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Thoughts On DeSean Jackson’s Release

DeSean Jackson 3It’s over.

After several weeks of rumor and speculation, the Philadelphia Eagles decided to sever ties with star receiver DeSean Jackson, releasing the three-time Pro Bowler.

The cause of Jackson’s release stems primarily from the organization’s concerns over his association with known gang members out in Los Angeles, several of which are connected with several murders. He also was a distraction within the locker room, and clashed with Chip Kelly and the coaching staff throughout the season. There were missed meetings, poor effort in practice, and various confrontations with the coaching staff.

Was The Release Justified?

Jackson’s off field antics had clearly become an issue.

His reported gang ties, if indeed true, would be enough to raise all kinds of red flags.

Just one year ago, the league dealt with another high-profile player with gang ties when news of the Aaron Hernandez murder came to light. The star tight end of the Patriots quickly found himself released from New England, out of the league, and into a cell.

The details of Hernandez’s situation are pretty scary, and with that incident fresh in everyone’s mind, its hard to fault the Eagles for going in the direction that they did.

My question is what exactly were DeSean’s ties to these people? How deeply was he involved in their activity? All that has come out to this point is that Jackson has a lot of questionable associations. There hasn’t been anything Hernandez-like reported on Jackson as of yet. Unless something close to that magnitude comes out about DeSean, then its going to make me wonder if the Eagles cut ties prematurely.

We haven’t even scratched the surface of the events that led the Eagles to this decision, and there’s a lot that needs to come out into the open. But the Eagles know this situation much more intimately than any of us, and I don’t believe they would have released 1,300 yards and eight touchdowns unless it was absolutely necessary.

The Writing On The Wall Was Always There

The Eagles clearly had planned to move on from DeSean a long time ago.

Howie Roseman made it a priority to get his other top two receivers, Riley Cooper and Jeremy Maclin, locked up before free agency even began.

The Eagles have also been looking heavily at the receivers coming out in this year’s draft.

Howie Roseman and Chip Kelly both danced around questions about DeSean’s status, including this week at the owner’s meetings in Orlando. Roseman said only that Jackson “remained under contract with the Eagles at this time.” and Kelly cryptically stated that he liked DeSean, but that the Eagles would always “do what’s best for the organization” and that “no one player makes our offense work.”

When I heard Kelly talk about DeSean, I was reminded of his comments about Nnamdi Asomugha a year ago shortly before the Eagles released the disappointing corner. At the time, Kelly gave Nnamdi a lukewarm endorsement, saying that “he had a skillset that could play football”. At the time, it was pretty clear that Kelly was preparing to move on from Asomugha. When he made the remark about doing what’s best for the organization, and that no one player fueled his offense, I thought that was just as clear that DeSean’s days were numbered.

The Odd Interaction Between Kelly/Jackson On Wednesday

One of the strangest elements to this story to me is the conversation that Chip Kelly and DeSean Jackson had earlier in the week.

With trade rumors swirling, the head coach finally made contact with the Eagles early in the week, and reportedly the two had come to some kind of understanding. Kelly reportedly told Jackson not to worry about anything, and to be ready for camp. Jackson then went to twitter, and gave everyone the impression that things were good between himself and Kelly. There were also reports that Jackson had begun to inform his teammates that he was staying in Philadelphia.

And suddenly, just two days later, Jackson is no longer an Eagle.

I just wonder why Kelly would bother telling Jackson not to worry and to be ready for camp one day, only to turn around and release him the next. Kelly obviously had a clear idea where the Eagles were going at this point.

Final Thoughts

DeSean Jackson’s immaturity, attitude, and apparent lifestyle choices have done significant damage to the Eagles.

The Eagles must now move on without an integral part of their offense. Their best vertical threat is gone. The pressure is on Jeremy Maclin to prove he can stay healthy, and Riley Cooper to prove he can still thrive without DeSean drawing significant attention from opposing defenses. The wide receiver position has gone from a great strength, to a question mark, and will need to be addressed early in the draft.

The Eagles can’t look for one of the top safeties or pass rushers early, they’ve got to make sure that their offense is in the best possible position to click on all cylinders.

Jackson also leaves the team with a significant cap hit that will impact them for the next few years, and the Eagles lose a tremendous on the field asset without receiving any kind of compensation in return.

Its the most destruction that a wide receiver has done in Philadelphia since 2005. on Facebook

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574 Comments for “Thoughts On DeSean Jackson’s Release”

  1. Boo Denny. The only problem here is the Eagles FO and a coach who beleives his system reigns above all else.

    With that said:

    And now up to 6 teams already calling on DeSean Jackson. And counting.

    — Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) March 28, 2014

    I’m happy for him. And wish him all the best.

    • I agree, ts.

      As I said above, unless a Hernandez-type incident eventually surfaces about DeSean, then I’d strongly wonder whether or not the coach and front office used this as an excuse to get rid of a guy that didn’t fall in line with what they wanted personality wise.

    • according to rotoworld. That number has dropped to 2 teams: Washington & Oakland.

  2. Here’s a quick Hit List of WR’s still availalbe in Free-Agency

    Pure Speed Receivers
    1) Santonio Holmes – Jets (has baggage,selfish attitude as well)
    2) Jacoby Ford – Raiders (still young, has potential who never blossomed with the Raiders, like most of their Players and also contributs on Special Teams)

    Quality Veterans who could be a good Fit in Kelly’s Scheme
    1) Nate Burleson – Lions (has had injury issues, but a solid #3 WR with sneaky speed and a Great Locker room guy)
    2) Miles Autin – Cowboys (has speed, and would be a great fit if healthy)
    3) Robert Meachem – Saints (Solid possesion type of Receiver, played with Sproles and could be a nice 3rd Down Receiver to add to the mix)

    Big Targets
    1) Darius Alexander – Chargers (Missed off all last Season due to Knee Injury after starting their Camp as the Chargers #1 Receiver.. Was an up and comer in 2011 & 2012 until his Injury)
    2) Sydney Rice – Seahawks – (Big Target, still has some speed but has missed a lot of games the last few years)
    3) Kenny Britt – Titans (has all the Athletic Tools, but lots of baggage and cannot see the Eagles jumping right in with another potential headache)

    Based on what’s out there and relatively inexpensive WR Market with the Strong WR Corp’s in this Years Draft, maybe pursuing a Nate Burleson,Miles Austin or a Robert Meachem on a 1-2 Year Deal may be the way to go for the Short-Term …

    I stay as far away from Santonio Holmes or Kenny Britt

  3. Funny how all the wanna be GM’s on this site were whining about the FO blowing it and not getting anything for 10 a week ago are now saying “damn no wonder nobody wanted to give a pick for this POS”

  4. Denny the most telling thing here is how his team mates jumped ship on his ass… That never happens unless the guy is a total asshole

  5. Whoever let out the secret that he would be cut regardless of a trade is responsible for us not getting a pick out of this.

  6. People already lined up to get DJax…calling saying…this ‘gang’ stuff is so absurd…the NFL is filled with guys who have ‘associations’ with ‘questionable’ people…”At least six teams had already reached out to Jackson’s agent within 30 minutes of the Eagles’ announcement Friday, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported.”…
    One of those teams is Andy Reid and Kansas City….if these gang problems are so serious…why are other teams in the league jumping the opportunity to grab him up? If he is another Aaron Hernandez waiting to happen….why is everyone else so anxious to grab him?????
    This is ridiculous…pure and simple!!!!

  7. Just reported that it was only $20,000 taken from DJaks house n not the $200,000 that was reported, If that was falsely reported what else is?

  8. We wonder why guys walk around entitled making bad decisions when personal accountability is an afterthought. Then point fingers but he did that ….if you have kids you would never tolerate that thought process.

  9. It doesn’t matter guys. It doesnt matter where he goes. I actually hope he goes to Dallas because pair him with Bryant and you have a TERRIBLE locker room. Winning attitudes make winning teams, that is what Kelly wants. Philadelphia no longer wants Desean Jackson around, the reasons don’t matter at this point because it’s done. While he was a face of the franchise and a hell of a speedster, he can and will be replaced on this roster.

  10. take that weed out of that cigar u smoking, haveacigar! The guy didn’t have time to clean out his belongings at the Nova Care before teams are tripping over each other trying to get at him.
    I guess after all these months none of the other teams in the league have any investigations .
    Moves like this tells me that Lurie really just wants to be good enough to maybe ‘compete’…we not really trying to win a Super Bowl…

    • Jax is a little guy with a big chip on his shoulder as all little receivers have (or little guys that play in the NFL in general).

      He will be signed by a team and he will ball HARD. And I’ll root for him cause this mess right here is TOTALLY uncalled for.

      Let’s see Cooper improve on his “breakout” year.

  11. “Sanchez and the Eagles have agreed to terms. Fox Sports reported that his contract is for one year and worth more than $4 million.”


    What was that talk about a one year contract for 1-2 mil?

    This off season just keeps getting better and better.

    • A lot of loot for a ‘backup’…you think Chip has some other things in mind tsjohnson5??

      • Yep.

        Has too. And it explains why Sanchez signed with us.

        He’s had a crap couple of years, but prior to injury he basically beat out Geno for the starting gig – I didn’t see him willingly sign with a team to be a backup…I do see him choosing a team where he can clean up his image and have a chance to start.

        While I don’t like Kelly’s moves and ego this off season…I don’t think he’s as sold on Foles as any here want to believe. That NO game was VERY eye opening – in this offense Sanchez could do very well if a change needs ot be made.

        McGown is making 5 mil as a starter. Vick was also paid 5 mil to be a “backup” Schaub’s contract is only slightly better.

        Also like with Vick’s contract the one year is telling. If you gonna sign as a known backup with a team 2-3 years is the norm at a salary closer to 2/3 mil a year.

        Like I said…it should be interesting.

        • LOL, quit while you are behind girl… Have a good weekend gcobbers… i’m outta here time to enjoy the real world.

          • So you tell me why they are paying a backup – who according to gcobbers was supposed to ‘compete” with Barkley to a deal worth more than 4 mil.

            Now if it comes out the deal is all incentives I take back what I said. If not…well then what’s your reasoning.

            I’ll wait.

            • The Sanchez deal was 2.25 million with incentives that can push it North of 4 million. Sources: Adam Schefter on twitter, csn philly, ny daily news, fox sports, and ESPN. Just 4 million would have been crazy money for a backup QB.

              • The initial report I read didn’t make the specification.

                Like I said if it’s just laden with incentives I backtrack on everything I said. 2.5 mil is def backup money.

  12. antitrust…that is the most ridiculous bull crap…winning attitudes comes from winning players with talent! Talent is what wins in this league and if you don’t have talent…you are going to have a locker room with bad attitudes….When Foles struggles next year, and trust me…he will struggle…I don’t want to hear the excuses about DJax not being there and the safety being in the box…dont want to hear it…

    • cool, no offense dude but you are always wrong, so whatever. They’ll have another speedster who can catch in the lineup next year. Foles success was only based because of Kellys system.. according to you… so if crappy Foles can succeed and be the highest rated QB in the ENTIRE NFL, in Kelly’s system, then another WR with speed will be able to do the same, right cool? I’m just using your logic. We have so much talent on this team still (well offense), its unreal. And it will be added to.

  13. anti-trust…yeah Foles success was in large part due tot Kelly’s system…but the system was successful because of the talent Foles had around him…the best offensive line in the league, the best running back…and a wide receiver that scared the hell outta of defenses! Also, we played one of the weakest schedules in the league last year, our division sucks, and last year…we didn’t beat one playoff team.
    This upcoming year is very different! So if you are going to use my logic dude…use all of my logic…
    Jackson has explosive speed and quickness…AND excellent hands…he only dropped three balls last year…he opens up the entire offense…
    He is not easy to replace…and anyone who understands anything about football can easily see that!

    • I love D-Jax dude. I wish things were different and that he was an Eagle. But there is a CRAZY deep WR draft, shoot that Cooks kid is another DJax… or maybe we can trade and get Evans which in the long run will be an improvement over D-Jax. Plus we got one of the faster guys in the league in Sproles who can catch 70 passes if need be. It will be okay, Chip Kelly didnt get where he got today by making terrible decisions.

    • my favorite thing about D Jax was his hands. That guy just catches everything. But its done now, and if we had to lose our #1 WR I guess let it be in a draft year where he can be replaced.

      • or at least replaced to 90% of his ability (I dont expect a rookie to have 1300 yards).. and dont forget Maclin was a first round pick who had great chemistry with Foles his rookie year… Maclin is FAST also! Actually, D-Jax and Maclin do not compliment each other as well as other combinations do, so it will work out. Trust in Chip… he took a 4 win team to the playoffs last year.

  14. Sproles won’t spread the field like DJax….teams are going to be better prepared and we are playing tough defenses next year….Plus we need help on defense! its a crap shoot that picking at 22 we can get All-Pro talent that will replace DJax and give us what he gave….Kelly better know what he is doing…but lets face it…this is stupid decision…you don’t cut All-Pro talent…

    • I do wish we would be able to address purely defense in this draft, but we’ll see what happened. Desean caused his dismissal, dude. It just is what it is. and Maclin can spread the field also. I just hope we dont draft that Benjamin kid from FSU in the first round, I think he has more bust potential than other possible picks. If Calvin Pryor is on the board still, we HAVE to grab him.

  15. I think Miles Austin would be a great fit in Eagles Offense,
    Obviously, he know NFC Opponents well which would give him a leg up, and is pretty physical blocker downfield which is a pre-requisite for what Kelly likes in his Receivers..
    I would offer him a 2 year $8-10 Million Deal right now and then
    Draft a Speed WR to cover in case Maclin walks after 2014 in Free-Agency

  16. “I would like to address the misleading and unfounded reports that my release has anything to do with any affiliation that has been speculated surrounding the company I keep off of the field. I would like to make it very clear that I am not and never have been part of any gang. I am not a gang member and to speculate and assume that I am involved in such activity off the field is reckless and irresponsible.

    I work very hard on and off the field and I am a good person with good values. I am proud of the accomplishments that I have made both on and off the field. I have worked tirelessly to give back to my community and have a positive impact on those in need. It is unfortunate that I now have to defend myself and my intentions.

    These reports are irresponsible and just not true. I look forward to working hard for my new team.”

    Ok, a LOT of people are jumping the gun and just taking Chip Kelly/Howie Roseman and company’s word as gospel without any actual PROOF… so far there’s no PHYSICAL EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER that DeSean Jackson is affiliated with a gang/organized crime or illegal activities. The Eagles give no reasoning in their statement of why DeSean Jackson has been released which makes me believe they only have their speculation and assumptions to lean on since there isn’t any legal situation that’s been publicly outed.

    Aside from employing someone that was acquitted of murder charges it doesn’t seem like there’s any off the field activity that’s even remotely detrimental to the football organization and yet there seems to be a lot of people that believe there’s something to any of this.

    Riley Cooper on the other hand, a confirmed racist, by his own words and his own admission after being publicly exposed as a racist is not only still on the team a year later he also has received a multimillion dollar contract extension. Unless there’s some forthcoming murder investigation directly implicating DeSean Jackson as was the case with Aaron Hernandez or some information is revealed about some type of authorities asking for cooperation from the Eagles in some type of criminal investigation you have to assume the organization is racist.

    If something significant doesn’t turn up it means there’s an extremely low character bar for white players and an extremely high character bar for black players where if even the faintest hint of an odor of the specter of criminality seems to linger around those players (even if it’s completely fabricated) those players absolutely can not co-exist with the Eagles organization according to Chip Kelly, Howie Roseman etc. If there’s nothing major that pulls DeSean Jackson into some real crime investigation soon there needs to be an investigation of the Eagles organization from top to bottom to determine whether there’s racial discrimination casually intertwined with their personnel/human resources policies.

  17. My best guess is that DeSean will be signed with the 49ers before the weekend is out and they’ll be competing for the Superbowl this year.

  18. How come none of his team mates have come forward and stood up for him? Makes you wonder what went on behind closed doors. You can have all the talent in the world, but this is a team sport. No one backing him has me a little baffled. Must have been a complete a hole in the locker room.

    • Sal pal has reported there’s a gag order in effect.

      basically they told everyone to shut the hell up or else.

      • There is a gag order in effect for the front office due to legal allegations that could come up from a wrongful termination.

        Jason Kelce on Twitter:

        We just made an extremely unpopular decision, but I couldn’t be more excited and happy with where this organization is going!! #FlyEaglesFly

        I can see where they could tell the players to shut up, but what Sal was reporting was for the front office and coaches.

        • You know…I’m gonna stop reading shorthand versions of what was said…folk never report the full thing. SMH.

          But that makes sense.

        • Kelce tweet doesn’t say much.

          Just standard boilerplate “Yay tema” and “Good luck DeSean”

          • Yeah Kelce’s thing was a toeing the company line kind of deal. Don’t say anything bad, but don’t say anything good.Apparently Herremans, and MaClin have come out and said somethings, but not sure where I can find it. ESPN said something about it. Don’t know if they were good or bad.

    • Because there are a lot of people that just got shiny new contracts in the last year or so and don’t want to be shown the door.

  19. If the Eagles were willing to take a chance on Mike Vick (learned from his mistakes and was always a team guy), it tells a whole lot if they just let DJax go outright. Neither Kelly, Howie nor Lurie need to tell us any details either; staying out of libel/slander legal stuff is smart. I don’t trust the media who will “scoop” anything to get a leg up on other media types… hype, hype, hype. The organization heads (Kelly, Roseman, Gamble) will find ways to make up for DJax’s production.

  20. Forst of all Denny……the cap hit is not significant the next few years! Get your facts straight before you “report” something. After this season there isn’t a cap hit. They pay the remaining $6 mil owed because of his signing bonus this season then they are done!
    This is DJax’s own fault. He is 27 yrs old making millions of dollars yet he chooses to do questionable stuff publicly. All he had to do was keep everything low key, not flash gang signs during a game or post instagram pics flashing gang signs. Just go to shows immaturity can be very expensive.
    Yes this hurts the Eagles alot, but they still have weapons and the offseason isn’t over yet. Luckily the rest of the East is weak, so hopefully we can get better as the season goes and make the playoffs, then who klnows what will happen.

    • Which gang signs did he flash? Could you tell what block he came from? Do you have any screen grabs or are you just talking out of your…

      • Well Butch, the cop from LA that spoke to a reporter about DJax said he flashed a local Cryp (sp?) gang sign during the Redskins game. They showed the footage and showed a still shot of it. Plus on Instagram he posted photos flashing gang signs! So genius am I talking out my ass or are you just to damn lazy and stupid to research before you post?

  21. Igglesb27 – you are right. Denny needs to do his homework. I also agree that Miles Austin might be an interesting pick-up for the short term, but the answer will be who we draft in May. Worse case scenario would be Huff in rd 3 (who played for Chip at Oregon and is familiar with the system. It’s going to be interesting.

  22. “A spokesperson for the Philadelphia Police Department told Birds 24/7 Friday afternoon that DeSean Jackson is not under investigation for wrongdoing related to the break-in at his South Philadelphia residence in January. Further, there was a discrepancy on the original police report that has since been corrected.

    Based off an initial interview with Jackson’s mother, it was believed that approximately $200,000 was missing from Jackson’s home along with a firearm and jewelry valued at approximately $125,000. After speaking with Jackson, they determined that the following was unaccounted for:

    – A Ruger handgun valued at $700
    – A Rolex Presidential with diamonds valued at $110,000
    – $20,000 in currency

    “He provided accurate information from the very beginning,” said Lieutenant John Stanford, a public information officer.

    Asked if Jackson was being investigated for any wrongdoing, Stanford replied: “He is absolutely not under investigation.””

    Guess now folk can just continue to speculate about him knowing someone who was acquitted of a crime.

  23. Another Philly sports groundhog day. We just love giving away talented players for all kinds of reasons. My earliest memory of this is letting Keith Jackson walk, Not paying Reggie White, deciding not to have a middle LB and letting trotter walk only to bring him back too late, Bdawk released a year or two too early, now cutting Desean Jackson and getting nothing. I can’t act like I know all the details so I won’t question the decision to not have him on the team. Early player comments seem in support of the move yet we haven’t heard from the best player on the team Shady. Trent Cole didn’t seem like he cared and he has been here the longest. why in the world could you not at least get a pick for a top flight WR? I hear people saying good thing our division is weak. I don’t want another division tittle that does nothing for me. The NFL is wide open every year and we were positioning ourselves to make a run now we have another hole to fill with more growing pains at a key position

  24. There is also a fascinating report on Jackson by a reporter from the Bay Area where Jackson grew up! Monte Poole puts Jackson’s ‘affiliation’ in perspective. Also worthy of note…two of the teams who would have the easiest access to Jackson’s supposed ‘gang’ activity…San Francisco and Oakland….are two of the teams interested in signing him!!
    The more I hear, the more I am convinced that this is a foul move by the Eagles!

    • It’s a Kelly ego move.

      Jax is a difficult guy…as little WR tend to be….but likely he spent a fair amount of time bitching ’bout Foles getting him the ball and likely didn’t “buy in” to the Kelly plan.

      The guys who did are probably like good riddance. The guys who didn’t and are looking to keep their jobs don’t have much to say.

      With that said, scheme matters, but so does talent. TALENT is what is going to get you to the big dance (a little luck too of course) – but hey we are in the NFC Least so we still have a sot at the division title.

      • I disagree 100% TSJ
        This was Owner Jeff Lurie’s Call 100%
        This entire Story is more than Football
        And as long as Lurie owns the Team,
        He will ultimately determine who wears the Silver & Green
        And represents his Billion $$$ Franchise..
        This move has nothing to do with D-Jax Ability or Contract
        It was tine to cut the chord with him as far as Owner Lurie was concerned
        There is little doubt about this.. Your giving way too much influence and authority to Coach Kelly.. This decision was out if his hands and probably 2 years in the making on Lurie’s end..

        • Paulman, I highly doubt this was Lurie’s decision. The Eagles, in my opinion, made a horrible mistake by releasing D-Jax. I have never once heard of any off the field issues regarding D-Jax. All of this so called “gang affiliation” is pure speculation. Did D-Jax kill anyone? No. Has he been arrested on any charges while he played for the Eagles? No. But this is what makes me laugh, the Eagles will release Jackson, but yet gamble on a convicted felon/dog killer in Micheal Vick. Really?? This organization seems awfully confused, and dysfunctional. What kind of message are you sending to us Eagles fans Mr Lurie? That its ok to have a player who butchered animals on your team, but yet it’s ok to release a player on pure speculation? I sure hope the front office at least attempted to help this kid before they gave up on him. Because in my opinion, that’s exactly what happened. We all better hope Maclin is completely healed from that ACL injury..

  25. Owner Lurie’s procolamation to GM Roseman and Coach Kelky is that “I am paying you guys good $$$ and have given you enough time & resources to find his replacement.. Now go do your Jobs..” I am certain of this..

  26. Your on point tsjohnson.of course DJax was a diva…and he was bitching and moaning about Foles not getting him the ball unless he was wide open….he would beat his man and be NFL open…but Nervous Nick with his obsession for stats would check it down …well lets see how easy those check downs are going to be against good teams this year…we will see!!!

    • We will win 9-10 games this year assuming we go 4-2 in the division.

      We don’t go 4-2 in the division – then all bets are off.

      I felt this way b4 the Jax situation and I feel this way now after (though I do see 7-9 or 8-8 as a much greater possibility now) b/c Kelly’s scheme is good enough to work in the reg season and we are in the NFC Least.

      Now should we win the division and get to the playoffs…we will one and done again.

  27. Nobody is going to come off looking good in the end. The Eagles are full of shit, they are scapegoating this kid so they don’t come off as clueless because they botched the trade scenario. Djax looks bad because of the company he keeps and the media for participating in this hatchet job. Last but not least you clowns who jump to conclusions and believe everything you hear and read.

  28. Thank you Djax for the years of great play. I wish you well with your future squad ( as long as it’s not the cowboys). Lol

  29. For those who think where getting Mike Evans, please we have no shot.

    • and Mike Evans wouldn’t replace DeSean’s production anyway…

      To me this is a ploy by Howie, to justify getting rid of him, and not looking like the bad guy at the same time…..

      They know he’s not affiliated with any gang. He throws up gang signs???….SO WHAT!!….You could say guilty by association, yet he hasn’t been charged with any crimes, nor has been suspected of any crimes – and the robbery incident is irrelevant to this entire situation – has nothing to do with nothing….

      Allen Iverson, had some nightclub incidents, and it didn’t affect the 76ers, just him……

      I laughed at Jeremy Maclin, because with DeSean gone, he has to be the #1 receiver, and he has never been better than DeSean – and never will and he knows it – so he looks forward to cashing in…cash in on some speed, and skills, and then you’ll be able to at least shine his cleats.

      Howie, and Chip are full of crap – Treacherously trying to justify not paying our only 3 time Pro Bowler what he deserves – I don’t think this situation is about DeSean at all – it about the pride of two individuals who think they’re better than they really are….

      • And Cliff i think your right and it is absolutely deplorable to stoop to that level, they badly managed this because they didn’t want to pay him. Mathis will be next just watch. I will say this over and over NFL security would have been all over this but it was never investigated. Sad sad situation.

      • Completely agree gmcliff.

        Releasing him right after the hit piece went live basically turns this situation into a convo ’bout DeSean and not about an organization cutting their best wr and one of their best players for nothing.

        • Please show me one prominent player one the last 5 Super Bowl teams that didn’t buy in/pain in the ass and where leaders of the team…..

          I love how it’s all someone else’s fault and put no personal responsibility on the player. Djax is a diva etc etc yet he couldn’t hold Larry Fitz or CJs jockstrap and you never hear about nonsense from SUPERSTAR PROFESSIONALS….KEY WORD PROFESSIONALS.

          I’m not even a millionaire but I accepted being a hundred thousandaire and the caveat was I had to give up certain aspects in life to be afforded that and if I didn’t like that I could give it up and make it on my own.

          This stupid ass back door innuendo “the white man” “keeping it real” bullshit is a slap in the face to people who work hard and handle their business. Stop making excuses. The Eagles made a mistake in not addressing this under Reid and helping create this problem but DJax has HEAVY blame in his inability to handle himself as a professional. He’s a playmaker…he’s not even a top 5 player AT HIS POSITION. So at some point the juice ain’t worth squeeze.

          Enough with the Riley Cooper bullshit. He had to answer to his dumbass mistake to a locker room of grown ass men. If they didn’t want him he would be gone.


          Yes….my head just exploded….Eagles are hit men…took in a convicted felon that over half their fan base didn’t want and gave him a chance…unbelievable HYPOCRISY reading some of these posts.

          • Brother Izzell Jenkins…..Does he have to be a leader to be considered a serious weapon????

            The Eagles do have other options as leaders, so why did it have to be DeSean? ….

            The so called leaders of our country aren’t real leaders from a morally ethic point of view, and yet we seem to accept it, and continue to vote these documented criminals into office without a complaint….. But we DeSean Jackson is intolerable huh?????

            Your right about hypocrisy brother, it always seem to reveal itself in the sport world when the double standard plays to criticism of the controversial superstar personality…..

            • T.O was THE BEST WR in the game….and he was controversial and it cost him true greatness and a chance at winning. He’s said time again he regrets some of his actions and attitude.

              My man when you have Vick on the team….a man who was on the mountaintop and fell into the valley then got back up again and you can’t learn to handle yourself as a pro from that example…stop with the excuses. DJax messed up. POINT BLANK PERIOD.

              This team had true leaders on it because of the Riley situation. If. Calvin Johnson wants to be a diva you swallow that bitter pill….HES THE BEST IN THE GAME….but a talent who may not even be top 10 at his position but is getting paid like it and still have issues…I can understand the release. May not be happy with it but it makes perfect sense.

              • But I’m the hypocrite? Your basically signing off on double standards, by the way what has Calvin Johnson ever won while being the best at what he does? Like I said before with Vick, Desean and whoever ultimately they bear responsibility for their actions. Let’s just make sure the bar is even for everyone. Everybody needs to be ashamed for believing this was done for anything other than money and Kelly not wanting him on his team. Just like it was okay for him to recruit South Central LA kids to play at Oregon. See any hypocrisy in that?

              • I have major respect for you Izzell, you bring logic to a post that sometimes lacks it, but I don’t see where that analogy fits DeSean Jackson, because he has committed no crime, so where did he mess up???

                …..IMHO, I don’t think I am making any excuses for DeSean – If he truly messed up, I wouldn’t defend him at all – I’ve stated that for weeks – because I knew something more was coming –

                My point is that premadonna, diva, or not – doesn’t make it necessary to cut a guy.

                – TO, wanted more money, and acted like a fool – DeSean wasn’t like that in this situation, but all of the sudden we want to undignify the guy, – stating that he has been a part of gang related incidents for years – to me is only passing the buck of accountability, to remove the criticism of the fan base – who would do just that if they really knew the truth of the real motive for cutting him….

              • Hey GMCliff,
                It’s been like Christmas all over again for me as
                The Eagles in 1 Week move on from Mike Vick & Desean Jackson
                I have been saying for a while now that this Eagles Team will not truly be “Chip Kelly’s Team” until the both of them were gone..
                They are good players but who have never Won anything at the College & NFL Level.. Player by Player, Chip Kelly will surround his Team with Winners .. Now the onus will fall on Chip Kelky and his Staff to make up for their losses in on the field productivity so it will be interesting to see…
                See sometimes this old man is right…

              • Paul with all due respect who cares………I know you don’t care; You’ve been desiring this for some time now… it’s not surprising….

                But, Moving him still isn’t going to help this team. Maclin isn’t DeSean, nor any rookie we draft…even after 3-4 years of development……

                Remember what I told you – This entire WR Class is overrated, and most in the 1st-3rd rounds will be bust…..

                I’ll just say this – he better be right……He better have a plan to replace him. I’m not buying their reason for releasing him. I love the Eagles, and I am pissed that he isn’t on this team anymore….

              • I don’t wish any bad will to D-Jax and surely didn’t want his time with Eagles to end like this with a flat out, humiliating release,
                But what’s done, is done and there’s no use in crying about from anyone.. D-Jax made a lot of big plays and some great memories
                As an Eagle.. But all things must and do pass,
                The important thing is what the Eagles do moving forward
                As in terms of adding a new deep threat and replacing production
                And this falls squarely on GM Roseman & Coach Kelly and only time will tell if they are up to the chalkenge and opportunity and the same for D-Jax in his quest to land on another Team and be a weapon and productive Player & Teammate
                I’ve never been one to get too attached to any of “individual players” but instead pull for the Team..

              • So I shouldn’t hear any complaints from you about us needing receivers in the future then right????

                Especially since the front office doesn’t appreciate our 3 time Pro Bowler…..

      • Gm perfectly said on all accounts. It’s really making me look at the Eagles differently. If a player can’t play anymore that’s one thing, but this is just low and disgusting how they went about this. Not sure if I want to spend my bread on tickets this year.

    • WR Mike Evans will going # 10-12 and will be 2nd WR behind Watkins Selected.. If Watkins goes to Raiders (With D-Jax)
      The Evans probably goes to Tampa Bay Bucs..

  30. Who the hell was on here talking about Eskin? So basically he was on the radio making shit up? Based on the Police department Desean did nothing wrong so when are these charges being filed. Ridiculous shit.

  31. I think right now with that move we have the worse receiving core in the division.

  32. Risky move by the Eagles. If the go downhill the next year or 2, Kelly and Roseman will be gone.

  33. I’m gettn sick of seeing this shit comparing DJ mr gang affiliate to coopers situation. Coop is a racist?? Lol . I guarentee every black dude in here has done called a white boy a racist slur like they have the Fukn rite. Slavery was fucked up. Done n over wit move the fuk on. This shit isn’t comparable. #fishtown #headbuster

  34. Sal Pal is reporting that he was released for the main reason of not getting along with coaches and buying into the culture of whats going. It sucks that we got rid of him, but we need the players to buy into what’s going on around here.

    • So 1332 yards and 9 TDs isn’t buying in?

      I mean this goes back to something I said earlier, this isn’t college. A good coach manages difficult personalities – WR are divas, the good ones anyway. Could you imagine if we had a Richard Sherman type (DBs are divas too) and we released him ’cause of “not buying in.”

      We need Ws not yes men.

  35. Brandon Cooks here we come..d’anthony Thomas here we come. Our draft is so fucked up now!

  36. now we absolutely have to add a WR in the draft that means the chances of us getting an elite pass rusher and a DT good enough to start are slim. What a botched move! You absolutely have to get something for a Desean Jackson, they can’t hide from that especially if nothing of significance surfaces surrounding his off the field activities. Anything short of some type obstruction of justice or something has to be there or this is one of the lamest moves in Eagles history. Not bc Desean is so irreplaceable but in the slime ball fashion it was done behind a smoke screen of speculative horse shit. Half the NFL has gang affiliation if we go buy the medias current definition of affiliation.

  37. That is pure BS!! He has to ‘buy in’?? Those 82,catches for 1300 yards is enough of a ‘buy in’ for me! This ain’t college Chip! It’s the NFL and grown men! You don’t get rid of All-Pro receivers for the teams ‘culture’! You establish the team ‘culture’ by winning! DJax helps open the field for Shady, the tight ends, and slow receivers like Cooper…
    Bottom line Chip and the Eagles better win…when you get rid of All-Pros you lose your grace period…no excuses…As Eagles fans we want some championships, not a team of good guys with ‘character’ and no talent to play with Seattle, San Francisco, or the big boys we need to beat to win a championship!

  38. If I read one more “So What he throws up gang signs” comment I might Vomit.

    If you have lost a family member to gang violence or the product they peddle or the diseased thought process they spread you would likely feel differently.

    Desean may not be a Member but flashing signs says you support the behavior they engage in.

    What would you say about a guy who puts up an Al Qaeda flag in pictures with a sword held over someones head and then says “I’m a good person and not a member”.

    What would you say to a guy who gets caught openly displaying a Swastika Tattoo and has a bald head but says he just likes the look and is not a member of a neo nazi group.

    Come on – Perception is reality look like a thug and you are (no matter the truth) and that falls squarely on you the individual.

    • Your analogies are stupid! Do you watch the ‘GodFather’, ‘Sopranos’ and movies like that? Do a lot of people enjoy that? Does that mean that they support the Mafia? Neo-Nazis are a racist hate group….nothing like gangs at all!
      Desean Jackson grew up 20 min from Oakland…and he started a rap surprise that he knows gang members…
      But there has not been a single report from any of the police agencies in LA or California that ever said they even suspected DJax of being involved with gangs. Not One!
      So commit up that bull crap you keep eating…”So what he throws up gang signs’…that means nothing…absolutely nothing!!!

  39. djax wanted more money. The last time he didn’t get his money he dogged it for a full season. Now he was (before he got cut) the third highest paid wide out in the NFL and he still wanted more money. personally, I would have given him the money. 1.2 mill more was not to much to try and get a SB.

  40. RegalEagle/; What about the racist comment by riley cooper. djax should have got away from those dudes,, but he was out here in hollywood last year at this school, teaching kids in a basketball camp.and he went on tv to fight bullies, he made a mistake asking for money, thats it…. its a shame.

  41. Oh no guys there’s a rumor that Evan Mathis has gang relations with theSons of Anarchy. He has been seen with Jax Teller on several occasions, the Eagles are investigating the matter. Lol

  42. Hysterical. I told ya a month ago he was history, The math did not add up and his attitude and behavior did not help. When yow ming wrote that story the other day that desean was not ever going I was in tears laughing at how silly some people are.

    I love Chip Kelley. Because he is everything the Fat Man was not. He has balls. That is what is going to separate a good football mind from a great one. We will win a Superbowl and it will be done with courage not that “I got a do a better job” crap. “I’m happy with the players we have” crap.

    Su Tzu style. Cut off the head of the leader and the rest will fall in line. 32 year old offensive guard says I want more money….Take a hike. We will replace you.

    That is the real world. Don’t think so, go in to work on monday and miss meetings, don’t show up, quit in the middle of the day(game) or refuse to give your best effort until you get a raise regardless of the fact that you signed a legally binding contract.

    That skinny bum never did anything to get better. He could not beat press coverage and his stats when down when Foles took over. He disappeared in the playoff game. COMPLETELY.

    Nobody including Andy Reid wanted him in a trade. As Casserly said. He was a 1st round talent who fell to the 2nd round for a reason.

    When a new coach comes in and says he wants bigger players and you only weight 165LBs, and your the highest paid on the team, if you have any sense you are on your best behavior, Not this idiot.

    Good rid-dins. Can he play? Of course. So could randy moss, steve smith
    and terrell ownens. Not a lot of superbowl rings in that group of great wide recievers.

    The offense will be even better with the depth at running back. Yes the Eagles lead the league in rushing not passing. The addition of Sproels and the upgrade of special teams. And then there is the draft.

    Drew Rosenhouse reduced in importance and Desean gang banger Jackson gone. Great Freaking Day.

    • So you making fun of the name of the writer are you racist or trying to be funny? So I guess that shows your character. SMDH

    • Your drunk! He caught 82 passes for 1300 yards….that’s a lot of improvement to anyone that’s sober!

  43. ***Trent Cole seen Hunting with the “Duck Dynasty”
    Gang last week, look for his Release soon.. Reports are that
    Trent Cole is growing a long beard too..,

    • Okay paulman where do they go in the draft? WR or Oline because you know damn well no safety will be picked? My guess is Benjamin or Beckham. I know you don’t like Benjamin so what do you see?

      • It’s wide open Biggy..
        I believe they sign a Veteran WR in the next week or 2
        (a Miles Austin or Nate Burleson) for short term depth and then Draft an OL & WR the first 2 Rounds

  44. The WR Brandin Cooks from Oregon State
    And WR Huff from Oregon could be on the Radar

    • I know the Oregon State kid would look nice in this offense, and I do like Huff. You know paulman the Eagles need to do something big because the more reports I see the worse they look, most rational people aren’t buying the gang thing.

      • In a secrete Orlando Owner’s meeting vote Jeff Lurie received permission to use a new tactic to release players from the other 31 owners. It is called the gang signal plan. The other 31 owners were giddy about the new idea. All appeared to working terrifically until the “most rational people” foiled the ESPN and other sports networks collaboration and aren’t “buying the gang thing”. Bwahahahahahahahaha
        NFLPA awards the GCobb Vickapologists turned DJaxdenialist with saving the integrity of the game for their work.

        • Dude get over it they released him because they screwed up any trade scenario they didn’t want to pay him and Kelly doesn’t like him. Period

          • What Team was going to take over D-Jax’s $34.5 Million
            Contract.. No one was, so instead of the Eagles hanging onto him for another 6 Weeks until the Draft Weekend and have the daily rumors & questions asked and swirl around the NovaCare Complex and to the rest of the Players, they decided a Draft Pick in Return wasn’t worth the wait and circus and simply cut the chord on D-Jax

  45. Wow. Out all night in Edinburgh sans phone. Return home this am to this news.

    I guess it was expected.

    No big deal. The O won’t skip a beat. By week 4 you won’t even notice he’s gone.

    I’m with Jason Kelse on this: “I couldn’t be more excited and happy with where this organization is going!! #FlyEaglesFly”

  46. LAPD says Desean has no ties to gang related activity or slayings.

    This propaganda was brought about by the Eagles organization and that’s it! Dont believe everything you read guys.

    They didnt want to pay Desean, Chip esp doesn’t like Desean, bottom line.

    I actually think they screwed Desean in the end by not trading him to a team because now it gives the appearance that Desean has so much legal trouble and things that no one knows about that you teams dont want no part of this kid.

    They were sticking it to Desean on the way out. That was wrong. They wanna make it hard for him to get a job elsewhere..

    I’m losing respect for this current regime..

    • Not only that they TOLD the Ealges this back in 2011.


      SO…on the day they release him releases a hit piece on ish that happened 3 years ago. THREE YEARS AGO!!!!

      That’s some fuckery. FUCKERY.

  47. I wonder what shady thinks of all of this

    • I can tell you that Shady will be keeping his mouth zipped,
      They’ve had their talk with him already, no doubt in my mind..

  48. I wouldn’t pay a thug that fronts like a gang members either. Hell they should sue him for tarnishing the team and league image. A Suspension for every public display of support for crime should hit every player in the league.

  49. That’s false jh, there’s no evidence that Jackson was criminally implicated with any gang activities, but there is evidence that associated with an alleged gang killer, in fact he was a rapper signed to Jackson’s label

    There is evidence that put him at the location of another gang murder , although he was never a suspect

    He randomly and routinely throws the crips gang sign, which to any.person of common sense is either an admission of membership or an explicit signal of approval, solidarity

    People who want to advance need yo separate Jackson from color, stop looking for reasons to blame white people for what the eagles did, or at least stop with this nonsense that the Cooper situation is s

    Jackson is cut because of Jackson. stop looking to shift. Responsibility

    • Another clueless biased clown that doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

      You need to read and listen. The LAPD SAID HE WASNT INVOLVED AT ALL! This isn’t about color its about facts dummy

      People like you can’t be respected because you wait for situations like this to say “the thug got what he deserved, it was all his fault”

      This is a business at the end of the day, and like I said weeks ago, that 10.5mil was staring at Howie and Chip and they didnt like the idea of having to pay him that even though he deserved every dime because of his pro bowl year.

      Say you personally have a friend or brother that commits a murder or other crimes, you wasnt at the scene at all, hes just employed by you. Does this mean that you are linked to this murder or anything that he does? NOOOOO. Not the slightess nor would you want to be. He’s just your family/friend and employee

      Its a bit different when you put yourself in the situation.

      When LAPD comes out and says he has no involvement I ll take their word for it over a biased fan that wants all “thugs” punished..

      • Dude on bleeding Green keeps arguing saying I don’t know what I’m talking about when I QUOTED him what the PHILLY PD said about the burglary.

        He keeps saying “But Eskin said….” I’m like dude…I’m quoting the Philly PD this isn’t some ish I made up. They said thee is NO investigation. But he can’t hear that cause it doesn’t fit with his “DJax the thug” meme.

        Same thing here.

        • TSJ there is no getting thru to these knuckle heads..Were talking to a wall

          Take your biased prejudice borderline racist glasses off for just a second and take a peek at reality..

          Thug this thug that… They mind as well just call them the Nword forget thug.. You never hear anyone calling someone white a “thug”… Now that’s a different story for another time..

          This story has a lot of holes in it… Im starting to lose respect for this current eagles regime because they don’t appear to have just cause for releasing Desean. It was reactionary and premature..

          They honestly didn’t want to pay him the money so instead of just saying we don’t want you here they make Desean think that theyd bring him back then release him at the end of the week along with all these stories..

          Mathis comes out and asked for more money and they say “try to seek a trade partner” why not handle Desean the same way?

          Oh yeah because of his “gang affiliations” and “weed in his car in 09” right? So you didn’t want to take advantage of another team and ask for draft picks… Pure BS just BS..

          Funny how guys on here keep saying these things about Desean even after its been proven false by LAPD, you know why? Because they wanna believe that its true that’s why..

        • Thanks BigL, Im tired of the crap that’s all…

          Some guys believe everything they hear and don’t think on their own.. The Eagles lie a lot, this is a business to them, were loyal die hard fans and they know it so they’ll feed us anything and expect us to eat it up and we usually do…

          Well I regurgitated this.. Its all BS..

          Chip dislikes Desean and they didn’t want to pay him.. Simple

          Now they put stories out to the media in an effort to destroy the kids name.. Its wrong

          Why didn’t this story about weed in the car come out in 09 when it happened? Because it was leaked by the Eagles..

          I wouldn’t be shocked if Desean sues them for Defamation of character…

          • The more I hear about this Jon the more my stomach turns, they assassinated this kids reputation to save face. They can’t say anything because they will be sued. And people have the nerve to talk about morals. LOL

            • I couldn’t agree more BigL..

              They deserve to be sued. I hope he sues the pants off them

              This situation gets more ridiculous by the minute.

              Yeah talk about morals after you let a white receiver go home for a few days to avoid getting his ass handed to him by his teammates for calling black people Nword..

              Then say “were building a culture here”.. What kind of culture?

              Of White guys that let the Nword fly from time to time? Oh I know, “No blacks allowed” right?? Beyond ridiculous..

              Soon the eagles will be an all white team… Sheesh…

              Jason Kelce is another closet racist. You should take a look at his comments after Desean was released.. They were not in good taste. It almost seemed like he was dancing on Deseans grave…

              They talk morals now?!… BS!

              • Great post JH! Kelce was dancing on his grave…I have to be honest. My emotions got the best of me yesterday after I heard the news and got ticked off with Djax. After I read the article….it’s all old news, speculation and BS. Then to hear the LAPD say he has no involvement in this mess…WTF? Smear campaign. If Chip didn’t like him..ok, but to smear him so that releasing him over $ is BS.

              • What reputation, of either a card carrying crips member or someone who hangs with gang members, hires them to sing rapper songs under his gang label, hangs with other crip members not as part of youthful indiscretion but as recently as March 14, hanging with and throwing gang signs with nipsey hussle, hanging with alleged murderer, gang member on the eve of his release where he beat s murder rap of a 14 year old boy, that his accomplice earned conviction u

                Jh, big lion. And eagles has landed: you lack morality in favor of defending a man who has shown he’s unworthy of respect

                Now, he’s not beyond hope. He needs to straighten his life out, I’m sure his father would not approve , but for you to look for other reasons for his release and to argue “character assassination “, you are morally bankrupt

  50. Ts

    What do you say to your son when he asks is that desean Jackson throwing gang signs with admitted gangster nipsey hussle

  51. Think the cap hit is only this year. Free and clear next year

  52. The eagles 5wrs next year will be

    • Gloomy in ur opinion, who do they draft in the 1st round?

    • I think the Receiver Corps will be more like this (6)
      Maclin,Cooper, Miles Austin, Brad Smith,
      & 2 Draft Pics Martavius Bryant (3rd Round) &
      Cody Hoffman (7th Round)

      • The Eagles dont have enough picks to move up. They only have 6 in one of the deepest drafts in the past 20 years.. Go figure..

        In years past they would have so many picks that theyd make mistake pick after mistake pick… Now they have no choice but to hit on every single one..

        I’ve been saying for months that they go WR or S in the first..  

        • We all know that Roseman like his Draft Picks so I expect
          2-3 more moves to acquire at least 2 more picks..
          Perhaps Mathis, Curry & Graham are Traded or packaged
          For some Picks and I really expect them to Trade Down from #22
          With the Indy Colts (who have no 1st Rounder) and would love a crack at some WR’s on the Board for their 2nd & 4th Rounders in 2014 and their 2015 2nd Rounder..

      • What is your infatuation with Miles Austin? He is am injury waiting to play 1-2 games a year. WORTHLESS!!!!

    • 1.Average
      2.Below average
      4.Below average

  53. I love my birds , but this gold standard shit is tiring. But fact is, if this was a normal blue collar job, tardiness, arguing with co workers and if my job found out I got busted for pot , we would all be fired in a ny minute! So as a fan I’m pissed, but as a blue collar guy he deserved it. That’s fact.

  54. I don’t care so much of he impact DJ’s transition from the Eagles will have on the team, as I do of GCobb’s transition into politics will have on one of my favorite websites. What’s up with that G?

  55. Like I said before too much baggage associated with him and this is just the tip of the iceberg They have their reasons we may not like them but we all gotta move on aint the friggin end of the world they will survive please some u guys kill me man I personally think they still go with defensive player first in draft Oh I was off by 2 days when I said he would be gone by wednesday big deal!He had lotta chances from eagles remember that and he still insisted on his stupid fukin gang childish selfish shit for all u assholes that knocked my boy TO he didnt do or was nothing like this fool

  56. Wether ur a millionaire or making minimum wage, unless ur in the govt, shit like this doesn’t fly at any job..

    By a raise of hands, how many of u would been fired for pot possession? Constant tardiness and arguing with ur boss’?

  57. Just becuz ur good at ur job doesn’t excuse u from the structure of employment. And as a business man this is what they look at. If one can whose to say any won’t follow? Loved the dude, but if he was this much of n ass then the right love was made.

    Chip made Djs numbers happen. Before chip he was a 60rec, 900-1000yrd, 5-7 td player becuz he was a primary target. (120+)

    And the overall factor is, it’s a power running team, chip only had I believe 1-2 1000 yrd receivers ever at Oregon.

    And another thing, again I’m a DJ fan, but he constantly vanished in big games, he gave up on punt returns, and zero redzone presence. U don’t need a burner in this league. U need football players that believe in the system.

    Shady,Mac,coop,Ertz,celek, and Sproles. Lol. That’s enough offensive firepower for any team.

  58. On the field- clearly this hurts us and anyone who says otherwise is kidding themselves. However… we have a few talented WRs that will help. I still would like to see an Austin type guy that could really help.

    Off the field- as many have said for years (I admit I thought it was overblown) and I am glad we have moved on from him now that we know the truth. I love that Kelly is molding HIS team.

    • What thruth?

      That he was never tried, investigated, witness too or convicted of anything?

      That a building his sister leases – a murder took place out side?

      That a guy he knew was acquitted of murder?

      So the truth is that he’s never been in any serious trouble in the six years he’s been in the league.

      Thatas the truth you now know?

      But wren’t you one of the ones on here defending Cooper’s video tirade?


      • Ts- I wont play the race game. Its stupid.

        As far as what I said about cooper…. i have also said about other players (or people in general) who say stupid things…. people make mistakes. Its why I was fine with Vick. If a person adk its their wrong and asks for forgiveness…. I am good with that. Remember- I am a minister. Its what were are all about… or should be anyway.

        IF desean has been an on going problem… im fine with them moving on (just like I would have been if cooper was cut. BUT… im not going to vilify desean… especially if we dont know if he did anything.

        • “Ts- I wont play the race game. Its stupid. ”

          Well considering no one asked you to play the “race game” whatever that is…good for you.

          Though I do recall you telling folk it was just a word and they should get over it. Sounds very race based to me. But hey, you’re a minister so…

    • Just as I stated he would Stevo
      Both Vick & D-Jax had to move on for Kelky to get his
      “stamp” on this Team.. There are probably a few more
      But 1 thing is completely clear under Kelly,
      You will have to her 100% committed to the Eagles or you will not
      Be on the Team.. And a strong message to Players who like to do their own thing in the Off-Season, your future with the Eagles will be numbered..
      I always looked at D-Jax as a Part-Time Eagle to begin with, Flys into Town for OTA’s then to Camp and leaves for California the day after the Season ends, it was his job to him, nothing more, nothing less,
      He was never a True Eagle in my opinion..
      I wish him well, but this has been the Best Off-Season to me in a long time,
      But still work to be done… Go Eagles..

      • That sounds good Paulman but Kelly signed Vick and Kelly signed Cooper so what stamp is he putting on his team? This dude recruited gang kids the entire time he was at Oregon so again what stamp? Kelly can put the team together in his image it’s his right, he just better win.

  59. You might be right in the long run Paulman, but for now it stings.

  60. Reuben Frank from CSN sums it up
    The Eagles are smarter than everyone else.

    They better know what they’re doing here.

    The Eagles just got rid of one of the NFL’s most electrifying players in the prime of his career without getting anything in return, apparently for the crime of choosing his friends incorrectly.

    DeSean Jackson has never been arrested for anything more serious than marijuana possession and driving with tinted windows, according to the report, and those charges came five years ago and were eventually dropped. He’s never tested positive for a banned substance. What’s the worst thing he’s done in six years with the Eagles? He was suspended for one game in 2011 for missing a team meeting.

    What he has done is make big plays more often than anybody in the 81-year history of the franchise. Game after game, year after year.

    Jackson grew up in a section of Los Angeles where he was surrounded every day by gangs and crime. He rose up above all that to become a multiple Pro Bowl receiver with a charity foundation that raises money to fight pancreatic cancer, which claimed his dad.

    And so far, the worst thing I’ve learned about Jackson is that he has close friends who are active gang members. Which really means that he’s still friends with the people he grew up with in L.A.

    Jackson is a young African-American man from Compton who grew up around other young African-American men from Compton, and last time I checked, that’s not a crime.

    Anybody care to take a guess what percentage of professional athletes have friends or associates who have gang ties? It’s not an insignificant number. Guilt by association isn’t a reason to cut somebody.

    Now, obviously there could be a lot more out there that we haven’t heard. Stuff the Eagles know that they haven’t shared. Things Chip Kelly saw that the rest of us didn’t see. Charges or allegations that haven’t been revealed yet by authorities.

    But if Jackson was such a distraction, he distracted his team last year all the way to a 10-6 season, an NFC East title and a playoff berth, and he distracted himself all the way to 82 catches, 1,332 yards and nine touchdowns.

    Distracted himself to a career year.

    Jackson is such a bad influence on his teammates that in four of the five seasons he’s played at least 12 games, the Eagles have reached the playoffs.

    So Kelly will move on without his top playmaker, and that leaves the Eagles awfully thin at wide receiver.

    There’s Riley Cooper, who had a couple big games in the middle of last season, but averaged 18.6 yards the first five games of the year, 49.7 receiving yards the last seven games of the year and had 11 games with 53 or fewer yards.

    There’s Jeremy Maclin, who’s been a steady contributor when healthy but doesn’t have nearly the game-breaking ability that Jackson has.

    Jackson has 18 career touchdowns of 50 yards or more. Maclin has four.

    And there’s … Ifeanyi Momah, B.J. Cunningham, Brad Smith, Will Murphy, Arrelious Benn, Damaris Johnson and Jeff Maehl.

    In other words, there’s Maclin and Cooper.

    And if you want to include hybrid running back Darren Sproles in the equation, feel free. But keep in mind that Sproles averaged 8.5 yards per catch last year, and Jackson averaged nearly twice that.

    The Eagles have reminded us all offseason that this is a historic wide receiver draft, so apparently that’s where they plan to replace Jackson.

    So maybe you get a stud and maybe you don’t. Maybe you get Freddie Mitchell or maybe you get Reggie Wayne. Maybe you get A.J. Jenkins or maybe you get Kendall Wright. Maybe you get Dwayne Bowe or maybe you get Craig Davis.

    You don’t know. You never do. The draft is funny that way. You might think you know, but you really don’t. Not with wide receivers.

    DeSean Jackson, we all know what the Eagles had. It wasn’t a projection. It wasn’t guesswork. It was documented and it was electrifying and it was a blast to watch every Sunday for six years.

    Derrick Ward, who spent eight seasons in the NFL as a running back with the Giants, Buccaneers and Texans, put some perspective on all this via Twitter Friday afternoon:

    “I’m born and raised in South Central LA. I have uncles who are still gang bangin’, cousins who still gang bang. But what does that have to do with someone playing football and ballin’ out for your team?”


    Still, the Eagles had every right to do what they did, and Kelly’s credentials certainly can’t be questioned after taking a lost franchise and going 10-6 with a division title in his first year in the NFL.

    Maybe this really is a case of addition by subtraction, and cutting ties with Jackson help the Eagles turn into an elite NFL team and Super Bowl contender.

    But they better be right. Because outright releasing a 27-year-old three-time Pro Bowler coming off his finest NFL season just might unprecedented in NFL history.

    The Eagles have had two Pro Bowl wide receivers in the last 15 years, and they’ve released both of them in their prime.

    Andy Reid ultimately did the right thing with T.O., although the Eagles have won just three playoff games in nine years since he left.

    Kelly better be right about this one.

    • Well Reuben has redeemed himself for some of that other shit he’s written over the years. ‘Cause he’s spot on with this one.

    • Excellent article from a guy who has spent a lot of time around the team! Rueben Frank would know if there was a ‘smoking gun’ about Desean…if he was this great distraction for the Eagles…The LAPD has cleared him from any gang-related activity…
      No free ride for Chip Kelly, Foles and the Eagles…they better win!

      • “Sal Pal is reporting that he was released for the main reason of not getting along with coaches and buying into the culture of whats going.”

        Playoff games.

        Winning the NFC Least doesn’t mean much. Cardinals won 10 games and were sitting at home. Greenbay won with what 9. So yeah…playoff wins.

  61. I’ve read that this was a Roseman idea.
    I’ve read that this was a Kelly idea.

    If you don’t think that Lurie, Kelly, Roseman, positional coaches and others weren’t all in a room together debating this for a long time, then you are clueless.

    Paulman is exactly right (and I’ve stated the same things many times).

    This ALWAYS happens when a new regime comes in. They take ownership of the team. They mould the team to what they want. And there is often major upheaval over the first 2 teams.

    We’ve seen Jackson quit on the Eagles on Multiple occasions.

    Obviously this team running the Birds dislikes “me first” players who are more concerned with pounding their chests, falling backwards into endzones and making sure they get on the ESPN highlight shows than sacrificing for their teammates.

    I think its fantastic.

    Eagles will be a better team because of this.

    • Yes it is fantastic!!

    • He better be right because this team will take a major hit if they don’t win with the right character guys whatever the hell that means. The only guy who will be able to be a me first guy is the head coach who by the day is showing how full of shit he is, this will end badly for him and the Eagles because of that I’m the smartest guy in the room ego. Just watch how quickly the wheels come off. Yes I’m a Eagles fan and I hope I’m wrong but I’m usually not.

  62. Isn’t it amazing when you don’t have a compromised coach (Andy’s kids connected to crime) how better decisions can be made.

  63. Did any of you drinking the DJax kool ade think for one second that just maybe the Eagles know more about this situation than we do? Do red flags not go off given that they were unable to trade him for anything? Also, if this was just the Eagles pounding their chest, why was he not signed yesterday? Some of the top free agents sign within 30 minutes of free agency starting.

    And to those saying there’s no proof of his association with gang members, that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. There are numerous pictures of him online with gang members; all of them throwing up gang signs. No successful GM or organization wants a guy who runs with that crowd; especially after the Aaron Hernandez fiasco. You’re as good as the company you keep and for those who support DJax and his gang signs and being associated with those types of people then likely you’re the ones who people are warned to stay away from.

    I hate that it came to this but no one should be blamed other than DJax himself.

  64. Brandon cooks will be there 1st rd pick

  65. I’m a DJ fan. But fact is he disappeared in big games.

    Another fun fact. DJ does NOTHING against top 10 defenses. He doesn’t kill the good Ds, only the soft ones. True num ones dominate regardless.. We will get better from this. Believe me in kno Djs worth.. And I kno what he does. But the point is when he does it and when he’s big time it’s not when it counts. Other than miracle in meadowlands 2.0

    • Silencer10 so Im trying to follow your logic. Since Djax doesn’t kill top defenses Cooper and Maclin do? Since Djax only thrives against “soft” defenses then why are Maclin and Cooper still searching for there 1st 1000 yard season on a passing offense? Hes not a #1 in your mind is ok, but Cooper and Maclin are? Have you checked out AJ Greens and Jimmy Grahams playoff resumes? You act like just because hes not a #1 receiver against good defenses he is useless. If that’s the case Maclin and Cooper shouldn’t evn be on the field. I guess the Eagles told you they are passing on the savings from his contract to you. What do you care how much he makes. Pssst he also had a pretty good game vs Arizona in the playoffs.

  66. ***NFL News****
    Raiders are in the lead to sign D-Jax..

    ***Recent Notable Signings****
    Raiders Sign RB MJ-Drew from Jaguars
    Steelers Sign RB LeGarret Blount
    Lions Sign Strong Safety James Inhedigbo
    Titans Sign the last Best Rusher left out there
    In OLB Shaun Phillips
    Dolphins Sign RB Knowshon Moreno

  67. **Other Notable News**

    Cleveland Browns whose GM & HC Skipped Johnny Football Manziel’s
    Pro-Workout Day are bringing in QB Derek Carr in for a Private Workout on Monday

    Houston Texans are actively shopping their #1 Overall Pick
    In order to acquire more Draft Picks to rebuild their Roster

  68. Not to change the Subject
    Watching a Replay of the 49ers/Saints Playoff Game from 2011
    And boy, is Safety Malcolm Jenkins look bad
    He takes bad angles, and drop’s his head on almost every
    Tackle attempt and simply dives into ball carriers
    And doesn’t wrap up with his arms..
    I hope he has improved his fundamentals or the Eagles have another Patrick Chung at Safety.. Good Grief…
    For the record, I had Malcolm Jenkins nowhere on my wish list of Safeties
    For the Eagles to pursue..

  69. Why not go and try out ALESANA TUILAGI the rugby guy. Put this guy In pads as a running back for short yards or Outside Linebacker. He can run and hit. They don’t call him the bulldozer for nothing. Youtube him.

  70. Ertz will have a bigger role this year sproles might catch about 70 balls again as they ease in Brandon cooks who also has can return kicks/punts I know the defense is gonna suck no matter cause they need to much olb, cb, safety and a fat dt so I would rather have the best offense in the league than an below avg defense.

  71. The Eagles Offense is going to take a step backwards this year and Foles will be the guy who feels the impact of losing DeSean more than anyone. The good defenses are going to crowd the box on the Eagles…with no DJax to worry about teams will focus on taking away Foles checkdowns and he will have to throw into tighter windows….unlike last year against weaker competition….where Foles was throwing to wide open receivers in large part because of teams fear of Jackson hurting them deep.
    Its not going to be easy to replace a game-changing wide receiver like DJax….the Eagles have made a huge mistake…they have limited what they can do as far as free agents and the draft-by the 4 million dollar hit they take against the cap for cutting DJax…they have to address the wide receiver position because they dont have a true No#1 now…and in addressing the wide receiver position they weaken themselves defensively where they need help!
    Its a bad, bad decision by Chip Kelly!

    • DJax was a playmaker…he was NEVER a no.1. Until you see every piece play to say a step backwards is comical. They are returning 10 of 11 starters right now Maclin Sproles and draft picks. The best player in the team is McCoy and the offense is tailor made to him. Until that changes a step backwards is premature.

      • But he was a #1 for the Eagles though…..

        He was also the #1 in the eyes of the opposing coaches, who designed their defenses with that in mind…..

        When most say he isn’t a #1 – what they are trying to say is he isn’t your typical #1 – based on his measurables – but there hasn’t been anyone brought in that was better – so that makes him the EAGLES #1 Receiver….

        • DeSean Jackson won’t be here to open the same opportunities for Maclin, Cooper, and the TE’s, by stretching the field, and taking a Safety with him.

          So unless they replace that weapon – they will take a step back….

        • Not anymore… What have the Eagles Won
          With him the last 5-6 Seasons, GMCliff
          They are slightly above a .500 Club over the last 5 Seasons the last I checked with a 1-4 Playoff Record in the Playoffs since he’s been an Eagle. That’s some #1 Receiver..

    • I have to disagree with you and heres why, not one person thought that Nick Foles was Chips kind of guy, everyone said Chip needed a mobile QB to run his offense and that’s why he kept Vick and why Vick beat him out, Chip kept saying he can win with Foles and he did, so Chip was right and we were wrong, if Chip feels we can win without DJak then we have to believe him, so far he’s been right on his moves and we’ve been wrong, as of now he gets the benefit of the doubt.

        • Yeach Chip thought that until his Oregon teams got punched in the mouth by SEC schools that had better players. How did that work out for the Chipper.

          • Stupidity…your not getting any players from the South to go to Oregon. Chip was basically recruiting West coast players that were passed over by Cal USC UCLA. Stop talking out your ass

      • GMCliff, said Foles was the guy all through the offseason……

        That doesn’t make him right about DeSean though….one situation has nothing to do with the other. That being said, – He still has to prove he made the right decision in reference to DeSean – because that remains to be seen…

  72. Only idiots believe that average talent in a good system is better than great players in a good system. It only works vs the Washington States of the world but as soon as you play the Alabamas of the world “Oh my god they are bigger, stronger and more TALENTED then us”. Then they shoved Chips “system” up his ass.

  73. What we will do this year is call the NFC East the Pac 10 this year and watch Chipper go up and down the field at record pace. Then we will call the NFC West the Sec this year with the likes of Seattle, SF and Arizona and we will see how Chipper does. No excuses.

  74. I think its pathetic on the Eagles Brass to use this “gang affiliation” as a scape goat in this situation. If you wanted to get rid of him because you want a bigger receiver, or you feel he is a distraction and bad in the locker room because he argues with coaches. Come out and say it.

    Don’t throw gang affiliations out there, that is just plain wrong. Chinese medical students throw up gang signs. Does that make them gang members?

  75. Draft Mike Evans? For what? No offensive player should EVER be drafted again. Ive been told Chippers system makes the player. He can stick anybody out there and succeed. So Barney Rubble needs to put his money where his mouth is and not draft one offensive player. Stick one of them 10 receivers you already have in Djaxs spot. Its the “system”.

    • I can hear Merrill Reece’s voice now
      “Foles survey’s the Defense, Maclin out wide Left, Cooper out on the Right, ball is snapped, Foles flicks a screen to Barbey Rubble out on the left flat, Rubble makes a cut, follows Maclin’s block, breaks a tackle from a fallen Patrick Chung, and rumbles down the left sideline for an Eagles Score…
      Eagles now lead the Washington Redskins 31-9 with
      12:55 left in the 3rd Quarter”

      • Paulman I hesr Merrill Reeces voice to. Foles drops back, hes looking, hes looking, hes looking, now he rolls to his right and is sacked by Orakpo. “Mike Foles had all the time in the world nobody could get open. (Mike Quick) I know Merrill these recievers are having trouble getting seperation. Boy Merrill the Eagles sure could use someone to open up the field, and by the way when is Maclin due back from his injury?

    • So Barney Rubble needs to put his money where his mouth is and not draft one offensive player. Stick one of them 10 receivers you already have in Djaxs spot. Its the “system”……..


  76. only fool thats signing him is the fat man he gonna be a chief

  77. Be funny if we meet them both in sb in 2yrs lmao

  78. Dagg. I never said shit about a playoff game. I said good Ds he doesn’t do shit agaisnt. Umm I believe aj and graham have on a consistent basis. It’s not my fault u can’t follow simple logic. Stats and facts. DJ vanishes agaisnts good Ds as well as big games. Not complicated

  79. Aint like we lost our qb we minus somebody that gets lost when moneys on the line so who cares hes replaceable Guy signed and stopped returning ball too scared to get hit,run out of bounds so not to get hit, drop to the ground before getting hit then run for yacs,afraid to go cross middle, cant get open when covered by good backs so we suppose to give him 10mil to stretch the d HE NEVER WAS THE COMPLETE PACKAGE! Some you guys think we’re gonna be done cause hes gone u must know more than the coaches

  80. Trollman fuck off with ur nfl news. We all have internet access. Don’t need u posting it like it’s breaking need u got from sheffter.. Annoying little fucker u are.

    • I post my “NFL News” lists out so other Posters can get a quick recap of other news besides the usual Eagles Drama..And If you don’t like it, then don’t read it but I’ll continue to put them out when I chose, just like my Mock Drafts and just like my Trade Alerts and there isn’t a damn thing you can do about it..besides whine like a puss bag..
      Believe it or not Silencer,
      Some Posters appreciate the recaps of what else is happening around the NFL …

  81. Just reported DJak has a visit set up next week with the Redskins, we don’t want this!

  82. Here’s the report

    Well, this isn’t likely what the Eagles had in mind when they released wide receiver DeSean Jackson. The three-time Pro Bowl pass-catcher will visit the rival Washington Redskins on Monday, according to NBC News4’s Dianna Marie Russini. Washington has just over $7 million in cap space, according to Over the Cap.

    • WTF are you scared of? Silencer10 from says Djax isn’t a number 1 receiver while the rest of the country does. Carey Williams will shut him down if he goes to Washington. He will have 5 catches for 40 yards with maybe a lucky bomb if things fall right. lol

      • He isn’t a no.1 receiver. He’s a playmaker that is offense dependent.

        If you believe it’s true then name top 10 Wrs in this league abd where he fits in.

    • Won’t happen, Redskins don’t have the $$$
      Teams have to allow for a few Million for their Draft Picks and then have a little $$$ in reserve in case Starter or two gets injured in Camp which you then have to Acquire a Player or two come Summer time..
      I look for the Raiders to offer him best deal,
      They have the need, the $$$, acquired QB in Matt Shaub,
      and have Signed RB MJ Drew, DE Justin Tuck,LB Lamarr Woodley,
      DB Charles Woodson and are trying to become relevant again
      In the NFC West..

  83. Dag yea Arizona then. Not the D they have now.
    6 catches 92 yards and a td. With one bomb for 62 which was luck. Shit should been picked by DRC. So in reality. If it never happened 5 catches 40 yds no TDs before that bomb. Smh get real

  84. ***NFL News****

    The Eagles have decided to replace Desean Jackson with Jeff Maehl. According to Chip Kelly, Maehl has a great attitude and will be a better influence on the youngsters.

    In other news, Paulman still continues to live in his mother’s basement. (Not sure how this is related to the NFL, but I find this to be newsworthy)

    • I sure hope not for that would be very awkward living situation with my wife of 25 years and 2 Children (18 & 16)
      If you really need to know, I moved out of my Parents and never looked back, when I was 18 to Camden,NJ when I attended and yes Graduated from Rutgers University-Camden Campus back in 1985
      4 Moves later, for better Work Opportunites, have us settled in the Colkege Mountain Town of Boone,Nc (Home of Appakachian State University)
      Which is nestled in the Beautiful Blue Ridge Mtns of Northwestern NC
      Liife is working out very well for me as I have a lovely & great wife of 25 Years and 2 Funny,Smart & Healthy Kids..
      No complaints or regrets from me..

  85. Amazing how every GM, head coach, former and present player on every station calls Djax a great receiver. A great talent. But I go to and the football gurus say he isn’t even a # 1 receiver. How does that work?

  86. Howie has his own gang called the nasal hoods andy dick, pee wee herman and pauly shore top leaders lol

  87. Check out the move GCobb is making. Good luck G!

    WASHINGTON Former Eagles linebacker Garry Cobb announced Saturday that he intends to run for Congress, hoping to represent New Jersey’s First House District.

  88. Paulman will take it over

  89. Sixers gonna make history tonight?

  90. Guys in the league and analyst are speaking out about this Desean situation They don’t like how the eagles handled this, if you haven’t done so, check out what Deion Sanders (whos well respected league wide, young and old, one of the greatest players to play football) had to say..

  91. When are Chip and Howie going to speak about this? When is Spuds going to write something about it.

  92. I can’t believe the reports I’m reading. Seems like NFL teams are banging down the door to get a hold of Desean. He’s got visits lined up with the Pats, 49ers, Broncos, Seahawks, Cowboys……


    Redskins. LOL.

    This is now the second “unreplaceable superstar” player the Gcobb posters continually hype as the greatest player on the planet to get absolutely no play from the rest of the league.

    Redskins. Have fun Desean.

    BTW – dinner last night with manager of Scotland’s rugby league champions. Talked to him about the Desean situation. Tell him he’s hyper-talented, but questionable character. Allegedly doesn’t work too hard in practice, showboat etc.

    His answer.

    “Character. Heart. Talent. In that order.”

  93. Lol, you guys are funny Chip’s new nick name is Barney Rubble. Oh boy this honeymoon is over.

  94. It’s going to be hard to get fired up for this draft now. I mean we have to sit and watch the eagles grab a player that initially, won’t be as good as the guy that just left.

    • Naw they are sticking to BPA whoever that may be.

      So what will likely happen we will end up with a hodgepodge of guys…hell we might even gt another late round QB. If nothing else, Kelly seems to stick to his football philosophy regardless of what anyone else may think so BPA (regardless of position) it is.

  95. Being a eagle fan is becoming more exhausting mentally than being married!!!!

    I’m getting eagle fatigue like Reid fatigue.. Fuck

  96. Sixers finally won — I don’t believe my eyes , they won 123 – 98.
    Joe Dumars is an awful GM. How he still has a job is amazing. He fired Lawrence Franks to hire Maurice Cheeks, traded for Brandon Jennings and signed Josh Smith for more losses. He fired Mo Cheeks already.

  97. DeSean is meeting the Redskins tomorrow…. rumors are Daniel Snyder is not going to let anyone outbid him for Jackson. Jackson will team with Garcon and newly signed Andre Roberts for new head coach Jay Gruden’s offense. I hope he comes into Philly as a Redskin and lights up the secondary, then runs over to Chip and blows him a kiss…..

    • If the Skins can fix their oline problems that offense becomes scary good.

      I”m not looking forward to our defense trying to figure them out. lol

  98. Skins have under 7 mill in cap space. Contract would be heavily backloaded. And DJ won’t fall for that again , he just mentioned here about getting more money up from instead of backloaded. It’s doubtful he falls for that shit again but if he does than that will suck butt!

    • Ain’t happening.. D-Jax will sign with Raiders who
      Has plenty of Cap Space, will overpay for him and he stays out West which is where he’s always wanted to Play to begin with
      A no-brainer.. The Raiders have actually brought in
      Talented Players who have Won in the NFL and who all have big chips on their shoulders like Tuck,Woodley,MJ Drew, Schaub
      And would be a perfect fit..
      Redskins already have a legitimate Deep Threat in WR Pierre Garçon
      So why bring in D-Jax other to pick his brain about the Eagles

      • He isn’t a no.1 receiver. He’s a playmaker that is offense dependent.

        If you believe it’s true then name top 10 Wrs in this league abd where he fits in.

      • I live in Ashburn and I’m waiting for one of you to start lying. Majority sentiment is why? They suck on defense and don’t need the distraction.

        • So removing djax makes the defense Bert? Of course not, it creates a hole that they will now use a number one pick on wr instead of a defensive player. That hurts the defense. Was cooper’s distraction the reason the Eagles did not play well after the first game. It seems people want to put the Eagles weaknesses on djax.

        • Richard Sherman and marshawn lynch are clear distractions on their team. Superbowl. They have strong coaches that obviously know how to deal with distracting talent. Meanwhile….my Eagles have Zippo.

          • Please Sherman runs his mouth but distraction? The dude is a film room beast and leader on the team. Lynch as well. Don’t make stuff up

            • Don’t have to make it up..Sherman apologized for being a distraction after the NFC championship game interview. Here’s the deal. Since Djax and his distractions was obviously the reason the Eagles disn’t go further in the playoffs this year and not the defense.,since he is gone, I expect the Eagles to make it further in the playoffs this year. He’s a team cancer, a distraction, etc. etc. I expect improvement.
              Jason Avant, a great locker room guy , blocker, team guy, scheduled to make 4 mil was released. Mathis, a great locker room guy, leader, wanted to get a new contract, they told him he can get a trade. Eagles was never going to pay Jackson 10.5 mil. Stop with all of the other excuses.

              • Way to backpedal. If you think Avant the player was worth 4mil you’re a terrible talent evaluator which makes sense on how you think DJax is top 10 but won’t list 9 other WRs he’s up there with. Avant couldn’t get any separation at all and was basically a possession WR that lost a step.

                You’re gonna pick Sherman’s Super Bowl as point? Dumbest nonsense ever. He is the first in the building last out and again KNOWN film room monster. No one takes their craft more seriously then Sherman. Hahaha distraction.

                Nice twisted logic about DJax. He got cut cause he’s a replaceable pain in the ass. But you think he’s god gift to WR position. He was a playmaker and talent…T.O comparisons? Hahaha shows the agenda driven bias on this site.

            • Oh…and Shady McCoy stated that Richard Sherman would not fit or be wanted on the Eagles because he is a distraction!!! Gooogle it if you do not believe me!

              • You mean twitter baby mama Shady? Shady loves Shady and can get away with his ego diva personality because HE IS IRREPLACEABLE right now and top 2 RB in the league. He views himself as the mouthpiece of the team. He would be threatened by Sherman in the locker room.

              • Convenient excuse! Yeah, Whatever dude!
                We will see next season how the offense and the team goes. And for the record, I’m not an evaluator of talent, I have my opinions. What pro NFL team do you evaluate talent for? Oh ok.

              • As far as what you said the reason why Shady wouldn’t want Sherman here is based on what information you have? Or are you just making it up to give foundation to your argement? Yeah exactly, you’re just making it up

              • I’m still waiting for clarification on Top 10 WR.

                Actually I’m around athletes quite a bit business wise. Been part of couple promotions here in Ashburn(Redskins). Santana Moss/Carlos Rogers/Garçon are nearby neighbors. NONE act like clowns. Clinton Portis was a player that acted similarly to DJax and I can tell you this… THEY COULDNT STAND HIM after a while.
                Why because he wasn’t professional at all. Just skated by on talent and had his own rules.

                You haven’t heard me say that gang ties were the reason, to me it was a culmination of stupidity that was enough. I don’t have a problem with it right now. It sucks he was a talent player but I will wait to see the entire plan. Kelly can draft a stretch WR, will he be good as DJax last year probably not. However with Sproles Maclin Ertz Cooper and a year to build upon from last year does he have to? Probably not.

              • There is no clarification to be made. It’s my opinion that talent wise he’s a great fit for the Eagles scheme. I can sit here and name 9 wideouts better than Djax, but so what. I’m concerned about my team not who I think the top 10 WR ‘s are, you brought that up not me. That’s your issue, not mine.

      • Paulman

        All this faux panic is by agenda driven people who have bias against the Eagles regardless of what they do.

        Panic after the draft if they can’t get a top WR prospect. Not to mention when holes get filled during the draft you will see another wave of players available for trade/release.

  99. ************trade alert****************
    Eagles send Evan Mathis and Brandon graham
    Miami for dion Jordan

    • I could see that happening Gloomy..
      What Draft Picks are involved..
      Dolphins are in need of OL help big time after that
      Disaster last year with “Hazing Incident”

    • After this trade all the Eagles have to do is get rid of Peters and Shady then they will have cleansed themselves of all pro bowl players. Don’t the fucking Eagles the name of this game is to provide answers to problems and not create questions.

  100. No draft picks Paulman they get rid of a player that doesn’t fit there scheme and obtain an all pro guard and a real 4-3 deal. While the eagles get rid of a player that’s crying for money and a player that doesn’t fit there scheme it’s win – win for both teams Miami and throw in a 5th if they like. Hell I would throw in celek also and then sign Finley once he gets cleared…

    • Interesting.. We’ll see about the a Dolphins Deal
      I am not that high on Jordan..
      Also, stay as far away from TE Finley who is another malcontent always bitching about $$$ for 3 years now and is currently coming off serious neck injury..

  101. Gloomy, that makes some sense. Paulman doesn’t like Jordan, but Chip does and he should know what Jordan can do….With Coles age and cap hit in 2015, they really need to find his replacement this year.

  102. Remember this name come Draft time
    Eagles are in bringing in Taylor Hart from Oregon
    who at 6-6″ – 280lbs is bigger, stronger than Dion Jordan
    For a private workout this week..
    Hart has had some injuries and some off the field issues and is projected as
    A 6th/7th Round Pick as of today…
    Kelly likes this kid and his upside, recruited him and knows him well
    Don’t be surprised to see Eagles Select him with their 5th Pick if still on the Board

    • Yeah, I saw that on BGN on Friday. He’s just a guy. They have Brandon Blair from Oregon on their roster who is like him IMO.

    • Kelly and his Pac 12 connection is pissing me off – I want no more mediocrity..

      I don’t care if he is bigger than Dion Jordan – He isn’t the talent that he is – so what do we need him for – more speculation, and naïve thinking, because Chip Kelly said he is a player??….screw his supposed upside – I’ve seen him play and he is no more athletic, or better than Kruger from Utah that we drafted – who turned out to be a wasted pick

      • it is starting to read like you feel you can beat a top five NFL GM like Howie Roseman in a mano a mano 2nd annual draft challenge to be held right here the day after the draft?

      • Re: Kruger – Just like your Dion Jordan was Cliff..
        Kruger was what a 6th/7th Pick and you expect him
        To make a difference and even onto the field in his first Season..
        Wasn’t Dion Jordan the 3rd Overall Pick if the Draft,
        Now that’s a reach where he couldn’t even get on the field much..

  103. I’m gonna go fucking ape shit if D-Jax signs with the Redskins. But I have a feeling it might just happen. D-Jax wants to stick it to the Eagles, and I don’t blame him..

    • DeSean Jackson – WR – Free Agent
      ESPN New York reports the Jets “won’t be a factor” in the hunt for free agent DeSean Jackson, “unless they pull a 180.”
      Beat writer Rich Cimini reports OC Marty Mornhinweg gave D-Jax his “blessing” during internal free agency meetings, assuring the front office Jackson “wouldn’t be a problem in the locker room.” Cimini believes that “wasn’t enough to sway (GM John) Idzik” into pursuing Jackson. With the Chiefs also dropping out, it appears Jackson’s landing spot will come down to Washington or Oakland.
      Related: Jets
      Source: ESPN New York Mar 30 – 2:58 PM

      • or the 49ers – If so we will see him again, and it will be the game of the week,
        as he burns the Eagles non- upgraded Defense for 100 yards or more and a TD, or two…..

        • Word is the 49er HC J Harbaugh has no interest in D-Jax
          As 49ers are focused on a WR in the Draft ..
          Harbaugh is very familiar with D-Jax,who played Cal while Harbaugh was Coaching down the road at Stanford, and wants nothing to do with him..

          • Not true Paul,…..don’t start your personal preference stuff..

            I am in San Francisco with my wife for the weekend, and they news out here is all over it…They are very interested – and he’d be smart to go there……

            The Eagles play the 49ers this year, and he maybe coming to stick it to Chip, and Howie – because we have no one that can cover him…

            • Maybe you have the Oakland News Channels on Cliff and not SF..
              Oakland is just across the Bay Bridge to the East of SF Fyi,
              Go Take your Wife to Fisherman’s Wharf and Enjoy your Trip..

              • cliff Mark my words go to restaurant called epic. 2 blocks from base ball stadium directly under Oakland bay bridge. the wharf is whack unless we are talking Monterey wharf

              • I know where I am, and No Paul….The 49ers are absolutely interested.

                The media looks at DeSean as what they need to give them options with Crabtree, Boldin, Quinton Patton, and the rookie they draft – speculation is that they have their eye on DaVonte Adams….

              • I won’t be able to Big Mhenski….My flight leaves tomorrow morning

    • I hope he goes to the Skins. Why not? Just like Reid knew exactly how to shut Vick down last year, Kelly will know exactly how to eliminate the smurf.

      No fear of him on the Skins at all.

      Anyway, its funny how I read poster after poster on here dropping lines like” “Damn, now the Pats/Seahawks/49s etc will jump right on him to push them over the top because they know talent…..blah blah blah”

      Now it looks like either disfunctional Redskins or Raiders as the only teams with any interest.

      • Reports are that CK likes Brandon Cooks who is 5″10″, as well as DAT. Chip has had plenty of smurfs on his teams. Don’t be surprised if he drafts one of those guys.

      • DCar is looking to find a new NFL team too since I read he terminated his Philadelphia Eagles fan card. Maybe Dcar and Djax will both chose the same team.

      • LOL

        Reports are that 10 teams are interested

        – 3 agressively pursuing
        – 1 wants him desperately

        Everyone initially thought the Raiders were in the want him desperately category…and read the reports out of Washington…all indications are Snyder is willing to pay BIG to get him there.

        Yeah…and Reid shut down Vick in the KC game…do you remember that game…special teams fuck ups, line fuck ups, kicker fuck ups…it was a clusterfuck from everyone not just Vick.

        As far as shutting down DJax – while we are doing that – what do think Garcon, Morris, Reed, Robinson and yes RG-3 are going to be doing?

        So yeah Kelly can shut him down – just like we shut Graham down in NO – how’d that work out for us?

        • Your superstar buddy, with the help of his alleged superstar WR) was 13 of 30 (no seriously 13 of 30!!!!) With 2 interceptions and 2 fumbled.

          He opene3d the game with a pick 6 that put the chiefs up 10.

          But go ahead.

          Blame the special teams even though they only had 18 more return yards than the Eagles.
          Blame the rushing game even though shady had 158 yrds rushing (more than the entire chiefs team)

          Your hero was beffuddled, confused, by a coach who knew exactly how to befuddle and confuse him (exactly as I had predicted the week before ).

          Vick was pudrid, and the #1 reason that game was lost.

          But of course for you it was the special teams, or Henery missing a 3rd q 45 yard fg in a 10 point loss.

          I think the early pick 6 to open the game might have been juuuuuuust a little more important.

          Enjoy the 5 Jets game your hero starts.

          And as for Desean….the fact of the matter he’s going to the shitty Redskins and an owner that creams his pants any time a “name” FA is available.

          The fact that Snyder “wants him desperately” only says one thing.

          Snyder is an idiot!

  104. Paulman, word is Talyor Hart had a strong penchant for listening to rap music while on campus. Chip, Howie, and the gang may decide to go elsewhere.

    You see what I did there? 😛

  105. Derrick Ward Calls out Chip Kelly and others on Twer. lol
    Thi is so true

    These ESPN analyst sound real dumb right now talking about @DeseanJackson10 They think they know what they’re talking about but they don’t

    Im sorry but has @DeseanJackson10 ever been arrested? Suspended? DUI? Drugs? No so why are these dumb asses on @espn trying to make him seem

    Like he’s a horrible person. The NFL is so Contridictive I swear. Especially these punk ESPN Analyst.

    and @RonJaworski_BFL shut the F**k up. You sound so dumb right now. and fake ass Teddy Bruschi for someone who use to play in the league

    recently you sure are trying your hardest to act like you where Gods gift to football. I know almost everyone of your old teammates hated u

    because you where that one guy that everyone had on there team that goes and snitches to the head coach about other players. Bottom line

    Mark Dominik is the last person that should be talking about anyone with the way he handled players in @TBBuccaneers when he was the GM

    The @Eagles gonna cut @DeseanJackson10 because they “Think” he might know gang members but they’ll keep and resign a well known Racist?

    I’m born and raised in South Central LA. I have uncles who are still gang bangin cousins who still gang bang. But what does that have to do

    with someone playing football and ballin out for your team? I’m sorry but Every NFL team knows what there players are doing who there hangin
    out with. In 6 years has he had 1 single incident? 1 single crime? The NFL is a bunch of BS Im so glad I’m done with that joke of a league. Mark my words there won’t be an NFL in the next 20 years watch and see There so worried about who a player knows and a player dunking on the goal post than actually worry about whats really important. And the funny thing about it Chip Kelly coached@t Oregon which recruited players From Crenshaw HS. He knows for damn sure who’s gang banging and who’s not. A lil bro @DeseanJackson10 keep your head up. Keep doing you don’t let any of these fake no talent ass analyst on ESPN deter you from doing. what you do. Keep working hard like you do everyday and when you do get on a squad and play against the sack ass @Eagles burn they ass for 1 tches 150 yards and 3 tds/.

  106. So we know now that Barney Rubble had no problem going into South Central LA (gang banging capital of the world) to recruit players Oregon. hmmmmm

  107. Mcnabb just spoke about DJak, he said DJak was a headache from day one but Reid sugarcoated it and always covered it up, he said because of the leaders in the lockeroom they were able to keep it under control, he said it was different with Chip cause it was his first year and didn’t have his own leaders, that makes all the sense to me compared to all the hypotheticals that are out there, the comments from Macklin, Kelce and Herrimans who’ve been there with DJak kind of backs Mcnabb up.

    • Then they should of kept a “leader” in the locker room. All I care about is what he does on the field. Unless he beat up his girlfriend, was accused of raping a women in the bathroom, killed someone on a DUI or 50 other things players have done, I don’t care if hes a headache. Take a fucking aspirin then.

    • Andrew I love McNabb but who do you think was more of a headache to Reid. McNabb or DJax seriously before you answer that just think about all the issue the McNabb’s brought to the table.

      • I know what Mcnabb was about, believe me! But what about Macklin, Kelce, Herrimens? I mean Kelce couldn’t of been more happier, when Macklin spoke I took it as he threw DJak under the bus, that would of been the case if it was only him but when two other guys come out and two more say it anonoymously then you can see their was a problem, look, as I stated earlier, we all thought Foles wasn’t going to make it in Chips system, we all said he needs a mobile QB, Chio said he would make it work and he did, if he says he likes big receivers and says he will make it work then we have to believe him, so far he’s been right and we’ve been wrong on trying to figure out what he needs to make his system work.

    • To be honest, Coach AR ran such a loose ship his last few Seasons that nany of these holdover Players from the Reid era
      Are getting a rude awakening under Chip Kelly, which is what happens when you change Coach’s and especially when a Coach like AR who ran a Country Club for so many Years.. It’s what I expected when they hired Him.. It can all be done in year #1 or you would have a non-competitive team..
      Anyone notice how quiet LeSean McCoy has been this off-season and you can’t tell me that Kelly & Co didn’t have a nice chat with him after the Season was over.. If D-Jax is the price that has to be paid to build a better “Team”
      And gave players 100% buy-in and comitted to Kelly’s program, then so be it..
      The key to me is not that D-Jax is gone, but what do Kelly & Roseman do moving forward in replacing his Production on the field..
      To Kelly, unfocused and undisciplined Talent means little him and thid is exactly the Team the Eagles became for AR ‘s last 5 years and isn’t completely cganged in 1 Year..
      I expect a couple more Players to get the boot and by next off-season most of Players in the AR era to be gone and to be honest, I am ok with this as long as their are Players brought in to replace some of these Talented players that will be shown the door..

      • Kelly with that attitude will find himself back in college shortly…this is the NFL…not college where he didn’t win Division 1 championships either! I’ll take ‘undisciplined’ talent over a ‘disciplined’ untalented player in a second.
        DJax was a rare talent that opened up the entire field for the lessor talented players like Cooper…its extremely difficult to replace! You are right Paulman…he has to replace that talent…and if he fall short, I don’t want to hear excuses about him or Foles….Chip has ended the honeymoon and he is going to have to produce…big time!

  108. How much did they pay you for this story? Did you want AI out of town at the height of his prowess?

  109. Attention all dagg knows everything ther is to kno about DJ. Look turd quit actin like u kno more than these dudes. Ur just a freckle on a large ass. Wat u say means nothing. Lol. U know nothing. U don’t kno DJ. U never been around him as a teamate. None of his teammates came to his aide but former shit stains. Who cares if he doesn’t have a criminal record. If he was a complete asshole, late , not showing for meetings n constantly but heads with everyone how can u blame’em. Kick rocks troll.

    • Nah Silencer10 don’t know everything but Im here to tell you a little secret. Just like brothas all over the country can relate to shit like this because Djax story is not uncommon to us just on a different level. You see being from the inner city and growing up around that shit I made it out unlike so many of my family and friends and to this day I still have ties to the”hood”. Friends, family etc. Yes I will go back now and again and am asked by my girl “what the fuck you doing down there”. I tell her that’s where Im from and I go and check out my cousins, friends growing up that are still alive or just surviving because that’s where Im from. Doesn’t mean Im acting up it means I just don’t forget where I came from. My story isnt unique just like Djaxs isn’t. So I can relate to some of his shit. Oh and the turd, and kick rocks troll references is that some hillbilly slang? im not up on that shit.

  110. Lol.. Dagg u don’t kno shit. I keep reading the shit u post. Well the shit ur copy and pasting like its means anything. I can make 100 reasons y he should be here due to his on field production. Chip KELLY turned him into a 1300 yard receiver. Doubt he’s gonna even come close to that production anywhere else. U can thank chip

  111. It is complete ignorance…I guess we would rather have a team of goody-goody two shoes who tries so hard and don’t do shyt on game day! An NFL Coaches job is to manage difficult players and get them to perform on Sundays! I don’t care if DJax was a headache…like daggolden says…”take a aspirin”…I’ll do you one better and give ya some Advil…dammit!
    You don’t cut All-Pro players…a lot of the players have not said anything…I bet you McCoy aint happy…I’ll bet that Foles aint happy either…especially going into a contract year!
    Fools! You win with TALENT! Bottom Line…DJax was talent that showed up on Sundays…and when he is catching bombs from RG3 and beating the hell out of us in Washington….we will all wish that we had at the very least trade him out of the division for a 6 rounder or something…anything instead of just giving him away for absolutely nothing in return….that my friends is pure ignorance!!!

  112. He recruited everywhere of course. But dagg u turd this isn’t chips team. It’s luries. I can’t remeber how many times I was on here lookin at post from people complaining that DJ gives up on routes, doesn’t come back to the ball, bla bla. Now the same people are on here crying becuz he’s gone. Fairweather fans

    • Exactly it’s only 2-3 people who who show their biased agenda on here. Last year it was Vick was great Foles was nothing, then flip flop. McCoy will fall apart with Files. Then they made the playoffs in spite of themselves. And before all of it Kelly won’t work in the NFL and those people feel like IDIOTS.

  113. those complaints were bullshyt…the man caught 82 passes last year and he had to come back for a lot of them because Foles arm is not that strong! If Foles had a better gun he would have caught at least 6 or 7 more touchdowns because he often times he beat his man but Foles couldn’t get it to him!
    DJax was a very important element to the success of this team….if Chip really thinks that his ‘system’ is so foolproof that all he has to do is plug in players…he is in for a rude awakening in the NFL…he never won a national championship…and he was out coached last year in the playoffs…the honeymoon is over for Chip Kelly…and he better be right on this move here!!!

    • He wasn’t outcoached stop your stupidity and root to another team because obviously you aren’t watching this. Defense couldn’t stop anyone and the Sproles return KILLED them.

      Get a clue

    • If DJak was very important to the success last year then he was also part of the problem with the team the two years, you’s all said Chip wasn’t going to make it last year when Foles played and we all saw how that ended, it’s going to be the same thing with DJak, let me ask you and anyone else, we all know the crazy numbers Chip put up in college, we all know it was so special that Belicheck went up there to implement some of it, the question is, can you name the receivers that were part of his teams? Does anyone know if any of them are staring in the NFL? The answer is NO! Just goes to show, he can still put up the numbers without a major receiver even though he’s going to get someone early in the draft. We’re going to be fine.

  114. He never won a national championship…lol he turned Oregon into a west coast powerhouse. Clown statement of the year.

  115. The Eagles DL were major contributors to that Saibts loss
    They couldn’t stop a 3rd or 4th & Short all Game long which extended Saints Drives all game
    This is why I wanted to address the one area they have failed to do this off-season which is a real NT and another Pass-Rusher for this upcoming Draft is not real Deep in either area in my opinion..
    The Saints were the better All-Around Team last year and probably still are
    Besides The Seahawks,49ers & Healthy Packers and now an improved Bears & Cardinals & Lions Teams to add into the mix in a tough NFC..

  116. This season rides on Jeremy Maclin’s back he fails or gets hurt this season can be over before it starts. Maclin must put up numbers close to djack if not better and be more reliable than he was.

    • D-Jax 80 Catch’s 1300 yards will not be replaced by any one Receiver and is crazy to expect or think so…
      It will be more like this

      Maclin 55-60 Receptions 850 Yards
      Sproles 30-35 Receptions 500 Yards
      Cooper will go from the 40’s to about
      55 Catches
      Ertz will go from the mid 30’s to upper 40’s
      McCoy will get his usual 50-55 Receptions
      Celek will get his usual 35 Receptions

      When you add up the production from these
      6 main Receivers, the production, receptions & TD Will be more spread out amongst 5-6 Weapons which actually will create more problems for Defdnses to prepare or Defend the Eagles since they will spread the ball and not be as dependent in having to rely on D-Jax..
      The Key will be various formations & motion,
      Match ups and of course the opposing Defenses strengths & weaknesses..
      This is what Good Coach’s do …
      I did not include any Draft Pick or a possible veteran Free-Agent
      Joining the Club but I would not expect any Rookie Receiver
      To come in year 1 to get anymore than 15-20 Catches for Eagles will have plenty of experienced Weapons who know the system where it’s going to take any Rookie some time to learn the System and get significant Playing time
      In their Rookie Season..

  117. DeSean Jackson – WR – Free Agent
    The Buffalo News reports the Bills are “doing their due diligence” on free agent DeSean Jackson.
    Beat reporter Tim Graham believes Jackson-to-Buffalo “could happen,” and the interest is serious. Some fans apparently think the Bills are set at receiver, but they aren’t, and we expect them to be in the mix for Mike Evans at No. 9 overall. The Bills are aiming for a run-heavy offense that sets up deep shots. Like in-place burner Marquise Goodwin, that philosophy fits Jackson’s skill set.
    Related: Bills
    Source: Tim Graham on Twitter Mar 30 – 7:05 PM

    • Bills have used some high Draft Picks the last few Drafts at WR and don’t see where they want D-Jax mixed in with such a young group
      M Goodwin, Robert Woods, TJ Graham, Robert Johnson..
      I see the Bills Drafting TE Ebron with that 9th Pick
      When was the last time they had an athletic TE to go along with their young WR Corps and solid RB’s in Fred Jackson & CJ Spiller and Young QB EJ Manuel.. There is a lot of going Talent on Bills (Outside of RB Fred Jackson)
      And adding a volatile D-Jax would be a disaster for them
      Bills Fans would not take too kindly to D-Jax either, very blue Collar fans and want tough, team oriented Players and not Divas who whine about their $10.5 Million Contract.. They would run his ass out of Town so fast before the first snowfall..
      In fact I will go on record that Buffalo and Pittsburgh & Cleveland would be the 3 worst Teams & Franchises for D-Jax to land..
      He wouldn’t last 1 Season in those towns pulling the crap he did while in Philly..

  118. Dude nobody cares what team he goes to he’s not an eagle I hope he does oh to the bills and career goes down the toilet

  119. some lucky team that signs DJax is going to go from last place to first place in division.
    some lucky team’s running back is going to lead the NFL in rushing because Djax clears everyone out.
    some lucky team team’s young QB is going to have a 27 TD to 2 interception ratio because DJax makes everyone open.
    some lucky team team is getting better stats than 1300yd 82 catch 9 touchdown receiver that was held back by the noodle previous QB.
    No excuses!

      • LOL

        Kooltwit earlier suggested Foles missed DJax for 6-7 tds. Presumably another 700 yards because he was wide open.

        So clearly, any team with a non-noodle armed qb can expect the greatest ever performance by a WR next year. 2400 yrds and 20 tds.


        Exactly why such astute teams as the Redskins, Raiders and Bills are interested. They know talent when they see it!

  120. Can anyone name the receivers who were at Oregon when Chip had that offence going crazy? Is any if them stars in the league? The answer is No! Chip can make this O work without DJak people, he’s either going to pick someone up in FA or the draft, were going to be fine.

    • Your right Andrew,
      I could go out and grab 35-40 Catches for
      500 Yards or so for 2 TD’s..

      • So what # are you wearing? 10 I guess. Paul…I’d love to see you try and go over the middle looking for a pass. Concentrate on the ball, not that safety coming to put you to sleep!

        • My Favorite Number is #37 and with Patrick Chung trying to Cover me,
          I will make plays and drag him into the end-zone for one of my Score
          My other TD comes on a reverse pitch to OT Lane Johnson who is split out wide and then who finds me wide open in the corner of the end-zone over A fallen and stunned Patrick Peterson of the Cardinals !!

          • 37 is more of a defensive #. I could buy Chung…I don’t think he’s been picked up yet….which is understandable. Pat Peterson would lay you out…lol

            • #37 was my number as I did play CB,
              I was known as the “White Lester Haynes” of South Jersey
              and had potential until the Alcohol,Amphetamines,Opiates & Women started to take over my life.. Fortunately for me,it was just a phase that screwed up my playing days, but not the rest of my life.,

              • I heard you were cut because you were flashing the OK sign that Alphalfa used in “Our Gang” reruns…your high school coach saw you as incorrigable and as you noted, your “outside influences” had begun to take a toll on your performance (truthfully one to two special teams plays per game) and he released you from the team.

                It was a wake up call for PMan, who then took to using his Commadore 64 and began blogging about football and never loooked back.

              • Good one Greenfan..

                A Commodore 64 .. Nice …
                I was having too much fun with the Cheerleaders,Booze,Opiates, etc,etc, to matter at the Time … Damn, those Days were Fun …

              • Truthfully, I am getting DJax’ed out….regardless of the reasons, there is no debating that it makes our team weaker.

                Just stinks, so I would rather invent a story about PMan’s days on the gridiron than the unending DJax saga.

  121. Paulman the only reason I said Maclin is key to offense is if he gets hurt cooper isn’t a #1 as long as he stays healthy they are good and think ertz gets between 60-70 catches this year and close to 1000yds and I also think sproles gets 40-50 catches. If they get cooks or Beckham they will be better than last year they don’t need Benjamin he will slow the offense down.

    • I do agree that If Maclin gets hurt, then they are screwed..
      What I meant to say if that Maclin is not going to put up D-Jax #’s
      Of last year and would be unrealistic to expect him too
      I am just not sure that Sproles gets enough Snaps to see 50 Receptions
      Unless McCoy gets injured which of course none of us want to see..
      Ertz seeing that many passes to catch 60-70 … That’s an awful lot for a TE in his 2nd Season..
      Give me 5-6 Players with 50-60 Receptions and spread the ball to everyone was Kelly’s Philosophy at Oregon which probably continues as Eagles HC

  122. I think sproles will be in the slot a lot when they 3wide he wil be that 3rd wr with shady in the backfield that’s also why I think they go in the draft the first 3 rds of the draft
    1st-wr- cooks so he replace the speed of desean and also has return value which can give sproles breather here and there.

    2nd rd – safety although they might think they are set there and offer

    Mathis,graham and there 2nd rd pick
    Miami for dion Jordan and there 3rd pick

    In 3rd they will target either safety or cb

  123. You could be right about Sprole’s playing out in the Slot whi h is tough natch-up for the Defense.:

    As far as Dion Jordan goes,
    He has to stay in Miami, like GMCliffs say,
    Now Jordan is GMCliffs player and if he comes to Philly, and then everyone will see what a bust he actually is, which would kill GMCliffs Credibility
    Cliff never likes any Players that the Eagles Acquire or Draft
    But he seems to like all the other Players that other Teams Draft or acquire
    It’s his mode of operandi, Go Figure..

    • Dion Jordan has NEVER been my player …….Just Stop trying to make yourself seem more credible by stepping on my toes….

      BTW Paul, when is Fletcher Cox going to step up? 3 years from now? or has he not been given enough time to adjust? I’ll wait to here your excuse on your guy – and perhaps some on here won’t kill your credibility and compare it to mine – as Dontari Poe – My guy- has already made the Pro Bowl…LMBO!!

      I have never suggested Dion Jordan as an Eagles draft choice…….I was asked if I would mind him on our team, and I said no I wouldn’t mind,….and DCar had a line of reason about him, I felt made sense, but I still wouldn’t have objected to have him on our team, – but he isn’t my guy – and I don’t want him here…….BTW, did I mention that Lame Johnson, was excluded from the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd All Rookie Teams – because he stunk!!!

      Ziggy Ansah, and Sheldon Richardson were my choices last year, and you know it – so relax with that nonsense

      Cliff never likes any Players that the Eagles Acquire or Draft????

      1. I called for Malcolm Jenkins all offseason
      2. I liked when they drafted – Kelce, Celek, McCoy, Jackson, Maclin, T. Thomas, Westbrook, Dawkins, and Shawn Andrews
      3. I liked when they signed FA’s Runyan, Troy Vincent, and T.O

      The Eagles have not drafted impact – since DeSean, or signed real free agent impact – since T.O…….

      Howie Roseman, is a below average General Manager, who does not know talent. He knows it based on his own cognizance – so he surrounds himself with Gamble, and Donahue – but I’m sure based upon the draft choices he’s made that he has last say…….Relax Paul…:)

      • correction – they haven’t draft impact since LeSean McCoy

        • 27 TD vs 2 int. and pro bowl MVP isn’t impact?
          while winning the NFC East with stiff draft choices since the 2009 second round draft choice and non impact free agents.
          GMClueless can’t figure out why he is known as a dingbat.

          • only by the only jackass on the cite…….who can’t see he is actually the dingbat…(laughable)…..I am insightful, have a pedigree, and you are beneath me….

            Mad respect from everyone else – So who cares about the weak opinion of one – shrugging my shoulders, with my hands up – have a seat son..

            • and we’ll see how lucky we are against a stronger schedule……Don’t take last season for granted……

              I use as hope for the future, but we haven’t realized anything yet….

      • So it’s ok for Malcom Jenkins to have 2 different DC’s/Systems
        but not for Fletcher Cox to have a Different DC in every Season as an Eagle
        Godo Rational thought Cliff..

        • Your making excuses – The point is Cox wasn’t better than Poe for the EAGLES…

          And has yet to show any form of dominance yet. So, when are we going to see it????

          • Who said Cox was going to dominate.. He’s a natural DT in a 4-3 Scheme, he’s not a NT nor a DE… Poe is a Natural NT
            Again Cliff, it’s not apples to apples.. Check your medication Cliff
            for you are becoming delusional

            • there is nothing wrong with Fletcher Cox and Lane Johnson —
              however there is something wrong with GMCliff.

            • I’m not delusional about you being wrong about him being a better prospect than Dontari Poe…..

              Who said Cox was going to dominate???? Everyone who was high on his being drafted – including you – now you don’t see it, and all of the sudden you start backpedalling……Reality jumps up and smacks you in the face doesn’t it…….

              and that’s just one example of why my credibility, will never be brought into question like these guys question yours brother….

              and I totally ignore the posters that are in denial, and hang on everything the Eagles do – They are my team, but I don’t gullibly just accept it as a great draft, or free agency, because they suggested it to be such….

              DJ Fluker is a much better RT than LAME, {again who didn’t even make the all rookie 3rd team} So the experts of the NFL didn’t see the splash that the Howie supporters claimed that he had. ….That being said, he is on our team, and he better get his Combine overachieving ass in gear…..

              and Fletcher Cox, better start playing better, or he maybe pushing bust status – he is just okay, nothing more – anyone who sees it any different is blind, in denial, and just doesn’t know what he is talking about

    • Reid, and Morningwhig drafted Foles – which some wanted to get rid of – not GMCliff

  124. As Far as Draft
    I would Trade down from #22
    And use some players (Mathis or Graham) to get another
    Eagles need to get 2 more Selections in that 40-125th Selection Range
    Whether that means trading back from the 1st round or using Tradeable Players in a packaged deal..
    And all joking aside, I stay far away from Dion Jordan

    • I am done with the desean talk he is gone time to move on so with that we.definely have to go wide receiver 1sr rd which will be b cooks if hebis not there i would trade back for more picks and draft attlchu in 2nd or hageman

  125. The only reason why I say they should look into the dion Jordan thing is cause chip knows him and also there aren’t any good olb’s in the draft and Jordan didn’t fit in Miami’s 4-3 scheme and would be better here in the 3-4 and if all u would have to give up is a 33 year old guard and an olb that’s a de and doesn’t fit then I’ll do it that’s one less thing they would need to get in the draft they then after taking cooks they then go safety, cb and dline and Oline with the rest of there picks.

  126. pman i respect what u say most of time but I think jordan would be perfect for us and chip knows him so I think he can be special

  127. Special talent like DJax created a lot of space for the other players…its that simple…you can have wonderful X’s and O’s…but special players who make special plays makes the game easy……Foles is in trouble…those wide open receivers he had last year because of Kelly moving DJax around in different positions is not going to work this year.
    DJax understood well his value to the offense….which is why he wanted more money….we are going to find out his value to the offense this year too…especially when Foles folds up!
    When it happens…no excuses…this is a bad mistake..simple as that!

  128. “Kelly’s offense worked at Oregon largely because his players, some of whom had poor character backgrounds as well, were faster than everyone else. If he truly believes that scheme is the key to winning in the NFL — and not the talent of his players — then he won’t be with the Eagles much longer.” Kevin Seifert-NFL Nation

  129. Is it just me, but are the Birds having a horrible off-season? What exactly have they upgraded, & made better? I agree with, & understand, getting rid of a pain in the ass like DJax, but how are they going to upgrade his loss, with minimal picks, with unknown draftees. There better be more out there, than just guilty by association to the thugs, or they should get run out on a rail. The more I’ve researched, it’s all circumstantial, & guilt by association. I have a feeling this was another ego driven, penny pinching $$$$ move. The entire off-season has been (Jenkins, instead of Byrd; Telling Mathis to find a trade; No other top/ good FA’s signed), so why would this be any different? I’m starting to feel like Banner, & the Hindenburg is still here!

    • This why, I’ve been so pissed off with their silence, deflection, & ignorance! Tell us WTF is going on, with your decisions. Us fans will understand, just tell us!

      • Awful offseason. Subtracted Djax and avant and replaced with Jeff Maehl and brad smith? Puke. Subtracted Chung and replaced with a younger Chung , puke. Got a 4th corner blah. Got sproles that’s pretty cool although that probably means lesean comes off the field a little more.

        They basically did nothing to capitalize on last years success.

        I have tons of confidence in chip and foles so I think we will continue to dominate on offense but to do nothing on defense is very alarming.

        And the fact that this loser henery is still on the squad is also concerning.

        • True Mhenski – but I only disagree about Malcolm Jenkins…

          IMHO, is a better prospect than TJ Ward – because he does so much more that hit people hard, and is very good in coverage..

          The guy had 2 different Defensive Coordinators in 3 years, that changed his role, and responsibility, which may have burdened his production – but still better than TJ Ward overall…..

          • No comparions GmCliff

            Malcolm Jenkins is a Free-Safety and TJ Wars is a Strong Safety

            Jenkins paired with Roman Harper, then Kenny vacarro as the saints Free-Safety and is no Strong Safety…

            TJ Ward has only Played Strong safety and is known for his playing down in the Box and Defending the Run first…

            These Players play 2 Different Positions which require Different Skill Sets and Repsonsibilirties, why the Comparison..

            As far as exuses for Malcom Jenkins,
            any Eagles Defender (Nate Allen,Fletcher Cox,etc,etc)
            that’s been around the last 3 Seasons has gone thru 3 DC’s and Different Schemes

            The Back-Pedal on Malcom Jenkins continues from GMCliff

          • gm, you are off your rocker, if you think Jenkins is a better safety than Ward. I’m sick of this BS versatility crap, that Weaselman, & Kelly throw around. How’s about a F^#@ing strong safety that can play, & a free safety that can play??? I’m sick of these holier than thou, think they can reinvent the game, wannabe geniuses. Get good plug & play position players, & f^#@ing play them! Sick of this $#!t now! How many f^#@ing years, do we have to have square peg in round holes stiffs, & positions being ignored? Enough, is enough!!!!

            • LOL!!! Okay my brother – but I think I am also correct in my evaluation, because I have never like TJ Ward – He’s an Okay Safety, but Jenkins is more versatile, and a better athlete, as he was drafted as a CB….

              • gm, I don’t care how versatile he is. If you suck, you suck! He’s versatile at sucking. He is rated just 5 spots ahead of Chung. The same Chung, that should be exiled to Siberia. They will regret not signing Byrd, & I don’t give a $#!T what he signed for.

            • Wonder if Cliff’s Flight out to the West Coacst to SF has messed up his equilibrium here lately…
              I am starting to get concerned about him DCar..

              • We go through this every off season…and you guys know that I do not embrace the popular opinion, because it’s generally wrong….

                My flight was wonderful thank you…..

          • Jenkins plays both Free Safety, and Strong Safety, and I’m sorry – I disagree, he is flat out better than TJ Ward…who is strictly a Strong Safety that can’t cover…

            Didn’t surprise me the Eagles didn’t even take a flyer on him…because they know – he is a one trick pony – like Calvin Pryor – just come in and blow people up – That’s why Deone Buchannon is more what they want – some one that can do that, and cover as well….

            There is no back pedal – and never will be because I mean it – I don’t think TJ Ward was all that great period…

            I love me some Paulman, and DCar, but this is where we differ in opinion sometimes….peace my brothers

            • A One-HIt Wonder like the unemployed D-Jax .. Cliff
              With all his Talent, Speed,Importance to the Eagles Offense, His 3 Pro-Bowl’s.. and still, the Eagles did not want him any longer..

              Some people,players just wear out their Welcome’s and when they do, it’s time to move on.. Eagles were tired of his crap plain and simple and said adios, we don’t need this guy here any longer

              • and that’s what this post, and what is debated on sports radio – Because it was stupid for them to do that, and they will regress from that, to the dismay of Paulman – who wanted to see him go regardless…..

                Djax, nor Malcolm Jenkins, are one hit wonders….

                DeSean did nothing to wear out his welcome – He just wanted the money he earned, as the only 3 time Pro Bowl WR, they’ve had in years….and they used this as a smear campaign to justify releasing him – when in reality they just didn’t want to pay him…

                Paul, you are my Homie, but your Bias never ceases to amaze me…

              • So D-Jax did nothing to “wear out his welcome” Really….
                Well go ask the Team that just fired his ass then GMCliff..
                Go ask the Front Office, the Coaching Staff who had it up to here with his immature and selfish antics which is why he is gone..
                As I’ve Stated, He was only a “Part-Time Eagle” to begin with..No real ties or Committments to the Community…
                Fly’s in Late May for some OTA’s then back to California, Fly bacn in July for Summer Camp and Then Fly out 1 Day after the Season and you guys act like he’s someone of Significant Value, like a William Penn, Ben Franklin, Betsy Ross, BIll Cosby,Sonny HIll, Gary Cobb or someone who has some real ties to the “City of Brotherly Love”.. He’s a Hired Football Player, No more, No Less and Players can come and go for that’s what happens in Sports…..
                And please don’t call me “Homie” again for RT777 may call the “Racist Police” on You….. 🙂

              • I would Paul, but I don’t want my intelligence insulted, when I can see through the BS Bruh… need to…

                I’m not buying anything they say on DeSean. I’m sure he has rubbed them the wrong way with his attitude,…. but so what – For me that’s still doesn’t say he has done anything..

                I posted this theory, a few days ago, and it is amazing how so many are catching on – Mike Missinelli, has been killing the Eagles as I have on there charade – GMCliff is no ones fool…

              • My bad Brother – I’ve always felt you were my Homie – much love- but I will call you my Brother from now on ….Cool??

              • Just teasing Gmcliff..
                I know your a good man with a good football mind..
                We just happen to disagree about D-jax and his imprortance as a Player to this Offense Moving forward..
                I do not root for or get attached to any of the names on the Jersey’s for they come and go, but I root for the Eagles Team to do well and yes this will be a short-term hit, but something with good Coaching, Good Players can easily overcome.. I expect this Eagles Offense to be even more dynamic and harder to defense.. The Big-play quick Strike yards in chunks will be more difficult, but the spreading of the ball, gettting into the receivers and playmakers hands quickly and efficiently will not, and now that D-jax is gone, maybe we wil lsee some more 4 minute-6 minute,8 minute Driver to wear out the other Team and Keep the Eagles Defense fresher, which is not a bad thing..
                Enjoy your Trip and Visit the Napa Valley if you have time and the Pacific Hwy (Hwy 101) region.. (Pebble Beach,Monterey Peninisula and Carmey) just beautiful out there…

              • Its all in love and Football Baby….

            • So, you’d rather have versatile mediocrity, rather than a true SS, & a true FS, that can play his position at a high level? Ward is a true, stud, downhill SS. That’s what SS’s do. FS are the cover guys. BTW, the knock on Ward not being a good cover guy, is a fallacy. He wasn’t asked to drop much. I’m sick of the square peg, in round hole $#!T! Get plug & play guys, & f^#@ing play them. Get a SS, & play him there! Get a FS, & F^#@ing play him there! Get a NT, & F^#@ing play him there! Enough, is enough!!!!

              • I don’t view Malcolm Jenkins as mediocrity Bruh….

                Now Connor Barwin, Trent Cole, Lame Johnson, Zach Ertz….that’s mediocrity…

    • They’ve Upgraded the Safety Postion and CB Postion not with any All-Pro’s but expereinced, versatile Players in Malcom Jenkins, Chris Maragos and Nolan Carroll
      Special Teams Coverage have been improved with additions LB Braman & Chris Maragos and Nolan Carroll..
      WR’s Corp has take a hit with relax of D-Jax, but hopefully Maclin & Sproles combined can make up for most of his Production
      RB’s Have been upgraded with addition of Darren Sproles who will be mostly used as a Receiver out of the Backfield but will also get some carries to lessen the load on McCoy
      The Back-Up QB has been addressed (Sanchez, not great, but serviceable in the short-term)

      But the DL, Pass Rush and Kicker Positions has not been addressed which all need upgrading..
      The Eagles only got 37 Sacks as a Defense last Season and if they don’t break the 50 + Sack Range, then will not compete for a Deep Playoff Run..
      You cannot allow even average QB’s the time and Comfort os sitting in the pocket and going their their Progressisons.. (VIkings QB Casell, Packers QB’s Shredded this Eagles Defense last year due to no Pressure)

  130. First of all I can’t say this is a bad offseason because it’s not over yet and I’m. Not gonna say that offense isn’t gonna be better than it was last year just cause we lost one player cause just like any team your hoping your young players develop and get better that means ertz, foles, Polk, Maclin and cooper all get better than they were last year. Now some people can say we lost a lot when they let djack go I say all they lost is speed cause pound for pound Maclin is a better all around wr than desean and sproles is gonna be way more dynamic in the slot than avant was. The whole oline may be coming back the defense is the problem not the offense I would rather have the best offense I the league then to put patches on the defense and I know Denver had the best offense last year look at what it got them but Denver lacked 2things on there offense 1. Speed and 2. A good Oline we have both.

    • pound for pound Maclin is a better all around wr than desean ????!!!!!!!!

      He has never been better than DeSean!!!…..and NEVER will….That right there is BS, and wishful thinking Smitty………..

      • maclin was better 2010, 2011, 20112

        2009 was his rookie so thats out and 2013 was squashed by injury

        id prefer desean because he is more explosive but im not certain he is better than maclin.

        truth be told jackson never had a great top 15 /top 10 season prior to this past year. he provided some great moments and some espn top 10 highlite plays prior to last year but he wasnt special at all which is why im hopefully he can easily be replaced in chips system but im pissed we couldnt get some compensation for him…

        • last 3 years prior to this past season (which he was amazing) desean averaged 50 catches, 905 yards, 4tds that isnt impressive at all.

          prior to this past season he was probably the most overrated WR in the game

          • That was that contract year when some claim he quit on them….

            I see that as 905 yards without really trying in only what 12 games because he was injured , and out for the season……

            Maclin hasn’t had 1000 yards in a season yet Big Mhenski…..

            He will never be better than DeSean…..

        • And how many Pro Bowls for Maclin – because he was better than DeSean???

          DeSean has 3……

  131. He is better than him all around he blocks isn’t selfish and isn’t a one trick pony

    • That doesn’t make him better Brother Smittty, and he isn’t a one trick pony either – what does that make Maclin??….So, like I said he will never be better than DeSean……

  132. Heard sun 2 of his gang buddies killed 14 yr old boy who pointed his finger at them when they passed him 1 guy went away igot out after 1yr and guess who was there to greet him flashing his gang sign your boy djax ask hollis he was on the air at the time

    • I’ve yet to hear anything bad done on DeSeans part in conjunction with the Cripps…..

      Big Don, if that isn’t true…..Don’t the Eagles hold a portion of the responsibility, by even directing the media to this type of defamation – just because CK, didn’t like him – and didn’t want to pay him???

  133. And Maclin has never quit on the team the only thing that desean had better than Maclin is speed.

    Better at bump and run-Maclin
    Hands -Maclin
    Speed- desean
    Route running- Maclin
    Better in the red zone/ Maclin
    Better 20//20- even
    Blocking – Maclin

    • and with all that being said DeSean is the ONLY 3 time WR Pro Bowler ON THE TEAM – GO FIGURE..

      I don’t care about his attitude about his under paying contract – he deserved to get paid after 2 Pro Bowls, and I don’t blame him for being pissed – Again, that has nothing to do with his skill, and what he brings to the Eagles – That MACLIN DOESN’T – which is why he hasn’t been vote to the Pro Bowl yet…….

      He’s not better than DeSean in anything but Blocking, but why does he need to block when he’s the one they block for….

      • Smitty you’re my boy, but your argument is weak, and con DeSean..

        Reality – Maclin isn’t close to being better than DeSean….

      • wrong again GMCliff as usual,
        Jason Peters is a 4 time Philadelphia Eagle pro bowl player – add 2 with Buffalo for 6 total

        • So I forgot Peters….so what?? What do you mean as usual? I more right than you or Paulman…Negro please…You can’t touch me

          But I do recall GMCliff suggesting to draft him as a TE out of Arkansas. When he gained weight in the Pro’s – it was only logical to give him a shot at OT, AND IT WORKED!!

          But, Andy Reid whiffed at drafting him, and had to overpay to get him here…that’s a case of the EAGLES Front Office being wrong as usual, and not being as smart as GMCliff.

          I only responded to this because I was conversing with Smitty about DeSean being better than Maclin…..Where Peters came from that I don’t know but whatever…………

          it’s obvious your still obsessed with me – so go back to sucking on Howie, and being in denial…and I will continue being right, and ignoring you….

  134. Maclin and Djax stats were both held back by Mike Vick. Mike Vick was an inaccurate running QB who suppressed his wideout numbeers. Jeremy Maclin if healthy will have better stats than Riley Cooper did last year. Meaning he gets more than 8 touchdowns, probably double digit grabs. We don’t know what Djax will do next year since his QB is unknown.

    • In the 5 full games Maclin played with Foles in 2012 he had 29 catches for 386 yards and 2 tds.

      Prorated over a season that’s 93 catches for 1200+ yrds and 8 tds.

      Remember, this was with a rookie QB on a team that by the end of the year was disfunctional and finished. With a coaching staff that knew it was toast.

      Oh ya…that was without Desean “stretching the field” and opening things up for him either.

      The Eagles will be fine.

      • Sorry….forgot the Dallas game where Foles came in.
        Maclin caught 8 for 93 and a td all from Foles in the second half of that game too.

        So in 5.5 games together it was 37 catches for 479 yrds and 3 tds

        Over a season:
        1107 catches 400 yrds 9 tds

        Again, that was on a team that was finished, with a injury riddled Oline and with a coach on the way out.

        And with Desean in the Trainer’s room – not on the field (how does it go?) “opening things up and making it easier for everyone else and if you don’t see that you are an idiot……..”

        The Eagles will be fine.

      • Oh yea, the offense did it all…
        Defense allowing under 20 points for a stretch of games had nothing to do with it…But had everything to do with it, when they were giving up 30 plus points…

        Newsflash – this defense as it stands, will give up a few 30 point games next season too. The offense will be missing a WR that eats up chunks of yards at 20 plus yards at a time…anyone that thinks the offense will be just as good or better has no clue and most likely are just not fond of DJAX to begin with.

      • Unfortunately Vinnie the actual stats don’t work that way no matter how you prorate them , because Maclin would never duplicate that game in game out….Calvin Johnson doesn’t even light it up the same way every week….

        Wishful thinking, and you forgot to calculate the coming off the injury factor as well that may hinder his speed, route running, and production..

        Even with DeSean not stretching the field – He never has been consistent without him – That is a fact – so one or two games doesn’t change that.

    • irrelevant – doesn’t matter – and Maclin, or anybody else’s stats this upcoming year can’t be measured, or predicted…

      if he has 789 yards that will be because…….what his knee was still bothering him???……

      What your giving us is wishful thinking…and presumptuous gullible assumptions based upon your personal desire for the to succeed with no basis of fact……and you have the nerve to call me a dingbat – look in the mirror – and see what’s really there JACKASS……

  135. It’s impossible to see how Maclin does since he hasn’t played 1 game in Chip Kelly’s System Yet.. So I will give him the benefit of the doubt and see what he does.. What I do know is that Maclin is a better Blocker,Better Work-ethic and is Very Professional on and off the field, has shown to be a very good Teammate and Locker Room Guy and overall is just a better repsresentative of your Organization than D-Jax ever was.. We’ll see what happens but I am excited to see how Maclin’s does in Kelly’s System, I believe he will be just fine..

    • hahaha…better representative of your organization…but still have the N word dropping overrated WR on the team….I know what it is….and this is the truth about the majority of you DJAX bashing clowns on this site.

      You can relate to a player like 14, because you probably have family or friends just like him..I understand why you wouldn’t feel the same way toward 14….Especially since we know that you can’t relate to a DJAX type of individual…Same can be said for the “Organization”….so if getting the right players to represent your Organization BS you mention is true…yea, 14 is probably the best representative for this organization since the organization can relate!

      • lmfao. people are so pathetic… i love these mental midgets that state if you dont like desean and what he was about then you like racist white guys.


        some people ….

        • poster a – prefers maclin over mesean

          poster b – infers that based on statement above that he is a racist and supports, relates to racist cooper.

          people are soo stupid

          thats why i love this site.

          non stop laughs

          • we can talk about DJAX…but god forbid somebody point out the good old boy, 14….exactly why racism still exists, cuz dumb mtf’s like yourself deny that it still exists!

            • wrong retard777

              first off where did i deny racism exists? if you cant site where i denied this that makes you a dumb mf that just cant read and comprehend English (nothing new with you)

              also explain how if someone likes what maclin brings on and off the field over mesean how that has anything to do with riley cooper? how does the fact that someone prefers maclin equate to them relating to cooper because they can relate to people like him?

              you can talk about riley cooper all you want, nobody here cares if u do. are we supposed to keep talking about him? should we protest he gets cut? whats your solution? nobody here wouldve cared one lick if they cut him after that shit. talk about him all you want.

              illl wait for you to respond to everything above.

        • I figured that’s what you would sum up from the statement…instead of taking it for what it was….

          PMAN stated “better representative of your team”….
          So a racist white guy is a good representative of your team?

          MHeShe, you are the same ignorant, illogical shit for brains asshole you have always been!

          • due to Maclin and Benn injury – Chip Kelly was forced to over use DJax.
            due to Maclin and Benn Injury – Chip Kelly was forced to keep Riley Cooper even after that video.
            The eagles probably told Riley Cooper if he repeats video he is fired.
            The eagles probably told Djax if he repeats gang signs he is fired. Hence he is fired.


              How do you overuse your best weapon????

              You use your best weapon as often as you need to – Kelly used him because he wanted to, not because he had to…….

          • ok lets run with what you just wrote:

            PMAN stated “MACLIN is better representative of your team”….

            you respond with “So a racist white guy is a good representative of your team?” HOW is there a correlation he isnt talking about cooper he is talking about desean and maclin. you wanna talk about cooper forum is yours but dont make it seem like paulman likes and supports cooper and who he is just because he prefers maclin over desean. there is NO CORRELATION there

          • I actually agree that Copper should have been released for what he did. That will never go away, and ever time a new player comes into the locker room the Eagles have to worry how much resentment he might have for Cooper.

            DeSean Jackson is a different kind of problem. My opinion is that DeSean Jackson was released by the Eagles because he did not buy into Kelly’s system.

            You hear all the talk about players drinking special smoothies and getting 10 hours rest every night, and basically committing their whole self to “The Kelly System”. I don’t think DeSean ever did that…

            It’s hard to imagine DeSean fitting into Kelly’s “team first” system at the same time he is out partying, running up a $25,000 bar tab, getting flagged from several local clubs, smoking cigars, etc.

            All the “gang” related stuff was some newspaper reporter’s attempt to undercover the real reasons the Eagles did not want DeSean on the team. If you ask me, the Eagles released Jackson because he didn’t conform to Kelly’s rules. Not because they thought he was a gang member.

            • Irish…I’m not saying DJAX should or shouldn’t have been released…either way he is gone…I don’t like that it happened, but I’m over it…
              As an organization there are standards…maybe you don’t want “thugs”, fine…maybe you don’t want, players like a M Sam, maybe you don’t want players with “bad work ethics”……

              AND, maybe you don’t want racists…..?

              I’m just saying hold all players to the same standards set by your organization…unless being a racist is part of the organization standard…

            • and it resulted in a Pro Bowl year for DeSean…..

      • RT…I have heard this statement time and time again from AA’s.

        IMO, there is no doubt that you and anyone else have every right to be offended by Cooper’s words last summer. It is an individual’s ability to forgive or understand or to forever believe that he is a racist. I don’t know Cooper, just like I don’t know DJax or any other player. he team I am really pissed that this DJax saga has ended like this and made our team dramatically weaker. I HATE IT…I hate that the team can / will not divuldge the reasons behind cutting an All-Pro player….I do not deal in rumors and inuendo, and I will not support the team blindly with them saying “there is more behinds the scenes”….bullshit.

        That being said, one thing I do know is that this organization has preached about second chances, illustrated with the signing and re-signing of MV. You were a big supporter of MV and railed against those who would not give him a chance because of his past mistakes. It is your right, and very understandable that you would have an issue with Cooper’s statment, but why the hypocritical stance when compared to the “forgivness” you preached with regards to MV? I am really not trying to be a prick, I am asking the question because I am hearing the Cooper reference over and over again.

        • I forgive but I don’t forget….The whole basis of my response to Paulman was about “Representing your Organization with the right players”…So if that’s the case, why the hell is Cooper still on the team? that is the question, I raised….as an AA male, I have no tolerance for that word, I’ve been called that word…I remember being a 10 year old kid, being called that by a grown man…it’s much more personal to me than dog fighting…

          Bottom line is this….If you want players to represent your organization the right way, why is Cooper still on the team? Honestly, if not for Andy Reid, do you think MV7 would have been given a chance in this organization….?

          • Thanks for the response RT. Like I said, as an offended party, it is your right to remain offended. Forgive but do not Forget is a common theme for people regarding various situations. I get it. From your continued comments about Cooper, I suggest that you have not yet “forgiven” as you stated, but that happens for each in their own time. Personnally, that word is not in my vocabulary. I have (4) kids from 13-22….I hear it all of the time in their music and constantly flip out when I hear my younger ones “singing” along with their headphones on. From the talk about Martin / Incognito we all know that it is a common pronoun in the NFL locker room. I appreciate you addressing my question. As stated above I would have to guess….because this team will NOT tell us all that has happened…..that with Cooper, this was an isolated incident where with DJax it was continued bad behavior. The Ravens have chosen to stand behind Ray Rice after a pretty horrific video and criminal charges….but I believe that may have been his first issue with personal conduct (I could be wrong)…..The real hypocritical team is the Steelers with Rothlesburger…I consider him a serial rapist with issues going back to college at Miami U of Ohio. Each situation is looked at in isolation, but in general I believe that the Eagles have generally tried to do the right thing, but I believe that under Andy there are probably a number of issues that he swept under the carpet….he handled his team the same way that he did his kids…coddled and ignored problems until it got to big to ignore.

            • Green…I understand and respect all that you’ve said above. IMO Ray Rice should be suspended by the NFL for a full season. He needs to be punished by the NFL severly. I have no tolerance for women beaters either. Also agree with you about Big Ben…

              Each incident is an isolated one, no doubt…Everyone is expected to do their part to represent the NFL and the organizations appropiately.

              But in regards to DJAX I still don’t know what the truth is and why he was released…maybe from repeat violations??? but he’s not a player that has had any major run ins with the law…maybe he doesn’t have the work ethic the coach wants…fine…I can deal with that…maybe he was too much of an headache, I can deal with that too…

              But when you have people stating the “organization wants to be represented by the right players”….that opens up a whole new discussion….First and foremost what defines “right players”?

              • Why Should the Ravens wait on the NFL’s suspend Ray Rice, Does this Mean the Ravens Organization Hate All Women, or simply don’t care, or feel that what happens to a Player on their own time with their own oustide relationships is seperate from the “Ravens or Football Business in General” ..

              • Very good point RT. “Right” players is difficult to define, and ultimately is in the eye of the beholder. Truthfully, I do not believe that “right” as described in the statement would mean white or black. I don’t know the exact breakdown, but I would have to believe that there are probably at least 80% AA players on the eagles versus white players. I think that it is something more than just a white versus black thing….

                I have more to say but need to get back to work.

  136. I will say this for the last time,
    Cooper’s Incident, though very stupid and dispicable was a 1-Time example of
    using Poor Judgement and Behavior.. He apologized, never showed any actions of Racial Behavior before hand or since then.. So I take his stupidity as a one time stupid act probably fueled on by the alcohol he consumed, If he steps out of line then he should be a goner, if there are reports of poor and racial behavior before this incident and after this incident, then yes, I would say teh Eagles are using a double standard, but since I’ve never read, heard or any other situations concerning riley Copper, I have to go on the assumption that it was a one-time bonehead move..
    Now when you compare a 1-time Incident versus a person who has shown a pattern over the years of poor behavior, wuitting on your Team, being late to meetings, fightin with your Teammates, COaches, etc,etc
    then you really have no comparison..
    I’ll be the first one here to admit, that I never liked D-Jax from Day #1 and it has nothing to do with his Color,his Background or any other previous issues such as wwhat’s been reported now, for I didn’t like him when they Drafted him..
    I simply did not like his Selfishness, His Cavalier Attiude and his unwillingness to be Coachable and to be a good Teammate,
    his Body language, his pouting, his sulking is not a the Type of Player I want on my Team regardless if he’s a big playmaker or a 3rd String Special Teamer and I am glad he’s gone, though I did not want to see how this situation has gotten ugly, dragged out as it did for D-Jax or for the Eagles sake for no one looks good with all the crap that;s been flying out there..
    Anyways, at the end of it, it’s the time for new beginnings for D-Jax nad for the Eagles Offense and there is plenty of room in the NFL and in this World for both to be succesful.. Go Eagles

    • its funny that you sum up his actions as poor judgement and behavior…
      instead of calling as it is….true clors, racism showing…

      So as long as Cooper didn’t openly say it in public, it wouldn’t be considered poor judgement and behavior, huh P Man..? .

      You call it poor judgement and bahvavior, I call it racist!

      • So if anyone ever yelled a “Racial Slur” at any time in their life, that makes them a racist’s Wow. that must mean we are all Racist’s ..
        Show me 1 person who has never Said the “N” Word
        or Spick, Dego, Polack, Jap, Kike,Fag,Dike, Chink, etc,etc
        for that’s a Person that probably never left their House…
        I don’t condone anyone for using such poor taste, but a 1 Time event at a Concert after drinking heavily, I am now I am going to sit here and say that this person is a “Racist”.. Such Foolishness…

        • You don’t need to explain yourself Paulman. RealTalk is the kind of person who cries racism any chance he can. He’s a victim and we should all hold his hand and tell him it will be ok.

        • Fag isn’t racist too start..But racism wasn’t how I was bred…coming from a family being half white half black…I can guarantee you I never called any of my white family members or any white person for that matter a racist word…I will admit to calling certain folks dumbasses, which all racist have them…example, Paulman!

          • which all “races” have them

          • So the Term “Fag” isn’t derogratory or demeaning to some people??
            How do you figure RT777, If something offends you personally, then it’s racis, if it’s something that doesn’t concern you, than it’s ok..
            Racism or Tolerance is the same thing, isn’t it..

            • yea its deragratory and demeaning to some, but it isn’t racist…its isn’t based on the color of one’s skin or the race of an individual…your grabbing at straws to save face!

            • paul fag isnt racist but it is close to its equivalent these days… real wouldnt see that because he has said fag and because that word hasnt impacted his life…

              he is incapable of seeing things through other humans perspectives.

              • he is incapable of seeing things through other humans perspectives.

                the pot calling the kettle black…the same thing you refuse to do right now, right? haha….dumb ass

              • im seeing yours bro. you dont like the n word, i get it and i feel bad you had to deal with people calling you names while growing up that sucks…

                BUT this convo nor paulmans initial post had anything to do with anyone but maclin or desean

        • But good to know that you are one of those that have dropped the “N” word in your past, present, probably future….you sound moronic!

        • do you know Cooper? how do you know he isn’t racist? I think there is more validity into him being racist, than him not….

          • real i agree ray rice should be suspended. what is very odd is he married the woman he smashed up this past weekend. laws prohibit a spouse from testifying against their spouse so this may go away in terms of the law…

            i would think you would have some criticism about mccoy and his past episodes involving verbally abusing a woman and throwing a woman out of his limo and left her on the side of the highway, but i dont recall you doing this.

            funny how you pick and choose what is not ok by your standards.

            • haha I have feelings about MCcoy too…but I wasn’t in the limo, I don’t know what the woman did or if she did anything…but maybe her ass needed to be put out? I don’t know….

              But I don’t think I have to sit hear and list every professional athlete and their wrong doings and tell your or anyone else where I stand…This isn’t about that, its about Paulman making a statement about representing the organization in the right way…so yes, I chose to use Cooper as an example….I know, how dare I

              • in the context paulman put it was maclin vs djax exclusively. now you wanna open it up and make it about cooper then all of our players shouldnt be exempt. why single out cooper? why stick up for vick and never judge him (he did a lot of other things besides butcher and torture dogs). why not criticize mccoy? peters? anyone else have baggage?

              • As I said let me slow it down for you…

                IIIII ddooooonnnnntttttt haaaaavvvvveeeee tooooooo teeeellllll yooouuuu, myyyyy feeeeeeelllllliiiiinnnnnnngggggsss onnnnn evvvvvveeeerrrryyyyy pllllaaaayyyyyeeeeerrr whhhhhooooo haaaaaasssss dooooonnnneeee sooooommmmmeeeetttthhhiiiinnnnng wrrrrooooonnnnnggggg…

                yea Paulman was talking about Maclin vs DJAX…still doesn’t remove the fact that he doesn’t consider what Cooper did an issue, his own words “just poor judgement and behavior”…and nothing was mentioned about Cooper, being a bad representative of the organization when that happened, from Paulman, was there…

                And since I stuck up for Vick, a man that lost everything and was “punished”…got out and become a productive member to the community….I’m supposed to not have any judgements on anyone else for different acts….? really…..

                So if I was negative toward Vick I can run around and have any judgements I want, right?

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  137. RealTalk, you’re absolute cry baby who cries racism as every drop of a hat. Only could turn this into a race issue. Please explain to me how releasing Desean is racist. If it was racist, why wasn’t he signed immediately after being cut?

    • STFU…at no point did I say releasing Desean was racist! Can you read? And I for one am not one of those posters “who cry racism”…and there’s many on here that don’t like me, who would even back that!

      • Because I’m not afraid to speak on a sensitve subject, I’m crying racism…yeah btc, you are from the same cloth I speak of…what should I expect from someone like you?

        • I think I’m just utterly and royally confused how you brought race into this topic at all. Desean’s departure from the team was his own fault and no one else’s. It had absolutely ZERO to do with the color of his skin.

  138. Philadelphia 76ers forward Arnett Moultrie has been suspended five games for a drug violation. Steroids and Cannabis are not illegal in the NBA so it must be cocaine.
    ESPN’s Brad Greenberg described Andrew Wiggens as a young Andre Iguodala. A phenomenal athlete who does everything good but nothing great. LOL

    • not sure about roids but cannabis is illegal in the nba

      76ers forward Arnett Moultrie has been suspended five games for violations of the NBA’s drug policy.
      The five-game suspension is consistent with the league’s marijuana program, and it means that Moultrie has tested positive three different times. Former Sixers coach Doug Collins was never a fan of Moultrie’s work ethic and he’s only appeared in 12 games under coach Brett Brown this season. There’s no reason to think he’ll break out next season, though the rebuilding Sixers do owe him a guaranteed $1.1 million.
      Source: NBA Public Relations on Twitter
      Mar 31 – 11:2

  139. If you can’t understand the gist of what I am saying, then shame on you!

  140. Geeze, now we’re talking race. Whew! Anyhow, the knuckle heads on WIP have been demanding more of an explanation of DJ’s release. I guess they are drooling, since of course a bigger story will feed their families. Well, the Birds don’t owe anyone an explanation. It’s their team and they can pick and choose as they wish. We don’t like, we don’t have to pay for it. Anyhow, they’ve said enough. Big deal..lets move on. If they didn’t like DJ (his Image and influence as a player) it’s their prerogative to cut him. We know the gist of things. I more or less appreciate this article, and have explanation enough.The future will come without DJ and it will be bright. Done.

  141. What Cooper did was wrong. That being said (and this will probably create a Realtalk shitstorm) don’t the of a of actions of someone afterward an incident also matter?

    Don’t they also show character?

    Cooper used the N-word at a concert.

    “I am so ashamed and disgusted with myself. I want to apologize. I have been offensive. I have apologized to my coach, Jeffrey Lurie, andHowie roseman and to my teammates. I owe an apology to the fans and to this community. I am so ashamed, but there are no excuses. What I did was wrong and I will accept the consequences.”

    “My actions were inexcusable. The more I think about what I did, the more disgusted I get. I keep trying to figure out how I could have said something so repulsive, and what I can do to make things better.”

    “The organization and my teammates have been extremely supportive, but I also realize that there are people who will have a tough time forgiving me for what I’ve done.”

    “During this time I’m going to be speaking with a variety of professionals to help me better understand how I could have done something that was so offensive, and how I can start the healing process for everyone. As long as it takes, and whatever I have to do, I’m going to try to make this right.”

    “I want to first start off by saying that I’m extremely embarrassed, extremely hurt, extremely sorry for my actions.”

    “I’m willing to accept any consequences. Once again, I’m extremely sorry.”

    Etc. Etc. That’s a man taking ownership of his terrible actions.

    • It doesn’t surprise me at all about which posters on this site are defending Cooper and seem to believe he is a good player to represent the organization….

      I got it!

      I have new respect for cats like Irish and Greenfan, who see things from all perspectives…

      • its craaaaaaaaaaaaaazy how many people are defending cooper on here, there is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo many people defending him im beginning to think this is klan rally in here.


      • Get rid of every athlete who used in their lifetime or still uses a Racial Slur and you would have No Players…
        The N word, Cracker, Whitey, Zebra,Spick, Slanty Eyes..
        C’Mon, these Athletes have been balling and jiving with each other since they were kids on the playgrounds, courts, football fields from Teens to now Adults… And many times are using lingo to bust on a Friend, Teammate’s or an Opponent’s to get them riled up… You really think that anyone who verbally uses a Racial Term is also True Racist??

  142. Now, over the past 6 or 7 years Desean was suspended in college for his poor attitude and alleged drug use, was stopped by police with more dope in 2009, quit on the Eagles in 2011, quit in at least 2 games in 2013, was late for team meetings, fought with his coach, and allegedly doesn’t practice very hard, and has been seen on multiple occarions using gang signs and associating with gang members. Oh, and he called someone a gay-assed faggot on a radio show.”




    “Gotta shine even when the light Bright !! On my Level Nothin will Knocc me off !!”

    “Gotta look past the Fake 2 Find the Real !”


    “Life Brought me This Far !! Now Create the New Path !! Desire !! Faith !! Motivation !! Believe !!”

    Me. Me. Me…everyone’s out to get me, not my fault. God loves me etc. etc.

    If you can’t see how his lack of any contrition for the stupid things he’s done might rub people the wrong way, well then….whatever.

    (In no way does this excuse what Cooper said, just pointing out tht perhaps a little contrition might go a long way…..)

  143. mike vick received his punishment for what he did as did riley cooper (even though what he did was legal).

    when realtalk is asked about why he sticks up for vick its ‘he was punished and became a better person’

    when realtalk is asked about why he cant support cooper its ‘he is a racist’…

    odd why certain acts and deeds are ok with punishment and others arent…

    • what punishment? Cooper was sent on vacation…and put on blast in the media, that’s all…Is it possible that Cooper still uses that word? …Thing is with Cooper, you don’t know if he’s better or not…The majority of people that use racist slurs, are racist…not the minority…but yea keep on keeping on…

      • Fined by the team, went to training and counseling, gave an apology to the team privately and publicly.

        Similar to the way Vick was punished when he gave his fans the finger for the world to see on national tv , ya know ? Or no? Vick still says fuck you to all those fans, children and alike in Atlanta. But I know you can relate to mike so it’s all good

  144. aight well I’ve set my peace and got what I needed to get off my chest about Cooper…I’m done with it…ignorant people won’t understand and I can accept that. Moving on….

    Hopefully the Eagles address some needs on defense in the upcoming draft. Improving the pass rush and safeties are the keys to improving this defense…
    Nolan Carroll I do think was a solid pickup…I think he is better than both starting CB’s on this team.

    In 451 coverage snaps, he allowed 43 receptions, or 10.5 coverage snaps per reception.

    Opposing quarterbacks rating was 65.0 when targeting receivers who were covered by Carroll.

    Jenkins is an ugrade over Chung, because he is more versatile. But he’s not a sure tackler…misses tackles, something that we’ve seen far too often in the past. But this move doesn’t sure up the safety position like it needed to be.

    • Good scoop on Carroll and thoughts on d. I agree with all except Jenkins, dude can’t play IMO.

      • I am real high on DB Nolan Carroll and had him listed as a Player hoping for Eagles to Target (along with CB Walt Thurmond)..
        I liked Caroll out of College a few years back when he played for Univeristy of Maryland and was a good Player with some real return abilities too and a solid, physical Player who excels in Man-Coverage, Plays Special Teams I would not be all that surprised to see him get some Snaps at Free-Safety during Camp… DC Davis will like his Versatility and Toughness..


  145. So dagg let me get this.. I get where somebody comes from.. But are u at ur work thrown up gang signs? Sounds silly right? What would happen if u try reppn ur set at work? Ur gone! Right.. So whats the difference.. Because he holds special places in fans hearts and what he does on the field. Regardless. He against bullying and lam that shit. Raps in complete opposite manor and repps his set..I’m from fishtown I kno the good. I kno what it’s like. Ur not telln me shit. And let me tell u, I love my old hood but I haven’t been back in 15 years. Y. I have kids, shit pops off up there all the time. Don’t need my kids be fatherless cuz fools around still livn thug life. So yea DJack is a clown. He’d get rolld where i come from. What kinda of chump reps the set in a game? For all u defending him ur clowns too. Remeber I’ve been a DJack fan from the gate. Still gonna root him on to do well. Wer all people man. Time he needs to grow up..

  146. ****Real NFL News****

    Redskins sign Safety Ryan Clark to a 1 Year Deal
    making them left with approx Cap Space of $5Million
    And Remember they need to Sign Their Draft Picks which pretty
    much knocks then out of Signing D-Jax unless they were to Release
    some Players

    SL Rams Signs WR Kenny Britt to a 2 Year Deal to reunite with
    Coach J Fisher who he played for and had his best seasons with while they both were at the Titans
    The Kid has always had Talent, but injuries and off the field issues
    Have always followed him around…

    • ***Correction***
      WR Kenny Britt only Signs a 1 Year Deal with Rams..

      Raiders Sign CB Carlos Rodgers ..

  147. The Eagles better stick to the best player available scenario and hope that it isn’t a receiver because as fans that should be a slap in the face but wait then we’ll hear stories of how unnamed receiver was far and away the best player left on our board. Damn it’s so predictable but whatever I’ll still root for my team. Sigh

    • Just be glad we’re in the NFC East. Division of mediocre teams.

      • True but with the schedule and these idiots trying to add by subtracting it’s not starting off well and it’s not even draft time yet.

        • No arguments there.

          Heck right now I feel there is much more parity between the teams than this time last year. It really is anyone’s division.

          • It’s just amazing that we replace Reid who’s time had come because his ideas of putting a roster together was mind boggling with Chip my offense will work with paulman, biglion, Jakedog and DCar as my skill position players Kelly. LOL

            • LMAO!!!

              What boggles my brain is that Ealges fans so quickly forget what this kind of arrogance yields you – or does everyone just want to act like 2011 Oline as Dline coach didn’t matter.

      • The Giants had re-built their Team pretty well this Off-Season
        They now have the Best Secondary in the NFC East by far..
        If they a nice LB Corps with Beason in the Middle and added a relaible tough RB in Jennings who ran all over the Eagles in that crazy game versus teh Raiders
        NFC East Team if smart will use the Saints Blueprint to beat the Eagles which is running the ball right down their Throat..
        I expect the Giants to get back to basics and more a power running Team which is what they have always done when playing their best..
        If they elxpect Eli to drop back and throw 40 Times a Game, they are not a very good Team, but when they run it, and limit Eli to 25 Passes a game off of Play-action thats when he and the Giants are at their best..

        There will be no runaway for the NFC East, there never is…
        Teams and Good Coach’s adjust and even though I am not a big Couglin fan, he will adjust and get back to basics and knows how to Coach..

  148. People, do you believe this? This is crazy!

    lex Henery has been signed to a 5 year, $15.5M contract extension through 2018 with $6M guaranteed, an exclusive source tells BGN.

  149. Going into the off season it was clear to me and others…. that we needed a talented FS, SS, OLB and to resign some of our own players. We had a great and explosive O playing behind a talented young QB. We had a D that was bottom of the barrel stuff BUT.. had some pieces to build from.

    Now- we upgrade nothing- except backup RB (tho older) and perhaps SS. We trade away our best WR for nothing and sign a questionable back up QB. For me… jury is still out.

    I have no problem with TRADING Desean but letting him walk for nothing is just plain silly. Again- i dont care that he is gone…. im just not seeing how this helps our game.

    Call me what you want….. its not about the color… or the Me Me Me type players…. i dont want them either BUT…. if the goal is to improve… I have not seen it.

    • We’ll see Stevo last year I was highly critical of the moves they made and they won the division this year I’m apoplectic with the moves they’ve made so maybe they’ll win the Super Bowl. All I know is I’m tired of the we’re smarter then everyone else mentality. Now we have to spend a 1st or an 2nd on a receiver when we didn’t need to. By the way how did those big receivers look in the Super Bowl?

      • no excuse for not trading him. Clearly there are teams that want him.

        • dudes been a free agent for 5 days now. generally when teams are getting in line for a player he doesnt last 24 hours let alone 5 days and counting.

          im shocked he has only visited 1 team in 5 days also

        • no excuse for not trading him. Clearly there are teams that want him

          They want him on their contract terms… Not the terms he had with the Eagles. If the Eagles traded DeSean his contract would have gone along with him. No team wanted that…. He was basically untradeable.

          • im real curious to see what he ends up with. was gonna be 3rd highest paid wr in the game this year to ???????

          • With the smoke starting to clear and given some time to evaluate all that has happened ( at least what we are being lead to believe has happened), I am coming more to the conclusion that this more about money than anything else. I believe that Coach Kelly and DJax were not completely on the same page, and that DJax was not a “true believer” in the “Kelly Way”… know, “The System”. I think thatbHowie regretted the contract that he offered Djax and saw that the team was spending a large percentage on the WR corp. Roseman tried for 2 months to work the back channels for a trade, but that huge contract left very few takers….actually no takers. I am starting to believe that all of the gang junk is just a diversion to try and calm the fan base that the team was cutting its best player and getting nothing for it. They are silent now because any talk on the record about any of the gang rumors could lead to a lawsuit.

            • desean was not our best player. id take mccoy, peters, kelce, mathis, and foles over him.

              yea this was about money and the eagles secretly informed about these phantom non existant gang ties to tarnish his rep and make the eagles rep look good…

              desean didnt really throw crip signs on tv, on internet photos (they were photoshopped by the eagles).

              an LA detective didnt say his name has came up regarding to murders (the eagles just made that up and leaked it to as an anonymous source)

              he didnt illegally gamble and lose $10,000 to a convicted felan on youtube (the eagles found a stunt double, paid everyone in the video, and put it out there and everyone thinks it was djax but it wasnt)

              he didnt say he was robbed for 200+k, and guns and offer a 50k reward to help him find out who did it (the eagles put that story out there, he really only had 20k stolen and the eagles lied about the rest)

              he didnt quit on the team for money before (the eagles just made it look that way by installing microchips all over his body so that when he was about to catch a ball they would hit a button and the microchip would make him alligator arm it, so when he caught the ball they would hit a button and make him fall, when there was an interception they would hit a button and he would just stand there)

              desean didnt really ask for more money even though he was about to be the 3rd highest paid receiver in the nfl moments after losing a playoff game where he was virtually invisible (the eagles used the stunt double and a voice double and made everyone think he asked for more moeny)

              and the grand finale no eagles player has said anything negative about desean jaccson being cut anonymously or not because the eagles have every player micd for surveillance until this blows over and told every player that if they say anything they will cut them too


              • It was about the money and the relationship with the coach.

                Teams have kept players who have had much worse….Ray Rice….Big Ben…..Ray Lewis…….just off the top of my head. But the difference that DJax has with those players was that he had a poor relationship with the coach, and a huge contract that was going to be hurting the team in future years. All that other drama is just that, drama. They saw a player who didn’t want to “get with the system” who had a huge contract. They parted ways without getting any compensation because they were looking down the road and saw the financial situation only getting worse. It’s my opinion, don’t believe it, I could care less. But the fact is that the team tried to trade him, couldn’t and decided that it was better for the team to cut him then to go into the season with him on the team. I have no clue if those were “gang signs” in those pictures, they probably were, but don’t kid yourself that the Eagles have not been aware of his associations with his friends for years…..why all of a sudden when his contract was escalating is it time to part ways?

            • greenfan,

              If the Eagles were planing on keeping Jackson they would have never signed both Copper and Maclin. They knew they were going to trade or cut him when they signed those other guys.

              That is what tipped off the media that Jackson was on the trading block. Everyone knew that the Eagles would not spent 25+ million on wide receivers. Someone had to go, and it wouldn’t be one of the guys they just signed.

              But it was not the money that made then not want Jackson, they could have kept Jackson and let Cooper (or Maclin) walk. In fact, that’s what everybody thought they would do… No one expected both Copper and Maclin to be re-signed…. when they were re-signed, the cat was out of the bag.

          • Yep, just like Trent Cole, Todd Herremans are..
            Teams when Trading had to fulfill the current Contracat and if Teams did not have $10.5 To Fit in their Cap, they could not Trade for him, even though they could make an extension or restructure any deal down the road.. In order for any Trade to go thru, the Current Contract has to be accepted and affordable to the Team that’s acquiring that Player/// Very few Takers period.. just look around what WR’s got in Free-Agnecy and the ones that are still out to go alonng with this Depp WR Class and the underpeformers from the last year or 2 who signed big deals (Mike Wallace, Santonio Holmes,D Bowe,Greg Jennings,etc,etc) Teams are looking to replace older, higher paid played Players at the WR position with the Youth, upside and yes the cheapness of a Rookie Contract from the WR’s in this Draft Class

  150. Crazy how b4 Desean got cut or speculation began about a trade nobody was talking move him bc of all these so called incidents. Now everybody has this long list of pink slips like he was the worst kid in school. only a fool would believe anything other than contract and the fact that Chip Kelly believes he does not need him to win. Roseman overpaid and wanted out of a bad deal especially when Desean had the nerve to mention more money. Its a shame the eagles decided to use this gang story to smoke screen what they were going to do anyway. I personally believe it was done out of spite to tarnish Deseans value on the open market bc they were upset at themselves really for not being able to trade him once team realized he would be released anyway.

    • lmfao

      vaccines kill people!!!!!!!!!!! haaaaaaaa

    • That’s bullshit NuGreembol,

      The Eagles tried for months to trade Jackson and got no takers. They would have continued to try, right up to the draft, if not for that newspaper story. There is no way the Eagles had anything to do with that gang story hitting the paper.

      The Eagles wanted to be rid of Jackson because he didn’t buy into Kelly’s system. And because Kelly didn’t like his attitude, and didn’t want him around young players.

      The Eagles never wanted the gang story to hit the papers….

      • 1300 yards 9 tds a probowl and 82 catches and he didn’t buy in. hmmmm. Ill take that for not buying in. Brian Mitchell was just on CSN and said your damn right the Eagles had something to do with that story.

        • exactly Daggolden if that’s not buying in idk what is. People are so gullible. Irish why don’t you check who broke the gang story and tell me how some young no name reporter from NJ got the gang story. Then ask yourself why nobody with more tentacles would write it. When you are done that ask yourself has any of the gangland and murder ties been validated by law enforcement. It was leaked possibly to hurt his value on the open market hoping contending teams would stay away and to get idiot fans who were questioning why he was being shopped in the first place to say oh it makes since now. some people can be so easily fooled. I still think the Eagles can be good and I like Maclin that has nothing to do with the how this nonsense played out.

          • Did the Eagles leak the story to me first? Because I posted about DeSean flashing gang signs (below) on March 25th – 3 days before the story broke in the news on March 28th.

            The Eagles didn’t leak shit…

            March 25, 2014 – 12:17 pm

            All the speculation about DeSean Jackson – the gang affiliations, his possible criminal affiliations, etc – were all brought on by Jackson’s actions. Anybody that says otherwise is full of shit.

            There are 53 Eagles players. Do you know how many Eagles players have instagram photos of themselves flashing crips signs? Just Jackson…

            Is that a crime? No….. Does it make people think you might be a gang member? Yes…

            Because that’s what Jackson wants you to think when he flashes gang signs… People are not racist because they think that way…. People are interpreting Jackson’s actions exactly the way Jackson wants them to.

            When I do something good on my job, I don’t flash the crips sign like Jackson does when he beats DeAngello Hall on a pass play. He does that because he want’s you to speculate that he might be affiliated with a gang.

            • Irish reporting on flashing gang signs which everybody watched the game and saying he is connected or in question involving two murders is totally different. You really didn’t read what was reported or you just hung up on what you believe to be truth. What you are talking about and what the NJ reporter wrote are two separate things buddy boy. Did you ask yourself any of the questions I told you to? do your homework pal then get back to me. lol are you kidding acting as if you was the first to see him throw his hands up bc you posted it here. Im sure you were cheering his TD right as he threw up his gang sign. Some fans can be such frauds!!!! That’s not news. BTW all these missed practices and meetings why wasn’t he held accountable by Chip and the coaching staff? They didn’t want him bc he makes too much after they resigned Coop and Maclin period, its hard to look good in front of your fan base especially when you just went cheap on safety for money reasons. What a coincidence a murder story just for guys like you. Any of that makes sense or you want to keep up with its bc of character and he is on his way to jail if he doesn’t clean up his act. oh and I said nothing about race so that’s on your mind not mine.

              • It’s not real hard to make a connection to a criminal when Jackson is standing next to the guy with a prison tee shirt in a picture he posted. I can see how a reporter would need the Eagles to tell him that…lol

                And no shit you didn’t mention race – I wasn’t talking to you on March 25. You are a real Sherlock Holmes…..

  151. This isn’t good. Brian Mitchell on DNL Live says to start off I was a “Eagle and Redskin so I am gonna tell it like it is”. Mitchell said this article is bullshit. Everyone in the league knew this 2 years ago and it was no problem. He said a locker room problem? He laughed and said all these players not supporting Djax are full of shit all there trying to do is look good for Chip Kelly. Not everyone gets along in a locker room that they were sure bumping chest and weren’t saying shit when he was scoring TDs. He said Philly good luck with that shitty secondary covering Garcon, Djax, Morris and Jordan if he signs. Lastly no GM has released a player of this caliber without the GM coming out and saying why. Obviously its nothing bad enough that the league has to step in. Oh yeah and now Cooper can have the luxury of facing the #1 DB if your counting on him.

    • Is that the same Brian Mitchell who has a doc sports radio show.

    • The silence from the eagles players is deafening… When spores was traded Brees and graham spoke, when barwin and Ryan’s we’re let go anonymous players and named players were pissed. It’s a new culture and you better buy in…

      • Every team has a pain in the ass on the team, however, when the player is a quality productive starter who schematically fits your system, work with that player. Some of you guys act as if Djax is the only pain in the ass in the NFL. If Chip didn’t want him because of that….he’s going to run into more pains in the ass players…some of whom he will draft. Glad people has started to see through the gang bs.

      • His teammates used to call him “candy ass” because he was (in their eyes) a wuss (allegedly).

        They’re not saying anything because they don’t care he’s gone.

        Eagles fans shouldn’t either.

        • Sure they did Vinnie sure they did.

        • I’m sure they were saying that when he was scoring TD’s (suuuure)and they were celebrating with him. If so, they are two faced panzies.
          Just like you were pissed off when he scored touchdowns…yeah right. You were celebrating too, not thinking about all of this nonsense.

      • Why would that surprise you Cigar? Guarantee there are some pissed off guys on that team but guess what? They have bills to pay and lives to live.

        • They would say something anonymously! Happens all the time… Trust me if they cared you’d hear something…they don’t like him glad he’s gone

          • Whatever enough other guys around the league are speaking out. I’m still waiting to find out what games he missed last year for missing meetings or being late, no fines no suspensions nothing that should speak volumes, not one article by any writers that follow the team. Nothing

            • As a matter of fact most beat writers are now critical of this entire mess but hey don’t worry we’ll be having this conversation next year when it’s Shady’s turn.

              • BigPussyCat…..are you really that much of a hater? Go to the Cowgirls website and post on there. Shady is happy bc he is NO DUMMY!!!!! He’s getting paid so he is happy as hell. DJax will be missed by us Eagles fans but what is done is done so we move on. People like you are should just stay in your trailers and have no internet access.

              • I don’t know who you are asshole27 but take that shit up with somebody else who gives a damn.

          • And their dislike for him messed with their ability and mojo to be better players. We have all worked with people we didn’t like. If you’re so mentally weak that it effects your performance then you need to look in the mirror, and perhaps find a new place to conduct business. I highly doubt if that was the case though. I don’t think that the Eagles would have been any better if Jackson was a choir boy.

  152. Being defeated is often a temporary condition. Giving up is what makes it permanent.
    Never settle 4 less !! Don’t jus Give up !!

  153. Anybody else paying attention to the Chris Johnson drama in Tennesee?

    Very likely that they will be cutting their 2000 yard All-Pro running back.

    Why do I bring it up? What is the connection to our situation?

    DJax and Johnson share the same agent. Joel Segal.

    Those comments by DJax about wanting a new contract right after the playoff game did not fall on deaf ears at NovaCare. The money has been as much a part of this whole thing as any of the other so-called character issues.

  154. *Fresh Report*……..

    RG3 have gang ties after he made the controversial statement, “Desean Jackson is my kinda guy”.

    Could this also mean RG3 is also apart of the Crips?

    The league is now combing through Robert’s instagram pics to see if he has taken pictures with any person in his life who had a felony.

    Boy, really gets the scoops!!!!

  155. Desean Jackson needs to get his shit together before he’s behind bars, he doesn’t take care of business, hence he’s gone

    Sounds like dc will just enable him

    • Still waiting for those charges to drop against him for insurance fraud oh wait, his mother gave the police the wrong figures Desean cleared that up. Jake the Eagles were well within their rights to release him, the timing of his release is what they need to be ashamed off. Please pay attention to this Desean Jackson was not fined not suspended last year for missing or being late for meetings. He has never been fined nor called on the carpet by the NFL for flashing gang signs. Draw your own conclusions if you can be rational for a few minutes.

      • Whats up Big Sissy? how do you know DJax wasn’t fined last year by the team? Are you a member of the Eagles FO? Remember during Training Camp he was demoted to 3rd string….was that bc he was a model team player? Why do they need to be ashamed of when they released him? They could have waited till the end of training camp, then where would he be? Getting paid very little and having a poor season, so they did him a HUGE favor releasing him now.
        It sucks he is gone but if he would have been more mature he’d still be here. You can continue to be immature bc you won’t lose your welfare over it but he may have lost millions bc of it.

  156. Stop deflecting, defending Jackson

    He needs to get his shit together.

    • Deflecting what Jake? What exactly has he done? It’s a moot point he’ll be fine and hopefully replaced here, didn’t have to happen but it did.

      • You are right Biglion… could we all be so blind and you so clairvoyant.

        He did nothing wrong. Clearly he was released because Kelly is a complete idiot. I mean how could you possibly cut a…how does it go….”a guy who had 82 catches and 13000 yrds in his prime!!!!!”.

        With absolutely no reason.

        “What exactly has he done?” asks Biglion…

        Suspended in college for being an ass and alleged drug use, drugs in car on police stop, Called “candy ass” by teammates in 2010 for being soft, self-admittedly quit on team in 2011, quit again on team at least 2x in 2013, let a guy who intercepted the ball run away from him while he stood and watched, flat out stopped running a crossing pattern to the right as Foles scrambled right providing Foles no target and resulting in Foles getting planted by about 3 guys in the 1st Dallas game, missed team meetings – allegedly, dogged it in practice and was demoted to 3rd string in preseason, skipped out on end of year meeting with Kelly, argued with position coach on sidelines, argued repeatedly with same coach all year long – allegedly, asked for more $$ minutes after a playoff loss despite being 3rd highest paid WR in NFL, told his QB “who the fuck are you throwing to” on national TV – disrespecting him AND the guy he actually did throw it to, constantly displays bad body language whenever he doesn’t get the ball, throws up gang signs – allegedly, and apparently hangs with guys who like to kill people – allegedly

        “What exactly has he done?” asks Biglion

        Clearly nothing.

        He is an immature punk and Kelly, properly, recognizes you cannot win with guys like that.

        • It’s common sense. Which most don’t apply to sports. Take the gang nonsense out. They were on the verge of a having to address his behavior. More than likely coming to a head abd suspending him. Not worth the drama that would ensue.

        • Really Vinnie can’t win with him? They just won the division you idiot? Kelly spent his entire time at Oregon winning with kids like him you idiot. But your right about one thing it’s all about Kelly and now the onus is on the genius to make this work.

          • If you do your research you’ll find Kelly suspended and flat out cut several prominent players at Oregon because they weren’t buying in to the team concept he was trying to create.

            What he did to Desean should come as no suprise because he did it several times in Oregon.

            • So my question to you one more time, why wasn’t he fined or suspended last year during the season? Why because I’m winning games and we can just trade or release him during the off season instead of paying him 10 million next year. That sound about right? His team his roster his preference. He just needs to keep winning.

          • Such a pain in the ass just got 15 million guaranteed, common sense tells me that the Redskins got better and until they replace their most potent weapon the Eagles got worse. You dudes can spin away all you want with your personal dislikes but in my opinion your wrong.

            • 8 per year
              16 guaranteed

              Not bad. Market value. More than Decker at 7.25 mil with 15 guaranteed.

            • He got paid no.2 WR money. He just went to the new Al Davis to get his money. I never fault a guy for getting paid outside of his approach. That shows their were no other real offers and what his true value was.

              • Did you see what the wideout market was like?

                No one was expecting him to get 9-10 mil a year. The highest paid FA was Decker at 7.25 mil and 15 mil guaranteed.

                8-8.5 mil is right. And at only 3 years he can still hit the market again right at 30.

                “That shows their were no other real offers”

                No that’s how you want to spin it. If there were no other real offers he’d be making less than Decker right now.

              • Come on now…you’re talking about spinning?

                Decker vs Desean….only difference 1 million? He had no real market.

                Or the league views him like most…a dynamic…no.2 WR.

              • Decker is slightly better than Riley Cooper.

              • No.

                For the umpteenth time NFL contracts are set by what others at your position receive. The highest paid free agent was Decker…who is considerably better that Cooper will ever be.

                I’m not comparing their talent level. Cutler isn’t worth 18 mil a year and 55 guaranteed but he got it and is the baseline for QB contracts going forward.

                Had Jax gone earlier in free agency – prob gets around 9 per year –
                had he gone to Oakland prob could have got more as well. It’s only a 3 year contract – and assuming no drama, he’ll likely see the whole 24 – with him being available again right at 30.

              • So if Larry Fitzgerald doesn’t restructure his 17million dollar contract year and he hit free agency market dictates his deal?
                Top talent gets paid regardless…in a free agent year where Decker and Golden Tate are the top WRs in the market and he got this deal shows where he’s viewed league wise.

                He didn’t get paid.

                And if you think 30yr old WRs reliant on speed are getting paid you’re sadly mistaken.

              • He took the guarantee. Dont blame him. I guarantee this is not what he or his agent expected. Spin it how you will but with Cleveland and Oakland having huge money coffins and that’s all you leverage out of Dan Snyder that has to do with his market value, not the league’s.

              • Neither Oakland or Browns have a QB. And I bet both Oak and Browns would have paid more. But he wasn’t likely going to go to a team with no QB unless Skins really tried to low ball him.

                Larry Fitzgerald hits the open Market he isn’t getting 17 mil. I’d bet he get 10-12 however – likely closer to 10.

                Once again…

                Jax hit the market earlier he likely gets more. But who thought he was getting 10 mil? Hell when he signed the last Eagles contract no one thought they were going to pay him 10.5.

                16 mil and the potential to hit the market again at 29/30 – that’s about right.

              • Lmao did you say only 10 mil for Larry? He’s in the 4th year of a deal that has already paid over 40 mil and the restructured and gave him a guaranteed 12 this year ALONE. Extrapolate that out and he would make over 25mil on a 3 year deal guaranteed. With 3 years on his current deal at 17 mil which will end up getting him close 30 on next restructure. That’s no.1 WR money.

  157. And as for your mention of Beat writers Biglion, and how they are mostly against this move…

    Beatwriters are idiots. And so are most talking heads on TV.

    Beatwriters were telling me Brett Favre was still the gunslinger 10 years after he was any good.
    The Lead story on ESPN yesterday was how Tiger Woods back surgery will help him catch Nicklaus. Tiger woods hasn’t won a major in 6 years! He’s finished.
    Beatwriters have been saying MV7 is a good QB since he came into the league.

    The more beatwriters feel this is a terrible move for the Birds, the better I feel about it.

  158. Just read that he signed with the Skins (time zone issues).

    Wicked! Can’t wait to watch the Eagles knock around his puny ass 2x each year for the next 3 or 4 years.

    Do you think he took the redzkins record since Snyder bought the team into consideration before signing. Nope. Enjoy losing seasons for the next 4 years Desean!!!!

    • Im sure Djax is shivering in his tiny cleats at the thought of facing the worst pass defense in the NFL vs the pass 2 times a year.What shall he do vs the likes of that vaunted Eagles secondary. One thing for sure is one of them Sunday/Monday night games at the Linc has changed to the Redskins now. It will be a circus.

  159. Im still trying to figure out how we benefitted in this whole deal. The Redskins have Garcon who led the league in receptions with 100 plus catches and is a pro bowler and Djax who had 80 catches and 9 tds, 1300 yards. We have Cooper who had career year with 40 catches and 800 yards and Maclin who avg 60 catches and 800 yards both whom never even sniffed a pro bowl. Somehow we are trying to spin it that we have better receivers. lol How does that work?

    • Eagles will have the better passing attack next year. I thought this was a “team” game? Why do you keep forgetting the addition of Sproles?

      Desean’s 80 catches will be taken care of.

      Maclin will have 20 more catches than Avant did. There’s 20
      Sproles will catch 40. There’s 60
      Ertz will catch 15-20 more than last year. There’s 75-80
      Cooper will catch 10 more than last year. There’s 80-90.

      RGIII will get broken like a twig as he runs around waiting for Jackson to run his 60 yard pattern.

      Oh, and if this circles back to a “Desean opens up the offense….”, then you haven’t been paying attention.

      Kelly went with the QB who excells in the short/medium passing game (Foles). Drafted a QB who excelled in college in the short/medium passing game (Barkley) and then added another Qb who’s only successes were in the short/medium passing game.

      He let go of the QB who excelled at the deep passing game.

      Why? Because he’s a math guy and he likes high percentages. Not low percentages.

      He doesn’t put much stock into Desean’s bombs away ability….because he doesn’t run a bombs away offense (Yes there were a lot of big plays, but this is predicated on having excellent downfield blocking, turning short passes into big gains). Desean is not a great downfield blocker because he weighs 48 lbs, so he’s not required in Kelly’s eyes.

      • Maybe your right. I do have a feeling they really like Mike Evans and will try to move up if he slips around 14.

      • But didn’t it seem so much easier to just add to the 2nd ranked offense in yards and 4th in points with Maclin and Sproles and just leave it alone and go all out on defense through the draft and sprinkle in a Jenkins? I don’t know I just thought the offense was pretty damn good and adding Sproles and Maclin made it better.

        • I have 2 answers to this:

          1 – Obv Kelly doesn’t like/care for Jackson. I believe Kelly sincerely wants to improve the team (I mean, that has to be believed doesn’t it?) He clearly feels his offense will be better without Jackson, or that there is some benefit to removing Jackson (perhaps team unity, work ethic, blocking, whatever it was), otherwise it wouldn’t have been done.

          2 – There are only so many balls to go around. A team can’t have Desean, Jackson, Cooper, Ertz, Lesean, Sproles, Maclin etc. You can only field 11 players. No team is going to pay what they’re now paying Cooper, Maclin and what Desean would have been if one of them is on the bench 50% of the time.

          A team must field 5 olinemen and a QB. Toss in a rb McCoy) on the field and a TE Ertz). That leaves you with Desean, Maclin, Cooper, Sproles, and Celek vying for the other 3 spots (not to mention any draftee – obv Kelly wants another tall guy – and the other backups.

          I think this may have been a numbers game. Just can’t feild all those players. He knows Desean is completely useless in the Redzone (one target last year) so he’s out every time they get there, + his attitude + his work ethic……he’s the guy to go.

          Again, I don;t think Kelly is concerned about this at all.

          I think he feels his team is better and can do more things without Desean. I know most people on here disagree with this assessment, but I don’t.

          I think Eagles will be better without Desean.

      • The best offensive post I’ve seen in this joint!


  160. This signing clearly makes the Skins a better team and the Eagles a worse team….IF you look strictly on the field. Chemistry and having the WHOLE team buy in to the team concept IS A HUGE part of football. Good luck with that in Wash, DJAx will be pouting as soon as he realizes he isn’t the No 1 target in DC.
    The best part of this signing is how it straps the Skins the next few years Cap wise. They will be paying 2 WR’s about $20mil a year. Good luck re-signing RGVick, Morris, Orakpo, Kerrigan, and trying to improve that Def with very little money.
    Let’s compare this years Skins vs last years Eagles.
    QB vs QB= I will give it a wash
    WRs vs WRs= Skins
    RBs vs RBs= Eagles
    TEs vs TEs= Eagles
    OL vs OL= Eagles
    Def vs Def= Slight edge Eagles
    ST vs ST= Eagles

    So yes losing DJax hurts the Eagles offense, it doesn’t cripple them or make Wash a threat to them though.

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