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Sunday Could Answer Some DeSean Jackson Questions

DeSean JacksonEventually the silence will be broken.  Busy schedules will be put on hold.  When the league meetings take place this Sunday, Chip and company will be unable to duck and hide from the media.

Questions are going to be short, sweet and direct.

Has Chip reached out to Desean Jackson?

Has Desean Jackson reached out to Chip?

Will Desean Jackson be traded prior to the start of the 2014 season?

Have you been contacted by a reported 5 NFL teams including the 49ers, Patriots, Jets, Panthers and Raiders for the services of Desean Jackson?

Have you received offers that were better than the reported third round asking price?

This is only the start to the barrage of answers the media will be in search of.  Free agency and the trade for Darren Sproles will take a back seat.  Upcoming plans for the draft and other possible trades with veteran plays who may not fit the scheme will be overshadowed by Desean, Desean, Desean.

Will the political responses by Lurie be accepted?  When Roseman talks around the subject, will follow-up questions be prepared to get an actual answer?  Will Chip give answers that don’t play with the media, and are direct?

This is a big moment for the Eagles brass.  This controversy may have been preventable or is something that is greater than we know.

Hopefully after Sunday we can move on from the Desean distraction, or accept that he is not going to be part of the 2014 season. on Facebook

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147 Comments for “Sunday Could Answer Some DeSean Jackson Questions”

  1. This whole situation is just gonna get worse…with all these rumors coming out its almost as if it would be crazy to keep him. How does jackson feel? i dont know but i know if i was in his shoe..i would feel unwanted. IJS

  2. You can’t replace heart!!!!

    Remember this post!

    Safeties will cheat close to the line and slow up the running game once Djax is gone and blow up all those check downs thrown by Foles.

    We all know Maclin gets hurt and coughs up the ball in key moments, and you can forget Cooper getting any damn thing if Djax is not on the other side scaring the secondary.

    The best thing that will come out of this is now Fole don’t have to worry about Djax running wide damn open while he checks down for a 3 1/2 yard gain.

    Djax was in Foles mug telling him he was open many times last season and made it no secret that Vick would have took the team further late in the season.

    With no defense and now no Djax…this freakin cheap as team will get exposed.

    “PASTE IT”

    • Yuk Yuk. You still on the whole “Eagles would have gone further with a guy who has been ignored by the entire league for the last 2 months choosing scrubs like Gabbert instead” kick?


      The only think I agree with is that Desean was in Foles’ mug. That was a mistake. A mistake he’s now about to pay for. Beacuse any team is going to side with the starting QB over a diva wr.

      Enjoy your 4 wins on the Jets Desean.

    • PASTE THIS… are a MORON!!!!!!
      Vick lost his starting job to Foles, sooooo what make syou think a BACKUP QB would have taken the team further?
      DJax got most of his numbers from Foles….soooo how did Foles “hurt” DJax. He actually made DJax look better then what he is!
      You must be one of those”people” Cooper wants to beat up!

    • SONGS… are the ONLY person dumber then Paulman on this site! You have no clue how football is played do you? You must be a career chess player. Go to the library, read up on football, watch some film, then come back and don’t post anything else.

  3. This is extremely frustrating for me to grasp. I just understand why the Eagles would trade a guy who is argubaly the best WR on the team. Sure he might be a “diva” but what player isn’t? It’s just complete bullshit to me. I hope Kelly and Roseman are careful what they wish for…the grass isn’t always greener on the other side

    • Look, I’m elated.

      This move alone will expose this fraud of an organization that claims it’s trying to win a championship.

      You can’t replace exceptional talent!!!!!!

      Did the Dawk debacle teach them anything?

      DJax don’t fit the culture but a lesser talent and blatant racist like Cooper does?

      What message will that send to the brothers in the locker room?


      That can’t say anything knowing Cooper will fight every ni%%er up in there.

      • Songs There has to be something that we don’t know.The Eagles are 16 million under the cap. So his contract cant be an issue. We were told the Eagles wont go in the draft having to take a need position. There is noway they can count on being able to move up and get a Evans. His blowup on the sideline cant be an issue. He doesn’t leave the field early ala Dez Bryant. Hes coming off a pro bowl year so its not his production. For the Eagles for over a week take the public relations nightmare hit and to throw out a 3rd round pick for Djax I gotta believe there is something major that we don’t know about.

  4. Can you imagine the pressure that puts on his replacement?

    Only in Philadelphia does a top player in his prime gets traded because he’s making what he’s worth on the field.

    I’m curious to see how they’re going to replace 60 first downs 82 recepyions, and over 1300 yards.

    Eagles will never win a Superbowl

  5. The Eagles cant win on this issue. The Eagles have put themselves in a corner. They will have to tell the truth about Djax. It better not be about money they don’t have a leg to stand on. If they brought in Bryd to replace Djax that would of been a valid reason, they didn’t, they brought in a cheap Jenkins. If it was about production people would of said ok, he didn’t perform, cant be that. Did he have drug suspension, domestic violence issues, arrested for something, ok maybe. Character issues? Cant believe that will fly with Cooper in the locker room with a bunch of brothas. They better come out with something like Djax caused Luries divorce by being caught with Mrs Lurie in the training room or something like that.

  6. It doesn’t matter what WR the Eagles get. They could get Watkins, Evans or Benjamin. What that does is make them waste a pick on a WR instead of taking the best defensive player on the board. The Eagles were 2nd in yards and 4th in scoring how much more offense did they need? So now at 22 we have to take a WR instead of maybe a stud safety.or a OLB.

  7. the guys heart aint in football anyway he wants to be a rapper big joke he carries too much baggage injury prone , afraid to get hit ( drops to ground or runs out of bounds to avoid the hit) complains too much to coaches and teammates and media, admitted he quit on the team in past,me first attitude, bullshit about the guns, cash ,breakin large sums of money owed agent etc just too much fukin baggage. They make me laugh with this guy TO was 1000 times better than this punk he has a beef with donovan because he says they dont need him in playoffs which he justfiably should get mad and they run him out of town undoubtly the best wr we had in like 15yrs so you think this wanna be rapper is not expendable some u guys on this site make me laugh Oh and by the way chip WANTS big guys on this team who can beat up on little guys like your boy! This draft5 is filled with big talented receiversso dont panic like its the end of our offense if he goes and I’m not saying thats happening but if it does I trust the logic and reasoning with this ownership and coach afterall we aint talking about bunch of idiots like the phillies fools who be screwing the pooch for last4-5 yrs

    • That’s why the Eagles continue to not win shit with a fan base that trusts a losing orgainzation.

      Guys like you were on here claiming Dawk lost a step and wasn’t worth 4 mil a year because the Eagles brass said it.

      I don’t give a damn if Djax squat on inner city roof tops and shoot fireballs out is ass, as long as he produce when the lights come on.

      Don’t look now guys but Cooper and Maclin may be your starting recievers and that may work out fine for me because Foles will suck ass tremdously if Djax get traded,and that would mean a real imrpvement at QB in next year’s draft.

      Now if Chip is planning on that happenin then………..he’s a genius.

  8. Heart ! You think hes got heart! Man you don’t know what the hell your talking about.He has one contract year and he is exceptional and dont compare the dawk thing to this we had two assholes here andy and joe weasel banner so get it straight.. Obvious they are positioning themselves to make this team lot better sit back for the ride and stop complaining wait for the other shoe to fallLike I said he goes to nfc west where he sees seattle 2 times YOU WILL SEE how good he really is and watch him run for that sideline when cam and sherman bearing down on his ass! lmao I hope he goes to 49s lmao whooooooooooowheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  9. Let’s see Lesean McCoy dance aroundnow that teams will commit 8 players to the box without Djax.

  10. There is much more to this story…. It ain’t because he’s bitching and complaining. There is something deep and not out to the public for this to go so wrong.

  11. Depends on who the Eagles draft. Maybe they trade Jackson to the JETS and swap 1st rd picks then draft Mike Evans. Not saying that I think that will happen, but that would certainly be an upgrade.

  12. If they lose DJax Kelly’s scheme is good enough (combined with a weak division) to do well in the regular season – and by well I mean 9-10 games – which still will win the East.

    The problem is playoff time against better caliber defenses. Saw it in NO (though Jax was open all game) and you’ll see it against defenses like Car or the Hawks or the Niners. Not having DJax or an equivalent will be painful.

  13. Rumors that QB Sanchez is coming to NovaCare for a workout, interviews,etc..
    Just as I have stated would happen over this Off-Season …

    • Dude….Sanchez is NOT coming to Philly! We have already have Barkley so what would Sanchez do besides steal money? They would have found a way to keep Vick if they wanted a turnover machine for a backup QB.
      You really need to switch teams you follow bc you make us REAL Eagles fans look bad. You should try leaving your room once in awhile and get fresh air.

  14. I don’t any of y’all realize that weather desean is traded or not the eagles a taking a wr in the 1st rd it’s just the matter of which one. So all of you that thought they were gonna take a defensive player give up your dreams the value is on defense it’s the wr’s.

  15. Desean Jackson is gone –
    whether the Eagles received a token 7th round draft pick or he is released –
    Jeff Lurie is not having his Eagles franchise associated with street gang propaganda, on the field or off the field. DJax flashing terrorist gang signs was a deal breaker.

  16. Exactly right eos, that recent photo with nipsey hussle was the end for desean jackson

  17. The Eagles messed this DJak situation up so bad that their going to end up releasing him n get nothing in return, EOS so your saying Lurie was ok with a an ex con just getting out of prison for killing dogs but he has major problems with a guy sending gang hand signs who never got in trouble with the law before? Yea ok! When it’s all said n done the Eagles will be drafting a WR with the first pick n our D will still be in the same horrible position.

  18. you’re a fukin idiot doggone punt return u show how much u know the wimp wanted no parts of that and for your info I WANTED dawk here.As far as heart I seen shit u would run from and cry like a baby shit that would bring out the kitchen bitch in u in 1 second. If u would have read my statement u would understand what I said ITS THE EAGLES not me , u , man on the moon who would make this decision for a business and football reason I for one trust them to make the right move obvious something big is ready to happen

  19. If they release him and get nothing they are damn fools and need to be shot on the spot

    • LMAO….this has been so badly bungled and mishandled it’s embarrasing. Cliff has often said Howie is stupid (or something like that). I am beginning to agree with him if they get less than a ! or cut him. Again Gloomy, I don’t agree with execution,but I understand what you are saying! This front office is starting to look like fools!

  20. Not to change gearls,
    Anyone notice how quiet LeSean McCoy has been this Off-Season as opposed
    To the last couple of off-seasons.. I believe McCoy got the same memo
    That D-Jax got, but McCoy has decided to lay low this year..

  21. By the way even if u got your wish and he stayed which I doubt he wouldn’t have no where near the amt touches he had last season with all the other weapons we have like so would it make sense nope.Like I said hope if he goes he goes to nfc west then u see what he really brings to the table in 2 seasons he’d be out of football trying to rap somewhere I could just see that video with a 10lb gold football on a chain hangin from his neck and another one on his grill lmao

  22. I wouldn’t be surprise to see JARVIS LANDRY in the 2nd round. He is a lot like Hines Ward. Not the fastest WR, but catches everything and is a terrific blocker.
    good team guy and Chip likes LSU.

  23. You guys have to remember that Lurie and most of the others owners are working under different conditions this year due to what happened last year in New England with TE Henandez..
    What’s occurred in prior off-seasons with other players and incidences
    (The N word or Vicks Deal) is no longer relevant to the present as far as how Teams view their perceptions and on-goings of their Players during their a Off-Seasons.. It’s different now then before and a certain group of Owners are simply not going to tolerate damaging their Billion $$$
    franchises for a few bad apples..This is the New NFL, whether we like it or not..

  24. Dude isn’t getting traded..

    But if they do, I will trust whats up chips sleeve. I doubt they trade chips weapons without chips consent.. Believe me I’m against it. U guys say he’s a cancer which he isn’t.. This isn’t Andy banner n heckert bullshitt. They better have serious plans on a replacement becuz if Mac gets hurt again we won’t have shit..

    Think hard eagles front office..

    • No silencer they won’t even be able to trade him, he’ll be released and get nothing in return for a playmaking pro bowler. GMCliff needs to get down to South Philly fast and straighten this mess out.

  25. Make sure u have your punk panties on

  26. There is no Controversy. When the relationship is over. So is the communication. The Eagles have stopped talking. It’s over for Desean.

    Just that simple. Now they are letting the rest of the NFL know before the draft, that they are single and want to mingle.

    They are now testing the waters and the divorce will be final, when another team says…”will you marry me?”

    If they get not proposals then the will still break up with Desean and cut their losses.

    Mercer showed Duke how a team united can be a more talented team with a future lottery pick.

    Vick is now gone and Desean will follow. There will be a new culture in the locker room.

    Is Desean talented? Of course. But does it matter how handsome the husband is that beats his wife??

    When Sun Tzu began the “Art of War” to prove he was the greatest military leader of all time, he was asked to train women that had been spoiled all of their lives. When Sun Tzu gave orders to fight the women just laughed at him. He said that it is the generals responsibility to make sure that the orders are clear. So he repeated the order to fight and they laughed at him again. He then chopped off the heads of the 2 women he had put in charge. The remaining women focused and became excellent fighters. He was hired to lead the wu army of 33,000 troops that defeated the chu army of 300,000 troops.

    Desean head is being chopped off, to show everybody else in the locker room that this man is serious about winning, and winning his way. Excellent move. We will draft another fast WR. Maclin will step up, and Sproels and Ertzs will be matchup nightmares. Leshawn McCoy will be awesome, again.

    We don’t need “Boney James.”

  27. Back in the late 70s early 80s the Chargers had one of the best Os of all time, their wideouts were Joyner, Winslows, Jeffrrson, Jeffrrson was their deep threat, they thought if they got rid of him he could be replaced cause they had the other guys along with Fouts and chuck Muncie, guess what? Even with all that fire power they were never the same, their never came close to putting uo the numbers they did before, your looking at the same thing with the Eagles if they get rid of DJak.

  28. Guys concentrate on the draft and stop worrying bout something u got no control over yak yak yak yak happens or not aint the end of the world we still have maclin, cooper, ertz mccoy, casey,etcyea and u say” how bout mac or coop gets hurt’ well how bout if my aunt had balls

  29. What if we get Decker from the Jets for Desean?

    That would make sense to me. Big guys beat up little guys philosophy resonates with that move and makes it plausible to reunite Vick with #10 in light of the big receivers payout already in place with the NJ Jets.


  30. That would be dumb as hell that could’ve just signed decker when he was a free agent that makes no sense at all.

    They need to either get a 2,3,5 or 1,3,6 nothing else is acceptable

    And Paulman Miami does 19million so they could trade him there for dion Jordan and Miami’s 2nd &5th rd picks

    • well that’s kind of you to say! guess you cobb lifers have the power to emit your keen sense of insult and judgement at will. that’ll teach me.

    • Dolphins have too much $$$ tied up in WR Mike Wallace already
      You Pair him with D-Jax, then who do they have to run the intermediate routes and work the middle of the field since neither Wallace or D-Jax do
      Both Players are too similar to draw interest from the Dolphins
      In my opinion..

  31. Hate to say I told yas so, but I did long ago. See ya. Any player who quits on his own team because he didn’t get his way cannot ever be trusted. Bye D Faction.

  32. Where there’s this much smoke ,we all know ,there’s more than fire…this is more about foles ,and the organizations commitment to him …Djax made it clear he was lobbying for Vick..this has Been a plan all along …you can’t just purge Vick and leave a disgruntled creates locker room drama ..he’s gone ,but at what compensation? If Miami is the team ,we strengthen our defense ,and obtain Dion Jordan and picks for graham and dee Jax …in a deep WR draft ,you get a player that fits the mold as chip envisions ,and less internal’s a new billion dollar nfl’s all about the brand..this had a cataclysmic end in sight before it happened …I’m sure the five year deal the eagles offered maclin ,was the first salvo,then sproles signing …DeeJax is aware he threw a gauntlet out for more money…he got the organizations message ….perhaps not even Desean is bigger than the team..that chip on his shoulder is what makes him the player he is ..if you can’t live with that ,it means the truth be told there’s a lot more than hurt feelings behind these scenes don’t just eject pro bowlers …What we need know is the truth …so we can trust the organization …

  33. Some of you homers are funny.

    You screw a guy over who one of only two stars you have on the team. How do you think that’s gonna play when other guys are free agents? Or other folk out play their contract? Think they gonna sign to the cheap hearltess Eagles? I mean we don’t exactly have all these championships to lure them in.

    This is just silly. I beleive it’s a done deal. But boy is it a dumb deal.

    • Eagles have always done better as a Team without
      “Stars” and big-name Free-Agents .. As per GM Roseman statements about Free-Agency, they are going to shy away from this and concentrate of building a core of Players they the a Draft and a few targeted, 2nd Tier a Free Agents looking for more opportunity.. It’s the Blue-Print they will follow for the next 2-3 Years and see if getting back to basics, fundamentals, high character and smart & versatile Players is the way to a Championship
      This is the way it will be for the current Front Office & Coaching Staff..

  34. Fellas and lady, let me say this getting rid of Desean is a huge mistake. I mean unless they know something really bad about him, then this makes no sense. But let me say this don’t just chalk up the Nfc east as being easily the Eagles. The Giants have done well in free agency, they will challenge the Eagles for the division. Don’t count the Giants out guys, they are going to be okay.

  35. People always talk about these big tall receivers, like Calvin johnson, Larry Fitz etc etc. They are nice to have but most of the teams that win superbowls have regular 6’0″ size wideouts. The large receiver is way over blown, they are nice to have but you can win without them.

  36. Detroit Lions may have the biggest wide receiving core in football and they suck.

    • They will bounce back under Coach Jim Caldwell
      That Coach Jim Schwartz, could “F-up a wet dream”and had no business being a HC in the NFL..

  37. This is so ridiculous ! The players in the locker room want production…they could careless about what a ‘Diva’ DJax is as long as he produces! Foles should be banging at management door begging them to keep DJax…(despite the fact that he failed on many occasions to get him the ball when he was running past D-backs wide open and free)
    The check-downs Foles took so quickly were there in large part because of the space DJax speed created…you dont replace talent like DJax easily…

  38. The smart players in the locker room will distance themselves from gangs and players that associate and or are members of gangs

    • Hmmmm…Mychal Kendricks who is very smart says Jackson is a good guy and has publicly stated his support.
      Mike Vick said he’d love to have Djax with him on the Jets…
      But hey…most of the Eagles call Djax “Spooky” because he scares the ish out of them. He threatens to pull run bys on them during practice….i.e. running by them throwing footballs at them while flashing gang signs….Jacpot mutha f#^%@$

    • Jakedog, your stupidity has reached new heights. If you really think that DJax is ‘associated’ or a ‘member’ of a gang because he threw up some gang signs or some foolishness like that, jakedog…then you would also believe that Serena Williams is a gangster because she ‘crip-walked’ after winning a tennis tournament.
      Fool! If he had those kind of associations the Eagles would have never signed him coming out college…DJax is a football player not a gang-banger.

  39. All bullshit anecdotal stories

    Deal with facts

    Gang signals, latest on March 10

    House broken into. About 400k stolen between cash and bling

    Two guns stolen

    Instagram photo in January flashing crip sign

    Rapper nipsey hussle photo with deSean and others show ing gang signs

    Hussle an admitted member of the rolling 60 crip gang, proud of it, and there is desean flashing the same hand sign as his associate

  40. LOL…jakdog..he ‘flashes gang signs’ so…he’s a gangster….LMAO
    He gets robbed so that’s verifies his ‘gangster’ street rep huh…LOL!!
    Your a complete fool Jakedog!
    Eaglehaslanded makes a strong observation…how come one of our linebackers can speak up for DJax….and simply say…”Hey…I want him on the team”…but the Quarterback the leader of the team is so passive and silent…has he enters a make or break year for him?
    Foles should be the vocal about keeping DJax because its his ass that’s on the line!

    • Exactly Kool…if you want to be seen as a gangsta and a thug…you’re not the one whose supposed to be getting robbed…damnit your supposed to be doing the robbing. You lose credibility by getting robbed….you’re looked at as soft, weak and capable of being taken advantage of…a pusilanimous punk…in it’s true definition. If Jax was trying to bea real gangsta…revenge would have been exacted by him and his so called crip brothers. He would not have let the police handle it…lmao! That’s not gangsta…Jacpot mutha f@%#$&!

  41. Problem is his image.

    After Hernandez i am sure the Eagles are looking at his long term future.

    I am not calling him a murderer but…his decisions are not helping his contract.
    Pick up Miles Austin on the cheap and draft a WR or (2) and trade him for a pick or combination of them.

    He obviously wants out and has burned his bridges.
    Howie better have some magic up his sleeve for this one.

  42. You guys sound like a bunch of high school girls arguing over what somebody’s ‘friend’ said on Facebook.

    This is all driven by Twitter-birds and media prostitutes to generate ratings or readership ot ‘tweets’. There have been no official statements by anyone.

    This afternoon, I laid down for a nap, and switched on WIP for the first time in about a month: Rob Charry was on with Hollis Thomas, and the report was that it was DeSean Jackson that refused to return Chip Kelly’s calls, not the other way around. So what is the truth?

    All of these are rumors for obsessive football fans to start controversy.

    Gossip is the devil’s radio.

    • Frankiebaby…you’re 100% right with your comment. However, you know how we get on these hot topic articles and posts. It’s like fresh meat given to dogs!

  43. You sound like you know the gangster lifestyle eagles has landed, so you will now know why the eagles want nothing to do with your brethren

    • Everybody on this site we have to petition to get this fucking racist off this site named jakedog

    • It’s none of your business whether I am or am not…nor do I give a fuck what you think about what I’m well versed in. Perhaps I am…but perhaps it’s because I read a lot of legal and psychological information to be well versed about this life style. But you can’t comprehend one being educated in something without them partaking in it can you? LOL..As I said…go duck back into your bottle!

  44. It’s as an American to sniff out gangsters like you

  45. You guys are the fuvking worst, you want all the best this country has to offer, but in return you give nothing , yet worst, you make excuses for gangsters like djax, a reprobate. He will be gone because eagles management has my mindset of right and wrong

    • I guarantee I’m a much more productive citizen than you ever have been, will be or could wish to be…I’ll put my degrees (post bachelors) and ridiculous salary on the line that I’m better educated than you too! Take your Amerikkkana bullshit mentality and and get a life out side of the bottle! Drunks are not productive citizens…you are a scourge on society and what America truly should be in this so called post racial America!

  46. Tough guy you are eagles, insult my dead father You want to try that again

  47. Okay zilents. Where can we meet

  48. Bring eagles has landed with you

    • jakedouche…LOL…now who’s the tough guy thug, gangsta criminal. What are you in 5th grade…or is that just the highest level of education you achieved..sort of matches your maturation level.You are truly everything you claim to be against and want to sniff out. Wanna see a thug and a gangster…look in the mirror. I have way to much going on in my life to get involved with a low life drunken gangster loser bum such as yourself. But check it mr. Northeast Philly gangster tough guy, becareful what you ask for. You truly do not know who you are typing to. The fact that you are calling people out on here for what appears to be to conduct some sort of criminal violent altercation is criminal in itself. Evidently you are a criminal low life thug!
      jakeeboy…you are a criminal and a gangster, as well as a fraud! I guess you’re no better than DeSean’s crip buddies! jake the thug!!!

  49. C’Mon Guys, tone it down.. What’s with this BS..
    Enough about D-Jax already, we have posted and debated every damn angle on woulda, coulda, & shoulda’s..
    D-Jax is under Contract with our Team, the Eagles, if they feel
    They are better off without him, the he will be traded,
    If the Eagkes feel they are better with him, than they keep him,
    Simple as that.. Let’s move on until the Eagles decide what to do, if anythibg about this situation that has beat to death already by all of us including me..
    I’m done talking, thinking about, what happens is what happens..

    • I understand what u mean paulman but this jake dude is racist as shit oh yea jake we can meet at the eagles opening home game and plz believe it wont bebany talking after im done with you u pos

  50. You are the little pussy that made it personal to my family,now you want to back off,you little faggot, name your placements

    • jakedouchebag… name calling is supposed to compel who? LOL… I said wanna be gangster thug life criminal…your not worth it ….ok…how about your house. What’s the address…34th and Girard…that’s the Philly zoo. Where you obviously belong,caged with the other animals. Oh and jakedouche…what do you know about pussy…you’re not getting any!
      You’ve shown yourself to be a thug and a criminal… you are. See, a True law abiding American citizen such as myself sniffed you out…so much for the black community stereotype!

      I’ve exposed your thug criminal wanna be gangster ass! Mission accomplished biotch! You belong in jail!

      • Let it go Eagles you have far too much intelligence to let this get under your skin but I understand Jake had me there before believe me.

        • I know Big….but I wanted to expose this fraud…he’s so busy on his high horse soapbox judging people he does not know as a part of the criminal element…and look…he has the criminal element of violence and thug-ish behavior…the same behavior and character assassination he continuously levels against DeSean. He’s a racist hypocrite!
          I know what you’re saying though…I don’t normally conduct myself like this…but sometimes I get tired of the self righteous bullshitters on here who are no more than loathing bastards of of hypocrisy!

  51. I’m not backing off shit that’s the perfect time to beat the shit out of you in front of fellow eagles fans. I”m going to fucking destroy you piece of shit GUARANTEED….PUSSY

  52. Come on Jake I thought we were pass all that racial crap? You had me up in Philly trying to get at you because of that crap. You gotta be more careful how you come off man.

  53. Wow this really got out of hand.

  54. ***Paulman with the real scoop on the D-Jax Fiasco***.
    We are know that Owner Jeff Lurie married an Asian Woman last year..
    D-Jax & Some of his Associates apparently had some disparaging remarks about her and Asians in general.. This has pushed Owner Lurie over the line once and for all to get rid of D-Jax, no matter what they get in return even if they have to flat out Release…
    The Coaching Staff and Front Office has been Mum about the entire Deal for Lurie was on record that if anyone working for him would go out and speak to the Press about this very sensitive issue would be Terminated….
    It’s a shame things came down to this, but what can we do about it…
    Time to move on.. these Scouts and Front Office Staff are paid a lot of $$$ to go out and found and bring in his Replacement theu the Draft.. Owner Lurie says he doesn’t want to hear anyone bitch ot moan about the situation and that it’s a closed case as he has instructed his subordinates to all move forward…

  55. This site can be crazy at times….way too often.

    To think that we are all supposed to be fan of the same team….imagine how we would converse with assh#le Cowgirl fans??

    In looking at who benefits from all of this DJax drama, I think it is his new agents in the end who stand to make the most. The eagles have lost any possible trade value, and have a very disgruntled player if he were to come back. The team looks to be the real loser here regardless of whatever way the saga ends.

    But since DJax fired Drew Rosenhaus and hired Segal, the new agent does not get paid until a new contract is made. That is really what this is all about, and where the majority of the rumors have been coming from….they want a new contract…and if not a new contract they want to be traded so they can demand a new contract from a new team….and if not traded they want to be cut so they can negotiate a new contract with any team. Regardless of how it works out DJax and his new management team are looking for a new deal and will try and force the issue any way that they can. They are the only ones who will profit from this whole drama.

    • I agree Greenfan, a nice Assesment of what’s really happening here..
      D-Jax runs thru money like a Irishman does with Scotch.. and D-Jax now has to pay out of his Pocket for his new Agent Segal to replace Rosenstain who has already taken his % from D-ax from last Year’s Signing Bonus..

      • i agree with that whole picture greenfan. eagles arent leaking this shit, never have never will. eagles are one of the hardest teams to gauge their draft , free agent targets, resigning their own… its all hush. so its very obvious where this is coming from….

        its a shame desean isnt bright enough to understand that he can play out this year at 11 mill then hold all the cards next year…. no matter who signs him/where he goes he isnt making a penny over 11 mill this year… it would be to his advantage to do this next year if he could replicate or increase on his numbers last year. because every agent in the bizz will tell you its always about the 2nd contract after the rookie deal…

        look at eric decker for market value he got a 5 year 35 mill deal with 15 guarenteed. desean is in year 2 of a 5 year deal 47 mill deal with 15 guarenteed. its fair market value.

        if desean is cut today he would be lucky to get a new 5 year 42 mill deal with 15 guaranteed and he will be doing this same thing next year. its a shame he just isnt bright enough to understand the dynamics here

        i hope the eagles keep him and make him show what kind of teammate and professional he is. i understand him quitting a bit when he was making 500k but if he quits when making 11 mill nobody will touch him

    • He isn’t the first athlete to get a new agent.

      • Right Dag. It isn’t like Joel Segal hasn’t done this before with other athletes like say….CHRIS JOHNSON just LAST YEAR?!

        You are right, it couldn’t be coming from an agent who has yet to make a dime off of DJax until he signs a new contract. It couldn’t be the agent who is leaking all of these rumors.

        The Eagles may not always have been the brightest at front office moves to endear themselves to players, but it makes no sense to be putting out all of this stuff to push down the players value in the market. It makes no sense. The only thing that makes sense to me is that DJax and his agents are trying to either get him out of town or force a new contract…it is the only way that they get paid. Think about it.

      • No he is not the first, but Athletes usually get a New Agent while they are working on a new Contract or approaching Free-Agency or a Contract Year and not after you have recently Signed a 4 Year Deal where for most intents and purpose’s, the Agent’s Work (Rosenhaus in this case) was done…

    • the segal crew vs the Rosenhaus crew — no wonder why shady is so quiet he rolls with Drew.

  56. This has been confirmed Mark Sanchez is a Philadelphia Eagle pending physical

    • GOOD CALL PAULMAN MONTHS AGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Thank you Henski..
        I thought this was a no-brainer knowing the Jets were going to release him making him a relative inexpensive option for an Veteran Back-Up who actually has NFL some Game Experience and the fact that Kelly is very familiar with Sanchez from their Pac-12 Days and actually likes his competitive spirit & Leadership qualitites..
        He’ll probably sign a 1 Year at the Minimum ($1.5 Million) Deal to come in Compete for the Back-Up..
        If Foles were to get injured, I am sure Coach Kelly would feel a lot more comfortable with Sanchez (who has over 60 NFL Starts) than Barkley who needs to learn to learn a lot more before he’s ready to Start or Take over for anyone ..
        A Good move by the Eagles with very little risk or committment involved.. If it doesn’t work out, then you release Sanchez, If Sanchez looks and plays well and beats out Barkely as the back-up, then they keep Sanchez and Trade/Release Barkley after next Off-Season and Draft another Young QB in the 2015 Draft..
        Sanchez will come in with a fresh set of eyes, no pressure and little expetaction, what he does need is to get his confidence back and hopefully with good Coaching by Kelly,Shurmur & Company, he can regain his confidnce and help this Team.. Sanchez handls the ball pretty well, can do little roll-outs and can be effective in a ball-control, short to intermdediate passing attack which is what the Eagles may be moving towards if they Trade D-Jax and do remember, they OD Pay Shurmur is a West-Coast System Coach.. Who kows, Maybe sanches whill jump start his Career and look and play weel this Summer that the Eagles could keep him long-term as a Back-up to Foles or Trade him to a Team who sustains an injury and get a mid/late Round Pick for him in 2015

    • wait a second, the vickapologists were certain Chip Kelly needs a running QB to make this NFL thing work.

      • I wouldn’t say that was coming from Vickapologists necessarily. It was coming from clueless imbeciles that know nothing about football, roster management , and or talent. People like Jon hart

        Speaking of job hart I guess his retarfed prediction that the eagles would be in play for manziel if he dropped out of the top 10 can be put to bed. Just another idiotic jon hart prediction.

    • LOL get rid of the accused gang member and bring in guy who dates teenagers. I’m with Vinnie you cannot make this shit up.

  57. The Eagles look ridiculous. Despite the few of geniuses on here the sentiment fom Philadelphians on the radio black/white/green/purple overwhelming have voiced their anger with management on talk radio. There is no justicifaction in letting Djax go for a 3rd, 2nd or just releasing him. The Eagles cant win on this issue unless something catastrophic comes out. There is noway the Eagles can win. It doesn’t matter what receiver they add there offense wont be as good and it will be directed at Roseman and the Chipper. First off the odds of Foles throwing 29tds and 2 ints is remote. The Eagles play the NFC west and there killer defenses and Shady probably wont have another career year. So right there the offense theoretically wont be as effective. Then you better hope Maclin stays healthy. Its a no win situation for the Eagles.

  58. oh I almost forgot, according to my source…

  59. I would like to see Wilfork come to Philly in our 3-4 scheme. Maybe NE and us can trade our castaways.

  60. Sanchez….you can’t make this shit up!

      • lol He was absolutely horrible in NY but now hes the perfect backup.

        • As bad as he was in New York he still put up better numbers than Vick with absolutely shit weapons and no running game. Matter of fact his career highs in season pass Tds and pass yards beat Vicks career highs.

          Most teams have crap backups and although I wouldn’t be happy with him as a starter I’ll take him over any other available qb and over Barkley

          • Im confused then why is Vick in NY and Sanchez released? lol

            • Oh yeah because Mhenski is smarter than Rex Ryan and the Jets GM. I forgot sorry.

              • Mhenski you should call the Jets right now with your outrage!. Sanchez have better career numbers than Vick with no weapons. I weally weally don’t understand what you guys are doing. waaaaaa Vick suck.

            • Money mostly money add in some incompetence. Add in the fact that some morons (jets mgmt) just don’t understand how awful Vick is. Everything jets do with that offense has been ametuerish / desperate. They are raiders east

          • Everybody in the whole wide world is better than Mike Vick. He suck. waaaaaa.

            • I don’t know why you are crying but ok cry away. Mike is also a very good backup.

              Jets had no choice but to cut Sanchez he was scheduled to make 11+ mill this year and isn’t worth half that.

              • It’s quite simple really dag I don’t know why your brain won’t let you understand. Sanchez experiment was over in ny. Ny wasn’t paying him 11 mill and Sanchez wouldn’t go back if they cut him so jets took best available FA in Vick and gave him back up money to compete with Geno

                Eagles get a guy with experience and with some talent. Sanchez was the best available qb and we needed one. Simple simple stuff.

      • Mhenski you may be right because at Oregon he stated he will never ever spend big money on a franchise QB that his system allows the QB to thrive. So Sanchez may be the starting QB in 2 years if Foles demands some 20 million a year. lol

        • Here’s what’s funny…Foles is almost as good as gone should he another year similar to last one and heres why.

          Let’s say we win 10 games – win the East – get knocked out in the first round of the playoffs. SO he’s be a winning Qb that gets you to the playoffs.

          BUT if QB comp stays as it has been – Foles ain’t getting less than 18 mil. a year. And Cutler and Romo are the reasons why.

          On the horizon there are Kaep’s – Daton’s and Cam’s contracts on the horizon – Alex Smith is in the mix as well. I can tell you right now Keap ain’t taking less than 18 mil a year – and his playoff record is why.

          Smith is in the position to make a similar argument – Bengals can’t decide what they are going to do with Dalton and if I were Cam’s agent I’d simply say you refuse to surround with quality targets yet I still produce (assuming they can make something happen this year) pay me.

          There is NO WAY IN THE HELL a good agent is going to let their getting to the playoffs, pro-bowl caliber QB take less than what I never see the playoff 8-8 having QBs make.

          So (assuming Foles produces) unless Foles is just the nicest guy on the planet and his agent is the dumbest on the planet Foles contract will be no less than 18 mil a year.

          Let’s see how the front office handles that. lol

          • If Eagles are let’s say and 10-6 NFC East Winner (which they should be) and win a playoff Game and get bounced out
            (Which again is what most expect) then I can see a Nice new Contract for Foles but it won’t juck to Romo/Cutler $18 Million per Season right away.. Probably a Staggered Deal in the $12-$14 Million range for 2015 & 2016 with some Escalators and Bonus $$$ added for Playoff Success and then rolling up to the $16-$18 Range in years #3/#4/#5..

            Remember that after next Season Foles will have completed 3 Years of his 4 Year Standard Rookie Contract
            and the Eagles are able to extend him out, but at the same time, the Eagles are not obligated to pay him the big bucks just ye, thought it’s not a good thing to have your Starting QB play at 750K in Year 4 Of his Rookie Deal when he’s your Starter ..

            • Agreed. He’ll get around 14 million. They won’t be crippled by his salary till his 3rd contract. Eagles have a 4-5 year window before the QB salary vs the cap becomes an issue.

            • Foles will get what the market will bear.

              Foles compensation will be greatly based on the contracts of those QBs who are currently in the process or will soon be negotiating there.

              If the 18 mil a year for no playoff appearance trend continues, Foles agent ain’t going for less. And there is no reason why he should.

              • Let’s see the $18+ Million QB Resumes of last Season
                QB’s like Romo,Flacco,Ryan & Stafford, Big Ben, & Eli who all happened To not make the Playoffs in 2013 and a few of them may not make it again in 2014.. So let’s see how the “Market” corrects itself before worrying about what Deal Foles may or may not get.,

              • there are 7 qbs who make 18 million.

                4 are sb winners. The other 3 are all in their 30s with years and years of experience.

                Foles will not get the same contract with just 2 years starting exp.

                Just because Chicago and Dallas threw stupid $$ at their QBs doesn’t mean the Eagles will.

                Foles will get his stupid $$ on his 3rd contract after winning a sb.

              • NFL contracts are based on recent contracts.

                Like I said how Kaeps, Smith, Dlaton and Cam’s contracts play out will have a direct impact on how Foles contract plays out.

                So if those guys receive 14/15 mil a year that’s one thing. If they receive 18/20 mil there is no way in hell a good agent will let his QB client any less.

  61. No excuses Chipper. Playmakers when championships. Talent wins championships. No excuses Chipper you better win the NFC East and no less than 10 games. No excuses Chipper, I don’t want to hear about Maclin getting hurt or Cooper getting hurt. No 2nd year slump from Foles. Eagle fans don’t want to hear shit. Your offense was 2nd in yards and 4th in points. No excuses will be good enough. He will feel the wrath of the fans if this fails. His rookie WR better be ready to roll.

    • We will win 9-10 games. Assuming we go 4-2 in the division.

      But Eagles fan better not sleep on Skins and Giants this year. ‘Till we seem the play I’m sticking with my 60/40 prediction of us winning the East.

  62. Pending Physical Guys Remember that… Sanchez didnt play all last yr bc of a torn labarum.. they’re thoroughly evaluating him..

  63. And contrary to

    Jon Hart
    March 24, 2014 – 4:52 pm

    This has been confirmed Mark Sanchez is a Philadelphia Eagle pending physical

    Another awful job by jon. Way premature this is not a done deal regardless of his physical.

    The latest is :

    Mark Sanchez – QB – Free Agent
    A source tells the Eagles are “definitely interested” in free agent Mark Sanchez, but the team “wants to learn more about his injured shoulder” before signing him.
    We’re considering renaming Rotoworld, SanchizeWorld. Sanchez tore the labrum in his throwing shoulder last preseason, and underwent year-ending surgery on October 8. He didn’t play a regular season snap in 2013. ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reported Monday that Sanchez “has been throwing” and “is about 80 percent” recovered from the injury. “He’s on good recovery,” Mortensen tweeted.
    Related: Eagles
    Source: Profootballtalk on Twitter

    Can’t believe I actually believed a job hart post. Never again.

  64. Sanchez on a one year $1 to $1.5 million dollar deal to battle Barkley for the #2 spot is no big deal.

    Would I give Sanchez the keys to the sarting spot? Never.

    Would I be okay with him coming in for a couple games. Sure. He could hand off enough and go 1-1. That’s all you need out of a backup.

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