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Chip Kelly Does Not Provide The Answers We Hopes For

ChipKelly8We knew Chip Kelly was going to bring nuances to our offense when hiring him last season to be our head football coach.   Questions about whether he could make his “system” work in the NFL was speculated and he proved to all that he could find success with his “system.”

What should have been the first sign of things to come was the word “system.”  Many thought this referenced the read option to which Kelly agreed was a big part of what he wanted to do.  Even when Foles began taking snaps under center, he attempted the read option; it looked odd, worked sparingly and soon became a less utilized play call.  When questioned about changing his “system” to a more typical pocket passer with Foles, Chip informed all that it was the media and experts who defined his system as a read option, and that he has “systems” for every type of system.

With Chip comes a brash way to deliver answers.  It’s funny when things are going well but borderline annoying when important questions need answers.

Kelly wanted to come to the professional level to win football games and hold up the Lombardi trophy.  He was aware that talking with the media was also part of the gig, and he was going to play that part, but give as little information to the media as possible.

He wants to keep as much in house as possible and have the focus be on winning football games.  He recognizes and has stated that no matter his answers, the media is going to spin it to the direction they want the story to read as.  Chip also recognizes that social media is a “big part” of how players voice their concerns, but that is not something he pays attention to.   He is a 1:1 kind of a guy and is not going to change that just because he is at the professional level.

Chip may certainly be the coach who helps bring us our first Super Bowl title, but he will not be glorified for his relationship with the media.  We as fans are going to resort to social media and find a mixed bag of answers for the future of our franchise.

Is this the cost for winning that we are going to accept?  We really have no choice in the matter.  Is this way of communicating Andy Reid 2.0 in some regards minus the clearing of the throat?

Chip is confident and Chip wants to win football games.  He has made that clear; this is where his energy and time is devoted.  He does not get into the other stuff that some coaches get into.  He will report final answers; not speculation non-relevant to his team.

He will give us answers that leave us doubting even more then when the question was asked of him.

We witnessed success in 2013, and our team “as it stands” is better for the 2014 season.  Chip is not going to change and I don’t expect us to change with how we feel with his “answers.”

If it’s all about winning, at the end of the day, we are going to have to believe he is doing what is best for the team and not what is best for what we feel is best. on Facebook

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375 Comments for “Chip Kelly Does Not Provide The Answers We Hopes For”

  1. Good coaches never say anything.

    The ones that speak their minds get bounced John Tortorella style.

  2. Word is about Chip Kelly is that he’s padding his Resume to Return back to the College Ranks …and that he really does not enjoy the NFL Game and Professional Athletes,Media, Agents, etc,etc …
    Looking at Next Off-Season, I expect the Cowboys to finally Fire jason Garrett and Jerry Jones Hire Notre Dame HC Brian Kelly which opens up the Notre Dame Job for Chip Kelly …
    You heard it here first…
    Just think next January/Febuary when the 3 Amigo’s (Lurie,Roseman & Don Smolenski) begin their Private Jet Tour of around the Country to hire their next Head Coach …
    Early Candidates are
    Jim Mora Jr from UCLA
    Mark Richt from University of Georgia
    Greg Roman from 49ers
    and the usual old news & recycled names of Bill Cowher, Jon Gruden, etc,etc

    Fun Times ahead as the Eagles keep evolving ….

    • If such a scenario happened I would like Stanford head coach David Shaw and Mack Strong as the Defensive Coordinator.

      • I forgot about David Shaw who will make an excellent HC in the NFL
        Good Call though I believe he is bidding his time to win a Championship at Stanford and probably will take the 49ers Job if offered depending what happen to Jim Harbaugh situation..

    • I have to keep up on my writing skills Don P…
      It could be worse, I could be posting Mike Vick or D-Jax Rumors or more of my Mock Draft’s or Trade Alert’s… 🙂

  3. Hey paulman im pretty famikiar with all the positions in this years draft but I dont know any good college kickers we could draft do u know of any

    • I have a list in my notes that I will Post up
      For you.. Don’t think they need to Draft 1 (maybe 7th Round)
      As most can be signed as undrafted Free-Agents
      Give me a few and I’ll get a list for you

      • Here a list of the Top Kickers from my notes

        1) Chris Boswell – Rice – Projected 6th Rounder
        2) Anthony Fera – Texas – Projected 6/7th Rounder
        3) Jeff Bridgein – Northwestern – 7th Rounder
        4) Nate Freese – Boston College – 7th Rounder
        5) Joel Hocker – Arkansas – UDFA
        6) Chandler Cotanzo – Cal – UDFA
        7) Vincenzo D’Amato – Clemson UDFA

        All things equal, I prefer a Kicker from the North/Midwest
        Who has more experience kicking in bad weather,
        Windy conditions as opposed to the Deep South, who play in better weather year round..

        • thnx pman, I watched a lot clemson games, ( B dawk’s school) and d amato is pretty good, but I would go with nate freese from bc he’s got a big leg and his name would be awesome. You can’t freeze ” The Freese”….lol that was terribly corny

  4. Man I just read the headline for this article and I knew it was written by mamby pamby kolosky

    Chip doesn’t care what some nerd like you thinks about that miscreant desean Jackson

    Get over yourself kolosky

  5. And your grammar sucks, it should be hope and not hopes, damn you kolosky

  6. Where did you get your journalism degree, probably from the paulman institute of remedial writing

  7. Lighten up out there. It’s not even preseason and you are all fans if the same team. Go Birds

  8. Chip’s ego is going to wear thin on the players and fans…. he and Howie are a perfect pair of ego-maniacs…. yeah, lets trade our best offensive weapon and the #2 OG in the NFL…. great! Let’s see this team finish 8-8 in 2014 if they move both Desean and Mathis…

  9. man this whole phillies team always catching flu and shit ,sars,shingles dry rot whole teams resistance frigged up they gona take the field opening day wearing masks so not to contaminate the league, wouldn’t be surprised if teams refuse to play us hell we might win division on default lmao

    • Don’t forget the “Crabs” too Don P
      Those Florida Women are known to get a little
      Itchy on you after a while.,

      • Hey pman if ebron drops to 22 do you think the eagles will take him, this guy has major upside and we really could be like the patriots offense with our version of hernandez and gronk

  10. Where are the Phillies articles, all we read about is this thug wanna be deSean Jackson

  11. Baseball is for pussy’s

  12. Hey gloomy as a former prospect in football in the usfl, Michigan Panthers, I am tempted to agree, but baseball is still the best American sport

  13. Chip Kelly has given the answers nobody is paying attention. TS Johnson gets it, DCar gets it, GMCliff gets it, John Hart and EHL gets it, Stevo and Greenfan gets it. Chip Kelly thinks he’s the smartest guy in the room, his offense is unstoppable his offense is plug and play replace DJax replace Mathis doesn’t matter. Fix the defense nope he’ll just sign the Barwins and Jenkins of the NFL and hope they are serviceable. The first answer Kelly gave was last year when he signed Vick. I hardly ever agree with Vinnie but this draft is going to be WR and OL and no safeties will be drafted before round 3. This is going to lead to the inevitable clash between Howie and Kelly.

    • You’re on to something BigL. I actually think the FO led by Howie is already clashing with Chip..

      I think this Desean situation is one of the things they’re clashing on.. I noticed Chips reaction when asked how’s the relationship between him and the FO going, after a somewhat brief pause and awkward movement he said “its good”..

      I find it hard to believe that everything is peachy right now.. I ll look into it but I think they’re clashing as we speak about this Desean situation and the draft too… Make no mistake about it both Chip and Howie are control freaks. Chip wants to run the show but so does Howie…

      I could be wrong but thats what I think… Right on BigL

    • LMAO….How ironic..most of the posters you named “Think they’re the smartest guy on this blog”

    • um…. i hate to break it to you BL… um…. i think he might be smarter… he spends zero minutes a day on a mind numbing blog… this alone makes him smarter than the names (and myself) that you mentioned!

      • Maybe but being a football coach don’t make him a Mensa member.

        • I contend he knows more about what this team needs, doesn’t need etc than all of us… He is right to not say crap about the off season

          • Oh hell yea he does but does that make him right? I contend that his ego will get in the way of his success. 64 percent of the cap spent on his offense which in itself isn’t bad until you consider that’s with his pro bowl QB making less than a million. Just my opinion hope I’m wrong.

    • Biggie, said it the other day….they seem to be falling in love with the “system” as opposed to star players. With this communistic view, the individual players are all expendable and replaceable because that can find another player to plug into the system and it will continue to go.
      It is a great philosophy when it comes to negotiations….a player asks for a raise, you counter that you will trade him ( Sound familiar?).
      I hope that I am wrong, but from all we hear it is System first..Player second.

  14. They have phillies articles half the team got the flu and when they get it they lose like 30 lbs d brown sick now chip better mix up his nutribullet blend for the fools reading shit about this team is like hilarious what drama gonna happen next they should call it phillentourage maybe we can talk mark walburg into buying the friggin team

  15. Once again baseball is for pussy’s they are the most overpaid athletes in the world.

  16. Chip Kelly is at another pro day today, this time its Johnny Football and Mike Evans Texas A&M pro day…

    I like that no other HC goes to these pro days but Chip.. he does everything almost opposite of the conventional HC..

    Be clear, he’s gonna do this thing his way..

  17. Manziel is looking good.. he has a quick release and has been deadly accurate..

  18. Like him or hate him Manziel is a gamer. Hes seems down for whatever. I can hear him saying “fuck it lets do this”.

  19. Mark Sanchez has passed his physical and will sign with the Eagles.
    Related: Eagles
    Source: Mike Garafolo on Twitter
    Mar 27 – 12:16 PM

    • Ive seen you complain about others posting news but you seem to do it all the time.

      Pot calling the kettle black maybe?!

      • there is a difference jonhart i dont act like a moron and say according to my source like a jackass

        • Your upset because I called this signing days ago? You mad bro?!

          Seems to me that you wanna be the 1st to report the news? Hahaha your competing all alone, I report what’s of interest to me on my time not according to when Adam Schefter or anyone else does..


          • you read it on the internet days ago…just like the rest of us!

            • Are you clueless?

              I reported this daaaays ago.. I said pending a physical he’s an eagle.. haha doesn’t get any better than that…

              • no he is not clueless. he is pointing out facts, that you did not report this that you plagiarized someone else reporting it.


                Jon Hart
                March 24, 2014 – 4:52 pm

                This has been confirmed Mark Sanchez is a Philadelphia Eagle pending physical


                ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reports free agent Mark Sanchez plans to sign with the Eagles.
                Sanchez would be choosing Philly over the Rams, who expressed interest in him at the league meetings. With Chip Kelly’s Eagles, Sanchez would replace Michael Vick as Nick Foles’ primary backup, keeping Matt Barkley on the third string. Still only 27, Sanchez would do well to land with an offensive mastermind surrounded by high-end weapons. NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport confirmed Monday the Eagles “will take a hard look” at Sanchez, and are currently having their team doctors check Sanchez’s medicals following his 2013 shoulder injury.
                Related: Eagles
                Source: Chris Mortensen on Twitter
                Mar 24 – 4:46

              • You have time to check Facebook and twitter to check timelines and I couldn’t care less.. Your like an internet spy.. Too much time on ur hands dude..

                Again, I dont read these guys pages, you can search far and wide Idgafreak either way.. JH reports what he wants when he wants..

                And you keep reading every post and coming back like the whore you are..

          • Paulman called this back in late January that Eagles would pursue and sign Mark Sanchez once released by the Jets
            No News here with Sanchez coming on board …

      • Dead on best2. He reports news all the time then gets pissed if anyone else does it hahaaa…the guy is a wack job seriously.. I would limit the amount that you converse with him if I were you.. there is no talking to the guy. He’s a clueless racist reject.. Bottom line

    • DCAR is officially resigned from gcobb… bye bye!!!!

  20. Big and gloomy shut the fuk up jerkoffs u go find another site when did u jerkoffs buy the site I talk football, baseball anything I want u dont like it take your punk panty ass out of dodge

    • Oh so we should shut the fuck up but the writers should write what you say to write about, and we think we own this site? Seriously dude think about shit before you type.

  21. ***Paulman Rumors about Mega-Trade****

    Eagles Send WR D-Jax, Guard Evan Mathis, RB Bryce Brown & DE Brandon Graham & TE James Casey to the Oakland Raiders for their 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th Round PIcks in 2014 Draft and their 3rd & 5th Round PIcks in 2015 Draft ..
    GM Roseman waiting on Raiders GM Raleigh McKenzie to pull the trigger

    Eagles Now Have the Following Draft Selections

    Rd 1 (#22) – Guard Xavier Sua’-Filo (UCLA 6-4 310lbs – Day 1 Starter)
    Rd 2 (#37) – WR Brandin Cooks (Oregon St 5-11 195lbs)
    Rd 2 (#54) – DE Kareem Martin (UNC 6-6 272lbs)
    Rd 3 (#69) – OLB Jeremiah Attachou (Ga Tech 6-3 252lbs)
    Rd 3 (#86) – Strong Safety Deone Buchannon (Wash St 6-1 210lbs)
    Rd 4 (#101) – OL Joel Bontonio (Nevada 6-4 305lbs)
    Rd 4 (#118) – ILB Shane Skov (Stanford 6-2 248lbs)
    Rd 5 (#133) – TE Arthur Lynch (Georgia 6-5 260lbs)
    Rd 5 (#150) – CB Phillip Gaines (Rice 6-0 195lbs)
    Rd 7 (#214) – WR Cody Hoffman (BYU 6-4 223lbs)

  22. Shut up trollman.. Ur a moron.. #annoyingTroll

  23. I didn’t get to see Chip speak with reporters yesterday only clips. I noticed a Miami Dolphin microphone behind him by a reporter. The Dolphins are implementing the Chip Kelly offense with Bill Lazor and were very interested in what Chip had to say.

  24. Yea bitch thats right

  25. ***NFL News****

    The Dolphins Sign RB Knowshon Moreno to a 1 Year $3 MIllion Deal which helps their Running Game tremendously… Also this means the Dolphins would have Zippo Interest in Eagles RB Bryce Brown so I will remove them from my Trade Alerts…..

  26. Johhny football was lights out at workout. Man I just don’t know. This kid is something, from being the best player in the SEC for 2 straight years, to the swagger, to wearing shoulder pads in his workout. I know theres a chance he might not be any good but what if…….

    • smh…man…that would be something else! speed, agility, heart, full of swag and confidence He’s got that ‘it’ factor….put him with Chip Kelly…wow!

      • Chips got his it factor

        • Yeah there names are Shady McCoy and Jason Peters. Those are the only 2 players on the Eagles with the “it” factor.

        • Haveacigar its ok to compliment another QB not named Nick Foles. WTF you fans are like little fucking kids. Everyone else sucks, there will never be another good QB in the NFL. WTF

          • You cant say one positive thing about another QB. Kapernick sucks, Wilson sucks, RGIII sucks, Bortels sucks, Bridgwater sucks. Thers noway in the qworld the best player in the SEC and Heisman trophy winner can be any good. But a 3rd round pick can be. Get the fuck outta here.

            • I never said any of them sucks…ever! I just see hot air wants to replace our qb…
              All I said was in response to his idiotic remark of “put him with chip” to which I responded chip has his it factor at qb… His name is foles

            • Wasn’t Russell the best player in the sec? Vince young was a national champ heisman winner.
              I never said anyone sucked

      • I’d take Bridgewater over Manzel any day.

        I wouldn’t be mad at Manzel though. No Bortles though. No Bortles. lol

  27. Im watching Chip Kelly now talking about how he tried to recruit Johnny Oregon I guess since he was a Heisman trophy winner and the best player in the SEC and the nation the last 2 years he wouldn’t take him now. Chip Kelly better not draft Johnny football he probably come in here and bitch slap Foles and intimidate him. He may not be better but he definetly would come here with a swagger.

    • Foles would squash that little boy like a bug… Foles took a shitty team over and led them to the playoffs, pro bowl MVP.. He ain’t afraid of that munchkin

      • Pro bowlMvP…spare us the bull! Foles is the luckiest Qb ever…He got his ass kicked in direct competition with Vick, got a shot when Vick got hurt as we played the bottom of the barrel of the NFL…he still hasn’t beaten a single playoff team yet…then we are bailed out by the defense against Dallas…squeeze in the playoffs where he comes up short…can’t take advantage of two turnovers…cant get the ball deep to DJax who was running open down the field…against New Orleans…
        So it would not surprise me at all if Chip goes for Johnny Football…the heart, the moxie, the swag that he has as opposed to Nervous Nick taking a bunch of sacks, quick, easy dump off passes, and padding his stats against weak teams….

    • Wouldn’t be the slightest bit surprised if the Ealges made a move for Johnny Football.

      Would however die laughing as the heads exploded on this blog. lol

      • many of these fools would kill themselves…. if the Eagles made such a move it would really signal that they are not really committed to Nervous Nick. The pressure will be on him this year…this is for the big money…that I don’t believe the Eagles are that excited about paying Nick Foles! I can see them bringing in the rookie with the thought that he can be just as good as Foles, maybe better, and they can have him for 3 years under the rookie contract! …

  28. ****Paulman Trade Alert****
    Eagles Trade QB Nick Foles, RB Bryce Brown,
    TE Janes Casey & their # 22 Pick
    To the Houston Texans for their #1 Pick and Select
    QB Johnny Football Manziel ..
    Chip Kelly & Johnny a Football go 10-22 in their next 2 Seasons and Kelly gets Fired as HC
    Eagles then go out and Hire Jason Garrett who was fired from Cowboys after the 2014 Season and in need of another chance per Owner Lurie..
    Good F’n Grief!!!!

  29. Johnny manziel is the real deal, he will be long gone before the eagles draft

    He has some character issues, I don’t like him but he’s got the best skill set coming out

    Whomever said they would take Bridgewater doesn’t know football

    • agreed with that last sentence no doubt. bridge water looked like shit against a shit temple team this year tells me all I need to know about him. and apparently he did putrid and embarrassed himself at his pro day, not sure how u do that playing against imaginary defensive players.

      Johnny around dominated the sec for years … not sure if his skills will translate but I’d take him ahead of bridge water no doubt.

  30. We have our QB. Nick Foles is the man and that’s the Bottom line.

    Why would you want another QB that is so small he will be in the hospital half the season?? You same guys get on here and joke about RGKnee…What do you think will happen to a guy half his size and cocky enough to take on a 6’6 320lb Defensive player who will OWN him!!

  31. Johnny Football’s Kung Fu is WEAK!

    We his #1 target though!

  32. Paulman I liked the Oakland trade you came up with.

  33. Paulman,
    If you throw enough crap against the wall, you may eventually be right. Chip to ND – really? Why not Temple? BTW, You weren’t the only guy speculating that the Eagles would pick up Sanchez if he were to become a free agent. With Chip’s affinity for PAC 10 players, it would have been more surprising if he wasn’t interested. A bigger surprise is the fact that Sanchez was interested in the Eagles.

    • I think it’s pretty obvious when I am joking around OldPhillyFan (like Chip to ND or Trading half the Roster) …
      but I was called and stated Eagles would bring in Sanchez way back when the Offf-Season began since Vick was not going to return at a league Minimum salary as a Back-Up and would move on ..
      My Call for Sanchez was heckled by 99% of the Posters on here, which i expected and was not surprised about, but when you look at the big picture, whose availalbe, the costs of having an expereienced QB behind FOles, it was a no-brainer thart Sanchez would be the focus of the Eagles.. As far as a suprise, why wouldn’t Sanchex like the opportunity to rehabilitate his Career by signing a 1 Year Deal with the Eagles.. He;s get some better Coaching than the Jets had during his Time, a Real RB and Recivers to throw too.. Sanchez plays his cards right and focuses and works hard, he’ll get a chance for 2015 to hook on with another Team and possibly sooner if a Team would encounter a serious Injury to their Starter in Summer Camp/Pre-Season…

  34. Chip is fulfilling my hopes in terms of interviews-bottom line, dont say a word.

    Who cares about what a coach says? Only the reporters and the reporter wannabes.

    I wish they wo uld just do away with those silly things. Just like I dont care what players have to say… I dont care what coach’s have to say.

  35. Bridgewater reminds me of Andy Dalton. Competent enough to maybe lead a team to the playoffs but will never be the real reason they get there.

    • I think Bridgewater is more of a Jason Campbell type in terms of build,and movment in the Pocket..
      I think Dalton is only in the NFL because of his Red-Hair, and that the Powers to be in the NFL want a couple of Red-Heads to Market and Feed the Masses with … .
      Call me Crazy, but that’s what I think.. If Dalton has Brown or Dark Hair, he’s not even Drafted and probably Coaching Pee-Wee Football in West Texas by now

  36. Manziel is too small – It is easier to find a 7 foot tall Hall of Fame NBA center than find an under 6 foot NFL quarterback.

  37. Manziel trained under the qb guru from the west coast and it shows, his footwork is excellent for a mobile qb,he has instincts. He has guts. He reminds me of Mike Vick but way better , a far more polished qb coming out.

  38. Bridgewater is not a starting nfl qb

    • Last year Geno Smith got so mad he wasn’t being selected he left the draft building before the first round ended. Then fired his agent as if it was his fault.
      Bridgewater might be this years version of Geno or Rodgers, Quinn or the worst drop in NFL history, Major Harris.

      • Bortles isn’t a starting NFL QB.

        You don’t get a higher NFL IQ than Bridgewater. Can run a pro-style offense, can make all the reads and all the throws, but he’s not a starting NFL QB? He’ll have more success out the gate than any of the other guys coming out this year.

        For all you guys who like pocket passers you’re sure shittin’ on the only one in this draft.

        • Ts

          Bridgewater s footwork is bad,he has below average nfl arm strength, he projects as a project and a back up

          His name will be called 3d round or later

          • His footwork is bad?


            He grades out better than Manziel and Borthles in every aspect except deep ball accuracy – though he kills both of them on the short and intermediate throws, ability to run a a pro-style offense and he’s SMARTER than them both.

            But no surprise you think he projects as a 3rd round project. lol

            • I like Bortles TS, I watched him a lot down here, however it won’t surprise me if he turns into Gabbert 2.0

              • Bortles is like a new Doritos flavor…it could be totally awesome of fucking suck. lol.

                He’s all potential at this point. I’d draft him in the second and sit him a year or two.

          • I don’t think this a strong draft class @QB but Bridgewater is the best in it. He has an NFL just doesn’t have a cannon but he’s got the best brains. Bortles may be the prototype but if he isn’t paired with an offensive guru he will get ruined quickly. Manziel is the wild card…alot of people are going to look super smart or damn dumb.

            But damn that dude just balls and makes play….last years Alabama game was a beast. If the Raiders draft him he’s out of the league in 2 years lol.

        • I just hope Dallas drafts one of these QBs especially in the first round. I don’t think they will but wouldn’t it be nice to see Dallas flounder with a Kevin Kolb like rookie.

        • Bortles isn’t a starting NFL QB.

          Mike Vick puts butts in seats.

          McCoy wont be able to run without Vick.

          Nick Foles cant throw a deep ball.

          Nick Foles is just like ALex Smith.

  39. more mobility, more heart…than Nervous Nick….He is a guy that you can take into a heated playoff game and he won’t fold under the bright lights….his guts makes up for his height….

  40. Nick Foles has plenty of heart

    You guys like this bs swag, but it doesn’t translate to wins

    Swag is often a euphemism for malcontent, trouble, thug, manziel is a problem off the field

    • I think Johhny Footbalk’s biggest issue will be his lack of height and staying in
      The pocket long enough to allow the routes and read the coverages correctly..
      Chip Kelly’s offense as most NFL Offense’s are predicated of going thru your 2-3-4 progressions as a QB and I don’t believe Manziel has the Vision
      And the paitience to see the field to make good reads and will bail on the play and the pocket way too quickly in his first year or two, leading to some exciting pkays, but also to a lot of negative plays..

  41. I don’t like the over the top bashing of Foles but I can understand the sentiment of not going nuts over a guy who had 1great year. Can’t let the hate blind you though and not give a nod to a year no one expected. The Eagles are in a perfect position that they control him and if he builds open a HUGE hole gets filled. If not well Chip keeps getting to mold the offense how he likes it until he finds his guy.

    Kelly wouldn’t draft Manziel because he doesn’t fit his philosophy pipe dream to think otherwise. If Bortles or Bridgewater plummeted then maybe. IMO they are doing everything they can to get a monster in either Evans or Benjamin. Evans is going to be a monster…Anquan Boldin with speed.

    • Evans is a wet dream. Not gonna happen for us though,

      • IMO he’s going to be there in the mid teens. After Watkins it’s about preference because I think someone is going to fall in love with Brandon Cooks and draft him early. Because the draft is so deep at WR I can see teams making runs at the weaker positions like the run on OL last year.

      • Looks like that wet dream is alive…and more than likely thats exactly why Kelly was at the Texas A&M pro day….

        I will seriously go nuts if we get our hands on him…I really think he is that good. Better than Watkins to me(In this offense)

  42. QB Derek Carr probably has the best shot to shine early in his Career since he gets rid of the ball and has the best mechanics of the Draft Class,
    I am not sold on his long-Term upside and see him as a
    Matt Hasselback, Sam Bradford, type who can be efficient with a good system and players around him starting out.. Carr also lacks the deep pass arm that you really need to have to keep the Defensive Backfield honest
    To be honest, I stay away from all these QB’s if I am a Team in need with a First around Pick and see whose their come early 2nd Round

    • Paulman have you actually watched him play? He isn’t ready at all, the first hint of pressure in the pocket and he falls apart. Reminds of um um yeah his brother. LOL

      • Yes I have wtched Carr play over the last 2-3 Seasons out at Fresno State which is a very QB freindly System.. I am not saying Derek Carr will be anything special, what I am saying is that he’s probably the best prepared to come in and make some Plays in the NFL over Bridgewater,Bortles & Manziel..
        As I have stated, I don’t partcularly like any QB’s in this Draft
        and think that lower Rated QB’s like Garapollo, McCammon have better long-term NFL Prospects than the Top 4
        Bridgewater is just to small and thin at 208 lbs and would last 6 weeks which his body.. He only has a so-so arm,can move around but is strictly a pocket passer and at 6-0 208lbs, won’t last
        Bortles probably has has the highest Cieling, but only started 1 Season at UCF against average competition.. He’s big, strong and can move around (a lot like A Luck), but his decision making, staring down receivers will not translate to NFL Defenses…

        If I am Raiders,Jaguars, Browns,Texans,Vikings… I skip all these QB’s in the 1st Round and Draft a Positional Player who can come in and start right away and contribute for 6-8-10 Years in the NFL and look for a QB in Rounds #2/#3 since none in this Class will be ready until 2015-2016, if at all, in my opinion

  43. It’ll be a trade up to get Manziel in the first, then another trade up in the 2nd to get Carr.

    They’ve got 4 qbs on the roster right now, including one who was a record setting probowler.So it’d be a good idea to add a few more.

  44. On Fox Sports network, Bill Reiter has been reporting the Sixers are having buyer’s remorse on Nerlans Noel. He is hearing Noel is a difficult person to work with and not a pleasant co worker. He also questions the Sixers environment as capable in guiding him into the NBA. I was blindsided. I didn’t realize Nerlans was a difficult person. He used current Pacer Lance Stephenson as a Noel comparison who had good mentors that Nerlans lacks in Philly and needs.

    • The kid is 19 probably never had his body betray him and wants to play badly. Basketball right now to him probably feels more like a job then he is used to and its probably the first time he ever had to work for anything outside of the court.

  45. I agree Izzell. He is also on a team that has lost 26 straight games and has only one true vet player on it.

    If anyone is happy right now who is on the Sixers, then they got a problem. Except for the fill in guys who are not really NBA players.

    • Yeah the kid is chomping at the bit to play. I saw the interview and I honestly thought he was grasping. Although where theres smoke theres fire but I think this was more of just the Sixers are bad and outside of the draft is there really anything to talk about him.

      I’m around kids and athletics all the time…and the biggest pains in the ass are competitive kids and gym rats who get hurt and are dying to play to come back. They don’t understand the word no and they hate being on the bench or not being part of the team dynamic.

      When this kid hits the court for the first time he’s going to burn out like a rocket he’s going to be so amped and fired up. Most of his attitude problems will go away because as quickly as he wanted to get on the court hes going to learn how different the NBA game is when he learns that 19y.o bodies are WAY DIFFERENT then playing against mature grown men in the post.

  46. Tough situation to be in. Sitting on the bench watching your team get blown out every night when you think that you are healthy enough to play. Not many athletes handle that well.

    Yeah man, not many skinny guys banging around in the low post.

    • I think Brown sees him as more Kevin Garnett then Tyson Chandler thats why there are breaking down that jumpshot. I think the kid is going to be a double double guy and top shot blocker from the get go.

      I see Serge Ibaka on low side of his potential. High Side blend of both Ibaka/Chandler.

  47. Being that the eagles want more pick and seems to have no trade value for desean some how the only it see the eagles getting picks for him would be to

    Package desean Mathis #22 to

    Oakland for #5
    Then you trade back the #5 and grab more picks cause it only seems like the eagles want to or three wr’s in this draft
    Mike Evans
    Brandon cooks
    Odell Beckham jr
    Now I’m sure they would love to have Sammy Watkins but I think they value picks more so they could trade back from there and still get the wr they want, they will not draft a safety in the 1st they don’t value that spot just get over it people please get over it now or your gonna feel mad just like when they didn’t sign Byrd don’t get ur hopes crushed again.

    • I definitely see the Eagles Trading back from #22 in order to obtain another
      2nd or 3rd Pick and not up in the Draft… The Run at WR will begin late 1st Round and still be some good ones early in the 2nd Round

      As far as Teams that would be interested and able to afford Guard Mathis would be the Dolphins,Raiders, and mayve the Falcons..
      Would these Teams give up a 3rd Rounder for him?? Possibly, but more likely a 4th Rounder in Return for a Guard
      Mathis would probably be more Valuable as part of a Package Deal with the Dolphins that possibly includes a Dion Jordan that everyone continues to be ga-ga about which I am not sure why everyone is..

      • BGN is reporting that Indiana WR Cody Latimer is coming to the Linc for a visit. 6’2″ 215, strong, willing blocker, ran a 4.38 on an injured foot at his pro day.

  48. Even if Chip and howie want Johnny Football more than Nicky Football, there is no way on earth they get him. After his great showing and leadership displayed yesterday, this guy is going to be picked up fast, and there would be no way the Eagles would trade away their whole draft for a QB when they already have the leagues leading passer. Johnny Football, if he can stay healthy, will be a fun QB to watch, and he will win. I’m thrilled with Foles though, and as good as Johnny is, it will be very difficult for him to be as good as Nick was last year.

    • 2 Deals are Posible to move up to Get Johnny Football and they would have to include QB Nick Foles

      Deal #1 – To Texans for their 1st Overall Pick – – Texans HC O’Brien loves Big Pocket QB’s which Foles provides, HC O’Brien came from Pats, then Penn State and is not a fan of the run around,school yard QB Play that Manziel provides, O’Brien likes a Big, Tall, Passer with Vision, Foles from Texas and would be a Perfect fit for their Scheme (would Cost the Eagles their #22 Pick and probably their 4th Round Pick along with Foles)
      A very High-Risk move that in my opinion that would sink the Kelly Era and set the EAgle Franchise back a good 5 Years…

      Deal #2 – With the Cleveland Browns at # 4

    • antitrust nicks nickname is “big dick nick” not nicky football.

      you are right though no way eagles are making a move for johnny runaround. they wont take him when they draft if he is there. and as much as people praised johnny runaround yesterday he was throwing against no defenders. here is a write up that was posted this morning:

      Vikings coach Mike Zimmer emerged from Johnny Manziel’s Pro Day unimpressed, calling the choreographed workout with rap music, “a sideshow.”
      We love Zimmer because he’s never afraid to voice his opinions. (It’s also why he struggled to land head-coaching jobs for so long.) “The huddles and the different things and the music. The sideshow stuff,” Zimmer said. “It was a sideshow. This one was a little different in how it was choreographed. People like that or they don’t like that, I don’t know.” We probably won’t be sending Manziel to the Vikings in our April mock drafts.
      Related: Vikings
      Source: Houston Chronicle
      Mar 28 – 10:46 AM

      *******Quarterbacks are basically expected to have a flawless pro day and if they dont they get dinged.. john did what he was supposed to

  49. Stories are starting to leak about DJack.. not looking good. He’s friends of guys linked to a few murders…

    He was stopped by the police in 09 and handed over a bag of weed. Charges were dropped…

    All of a sudden stories are coming out.. definitely the eagles leaking this…

    • Could be his New Agent to Force a Deal so that new Agent can get a comission or his Ex-Agent ..(which doesn’t make a lot of sense since he ‘s made his $$$ off of D-Jax already)
      The obivous thing here is that if D-Jax were to be flat-out released (which is highly unlikely) , not Team out there would offer him any more $$$ that what he’s earning now and in fact, most Teams would be scared off by all these Rumor’s that they most likely would only give him a 1 Year-2 Year Cheapo Deal to prove his worth off and off the Field …
      As far as the Eagles leaking this, why would they want to De-Value any Return Worth by putting this garbage out there…
      Most of all these stories and rumors just don’t make much sense of anyone benefitting with End of this Drama, except for his New Agent..

  50. Here are a couple of QB’s that I like as much as Bridgewater,Bortles,Carr’s Potential come 2-3 Years down the Road that could be a real find in the late Rounds..(6th/7th or even as Undrafted Players)

    1) David Fales (San Jose State 6-2 215lbs)
    2) Kirk Wenning (Ball State 6-3 225lbs)
    3) Jeff Matthews (Cornell 6-4 225lbs)
    4) Casey Pachall (TCU 6-4 230lbs)
    5) Bryn Renner (UNC 6-3 228lbs)

    • HOLY FUCK THIS IS A JOKE RIGHT??????????????????

      • DESEAN RELEASED???????????????????????????????


      • No it’s not Henski
        Just like I spoke very highly of Foles’s longer range Potential over the QB’s that were Selected ahead of him like
        Ryan Tannehill (8th Overall)
        Brandon Weeden (22nd Overall)
        Brian Osweiler (60th Overall)

        Now Luck,RGIII came in with the hype and attention that they deserved as Top Picks in teh Draft and all had great Rookie Seasons on Teams that needed a QB right away and were on on Teams with good Coach’s who adjusted their systems to utilize their Skills (same with Russell Wilson who went to the Perfect Team for him, Heavy Run Offense, Good Defense )
        But Foles was the #89 Selection in 2012 Draft which was a pretty damn good find by the Eagles

        I beliwve that a couple QB’s from the my list above will outplay and out perform the Top Name QB’s of this 2014 Class come 2-3 Years down the road…
        Keep an eye on the kid from Cornell for he actually reminds me of Nick Foles.. Smart, Gets rid of the ball quickly, accurate, solid mechanics..
        and good Leadership Qualities and will make an nice understudy for a couple of Years before getting an opporunity… Watch for the Giants,Ravens,Bears & Packers all take a hard look at him

  51. Confirmed**

    Desean Jackson has been released

  52. WIP is reporting that Djax has been released due to gang affiliation of peolpe connected with murders. What a waste of talent on stupid shit!!!!

    • Ok…now I have to say….this is a dumb fuck move on Djax part. Dumb dumb dumb! Oh well…next man up! Jake I don’t care for some of your positions.. but fuck it. You were correct on this one.

      • Eagles, I said I didn’t care what he was doing off of the field, & wouldn’t until he was committed a crime, or was affiliated with a crime faction. Now I think we all got our answers to the story. Sad situation, of immaturity, stupidity, ignorance, bad decision making, & wasted talent. Now, I don’t think any of us, can/ should complain about his release. Me, being a sponsor of youths, a Big Brother, a Father of 4, & a Grandpop of 2, am very saddened, & angry with this entire situation. Also, I’m saddened, that we have to lose him for nothing, & now have to waste picks, that could have gone for upgrading the defense. With the Aaron Hernandez situation, teams aren’t going to wait for a crime to be committed anymore. If you are proven to be affiliated with scumbags, you’re good as gone. Honestly, I don’t blame them. Very sad! What dumb f^#@!!!!

  53. Eagles just released DJak, reason was their concern with LA gangs, was worried it would turn into anothe Hernandez situation

  54. Bravo.. EAGLES.. Take a stand.

  55. With the first pick in the 2014 draft, the Philadelphia Eagles select, a WR! Our D is going to ruin us again.



    • mhenski…I’m pissed off to as I have adamantly defended Djax..but I can’t take umbrage with the eagles decision and postion. That culture can not be tolerated in the organization. I’m more mad at Djax than I am at the Eagles at this point. He fucked up and should have chosen his affiliates and friends more wisely. It has cost him…possibly his career, and maybe a chance at helping the Eagles win a superbowl.






        WHAT THE FUCK?????????????????????????????





        • mh, I understand your anger, but with the Aaron Hernandez situation, teams aren’t going to deal with $#!t anymore! Him being friends with the Crips, I think is going to be the tip of the iceberg. I wouldn’t be surprised now, if some shady stuff comes out about the robbery of his house, & if there are any other skeletons going to fall out of the closet! This is both sad, & maddening, but he has nobody to blame. but himself! I can’t fault the Birds now! What a f^#@ing shame!

          • Dcar yea i was buggin at first but now i read:

            he has a rapper signed to his label who is a crip, that rapper he is paying got charged with murdering a 14 year old

            then a murder happened at a building he owned and he will not return detectives calls

            he is friends with and always hanging out with crips

            he doesnt get along with coaches and teammates

            HE FUCKING QUIT ON THE EAGLES over money

            FUCK YOU DESEAN JACKSON FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            • AND YOU KNOW WHAT

              FUCK YOU ANDY REID




              • Damn, mh, you outdoing me with the F bombs! LOL! I know man, this is frustrating. I just got off the phone, with my twin boys At Florida St. just to check in, & make sure they’re doing what they need to do. Talked to my Brother, whom they’re staying with while they’re in semester. He’s a Police Officer in Jacksonville, so I’m glad they’re with him. I’m soooo happy, I raised my kids right, & pounded in their heads, about their decision making, who they hang with, & peer pressure. It’s sad, because the youth today, have little respect for anything, & have no regards for life. Truly sad!

          • Yo Dcar where is Dave Chappelle when you need him? When keeping it real goes bad. LMAO these cats never learn he isn’t no gang member but he was trying to keep it real.

            • Big, I hear ya! Pure stupidity! He ain’t going to be happy, until his rap label, & his posse bleed him dry, if he isn’t already!

              • yeah the kid really needs to change who he associates himself with… he isnt a gang member but when you fill your social media with gang related crap and pictures with people accused of murder… then yeah, dont be surprised if you get cut!! He has no chance to make close to the 10 million he was going to make, now. Not after Hernandez situation last year. Do I think Desean is anything like Hernandez? no, but it might not make a difference in the eyes of the league.

  57. I told y’all he wouldn’t be here lol I didn’t want him released I wanted something for him but oh well.

    • So..gloomy are taking pleasure and laughing delight that the Eagles just lost a dynamic weaponbecause you were right about him not being here ? Nothing funny about that.

  58. Mother fucking faggots!! You cock sucking pussy ass Roseman. I can’t believe this shit. Please tell me this is a sick joke???? This organization just butt fucked themselves

  59. The Newark Star-Ledger reports DeSean Jackson’s off-field behavior, particularly his connection to a Los Angeles street gang, is the Eagles’ chief concern and main reason they’re entertaining trading or releasing him.
    Jackson has a problem with missing team meetings, and the Eagles reportedly believe his friends are becoming a powerful, negative influence. The team is “concerned about having [Jackson] around the younger players. Jackson has become close with a man named Theron Shakir, a member of the Crips and one of two men charged in the murder of a 14-year-old rival gang member. The Eagles simply don’t want to wake up to an Aaron Hernandez situation one morning. Jackson has very likely played his last down for the Eagles.
    Source: Newark Star-Ledger
    Mar 28 – 12:39 PM

  60. Rumors surfacing that after Little Snupe and TI rigged a rap battle and essentially stole 10k from desean, desean paid someone to put a hit on lil snoop and the 250k that was “stolen” was payment for services rendered.

  61. Dont matter now. Come om Mike Evans!

    • An anonymous source within the organization stated that “They didn’t want Jackson around the younger players”

      That’s a little different from what you were saying five minutes before the news broke, Dag….

  62. Are you serious!!!!!!….How many NFL and NBA players know some bad guys??? This is absolutely ridiculous….is he being charged with murder??? This is absolutely stupid!!!!!!

  63. Bring on Brandon cooks

  64. I would like to apologize to jakedog u were right man the eagles did their research and probally know desean is becoming more like a hernandez situation. I dont know are really a racist but I have to say my love for what desean brings to the table on the field really made me not care what he did off of it my bad man. and desean u fucking set us back on offense u pos gang member fucker

  65. Oh yea its definely b cooks and probally another WO in 3rd rd

  66. My first reaction is from a “skill” standpoint, we have taken a hit as a football team. From all that we are hearing about the off the field stuff, our coach has more to him then just being innovative with his offense.

    We are going to have to trust this was the right move. Does this mean we are going to draft a WR in round 1? There is nothing really left in free agency, and one snap to Maclin’s knee, and Riley Cooper is our #1 WR.

    Personally, I have a “sick” feeling in my stomach as a diehard fan who would give anything for a SuperBowl.

    I have extended myself to my fellow fans during rough moments in Philadelphia sports, going to need some support from you guys with this one…

  67. Wow is all I can say. Didn’t this fool learn from Hernandez? Why would you jeopardize your money?

  68. We as eagles fans deserve better then this Im trust chip but dam this one hurts

    • We deserve better from our athletes that represent us just as well.

      • amen to that this was the right move but im sad cuz i luv my eagles and we deserve a fucking superbowl and mesean was suppose to help

        • I knew there was more to this story and there probably still is. Simple though….

          “Juice aint worth the squeeze..”

          In Eagles luck….they would have kept DeSean…he would have an awesome season…we would be in the title game…and he would get suspended or arrested before….

          Ugghh sucks…

          but…It keeps my Mike Evans Dreams Alive 🙂

  69. D-Jax fell back to some old habits once his father passed. Remember when we thought pre-draft talk would consume us until May 8th? I guess the signing of Sanchez takes a back seat to this….

  70. Everyone wondered why I included’s Eliot Shorr-Parks in the Field of 64. Certainly not as well known as some other local writers, Eliot just cranks out good work. Today is no different.

    Eliot is reporting that twice since 2010, the LAPD has talked to DeSean Jackson about gang related murders. Jackson was not a suspect in either case, but one murder was by a Jaccpot (Jackson’s record label) rapper and the other took place at a house “owned or leased by a member of Jackson’s family.”

    Sources told Eliot that the Eagles were concerned over Jackson missing meetings, his work ethic and chemistry with teammates. When they looked into those things, that’s when they discovered some troubling connections:

    Acting on unspecified information that Jackson might have knowledge of Shakir’s activities on the night of Watson’s murder, LAPD detective Eric Crosson said he interviewed Jackson on the phone in late 2011. Crosson wouldn’t reveal details of that conversation, but he described Jackson as “cooperative at the time.”

    Crosson also told that he reached out to the Eagles by phone in early 2011 — even before he interviewed Jackson — as a courtesy to alert them to Jackson’s connection to an alleged killer. He never received a response from the team, he said.

    The following year, the Eagles signed Jackson to a five-year, $48.5 million contract extension.

    When contacted by on Wednesday, the Eagles issued a statement that they “no comment at this time,” and team officials would neither confirm nor deny whether anyone in the front office had spoken to Crosson about Jackson’s ties to a homicide suspect. On Thursday, a source in the organization said current front-office members had been unaware of Jackson’s links to an alleged killer.

    A second murder:

    A little over a year after the rising NFL star was interviewed by police about his connection to Shakir, Jackson’s name once again made its way onto the desk of Detective Crosson.

    This time, Jackson’s name surfaced as part of an investigation into a 2012 gang-related murder that occurred outside a South Los Angeles business where a party had taken place. The building was owned or leased by a member of Jackson’s family, police said.

    During a search of the building, Crosson told investigators found several documents belonging to Jackson, including a car title, a gun permit issued in New Jersey and credit-card receipts.

    After discovering the documents, Crosson said he made multiple attempts to contact Jackson by phone, but never was able to connect with the wide receiver. Crosson added that Jackson was never considered a suspect in the crime.

    Crosson went on to talk about how Jackson routinely throws up gang signs and described how the two C’s in Jaccpot was to avoid “CK,” which stands for Crip Killer.

    There’s always been this sort of weird undercurrent that Jackson had some involvement with the Crips and that he flashed gang signs in his Instagram photos. Earlier this month, TMZ hopped on that story and actually reported that Jackson was a Crip.

    Does this have anything to do with the current trade rumors? Probably. All along fans and media have been searching for a “smoking gun” as to why the Eagles seem so eager to get rid of Jackson. This sort of thing is a good one.

    On a related note, I’ve been hearing that the Eagles were quite interested in the ongoing investigation of the burglary at Jackson’s house in January. The inference there is that it was far from a random incident and had something to do with Jackson’s associates– the gang members.

    Read Eliot Shorr-Parks’ full story on

    But wait, there’s more! You can commemorate DeSean’s gang affiliations with this limited edition t-shirt, which is on-sale for only $15! In fact, make an offer. Any offer. For real. We need to get rid of these, ya digg?

    I think we can start the comparisons to skinny joe now

  71. As a Fan and wanting to Win, I am disappointed that it came down to this
    but but as most of you know, I never was a personal fan of D-Jax just from his selfish attitude and have wanted him gone for 2 + Years when it became evident that he quit on his Teammates, his Coach’s & us Fans back in 2010 or 2011 .. Back then, I was very critical of his Actions/Selfishness and was lambasted as usual, and always heard the replies “that he’s young, he still has to mature, that he opens up everything for everyone else” ..
    Well here we are in 2014, and I’ve never really seen him grown or act differently and basically was the same guy he always was which is a very Talented Player but who was lacking in Maturity, Decision making and still way too Selfish for my liking .. I hope he gets things together for his own life and his Family’s well being , I never really saw this recent “gang related” issue coming to a head for I thought D-Jax was smarter than getting involved with that..
    But in the end, its a sad end and a loss of a Dynamic Player and Athlete, and I do hate to see this end for Him, the Team and the many Fans who who just love his excitement and electricity that he brought on Sunday’s..
    On a positive note, Coach Kelly and Staff along with the Front Office will add pieces and WR’s to the mix and the Offense will continue to be a high-scoring, up-tempo Offense as any in the NFL, time will pass and we will have new exciting PLayers to cheer on, it’s the circle of life as a Sport Fans,
    You just hate to see unfulfilled potential from any PLayer, but it happens and there is not much we can do about it but cheer on the next Players….
    Go Eagles…

  72. Brandon cooks or Odell Beckham your choice howie

  73. Brandon cooks or Odell Beckham your choice howie times yours

  74. Adam Schefter just reported that at least four teams reached out to DJaks agent in the first 30 minutes after his release, seems like not as many teams are worried as much as the Eagles were, what a joke.

    • um interested sure… they all are interested… not at 10.5.. they can get him on an incentive laden contract with lots of restrictions…
      if he goes aaron hernandez on them nothing lost…

      • He will get a 1 Year $3-4 Million Offer at Tops
        D-Jax will have to Prove he can be trusted both on and off the Field
        I expect the 49ers & Raiders could make this Offer since he’s from and lives in California..

        • You’re smoking somthing Paulman if you think that.

          • Do you think hes getting a multi year deal and a signing bonus?

            If I was on his management team….and if any of this is the slightest bit true. Take the year off…stay off the social media…reinvent himself.

            Right now….if he were to sign with a team and ANYTHING else came out…he will probably have played his last time in the NFL.

            • Actually, I probably overstated his Value right now
              As more and more comes out, his Value and or Deamn will continue plummet…His Bet bet is to lay low, get help and talk to Teams come Camp Time.. I believe he may have a lot more issues on his plate to worry about than learning another Team’s Playbook…

      • Ding Ding Ding you win Cigar, for 10 million with the bad publicity that goes with this nonsense there was no way the Eagles were paying him that.

        • Bullshit… if he were a low-level player making less money, he would have been gone long ago.

          He is gone because the team did not want him around the younger players. He is a locker room cancer, and he clashed with the coaches.

          For every young player who thinks DJax got cut over money there will be lesson wasted.

    • Of course they would if it means they can get him for a little over the vets min. Are those teams giving him a signing bonus and 10 mil a year?

  75. Fuck man it ain’t easy being an Eagles. This shit will make you become suicidal.

  76. Wonder why ” trudat, gotta, knocc and bro’s” were missing from Desean’s release statement?

  77. tells u all u need to know:

    Jason Kelce ‏@Jkelce 2h

    We just made an extremely unpopular decision, but I couldn’t be more excited and happy with where this organization is going!! #FlyEaglesFly

  78. So let me get this straight…the org releases DJax and then releases a hit piece on him that he has shady friends…but there is no evidence that he was involved in any way with anything.

    Way to cover your tracks org. Way to (attempt) to make yourselves not look like idiots for releasing your best WR.

    “tells u all u need to know:

    Jason Kelce ‏@Jkelce 2h

    We just made an extremely unpopular decision, but I couldn’t be more excited and happy with where this organization is going!! #FlyEaglesFly”

    No it doesn’t. Cause there were other teammates that supported him. I tell you this folk like to win. And if the winning doesn’t happen, ain’t gonna be too many happy anybody.

    • DJax is an unbelievable talent…but there is no way in hell you can spin this. Athletes aren’t role models and as fan I can put up with alot. However with what we learned from Hernandez… can’t justify this. I honestly thought the Patriots shouldve been crucified more because I know they saw the signs much earlier but chose to ignore it.

      You just can not be a multi millionaire acting lie a clown. I just don’t understand the nonsense.

      • Once again..

        Florida ACTIVELY covered up Hernanandez mess.

        Jax has NEVER been arrested for anything ANYTHING. McRapey McBen had THREE women come out and say he was a rapist and the ONLY reasons charges weren’t filed the last time was b/c of the good ol’ boy network in small town Georgia.

        Ray just (on cmaera) drug his fiancee that he knocked UNCONCIOUS through a damn motel lobby.

        I could keep going…but this reeks of an org who didn’t want to pay up and needed a reason “why” so they release info on ish that happened back in 2011 no less. Where…once again…he was never charged with ANYTHING.

        Come on. Spare me. This is a hit piece to justify a choice most other GMs will be looking at like..really?

        • wtf ts let it go it aint the eagles it was that dumb fuck djax

        • Im sorry I disagree…bad GMs look the other way. Good GMs don’t. If thats the case he will sign in Kansas City asap.

          • Not so fast my friend.. Remember the GM of the Chiefs is the fella from Green Bay and not Andy Reid,, Packers run one of most conservative Franchises in the NFL… Also note the tragic even where one of the Chiefs who took his own life at the Teams Facilities just less than 2 Seasons ago … They will think long and hard before brininging in a Player with some Instability in his life,circle of freinds or himself..

        • I think to a point the team probably did cover up some of DJaxs tracks…probably went through Avant Vick told him to chill out. However the robbery in Philly was the straw that broke the camels back.

          Theres no way in hell that was an unrelated random robbery.

          The Detective Crossen is on record saying he reached out to the Eagles multiple times and they blew him off.

        • lmfao. you are smarter than this

          you have a LA detective saying he throws up crip signs, supports/friends with a murderer of a 14 year old, friends with other crips, same detective said desean wouldnt return his calls about a different murder. then you think just at surface level the eagles have to think its not ok we have an 11million employee in all these things and supporting a criminal enterprise ON AND OFF the field. cmon ts…

          then you have guns, tons of money, tons of jewelry being stolen from his house with zero signs of forced entry

          then you have him not showing up to meetings and practice

          then you have him quitting on the football team because they wouldnt give him a raise when he demanded

          yup eagles are just making up reasons to outright release him… lmfao it makes ZERO business sense. cmon

          • “yup eagles are just making up reasons to outright release him… lmfao it makes ZERO business sense. cmon”

            It makes 10 million dollars worth of business sense.

            “hen you have him quitting on the football team because they wouldnt give him a raise when he demanded ”

            The Eagles pulled a TO with DJax in 2011. All football fans who don’t have their heads stuck up managements ass know this. An that year he “quit” on the team he STILL put up just under 1000 yards. More than Mac EVER has.

            Six years Jax has been here. SIX. If ANY of this was a “real” problem you would have heard about it by now.

            This is a hit job, plain ans simple to justify an unpopular decision. And with the likes of Lewis’, Halls’, RIces’s and Big Ben’s still having jobs and yes M. Vick – then I KNOW this is bullshit.

            • I wasn’t a Vick fan but Vick paid his dues. To compare Vick to DJax isn’t fair. I actually admire Vick post dog fighting he showed at least in the general public that he had changed.

              Hopefully Djax does the same.

            • Yeah, the Eagles made it all up. They photo-shopped images of DeSean with his arm around murder suspects…

              The Eagles dressed up an actor and sent him on the field to flash crips signs at Deangelo Hall. (I think it was really Kevin Hart)

              Wonder why they are willing to pay Jason Peters 10 million but not DeSean? Oh yeah, they can’t find a big enough actor to frame Peters.

              You guys are priceless… Jackson is gone because he is a thug, who cares more about looking cool than playing football… period.

              I’ll bet the Eagles issue a statement saying that his dismissal had nothing to do with gang related matters…..That’s to avoid a wrongful termination suit…. But you can bring your naive ass back to point at it like it’s true. lol

            • Big Ben should be in fuckin’ jail.

    • sry tj they aint covering shit djax did this to himself its all true djax did some dirty shit including helping a guy out wjo kills kids

  79. You guys stink!

    100 other sites have the Desean story…

  80. Jackson was, however, associated with Theron Shakir, one of the two men charged with the murder. Along with co-defendant Marques Binns, Shakir is a purported member of the Crips. In addition, Shakir, known as “T-Ron,” is a rapper who recorded for Jaccpot Records, a label owned by Jackson. The two were close enough that they appear together frequently in photographs — including pictures posted by Jackson to Instagram while Shakir sat in jail awaiting trial for the teen’s execution.

    The caption? “Free Trezzy #Real1 #Jaccpot”


  81. oh and to put to bed what signs desean has been making an LA detective confirmed they are crip signs. dudes gonna be suspended

  82. glen mac saying a lot is coming out that he isnt going to say because its not substantiated but if half is true then he is a real bad guy

  83. who are the Vickapologists turned Djaxdenialists going to support now?

    • Check this out Eagles, Mike Vick said 2 days ago Desean wouldn’t be an Eagle in 2014 and that he hopes he learns from this. So guess what everyone knew they weren’t keeping him and guess what by Monday he’ll have a new deal paying him less than 10 but more than 5 a year. The only one to blame is him. Guess what? I root for the team not individuals but you cats root against individuals on the team you cheer for.

  84. You are a stand up man Zilents, peace

  85. desean could have been charged years ago with 4 felonies for having guns and drugs in the car…

  86. desean not returning phone calls about his home invasion.

    eskin reporting desean didnt even have that kind of money for it to be stolen…

  87. Is anybody else saddened by his stupidity, the way I am? Normally I’d be infuriated, but him wasting his good life, & future, because of his loyalty, & affiliations, is just plain mind boggling!

    • Nah DCar it’s expected that’s why I won’t allow my kids to worship these guys because at the end of the day they’ll be disappointed. This is a young my daughters age who lost his way isn’t the first won’t be the last.

      • ESKIN:

        Sources tell me recent “robbery” @DeseanJackson10 had all kinds of holes. No forced entry, no money stolen, even had little cash left. Cont

        ..sources tell me police found less than $100 on counter along w car keys left on counter. Police told me “robbery” suspicious.

        On alledged “robbery” police questions. Why were car keys and less than $100 left behind. Police believe No cash stolen, only gun

      • Big, same here with my kids. I taught my kids to worship the big man upstairs only. Respect & love your family, & self, & pay respect to the military. I’ve told them, athletes, & movie stars, are for entertainment only, & shouldn’t be idolized, because they couldn’t give a f^#@ less about the normal man!

        • sad thing is the kids without good parents like you guys. some parents dont help there kids differentiate… what kind of message is this sending to the kids he just met with the other day? its ok to be affiliated with gangs/crime and act like a dildo as long as youre talented.?

          fucking brutal

    • I’ll go with the word “sad” my stomach is a mess. I don’t think he is the guy he is being made out to be. He makes immature and unpolular decisions. At the end of the day, I liked the swag, hated the me-me type stuff he would show on the field, but he offered a dynamic to this teamn that we will be unable to replace. I look forward to playing his new team this season, it will happen that way. I do worry about the depth of our WR now, we will need to get it right in the draft, and draft a minimum of 2 WR’s

      • yup, which will prevent us from dressing the real areas of need – getting a top safety or OLB….

        • You are right RT. We really need to get some top flight talent on this defense but look for us to be preoccupied with more toys for Chip on offense.

      • JK, you’re in denial. He is what he is. Is he not hanging with these thugs? Is he not throwing up gang signs on twitter? Did he not get caught with guns & weed in his car, but the charges dropped, because of his status? Is he not a selfish prick on the field? Did he not quit on the team in 2011? Is he an enigma in the locker room? He is what he is Jeff!

    • Dude I’m deeply saddened I pray for the young man cuz he is really fucking up

  88. Eagles- Ill gladly take that as a shot at me…. and I will say this…

    I am a an Eagles supporter… I am fine with the eagles doing this. He is a good player.. but clearly time to move on from this.

    • I agree Stevo if any of this is true they are justified in moving away from this.

      • Sorry.

        If Kelly wants choir boys he needs to go back to college.

        racists, rapist, murderers and woman beaters the like are ALL employed in the NFL. We gotta coupld sketch ones on the team now. So a guy who may or may not have shady friends hardly warrants a release.

        • TS! I’m with you on this. Ray Lewis became glorified after getting away with being part of a double murder. Donte Stallworth played in the league again after kllling someone being under the influence. McCoy with his bad mouthing of women, I won’t touch on Cooper, I have no tolerance for that language. Ray Rice will play again in the NFL. Brett Favre was a substance addict. Joe Nammath was on nationale t.v, slurring words and trying to pick up the sideline reporter. The list goes on and on.

          They need to keep it as Eagles released D-Jax, the support of the gang related baggage needs to stop, it’s a deep rooted issue in the USA, and should not be mentioned as causally as it has been.

          • ” Brett Favre was a substance”

            And Farve had a woman problem that the league and Green bay kept under wraps. Dig around a bit you’ll find where Farve was a know rapist…regularly paying off victims and the team and league keeping ish hush hush.

            So yeah…so all this speculation is being done by a org who just didn’t want to pay up and needed an excuse to look better.

        • you left out animal torturers ts.

  89. Oh and Jax is a crip (throwing gang signs and all)…but there are plenty of pics of him decked out in all red.


    All these armchair gangsters on the site….

    • are you retarded? can you read?

      this was stated as true by an LA Detective, but yea he doesnt know …

      • One LA detective.

        Do you know anything about gangs? Really know anything? Particularly crip and bloods?

        If DJax were a Crip…he’s never NEVER wear red…let alone head to toe. But okay. An LA detective said they were gang signs.

        • nobody said anything about him being a crip. but affiliating yourself with a major criminal element by throwing up these signs and hanging out with them and paying them through your label should be a MAJOR concern.

          • so if you’re a gang member, you shouldn’t be allowed to rap…make somewhat of an honest living? paying someone to rap and funding a crime organization are two seperate things…still too early to make assumptions, either way…

        • Your stupidity has grown… Wow

        • Really? That’s bullshit tsjohnson. They don’t color bang anywhere anymore outside LA. Snoop was in a video with a red bandana on – explain that.

          The best player on the team gets cut 40 minutes after the story breaks about his gang involvement, and you think it’s about money. You’re a fool.

        • well he does pose with certain members of crips and throws the signs, not only in social media but in the game against washington, but yeah if he was a member of the gang there would be no way he’d be wearing red often. He was even throwing the sign on a “selfie” while wearing a red hat. Know what sucks? Social Media…. Desean should stop taking so many pictures of unsavory characters. You can still be a good person and get involved with the wrong folks… that is deseans situation.

        • TS you are behind they dont do the color thing anymore I know cuz my cuzin is a blood and he wears blue all the time. Please stop defending Jackson he fucked up and his fault alone….U tripppin shawty

    • There’s a trade to announce….

      With the 12th pick in the NFL draft….the Philadelphia Eagles select

      Mike Evans WR Texas A&M

    • ts, stop commenting on stuff, that you are clueless about. You are just embarrassing yourself. Nobody positively said he is a member of the crips, but he IS AN AFFILIATE! Understand! Get your head out of your rear, & stop defending, & enabling his behavior!

      • its maddening people can be so stupid dcar. to even ponder the idea that the eagles just straight up didnt want his talent and thats the only reason is retarded.

        it makes absolutely zero business sense.

        all you need to know is no team in the nfl would give us a 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, wooden nickel for the guy.

        lots came out today and im sure there is way more.

        • Rumor was Jets offered a 4th and a 5th.

          Eagle said no.

          Then when it became clear they were going to release teams started saying “We won’t TRADE” for him…but guarantee someone will pick him up.

          If his contract were smaller then a trade would have happened. But no one is giving up picks and paying 10 mil.

      • YOU stop commenting on stuff you know NOTHING about.

        He’s an affiliate…running around in all red. lol. Really?


        • No, I don’t know about stuff, I only was a Police officer for 10 years, but I don’t know anything! Get lost, & go root for the Jet’s.

    • D Jax is not a crip! He makes poor choices and needs to do a lot of growing up, and if he made up the story about his house being robbed, that is a problem he will have to take up with the law, but he isnt a gang banger.. he’s a wanna-be hip hop superstar.

  90. Report says Chiefs are the leading team to get DJak, also read all that talk about a fake report on his home is BS, it just came from the police investigating the burglary. People have to chill out, an Eagle statement just said it was about his work ethnic

  91. Citing a source with “direct knowledge of the team’s thinking,” Profootballtalk reports the Panthers have “no interest” in free agent DeSean Jackson.
    Coach Ron Rivera stated earlier Friday that Carolina would have interest, but the Panthers’ front office appears to feel differently. It goes to show just how leery NFL teams are of D-Jax that the league’s most wide receiver-needy club is unwilling to sign him. We still think Jackson will have a new home soon.
    Related: Panthers
    Source: Profootballtalk on NBC Sports
    Mar 28 – 3:23 PM

    • I guarantee you as long as I sit here. there is no way that Panther Owner Jerry Richardson would pay $1 for D-jax.. He runs a very tight ship and does not deal with Players with the type of baggage D-jax has on his Team….
      Since the WR Rae Carruth Incident and the RB Freddy Lane murder of about 10-12 Years ago, Owner Richardson just won’t do it, regardless of how Talented D-Jax is .. No Way, No How

  92. They cris cartered hi

    • Chris Carter was an Addict and Alcoholic, a completely different scenario
      Carter had to hit rock bottom to help save himself which is exactly what he did… D_Jax poor decisions and quaestionalbe circle of friends have been done over time and not under the addiction and influences of Drugs and Alcohol …

  93. Funny how his team mates aren’t sticking up for him…the maclin interview is hilarious!

  94. Oh and the Shakir guy..

    “Well this Theron Shakir guy was acquitted of all charges. Big fucking deal that DeSean knows a guy that has not murdered someone.”


    • awesome he beat the case. even though he is a crip (fact) he is their chairman of the crips charitable donations, good will and he helps facilitate all the good work the crips do in their community.

      good ol shakir is just a nice guy at the wrong place , wrong time

      • LOL omg awesome hen I needed that laugh and TS JOHNSON PLEASE STOP WITH THIS WHOLE PROTECTING DJACK AND THE GANG IT”S REAL AND YOU ARE BY YOURSELF ON THIS ONE, usually i’m with you but for real it’s over

  95. They have nothing to trade to get mike Evans

  96. I’ll be honest.. D-Jax is a hurting person right now.. possibly even Suicidal
    He needs to be watched and supported and hope he has some Family and Real Friends that can support him during this.. It’s going to hit extremely hard on him for a while… My Prayers go out to him and his Family..
    He probably needs to forget about football for the short-term and focus on his personal Life right now and make the necessary changes to become a better person and man.. He’s still young (27) and has a whole life ahead of him..
    Get some help D-Jax and now…

  97. Oh and all that BS about a “fake” burglary police report is quickly being squashed. It’s backtrack central.

    Like I said…a hit job…no more or less.

    • TS if the Eagles put this shit out to justify releasing him they are the worst of the worst, just release him and move on, where is NFL security in all of this? This shit don’t add up at all.

    • I’ve been defending jax as a good kid caught up with the wrong friends… but he was not released because of money. That just isnt that case. Who knows maybe it wasnt even the off-field stuff… maybe it was the skipped meetings, fighting with coaches and poor locker room presence… but it was not money.

  98. Didn’t see that shit comin. I’m the first one to say he wasn’t going anywhere. Egg on my face. Fuck. I wanna kno the whole story. If this is all that it is, then the eagles are dumb as shit.. But if DJ was out bangin wit crips then if want him gone too.. Would nothing be more monumental for a rival gang is to take out a celeb, just a thought, they could worried about some shit like that happening who knows. There scared ass richy white dudes(I’m as white as they come FYI)
    But good luck DJ I enjoyed ur time here.. Even when dunta decided to make u do airborne Pilates !!

  99. I”m going to immensely enjoy when DJax gets picked up and burns the hell out of the Ealges should he go to a team we play.

    I’m gonna laugh and giggle like a little girl on CHristmas when he burns the hell out of our pathetic secondary.

    And yes…I’m going to enjoy when the tandem of Mac and Cooper can’t get open for sh*t and get knocked the fuck out when we play the teams of the NFC West.

    Releasing him is whatever…hubris at it’s finest but whatever…but the hit job..not cool. Not. At. All.

    • that is because youre not a fan of the eagles and never have been. cool part is now that you say this:

      “I’m going to enjoy when the tandem of Mac and Cooper can’t get open for sh*t ”

      i feel confident both WR gonna explode with monster years this year

    • why are you going to enjoy that? thought you were a birds fan. D Jax fucked up, plain and simple. Now he will play for another team for less money. You live and learn, hopefully he learns.


  100. Get this, the Birds felt bad taking any picks back from a team for Desean..

    Seriously… So they refused any deal… In the end they felt it would be better to release him outright instead of get a pick from a team because of all that is allegedly involved with him…

    This was all on purpose… they didn’t want anything in return… Wow

    • “Get this, the Birds felt bad taking any picks back from a team for Desean..”

      No one feels bad about fleecing a team for picks.

      No one.

    • where does this come from? if true id bet a paycheck he is on the verge of being charged with something…

    • You might be the stupidest retard ever created! “The Birds felt bad taking any picks” Are you f^#@ing serious????? Just stop Jon, please just stop!!!!

      • Although He’s word choice is poor ,his logic is correct , the eagles would be liable for fraud to trade Jackson without disclosure of what I believe they know about him

      • Jon didnt make that up, I read that in an article also… forget what one though

        • would be cool if people shared information instead of just posting blips

          • stfu henski

            You and dcar have this sense of entitlement..

            Pull that crap with guys that aren’t smart enough to read thru ur bs..

            “would be cool if people shared information instead of posting blips”

            Who are you?!

            Go look it up I spy like you do with everything else…

            What a freakin dork

            • a dork steals adam schefters tweets, copies them, pastes them and takes out his name and says according to my source…

            • Dude, you post nothing but fantasy & make believe BS! Beat it! Sense of entitlement???? WTF, are you smoking!!!! That’s your gig bro, you are the one with Narcissistic personality disorder, & delusional disorder, not me, you f^#@ing nut job! You are a loser, & not even funny anymore!

      • Dcar… Your the dumbest stupidest guy on this site. You know nothing.

        Again, if you don’t know what the heck your talking about or you don’t understand, either ask questions or don’t say anything.

        This is one reason why you get trolled on by guys on here.. Idiot

        • BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Says, the retarded, irrational, delusional, Court Jester! Get lost you jackass, & go pull your one inch killing pudd! I’m dumb, & stupid? You have no facts, no sources, & make $#!T up routinely, & daily! Everybody knows your a joke, & couldn’t care less who trolls me. I can handle myself. You on the other hand, come on here for attention, acceptance, & praise! Beat fool, you bore, & nauseate me!

  101. Lol Howard Eskin said desean is broke yeah Paulman he might try and kill himself and I think chip loved desean’s skills but hated him as a person. Now let’s welcome Brandon cooks to philly cause he has desean skill set with less baggage. What a day I knew he was goner but I didn’t see the release I thought they could get some value for him now Maclin the pressure is on you time to step up.

    • I’m down here in NC with no access to Philly Radio Gloomy,
      But D-Jax is in a bad spot right now and needs to watch over/supported by some good people whether that’s Family/Relatives..
      Most on here know that I was not a D-Jax Fan and have wanted him gone 2-3 Years Ago, but I do not want to see any Player or Person go out like this.. He needs to get help which is what he and people close to him that actually care about him need to focus on.. It’s going to be a very difficult time for him and I hope he’s strong enough with a real support group to overcome this.

    • DUDE gloomy that not funny man come on he has some problems man but suicide is no joke

  102. Probably to avoid a lawsuit alleging fraud in the inducement and seeking rescission

    This is just the beginnings of more bad information that will come out, the eagles know a lot more than we currently know

  103. Former NFL player Derrick Ward goes slap off on the hypocrisy and BS surrounding this situation.

    And as he points out Kelly used to recruit kids from Crenshaw High…he knows who’s banging and who’s not.

    This is ridiculous. We keep the racist and misogynist but the guy who might possibly maybe know some bad guys…we cut him.

    Fuck outta here with ALL of that.

    • ts, take your racist @$$ out of here. You ain’t a fan, & have obvious agendas. Go root for the Jet’s, if you don’t like it. Cooper is a racist JO, for saying what he said, & will never live down, & will never be forgotten what he said, but comparing a him, to clearly a POS like DJax, is asinine, ignorant, & stupid!

      • DCar you calling someone a racist?


        • ts u clearly are a racist. your agendas are and have been clear as day since ur first post here

        • YEAH, that’s right, I’m calling you a racist, & a hater of your own kind too. Remember a few months ago, you basically called Eagles, & I, an uncle Tom? Short memory, don’t you Sis? You don’t ever see me hating on anybodies race. Never have been, nor ever will be, an ignorant POS racist! I don’t have those limitations, because of my mixed heritage, race, & teachings! I was raised right, & had proper home schooling, & parenting. You, are a racist, with the agenda! Go root for your hero Vick. You ain’t a fan, & never will be. You blatantly don’t want Foles to succeed.

  104. I wouldn’t shock me if they take wr’s in the 1st and 3rds of the draft.

  105. Paulman download the app

    Then listen to 94wip

  106. Jon that was on the fanatic today

  107. Our draft changed immensely now

  108. There draft didn’t change they were taking a wr in the 1st no matter if he was here or not




    • How the Ealges look after TO left?

      Has there been ANY compotent safeties since BDawk was released?

      Oh and you can look up Maclin’s production with and without Jax…then come back and talk to me.

      • Since they are so bad, & you hate them, go root for the Jet’s, because that’s where your fantasy man is!

        • tsjohnson5
          March 28, 2014 – 4:08 pm

          I”m going to immensely enjoy when DJax gets picked up and burns the hell out of the Ealges should he go to a team we play.

          I’m gonna laugh and giggle like a little girl on CHristmas when he burns the hell out of our pathetic secondary.

          And yes…I’m going to enjoy when the tandem of Mac and Cooper can’t get open for sh*t and get knocked the fuck out when we play the teams of the NFC West.

          Releasing him is whatever…hubris at it’s finest but whatever…but the hit job..not cool. Not. At. All.

      • seriously TS don’t root for the eagles anymore you are a bad eagles fan and if you were around me I would make my girl beat the shit out of you

  110. Let’s recap shall we:

    From the smoking gun NJ article:

    “DeSean Jackson was nowhere near the scene of the crime when…” also “DeSean Jackson was not part of the case,” Jane Robison, a spokesman for the LA District Attorney’s Office, told “He was not a charged defendant. He was not a witness.” And “Despite Jackson’s name having come up in connection with two gang-related murders involving Crips, Crosson said police have no hard evidence that Jackson is a member of the gang…”

    1. He was not charged
    2. He was not a witness
    3. No police evidence he was a gang banger
    4. no investigation
    4. He wasn’t arrested for anything

    Right. But he’s a bad, bad man.

  111. I know three things.
    1) Desean in not a gang banger.
    2) Desean, while probably not a bad guy, is a damn fool.
    3) Desean was not released because of money issues. While he didnt have any more guaranteed money left, we will be taking a cap with no correlating on field production.

    • and *cap hit – why dont I ever proofread?

    • He is no more a damn fool than any other 27 year old millionaire.

      • Hmm.. Cole Hamels, jimmy, mcnabb, Howard, chase, luck, Lebron, and a million more were 27

      • He’s a damn fool, I admire goinG down with a sinking ship, but it’s pointless. He BLEW IT. Hopefully it’s a wake up call.

        • Even Vick straight up said what you just said Izzell, in an interview the other day. Wake up Desean! I’m gonna miss #10 around here but what’s done is done.

      • I’m not into this source shit, but believe me I know what I’m talking about right now. He’s a rich kid who does not have much direction and has surrounded himself with the wrong crowd. I’m sure there are a lot of things the Eagles know that we dont know also. I’ll tell you this for a real fact.. there is no way the Eagles would take this cap hit, that is against everything they stand for as a well run money organization. They did not release him because of his contract. Releasing him hurts the cap more than keeping him would have helped the team. They just don’t plain want him around. Sometimes people with good hearts let their lives be turned upside down because of a weakness to follow a crowd and ill friends with ill intentions. Think Mike Vick and during his Atlanta era. Did stupid shit because he was strong hearted, but weak minded.

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