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Eagles Reportedly Interested In Mark Sanchez

MarkSanchez1Following quarterback Mark Sanchez’s release from the Jets, the Philadelphia Eagles are believed to be one of his most likely landing spots, according to several reports.

The Eagles have a need for a veteran backup, and Sanchez certainly has plenty of experience. Sanchez isn’t the most attractive name that comes to mind, but he could benefit from a change of scenery. Plugging him into a quarterback-friendly system with better weapons than he ever had in New York could really help him get his career back on track.

For all of the knocks on Sanchez, he has been put into some bad situations throughout his career. And this is a guy who helped his team win in the playoffs early in his career, and got the Jets to a couple of AFC Title games. on Facebook

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  1. Both USC QB’s can duke it out for that #2 spot. Sanchez has the edge..

  2. Hell let’s go for the hat trick is Matt Leinart available ?

  3. Signing Terrell Pryor after he is released, would have been a better Choice.

    Drafting Logan Thomas, and getting what you can for Barkley in a trade like a 6th round pick….

    • Sanchez sucks – Kelly and his love for Pac 10 talent – SMH!!

      You can find better talent outside the Pac 10 Chip!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I’m telling you GM, the more I see this guy operate the less I like, his ego is going to kill this team. Up next the inevitable battle between him and Howie. They’ll be blaming each other when this DJax fiasco is all said and done.

      • I think DeSeans ego argument is overblown, and irrelevant, beings though he produced well, and the team wasn’t effected by it……

        It seems Howie’s ego is more of a factor to me….He is in denial about what DeSean brings to this team, along with what real talent looks like when they are voted into the pro bowl – not the Lane Johnson’s, Benny Logan’s and Zach Ertz of the world – nor whomever they draft at his position….

    • You Probably don’t even need use a Draft Pick for Logan Thomas who will most likely be an Undrafted Free-Agent…

  4. Don’t forget guys, that this is the same organization who told us Patrick (garbage ass) Chung was the perfect fit and an upgrade now that he’s reunited with Chip.

    Here’s a few qoutes of shit the Eagles shoveled last offseason once Chung was signed.

    March 14, 2013 – Daily News

    The Eagles held a press conference Thursday afternoon to introduce two of their recent free-agent acquisitions, safety Patrick Chung and cornerback Bradley Fletcher. Here’s a transcript of the conference:

    BRADLEY FLETCHER: It’s good to be here, to be an Eagle, and ready to get going here shortly. It’s going to be a lot of fun, and we’ll be working hard.

    PATRICK CHUNG: My name’s Patrick Chung, and I’m bleeding green, baby. Happy to be here, man. You know, happy to have my new teammates, new families, new brothers. Let’s get this going.

    Q. Why was this the right fit for the both of you?

    BRADLEY FLETCHER: To play for an organization such as the Eagles, I know Patrick feels the same way, kind of dreaming to play for another team, to have this opportunity to come here and play for this team, to play for this division and work hard, couldn’t ask for anything more.

    PATRICK CHUNG: Yep, I feel the same way. It feels good to come back to my college coach, too. I always wanted to be a duck, I guess. I’m happy to be here, great organization, great city, and I’ve only been here for a day, so it’s awesome.

    Q. Patrick, were you aware of the Eagles’ struggles at safety last year?

    PATRICK CHUNG: No, we have to worry about our thing. When I was in New England, we worried about our locker room and our team. We weren’t too worried about what was going on around the league unless we were playing them.


    Q. Patrick, since Brian Dawkins left, the team has lacked a safety who intimidates people and who can come across the middle. Can you play that way?

    PATRICK CHUNG: I’m going to turn the switch on like yes, I can. But I’m going to be humble about it. I’m going to be very humble. We all can. We have a talented team of safeties and everybody’s talented about how much you execute and how much you put into it. So we’ll be fine. Everybody will be fine.


    See, the pile of “green shit” they shoveled on the loyal fans of Philadelphia last season?

    Now, they’ll claim a pathetic Mark Sanchez is an upgrade to Vick, when Sanchez is one hit away getting paralyzed.

    They’ll also tell us the offense will be an addition with subtraction when it comes to DJax geting ousted for shit.

    Didn’t we hear that before when T.O. was demonized and ran out of town?

    Talking about a damn 3 rd rounder for an all pro talent…


    We don’t give a damn about a pick for a player this team knows they can’t replace.


    I also have qoutes with some of you guys claiming Chung would be an upgrade at Safety and you are the same guys who still trust this cheap ass organization.

    I can’t wait to see this team with no Djax.

    I’m going to laugh my ass off as these bubble screen throwing Mother’s gets blasted on their way to a serious horrible season.

    Headlines in Novemeber..’FOLES FOLDS” … a front page pic with him pulling turf out of his facemask after getting sacked in a losing effort…again!!!!

    Why can’t Eagles ever get a winning Owner and coaches like other teams that come from no where only to hoist the Lombardi?

    We’re stuck with these shekel shitters !!!

    • Don’t see where anyone in the Front Office Spoke ?
      This is just a Q&A from the players themselves…
      Continue on…

    • We get it Songs, you hate the Eagles.

    • I do believe the Eagles went 10-6 and made the playoffs last year. Sounds like you are actually talking about how you manage your team in that fantasy league with the 10 yr old kids. So dude get a job, stay off football sites because you have no clue what you are rambling about.
      I believe your favorite team…..the Cowgirls are trying to sell they are a good team again, they need your clouded help.

  5. Can this off-season get any worse???? If they sign this bust stiff, I’m officially handing in my fan card, on this site! WTF, are these retards doing, SERIOUSLY WTF?

    • Oh but wait we haven’t even gotten to the draft, in which they’ll draft 3 wideouts to replace DJax and then draft the 15th best safety in the 3rd round. And damn I cannot wait for the explanation of why they went out and brought that other USC stiff in here to compete with the other stiff from USC for the right to back up Foles.

      • Big, if they would of addressed the defense in Free agency, the way they should have, instead of signing a minor upgrade to Wang Chung, & a bunch of ST players, I wouldn’t have a problem with that strategy. Does a secondary of Williams, Fletcher, Allen, & Jenkins, make them better than last years, last place pass DF? NO! Wolff is a punk @$$, who wouldn’t come back to play, after being cleared after week 13. Boykin is good, but he is a slot CB only. We still don’t have a NT. We still don’t have a good, consistent pass rusher. AND, we still have unfits all over the defense (Cole, Graham, Curry, Logan). Then they’ll have the balls to justify their decision making, & try to tell us we are a contender. It’s nauseating! Telling you now, if they let DJax go for nothing, & sign Sanchez, I’m turning in my fancard, & will follow another team. I’m sick of this $#!T now! It’s bad enough the Phillies season is over, before it even begins, but we have to have this BS, to ruin our Birds off-season. SMMFH….

        • Bye-bye DCar….the Eagles nation doesn’t need a true Cowboys fan (you) posing as an Eagles fan. The team went 10-6 last year and I bet you were proud as a peacock to be a “fan”. Now all of a sudden the front office has no clue how to run a team. Have fun supporting Jerry and his
          “great” team, lol. Maybe Jerry will take another 4th round Center in the 1st round so you’s can be happy with a 6-10 record.

          • Cowboy fan???? Do you snort bath salts you @$$clown! I LOATH the Cowgirls! Put your lower lip over your head, & swallow, you retarded troll! If you don’t like what I post, don’t read it, or respond to it! Get it, dickhead!

            • BTW, if you like what they’ve done thus far, “to improve” this teams last place secondary, you are a Kool-aid drinking, brainless lemming!

  6. Well if we get Sanchez..Foles better not go down.


    I’m just going to pop some popcorn and enjoy this season for the spectacle it seems to be becoming.

  7. Are we all forgetting that he is going to be a BACKUP QB!? Potentially 3rd string?! Ideally Foles won’t get injured throughout the season, but if your team is having to play without its starting QB, chances are you were going to be garbage anyway. Stop sounding like dramatic teenage girls.

  8. mim, I don’t give a f^#@ if he’s going to be the gator-aide boy, I don’t want him on this team! He’s a bust, stiff, useless bum!

  9. Whow. Did someone mention Terell Pryor??????????????

    Jeezus, can you guys put the “Kelly needs a running QB” to bed already!

    Pryor is completely useless. Sanches is only mostly useless. At least he’s played in 6 playoff games (4-2) with 9tds and 3 ints in those games.

    Sanchez, in on a one or 2 year deal for a couple million. to battle for the 2nd or 3rd start…there’s no harm in that. The guy is capable of coming in and handing off and tossing screens to the RBs and going 1-1.

    I don’t really have a problem with the signing. He’s got more wins, yards, tds over his last 4 seasons thatn the guy he’s replacing, so its a bit of an upgrade.

    • vinnie, Jeff Mosher & Bleacher report mentioned a trade for Pryor, not us, & Eagles a possible fit. We’re just conversing the subject. I don’t want him, he blows! He isn’t a NFL QB.

  10. I told you Guys that Coach Kelly had his eyes set on bringing in
    Sanchez, never a doubt in my mind..I think it’s a good pick-up as a cheap alternative Back-Up to Foles who has sone NFL Game Experierence
    If both Barkley & Sanchez show well this Summer
    Then they can Trade 1 of them for a mid/late round
    Pick.. The reality is that Foles is the Starter & Future QB
    If the Eagles, and Barkley is not ready and may never be a Stsrter in the NFL, so why not acquire a Sanchez to learn the system and compete for the back-up tap it with Barkley and see what happens.. He may end up being a real good fit in the Eagles Offense…a Low Risk move for some security, and look around the NFL at back-up QB, whose out there? Jimmy Claussen,
    Brady Quinn,Colt McCoy, Josh Freeman..
    If rather have Sanchez than any of these QB’s..

    • You nailed that one Paul…I didn’t think the Eagles would have any interest in him. It’s just that every time I watched him play he was terrible. God, we’re gonna have a bunch of PAC 12 guys on the roster.

    • LOL because Sanchez sucks, granted the back up QB free agents are free agents for a reason but damn. This off season is worst then last off season.

      • I’d rather have Pryor, If Chip is as good as everyone, including himself thinks he is, there is talent there to be worked with. I don’t believe Pryor has been coached or nurtured to hone in on his passing skills. He didn’t spend enough time at OSU, and then he went to the black hole where careers go for their final resting place. Pryor would also give the Eagles a different skill set at the QB position. I think Pryor is a backup at this point, but could be looked at as a reclamation project.

      • last bad off season they improved from 4-12 to 10-6!!! i hope this bad off season brings about as much improvement!

        • Yep examine that 10-6 record closely and let’s hope everything falls in place exactly like it did last year.

          • its the nfl…its that way with just about every team. 10 wins after a ‘bad’ off season…. interesting, couldn’t have been that bad!

            • So that 10-6 record was the result of all the brilliant moves they made last off season, Casey and those guys really stepped up and put this team on their backs. The only moves that mattered last year was the Coaching staff and some luck with the way the schedule fell. And yes Connor Barwin played well other than that big whoop.

              • Not minimizing the facts that at times the offense was unstoppable.

              • last off season moves have as much to do with the 10-6 record as this off season moves will have with an 8-8 record… it coan’t be one way and not the other.

              • Free agents don’t win you championships Big. Ever notice how the big time franchises like Pittsburgh, New England, Green Bay, etc. are always very quiet in free agency? Yet bottom dwellers like Oakland, Tampa Bay, and Washington always seem to be dishing out the monster contracts to free agents.

                I get that you would have liked to see a Jarius Byrd brought in but signing a veteran QB who has won his fair share of playoff games is nothing to get worked up over. I’d say Sanchez would be considered a top 5 backup. Maybe THE top backup in the league.

  11. I’d take Sanchez over Chase Daniel, Matt Moore, Fitzpatrick, Mallett, Hill, Colt McCoy, Jason Campbbell, Tryon Taylor, Stanton, Quinn, Carr, Davis I, Davis II. Anderson, Whitehurst, McCown and a load of other backup QBs.

    Backup QBs around the league are terrible (for the most part)

    I understand this is more about the pathetic state of the QB situation in the NFL, but like it or not, Sanchez would be a top 10 backup in the league.

    Starter? Never.

    Backup? He’d be one of the better ones in the league.

    • Can’t believe I left you know who off that list!

      • You can leave him off he’ll be the starter in New York so he won’t be a back up.

        • i dont understand big. werent you supporting mikes talents this past year? if you were, examine their careers and you tell me how mike is acceptable to be a starter and sanchez isnt acceptable to be a backup.

          • I don’t have to tell you anything the Jets just showed you. Keep thinking stats are all that matters. Look no further then the DJax situation.

            • the jets showed what? that they would rather have vick at 5 million to compete for a starting job over sanchez at 11.5 million? there is no way they were giving him 11.5 million.

              thats cool i see you are one of those people that just makes retarded posts and when someone asks you to explain your position you dont/cant because there arent facts to support your idiotic opinion

              • Because Vick at 5 million to start is better than that stiff Sanchez any day of the week. It’s a bargain for them.

              • lion come on 11.5 million for a guy that was once your franchise and then you drafted another guy to take over…. no way would anyone do that. cutting sanchez was going to happen whether they got vick or not… i know you are holding out hope that vick somehow becomes a good qb but come on….

              • By the way you should be the last poster on this site calling someone else’s opinion idiotic.

            • Jets? The same team that hired Kotite and then told everyone how stupid Eagle’s fans were for being so tough on him? The same Jet’s right? I wish MV the best, and I think that signing him was a good move for their team, but don’t go overboard with the whole Jet’s just proved bullshit.

              • Greenfan if Sanchez was better guess what? He would still be in NY. What is so difficult to understand about that?

              • there is 0 correlation between sanchez being better than vick and the fact that he is no longer a jet.

                stats are extremely meaningful. i like these numbers:



                this demonstrate sanchez is more clutch with inferior athletes all the while

                sanchez best season in 4 years:
                3474 passing yards, 26tds

                vicks best season in 11 years:
                3308 passing yards, 21 tds

                LMFAO yep mike is totally better

              • Yep henski that’s why Vick will be starting in NY and Sanchez will be fighting it out with his fellow USC stiff to see who’ll be wearing a hat and who’ll be holding the clipboard.

    • I wouldn’t choose Sanchez over Ryan Mallett……That’s just crazy….He’s the heir to Brady – Howie would be nuts to pass him up – But he isn’t available, because he is an actual NFL QB, that should have been drafted by the Eagles a few years ago……as GMCliff suggested that year…

  12. As others have pointed out, I think its funny that the some of the same people who supported Vick would hate this Mark Sanchez move if it eventually happens. How is Vick this good player in their eyes but Sanchez is basically a bum?? LOL either they are stupid hypocrites or there is something else that is bothering them that they don’t want to admit

    Sanchez and Vick both suck. They are not good enough to be a starter on a good team and any team that tries to make them a starter will likely go nowhere that season (unless they have a guy like Foles who comes in and saves the day by playing all time great).

    Jets let Sanchez go because of his ridiculous contract. If Sanchez was on the books for about a million, he would still likely be a Jet unless he voiced his opinion behind the scenes to be released himself. And if the Jets think Vick is good why didn’t they give him only a one year bullshit deal. Are other “good” Qbs at Vicks age getting bullshit contract like that? no..The Jets are a circus…they proved that with Tebow and now Vick is their next circus show. They care more about making news than winning ask any Jets fan out there.

    I could really care less if Sanchez is our backup. All the options out there suck, just like him, so whats the difference.

    • Well said Pheagas well said.

    • Okay so were better with Sanchez, okay hopefully we’ll never ever ever find out.

      • Never said Sanchez was better. If you can actually read/comprehend it says I think they both suck. What I don’t understand is how some can think Vick is good and at the same time think Sanchez is a bum? There must be something else that bothers them or maybe they are just stupid and don’t understand that they are being hypocrites.

        But if you know anything about the NFL, if a starting NFL QB goes down for a team, their season is pretty much done. What happened last year with the Eagles is the exception. Its not common to have a QB do what Foles did last year. So my point is who really cares if Sanchez or Barkley or whoever is backup…noone out there right now is going to come in and win us a superbowl if Foles goes down.

        • The biggest thing is what differentiates them…not the similarities they have, when you look at numbers and turnovers, there are similiarties no doubt…But when you look at the player, skill set, arm strength, quickness, what they can and can not do….I think many know that Vick can do more than Sanchez…That’s as simple as I can make it for you.

          • Yea when I look at the players I see two QBs who suck. Vick can do more on a football field based on what? Seeing him run around fast in a practice when noone is trying to touch him? What has the guy really accomplished with those “skills” that Sanchez hasn’t? give me a break…sure Vick can run faster/throw harder than Sanchez. Sanchez is bigger, has a better track record of being able to finish a season healthy, more playoff experience etc. They both have some things on the other.

            But at the end of they day they both suck. And anyone that thinks one is good while the other is bad is just showing how stupid they are.

            I have nothing else to say about these two bad QBs. Like I said before, it doesn’t matter who the backup is since they all suck, if our starter goes down then the season is pretty much over just like it is for every team in the league.

          • RT, surprisingly I would have to agree with you. I would take Vick over Sanchez, however it was not up to the team. The position that was open on the Eagles is the backup position, while there is a possibility that Vick could win a starting position in NY. It was Vick’s decsion that he wanted to have a chance to be a starter, not the Eagles decsion not to bring him back.

            Sanchez had worn out his welcome in NY. He would never meet the expectations there, and just like in a lot of situations, will need to get a fresh start somewhere else. We are talking about a backup QB position with the Eagles. You cannot just say that it doesn’t matter, because it does. QB’s in the NFL are injured at a high rate, and you need a quality backup to be able to keep the team winning for a few games while the starter heals. Is Sanchez that guy? Who knows, but he is a veteran and if they do decide to go with him, I would believe that Kelly would scheme to use his talents as best he can.

            I would believe that MV7 will do well in NY. He is familiar with MM and he does well whenever he is forced to compete. If he can stay healthy and limit turnovers (where have we heard that before) I would think he would do well. I wish him well, except anytime his games affect the Birds.

        • Like I said hopefully we’ll never ever ever have to find out.

  13. Paulman’s NFL Mock Draft (#1)

    1) Texans – OLB Khalil Mack (Buffalo)
    2) St Louis Rams – OT Jake Matthews (Texas A&M)
    3) Jaguars – DE Jadeveon Clowney (South Carolina)
    4) Cleveland – OLB Anthony Barr (UCLA)
    5) Oakland – WR Sammy Watkins (Clemson)
    6) Atlanta – OT Greg Robinson (Auburn)
    7) Tampa Bay – OT Taylor Lewan (Michigan)
    8) Vikings – QB Blake Bortles ( UCF)
    9) Buffalo – TE Eric Ebron (North Carolina)
    10) Detroit – CB Justin Gilbert (Oklahoma St)
    11) Titans – WR Mike Evans (Texas A&M)
    12) Giants – DT Aaron Donald (Pittsburgh)
    13) Rams – Safety Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix (Alabama)
    14) Bears – DT Tim Jernigan (Florida State)
    15) Steelers – CB Darqueeze Dennard (Mich State)
    16) Cowboys – DE Kony Ealy (Missouri)
    17) Ravens – LB CJ Mosely (Alabama)
    18) Jets – WR Odell Beckham (LSU)
    19) Dolphins – OT Zack Martin (Notre Dame)
    20) Cardinals – QB Teddy Bridgewater (Louisville)
    21) Packers – DT Louis Nix III (Notre Dame)
    22) EAGLES – Trade down to Browns for their #26th & a 5th Rd Pick #132nd ****(Browns select QB Johnny Football Manziel – Texas A&M)
    23) Chiefs – WR Brandin Cooks (Oregon State)
    24) Bengals – CB Kyle Fuller (Va Tech)
    25) Chargers – CB Bradley Roby (Ohio State)
    26) EAGLES – Trade to Indy Colts for their 2nd (#58th) & 4th Rd (#125th) Selections *** (Colts select WR Kelvin Benjamin – Florida State)
    27) Saints – DE Dee Ford (Auburn)
    28) Panthers – OT Cyrus Kouandijo (Alabama)
    29) Patriots – Safety Calvin Pryor (Louisville)
    30) 49ers – OLB Ryan Shazier (Ohio State)
    31) Bronco’s – DT Ra’Sheede Hageman (Minnesota)
    32) Seattle – Guard Xavier Sua’-Filo (UCLA)

    After the 2 Trade Downs

    The Eagles end up with the Following Picks & Selections (Rounds 2 thru 5)

    2nd Round –
    #54 – DE Kareem Martin (UNC 6-6″- 272lbs)
    #58 (Colts) – Safety Jimmie Ward (Northern Illinois – 5-11″-195lbs)
    3rd Round –
    #86th – WR Martavius Bryant (Clemson – 6-4″- 212lbs)
    4th Round –
    #118th – ILB Christian Jones (Fla State – 6-3 – 240lbs)
    #125th (Colts) – CB Phillip Gaines (Rice 6-0 – 195lbs)
    5th Round –
    #132 (Browns) – DT Caraun Reid (Princeton 6-2 – 305lbs)
    #150th – TE Crockett Gilmore (Colo St 6-6- 260lbs)

    • C’mon Paul, there is no way that Bridgewater and Manziel fall out of the top 10. Anthony Barr to Cleveland at #4 is also absurd.

      • oh there is everyway the drop out of the top 10, matter of fact its very likely

      • Best Player on the Board.. Since Browns have 2 First Rounds..
        they will go for a sure thing at a Position Player at #4 and address the QB posistion with thier 2nd Round Pick or maybe in the 2nd Round

        Raiders just acquired Shaucb and his $10 Million Contract, I don’t see them getting a QB from this Draft until later in the Draft if at all..

        Jaguars signed Henne to a 2 Year Deal.. HC Bradley will salivate with
        Clowner on the Board and so on and so on..

        This 2014 QB Class is just not that good and I think Teams have learned not to over-reach for QB’s as has been done in recent Draft’s when having early Picks…
        Grabbing a QB in the 2nd Round and ending up with a Derek Carr, Jimmy Garapoolo, McCammon is probably a smart way to go for these Clubs and not much difference that the Top #3 in my opinon as far as upside…
        There are only a handful of real Playmakers/Day 1 Starters in this Draft and they happen to be Mack, Clowney, Barr, OT Robinson, OT Matthews, WR Watkins and maybe CB Gilbert… and that’s about it ..
        If I am a struggling Team with a Top 5 Pick with a bunch of other pressing needs, then I am Selecting one of these “Difference Makers” before Selecting an average QB who is a 2-3 Year Project with minimal upside to begin with..
        Again, this is my Opinion only after watching these QB’s over the last 3-4 months in the lead-up to the Draft.. They just don’t impress me as a group similar to the 2011 Draft Class which had the Following

        #1 – Cam Newton – Panthers
        #8 – Jake Locker – Titans
        #10 – Blaine Gabbert – Jaguars
        #12 – Christian Ponder – Vikings

        2nd Round
        #35 – Andrew Dalton – Bengals
        #36 – Colin Kapernick – 49ers

        Don’t you believe that Titans,Jaguars and Vikings wished they had a do-over in that Draft… in a Weak Class, You can get a similar talented QB in the 2nd Round then over-reaching in the Top Half of the 1st Round

    • if the Eagles trade down twice, I will go bonkers.
      C’mon Paulman a Princeton player?

      • Chip Kelly loves Smart & Active Football Players..
        This Kid from Princeton (Caruan Ried) would make a very nice 5-Technique DE in their base 3-4 Scheme against the Run and has some quickness and explosion where he can rush the passer from the DT Position…
        Remember the Eagles need a Solid rotational player behind Logan and they love those versatile Players who can play multiple positoins
        My first Selection of Kareem Martin from UNC will be the Pass-Rusher playing DE and standing up as pass-rushing OLB (splitting time with Trent Cole)… Martin is a very athletic, long and lean play and built very similar to a young Julius Peppers and to JPP & Aldon Smith..
        A real find in the 2nd Round and is moving up the Draft Board..

  14. #22 – Stephon Tuitt or Ra’shede Hageman,
    #55 -Jordan Matthews

    • # 22 Calvin Pryor…I’m starting to think he will be there. If not BPA/
      #54 Deone Bucannon…if available (book it)

      • Buchannon has dropped here lately.. He’s down to a 3rd Round Ranking per Top #100 NFL Draft Scouts Lists….He was ranked in the 50’s here a few weeks back, Something going on with him to Drop to mid 80’s where he is now…

  15. Los Angeles Lakers guard Nick Young’s house was burglarized during the Lakers game…let the speculation begin!!!

    • Hey there are actual real bloods and crips out there oh my!! EHL this nonsense is ridiculous.

      • BL821, he’s a rolling 60…after all he was the victim of a crime. Completely ridiculous. I wonder if Laker fans are speculating as to why his house was broken into. I wonder if Nick Young is getting the blame and being accused of insurance fraud by Laker fans. Wow! I will go to their website and check out the reactions…should be interesting.

    • Jeez, you guys are comical.

      The speculation began long ago… Young’s older brother, was shot and killed by a member of the Bloods…. Maybe you missed the Clippers playoff game a couple years back when Young was throwing up crips signs all over the court.

      I think it’s a safe bet that Nick Young has some questionable affiliations. I mean, he goes out of his way to let anyone with eyesight know.

      I don’t know why it bothers you guys that people associate DeSean and Young and others with gangs. Those guy take every opportunity to display their allegiances publicly.

      • Not the point Irish, not the point at all.

        • Well what is the point?

          Are you saying that it’s not common for people who associate with criminals to have their house robbed?

          My house was robbed when I was young and hanging out with some unsavory characters. Guess who robbed me? Some scum-bag that I was hanging out with. It happens all the time…. Of course people are going to think that way.

      • My house was robbed before..and I’ve never hung out with unsavory characters…however, my point is that people automatically assume the worst about people due to prejudice. The police had made it clear that they were sure DJax had no involvement in the burglary of his property. I guess people missed that. However, that news was either ignored or not looked at as credible as people began to blame him for criminal acts.

        • I had no involvement in my house being robbed either…. In the eyes of the law…

          I never hear, or saw anyone accuse Jackson of being directly involved in his house being robbed. What I hear and saw was many people speculating about the unusual items that were taken from his house.

          When you throw-up gang sings on the field and in nearly every picture on you instagram site, and you have guns and large amounts of cash stolen from you house, you can expect people to make assumptions. It has nothing to do with prejudice, it’s common sense.

          People assume exactly what DeSean Jackson wants them to assume when he uses gang signs. Do you think he does that so people think he is a Joe Cocker impersonator?

          Quit acting like he is being discriminated against – he is archiving exactly the effect he’s going for with his gestures….

          • It’s not acting as if he’s being discriminated against. My point is do not judge people based off of speculation or what you think you know when you really don’t. And let’s be real. People were calling him a thug and a criminal. Based off of what criminal record?

          • Why do you think DeSean’s last two photos posted on his instagram site are pictures of him talking with young kids in a school?

            It’s because NOW he wants to project a different image. Obviously he is beginning to understand that the gangster image is not helping his career.

            • And as a man that’s a decision he must make as he is responsible for his path. I do not go to his or any other celebrities instagram or tweeter accounts because I don’t care what they do in their personal life. That’s their business. As I said as a grown man he’s responsible for his actions. Not my job to worry about that. I am a football fan of the Eagles. That’s as far as it goes with the players.

          • ” Do you think he does that so people think he is a Joe Cocker impersonator?”

            That is the best line I’ve read in 3 years here.

            Nice Job Irish. And completely right BTW.

  16. Diamonds on my neck, hangiAnnotateng with my people
    Strictly for the set, this is for them D-boys
    Diamonds on my neck, hanging with my people
    Strictly for the set, this is for them D-boys
    Diamonds on my neck, this is for them D-boys
    Diamonds on my neck, this is for them D-boys
    Diamonds on my neck, this is for them D-boys
    Diamonds on my neck, this is strictly for them D-boys

    [Verse 1: DeSean Jackson]
    I got them diamonds on my neck and it’s straight for my D-boys
    I ride around with that eagle but it’s ten, don’t know fever
    The ice cold receiver got them money banks like I’m freezing
    Them cold nights and them sunny days, that jackpot moment got me buzzing
    Cause I’m paid and my money straight, west coast first but I’ve been ablaze
    Yeah, that young boy on the go, that money stupid, that’s the overflow

  17. This whole persona with Jackson is simply to sell records…it’s like actors take on a persona to get into character to make movies…it’s entertainment. Do people get bent out of shape at Robert Dinero or any other actor for playing a mafia member?….yeah yeah I know the pics n gang signs. Get back to me when he commits a crime. As I said it’s an act for street cred to market his product.

  18. what a crappy move…Sanchez sucks…

  19. Don’t know where the gang affiliation crap came from with Djax. The documentary I saw on ESPN showed a controlling father who was in DJaxs life almost Todd Marenvich style. Hard to believe after all the training Djax did with his father 24/7 he would sneak out at night and be a gang

    • The NFL has a very extensive background checking system and they know who the hell did what in there past. Noway this guymakes it to the NFL without them knowing he is involved with gangs and if so people around the NFL would know. Right now all I hear from every NFL team is what the hell did he do.

  20. Why isn’t anyone talking about the DJax bullying foundation. I seem to remember a week before the SB Djax on “The View” with a inner city youth who was bullied. The youth went into the foundation and is now set to go to college to be a lawyer thanks to Djax and his foundation to stop the bullying. Djax also presented him with 2 SB tickets. WTF charitable contributions to society have you know it alls contributed to in your lives. lmao. Lets talk about that for awhile.

    • Not controversial enough Dag, people can’t put on their holier than thou faces.

      • Exactly…it doesn’t support their thoughts about him nor does it support their argument. People tend to ignore the positive because it makes it more difficult to demonize and vilify. He also takes children of single mother headed households shopping. He literally takes them. How many of the judgemental self righteous on here volunteer their time to help the less fortunate.

    • And a week later he was on the radio calling someone a gay-assed faggot.

      I wonder how many kids are bullied each year because of their sexuality.

      Probably not very many, so it obviously doesn’t matter..

      • I’m not perfect..I’ve used that language in the past too, especially when I was younger and was less tolerant. That’swhy I try not to put my halo on and flaunt my angel wings. I’m no saint as you are…I guess. Vinny, i guess you have never had a derogatory statement enter your mind or come or roll off of your tongue…have you? I do not live in a glass house because I have flaws…when I’m wrong, I’ll accept my responsibility. We all have our good and our bad in our character, some of you on here act as if you are sitting next to Jesus the Christ! Hypocrites!!!

          • I’ve used that language when I was in my early twenties, I actually used it less than a year ago when I was angry about something, however, I was corrected and accepted that correction. Talking like that is part of a subcultural language that people become accustomed too as it becomes a part of their everyday language. As one becomes more mature , educated, and conscious, it should decrease. This is what Riley Cooper experienced.
            Perhaps you were raised in a less tolerant community or household as it relates to using homophobic slurs,not everyone is. I assure you Djax wasn’t, nor was I.

            • Skinny Joey’ Merlino hosted a Thanksgiving party for the homeless every year at Eladio’s Restaurant on Passyunk Avenue. He used to buy Chrismas gifts for his poor neighbors and pay their heating bills.

              It didn’t change the fact that he was a thug.

              Aaron Hernandez made a charitable donation of $50,000 to the Myra Kraft Giving Back Fund shortly before he killed some guy.

              • So let me get this straight your comparing Desean Jackson never ever linked to any criminal activity to 2 scum bag killers, and Irish you don’t know if he was flashing his label sign or a gang sign. The NFL would have fined him large dollars if it was a gang sign.

              • why does joey have to be a scum bag killer? he was never convicted of murder, he was just paying judges to try to charge him with murder to increase his “cred”.

                oh and Hernandez a murderer? states case against him is really weak.


              • There’s no relationship there. Weak argument….try again!

              • I didn’t compare anybody to anybody. I simply made the point that you don’t have to be a good law-biding citizen to be charitable.

                As for the signs DeSean Jackson flashes – everyone who doesn’t live in a hole knows very well that they are crips signs….

  21. Desean has been on his best behavior for a whole month now. That won’t last. He is the gnat that throws the ball at Perry Fewell for 15 yard penalties. He can’t help himself; he is only happy when he is building a strife in his life.

  22. So now I am curious too. Is Mathis a me first guy in your mind Eagles?

    • Bugsy that was for Vinnie, Eagles is waiting for E0S or Vinnie to answer that.

      • I meant EOS in my question. Finding it difficult to be clear on Friday morning.

        • They can all ask for more $$ every single day. DOn’t care.

          All I care about is how they play.

          So, if one day I see Mathis stand there as a defender who just picked up a fumble rins away from him, then I’ll be as grumbly with him as I am with the quitter Jackson who did that very thing because he is a ‘me first’ player (on the field) who was doing his usual pouty ‘woe is me’ routine when things aren’t going his way.

          • You are soooo full of crap, so you’ve watched every single offensive play and your sure Mathis has given 100 percent effort every single time he’s set foot on the field?

        • Bugs, I just added Mathis to the selfish meter. He is currently at position one out of ten on the dial along with Cooper and Cary. Desean is at Spinal Tap 11.

          • The point was to basically take away part of the argument against DeJax. Arguing that you shouldn’t keep a player because they want a new contract will pretty much limit the amount of players that will be available for your squad.

            Next to ask why people keep bringing up the fact that he got robbed as something negative. I don’t think being stupid or making a horrible financial decision should be a point against you, because then you wouldn’t haven many NFL players to choose from. Now the only thing that I can see is if people are trying to say that he was doing something illegal with the money. Is that the case?

    • Mathis has never been shy about looking to maximize his earnings..
      He even stated so when he first signed with the Eagles as a Free-Agent back in 2010 is that he choose the Eagles since they had OL Howard Mudd and wanted to learn as many techniques as possible to improve his game and to raise his level of play so he could earn more $$$$
      I would not say this is strictly selfish, but Mathis has always had an eye of following “opportunity” so it’s not unlike him or his personality to ask for more …

      • So he’s not a selfish me first guy? Let me throw something out that I have before. All these guys are me first guys this all about the team thing is so overrated, how can anyone fault these guys for trying to get every last dollar they can. They give up their bodies for organizations that will not live up to the terms of the contracts they signed them too the minute they deem them too expensive or not fitting the teams plans. And some of us bitch and complain like it’s costing us money. LOL

        • He is like most NFL Players for te reasons you stated.. Short-Careers,Injuries that could be life-long, non-guaranteed Deals, so get it while you can.. It’s the American Way.. I don’t blame any of these guys looking to maximize their earning, though I do believe that Players can go about it in the right, professional manner and keep their finances out of the public and between them, the Team & their Agents but in todays world, things get out in public,media or social media and then things take a life of their on.. and especially for a Player who is highly visible in the media like a D-Jax is as opposed to a interior OL who most outside of Philly never heard of…
          The Message, I believe, that the Eagles are sending to their entire Roster is you are under Contract, and unhappy about it, then we as a Orgainzation will look to Trade you if we cannot work things out.
          Mathis just finished his 2nd Year of a $25 Million Extension he signed in 2012.. which is a pretty good Deal for a Guard in the NFL…If he now wants to up his Deal, then the Eagles will Trade him, unfortunatlely for Mathis, Not many Teams are willing to take on his Current Deal, let alone pay more .. So Mathis has very little leverage here and if he draws a line in the Sand, the Eagles will move forwaed without him for that’s what this Club has always done under Owner Lurie and I don’t expect it to change anytime soon regardless if Chip Kelly is the Coach, they are a Playoff Team or that GM Roseman is the GM..
          There are certain Business & Life Priniciples that Lurie lives by with and Loyalty and Living up to your Word,Duties & Contracts are some of them, and when you break away from this, your Gone…

          • Had there paulman until the end, they don’t live up to contracts because in the NFL they don’t have too, I’m talking about the owners.

            • I got you Biggy
              With the way the system is set up, it actually enourages Players to Speak out or Threaten to Hold Out if they want more $$$..
              The NFL is like, “The Players get their Free-Agency after 4 Years of Service and have their Opportunity for the Big Contract which is Good enough”

          • Yeah well, Avant was due what 4 mil….and he didn’t ask for anything. he got the blade….no loyalty there to the greatest of teammates and locker room guy!

  23. Wow cant believe we didn’t get anything for him. Thats what bothers me the most about this…

    But Djax has no one to blame but himself. Wasting his talent and chance to make a ton of money to hang out with people investigated for gangs who rob and murder people.

    • I wonder if people on here still want to compare Mathis and his long hair to Djax now that more facts are coming out…just shows how stupid people look on here sometimes.

      Until we have evidence that Mathis is friends with people charged with murder, or his name surfaces in recent gang related murders that took place outside property he owns, or he is taking pictures with dudes who are just getting out of jail for allegedly killing another human being, on top of all the gang signs etc…then I think people should stop trying to make a comparison.

      It really is disappointing tho. Djax had the ability to be electric on the field.. He could have gone down as one of the most favorite eagles ever if he just acted like a smart professional. Djax your are an idiot man, just cost yourself some big money too

      • Ill be honest with you pheags I was one of those idiots cuz I really wanted him to be a eagle one more year so that we could see what maclin had but the pressure is on for maclin for real now

        • Zilents, I wanted to see him in this offense too esp when you got Maclin coming back and Sproles coming out of the backfield as a receiver, it could have been crazy. But they will never happen because Djax was stupid. Not just for the team and fans but for himself.

          I wasn’t for getting rid of the guy unless we got something in return, Im all for trading anyone on this team for right price. Didnt think it would be a release but you cant blame them after the Hernandez thing

      • Seriously they released him because he knows guys who killed people at the end of the day guess what he DESEAN JACKSON hasn’t committed a crime. If you read what we talked about with Mathis it was about him asking for more money and being selfish. Keep believing he was released because of who he knew. He was released for one reason, they didn’t want to PAY him.

        • nothing to do with it lion… NOTHING. i said all along there is much more to the robbery than we know….

        • Right – And they cut him on the very day the story broke in the NJ newspapers. With anonymous quotes from inside the organization saying “They didn’t want Jackson around the younger players”.

          Keep telling yourself that Big… Just like the gang signs were for his label… right.

        • Big im usually with ya bro but I was raised in the hood and plz believe desean just didnt know them he was apart of it cuz if you dont do what they do then u aint with them which makes you there enemy oh yea he got dirty

          • A team that is crazy about their cap now has to spend 6million on Djax when he isn’t even here. if it was all about the money they wouldn’t do that. Noway in hell would they do that when they wont even pay a couple million extra for a stud safety who will actually play here. The Eagles just don’t just threw away 6million on their cap for nothing.

            Its clearly about who he affiliates himself with and him being involved in murder investigations, throwing up gang signs for the public to see etc…
            Its called common sense, use it man.

            Zilents is correct. Im pretty sure gangs dont like it when NON-gang members use their signs in front of millions of people. I think if you are using the signs your are on “good terms” with the gangs which means you didn’t exactly get on good terms with them for doing nothing. Maybe he financed something, supposedly a murder took place outside one of the buildings he owns in LA. There is more there than him just “knowing” the guy. As Zilents said, “he got dirty” in some type of ways.

            The EAgles are a billion dollar business. They have all the resources in the world to find out anything they want about anyone. I bet this is not even close to everything they know

        • Released because he had a murderer on his payroll at his record label

          Released because there was a murder at a building he owned and he wouldn’t cooperate with authorities.

          Released because he is friends with and hangs out with criminal gang members

          Released because he didn’t get along with coaches and teammates

          Released because he didn’t show up to meetings

          Released because everyone knows his house being robbed was either staged or committed by friends

          Released for probably 10 other reasons we have yet to ear about.

          • sounds like a quality individual!
            of course those on here that have low expectations of human behavior will say…”they released him because he hangs out with bad guys…..’ truly an oversimplification to justify this total a. hole!

    • This Pheags I agree with. 100 percent.

  24. Wow, Surprise, but not really once taking everything into Consideration
    The Fact that GM Roseman really pushed hard to get Maclin to take accept a Long-Term Deal kind of got me thinking that D-Jax was not in the Future Plans..

    ***One Clear message to Players who want to do their own thing and relocate to their Hometowns for the Off-Season, then don’t play for the Eagles if you are not going to commit full-time or be an active part of the community and workout under “Eagle Eyes” at NovaCare and especially when there is a new Coach in Town, then the Eagles is probably not the Team you want to Draft you or Sign a Free-Agent Deal with…

  25. According to my source john harts source was found drunk under a bridge.

    no surprise that no one gave anything for him… this behavior scares people…

  26. Not to change gears, but as I have stated so far a few times this off-season,
    Does anyone else notice how quiet LeSean McCoy has been all Off-Season,
    not only about nimself, but with the addition of Sproles, the D-Jax Story, etc,etc.. Usually McCoy likes to chime in on anything ..
    I believe McCoy got a good long sit down talking to, by the Coach/Roseman and possibly even Lurie himself about the expectataions moving forward of being an Eagle and what that Uniform means to the Community at Large…
    I believe LeSean McCoy has gotten the message loud and clear..
    Coach AR was such a Players Coach for Year’s that the Attitude and Behavior was a little too lax at NovaCare for Kelly’s liking and a little to “do your own thing” mentality ..
    Now Coach Kelly can’t come in on Year #1 and make a bunch of changes right away or you have no Team to compete with, and I am sure that he gave every player an opportunity to show him that they are 100% Committed, True Eagles, etc,etc but there was very little doubt that Kelly would have to move on from a few of the AR holdovers who were either not 100% fully committed, or just not part of the Future plans would be gone..
    At least this was done here in late March to clean the slate so to speak and before the Full Workouts begin come May post Draft…
    It’s time for the Organization to move on for this D-Jax Story whether it be d Rumor’s, the Truth or somewhere in between would have dominated the news cycles all Summer long and could potenitally split the locker room…

  27. What the hell do I do with my Djax jersey?

  28. If your gonna kill all the Ni##as you get a new contract. If you hang with a bunch of them you get cut.

    • dude come on we were wrong about djax he is a piece of shit and did this to himself dont back him up look im a black dude who was raised in the hood and id rather have cooper saying the n word then desean helpibg out gang members kill people over stupid shit

      • Cooper wouldn’t be getting a new contract if he was involved with murder investigations, hanging out with accused killers the day they get out of jail, or if police were contacting Lurie telling him Cooper is closely related to serious gangs activity, etc…Its actually pretty simple when you think about.

        And when it comes to slurs, the Eagles gave Djax a ton of money after calling people “gay ass faggots” in front of millions of people too.

        This whole thing is just really disappointing. This sucks

      • They are seperate incidents…I don’t think the Eagles were as harsh as they should of been with Cooper IMO…basically sent the man on a 3 week vacation…WTF???
        What I see is the Eagles possibly over reacting to discipline a DJAX…
        and Eagles sweeping shit under the rug, in regards to Cooper…there should of been more of an over reaction in that case too…

        No doubt one is more serious than the other….but at the end of the day, the organization is supposed to have values, integrity….Coopers presence still hurts the organization in that regard to this day…Except of course to those that have turned the blind eye to it and “swept it under the rug” so to speak. Normally when one can related, that is what happened…

        Like the FO, was like “we’ve all said that word before or known racist folks, either family or friends”….they could relate more to Cooper situation, so yea, take a vacation…FO, didn’t grow up with killers, gangs so they can’t relate to DJAX situation…that’s what I see…

        Not taking up for DJAX at all…Just giving my opinion that Cooper should not be an Eagle…shouldn’t of been an Eagle when he was first exposed.

        • There is no real comparion here
          D-Jax has shown a “pattern” of poor decisions and questionable activities while Cooper had an incident of a stupid/poor incident
          Both wrong, and what Cooper did was extremely distrubing, but 1 Foolish action while Drunk (not making excuses) is a hole lot different than a patter of hanging out with questionable poeple up to questionalble activities over a period of time ..
          There is no apples to apples comparison to how D-Jax has acted over most of his adult life and how Cooper acted at a Concert in an inebrieated state
          Now if Cooper steps out of line for anything, then he’s a goner also..

    • dag, grow up, & stop being stupidly ignorant. DJax has nothing to do with Cooper.

  29. Ha, some of you cats are hilarious…holier than thou, cats!
    For anyone saying, you’re guilty by association that is bullshit!
    I have family members, cousins, locked up now for murder..not part of any gang, just dumbasses who never learned from others mistakes and chose a life of crime instead of earning an honest living. Thats like me getting fired from my job because I have dumb ass cousins in prison.

    Also it’s partly about money…If DJAX was guaranteed to make 10….you would see no release…they released him mainly because they could without taking too much of a hit. The Eagles got the better deal of that contract, without a doubt.

    But its stupid to me that players that make millions of dollars put themselves in these type of situations…its asinine! With that said, I’m against the release, but I somewhat understand it. (based on the information on it, that’s out)

    • I would agree with….but this team had Avant and although I didnt like him as player Vick. Real leaders to emulate and learn from….he chose to do his own thing.

      Plus taking pictures with friends etc is one thing…surrounding yourself with clowns is another….surrounding yourself with legitimately bad dudes who trouble only follows them is a whole different thing.

      I don’t blame the Eagles at all in this. It makes sense now if you read Vick’s comment welcoming him….that he should embrace a trade etc because he needed to mature.

      It sucks….the guy is an unbelievable talent…but IMO and probably the Eagles a ticking time bomb.

      • Don’t be surprised once the Draft has come and gone that Jason Avant is offered a 1-2 Year Deal to come back to the Eagels, Of course at a much lower Salary in the $1.25 $1.5 Million Range ..
        As a matter of fact, I expect him to come back once the dust settles

        • paul, if Miami releases Wallace, they could take a flier on him.

          • Absolutely not, he’s more of a selfish prod that D-Jax was

            • paul, come on, give me a trade scenario. Graham, Curry, #22, for Jordan & Wallace, or something like that. BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!

              • DCar,
                I am starting to run out of “Trade Scenarios” with the Eagles dumping their Players like this …

                Here’s one — Eagles Trade WR Aurelious Benn to the Chiefs for
                my main man, WR Mardy Gilyard…. (GMCliff should like this !!)

              • Come on paul, you give me the laughs I need, to break up the constant racism, idiocy, ignorance, lack of knowledge, & trolling, that constantly goes on here! Keep em coming! I get your sarcasm, & buffoonery. XD

    • look real u sound like you know your gang shit but we both know desean got dirty to be apart of this stupid fuckibg cripshit which to me i would fire him and then beat the shit out of him for doing this to us eagles fans

    • Hmm… I don’t know where you work RealTalk, but if a detective working on a homicide investigation contacted my HR Department to let then know that they a would be talking to me because of my close ties to the suspect, I think I would be in a little trouble at work.

      Particularly, after they saw pictures of me flashing gang signs with the murder suspect wearing a prison tee shirt.

      You can’t pick you family, but you can pick you friends…

    • Unreal you have low expectations…you think an organization worth a billion wants a scumbag like this to represent them? Also, Goodall hasn’t been heard from and since Hernandez the league is very jittery about those that “keep it real”

      • @Havenobrain – low expectations, how? firstly if you can read, I said, if from what is being reported, I can understand why the release was made…so again, low expectations, how? …

  30. Desean also is denying being a gang member…which I believe is entirely possible.
    Many are born into a location where a gang exists. You will most likely be associated to that gang or a member of that gang. Other gangs will target you mainly based on the colors you wear and location you live. Throwing a set is not throwing up gang signs. There’s a difference. But this whole thing is just stupid!

    • The robbery in Philly was the straw that broke the camels back…a 100k and some guns….thats not a random robbery. Plus that record label is gonna cause him nothing but problems.

      Why don’t these fools learn. You will be done playing footbally by 35…THATS YOUNG!!!!!! Then you can do whatever you want!!!!


  31. If you know anything about law….DJax is a stones throw away from being part of a “conspiracy” indictment if he keeps it up. All it takes is to give some money to a friend who uses it buy weapons/drugs etc…that dude rolls like a punk…and DJax is up shits creek.

    • honestly, if DJAX had any involvement, that’s where I think it would be…$…

      • Money guys are the first ones to get rolled on.

        • You’re correct about that man. if you are an accomplice to murder you are just as screwed as the person who shot the bullet. Hell paying a few dollars for gas money on car that you know will be used in drive by will cost you as if you are the one with the guns.

          when you are talking about conspiracies, look up Pinkerton liability

          Hopefully Djax’s lawyer has been telling him about these things for his own good

  32. More will come out, & if any of the scumbags, that he associates with, gets in trouble, you can be damned sure, they will roll on him, to cover their own @$$e$. So, he better pray to the All mighty, that he didn’t finance anything shady, or had anything to do with his house robbery, like is being reported. His NFL career could be in jeopardy! Gets more sad, by the hour.

    • Agreed my man. I honestly think hes a good kid who’s just a bit lost. His dad was a major influence on his life and its not a coincidence since he past DJax has been a bit off the path.

      If any of that is true. He needs to bank the 6mil regroup clean house and reinvent himself. One false step and hes done.

      • what you talking about 6 mill. he gets 0 money, just because we have a cap hit doesnt mean he gets paid that money bro

      • I’m your man now, after you trolled on me all week, & falsely accused me of BS? BWAHAHAHA!!!! Classic!

        • If you say something I agree with or is spot on im not going to go opposite to prove a point.

          You know where I stand and I can debate with you any team agree or disagree. What I don’t do is the slurs etc.

          If you didn’t flip flop on Vick than I’m wrong…I admit it. However the other stuff….come on.

          Anyways I can tell you’re a diehard 4 for 4….and no matter what I respect that. And as Eagles fans this sucks Agreed?

          • Thank you for your honesty, & I accept your half hearted apology. I’m also, sorry for my homo slurs, & curses. That’s just my defense mechanism, when I’m falsely accused of things, & trolled on.

  33. Fellas if all this true why are teams crawling over each other trying to call him? This is all DJax’s fault but you know damn well this stuff is being leaked by inside men who kiss the Eagles asses. If 10 percent of this stuff were true I wouldn’t allow him to step one foot onto my property.

    • Gotta disagree. Of course teams will be calling first thing. They are going to try and get him in at the Vet min. However if any of this is true….most will walk away.

      Detective Crossen wasnt an inside man…hes on record saying the Eagles blew him off more then once when he tried to contact him.

      The straw that broke the camels back was the robbery in Philly.

      200k in Cash….a gun…150k in jewels.

      With rumors of false police reports…..

      Thats just TERRIBLE news to be associated with. If he was a stand up guy. You ride it out with him. If hes a habitual pain in the ass. Nope

      Even Maclin distanced himself a bit from him.

      Its just sad all around. as a fan…as a father….this kid…man this sucks

    • agents will say what agents will say. you will see if other teams believe whats coming out by what other teams pay him, how many years and so on.

      keep in mind most of the time ex fbi agents do teams homework on players so his deal (if he gets one) will be very telling

    • Big, nobody is falling all over him. That’s his agent, streaming BS again. I just texted Baldy, & he said the Jets, Raiders, & Jacksonville were initially interested, but now that the story is expanding, they might back off.

  34. 4 Teams will Consider D-Jax on a 1 Year $2.5 Million Deal

    49ers,Seahawks, KC Chiefs nad my sleept Team teh San Diego Chargers
    But no Team is going to jumpr right in before doing their Dud Diligence and thotoughly checking him out which will take a while
    I expect nothing happens with D-Jax until after the Draft and shortly before Camp time around mid-June or so..
    It would behoove D-Jax to get some Help in the meantime and gather his thoughts and actions and where to begin rebuilding his life..
    We all know hhe’s in a financial pickle, but that’s stuff that can wait and be pushed off as long as he doesn’t owe “real gangsters $$$” which he very well may… but bottom line here, D-Jax needs to fix himself before he can really help any Football Team.. .
    In this “Post Aaron Hernandez Paranoid Era” of the NFL, Teams are going to be extremely careful in researching Pplayers who have a checkered past, whether it’s runmor innuendo, the truth or somewhere in between..
    and I am not here to say this is right or wrong or speaking from a Pulpit
    but I am saying this is the way it is in Today’s NFL

  35. desean gotta change his record label name from jaccpot to bancrupt (yes i spelled with a c on purpose…)

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