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Through The DeSean Situation, Chip Kelly May Be Making His First Big Mistake As An NFL Head Coach

ChipKelly1As the DeSean Jackson situation continues to develop and unravel, the Eagles continue to stay silent on the issue, leaving everyone concerned to wonder and speculate about what could possibly be driving the franchise to part ways with one of their top players.

Here’s my take. I’m offering the following under the assumption that all of the rumors are indeed true, and that the Eagles are either going to trade or release Jackson in the coming weeks.

I don’t believe that DeSean has done anything out of the ordinary to warrant the team to want to move on. He’s no criminal, and there’s never been any evidence to suggest that he might be. His teammates have never had anything bad to say about him. In fact, Mychal Kendricks recently came out and spoke highly of Jackson as a friend and a teammate in light of the recent rumors.

It’s true that DeSean has proven to be a headache for coaches at times. He hurt the team in 2011 when he allowed his contract to become an issue and impact his play on the field. He also reportedly clashed with new wide receivers coach Bob Bicknell throughout the season and the two had to be mediated by Jason Avant.

The crux of the Jackson issue appears to be that head coach Chip Kelly is intolerant of players who don’t completely buy in to his philosophies, and fall in line with the standards he set for the locker room.

I believe Kelly is making his first great mistake as an NFL head coach. Kelly may learn the hard way that it isn’t easy to come by players as productive as Jackson.

Kelly had no prior NFL experience before this season, and dealing with DeSean’s antics is the first time he’s really had to work with an elite NFL receiver. Elite NFL receivers have some of the biggest egos in all of sports. Guys like Jackson, Terrell Owens, and Chad Johnson have earned the title of “divas” for a reason. They’re royal pains in the ass, but the impact they make on the football field is undeniable.

Kelly might deem Jackson’s behavior unacceptable, but I don’t believe he realizes that this is going to be something he’s got to learn to deal with and manage correctly if he’s to truly succeed in the NFL. The Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks weren’t exactly made up of character guys. Pete Carroll, who also came from the college ranks, had to manage many gigantic, vocal, difficult personalities, including the self-proclaimed best cornerback in the league himself, Richard Sherman.

Jackson has always been a bit of a pain, but compared to a lot of other players, he’s hardly what I would call a true distraction. He’s proven to be selfish in the past, and has said some incredibly stupid things at times, but the guy was an integral part of the team’s offense in 2013, and really helped put Chip Kelly and his offense on the map in this league.

By stubbornly casting Jackson aside, and making it a priority to move on from him, Kelly is doing himself and the team a disservice.

Jackson and his 1,300 yards and eight touchdowns already had a great chemistry with Nick Foles and the rest of his teammates. Taking him away could have a strong negative impact on guys like Foles and Riley Cooper.

Getting rid of Jackson also creates a need at receiver again, and the offensive-minded coach is sure to spend his top pick on one of the best receivers in this draft instead of looking to address a need on the defense. The value that the Eagles expect to get in return doesn’t come close to replacing the value that DeSean brings to the table.

One of Chip Kelly’s claims to fame has been his willingness to make bold, risky moves on the field and off. Trading or releasing Jackson would be a bold decision, but this a risk that Kelly may very well come to regret. on Facebook

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293 Comments for “Through The DeSean Situation, Chip Kelly May Be Making His First Big Mistake As An NFL Head Coach”

  1. What’s up Den-man nice article. Man I hope these rumors aren’t true , this move will set us back two maybe three years DAMN

    • Thank you!

      Its a shame, because plain and simple this whole situation is counter-intuitive and unnecessary.

      We should be looking at ways to sure-up our defense right now, not looking at ways to rid ourselves of a dynamic playmaker.

  2. I believe the key point point your missing Denny is that this situation
    About moving D-Jax appears to be above the HC Kelly level,
    hence the silence & no comments from him.. This could be coming right from the Top in Owner Lurie.. Let’s see how this plays out before pointing that it’s Coach’s Full decision here..

    • No doubt paulman, and you’re right that there’s a lot to play out and there’s a lot we need to hear from everyone involved before we really understand what’s going on…this is just my own theory right now.

      I don’t believe Lurie would be responsible for this though. He’s never been one to meddle in roster decisions, he’s always been great about stepping back and allowing the head coach/GM’s/Front Office staff go about their business and put together the team as they see fit.

      • I got you Denny.. Hopefully this gets Played out soon one way or another,
        so the Eagles Players,Coach’s, and everyone else can a Focus on getting ready for the Draft and Spring OTA’s & then Camp

    • If I was the owner and I gave you a contract even after you pretty much tanked on me and you’re still a pain in the ass and still not happy I would get rid of you too.

  3. This is flat out retarded.

  4. Excellent article Denny…but I am sorry I am not buying that Kelly has some special difficulty with DJax I think it boils down to a simple thing here: …Money!
    There was no sign during the year that Kelly had any special problems in dealing with DJax..production on the field makes problems much easier to deal with and this is not going over well in the Eagles locker room. The players will see this as management not being committed to winning and when it came time to pay the man what was negotiated fair and square….suddenly he has a problem with the coach!
    I think it is simple…the Eagles dont want to pay the 10 million owed to DJax. He is too special of a talent to simply let go because of some being some ‘headache’ to the coach…so I agree with you…this is a bad, bad mistake!

    • Lmao didn’t they just take care of Peters Cooper Kelce tried to lock up Maclin signed Jenkins signed Sproles extended him….

      But youre right….they aren’t committed to winning….

      How much is Chip Kelly getting paid?

      But you’re right…their not committed to winning…

      • If they were committed to winning, they wouldn’t have signed one of the worst safeties in the NFL, to replace another shit stain! Put your pom-poms down, & stop drinking the Kool-aid! They’ve f^#@ed up this entire DJax situation, beyond comprehension. By them not answering this $#!T for over 3 weeks, & letting it linger, they have completed devalued, & ruined any chance of trading him, for anything of significance. Are you that stupid & blind, that you don’t see these things? WTF is wrong with you???

  5. And his 2nd mistake is going to be bringing that stiff Sanchez here to battle it out with that other USC stiff Barkley. See how I got that one in there DCar? LOL

  6. This situation is out of control, heard a nasty rumor about insurance fraud when DJax house was robbed. If true, holy crap. On a more logical note, if we get off the emotion, if Joe Montana can get traded and the 49ers won a super bowl without him, then no one is really safe. Hey, how many playoff games has a Megatron won. Seattle had a fearsome defense and there wideouts were a little above avg. and they made Manning look very ordinary. Great defenses is the name of the game period. I really would want to see how DJax would look with another year in this offense with Maclin & Sporles.

  7. Lmfao.

    It’s a game of chicken between roseman and desean.

    Kelly isn’t involved is my take

  8. Denny, his 1st big mistake as a head coach?What about his genius input for last off-seasons FA’s & draft picks? What about pooch kicking, on practically every kick off? What about deferring on every coin toss win, that he had last year? What about his impersonations of the Hindenburg, with genius clock management, & use of the challenge flag? GTFOH! If they get rid of DJax for nothing, & get Dirty Sanchez, I’m done!

    • You’re full of crap. And with all that he took a team that was supposed to be a bottom dweller to the playoffs. Quit already and be done so you can stop talking nonsense. Typical WIP Cataldi calling idiot.

      • Your screen name alone, tells me all I need to know about your dumb @$$! I don’t like, nor do I call Cataldi, you f^#@ing inbred, retarded lemming! Where in any of my comments, was I incorrect? Pooch kicking an entire game, giving them the game! He deferred on EVERY coin toss win! He was terrible at time management, & challenging! Go do research, before you make a failed attempt to come at me! Yeah, he took us to the playoffs, & got embarrassed. Get off of his dick!

        • You’re a moron. I’ve seen you post time and time again. Nothing but negative race filled innuendo with dumbass facts and no knowledge. Last year it was Vick Vick Vick….Foles can’t run offense blah blah blah. Stop your nonsense. If youre an Eagles fan your the typical ass hat that gets brought during throwing snowballs at Santa and a jail under the stadium.

          • ME, race filled innuendo???? What kind of drugs are you doing son? You have never seen me make any racial comments on here! I’ve ripped every f^#@ing racist on here! I’m Black, Italian, & Cherokee indian, so you don’t know WTF you’re talking about, you POS troll!!!!

            • Did you just give me an ethnic background to prove your point?


              • What are your thoughts on the Redskins as a team name, does it offend you?

                Peyote is a helluva drug.

              • I tell you one thing…if you ever went into a bar in Alberquque and did the Tomahawk chop or wore a headdress… would get your ass beat in a heartbeat. Trust me.

                When I was active duty was out there for an assignment…saw a guy do that during a Braves playoff game…he was ask nicely to stop….then 15mins later surrounded by Native Americans….lol and I had never seen that many in my ENTIRE LIFE.

  9. Oh the hypocrisy. The same people putting Desean on a pedestal are the same people who were all over him after the saints loss when he was taken out of the game by Keenan Lewis. A guy who got physical with him and could match his speed somewhat and IMO Desean QUIT after it wasn’t going his way. Not a coincidence that he was factor only after Lewis got hurt. Desean is a playmaker and one who was rewarded by getting 10 million this year! Please don’t even try and float that line he was asked a question, he made it a point to put it out there.
    It’s so obvious why the want to move Djax because long term there is NO WAY YOU CAN KEEP HIM HAPPY. Darren Sproles and Maclin and Ertz will take touches from him. If Maclin bounces back he’s going to get rewarded a nice contract and DJAX will have his hand out as well.
    Last but not least for all the plays he has made I can’t forget this guy flat out tanked it when he didn’t get paid. Why in the hell would you let a guy hold your team hostage? You cannot be a winning team and have guts that need babysitters or has to be coddled. He had or has the opportunity to be in an offense with offensive minded forwarded thinking coach but is more worried about me than we.

    • You don’t see me putting him on a pedestal! My criticisms of him, are WELL documented! It’s common sense, that you don’t trade your best WR, who like it or not, is top 10-15 in the NFL, for nothing! It is ludicrous, & asinine, to even contemplate releasing him! PERIOD!!!!!

  10. This just in, spoke with a reliable source, I’m hearing that Desean may be staying put. He may not be traded or released. I heard that Desean and Chip spoke today and that he’s more than likely staying here in Philly.. this story has been a roller coaster but could possibly be ending now

  11. Everyone can calm down now. Desean isnt going anywhere.. not traded or released.. If either happens id be shocked..

    Now with that said, this offense will be even more prolific this year then it was last. Keeping Desean shows their commitment to winning. Trading or releasing him would be setting the franchise back and would show that they care more about scheme and money over winning.. Now let’s set this league on fire..

    Go Birds!!

    • Well we’ll see.

      If they don’t trade/release him I’ll simply think they didn’t get the value they wanted and decided releasing would be dumb. But I find it hard to believe they will pay him 10 mil next year.

      • First I believe Chip knew he had to get this corrected before the 1hr long breakfast hes gonna have with the reporters on Wednesday because all the questions would be centered around Jackson.

        It was important for Desean and Chip to communicate and for Jackson to express his commitment to this team and willingness to fit into the culture…

        Now this can still go either way but from what Im hearing hes not going anywhere, he wont be traded or released..

  12. Jon Hart what do you mean you spoke with a reliable source? Desean himself tweeted that he had spoken to Chip, well before your comment. If Deseans tweet is your “source” then get in line.

  13. It is simple mathematics. He counts 12 million against the cap.
    There are a ton(13) wide receivers in the draft that have 1st 2nd or 3rd round ratings. A first rounder is going to fall to the Eagles. They will pay him a rookie salary 1/4th the size of “boney james” get some more size, and get rid of a one dimension puny wide receiver.

    If Desean Jackson was so great, why is there not a long list of teams beating down the Eagles door. No one will to part with a 3rd round draft pick to add such a great player to their team. Why isn’t Andy Reid in the mix???

    He knows Desean. He also shut him down when the Eagles played the Chiefs. Any decent coach can shut him down.

    The Eagles are loaded with weapons. They have the 2nd highest WR payroll in the league. Do they have the 2nd best set of WRs??? Somebodies got to go. Maclin was offered a 5 year contract. He took 1. Riley Cooper gives you some size and heart at WR. Maclin has speed. Sproles quickness. Ertz and Celek Toughness. McCoy quickness. We will draft more speed.

    Jackson openly quits on his team. Gives up on plays. You can’t allow it, if you are going to be taken seriously. He publicly disrespects coaches. How long would you last at your job if you cursed out your boss??? It does not matter how good you are. You can always be replaced. And this is the draft to do it.

    Remember. Andy Reid drafted him. And his name has not come up, as interested. Yea… He knows what he’d be getting.

    • bsm, you are usually spot on, but I don’t agree with here. You do not trade your best WR, without having a replacement already in fold. You don’t give him away, & you certainly don’t release him. Nobody knows what is being offered for him! That round BS, was thrown out there by New York times, in an attempt to devalue his trade value, because they want him. It has been orchestrated by Jets Owner Woody, along with NY Times Manish Mehta. In no way will they trade him for less than a 2nd, & they would be brain damaged to release him. Money for next off-season, is irrelevant to the DJax issue. They will have plenty of money, after next season. Cole (cap hit more, dead money is less), Herremans (cap hit more, dead money is less), Ryans ($6.9M, no dead $$$), Casey, Williams, Celek, Graham, & Curry, will all be released, &/ or traded & that will give us plenty of $$$. Don’t believe the BS!

      • BTW, where is the WR talent? Maclin has never been healthy. Cooper had a half of a good season, in 4 years. And your BU’s are Johnson, Benn, Momah, & Smith. We ain’t getting Watkins, & Evans, who’ll step right in. Matthews won’t be there in the 2nd, & at #22 is too high. Where is the talent? Sproles is a good move, but he’s 5’6” & on the decline.

      • Again, talking out of your rear. Cap space next year is more then likely going to get tied up in Foles, a restructure on McCoy if he has another crazy year, Fletcher Cox extension etc. If Maclin rebounds theres another lockup to have.

        • Talking out my rear? It’s all fact, common sense, & common knowledge, you stupid bastard! Go do some research, & use your brain, for something other than a hat rack, then come back to me! Beat it imbecile!

          • Like how you stated Vick was a better fit in the offense than Foles?




            • What FUCKING PART OF I DIDN’T SAY ANY SUCH THING ABOUT VICK, don’t you understand?!?!? You stupid, fucking retarded troll! I don’t like Vick as a QB, never did, never will! I wanted him gone last off-season! Go put on your flip flops, you bone smuggling faggot, & stop making up BS, that I never said!

              • I read the comments on this site just about everyday, and you DCar are one of the dumbest posters I ever seen. Your full of shit! You try to act like a tough guy but in person im sure your nothing but a little pussy.

                You argue with everyone calling them derogatory names. You are a piece of crap and I feel sorry for your wife & kids, jack off!!!

              • I agree with what you say best2everdoit and am certain 99% of the posters here agree with you and wish DCar would stop coming here.

              • I agree. DCar should be f^#@ing banned!

              • NO ONE LIKES A FLIP FLOP.

              • WOW, I have a fan club. I’m the one being trolled on, by the faggot Izzell, & being falsely accused by the troll, of saying I like Vick. BTW, best2, keep my families name out of your mouth. Do you want me to show you how big of a pussy I am, punk? Anywhere, anytime! Do any of you turds, think I care, if I get banned from this rat infested, racist site, full of know nothing scumbags like you trolls? My life won’t be affected one bit. You all talk $#!T hiding behind the comfort, & safety of your computer, but in the real world, you cower, & hide, when you’re confronted.

              • re-read your post dcar…no one is a bigger behind the computer tough guy than you…no one! your homophobia says a lot about you and its just as distasteful as the race crap.

              • dcar I do feel sorry for your wife and kids. Your kids being raised by a pathetic, disgruntled, loudmouthed, controlling jack off.
                Hell, no one on here likes you or respects you. Why don’t you take your leave ASSHOLE and NEVER come back

              • I agree. DCar f^#@ing leave and never come back!

            • All of you trolling Dcar have No Clue. He was never ever a Vick fan. Just because he doesn’t take the horsecrap you all shovel out doesn’t mean he isn’t right the majority of the time. The only one of you I even recognize is haveacigar and He and Dcar have been going at it for a long time. The rest of you get a clue and STFU. This site is all about debate and sometimes it gets rough. Can’t take it, BEAT IT!! Flip Flopping is not Dcar’s thing…even when he’s wrong he’s stubborn. Act like you know, Kiddies.

              • I agree Xevious, not sure where half this garbage is coming from with some these Post’s about DCar…
                DCar is a passionate, educated Fan who speaks his mind, stands his ground and can get fired up like any of us can…
                I like & repsect him for he’s a hard working, honest fella who cuts thru the BS and tells it like it is anmd when he is wrong or makes a mistakes, he man’s up about it..
                and Besides, who uses the Symbols #, ?, ^^^, *, !, better than him…. 🙂

              • I supported DCAR in his argument about Vick to Ij… I told him DCAR never supported Vick… Learn to read.
                DCAR does flip flop I’ve proved it several times… Most recently on chip, before that paplebon

              • I agree X, DCar and I had a heated argument about Vick but I don’t know these cats are trolling him but flip flopping ain’t his thing.

              • I believe izzel, best2 and maybe one or two more to be john haters 7th grade classmates or maybe it’s just Jon hart with 3-4 screen names… I have disagreed with DCAR as much as anyone and he has cussed me, invited me to meet him at the corner, called me childish names but I have also stood behind him 3-4 times when people got on him … I will miss if in fact the eagles sign sanchez

              • Right I forgot HAC you never miss a thing. Learn to read lol…..So defensive all the time. Sit back and Haveacigar..Post wasn’t even aimed at you. Was aimed at these Izzycomelately’s

              • When you said “have no clue” thought you were referring to me… That is one of DCAR pet names for me! I take it back

              • I should learn to read

              • lol Im more original then to purposely steal someone else’s rips. Plus Ive been here a long time, like I said You and him have a personal thing going. Your the only one that has any reason to rip him and like you said you defended his stance on Vick. I try to stay civil with most people on here and be fair too. It’s ll good man, we aren;t gonna agree on everything. Dcar can stick up for himself, but he’s a bro and these tools have no clue what he’s about.

              • The toughest people behind these keyboards are so damn sensitive its not funny. I called him out on his flip flopping and his throw a bunch a shit against a wall and whatever sticks following up with the “I told you so!!!!!!!” I don’t comment much on here because 95% of its race baiting innuendo or homophobic internet tough guy garbage. If you would’nt say to a man’s face on a corner in Camden don’t hide behind a keyboard and do it.

                My name…Dominic Rivera. Diehard Philly Sports fan. Born in Camden. Military Vet. Hung out the back of helicopters got shot at by Taliban…flew cool ass drones and blew up bad guys. I’m not a cyber gangster. I like to argue debate, whatever you want to call it.

                Learn to have real discussion and not nonsense. If you think being passionate is dropping fbombs and slurs on a keyboard…YOU’RE AN IDIOT.

                Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

                Oh yeah and GO BIRDS.

                Hell half of you didnt know who Izzell Jenkins was without Googling it.

              • I will now refer to Izell Jenkins as “Mr Toast” …
                and Thank You for your Service and I mean that sincerely..

              • Dom are you the pimp from Camden?

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              • Grow up old man lol…. You take this way too serious.

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                Dont assign blame to someone because people hate dcar, I guess he’s rubbed people the wrong way and guys have had it..

                Me personally I couldnt care less.. I speak my mind and its usually always sports related on here unless someone starts talking race based then I step in…

                I have no issue with dcar other then the fact that when he has an opinion on something he thinks he’s right and criticizes whoever doesn’t share those same feelings.. he needs to get a grip of that and his temper..

                Paul calls dcars rants “passion”.. yea if your in a asylum… dude has serious anger/emotional issues. Forget passion, dude is a nut.. I limit how much I speak to him and his twin mhenski

  14. Its amazing how Eagle fans always worry about “the cap”. You act like saving 10 million on Djax that you will be getting a refund. He quit he quit he quit. If the Eagles were so worried about him quitting then why in the hell did they sign him to that big contract right after the year “he quit”, so that’s bogus. You cant bring up he quit 1 year after he had the 2nd best receiving season in Eagles history, how the hell does that work? Fans bring up Evans, Benjamin etc. How do I know if they are gonna be good pros? Ike Reece reported he has “never heard” of Djax being a bad locker room guy. Reece said the guy had a career year so why would he bitch, its made up by the media. Maybe the should release him so the Cowboys can pick him up and Williams and Fletcher can cover him twice a year. One more thing stop with the bullshit about good teams shut him down. WTF do you think? Ive seen every receiver in the NFL get shutdow on any given Sunday. Graham was shutdown, AJ Green shutdown, Megatron shutdown., If they weren’t every receiver in the NFL would have 2000 yards and 30 tds every year. The fucking defense gets paid to. If Djax is being shutdown WTF happens to Maclin? He avg 800 yards a yearon a passing team. My goodness.

  15. They just might end up keeping him cause they can’t get nothing of value and they don’t just want to give him away for nothing….

  16. DeSean tweeted that he and Chip Kelly had a conversation. DeSean basically said you all can believe the rumors if you want, but everything is ok.
    It seems that his new agent (Joe Segal) is the master mind behind all of this nonsense. Not gang affiliation, burglaries, rap records, hanging out with gangsters, bad locker room guy, malcontent, insurance fraud; none of that crap speculation has nothing to do with nothing…except a wanting need to vilify him by some on here. I have to be honest, I didn’t see any other media sites or blogs with this kind of inflammatory rhetoric to the degree it was on here. The Eagles may wind up keeping him after all if a viable trade is not offered. I think DeSean realizes that his agent’s plan was screwed up and he is now trying to correct things.
    Keep DJAX!!! He’s the most prolific receiver we have and he makes this team better….period.

  17. I wonder who Desean thinks is his enemy on his Twitter and Instragram entry before Chip Kelly and himself had a talk tweet? Jeff Lurie, Howie?

    • Probably Jakedog..

    • So it wasn’t his crip affiliation or his pictures with Nipsy Hussle whoever the hell that is? So you want to climb off that soapbox you were on? You dudes are the worst and the sad thing is you guys don’t even think it’s anything wrong with the crap you put out there.

  18. They true about wr’s and yes the defense gets paid but all the players said Andy Reid’s offense was built around desean he was the #1 option on every play so we don’t know what Maclin could do if he was the #1 wr. I don’t believe you need 6’5 wr’s to win but it can’t hurt if you do have them and for all the people who say Calvin Johnson , Larry Fitzgerald, Andre Johnson & pretty much all the big great wr’s in the game today don’t win that may be true but it’s not Calvin Johnson’s fault that he never had a good qb or a defense or a coach, and it’s not Larry Fitzgerald’s fault that the only good qb he has ever had was Kurt Warner. So don’t talk about all these good wr’s cause if the lions had Aaron Rodgers megatron would be in the playoffs every year.

  19. Coach has nothing todo with this decision his hands are tied when its all said and done everybody gonna understand why if rumors are true bout the gang thing and insurance that alone making his departure likely let alone all other chit he actually did

  20. As I said after the first gloomy desean trade scenario, there is 0 chance Desean isnt an eagle this season. i think i previously stated that Jon Harts prediction of lebron signing in philly is just as likely as desean wearing another teams jersey next year.



  21. Given the choice between Bicknell and Jackson the choice should be clear if that’s the problem. Bicknell isn’t going to pull down any TDs, he isn’t going to blow by any shutdown corners and he certainly isn’t going to help put the Eagles over the hump…he should have chosen his words more wisely when coaching a professional athlete vs. a young college kid and Chip Kelly needs to come to terms with that for the sake of himself and his staff moving forward.

  22. If desean doesn’t get traded it’s not because the eagles don’t want to trade him it’s because they can’t get what they think he is worth that would be the only reason why and the eagles brass don’t want to take the PR hit they would take if they just cut him.

  23. according to a source-
    an NFL team offered the Eagles a Mr Irreverent pick for the right to Desean Jackson and $4 million dollars

  24. Dead on BigL. They make a lot of speculations when its a black athlete involved, but Riley the racist Cooper can scream out a racial slur and very little was said, maybe a comment or 2 under an article..

    Imagine if Desean said a racial slur against someone of a different race, omg they’d whine and cry and say Desean was a racist “thug” (because all black guys that wear their hats backward and hangs out with rappers is a thug) that needs to be taught a “lesson”…

    You guys have an extremely disturbing double standard.. A guy like cooper who hasn’t done a damn thing for this team gets a pass (evidence of biased racial intent) and won’t get talked about unless its in regards to his stats last season, but this Desean topic won’t go away, very similar to Vick, with one caveat, they’re both black..

    You’re exposing yourselves every time an article or rumor is talked about regarding a high profile black athlete…

    You hear a lot of jokes about pictures and who they associate with, what they wear, how they look, gang affiliation comments, just outright wrong but yet yall see nothing wrong with it..

    You guys have serious race issues. You can flip it onto me and say “your the racist” but I know what I am and its certainly not a racist. I love all people.. But you guys need to be helped to realize how bad you sound when you do this..

    You can’t even control yourselves, posters come out of the woodwork to bash Desean, a guy that was the best player on this team before McCoy, and his production hasn’t changed..

    Cooper hasn’t produced at all until last year, he has 1 good year and you feel they should keep him haha but trade Desean right?

    I guess because he’s a “white” wr you wanna hold on to him right?!

    Get a clue clowns

  25. Since speculation abounds..

    What if the Eagles and Jackson are working to trade him to keep him safe.

    I mean if you were Djax and your house got broken into and (SPECULATION – you started receiving death threats about you or a loved one) maybe you want out of town but.. You do not want to look like a Bitch (not saying he is) that is hiding so you let the team and your agent do all the mucking around.

    • False. Way off regal. Not the case. He wants to be here. He’s not fearful for his life at all.

      Btw his Agent Segal will not be paid this year due to how Deseans contract is.. so this means he will NOT receive compensation at all so this is why Segal is putting these articles out into the media about Desean getting a new deal, he wants to be paid..

      • I said it was SPECULATION. I don’t even believe it.

        More so I believe that Jackson Wants more Guaranteed money and the birds told him they had other fish to fry. (yes his agent would then get paid)

        This is likely mostly about a bad power play. I was just throwing another thought out there where Djax is not the bad guy.

    • And they may be working on a trade…but the speculation that has come from a story that Jim Kempski put out about Djax not being here based on salary cap implications evolved into speculation about all kinds of possible criminal dealings and behaviors. Where does that come into play…calling him a criminal and a thug. When has he been arrested, investigated, locked up or convicted? I did not see anyone linking Riley Cooper to the KKK or Aryan nation after he said he would fight every ni#$a. Hell, it would be wrong to say, well Riley was at a country music concert where confederate flags are often waved or worn by the attendants, and he had on a cut off sleeve shirt. yes..he’s a redneck racist and probably in some racist organization. That type of speculation did not come up..he was labeled a racist after he was caught making racist comments. That behavior did more harm to the team than anything DeSean has done!

      • More great stuff EHL.

      • I have to say though that while I am not going to label Djax a criminal as some have.

        Throwing up gang signs is distasteful. To me it’s worse than the N word (yeah I am white) Gangs make modern day slaves out of children in their territory.

        Gangs are about Money and Power. They are ruthless and terrible and throwing out gang signs says you approve of this. Djax does not seem that sort so hopefully someone will talk to him about perception as reality.

        If every kid he does something good for turns around and see’s that rubbing elbows with murderous gangsters is cool he is erasing any good he is doing.

        • You have no clue whose a gang member, who killed someone or anything. Stop making assumptions.. Damn your presumptuous..

          You didnt have much to say about Cooper when he made a racial slur at a country music concert. You didnt assume he was in the KKK.. though he was among Confederate flags all around him..

          You sound like a complete idiot

          • I was being nice you racist fuck!

            I never said Jackson was anything…In fact I said he does not seem the sort.

            Gangs are Bad= Truth
            Defending Gangs means you have something wrong in your Brain!

            • There is photos of Desean thoring up gang signs…. What part of that is presumptuous?

              You are an ignorant SOB and need to hear it.

              • good perspective on gangs regal, especially the part where you mention they enslave children, its soo true and such a shame. jon is too stupid to understand the dynamics and the cancer that is gangs in america.

                hanging out with crips and throwing crip sets just isnt what you want representing the nfl, not what you want from a guy making 11million. not what you want from a guy that does a lot of good things for children but at the same time promotes crips.

                crips are literally one of the biggest criminal enterprises in the nation and their bread and butter is profiting of victim based crimes.

                the fact that desean is throwing sets and hanging with crip members makes no difference to me as i want him on the eagles but i can understand anyones concerns with him affiliating with them

              • And there is video of Riley Cooper threatening to fight every N word with the harsh “er” on the end of it, with a ripped flannel shirt at a country music concert..

                He must be in the KKK.. right?!

              • the correlation you are trying to make is retarded jon. cooper wasnt throwing up kkk signs, handing out with kkk members or lighting crosses on fire. he used a word, does that make him racist ? sure. but the fact that he did doesnt correlate to the kkk and every time you try and make this comparison you just look like a bigger imbecile then everyone already knows u to be

                the fact that desean hangs out with active crip members (there is proof) and throws crip gang signs (there is proof) means he is at the bare minimum supporting this gang or criminals.

        • Regal..I agree that throwing up gang signs is distasteful….and I do not support that lifestyle. However, slavery and belonging to a gang can not be compared. Free people are taken and made into slaves. Taken and their freedoms, forced to do labor and other things such as rape, homicide, stripping of culture and belief systems follow. Being a gang member is voluntary..however their is a price to pay in order to become a part of a gang. You have to be jumped in where the gang members beat the shit out of you. Then you have to go and kill an enemy (sometimes). I agree the mafia are money grubbing, blood thirsty individuals looking for power through terrorizing their local communities. My point is…no one is looking to become a slave or trying to get initiated into slavery.

          • We can disagree on the status. I feel that most kids join because they feel they have too. Because of the conditions of where they are growing up. So i don’t see that as much of a choice but I take your point.

            I don’t see many suburban kids travelling to gang territory to join up.

            • gang members prey on kids with absent parents. show the kids love when they 7,8,9… then pounce at 10 and up… their move is oh mom and dad cant buy you sneaks that fit, do this and ill get you this… the whole initiation part is grossly overstated …

              this shit happens every day in every major city and goes on in neighborhoods right here in this city

              • Lots if experts on the black community here today. Interesting

              • So only Black people can comment on Blacks Big? I find this whole conversation distasteful because once again that racist moron Jon Hart Pulled the Sharpton card. Take your Imaginary sources and get a life.

              • X people can comment on anything they want, but look at these assumptions and tell me they don’t make your skin crawl just a little bit?

              • it’s not an assumption, dude quit on the team and flashes the gang signs…It is what it is. Fact is when you do something like that your branding yourself. No one is making him do it. Thats what these guys dont get everything you say and do lives forever on a cloud. He chooses to affiliate his brand wuith that garbage no one else. I frankly only care about his character on the field. He should be gone for quitting on the team bottom line.

  26. Every time you guys call Desean selfish for asking for wanting a new contract or more money, your siding with front office whose making Billions off us and the athletes..

    As a player, you want what your worth. Desean had a career year culminating with another pro bowl visit, he needs to be paid and given a new restructured deal..

    Joe Segal is the main culprits though.. he won’t be paid unless Desean gets a new deal since he became his Agent after this deal was in place so he get zilch..

    • lmfao you are retarded and clueless.

      give him more money ??????????? are you fucking retarded?????????????

      he will be the THIRD HIGHEST PAID WIDE RECEIVER THIS YEAR and has the eight largest wide receiver contract in the game.

      Give him more????????? if you disagree with desean wanting more you are siding with the owners?????????? LMFAO JEEEEEEEEEEEEEESUS CHRIST YOU HAVE ABSOLUTELY ZERO CLUE

      • 2014 WR salaries of note

        wes welker 3m
        jordy nelson 3m
        aj green 3m
        demarius thomas 3 m
        victor cruz 4m
        calvin johnson 5m
        colston 5 m
        rhoddy 5m
        marshall 9m
        andre johnson 10m
        vincent jackson 10m

        desean 10.5m

        yea lets give him more. i think we should give him 15. lmfao ur an imbecile. stick to copying and pasting stories from rotoworld and pft, and calling twitter and instagram your sources

    • wow jh dude you are pretty smart I dont know if a lot of people on here are racist but that jake dude is definely nice post bro

  27. WIP reports that Les Bowen tweeted that a person in the Djax camp says Chip Kelly told Djax that a no trade clause is not iron clad…but be ready for camp!

  28. I would like to see DeSean in this offense this year with Maclin coming back and Sproles. Even though his attitude sucks at times and he doesn’t seem to be a mature individual, I wouldn’t trade him at this time unless I got pretty good compensation in return.

    I would trade any player on this team for the right price. I really don’t give a damn about any of these players and where they are 10-20 years from now.

    But when it comes to this crap, the Eagles must know something we don’t know. They are a billion dollar business. They have the all the resources they need to find out anything they want to find out about any of their players.

  29. I laugh because I wonder if any of you guys know who really runs the gangs of america…

    You guys would probably say “some thug black guys”.. the truth would shock you..

    • Please enlighten me on the so called “Black Paranoia” of the CIA being responsible. You should know that I have actually spent more time than I wish on the subject.

      No matter where something originates those that propagate it are still responsible.

      • “Black Paranoia”??? You don’t even know what race I’am and Id never share that with anyone on here. I’m a person with a conscience and awareness.

        “Black Paranoia”??? Saying something like that isn’t racist?! Your a complete ass that speaks out of both ends of your filthy mouth

        One minute your saying Cooper displayed “terrible behavior” (never said that the word he used was wrong, proves my point) but then you say a comment like “Black Paranoia”???

        Your beyond gone and a waste of my time.. Sheesh

  30. JH- What cooper did was terrible behavior.

    If cooper were walking around with a KKK hood on or taking pictures at a clan Rally it would be more of a direct comparison to Desean Being photographed throwing up gang signs.

    Not every Racist is part of a group or supports one- You should know or are you in fact part of a group?

    • lmfao just said the exact same thing above right after you.

      jon is clueless about everything in life

    • See one shows what was on your mind the other shows who you support.

      Some people do and say things that reflect what they don’t like about themselves. As everyone has the ability to grow apologizing and accepting your actions is needed. In fact I apologize for calling you a racist Fuck earlier I want to treat people better than that. Desean though needs to apologize for appearing to support the wrong element.

    • To be fair in the name calling…didn’t Djax call someone a “gay ass faggot?”…Im not going to get into the whole which words are worse than others cause personally I could care less. And to be honest, I don’t really think the Eagles give a shit about what some consider to be harsher than other…To them a slur is a slur…especially now that you got the whole gay thing taking over the NFL media.

      Just saying if you want to talk about slurs, don’t act like DeSean hasn’t thrown them out himself.
      And the Eagles/NFL don’t give a damn on whether either of us think one is worse than the other. To them their all bad.

      • yup pretty much an identical situation to coopers actually.

        Reacting to criticism for calling a listener to a radio show a “gay-ass faggot,” Philadelphia Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson says he’s sorry. His statement, via

        “In a recent radio interview a caller got really confrontational with me,” Jackson said through a spokesman. “I got very heated with the caller, took it a bit too far and did not mean to offend anybody. I meant no disrespect and a better choice of words was needed.”

        Jackson later took to Twitter to post this:

        “I am sorry for using words that I know to be hurtful and unacceptable in a recent radio interview.” he wrote. “Intolerance is unacceptable and I apologize to anyone I have offended. … I have made a mistake and would like to make it clear that words I used meant no disrespect to the Gay and Lesbian community.”

        His tweets are in contrast to the defiant ones he posted in all caps right after using the slur, where he said he was “standing tall” against the people “tryin knocc me off.” It’s obvious somebody got to Jackson and told him what an idiot he was sounding like.

        Back in February, I praised Jackson for standing with a Philadelphia teen who was bullied, but his “faggot” comment undid any good from that. It was an unscripted moment that showed an ugly side of Jackson. The fact that he initially defended himself shows that he did not think he said anything wrong. Like to see him explain that to a gay kid who has been bullied and called the same or worse.

        Under normal circumstances, one would expect Jackson to be fined by either the Eagles or the NFL. But the league has locked the players out, and it is unclear whether any action can be taken against a player for something that transpired during the lockout.

        • Faggot and Nigger on the same plane or comparable when used is laughable and ignorant

          When faggots are lycnhed, beat, mutilated, hung, murdered, castrated
          for centuries for being that..THEN COMPARE THE TWO !!
          Until then yall can miss me with that BS
          FOH !!!

          • I support equal rights for all man regardless of past. But then again I have couth too unlike this prick gotta luv it.

            People like you should be lycnhed, beat, mutilated, hung, murdered, and castrated.

  31. John Hart says:
    “Riley the racist Cooper can scream out a racial slur and very little was said, maybe a comment or 2 under an article..

    Imagine if Desean said a racial slur against someone of a different race,”

    First of all….the Cooper thing was on ESPN 24/7. I even heard about it on the sports news here in Scotland….and I think that was the only NFL news all year on the regular radio save the score of the Superbowl. It was HUGE news.

    As for Desean….just imagine what would happen if he were to say something similar…….imagine…….oh wait….don’t have to imagine.

    2 years ago.
    Desean Jackson, on the radio:
    “What kind of question is that you gay-assed faggot”

    Then immediatly on Twitter….not all that repentant….:

    Jackson wrote: “They looking to take ya down at all times no matter how positive and what you do! It’s always a way they try to get ya. I’m standing tall.”
    Jackson also wrote: “Wanna bring me down but I’m OK. They trying to knock me off but I’m still on!”

    Then after some media backlash (and nothing like the coverage of the Cooper comments):

    “In a recent radio interview a caller got really confrontational with me,” Jackson said through a spokesman. “I got very heated with the caller, took it a bit too far and did not mean to offend anybody. I meant no disrespect and a better choice of words was needed.”

    Hey….but he’s only ripping gays, so it doesn;t count I suppose…..

    Look….when people pointed out the MV sucks it was nothing but “you’re a racist hater” day in day out on here. Now when someone points out that Desean quits on his team and isn’t as indespensible as you might think the “you’re a racist hater” business comes rolling out again.

    This now followed by some simpleton comments abbout “didn’t see posters on here rasing that much of a fuss when Cooper said…..”

    How much of a fuss did you put up when Desean broadcast his homophobic comments on the radio?

    • u can now add hypocrite as an accurate adjective for jon hart.

      god damn this guy is amazing.. i laugh at this moron for several hours many times a day

    • I never even heard anything about Desean saying that genius, because it barely made news hahaha You had to search long and hard to find that one huh?

      You guys can make the comparison between a word that has been used towards people of color for centuries and generations tied to hanging, whipping, torture, burning humans alive, molestation, raping, murder and the list unfortunately goes on, with the word gay all you want..

      Calling someone gay isn’t good, its obviously wrong. But why do you think it wasn’t publicized so much after Jackson said it? There is no harsh history tied to that word at all.. News anchors say the word gay on tv, do you hear them say the Nword at all? You answer that..

      Saying the word “Nword” especially with the ER is beyond wrong and if you guys wanna compare the two just to try and make a point (funny because you guys defending this most likely use both words) is not only childish but its also reprehensible..

      You guys should be ashamed of yourselves.. Seriously

    • How many gay ass faggots are in the Eagles locker room?

      • There you go BL… you just gave up the moral high ground…

        • Nope cigar it wasn’t a big deal because 75 percent of his co-workers isn’t gay. Remember I didn’t say anything about him being right or wrong. Come on man keep up it has nothing to do with any moral high ground.

          • “Gay ass faggots” at least when even the most ardent racist comment on it the clean it up….
            And it doesn’t matter how many there are if it’s offensive to other members of the human race, equally as hateful… Hate speech is hate speech no matter how many of “them” are in his locker room…
            Question how many would it take to make gay ass faggots wrong?

  32. The best part…. None of our arguments have anything to do with a reason to keep Jackson on the team or not.

    I could care less either way. He plays here or he goes someplace else. I only care that the Eagles get better.

    • desean will be back no doubt about it and he was never going anywhere. he is making the 3rd most this year out of all wrs. nobody is trading for that nonsense. and we arent trading him when we have the money to afford such a ludicrous deal

  33. I was hopping we could fleece a 2nd rounder out of Oakland.

  34. Maclin can replace at least 75% of Jackson’s production. I think 65-70 catches for 1000+ yards and 7-8 TDs is not a grandiose stretch for Maclin. Kelly is not Reid. His offense is not about taking the top off with Jackson. That impact is over stated in this new offense so enough with that. Maclin is not Jason Avant either so let’s not act like he is slow or average. So we are talking 25% of Jackson left to be replaced. Ertz should do that alone in year two as well as some of Avant’s. You add in Sproles and those losses are covered. Ertz should likely have around 60+ catches for 800 yards and 6-8 TDs. We are only scratching the surface with him. He is being very overlooked by the fanbase.

  35. Ertz is a top five TE next year. Mark that down.

  36. All the speculation about DeSean Jackson – the gang affiliations, his possible criminal affiliations, etc – were all brought on by Jackson’s actions. Anybody that says otherwise is full of shit.

    There are 53 Eagles players. Do you know how many Eagles players have instagram photos of themselves flashing crips signs? Just Jackson…

    Is that a crime? No….. Does it make people think you might be a gang member? Yes…

    Because that’s what Jackson wants you to think when he flashes gang signs… People are not racist because they think that way…. People are interpreting Jackson’s actions exactly the way Jackson wants them to.

    When I do something good on my job, I don’t flash the crips sign like Jackson does when he beats DeAngello Hall on a pass play. He does that because he want’s you to speculate that he might be affiliated with a gang.

  37. DJak tweeted he talked to Chip n Chip told him to keep doing what he’s doing n be ready for camp, we can now put all this BS to rest, this was nothing more then to send a message to DJak, from the sound of things it looks like it worked, expect to see a more focused DJak this season, a more focused DJak will be a more productive DJak, expect a great season.

  38. Jeff Maclane reports on WIP that DJAX has called some of his team mates telling them that he will be with the Eagles in 2014.

    • Notice teams are no longer expressing interest in Jackson, theyre now saying “hes property of the eagles, we don’t discuss other teams players)

      Seems like before the Jets and other teams were leaking out info regarding Jackson and Phillys desire to trade him..

      It wasn’t about the money per say or the gang speculation or anything else but more so about Jackson fitting into the culture of this team 100%..

      Chip is not Andy, Andy was more patient and let Desean get away with a lot more, Chip doesn’t have the time or patience for it.. You either fit in get in line or your outta here..

      They had that discussion, they have that understanding and now we move forward.. Desean will remain with the team…

  39. He needs a message sent. It would not hurt the team either way. But I am not for giving anything away. This draft is too deep at WR to get anymore than a 5th rd pick. So what would be the point? Another draft. Another year of seasoning for Foles. With a tougher schedule, we may go 8-8 this year unless some guys like Cox and Kendricks really step it up in essentially a contract year. If Cox plays like last year he is stuck playing out his rookie contract in 2015. So he has a lot on the line. He needs to shine like a 1st rd pick next year. Let’s hope we improve from within because we did not get much in the offseason so far and I don’t expect a ton of impact from the draft with six picks. There will be no remedy for the pass rush or secondary likely this year. If we take a CB or WR first, they will play little this season. Unless we get Pryor or Dix I don’t see anyone else making a difference. Why are we not interested in Rob Bironas at all? We really need more than a rookie FA in here to compete.

    • Kicker Rob Bironas has had leg injuries and although has been an accurate place kicker over his Career, he’s never been strong at Kick-off’s which is what the Eagles really need

  40. So we have gone from a 3rd round pick to cutting him, from a gang member to overpaid, to sending a message… i said… sell papers and get blog hits!

  41. This situation blows my mind. Forget about the “reasons why the eagles” would trade Desean and remember for a second how this started. ONE member of the media suggested that with Maclin and Cooper signed there would be no reason to keep Desean. From them, OTHER members of the media stirred up speculation while only citing as sources as OTHER FREAKING MEMBERS OF THE MEDIA.

    Chip and Howie probably took the stance early that they were never going to impower the media by creating a rumor and then forcing an official comment on that same rumor. However, I think they both know that next offseason is a whole different story which is why they were atleast listening to what teams would offer once the speculation started going.

    Desean is not going anywhere THIS year and he was NEVER going anywhere THIS year. I cannot wait until Chip mocks the hell out of the media tomorrow. Typical BS from the media and bloggers who think they are bigger and have more influence then they really do.

    Now, as for next offseason if our draft pick develops, sproles stays legit, and maclin is fully healled then that is a different story entirely.

  42. Players we need to replace this year or next in order: Heremans, Cole, Ryans, Williams, D Jack, Allen, Henery, Logan. Logan can stay as back up. I would like to replace two in this draft. I think Barbre will replace Heremans this year. His pass blocking just didn’t cut it last year. He was given Quarter for being an elder statesman and the foot injury. I doubt he can do much better this year and he should be a surprise late cut. He can kick around another couple years in KC.

  43. I don’t give a ish no more honestly…All I know the focus should have been on improving the defense with some young talent in the draft…if DJAX goes, you can bet a WR is getting snatched, makes no sense to me, really…We don’t know how Maclin is going to return…But I do know that 1300 yards for a player coming off of serious injury, is a little much to ask. DJAX produced, and honestly he produced more than any of you thought he would…I called DJAX getting around 80 catches in Kelly’s offense way back. That isn’t anything to sneeze at, and if you believe he can replaced by just any old player, in draft or free agency, you are mistaken. Honestly, the cheap ass franchise, could offer DJAX some bonus money to shut him up and move on…

    • Offer a guy making 10.5 more money.


      • Izzell, you’re barking up the wrong tree over here son….pump ya brakes!
        To an organization that is under cap space, yea bonus money is an option…instead of restructuring…and if you value your player, why not? I’m mentioning a possible solution to the madness, I don’t see you providing anything of any substance…..

        • Also here is some information to consider, loud mouth.

          ESPN – Dan Graziano

          Looking at the details of the Philadelphia Eagles’ new contract with DeSean Jackson, it looks pretty favorable for the team. As I understand it, the base value of the deal is $47 million over five years, with escalators that could push it as high as $51 million if he plays all five years and meets them all. It also includes $15 million in fully guaranteed money and an additional $3 million in injury guarantees. Of the $15 million guaranteed, he gets $14.75 million in the first two years.

          Per a league source, Jackson gets a $10 million signing bonus and a $750,000 base salary in 2012. He gets a $6.75 million base salary in 2013, and $4 million of that is fully guaranteed while the rest is guaranteed only against injury. Of his $10.25 million 2014 salary, only $250,000 is fully guaranteed and $250,000 is guaranteed against injury. He’s eligible for a $250,000 workout bonus in each year of the deal, and his base salaries for the final two years are not guaranteed.

          Did I read that correctly…? only 250K is fully guaranteed in 2014?? so, if you comprehend, that means he is not making 10.5….

        • lmfao give the 3rd highest paid WR in football this year a raise. yea ok

          dudes like the 12th best WR in football but we should pay him like he is the best because we can. smart idea

          • desean is gonna make 10.5 this year real. they arent cutting him. once week 1 starts that money is guarenteed

          • LMAO….you must not know the terms of his contract…see above…maybe that will shed a little understanding on his situation.

            • unless we cut him (which we arent) he is making 10.5 this year

              • and he is gonna be the 3rd highest paid wr in football. its more than generous of his employers to pay him the 3rd highest wr money in the game. considering he never put up top wr numbers when he signed that deal.

                coming off last season i got no problem with him making that as he balled out of his mind last year but to suggest he should get more than the 10.5 coming to him is crazy talk

          • also not about paying him because we can…I said that statement in frustration to the organization, who could of done more in free agency….just happens cats like you and Izzell, react to a small statement…But DJAX contract, as stated above, was nothing but bonus money, contract to protect the organization…so when a player wants to protect themselves you cats have a problem?…

            • what actions has desean taken to actually protect himself here? id protect that 10.5 if i were him by shutting the fuck up, sitting out of camp, and showing up to bust my ass the moment that 10.5 becomes guaranteed and do it again next year.

              reality is his agent is an idiot and tried to force a new deal and no team is giving players a new deal in year 2 of a 5 year deal.

            • I will admit reacting to that statement but like its stated NO TEAMS are ripping up contracts in year 2. Can you name me one team that has ripped up a contract in year and gave new money?

              The Eagles structured that contract for that exact reason…if he decides to be a clown or pout cut him and walk away. Short term it will hurt like hell but long term IMO hes replaceable. He’s not leaving a Brian Dawkins type hole.

        • You do understand that the cap space in which you speak of is probably earmarked to be rolled over into next year to take care of contracts for Foles if hes not a flash in the pan. A possible McCoy restructure if he puts up an MVP season. Fletcher Cox/Kendricks/Boykins?

          How is that for substance?

          • probably, key word…Eagles will sign some players, and over pay for some of those players you mentioned…while some other productive players will not be signed to return…Its a give and take….its not as simple as you make it seem…
            But what makes you so sure that this franchise is willing to pay up..

            • IMO….The Peters deal showed alot about the thought process of the new regime. Under Banner and Reid I don’t see that deal happening. Remember Banner did not want to give DJax his deal. They already took care of McCoy and Foles is ahead. The Cooper and Maclin deals were solid as well. So the precedent is their. You can fault their free agent approach if that suits and I can understand to a point. However most people are using their previous approach under Reid Banner regime as the baseline. They get the benefit of the doubt for me under Kelly/Reid for now. Key word FOR NOW.

  44. Real… got me man. I said the guy will NEVER catch 70 balls. He still sucks in the RZ and taking the top off the defense is not true in this offense. Chip Kelly, Shady and this line take the safeties out with our outstanding running game. Hence Riley Cooper catching bombs. D Jack is no longer needed to set up the run like he was with Andy. Over stated on this site. I don’t care what they do, but they need to do it or let’s move on. My guess is they were not taking a 4th-5th rd pick and said to hell with it then. Screw you guys, we are taking Jackson and going home.

    • I agree JBird, in regards to DJAX needed for opening up the run..But I still have to believe DJAX presence along with all other elements contributed to the Eagles offensive success overrall…
      Also, doesn’t matter if DJAX sucks in the redzone to me…he gets the ball in the endzone from 80 yards away. He chunks up 30 to 40 yard plays at a time, shortening the fielld, other teammates can make contributions in the redzone. What a team is for, why a team is called a team in my opinion, Jb. DJAX is an important element and will be missed if not back…But I’m not gonna cry about it, just gonna sit back and hope the FO dumbasses don’t fall flat on their faces.

      • Real….I go back and forth on how competent I think this front office may be. I am not impressed with their off season. Did not expect a splash. Just a little more in terms of addressing depth and maybe the kicking game.

  45. I would love to hear Kelly’s reaction to Belichick’s probable offer of a 5th rd pick. Chip was like yeah right Bill. Good luck this year. Talk to you soon.

  46. This is to funny they want to get rid of the guy but can’t cause they won’t get what he’s worth and they won’t release him cause they don’t want the PR hit they would take. Wow chip your stuck with a headache now they will draft either Brandon cooks or Beckham and replace him next year should’ve trade him last year when the draft didn’t have a bunch of good wr’s.

  47. Such silliness all over the place. Its really simple….

    1. If you thing Djax doesnt help spread the field for everyone.. you are just stupid.

    2. As great as big Wr’s are…. throwing in a tiny speedster is HUGE… dont believe me? Why do you think San Fran wants him? Speed opens the gsme up folks.

    3. Clearly the birds tried to trade him… it didnt/hasnt yet worked. They are smart to do a 180 here. I hope Chip learned a valuable lesson in all of this.

    4. Roseman calling this year 1 in “the program” is the dumbest thing ever. This is the NFL… it’s year 1,000 without a superbowl.

    Now that we have all of this out of the way,,,, can they please fix our D?

    • It is Year 2. And not yet time to “go all in.” But they should have done more at least with depth pick ups. Cannot say I am not disappointed with FA. Not because they didn’t get Byrd but because they only filled two holes with slight upgrades. Sproles is not much of a KR anymore. I would have liked to have seen some back up linemen added. Carrol is just a cheaper version of Williams with less mouth. Although I think Williams mouth was an asset last year.

  48. Lol no way they a safety in the 1st it’s gonna be a wr or dee ford they don’t value safety give it up lol if they do even draft a safety at all it won’t be til about the 4th or 5th rd. the eagles will have the best wr cor in the league with
    Djack- if he doesn’t get traded on draft day
    Maclin- who is pound for pound there best all around wr
    Cooper- who is there big target and who foles trust
    Cooks- who has just as much speed as djack plus returns kicks/punts
    Brad smith – I don’t have anything to say good about him sorry

  49. Just for fun….. Manning was perhaps the biggest FA signing of all time and brought his team to the superbowl.

    Owens- while not grabbed as a free agent… was basically bought in the same manner. He helped the eagles get to the superbowl (i know all about the champ game).

    Woodson clearly didnt help GB right?

    Its an overused idea- that you cant buy a superbowl. Clearly this is true… BUT….. the idea that the Eagles couldnt add 2 safeties and have them help this team is just silly.

    You win the superbowl by drafting well… coaching well… playing FA well… playing all 3 phases well… and with a handful of luck.

    • It is silly Stevo. Byrd might be on the downside by the time they are ready. All of the teams you just mentioned were CLOSE! It is timing. You don’t build through FA. It is icing. And you don’t ice the cake when its half way done baking. You don’t add THE BIG PIECE when you are seven pieces away! And if we do not get the internal lift from guys like Cox and Kendricks and add 2-3 pieces in the draft WE STILL WON’T and Should Not spend next year for a Byrd or Ward or Reevis. That is for when you are right there. What are you not getting??

      • right- and thats why we landed Sproles. cause he’s like what… 21?

        • We grabbed him to slightly upgrade the return game. That’s what you do. Of course you want White Shoes Johnson. But an upgrade from C to B- is better than nothing and it helps buffer the intent to trade D Jack. Helps replace some production. Chip doesn’t think Bryce Broiwn is a good scheme fit. I am impatient too Stevo and it sucks but I must endure baby steps and so should you. We need another draft or two. Then look you can grab Kam Chancellor maybe if that’s what you still need. That would get your rocks off right??

          • Not about being impatient. Its about this front office thinking its smarter than the rest. Its about 5 years of filling this hole with nothing. Its about a clear path to fix it… choosing not to… and having to waste another draft trying to fill it.

            Also about NFCE being weak… and us having the money to pull us over.

      • The goal is to win games and compete in the playoffs. I agree they should never “go all in” again. BUT…. when you have a chance to lock down a spot for 3-5 years… you jump at it. IF… IF… IF they paid 1 (not all) of those players you mentioned a BOAT load of money in a year like this.. where we dont have to pay the QB lots… you free up your cam for 3 years from now when they are ready to strike.

        PLUS… a team like the Giants winning it 2 times with crappy teams should show you that ANYTHING can happen in ANY year.

        • The Giants had talent that didn’t play consistent. They pulled it together when it mattered and had some super stars rise to the moment. We don’t have a JPP or Tuck or Strahan or Nicks or Kenny Phillips. And we had Shady run for like 12 yards in three quarters. That’s not like the Giants. Thats like Charles Barkley or Ryan Howard. Coming up small.

    • Herremans, Cole, Ryans, D Jack, Henery, Williams, Allen, Logan all need to be replaced in the starting line-up. What good does it do simply to replace Allen. Jenkins was just to replace Chung. He is not their S1. He is their S2. They still need S1. So what do you win with Byrd right now. Byrd with no pass rush, a front seven that needs MORE, a weak link still on the O line, a small timid # 1 WR and a kicker with no leg. You are right Stevo. Byrd would have covered up all that. Damn the FO!!!!!

    • Reggie White was the greatest free agent of all time and helped the Packers WIN the SB, big difference between a free agent getting them there and another one helping them win it.

  50. 2 reasons why the eagles will draft a wr @#22

    1.if they are planing on getting rid of him next year then they are gonna need a replacement for him you can’t keep him with no backup plan incase of he goes a-wall.

    2. If they don’t draft a wr @22 they could be setting themselves up for failure in case the draft doesn’t fall the way another team thought it would and the player that they we’re targeting got picked and they may want to offer something good and trade for djack.

    So for all those who want defense in the 1st not gonna happen sorry maybe 2nd rd….

  51. So please tell me the superstars that Denver had last year.

  52. God help us all if NO wins the SB!! It will be because of Byrd! Not because they have better QB, receivers, defense and STs. It will be Byrd, Byrd, Byrd!! Byrd is the word!

    • disagree. It will be because they were not afraid to add talent even if they didnt get it at the price they demanded it.

      Guys- Most of us are fine that we didnt go “all in” I HATE THIS STUPID TERM…. BUT… i feel this really screws up the way they will approach the draft. Lets not kid ourselves…. we still NEED a S and a OLB.. THIS YEAR.

      • Read the above comment. God help us all if we force Dee Ford out of need. Another f-ing midget. We will most likely not get a S1 or pass rusher. But I will settle for a NT and an ILB and a RG. How would that be Stevo?

      • And what are they Stevo?? That’s right!! Way closer. They can do it because they are 1-2 players away. Not SEVEN!

        • disagree… they are in cap hell and cut several good players to get their S. I actually think they are worse this year

  53. I swear the moronic posts on here sound nothing more then if WIP was on Sirius XM with no filter. Clueless idiots.

  54. Looks like Djax is gonna stay. Thank god!

    And some of the stupidest racist posts I’ve read about Desean being a gang member. I would like to know what the combined IQ of Mhenski and Regal are.

    • Never stated that Desean was a gang member… Learn to READ…I in fact stated that he did not seem the sort of person which made showing support for gangs (throwing gang signs) Distasteful.

      Oh the horror and slander of such a comment.

      You sir/ ma’am are in need of remedial English.

  55. I dont get it. I still dont understand how adding a great S… one who would have been here for 3 years is going “all in”. I dont get how adding 1 player who could solidify center field would have been bad for our cap or bad for our team. You guys understand that we have PLENTY of money. right? You understand that we have WASTED LOTS of money and pics trying to fill this same black hole.. right?

    Ok fine- they didnt do it. But they should have. Its ok to disagree with Lord Roseman.

    • Lol When did Byrd become the best safety in the game? Why because he had some nice stats on a bad team. Ask the Buccaneers how they feel about that deal they did for Dashon Goldson last year.

      I guarantee that if he must 4 or more games with the recurring foot and leg issues that plagued him in Buffalo EAGLES WOULD GET RIPPED.

      When are you people going to learn that you don’t fix major holes in free agency. Rip the Eagles for blowing picks I can understand that. But blowing money on guys in free agency is stupid.

      • yup- than Manning fellow who was grabbed in FA is just there till they get a real QB in the draft.

        • Don’t use a HOFer who was only released due to a PERFECT STORM in Indy to anyone else in free agency. Thats just nonsense. He got hurt….the Colts ended up with the 1st pick in the draft…in a year that an ABSOLUTE stud was drafted and couldnt keep two QBs. On top of that the amount of young talent on the Broncos at key positions was top notch. Barring the Dumervil botch they had two stud DEs a stud Wr a great no.2 a very good RB in Moreno that was a no.1 etc.

  56. The Eagles dont spend money…CHEAP.

    McCoy 45 mil ext. Djax 10.5 mil. Peters 51mil ext. Kelce 37mil. Cooper 25mil. Maclin tried to extend. Sproles trade then extension.

    Nic Foles if not a flash in the pan….drumroll please…extension.

    Fletcher Cox…coming up on extension money….

    Kendricks….big money.

    McCoy has another monster year…restructure of 10mil…another signing bonus.

    But you idiots are right…its all about money. They are cheap. Never sign anyone.

    • i never said they were cheap. I agree with you there. But this IS a year they could have added a serious game changer.

      I will say that they are smart. SOMETIMES too smart for their own good.

      • And where I disagree with most people here is there werent many serious game changers in Free Agency if not any.

        Jimmy Graham is a game changer…Jarius Byrd is not…..

        I would have liked them to spend money on the kid Worilds if Pittsburgh let him go….but honestly true game changers DO NOT hit free agency.

        Eric Berry is a game changer at S. Compared to Jarius Byrd its not even close IMO.

        • I disagree that byrd is not a game changer… but I respect your opinion.

        • Byrd is not a game changer? That, right there, shows that you don’t $#!t about football, yet you criticize other posters knowledge. Get lost, you lemming!

          • You were hyping Mike Vick as the perfect fit for this offense all last year.

            Please stop posting. Youre an idiot.

            • I was hyping Vick???????? Are you an escapee from a looney bin?!? I have never liked Vick as a QB! WTF ARE YOU READING, OR talking about???? You got me mixed up with someone else, you stupid f^#@! YOU STOP POSTING TROLL, because apparently, you don’t know WTF you’re talking about, have nothing of substance to bring to the table, & you have dust in your head!

    • that 10.5 for desean is just this year. think he got close to 50 for 5 years

    • Izell…..Cox does not get extended unless he becomes a diference maker this year. If he does not improve he will play out his rookie deal and then maybe they let him walk if they still don’t see it in 2015. It is a very simple formula. Here is the expectation for a top 15 pick. PB! No PB = BUST! No raise for four sacks and a handful of disappearances. The ANNOUNCERS better be bringing him up quite a bit more than they do now.

      • I agree with you. Im not a huge Cox supporter and hopefully with 2 years in a scheme this will see him show his worth. My main point is that you take care of within and you gameplan long term.

        • I totally agree. I see Foles and Boykin getting paid. Boykin could be an issue though if they don’t start him on the outside and give him decent starter money. Kendricks and Cox still have something to prove before they get raises though.

          • Im not sold on Boykin outside of the slot. I think he is a slot monster but would get exposed on the outside.

            • And you shouldn’t be sold Izzell…I’m not in favor of weakening a positioon just to attempt strengthening another…Boykin is better at the slot than he would be on the outside. Nothing is wrong with that…The slot position has become a top target position by QB’s in the league…The talk about Boykins needing to start on the outside is really over blown in my opinion…Boykins can see just as much time in the slot than the outside…he’ll be thrown at just as much at the slot as if he were on the outside…

  57. Stevo….the NFC East is irrelevant. Who cares about this shit division. You compete against the conference not the division. And we are signifiacntly behind four other teams in this conference with others right on our ass like the Cards and Panthers. Lets just see where we are next year. You cannot rebuild in two years. The Niners had guys like Patrick Willis and Navaro Bowman sitting there for Harbaugh. We had Fletcher Cox and Mychal Kendricks. It is not that easy.

    • Disagree- if you destroy your Div and dominate the win loss, you get a week off. In that case, teams like the 49ers and hawks have to play each other.

      I will say this again,,,, our O is tops in the league, our special teams got much much better. I believe we are better than you guys do.

      • Stevo…I enjoy you. I really do. But I think you are mistaken about how good they are. Thats why we are not connecting eye to eye. I see an 8-8 team that got lucky. You see a team that is top five in the power rankings and very few would agree with your assessment. The defense sucks. The STs are marginal and the Offense has some holes. We were near the tops in plus and minus yet we were 2nd in yards and 4th in scoring. Not enough points especially given the TO differential. If that was average we would probably have been like 8th in scoring. Still not turning yards to points the way we should.

        • “enjoy me”?? Either you are being condescending… or you are displaying something else I am also not comfortable with. In any case.. you concern me and I choose to now ignore you.

        • for the record. I do not see a top 5 team. Show me where I said that. As always.. people on this site choose to exagerate what others say in an attempt to prove their own point.

    • The Panthers added NO MAJOR additions to their defense through free agency. Entire squad built from the draft. When they picked up Mike Mitchell he was viewed as an ABSOLUTE BUST from Oakland.

      Thats why the hypocrisy about picking up Jenkins is outrageous. He may not be Brian Dawkins but hes a clear upgrade and who knows maybe he turns it up a notch in this defense.

      Reid blew almost 3 straight years of drafts and the Watkins/Jarrett set this team back IMMENSELY. This draft will go toward feeling some major holes.

      The drafting of Ertz last year in the 2nd round even with Celek and Casey here is the reason why I am giving them leeway. In the REID era taking the best player available was not always an option and in the last 4 years cost this team dearly.

      • Panthers Defense is fine for next Season
        The Re-Signed 1 of the Better DE’s in the game in
        Greg Hardy who is only 26 years old and coming into his prime
        And recently Signed CB Antione Cason from the Cardinals
        To replaced Captain Munnerlyn which is a wash
        They lost Strong Safety Mike Mitchell, but do note that Saftey
        Godfrey, who missed all off last Season returns from
        His knee injury so Defensively, they are still very good and mostly young
        Where they are hurting is along their OL
        Where they lost 3 Starters (all to retirement)
        In LT Jordan Gross, LG Travelle Wharton & RG
        Geoff Hangartner who were all mid-30’s with not a lot of experience behind them and then lost their 4 Top WR’s in Steve Smith,Brandon LaFell,
        Ted Ginn Jr & Dominick Hixon and replaced them
        With Jericho Cotchery & Taquan Underwood
        So the Panthers are going OL & WR this Draft
        And also note that Cam Newton just has ankle surgery
        And us due to miss 4 months so a lot of missed time working with a new set of Receivers behind a green OL
        Bet the under next Season on Panther Games for their Offense will be ugly,ugly, ugly…

        • Thats my exact point….they have an entire HOME GROWN front 7…then surrounded them with castoffs.

          When I heard Mike Mitchells name being thrown around as a pickup then saw the deal he got I could only laugh because if the Eagles would have picked him up last year…before they even played a snap…Most fans would have blown their heads off because the label on him would have been bust.

        • and when I spoke of Panthers and their additions I was talking about last year.

        • I forgot to add that they signed Strong Safety
          Roman Harper from Saints to replace Mitchell
          And 1/5 the Salary who will pair the returning
          Godfrey at Free-Safety to give them a serviceable back end to a strong front 7

          • Again, I think we are in agreement approach wise. Defensively this team is a mismatch of players. The ENTIRE secondary probably needs an upgrade or straight overhaul in time. Thats why IMO Byrd was not an answer because the strength of this team defensively is probably going to be Kendricks, Cox, Thornton, Barwin. They need to draft OLB and DL and work inside out. If they were going to go in a free agent(im against it) then Revis was the guy. He is a game changer. Outside of that I don’t see it.

            • My last Post about about the Panthers
              GM Gettleman & Rivera focused on Defense the
              Last 2 Drafts getting Kuechly,Star & Kawann Short to bolster the middle of their Defense which is not a bad plan
              Now this Draft they will focus on WR,OL & CB which is probably the strongest & deepest Positions in this Draft so not really a bad strategy for them long-term they 2 good WR & OL
              They will be in the thick of it..

  58. whenever race becomes a topic on this site, it is almost unbearable to read the comments on here. 75 posts saying the damn same thing, which is nothing at all.

  59. Also…in 2 years…the 49ers have given up on not 1…but 2 PRO BOWL safeties. Why because they took care of Bowman…have to figure out Kaps deal…etc.

    • Here the key IJ,
      The 49ers then went out Drafted Safety Eric Reid in the First round last Draft to replace D Gholston, and who will probably go on and become an All-Pro
      very soon in his NFL Career..

      • So how come the birds can’t do the same? I like the draft philosophy in place. Secure what you can then draft best player available. At their pick they are tied to no one and have the opportunity to trade up or trade back. Drafting for need killed us. Rees not one person in here who thought they were going Ertz round 2… I love that approach.

        • Ahem,

          I was all over the Ertz pick 2 months before the draft. Now to be clear, I said that they would pick either Ertz or Eifert – if they fell to their pick in the 2nd.

          I also made it clear that they would go OT with their first pick.

          Of course this was met with the usual dither about how I don;t know what I’m talking about – how could they go O when the D is such a mess, blah, blah blah…..but I understood how this team was being built.

          Chip Kelly arrived and step 1 is to re-create the offence. This process is not finished. Step 2 will be to rebuild the Defense.

          This idea of the Eagles on a long term build was also met with, “its the NFL – there are no long term plans! You can make a quick turnaround….blah blah blah nonsense from the same posters.

          Clearly Roseman’s recent comments about being in the early stages of the plan show that this indeed is a long term process, not a quick fix.

          I still maintain that, despite the protests in here (and there will be many) I think you will see the Eagles go OL and WR early in the draft, knowing they’ll have to replace Herremans and now probably Mathis by next season. Clearly Desean isn;t in their long term vision, so they’ve got to replace him too.

          Again, the Eagles now seem to understand somehting that a lot on here don’t… takes several years to get players up to level in the NFL…especia;lly OL, QB and WR.

          I was (mostly) alone on Vick – I was right
          I was alone on Eagles going O with their first picks last year – I was right
          I am (mostly) alone on DJax – I am right
          I am alone on Birds drafting O again early this year – we’ll see if I am right.

          • Please remember that the Seattle Seahawks releassed 24 players when Caroll came in.

            They then drafted D went 7-9, drafted D, went 7-9 , drafted D went 11-5 THEN signed their free agents and went 13-3 and Superbowl.

            Slow long term build….exactly what the Eagles are doing…..with the difference being the Eagles are concentrating on O first…..why?

            Because they hired Chip Kelly!

            • No according to most its because they are black or white and the GM is a scrooge and the head coach lucked into some wins.

            • There is no guaranteed formula to win a SB…Seattles approach worked for Seattle, doesn’t mean it will work for the Eagles…This isn’t like stats, where you can just give records and say thats how you do it…The Eagles offense is further along than the defense and has been for years!
              Fix the defense!

              • It seems so clear.

                -Top 5 offense
                -Bottom 5 defense

                Which one should they focus on.

              • They will fix the Defense (or try to). Just not yet.

                Heremans, Celek, Mathis are all certainly gone next year as Eagles are over the cap. Prob Desean too.

                They’re going to draft their replacements (high) this year.

                Then after they’ve had their (all except Peters) young Oline and QB working together with their young TE and relatively young wr/rb.

                Once that O really starts jelling….THEN they’re going to address the D early in the draft…perhaps in FA.

                Until then, enjoy your Jenkinses. D is not the Eagles’ priority – not yet anyway.

                Seriously, how could anyone watch the Eagles hire Chip Kelly and then think, “can’t wait till they fix the defense!”

              • We all knew that Chip would focus on the offense but not in spite of the defense Vin.

              • No fan with common sense disagrees with you. You think I did a backflip when they signed Cary Williams and Fletcher? No way. But they were serviceable. They blew it on Chung and the bodies they brough it in at Safety. However to me that was a direct culmination for 2-3 disaster drafts under Reid.

                I am fine after 1 year with the philosophy has in place. Bigger faster stronger. Shady is probably the only player on this team that can pull a diva act and it be warranted. Possibly Peters. Outside of that NO ONE on this team is untouchable.

                Now the draft is where they have to pull starters by the end of the season on defense IMO.

  60. The only superstar on the team is McCoy. Outside of that you keep bringing talent….DRAFTED talent and take gambles when you can in free agency.

  61. ***NFL News****

    Bears Sign DE Jarred Allen to a 4 Year $32 Million with $14.5 Million of Deal

  62. Something must be in the water today…..worse than usual with all of the hatred.

    Don’t the Eagles have enough going on to have the conversation be about the team and not our racial and sexual differences? I will never get this site sometimes.

  63. Eagles 2014 Mock Draft (#11)

    This will have no Trades, No moving Up or Down, the Emphasis will be getting bigger & stronger as Coach Kelly has stated since arriving in Philly

    1st Rd (#22) – DT Ra’Sheede Hageman (Minnesota 6-6′ – 315lbs)
    2nd Rd (#56) – OLB Trevor Reilly (Utah 6-5′ – 245lbs)
    3rd Rd (#86) – WR Martavius Bryant (Clemson 6-4″ – 215lbs)
    4th Rd (#118) – Strong Safety Craig Loston (LSU 6-1″ – 217lbs)
    5th Rd (#150) – CB Phillip Gaines (Rice 6-0 195lbs)
    7th Rd (#214) – DE Taylor Hart (Oregon 6-6′ – 281lbs)

    That’s it for now

    • Can Hageman play NT or does that signify that either Cox or Thorton are not going to be here next year?

      • Hageman played DT at University of Minnesota..
        He would be an extremely High-Risk/High Reward Pick
        Physically, he is just off the Charts 6-6′ and 18lbs who runs a 4.6 for a Big Man and reminds many Scouts of a young Albert Haynesworth with his quick explosion and burst and just overall natural strength.. The Problem is his maturity or a lack of, he’s been termpremental, lacks focus & drive so there are red flags about him.. But with good solid, young Pro Players surrounding him around him like Cox,Thornton,Logan and a very good Def/Line Coach in Jerry A.. If they get this Kid to buy in, he could be real force in the middle for the next 5-8 Season’s.. If they can’t get that switch to stay on, then he could also be a Bust too…

        This Eagles 3-4 Scheme require a Rotation of about 5-6 Solid Def Lineman and 1-2 Passing Rushing OLB’s
        Right now they are in need of a 1 DT/NT, 1 DE and 1 OLB to really have this 3-4 Work with proper Depth and Versatility

    • I think they are trying to position themselves to get in the mid teens if a guy they like falls. If they can’t move up I can see them dropping back just as easy as well.

  64. If the Eagles drafted a CB in the first rd does that mean Fletcher is gone? Williams has dead cap money and is probably more important to the psyche of the D. Boykin and Carol aren’t likely going anywhere.

    • If you draft a CB high Williams is a damn corner to have for depth. I would take him over Roc Carmichael any day.

      They just need to draft the best player available defensively unless a WR like Mike Evans falls.

      I would do anything I could to get my hands on Mike Evans or Anthony Barr.

      • Fletcher orignally signed a 2-year Deal making his Contract up after 2014.. With the Addition of DB Nolan Carroll and maybe a long-term Deal with Boykin and most likely a Draft Pick at CB.. this will probably be Brandon Fletcher’s final Season unless he plays very well and outplays Cary Williams this Year which is possible
        Either Way, one of these 2 are probably in their Final Season or at least Cary Williams taking a Restructured Deal to remain with Eagles.. His $$$ jumps to big $$$ in 2015

  65. Izzell, a couple years ago the the Bucs secondary couldn’t cover me, they were ranked last in pass defense. After using high picks on safety and Corner, they added Gholdson and Revis. Within a year they improved close to top 10 in a passing league. Im pretty sure if you asked them, they would say they didn’t make the playoffs because they had no offense whatsoever, Martin got hurt, MRSA was destroying the locker room, their head coach was out of his league, NFC is loaded..

    Fixing a hole in free agency made that team better in a major weakness. Even though they didn’t win a superbowl, it made them better. And as I stated the reason they didn’t win wasn’t because of their secondary, it was other things.

    Ask the Saints how they feel about about getting Brees in FA, PAckers how they felt about Woodson..

    All people are saying is that making a move for a big time defensive player in FA would make us better…

    • Brees and Woodson are HOFers who entered free agency in their prime. Jarius Byrd is not that.

      If they made a move it should have been for Revis. At 100% percent he is a game changer. Outside of that I don’t see it. Our biggest need is a true pass rush OLB in the 3-4. If that person was available I honestly think they would have been in on him and I think they would have made a play on Worilds from Pittsburgh but the Steeler would nnot let him get on the market.

      • Not to change Gears..
        I was just looking over the 2015 Free-Agent Class and it’s pretty thin across the board, expecially at Safety/CB.. Now a lot can and will change on who gets injured, cut, released,etc,etc… but as of now, the Eagles need to focus and nail it big-time this Draft…

        • That’s how it should always be….you should find your value from within…if you have to go outside its more then likely because of mistake then the rare occurence that a true game changer is on the market. There are times when definitely that is the case…Brees…Manning…Revis.

          Think the Seahawks are going to let Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas hit free agency other than to franchise them?

  66. I still think its possible the Eagles pull something off. Rmbr we traded for Ryans after free agency was basically over, nobody saw that coming. Howie loves making player trades

    • Good post because during and after the draft is the best time to get great talent from other teams that you would not have during free agency. Just look at the stud we have at LT.

      I think as well whatever hole they miss they will be making a trade or two. Especially at LB and DT.

  67. Get rid of one of your top 3 players in his prime and the team get absolutely nothing in return.

    Only in Philadelphia!!!!!!!!!

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