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Eagles Reached For Marcus Smith

smithmMarcus Smith is your first round pick.  If the selection radiates with “disappointment,” knowing you missed out on a top end safety, the “Brandon Graham” feeling has returned.

After watching Ha Ha Clinton-Dix go one spot ahead of us, the Eagles moved back, acquired a third round pick, and the wait for our first round selection was put on hold.

At pick #26, Marquis Lee was there for the taking, a few other names could have been acceptable, but not the choice to draft Smith.

This was a reach, not a mere “few picks,” but a minimum of a round, maybe two.

There is no excuse for drafting a guy who is a situational player that you “hope” can start in this league.  Plenty of higher graded outside linebackers were available if you were looking for that edge rusher, and could have been selected in the second round.

The Eagles could have traded out of round 1, and maybe round 2 and still have selected Smith.  Kelly acknowledged that Smith was their guy at pick #22, maybe Chip should stick to picking offensive players.

This is not a move reminiscent of a franchise looking to inch closer to a Super Bowl.  To hear Chip “blush” about the “measurements” of Smith, a former quarterback who played a non-conventional role in college which led to his high sack total, this pick is “absurd.”

Eagle fans should be outraged about what took place in the first round of the 2014 draft.  Witnessing the Saints willing to move up to take Cooks, trying to win now, I thought we shared that vision.  What was Green Bay asking to move up one spot?  I don’t care the price, we should have done it.

Denanrd at #22 would have been a solid move.  Picking Lee, taking a chance with Benjamin, even help at defensive line would have been the way to go.

Moving back to acquire an additional pick after trading with the Browns will be overshadowed by the player we ended up selecting.

What can the Eagles do in day 2 of the draft with their now “3” selections that will redeem what many will feel as an “F” for their day one choice?

I don’t get it.  There is nothing about this pick that I can agree with, accept and try to rationalize as a good move for this franchise.

I’m disappointed in Chip and Howie for misjudging where a guy like Marcus Smith would be selected.  Even if they would have taken him in round 2, I would have been shocked.

This is not the start to the draft we envisioned.  The extra two weeks of waiting, the prospect grades, mock drafts and projections and we end up with Marcus Smith? on Facebook

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130 Comments for “Eagles Reached For Marcus Smith”

  1. Maybe Gloomy should have Sent Chip & Howie his
    Magical ” Trade-Value Chart”…

  2. Tonight’s Picks help ease the sting of last ninght Pick

    #54. WR Dontae Moncrief (Miss State)
    #83. CB Pierre Desin (Lindenwood)
    #86. DT Caraun Reid (Princeton)

    • Paulman… do you project Reid as a DE in the 3-4? He weighs in just a smidge over 300lbs. At #86 we could certainly get a solid player, do you see him as the best option? Break it down, Moncrief, Desin….absolutely! I’m not as familiar with Reid.

      • Caruan Reid is a very active and athletic DL who at 6-2 302lbs has the frame to put on 10-15lbs in a NFL Program in 2 Years Time..
        He’s smart,physical and fundamentally sound.. he could be a swing DL playing a 5-Technique as a DE against Teams that Run the ball more and also play DT to spell Logan and be a Rotational DT

        With a limited DT Draft Class
        There is R Hageman & T Jernigan & Da’Quan Jones and Sutton who will all go in the 2nd Round..
        In 3rd Round there are Kelcey Quarles, Ego Fergeson, Anthony Johnson & McCullers, & Reid
        There’s just not many DT’s that stand out but the Eagles have to get some Depth behind Logan so Versatility will be the key and I think Caraun Reid fits the type of Profile that Kelly likes which are smart, coachable, athletic and versatile players
        I also like kelcey Quarles

        • Paul, I don’t think the Eagles are going DT now, maybe in the 7th. They are saying Benny Logan is up to 320.

          • With a 3-4 Scheme and only carrying 7 DL, you need Versatility and Depth. Outside of Fletcher Cox, all other DL will be in and out on a Rotational Basis.. I think Logan is about 40 Snap a Game Player and not 60-65 Snaps.. maybe this Army Ranger Villanueva can be that guy, but hell, he hasn’t played football in what 4 Years..

  3. I’m a Genuis and I have it all figured out, did I mention I’m a Genuis.

  4. Jeff, going into the draft an OLB pass rusher who could cover was the number 1 need. If we had traded back into the beginning of round 1 and drafted Smith, most would have said it was brilliant. Let’s see who we draft at 83 and see how the kid plays before jumping off the Ben Franklin bridge.

    • OldPhillyfan…. Smith can’t cover. He was used to “blitz/rush” only, and he played in a free lance style defense that will not equate to the NFL level.

      If Eagles would have taken him in round 3, I’m not in the state I’m in today. The fact of the matter is….he is not “start now” ready. That is unacceptable with a first round selection, minus a QB you want to ease into the mix.

      • Kolsky I understand not liking the pick., however he wasn’t a 3rd. He was a mid to late 2nd at best and he was on the radar of teams like the 9ers.

        I am not in love with the pick myself but I understand it. I know a couple of scouts who are mind boggled the G from UCLA is still available.

        At the Senior Bowl he graded out as the best DE to OLB conversion. He was going to be gone in the 2nd.

        • Ok, 2nd round guy… So the Eagles could have traded back, and I’m pretty sure they were attempting to as the clock ran under 1 minute for their selection.

          I have to go with the assumption the Eagles misread a few teams and the direction they would go and that they were willing to go to obtain a player.

          I get we had only 6 picks going into the draft, and moving up to pick #20 where they could have gone offense with Cooks or defense with Ha Ha would have cost us a 3rd round pick.

          I believe fans would have understood, and would have applauded the gusto to make such a move.

          Instead we have a guy not able to start from day one.

          • Your under the assumption teams wanted to trade back again. Manziel was the wild card and the eagles got over value from Cleveland to move up. Trading up from 22 just to move up a few spots and giving up a 3rd for a safety in a weak safety class would have pissed me off more than this pick.
            Again this shows the idiocy behind alot of these mock drafts and the media was played big time. No other player shows that than Marquise Lee. He has the potential to fall all the way in the middle of the 2nd round. I just read two mocks having the Eagles picking him with their 54th pick.

            So let me put it to you this way. Using your mocks if they ended up with Lee at 22 then picked Smith at 54 would that have been crap?

            I highly doubt many could argue with that.

            • I was good with Lee at #22. Smith at 54….

              If Lawrence (Boise st.), Bradford (ari st.) attaochu (g-tech), van noy (byu), murphy (standford), and Reiley (Utah) were all off the board….yes I would have been fine with Smith.

              • Ive never been fine with Lee. Hes just Maclin all over again. What would be the point. Plus I think hes damaged goods. Too many excuses made for his drop off last year. So Lee at 22 or 26 would have left me pissed. Especially with the way the draft is has been playing out.

                Louis Nix is in the 2nd round. So is Filo. Tuitt. Latimer. Etc.

      • According to Greg Cosell, Smith can cover (which you can see on tape).
        If Greg and the Eagles are right and he can cover, does that change your opinion?

        • OldPhilly, I’m alright with the type of player that Smith projects to be at the pro level. If the Eagles selected this kid with the 3rd rd pick they received from Cleveland, I’d be fine.

          The issue is not the player, its where he was taken.

  5. Wow should’ve traded down even more I’m at a loss for words on one hand and on the other hand at least five other teams took players that should’ve went in the 2nd rd so I guess only time will tell.

  6. Action News Reports a line of 10,000 Eagle Fans already at
    The WW Bridge and are in line to take their plunges..
    Radio Host Angelo Cataldi is handing out the Jumpers
    A “Johnny Football Jersey” as a final farewell..
    More Details as I make them up…

  7. Hope Angelo is the first one off the bridge!

    • GM Cliff is organizing a “Plunge Group”
      At the Delaware Memorial Bridge,
      Please allow enough time if traveling thru
      Cliff handing out his homemade “Sweat-Suit Outfits”
      that he’s been hanging onto..

      • Not even close Paul. I have to admit, I was thrown by the pick, but when I think about it – That is the position that I have been screaming for, and although I’d rather have Kony Ealy – whom Marcus Smith is no different, or better than – I am now in wait, and see mode.

        • Gmcliff…Ealy too big and slow but I rated Attaucho higher than Smith.

          • Ealy ran a 4.57 at his pro day JBird., I’d say that’s faster than Marcus Smiths 4.67……not slow, and can drop into coverage, as he talked about on game changers……..not accurate brother….

        • I’m with you Cliff. People need to just relax. If they think he is the guy them so be it. He was not a third round prospect and this is a huge position of need. Glad they traded back and got an extra pick. I’m also glad they didn’t take Marqise Lee (Maclin 2.0).

        • That’s fair Cliff, it’s too much bridge jumping here. This kid is being trashed…comparing him to Jon Harris and Brandon Graham is unfair, let him prove himself, if he can’t play, trash em, but damn…give the kid a chance at least.

  8. WR’s landing the NFC
    Giants take Odell Beckham
    Saints select Brandin Cooks
    Panthers grab Benjamin..

    Eagles better add a Cover CB tonight

  9. I waited for this craziness to happen I’m friggin shocked this has to be howies doing not chip!

  10. No matter who the Eagles would have picked, everyone would still be bitching this morning! Casual fans are NEVER happy with what the Eagles do. A true fan steps back and thinks about the pick and see’s what the thinking was. They needed a pass rusher and they took one. End of story! All bitching does is show how little of a fan you are.

    • Riiiight! Because we are more informed than you about the kid, & know it was a reach, & mistake, doesn’t make us a real fan? GTFOH, you idiot! Casual fans? WTF are you talking about? Everyone on this site are diehards, you dope! Have you ever seen this kid play, or even know the facts on him? They need a pass rusher? What happened to the verbal diarrhea, that Weaselman has been spewing the last 2 years, about drafting BPA! This was a panic move, a reach, & he was far from the BPA!!!!! You brainwashed lemmings kill me!

      • Yes you are a casual fan you douche bag! The bpa at the time was a QB…so we should have drafted a QB? And what move Foles to WR? Maybe today when the bpa is a RB, we’ll draft one and move Shady to CB…..think before you talk from now on, you sound retarded. A true fan knows the teams needs and realize OLB was the biggest need. I agree they should have tried to trade back but it takes 2 to dance. Maybe they couldn’t find a trade partner, ever think of that? NO YOU DIDN’T!!!!!!

        • Hey retarded lemming, your hero Roseman, is the one that has been spewing BPA for the last 2 years, not me, you fucktard. I’ve been harping on filling needs for the last 2 years! You are a clueless JO! I’m a diehard, not a casual fan. I have a mind of my own, & don’t just except the BS spewed by the PR machine. Apparently, you are too stupid to understand that! Get lost E0S!

          • Hey fag bag….I’m not e0s. Are you gmcliff? You didn’t answer my questions….you are the type of tard that would be bitching if they had gotten Clowney. Every prospect has areas they need to improve in and no prospect is a perfect fir for anyone. The Eagles needed a pass rusher, which you must not have known, and they filled the need. You clearly are clueless bc the bpa was a QB and you are screaming that they should have taken the bpa…….get a clue before you spew shit out your mouth.

            • The BPA was Dennard you jack off! Again, listen you fucktard, I didn’t talk about the best player available, Roseman has been beating that dead horse for 2 years! I want holes filled. DO YOU UNDERSTAND IDIOT? Smith was neither the best pass rusher still there, nor the best player there, you jack off. He was rated a low 2nd-3rd rounder! It was a REACH, UNDERSTAND???? If they wanted to take a reach, project, they should have taken Ford at #22, or drafted Attaochu, who both are better pass rushers than him, & equally non-fits! You don’t know WTF you are talking about. You never even seen this guy play. I have. BTW, the only fag bag, lemming is you. Case & point, “no prospect is a perfect fir for anyone.” Your words dumbass! So there is not one prospect, in an entire draft, that aren’t perfect fits, for any team? So, every team just throws darts, & goes eeny, meany, miney, mo, to make their picks! But, I’m the clueless one? Beat turd breath, you are another know nothing, imbecile!

              • So Clowney is a perfect fit for Houston? He was a DE at South Carolina moving to OLB in Houston. I can keep going and going….so you tell me ONE prospect that has a perfect game and went to a team that he fits perfectly.
                I have seen Smith play, as Louisville was on tv alot this year bc of Bridgewater, so I saw him just as much as you have jackass!
                Just to show how little you know….Chip says “big people beat up little people” so why would they draft midget Ford. Smith is 250+, 6’3″+ and 34″ reach….all big people measurements. Better go look at more then your own rankings….there were experts out there that had him as the 3rd or 4th best pass rusher out there. See its all in the eye of the beholder, so to the Eagles you know nothing hence why you flip burgers and they work in the NFL.
                Dennard was not the bpa when Smith was taken, at least not by Mayock or Kiper or Jeremiah or McShay….so again according to the Eagles you are wrong AGAIN!
                What makes Smith a non fit btw? The last 2 years he played OLB in the Cards 3-4 defensive scheme…so explain yourself.
                IF they would have had a willing trade partner I’m sure they would have traded down but they didn’t and they didn’t have the ammo to trade up.
                I WILL remind all you whiny ass babies how you’s have been bashing the Birds all off season when they are in the playoffs after winning the East….

    • Good freaking stuff Igglessb I couldn’t agree more

      Dcarjack is leading the charge in emotional posts, whinning crying over 1 guy. Hes an emotional joke. Happy everyone is able to see it now

      He does this EVERY SINGLE YEAR. complains about each pick

  11. Question for everyone on here I don’t think he was the bpa by far but with that said who was the bpa at that point that fit the eagles cause I think wr. Lee was to small die what chip wanted so who was bpa.

    • Moncrief is a name to pay attention to. He has great size, and well above average hands. Martavius Bryant who played at Clemson is very raw, but he is a tall kid with top end speed.

      The other WR out of LSU, Landry would be a tough, slot style WR.

      If the Eagles are looking for a smaller like player, Richardson out of Colorado has similar “Mike Wallace” traits. Ellington out of South Carolina is Steve Smith like.

      The WR class is deep, there will be guys on Saturday that I think could step in and contribute this season.

      • I like D Moncrief, J Landry and Davante Adams a lot as NFL WR’s with upside and especially in the Eagles System .. I think Landry could be a great Slot Receiver, Punt Returner and is probably the toughest and most physical WR pound for pound in this Entire Draft
        Ellington from South Carolina is another Wild-Card and very Versatile & Athletic Player, but has less experience that the others I listed
        2 More PLayers to be on look out as Slot WR’s in the mid-Rounds
        Robert Herron from Wyoming and Michael Camponaro from Wake Forest who is like a Wes Welker type and just makes plays and 1st Downs
        When looking at Current Eagles Roster of WR’s (Maclin,Cooper,Benn,Momah,Brad Smith,D Johnson, J Maehl)
        Not one of the WR’s are Slot guys except for Jeff Maehl..
        They need to Draft a Slot WR Specialist and Jarvis Landry, Herron,Campanaro would all be perfect fits for Eagles Offense

  12. What it proves again is MOCK DRAFTS ARE BULLSHIT lol. The only thing valuable in the mocks are the actually no. picks themselves.

    If you look at the Mocks and the amount of first round drafted players that are still on the board that I saw here and other websites for the last 2 months if it was job and you were reviewed on accuracy they would all be fired.


  13. BigL with the amount of players that are still left that I saw in Mock drafts you could redraft the whole first round lol.

    Hageman Jernigan Lawrence Tuit Lee Matthews Latimer Carr Ealy Nix Landry

    Lets all just settle down.

  14. Marcus Smith was a very good pick. If you haven’t watched him yet go to YouTube and check him out..

    You’ll see that he drops back better than both Cole and Graham. I expect graham to be gone today, traded in an effort to move up in the draft and make room for Smith at OLB.. its a position on our team riddled with guys who are really 4-3 DEs trying to play OLB in a 3-4..

    Not a good look.. expect trades..

    • I agree! The funny thing is, everybody wanted Barr and yet everyone was saying the same exact thing about him, he’s raw, he hasn’t played the position long ect, the only difference between the two is that Barr is two inches taller. My thing is this, if Gamble n Donahoe said get this guy then I’m all for it, NO ONE can pick linebackers for a 3-4 D like them, I bet they get a first round talent today plus a quality pick with that extra 3rd. One more thing, if Lee was so worthy of that pick how come nobody else took him? Are they crickets I hear ?

      • They reached for the guy…he would have been available at 54! Also the guy is weak against the run…last I checked…we were getting run over by the Saints…

    • I did see the video…on more than half his sacks he was unblocked against less than stellar competition (ie Temple, s.florida) . I didn’t see one clip of him dropping back into coverage. My problem with the pick is I think Dennard and Lee will be better pros and we could have gotten Smith in the second or third round.

      • Thew Eagles are concerned about Lee’s medical issue…I guess it’s knee related.As far as corner…Dennard is to small for what they want at the position.

      • Good point repski looking at highlights of a guy tells you nothing…is this guy better than Trent Cole? He is weak against the run, and they reached for the guy…in all likely hood this guy would have been available at 54. No one projected this guy as a first round pick….Dennard and Lee were projected as first round talent….
        Yeah everyone wants to dress it up…but it was a bad pick for the first round…its a reach

        • And Lee is still waiting to be selected as he is now a second round pick and Dennard went at the end of the first. Projections are just that, it takes one team to believe the player is a first rounder or less than that. Relax dude. Have you ever seen him play a full game? My guess is know. Where are you getting your information about him, from people who watched highlights.

          • All of these guys are projects…maybe he will be good…but listen to the description of the guys strengths and weaknesses ….and again…I’m not impressed…weak against the run…another speed pass rusher who will drop back some…another ‘finesse’ guy. What’s the big difference between this guy and Brandon Graham or Curry? Can he beat out Trent Cole?
            These questions make you wonder…

    • I sense a Trade to the Falcons with Brandon Graham

      Eagles Send their 5th Rd Pick (#162) and Graham to the Falcons for their 4th Round Pick (#103 Overall)

      Now the Eagles would have 2 3rd Rounders (#83 & #86)
      and 2 4th Round Selections (#103 & #122) which could be 4 Solid Selections from the 83rd to 122nd Selections before the big Drop Off-begins in the later Rounds
      Do it Howie…

  15. A little perspective…..The people in charge of developing the 32 teams do not talk about the draft, and when the do it is all posturing. So the media/talking heads (i.e. people who have no idea how to develop a franchise or else they would be paid to do so) are forced to form their own player grades/mock drafts and then applaud/damn the actual picks based on those fugazi mock drafts/player grades. That would be like reading a WebMD article and then telling your doctor what the diagnosis should be. Then, when he tells you that you aren’t dying of AIDs but simply have a common cold, you call him an idiot.

  16. My Surprises of the 1st Round

    1) Cleveland selecting CB J Gilbert at #8 after trading down to #9 with Buffalo and then moving up to #8 to get Gilbert
    2) Detroit Selecting TE Ebron instead of Selecting OT Lewan, Or CB Fuller or a Safety (Detroits Offense now has weapons at WR in Megatron,Golden Tate,TE Ebron, RB’s Bush.. Pretty scary stuff but still have so-so OL and a Crappy Secondary)
    3) Giants taking WR Odell Beckham at #12, I though t they would go OT Zac Martin to help sure up their OL, though with the loss of Nicks and Cruz having some injuries and questions about his back, I guess WR does make sense..
    4) Cowboys taking OL Z Martin instead of addressing Defense where they could have used Safety Dix, LB Mosely, DT or DE.. but now Cowboys are going old school with putting together a very good and young OL in LT Tyree Smith, Center Travis Frederick and now Zack Martin who will probably play RT gives them 3 really good and potential Pro-Bowlers along their OL in 2 Years Time..
    5) Steelers taking OLB Ryan Shazier instead of CB D Dennard..
    Shazier is a little on the small side for Steeler LB’s and since they Drafted Jarvis Jones last Year, I just didn’t see the need as great as updating their CB or Safety Corp which is led by 34 Year old Ike Taylor and a aging Safety Troy Palomula
    6) Chief’s taking DE Dee Ford instead of addressing WR or OL
    Cheifs already have Tamba Hali and Justin Houston as OLB edge Rushers..
    7) Patriots selecting DT Dominique Easly of Florida who most have a mid-late 2nd Round grade and also coming off knee injury also..

    Saints moving up to #20 was a brilliant move by them, I really believe that Eagles were Targeting WR Cooks at #22 with a fall back plan of taking Safety Dix and when both went off the Board, it was a no-brainer to Trade back which is what I expected all along and even to the Browns for their #26 & #83 since we all knew that they would want to move up to get a QB who I thought would be Derek Carr , but instead was Johnny Football who was suprisingly still on the Board.. ..

  17. They addressed our pass rush, this is good. I agree with Jeff in that from all of the pre-draft hype, I believe that they could have picked this player, the Defensive Player of the Year in the ACC, later in the 2nd or 3rd round. I would have been happy to see them trade back again, with Cleveland who was reportedly trying to get back into the 1st round again. But we did not, and we have a player that is hopefully everything that Chip and Howie wanted. Only time will tell.

  18. Jeff – if you think we should be “outraged” by this, I think you need a life. This is a game. I watch the Eagles and root for them because it’s fun. There are legitimate things in life to get outraged about. The guy my favorite pro team drafts is NOT one of them. And what’s funny is that you’re saying the same things that were said about the Seahawks’ draft in 2012. Hmmm…maybe, just maybe the Eagles know more about this than you do.

    • Lancaster Eagle……. Eagles football, the Philadelphia diehard, yes this is more then a game. This fan base, the knowledge, emotion, dedication, passion, we bleed green.

      This will never be just a sport in this city. Something we root for on Sunday’s, Monday’s Thursday’s.. and a Saturday game this year..

      This is a way of life. You live it 24/7 365 days a year. I visit daily to these comments to be involved with this special fan base.

      You go to the Linc, and you have a family of over 60,000. No food, drink in the parking problem, someone has you covered.

      Am I taking this too far? Never….. this city, this fan base…my blood is running cold with E!A!G!L!E!S! chants running through my veins.

      I will never declare myself better then the front office, coaches..

      This particular situation. Marcus Smith in the 1st round. That is what this article is about.

      Not the talent of the player, it was the talent of others that were passed by that would have started day #1.

      • I hear ya, Jeff; but I struggle with that…a lot. When the end of your life draws near, the performance of the Philadelphia Eagles will mean little or nothing to you. It’s a fun pastime, no doubt. Heck, I’m here reading articles, so I’m a pretty dedicated fan too. I get fired up during games the same as everybody else. But again, when we don’t really know about a guy’s value to this team, or where he was on other draft boards, it is simply comical to rip the pick to shreds, and then suggest we should be outraged by it. What if this guy steps in day 1 and impresses, takes the job from Trent Cole and becomes a stud? (*cough***Bruce Irvin***cough*) I get outraged if someone molests my daughter. I get outraged if someone keys my car. I get outraged if government takes over my life. I’m sorry, but we should never let anything in the arena of the NFL Draft outrage us. Perhaps we’ll just have to agree to disagree on this one…

  19. with NFL films being so close to the Nova Care Center in Mount Laurel, NJ- they have too many moles in their building – Mayock, Cosell, Kaplan, Jeremieh, Jaws, Riddick, Baldinger, Davis, Paolantonio, Hansen — every team in the NFL knows their business — unless they trade up for Graham, Maclin or Cox they are getting hopped for the likes of Dion Jordan or Brandin Cooks

  20. Marcus Smith is a finesse player –
    admiringly I never seen him play,just views the highlight reels on Youtube but he has no pass rushing moves. He seems like a wide nine speed rusher against non NFL tackles. The first day of camp Trent Cole is going to knock his ass on the turf and pancake his butt for 10 minutes and walk off the field and chuckle that is the crap you just purchased. Phillip Hunt is probable laughing is ass off. That guy is my replacement. He couldn’t push Trent Williams or Tyron Smith backwards with caterpillar machine.

    • Yeah E0S he is a QB playing OLB just like Nate Allen he’s going to avoid contact because that’s his natural football instincts. He really needs to up his physicality unless he’s just going to rush the passer. We really shouldn’t be drafting projects with the 26th pick of the first round.

      • Grade F –
        he will never be able to play on the line of scrimmage against Justin Pugh, Trent Williams, Zach Martin, Tyron Smith, Lane Johnson or Jasan Peters. This guy is not strong enough. I hope he can cover tight ends and have Barwin replace Trent Cole because this guy is getting pancaked if they line him up to go against Russell Okung or Joe Staley.

        • You have all these football people who get paid to make these decisions why for the life of me couldn’t they see he wasn’t physical enough to put his hand in the dirt and those 14.5 sacks were because he could stand up and run around less athletic college tackles. You cannot teach guys how to set the edge that is natural aggression. He has to want to do it does he have that dog in him?

  21. First off, he led the country in sacks and was AAC defensive player of the year that doesn’t just happen for no reason.. Pass rushers were going quickly much like safeties were so they had to reach to get a position of need.. If you were holding on to the possibility of a dion jordan trade get real the dolphins would have been on the hook for 10 mil after drafting him #3 overall just a year ago.. He’s going to be getting the pressure on passing downs while giving 30 year old Trent cole a break here and there.

    The eagles have cole, Ryan’s, and barwin who are all experienced leaders who will help him learn the proper techniques because as all you highlight reel analysts can see the raw talent is there.. That’s the thing about rookies guys.. They develop

    • You don’t reach for a need that leads to busts. Bortles, Juwan James and Marcus Smith were drafted for need let’s see it works out . It never has worked for the Eagles but it’s all a crapshoot.

  22. We have yet to see him play a game and your already labeling him a bust.. Shows how great of fans we are

    • Who’s labeling Smith a bust I said when you reach for a need you wind up with busts. Who the hell knows how this turns out. Did you not see where I said let’s see how this turns out?

      • BigL- Kolsky- read Kempskis article today.

        He had Smith on the radar and he had him as a trade back pick. However he had it before the draft that you could trade back to get him…however he probably wouldnt have been that at 54.

    • Sean, I don’t believe anyone is labeling this guy as a bust. I believe fans are venting, and are accurate in every regard, is he was taken way too high.

      In regards to “blitzing” outside linebackers, there were a handful of other names who were better suited to come in and push for a starting job.

      Smith could absolutely be a successful player in this league. Chip, Howie and Gamble know talent.

      This does not feel that way, atleast to me. Something is unsettling about this pick, this reach.

      • I respect your opinion but I think your enamored with players you had drafted in the first round and alot of those players are still there on day 2.

        Like I stated above Kempski had this guy pegged to the Eagles and I have a buddy of mine in the bay area who writes as well said it was this guy or DeMarcus Lawrence to the 49ers in the 2nd and on a trade up.

        Kempskis article hit it on the head. When Buffalo gave up what they did for Sammy Watkins it changed the entire draft. To give up a 3rd to move up from 22 to 15 would have been ridiculous. Even more ridiculous if the draft still fell out the same way and guys like Nix Lattimer Lee Hageman etc were available in the 2nd and now you dont have a 3rd to possibly trade up into the 2nd.

        I understand the out of left field fustration but after the dust settles it makes sense.

        • Spot on IJ. The more I read about Smith the more I like the pick. Measurables and production similar to Khalil Mack…yeah yeah I know, but we will find out soon enough.

          • I am not saying I like the pick but I understand it.

            At 22 I had been saying for quite sometime it would have been rare to get a real impact player.

            A good rotational player still helps. Especially if he can get in the 6-9 sack range year 1.

            An outside rusher was and still is key on this team. If you go with the thought process that the Eagles will average about 27-31 pts a game this year or something close to that than your looking at putting your defense on the field a lot for pure pass defense. You can tell this kid pin your ears back and just get the QB in year 1.

            The Seahawks did the same exact thing with Bruce Irvin year 1.

            Again not in love with the pick but I understand it. The 2nd round is treasure chest of talent right now. I would love to see the G from Ucla or Jordan Matthews.

  23. Maybe Smith turns out to be a great player. But as for now, he does indeed have Brandon Graham written all over it. Just when you think the Eagles are headed in the right direction, this shit happens. First D-Jax, and now this flat out “REACH” I’m disgusted. They better get it right in the 2nd rd. Damm cock suckers

  24. If we reached then so did Arizona with Buchanan who all the draft experts had as a 2nd rounder, maybe falling to us at 54, I guess the Patriots got it wrong taking Easly coming off an ACL, you cry baby’s make me laugh, name more then one guy who had more sacks then him this past year, last I checked that was one of our biggest needs, Mayock said it was a good pick, I’ll take his word over anyone’s on here.

    • Ap, it was a failure for the first round. Howie admitted today on the radio they had six players on their board. And all six were gone, which means they did nothing to aquire any of the six. Also he admitted that they did not have 32 grades for the entire first round. Which means they were not truly prepared for what happened to them. Howie roseman was on with Angelo cataldi this morning and said so.

      • It was not a failure stop the nonsense.

        The Buffalo Bills changed the entire draft by giving up 2 first round picks to move up 4 spots. After that everyone probably wanted the world to move up. Move up from 22 to 15 and it would have taken a 3 would have been ridiculous and even more so with the amount of talent that has fallen into the 2nd round. Now you have two 3s and the ability to move one of those into late in the 2nd or early in the 3rd.

        • They didnt get any of the players they truly wanted, initially its failure. Now the kid could be a player we have to wait and see.

  25. I would compare Marcus Smith’s talent level trying to replace Trent Cole equal to
    Damaris Johnson’s talent in an attempt to replace Desean Jackson. It is that large of a cap. It will never happen.

    • Many said that about Bruce Irvin. He was a reach especially when you have Chris Clemons on the team…..

      Where is Chris Clemons now?

      • Izell don’t compare the eagles to Seattle, the Seahawks have proven they can build a winner. The eagles have never proven that it it’s history. Super Bowl winner that is

        • Please stop with the nonsense. With the nonsense most of these posters put up Carroll and company would never have gotten the chance to do that after back to back 7-9 season and trading for Charlie Whitehurst and bringing in Matt Flynn.

          It took them 5 years to build that squad. With two excellent drafts and a gamble on a rookie DE that everyone thought was a reach.

      • Bruce Irvin is not a successful selection – they changed his position off the line of scrimage and made 4-3 base weakside linebacker like Akeem Jordan

        • Again looking from afar and not paying attention. He had 8 sacks year 1. He missed 4 games last year from PEDs. They moved him to OLB because they had no idea they were going to end up with Michael Bennett and Cliff Avril on the field.

          They were trying to get the best players on the field regardless of position.

          • Remember Bruce Irvin was a natural defensive football player.

            • I actually saw Irvin play since WV is the backyard of where I live in Va.

              He was a baby Jevon Kearse since college.

              Seahawks used him just like that year 1. His PED suspension is why they nabbed Bennett and Avril. Of course you move him to OLB if he can fill it if it means getting Bennett Avril on the field.

              And there was many times when it was all three pass rushing at once. Scary

    • E0S, have you ever watched this guy play enough games to truly make a fair analysis of his game/skill/ability? Prior to Trent Cole playing in Philly, did you know who he was and that he was going to be a good player on the NFL level while he was a Bearcat, keeping in mind that he was what, a 5th round pick?

    • Dude, are you serious? That is the most clueless statement you have made! Cole has been good but he is no superstar, and if he is so good why is pass rusher the Eagles biggest need? Smith is big, long reach, and can cover. He, like every other draftee needs to improve but to say he sucks is just plain stupid.
      If the Eagles draft M Lee today, then I would agree they are clueless bc he is close to the worst draft eligible WR.

      • trent cole body slammed Russell Okung and broke is arm —
        trent cole busted David Deihl’s enter hand and fingers —
        Marcus Smith will never be able to replace Trent Cole —
        Offensive lineman fear Trent Cole, he is a nasty tough football player, the only one on the team currently

        • Trent Cole is an overvalued good player that Andy Reid sold us as great.

          Stop with the overvalue of talent.

          Guy never even sniffed 15 sacks. Hes a nice solid player. Hes basically Brian Orakpo.

        • e0s….you clearly have no clue. Just bc he broke someone’s bones doesn’t mean jack crap. he had ZERO sacks the first 8 games…ZERO! Finished with 8 but NO ONE fears Cole anymore.

    • HAHAHAHA…dude, Cole was a 5th round pick. No one saw his talent coming! Now, you can sit here, without Smith having played a down in the NFL, and conclusively say that he’ll never be anywhere close to as good as Cole? I’m just sure you were dancing around the room in 2005 when Cole “slipped” all the way down the board to the 5th round because surely you had him pegged as a first round talent, right? Riiiiiiight… give me a break.

  26. What your going to see is that in the top of the 2nd a rush on the OLB position will come Van Noy At At Lawrence…this kid was not lasting to 54. However because of the dynamics of the draft Jordan Matthews Landry Robinson and hell maybe even Lee could be sitting there at 54.


    • Also there will be a rush on wide receivers, they will probably have to package picks to move up to get someone they want

      • So if in the 2nd they package a 4th to move up and they end up with a WR and they now still have two 3s they made out.

        At 54 there will arguably be no pass rushers safeties LBs at 2. So if they drafted Lee at 26 what were they going to do next or what were you going to complain about next. Reaching for LB in the 2nd?

        Stop the nonsense.

    • Izell I think receivers fly off the board early tonight like we’ve never seen before.

      • I think you see defense go early in the first round. This was not a good draft for defensive players.

        Also if Lee continues to drop there is something there no one knows about like his knee is made of rubber bands or something.

        • There’s a lot of D/Line still on the board which agains explains the limited upside of this 2014 Draft Class which was simply average to weak at DE and especially weak at DT

          Players like Hageman, Jernigan, Nix,Tuitt, hell even GM Cliffs sure sure 1st Rounder Selection Kony Ealy is on the board..
          Add in DE D Lawrence, DT DaQuan Jones, Kareem Martin, K Quarles, Ego Fergeson & Will Sutton,

          I expect a Run at QB’s WR & RB’s along with CB’s in this first half of the 2nd Round (Carr,Garappolo, Savage, McCarron) so many of these DL may still be on the Board in Round # 3

          • I agree with you. The upside down first round created a ton of value in the 2nd and 3rd rounds.

            • There were probably 7-8 Players taken at the end of the 1st Round that many had Graded as as 2nd Round Prospects

              1) #19 Dolphins OT Juwan James
              2) #23 Chiefs DE Dee Ford
              3) #26 Eagles OLB Marcus Smith
              4) #27 Cardinals Safety Deone Bucannon
              5) #28 Panthers WR kelvin Benjamin
              6) #29 Patriots DT Dominique Easly
              7) #31 49ers – Safety Jimmie Hall
              8) #32 Vikings QB Tedy Bridgewater

              That’s 1/4 or 25% of the Total 32 1st Round Selections when you break it down….

      • BigL with guys like Jernigan etc still available Eagles sit in a good place to get a good player in the 2nd. They can package a 2nd and 4th to move up if they really like someone and still have to 3rd rounders to play with.

        In peoples shock at the pick I think most are losing site of that. They are in a good position to get really good talent at 54 or trade up.

        • That pick they got from Cleveland is going to be key, it’s early in the 3rd round and it’s going to be some good athletes still on the board.

          • They are packaging that pick I think to get back up into the 2nd round. Theres no need to draft 83 and 86. Unless they want more picks in 4/5 or flip it for a 2 next year.

          • Biggy The Cleveland Pick is not their First Selection in the 3rd Round which is #68, it is their 2nd Pick in the 3rd Round that they got from a Trade with the Steelers last year which is #83

  27. Below is one NFL executives account of how they look at 1st rounders at the end of the round, we did fine.

    “Even if you have a mid-2 (grade) on Smith,” one said, “how many 2 or mid-2 grades do you have? Not 32. Maybe 16 or 17. Pretty much all the players that went last six, seven picks (in the first round) were graded Round 2, so you’re already down six.”
    Bottom line: Pass rushers were scarce going into this draft. If you wanted one, you better get him quickly.

    • Exactly Andrew and what I’ve been saying all Pre-Draft run-up.
      This Draft Class was very thin across the DL and especially DT so if you
      don’t get one early then won’t get a quality player who has a chance which is why I was pissed during Free-Agency when the Eagles failed to address the DL knowing that not much help or impact was going to come thru the Draft which is poor Roster Management by GM Roseman and Staff

  28. So everyone keeps bitching but lets look at it like a sane person….they didn’t have the ammo to move up in the draft having only 6 picks. Graham isn’t going to get much more then a 5th-6th rnd pick so forget that now. They traded back and got an extra pick, and they may or may not have tried trading again but apparently there was no interested partner. So they took who they thought was the bpa at a position of need. They don’t need a QB or RB so why draft one just to draft one. Yes I am a tad disappointed in the pick as far as the spot in the draft but I don’t think it was a waste. It fills a need and they have the extra pick. The guy has a huge upside.

  29. 2014 NFL draft Philadelphia Eagles
    #22 – Marcus Smith——————–whiff
    #54 – biggest team need OLB to replace Trent Cole ( try again)

  30. I Doubt it’s gonna happen please try and trade cox for a 2nd then grab Louis nix I can’t stand cox he isn’t a fit get rid of him and graham.curry,celeck or Casey and maybe Mathis.

  31. Stevie Johnson got traded to the 49ers for a 4th rd pick in 2015 ( that can turn into a 3rd)

  32. Marcus Smith is such a bad selection I actually think that dingbat GMCliff could have done better.

  33. ***Eagles News****
    Marcus Smith decides not to accept the Eagles Offer of being Drafted by them for all the negativity that’s being directed at him and instead is going to play for Peoria Indians in the Central Illinois Friday Night’s Arena League

  34. Lots of draft left, LETS GO BIRDS

  35. I know cox isn’t getting traded but he needs to go his value next year around this time will be a 5th rd pick. And lol if anybody is dumb enough to take Cary they can have him.

  36. the silver lining to the draft so far is I actually like the Houston Texans #1 pick Clowney, expect to see him in 5 years since all Texan players end up here in free agency.

  37. We are going streaking across the walt whitman… who is with me?

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