Chip Kelly Will Replace DeSean Jackson With Tight End Production

AustinSeferian-Jenkins1Everybody is wondering how Chip Kelly is going to replace the production of DeSean Jackson.  I’ll tell you how.   He’s going to do it by taking his use of the tight end position to another level. Kelly is already very good at utilizing his tight ends but you’re going to see more of it with second-year tight Zach Ertz ready to take a big jump in production.  Brent Celek will be the number one tight end from a run standpoint, but Ertz will be lined up all over the place and he will be featured in the passing attack this year.

Kelly is one of the best ever at getting players in one-on-one situations because his offense always presents both a pass and a run threat to the defense.  Big athletic tight ends create more of a dual run and pass threat because they’re big enough to be good run blockers and they’re also athletic enough to be good pass receivers.  They’re also very hard to match up against.

I think you’re going to see the Eagles draft more athletic-type tight ends, who are tremendous match-up problems for defenses.  Linebackers and safeties are going to be worrying about LeSean McCoy getting the football, while trying to cover three athletic-type tight ends in man-to-man coverage.  That’s nearly an impossible assignment and it’s especially tough to stop on 3rd down and in the red zone.

NFL games are won and lost on 3rd down and in the red zone.  The Eagles will be potent in both of those areas as long as Kelly is the head coach.  Going into a game with a bevy of athletic-type tight ends will make it impossible to deal with all the options Eagles quarterback Nick Foles will have in 3rd downs and in the red zone.

When you have an athletic tight end type, you have defensive coordinators pulling their hair out because they don’t have enough big athletes on defense to match up with them.  Who do you match up with a guy 6’5″ or 6’6″ and 250 with the ability to run.  Do you put a 6-foot safety on them?  Do you put a 6’4″ linebacker on him who isn’t very good in pass coverage?

Safeties are too small to cover them and linebackers are too slow.  If you put the safety on them near the line of scrimmage, these guys will be able to block him on run plays all day long.  Kelly likes the matchup advantage in size or speed.

Imagine three Ertz-type players on the offense.  These guys can be had all through the draft and you may be able to bring in a couple as free agents.  These are the guys the Eagles are looking for in this year’s draft.  The Eagles will be flat out headaches on 3rd downs and in the red zone.  Think about third downs with the option to either throw or run.  It puts the defense in a no-win situation.

This draft is rich tight ends, so I expect the Birds to pick at least one and maybe two.

Washington’s Austin Seferian-Jenkins is an athletic-freak who is listed by some at 6’9″.  I think he’s more like 6’7″, but regardless, he’s going to be headaches for defensive coaches. The youngster played on the basketball team in his freshman year at Washington.  He could be a target of the Birds in the second or third round.

Tennessee State’s A.C. Leonard is the kind of guy I could see Kelly falling in love with.  He played some receiver in college, so he’ll be comfortable moving out in the slot or all the way outside.  He could be had in the fourth or fifth round.

USC’s Xavier Grimble was the highest rated tight end in the nation when he came out of high school, but he didn’t live up to the promise, but this kids has a tremendous upside and will be there in the third or fourth round.

Richard Rodgers of Cal is another guy with good size and athleticism to make the Birds take notice.  He’ll be there in the third or fourth round.

Kelly knows about Oregon’s Colt Lyerla because he brought him to the school.  The kid has second round talent,  but questions about his work ethic and possible drug usage have hurt his stock.  He will still on the board late in the draft, so I expect the Birds to grab him.

81 thoughts on “Chip Kelly Will Replace DeSean Jackson With Tight End Production

    1. LOL…aint that something Biglion! Yeah..he’s the Eagles management kinda of guy…bring Colt in…play him on his rookie contract low money…if he is good we got him for light $$$ for a few years and if he asks for more money…we will put out the anonymous ‘reports’ from secret sources about him being a ‘problem’ the ‘locker room’ or his ‘friends’ who used coke with him….we can use this to make sure we don’t have to give him much money…just in case he’s good!

        1. I just think it’s funny who cares about agendas, even if I had one like you said it’s not like old Chip is consulting me. Even funnier is he was recruited by Chip.

          1. That makes no sense Big…so what if he recruited him in collage then the dude became Michael Irvin…thats like blaming Hitlers dad for Banging his mom lol. You right Chip could give a damn what any of us said…stealing my post from last week I see lol.

  1. Biglion….the difference is DMe was making ALOT of money AND according to reports was a huge problem in the locker room. He has money so no reason to act like a mature adult. Lyeria doesn’t have the large amounts of money so you can take a chance that he will straighten up knowing this could be his only chance to make it in the NFL and make that big money. If he doesn’t wake up you cut him and the loss is minimal.

      1. What are you trying to say DCar? My point has nothing to do with what he got in trouble for, its that he will have 1 chance to grow up….DMe has yet to mature.
        DMe was questioned in the murder of a 14yr old….so what that has nothing to do with what my point is. See I can just babble like an idiot like you too.

        1. Igg, I was just making a point. Who the fuck is babbling? If Lyeria makes it to the NFL, he will get his $$$$! That’s only the point I was trying to make. Comparing a coke head POS, to an @$$hole like DJax, is 2 different stories, my man, & is a stupid comparison! You’re a f^#@ing idiot, you dumb fuck!

    1. Here’s ironic for you, he was recruited by Kelly who only likes quality character guys so say some of you. This is the slippery slope, I will tell you guys Desean is gone for money reasons not character issues and the Eagles will hide behind the character issues.Then draft and sign free agents and retain guys on the roster with bad character and you guys slurp up what their serving.

        1. I have no doubts Desean probably caused problems but to steal a headline I saw it was more about the business of the NFL. And how front offices operate.

      1. There is a difference between “character guys” as you call it and a player who is insubordinate and not a team player. You are assuming that Kelly looked to rid the team of DJax because of the character rumors about gangs etc. He didn’t have choir boys up there in Oregon, but everyone was “with the system” or you were gone. Good story that you guys seem to like to perpetuate, but truth is Kelly isn’t looking for the “character guys” as you are saying but rather “team guys” who will buy into his system and thus enhance the team.

        It was Reid and Banner who used to talk about “character guys”‘, and I think that you guys are getting the old regime confused with Kelly.

        1. No Greenfan I think the average fan thinks that. He was released because they weren’t going to pay him 10.5 million dollars even if he was a good guy.

          1. Oh yes Biggie. I believe that money was a very big part of this too. How is had contract regret and wanted out. You are right on that part.


    My guess is that Darren Sproles and Shady (provided he doesn’t get traded during the draft) will see more action in the passing game than the tight ends just because it won’t require as many personnel changes as a two TE set up

  3. A couple of TE’s that I like in this Draft come the Mid/Late Rounds

    1) Arthur Lynch (Georgia 6-5 260lbs – Projected 4th Rounder)
    2) Crockett Gillmore (Colorado State 6-6 260lbs – Late 4th/5th)
    3) Joe Don Duncan (Dixie State 6-3 268lbs-5th Rounder-coming off injury)
    4) Richard Rogers (Cal 6-4 260lbs – 6th Rounder)
    5) Marcel Jensen (Fresno State 6-6 260lbs – 7th Rounder)
    6) Jordan Najvar (Baylor 6-6 256lbs – 7th Rounder/Undrafed FA)
    7) Ted Bolser (Indiana 6-6 258lbs – 7th Rounder/Undrafted FA)

  4. Hey X, I don’t know if this counts as a agenda, but as you can probably tell I am not a Chip Kelly fan. Never was probably never will be I just get a bad feeling about this cat. The smugness, the I’m smarter then everyone else vibe, I don’t know. I’m just not a fan of his.

    1. I dont blame you there Big….Winning has helped a little but I was with you last year as was DCAR I believe. I watch with my family and we all get the smug vibe from him. It does seem like he’s honest at least, he has pretty much done everything he has said. I respect that more than clearing of the throat and stocked lines….But still it could set us back years or propel us to a title..Do we have Belichek or do we have Scwartz from Detroit?

      Big the only reason I said Agenda for you is because last week you basically said in a post you don’t like guys always ripping Black athletes..Thats an agenda. Not like fools on here, but still. As I have stated before color isn’t the issue..I grew up Idolizing Mike Schmidt best 3rd baseman in history..when I got old enough I learned people hated him here…He was an ass lol. Didn’t change how I feel, he was my hero growing up..but I can admit his flaws…If he were a Phillie today we would probably trade him too. Deseans a bad team mate to me it’s that simple. Always has been. Pleasure debating you bro, always with respect, even when heated.

        1. How can anyone our age not bring up Schmidt? We had good players in each sport but not the greatest Goalie or QB Or power forward ever…but those of us That grew up in the 70’s and 80’s saw the greatest 3rd baseman ever..Not even Negadelphia can contradict that. 535 Pre steroid era Homer runs..whats that 800 today? World series MVP 3 time League MVP 10 time gold glove winner…We never see domination like that in this city brother. Maybe Wilt comes close but he played half his career other places and I didnt see him play…whole career Michael Jack Schmidt was a Phillie. Im all geeked up now.

          1. LOL he never received the credit in my opinion for being the greatest defensive 3rd baseman in baseball, Nettles and Robinson get credit as being better because of the trained seal act diving for everything. He was getting to balls they could only dream of reaching because of his physical ability.

        1. Stop Big lol…Kelly seems to be just like he is…the smartest person in the room. For most people that pisses them off. Belichek Sean Payton Jim Harbaugh etc….thats their makeup.

          I read all the post when he got hired and before the year the prevailing thought was that it wasn’t going to work and he was going to be Spurrier 2.0. Say otherwise and its a lie. Hell I wasn’t sold on him but it was purely football perspective. It pissed alot of people off that they looked stupid after year 1. Those people are out in full force right now over the DeSean debacle.

          Chip still has ton to prove. League will catch up with you in a heartbeat. Look at the all the zone read qbs struggling all last year. Like I said last year if we hired a coach who is bringing the same exact offense from college here than it was a mistake. He was hired to be innovative in the NFL. Gotta give a coach 3 years unless he poops all over himself in year 1.

          1. I’m not disputing any of that Izell, I just don’t like him didn’t like him at Oregon don’t like him now. If it goes bad he’ll bail like Petrino just a sense I get from him.

  5. cross kelvin benjamin off the eagles board

    According to’s Gil Brandt, Florida State WR Kelvin Benjamin recently “blew off” a scheduled workout with an NFL coach, claiming he was “too tired.”
    Agent Eugene Parker has disputed the report, but Brandt says he trusts his source and is sticking by the story. Per Brandt, the NFL coach made a “special trip” to meet with Benjamin. It’s hard to tell what’s real versus what’s planted this time of year, but blowing off workouts would obviously be poor form for NFL draft prospects. Benjamin’s stock has seemingly begun to fall in recent weeks. There is increasing belief that he’ll drop to the second round.
    Source: Gil Brandt on Twitter
    Apr 11 – 2:24 PM

    1. If thats true it probably means less of a blew off and more of he got a promise from a team in the first round. The latter makes more sense since he has been making the rounds the last few weeks.

      He’s going first round now.

    2. Maybe Benjamin didn’t want to play for the team. McNabb was adamant he wanted nothing to do with Buffalo or Oakland when the Eagles finally traded him to Washington. John Elway didn’t want to play for the Colts, Eli Manning didn’t want to play for the San Diego Chargers. Maybe he has a commitment from a team that they will draft him and he doesn’t want to get hurt working out anymore.

    1. E0S hate to go here again but of the 82 catches Desean had how many went for first downs? Remember all he was good for was ummm stretching the field taking the top off one trick pony.

      1. I don’t dispute DJax’s game last year.
        I am Skeptical that Djax’s frame can handle 125 targets plus punt return duty again. I believe Chip Kelly was forced to over use DJax. I also believe that if Jeremy Maclin and Benn were not injured Riley Cooper gets cut because of that video. If DJax was targeted 125 times by Peyton or Brady they would have gotten that kid knocked out, especially Peyton Manning. Nick Foles keep Djax clean for the year, will RG3 be able to keep Djax for getting lit up?

        1. That’s interesting because I actually think the Redskins will use DJax strictly on verticle routes and screens because the intermediate routes will be run by Garçon, Roberts and Moss if he makes the team. We’ll see how mature DJax is this year because his targets will be way down.

          1. Very interesting report out of Eaglesland…Shady McCoy had a little more to say about the situation….he was asked if he saw DJax cursing out coaches giving them such a hard time…he said “No, I didn’t all of that”…and while he believes in Chip Kelly has a coach…Shady is obviously having a hard time understanding how the Eagles are going to replace what DJax did for them…he is clearly not on board with the move!!
            Thus, according to Shady…Djax was no ‘problem’ has a teammate…he wasn’t blowing up the locker room with a bunch of bullshit…other reports have him as more of a loner….the picture is becoming a lot more clear…this was a money move…pure and simple!!!

              1. EHL and Koolbreeze we know the Eagles or Chip Kelly can build the roster anyway they want to it’s been my issue all along that they his behind these reports to justify releasing him when they didn’t have too. The other issue I have is unnamed sources who people think speak for the entire locker room it’s just ridiculous. It’s the business of football no more no less.

              2. BL…go on when you get a moment and read the article…McCoy Doesn’t Think Eagles (players)are Glad Desean is Gone. It’s very well written and refutes a lot of the garbage put out by other writers with anonymous sources…cosigned by people on here who does not like Djax but speak as if they’ve witnessed Djax being a bad teammate cursing out coaches so on and so forth. By the way BL….congrats on the success as a father as far as your children’s academic success. As a former teacher…I love to hear those type of education success stories with our youth. Keep up the good work bruh!

              3. Thanks EHL, I read that article and that’s the point I’ve been trying to make. Unnamed sources being attributed to stories coming out will hurt more than help the locker room. I have played on enough teams to know that, granted not professional but D1 so I’m not just throwing crap against the wall.

              4. Didn’t I tell you all that from the beginning, that this was a smear campaign by the Eagles, because they didn’t want to pay him????

        2. You live in your own mind – Who decided I ‘ve lost challenges (plural) to you??? Especially when we’ve had only one challenge.

          And what prospects did YOU mock, that make you so proud of your imaginary win against GMCliff???????……Nobody is saying that but you…

          They prospects I gave you, in your challenge last year will have better careers than the guys HOWIE – NOT E0S – drafted.

          3 of Howie’s picks aren’t even in the NFL anymore – Barkley isn’t an NFL QB, Logan, and Wolfe are rotational players, that only play because we have no one better to play those positions – But like I have said to you over, and over again, – Anybody that was drafted by the Eagles – would have played last year….

          Ertz is an okay option in the Offense, and there were better players than Lane Johnson, on the board when he was drafted – He is average to below average t best.

          Just because Blidi Wreh Wilson had to sit a year behind All Pro – Alterurn Verneer, doesn’t make him a bust – Verneer was allowed to walk because Wilson, will be their starter this year – as will Damien Stafford, replacing Bernard Pollard at Safety this year as well….

          Cornelius Washington, will be in a position to do the same thing; to become a starter, and we’ll see how things go for Aaron Mellette, with the Ravens, and Ty Powell’s role will expand from Special Teams this year – My point to you is – all of them are at least still in the league, and growing better than Howies Picks…….

          You haven’t beaten anyone – YOU haven’t even made one pick yet..
          I’ve mocked at least 20 Pro Bowlers, and or 50 Impact prospects for the Eagles under Reid, and Kelly……..You can bat a blind eye to it or ignore the facts, but you cannot deny in anyway I, as opposed to you know what I am talking about…….

          Not to mention all the bust that most thought were going to be players in the league, that GMCliff said weren’t all that :

          Trent Richardson, Dee Milner, Stephon Gilmore, Stephen Hill, Devon Still, Geno Smith, EJ Manuel, Morris Claiborne, Kendall Wright, Coby Fleener, Jerel Worthy, Shariff Floyd, Mark Ingram, Christian Ponder, Jaiquawn Jarrett, and many others that will come from this years crop….

          I don’t have to prove anything else – I would like to see you prove your more knowledgeable, before you personal claim some victory you really had no part in – Wake up Fool…….Bwhhahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!


          April 13, 2014 – 8:34 am

          Oh, and you will be competing with Howie on May 11th – By yourself….

          At least we’ll all get a chance to finally see how Knowledgeable the Mighty Mouth E0S is……LOL!!!!!!!!!!! , and if he is worthy to speak on anybody on this site – especially GMCliff – Again best to you – I’m going to all over you this year – You’re going to bring something of your own to the table – or shut up……

  6. ***Redskin Sources report that Eagles offered
    Their #22 Pick for WR Garçon straight up..
    The Redskins are on the Clock
    (remember Skins have no 1st Round Selection)
    The Plot thickens in the NFC East..

  7. ***Trade Alert***
    Redskins looking for a 7th round pick for RGVick. They have been trying to trade him all off-season, no dummies interested yet! Eagles have expressed some interest if he will accept being the Scout team QB.

  8. Here’s the deal:

    Everyone on here laughed when I said the birds were going OL and TE last draft. Everyone ate crow.

    Most everyone laughed when I said O would be better under Foles than the former supersatr. Everyone ate crow.

    Everyone now laughing when I say the Eagles O will be BETTER without Desean. Everyone who knows anything about Kelly knows he does not run a ‘vertical’ offense. His O is predicated on quick hits and WRs who are awesome ;buy in; downfield blockers to spring the short completions. Desean was not that,

    The Eagles Offense will be better without Desean.

    You “Desean is invaluable” clowns will eat crow again.

    Of course, as usual, none of you will admit it…..

      1. I love how all of you with DJAx agenda fail to point out where all this production was WITHOUT Chip Kelly. Love to leave out the fact that he was in offense for 5 years where he was the main target and the offense was predicated are long ball QBs.

        Lol so after 1 year he’s a bust if they miss the playoffs. Where the avg rate of turnover for playoffs teams is above 40% LMAO

        The stupdity and bias behind these comments are nauseating.

        The Eagles lost to a BETTER TEAM in the playoffs. Your ALL PRO JESUS HAD NO CATCHES going into the 4th Qtr.

        The Defense got hashed and the kicker BLEW a fg. But yeah hide behind the Chip Kelly never won anything.

        1. So, the head coach isnt responsible for the defense and special teams? they just resigned Cooper and Maclin what was their production before? Stop trying to minimize 60 first down receptions and 9 TD’s. Kelly is a genuis I’m sure he’ll make it work if not the silent smug attitude is going to play real nice with the Philly media.

          1. And the coach isnt responsible for taking a 50reception 1kyd 5 td avg receiver and making him flourish in his career year? Your right it was all DeSean. Stop it. Youre trying to have it both ways. Youve been upfront that you arent a Kelly fan so I can debate it with you. But the other nonsense on here is pure bullshit.

            50 receptions 1k yds 5 tds.

            Let that sink in. The only difference this year was an accurate QB and an innovative coach. Say otherwise and its all agenda. Its okay to have doubts and not buy all in…but all this other nonsense just shows stupidity.

            1. So is he responsible for the defense and the special teams? Your using Jackson’s career numbers but not Cooper”s nd Maclin”s and I want it both ways? Okay

          2. And where in the world do you get a silent smug attitude? The dude is upfront as there is. Is on the radio every week and has yet to give an Andy Reid style press conference.

            It shows that Eagle fans are so starved for a winner the slightest bit of doubt or unhappiness we will eat our own in this town.

            Pure nonsense.

            He didnt comment on Djax. Big deal get over it. 99% of coaches wouldnt comment. Do you see Sean Payton commenting on Jimmy Graham fight to label him as a slot wr or TE. Did you hear John Harbaugh comment on Anquan Boldin nope. Only in our town we expect something totally different then the entire rest of the league. Stop the nonsense.

            1. Hmmm we must be hearing different things you hear open and forthcoming I hear a smug smartass who’s silence speaks volumes right now, I could careless about Harbaugh or Payton. Like I said we’ll see how this plays out.

              1. Haaa stop it. McCoy just said it today. However every DJax clown on here just want to say ” Yo son see, even Shady said BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH”

                “Chip is different,” McCoy said. “He’s a cool guy. He’s honest. He likes hard work. And he’s respectful. We have a great relationship. I think people are getting the wrong picture like he cut one of his best players, I don’t think it’s that. I think it’s just that was a decision they made. As far as personality-wise, Chip, he does well with everybody.”

                Doesnt get ANY clearer than that.

              2. No one cares. What’s bugging you and most is no one really cafes on the team. No one is having a meltdown. Hell the article Shady nevers stop praising Howie And Chip and he’s happy and believes in the direction.

                The most telling line in the entire article is when it says it makes you get straight. It tells you what you got away with before won’t pass. That’s a huge sstatement and shows the last 2 years under Reid were a clusterf.

              3. Because what you say doesnt match up. Hes an arrogant sleazeball but his players are on record saying the exact opposite.

                Even the player he kicked out of town was like

                “Talked to Big Chip….Birdgang!!” lol

    1. I think Shady has just a tad bit more football insight and credibility when it comes to Eagles football than you…just saying. If you are right….I will be the first to give you your props though. No big deal to give credit on my part.

    2. My goodness they broke every offensive record in Eagles history last year. Go feed that line of bullshit to someone else. Djax had the second best receiving year in the history of Philly and McCoy shattered every rushing record. So saying Djax doesn’t fit is laughable. I guess Coops 800 yards and 10 gaqmes of 40 yards or less is more of a fit. lol Maybe Barney Rubble should of put his effort on that pathetic defense. No excuses.

    3. I hope you are right Vinnie…I will take a double heap of crow to see us with some Super Bowl wins… usual your analysis is way off..Kelly’s offense wants the defense to defend every part of the field…so the ‘vertical’ is a big part of the offense it makes the quick hits, short completions, and the running game much better.
      Shady McCoy has provided a different picture…the picture he paints is not a team ‘happy’ and glad to see DJax go…but a team that will miss his production as one of the most explosive receivers in the NFL who did a lot for the Eagles offense…
      But I have a feeling that this year is not going to be a good one for us has Eagle fans…and the ‘in Chip we trust’ bullshit will quickly turn into “get rid of this arrogant bum’ if he don’t get us some playoff wins this year!

  9. Where’s the article that states “Shady McCoy” is unhappy with Dsean Jax’s exit?

    Shady knows how much Desean meant to his productin, and he doesn’t give a damn about the Zach Ertz factor.

    Gve me a damn break…Zach Ertz?

  10. Biglion821……question for you. If DMe is SO GREAT why didn’t he lead this team deep into the playoffs? Yes he put up good numbers BUT he disappeared in the games that counted. He caught 6 passes for 81 yds 0 td’s. You can look it up, the majority of his career numbers are in Sept and Oct, or in dome’s. Yes it will hurt the Eagles as of now but the draft hasn’t happened yet and you have to take into account Maclin being back, Sproles coming here, and everyone being in the system for over a full year now.
    So do tell what coach you have liked….Reid? Rhodes? Kotite? As for my memory is not very good but I don’t think any of them have won a SB. So please state your case for a HC that would be better then Kelly right now.

    1. Its simple according these guys DeSean had an individual that he did all the work by himself. The Coach got lucky in a weak division and fell into the top offense in the NFL. Nothing he did was any different and it was all the players.

      Stupidity at its finest.

    2. BigL is on record saying he wasn’t and isnt a Kelly guy. I respect that. I had my doubts going into the season and realistically this was at best 8-8 team and at worst a 4-12 team. How they made it through a year with Cary Williams Bradley Fletcher and rotations of Patrick Chung and Nate Allen I have no idea how they went 10-6. This a flawed team that needs tons of work still. They needed 3 drafts to get it together. This is draft no.2. I will judge after 2015. Right now I like what I see.

      Nic Foles is the key to everything. If he regresses it sets the squad back 2 years easy unless you think they can still a QB for Kelly off of another team.

    3. 27 I am an Andy Reid guy the last couple of years were absolutely ridiculous, part of my response are due to the fact that I don’t like Kelly, one year does not make a successful pro coach we can ask the Tampa Bay guy Raheem Morris about that.

      1. You don’t hear me proclaiming how great Desean is my question to all you guys are why are you so quick to not give him credit for the things he’s accomplished, but knock me for questioning Kelly’s one year run?

        1. You’ve never heard me not give the guy credit. But All Pro this and that no way. He had a great year in a great offense. It was the brainchild of Kelly and he deserves the lions share of the credit. I’m not sold after 1 year either but no way in hell I’m gonna downplay like supposed fans do. He won me over have a dynamic offense not only with Vick but even better with Foles. We brought the man in for his offensive mind. This defense and special teams accountability is a joke. He had them both better than the nonsense we had under Reid the last 5 years.

          Now he has to build on that. The first two years are gravy to me because I’m not an Eagles fan who acts like this team had awesome talent. That’s far from the truth. The 49ers have talent the Seahawks have talent. We are a mid tier team and still are a few pieces away especially on defense.

          However this nostalgic turnaround view on a player who before this year was a pain in the ass headache who frustrated us as much as exhilarated us is over the top. He quit in 2011. He was always a boom or bust WR and I always viewed as the perfect no.2 to a legit no. Wr1. But all pro….really… Top 10 WR? Really?

      2. Well a coach can make or break a team….a WR can’t. The problem with DMe is he NEVER matured and QUIT on this team multiple times.How did you respond when Fat Andy let BDawk go? I would be willing to bet you didn’t like that move. I’m also willing to bet that when Fat Andy was hired you didn’t like him either. Don’t dare say you did bc NO ONE even knew who the hell he was. He was a TE coach in GB. Who would you rather have as the coach? Spurrier? Shanahan? Castillo? Maybe bring Kotite back?

        1. I had no idea who Andy was but I knew who Chip Kelly was and didn’t like him, the guy I wanted was Gus Bradley. Since I live I’m Jacksonville I guess I got him huh? LOL and yep I was angry when Dawkins left was that Banner or Reid? Desean let his contract status hurt him in 2011 and how do you know the level of his maturity? 27 it’s your right not to like Desean just like it’s my right not to like Kelly.

  11. I didn’t say I didn’t like DMe, what I’m saying is his release won’t ruin this team. His maturity is obvious! In his interview with Stephen A he said he hangs with gang members and hopes they don’t do anything illegal when he is with them. Really? How mature is that? He admitted to missing meetings and being late….again maturity?
    Its your right to not like Kelly as its everyone else’s right to not like DMe but as long as you keep saying the Eagles are finished bc they cut DMe just opens you up to be shown the facts.

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