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LeSean McCoy Not Happy About The Release Of DeSean Jackson

LeSeanMcCoyandDeSeanJackson1I wasn’t surprised at all when Eagles All-Pro running back LeSean McCoy stuck up for his teammate, All-Pro wide receiver DeSean Jackson, when he was questioned for the first time publicly about the release of long-time teammate. McCoy knows that he benefitted from Jackson tremendous speed.

The fear of Jackson getting deep forced opposing safeties to back up and it opened up running room for McCoy.  The loss of Jackson could mean less room for McCoy to maneuver.

“It’s a surprise for sure”, McCoy said when asked about the release of the other top weapon in the offense. “Anybody that tells you they’re happy about it, I don’t know how honest that would be. It is a surprise. You’ve heard so much, you don’t really know (what’s true). Not playing with him is definitely going to be different. Playing against him is REALLY going to be different … It’s some big shoes to fill. DeSean’s by far one of the biggest playmakers in the game, and the biggest deep threat there is in the game. Some big shoes to fill, for sure.

“Then again, the front office, they obviously know what they’re doing” McCoy said while thinking about where his bread is buttered. “You make a move like that, you obviously have something up your sleeve, where you know you can get something that’s similar or even better.”

Like McCoy I’m giving Kelly the benefit of the doubt, but you don’t normally see NFL teams getting rid of one of their top offensive weapons for no clear, definitive reason.

As for the war between Jackson and Chip Kelly, “I’ve never seen that. I’ve never seen the two of them get into it,” McCoy said. “Coach Kelly, the good thing I’ll say about him is he’s understanding. If you have an issue or a problem, he seems to always work it out.”

There hasn’t been a member of the Eagles organization who has come out and explained why they released Jackson.

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176 Comments for “LeSean McCoy Not Happy About The Release Of DeSean Jackson”

  1. LOL…This should be good….got my popcorn

  2. Yeah, can’t wait to see the usual cast of characters all over this. Still seems odd that only one guy out of 52 has stuck up for him.

    • Of course, it seems odd to a hater like you btc24….the fact is that there have been other teammates that have stuck up for Djax…Brandon Graham tweeted support…Mychal Kendricks supported him…in fact…we have more people who have come out in public.
      Shady manned up…instead of being a bitch with anonymous quotes…he stepped up…and he also debunked the notion that Djax was some major cancer…cussing out coaches…

      • I’m not a hater. On the surface, I didn’t like the fact that we cut one of our best playmakers. That being said, at $10.5MM, Desean is one of the most overpaid players in the NFL. How exactly does any of this make me a hater? Please explain.

  3. Lol….another 300-400 posts soon to follow.

    Shadey is free to express his opinion, and more importantly he puts his name on it. The few “unnamed sources” who expressed pleasure out of DJax being gone really are cowards. I may not totally agree with DJax, but I am only a fan…Shadey worked with the man and this was his opinion. He also said some good things about Kelly, and his ability to deal with players. I respect Shadey for standing up for a player that was obviously his friend also. Lets hope that the Eagles offense does not miss a beat and that Kelly has a plan to replace the lost production.

  4. it is contagious, even Gary Cobb is writing Desean Jackson All Pro. Desean Jackson made the All pro- team in 2009 as a punt returner. and has never sniffed the team since not even the second team and never as a wide receiver.
    Desean Jackson was a replacement to the Pro Bowl roster because Andre Johnson and Calvin Johnson were injured and Demaryius Thomas was not available because he was playing in the super bowl.

  5. No Comment from Paulman… I am D-Jaxed Out…

  6. Eagles are bad asses release McCoy to. Its the system. BOMB BOMB BOMB BOMB

  7. I am so tired of hearing about DMe!!! He is gone, not coming back so move on. This team is still the best team in the NFC East!!!!

  8. Ahhh Shady is back in town now we get a reaction from our stud, top 5 NFL player. No one cares what the other players think, I care what our stud thinks. This is just the beginning. I wonder how long before McCoy makes the HHL.(hillbilly hit list.)We got Sproles we dont need McCoy he sucks. lmao Barney Rubble can win with anyone!

  9. *********** trade alert trade alert*******
    Eagles send the #22 pick to the

    49ers for #s 56,61,94,170

    Eagles then send #56 to the

    Jets for #s 80,104,115

    The eagles then have picks in
    Rd3-80,86 &94
    Rd4-104,115 & 122

    • Damn Gloomy… Eagles go from 6 Draft Picks to 12 Draft PIcks..
      and still have Brandon Graham,Evan Mathis, Bryce Brown on the Roster ?
      Something has to give..
      No way do I see the Jets or any Team giving up 3 Draft Picks for a # 56 Pick
      To Trade a a Mid-2nd Rd Pick and get 1 3rd Rounder & 2 4th Rounders in Return is very unliklely from any Team…

      • I thought the same thing Paulman but on the trade chart the points add up.

        • I am not so sure about that Chart..
          A Top of the 2nd Round in 30’s I could see, but at #54.. giving up that much just doesn’t make sense.. but would be a steal if Eagles could pull that off..

          • Trust me that the dl draft chart works like that I was shocked to see if the eagles traded the #22 they could get two 2nd rd picks a 3rd and a 5th

  10. We already started on the race nonsense which shows the class and IQ of most on here.

    G is a smart man….he stuck in that last paragraph on the post that should generate the most posts. Hahahaha Vote for G!

    Enough DeSean already. Its over get over it. Put your agenda away. You can beat your drum either way come the season. Until then it matter nothing until we see what they construct.

    As much as we argue, the main point that all of us has is that we want a winner. We disagree on approach but now that the Seahawks got a title. I damn sure want a title in Philly. lol

    • Izzel, the only one with an ‘agenda’ is you….we can talk about whatever we want…the DJax situation has had a huge impact…it impacts the draft, and Shady’s revelations this week are very revealing.
      Now that we have some clear proof that DJax was not this big problem in the locker room…wasn’t this terrible teammate…Shady didn’t witness any cussing the coaches out! Shady has an informed opinion…not an anonymous quote from an unnamed player….but something with some substance.
      Since Shady’s comments doesn’t fit in to YOUR script…suddenly its time to “get over it”!
      Yeah…yeah…sure Izzell…your game has been peeped from the door…you truly are ‘toast’! We want to win a Super Bowl championship…not the ‘under the salary cap’ championship…or the ‘Boy Scouts’ team with the nicest guys championship…we aren’t interested in your agenda Toast!
      We want a Super Bowl!

      • Please you’re agenda and race baiting nonsense is obvious. You looked stupid going over the rail on Kelly and he made you look dumb in the season. Thats what happens when you are blatantly over the top. You pick and choose and twist. You do nothing more.

        When G says the offense is going to be the same if not better with TEs you started backpedaling like MJ. lmao stop your dumbass nonsense.

        The most telling line of the entire article if youre not an idiot is when McCoy says “It makes you straighten up. What you thought you could get away with before you can’t”

        Not to mention he goes on to praise Kelly but his opinion only matters to you when it fits lmao. Go sit down dummy.

        • Fool azz Izzel…its funny how you are the one that’s always mentioning ‘race’. What does ‘race’ have to do with anything…I have never said that the Eagles were racists…just a few fools here in this forum.
          Your the one shuffling…running, ducking for cover…McCoy is the guy that’s on record, with something tangible that we can talk about. He debunks all the bullshit you and others bought into about DJax….which is why you suddenly are tired of talking about it…LOL
          You wasn’t tired when the anonymous reports about Djax was floating about…but now Shady steps forward and ‘presto’…”I’m tired of talking about Djax”
          Again…you don’t read…I made it clear that I don’t agree with G’s take on the tight ends…to make that work we need high quality tight ends….I don’t see any Jason Whitten’s or Jimmy Graham’s on the team…I don’t think Ertz is that good?
          Man up Izzel…Stop with your bullshit Eagles management agenda…and get ya facts straight….Shady has come out and confirmed a lot of what many of us have thought.
          All of us have to wait and see how it plays out…but anyone with a little bit of sense can see that Andrew Brandt’s article…is dead on point…and only fools with agendas like you want to keep denying to clear evidence that points out the Eagles dirty play on this DJax situation!

          • Hahaha again flip flopping. G isn’t right but ALL HAIL ANDREW BRANDT….lmao

            Oh no you spelled ass with two z’s….THATS GANGSTA SON!!!!

            Fool I was tired of it BEFORE he got traded. I was TIRED of him in 2011. I never been on the DJax is a monster train. He is and always will be to me a dynamic playmaking no.2 Wr. Doesn’t take away from his accomplishments etc but I dont overvalue just to prove my point like you do.

            Fact is that you want to find a bad guy because you hate the move. First its Chip than its Howie than its conspiracy of Jeff Lurie to just make money blah blah blah.

            Its beyond simple. This team and fans will care about DJax one or two ways…They start 4-0 and GOOD RIDDANCE! They start 2-2 WE MISS DJAX!

            Its the buffoonery of over the top Eagles fans.

            We lost a playmaker. Chip and Howie better have a plan. The get the benefit of the doubt from me. IS IT ANY MORE CLEAR TO YOU.

            • Dumb Ass!!! LOL..your like a fish outta water…flopping about…exposed! It don’t surprise me that you are TIRED…mentally exhausted…worn out…it obvious since you keep saying stupid shit..LOL
              Here is a newsflash for you Izzell…Shady…who knows a whole lot more about football than you seems to consider him one of the best in the game: “DeSean’s by far one of the biggest playmakers in the game, and the biggest deep threat there is in the game.”

              LOL…what’s clear to me is that you are really dumber than I thought…I just thought you were stupid…turns out your beyond stupid..a FOOL ASS!
              Let me try to make this clear to you one last time…I know your mentally exhausted..brain freezing…you may have Alzheimer or something…my position is that the Eagles management has made a terrible move based totally on money… we don’t have any other clear evidence that it is based on anything but MONEY…the facts we got comes from Shady McCoy which clearly supports what Andrew Brandt’s article states!
              Chip better win…he has to improve beyond what we did last year….he margin for error got a whole lot smaller with the DJax move. The Eagles haven’t won anything to get any ‘benefit of the doubt’ for me…Chip has not won…they simply have to prove me wrong….I’ll be right here to man up if i’m wrong…
              This is sports talk…fans make predictions…a management guy like you hedges his bet with “Chip and Howie better have a plan’…take a position son…what’s it gonna be…if you gonna step forward…step up..stop hedging, ducking, flip-flopping…man up and take a position!

              • Eventually a fool will always get tripped up using his own logic….

                “When you’re making moves like that, they (the Eagles) obviously know something, and I’ve got a lot of trust in them. I think with the team they put together so far, with bringing Darren Sproles in and making different moves and signing guys, they know what they’re doing.”


                lmao please stop your nonsense. The man said virtually the same exact thing any Eagles fan that didnt have an agenda would say. Lost a dynamic playmaker hes gonna be missed however I believe Chip and Co. has us going in the right direction and we will be fine.


              • By the way what is it FLIP FLOP. Is McCoy a real dude or a management man hahahahaha dumbass.

              • LOOOOL silly ass rabbit! Are you kidding me…you seriously can’t be that dense!!! Shady is not a Fan FOOL….he plays running back for the Philadelphia Eagles…of course he is not going to come out and blast Eagles management..
                Of course, Shady is going to be very careful about what he says…of course he wants to convey that he is not bucking management…
                Shady’s position is loud and very clear….he feels that we have gotten rid of one of the biggest playmakers in the game, and the biggest deep threat there is in the game.”
                So GCobb’s headline for his posting :”LeSean McCoy Not Happy About The Release Of DeSean Jackson” is pretty obvious…and he made his position clear while not saying stuff that can get him in trouble with the front office…smart move by Shady!
                Izzel you are a blithering, ass idiot…LMAO…once again let me help u out…Shady McCoy is employed by the Philadelphia Eagles…He’s not a ‘fan’ like me and you FOOL!

              • Shady’s position is loud and very clear….

                “When you’re making moves like that, they (the Eagles) obviously know something, and I’ve got a lot of trust in them.”

                LMAO SHUT UP ALREADY. He doesnt have to say anything. Yet he can’t stop talking positive about the direction of the team.


              • “But then again, I think the front office obviously knows what they’re doing. You make a move like that, you obviously have something up your sleeve, YOU KNOW YOU CAN GET SOMETHING THATS SIMILAR OR EVEN BETTER.”

                Shady McCoy


            • One moment hes a man…next moment hes a scared shell who doesnt want to ruffle feathers.

              Whatever position makes you feel better.

              Heard the same from Maclin Kelce etc etc….you can disagree with the move and still like the direction of the team. You don’t have to be an over the top conspiracy filled clown like yourself.

      • Shady’s revelations arent revealing. Its pure double talk. DeSean is my boy. Chip is my boy. DeSean will be missed. Chip got this!

        Anyone with a brain can see that in the article. Youre so busy trying to come up with nonsense scenarios and race bait with the other clowns on here you don’t see the picture.

        At no time have I ever said DJax wasnt a playmaker or wouldnt be missed. But this over the top nonsense you’re doing lmao GTFOH with that bullshit.

      • There must be a reason!

        I think Chip got rid of DeSean because he is a black guy. Of course, 80% of the league are black guys – but you have to start somewhere. Right Dag? Right koolbreeze?

        • I bumped into Father O’Leary at the Irish Pub the other evening and he told me in confidence and after a few draft Mugs of Guiness , that Chip Kelly had confided in him, during a Pennance session, that he wanted to make the Eagles an “All-White & Irish Team” …
          I asked Father O’Leary, what’s he going to do about this ? …
          He Replied,, “Cancel my Season-Ticket’s Plan” …
          Classic response from Father O’Leary for those who know of him..

  11. PFT and local NY news have Jets interested in OLB Anthony Barr if he starts to slide. If Rex Ryan likes him in the 3-4….jump on that kid. They stole Muhammed Wilkerson at the end of the draft.

  12. There is a possibility that no one is considering at all in this DJax saga that is making more and more sense to me as a possibility….maybe…just maybe:
    This was not Chip’s call!
    Maybe the guys upstairs have a lot more to do with this move than Chip Kelly does…Chip said “I like Desean but we have to do what’s best for the “organization”….well maybe the ‘organization’ decreed that paying DJax was not in their best interest and it had nothing to do with the football played on the field!
    Shady has made it clear that the move makes no sense from a football standpoint. Shady is not dumb at all…he understands Chip’s offense better than all of us and he knew of Djax’s impact on this offense…the more this goes on…the more it stinks!

    • Eh, seems unlikely. If that’s the case, why wouldn’t the front office have cut him in previous years after he quit on the team and his production was way down? I think Chip took the job with the Eagles with the understanding that he pretty much calls the shots.

      • They needed DJax, he was playing on the rookie salary of a second round pick…good production and cheap! His production was never ‘way down’..his worst years are comparable to Maclin’s best years.
        Also Andy Reid had more power in the organization! It was Reid who decided to give him the big money with a nice signing bonus.. After the Andy Reid debacle, management has probably changed their policy on how much power the Head Coach would have!
        I smell a rat…and I think ‘management’ is making some ‘business decisions’ here that have nothing to do with football production and going towards a goal of winning a Super Bowl!

  13. That’s great news G good luck with the election It would be good to see you roaming the halls of the US Capitol. Since I work here I will be sending Redskins fans your way lol lol GOOD LUCK

    • I also wish Gary luck. That piece of crap Rob Andrews raised almost a million dollars to run for the 2014 election and spent the money and isn’t running. The Norcross clan is going to be very tough for him to over come in a general election in Camden County which has a 2/3rd Democrat presence. Gary is running as a Republican.
      Sorry Gary, I’m in the wrong district ( 3rd Congressional district) and the wrong political party ( I donate my time and effort to the Democratic party and Aimee Belgard to win Jon Runyan’s departing House seat which I think will go to the republican candidate Steve Lonegan)

  14. When the mud slinging starts G’s opponent will definitely bring up that G runs a low level blog, promoting hate, fighting and racial jabs…

  15. Hi everybody I’ve been a Philadelphia sports fan my whole life even in being in other states and countries I’ve supported my teams no matter what. They have gotten me through times being away from home overseas. So here is my take and OPINION on De Sean I was in stationed in Greece when we picked him the first think I thought was we may have the next Allen Iverson but for football which I mean in a good way because all of what allen did off the court he gave his all for the city , fans and the court he left nothing on the court. I think if De Sean played like Allen did with all heart and no quit. The Desean would still be here . DESEAN had great wow moments was awesome AT TIMES but wasn’t the guy that I felt I could go to war with . He will be missed but he never embodied the city like allen did . Like I said before with all of Iversons faults he made me believe he would give blood sweat and tears for the team and city. I didn’t feel that from Desean he could’ve had the city in his hands like Iverson did and TO did for one season. Another thing we should give chip a little wiggle room I live here in MASS and nobody talks around here especially belechic remember they let moss go .

  16. GCobb I think you will make a great congressman…good luck…


    Sources tell CSN Philly that the Eagles tried to trade for C.J. Spiller before dealing for Darren Sproles.
    The Bills said they weren’t interested in moving Spiller, so the Eagles never even made an offer. Chip Kelly then settled for Sproles, a player four years older and far inferior in the run game. It’s another sign that the Eagles knew they’d be moving on from DeSean Jackson well before March 28, and also an indication that the Bills remain committed to Spiller despite last year’s injury-marred disaster.
    Related: Eagles, Darren Sproles
    Source: CSN Philly
    Apr 14 – 12:49 PM

    • Makes perfect sense. Bryce Brown and Polk were jokes as backups. Chip knows he can’t run McCoy into the ground and win. If McCoy gets hurt then forget about it.

    • I think people are missing the point. Them trying to aquire spiller was more so to make a move with Lesean. I think kelly was going to try to move them both in some capacity. It sounds crazy but you don’t get spiller and McCoy on the same squad. McCoy is better, but spiller is a pro bowler in his own right. This maybe shady’s last year as an Eagle. He clearly makes too much money in their eyes.

      • Or it could be that a coach that had a dominant running game virtually phased out his backup rbs because they couldnt fill the need. He ran Shady into the ground last year because Polk and Bryce werent adequate backups. Im over the Bryce Brown fools gold experiment.

        • Izell you must admit you can get a back up runner in the draft, and not even in the early rounds. If it was just a back up they were looking for you don’t go spiller.

          • Diddy I think you are missing the point. Spiller/Sproles allow matchup nightmares. They are triple threats that can help in return game/passing game/run game. What in the world would a defense do matched up with the both of them in the backfield.

            • Kill the Quarterback because neither of those guys block as well as Shady! PDiddy your right the Sproles-Spiller won’t scare defenses like Shady and DJax… Who is going to stretch the field vertically to create space for your underneath routes? Maclin? He’s never had 1000 yards in a season, he’s coming off knee surgery and the book on him when healthy was to play him physical and take him out of the game

              • Agreed Kool, thankfully that trade did not happen. I think your right about your Maclin assessment too. Maclin is the stay puff marshmallow man, soft as hell

      • may be on to something…..why else do the Eagles want LESS talent at these positions. It just does not add up..Spiller would be cheaper because he is injury prone. I find it extremely hard to believe that Chip Kelly is that arrogant to think that you can get rid of high level talent and beat playoff caliber teams….some of these suggested moves just don’t make sense at all!

    • Just another indication that suggests Chip may not be calling the shots! What would we want with Spiller…a guy is stays hurt…I don’t like the wisdom of giving up a 6th round pick in one of the deepest drafts in NFL history for a player like Sproles who is losing a step.
      If he was still such an awesome weapon…why would New Orleans give him up?

      • saints gave up sproles because they wanted byrd and had to franchise jimmy graham and pierre thomas was pretty good this year and ingram showed signs of life. end of the day they had to cut or trade a rb to afford byrd and graham.

        buy a clue idiot.

        • The real reason is that the Saints are very high on 2nd Year RB Khiry Robinson, who took a lot of snaps away from Sproles down the Stretch last Year and at 6-0 220lbs and 22 Years of Age, He’s bigger, stronger than Sproles and can do all things that Sproles can do for 500K a Season instead of them $3 Million that Sproles was costing them in a Reduced Role..

        • stupid mhenski…if I need to buy any clues, I know that your definitely not the guy who sells them! There were all kinds of moves that the Saints could have made if they felt they had great value in Sproles….the bottom line is that they see him as a player in decline. His snaps were down..last year…his yards from scrimmage have gone down in each of the last three years and he’s getting older…he’s 31 years old…
          Some of you idiots need to get off of the forum…go talk horse racing or something else…you don’t know jack about football! Fool!

    • mhenski, you can’t just limit it to the Eagles…you have no clue about football period!

  18. *********** trade alert trade alert*******
    Eagles send the #22 pick to the
    49ers for #s 56,61,94,170
    Eagles then send #56 to the
    Jets for #s 80,104,115
    The eagles then have picks in
    Rd3-80,86 &94
    Rd4-104,115 & 122

    #54-Cody Latimer*, WR, Indiana
    Height: 6-2. Weight: 215.
    Projected 40 Time: 4.58.
    Projected Round (2014): 3-5.

    #61-Christian Jones, OLB/ILB, Florida State
    Height: 6-3. Weight: 240.
    40 Time: 4.74.
    Projected Round (2014): 2-3.

    #80-Will Clarke, DE, West Virginia
    Height: 6-6. Weight: 271.
    40 Time: 4.77.
    Projected Round (2014): 3-5.

    #86-Ahmad Dixon, S, Baylor
    Height: 6-0. Weight: 212.
    40 Time: 4.41.
    Projected Round (2014): 3-4.

    #94-Daniel McCullers, DT, Tennessee
    Height: 6-7. Weight: 352.
    Projected 40 Time: 5.54.
    Projected Round (2014): 3-4.

    #104-Brandon Thomas, OT/G, Clemson
    Height: 6-3. Weight: 316.
    40 Time: 5.09.
    Projected Round (2014): 2-3.

    #115-De’Anthony Thomas*, RB, Oregon
    Height: 5-8. Weight: 174.
    40 Time: 4.50.
    Projected Round (2014): 5-7.

    #122-Aaron Colvin, CB, Oklahoma
    Height: 5-11. Weight: 177.
    Projected 40 Time: 4.50.
    Projected Round (2014): 4-6.

    #162-Dri Archer, WR/RB, Kent State
    Height: 5-8. Weight: 173.
    40 Time: 4.26.
    Projected Round (2014): 3-5.

    #170-Deion Belue, CB, Alabama
    Height: 5-11. Weight: 182.
    Projected 40 Time: 4.47.
    Projected Round (2014): 6-FA.

    #237-Colt Lyerla*, TE, Oregon
    Height: 6-4. Weight: 242.
    Projected 40 Time: 4.61.
    Projected Round (2014): 6-FA.

    • Okay Gloomy that’s better, some good ballplayers on this list.

      • LB CHris Jones is a Mid 3rd Round PIck at best..
        Guard Brandon Thomas tore ACL last week and will miss the 2014 Season so Drafting him anytime before the 6th/7th Round is unecessary
        RB De’Anthony Thomas is a 6th/7th Prospect with no real Positon to play
        RB Dri Archer is similar to D Thomas.. The eagles Already have Sproles locked up for 3 more Years, why add 2 smaller,similar Players when other needs are out there…

        • Paulman I hear u but I’m sure shady is here after next year and I think sproles is only gonna be here for 2years of that deal at best & dri archer can play the role of mesean

    • gloomy, quit with the Madden GM mode BS! Where, & when have you ever seen trades pulled off like that? You ain’t getting 4 picks for #22, & for sure you ain’t getting 3 picks for a low 2nd. Stop the madness! Don’t bring up that you were right about DJax, either! You weren’t! You said that they’d get a #1+ for him, like the Harvin package. Just stop!

  19. No way the Eagles first pick will be #54. The only decent picks you have are #86, #122 and #237.
    The rest are slow, small or don’t fit here.

  20. They need as many picks as they can get to due to them needing to replace
    Mathis,Herremans,Williams,Fletcher,cole, graham, Ryan’s not to mention you may need to get rid of cox if he doesn’t pan out and you still need at least 2 wr’s as well as depth everywhere else and the only way they can get that is trade back and get as many picks as possible.

  21. The eagles aren’t drafting for this year they are drafting for next year the only position that could draft if they don’t trade back that will make an impact this year is wr. If they take a cb @22 he isn’t even gonna play this year and there is no olb or dlineman that is worth even taking at 22 the only other player that would see real playing time would be the OG from ucla.

    • But gloomy we know that wide receivers normally take some time to develop…yes there are good wide receivers in this draft but the only ones that I would feel some confidence about them stepping in and making an impact right away is Watkins and Evans…the rest are good but probably need a year or two of seasoning…I think we need improvement on the DLine…I like Quarles of S.Carolina..we need to think about going all out for defense in this draft…drafting a rookie wideout and placing the expectation for him to replace DJax is terribly unfair and unrealistic….we better shore up the defense…that’s that move

    • The G from UCLA replaces Herremans day 1.

    • If they draft a CB, or any other player at #22, they better be playing this year! WTF are you snorting gloomy? You don’t know what you’re talking about! If they draft an OG at #22, Weaselman, & the so called genius, need to be FIRED!!!!

  22. I say they should trade back they need so much 2 new cbs a safety a whole second team dline a olb a ilb. If they traded back they can get alloy of those needs

    • if they trade back teams are not giving up as many multiple picks…Tom Gamble is pretty good…they may need to find some undrafted free agents to fall thru the cracks. Kelly is going to a lot of pro days…who knows what to make of that.
      There is talk floating around that the Eagles want to get rid of All-Pro Guard Mathis, drop Brandon Graham…cast off Curry….it sounds really risky to me..especially getting rid of Mathis…I sincerely hope that Kelly has not deluded himself about his ‘system’…the NFL will quickly bring you back to reality!

      • Koolbreeze….you make a lot of sense there. Team is important, but over confidence after only one season in THE SYSTEM, can be a recipe for disaster.

        Games cannot start soon enough for me. All of this talk drives me crazy. I want to see they guys playing and decisions being made because of ON THE FIELD performance. All of this hypothetical bull sh*t is enough for me.

        • I agree Greenfan, that’s why I keep saying the beauty of all this debating is we will see once the games start. It will be a very interesting summer, we haven’t even gotten to the draft yet.

  23. Fools on here gonna want Shady gone next year too. All that has to happen is “somebody say” he was not happy after Desean left and quote him from this week. Then show come clips of him dancing to prove he is a me guy and his bus trip rumors to show he is trouble off the field. Add his salary and good riddance he wasn’t that good, running backs aren’t hard to find, I trust Chip yada yada yada

  24. Meanwhile I’m waiting to see when SF releases Aldon Smith you know a guy who actually is a bad guy but hey as long as he yelled bomb in a airport and didn’t flash gang signs it’s all good. LOL

    • I was told you have to have an anonymous source say you don’t work hard and miss 2 practices b4 we can consider you a Desean Jackson type on a team so Aldon Smith is in good standing.

  25. I could see shady being gone next year due to his salary and a dying position
    If they were gonna get rid of him now would be the time while his value is high. I wouldn’t get rid of him I think he is the best back in the game behind AP….

  26. Until we see different…this is the pattern that’s developing…a policy being formulated…the Team is made up of good to average players who don’t demand much money..nice guys, work hard and buy into the system…they will be in such great shape, go to bed on time, and drink smoothes. They won’t question the Coach or management…a true team who executes the ‘system’ to perfection.
    The plays are drawn up to perfection…however the problem comes when the Quarterback is a bit inaccurate…rushing throws or holding the ball. When the offensive lineman is getting their behind whopped…when receivers don’t have the speed to beat the cornerbacks one on one…
    When the other team has All-Pros and you have ‘average’ Joes….you will lose…I really hope that Chip understands this very well…what we are seeing so far in this off-season…is a strong indication that he thinks he is still at Oregon where..again…he was beat in the Natioinal Championship game by superior athletes making plays!

    • It kinds of suits Philly when you think about it, KB..
      Just an average Town with that “little brother mentality”
      with working Joe’s .. It is what it is..

      • WTF?! average town? little brother? working Joes? this isn’t 1978 let that Rocky shit go. we will never win a superbowl with that mentality just like Rocky would never win a heavy weight crown in real life.

        • I’m sick of Rocky…and the underdog stuff… When will we be the bullies on the block…maybe we should have hired Gus Bradley IF Chip Kelly is pulling ALL of the strings to the personnel decisions being made…if he is real favoring the ‘system’ over the Players….we won’t be seeing any parades for football in our town anytime soon!

          • “Yo Adrienne”… Good Grief!!!

            • When you think about it KB,
              The Eagles have had the flash & dash the last
              10 years and what has it won them..
              From McNabb, Westbrook, TO then onto Samuel, D-Jax,
              Vick,McCoy, DRC, Asomogah..
              Maybe back to Basics with Blue-Collar, Lunch-Pale Football Players is what the Franchise needs to get back to??

              • Westbrook is an underdog type guy and so was the majority of the roster ND Kalu’s Brandon Whittings please only team that was mostly flash and fluff was the DRC Assomogah squad lol. Lunch Pale? here we go with the Paul Grassmanis, Joe Eckle type guys all the way to the promise land. lol

              • You need some flash AND dash paulman…we are a team that has had peanut butter but no jelly…bread and jelly…but no peanut butter! We have never had all three at the same time…we had TO for one year…but the years before TO, Reid refused to get impact receivers…McNabb did more with less than almost any QB in history…James Trash, Pinkston…who could win anything with bums like that? But Reid insisted on his ‘system’…got TO went to the dance…what do we do the next year..smh
                We need Blue-Collar, Lunch -Pale Football Players on the Offensive and Defensive Lines…mean, nasty, dirty and tough…we need SKILL players in the skill positions…AND we need a Coach who believes that Players ultimately win championships and as a Coach he needs to be able to devise offensive and defensive schemes that gets the most out of them!

          • Yeah, because being bullies, has really gotten the Flyers far, for the last 39 years????

  27. Rumor from Jacksonviille..
    The Jaguars offer their 2nd Round Draft (#35th Overall)
    And their 3rd Round Pick in 2015 Draft
    Word is HC Kelly & GM Roseman are on board with the Deal and are simply waiting for Owner Lurie to return from Paris where he and his Wife went
    “Art Shopping” over the weekend..
    There will also be an article in the Harrisburg Times about McCoy’s mistreatment of Women sincegranar School with a few women coming forward
    Per unnamed source’s
    As usual, I will be on the story and report what I hear and substantiate
    This Off-Season just keeps getting better..

  28. I was unsure who the Vickapoligists would turn their unconditional love towards after his dismissal from the Eagles and it became DJax. Unfortunately that love affair couldn’t last but it appears these ole Vickapoligists turned Deseandenialists have chosen to hitch their Valentines secrete admirer attention toward Shady McCoy now.
    They love Shady McCoy so much now and have become insanely jealous of Chip Kelly using then dumping their former infatuations ( Vick and DJax) they are determined to keep this new Valentine.

    • So the Eagles will be better without DJax and Shady? So the irrational hate towards Vick and DJax and soon to be Shady makes sense? I am on record as saying I don’t like Chip Kelly the Eagles can win the Super Bowl this year and I still won’t like Chip Kelly so I do understand how you feel. Do you think that Shady will be on the roster next year at 9.75 million dollars?

      • yes, Chip Kelly has given Shady the green light to improvise.

        • I think he’ll be here but on a restructured contract.

          • I think you are looking at restructure years for all 3 of the top RBs in the NFL. Foster AP and Shady have to have monster years or that 3.5 million that Ben Tate and Gerhart got is only going to justify GM’s to pay down on all RB’s.

            Remember when the NFL Draft had a guaranteed top 10 RB to draft?

            • Well let’s be frank RB’s are osing their appeal to NFL offenses. Shady is younger than others in his position though. Unlike Vick and Desean Shady is a stud at his position…No one can argue that. The fact people argue with valid points that VIck and Desean aren’t top 10 is the big difference here. I personally have a #25 Jersey right now, only way you would consider letting him go is Horrible legal issues or Catastrophic Injury.

              • McCoy is in his Prime right now and has 2-3 Top NFL Seasons left in his body. He is still young, but has had a lot of touches too during his 4-5 year Career..
                Having Sproles receiving some Touches this and next Season should help extend McCoy’s Career by a year or so..

  29. People are overacting as usual on here. Now everyone thinks Shady is a goner. Please Shady will be on this team so long as he is still cutting on a dime and acts like a professional end of story. People just want to ignore the fact that Djax was a proven quitter, played when he wanted to play, unprofessional/immature asshole. They think its all about the money….

    Put it this way if Djax had always had the attitude/professionalism of a Dawkins or of other Wrs like Calvin/Fitz/Andre etc…would he still be on the team in his prime? YES…If it was all about the money, the team would have restructured his contract to keep him around (lower the cap number, give more guarantee $ etc=both sides win). The Eagles and every other team around the league does this every year…

    However teams don’t restructure players they don’t like.

    So as long as Shady stays in line with the Coach/owner and can still play he will be on the team (even if they have to restructure)

    • O and if comes down to that Shady will be forced to restructure. All his agent has to do is look at what vet RBs are getting on the market these days. That should give Shady all the incentive to stay in line with the Coach.

      On top of it, I think its clear CHip puts more stock into his RBs than he does for his Wrs in his system.

      • There is little doubt about that Pheags..
        Coach Kelly knows it’s the Running Game that controls the Pace,Tempo and takes the Will out of a Defense, not the fancy passing up and down the field.. He is happy with the 4-5-6 Yard Runs, then dofent the Defense up for a Big Play Deep or a even a short Pas play to a Fast Wr who outruns a pooped out Defense.. Kelly is all about Tempo,Tempo,Tempo which really is governed by a good Rushing Attack led by a Stable of Good RB’s led by a smart, efficient and opportunistic QB which is what he has in Foles…

        • Let’s not take from me…I admit I’m not a Foles guy at all! Baldinger, Didinger and other commentators noted that :
          1 Foles played real well
          2 weak schedule and Foles best games came against very poor teams.
          3 Foles in large part to DJax spreading the field, Shady’s running, and Chip’s play calling had wide open, easy throws.

          Chip has taken away a major weapon for Foles and left him with inferior receivers. Foles will now have to make those ‘Tom Brady’ throws against tough competition. Foles is going to have to assume the leadership of the team and provide pinpoint accuracy, toughness, and ….more than just manage the game..,he will have to win games for us like McNabb did…with a good running back ok tight end and average to poor receivers!
          It’s going to be really tough for Nick Foles this year

      • So basically you just said what everyone else just said. LOL just messing with you Pheags.

  30. Malcolm Jenkins speaks. CSN Sportsnet ran a piece on interview with Jenkins. Jenkins just stated yes theres a big concern playing against Djax. Last year with NO our whole coverage scheme was dictated by where he lined up now having to playing against him its a concern. Our whole week of prep was game planning him and allowing someone else to beat us. So I guess the Eagles can do the same except didnt Garcon have like 120 catches from a terrible QB? not 40. This is gonna get ugly.

    • This refutes the nonsense that DJax was simply shut down by one guy on the Saints…and it also gives us even more insight as to what the players really think about this move!

      • Malcolm Jenkins just confirmed what everyone who’s been defending DJax on this site has been saying the whole time. DJax dictates coverage, giving others one-on-one opportunities. DJax’s impact goes well beyond numbers.

        But the moronic DJax haters will find a way to discount or spin away what Jenkins said. But anybody who looked at the numerous all-22s of Eagles games understood that. The amount of football knowledge some exhibit on here wouldn’t be enough to fill a thimble.

        • Those of us who know football and don’t think with our emotions and personal feelings know what MJ is saying is true. It’s not about personal agendas, it’s about wanting the best talent!

  31. It’s bizarre and disturbing to me to see how a handful of people keep wanting say just to let this pass while the NFLPA is actively investigating the Eagles FO the same way Federal DAs would. Like I said don’t be surprised if McCoy gets traded at the draft.

    McCoy is basically setting Chip up to look like a complete idiot if this blows up in his face. (he,he Barney Rubble…wow that’s perfect…it’ll be interesting if it catches on.)

  32. Sometimes you just read a sports column that you couldn’t agree with more. That’s exactly the feeling I had today when I read this most excellent column by ESPN’s Jeffrey Chadia. Chadda raises a very important question: “Could Chip Kelly’s ego derail Eagles?” While no one can say for sure, the answer is only fair to assume:


    Chadri’s column is centered around the Eagles’ controversial decision to release star receiver DeSean Jackson. Now that we’re nearly 3 weeks removed from the event, this is probably the most relevant time to address this topic. All the Jackson fatigue has finally settled down and everyone is thirsting for more of that content. Allow me to get us started.

    Someday we will hear Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly explain the thought process that went into the release of Pro Bowl wide receiver DeSean Jackson a couple weeks ago. Until then, it’s best to assume Kelly’s ego had as much to do with this as Jackson’s alleged misbehavior.

    FINALLY. Enough of these “unnamed”, “anonymous” sources. Those are complete bullshit. I don’t want sourced information. That’s not what I read columns for. I want completely unfounded assumptions – it’s only fair. Unlike those other reports, at least Chaddi is bold enough to put his name on what he says.

    Face it, Chip — you’re not the rich, celebrity prima donna any more. Your #1 receiver is. (I guess that’s Maclin now.) So get the memo and start explaining yourself. Cause Eagles fans were perfectly content and peaceable until you showed up and started Riley-ing everyone up. (Get it! Rileying!)

    This is the NFL

    You may think Chip is a genius, but did he even realize this?

    The Eagles have some big shoes to fill. Whatever baggage Jackson compiled with the Eagles last season, he’s still the best deep threat in pro football. The idea that a talent like that can be replaced easily is ludicrous at best. Kelly’s apparent belief that one player doesn’t dictate how successfully his fast-paced offense operates is an even sillier notion.

    You think your amazing system is going to turn Riley Cooper into a good receiver? Or make an unheralded third round pick like Nick Foles into some kind of Hall of Fame QB? Start packing your bags for Texas or USC, fat boy, because the NFL is like the opera — divas rule, and there’s no substitute for talent.

    And as we have seen in the All-22 film breakdowns, DeSean Jackson was double teamed on literally every single play. And more importantly, literally no one else remaining on the Eagles can go deep. Forget the fact that Riley Cooper ranked #3 in the NFL in YPC in 2013 (17.8) out of receivers with over 30+ catches. Forget the fact that Jeremy Maclin only had two less catches of 20+ yards than Jackson did from 2010-2012. Forget the fact that the Eagles still have Nick Foles, LeSean McCoy, Zach Ertz, Brent Celek, a potential first round draft pick, and a newly added Darren Sproles. Forget the fact that nearly every Eagles player on offense had a career year last year. Kelly has proven time and time again that his system is reliant on ONE player. And no, it wasn’t the NFL’s leading rusher in McCoy. It was Jackson. Fact.

    Cooper doesn’t look like a player whose game is going to elevate to a level where that new contract is justifiable.

    Agreed. Just look at a picture of him. Does that give you indication of how he will suddenly be better? No. It doesn’t. Look at him all you want. Nothing changes.

    Kelly eventually will learn that most coaches in this league have to understand which players need coddling and which ones are replaceable. Jackson clearly fell into the former category (and it says here that a dysfunctional franchise such as Washington still isn’t the best place for him to continue his career). Whatever issues he had with former Eagles head coach Andy Reid — who coached Jackson for five seasons — the belief around that franchise was Reid knew how to handle Jackson’s high-maintenance personality. Kelly, on the other hand, seems very much like a man used to enjoying his power and wielding it however he sees fit.

    How can Chip be so arrogant as to not grovel before every skill player’s whims? Does he think he can bury his head in a playbook or run away to Pro Days without answering the legitimate social media demands of fans? You don’t have fanatical team boosters and starstruck small town press to coddle your every whim any more, Mr. Offensive Mastermind. (And I do mean offensive!)

    The fact of the matter is that this is the NFL. Coaches will have to deal with troubled players. Yeah, Chip turned Oregon from a PAC-12 also ran to a top 5 team by kicking every good player with an attitude off the team . But only because Oregon always had such a surplus of elite talent, he could afford to do that. Well, it doesn’t work like that in the NFL buddy.

    This is the situation that Kelly created for himself and it’s doubtful he’s sweating it right now. He’s so arrogant that he’s felt no need to talk publicly about Jackson’s release. He also has enough leverage from last year’s success that he might feel his decisions need no defense. This is another by-product of leading a collegiate powerhouse. The best coaches always feel an immense sense of control over their environments.

    Perhaps the most telling sign of Kelly’s arrogance is his decision to honor a dead Navy football player last week. Honestly, what gives him the right? And what has Kelly really done to improve the team this offseason? We don’t know, because he’s barely even talked to the media. All we do know is that he’s traveled over 11,000 miles around the country to watch various pro days. All that time spent watching college athletes when he could be trying to improve the team. It’s a disgrace.

    Listen, Chip, if that’s even your real name. Wait. That ISN’T even his real name. A quick Google search tells me that the Eagles’ head coach has been LYING about his first name this whole time! Charles Kelly? Forget him trying to explain about Jackson’s release. He’ll probably just lie about that, too. And what kind of name is Charles anyway? History tells us all we need to know: Charles I, Charles II, Charles the Fat (who Kelly probably idolizes), and so on. MONARCHS. All of them! Kelly isn’t just an egotistical control freak – he think he’s a king. Forget going back to college. How long will it be before Chip Kelly lays claim to the Iron Throne? And before you say that my claims are ridiculous, JUST LOOK AT HIS DOG. It may look cute on the surface, but do you know what they call that creature? That’s right, a Cavalier KING CHARLES Spaniel. The arrogance is downright disgusting.

    I know some of you are going to question Chapa’s case record, but that’s just not fair. The guy knows what he’s talking about, and especially so when it comes to writing about college coaches making the transition to the NFL. Take this piece on Pete Carroll, for example, titled: “Carroll, NFL still a lousy fit.” He nailed it from the beginning: “Regardless of how optimistic some Carroll supporters may be about this news, the man is going to fail in the NFL.” “Pete Carroll’s demeanor and coaching style make him a much better fit for the college ranks.” You can point out the fact that Carroll led his team to a Super Bowl win this past season, but the truth is — who cares? Plenty of other coaches have won Super Bowls before. It’s not like he’s even the first one to do it.

    Look, Eagles fans, it’s time to accept that Kelly’s ego is a problem. I know this will be hard for many of you. Just last week BGN ran an approval poll where Kelly’s approval ranked at 92%. You’ll argue that this means the majority of you know what you’re talking about, but all it really tells us is many of you have been deceived. I won’t blame you, though. As Chadiha, would say, “it’s best to assume” that Kelly used mind control on everyone to make you believe the Eagles are better off than they really are. Only time will tell if I’m wrong, but if even if I am, I probably won’t admit it. And with that said, I leave you with these parting words

    • Yeah, I heard that the Patriots fans complain about Belichek’s ego too. Yes, Kelly is only in his second year, but that entire column is full of assumptions and opinions. It is bullshit.

      The guy is building the team that he believes will win. With the contract that DJax had, there was no way that he would have been on the team next year regardless. It could have been as simple as DJax blowing off the exit interview and avoiding the coaches call over the off-season….whatever it was, he decided to cuties this year and move forward. Kelly has set himself up for a landslide of criticism if the offense falters, or if the team does not reach double digit wins next year. Many like dag, are already quick to try and bury Kelly…we will know soon enough if he has started to dig his own grave, but as an Eagles fan I am hoping that we have a coach with a plan and a vision. Only time will tell.

    • Damn fellas we found somebody who likes Kelly less than I do. Things I give Kelly for, we don’t need to look for a QB and at times his offense was unstoppable. Now having said when the offense doesn’t work it’s the players fault and not the system. If Foles regresses it will be his fault and not that defenses have caught up to the system. and for all you guys saying all top tier coaches are that way I call bullshit, you never hear the hoodie talking like this. Remember Kelly will tell anyone my offense isn’t predicated on any one guy translation my system works no matter who runs it.

    • Jeffrey Chadia is a boob for hire – I actually read his articles — Every prediction he makes blows up in his face. This is the second article he has written against Chip Kelly. He wrote an article questioning Chip Kelly in week Five. Jeff Chadia was wrong then too. Jeff Chadia thought very lowly of the Eagles team roster and yet they won anyway, why? Chip Kelly — Jeff Chadia also predicted the eagles to finish last in the preseason division ranking and for the Cowboys to win the division at the mid season mark because Nick Foles wasn’t good enough. Wrong again Jeff Chadia.

  33. Lol, some of the people on this site are so transparent it’s disgusting. Last year when Chip Kelly was hired I along with others on this site questioned the move. THe Moniker “Genius” worried us and made us think of Steve Spurrier. I was convinced it would be 2-3 years and then starting all over again. Many of you told us we were nits he would revolutionize the game use Vick Desean and Shady better than anyone else ever could. Chip made a lot of statements that people said were smoke screens because He wanted to misdirect people. As the preseason and season unfolded though Chip kept his word…He did exactly as he said he would. As these things happened his supporters here started turning against him even though his win total climbed. It was remarkable to see that it wasn’t about the Eagles winning, It was about the Eagles winning the way they thought they should.

    A year removed from the hiring I still don’t like the smugness and arrogance. I’m not sure if he will adjust as NFL defenses adjust. I do know that he has earned the benefit of the doubt. If we go back exactly one year ago we will see the same people supporting him are now killing him because he got rid of the players they support. They will say the rest of us don’t know football, even though they have been wrong for a calendar year now. They will claim to know better than a guy who studies football 24-7 and verbally lambast anyone that challenges their football opinions. It’s a shame all these people are wasting away on this site when they should obviously be in front offices. All of this is a year long comedy on brought to you by the football flip flopping know it all agenda driven geniuses.

    • X, I would love to know what the issue is with this writer and Kelly. You know I’m not a fan but this article seems almost personal talking about his dog and everything. The crazy thing about that article is I do think he’s right in that Kelly’s ego will in the end kill this franchise. I’ve been saying that since last year. Sooner or later Chip and Howie will bang heads and start a fight for power.

  34. Flip flopping on here? No way!!! Chadiha is another Espn flipflopper like Ashley Fox who wrote before the season Chip Kelly couldn’t transition now rights articles loving his genius lol.

    I love the arrogance stance people are taking like Chip Kelly is the first smug coach of all time. Andy Reid shoved it up Eagles fans asses for 15+ years with his arrogance. Bill Belichek was the same in Cleveland that he was in NE. Bill Fisher thought Kordell Stewart was a QB an probably cost the Steelers 2 super bowls. Every top coach believes in his system over players push comes to shove. Says otherwise and youre a fool. Chip took a gamble, wants his own team shaped his way. That’s what the hell he got hired for. After 1 year 1 move doesn’t make or break this team. The hypocrisy of this regime it’s all about money yet they gave an all pro LT coming off of two Achillees surgeries 45 mil restructure.

    I still remember quite a few commentators on here with their over the top Vick support ,velling Kelly’s offense couldn’t work, season over when Vick got hurt. McCoy would fall apart with Foles, Cooper brings nothing to the offense. Etc etc etc.

    Before this year not one Eagles fan was going to the mattresses for a 50 reception 1kyd 5td Wr after 5 years as our no.1He was awesome at times and fustrating as hell in others. Lol kind of like Chip is to some right now.

    • Izell I know its a typo, who the hell is Bill Fisher? LOL

    • Like I said IJ it’s like the people only want the Eagles to win their way. As soon as a move they don’t agree with happens…You get the “people that know football” , “real Fans” blah blah blah…Always a conspiracy or ulterior motive, An excuse why their guy failed, or was moved. Im not saying the regime is flawless, Im saying it earned the benefit of the doubt, Especially when these SAME people were his biggest boosters a year ago. I dont like the fact that they cant admit how wrong they were and just place blame.

      • Talk about the pot calling the kettle black…you were one of the ones who couldn’t stand Kelly when he re-signed Vick and subsequently made him opening day starter. Talk about living in a glass house.

        I respect Kelly, and love his football mind. Dealing with players and the different personalities was my main question about him, and this DJax situation is a complete failure. Nothing I read, rumor or otherwise, warranted letting DJax go for no compensation as if this was some T.O. explosive situation.

        They got rid of the only guy in this offense who consistently beat the man coverage that Kelly knows is going to be the defense that NFL teams play against us…they re-signed a replaceable part in Cooper who defenses had no fear of and used the safety on his side to live in the box and disrupt the running game and screens that are packaged with the running game. They’re counting on a guy Maclin who was very good before injury but is now coming off the second ACL tear in the same knee. They are talking about how a rb in Sproles is going to help replace him, while the rest of the league is shunning all but the most elite rbs , Shady being one of them. The all-22 of the Saints game, was a prime example of how the offense needed upgrades at the receiver position. Just read Brian Solomon’s post at McNabb or Kolb after the Saints game about Cooper.

        The Eagles are leaping off a cliff and praying they can fly…they still don’t understand that you get rid of players when someone on the roster has already proven with his play on the field that the person they plan to get rid of is replaceable. You look before you leap…this way of thinking lead to them anointing Kolb starter without confirmation that he was truly as good as McNabb, which lead to the Great Satan in some of your minds becoming Qb. This lead to them getting rid of BDawk, and they are still looking for safety help. They got rid of Trotter and who can’t remember what its like watching Kirkland lumbering after Jurevicious while he zoomed by him on his way to a game breaking play. It’s not about what those players did on subsequent teams, it’s about the players who replaced them on this team replacing the production and attributes those players had.

        There are no SBs in the trophy case for me to give this organization the benefit of the doubt, nor have they consistently made the playoffs like they claimed they would as they let players go and claimed the system would reign supreme. Chip Kelly has proven his system works WITH DJax on the field, not without. So the benefit of the doubt comes AFTER the season when they win the division and the offense performs as well or better.

        • the safety being used in the running game on the left hand side had nothing to do with the Eagles having 2 real ALL PROS over there by the names of Jason Peters and Evan Mathis with a strong side Tight End. It was because Cooper was over there — Bwahahahahaha– stop it.

          • You stop it. We have Malcolm Jenkins specifically saying that DJax dictated how they play in coverage and they would live with anyone else beating them.

            Whenever Cooper was the only receiver split outside the formation on his side of the field the safety on his side automatically came way down into the box. If the receiver is a real threat that safety can’t live in the box because the receiver is always a present danger for an explosive play…you know like DJax. The safety would have to play deeper if that receiver is a real threat. Not somebody who can only occasionally win if he’s being covered by a safety or the nickel or dimeback.

            • Riley Cooper 6 catches for 68 yards and a touchdown vs the New Orleans Saints. Riley Cooper destroyed that Saint team

              • Yes E0S he dominated that game. LOL, who did we play the next week? You guys are hilarious, Other then the special teams Cooper had the biggest blunder in that game, he’d still be running if he didn’t drop that pass.

              • 6 catches for 68 yards and a td is destroying the Saints? With no safety behind the corner defending him? Bwahahahahaha!!!!!

              • putting the football in the hands of Jason Avant 5 times for a whopping 21 total yards was the biggest blunder, but don’t worry about that … he was shown the door with the other no show wide receiver in that playoff game too. Playoff problem solved!

              • All I remember is Cooper dropping a Pass where he had about 30 yards of Open Green ahead of him on a crucial 3rd Play..
                My Draft Pick WR Jaris Landry makes that catch and is still running…

              • One of the no show receivers is gone, in Avant, the other, Cooper, will continue to be a liability for this team.

                The biggest blunder was not getting the ball to your best receiver even though he consistently got open. Still had 53 yards on 3 catches for sixteen yards a catch, which was his season average. Made the biggest play of the game when he blew by his man and drew a P.I. call which set up a go ahead TD. He would have scored himself on that play had the pass not been a dying quail.

              • Skayne what is going to be your excuse when the Washington Redskins’ other wide receiver stats gone down because Desean Jackson is now on the team (Pierre Garcon – 113 catchers, 1346 yards, 5 TDs )
                While the Eagles other wide receiver stats go up ( Riley Cooper 47 catches, 835 yards, and 8 TDs) because Desean Jackson is not on the team?

              • Too many of you just can’t understand the concept that you can’t judge football players on numbers alone. As I said before, no player or coach after a game talks about the boxscore. They say they have to watch the film. It’s like talking to a brick wall when trying to get this point across.

                Let me ask you, when Shady had significantly less numbers in 2012 then 2011, was he a lesser player? Did he magically become better again in 2013?

                You only assume Cooper’s numbers go up, like you assume Garcon’s will go down. You haven’t considered all the factors that might lead to Cooper having lesser numbers, like the fact that we face a significantly harder slate of opposing defenses. Or that Garcon might have less catches with more yards and tds, because defenses can’t concentrate on him alone anymore. Or that RG3 is healthy this year and will closer to 2012.

                What will be your excuse if Cooper proves to be the mediocre player he is, and our offense is worse?

        • Yes it was all speculation before last year and we all chose who we thought would play best. Fact is Foles played best and people can;t accept that they were wrong. Coach made a 6 game turn around and his biggest supporters are killing kim because they know better. It’s a joke, the guy has a small track record of being right but you all know better. Thats my point, My opinion was just that last year, an opinion a preference, lets not forget I was right. Now you have people on this sight saying they will openly root for the Redkins and Jets because they value those players over the Eagles. Just scumbags in my eyes.

          • You were right on what? As I said Kelly proved what he can do with DJax, not without. I will not give the benefit of the doubt without empirical evidence on the field that a player of that caliber is easily replaceable.

            As for Foles, people believe what they want to believe, especially since it meant Vick was gone. The facts are we played 3 playoff teams in the first four games, only one the rest of the season. That team happened to be down to their 3rd string Qb. The fact is we played a 4 win team, 8 win team, 4 win team, Packers(3rd string Qb), in Foles first four starts. The schedule and defense going from 34.5 pts/game allowed to 17 and change over those 4 starts had far more to do with the wins over that span then the change in Qb. The schedule is significantly harder this year. We shall see.

            • The only team we should have lost to in the first 4 games was Denver. Our problem was red zone efficiency which Vick was hopeless at. Other Qbs have played Easy schedules yet no one else in History has had those numbers…to say it was all the competition is ridiculous. Like it would Physically hurt people on this site to say Foles has talent and they were wrong about him. He could ply just as well this year and we could be 8-8. There are always other factors.

              Well my point is Kelly rode that team to a 10-6 record. They arent gonna get rid of players without his consent. So you know better than the coach? It’s all speculation, but again. Look at some of the posters damning the Eagles and putting their stock in the Skins and Jets…address those people Skayne.

              • We lost cuz of red zone efficiency? Not the 34.5 points allowed? We gained the same amount of yards on 20 less plays than the Chargers, yet the offense was at fault. And the drop byCasey in the endzone didn’t hurt the efficiency? Or maybe the brain fart on Lane Johnson that wiped out a td?

                The Chiefs game he had two early turnovers. Tons of games are won by overcoming earlyTOs. But the Chiefs made plays to force those TOs, while two unforced errors, one by Demaris Johnson and one by Kelce, were far more egregious. Those games, against playoff opponents, came down to Vick? The fact that those two teams were good teams and the Bucs, Raiders, Cowboys, and Packers were weaker competition doesn’t factor? As I said, people see what they want to see.

              • To be 100% honest
                The Eagles Should have lost to the Cardinals where they got a very fortuante Call and the Lions should have put the Eagles away in that first Half and Fumbled Twice within the 5 Yard in the Snow Ball.. The Eagels were really abour a .500 Team in my Opinion due to playing in such a poor NFC East, but the woulda,coulda, shoulda can be appliedto every Team.. They were 10-6 and NFC East Crowns so It is what it is..

              • About people damning the Eagles…as I wrote in an earlier post, the Eagles strategy of treating all players as easily replaceable hasn’t lead to a SB, nor have they consistently made the playoffs with this mindset. People are tired of this script, so they lash out in fustration. I tired of this organization’s act too…and until they prove on the field that DJax doesn’t matter, they won’t get the benefit of the doubt from me…

                Their previous results should lead to skepticism, not blind faith.

              • Yes and you left out the pick six in that Chiefs game…the fact we were what 2 for 14 or 15 inside the redzone under vick? Like you said your gonna see exactly what you wanna see…there are always excuses man…also you ignored twice now what I said about people damning the Eagles for the Jets and Skins…Says a lot.

              • I left out what in the Chiefs game? How about you read where I said he had two early turnovers…

                As I said in the post, which you either didn’t read or didn’t comprehend, others made mistakes that were unforced brain farts. Funny how you discount everthing else in those games, and focus only on Vick’s mistakes, which says everything about what your agenda was and is. Pot, meet kettle.

                I already addressed your whining about fans you think committed heresy against the Eagles in another post. If anything is being ignored, it’s the things I brought up in my post about the defense, opposition, and the mistakes of others.

            • The comprehension Issue is yours and yours alone. You answered a question I didn’t ask…I will put it in easier terms so you get it. How about your buddies on this website..Openly saying the hell with the Eagles they are Jets and Redskin fans now basically. If they want to critique the Eagles that is their right, but the openly are going to root against the team for the sake of Djax and Vick.

              As for the Defense, it certainly got better as the season rolled on. With the exception of Minnesota..Foles gets killed by the haters on here for that game so you can’t use that as an excuse for Vick. To be perfectly honest the Defense played good enough to beat KC, No one was holding down Denver, especially early in the season..So the Dog game was The Chargers…

              • No you do have a comprehension issue…they were lashing out in frustration at a WTF move. I said it was frustration and that made them write those posts. You think a post written in anger proves fealty to those teams?

                And you Vick haters had already killed Vick in games where the defense was the main culprits…one of the main defenses of Vick was how bad the defense played, which Vick haters continued to deny was a problem in winning games. Case in point you keep bringing up the Chargers game as if he didn’t have a qb rating over 120 with 400 passing yards! Foles detractors were just giving him the same treatment you gave Vick!

                I mean seriously, Vick was the reason we lost the Chargers game? No one who is using reason could come to that conclusion. But someone with a biased agenda would

              • Again your hypocrisy shows through. 1 on the Vick Chargers game, I said it was comprable to the Minnesota game. Both were defensive issues but both QBS made mistakes. Difference is you were making Minnesota all aout to be the QB’s fault. Because it was your boy. 2. Im not a Vick hater I just dont idolize flawed Qbs that will never be more than mediocre at best. I also don’t make excuses upon excuses for bad play of that QB. 3. See this is where your hypocrisy shines, you used to be the main one that said “support the Team” When Vick was QB..My opinion that we needed a better QB meant I wasn’t supporting the team. It’s ok for you and your buddies to say Fuck the Team though and we are rooting for other teams because your frustrated over a few moves. That just means your a hypocrit and full of shit. If you don’t like Vick your not supporting the team. But when your guys get cut fuck the team. Stop with your bullshit, I know what your all about now. Also stop with the comprehension thing you use it everytime someone disagrees with you. I have and agenda, to shut you hypocrites the hell up.

  35. Could there have been a more arrogant coach than Andy Reid at a Tuesday morning press conference? We saw 14 years of arrogance. He enabled DJax with his ignoring of his behavior and Kelly wasn’t going to play that game. It may all blow up in Kelly’s face if the team is not successful, but at least he will have done it on his own terms.

    • Greenfan I’m a big Andy Reid fan and eventually his arrogance was his downfall, just look at his last three years and the decisions he made. Seems to me in one year Chip’s arrogance is right on par with what we’ve seen in the past. As for this give him time nonsense I can’t fire him so it’s not relevant. All i can do is watch the games and hope the Eagles win a Super Bowl in my lifetime. But I will voice my opinion whenever I feel like it. That is my right.

      • Youre definitely right Big. I just dont get down on the conspiracy theories either way. I thought the DJax gang nonsense was BS but then I also thought the smear campaign conspiracies etc were ridiculous. It just bring the fool types out and start talking about everything other than what was on the field.

      • Nobody, and certainly not me, was asking for your silence. Your opinion matters, and you should voice it as you see fit.

        I had had it with AR’s arrogance in the end. I believe that he had worn out his welcome.

        Kelly has had initial success, and as long as the success continues, so will Kelly’s acceptance by most fans. We all know that Eagles fans are starving for a winner. If the coach is arrogant but brings a winner to town, than they will love him. Buddy Ryan was one of the more beloved coaches for the team, and few would argue that he did not have a huge ego and arrogant streak ( which his sons inherited). Winning is the key to it all and covers over all blemishes. Reid had finally fallen out of favor with the fans becuase his teams started to lose. If he had won most fans would have cheered him at the parade and ignored his so called arrogance.

        • Greenfan, sorry that came off sounding so harsh, wasn’t attacking you. I loved and still love Buddy Ryan I like his sons, i wish I could put my finger on my dislike for Kelly. The Birds could win a Super Bowl this year and I would be estatic I just don’t like the coach.

          • Eagles are not legitimate Super Bowl Contenders and probably the 5th/6th Best Team in the NFC at best ..
            Seahawks,49ers,Packers,Saints,Panthers,Cardinals and maybe even the Bears or Lions will all be better all-around Teams than the Eagles as of Today… The Giants will give the Eagles as well as the Redskins a fight for NFC East
            Eagles have not addressed their 2 Biggest needs
            Getting after the QB (Pass-Rushers) and Stopping the Run (Stude DT/NT) and I don’t see where they are going to get any immediate help in the Draft in these 2 Postions of need since the DL Draft Class as a whole, is very thin after the Top few Prospects
            The DL was an area to utilize Free-Agency as there were some good NFL Veteran Players that could have helped more than the Draft will produce… Players like Lamarr Houston ,Arthur Jones, Linvall Joseph, Paul Solai or even a Jarred Allen should have all been pursued with the Signing of 1 or 2 of these Players to make a quicker impact for the Eagles DL, then Eagles could have concentrated this Draft on the strength of this Draft Class which is WR and the Defensive Secondary (Safety & CB’s)

  36. I literally gave up on the Eagles as soon as he made Castillo the DC. I was done til he was gone.

    • Being a fan of Andy Reid that was tough, no justification for that, no justification for going into a game without a punt returner no justification for some of his roster decisions in later years. The last two years was one continuous train wreck. All I can hope for is this system being put in place establishes a winning team on the field all the other stuff is just personal preference. Did I mention Barkley is a stiff and I don’t like Kelly? LMAO straight from the redundancy department.

      • Hahaha Im not sold on anything yet big. No matter what QB is the main catalyst for a true contender.

        Foles stud/dud basically is the turning point for this franchise. If he falls on his face 2015 we are arguing Winston/Marriota mortgage the house. If he hits than next year should be a talent haul year especially for the defense.

    • regardless Andy built the team and he saw it’s downfall also…Some coaches no matter how great just have an expiration date at a certain place. I feel Andy’s greatest mistake was not resigning and taking a few years off after his Son’s death. He was on the verge of burnout before that…Hear he’s a great guy also. Shame he can’t put on a good public face.

      • I agree he absolutely should have stepped away after that.

        • Owner jeff Lurie can be blamed also and should have intervened during the AR Familiy Issue’s and demanded that he step away for a while ..
          If Coach Ar was more involed when they first were in trouble, maybe his Eldest Son is still alive.. Who knows, a tragic Story with no good end and no ones fault… Doing Heroin will eventually kill you, plain and simple.. Mom & Dad can’t be there 24 Hours a day, and eventually any Person has to get Professional Help and make th necessary changes in their lifestyle, etc,etc and still, there is no guarantee that a “User” or “Addict” will not fall back into using again…
          Best chances are never to try Heroin in the first place..

          • Paulman…on the Deone Bucannon bet, how about some Eagles paraphernalia?
            I believe he will go in the second round, you have him slipping to round 3.

            • Ok here’s the Bet & Deal.
              I say Bucannon is still on the Board at #55
              You state he is Selected #54 or before..
              You Win, I get you some Eagles Paraphenila
              I win, you send me “Gary Gobb for Congress”
              Sweatshirt .. Is this a Deal?

              • No no no…you stated that Bucannon would not go til the 3rd, I challenged you with a bet that he’d go in the second. I can’t make that bet you proposed because if the Eagles somehow land Calvin Pryor I have no chance…I’m D.O.A..

              • Ok,EHL..
                How about this then..
                If Bucannon is selected by the #64 Selection then you Win Bet
                If he’s still on Board at #65 or later , then I Win ..
                Deal or No Deal..

              • Paul…that’s a deal!!! I need to find out about these GCOBB sweatshirts, for me though as I’m sure I will win this bet…lol

              • If the Eagles do land Bucannon I want his jersey. Just a replica…no big deal.

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