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DeSean Jackson Is No Longer A Philadelphia Eagle

Desean Jackson is no longer a Philadelphia Eagle.  It’s a fresh wound, it hurts and in time it will heal.

There was speculation that this could happen, whether via trade or through a possible release.   Now he is gone, and we received “zero” compensation for a Pro Bowl player.  A player still in his prime, coming off his best season in the NFL; now free to go to any of the other 31 teams in the NFL.

Do I understand why the Eagles made this decision?  No, I’m not an employee of the Eagles, but I will support it for the better of the franchise.

DeSeanJackson1Affiliated to “gang affiliation” through music and “signs” he makes.  Was that it, was there more?  His social media updates don’t help his case, but was he a really a bad guy or did he have a bad guy image?

We have to turn the page quickly on all of this.  We have to hope Maclin’s knee has fully healed and he will have his best season in the NFL under Chip Kelly.   We hope Riley Cooper is able to improve on what he did from last season with a new contract and an increased role.

Sproles will obviously help out in the passing game.  Ertz will be a much better player in his sophomore season, and maybe we get contribution from Benn or Smith.

How many wide receivers will we now draft in 2014?  Does round one automatically go as the “Desean Jackson” replacement selection?

Do the Eagles make some defensive signings with what is left in free agency to minimize the need of taking defensive players in the draft?

How about DE/OLB Anthony Spencer on a one year deal to rotate with Cole?  Maybe we sign a true nose-tackle in Ryan Pickett to rotate with Logan?

It’s important that we don’t see the Desean Jackson as a set-back even if that is how we feel from a talent standpoint.

There was a lot of time devoted into making this decision, and ultimately the Eagles felt they were better long-term without Desean then with him. on Facebook

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139 Comments for “DeSean Jackson Is No Longer A Philadelphia Eagle”

  1. They freed up 6 million with this stupid move, they better put it to use on the D cause we all know their taking a WR with their first pick. It’s amazing how Laurie n Howie are buying into this coach and his system after seeing what happen with Reid, didn’t he have them believing they only needed average receivers cause it was about his system? And yet we didn’t get to the big game until we picked up TO, this isn’t going to be easy to replace, I can see Coopers stats going way down now, I can’t wait to see the excuses when everyone takes a step back.

  2. sucks to be an Eagles fan today… the FO makes another dumb move and jumped to conclusions..Desean is a good person and has no criminal history… just because he has some friends that are shady doesnt make him a bad guy. The Eagles will regret it and Desean will sign with a contender and win a SB next year. Then he will take to Intagram and tell Boy Wonder and Chippy to suck it gang style!

  3. I thought he was “never going anywhere”.

    I blame you Mr. Kosky, you jinxed DeSean when you wrote that article.
    I’ll never forgive you.

    Just kidding, good riddens.


    PHILADELPHIA — Over the past several weeks, the Philadelphia Eagles reportedly had shopped wide receiver DeSean Jackson.

    On its face, the decision to trade one of the NFL’s most talented players seemed curious: At 27, Jackson is coming off one of the best seasons of his career — 82 catches for 1,332 yards and nine touchdowns. Plus, he’s a playmaker who could have been expected to thrive for seasons to come in head coach Chip Kelly’s fast-paced offense.

    Yet the Eagles’ apparent decision to jettison Jackson likely had little to do with his performance on the field or a big-money contract that was slightly squeezing the team’s salary cap.

    Rather, sources close to Jackson and within the Eagles’ organization say, it originally was Jackson’s off-field behavior that concerned the front office. A bad attitude, an inconsistent work ethic, missed meetings and a lack of chemistry with head coach Chip Kelly were the original reasons for his fall from grace, sources told

    And when the Eagles looked more deeply into why Jackson was missing meetings, they found that his friends were becoming a more powerful — and negative — influence in his life.

    Then, suddenly, the Eagles had even more serious concerns when they were revealed by — Jackson’s continued association with reputed Los Angeles street gang members who have been connected to two homicides since 2010.


    Ever since New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez was arrested and charged with first-degree murder last summer, NFL franchises have been reevaluating how closely they needed to watch their players away from the field. And what Eagles executives saw in Jackson, a six-year veteran, was apparently a potential blight on the brand and a bad influence in the locker room.

    Before Jackson was released, a source within the Eagles organization, who requested anonymity, put it: “They are concerned about having him around the younger players.”


    DeSean Jackson was nowhere near the scene of the crime when, on Dec. 29, 2010, 14-year-old Taburi Watson flashed a rival gang sign at two men as he rode his bicycle through South Los Angeles.

    The men, reportedly members of the Crips, responded to the teen’s provocative gesture by shooting him multiple times, police said. Paramedics pronounced Watson dead at the scene.

    “DeSean Jackson was not part of the case,” Jane Robison, a spokesman for the LA District Attorney’s Office, told “He was not a charged defendant. He was not a witness.”

    Jackson was, however, associated with Theron Shakir, one of the two men charged with the murder. Along with co-defendant Marques Binns, Shakir is a purported member of the Crips. In addition, Shakir, known as “T-Ron,” is a rapper who recorded for Jaccpot Records, a label owned by Jackson. The two were close enough that they appear together frequently in photographs — including pictures posted by Jackson to Instagram while Shakir sat in jail awaiting trial for the teen’s execution.

    The caption? “Free Trezzy #Real1 #Jaccpot”

    Acting on unspecified information that Jackson might have knowledge of Shakir’s activities on the night of Watson’s murder, LAPD detective Eric Crosson said he interviewed Jackson on the phone in late 2011. Crosson wouldn’t reveal details of that conversation, but he described Jackson as “cooperative at the time.”

    Crosson also told that he reached out to the Eagles by phone in early 2011 — even before he interviewed Jackson — as a courtesy to alert them to Jackson’s connection to an alleged killer. He never received a response from the team, he said.

    The following year, the Eagles signed Jackson to a five-year, $48.5 million contract extension.

    When contacted by on Wednesday, the Eagles issued a statement that they had “no comment at this time,” and team officials would neither confirm nor deny whether anyone in the front office had spoken to Crosson about Jackson’s ties to a homicide suspect. On Thursday, a source in the organization said current front-office members had been unaware of Jackson’s links to an alleged killer.

    Shakir, who was, in fact, acquitted of Watson’s murder and a related gun charge in January 2013, spent more than a year in jail awaiting trial. (Binns was convicted and sentenced to 15 years to life.) In a photo apparently taken shortly after his release, Shakir is shown still wearing his L.A. County Jail T-shirt while someone who appears to be Jackson holds up a Jaccpot chain.

    At least one person close to Jackson believes the troubling associations date back to the mid-2000’s, when his father, Bill, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

    “The loss of his father was devastating for him,” Raul Lara, Jackson’s former football coach at Poly High School in Long Beach, California, told “When his dad passed away, I think DeSean started to hang around some not-so-good people.”


    A little over a year after the rising NFL star was interviewed by police about his connection to Shakir, Jackson’s name once again made its way onto the desk of Detective Crosson.

    This time, Jackson’s name surfaced as part of an investigation into a 2012 gang-related murder that occurred outside a South Los Angeles business where a party had taken place. The building was owned or leased by a member of Jackson’s family, police said.

    During a search of the building, Crosson told investigators found several documents belonging to Jackson, including a car title, a gun permit issued in New Jersey and credit-card receipts.

    After discovering the documents, Crosson said he made multiple attempts to contact Jackson by phone, but never was able to connect with the wide receiver. Crosson added that Jackson was never considered a suspect in the crime.

    Despite Jackson’s name having come up in connection with two gang-related murders involving Crips, Crosson said police have no hard evidence that Jackson is a member of the gang, which was formed in the late 1960’s and has an estimated 35,000 members across the country. Crosson said, however, the Jackson routinely flashes Crip gang signs in photos on social media — and even on television during an NFL game.

    “You don’t want to see anybody throwing up gang signs like he did in the Redskins game last year,” Crosson said. “Those were neighborhood Crip gang signs and he flashed them during a game. He may not be affiliated with the gang, but they don’t [ordinarily] take kindly to those not in the gang throwing up those gang signs.”

    Last season, Jackson appeared to throw up the hand gesture in the face of Washington Redskins defensive back DeAngelo Hall after a reception in the Eagles’ season-opener. Jackson also can be seen contorting his fingers to make a “C” — another Crips sign — in a music video he shot with former fellow Poly High student Snoop Dogg. Jackson flashed it yet again while wearing an Anaheim Angels hat on Instagram.

    Even the name of Jackson’s music label, Jaccpot Records, has not gone unnoticed by authorities. Police brought it up to Jackson, Crosson said, when he was interviewed in the investigation of the Watson homicide.

    The two C’s in Jaccpot, cops believed, were symbolic. Crips avoid putting a “C” next to a “K” because in gangspeak, that stands for “Crip Killer.” Crosson said Jackson explained the spelling by saying the Internet domain name for Jackpot “was taken.”

    “DeSean Jackson is not a gang member,” said EAG Management CEO and founder Denise White, Jackson’s agent. “He’s far, far from it.”

    White, who would not make Jackson available for an interview, offered no further comment.


    Despite his connections with reputed gang members and police interest in talking to him in connection with two homicides, Jackson’s supporters say he has otherwise comported himself as a model citizen.

    Through court records, however, uncovered a previously unreported arrest that occurred in September 2009. Jackson was pulled over for having illegally tinted windows, police said, and during the course of the traffic stop, officers said they discovered marijuana in the vehicle.

    Jackson was arrested for possession of marijuana while driving, disturbing the peace and operating a car with materials that obstruct or reduce a driver’s view, according to court documents. The marijuana and illegally tinted windows charges were dropped as part of the plea deal and Jackson pleaded guilty to a disturbing the peace charge in April 2010.

    Both the Eagles and a spokesman for the NFL, reached Thursday, declined to comment on the arrest.

    Since joining the Eagles in 2008, Jackson — a three-time Pro Bowl player — has been an active member of the Philadelphia community and has been involved in several charities. He has been particularly active in campaigning against youth bullying.

    Lara, his former high school coach who now is head coach at Warren High School in Downey, Calif., said Jackson has been nothing but friendly when the wide receiver has visited Poly High during NFL bye weeks. Lara added that Jackson has even been willing to bring his anti-bullying message to Warren.

    “As a player, he was a great kid for me,” Lara said. “I didn’t have any issues. I loved his leadership. He had a chip on his shoulder and, as a coach, you like to see that in a great athlete. He had something to prove.

    “I was a little worried about him after his father passed. I know his mother tried to get involved [in his life], but I haven’t seen any indication [Jackson is involved with gangs] outside of him starting up his rap label. Athletes like to portray a tough image with gangsters and whatever else. Maybe he’s playing into that. That’s a part of him that I never really saw.”

    Jackson was actually a crime victim earlier this year as burglars made off with an unknown amount of cash, an estimated $125,000 in jewelry, and two handguns from his South Philly home. Jackson disputed reports that $250,000 in cash was stolen from a safe inside the house and offered a $50,000 reward for information on the crime.

    When asked about Jackson’s status at the NFL owners’ meetings Tuesday in Orlando, Fla., Eagles general manager Howie Roseman said Jackson is “still under contract for us” and “until there’s anything to report on our players, that’s where we are now.”

    Head coach Chip Kelly also dodged questions regarding rumors about trading or releasing Jackson, saying on Wednesday, “I like DeSean, but we’re always going to do what’s best for the organization.”

    • I, like most posters, have been in the dark over this Jackson story… Mhenski’s post has been the first to give some solid background to the drama.

      I have always liked Jackson because he plays big for a little guy…He has heart…All this other stuff, I didn’t know.

      If true, it might be better for the team in the long run.


  5. You read the most ridiculous BS on here. People actually think Eagles are putting out this info, like they leaked the NJ story. That story killed any chance at trading Djax, why they released him like hours after it. That story hurt their chances at getting any compensation for him, embarrassed their organization and now cost them money against the cap. Why would they do something that hurt them going forward? And its not about money. Now the cap sensitive Eagles have to pro rate Djax guaranteed money and take a 6million hit on someone they get nothing out of. Thats the last thing they would ever want to do..they wont even pay 6 million for a good safety.
    but what else is knew…people will blindly defend anyone on here just because they have the same skin color as them.

    And the people bringing up the legal side about it need to read a damn book. The only think the Eagles could be sued for is if they were to call Djax a “gang member” since it could be defamatory if proven not to be true.

    Before the story broke, if they were talking to teams about trades (which they were) and simply said in their opinion he doesn’t fit their program because they think he is an asshole, lazy, bad influence etc..they wouldn’t be liable for anything because its reasonable for them to think that opinion. When Harvin got traded, you think the Vikings told the Seahawks were trading him because we think he is a nice person?
    On top of it Djax is a public figure which makes it nearly impossible to win a lawsuit, esp considering his reputation among the general public is already damaged.

    SO No it wasn’t because the Eagles felt bad to take picks from other teams lol. After that story, they had no fucking chance of even getting a 7th round pick for the NFL season in 2068

  6. I bet the Pats set up Hernandez too…Dallas probably had undercover bartenders serving Josh Brent drinks to fuck his life up too…Ravens set up the hit on Rice’s fiancee so when they cut his over the hill ass in 2 years they can tell the fans they did what they had to do, Eagles set up Riley Cooper to use the N word so they could get more leverage in contract negotiations…has to be a conspiracy cause NFL players are great people.
    Like I said some people will do anything to support their own kind=pathetic

    • O wait Djax’s bff gang member beat the judicial system (cause you know that never ever happens) and got a no guilty on MURDER…Im sure that makes everything OK for a billion dollar business owner like Lurie. No problem at all right…

      Im sure Lurie will soon announce that Casey Anthony will be the new Eagles Cheerleader. Just make sure you check her damn pom poms for chloroform.

      • But it’s okay for the same owner to employ someone who runs around wanting to fight every nigger here, okay makes sense.

        • Yet you had no problem with said owner giving a convicted felon who probably half the fan base didn’t want a second chance and when he took advantage of that second chance rewarding with a 100 million contract.


          • Because I don’t give 2 shits about dogs, so if you want to equate the two that’s all you.

            • You bring up Coopers slur yet just ignore the fact that Djax was still employed on the team/paid big money after making the slur “gay ass faggots”…If Lurie was going to cut a player for making a slur Djax would have been gone a long time ago. Hell 80-90 percent of the team would be cut for making gay/racist slurs since they probably make them everyday in practice/locker room.
              And like I said before, Lurie/Howie/Chip dont give a shit whether you or me or anyone else think one slur is worse than the other. A slur is a slur to them since everything is so PC now.

              Keep thinking like an idiot this was all about money. Keep thinking it had nothing to do with his piss poor attitude at times, quitting on this team/fans, fighting with the coaches, being late to meetings, and Now you got everything that was put out in that NJ report.

              Im pissed about not having Djax and letting him go for nothing. But they wouldn’t get shit for him after that story leaked. But you got people on here blaming others when Djax acted like a complete idiot. He is solely to blame.

              • That’s my point they can do whatever they want the facts are Kelly didn’t want him on his team especially not at 10 mil. Stop acting like he’s a big time gangbanger.

              • Times are different around the NFL in 2014
                With the Hernandez Case last off season and with the Dolphins hazing incidence of last year so anything that happened
                In previously with TO, Vick, Cooper,McCoy, Herremans,
                Etc,etc about their off the field issues is now totally
                Irrelevant on why this or why that..
                It’s the new NFL for most Teams around the NFL
                And we can debate the coulda, shoulda, woulda until the cows come home, but it is what it is and it’s obvious
                That Owner Lurie, President Smolenski, GM Roseman &
                HC Kelly all met and discussed the entire tenure of D-Jax and came to the conclusion to release him..
                It’s Time to move on for everybody..

  7. This is like taking a page out of the Sixers play book. Chip wants to tank for his boy Mariotta next year.

  8. We got nothing for him. LMAO. Unbelievable. These stupid pricks botched this whole thing up, the cherry on top is signing a joke back up QB.

  9. Mhenski dog. U really just posted a novel on GCobb. And. 100% of everyone didn’t read it lmao

  10. Absolutely the most stupid move the Eagles have made since they let Reggie White go.

  11. The hypocrisy of no personal accountability by the same people beating drum wouldn’t act/associate/react at jobs that make a tenth what he was.

    So Monday please show up to work late, miss meetings, be a pain in the was, act a fool on Twitter tweet through your company. When you get called in tell them “I had a good year last year…Lets talk about my pay”

    Lmao hypocrites

    Larry Fitz Megatron Green Julio Jones DeMarius Thomas Brandon Marshall Vincent Jackson Andre Johnson Josh Gordon Dez Bryant

    We are losing our minds over a replaceable player? He’s not even a top 10 wr. He’s a playmaker no doubt but if Kelly’s offense falls apart because he lost a stretch WR, Then we hired the wrong coach.

  12. Yo Paulman I’m at the Jacksonville Sharks arena football game with my sons, guess who their number 1 receiver is? Your boy Mardy Gilyard hahahahaha.

    • Ha ha, that’s Classic..
      Get an Autograph and I will forward to GMCliff & DCar..
      At least the guy is still playing Football and making a living..
      I always liked his game from his University of Cincinnati Days and seems like a good guy.. A Teamnate of Brent Celek

    • Pbwhahhahahaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

      • I’m telling you Cliff you can’t make this stuff up Gilyard has 3 TD catches and Mustain got benched in the 3rd Quarter. Hahahahahaha.

        • Eagles need to go and Sign Gilyard and give him that
          Big contract that D-Jax was getting..
          Is Gilyard running punts back too..

          • Good guy…not an NFL talent. The Eagles don’t have a superbowl because we invest in the Mardy Gilyards of the world.

            • Really nice kid talked to him after the game took pictures with my boys, he has a contract in the CFL. Told him I was from Philly and he said he thought he did enough to stick, also said that DJax stuff was complete nonsense and he was a good teammate. He’s also said he’s perfectly happy playing Arena ball.

            • Paul loves his position in the world of mediocrity Eagle…..

              That’s why he garners for the Gilyard’s of the world, and want to see talent like DeSean leave….

              Then draft time recommends other mediocre talent – case and point – whens Fletcher Cox going to start being obviously dominant???…..Dontari Poe has made the Pro Bowl already….

  13. You clowns laugh and post at your whim yet ignore the important issues facing the eagles and nfl
    moving forward

    What do you do with gang member in the nfl or players that hang with gang members

    Notice you do not have this issue in baseball or hockey, why? what’s about the nba and nfl player composition ?

  14. Sports and Leagues are not going to rid the world of gangs or other undesirables, they are a micro-Cosmo of our Society..
    Some Teams (And the Eagles are certainly one of them)
    Won’t tolerate it as an Organization.. Others may look the other way if the Player is a special Talent.,
    All I can if that you feel strongly about the make up of your Team and you don’t like the direction with where they are heading, then find a new Team to root for..
    But Sport Leagues just like any other Organization cannot legislate or guarantee “Morality” or Solid stand up Players 100% of the Time.,
    Things happen, players fall they the cracks, players are faced with Family, personal issues just like anyone else that’s alive and a member of am organization, a church, a school, neighborhood, a business, etc..
    It’s when there is a “pattern” of poor decisions and behavior become
    Obvious and a distraction to the organization that things need to change

    • Bull Paul,

      Even if he was a gang member – which he is not – It hasn’t affected them winning – and his production on the field has warranted respect from his peers to be voted into the Pro Bowl…..

      Nor has any of his teammates been affected personally by it….

      This was a smear campaign….. – and the Eagles get what they deserve when he sues them for defamation of character…….

      We don’t know what true, and what isn’t – all most know is what the Eagles are telling them, and allowing the media to run with it – all the while they look like the good guys…….that’s some bull there Paul

      • How can he sue the Eagles? The Eagles have said nothing about gangs. The Eagles have said nothing about DeSean’s character. The Eagles didn’t tell the newspapers what to write.

        As far as anyone knows, the Eagles cut DeSean for money reasons. Just ask Biglion and Songs.

        • GM’s point was it was about money and their sources were all over that hatchet job. If I were representing him I would pursue it just to drag the front office into the light. Again regardless of who his friends are they should be embarrassed for doing this. Read what I wrote he’s not responsible for the behavior of every friend he knows or grew up with.

          • By the way I asked Mardy Gilyard if DJax’s friends were ever around the team or was a distraction? He said everybody around the NFL knows this was about money and dude wasn’t no kind of gangbanger. He directed me to Derrick Ward’s twitter page who’s from South Central and said this is how most players feel.

            • Who cares what Mardy Gilyard says? The guy spent a about two days in the Eagles locker room. And Derrick Ward is a militant black racist. Great sources….

              • Izell for your information I took my sons and their Cub Scout troop to scout night at the Jacksonville Sharks arena football league game where they got to meet the players when he found out I was from Philly we had that conversation, do you need anymore info clown?

          • You have to be kidding. If you were representing DeSean Jackson you would want the Eagles reasons for releasing Jackson made public?

            I can assure you, the last thing Jackson wants is the Eagles going public with everything they know about him.

            But if you want to know a little more, start listening to Derrick Gunn. Start listening to some of the Philadelphia area club owners stories.

            • So you think the Eagles acted morally above ground in all this Irish? That they are not using this as a smokescreen?

              • I think that DeSean Jackson did not follow the teams rules. I think he defied Kelly, and the other coaches.

                I think the Eagles have had problems with Jackson for the 6 years he played here, but Andy Reid was willing to overlook his behavior. I think Kelly said screw this bullshit, and fired him.

                I don’t think it has anything to do with money. If they wanted to keep Jackson they just would not have signed both Copper and Maclin.

                I think the final straw was Jackson not showing up for his year-end interview with Kelly.

              • I asked you about the Eagles not Desean Jackson.

              • I don’t think the Eagles had any desire for things happen the way they did.

                All the negative publicity surrounding DeSean eliminated any possibility of trading him. The Eagles released DeSean after that story broke because that story killed his trade value.

                So, if you are asking me if I think the Eagles purposely slandered DeSean Jackson – the answer is NO. The Eagles lost money over that news story.

              • Thanks Irish that’s all I asked we disagree on something’s but you know this article takes heat off of them in this situation right?

  15. Look guys….

    We’re the “Golden Standard” of the NFL”.

    There’s teams that dream of fan base that will loyally follow a losing organization, and agree with every bullshit reason they give.

    Line up and bend over Eagle fans so your shekel hoarding beloved Eagles executives can gang rape you raw dog with a sand paper condom.

    Maybe they’ll share the money they’ll save cutting Djax with you.

    This season is going to be funny as hell.

    Look at the first half of the last 3 Eagles games to get a glimpse of the future folks.

    All for the beloved Salary Cap shavings.

    Well, the rest of the NFC East can breathe a sigh a relief knowing they can now focus on bringing a safety or 2 down near the line, while the second level covers the 10-15 yard dinks and dunks.

    Riley freakin Cooper and bitch ass Maclin will be your starters folks.

    It doesn’t matter because We Eagle fans will support this “championshipless” shit of an organization hell or high water.

    Well, not me.

    I will not buy toilet paper for the next few weeks now that I’ve cut all my Eagles paraphernalia in to neat squares, so I can also save money this season.

    I will not buy one piece of anything with Eagles on it….never again!!!!

    My family will not contribute to this blatant disrespect.

    We as fans support this team and get nothing in return, and are continually lied to, or given excuses to why we’re better with lesser talent.

    I’m not buying it no more.

    Eagles are what other fans of winning teams have always said they are, but we keep believing like a battered wife with a black eye that keep believing she’ll get back the one good year, or feel good about a few nice days between the nights her teeth gets punched out her mouth.

    The Public Relations Machine or Psycology of the Eagles will not distract me going forward.

    A few good games or an O K season will do nothing.

    I will not support this team again until they win a Championship first.

    It’s been decades supporting these pompous pieces of shit, only for them to ship our best players out with no respect to the fans who pay their hard earned money to support those players.

    We keep Cooper, a right out racist caught in the act, but cut an up standing Avant and jettison the teams best reciever because he’s due to make over 10 million.

    Don’t give me this character bullshit, or gang garbage that the synagogue gang conveniently pressed right before DJax’s release.

    We all know the Eagles are behind those stories to cover their asses.

    I need the fans to copy the post and reflect when our recievers get destroyed seeing man coverage, which gives Foles fits.

    When Shady don’t have running room because the deep threat is gone.

    When you’re screaming at the T.V. after Djax get a championship….Then you’ll forget the spin machine that claimed “gang affiliation”.

    They think you’re so stupid that they can tell you anything today and you’ll forget it tomorrow.

    When Djax help a team win it all …then what?

    The only “gang” we need to keep our eyes on are the “Gang” running Novacare.


    I’m done.

      • Didn’t you say the same thing last year?

        Desean is supposedly visiting the Redskins tomorrow so what are you complaining about? He might sign with your favourite team!

        Wait….Vick went to the Jets….so I suppose that’s now your favourite team….and the Redskins with RGIII are your second favourite…..and San Fran are your thihrd……I can’t keep track.

        • Vinnie the difference between last year and this year was Foles was actually abetter player than Vick. You replaced a mediocre player with a pro-bowler at the most important position in sports. This year you removed a pro-bowler from the team with nothing. Better hope his replacement can play.

        • Songs states this every Season,

    • Songs….while I’ve disagreed with you in the past, I understand your frustration and agree with a lot of your thoughts about how the Eagles run their business. They have a history of smearing and disrespecting their star players over money or not knowing their place. I’m not giving up on my team…I will never do that. However, until I see true progress, I.e. a championship….I will not purchase any new eagles paraphernalia. I think you have articulated a lot of people’s thoughts and feelings with this post of yours.

  16. Desean Jackson was fired for one reason and only one reason.
    Crips Gang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Desean Jackson has made his intentions know to all – He will not change who he is for anyone, take it or leave it.

  17. DeSean Jackson – WR – Free Agent
    NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reports the Chiefs have dropped out of the running for free agent DeSean Jackson.
    This should send up an immediate red flag to other interested teams, based on coach Andy Reid’s history with Jackson. Kansas City also has a wide receiver need. Per RapSheet, the Chiefs “did research” on D-Jax, and opted against signing him. Jackson is scheduled to visit the Redskins on Monday. Many national reporters expect Dan Snyder to out-bid the field for 27-year-old Jackson.
    Related: Chiefs, Redskins
    Source: Ian Rapoport on Twitter Mar 29 – 9:38 PM

  18. And everyone acts as if Eagles can’t win without D-Jax,
    Well what did they Win with him the last 5-6 Years..
    There is a new Sheriff in Town and it’s going to
    Be Chip Kelly’s way or the Highway.. That’s part of the Package you get when you hire a Big Ego/Control Freak as the HC
    The message is loud & clear, if you want to Pkay for Eagles and Chip Kelky,
    You better buy in 100%, you better move to the Philly area and
    Participate in Team Functions and do your off-Season Workouts at NovaCare or close by.. The a Days of multi-million contracts going out to Players who do their own thing, live elsewhere and workout elsewhere away from
    NovaCare Ctr are long gone.. I am not saying this is right or wrong, but am saying this is how Chip Kelly will run his Team .
    Probably the only Reason that other high paid Players like Trent Cole,Todd Herremans remain on the Team is that they are full time residents and players for the Eagles.. These Part-Time Players who bolt Philly a day after the Season is over and then don’t return until Late Spring OTA’s and then Camp
    Will not be a part of this Eagles Organization moving forward..

    • Lol…Paul…..people act as if the Eagles have won something besides the salary cap championship. The Eagles have won nothing with none of their players….but re-signed lesser talent…one with an injury prone history. The Eagles are not a better team without djax on the field…period. Last I checked….Riley Cooper dropped a pass that would have gave the Eagles a first down in the N.O game. Riley Cooper hurt the locker room. Every reporter that’s been in the locker room has stated on record they never saw or heard anything about djax bn a locker room problem. He was actually more of a loner who kept to himself.

    • News flash paulman, if they bring in Chip Kelly players and don’t win he won’t be here either. What exactly has the Chipper won the last 5 or 6 years?

      • Nothing either Biggy,
        But they went out and Hired him anyways and gave Kelly a 5-6 Year Deal at $6 Million per Year and have turn the reigns over to him and will give him every opportunity to bring a Championship to Philly
        Year 1 was better than expected
        Let’s see what Year 2 brings..
        Meanwhile any holdover Players from the AR era will be released,traded or moved away from who are not fully comitted and who don’t fit Kelly’s schemes..

        • Paul…please….in detail….tell me what is the fit we are talking about here. 1332 yards in 82 catches…60 first downs. That fits any scheme. 10 mil isn’t a fit. The Eagles just need to say it.

      • Exactly…how many bcs championships? David Shaw out coached Chip constantly, with lesser talent…winning.

  19. I was listening to Sonny Hill on the way back from mass on the 94 WIP radio station and he said Desean Jackson would not qualify to play in his basketball summer league. Sonny tries to protect his young athletes from the likes of a DJax.

  20. Before redemption there must be admission of wrongdoing and you hear none of that from Jackson or his supporters, no he’s just a Sunday school prankster throwing gang signs

    • blind as bat fools –
      they want to blame kelly’s ego or Lurie’s cheapness,
      DJax is no longer a Philadelphia Eagle for one reason only = Crips Gang

      • Yes…and they are ready to let Evan Mathis take a hike over what….him wanting more $. Like it or not, $ is the main factor. Was Djax the ideal locker room guy and team guy, probably not, however, none of us are in there to know for sure. We’re all looking at things from a perspective we want to believe based off of our perception. I personally have not seen enough to justify his release at this point. Perhaps I’m wrong, but as I stated, I need more information. I blasted Jackson when he was released. After I read more info, I stepped back because I don’t see enough evidence to support what people are speculating. At the end of the day, it’s Jeffie’s team, and Kelly’s players that will determine what happens with this team winning a SB. However, if everybody has to fit into a certain mold character wise, quite a few more playersshould be jettisoned!

        • Evan Mathis’ agent can orchestra a trade on behalf of his client. The Eagles gave him permission to seek a trade that will return the draft pick value they assigned to him. It is a long shot he will be able to achieve this. A team would have to forfeit a high draft pick and pay a 32 year old player more than 10 million the next 2 years. Not going to happen —- he will trudge back into the locker room soon enough.

          • I agree with you, he still wanted more $ and the Eagles was willing to let him go based on that alone, not attitude, work ethic,it was $ alone that basically had the eagles telling him to take a hike.You can’t have it both ways. Like I said with Avant, great guy, leader. his talent isn’t worth 4 mil, but if you value work ethic, leadership and being a team guy, how much is that really worth to you as an organization?

  21. Unless it’s a smokescreen looks like the Chiefs just passed on a guy who Reid knows better than anyone…reason “due diligence”. That speaks VOLUMES. Tailor made fit for KC and they passed.

    • It speaks volumes that they only have 4 million under the cap which means they CANNOT afford him.

      • WRONG.

        Chiefs went after Emmanuel Sanders who signed a 3year deal for 18mil with 6mil guaranteed with the Broncos and the Chiefs were offering slightly more.

        With easy contract restructures they could afford him.

        Stop making up nonsense.

        • So they would have to restructure contracts but they can afford him, dude just stop.

          • Lmao all teams restructure contracts to make new ones. Say otherwise so you can look dumber. You said they couldn’t afford him. Obviously they could.

          • They restructured contracts last year to give Bowe a 60million deal they can get out of end of this year.

            But you’re right no way they can afford it.

            • Nope they couldn’t why chase after him when in the they lose out because they cannot offer as much another team?

              • IMO what he’s going to find out is that good teams aren’t bringing him in to be a no.1 because although a talented playmaker he’s not a true 1. So they aren’t paying him beast money. For that he has to go somewhere with no real WRs

      • Only how they couldn’t afford him is if he wants contract that’s pays him above 10mil guaranteed and he isn’t worth that right now.

        • with 4.5 in cap room kc queefs could easily give Mesean a 5 year 50 mill deal with a 3 or 4 year 1 cap hit just like they did with Dwayne bowe.

          oR just like when eagles gave him 5 years 47 mill his year 1 cap hit with us was 3 million.

          bottom line the queefs didn’t want him lion

          • And his agent has probably put it out there what he’ll accept, as much as I like Desean I wouldn’t put my team in salary cap prison for him.

            • That I can agree with. But if he’s pricing himself out of good teams when he is supposed to have 6mil guaranteed no matter what, what does that say about him? Best move he could do is go to a contender stay quiet and make plays for a year.

              Although if he wanted to stick it up the Eagles rear for year I wouldn’t blame him.

            • ok so his agent put out there he won’t take 5 years 50 mill? lmfao ok bro. keep denying reality…

      • I’m hoping the kid finds a great landing spot. I really do because I don’t think he’s a bad dude or gang banger, but I do think he’s a highly immature unprofessional talent who is dangerously close to pissing it away if he doesn’t get his act together.

        Like Derrick Mason posted…PERCEPTION IS REALITY.

        Young man lost his father who was a major positive influence. I don’t think it’s a coincidence he’s been acting a fool since. As a single father I genuinely feel for the kid. He needs a hand on his shoulder to slow him down and see what’s really going on.

  22. Big,

    Someone cannot be character assassinated if at some point in time you didn’t provide the ammunition

    • I agree with you on that 100 percent.

    • That’s not true.

      You do exactly what they NJ is doing here…try to create connections where there are none.

      OOOHHH…someone he knows was acquitted of a crime.
      OOOHHHH….someone was killed outside a place where his sister rents.

      Wait…he wasn’t there, wasn’t questioned, wasn’t involved in any way…but look…look..six degrees of Kevin Bacon.

      Do you read your history? Charcter assasinations hapen all of the time – folk just make shit up or exaggerate – JohnKerry isn’t a war hero cause maybe possibly one of his 9 medals wasn’t real (though that’s impossible to happen) – Obama is a terrorist ’cause he was born in Kenya – MLK is a communist – I could go on.

      • Nah TS this is the part I agree with at some point you have to distance yourself from certain things, now does that excuse what the Eagles have done? Hell no but the Instagram pictures aren’t photo shopped it was easy to point and say see look I told you.

        • These are the decisions that D-Jax made and had to now pay the consequence.. Any other garbage new smear stories are simply piling on a young man & athlete .. The bottom line is the Eagles did not want D-Jax around anymore plain & simple.. This Decision was made after the Season in January as Owner Lurie, GM Roseman, Smolenski,
          Gamble & Coach Kelky put together their Off-Season
          Plan which did not include D-Jax remaining an Eagle..
          As soon as I heard GM Roseman state publicly that Eagles offered and wanted Maclin to sign a Long-Term Deal days after signing Cooper to a long-term Deal along with his infatuation with this WR Draft Class
          I knew D-Jax was no longer part of the Eagles Future
          Now I did not anticipate the Circus that has followed since
          But no doubt in my mind that by mid-Febuary, they decided to move on from D-Jax .. If Maclin has a decent start to the 2014 Season, he will be locked up to a long term deal by November..
          It is what it is, anything else that cones out from here is irrelevant
          In my opinion for the discussions and ultimately the decision was made weeks or even months ago..

          • I’m getting to the point that I’m ready to move on. I was stung Friday….time heals. I want the draft to come to see the direction they are moving in as far as the defense and what WR they are going to draft. I still don’t get it…but as an Eagles fan I have to accept it. Bird Gang!

  23. Djax has had red flags ever since college. Part of the reasons he slipped to the second round. And since being a pro he has been far from a professional considering everything that is out.

    Since when do you have to be found guilty of a crime or arrested to have red flags in this league? the stupidity on here is hilarious

    Was Richie Icognitio arrested for what he did to Martin? However you think teams don’t consider that a red flag on his part?

    The hypocrisy is ridiculous on here with some. I bet the same people think Riley Cooper has red flags around the league with teams for saying a racist slur…o wait he wasn’t arrested for it so the league doesn’t consider it a red flag. Give me a fucking break with these hypocrites

    And by the way some people need to read a damn book on the law before talking about possible lawsuits. They have no idea how clueless they sound.

    • please explain how these problems of Desean stopped him from getting over 1300 yards en route to another pro bowl berth.

    • Not really Pheags did you miss the part where the Eagles lawyers have gagged the front office on speaking about any gang ties? But it’s okay to give shit to this reporter with unnamed sources right?

      • Biglion, there is no proof that there is a gag order. That came from Sal Pal who last time I checked is not the attorney for the Eagles, no does he work for them. Hell he doesn’t know anything about the law like you either. Eagles dont gave any info on anything in general.

        And even if true, there would be no liability for the Eagles talking about being concerned that one of their employees is throwing up gang signs, taking pics with gang members accused of murder the day they get out of jail, having guns taking from his house etc.. Those are true statements of facts=no liability.

        So they could speak if they want, they just don’t care to as usual.

        On top of it Desean is a public figure. He would have to prove there was malice behind the any statement. LOL yea good luck with that.

        And in order to have your rep tarnished, you actually have to have a good rep to begin with. Djax’s reputation before this story was that he hung out with some bad dudes, throws slurs and gang signs around, and has a bad/immature attitude. Yea he can def sue lol…he should sue himself for stupidity

        SO yea like I said educate yourself about the law before making clueless statements as usual

        • Never said his red flags stopped him from being an electric player (when he felt like it). Learn how to read. My post was responding to the usual stupidity on here cause people are saying the man had no red flags just because he has no arrested or convictions. Since when do you need an arrest or conviction to have a red flag among teams. Ask the NFL if TO was a red flag even though he never went to jail.
          Just calling out the usual hypocrites as I seem them SOngs..btw how is the redskins doing this offseason?

  24. Im just still pissed off about this whole thing. If Desean had the maturity of Dawk/Avant or Fitz, there is no doubt in my mind that he would go down as one of the favorite Eagles ever. No one cares if you are a choir boy. Just be a damn professional so you don’t get kicked off the team, is that so hard to do when you are getting paid millions. If you want to act like a fool do it when you retire. Fact is if Desean had a better head on his shoulders, he would still be an Eagle (or at least someone would have traded for him). Only one to blame is him. The situation just sucks.

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