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DeSean Was Never Going Anywhere

DeSean JacksonDesean Jackson can leave his bags in storage; he is going to be an Eagle in 2014.  He along with Chip Kelly and Howie Roseman are all trained actors headlining the cast of “Days of Our Lives.”

The soap opera has been quite entertaining but tiring none the less.  Led by breaking news updates, Twitter feeds, Instagram uploads and “sources” leaking information, this indirect story has taken over, but yet all are “certain” his time in Philadelphia is over.

Did Chip call or did Desean Jackson call?  Did he leave a voicemail, try texting, skyping, emailing, how about sending him a hand written letter?

From a third round compensation to being released, the teams rumored to be interested and the Jets owner who was vocal with his interest; what will be the outcome of Desean Jackson?

Desean has openly expressed his emotions and feelings; quoted a diseased rap star and shared his personal collection of pictures with athletes from other NFL teams.

And all the while, all that “we know” has not come from the Eagles minus the statement made by Howie Roseman yesterday.

Personally, I have gone through every emotion and thought since all of this started.   I allowed myself to gauge which teams I thought could give us the best return value for his services, but I’m done with that.

I’m now laughing at this situation.  Chip is probably laughing too, while Howie loves to hear the speculation about his poor general manager skills and how he mishandled this entire situation.

I can hear a future interview with Chip, him joking with the media that he is planning to have breakfast, lunch and dinner with Desean to make sure he is happy about being an Eagles during all three meal times.  Chip following that by promising the media he will text Desean before bedtime so that he gets the “proper” amount and quality of sleep that Kelly asks from his players.

Roseman will imply that he has always been open when asked about his plans for the offseason and free agency, and he delivered on that plan.  He will act puzzled to the notion that he would simply release a Pro Bowl player for the sake of “keeping the peace.”

Who, what, where, when, why and how all of this got started will get answered in pieces, but the entire story will never come to the surface.

We will slowly forget it ever took place when Desean makes a big play.  We will question why the Eagles did not move him the first sign of his pouting on the sideline, yelling at a teammate/receiver coach or not giving his all on a play.

This is Desean Jackson, a special player both on and off the field.  Deion Sanders, Randy Moss, Michael Irvin, T.O., all a mixed bag of personalities who had Hall of Fame careers.

You take the good with the bad, and hope the good outweighs and outlasts the bad. on Facebook

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188 Comments for “DeSean Was Never Going Anywhere”

  1. Yeah DJax let’s have another great year. I see 1400 yards and twelve Td’s

  2. like the article. bottom line i think you are saying all parties are/were just trolling us. while funny i just dont think its true.

    i think desean and/or deseans agent was playing a game of chicken with the eagles… then desean got nervous because he hadnt heard from the eagles and he was scared he wasnt gonna get his 10.5… then started popping off, then got some love.

    now he can go into camp and get ready to fucking dominate the NFL and sweep the NFC east in 2014!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. one other comment

    “Deion Sanders, Randy Moss, Michael Irvin, T.O” cmon jeff jaccpot aint in that conversation

    • while I appreciate all that desean does on the football field, opening up the field, using his speed, getting first downs, having terrific hands, etc… I really cant believe Deion, Moss, Irvin and TO were used in an article about Desean Jackson.

      • Through the first 6 years of both T.O and Desean’s career’s-

        T.O- 412 catches- 6,170 yards-14.9 yards a reception- 60 TD’s(with 1RTD)
        DJax-356 catches-6,117 yards-17.2 yards a reception-33 TD’s(with 3RTD)

        while clearly he is no TO in terms of TD’s or power…. he is for sure able to be mentioned with a game changer like T.O.

        • Neither won, nor will win anything. Me first guys never do.

          • Yup. Lime harvin- the most me me me guy of our current age. He will never win a super…. oops.

            Or dieon Sanders…

            Or joe nameth

            Or 1k other players.

            Also.. a running QB will never win one either… right vinnie?

            Also vick will never be on the 2013 Eagles roster… or you’ll leave. Right?

            Always wrong. Always.

          • ha vinnie u little dick bitch

          • MOSS, TO are me guys they both won superbowls MORAN!!!!!!!

            • Neither Moss or TO have rings MORON!!!!!!!!!

              • No…he got me.

                I am the MORAN who somehow missed TO and Moss hoisting the Lombardi. Must have been watching something else those Sundays.

                Silly me.

              • I stand corrected JACKASS’s how ever the point is there are Me guys with superbowls Ricky Waters with S.F. or the biggest ME guy of all times PRIMETIME ( DION SANDERS)HOW MANY RINGS DOES HE HAS

              • you are going way way back to drum up me guys…. league has changed a bit.

              • Copy that skin flute how about SHERMAN FROM SEATTLE IS HE A CURRENT ME GUY!!!!!!!!

              • he is a normal defensive back…try again… we are talking divas– he is no diva


              • say what you will and maybe our signals are crosssed but i think a trash talking cornerback who btw only got in the news for talking in the playoffs… is a fairly normal thing.
                when we talk diva– TO, Moss type stuff we are talking me first- i want 10 catches even if that means losing the game…hold out after signing for big money, whiney, divas… sherman is not that and dion has been retired ten years at least.


    • More the drama of the personality I was talking about, not even in the same category now or never will be. D-Jax is a playmaker who comes with drama, but its manageable drama, not the criminal type. Social media is the little devil on his shoulder that will continue to not help him during his playing career, but hopefully the coaches and players around him will keep it in check.

  4. Bottom line: they didnt get what they were hoping for. They still may.. and if they do… he will be gone. The good news is that they…… as always…. have set a price and will not move off the price. THIS TIME…. it has helped the team.

  5. Good news to hear another big year for desean in 2014. Who do y’all like at pick #22

  6. Lol draft day a trade still may go down

  7. Been tellin fools on here since the shit started… lol the trollman fails to deliver again.. Lmao…GET UR TROLL ON!!!

  8. Chip KELLY was like this stupid ass rumor was drummed up by the media and will die with the media not known a damn thing.. Love it chip! Love my man DJ! Hahaha egg on faces!!!

  9. All this shit comes from Desean’s camp because he knows what is about to happen.

    He sees the Birds adding Maclin and Sproles. He knows Foles’ comfort with Cooper. He knows Ertz is about to double his catches and TDs.

    He knows what is about to happen to his #s as he gets closer to FA.

    Anyone thinks Desean will put up the same stats next year in an offence where’s he’s now the 3rd option (at best) is stupid.

    50 catches 800-900 yrds 4-5 tds.

    Goodbye payday.

    Desean knows this……you should too!

  10. Lurie:
    “Very confident, because it’s a very focused plan,” Lurie said. “It’s a very focused plan based on what the character needs to be, what the performance level needs to be, what the preparation to perform at your maximum level needs to be.”
    “Now we’ve had a whole year to figure out exactly the kinds of players in the draft and what their performance level needs to be, what their strengths and weaknesses can be and their character.”



    I don’t think this is over yet.

    • Jeff Lurie has had a focused plan for over 20 years. 0 SBs. Seems to me he needs to get off that “character” kick. lol. Lets not act like Chip Kelly is a pro at it either. Last I saw was 0 national championships. Maybe they sould try something different.

      • So LeSean and Cooper are “character” players.

        Lurie got a real funny definition of character.

        • tsjohnson as McCoy is kicking people off the bus on the Atlantic City expressway, feuding with his babies momma on twitter and Cooper is killing all the n……..lmao. Character players.

          • that McCoy Twitter battle with the baby momma was the best twitter battle ever.

            baby momma destroyed lesean. told the world he got a tiny dick, then got a dick implant, has herpes, his best friend was fucking his girl and he has to buy his friends

            those two should have their own show. if desean jaccpot Jackson had any clue about the biz he would make this show happen ASAP.

        • Lurie a movie tycoon who wished he was athletically gifted. Out dated haircut who was born into the $$ and now gets to own an NFL team.

      • He wasn’t on the ‘character kick’ before. He signed TO, Vick, Babin, Asom…..he’s filled his team (in the past) with ‘me first’ guys who care more about themselves in the mirror than the team.

        Perhaps now he’s thinking about something different.

    • Yep because we all know that only players with character are allowed to win Super Bowls

  11. Laurie was asked why they didn’t pickup Byrd, he said no one knows him better then Chip, if Chip wanted him we would of got him, that means CHIP didn’t want him, if he didn’t want him after coaching him that speaks volumes! After hearing that I’m now content.

  12. Vinnie- all this dumb rumor shit came from Ruben . Fabricated story by Philly media , becuz ther isn’t shit to talk about in Philly xcept for the flyers. I never thought he was goin anywhere. N he won’t

  13. That’s wishful thinking.

    DeSean was going somewhere and there’s still a chance DeSean is still going somewhere. They lost all leverage in the trade battle – releasing him without getting anything for him was dumb…and they’ve decided to make nice..for now.

    But if anyone thinks all those reports were bogus…well denial is more than just a river in Africa.

  14. GCobb was on DNL tonight and stated Djax is 1st in NFL with tds over 40 yards with 20 since entering the NFL. At 165lbs has missed 12 games in his career which is 6th best since entering the NFL for WRs. Coming off a career year. That anyone that thinks Sproles and his 4 yard out patterns on 3rd down makes up for Djax is foolish. That counting on a injury prone Maclin to all of the sudden become some stud receiver is playing with fire. That whoever was drunk at the NovaCare center and even contemplated getting rid of a 27 year old playmaking probowl receiver finally came out of there drunken state. Finally he said that any of the idiotic fans who seriously believed this offense is better without Djax are just plain stupid. lol. I hear you GCobb.

    • Drunk Mutha Fucka in Noacare is Roseman. I don’t think he likes DeSean – remember there have been DeSean trade rumors for a couple of years now…they just never got this bad before.

      I think he convinced himself (with Kelly’s assurance) they could make it happen without DeSean. The problem was everything snowballed out of control and once folk thought he’d be released they said fuck a trade we’ll just wait for him to hit the open market.

      SO yeah Roseman woke up from his drunken stupor. Realized releasing him for nada was done. And asked Kelly to call and make nice before his big meet with the press tomorrow.

      Whatever. As long as Jax is still on the team I could care less ’bout all the face saving they are trying to do now.

      • they wanted to save that 10million he is owed tsjohnson5! They surely was trying to trade him…but no one wants to pay the 10 million AND give up a draft pick. If the Eagles. I hope they have come to their senses…sobered up from that drunk state and realize that trading or cutting DJax is the worst move they can make…they have to suck it up…pay the money….and avoid undermining their own credibility as a team that is trying to win

      • Because you know Roseman? Stop your nonsense.

      • Dumbest statements ever. Just twisted thinking because in the end nothing happened and those running their mouths look STUPID.

        You would be talking out your ass both ways if Roseman would’ve came out and gave a vote of confidence you would be screaming “smokescreen, lies!!!”

        You’re the same person I saw hyping up Vick and Foles was a poor fit etc…just shut up already.

        • If Roseman had come out and said all is good no one would have had anymore to say. The fact that he didn’t spoke volumes.

          I don’t think DeSean is out of the woods yet. The situation is still fluid, but I think the worst is over…though I’m not gonna like I don’t see them paying him 10 mil next year…and if he restructures I think they will trad him.

          But that’s the conspiracy theorist in me.

          • You’re damned if you damned if you don’t. The hypocrisy I see makes no sense and is laughable. They locked up Jason Peters….something that was the complete opposite with veterans under a previous regime but yeah let’s focus on conspiracy theories and nonsense. No team does everything right and you need a bit of luck regardless on how ell run a franchise is. Seahawks absolutely MISSED the boat with Matt Flynn and Charlie Whitehurst stumbled on a QB and boom look how things fall into place. Roseman is an idiot but the last two drafts have been good to great. Kill them when needed but the other nonsense just makes people look ignorant and stupid.

            No one needs a hug…I can argue my points without having to race bait and use innuendo… Something that’s not common around here.

  15. Vinnie you have such hate for our own players. You need help. If Djax goes I guarantee you McCoy will be your next target.

    • Nope.

      While I do not like what I read/saw about his relationship with the mother of his child – tha’s his personal business that I hope he gets sorted.

      Otherwise, I’ve never seen him dive backwards into the endzone, run away from his teammates pounding his “me me me” chest, never seen him push his coach out of the way to ensure the cameras are on him only, never seen him sulking on the field, quitting on plays or sulking because things are not going “his” way.

      Never seen him think it was fun to give the ball to the other team more than scoring tds.

      Never seen him quit on an entire season because he was upset he wasn’t enough of a millionaire.

      I’ve seen Desean and Vick do all those things.

      I have not seen McCoy do any of those things.

      So keep teying to paint me with your ‘one size fits all” bursh. It isn’t going to work.

      I will never say anything bad about McCoy (well, except I’d like him to dance a bit less and just hit that hole for 3 yards more often) untill he starts doing what those other me first players were doing.

      I do not like Vick. He is an overrated ‘me first’ player.

      I do mot like Jackson. He is an overrated ‘me first’ player.

      I like McCoy. I have McCoy jersey (not that you care).

      End of story.

  16. I called it. YEARS AGO…

    In Philly guys like vinnie will always hate someone. First Mac, Vick second and now Djax.

    Guys… I dont like the me me me stuff either but it has really clouded the judgment of some simpletons. Djax the 3rd option? Really? You clearly dont understand the game of football. Djax and shady are the weapons that keep D coaches up at night. That said… i still think he may get traded.

    • Call it all you want idiot.

      Did I see you at any Syracuse games the year leading up to the draft knowing the Birds were going to take a QB. Nope. But I was there. Big fan.

      You do know his wife is from my hometown don’t you. You might be suprised how close I am to the extended McNabb family.

      So blow your “I know people from their postings on a sports blog” allusions out your ass.

      Desean is a mini-man overrated mini-man dive.
      Vick is an overrated mini-man terrible QB that only the Jets wanted.

      McNabb was a great Eagle QB (though not HOF) who I enjoyed watching very much.
      McCoy is a great RB who clearly has some personal issues that he’s hopefully sorted out.

      Move on dipshit.

      • vinnietheloser! you are pathetic! Desean is a All-Pro wide receiver who is clearly a major reason for the Eagles success last year. Nick Foles- who’s silence on this matter is disturbing for a QB that is supposed to lead the team- should be begging management to keep him…because he knows when he steps back to throw…a safety is going to be deep…in fear of Jackson and Cooper is going to have one on one coverage.
        Trading Jackson for a pick is foolish and cutting him would be the height of stupidity…just like your claims that he is overrated…pure stupidity!

      • Notice when he is completly defeated… all he can do is call names.

        Did sanders win something? How about having? Did a running qb win a superbowl? You are always wrong.

      • Btw- congrats that you didnt hate Mcnabb. Im shocked really.

  17. I think this was a just a power play to let Jackson know that enough is enough. Lets be honest, theres no way you wanna get rid of the guy but if his situation deteriorates even more, it might be necessary.

  18. If offer is right he still goes !Besides they are not staying with a small stick man version of wr on this team while chip is coach remember reid drafted him if chip was here he wouldnt have been on the team in the first place.Only way he stays healthy is if he avoids being hit (dropping to ground , going out of bounds so not to get hit) so what good is that paying dude millions for what hell he never even had his heart in returns so u giving him millions to just stretch a defense! Get the 3rd for him this draft loaded up and down with wr that got size speed and ballsIf you not gonna utilize him right way whats the senseWhen we had TO you saw what a big physical receiver can do the only yr in reids watch we went to sb.

    • Like I said above..I think they will lull him into security and get him to restructure…then he’s gone for sure.

      But I’m with u..I’m still not convinced they are paying him 10 mil this year.

    • You are VERY wrong on DJax’s value.

      Like stretching a defense doesn’t make everyone else better. Though I do beleive Kelly wants a big WR.

  19. Oh and I dont wanna hear the shit hes valuable and should not been returning the rock hell brian westbrook did it and he was invaluable to eagles and he did some damage doing it too remember the giant game he cracked one lmao

  20. DJax made a move, chirped a bit about the contract got a new agent. Front office said ok let’s look at our options…and in the end they all know where they stand and can move on. Media fed the nonsense and idiots ate up.

    Nothing to see here…move along.

  21. Didn’t someone on here say DeSean was going to be traded to the Jets today? 3 hours and 53 minutes left.

  22. vinnietheevictor = a grade a fucken loser get the fuck out of this forum you fucken piece of shit

    • Agreed.. good stuff Mac Dolo

      Vinnie is a prejudice/racist jerk… Not only that, hes a liar too. He wasn’t supposed to post on here ever again and he went back on his word..

      Not a very honorable person.. Cant respect someone like that..

  23. Guess with that screen name u like the moon well guess what asshole u went to venus to be a genius but chose to go to jupiter to be stupider

  24. LMAO yea you fukin landed alright strapper lmao

  25. Vinnie = fairweather fan!!

  26. I can’t wait for all these idiot writers backtracking on everything they wrote because they got played. If DJax pulled a Beast mode and stopped talking to the press these idiots would wonder why. I thought he’d be released by now? Wait the Eagles decided to cut ties with him a month ago? They screwed this up royally and now they look like fools. The writers the team and DJax all of them. The posters on here letting their ignorance show with each post. Ridiculous

  27. “DeSean Was Never Going Anywhere”
    Really??? BS!!!! They butt f^#@ed this for 3 weeks by not saying anything, & allowed DJax agent, & the NY Daily news, to devalue him, to try & get him released, so he can sign a new contract with the JETS! Now that there greedy, cheap @$$e$ know, they can’t get $#!T for him, & would have to eventually release him, they bent over backwards, & kissed his @$$. GTFOH, with these believe it all lemmings, that write articles, & blogs in this city! It’s nauseating!

  28. Although I’m glad to see Desean in Kelly Green. We have to keep him at least one more year. Maclin needs to stay healthy for his prove it year. If not deseans been durable and consistant with productive years. Now just groom one of them talked about WR in this years draft.

    You know the front office kept leaking them trade rumors to try and move up in the draft or add picks. I think we keep Desean another year and groom a cooks or Benjamin. Now that will look like a nice WR core. Shady and sproles in the backfield, two beast at TE. Not to mention a cool in the pocket Nick Foles. O line is Beast!

    We need a Defence! We need to get back to talking Safties in the draft. Still want Pryor!

  29. Desean compared to Dez. Its amazing how Djax is the bad guy lmao.

    ORLANDO, Fla. — Before the start of the 2012 season, Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant agreed to a strict set of conduct rules. They were set up by Bryant and his adviser David Wells in consultation with team officials.

    Two years in, Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones said the rules should remain in place.

    “He doesn’t need to drop his guard,” Jones said Tuesday at the NFL owners meetings. “In some respect, none of us do.”

    Jones’ comments brought about laughter during his chat with beat writers.

    Bryant must adhere the following guidelines: •A midnight curfew. If he’s going to miss curfew, team officials must know in advance.
    •No alcohol.
    •He can’t attend strip clubs and can attend nightclubs only if they are approved by the team and he has a security team with him.
    •He must attend counseling sessions twice a week.
    •A rotating three-man security team will leave one man with Bryant at all times.
    •Members of the security team will drive Bryant to practices, games and team functions.

    If Bryant breaks any of the rules, he must have a legitimate excuse. If so, team officials are in contact with him quickly.

    The rules stem from a difficult 2012 offseason in which Bryant was charged with allegedly assaulting his mother, Angela Bryant. The receiver was charged with a Class A misdemeanor by the DeSoto, Texas, police department.

    The Dallas County district attorney’s office dropped the charges against Bryant and made two stipulations: Bryant must agree to counseling sessions, and he must stay out of trouble for one year. That was accomplished.

    The only controversy Bryant seems to find these days is on the field, but team officials cite his PASSIONATE NATURE. . Bryant got into a nasty spat with tight end Jason Witten during a loss to the Detroit Lions last season and left the field before another loss with the Green Bay Packers was over.

    Bryant said he made mistakes in both instances and apologized to Witten and his teammates.

    “But as far as his ability to help us win as a player, he is an established player,” Jones said.

    LOL its passion for Dez but for DJax its a problem.

  30. Heres a article from Reuben Frank on CSNPhilly. It all makes sense now. This has always been about money owed to Djax. McCoy better have a big year this year to.

    Whether or not DeSean Jackson returns to the Eagles, one thing is certain.

    The Eagles are going to have to make several difficult and most likely unpopular decisions in the next year to get under the 2015 salary cap.

    Forget this year for a minute.

    The Eagles are already in cap trouble next year.

    The good news is that the cap is expected to increase by $7 million to $10 million next year, thanks to revenue from the new TV deal.

    Although the actual figure won’t be announced until next winter, people who track this stuff believe the unadjusted cap will increase from $133 million in 2014 to about $142 million in 2015.

    The Eagles currently have 51 players under contract in 2015, and their combined cap figure is $144,766,514.

    Several members of that 2012 draft class will be eligible for contract extensions after the season, and there is no way the Eagles would risk losing Nick Foles, Brandon Boykin, Mychal Kendricks and Fletcher Cox through free agency after the 2015 season, so re-signing those four after 2014 will be imperative for the Eagles next winter.

    Foles, if he comes anywhere close to his 2013 performance, will demand a massive contract. Boykin, if he repeats his six-interception breakout 2013 season, will also be due a commanding deal. Cox and Kendricks are fundamental building blocks of the Eagles’ young defense, and they will be due sizable, long-term, multi-million dollar deals as well.

    So you see the predicament the Eagles are in. They’re already over the projected cap figure, they still have to re-sign at least four key players, and they’ll certainly need money available to go after some free agents a year from now and sign their 2015 draft picks.

    Something has to give.

    A look at the Eagles’ 2015 contracts shows that 13 players make up nearly half of that $144.77 million figure.

    Those 13 players have a combined 2015 cap hit of $68,025,140, or 47 percent of the Eagles’ current 2015 total cap figure.

    They are:

    • $10.25 million … LeSean McCoy
    • $10.025 million … Trent Cole
    • $10 million … DeSean Jackson
    • $7.55 million … Jason Peters
    • $6.9 million … DeMeco Ryans
    • $6.5 million … Cary Williams
    • $5.5 million … Connor Barwin
    • $4.8 million … Brent Celek
    • $4 million … James Casey
    • $4 million … Riley Cooper
    • $4 million … Todd Herremans
    • $4 million … Malcolm Jenkins

    Safe to say that anybody on that list, other than McCoy and Peters, could become a cap casualty after this upcoming season.

    The Eagles still have plenty of room under the 2014 cap, and they’ll probably carry over $10 million to $12 million in unused cap space to 2015, which would increase their adjusted cap figure to somewhere in the $155 million range.

    But they’ll still have some decisions to make about the veterans listed above to get under the cap.

    No team in the NFL currently has the 2015 salary cap commitments the Eagles do. In fact, no team is within $10 million of the Eagles.

    Here are the top five current 2015 cap responsibilities in the NFL:

    • $144,766,514 … Eagles
    • $131,941,818 … Cardinals
    • $129,786,728 … Dolphins
    • $125,454,961 … Chiefs
    • $123,585,579 … Saints

    Any player the Eagles release or trade after the 2014 season would give the Eagles dead money in the cap if he got a signing bonus that is still being pro-rated. To determine the amount of dead money, you simply add the remaining pro-rated amounts. The longer the player is still under contract and the larger his initial signing bonus, the higher that number will be.

    How much dead money would the Eagles incur releasing some of their higher-priced veterans after the upcoming season? Remember, the cap savings is a player’s projected cap number minus dead money:

    • $4 million … DeSean Jackson
    • $3.2 million … Riley Cooper
    • $2.6125 million … DeMeco Ryans
    • $2 million … Evan Mathis
    • $1.8 million … Connor Barwin
    • $1.7075 million … Brandon Graham
    • $1.666668 million … Cary Williams
    • $1.6 million … Trent Cole
    • $2.4 million … Todd Herremans
    • $0 … Brent Celek
    • $0 … James Casey

    So you see whose jobs are in jeopardy. But it’s always risky unloading a player with a high cap figure because now you have to replace him.

    If the Eagles cut ties with, say, Trent Cole, DeMeco Ryans, Cary Williams, Brent Celek, Todd Herremans and James Casey in January, they would have a net gain of $37,970,832 in cap space, which is a lot.

    But that raises a whole new set of challenges.

    Casey didn’t contribute last year, but Cole has been the Eagles’ best pass rusher for the past decade, Ryans was the Eagles’ defensive MVP a year ago, Williams is one of the team’s emotional leaders and a physical corner, Celek has been one of the NFC’s most consistent receiving tight ends since 2007, and Herremans has been a steady starter since late in 2005.

    Which leads us to why it’s so critical that the Eagles put together a third consecutive outstanding draft.

    It’s easy to get rid of expensive players. It’s a lot harder to replace them with younger, cheaper versions who are just as talented

    • Dag, you beat me to it! Damn iphone ap! LOL!

      • Dag, some of his numbers are wrong. Some of those numbers are for the season after 2015. I can guarantee, that Casey, Celek, Cole, Graham, Ryans, Herremans, Fletcher, & DJax are on their final year. Graham, Curry, & Brown will be traded at, or just before draft time, so to make a long story short we will have plenty of $$$ after this next season, & by then, will have 2 drafts in fold. So we will have plenty of lettuce to re-up Foles, Kendricks, Cox, Thornton, if they are warranted. And will have plenty of $$$ to replace the cuts. The 2015 Salary cap will be $140M+

  31. Below is the dead $$$…. Cap $$$ after 2014 season.

    DeSean Jackson- $4M… $10 million

    DeMeco Ryans- $0… $6.9M.
    Evan Mathis- $2M… $6.5M.
    Connor Barwin- $1.8M… $5.5M.
    Brandon Graham- $1.7075M… $3,207,5M.
    Cary Williams- $1.666668M… $6.5M.
    Trent Cole- $3.2M… $11,625M.
    Todd Herremans- $2.4M …$4M.
    Brent Celek- $0 … $4.8M.
    James Casey- $0 … $4M.
    Bradley Fletcher is off the books, after 2015.
    So this BS fallacy story, that after the 2014 season, the Birds will be strapped for $$$ is both BS generated by the front office, & is sopped up by the retarded media. So, other than Barwin, & Mathis, none of those contracts are considered irreplaceable. All can be released after the year, & we will have ZERO problem having $$$$ Don’t be misled by the BS media mouth pieces, crying for the front office! Do some research on your own, & be enlightened. Even Ruben the boob Frank wrote a story on it. He got some numbers wrong, but wrote it nonetheless.

    • *DJAX- $4M… $12M* My bad.

    • Yeah Rueben Frank is making stuff up but an idiot in a forum who wont post his name and isn’t tied into the financials of the NFL is.


      • Where did I say Reuben is making things up, you stupid f^#@?!? I said he got some of his #’s wrong! Learn how to read, & comprehend! Get hooked on Phonics you dumb, stupid, f^#@ing troll @$$Clown!

        • He got his numbers wrong? You really want to stick with that or look even dumber when his actually numbers were same numbers used on several different interviews on NFL Network this morning.

          You should email them your numbers….

          LMAO MORON

          • He has DJax making $10M in 2015, when he’s making $12M. He has Cole making $10.25M, in 2015, when he’s making over $11M in 2015, & a few other discrepancies! Got do some research you stupid f^#@, instead of believing everything you read! Go school yourself you stupid F^#@! Go to Spotrac, which is a salary cap site, for every sport, every team, every player. It is accurate to the cent! Who’s the moron, you f^#@ing jackass! Go troll on another site, you dick sucking lemming!!

    • Don’t be misled by the mouthpieces but you were the first assclown posting DJAX was good as gone and they blew it. Now its the Eagles blew thier opportunity so they HAVE to get him.

      Pick a side stick with it clown.

      You’re an idiot…..

      • When the f^#@ did I say he was gone as gone you retarded f^#@?!? I’ve been ripping them for contemplating moving him, & if they did, they better get good compensation! What are you reading, you stupid bastard?!?

        • if/when they sign sanchez… i’m a good reader and you did mention you were out! kind of like saying paplebon was a good signing and then not…. just sayin

          • He’s the epitome of “throw a bunch of shit on a wall then see what sticks”…then will run around saying…I TOLD YOU SO!!!!!…..

            • You are the epitome of a troll retard, that makes shit up, & doesn’t know how to read, or comprehend! Choke on a dick, you faggot!

          • I say things out of disgust & frustration, you know I’m never rooting for another team. I’m 4 for 4. Shut up, & go put your tongue back in Ruin 2morrows ass!!

            • oh say things without thinking? go negative until something good happens… call him weasleman and say chip is a gimmick till they take a bunch of bad draft picks and signings to the playoffs and then cheer… you call it 4 for 4… others might refer to it as bandwagon jumping…

              • As much as he championed Vick he should be a Jets fan now…




              • No if you were smart enough, you’d know that a bandwagon fan is-
                Bandwagon Fan
                Anyone who claims they are a “fan” of a particular sports team, even though they had no prior support for/interest in the team until that team started winning. These types of fans only show playoff interest, have probably never watched a regular season game, don’t own any type of team merchandise, nor would they buy any.
                That ain’t me, my man! I don’t jump on any winning team. I root for all 4 of my teams. If I want to criticize them, I’m going to criticize them. Doesn’t make me less of a fan, doesn’t make you more of a fan. Again, for years, you are shown to be clueless lemming, that has blinders, & can’t see all sides of things!!!!

              • you have been shown to be clueless, start negative and if it goes well jump on board, name calling, homophobe 7th grader.

              • Whatever you say lemming, retired Teacher/ Coach, know-it-all, with the pristine, perfect family, that can’t look at all side of things! Whatever you say. You win, I’m not worthy, to be a fan in your world….

            • Run along little man and go back to playing Madden.

              • IJ while DCAR is a front runner and bandwagon jumper i don’t think he was on the vick wagon…ever to my knowledge.

              • You run along faggot! I NEVER championed Vick, nor am I a bandwagon jumping fan! Izzell retard, I don’t know WTF I’m talking about Jenkins, you beat it, you POS!!!! You got me mixed up with someone else, rocks for brains! Go troll elsewhere lemming!

              • you actually are the definition… by urban dictionary a bandwagon fan is ‘a person who previously did not support a team and then when it did well starting cheering for it’

  32. This was all about serving DeSean some humble pie so he wouldn’t be a distraction with his contract requests. Now he’ll be quite and just be happy to be an Eagle. Management just giving DeSean a different perspective.

    • What he is 2 years old? Happy to just be a Eagle? Oh my god its such a honor! Djax is getting paid regardless and is a multi millionare. He makes more money than chip and howie combined. Release him and let him go to NE,SF or SF and ask him how much he misses them 0 SB birds.

  33. BGN has a story out that Evan Mathis is on the trading block…he wants a new deal! All about $.

    • Saw it.

      This sounds more like the old Banner days….not good.

      We get good press and high marks for signing our own players longterm….then the player does well and expects to have a new contract. I can see how Howie may be frustrated, but you cannot have a knee-jerk reaction to trade a player everytime they express a desire for a new contract.

      Mathis was a journeyman and finnally found success in Philly. We locked him up to a 5 year contract in 2011 ($25million I think), but now he has improved to be an All-Pro, but yet is not being paid within the top 10 players at his position. I can see his point, but I am sure that when he signed the deal in 2011 he was looking for security and pretty happy with the deal. The fact that the contracts are not guaranteed is where everything differs with other sports.

      While I can see a frustration on the part of the team, you cannot keep putting players on the trading block because of contractual differences. This stinks.

      • greenfan,yes, it does sound like the days of Joey “Nichols Banner! Scary times!!!

      • Not even close to the Banner days…if that was the case Peters never gets resigned….if that was case DJax doesnt get a new contract because Banner WAS ON RECORD that he wouldn’t have given him that deal.

        But again lets just make stuff up.

  34. Watching Chip Kellys press conference.I dont know what to think. Kelly was hard to read. He complimented him, but after ever answer he was bombarded with he made you think he was gone. His answers left you with same damn questions.

    • Being vague and elusive? I wish I could see it. I think they are keeping the door open to a reasonable to good trade offer. If they can’t get it, he stays.

  35. Wow I knew desean was gonna be traded but I never seen this Mathis thing coming wow I’m stuck on what they should do with him I think he gonna be 33 this year but he hadn’t played a lot but might be the best guard in football do you pay him or trade him.

  36. Hey Vinnie does that mean Mathis a me first non team guy? What gang is he affiliated with? Who is he taking pictures with on Instagram? Anybody anybody?

    • BL..good question. Mathis just signed a new deal two years ago and believes he outperformed his contract. He now believes he deserves a new one. Is he a team guy Vinnie?
      This is all about $ with him and Djax or Maybe Mathis is bangin on wax.

  37. So I guess Mathis must be a ‘locker room problem’ too huh? What did he do?? All this shows is that the Desean fiasco and endless speculation about him done by Jakdog and others on this forum-pure crap! When you want some more money from the Eagles…you automatically go on the trade block? This policy obviously comes straight from the top….Jeff Lurie!

    • Nah Koolbreeze it was picture he posted of himself pissing on the IRS sign that kind of stuff cannot be tolerated. LOL

    • I heard Evan Mathis plays in a “Heavy Meta” Band and is trying to get a Record Deal., my source tells me that he plays a mean Bass..
      With the Leather,Tattoo & Boots look..
      He’s a goner…

  38. One thing is certain. If you are a all pro (Mathis) or pro bowl player (Djax) for the Philadelphia Eagles your ass will be on the trade block the following year. The eagles are starting to look really cheap. Lets trade the best guard in the

    • Howie and Chip will eventually butt heads over all this and like I said before the locker room will notice this kind of behavior from the front office.

  39. Dag and Dcar are now understanding how the Eagles draft will look.
    They are not drafting safeties?
    The trouble spots are clear going forward 2015 and beyond –
    DE – Cox, Thornton ( FA will steal one of these from Birds)
    WR – DJax, Maclin, Cooper ( everyone sees the neon sign who won’t be here)
    MLB – only one will get the money ( my guess is Kendricks not Ryans)
    CB – corners are always needed every draft
    OL – age

  40. So everybody that wants a raise should get just cause they made the pro bowl Mathis is 33 which means his football maybe has 3years left in the game and if they can get younger there then it might be for the better. Plus Todd Herreamans is better on the left side than he is on the right anyway.

    • Gloomy nobody said give him more money but I dont need to see every Eagles players name who asked for more money flash across the bottom of my TV. WTF the Eagles didnt event football, im sure there are plenty of other NFL players asking for raises and I dont see there damn names flashing across my tv.

  41. Evan Mathis is a 33 year old guard that fits a system perfectly. Should his contract be addressed. Put together another year at his level and yes, next year will be a big year to address building blocks moving foward. Is locking up a 33 y.o guard a priority over possibly locking up some of the young talent on this team….NO. They took care of Kelce Peters and drafted OT no.1 last year. If he wants to make more money than I have no problem if he is a casualty to get better somewhere else next year.
    No different then DJAX. Great talent…playmaker….but at 10 million and fresh off a 2 year contract short term may hurt but long term may improve.

    The morons on this site think every team in the league redo contracts and dont try and move players.

    Darrelle Revis has played for 3 teams in 3 years…..1st or 2nd CB in the game.

    Larry Fitzgerald has been on terrible teams and quietly redone his contract twice.

    But yeah…Rosemans an idiot…the Eagles are cheap….blah blah blah blah blah….

    Stop being clueless morons…

    • Did you just use Revis as an example?

      Dude is a Corner making QB money. COMPELTELY diff scenario.

      • Completely didn’t scenario? Why because you said so?
        Its the perfect example in that teams don’t pay big money multiple year deals then rip it up every year. He is effectively on another 1 year deal with the Patriots. If Desean wants to go year to year deals then go ahead. He gets more respect and would actually deserve that money if hes earned it.

  42. Now Evan Mathis is on the trade block?


    Roseman has turned into Carolina’s Gettleman. Sure you helped us win the division and get to the playoffs – but I’m a miserly sonfofabitch so your ass GOT TO GO!!!!

    We’re now going to dumpster dive for talent. LOL.

  43. “Kelly admitted he has “no issue” with Jackson and that he got along with the Eagles’ top wide receiver last season, but would not commit to DJax being on Philadelphia’s roster by the start of organized team activities on April 21.”


    If anyone is still in doubt – if the numbers are right…DJax ass is GONE. Hell if the numbers aren’t right…they ain’t paying him 10 mil. They trying to lull his ass into a restructure so his trade value will go up.

    If I were him I’d force them to release me.

  44. I hate to say this, but we have seen this all before.

    When a coach and front office believe that it is their “system” that is at the root of all of the teams success, players become like pieces on a chess board. Reid had operated the same way, which is why for years we had shitty players at the WR and LB positions.

    When you believe that it is your system that matters, you will trade All-Pro and Pro-Bowl players instead of negotiate…or worse cut them….because it is not the player that matters but rather YOUR SYSTEM. Remember, Reid was able to win with AJ Feely and Dytmer… was the system and all players are expendable. No one is special.

    I hope that I am wrong, but there is no question that Kelly has an ego regarding his way of running a team and an offense. Roseman love the statagey because he can never lose a negotiation if he is willing to walk away from ANYONE.

    I really hope that I am wrong.

    • I know Jimmy johnson…3 time super bowl winning head coach believed in talent and that not all players are to be treated equal. The superior talent is treated differently than the good and average players. It’s about talent. Not the system. That’s why JJ got those rings!

      • Belechek is probably the only other successful example of this stragedy of running a team…but he has rings to back it up (and a HOF QB). From my point of view you need to have a very good system and an equally good distribution of talented players. Like it or not, some players are that “special” that they deserve some special pay or treatment. I am not a fan of constantly renegotating contracts, but I am also not with the managment style that cuts or trades every player that asks about a raise.

      • You can win in the regular season, in a weak division with that attitude. It starts to fall apart in the playoffs though.

        And if our division mates start racking up the talent…well…

        • Agreed. This slop in the NFC East has us believing that we are better than we actually are…and then we hit the playoffs and are exposed.

          I really hope that we are wrong and that Kelly is different. Maybe he will have this team so high powered that we will blow the doors off of the rest of the NFC, but thinking that you can just trade away your best players and it not adversely effect your performance is pretty crazy.

          The bottom line is that they…and really any team…will spin every move made as a positive development for the team, but the real truth will not be seen until they are underfire in the regular season.

          • Again with the hypocrisy. Not one fan can honestly say they saw a division title with Foles as QB as even a remote option before the season. Same fools on here were yelling….his offense doesn’t translate it wont work blah blah blah. Not its a million different excuses. Pick a side and stick with it. You dont like Kelly don’t think he will work fine. Don’t flip flop.

            • Those homer goggles must be nice.

              • Homer goggles. Why because you will stay negative until your point makes sense. Like how Alex Smith was better then Nick Foles and a better fit and Mike Vick etc etc.
                So you can eventually have the tide turn your way and say “I told you so”

                FLIP FLOP. The shoe definitely fits with you.

              • “So you can eventually have the tide turn your way and say “I told you so””

                that part never happened izzel

            • First day with the new computer?

              What hypocrisy? It is called an opinion, and it can be adjusted based on circumstance, results and review. I am basing my comments on how I see this off-season progressing and review of last seasons results.

              • izzell youre talking to the person who said mccoy would suck with foles

              • correction she said mccoy would suck without vick. lmfao

              • You’re entitled to your opinion and vice versa. However when you so easily brush off an entire season with basically being “the best by default” it is hypocritical. Did you see Chip Kelly being successful his first year? Probably not. Did you see Nic Foles as a viable option at QB? Probably not? Did you see Division winner? Probably not….the way I am reading your point was that they lucked into a few wins. If I am wrong set me straight.

                The sentiment that I do agree with and outside of one or two other people have not seen is that EVERY team SPINS what they can to their advantage. The Pats spun getting rid of Welker. Jets/Bucs Revis…49ers Goldson/Whitner etc etc.

              • Homerism is a disease…

                You cant’ cure it. The Gm could piss on them and tell them it’s raining and when you point out it’s piss they will say “No it’s not you’re just being hypocritical and a flip flopper”


    • You’re not.

      That’s EXACTLY what is going on. He basically said as much:

      “I don’t think our offense is predicated on one player”

      They beleive they can plug and play. We will see.

  45. Chip Kelly coaches and makes suggestions –
    Howie Roseman controls the roster and the salary cap –
    Jeff Lurie has final say

  46. 2 days ago Jon Hart stated that Mark Sanchez was an eagle pending a physical according to his “source”. Well Jon did he pass the physical? fail it? did he take it yet? if not when is it scheduled? or did you just copy and post the story from the internet and call it your source?

  47. Roseman is a miser and Gettleman and this and that…..a journeyman lineman fall into a perfect place was given a 25mil contract 2 years later its the GM fault now.

    Seriously moronic statements over and over again. Get a clue.

  48. According to my source, Evan Mathis is on trade block and the eagles are seeking a 3rd or 4th rounder.. this all stems from Mathis wanting a new deal. I was told this: “you can’t keep everybody”


    Seems to me that Chip would wanna keep Mathis more so than keeping Desean. It would require more time and effort to replace that guard position over the WR spot though both position are critical to the success of this team..

  49. We actually have 2 backups in Tobin and Barbe who could step in and take over that guard spot. I disagree with Chip. I think it will take more to replace deseans speed and productivity..

  50. Bitches keep putin the hand out gotta draw line somewhere really aint enough money in world for some guys hes gettin 5mil aint he?

  51. ****New Eagles News****
    Eagles Long-Snapprer Jon Donebros wants a new Deal, and says his Magician/Clown Side Business for Kids has never really taken off like he planned and now he needs the $$$ to help pay some the Expenses in his failed ventures…
    When Asked about it… GM Roseman states ‘ Jon is one of the Best LS in the game, he loves Football, but we think he loves being a Magician/Clown more so we are putting him on the Trading Block and looking for a 6th Rounder in Return
    When HC Kelly was asked about Donebros, Kelly Replied.. “We hired Jon at one of my Niece’s Birthday Parties and he did a great job..As far as his Future with the Eagles, We will do what’s right for the Team”…

    Paulman is quitting his High-Salary Job and leaving his Familiy behind to go up to Philly and investigate the entire Roster and find out what the hell is happening and will report to the GCobb Crowd to discuss

  52. People are floating out the idea of a DJak to Miami for Mike Wallace straight up, saying both could use a change of scenery, I would definitely take him over a draft pick, he’s taller and just as fast.

    • No-Way do I do that Deal.. Mike Wallace is as much of a Diva/Questionalbe Teammate than D-Jax is and though he’s a bit bigger, he’s still a 1-Trick Pony
      Keep D-Jax for 2014 and then see what happens would be my plan..
      If Maclin turns out to be productive in Kelly’s Offense, which he should be and remains healthy, then Eagles will likely extend his Deal by Novemeber meaning that D-jax is a goner next Off-Season and allows their whoever they Draft at WR this Draft to get a year or so under their belt as a Pro and in Eagles System..

      • thats all I wanred paulman one more year with djack so maclin wont have to press to take deseans place and the rookie we draft to have a yr of learning

    • too much money and not worth it

  53. I think andrew p is going to pay Wallace salary.

  54. More Paulman Investigations ..

    I researched and found out alot about Nick Foles “fiancee’s” life and it appears that she has upset Owner Lurie very much about being very active in in the “7th-Day Adventist Church” and has had some disparaging remarks about Israel and the Jewish faith..
    My Sources has GM Roseman putting Foles out there on the Trading blocks and stated they will take a 2nd Round Draft pick for Foles Services..
    It appears that Mark Sanchez will be the Opening Day Starter..

    I am working on the Complete Roster from the Top, Down and will report what Lurie’s Private Investigators are finding out about his Roster as they move forward..

    • Last straw for Foles that my investigation found was that he skipped some Classes during his Senior Year at Arizona to attend a “Bruce Hornsby Concert” up in Phoeniz and ended up with a “C” in his Spanish Class..
      Owner Lurie said that getting a “C” in College SPanish was a poor example of leadership and committment and that he no longer wants Foles as the Face of the Franchise
      Meanwhile, HC Chip Kelly is updating his Resume and now knows what Coach AR meant when he told Kelly “Be ready for the ride of your life, working for these guys..” (meaning Lurie & Roseman)
      I am founding out there is so much material, drama,and just plain funny stuff about this Eagles Organization that I am going to write a Journal, Start my Own Blog Page, maybe write some Scripts for a TV Series or Movie… Just bizarre stories with this group that even I could make up…
      Stay Tuned

  55. the Brown, Graham, Curry trades scenarios to get extra picks by the GM Gcobb repliers may have turned into Djax and Mathis trades to get extra picks —
    Big difference between fantasy and reality —

    • I understand why Mathis wants a new deal…he’s probably paying Howard Mudd 25% of his contract for saving his career. When they brought him he was a fodder/journeyman player. If he thinks he is owed more seek it elsewhere. If you get it lets work out a deal. If not cash your check and play.

      Its that damn simple.

      I will drive Graham to the station…Curry I am afraid hes the next Chris Clemons.

  56. PFT is reporting Eagles gave Mathis the option to look for a trade weeks ago or return at his salary.

    Thats how you do business. If you don’t understand that you’re clueless. If you think you’re worth more…prove it. Its that simple. Ask Revis and Ware…..they manned up wouldn’t take a cut and still got paid.

    • That’s absolutely right. It’s not football it’s PROFESSIONAL football which means it’s a Business 1st and always. You have a salary cap and must pay attention to it. Thus you sign Malcom Jenkins to fill a need so you can keep a Shady on the team.

  57. Consider Chips words today…

    We expect to see a-lot of man to man press coverage this year….

    Talk about it!

  58. McCoy is on a short leash as well. How long do you think the Eagles will keep paying a RB 10 million a year? I would think in a year or 2 you can find a back for this offense that will give you 1200 yards rushing for around 2 million a year. A savings of 8 million. Who in todays NFL pays a RB 10 million a year besides maybe AP.

    • Shady is just as good as AP. And the Eagles will pay Shady that money so long as he still plays like Shady and stays out of trouble.

      I think the issue here is more about Chip/Eagles FO not having any plans for Djax to be in the Eagles future plans, not necessarily the money.

      Restructuring Djaxs deal would probably benefit the Eagles just like it could Djax. If they offered him more guaranteed over a couple of years he would likely take less overall for the security (the dude doesn’t exactly know how to handle lots of money, wasn’t he borrowing from Rosenhaus and others…) They could probably do this and lower his cap hit (like Bears just did with Cutler). Djax like any other player know inflated numbers mean nothing unless it is guaranteed.

      Thing is teams only restructure guys they want around for the future. They just paid Cooper. Maclin said they offered him a 5 year deal. And Howie just said the Wr position is the best in the entire draft. You are not doing all of that if you think Djax is your main guy for the next couple of years. To me its about them not wanting anything to do with Djax in the future.

  59. Paulmans investigation.. Lmao funniest shit today I needed that…yet u name no sources, bla bla. This shit is what u make up on fantasy island u troll.. Shut up and quit trolling.

  60. No more Desean please! can we turn our attention to the draft and getting this defense fixed? It is crazy how people cried about Byrd called the Eagles cheap and accusing of still leaving a hole in the roster, but was ok wit moving Desean citing his $10 mill that’s owed and already accounted for and cool with creating a hole on the roster. lol can we get a OLB and a DT? I think with two solid players there we can make a run if Cox, Kendricks cont. to improve.

  61. Well I guess he really WAS going somewhere.

  62. Boy were you wrong.
    Told ya so long ago he’d be gone.

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