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Eagles Quarterback Nick Foles Sings The Praises of DeSean Jackson

DeSeanJackson&NickFoles1Everybody was waiting to hear what Nick Foles was going to say about the release of the number one receiver in the offense in the 2013 season, DeSean Jackson.  On Saturday night, Foles was the honorary captain of the Philadelphia Soul at the home opener and Comcast SportsNet’s Derrick Gunn caught up with him.

“You know, it’s surprising,” Foles said to Gunn, responding to a question about the team’s decision to release Jackson. “But at the same time, you learn that it’s a business. It’s a tough business, at times. We develop a lot of friendships on a team and I’ve had many of my close teammates let go. It’s very tough, but at the same time, you know it’s part of the game, part of the business.”

This reaction by Foles turns up the heat on the organization to explain what they Jackson go.  This is a tough situation for the Birds brass.  Everything will be fine as long as they’re productive offensively when the season starts, but if they struggle, they’re going to hear about it from Eagles fans.

Foles is the guy I have been thinking about because the release of Jackson puts more pressure on him than any other player on the team.  Foles may have to play even better this year than he did a year ago for the offensive to be as productive.

I would imagine Foles has been spending time wondering about what it will be like playing without Jackson.

In much the same way LeSean McCoy responded, Foles said he didn’t know anything about reports that Jackson had been disruptive to the team.

“He was a great teammate to me,” Foles said. “We had a great relationship on and off the field. Everybody has other things going on, but to me personally, I really enjoyed playing with him and I’m excited that he landed on his feet. He’s a heck of a player.”

Foles went on and on with the praise of Jackson, which clearly says that he didn’t want to let him go.

“He landed on his feet and I know he’s going to do well,” Foles said. “He’s a great player, he’s been tremendous for me. But at the same time, we have to keep moving forward as an organization. But I do wish DeSean well. I had a blast playing with him.”

There you have it.  Both Foles and McCoy have sung the praises of Jackson, but for some reason unknown to them, he’s now a member of the Washington Redskins.  Somebody explain this because I can’t. on Facebook

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164 Comments for “Eagles Quarterback Nick Foles Sings The Praises of DeSean Jackson”

  1. Hey Vinnie, I guess Gary took the same class that Nick and I took. Maybe you can take that class at the Center. Spin away guys spin away.

  2. Same Gary who said he expects the offense to be just as good if not better? LMAO

    • That’s irrelevant to the article, the question remains…what was the disruptions that lead to the release and who are these anonymous sources? Whether the Eagles or posters like it or not, lots people, not just eagles fans either, want to know, whether the Eagles answer it is their business, but reporters will be asking tomorrow. If this was a story that was going away just by ignoring it (which the Eagles organization has done a superb job of, it would have been forgotten about. The reason this issue continues to come up is because people are interested and want to know (doubt that…look at the amount of posts that this issue continues to get amonth after the release of Jackson.

      • The Team owes no explanation,
        The were tired of his “selfish act”..and his $34.5 Million deal that was owed to him for the next 3 Seasons..
        Chip Kelly is looking for Leaders & Winners
        And D-Jax did not fit the bill in Kelly’s & the Organizations
        Eyes for what they were due to pay him..

        • I hear you…as a fan I’d still like to know. As much $ as I spend on Eagles paraphernalia and follow the team. Hell, I am a Djax fan so that’s why I’d like to know. I don’t see the harm in it. I think it was a conflict between he and Kelly, however, Kelly stated he liked DeSean, so speak on itcoach….man up and speak on it.

      • Who are these anonymous sources? Lol who cares. Thats why they are anonymous. Without anonymous sources there would be no G.Cobbs Bleacher Reports etc etc….lol.

        When the media was pumping out Djax negative articles…it was a hit job by the Eagles. Now the media is pumping out “why” articles suddenly the media is the fans mouthpiece.

        I disagree most realistic fans don’t care anymore. Hes gone. We now want to make judgement on the team without Jax and if itwas a wise move in the long term.

        The faux hype over a 50rec 1k 5 td reciever is hypocrisy at its best.

        • I care….as a fan I do, and if you read other sites as well as GCOBB, so do a lot of others. You’re entitled to your opinion as it hi lites your perspective, however, because you no longer care does not mean others do not, whether they are realistic fans or not. As I stated, if no one cared anymore, this wold not be such a hot topic of discussion on these boards and in the media! The reason this topic remains an issue…is because people care, fans, realistic and unrealistic.

          • For every article asking why there are articles saying why not.

          • Its a hot topic because its mid April and its bullshit that the draft isnt until May lol.

            • Ok so why isn’t Jake knott being suspended for PED’s not a topic…because nobody gives a shit about Jake Knott that’s why…LOL LOL. People give a shit about this topic….hence all of the continuous post. It has nothing to do with down time and the draft. This will continue to be an issue if the Eagles choose a WR instead of a defensive stud, as the majority of knowledgeable fans know the Eagles should be focusing in on the D. LMYAOADL!

              • and when they draft a defensive player first what will you say. LMAO exactly.

                Read these posts…half of them are personal attacks or race bait arguments. lmao

              • So if the draft a defensive player with their first 2 picks what will you do?

              • I willl be happy as hell as I’ve been made it clear, I want Calvin Pryor and Deone Bucannon, but if they had a chance to get A. Barr, I’ll be ecstatic. Like I’ve always said, I’m not to proud to admit when I’m wrong….nor am I one of the guys who always thinks he’s right and has an answer for everything and everyone. As far as the race bait stuff, there’s only one on here I’ve gotten into that with because his was clear!

              • We will finds out what they will do in a little less than 18 days…I will happily revisit this dialogue with you then…and trust me, I won’t forget whether I’m right or wrong. Personally, I hope I am wrong! Don’t think I am though:-)

              • Im not attacking you bruh. Where we differ is that I am not making my conclusion until end.

                The Eagles are going defense with the first two picks in the draft. lol I can feel it.

  3. There is nothing to explain G-Man
    HC Jelly did not like D-Jax cavalier attitude and
    I’ll be ready on Sundays to play..
    The Front a Office never liked him for he was never a Full-Time Eagle and committed to in living in Philly area full-time and taking part in all the Off-Season Community Events, etc, etc..
    It’s like an old Girlfriend where the romance (sex) was great,
    But everything else about the Gal got on your nerves and was bad news..
    It’s the way it is, and I will say this for the last time,
    If you are not fully 100% committed to Chip Kelly and Eagles Organization,
    Then you will not be a member of the Team, no matter how Takented of a Player you are..

    • How many of the Eagles playerslive in Philly full time and take part in all the off season community events?….these guys aren’t the Stepford wives.I live in Philly…and honestly, I love my city, but I gotta get away throughout the year.

    • Paulman have you ever read Bill Walsh’s insight on building a team.

      No.1 tenet….get rid of anyone that doesnt buy into what you are selling.

      Not saying its right or wrong in this instance but makes perfect sense.

    • C’mon Paulman…the gig is up! Too many of his teammates have now stepped up and said that D-Jax was a good teammate! Its on the record, its clear, its obvious! Let’s stop with the boy scout bullshit and call it for what it is…the Eagles figured..”hey we got Maclin and Riley….maybe we can draft a rookie…its cheaper, more economic…later for paying DJax $10 million…we got a brilliant coach with a great ‘system’ and we don’t need great players…all we need to do is ‘coach’ em up!
      It’s stupid, the Eagles were unethical and its gonna bite us right in the ass!

  4. I don’t think the team said anything when they released Chung so why must they say something about mesean

  5. Lol I know but they didn’t say we let Chung go cause he sucked it’s no need for them say anything they don’t have to either end of story. Hell they didn’t even say nothing when Dawkins left til years later do you think they are gonna say something about this clown.

    • That’s not true gloomy, the day they let Dawk go Joe Banner was all over WIP and other news sources trying to explain the thought behind doing so. I remeber it because people were literally yelling at him!

  6. Another dagger to the ‘disruption’ bullshit…Nick Foles emphatically backs DJax says he was a good teammate. Let’s face it…this was a pure bullshit move to save $$$$ and only the delusional will deny it

    • Yep and if Nick’s numbers take a dive it’ll all be his fault, not that they took away his main deep threat or defenses caught up with plug and play offense right? Meanwhile the front office says nothing.

      • Really just like when I read on here repeatedly during the season that with Vick out this offense would fall apart and McCoy would be useless?

        Riley Cooper was useless for 4 games with Vick…..who put in Nic Foles and expanded the offense? Yup my bad DeSean Jackson ran the offense. LMAO

        • Izzell your simpleton analysis misses a lot! Riley has been useless against good teams..three of the four games Vick played were against playoff caliber teams…who dropped the big pass in the playoff game…Riley. He has been vastly overrated by the Eagles.
          Biglion821…that’s what we will hear…but that’s why its important to keep this DJax issue on the front burner…because when those numbers nose dive and we lose games like I predict…the excuses aint gonna work.

          • Lmao same guy who said Vick outplayed Foles in the preseason and deserved to be the starter. Same guy who said the team would fall apart when Vick got hurt.

            NEGRO PLEASE. Your analyst is biased agenda fueled nonsense.

            • Fool ass! Are you drunk? Vick did kick his ass in the preseason for the job…that’s a known fact.
              Damm…buy a clue Izzel…stop being a loser and kicking the company’s agenda and official policy…they don’t pay you fool! LOL

        • I don’t care what you read on here, did you hear what Jenkins said we doubled DJax every play we wanted to know where he lined up every play. Obviously he drew defenders and stretched the field but hey I guess I imagined that.

          • Lol I guess I imagined that the entire offense was predicated on one player. If you think that then theres no need to keep talking about the same shit.

            I guess I missed 5 straight years of only 50 cathches 1kyds and 5 tds as well.

            Because hey he created the entire offenses, was the reason the running game was tops in the league and that he had his best season in a first year coaches offense.

            I mean its a shame he wasnt in a pass heavy offense earlier in his career so he could dominate.

            • LMAO….you are such a FOOL. Its not about the offense being predicated on one player…its about one player creating space and having a big impact on the team…and everyone sees that DJax did just that except you and few other dumb ass unpaid servants of the Eagles management-support team.
              The bottom line is they have to produce…intelligent fans can question and state doubts about the team but still root for them and hope for their success…dumb ass. Right now as we speak…no one can reasonably predict how they are going to replace DJax production….they have to prove it.

  7. You guys spend all your time talking about a dude that isnt even on our team anymore. Mesean was all about the the money, everyone knows this. So who cares what he got cut for he is gone, not coming back, finito. He got whats important to him why you fools keep getting his back here llike he gives a shit about any of you. If his good out weighed his bad he would still be here bottom line. Ill be watching the Eagles this year you all can watch the Jets/Skins and trol their sites.

  8. I understand why BigL hates the move/questions it. I don’t disagree in thought of losing a playmaker isn’t good practice, it’s all the other nonsense that gets lumped onto it that’s annoying.

  9. Foles had great numbers to pretty much every receiver on the Eagles last year. But on throws to Jackson, he was 50-for-71 (70.4 percent) for 808 yards and seven touchdowns. On throws to Cooper, he was 34-for-57 (59.6 percent) for 673 yards and seven scores.

    Damn what a distraction. lol. I guess Djax was Foles favorite

    • Lets see what happens if Subway Bob is connecting with him below 60% and they are losing.

    • Good point dag…the bottom line is clear…$$$$$ not wins, not the locker room, not being a ‘distraction’, not cussing out the coach, not being a bad teammate…none of that…pure and simple it was the money!

  10. I’ve just read 2 threads worth of opinions from the deseandenialists exonerating Chip Kelly and his “ego” from any responsibility they previously promoted for the release of Desean and put Desean’s release squarely on the shoulders of the cheap owner and GM.

  11. I thing I wonder about all these djack supporters would still want him on the team if they had released him after he quit on the team in 2011 would any of y’all care then.

  12. Question most people on here always say they either want ha ha or Pryor in the first then if neither one of them are picked in the 1st they jump to the second and say they want Deion Buchanan but I never hear anybody say they want jimmy ward and every board I see they have him rated as the 3rd best safety in the draft now I haven’t seen much tape of him I will look him and see what I can find but why doesn’t anybody want him they say I want 1,2,4 and leave the 3rd out.

    • They signed 3 safeties ( Jenkins, Allen, Maragos) in the off season and have Wolff on their roster. I don’t think safety will be an Eagle priority early.

      • me neither…i think defensive line is what they should prioritize but not reach for…i agree with the philosophy that you take the best player available on your board no matter what position…reaching for a safety or receiver can be dangerous

        • I likeDT Aaron Donald the more I watch him.. He’s not very big at 6-2 298lbs, but man, is he cat-quick, good hands & feet and may be a disruptive force at the NFL Level.. Could he play a 5-Technique at DE in a 3-4, I believe so, Can he play a 1-Technique as NT in a 3-4, No, I don’t believe he’s big enough at this time but could add 15-20 lbs in 2-3 Years time , Could he be a Pass-Rusher as a DT in a 4-3 fo passing Situations, Absolutely He can,,, If he’s there at #22, I select Aaron Donals.. He reminds of a younger and smaller version of Warren Sapp

          • Watched him in a number of Pitt games this year Pman. Very good player, but I also think his size is not what this team needs in the middle. I don’t think that he will be on the board at 22, I see him coming off in the 15 pick range, probably to the Giants.

  13. I wonder what Duce Staley, Drew Rosenhaus, Bob Bicknell, and / or Joe Banner opinions are if Desean was a good employee

    • Wasn’t Drew Rosenhaus working FOR Desean? E0S we agree on one thing safety will not be a priority for the Eagles in the draft if Buchannon is there in the 2nd they may draft him but they’ll draft a guard in the first round before a safety and I don’t care if Pryor or Ha Ha is there.

  14. Well put Pman as for some of the djax fans stop beatin a dead horse and move on already u cant change it so stop cryin bout it u think we wont win without him?Whats he the new “Bruce Lee”reincarnated lmao

  15. No I don’t want a safety either I rather them draft 2cbs before a safety I’m just wondering why everybody jumps over never says hey jimmy ward would be good here and every thing I see he is 3rd rated safety but people never say him it’s always 1,2 or 4th safety.

  16. Without a pass rush or with the pass rush from last year, wasting a pick on a safety unless its Dix is pointless. If they are going to go defense more playmakers in the Front 7 is a must. CJ Mosley would be an upgrade from DeMeco Ryans, Anthony Barr would be an instant upgrade on passing downs where you could move Cole to DE on passing downs and get the kid on the field.

    Eagles will target defense in the first 2 rounds then draft a monster on the outside at WR. Last year Stills Alllen Williams were drafted after the 3rd round and that was in a weak WR class. Eagles should be able to find talent 3-5th round.

  17. Hey Paulman,

    Just read the Hou Gm likes Mack over Clowney. However that points to them wanting out of the pick more than taking Mack no.1.

    • There is little doubt in my mind that Texans will either Trade out of the #1 PIcks for Multiple Picks or Select OLB Mack.. I don’t beleive that their GM/HC were overly impressed with Clowney’s atttitude,etc..

      I predict the SF 49ers who have like 12 PIcks in this Draft to unload 4-5 PIcks (their 1st, one of their 2nds. one of their 4th Rd and a 2015 Pick ) to the Texans for #1 Overall Pick and end up with Clowney in light of what’s happening with Aldon Smith who may be going to Jail or at least be suspended for a good part if not all of 2014

  18. Can anyone school me on the Vandy kid Matthews. He looks intriguing at size speed and they have him pegged for 2nd/3rd. 6’3 Sub 4.5?

    • That’s Jordan Matthews of Vanderbilt
      6-3 212lbs, and Ran a 4.46 40 Time, 35 & 1/2 ” Verticle Jump,
      21 Reps at 225lbs (which is very good for a Receiver) and is a good Route Runner with Good Hands… Makes tough catches in traffic and had over 200 Catches his final 2 Seasons with 20 TD’s at Vandy in a Tough SEC Conference where he did face many double Teams from Opposing Defenses.. He also is a Cousin and close to HOF Jerry Rice
      The Big Concern from Scouts is a lack of elite Speed and Explosion and especially off the line of Scrimmage..
      He has a long and thin frame but it takes him a bit to get at Top Speed as opposed to instant explosion so some Scouts are not sold if he can play the outside and get consistent separation from NFL CB’s..

      He’s rated as the 12 WR in this Draft and a Projected late 2nd Rounder/Early 3rd and as the 66th Best Overall NFL Prospect per NFLDraftScouts.Com which takes Rankings for about 6-7 Differerent Scouts and other Sources and comes up with Rankings, Information,about all NFL Propsects..etc,etc

      • After seeing Kenny Stills rating last year and then seeing him be an absolute monster for Drew Brees and a favorite target, I am more swayed about what would be the best fit in this scheme.

        They grabbed that kid with a 5th round pick and he was killed by scouts.

        • stills a favorite target and absolute monster?

          say what?

          • for a 5th round pick to come in catch around 40 balls 700yds and 5 tds with a 20yd avg. Yes thats a monster pick in terms of value.

            And yes Stills was a favorite target of Brees. So much so Lance Moore was phased out.

            Not to mention hes their no.2 Wideout now opposite Colston. They hit a homerun with that pick

            • back to your original statement. He caught 32 balls that’s not being an absolute monster
              And he was like 5th or 6th on their team in catches that’s not a favorite

              I do think stills is decent but not a monster or a favorite target.

              Brees favorite targets are graham , running back , colston, uncovered guy …

        • Yes, they said Stills was too small, not physical enough and without elite speed… I always look at Speed a little different with WR’s since most times unless they have sprinter’s speed, they rarely will ever run straight routes (except for the occasional Fly Route)
          How does a Receiver get off the Line of Scrimmage, How quick do they get in and out of their breaks and can they catch the ball in traffic.. Strength and how to use your Body in Traffic, Leaping Ability, Big Hands are all great attributes to have..
          I remember when Jerry Rice came out of College and many said he was too slow, In his 15 Years of Professional Football and especially while in his prime, I don’t recall any Defender ever catching him from behind.. Some Guys are fast when they need to be or being chased as Rice used to say…

  19. Paulman you have to go by the chart on this one the Houston #1=3000 point value
    And that’s all there picks rds 1-4 and that only equals
    1624 so in other words unless the 49ers are gonna trade next years picks it’s not gonna happen unless Houston are truly dummies.

    • I don’t believe 49ers or any other Team is going to give 6-8 Picks to get the #1 Overall PIck.. We saw how that worked out back when HC/GM Mike Ditka of the NO Saints sent their Entire Draft Class to the Redksins for RB Rickie Williams plus the Next Years #1 and #2 Round PIcks ..

      I think the 49ers will Offer Texans their 1st (#30), 1 2nd (#56), both 3rds (#77 & 94th) plus RB L James and then 2 Picks in the 2015 Draft (a 1st and a 4th Rd)
      The Texans could rebuild quickly with all these Picks and should jump at the Chacne with a new Coach on board trying to rebuild that Team/Franchise in his likeness…

      • The Niners could give up 1st through 3r with a 1st and a conditional 2/3 dependent on play and it would be appealing to both sides. Houston may be looking at a fire sale/teardown this year. I would still keep my eye on Foster/Johnson. To not go for a top QB with them still on the roster doesn’t make sense. I believe Johnson is getting 15mil.

        • Johnson can’t have much left in the tank and will be improssible to trade at that Salary #.. Most Teams cannot add a $15 Million Salary to their Current Salary Cap Structure outside the Eagles and Raiders..

          • Johnson has a lot left in the tank. If not they would have cut him or restructured.

            • I am not so sure how much he has in the tank..
              I think he’s a goner after the 2014 Season
              He;s played a lot of football and taken a lot of shots
              They have young WR’s in Deandre Hopkins, DeVier Posey and Keshawn Martin who are all promising and developing WR’s

  20. Lol Paulman I don’t think so cause James is nothing but a backup rb and if I’m the texans I’m not going from 1 to 30 your missing out on to much. Barr,Mack,clowney, and any qb they may want..

    • James has 2 Years left on his Rookie Deal and is nothing more than a throw in and a 3rd Down Scat Back and Returnman that Coach O’Brien could use as a change of pace from #1 RB Arian Foster..

      Re: Anthony Barr could very well still be on the Board at #30 as he had fallen big time these last 2-3 Weeks per most Scouting Services..

  21. Not to mention the the Oline players they would missing. If I’m the texans Gm I make the 49ers give there whole draft this year and a 1st and 3rd next year cause the points just don’t add to settle for less and if they 49ers had to give up that much I don’t think they make that type of move.

  22. If certain players fall to them @22 there draft should go as followed.
    #22-Anthony Barr, OLB, UCLA
    Height: 6-5. Weight: 255.
    40 Time: 4.66.
    Projected Round (2014): Top-16 Pick.

    #54-Brandon Coleman*, WR, Rutgers
    Height: 6-6. Weight: 225.
    40 Time: 4.56.
    Projected Round (2014): 2-3.

    #86-Christian Jones, OLB/ILB, Florida State
    Height: 6-3. Weight: 240.
    40 Time: 4.74.
    Projected Round (2014): 2-3.

    #122-Daniel McCullers, DT, Tennessee
    Height: 6-7. Weight: 352.
    Projected 40 Time: 5.54.
    Projected Round (2014): 3-4.

    #170-Aaron Colvin, CB, Oklahoma
    Height: 5-11. Weight: 177.
    Projected 40 Time: 4.50.
    Projected Round (2014): 4-6.

    #237-Spencer Long, G, Nebraska
    Height: 6-5. Weight: 320.
    Projected 40 Time: 5.25.
    Projected Round (2014): 4-6.

    • Don’t like the #54 Pick in Brandon Coleman who is a 2 Year Project and simply lacks the explosiveness in my opinion.. He has great size, and would be a nice target in the Red-Zone, just don’t see him playing in the Slot much (where the Eagles actually need the help in) due to his lack of quickness & route running ability.
      I rather have a Davante Adams (who will probably be gone) or a
      Dontae Moncreif or Jarvis Landry who could step in and play that Slot Role/3rd WR right away and contribute as a 2nd Roounf Pick..

      I believe you have LB Chris Jones too high at #86 and DT McCuller at #122 too low and would proably have to reverse those Selections..
      DT’s are very thin in this Draft and McCluller is sliding up the Draft Board
      and will probably be gone by the #100 Pick..

      Colvin at #170 is an excellent Selection with an eye towards 2015 as he gets back to a 100% from his knee Injury and would be a 3rd Pick if not for his injury

    • Coleman at #54??? He might not get drafted until the 5th round. Christian Jones ain’t lasting until the 3rd. Colvin in the 5th? Are you absolutely retarded??? With your asinine trade scenarios, & talent evaluation, convinces me, that you do nothing but sit around & play Madden on GM mode. Please, just STOP!!!!

      • LOL….lots of trades DCAR…lots trades…LOL.
        You’re right, Brandon Coleman can be had in the 5th, I personally don’t like him as a fit for the Eagles. I want Christian Jones…he’s been projected as a 3rd to 4th rounder, however, I’ve seen mocks with him going to the deadskins in the 2nd…which would be amazing as they do not have a 1st round pick.

  23. Coach Reid not having a 2nd round draft choice might lower the asking price the Eagles could get for #22 in trade talks for another team to move up for the Eagles pick because Reid might be more inclined to accept less for the #23 out of weaker position than what Howie might be willing to accept for the #22. I think the Eagles will make the #22 selection.

    • I see the Browns as Trade Players here with their #26 Pick to the Eagles
      If QB Bridgewater or Derek Carr are Still on the Board after the Cardinals Selection at #20, then the Chiefs at #23 will take one of them and perhaps take a QB that the Browns have their Sights on (who I believe is Derek Carr)..
      I think The Browns move up to Eagles #22 so they can secure their QB and Send the Eagles their #26 Pick and their 3rd Round Rd Pick (#71 or #83) as the Browns have two 3rd Round Selections and If I am the Eagles I do this deal in a heart beat

      Eagles could end up with 4 Selections in the Top 3 Rounds by only dropping back 4 Spots in the 1st Round from #22 to #26..

      1st – #26
      2nd – #54
      3rd – #71
      3rd – #86

      Even if its the later 3rd Round Pick from the Browns it would end up similar
      with 4 Picks in the Top #86 Selections

      1st – #26
      2nd – #54
      3rd – #83
      3trf – #86

      Maybe Eagles can throw in Brandon Graham to this Deal to secure the earlier 3rd Rd PIck (#71 Pick instead of #83rd) from the Browns

  24. Well Paulman if it’s that important to get picks in the top 100 they are better off doing the deal I said with the 49ers cause the 49ers are rumored to be really high on the olb Demarcus Lawrence due to all the aldon smith stuff plus they really like the top 5 cbs so they would be able to get both in the 1st rd if they were to do that deal with the birds.

    • 49ers are not Trading away 4-5 Draft Picks Gloomy,
      They have lots of Age and Players they need to address for their Defense
      Still need a WR and TE and more OL Depth and a Young QB..
      They have a ton of picks, but they are starting to have depth issues and have 3-4 Players to replace on Defense this Year at 4 Positions (Safety, CB,LB and DE)

  25. I hear but if they make that trade they will
    2 1st rd picks
    2 3rd rd picks
    A 4th
    3 6th rd picks
    And a 7th I think that’s enough picks to still fill all there needs

    • I don’t see where a Team (49ers) in the same Conference (NFC) that is going to help a Compeitior with that many Draft Picks and especially if HC Jim Harbaugh has anything to say about it for there is no love-lost between Chip Kelly & Harbaugh dating back to Stanford/Oregon Games.. Just don’t see this as a viable option which is why I have come up with alternative Trades,Swaps which reach a similar goal which is to acquire more Draft Picks in the Top 4 Rounds

  26. If the Eagles organization never comes out and says why they decided to part ways with DeSean Jackson, we will never know the reason.

    The story about gang affiliations did not come from the Eagles organization – not officially anyway. The story about Jackson being a distraction in the locker room did not come from the Eagles organization – not officially anyway.

    We don’t know if the players have been told to say what they are saying. We don’t know if half the players feel one way and half feel another way (like the T.O. situation).

    Anyone can believe what they want, because the Eagles have not said one word.

    My opinion is that Jackson was given his contract because Andy Reid liked him personally and professionally. In my opinion, he was cut because Chip Kelly did not like him personally or professionally.

    • Face the facts Irish Eagle! It was a stupid move and the Eagles management fingerprints are all over the crime. reported that the Eagles were worried’ about DJax’s ‘gang ties’….
      It was a dirty low down move by the Eagles management.
      All of their talking heads in the media were reporting how much of a problem he was in the locker room..another lie because the Quarterback of the team comes out and says he was a good teammate on and off the field! We know the source of the lies, rumors, and dirty tricks too!
      The Eagles management!
      They tried to gut his career…they cut him to save money and tried to harm his career so that he wouldn’t come back and bite them in the ass….the thing is that the Redskins saw right through the dirty mess the Eagles management tried…and signed up right up!
      Its about the $$$ and the Eagles management unethical and dirty dealing!
      Ask Evan Mathis….he’ll affirm what I’m saying!

      • Koolbreeze what ever happened to that gang ties thing? Amazing how that just went away.lmao. Djax was on Arsenia Hall last night and stated how he is shivering as he has to face that vaunted Eagles last place secondary. He may not have a catch.

      • Wonder why the Eagles don’t have a problem paying guys like Jason Peters but they wouldn’t pay Jackson? Maybe because Kelly has a problem with Jackson…

        LOL – The Redskins saw through the dirty mess? Are you kidding? The Redskins make more mistakes picking up troubled players than any team in football.

        • Perhaps it’s because Kelly values Peters skill set as an offensive lineman more so than he does Jackson’s skill set at the receiver position . I’m sure kelly finds it a lot easier to replace Jackson and his on field production than it would be to replace Peter’s at LT. It’s not as if Peters is a shining example of not breaking the law as he’s been arrested too.

          Raiders pick up more troubled players than any NFL team. Amazingly, the Patriots will take a gamble too…Legarret Blount, Randy Moss and Talib just to name a few.

          • Peter’s loves his “Old Car Shows” & his Music played very Loud

          • I’m sure you are correct – Kelly certainly thinks he can replace Jackson. And you are correct that Peters is not an angel off the field. That’s the point, Kelly doesn’t think Jackson is worth whatever hassle he presents.

            I don’t know why anyone would debate the fact that Chip Kelly obviously does not like DeSean Jackson.

            • Its not just a personal thing (though that played a role I am sure). Its about the format of the O.

              Desean is a ‘vertical’ big strike guy. That’s not what Kelly runs.

              Kelly wants a ground attack, short passing game. Its predicated on 3 things.

              1 – a play every 18 seconds (max). People have to immediately get back to the LOS to get the next play signaled within 10 seconds. Difficult to do when throwing 60 yard bombs.
              2 – Quick throws. The QB is expected to have the ball out of his hands every 1.5 secs. (of course there will be the occasional deep throw that will take longer, but its not the staple.
              3 – Everyone blocking. All the time. Every player without the ball gets his hands on a defender and leans on them.

              Play after play after play.

              The attempt is to wear the other D down. Eventually the short passes will spring for big gains.

              Again, this is all math based. High percentage stuff. Kelly doesn’t throw deep, because deep throws are completed less than 40% of the time. Passes under 10 yrds are completed over 75% of the time – esp with a guy like Foles.

              Desean is a vertical WR. Desean can’t ‘lean’ on anyone. Desean gets all pouty and waves his arm in the air when the ball isn’t coming his way instead of finding the nearest DB and trying to run him down the field.

              Kelly will take 500 less yards from a WR as long as he is “all-in” every play – especially with his downfield blocking. This is why he kept Cooper around, because he’s always attacking the DBs and Safeties every short pass.

              The purpose of the O is to grind down the opposing D. Kelly wants to run 70+ plays a game (something he did not get last year – expect a higher tempo this year)

              Especially after they draft another young OL, WR and perhaps TE early next draft.

              • Vinnie if Ebron, Pryor and Cooks are available at 22 who do you pick? I would jump on Pryor but thinking how Kelly thinks no way would he pass on Ebron if he’s there at 22.

  27. Paulman ,
    Is Dion Jordan still in play for the right deal with the Eagles ?

    • I don’t believe so Dtime..
      GM Roseman likes his Draft Picks too much to trade from the 6 Selections
      They only have this Draft
      I do believe as rumored reports stated that Eagles inquired in him,
      But would cost too much for the 3rd Overall Player chosen last year
      It would cost them at least their 1st, 3rd Round Pick,Guard Evan Mathis and maybe even Brandon Graham to pull it off.. I believe Eagles will make some Deaks to acquire at 2 more Picks for themselves in that 2nd thru 5th Rounds
      By trading down from #22 and maybe trading Mathis & Graham in sepearate Deals..

  28. How does Barr compare to Jordan and if some how Barr drops to 22 do the Eagles take him ?

    • A pretty good comparison,
      Remember that both only played a little College Football at the OLB
      Barr first 2 Years at UCLA was at RB believe it or not,
      And Jordan had 1 year at Oregon of actual Playing time so neither Player is real instinctive but both are naturally gifted Athletes with length, speed and can be explosive at times..
      I like Barr’s upside more due to him having a higher motor
      To excell and be a good Football Player in the NFL
      Jordan’s work ethic ,football IQ & desire have all been questioned …

  29. This my mock if the eagles make that trade with the 49ers
    #54-Jeremiah Attaochu, DE/OLB, Georgia Tech
    Height: 6-3. Weight: 252.
    Projected 40 Time: 4.71.
    Projected Round (2014): 2-3.

    #56-Keith McGill, CB, Utah
    Height: 6-3. Weight: 211.
    40 Time: 4.51.
    Projected Round (2014): 2-3.

    #61-Donte Moncrief*, WR, Ole Miss
    Height: 6-2. Weight: 221.
    40 Time: 4.40.
    Projected Round (2014): 2-3.

    #86-Daniel McCullers, DT, Tennessee
    Height: 6-7. Weight: 352.
    Projected 40 Time: 5.54.
    Projected Round (2014): 3-4.

    #91-Christian Jones, OLB/ILB, Florida State
    Height: 6-3. Weight: 240.
    40 Time: 4.74.
    Projected Round (2014): 2-3.

    #122-DeAndre Coleman, DE/DT, California
    Height: 6-5. Weight: 314.
    Projected 40 Time: 5.34.
    Projected Round (2014): 3-4.

    #162-Aaron Colvin, CB, Oklahoma
    Height: 5-11. Weight: 177.
    Projected 40 Time: 4.50.
    Projected Round (2014): 4-6.

    #170-Brandon Thomas, OT/G, Clemson
    Height: 6-3. Weight: 316.
    40 Time: 5.09.
    Projected Round (2014): 3-4.

    #237-Tevin Reese, WR, Baylor
    Height: 5-10. Weight: 163.
    40 Time: 4.46.
    Projected Round (2014): 4-6.

  30. So much for your plan Paulman Pryor traded to the Seahawks guess were stuck with foles I’m not mad.

    • That’s good to hear,
      I didn’t want to see Foles go..
      Remember I am the only Eagle Fan, that had him In a Mock Draft by the Eagles In the 2012 Draft ..
      I got 1 Right for a change.. 🙂

  31. Earl Wolfe and Jenkins I rather have a good pass rush and cb’s rather than have good safety’s that’s why there are no safety’s in my mock but that will be a hell of a draft for them.

  32. And McGill could play there also as gmcliff pointed out.

    • I rather Draft a True Strong Safety who has the natural instincts and experience of playing the Position which is much different than CB
      Even if it’s the Mid to Late Rounds
      Players like Craig Bostic, Ahmad Dixon, Isaiah Lewis, Tre Boston
      Or Dontae Johnson rather then a converted a bigger CB
      Who has limited to no experience in playing the Position

  33. They have already said that the teams at the bottom of the 1st rd are looking at him 49ers seahawaks & patriots

  34. Xmans mock draft..only one pick per slot, I think the birds will pick up an extra 5th and 6th rounder on draft day deals. Here goes!!

    1. No 22- Brandon Cooks WR
    2 No 54-Kyle Van Oy OLB
    3.No86 Dakota Dozier OG
    4. No 122 Dion Bailey FS
    5. No 162-Deandre Coleman DT
    5B Jake Murphy TE
    6 Donate Johnson CB
    7 No 237 Ladamian Washington WR

  35. Paulman Eagles Straight 2015 Mock Draft (No Trades)

    1-(#22) – DT Ra’Shede Hageman (Minnesota 6-6′ – 318lbs)
    2-(#54) – DE Kareem Martin (UNC 6-6 272lbs)
    3-(#86) – CB Jaylen Watkins (Florida 6-0 195lbs)
    4th (#122) – WR Jarvis Landry (LSU 6-0 205lbs)
    5th (#162) – Strong Safety Isiah Lewis (Mich State 5-10 210lbs)
    7th (#237) – WR/Returnman Joe Brown (Pittsburgh State 5-10 180lbs)

    Eagles then Sign OL,LB,TE as FL as Undrafted Free-Agents

    • Why you skipping a year on us, 2014 baby! Look at all that defense. I’m all abput defense, I want to strike fear with the opponent, and not just be a high scoring offense with a defense that can “keep us in a game” or play two good games and then have three poor showings.

  36. Ebron would be the pick if he’s there at 22. But I don’t think he will be.

    There’s a chance Pryor sides I guess.

    Cooks…..I’d prefer if they stick with their “bigger guys” philosophy.

    • They won’t draft Cooks and I don’t think they value the safety position like the Gcobb crowd does, even if a guy like Bucannon is sitting there in round 2 they may pass on him. I didn’t put a TE in my mock but if a valuable one is sitting there I think they pick one.

  37. Paulman’s NFL Mock Draft for 2015 (including 1 Trade)

    #1) Texans – OLB Khalil Mack (University of Buffalo)
    #2) Falcons from Rams in a Trade – DE Jadeveon Clowney (South Carolina)
    #3) Jaguars – QB Johnny Football (Texas A&M)
    #4) Browns – WR Sammy Watkins (Clemson)
    #5) Raiders – OT Greg Robinson (Auburn)
    #6) Rams – OT Jake Matthews (Texas A&M)
    #7) Tampa Bay – WR Mike Evans (Texas A&M)
    #8) Vikings – QB Blake Bortles (UCF)
    #9) Buffalo – TE Eric Ebron (North Carolina)
    #10) Detroit – OT Taylor Lewan (Michigan)
    #11) Titans – QB Derek Carr (Fresno State)
    #12) NY Giants – DT Aaron Donald (Pittsburgh)
    #13) Rams – Safety Calvin Pryor (Louisville)
    #14) Bears – DT Timmy Jernnigan (Fla State)
    #15) Steelers – CB Dequeze Denard (Mich State)
    #16) Cowboys – Safety Ha-Ha Clinton Dix (Alabama)
    #17) Ravens – LB CJ Mosley (Alabama)
    #18) Jets – WR Brandin Cooks (Oregon State)
    #19) Dolphins – OL Zack Martin (Notre Martin)
    #20) Cardinals – QB Tedy Bridgewater (Louisville)
    #21) Packers – DT Louis Nix III (Notre dame)
    #22) EAGLES – OLB Anthony Barr (UCLA)
    #23) Chiefs – WR O’Dell Beckham Jr (LSU)
    #24) Bengals – DE Kony Ealy (Missouri)
    #25) Chargers – CB Kyle Fuller (Virginia Tech)
    #26) Browns – CB Justin GIlbert (Oklahoma State)
    #27) Saints – DE Dee Ford (Auburn)
    #28) Panthers – OL Joel Bitonio (Nevada)
    #29) Patriots – DE DeMarcus Lawrence (Boise St)
    #30) 49ers – DL Stephon Tuitt (Notre Dame)
    #31) Broncos – CB Bradley Roby (Ohio State)
    #32) Seahawks – OL Xavier Sua’-Filo (UCLA)

    Lots of Good Players Still on the Board for the Early 2nd Round

    • My Bad, It’s still 2014 .. Good Grief…

    • 49ers got a steal in your mock draft Pman.
      what is the furthest you think Joel Bitonio could fall?

      • Bitonio can go anywhere from #25 To #45, I believe…
        I like him a lot, but there are many others who are not as high on him..
        He can be a Day #1 Starter at RG & and possibly at RT for Teams in need (whioch the Panthers are one of those Teams)..
        Panthers may look at OT M Moses from Virginia or OT C Kouandijo from Alabama, but Bitonio is tough,smart and has a nasty streak and I believe a real good fit with Panthers returning OL in Center Kalil ,Guard Silatolu & LT Bell .. I do see Bitonio Playing Guard fits him best long-term in the NFL..He just doesn’t have that arm-length or reah that you like to have at OT

  38. GMCliff how do you like my mock? Only did big school players, I woud love for them to draft Desir but they won’t is there any monster NT’s out there later in the draft or UFA’s. Paulman jump in here as well. I like Tre Boston because he can play both positions and he’s flying a little under the radar.

    • Here’s my 2 cents Biggy on your Mock

      I am not a big fan of WR Benjamin at the #22nd Selection
      I like the Safety Bunchannon & LB Smith’s Selections and would love to see the Eagles get them and I like the 3 last picks thought you may have them going in teh wronng rounds..
      DE Marsh is probably more like a 4th Rd Prospect
      WR Norwood is a 5th Rd
      Tre Boston would be that 6th/7th Round Prospect and can play Safety/CB which he played both at UNC but Safety is his Best Position at teh NFL Level

      But I like all Selections/Prospects on this List .. Nice Job ..

      A Couple of Big NT’s tate are Mid to Late Round Prospects in the Draft …

      4th Rd – Justin Ellis – (Louisiana Tech 6-2″ – 335lbs)
      5th Rd – Deandre Coleman – (University of Cal 6-5′ – 320lbs)
      6th Rd – Shamar Stephen – (U Conn 6-5′- 315lbs)
      7th Rd – Zack Kerr – (delaware 6-1 – 325lbs)
      7th Rd – Ryan Carrethers – (Arkansas St 6-1 – 335lbs)
      7th Rd – Calvin Bennett – (Oklahoma State 6-2 320lbs)
      UDFA – Beau Allen – (Wisconsin 6-3 335lbs)
      UDFA – Levi Brown – (Temple 6-2 315lbs)
      UDFA – Mike Pennel – (Colorado State-Pueblo 6-4′ 335lbs)
      UDFA – Ricky Havilli-Heimuli (Oregon 6-4 325lbs)

      • Okay paulman I was wondering about Norwood it seems like nobody is talking about him. I like Marsh and I was trying to work a NT in there somewhere because the Eagles have to get a bigger there. Logan is a great effort guy but gets pushed around easily in there. I agree with you about getting more picks somewhere. Gloomy is off the charts with his scenarios and gives me numbers nightmares. LOL

        • TMZ Reported that a Gloomy sleeps with that Draft Day Chart..
          of Course, this has not been corroborated, just yet… 🙂

        • Re WR Norwood who I like and see a skill set and likeness to Jason Avant.. I think he will become a 3rd Down WR, play in the slot and keep the chains moving kind of NFL Receiver
          He lacks speed to get any real separation down the field and his YAC will be minimal as he’s not a very goif open field Reciever with moves,
          But he blocks very well, can catch the ball in traffic and be a nice 3rd/4th WR for a Team in a year or two which is why he’s rated as a
          5th Round Prospect, he goes about 6-2, 215lbs and is physical..
          He will find a niche and have a solid, but unspectacular career,
          Similar to Avant in a lot of ways 30-40 Receptions, 500 Yards or so..
          Nothing wrong with that but he’s no big playmaker or going to run away from defenders, a nice Possesion type of receiver to work the intermediate routes (8-12 Yard kind)

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