong tree here, but maybe there is something deeper and non-football and a non-contract issue going on deeper behind the scenes.. Time will tell, but listen if they are asked what the Eagles Coach’s Front Office and Management are not saying about this entire episode in the coming days/week and
      You can read between the lines…

      • The same Jeff Lurie that signed T.O.? Mike Vick?, Re-signed Cooper, yeah he is so concerned about his brand image. Robert Kraft and the Pats knew ahead of time Hernandez was a problem child, he has had issues since a pre – teen all the stories were out there about him being involved in real things, not none of this Desean crabby attitude stuff. Was Kraft upset Im sure that doesn’t mean he didn’t know the risk trust me he wasn’t surprised as he acted that’s why they were quick to cut Hernandez. This is much to do about nothing, I swear sometimes I hate the Philly media always reaching and where there is no story they will speculate until it becomes one. all this talk about gangs signs being the reason why, a sideline argument being the reason why, asking about a new contract, just throwing darts against the wall. the team can’t never focus on doing its job sitting around in the offseason creating stories that will distract and affect the dynamics of our own teams relations. A bunch of women gossiping smh

        • Thank you Nu, a bunch of chicks acting like their offended because of supposed hand signs. LOL, paulman at his making shit up nonsense as he goes. Speaking of backgrounds some of you geniuses need to check good ole Mr Cooper’s background starting in high School then get back to me about character.

        • I believe Lurie will put up with Diva’s a, spoiled selfish Players who say stupid things from time to time, but if there is some criminal activity, drugs or weapons involved with the D-Jax Break-in and subsequent actions, & behavior Then that’s a whole other level of concern for Lurie and everyone else.. Who knows, it will play itself out as it always does..

  67. This will be my last comments on the DJax situation.
    Who gives a $#!t about gang signs, his Rap Co., how many singers & movie stars he’s banging, how many guns he owns, & how many pictures he takes? He’s like so many of our youth’s, that get caught up with the stardom of rap, $$$ & women. To my knowledge, he is a good kid off of the field, that gives all his time, & much of his money to disadvantaged, sick & bullied kids, & also gives to other charities. The beef, & concerns, that should worried about, is his prior antics, of quitting on the team, his disappearing acts he does in games, & his attitude on the sideline, fighting with teammates & coaches. That’s what you morons should be worrying about. Until he breaks a law, hits a woman, shoots someone, or is proven to be affiliated to a gang, or organized crime faction, I don’t give a fuck, what he tweets, or insta-grams! Other than Shady, & maybe Foles, nobody on this team, is off limits to a trade. But, if we don’t get a 1st, or a high 2nd+, Weaselman needs to get run the fuck out of here, & take the Genius with him! I don’t like DJax, I think he is a one trick pony, & I thought he should have never been brought back, but you do not trade your best WR, coming off of his best season, unless you have a #1 replacement, & you get high compensation in return! PERIOD! The Harvin trade should be a starting point, & negotiated. DJax is more established, & a better receiver, with less of an injury history. The only thing I do agree with, is Kelly, or Weaselman needs to reach out to him, one way, or another, & stop leaking $#!t to the media dillholes! They are getting as bad as Ruin 2morrow!

  68. DCAR on point. Good job brother.

  69. April 26 and April 27, 2014 the Philadelphia Eagles are holding their annual “Eagles Academy for Men” –
    Quite a few of you could use a refresher course, spots still available.

  70. UConn, Harvard and North Dakota St. knocked me out of the Billion Dollar Quicken Loans challenge.

  71. I had all 3 of them but lost on NC State and Ohio State.. .
    Hell,I even had $250 Million of the Billion, already spent…

    My sleeper picks for today’s games are Louisiana-Lafayette over Creighton
    and Providence over North Carolina

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