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DeSean Jackson Should Be An Eagle For Life

DeSeanJackson1The ridiculous speculation needs to end. DeSean Jackson is not going anywhere.

End of story.

Trading Jackson would have no logic. It would not be the right move for anyone. Not for the locker room, not for the fanbase and not for the future of the Philadelphia franchise.DeSean will be an Eagle in 2014, and he will be one for life.

It’s unclear where these rumors originated, but they suggest that the organization is clueless enough not to realize what a special player Jackson is, and what a special Eagle he is.

The rumors state that Jackson is such a locker room distraction that he can’t remain with the Eagles one more season. He can’t even stay one more day. He is supposedly such a cancer that the Eagles have no choice but to remove him for the good of the team.

How? Usually divisive players are not happy with their situations. Last time I checked, Jackson had a strong desire to remain in Philadelphia. He not only said so, according to Les Bowen of the Philadelphia Daily News, but he also showed it. He chose to re-sign in Philly after the disastrous 2011 Eagles season. That was his golden opportunity to leave and he would have had the pick of his destination.

Instead he chose to remain with the Birds despite how dysfunctional they were.

It’s true, DeSean blew up on the sidelines last season during Philadelphia’s Week 15 game against the Vikings. But these things happen. It was an inexcusable performance in a must-win game, and his emotions got the better of him. And if it were Peyton Manning or Tom Brady in a similar situation he would be praised for his passion and “strong desire to win.”

And when he was temporarily demoted to third string over the offseason, Jackson handled it professionally. He expressed his unhappiness at first, but cleared the air after meeting with Chip Kelly in person. Does this sound like a horrible distraction of a teammate to you? Why does Jackson deserve to be removed this instant but not Riley Cooper last summer?

Another criticism that has accompanied the trade rumors is that the veteran wideout is not worth his five-year, $47 million contract. But Jackson is coming off the best year of his career. Money not an issue in 2012, when he caught just two touchdowns, but why is it now after an 82-reception, 1,332-yard, nine-touchdown season? Those numbers not only led the Eagles in every category last season, they led by a mile.

Additionally, Jackson’s worth to the Eagles goes beyond mere numbers. Jackson is in many ways a franchise player. He is as iconic of the new-generation Eagles as anyone else on the roster.
He was there for 44-6 against Dallas in 2008. He experienced Donovan McNabb’s, Brian Westbrook’s and Brian Dawkins’ last hurrah as Eagles on route to one more NFC Championship game.

He was there in 2010 for Michael Vick’s historic six-touchdown night against the Washington Redskins, a performance so exhilirating that it was enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. And he was there for the Miracle at the Meadowlands II, as it was Jackson himself who gave Philadelphia fans the greatest play in franchise history, returning a punt all the way to seal an epic comeback.

Is Jackson always a model teammate? Maybe not. But he has given the Eagles everything they could have ever hoped for when they drafted him in 2008. Jackson is not just a great player, he is well on his way to becoming an Eagles legend.

Whoever started these rumors needs to put them to rest right now. It’s an insult to Jackson, who has been nothing short of the Eagles’ best receiver since Terrell Owens, and it’s an insult to the fans, who know just how valuable Jackson is to the team.

Jackson will not be traded. Only towards the end of his career when his best years are behind him would such a move be plausible. But Jackson is well in his prime, and his best years may be yet to come.

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214 Comments for “DeSean Jackson Should Be An Eagle For Life”

  1. Take your “Eagles Goggles” off Yueh,
    And open your eye’s…

  2. Yueh A Ho, go back to Bleacher report. Use your common sense, these retards, that are running this team, have already f^#@ed this up beyond repair. It’s ludicrous, & asinine, I agree, but if you don’t think he’s gone now, after the out of control wildfire, that’s been going on for weeks now, you’re an idiot!
    BTW, these stories originated from @$$hole bloggers trying to be beat writers, spilling the beans. Then it picks up steam, ruining any, & all trade value the dude has. I’m sick of this shit now! He wants more money… He’s satisfied with his contract… They called him… Nobody called him… Desean tried calling them… Chip tried calling him… He won’t renegotiate his contact… Nobody asked him to renegotiate it… I’m f^#@ing sick of this $#!T already! Chip, Weaselman, come out & put a kabosh on this $#!T already! Or trade him, or release him already!

    • i 2nd DCar. Who the hell puts their cards on the table like this in negotiations? This is full blown retard hour

      • run, this whole situation is insane! If this FO either trades him for anything less than a high 2nd, or they do release him, they should never be forgiven. PERIOD! Unless it comes out, that he committed a crime, or is linked in any way to an organized crime faction, there is no reason for this $#!T! It’s all about $$$$ & pride with Weaselman, & the so-called Genius! Big woop, he’s throwing up gang signs with rappers, banging skanks, throwing away his $$$$ on BS! I don’t give a rats @$$. Listen, I don’t like DJax, nor did I want him back, but you don’t trade your best WR, unless you get great compensation, & have a #1 replacement! PERIOD!!!!!

        • agree. don’t tell them that though. they’re the smartest guys in the room. goes back to my point. they’re outright saying don’t give us a high draft pick. howie and lurie ego’s undermine our potential. i don’t get it. maybe we were getting too good and lurie is content with good enough. what an absolute douchebag.

  3. Yeah G reward a guy who quit on his team. I don’t care what he ever accomplished he quit on his teammates once he will do it again. Enough said.

    • Amen to that. D-Faction can’t be trusted. The author of this article, Mr. Ho, needs an anti-psychotic med. I think folks have forgotten how fast J Maclin is. He’s gonna rack up the catches and spread things out. We’ll build on this in the draft. I could care less about number 10 getting the boot, and am more concerned about keeping Maclin.

  4. O by the way G. When you played I’m sure you would have no problem with a teammate quitting on you. I am sure you would have tolerated it, or are you all talk.

  5. Gimme a break with melodramatic non-sensical article. Desean should be an Eagle for life!? He should be an Eagle until – A. they get a return that potentially upgrades the team or B. he’s not fast anymore. That’s it. The one, single intangible he brings to the table is speed, and when that’s gone or is no longer worth the seeming headache it brings, Desean should be gone. This writer pines on like he’s Brian Dawkins or Reggie White. Look, he’s a number 2 receiver, a one trick pony that’s really good at his one trick and that has value, but to what end. Obviously, the birds don’t value it that much and we’ll have to wait and see what happens as far the trade rumors. I love today’s media where every article has to be the first to break story that usually lacks all the facts or just blatantly overstates what is essentially a non-story. Joke.

  6. He’s gone …but you have him being enshrined …into the Eagle hall of shame ..perhaps? DeSean is a mercurial talent ,not unlike A.I. A small dude with Attitude..he’s philly ,this won’t sit well,with the fan base ,unless it plays out ,where it upgrades the team ..his talent stretching defenses is all about speed ,replicating it ,won’t be easy..when you think of the touches on the offense ,with the addittion of sproles ,maclin..desean would be more disconsolate …I trust the coach ,he’s a mad scientist ,he ain’t just talking out his magic formula for no reason..

  7. If the 49ers really want him they can out bid any team that’s been rumored to be interested in him due to the fact they have a late 1st and multiple picks in the 2nd and 3rds. They could offer a 1,2,3 and still be good cause they would still have a 2nd and 3rd picks. So if the 49ers really want him they can pony up and get him since they are saying now the Seahawks want him also and the 49ers know they don’t have a problem giving up a 1st for a wr.

    • The problem is Gloomy, by various reports is that the 49ers do not want the baggage & quitter/pouter mentality that D-Jax has displayed in the past..
      Chances are with all the Draft Picks the 49ers have is this Draft is that they can Select & mold their own WR in their likeness and not overpay for another Teams headache which will be the prevailing thoughts by most GM’s around the NFL further lowering D-Jax’s Trade Value
      When you consider his selfish attitude & big contract..
      It will be harder to Trade him the longer this story is out there..
      By Draft Weekend in 6-7 Weeks, if other news comes out, the Eagles may be fortunate to get a 4th/5th Rounders
      Good Deals are all about timing and the longer this gets drawn out, the worse the timing becomes for the Eagles and Teams that very well could be interested know this as well too…
      Eagles may have to wait to 3rd Day of the Draft to a Team who were unable to draft receivers that they were high on and offer a 2015 Pick in Return

      Comprendo nitwit? WTF is wrong with you?!?

  8. Do your own due diligence about this guy,it’s out there and there is more we don’t know about, He is a bad dude, enshrine him with the thugs he hangs with and steals his cash,jewelry and guns


    • DJax beat up two cops after beating up 15 people at a bar….what’s even more incredible is that while he was pounding these guys with one hand…he was throwing up his gang sign with the other hand…and smoking weed at the same time. It was reported everytime he beat the $#!+ outta somebody he yelled “Jacpot mutha fu@$#%. He’s a baaaaaaaad man.

      Arrested, charged and convicted. Judge let him go though because he’s to bad to hold in jail. LOL! Yeah right!!!

  9. I’m sorry,it was me.
    I started these rumors about Mr. Jackson. I’ll stop. I also plead guilty to altering RealTalk’s comments to make him look foolish.

  10. Make light all you want but gangs in inner cities is no joke, waisted lives, destruction, glorifying death, This is the reason he’s gone

  11. After DJAX took under privelidged children Christmas shopping this pass year…he was seen waving an AK 47 in one hand and aM-16 in the other. He’s a BAAAAAAD Man and a criminal. No correctons facility can hold him, that’s why he hasn’t been arrested and convicted. The judicial system won’t even try. He’s toooooooo baaaaaad!

    • While I understand your sarcasm and intent to expose the absurd nature of many of these comments, it is a common practice of criminals to also be publicly charitable. Think Al Capone or Frank Lucas or many others. No doubt that DJax has been very charitable and worked with kids, but that does not mean that he may also have some questionable associations that his employers may have reason to be concerned about. He is a multimillion dollar employee, the Eagles have every right to examine any troubling associations.

      • Greenfan…you are right, they have every right to do so. My point is that until he is found guilty of any gang related activity that is illegal, then we should not be calling him criminal, thug, etc….it’s BS. Al Capone, Bugsy Malone….they were all repudiated known, guilty criminal mafioso type gangsters….Jackson has never been in trouble with the law…not one arrest, police investigation into criminal activity on his part, no knocking his lady out ala Ray Rice who the Ravens are backing 100%(don’t agree with them…but they are). Look how many NFL players are locked up over the off season…Djax has never been….but he’s called a criminal. Innocent til proven guilty….yeah right…ok!

        • Agree, and posted something similar in response to a silly Jakeman post. To my knowledge, the guy has never had any trouble with the law. Labeling him a criminal and thug is wrong. I believe that unfortunately it may actually be DJax and his actions as a player and teammate that are causing him problems with the coach and front office.

          I believe that the team is better, much better, with him in the lineup. But I also believe that when a new coach is trying to build a new culture, there are some tough decisions that need to be made. I hope that they can work things out, because even when he is sulking, DJax demands attention from an opposing defense that very few other WR’s can.

          Work it out guys, it will keep the team stronger in the end.

          GO BIRDS!!

  12. the New York Jets are going to be rolling in the bucks. The hat Mike Vick chooses to wear on the sideline during a game instantly sells out. And it isn’t just seasonal, Mike Vick looks good in knit hats also.

  13. Excellent analysis and article, Yueh! Pay no attention to the idiots on here who know nothing about football. If the Eagles are that stupid to give away or cut Djax then we should start wondering if some of the fools on this thread are apart of Eagles management. DJax performance on the field is whats counts not the other bull crap…DJax creates space on the field for the Eagles lesser receivers! We are playing tough teams next year and Foles, in a contract year, needs DJax desperately….he should go on his hands and knees and beg Lurie not to get rid of DJax…..

  14. Speaking of the QB…where is his voice…why is Foles so quiet that he wont speak up for his receiver who caught wounded ducks from him, bailed his ass out on a number of underthrown, weak balls???
    Why wont the Quarterback speak up for his teammate DJax?
    If your a leader of the team…why cant you speak up and defend your teammate and best weapon?

    • Nick Foles is smart enough not to communicate with peers and his employers through the media.

      • Or maybe he lacks guts…he is the leader of the team-the starting Quarterback…he doesn’t have to bash management to give DJax props and let it be known that DJax is a valuable member of the team! When McNabb was silent on TO…he was bashed unmercifully for not speaking up for TO…
        Step up Foles…you need DJax this year…its your ass on the line…you should be fighting to keep weapons that give you a chance to be effective!

        • I don’t know if Foles should come out publicly…but he should voice his opinion on the matter as the QB…whether he is the franchise or not…he’s the starter. If asked, he should speak up though. I can’t believe I’m agreeing with Koolbreeze once again on your opinion about the Eagles handling of Djax. WTF!!! And yes….McNabb was killed for not speaking up for T.O..

          • No player has come to D-Jax’s Defense
            Which is not only telling, but more importantly a strong signal
            Of how this is shaping up as something else behinds the scenes going on and I am pretty sure that Kelly/Roseman & Company have informed
            Players to keep quiet and focus on their off-season workout plans..
            Players are Professional’s and are to wound up in their own personal situations to be worrying or wasting their energy in something they have no control over.. Let it play out.. Foles and others are way to smart to get caught in this hornets nest..

            • Paul…that’s not true, Kendricks came out publicly for Jackson!

              • I stand corrected and your right about that..
                Do take note that Kendricks & D-Jax both played at Cal and have known each other for quite some time and have many connections thru the “Cal Family” so him coming out in support is probably more out of a true friendship relationship than let’s say a
                Teammate relationship, but it is duly noted for the record..

              • Yes Paul…I’m aware.
                I think Djax has made some bad decisions in an effort to gain street cred to get his rap /music career off the ground. I know that there are other players that has affiliations to bloods, crips, racial superiority groups so on and so forth. The NFL is a microcosm of society. Djax, in my opinion is a good guy with a good heart…until I hear he has killed, maaimed, injured or sold drugs,I’ll reserve judgement. In reading the Bible I know Jesus hung around some unsavory characters too. He didn’t play moral judge and god like some on here do…as I guess they think they are…not!

              • I agree that D-Jax is a good guy when he’s “real” and
                Gets away from trying to impress his Rap/Thug wanna-be persona & lifestyle that he has created for himself.. but that’s a decision he has to make if he wants to remain an Eagle
                And not any of ours.. I am sure this was stressed to him by the Front Office and possibly even Lurie himself,
                So if he chooses to do as he wish’s, that’s fine and dandy, but it just won’t be as an Philadelphia Eagle… So there is very little reason for anything for us Fans to be upset about.. It’s up to him what he want’s his future to be…

              • Paulman…that’s fair.
                Gotta be honest…I just do not like when people who has problems get on their soap box and become holier than thou judging people as if they are the knig of kings and most high! Before anyone does that…they need to look in the mirror and truly evaluate themself…then throw the first stone if they are free from sin and blemish. But I know they won’t do that…hypocrites! It’s fine to bash on the field antics…stop playing community mother poppin ish you don’t really know about though!

      • Exactly, what does Foles or any other Player have to gain by commenting about anything to do concerning D-Jax’s situation ..
        That would be just stupid, but the total organizational silence on the matter
        Sends flags up about a whole lot more going on here than
        His Contract Status…

  15. Or maybe he’s not as impressed by Djax as you are and saw Keenan Lewis take his lunch money in the playoffs. Or because you don’t comment on another mans money. McNabb was a 1 pick, the undisputed starting QB of the Eagles and 6 year vet when TO was going through his drama. Foles is going into his 1st year as a starter on a rookie contract. Big difference.

  16. I read from 2 sites around that desean called out all reporters on his fb account dont know if this is true…i hope they dont trade desean…but if they do i would trade him to jets for a third and a swap of our first rd picks..we pick at 18…Thats the only way i would be happy with just getting a 3rd rd pick…Just keep him philly…our offense is gonna something with all these players healthy.

  17. Who wants to touch the hot topic that your number one wide receiver is either a gang member or affiliates with gang members

    Maybe that jives with the black community but not with law abiding American people

    • So the so called black community are not law abiding American people? Who are these law abiding American people…do they all look alike, think alike….enlighten me please!

    • Jake chill with the racial overtone comments.. your being blatant now. We get it your a racist but you dont need to speak any further on it..

    • So your cool with Cooper? Maybe that’s cool with some white folks but good law abiding white folks should have a problem with that. Jake you see how stupid that sounds?

      • Big…I don’t think he thinks things through…as his argument was ….well …just dumb!!! He thinks without reason, letting his personal feelings and emotions interfere with his ability to do reason. I don’t like calling people I do not know racist, but, this is a common trait of a racist thought process.

    • seriously jake u are a fucking racist if know who da fuck u are im going to beat tje shit out of u get the fuck off this website

    • jake, you are a racist scumbag, POS!

      • For speaking the truth, you cannot handle honest commentary

        The black community has not spoken against this criminal element, instead they defend and condone it as part of a different culture. But it is criminal

        • seriously you are a racist you would never in your shitty life say this to the black community and the fact you assume black people accept criminal activity further proves how fucked up u are I bet u also think all blacks like fried chicken and watermelon u fucking racist fuck face

        • It’s not the criminal element that’s being defended. The point is that you are calling him a criminal when he has never been accused of a criminal act, never convicted of a criminal act, and never arrested for a criminal act. You are not the judge, jury, and executioner…nor are you fit to be a moral compass or judge of the black community. There are whites who are defending DeSean on here as well as WIP…but you broad brush the black community…yes making you a stone cold bigot at the least. Duck back into your bottle of JD…you are disgusting.

          • And 1 last thing…last I checked, one can not be considered a criminal for belonging to specific organizations…if that was the case….members of terrorist organizations such as the KKK, skin hammers, neo nazi organizations, militias, motor cycle gangs, bloods crips, Latin Kingsand MS 6 would be locked up for being a partt of them.

            What crime or criminal activity has DeSean committed, making him a criminal? Throwing up a gang sign or hanging out with a crip will not get you locked up unless it violates ones parole.

        • I don’t defend $#!T! I spent 10 years of my life, trying to clean up the streets, & keep my community, & city safe. I mentor/ mentored troubled youths. So have many, many black folk. I’m Black, Italian, & Cherokee Indian, so I know WTF I’m talking about. Exactly what have you done, to rid the streets of the criminal element, since you say the black community don’t do anything, & condone it. The only things I might give you, is how the no snitch BS, hinders the police from solving crimes, & keeping the criminal element off of the street. Also, how a criminal getting out of prison is celebrated, more than a smart young brother, that goes to college, & is successful. Those things bother me in my community. You say that the Black community is defending, & condoning, is a little preposterous, & exaggerated. You ain’t Black, you don’t know $#!t of what goes on in the black community, so keep your ill-advised, racist, ignorant, BS comments, to yourself.

  18. It’s crazy to let Desean go. He’s perfect for chips offense.. The more it’s talked about the more it makes me sick. We have a pretty effin good offence and were gonna let our best WR go. Craziness. Were close a great defense close to a Super Bowl appearance.

    • To many contradictory reports are coming out….it’s all starting to sound like BS to me. Chip did say Desean was a priority receiver two weeks ago, Chip has actually stated Desean wasn’t going anywhere this off season, however, the questions and rumors persisted. No matter what Chip said….unless it satisfied what the reporters beliefs were, it wasn’t going to be the correct answer.

  19. Let’s limit it to black folk on this site who look to other reasons why Jackson is on his way out, why a convicted felon like Vick can get and deserve respect, yet a thug and punk ass prick like djax is loved here

    • That does not make them any less law abiding….what you are saying is assinine. What law has any so called black person on here broken because they have a different opinion than yours. There are so called whites on here that agree with some of these so called unlawful black people on this site. Does that make them unlawful white Americans? Again…what law have they broken?
      There are people who think people who drink hard alcohol are immoral drunkards who are to weak to deal with real the realities of life. Others think they are stone cold sinners with no moral compass. You can judge….but be prepared to be judged!

    • What makes him a thug? Or a punk ass prick..? When did he break any laws? I know his father help raise him to become an elite athlete in the nfl. So he has swag. So what.. His record breaking season that help my eagles win the NFC East? Don’t hate the dude bro.

  20. I understand that Paulman about 49ers but they don’t have time to groom a wr they are win now mode that defense isn’t getting any younger and who knows how long there coach is gonna be there Vernon Davis is 30 bolden is 33 and gore is 30 they don’t have much time and they have already tried to draft wr’s there not very good at it djack for there 1,2,3 rd picks it’s a win win for both teams….

  21. That’s would be awesome but the Eagles will
    Not get above a 2nd Rounder at best..
    No Team is giving up a 1st a rounder and take his baggage and
    $34.5 Million Contract on their books
    It’s just not feasible and especially when it’s been reported that the Eagles are
    satisfied with a 3rd Rounder in return ..

  22. That’s what Derek gunn reports and he sounds like an ass most of time his fa wish was Byrd ward and nicks and decker lol he doesn’t know anything I just read something the other day that said the eagles asking price isn’t a 3rd and they want to much

    • If they are so desperate to get rid of him then they would take anything damn near a third and be happy with it instead of just cutting him. That’s why I’m not buying this they will cut him talk. If they really wanted to trade him why would it be floated that they will cut him if they can’t trade him. That takes away all leverage!

  23. I would like to see Seattle get Djax.

    They’ll actually show the Eagles how to win with a serious talent.

    Talent wins in any scheme.

    • They already have Songs…but I get what you’re saying….how to manage serious talent! Shady said Richard Sherman was a clown and wouldn’t fit in the locker room…lol…Sherman has a ring and was a major contributor in that effort!

  24. These comments that Desean Jackson is somehow a thug or gangmember because he associates with rap artists and because of the way he dresses. That is akin to saying that because Riley Cooper goes to Kenny Chesney concerts, he is a redneck and a member of the KKK.

    Bottom line is, Desean may not be great in the locker room, but if you are going to trade this guy, you had better get something good in return. And you had better get a very good receiver to replace him. Chip Kelly and the Eagles have not proven enough to be able to pull this kind of stuff off. They’ve had one decent year. One. And in the playoffs, when they were in danger of being blown out, two long throws to Desean got them back in the game. Keep that in mind when you get rid of him. Also keep in mind that Riley got his money, Maclin is coming off an injury, and Sproles is on the wrong side of 30.

    If they make this move, and the Eagles struggle after this, Kelly and Roseman will be gone in 2 yrs.

  25. I’m wit u yueh ho.. Trollman don’t kno shit. His nfl resources are quiet at the moment..lmao.. The troll is around here somewhere..DJ will be here enough said. Go report the tennis news trollman

  26. You few G-Cobb posters are the “minority” and most of you wouldn’t even know if you were on Broad Street or South Street. The overwhelming talk from actual citizens of the Philly area in 90% keep keep Djax. The fans are outraged by these reports. Every fan that does come on the radio and discredit Djax are sent away with”well how does that racist Coopers situation translate into a new contract? Has Djax electrocuted any dogs that we know of? Don’t think for a second think that we don’t know what the motive of the few redneck racists on here agenda is. Hes so bad in the locker room that the Eagles set franchise records on offense. Look at the venom on here when someone reports something positive on one of your black players. We also understand when/if Djax goes your focus will be on McCoy next. Like I said earlier in the post Philadelphians are furious at this situation and trust me don’t for 1 second think that your negative opinions on are the norm.

  27. We know the routine been through it 100 times. Iverson sucks, Cunningham sucks, Mcnabb sucks, Vick sucks, Rollins sucks, Howard sucks, Djax sucks while Foles is great, Runyon is great, Utley is great, Aaron Rowand is a hero, Dykstra is great, Dutch is great. The list goes on and on.

  28. White was great.
    Dawkins was great.
    Allen, Vincent, Hopkins, Waters, Carmichael, Montgomery, McNabb, Brown, Simmons, Trotter, Joyner, Westbrook, Duuuuce and on and on were all great.

    Vick was an overrated media creation.
    Desean is a selfish diva who has quit on the team.

    End of story.

  29. Too many fairweather fans on the site..trollman being the main culprit..

    This a Fukn non issue. DJ will be back! Wer not taking anything from anyone. Ruben Frank started this Fukn bullshitt . Why? Because for the first time in years there was no drama circling this team. Everything was falling in line until stupid ass Ruben miss reported what desean actually said. I honestly think chip isn’t worried about a damn thing. DJ should just chill.

    All u guys talkin about 3rd 4Th rd picks lol nuttn less than a one. DJ numbers dominated harvins. They’ll look for equal amount. Period. This isn’t madden where u think wer gonna give him up for practically nothing ..

  30. To label Desean a thug and a distraction is so typical of western Pa. fans. A player shouts racial slurs for the world to hear and the same fans rally to show there support and offer there opinion on how black people should feel because “they say it why can’t we” and even dare players such as Vick to have a negative reaction because they were given a “second chance” by this high and mighty fan base. It’s easy to imagine someone shouting “race card” which in itself is disrespectful but I would expect nothing less. A locker room distraction and a thug lol. Why Not Just Say What In YOUR heart. “That boy doesn’t know his place”

  31. hes gone csn saying if no offers he is getting cut chip sending message than my way or the hway u can go mc hammer som where else go on the jimmy kimmel show like i said with a 10lb gold football round his neck and one in his grill lmao

  32. I guess we are saying addition by subtraction….

  33. Rumbklings out in SF is that the 49ers are going to make a solid offer for him
    And definitely do not want Seattle to obtain D-Jax who paired with Harvin would give the aging 49ers Defense fits in trying to cover..
    Word is Their GM wants D-Jax while Coach Harbaugh is lukewarm
    About him.. As their internal struggle continues in SF
    Let’s see what plays out..

    • I also would not be surprised for the Seahawks to “up the anty” just to force the 49ers to give up more in trying to obtain D-Jax, since the Seahawks don’t really need D-Jax to be a legitimate SB Contender as the
      49ers do… This is my own opinion on it..

  34. Paul is this true about sf or is this one of your rumors.
    I’ve stated since day one the best teams to trade him were
    2. The pats
    3. Chiefs
    3. The panthers

    • Gloomy…rule # 1. Never trust a paulman rumor…it’s normally made up bs just for kicks…as most are quite funny.
      Rule # 2…rumors can not be true…hence it being a rumor.
      Even if the rumor is being reported…it’s still just a rumor!

      • No sources Gloomy, just my own thoughts about
        The report that SF is internally discussing on what the offer
        Can be to obtain D-Jax..
        We all know that the 49ers need a legitimate “Deep Threat”
        To compete with the Seahawks as we all know
        The Seahawks/49ers are the Top 2 Teams in the NFC
        As the Broncos/Pats are in the AFC so any of these Teams do not want to see D-Jax end up with their top competition

  35. I wonder if this is all djacks agents doing cause the eagles haven’t said a word about this….

  36. ***NFL News***

    Panthers sign WR Taquan Underwood
    (Rutgers) who had a nice last half of the Season with TB Bucs
    They also signed CB Antoine Cason from the Cardinals
    Who no longer needed him with signing Antonio Cromartie from the Jets
    Good signings, at minimal $$$$ for the Panthers
    It’s all about Football.. 24/7

  37. Again trollman quit posting nfl news like nobody has a Fukn internet connection.. U win the award for the dumbest bastsrd on here..

    ::NFL NEWS::
    Players will play football
    Trollman will stay trolling around
    Ban the TROLL!!

  38. Lots of people doing lots of lying about desean Jackson:

    49ers GM Trent Baalke is denying reports San Francisco contacted the Eagles about DeSean Jackson’s availability.
    “Right now, he’s under contract with the Philadelphia Eagles,” Baalke said Sunday. “We’ve not made any contact with the Eagles relative to a trade for DeSean Jackson.” CBS Sports reported Saturday that the 49ers had already shown interest in D-Jax. “As of this moment, those reports are totally misleading and false,” Baalke continued. The 49ers showed interest in Hakeem Nicks, Golden Tate, Julian Edelman, Emmanuel Sanders, and Devin Hester in free agency. We’d be surprised if they weren’t interested in Jackson.
    Related: 49ers
    Source: CSN Bay Area Mar 23 – 1:19 PM

    My sources are telling me deseans people are putting this out there to gain more media interest in desean which will get people to look at his twitter and website which he thinks will help him expand his struggling and near bankrupt jackpot records.

    What I think will happen desean will park out front of nova care when camp starts, he will show up in the streets of south philly and sell CDs out of the trunk of his car personally.

    Other sources have said he is trying to force a trade to the jets and he will reunite with Vick. Desean will then sign marcus and mike Vick to jackpot records and create a rap trio that will turn out to be the second coming of bell biv devoe. Paste it.

  39. Can we change the subject or encourage GCobb’s webmaster to?

    Anyone interested in Jay ‘one’n’done’ Wright’s Villanova team loses an important game again?

  40. According to my source, this Desean Jackson situation will come to a head this upcoming week during the owners meetings. This is not a game guys. I find it difficult to now bring him back at this point. He will be cut or traded, though I’m hearing they have time to hold off just cutting him for nothing in return.. but I’m hearing they do in fact want him gone gone gone.. this isn’t them doing due diligence its more to it… they wanna trade um..

    It will be a sad day when Desean is no longer on this team.. The Cali boy swag will be gone..

    They had better have a plan in place to replace him..

    Huge huge lose if or when it happens..

    • Luckily we’re in a crap division so Eagles should still be able to win the division – though I had them as a 9/10 win team this year WITH Jax. – and that was assuming we go 4-2 in the division.

      Without Jax those division games become less of a sure thing in my opinion and going less than 4-2 in the division makes it really REALLY difficult to get to 10 wins with the schedule we have this year.

    • This is an Owners Meeting JH,
      The Owner Meetings for the NFL are about larger, bigger-picture items on their Agenda such as a Franchise in London or Los Angelels,
      Rule Changes, Instant Replay Revisions and how to continue to enhace the Game, It’s Revenue Stream and the fan Experience…
      These are Business Owners getting together to talk big issues about their Billion Dollar Franchises, not about any Player Deals..
      Some of these Owners probably don’t even know who D-Jax is as they leave their Football Decisions to their Football People (GM/Scouts) who work for them ..

      • Don’t fool yourself paul. Jeff McClane is at the owners meeting in Orlando. He was on WIP earlier and stated that this Djax story is the buzz…not just by the media either. The thing is, is that GM’s and coaches are there..and best believe the owners know who Djax is…just as Woody Johnson does!

  41. Now Woody Johnson has said the Jets have inquired about Jackson….but no deal done.

    Clearly the only issue now is Desean’s apparent refusal to re-neg his contract…which seems weird to me as a couple months back he wanted his contract re-negotiated.

    Which agin tells me that he doesn’t like the discussions other teams are having with his agent. They’re probably not offering the #s he wants, otherwise this thing would have been consumated by now.

    So qustion.

    If Desean is as incredibly irreplaceable as some people on here think…..

    Then why aren’t the Eagles getting any significant offers that they would jump at?

    And why isn’t Desean being offered the contract he thinks he deserves?

    Because no team is going to pay good $$ and give up serious draft picks for a one trick mini-man speedster who has quit on the field several times over the past few years.

    • Why are you such an idiot?

      It doesn’t make sense for Jax to renegotiate his contract. It makes since for them to force them to cut him and then he has full control over where he ends up. Revis did the exact same thing.

      “Then why aren’t the Eagles getting any significant offers that they would jump at?”

      Because everyone smells blood in the water. You know there’s a good chance he gets cut – why trade for him? The only reason you go for a trade is if you don’t want to risk a bidding war – like Raiders with Schaub though I doubt there would have been much of a bidding war there.

      “a one trick mini-man speedster”

      Right that “one trick” mini-speedster was used all over the field this year. That “trick” racked up 60 first downs – 9 TDs and 1382 yards. That’s one hell of a trick.

      • Because if you trade for him, you ensure you get him. If anyone truly values the guy, then they trade.

        If the Jets actually value the guy, they must trade, otherwise they’ll never get him. He would logically go to the Pats, perhaps SD. (I mean what WR would want to go to a team without a QB like the Jets?)

        Of course it is in Desean’t interest to force an outright release…and in fact I think this is what’s happening at this point….then he can sign a one year deal with the Pats, grab 100 receptions, and hit the market next year as an even bigger commodity.

        Here you clowns all are pining for a guy who is probably doing everything he can right now to get released from the team (because he’s being sooooo ‘disrespected’)

        Doesn’t matter. You won;t even notice he’s gone….well, you will TS, but the offence won’t.

        This must be hard for you…..the new Eagles coach releasing all your favourites and all…..because he (correctly) doesn’t think they are as good as you do.

        • You CLEARLY don’t understand how business works. Jax hits the free market there very well could be a bidding war for his services. He’s not going to restructure.

          A team could decide they get better value or have to give up a lesser draft pick b/c they know Philly is desperate. It could work out similar to Smauel of Schaub with the Raiders. We get a 6th or 7th rounder for him b/c they don’t want to not get ANYTHING for him.

          If you beleive the offense won’t miss Jax you’re showing your lack of football knowledge yet again. As far as the rest of your comment – you’re an idiot – in what world is 1382 – 9 TDs – 60 first downs isn’t that good.

          Jax requires a safety and a corner – or a couple of safeties deep – what do you think that does for the rest of the offense? PLEASE. DJax isn’t a favorite of mine – but I’m not crazy enough to beleive that the team is better without him. They are not.

          Like Songs said – Ealges are always talking about the players they don’t need. How well has that worked out for them so far? Racked up all those SB championships. Oh wait…

        • he fucking helps our team and maybe we can replace him with avrookie but thats a big if, only a good trade but not worth it

    • Vinnie, who gives a rats ass about what other organizations value for him is. We know how he helps the Eagles on the field. Ask Riley Cooper…he knows damn well how DeSean helped him!!! If they can’t get a high pick for him…keep him, $ be damned!

      • Cooper is useless when a good DB is covering him. With the teams we’re playing this year I have no expectations of him having a good season. Without Jax my expectations are even less.

  42. Math

    350 completions this coming year (up from 310 last year – bound to happen due to Foles higher comp%) That’s right…I’m ADDING 40 completions on the season over last year.

    60 Maclin (below his career avg)
    60 Cooper (up 13 from last year when he was not thrown to for first 5 games)
    50 Lesean (same as last year)
    40 Sproles (well below career avg)
    50 Ertz (up 14 from last year – logical – in fact I think it will be higher)
    30 Celek (will be his lowest total of Eagle career)
    10 for “the field” (The Caseys and Polks and Mahls of the world)

    That gets us to 300……..with 50 left (maximum). That’s also with my being extremely conservative with Sproles (who has averaged almost 70 receptions over the past 4 years), Ertz and Maclin.

    Anyone who thinks Desean is going to catch 80 balls again after the addition of Maclin, Sproles, and an improving Ertz is either delusional or just an idiot.

  43. Demean is the second best receiver that we have had on this team in the past decade. The only receiver that was better is T O. Djax will be missed, and for those who thinks Maclin the answer please. Maclin can’t carry Djax’s jock you guys will see.

  44. For those who claim the division belongs to the Eagles, don’t sleep on the giants. Eli had a down year last year but he is still a very good quarterback. They quietly had a good free agency, and they usually draft we’ll.

    • Not only “Don’t sleep on the Giants” but don’t sleep on the Skins.

      With a healthy RG3 that offense is potent. The question is can that defense stop a pape rbag. They’ve acquired a whole new front 7 in free agency so who knows how that’s gonna work out.

      As far as Eli – he’s just as likely to throw 25+ interceptions as he is to win the Superbowl. SO to assume we own the division is a lil presumptuous though I I put the odds at 60/40.

  45. Good odds TS I agree with that

  46. Do you know how many times Desean was targeted in the Redzone over the last 10 games last year?


    When the Eagles got to the 10?

    Once…..ALL SEASON.

    This is a guy who can only do one thing…run fast. And he’s only good when they’re in their own end. Once they get close he becomes a $10 million dollar decoy.

    For all the “he opens things up!!” BS you forget that he does the exact opposite when the Birds get into scoring position because other teams have watched film. The smurf gets swallowed up. They don’t double him. They concentrate on the legitimate threats.

    As soon as his best buddy stopped neglecting every other WR on the team to continually chuck boms to Desean, his stats became pretty ordinary.

    Chip Kelly knows this. He has decided that the one element he brings to the team – speed- isn’t as important as the elements he does not.

    • There is SO much wrong with this statement.

      How you think we get to the redzone? You do realize you have to MOVE THE CHAINS to get to the redzone/end zone right?

      60. First. Downs. SIXTY. And you’re talking about what happens when we get to the redzone/end zone. Teams often have redzone/endzone specialists – that’s common – Carolina just signed a known endzone threat 10 TDs last year – Jax had 9 and as you said they didn’t come from being in the endzone/redzone.

      But keep spewing your idiocy. Shows how much you know about football.

      • thank u ts i swear vinnie u are dumb as shit

        • I’ll take that as a compliment.

          Last year (well for a couple years) I told you the team would be better off without the superstar and a million posters like you called me an idiot every day.

          I was right.

          Now I’m telling you the O will be just fine. Kelly wants to spread the ball around to everyone. Wrs are interchangeable parts. The team won;t miss Desean one bit.

          And so of course I’m being called an idiot again. Whoop-de-do. Being called an idiot from the likes of TS and now you is actually a compliment.

          • LOL.

            The team will be better off…we went 10-6 – big whoop – which would have been less except:

            – We played Green Bay with no Rogers
            – Lions with no Bush
            – Dallas with no Romo
            – A hobbled RG-3
            – And a historically bad Giants

            We were 8-8 in 2011 with a defense that couldn’t hold a lead to save their lives and 4-12 with no oline in 2012.

            So in 2013 – we won 10 games something we did in 2010 – how are we better off again?

            Here’s a nice tidbit for you: over 51% of Foles yards come from YAC – outside of Shady taking 5 yrd dumpoffs for 25 yards who else do you think was responsible for that?

    • and what 5 9 receiver doesnt get swallowed up in the redzone look we are not saying he is the best receiver ever but he is the best onebtrick pony and he is the worth the money when he has a season likevlast yr

  47. Sorry to change the topic guys, but these college basketball games have been tremendous. I am sitting here drunk as hell watching these games, Ciroc and Budweiser is doing me in today.

    • LOL.

      Be easy my friend.

      • Too late but thanks anyway. Lol

      • Any thoughts about Jay ‘one’n’done’ Wright’s team being knocked out early again?

        • Yeah wright major problem is the recruits he go after. His teams are always good at the guards, but his big men suck. That hurts him every year in the tournament.

          • I do think wright is a good coach he just has to change his philosophy a little.

            • You’re right.

              But dude knows he can mis-represent and pull fake stats out of his ass to make a BS point. And his DJax comments are just silly.

              I mean what true football fan thinks almost 1400 yards – 60 first downs and 9 TDs is replaceable but dude is a “diva” in a position where “divas” reign supreme.

              • Reply fail…that was fro @zlients44

              • No true football fan can honestly think that unless they are blind and has no true concept as to what 1332 yards in a season really is in terms of production….damn JMac is cool, but he’s never cracked the 1000 yard barrier.

              • @Eaglehasianded

                Exactly. The big guys had 1400+ yard seasons. And the mess Josh Gordon pulled was ridiculous. I just love how some of these football fans think 1382 is replicable. Really?

              • But are non-1000 yard receiver is gonna make up for that yardage. lol. Okay.

              • TS….some of these fans don’t know what they want…When we had stiffs such as Pinkston, Thrash and the Torrance Small’s and Charles Johnson’s of the world. manning our receiving corps….we bitched about that, and rightfully so!. Now we have a drafted home grown 1300+ yard speedy receiver and some bitch about his size, twitter and instagram…Not enough! Some of these fans are bipolarfanatics that are simply insatiable!

      • Ts vinnie is set in his mind jax is replacable just let him believe

  48. Scotland doesn;t even know March madness exists (or even basketball in general). So I’m out this year.

    Desean averaged 9.5 targets/game in the 5 games under Vick.

    He averaged 6.8 targets a game under Foles.

    He averaged 6 targets/game over the last 8

    Take out the one 15 target outlier vs Minny and he averaged 4.8 targets a game over the last 8. (incl playoffs)

    Guy was already being pased out….and now you add Maclin and Sproles? Desean will average 4 targets/game at most. He will be taken off the field every time they get to the 20 yrd line.

    You don’t think that’s replaceable?

  49. The Eagles Offense has 3 legit elite players on it — ( Jason Peters, Evan Mathis, and Lesean McCoy ) It is an insult to even insinuate that Desean Jackson absence will collapse their effectiveness. If Desean Jackson doesn’t have 2 All Pro lineman, an All Pro running back and a Pro Bowl quarterback he is nothing. He isn’t making anyone All Pros they made him a pro bowl bowl player not the other way around.

  50. ok eos is fucking peters and evan putting up 1300 and 9 tds look if trade djack oll be ok but we better get good value in return cuz he is real goodvat what he does and he is our best receiver

    • DJax isn’t repeating those stats anywhere even with the eagles.
      Out of necessity, due to the injuries to Benn and Maclin , the Eagles were forced to rely and over use Desean Jackson. Aaron Rodgers and Ben Roethlisberger may be the only other QBs in the NFL that could have kept DJax that clean ( free from massive hits) and get him 80 receptions like Nick Foles did. DJax isn’t catching 80 passes from Peyton or Brady without getting lit up. DJax body frame is a 50-60 reception 6 TD NFL wide receiver.

  51. Why won’t DJ repeat those stats. This is the first time in his career he had a legit pocket passer throwing him the rock.. He goes to another team with a Brady, Rogers, brees bla bla he’s gonna have similar numbers. He goes to jets then no. Simply because they have no offense period.

    I can’t wait to see the egg on all the dubasses on here when n if DJ is gone, how this offense is gonna look. No more safety over the top on every damn play. He’s gonna be in the box on 1st n 2nd Fukn with shadys production.

    Fact is DJ will be here. Ruben frank is just n ass face. All DJ did was answer a question which Ruben set him up. Set him up specifically becuz his cap numbers for the next two years are usually unrealistic. Teams usually extend, lower anual salary and increase guaranteed money.. That’s how this dumb shit got started. DJ will be in midnight green in 2014 …

    • Love your optimism Silencer 10 and hope you are right about him being here in 2014. If not, then yes….some of these same #10 hating witch hunters will be bitchin and moaning looking for the next Eagle to hate on!

    • Pocket passer had nothing to with it. Jax was targeted more with Vick in that Foles. The difference was the coach. Reid used Jax on go routes only. He used him to keep defense honest.

      Kelly used Jax all over the field, go routes, slot, out of the backfield…all over. That opened up more opps for him to get the ball. But you have to remember Jax logged 1000 yard seasons just running go routes. The guy is good, far from a one trick pony and can bascially do anything you ask him to do…except maybe block he is only 165 after all. lol

    • Jets went 8-8 last year. Added Decker and have Kinlery (sp) – Geno looks like rookies did before folk got spoiled with the Lucks, Cams, RG-3 etc. And you may not like Vick, but he’s never had problems getting Jax the ball.

      He’ll crack 1000+ with the Jets or any team he’s paired with as long as the coach schemes to maximize his talent.

  52. He’ll crack 1000 on any team. But he won’t put up the kinds of numbers he did this year without a pocket QB. With Vick, they’d run shady alot more, and Vick would scramble. That equals less throws. Then they’d hit Djax on longer throws more often, or Vick would fumble or throw a pick. Even with Reid, when Vick would drop back and throw 90 times a game, he simply wasn’t a good enough of a pocket QB to maximize Desean’s talents.

    I think getting rid of Djax is moronic, unless we get a probowl defensive player for him, and draft a WR who is just as good. And lets be honest, thats not happening. Imagine our offense between the 20’s with Djax, Shady, Sproles, Maclin. And then in the redzone, we can use some of the bigger guys, or hand off to Shady. I’m sure we’ll also draft another speedster RB or WR, and a big WR. I vote to keep this guy.

  53. TS, I ofcourse disagree with you on Vick. I think you need to just give it up lol.

    But you are pretty much spot on with everything else. These morons on here that want Jackson gone don’t know a thing about football.

    • You can disagree with me about it if you want to…but Jax production went down not up with Foles. Them be (yes I know what I wrote) facts not conjecture.

      Not liking Vick doesn’t change the fact that Vick had no problems getting Jax the ball.

  54. Mike Williams in trouble

    Kinda hard to crucify Djax when every other week a NFL player is in trouble. How does it work when I have never heard about Djax had off the field issues. Wonder if Tampa is releasing Mike Williamsn lo. His production is off the charts lmao

    “We are aware of the situation that occurred at the residence of Mike Williams and are working with him and the authorities to get additional information,” the Bucs said in a statement released Sunday. “While we have limited knowledge at this time, our primary concern is for the safety and well being of all involved. We will refrain from further comment until we can get a better understanding of the situation.”

    Sunday’s incident is the latest off-the-field issue for Williams, who signed a six-year, $40.25 million deal with Tampa Bay last July. Williams faces misdemeanor charges of criminal mischief and trespassing, and has also paid more than $43,000 in damages for destructive house parties.

    • Williams, 26, caught 22 passes for 216 yards and two touchdowns in six games last season, his fourth with the Bucs

      Yeah Djax is overpaid. lol

      • This isn;t about Desean’t behaviour off the field.

        Its because of his quitting ON the field.

        Losing to Dallas? Young QB in trouble? Gave up.

        Losing by 14 to Minny? Db intercepts ball. Why bother?

        Annoyed by contract. Mail in an entire season.

        Desean Gives up whenever the chips are down, and clearly, Kelly wants no part of a player whose shoulder’s slump and who begins to pout the moment the going gets tough.

        You can’t win with guys who decide to play hard only when they want to. Just ask any Russian hockey team for the past 30 years.

        • Damn Vinnie he quit 3 years ago didn’t seem like a problem resigning his ass then, now its a problem. I mean I understand your points but its hard to understand all these problems coming off a career year. lol. You can throw stats out all you want. Just because his looks decreased with Foles may be more of a Foles issue than a Djax issue. But to release a guy or trade him for nothing just makes no sense. If this was the case they should of released him 3 weeks ago and signed Bryd. Next off season with the cap going up 10 million the Eagles will once again be cap champions with 35 million to spend.

        • God bless the other 1500 players in the NFL who give it there all every y. Djax must be the only player in the NFL that “quits” on plays. I watch Dez Bryant act like a fool on the sidelines and quit on his team. lol I tell you what Vinny I will take Djax and his 1300 yards and 9 tds who quits on 25% iof his plays over a Jason Avant who catches 30 passes a year and plays hard every play. How bout that.

          • I don’t care about 1500 other players.

            I care about 53.

            • But I do agree with you, the Eagles have mucked this mess up. They shouldn;t have called anyone until a week befor ethe draft. Got something done then.

              This has been a mess.

              But again, do not fret. I guarantee you the offence will still look like a pinball machine next season without Desean.

  55. Mike Vicks farwell letter to Eagle fans. Hes such a bad f^^king player and such a bad human being. Only if he could model himself after the GCobb posters who walk on water.

    I would like to thank the Eagles and the entire city of Philadelphia. I was honored to be their quarterback and took the privilege to heart every day. I especially want to thank Jeffrey Lurie and Andy Reid, who gave me the opportunity. I want to thank my teammates, who were not just coworkers, but friends. I also want to thank the millions of fans who cheered and supported our team.

    People say Philadelphia fans are tough. I say they are fair. A player is not judged solely by his past or promises of the future, but by his actions today, and the next day, and the next.

    In my time volunteering, I have met Philadelphia’s heroes. I’ve met at-risk children with few resources, but with teachers tirelessly helping them make the most of a second chance. I’ve seen the work of volunteers at school fund-raisers, food drives, after-school programs, hurricane shelters, Toys for Tots campaigns, Boys and Girls Clubs, and the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, and the meaningful work of the Humane Society of the United States. I’ve seen children choosing the mentorship of a football coach over peer pressure on a street corner. One of the best examples of a community deserving a second chance is the North Philadelphia Aztecs youth football team. As the players step onto Team Vick Field, they can hold their heads high and be proud that they are making Philly stronger.

    The Eagles are an outstanding organization with a bright future, and I’m thankful for all the friendship, love, and support they gave me and my family. I look forward to seeing great things from them both on the field and in the community

  56. On another note. This is a mystery question of life. How can the Sixers have lost 24 straight and still not have the worst record in basketball?

  57. Mr. Ho. Please turn in your journalistic degree and see a career counselor.

    If you think that Desean will be an Eagle for life You should be writing fantasy stories like “twilight” or “hunger games”.

    Desean gets shut down against playoff teams. Desean gets shut down against above average cornerbacks. Deseans stats went down once Vick was no longer the starter. Desean is not a team player. Desean is about 160lbs. Desean will not or should I say can not break a tackle. Desean counts 12 million against the salary cap. Nick Foles is going to get a 15-20 million a year deal after this season. This is a 3 round deep wide reciever draft.

    Please don’t write any more stupid articles like this for this web site.

  58. If the eagles were smart if they don’t get what they want for Jackson hold on to him at least til the season starts and maybe til the trade deadline and force a team that needs a wr due to. Whatever reasons to make a trade for him then whatever u do don’t release him get some value for him. Hell even if a team doesn’t want to traded you picks for this years draft take high picks for next next years draft then but at all cost don’t cut him.

    • This is very difficult to do Gloomy since most Teams have their Salary Caps figured out and most likely spent… To Find a Team with the Cap-Space after the Start of the Season is very unlikley..
      A Player under Contract in the NFL can only be Traded to a Team that can absorb that Players Contrtact in Terms of $$$ and the Cap, now whether the Player and his New Team then Restructure the Deal after the Trade goes thru can occur, but only if the “Terms of the Players Crrrent Contract” can be fit in under that Teams Cap

  59. This site startin to remind me of the movie “Clue” 49s in the dining with the candlestick, jets in the hall with the rope lmao

  60. By tuesday all chirpin gonna stop Djax will be a Jet!

  61. Mike Vick went to prison because he perjured himself –
    Mike Vick was suspended by the NFL because he lied to the Commissioner-
    Desean Jackson was told to stop using Gang Signs by Jeff Lurie-
    Desean Jaskson has since subsequently used gang sings 2 twice in 2014-
    Desean Jackson will no longer be a Philadelphia Eagle because he lied to Jeff Lurie-

    • E0S…If this is the case, then the Eagles organization has every right to want to look to move DeSean from their organization as he is a representative of them. I like when people make statements on here quoting others…I only ask if you can post your source so others, including myself can read it. Where was it reported the Jeff Lurie told DeSean to stop using gang signals? I agree though…that’s not cool…but not illegal either. However, As I stated, the Eagles organization has a responsibility and a right to make sure their players conduct themselves in line with the NFL code of conduct out of respect to the shield and the organization as well.

  62. I have heard some ridiculous stuff on this site with all the Vick stuff and other ignorance…but the DJax stuff goes beyond ridiculous…some of you guys are not only fools but hypocrites as well. I bet all of you watched, liked, loved, and thoroughly enjoyed gangster movies like the ‘Godfather’, Goodfellas, the Sopranos…movies celebrating criminal behavior…guess what…
    Guys throwing up gang signs talking about ‘thug life’ in the rap genre is on the same level…and unless DJax has been arrested for gang activity the talk is downright stupid….i guess if we hear Lurie saying “we’ll give him an offer he cant refuse’ he will be considered a made man in the Mafia!!!
    DJax is a productive, important member of the team…last year he had no problems of any significance…an argument with a coach..big deal…Desean Jackson is a grown man…we works for Jeff Lurie….he is not owned by him!

    • vick blew, vick blows, vick will continue to be terrible.

      desean is a good football player and i dont want him to go but at the same time i wouldnt care to see him go because he once quit on an entire football season because he is selfish and that doesnt sit well with me. now that desean got paid i dont think he will quit again which is why i want him to stay.

      i feel a similar way about chase utley. chase was a hero in this city after we won the ws and was on his way to becoming the next great phillie legend then he quit on the phillies and refused to play even after all doctors said his knee was fine. thats why i wanted chase the quitter traded last trade deadline.

      bottom line is i dont want any quitters on my team if im running a team so…

      at the end of the day desean isnt going anywhere

  63. The Eagles treatment of Desean is ridiculous…its obvious what the real problem is…the money…they dont want to pay a ProBowl wide receiver the bucks that he fairly negotiated and the Eagles agreed to in his contract! It leads to questions about the Eagles commitment to winning a Super Bowl…maybe the management is simply happy on being ‘competitive’ and winning aint important to them!

    • and by the eagles treatment what do you mean? what have the eagles done to him ? or what are they doing to him?

    • This isn’t the first time Eagles have cut loose a quality player ’cause of dollars. Or were cheap with getting the right players in to make something happen.

      The TO issue alone could have been solved (and a superbowl won) if they woulda just negotiated with the guy and not been so pleased that they got over with a clerical error.

      The 2011 Jax issue (though he did rack up just under 1000 yards) could have been solved had they just paid the guy after he’d consistently produced for them – but instead they waited it out being cheap as usual.

      The dismissed BDawk the best safety ever in an Ealges uniform (has there been quality saety play since) b/c they were too cheap to pay him 4mil though he went on to have..what..2 more probowl caliber seasons.

      When DJax signed this contract everyone knew it was for 2 years. And if DJax didn’t live up to the contrac the’d be gone…well now we know performance didn’t matter. Money did.

      You’re not going to win a superbowl being cheap. Only way that works is if you manage to get an awful lot of talent still on their rookie deals like Seattle. But even they ante up for players they see as difference makers (the deal for Harvin comes to mind) so year.

      It’s a money issue. Cheap won’t win superbowls, but it will keep the coffers full of money.

      • yup shouldve paid the guy after he consistently averaged 57 catches, and 1021 yards and 5 tds. reality is desean is grossly overpaid for his production.

        how about year 1 of deseans contract where he put up 45 catches, 700 yards and 2 tds. lmfao

        desean has ONE great season and starts popping off wanting more dough. lmfao he is clueless/

        dont get me wrong i want him to stay but he isnt all that…

      • tsjohnson5,
        Call it cheap if you want, but I think the Eagles just make a judgement call on the value of veteran players, and they refuse to budge.

        The Patriots do the same thing and they have won super bowls. You can point to many situations where the patriots have done the same thing – Lawyer Milloy, Wes Welker, Richard Seymour, Aqib Talib, Adam Vinateri… All let go over money.

        It the case of DJax, I think Kelly has personal issues with him, and I don’t think Kelly likes small outside receivers. I think he would have liked to use DeSean more inside, and in motion, where he could matchup against LBs and safeties. DeSean could be jammed and shutdown on the outside by big physical corners.

  64. all those blood gang member are going to love Desean up in North Jersey with the NY Jets, LOL –
    while Cam Newton is teaching the “Play 60” NFL program to kids – Desean can teach the kids the difference between the Rollin’ 40s Crips and Nipsey’s Rollin’ 60s Crips. bwahahahahaha

  65. Words out he was seen giving the gang sign on couple outings with gang members

    • ive seen the pictures with my own eyes. confirmed he throws crips sign and rollin 60s sign.

      dumbies about to make 11 mill and he is throwing up sets, lmfao….

      jaccpot records is buzzin

      • mhenski….you misspelled dummies…isn’t that ironic…and embarrassing I must say!

        • fake ROCKs (crack cocaine)
          these fools still be feindin my dumbys

          • Eaglehaslanded
            March 22, 2014 – 7:54 pm

            After DJAX took under privelidged children Christmas shopping this pass year…he was seen waving an AK 47 in one hand and aM-16 in the other. He’s a BAAAAAAD Man and a criminal. No correctons facility can hold him, that’s why he hasn’t been arrested and convicted. The judicial system won’t even try. He’s toooooooo baaaaaad!


            • Yes Paul…I’m aware.
              I think Djax has made some bad decisions in an effort to gain street cred to get his rap /music career off the ground. I know that there are other players that has affiliations to bloods, crips, racial superiority groups so on and so forth. The NFL is a microcosm of society. Djax, in my opinion is a good guy with a good heart…until I hear he has killed, maaimed, injured or sold drugs,I’ll reserve judgement. In reading the Bible I know Jesus hung around some unsavory characters too. He didn’t play moral judge and god like some on here do…as I guess they think they are…not!


              • Eaglehaslanded
                March 22, 2014 – 10:23 pm

                Paulman…that’s fair.
                Gotta be honest…I just do not like when people who has problems get on their soap box and become holier than thou judging people as if they are the knig of kings and most high! Before anyone does that…they need to look in the mirror and truly evaluate themself…then throw the first stone if they are free from sin and blemish. But I know they won’t do that…hypocrites! It’s fine to bash on the field antics…stop playing community mother poppin ish you don’t really know about though!



              • Eaglehaslanded
                March 23, 2014 – 6:27 pm

                And 1 last thing…last I checked, one can not be considered a criminal for belonging to specific organizations…if that was the case….members of terrorist organizations such as the KKK, skin hammers, neo nazi organizations, militias, motor cycle gangs, bloods crips, Latin Kingsand MS 6 would be locked up for being a partt of them.

                What crime or criminal activity has DeSean committed, making him a criminal? Throwing up a gang sign or hanging out with a crip will not get you locked up unless it violates ones parole.

                What crime or criminal activity has DeSean committed, making him a criminal? Throwing up a gang sign or hanging out with a crip will not get you locked up unless it violates ones parole.


              • Eaglehaslanded
                March 22, 2014 – 9:49 pm

                That does not make them any less law abiding….what you are saying is assinine. What law has any so called black person on here broken because they have a different opinion than yours. There are so called whites on here that agree with some of these so called unlawful black people on this site. Does that make them unlawful white Americans? Again…what law have they broken?
                There are people who think people who drink hard alcohol are immoral drunkards who are to weak to deal with real the realities of life. Others think they are stone cold sinners with no moral compass. You can judge….



              • LOL…I will be a fuckin idiot…you still mispelled dummies…and it is ironic…don’t get irate and mad about it. No one is above criticism or critique. Don’t be such a baby!

              • mhenski is one of the dumbest trolls ive ever encountered. No sports knowledge, just a brainless reject troll that spends his retirement days badgering posters..

                Don’t answer him Eaglehaslanded, your giving him life..

              • Yea EHL hes a joke, he tells lies, he has no knowledge..

                Notice all he does on here is either rant and complain like a little bitch, or is in the middle of an argument with a poster. Nothing else..

                He twist what people say to try and make you look a certain way as if anyone cares about public perception on this site anyway.. sheesh

                Hes a retired reject.. don’t give this dummy life..

  66. DJax told his agent Jay Z to tell Howie he can’t wear Red so Washington and Kansas City are out as trading partners – i

    • Washington actually wears Burgundy…so that would be in play. Anyway….DeSean is not going to get a huge payday even if he is cut. Teams will want him but will not be looking to give him a huge contract due to a lot of speculation and rumor. He will probably have made out better if he stayed here…content with his current contract. His new agent wants to get paid though…therefore a new contract must be negotiated and signed.

  67. heard this on wip this morning

  68. Howie was seen with his gang members pee wee herman, pauly shore and andy dick

  69. Word out in Los Angles along the Sunset Strip last evening that D-Jax was seen walking around with his “Sneakers Untied” prompting a written report from one of Luries Sercurity Personnel Investigator, named Dirk Hagen..

  70. Mhenski..thank you..but they are called typos. You meant to spell dummies…dumbies. I do appreciate you pointing that out to me however, I will proof read my posts more thoroughly prior to sending. Also…I spelled Kings correctly following my typo. Yes..I am anal retentive about it! Thanks for pointing it out to me again!!!

  71. At least we all gettin lotta laughs lol cant wait for football season to start only bad part bout that is means summer would have to be over got mixed emotions on that one lol

  72. So tired of Djack articles tho I agree with this one. Can anyone name a wr as productive in eagles green since Mike Quick? T.O does not count he wasn’t here long. Maybe Irving Fryer, maybe and he didn’t have any big game moments. Some of you are on board to get him out of town only bc you don’t see yourself being able to relate to him personally. then when he is gone you will cry why don’t we have a guy that catches 80plus balls and blows the top off the D. It will go from why don’t we have a big wr to why don’t we have a fast wr. He has been the most productive wr by far in modern history and fast wr that can catch do not grow on trees. So put all your old fart generational gap issues aside and focus on the Birds winning. Use common sense why get rid of a known commodity to find production we already have. We have big targets in Ertz and Cooper I don’t think the superbowl champs last 2 years had a WR over 6-1 so that’s overrated. The best jump ball wr are Calvin J and Vincent Jackson they haven’t won anything. we are on the right track already no need to derail this thing.

    • Nu…very good post. You are spot on. Chip needs to read this!

      • EHL its like groundhog day and my fellow Eagles fans don’t realize we are repeating the same pattern of creating a hole b4 we fix all of our issues over and over preventing creating a championship team. You think Seattle didn’t have to embrace aspects of Marshawn Lynch. All teams have personalities some that mesh well some that don’t but together they accomplish things. this team has been through some stuff together and Desean is a huge part of that. losing him to FA INJ is much different than shipping him out of town on the cheap. More than anything you want to win with guys who were a part of the ride you play for “those” guys. In the NFL you know everybody won’t be around but it’s different when they guy can play and still in his prime. I thought Business was never personal in this case it sounds like it is which will be sad and stupid if it comes to pass.

    • What if this is all an orchestrated move by DJax’s camp to get him a new contract or sent out of town where he would get a new contract? Nothing to do with any of the “smokescreen” related to “personal issues”, but strictly a new agent who sees that the only way that he will see a payday soon is to get the team to move, or move DJax.

      I have been on record as stating that I want DJax to stay. With the matchup and coverage problems that he causes opposing defenses, why would you want to remove a big part of your offensive scheme?

      I know that Jackson is being sued by Rosenhaus for a loan, and that Segal won’t see a big payday until DJax gets a new contract. All of this press about gang associations may just be coming out to cause a wedge between the Eagles and Jackson, enough to want to move him and have him working on a new contract with a new team.

      • Green, I wouldn’t be surprised if that is the case. That is one of the more plausible theories that I’ve heard thus far.
        I really just want this to reach a conclusion. I don’t want Djax to leave….but let’s get on with it.

        • Agreed. I want this to work out and DJax stay, but if not, let’s get it decided and move on. This limbo sh#t stinks.

          • The thing is with the flat Market this year with
            WR’s Deals in Free-Agency and the Deep pool of wR in the Draft
            His Agents and D-Jax would be extremely foolish to think
            D-Jax is going to get a better deal that what he currently has
            with the Eagles .. A big miscalculation on their part..

  73. Boots and pants and boots and pants and boots and pants and boots And pants and boots and pants. More interesting than all this I know better than the coach talk here. Sites gonna explode when the birds sign Sanchez lol.

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