Eagles Trade Down To #26; Select Marcus Smith

marcussmithThe Eagles decided to trade down in the first round, sending the 22nd overall pick to the Cleveland Browns in exchange for the 26th overall pick and the Browns’ third-round pick. The Browns used the 22nd pick to select quarterback Johnny Manziel.

It was a good move by Howie Roseman, who slid back only four spots in the first round while picking up a valuable additional third-round pick in such a deep draft.

The Eagles then surprised everyone by selecting Marcus Smith at 26.

Smith played a lot of defensive end in college, but will likely be asked to move to linebacker in the Eagles’ 3-4 system. The team needed some pass-rushing help at outside linebacker, and they hope that Smith will be able to give that to them.

The move likely means that Brandon Graham’s days with the Eagles are numbered.

My Thoughts

Shocking, to say the least.

Its nice to see the Eagles address the defense, but this was a guy that they could have had much later.

There’s one thing that makes think a little positive of this pick is when I compare it to Seattle’s selection of Bruce Irvin in the first round several years ago. At the time of the pick, many laughed at Seattle for reaching way too high for a guy that they could have had later as well. How has that pick been working out? Irvin has established himself as a solid pass rusher on the league’s top defense.

That’s not to say that I’m on board with the pick, but rather its just to point out that it may not be as much of a reach as we may initially believe.

117 thoughts on “Eagles Trade Down To #26; Select Marcus Smith

  1. Eagles selected Louisville OLB Marcus Smith with the No. 26 overall pick in the 2014 NFL draft.
    Smith (6-foot-3 1/8, 251) was a three-star quarterback recruit to Louisville, and played linebacker as a freshman before spending his final three seasons as an end-‘backer hybrid. He’s a strong fit for DC Billy Davis’ multiple defense. Smith broke out as a senior with 18.5 tackles for loss, 14.5 sacks, and four forced fumbles. A long-armed (34″) edge presence, Smith ran 4.68 at the Combine with a 35-inch vertical and 10-foot-1 broad jump. Smith played roughly 70 percent of his senior-year snaps standing up, so he has a lot of experience in a 3-4 rush linebacker-type role, though his run defense is a work in progress. He needs to be a sub-package player only as a rookie. It’s worth noting that an aging Trent Cole is owed $10 million in 2015.

      1. I don’t think that’s a fair assessment. Look at a lot of players who gradually build up as they get stronger and more acclimated to a position and system. Each year they improve which is what you want to see. 4 sacks in 2011
        5 sacks in 2012 and 14.5 in 2013.
        Fact is…Chip went to his pro day..saw him play against Temple in Philly and played 34 olb at senior bowl. I’m gonna give him a chance.

        1. Who knows…maybe in a couple of years he will be able to play…he is a project…we need impact players who can step in right away…not projects

  2. This is an OLB people which means Tom Gamble n Tom Donahoe had a big hand in this, I trust those guys 100%, I dont care what round they got him, if those guys thought that was the pick to get him then so be it, that extra 3rd which is top 5 in that round is big, smart move!

    1. The 3rd Round pick from Cleveland was the Browns 2nd pick that is later I the 3rd round #83rd that they got from a trade with the Steelers last year
      And not the 5th Pick which would be #69 ..
      I like Marcus Smoth’s upside but he will need better technique, get stronger and learn how to use his hands more which are all Coachable..
      He has the frame to get to 260-265lbs in 2 years time and will be used to spell Trent Cole as a Rotaional Pass Rusher his Rookie Season
      Most Draft Scouts had him rated as an early 2nd Round Prospect Grade
      And was rated about the 40th Player in the Draft

  3. Lol I said whatever they pick outside of wr was for the 2015 season so yes I’m ok with the pick just not where they picked him at they could’ve traded down one more time and got more picks and got him the 2nd but like I said outside of wr none of these picks are real gonna play barring injury. For tomorrow’s picks

    #54-Jordan Matthews, WR, Vanderbilt
    Height: 6-3. Weight: 212.
    40 Time: 4.46.
    Projected Round (2012): 2-3.

    #83-Christian Jones, OLB/ILB, Florida State
    Height: 6-3. Weight: 240.
    40 Time: 4.74.
    Projected Round (2014): 2-3.

    #86-Daniel McCullers, DT, Tennessee
    Height: 6-7. Weight: 352.
    Projected 40 Time: 5.54.
    Projected Round (2014): 3-4.

    Howie make more trades.

  4. Marcus Smith: NFL.com
    STRENGTHS Nice bend, balance and body control. Good pass-rush ability and potential. Quick first step. Coordinated hands and feet. Athletic and agile — can stunt and loop. Flashes a spin move. Shows burst to close and get home. Moves well laterally. Gives effort in pursuit and ranges all over the field. Operated from 2- and 3-point stance. Solid character. Is coachable and has improved steadily.
    WEAKNESSES Lacks ideal length — plays short-armed and can be locked up by larger blockers. Short initial steps. Still crafting a wider array of counters and pass-rush moves. Still learning to convert speed to power. Work in progress as a run defender. Does not set a hard edge and can do a better job using his hands to disengage quicker. Needs to become a more violent hands fighter. Limited experience playing in reverse.
    He is a reach…could have gotten this guy in the third round…he is a project hasn’t played in the 3-4…they are projecting him to play there…not a run defender …for a team that got pushed around in the playoffs…the kid is a project…bad pick!

  5. I think everyone is stunned n mad cause they didn’t pick a guy their gurus predicted, who said this guy is a 2nd rounder, the arm chair GMs? Again, no one is better at picking 3-4 linebackers then Gamble n Donahoe, if they said this guy is worth grabbing with the 26th pick then I’m all for it, I’m glad they took care of a need, now they go and get some help in the back end of the D and a good receiver and were set.

  6. Are you guys really that surprised? Do you not remember when dumb ass Roseman traded up to get Brandon Graham?? Ya, we could have had S Earl Thomas. Let’s hope and pray this isn’t another Brandon Graham move..

  7. He will be worked in behind Trent who is in his last year as an eagle. The guys who picked him watch tape, visit the schools, interview the players, etc etc. we got a third rounder and obviously the guy that the coaches and scouts wanted. You think there were cheers in Seattle 3 years ago when they took Richard Sherman in the fifth round? He just took home 40 million. The birds took the guy they liked when they thought they had to take him

    1. Yup they passe on Thomas and reached for Watkins. Really know their business. Reuben Amaro must have passed on his cooties.

    1. Marquise lee is still available…personally I think we have a better version of lee here already…Jeremy maclin so I’m not interested in lee. I think if Buchannon was available at 54 he’d be an Eagle, but damn, 27.

  8. Anybody, that likes this pick, like Lil Bron-Bron Jon Hart, the retarded imbecile, is a clueless, f^#@ing moron. He was an overdraft, & another mistake tweener, to add to the list. We already have Graham, Curry, & Cole who don’t fit, but we felt the need to waste a 1st rounder, to on another. Smith is a 4-3 DE, who rarely dropped in coverage. He’s a pass rush specialist. Graham 2.0!!!!! Where are all the Weaselman alter bowers now? The way this off-season has gone thus far, shows me, that the Genius will be gone in less than 34 years, unless he drastically changes his player philosophy!

    1. Your such a waste of time. You react the same way every single freaking year.. Don’t you get tired of bitching bitching bitching and moaning and crying?

      You look like a complete jackoff right now bc this is only round 1 day 1 of the draft and youre whining as if its over. They can still make trades and they will in day 2.

      Lay off the drugs and booze and calm down.. Maybe its time to see your psychiatrist again, Ray Didinger..

      1. Don’t do drugs, nor do I drink during the work week! You need to seek Psychiatric help, since you have the multiple psychosis’s. Beat it pussy, you have nothing for me!

      2. Also, Didenger, & every other expert had him as a 3rd rounder!!!!! Whatever you think, say, or makeup, changes the fact, that it is a reach, & a mistake!!!!!

    1. Stevo, he has played in a 34 and a 43, and actually, he has long arms. Lot of wrong information being put out about Marcus Smith. I don’t know if he is going to be able to play, but let’s at the very least learn about him before we repeat or put out bad information.

  9. Sounds to me like they got desperate and reached on this pick. Just doesn’t make any sense when you have Lee and Dennard available. I just don’t get it

    1. They didn’t want Dennard, he’s to short for them, Lee is not better than Maclin so why pick him(I’m glad they did not). I think they go WR today, we will see.

  10. Actually Smith has plenty of experience in the 3-4 and the 4-3; is very good against the run, is good and consistent in coverage, not a liability. He plays the run very well. He does have decent arm length.

    He is the most complete OLB in the draft, and will be a disguise artist for Davis in our defense. This was a good move for our defense, and one of the last impact olb’s in this draft would not have lasted past the front of the 2nd round.

    1. Monolith, after reading up on him and lookiHe ng at senior bowl footage and listening to his coaches, you’re assessment/analysis sounds pretty accurate. He was moved all over the defense to get to the QB. I’m going to wait and see. There was no one at 26 I really was pressed for.

      1. He was a freelance Defensive player at Louisville, not really relegated at DE, or OLB, He actually didn’t have a defined responsibility. He is more of a project than the Eagles want to let on.

    2. He was NOT consistent in coverage, & he is NOT good against the run. Where are you getting this BS from? Have you ever watched him play? He was a pass rusher! Period! He was a reach, & is a one dimensional pass rushing specialist!

      1. Your slow dcar and annoying all the posters.. you’re one dimensional not Smith. All you do is rant cry n whine..

        You know nothing about this kid, you’re upset bc he wasn’t one of the players you had on your mock. Hahaha just like every year..

        Cry me a river

        1. I’m slow? I’ve forgotten more about life, sports, & the world, than you can ever hope to attain, you little retarded bitch! I religiously watch NCAA football, & have seen him play multiple times. You can spin it anyway you want bitch, but it was a horrific reach! This kid is Chris Gocong 2.0, & he should have been drafted in the 3rd, like he was. Another square peg, in round hole, project! GTFOH, with your @$$clownery! You don’t know $#!T, about anything. Just like your brilliant Basketball analysis! Clueless!

  11. Again, I don’t think anyone is upset at the actual player or position.

    Eagles needed a pass-rusher. They drafted a pass rusher. No one knows if Smith will be good or not. He’s got, just like any other 1st rounder, about a 50% chance of making an impact.

    The issue is where he was picked. I can’t see why they didn’t make the trade with the Vikings so they could get Bridgewater.

    Move down further….was Smith such a hot commodity that he wouldn’t be available in the 30s?

  12. The wasted acquisition of a 31 year old Sproles who cant be “the future” for the Eagles put this team in a bind by giving up a draft pick. NO was able to jump ahead of the Eagles and select a 22 year old playmaker in Cooks while we are left with a aging Sproles(there trash). It also didn’t allow us to move up and take Haha Clinton Dix. The Eagles worst nightmare came to fruition.Not one player dropped to them, not one. What a disaster. NO got rid of Sproles and Jenkins and upgraded with Bryd and Cooks. SMH.

  13. Why do we always have the smartest guys in the room? Upside whatever and that long lever crap? Under weaknesses he plays short armed. Ridiculous.

      1. Yep it lingers in Howie he needs to go ASAP. I’ll give Coach Ego the benefit of the doubt as long as he has to deal with wonder boy.

  14. I had Marcus Smith as the 40-45 Rated Player overall
    And an early to Mid – 2nd Round Pick
    He’ll get a great opportunity to compete at OLB and is built and plays like
    Trent Cole but has Experierence in playing OLB,
    Standing up and moving around the formations
    and may end up surprising some of us..
    High motor, very Coachable and natural instincts
    Definitely needs to get bigger & stronger to see substantial
    Playing time and will be a rotational Player with Trent Cole his Rookie Season
    I think if they wanted to address OLB at #26, they could have selected a more natural OLB Jeremish Attachou instead who also has an early 2nd Grade but with more experience

    1. They obviously felt Smiths had a better upside.. but we ll see they may go with Attachou today sometime..

      I predict a lot of wheeling and dealing from the Eagles today..

      Howie has built his rep in the later rounds, showing his/there depth of knowledge and level of scouting ability…

      I’m anticipating movement from the Birds..

        1. Yea me too. Idt he will be there in the 3rd, they’re gonna have to nab him in the second and I dont expect that they’re gonna go OLB back to back..

          Even though they could use another OLB..

          1. Probably not, but you’re right, they do need another. I like DeMarcus Lawrence, or Attoachu. I’d like to see them make a deal to get up in the 2nd to get Cody Latimere as well..

  15. Rumors swirling around NovaCare that HC Kelky is upset
    With GM Roseman and his Selection and has told Owner Lurie
    “Either He goes or I Go”
    Owner Lurie is now on the Clock!!!!

  16. Word is that in NFL circles (not fans mocks) he was beginning to move up boards. They said he was a late first early second so the birds went and drafted him at 26 bc they weren’t going to be able to get him if they moved back, the offers weren’t good and they were moving too far back..

    It was a good pick, the bs I hear on this site every single time the birds make their pick is nauseating. Dam, every single freaking year.

    Some guys love complaining like little hoes…

    Their is so much more draft left, let’s wait it out..sheesh

    The real issue is all of yalls dumb mock drafts you do over and over for months on in. Your basing them off of other mocks. You have no clue what each organization is thinking, so instead of making an ASS outta yourself and getting hyper and whinny like a little girl, just wait it out and make the best out of it..

    1. The only pussy, whining little girl on here, is you, you little retard! Go make up some more rumors, that your imaginary sources told you! Instead of ripping the posters on here, for having fun with mocks, why don’t you try to bring something to the table! You can’t, because you are another brainwashed lemming, who can’t make a thought of his own! Go away punk, it was good, when you weren’t on here for the last few months! BTW, like I tell everyone, if you don’t like what other posters say, don’t read, or respond to us! It’s that simple. Again, go get your multiple psychosis checked!

  17. Remember, Tom Gamble scouted Aldon Smith and if you recall many said he was raw and was a reach pick by the 49ers..

    I think this kid is in that mold.. He’s a unknown right now, uses natural ability to rush the passer but once he gets coached up he will be a gem for us..

    He may be 6’3 but plays bigger… I expect him to be a very good player for us..

    1. JH, that was the best post of reason that you have ever written to me…. I am not so uptight anymore, I can flow with this selection, but I need something to enhance my expectations of this draft in the 2nd, and 3rd today…….

      DeMarcus Lawrence, Jeremiah Attoachu, Cody Latimere, Paul Richardson, Gabe Jackson, Austin Safarian Jenkins, even Marquise Lee…..I would be happy with any combination of the three.

      1. I’d like for the Eagles to get DeMarcus Lawrence, or Attaochu to eventually replace Barwin, for a real pass rush in the future.

  18. They passed on the best defensive players on the board for this guy… lol….Howie is a nerd! Dennard, Buchanon would have been better picks.

    They think they are good at safety and that is a joke! 8-8

  19. I don’t ever want to hear out of Weaselman’s mouth ever again, that they are drafting the BPA! In no way, shape, or form, was this kid the BPA! He is a late 2nd-3rd rounder, on mostly all rankings! They panicked, reached, & over-drafted, this kid! PERIOD! If they were going to draft a project, one-dimensional, pass rushing specialist, they could have stayed put, & drafted Ford, or drafted Attaochu at #26. This kid is a converted QB, with 2 years of DF experience! The brainwashed, clueless, retarded lemmings, can spin it all they want, it was a mistake.

  20. With Lee and Latimer still available all the WRs get pushed down. Most teams had the kid a 2nd but at 54 wasn’t going to be there. If we still end up with Jordan Matthews type I’m happy.

    Everyone overvalued the Wrs in the first round that why the draft went the way it did. If we reached on Smith the 49ers reached on Ward and they had a glaring need at WR.

    I’m not in love with the pick because honestly I don’t know enough about Smith or what teams v really look for in the v3″ 4 OLB conversion.

    Bruce Irvin was a reach last year. Seahawks just let him come in and rush the passer. If the 9ers wanted him in the 2nd I’m more at ease with the pick. They know exactly what to look for at OLB.

    The rookie can’t be inactive the first 6 weeks of the year though.

  21. My post first round takeaways ;

    Jon hart is a moron. Who was wrong on all his predraft and mid draft predictions. Johnny at 4, eagles r gonna move up for Johnny, Johnny is chips guy, giants want Johnny, cowboys want Johnny, Johnny will be in the nfl east. Haaa

    Mock drafts are a waste of time. Nobody could even mock the top 3 and top 5 let alone top 32.

    Eagles reached again but I don’t hate it. We traded back and now have 3 day 2 picks which is great. Our d was trash and couldn’t rush the passer and we got an edge rusher who put up 14.5 sacks last year.

    I’m glad we didn’t move up and get a wr and mortgage out future. I’m glad we didn’t go lee. Glad we went defense

    Jon hart was wrong as always (did I say that already?)

    1. Article I came across:

      Via Mike Kaye
      Smith is a natural athlete with solid size at over 6-foot-3 (measured in at the Senior Bowl at 6’3 1/2) and 258-pounds. He has an NFL body with long arms (80 1/4 inch wingspan) and a 4.7 forty-time speed (according to Scout.com). On tape, he shows a good ability to wrap up on tackles and clear speed off the edge. He is the type of player that can line up pretty much anywhere in the front seven (outside of nose tackle in a 3-4) and be successful. He has experience blitzing from the inside linebacker position as well as rushing from the outside with his hand down or in a two-point stance. He literally can rush from anywhere.
      Smith constantly gets pressure and if he gets his hands on a quarterback, the play will almost definitely end with a sack. Much like Ford, Smith uses his speed to run around defenders which allows him to get away with not being much of a technician. He ranges from average to above average in coverage for a player that has pretty limited experience playing in space. He has no issue with the physical part of playing coverage.
      As mentioned above, Smith’s speed is likely what helped him excel the most in college. He is not much of a hand technician yet and lacks obvious strength. That does not mean he can’t win with either at this moment, it is just that he doesn’t consistently win with those approaches. He prefers to run by guys as oppose to engage and shed. In coverage, Smith seems to lose his man at times. He is not great in coverage on tape, but he can do it.
      Another issue for Smith is that while he played four seasons, his only major year came as a senior. In 2013, he had five games of multiple sacks and five without any quarterback take downs. He got his sacks in bunches which may have been due to lining up against a poor player at left tackle or a bad offensive line. For instance, he had three sacks against Rutgers and 2.5 against Connecticut. He had another two against Miami in a game that saw Hurricanes quarterback Stephen Morris hold onto the ball like it was his child (i.e. he held the ball way too long and his offensive line under-performed). Smith does have the one-hit wonder feel, but luckily has experience as well.
      He would probably more comfortable initially as a 4-3 defensive end, but his talent really fits a 3-4 outside linebacker, which means he will have to learn a new position in the NFL. That may mean that teams have to slowly ease him into the position as a rookie.
      Eagles needed another OLB. It was one of the three major need positions. This guy apparently is a QB turned OLB turned DE who is long and and versatile and has speed and is the apparent heir to Trent Cole. But…SHIT. What? Who? WHAT GUYS??
      This dude better be the dude because us fans have been making sweet mental love to a lot of wide receivers since this draft process started and we don’t have any of them.
      At least Howie got another 3rd rounder out of it. In Chip We Trust.

      1. Agreed Mhenski…the WRs made the draft crazy. But in all actuality no one was enamored with them like we thought.

        However the 2nd round is now a treasure chest at that position and later.

        Hell Hageman was a first round lock on every board I saw.

      2. Two more takeaways

        KoolbreeZe is dyslexic and doesn’t know the difference between 4.5 and 14.5.

        1. Not in chip I trust although I do trust him. That article was a copy and paste from barstoolsports

      3. Good stuff Henski

        I like this Pick and am ok with Marcus Smith as Eagles 1st Round Pick
        and #26 .. Too many get fixated on which round a Player is selected which means zippo to me since where a PLayer is Selected has not bearing on his performance on the field… At the end of the Day, Can he Kid play or not, Is he Coachable,and be Committed to learn more techniques, get bigger and stronger and can he make this Team better and contribute and I believe the answer is Yes he can on Marcus Smith..

    2. mh, now the Foles haters, can go f^#@ themselves! Are you surprised Lil Bron-Bron was wrong. He’s going around talking shit all morning, hanging on other posters nuts, trying to form allies against me. It’s highly amusing, of what a retarded imbecile he is! Can’t wait to hear what his imaginary sources tell him, about all the moves Howie’s going to make today. He already stated so with a comment, the “He heard”. F^#@ing @$$miner!

      1. Haaaa I’m not surprised that’s why I’ve been making fun of him
        Every time he said chip wants Johnny runaround. He makes me laugh at him everyday he posts.

        Such a know nothing moron

    3. I never said it would definitely happen buddy, read my post correctly hoe#2

      I said it could happen! Chip does love Johnny but they have 3-4 QBs already..

      Btw my prediction of Manziel falling was correct. He could a been a bird if it was a yr earlier

      And my takeaway is that your still obssessed with me probably more than dcarjack is which is frightening.. yikes

      1. You have to be relevant, & of importance, to be obsessed over! You are a retarded, imbecilic little boy, that has multiple psychosis, with no life, & imaginary friends, & sources! Go away fool, & go clean the sand out of your lady parts!

        1. Mr. Porter is still writing when he’s supposed to be scrubbing..

          Get to work porter, toilets on the 10th floor needs your attention.. Now!!!

          1. Same old lines, same nonsense! Beat it loser! Go buy some no frills items, with your food stamps! I have a life, 2 jobs, & make more money than you can ever hope to make little boy! I’m on vacation, until the 19th. All I have to worry about, is my properties right now. You must live in a project high rise, because you are obsessed with getting your toilet, on the 10th floor cleaned. What’s the matter, your toilet broke, & you tired of pissing & $#!tting in your sink? Get lost loser!

            1. What are you talking about bowl licker?! You clean the toilets in my office building, why are you playing dumb?! Maybe you’re not playing..

              Why dont you make up a new mock draft mr porter?! Dont forget to add Marcus Smith hahaha!

              1. You know about licking, because your tongue is stuck up your boy Bron-Bron’s ass, & you have callouses on your tongue, for it being over used! Beat faggot, your jokes are stupid, nonsensical gibberish! Don’t waste my time fool! BTW, how’s your boy Johnny football doing? What do your sources have to say? Get lost! Beat it Gnat, before I get a can of Raid!

        2. your predictions yesterday:

          It would be in the Eagles best interest to draft Manziel before the Cowboys get to him at 16 or earlier (since cowboys may move up)… We don’t wanna have to deal with this kid in our division for the next 8-10 years… WRONG COWBOYS DIDNT WANT HIM, WRONG EAGLES DIDNT HAVE TO MOVE UP WRONG EAGLES DIDNT WANT HIM

          Then watch Manziel fall to the teens and nab him before the Cowboys do because they want Manziel bad there in Texas…WRONG COWBOYS DIDNT WANT HIM

          Manziel is our guy WRONG HE IS YOUR GUY HOMO

          Ive been saying Chip loves Manziel and Manziel loves Chip.. Chip tried recruiting him at Oregon but Manziel picked Texas A&M at the last second (his home state)..Manziel fits this offense like a glove..If you liked what Foles did last year, wait until you see Manziel run it if they draft him…WRONG CHIP DOESNT LOVE JOHN OR HE WOULD BE AN EAGLE, IF HE FIT LIKE A GLOVE HE’D BE AN EAGLE, ONLY AN IMBECILE WOULD THINK EAGLES WOULD DRAFT JOHN MANZIEL

          Cowboys going Pryor or Manziel WRONG

          Johnny to the Birds????!!!! WRONG


          Its Latimer or Lee.. Or you go with one of my guys Kelvin Benjamin WRONG



          1. You took the time out of your worthless boring life to repost my posts during the draft hahaha get you’re head checked dude you have waaay too much time on your hands

            Instead of proving how wrong I was you’re in actuality showing how psychotic you are hahaha you just reposted my post last night during the draft hahaha what a lifeless loser

              1. Oh yea thats right, you have one hand on your mouse and the other on your dick, what a multitasker

                Doesn’t take you long huh?! Just 30seconds

  22. Marquise Lee was off their board due to medical issues and the guy they were going to draft was Dee Ford but good old Andy drafted him. Just seems to me they panicked and btw I would have hated Ford as well.

    1. it did seem like they panicked. i just listened to howie and the tone of his voice indicated to me he goofed (maybe im reading to much into his tone?)

      he did say they tried to trade down again

      1. mh, that’s what I got out of it. He back tracked his prior BPA BS too! F^#@ing morons! 1 GM Axed in Homer, Ruin 2morrow, & Weaselman to go.

    2. BL, I heard Howie just say that Lee was off their board due to medical concerns. Who do you think they will pursue as far as receiver? I’m thinking Lattimer or Martavis Bryant.

      1. Eagle, Matthews, Lattimer, Robinson, Benjamin, Moncrief, Adams are still available. But, I think they are going to go quick, so Weaselman better redeem himself with the rest of this nightmare!

        1. DCAR, Benjamin got swallowed up by Carolina at 28. You’re right, I forgot about Mathews. I’m not that high on Robinson as I hate Penn State (but will root for them now because I like James Franklin’s coaching style). I’m skeptical of Moncrief’s hands. I’m aware of Adam’s production but I’ve never watched him play so I’m not equipped to say how good he is. I do like Mathews, yes he could definitely be their target. I wouldn’t be mad about that!

          1. Eagle, yeah you’re right. Forgot about Carolina. My anger clouded my mind. My only hope now, is they somehow get a combo of Matthews, Moncrief, Adams, Jean-Baptiste, McGill, Desir, Ellis, McCullers.

    3. Big, if they were going to draft a reach project like Smith, they could have just stayed put at #22, & drafted Ford. Who is a better pass rusher, but equally not a fit at ROLB, in a 3-4. It was a panic, reach, & a mistake. No way around it. Howie was just on WIP back tracking with his prior verbal diarrhea, of taking the best player available! He also admitted he is a 2-3 year project! Great pick in the 1st golden boy! Great pick! Smartest man in the room again! They panicked, & reached! PERIOD!

      1. They need to make a splash because they are using up some serious trust with the fans. Talking heads have Deone Bucannon the top rated value pick in the first round. I hate the Eagles front office just pick the best player that’s all.

        1. Big, be prepared for more head scratching whoppers tonight & tomorrow. Expect more Logan’s, Barkley’s, & Smith’s!

          1. DCar, I’m taking my wife out for a pre Mothers Day dinner and turning off my NFL.com alerts. I don’t even want to know what they do next. I’ll just read about it.

            1. I’m taking my wife out tonight too, but I am a glutton for punishment, I’ll probably leave mine on! LOL! I wish I was going away this week, instead of next, because I would have been other occupied, instead of getting sucked in the draft. Leaving tomorrow, driving to Tennessee, then to Savannah Georgia, then ending in Jacksonville on Friday. Flying back next Sunday. Visiting Family & friends, & my twin boys, & Brother in Jax! Can’t wait.

              1. savannah is a good time especially if you like to toss a few back, love their main street!

                atlantic beach is awesome near jacksonville, great restaurants

              2. have fun dcar. i booked a house in the outter banks for a week in july but i need a vacation now

              3. Thanks mh! I’m looking forward to Savannah, & Jax. Tennessee is just rest stop for the day, at my Brother in laws. Savannah is my in laws, & my Brother, & twin boys are in Jax. Gonna have fun. Gonna spend alot of time on main street with my Brother in laws, & Nephews. Got a feeling, once I get there, my Wife will take over driving duties. LOL!

  23. I’m happy to see the Eagles were thinking defense last night and I’m not upset with this pick…But not excited either..The draft is tricky, you never know what players is going to be a bust. I think Smith will surprise many of you…! Maybe not year 1, but sooner than you think! It’s not the players fault he was used best to fit his athleticism in college. In college we see that with a lot of teams….

    Smith will play the OLB position on the Eagles, and he’s probably more athletic than all LB’s on the squad (minus Kendricks) One question I do have is how well he can cover? he may already be better than both Cole and Graham in that area.

    1. He’ll be good in this offense henski, I think they’ll be active trying to trade guys this weekend they almost have to release or give away Graham and Curry for that matter.

    1. They are going to flip him for a pick next year. They can still carry him contract wise but I agree with you he would be a nice pickup. However hes banged up alot. When he plays he balls.

      1. i dont think he is gonna get flipped for a pick. players just dont get traded often. i wouldnt give up anything higher than a 5 for him

  24. It’s also just plain weird that both of Kelly’s first rounders entered college as QB’s. Just flat out weird, on a good note Marcus Smith said all the right things this morning especially when he said he wants to dominate.

  25. Anthony Barr and Marcus Smith are virtually the same player.. Barr is just as raw as Smith…

    Both will have a impact in the league but both have a lot of work to do..

  26. ok just watched smiths highlite package and dude looks fast, strong, and has some type of field presence thats needed (relentless in pursuit). kids gonna make tackles work.

    just a highlite package but i came away fairly impressed the dude sure looks the part of a LEO . guys big and thick.

    ive never been sold on the smurf kendricks so its nice to get some size out their in our lb corp.

    hope the eagles were right

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