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Eagles Sign Guard Andrew Gardner

gardnerThe Eagles added to their offensive line depth on Monday, agreeing to terms with free agent guard Andrew Gardner.

Gardner, who stands at 6-6 and 309 lbs, has appeared in the first six games over the last three years for the Texans. Gardner is 27, and has spent time with the Dolphins, Ravens, Vikings, and Bengals.

The Eagles have done a good job over the last few years at finding quality offensive lineman from the league’s scrap heap. Evan Mathis was brought in to be a backup, and has blossomed into an excellent starter who some consider among the elite guards in the league. Alan Barbre was a guy few people had heard of, but came into Training Camp last year and many in the organization feel that he is good enough to start.

Perhaps Gardner can follow in their footsteps. on Facebook

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222 Comments for “Eagles Sign Guard Andrew Gardner”

  1. does this mean mathis is getting moved?

  2. This is great, we can now add him along with former Texsns Ryan’s, Braman, Barwin, Roc Carmichael, Donnie Jones, James Casey and Jeff Marhl, can someone please tell the Eagles theirs also talent on other teams.

  3. I got a feeling that another All-Pro is about to be cut! All-Pros who ask for more money on the Eagles don’t ‘Buy” into the program and soon find themselves on another team! smh!

  4. The Philadelphia Texans…damn, can we get their draft pick.

    Greasing the skids.

  5. He’s a “no one else wants me tackle”. If they unload Kelce, I will be speechless.
    Nuts on explanations;their backup plan better be good. I don’t care if they replace everyone..just so the replacements are better and get us a bowl.

  6. He’s a “no one else wants me guard”. If they unload Kelce, I will be speechless.
    Nuts on explanations;their backup plan better be good. I don’t care if they replace everyone..just so the replacements are better and get us a bowl.

  7. They will now trade Mathis

  8. Reports have Guard Mathis and Eagles 3rd Round Pick
    Going to the Dolphins for Dion Jordan.. Dolphins are on the

  9. Your rumor Paulman or real rumor

  10. Just a Paulman Rumor.. Dolphins need OL

  11. Mathis and graham and a 7th rd pick for Jordan

  12. Oh no! DJax may be going to the Redskins! Smh ! It don’t seem like those supposed gang issues are stopped people from lining up to sign him and if he signs with the skins we are in trouble! What a terrible mistake by Chip!,,

    • What teams are lining up? Other team reported to have interest is Washington. Then Buffalo and Oakland have been rumored to be interested and then not interested. Either way, seems odd that three of the most dysfunctional teams in the NFL are the ones asking about him. Hell, even the New York Jets said “no thanks.”

  13. holy shit god damitt pman looks you were fucking wrong Tim McManus on philly phanatic says it’s a done deal

  14. So are they moving Mathis?

  15. What an off-season. I’m pumped! SUPERBOWL BAAAABY!!!! SMMFH…….

  16. Andrew Gardner’s favorite movie is Gangs of New York…. uh ohh

  17. Djax to Skins is pretty much a done deal. Barring any surprises tomorrow deal should be announced.

    NFC East just got a hell of a lot more interesting.

    • Whoop-de-do.

      Dan Snyder started salivating the moment the Desean rumors began coming out. If Mesean signs with Washington it’ll just be another in a long line of Dan Snyder knee-jerk, there’s a ‘name’ available I must have him, bad decisions.

      Desean will get a big bonus, and it’ll be downhill effort and attitude wise from there.

      Now they’ll have to hire babysitters for both their whiny malcontent QB and diva WR.

      That thing will implode within 2 seasons.

      Have fun in dysfunctional Washington Desean if that’s indeed where you’re headed!

      • washington actually have won “multiple superbowls”.

        If they’re dysfunctional…….what are we?

        oh, i know.

        cheap bastards.

        • That was 30 years ago.

          Now they are one of the most dysfunctional franchises in the NFL.

          Their stadium, sespite being new, is a pit. They’ve had 8 head coaches over the past 15 years.

          They’ve only been to the playoffs twice since Snyder took over, winning 1 game.

          They abandon draft picks and sign every ‘name’ FA in a futile and desperate attempt to remain relevant.

          And they’re called the Redskins.

          They are completely disfunctional – right up there with Cleveland and the Faders.

        • They are dysfunctional. Right.

          Wait…didn’t they just win The East in 2012? Went to the playoffs and whatnot. lol

          The silliness of some folk.

          • 8-8, 8-8, 7-9, 5-11, 6-10, 10-6, 5-11, 9-7, 8-8, 4-12, 6-10, 5-11, 10-6 (in the GREAT season you are touting), 3-13

            3 winning seasons in the 14 years that Snyder has been the owner. 10 wins only twice. 8 head coaches over that span. At least 9 starting quarterbacks. No playoff wins. 4000 free agents signed.

            That’s the definition of a dysfunctional franchise.

            But you love tham because of their QB.

            They add Desean you might as well sign up for their fan club…..I mean you’re on here trying to tell me that they are somehow not dysfunctional??

  18. D-Jax to the Raiders. 5 yr deal I’m hearing here in Cali. I hope it’s true..

  19. Hmmmm Riley Cooper and Jeremy Maclin or Pierre Garcon and Desean Jackson. lol You pick.

    • I sure hope that “chemistry” between Nicholas Foles and Riley Cooper, who avg 50 yards a game the last 7 games really improves.

    • The Eagles O will have more passing yards and tds than Washington’s will.

      • Detroit passes for more yards than Seattle and wins 7 games a year so whats your point?

        • You ask….which WRs would you rather – implying WRs are important.

          I respond, saying Eagles will have more WR yrds and tds.

          You then say, through your Detroit analogy, that WRs aren’t important.

          So which is it?

          You do on and on about how terrible it is that Mesean is gone, but then drop the “det has good wrs and they don’t win” bit. Strange.

  20. Of course this means Mathis is getting moved. Probably for a 3rd or 4th round draft pick.The Eagles were rumuroed to like the young oline talent on there team already and you can pick up a guard late in the draft and after the draft. Mathis agentprobably found the trade partner the Eagles told him to find and Gardner I the fall back plan if one of the young guards we already have don’t pan out. Isit me or are the Eagles going backwards? If they move Mathis they will be 30 million under the cap. SMH

  21. Vinnie you can try to spin this anyway you want. Removing Djax from the Eagles and adding him to the Redskins benefits the Eagles in no way shape or form. Stop it.It doesn’t help the Eagles.. You can hate Djaxs attitude, gang ties or whatever. But on the field Sundays we didn’t get better by this move and the Redskins didn’t get worse no matter what you say.

    • Only if you don’t believe a player skipping meetings, fighting with his coahes (allegedly often) and quitting on the field doesn’t matter.

      I think it matters.

      A lot.

      • So we go from him being in gangs, but everyone has seen through that crap to him skipping meetings and fighting with coaches that no one one the Eagles has said to what? Stop fishing for shit if Kelly didn’t like him and Roseman didn’t want to pay him that is their prerogative just say that shit and stop with the BS. They are banking on design of the offense over talent of the players and I like Cooper and Maclin, all I’m saying is Mr Ego and his sidekick GM boy better be right, or the honeymoon is over.

        • And they didn;t like him because……….

          They didn’t like him because they all saw the same film of him that we did watching defenders run away from him while he stood there. They saw his on the field body language. They obviously saw him arguing with coaches. They saw him miss meeting. Kelly sat there waiting for him to show up for the end of year meeting where Desean was a no-show.

          They (correctly) decided that all this shit outweighs the production he brings to the field.

          They are correct.

          Character. Heart. Talent. In that order.

          • So all the kids Kelly recruited at Oregon had character heart and talent? Vinnie this is the big boy league not Scottish Rugby. Your missing the number element and reality in the big boy league. MONEY. If he was a headache buy some damn extra strength Advil. Stop with that character shit. Avant would still be here with his slow ass if that mattered, Mathis’s agent wouldn’t be calling teams to find a trade partner if that mattered.

          • This ain’t the damn Boy Scouts, geez the nonsense on this site.

            • So its all good next year if Foles then starts missing meetings. Pointing at the WRs on the team every time there’s a mistake. Constantly argues with the coahes.

              That’s all good as long as he throws to 4000 yrds and 3-1 td to ints ratio.

              Maybe Mccoy too.

              Fuck it. Why not the whole team. Let em all do whatever they want. As long as they ‘produce’.

              What could possibly go wrong with that scenario?

              I cann;t believe Kelly is pulling shuch bushleague shit. Actually trying to hold players accountable for their actions during the game and at practice. So ridiculous right Biglion.

              As long as the players are talented, everything will be ok. Talent trumps all!

              • Prove it that he missed meetings, last time I checked when did that. Andy Reid benched him, did he miss even a quarter last year for missing meetings or arguing with coaches? Vinnie stop it man just stop it. You sound ridiculous.

              • Vinnie has no proof…
                Just like when he said Vick wouldn’t end up with the Jets, because MM didn’t like Vick…
                You can’t take Vinnie word for anything, as we’ve seen in this case and as we’ve seen when he lost the bet, to me!

  22. @mhenski by the way the reports are that Desean was looking for 9 to 10 million. Now you understand why teams like the Chiefs were dropping out of the pursuit. Like I said the only red flags waving were the lack of money to pursue him flags.

    • The whole gang non-sense issue is a RED HERRING!!!

    • and as i said dwayne bowe got roughly a 5 year 56 million dollar deal last offseason with a year 1 cap hit of 3 or 4 million. desean when he signed his 5 year 45 mill deal (roughly) his year 1 cap hit was 3 or 4. so your point is full of holes

      • Henski I’m just you telling his people are putting these numbers out and teams are not going to meet that price in my opinion. That’s why KC was smart in walking away.

        • ok if u say so. they couldve made it work if they wanted. he is getting 5 years 55 mill so if they can give that to bowe with a year 1 cap hit of 3 or 4 they couldve if they wanted to done the same with him

          i like deseans skillset but its not a fit in kc (noodle arm qb, dink and dunk qb, cold weather…)

            • I agree with you about KC Henski.

              • A lot of Buyer Remorse with the Big Contracts that WR’s signed over last Off-Season or two ..
                Players like Mike Wallace, D Bowe, Greg Jennings, S Holmes, all underperformed big time which is why good Receivers like Hakeem Nicks,Jacoby Jones, Kenny Britt, all signed 1 Year cheapo Deals and why WR’s like Nate Bureson,Miles Austin,Sidney Rice, Darius Alexander, Jacoby Ford, Robert Meachem, are all out there looking for Deals as well as D-Jax..
                Teams (besides teh Oakland Raiders) are very unlikely to overspend at WR Positionm and then when you compund the fact that this is probably the Deppest WR Draft Class in Years, the “Demand’ or “Urge” by most Teams is just not there this Off-Season as in Years Past …

  23. You guys will believe anything and go along with any company line as long as it suits your negative beliefs that’s fine and dandy but if character was such an issue why is Avant at this very moment unemployed? Why is Mathis’s agent allowed to seek trade partners what character issue does he have? Blind sheep.

    • Was I on the company line with Vick.

      Look you twit.

      Character, heart and talent. All three – though in that order. Avant was low on talent. Desean is low on character and heart.

      That’s why they’re both gone.

  24. The Eagles are clearing cap space for next year, so they can keep most of their good young players. Unlike the Cowboys and Redskins, they manage their cap – with an eye to the future. In doing so, Chip can mold the team in terms of talent and attitude. Too bad many fans can’t appreciate the wisdom of doing this….

    • Just say that then we would appreciate that as well

      • Plus the Eagles are Clearing Space so they can sign more Back-Up Players from the Houston Texans next Off-Season too…

    • Eye for the future? All teams are supposed to manage in that manner. The Eagles have always done that, hence why they manage their cap.
      The reason you see the Cowboys and Redskins with cap issues, is because they went all in. They try to win. Cowboys try and go all in every year. The Redskins went all in after RGIII rookie season…The Redskins were favorited to win the NFC East this past season and were considered one of the best teams coming into the season.

      The Eagles should of been in “all in” mode right now…The problem with eyeing the future….the future just may not come for some…..

      • I’d rather not go “all in” and win the division then be “all in” like the Cowboys who are perpetually a .500 team. That team is about as dysfunctional as they get and if you know any Cowboys fans, they’ll tell you the same.

        • yea well not going all in and winning the division is all the Eagles have been doing pretty much since the existance….you’re a fool…Cowboys have how many SB’s by going “all in”…

          • I couldn’t care less about teams that won the Super Bowl 20 years ago. Stop living in the past.

            Also RealTalk, do you ever post anything of substance? Every fucking post you make is arguing and talking shit to someone. It is so fucking old hearing the same shit spew out of your mouth. Can you for once have a legitimate football debate or conversation? You’re such a whiny little bitch.

            • I post a lot of substance…Like what I’m speaking above…Cowboys have won SB’s going all in…and you say your simply sastisfied with an organization that doesn’t go all in and just wins the East….hmmm a whole hell of a lot of substance there……Is that not what you said? Now you try and attack me with some pussified tough talk….hahaha…clown!

            • Also the reason you were called a fool…because of my repeated run ins with you…I don’t attack everyone…there’s no clean slate from day to day with me…I have you figured out and I’m going to show you no respect, ever! that’s the bottom line!

              • The Eagles went all in 2011 and look what happened. You don’t have to go all in to win a super bowl.

                Why you have your mind made up to just not show respect to people on a chat board shows the type of cat you are. I’m not sure what run ins we’ve had other than one time you calling me an idiot because of a question I asked. Which is fine, you are who you are. But on top of it all, you are seriously the biggest fucking cry baby on this site.

              • ok got it…so since they failed in 2011, with a different coaching staff, and mostly different players…they shouldn’t try to improve on the defensive end…and letting DJAX go for nothing, also helped them how? What have you seen done this offseason thus far, that has improved this team?

  25. “prove it!” “prove it!” yells Biglion, harkening back to his days on the grade 4 playground.

    There are about 8000 reports out there about how he missed meetings (and at least one confirmed that he bailed on Kelly at the end of year meetings). There are 8000 reports that he argued constantly with his position coach (and not just the time cought on tape). And there is video evidence of him quitting on the field both in 2011 and 2013. All you need to do is watch it yourself.

    But you’ll turn a blind eye to all of it and lament how another overrated mini-man who is sooooooooo essential to the team is going to affect the Birds so deeply.

    It won’t. They’ll be better off for this.

    • Just point out what games he missed last year due to missed or late meetings or better yet one fine he was given. I’ll wait.

      • Biglion what are you wishing to accomplish?
        You defended against the idea that gloomy had that djax was going to get traded. You defended against DJax was going to get released. You defended against DJax is affiliated with gangs. Now you are defending against Djax was a locker room nuisance.

        • Desean is Biglion’s kind of player. Me-first showboat.

          He said all the same thing last year with the former superstar.

          Biglion loves the flashy pound the chest after a 60 yrd bomb me-first “talented” types. This despite all the evidence (Deion being the outlier) that these guys never win championships.

          He’ll ignore all the problems with a player (turnovers/innacuracy/non-d reading with Vick) to crummy team behaviour, bad body language, poor work ethis etc with a guy like Desean as long as he gets to watch an ESPN highlight every 3 games.

          • Let me break this down for you Vinnie, if you want clean character guys release McCoy, Peters, Cooper, Williams, Brown and every player on this team who has any transgressions that bring down the brand, and release Mathis for being a me first guy for wanting a new deal. I can probably do some background checks and find some more guys to release as well. Oh yea fire Chip Kelly for recruiting violations at Oregon.

            • desean was the 3rd highest paid wr this year and wanted more, thats just idiotic man. its ok if players want more, but seconds after the season was over he decided being the 3rd highest paid wr in the nfl wasnt good enough, right after he got shut down by the saints…

        • Nothing because you won’t get it anyway, the Eagles can do as we all see whatever they want and construct their roster how they please. Just believe what you want but like I said this was about money and Kelly’s dislike if him period. Now what are you trying to accomplish you’ve already established that your a GCobb nuisance now what’s next on your agenda? LOL

  26. Oh yea, that’s what I’m talking about! The Eagles are making moves right now, they get rid of a player like DJAX and bring in a Gardner.

  27. Talk about beating a dead horse, you guys never stop. Maybe Chip hates this guy and his attitude. It usually comes down to that in every job. For whatever reason Chip can’t stand Desean. The last time I checked football is about the team, not one player. Move on already.

  28. the thing about this that is so telling. NOT ONE eagle has disagreed with this or popped off about this. basically only goodbyes and good riddances from our current players… that says everything you need to know about this situation

  29. I just read something that said the eagles signed Alex henrey to an extension of 5years lol

  30. Damn that Henery extension is true? Paging DCar can’t wait for this tirade. LOL




    • I heard Chip Kelly prefers left-footed Kickers and Henry will come into Camp
      Kicking left-footed and see how this works..
      This Kelly is a Genius, I tell you..

    • Big, not even worth the vitriol anymore. I’m not giving myself an ulcer anymore, worrying about a retarded, ass backwards franchise. They’re getting as bad as the Phillies FO!

  31. Steven Hauschka got 3 years, $9.15M

    and we are giving this FUCKING LOSER a 5 year, $15.5M contract extension through 2018 with $6M guaranteed, an exclusive source tells BGN.

  32. Look for the 49ers to perhaps trade up to #22 they don’t have enough money to sign all there draft picks in a normal draft with 7picks they have 14 picks I think so they may over pay to trade up with somebody they may give up 1,2,3 just to save money. And they would still have a good amount of picks left over.

  33. I can’t see how u resign a guy who literally lost three games for us last year including that playoff game, this just doesn’t make sense! I’m telling you, I can’t see these moves being approved by guys like Donahoe n Gamble, these guys built gread Ds and their not getting that chance here, I see both both those guys leaving next year and when that happens your going to see this team fall off the map, they actually freed up money from DJak to give to Henery, great move Eagles.

  34. Word is that Redskins and D-jax are close to reaching a Deal and that RGIII,
    Pierre Garcon and Deangleo Hall are all re-working their Contracts to free up $$$ to sign D-Jax… Should be some Must-See TV when the Eagles/Redskins Play.. Probably a Sunday Night Game early in the Season from the Linc.. Should be fun to see..

    • pierre, deangelo, and djax all got smashed last night in dc. im hearing djax brought the rapper wale with him to show pierre and deangelo he already had street cred in dc. im hearing djax through his crip connections strong armed hall into paying him out 3.5 million out of his pocket this year, garcon to agree to stop at the 1 yard line and lateral the ball to djax for the td every time he is at the 1, now im hearing several crips have snyder hostage and are forcing him to give him a 7 year 145 million contract with 95 guaranteed.

      little does desean know


      • Desean is also good friends with Weebay. Rumor has it that DJax will work with Cutty to bulk up this offseason so he can be productive on the field and also not lose all his street cred in DC.

      • But wait, why would he be hanging out with D.Hall the same cat he was throwing gang signs at. Man on man the nonsense just never ends.

  35. ***Paulman Trade Rumor****

    Eagles Send RB LeSean McCoy & OG Evan Mathis & 3rd Round Pick #86th Overall) to the Jacksonville Jaguars for their #3 Overall Pick
    (The Eagles Select WR Sammy Watkins from Clemson)

    Eagles plan to Use a Committee of RB’s (Brown,Sproles & Polk) to make up for McCoy’s lost of Production…

  36. paulman…….you really need a new hobby!!! Spending hours on end on this site acting like you know ANYTHING about the NFL is not good for your non-existant personal life.
    At least make your fake rumors somewhat reasonable!

    • It took me no time to come up with this “Trade Rumor”, Iggless…
      Relax, my Time Manangement is fine…

  37. ****eagles news****

    Rumor has it desean missed his meeting to sign in dc. Rumor has it he was last seen at the NSA where it’s believed he is being recruited by the fbi to infiltrate the crips.

    According to my source this one is close to a done deal.

    My thoughts desean would be an American hero, be the highest paid wr in the nfl and have the protection of the United States secret service. It’s a can’t lose situation.

  38. real desean update

    11:54 a.m. ET: There seems to be so much we don’t know about Jackson’s off-field life, and though he’s denied that he has any gang affiliation, he’s also reportedly had at least one scary incident in which a fan threatened his life.

    That’s the word from Bleacher Report’s Jason Cole, who writes that the 2012 incident “freaked [Jackson] out.”

    “He thought it was gang (related) at first,” a source told Cole.

    More from Jackson’s reported gang ties.

    “Is he a gangbanger? No, I don’t think so,” an AFC team executive told Cole. “Our belief is that he’s kind of a wannabe, at worst. He hangs out with bad guys because he thinks it’s cool, but he doesn’t really do bad things.”


  39. RealTalk, in response to your post above, I get your frustration with the offseason moves. That being said, some feel that Nolan Carroll and Malcom Jenkins are upgrades. They brought in Darren Sproles. They get Maclin back. The team as a whole will improve in their second year under Chip. We still have the draft which is unbelievably deep at a number of key positions for the Eagles; WR in particular. So while we didn’t get Jarius Byrd or TJ Ward, let’s hold off on burying them until we see how it comes together.

    • Nolan Carroll is an upgrade…I feel that way…he’s better than both starting CB’s right now…But the problem with that…the CB position was one of the last positions that needed to be addressed on the defense. Jenkins is an upgrade over Chung, but Jenkins is also one of the league leaders in missed tackles…we don’t need that type of play here, seen enough of it. Maclin is returning from a serious knee injury, to expect him to produce at a high level, may be wishful thinking…Sproles, depending on how used, is ok…But if its taking snaps from McCoy, that also makes no sense to me…Totally disagree with your opinion about them being deeper at WR.

      • I would have agreed with you before about Maclin when DJAX was here. i thought that he would have had a big season. Now going against the other team’s best CB, I am not so sure. I hope that he proves me wrong. You were right about DJax, so hopefully you will be right about him too.

        • I agree with you Bugs…I am skeptical about Maclin, although I think he is a solid WR. But the knee injury is what makes me think twice.

  40. We need Sproles to take some snaps from McCoy. McCoy’s career will be cut short if he has as many carries as he did last year on a regular basis. Plus, McCoy can’t take all the rushes so Sproles is much better than Bryce Brown. Sproles can also be used in other ways. Why don’t you think this draft is deep at WR? It’s considered one of the best draft classes for that position in decades.

  41. This draft is VERY deep at WR- thats great!! However… we need to use a draft pic to pick one. There are so many holes on this team.

    we need more pics. Need more starters. Need more play makers on D.

    • There are some receivers I love in this draft but your correct Stevo we have other areas of need.

    • The Strength of this Draft is at OL & WR,
      There are very few Defensive “Playmakers” in this Draft after the first 5-10 Picks.and will take at a Season or 2 before the rest of them are competing as Starters.. There are many Good Rotational & Depth Players to groom though for Future Seasons
      The Top Defensive Players are Clowney, Mack, Barr and CB Gilbert and will all be gone by the Top 10, them remainder will need some seasoning as most Rookies do to begin with
      To me, you may as well Draft from the “Strength of the Draft” than reach for other Positions, as we have seen this done many times with little success by the Eagles ..
      Players as Victor Abriami, Trevor Laws, Teo Neisehm,Bryn Smith, Curtis Marsh, Jarrett,were all selected a good 1 to 2 Rounds ahead of their Rankings due to the Eagles Drafting for need as opposed to the Best Player Available…

      • Kony Ealy…….I will be telling you I told you so

        • Too similar as Vinny Curry & Trent Cole
          They want bigger and longer DE & OLB
          Than the 6-4″ 265lbs Tyoe that they already have though
          I think Ealy will make a nice 4-3 DE for the Giants,Cowboys
          Type of Scheme and not the Eagles 3-4

          Marcus Smith Louisville 6-5″- 275lbs
          Kareem Martin – UNC 6-6″-285lbs
          Will Clark – West Virginia 6-6″-280lbs
          Tyler Hart – Oregon 6-6″- 270lbs

          Are the Type that Kelly wants
          “Bigger & Stronger”

          • nother day of the week just means another pro day visit for Eagles head coach Chip Kelly. Kelly was reportedly the only head coach in person at the University of Missouri’s pro day. The following 15 players were on display: LB Donovan Bonner, OL Justin Britt, WR Jaleel Clark, OL/FB Max Copeland, DE Kony Ealy, QB James Franklin, CB E.J. Gaines, RB Henry Josey, WR Marcus Lucas, CB Randy Ponder, DE Michael Sam, WR L’Damian Washington, TE Eric Waters, S Matt White, and LB Andrew Wilson. Mizzou has a few players that could be of interest to the Eagles. Here are the two names that stand out the most:

            DE Kony Ealy

            Mike Mayock has gone on record saying he sees Ealy strictly as a 4-3 defensive end. If that were the case, Ealy wouldn’t be very appealing to the Eagles, who are in need of a 3-4 edge rusher. Others have maintained he is athletic and intelligent enough to play as an outside linebacker. Ealy worked out at both positions during his pro day drills. The 22-year old has nice size at 6-4, 273 pounds. Here’s how his measurables stack up compared to other defensive ends:

            According to SB Nation’s Matthew Fairburn, an Eagles representative was taking a close look at Ealy during his linebacker drills.

            • By Jeff Reynolds |

              March 20, 2014 1:31 pm ET

              Sam and defensive end Kony Ealy, who had a strong session in Indianapolis highlighted by a three-cone drill result that matched the time of wriggly Eagles running back LeSean McCoy, shared the spotlight Thursday but it was Ealy who most impressed scouts.

              Ealy ran in the mid-4.6s on Thursday, a vast improvement over the 4.92 time from the combine. One report had Ealy timed at 4.57 seconds, which would be a personal record.

              • DeSean Jackson is now a Washington Redskin, and got his money too…..

              • Officially signed as a Redskin – DeSean Jackson – Next to TO – The best WR the Eagles have ever had…..

              • wrong again GMCliff as usual,
                HOF Tommy McDonald is the best , Desean Jackson won’t even make the Eagles HOF

              • No – correct Jackass – Nobody cares about, nor respects the accomplishments of a Tommy McDonald during an athletically weak era except the old heads that watched him play- The BEST EVER are Terrell Owens, from a free agency standpoint, and DeSean Jackson – drafted, and professionally raised……..

                Damn your opinion, because it isn’t worth crap….

              • Mike Quick? Harold Carmichael? Cris Carter?

                Are you sure your Eagles fans….the IDIOTS on here I tell you…

              • gm, DJax couldn’t carry McDonalds, Quicks, nor Carmichael’s, jock. Come on man…. He’s a one trick pony bruh! Not to mention, he’s a quitter, cancer, & a pain in the @$$! He’s had 1 good year. Let’s not exaggerate his talent, & worth. You are more intelligent than that.

              • Izzel, Carter didn’t become great, until he was shipped out of here, & reality made him get help for his alcohol, & substance abuse problems.

              • I couldn’t disagree with you, and Izzell more Bruh..

                The Eagles have NEVER had an athlete like DeSean, or Terrell Owens play the WR position for them…..and have to have some just like then to get to the next level….

                He’s had 1 good year. Let’s not exaggerate ??

                He’s had 3 Pro Bowl Years Bruh – I like Mike Quick, Carmichael, and Carter too- and you can make a case for them – but I think you mention them because your both Pro DeSean- he deserves some props – I respectfully disagree with you both….

              • Pro Bowls are a joke IMO. He’s a talented playmaker I’ve never said otherwise but this over the top new evaluation because of the decision is crazy.

                We only need to look on our own team to look at a multi faceted DOMINANT player in McCoy. They aren’t even on the same level importance and talent wise.

              • I don’t think so Izzell…Pro Bowls are an indicator, and recognition of a players talent, status, and accomplishments….

                Some want to play that down, because they have to, to make their argument about DeSean credible….but UNFORTUNATELY not in the eyes of those in the NFL….

              • All Pro means more than a popularity contest like the Pro Bowl. That’s like McNabb making Pro Bowls as 4th 5th best QB because 3 guts in front if him didn’t want to play.

                And like Fole bashers would say as well

          • paul, Marcus Smith is 6’3” 255. Martin & Clark are in the low 270’s. Why you exaggerating the #’s? Ealy doesn’t fit, but he is almost/ is the same as those guys (6’4” 275).

    • Agreed Stevo. We have not adequately address the defense this offseason. You said it….PLAYMAKERS on the defense. We need them up front and in the secondary. To think that we can do this all through the draft, with rookies and only 6 picks…..lets say I am less than optimistic that we will do all we need to address the defense this year. I consider the DJax debacle a self-inflicted wound that Roseman and Kelly will need to be creative to fix. Getting nothing in return for your best WR is a mistake that Lurie should be quick to remember when evaluating the two of them.

  42. I say trade back with sf so that they can get cooks if they don’t mesean and take Benjamin.

  43. I don’t care how talented the receivers are in this years draft, none of them are going to come in and produce in year one, you seen it took over half a season before Ertz started catching on, we need help on D and that should be our priority with our first pick, the drop off wont be that bad if we take a receiver in the 2nd round since its supposedly so deep.

    • I would probably go that route Andrew if I could get more picks I’d even consider moving down, but like greenfan said I don’t think Chip can help himself. They’ll go best available and take what’s there but a pass rusher off the edge would look real nice.

  44. This is going to be a rough year for us. Get ready. DJax release is going to impact Foles in a big way! He is going to have to throw the ball into tight windows which means he going to hold the ball more and take sacks…. Defenses are going to have an easier time defending us and the safety will be in the box to stop Shady…it’s going to be like the playoff lost…. Our schedule is tougher and our offenses has taken a major hit losing Djax

  45. If I am Eagles
    I Trade Down wi the Clevenad or 49ers

    With Cleveland Trade #22 and get their
    26th and 4th Rounder (#100th)

    Or Trade Back with 49ers and get their (30th)
    And their 3rd Rounder (94th)

    Then I would trade Down again to the Colts , who have no 1st Rounder
    And get their 2nd (#58th) and 4th (#122nd) and end up with the Following

    If Deal with Browns & Colts
    The Eagles have 54th, 58th, 86th, 100th, 118th & 122nd Selections
    In the first 4 Rounds

    If Deal with 49ers then Colts
    The Eagles would have 54th, 58th, 86th, 94th & 118th & 122nd
    In the first 4 Rounds

    This is Championship Teams are Built

  46. If they can trade back with the 49ers they can get there 30th 61st Nd 94th

    • 3 Picks from 49ers to move from #30 to #22 (up 8 Selections)
      And in the later section of te 1st Round seems a bit much
      To trade for them, don’t you think..

  47. The point system works out that they would only give up about 250 extra to move up. And the 49ers would still have a there 1,2 and two 3rds.

  48. Desean Jackson is officially a Washington Redskin

    Its a sad day for Eagles fans…

    • Super pissed right now Jon, anywhere except there or Dallas thank you Chip Ego and Howie Dumbass.

    • Lol because T.O Trotted and McNabb came back to haunt us?

      I’m in Ashburn, he just want to one of the most unrealistic pressure packed cities for football.

      All the pressure is on Skins to justify the deal. If he’s awesome ..STEAL… If they struggle the wheels will fall off by week 4.

      • Izell he’s a pro bowler why would the Skins have to justify bringing him in? Does he not instantly make their offense better? They have Morris pounding the box and Garçon and Moss running underneath and DJax taking the top off. If Griffin is healthy the offense they put on the field will equal if not be better than ours. How does this make us better? Just asking.

        • They do need to fix that oline though.

          • Not to mention, GRIFFIN IS NOT A PASSING QB! His first year was a curse to his development because it brought unrealistic expectations. Outside of read option he is below avg. He needs time to develop.

        • No offense, but you don’t have a clue on what you’re talking about with Skins. You’re just naming names off of one year.

          There was real talk in this city that teammates were tired of Subway Bobs me first act. They have absolutely no depth on the Oline defense and horrendous special teams. Now you have more than likely 15million plus tied into two Wrs.

          I’ve been to many places and this the most unrealistic football town I’ve ever been in. Trust me they have to be 3-1 4-0 out the gate or it’s gonna be a problem.

          To say it’s gonna equal our offense is ridiculous because you’ve never seen their offense because it’s grudens first year. Alfred Morris was a Shanahan find. If they go to a more passing offense he becomes less of a factor, he’s atrocious in the passing game.

          • Izzel, didn’t you just tell me last week, that you was from the hood of Camden? Now you are living in Ashburn? LOL!

            • It’s called owning a business/having a job.Ever heard of it? Lol you mad? I drive past Redskins Park and their ugly white practice bubble everyday.

              • Hey Izzel the clueless troll, I’m in Real Estate. I buy & flip houses. I own 3 properties. 1 my own, 2 rentals. I work overnight Security for Bennies. I was a Police Officer for 10 years, & was also in the Military. So don’t question my working knowledge, nor work ethic. Get a clue son, before you try to act like you know something. You nitwits, from todays generation, don’t have a clue!

              • You are the most sensitive old dude ever lmao. I left you alone and then you open your mouth again…and drumroll….can’t take it. I would tell you to grow up but you’re so old you might die behind the keyboard in one of your properties….lmao.

                Talking shit 101…if it wasn’t true…it wouldn’t bother you. Its ok old timer…I’m just messing with you.

              • Sensitive old dude?? Old timer??? BWAHAHAHA!!!! I’m 44 years old, you @$$HAT!!!! You’re a liar too! I was originally busting your balls, about a lie you said, when trolling me a week ago. So, who can’t take it? Beat it kid!

              • 1st you were bragging that you live in Camden, to seem as if you’re tough. Now, all of a sudden, you are from Ashburn. But now, you have a job, that somehow takes you from Washington, through Camden, the septic tank of the East Coast. Please son! Quit while you’re behind! I didn’t just fall out the naive tree!

              • Lmao You’re a clown. What part of growing up and where live don’t you understand. I am lying that I Camden born and raised and live in Ashburn VA don’t you understand. HAHAHAHA IDIOT.

                Keyboard gangster.

              • Same dude that said he didn’t care about personal info then spouts off about…DRUMROLL PLEASE…personal info….

                Hear you go back to flipflopping.



          • Dude with all due respect I’ve been a football fan before you were born. So please that remark about Griffin is all I need to know about your knowledge of the game.

            • Please if you think RG3 has any semblance of above average pocket awareness etc than it says everything about you. Is he a playmaker/talent ? Yes…but I watched him all year…his decision making in the pocket off of anything from a pure dropback is severely lacking. You can’t say otherwise because it’s fact. Look at stats and tape.

            • Not to mention you’re just hyping up RG3 to make the impact of DJax leaving bigger because you hate the decision. I’m fine with it abd understand peoples fustration anger but the Redskins are a MESS. This makes them slightly better.

            • Again your showing your lack of knowledge, the NFL ticket works in Jacksonville and what I saw was a injured kid nowhere near 100 percent who shouldn’t have been playing. No more read option let’s see what kind of QB he really is. Izell this was a bad decision made worse by seeing him sign in Washington.

              • Now we have excuses. Injured had nothing to do with 5-7 step drops overthrows misfired and terrible decision making. What you saw was a guy forced to stay in the pocket abd make plays and he couldn’t do it.

                Just look at the Boykins interception to end the game. Again tape don’t lie. Be against the decision I respect that, but don’t overhype the Skins offense now. They added talent. No more no less. Bob needs a bounce back year in a big way or the Redskins will implode.

              • A mobile QB coming off major knee surgery with no pre season snaps. Yep injury had nothing to do with his performance.

              • Or could it be….that a QB more reliant on his athleticism than struggled to grasp the concepts of an intricate passing system because he never had to run a passing offense AND the league caught up to an offense that forced ALL read option QBs to adjust all year. When said offense was predicated off of one 1 read the previous season and when teams took away his initial read he struggled all year?

                Come on now. Their best play his rookie year was a TE crossing route that they murdered teams with off of read option. This year with those plays bottled up he was forced into 2nd 3rd reads and time abd time again he missed open players took terrible sacks etc.

                Not entirely his fault but his faults pure passing are HUGE right now.

              • We’re sure going to find out this year for sure, and to your argument does that apply to Chip Kelly’s offense as well? What happens when the league catches up to it? Or that only allies to players and not systems?

              • When you can put up numbers in offense with s mobile Vick and friggin statue like Foles that shows your offense can adapt. You can’t say otherwise.

              • You know I like Vick but do you honestly think he would have approached Foles numbers if he played the entire season?

              • Therein lies the issue Vick was replaced by a better QB, who will replace DJax in this system offense? Maclin? Cooper? Ertz? Rookie to be named later?

              • Did you honestly think Foles was a legit option going into last year? Do we know whose available at draft before after? Just way to early to pass final judgement. Like stated by others…there’s only one football and Desean was targeted most by Foles. I think fundamentally Chip saw how imbalanced that was especially when man to man brought this team to a grinding halt. Why because of no speed at 3rd WR and lack of pass catching 2nd back etc.

                If Cooks is there in the second I’m happy.

                However before DJax got traded I was all in for Mike Evans

              • After watching Foles in the pre season yes I thought he was a viable option but your correct last off season I wasn’t sold on Foles. We will see what the rest of this off season brings.

              • If this team goes into the preseason and the offense looks ragged or sputtering and if they start the season slowly and lack of a big play over the top is a problem….HAMMER THIS REGIME. However until then I reserve judgement.

                This team is ridiculously young and I think Kelly put them on notice with Desean. No more no less…and for them to do that but rip up deals for Kelce and Peters and resign them etc says alot.

  49. Not sure what the fuss is all about. For all the reasons our front office wanted him gone, and everything people said he lacked on the field, should be all the reasons you need to want him to sign with NYG, WAS or DAL. Watching him score TDs against us will be hard though..

  50. Shame the Washington vs Philadelphia contests should be RG3 vs Foles- now it will be Kelly vs DJax

  51. Same people in here talking out there rear in here were the same ones that thought Jelly couldn’t transition to the NFL. He proved you wrong made you look stupid and now you have something to jump on. Just quiet being Eagles fans morons lol. Until you see you a change on the field everything said is pointless.

    Just like the chic in here who said McCoy was gonna suck with Foles…Vick was the better QB, and said Alex Smith was a better QB. It’s always something.

    No wonder GCobb doesn’t post here anymore.

  52. The Redskins are going to be dangerous…speed kills and they got a bunch of it….

  53. This is why the redskins stay in cap hell lol.

  54. This is why the redskins are in cap hell all the time.

  55. This is what I meant when I said redo his deal and give him more upfront money, thats all Desean wanted guaranteed money… he took a 2mil loss but more guaranteed..

    On DeSean Jackson’s 3-year, $24M deal with Washington, $16M is fully guaranteed and he will make $8M this season…

    The Eagles look foolish right now..they never expected Desean to go to Washington..

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