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Notes From The Phillies’ 6-5 Loss To Toronto

Miami Marlins v Philadelphia PhilliesThe Philadelphia Phillies lost their second straight game on Tuesday night, falling to the Blue Jays 6-5. Their record drops to 15-16.

  • Cole Hamels pitched another subpar game, allowing five runs through six innings.
  • Hamels gave up a solo home run to Edwin Encarnacion in the second inning, but things really fell apart for the lefty in the fourth inning.
  • Hamels began the fourth by surrendering a double to Jose Bautista, and then a single to Encarnacion. An RBI-groundout from Juan Francisco scored Bautista, and then two batters later Colby Rasmus hit a two-run homer.
  • The lefty finished his night by giving up an RBI double in the sixth inning.
  • Marlon Byrd hit two doubles.
  • Cody Asche looks like he may starting to figure some things out at the plate. Asche tied the game in the bottom of the sixth with a Grand Slam with two outs. The third baseman also picked up two more hits in this game, including a double in the fifth.
  • Carlos Ruiz hit out of the two-hole tonight, and recorded to hits, including his 10th double of the year.
  • Freddy Galvis got another start for Jimmy Rollins at short, and turned in another dreadful night at the plate. Galvis hit into a double-play in the second.
  • Ryan Howard singled home a run in the sixth.
  • Jeff Manship pitched a scoreless seventh inning, but gave up two walks.
  • Jake Diekman threw a scoreless eighth.
  • Jonathan Papelbon had another clean appearance in the ninth.
  • Antonio Bastardo took the loss, allowing a run in the 10th inning.

Final Thoughts

It’s disappointing to see Cole Hamels continue to struggle.

Its been a rough go for the former World Series MVP in 2014. He began the year by battling tendinitis in Spring Training, returned to the major leagues only to battle flu-like symptoms and lose almost all of his starts.

He’s not looking crisp at all, and its fair to wonder if he’s really close to 100% right now. Hamels wanted to come back as soon as possible from the tendinitis problem, and it may still have some lingering effects or he simply might just be struggling to catch up with the rest of the major leaguers who have already been playing regular season ball for over a month while he’s still sort of catching himself up after missing Spring Training.

Fortunately for Hamels, the rest of the rotation has been performing at a high level, so there’s not as much pressure on him to figure things out soon. But if the Phillies want to really have a chance at competing throughout this summer, they need their ace to be in top form sooner rather than later. on Facebook

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25 Comments for “Notes From The Phillies’ 6-5 Loss To Toronto”

  1. Hamels is really starting to work on my last nerve. He has to be the biggest drama queen on the team. Dude is soft, & now seems to not care. Another great investment. SMH….

      • Yeah, that I endorsed. Like the Papelstiff signing, I was all for, but I’m not the one who overpaid, bidding against myself, like your hero Ruin 2morrow did! You are as clueless, delusional, stupid, unrealistic, & in denial, as he is! STFU, with your imbecilic, little snide remarks, & trolling! I can’t wait for your hero to get the AX! It’s a shame we can’t ax you too!

        • One unqualified, retarded GM down, 2 to go!

        • you can’t endorse and say great signing and then if it isn’t working out say ‘he’s a retard for signing him’… you claim to know more than any gm in the world… yet you don’t understand the market, you constently jump on and off of players… you are a nitwit

          • “Constantly” jump on & off of players? Really? Who? I rip players, & never jump on & off anybody! There you go gain, making up your know nothing, made up, BS, verbal diarrhea! I don’t understand the market? Just like your hero always does, overpaying, bidding against himself, setting the market, & giving out unnecessary, unwarranted contracts, with players with 2 years left on contracts, re-signing, not trading, & asking for the the moon, in trades, for AARP members? Let’s get something straight, numbnuts, @$$clown, troll, for the last time, I liked the Papelbon, & Hamels (who didn’t; He was too young to let go) signings, but I DID NOT like the contracts given. I said it then, & I haven’t wavered, you stupid f^#@! So go back now, like the no life loser you are, & find my prior posts, that fit your agenda, & omit every other thing else I said before, & after, on those matters! You are the only f^#@ing nitwit on here, that is still in denial, guzzling kool-aid, waving pom-poms, & refuse to truthfully criticize a buffoon of a GM we have! I understand the market, & see pretty clear, that almost EVERY SINGLE move, your hero idol made, was either a colossal mistake at the time, an overpayment, the wrong signing, or has blown up in his face! He is not, & never will be a qualified, GM, & should have been fired 2 years ago! So, every excuse you make, & every post of mine you troll, to try & deflect his incompetence, & stupidity, doesn’t change the fact, that he is an incompetent, inept, unqualified moron, that is not proactive, creative, foresighted, nor smart enough, to build, nor rebuild a quality, legit contending team! He has decimated, & WS team, & sent this organization into the abyss, for the foreseeable future! Nothing you say, post, deflect, excuse, enable, & troll on me, changes those facts! So go ahead, & be content with being a loser, mediocre, & entertained, because thats all you care about! You ain’t a real fan, because real fans want winners, & don’t except losing, & front offices that continue to lie, & talk down to it’s customers. But, I forgot, you are a condescending, troll know it all, so it takes one, to know one! Beat it, sonny boy! You are a fraud, a troll, a liar, & a loser, who doesn’t have the balls to use his mind for himself. Keep guzzling the kool-aid, like the lemming step-ford you are!

  2. The Phils can’t be losing 2 Games at home to a Team like the Blue Jays
    If they expect to contend.. Another wasted opportunity..

    • Paul its going to be that kind of season… hang at 500 and in august sept. make a run hopefully. the nl east is filled with teams with warts.
      good news is asche is up to .250 with a little pop…. and god damn revere can’t throw as good as me and i’m 54 and had major rotator cuff surgery!

      • I believe your correct about the NZl East and the NL in particular which has a lot of Teams that are teetering around .500
        Teams like the Nats,Cards,Pirates & even the Dodgers
        Have underperformed so far this Season which is why the Phils need to
        Get these W’s against these Teams like the Blue Jays
        Health will be huge this year as we get into the Summer and warmer weather..

  3. Nobody is running away with it, but Hamels has got to get it going sooner rather than later. Ruff and Hernandez cannot hurt this anemic offense. Brown needs to start producing and hopefully Asche can start hitting consistently. I would take .270 from him.

  4. i officially want to jump on the henski train…galvis should not see one more minute at the MLB level.. not one more!

  5. Read an article in the other day saying that he is having a tough time because of defense. A bunch of errors already.

  6. first 20 games = 8 errors (7 at 3B)

  7. Wtf, 10-0 loss tonight to the Blue Jays..

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