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Eagles Trade Up To #42, Select Wide Receiver Jordan Matthews

matthewsIt was an itch that you knew Chip Kelly had to scratch.

The Eagles needed some help at wide receiver, and they got it with the 42nd pick.

The team traded up in the second round to select Jordan Matthews of Vanderbilt.

Matthews is a big receiver, standing at 6’3, and 212 lbs. He’ll provide Nick Foles with another big redzone target. on Facebook

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84 Comments for “Eagles Trade Up To #42, Select Wide Receiver Jordan Matthews”

  1. Great Pick. I prefer the bigger WR than the smaller tyes.

  2. So when you look at it we got an OLB n WR with our first two picks, two needs, guys that will come in and contribute immediately, does it really matter what round who was picked? I think not! We’re looking good right now, lets see what they do with these two 3s.

    • That is my feeling as well.

      If they had taken these guys reversed the conversation all day would have been different.

      I did have a desire for the 6’5″ FSU player but matthews is much more accomplished and a big guy as well.

  3. Size, intelligence and a good kid… type of players Chips wants on his team….great pick!

  4. All effective 34 outside linebackers are gone as attaouch goes to the Chargers.
    Long Ealy is falling like a brick.
    The Eagles made the correct choice taking Marcus Smith first.

  5. Where’s GM Cliff??
    His boy Ealy is taking a beating!!!

  6. Now Trade Brandon Graham to get a 4th Rd Pick back
    And Trade Bryce Brown to get a 6th Round Pick
    C’Mon Howie, get it done ..

  7. People going out of their minds. I said it earlier today. Super run on OLB/DEs top of first.

    Redskins reached for a 3/4 end with their only pick.

    Marcus Smith was not going to be there.

  8. That would be ideal Paulman. Happy we got Matthews. Big target with great speed. Keep em comin

  9. I still would like to see the Eagles take Jarvis Laundry. Who knows how well Maclin will be once training camp camp starts

  10. Aaron Rodgers tweeted that Jordan Mathews was a great pick. Aarons brother played with Jordan so Aaron knows him.

  11. Targets for 3rd round? McCullers. If Nix keeps sliding?

  12. This dude is a four year starter and all s.e.c. Led the s.e.c. In scoring huge hands and a big target ..nice job..paulman ..if howie can somehow Brandon graham and Bryce brown to get A 4th back it will be DRAfT Day the reality show. It appears the Eagles knew there was no way they could go back any further to get smith..they obviously have a plan..not just speedballs lmao..

  13. With those two 3rd picks must be Christian jones & nix or mccullers

    • I’m with you on Christian Jones…watch out for this other linebacker named Jordan Tripp…they may take him instead, especially if they’re concerned about Jones’ drug result at combine.

      • Jordan Tripp is an Chip Kelky type of guy,
        Reminds a bit of Kiko Alonso who played for Chip and was recruited
        By him when at Oregon..
        I see CB & DT in 3rd Round..
        This 2nd around Takent is right up up there with the 1st Roubd so lots of good young Pkayers out there to be md rafters by Eagles.

      • Pass on Christian Jones…….

  14. This cat looks like Reggie Brown.

  15. Thinking Eagles have Maclin & Matthews on the outside split wide at opposite sides, then Cooper in the Slot, with Ertz at TE ..
    A pretty good receiver Corp with McCoy/Speoles coming out of the backfield

  16. Cmon Birds please draft McGill, dude will be really good for us… looks like hes dropping to the 3rd but we ll see

  17. I didn’t want Allen Robinson at all

  18. This is the Eagles money round here in the 3rd

  19. Word is Chip and the Birds tried moving up for MLee, two guys were targeted, Im guessing Lee had the higher rating on their board over Matthews…

  20. I’m surprised Louis-Nix is still available. If he’s there at #83 the Eagles should snatch him up. Perfect 3 – 4 nose tackle.

  21. Bears need Oline and safety and nix is 3-4 dt

  22. Damn I hope he falls to us

  23. I bet the Bears cock block us like the way GB cock blocked us by taking Ha Ha. Fuckers

  24. I’m hearing Nix is dropping due to physical conditioning and attitude issues…if you didn’t want djax because he was a headache…scratch Nix!

  25. Lots of CB’s still on the board
    Pierre Desir, Phillip Gaines, Walt Aiken, Jaylen Watkins
    Lots of DT’s in A Sutton, Daquan Jones, Kelcey Quarles
    Slot WR’s Ellington, R Herron
    OL Guards Trai Turner, Gabe Jackson
    Safety’s Dion Bradley, Dontae Johnson, Craig Loston, A Dixon
    Scat Backs Dri Arcger, John Brown

  26. One if these picks better be Christian jones

  27. Desir at CB…. Bradford at OLB,. A couple talented secondary guys from Florida…. some nice choices on the defense…

  28. well…one 3rd rounder… another trade….probably a 4th and a 6th

  29. We just traded from 83….if we don’t pick Jones at 86 they don’t want him.

  30. Eagles traded #83 to Houston

  31. Shit Eagles traded with Houston

  32. Other DTs available still……like getting the picks

  33. Ha….there goes the big NT,,,

  34. anyone know what we got in return?

  35. The texans 4th and 5th rd picks

  36. Damn, there goes my DE Kareem Martin… 🙁
    I think Nartin can be another Greg Hardy type in 2 years time
    Though he’s better suited for a 4-3 Scheme

  37. Not bad. But Louis Nix would have been ideal.

  38. Eagles got pick 101 in 4th round and pick 145 in 5th round for the trade.

  39. Eagles select LB Christian Jones

  40. DT Daquan Jones or CB Pierre Desir
    Or Phillip Gaines..,

  41. Josh huff really with Bryant on the board wow

  42. He’s got wheels

  43. Wow, there is the Eagles Slot WR and a Return guy..
    I would have preferred Bruce Ellington or Robert Herron
    Or selecting a Player on Defense

  44. Josh Huff, Kiper said he was considered a mid 2nd round pick, good quality pickup, in the end it all adds up.

    • Huff by most Scouting Reports has a 5th Round Grade
      He’s a converted RB to a Receiver.. I’m not liking this pick
      at #86..

  45. They said Chip loves this guy like a son. The Eagles need to not get emotionally involved with these guys. This pick is all Chip. Wow

  46. What did Eagles get in return from Texans for Trading
    #83 to them?

  47. 4th & 5th rd picks

  48. 1st pick Saturday in the 4th….have all night to research the next offensive player to take

  49. And of course, the Chiefs take CB Phillip Gaines!!!
    Good Grief!!

  50. Eagles go CB heavy on day 3. Expect an alligator arm CB.

  51. Well lets see what we get with the first pick tomorrow. Still no comment till the draft is complete. Still more interesting than watching the phillies blow yet another fucking lead.

  52. C’mon, Josh Huff is not a starter, he’ll be sitting next to James Casey

  53. There gonna trade that first pick tomorrow

  54. Mathews dies not have great hands and dies not use his body or size to cine down with catches. Not elusive run after the catch guy really good kid good straight line speed.Pinkston with more weight on him smh

  55. Desir needs to be the Eagles next pic. We absolutely need CB depth. He is a tall corner 6 – 1 and ran the 40 in 4.5.

  56. Huff has some wheels on him. If used right he can be a dangerous player. Seems to have good hands too. I’m starting to like this pick more and more

  57. I watched this guy’s highlight films and didn’t see him break away from corner coverage. He does not have breakaway speed and this may be a major weakness.

  58. Huff will replace Danarius Johnson who has been given 2 years worth of opportunities and failed to capitalize on them
    Huff will handle Kick-off Duties and be that Slot CB, Bubbke Routes, end around type if Player that Kelly likes to employ..
    OLB Smith, WR Matthews will see significant snaps
    DB Watkins will compete, play Special Teams his Rookie Season
    And compete for a Starters spot come 2015

    The first 4 Selections will make plays and contribute in this 2014 Season
    The remainder will add competition and have good opportunities to make the Roster
    It will be DE Hart vs Kruger,Long & Graham & Curry
    but Hart has the size to slide inside on ocassion
    DT B Allen has excellent chance to back-up Logan since Eagles have very little Depth at DT
    Safety Reynolds could have a chance to be that final Safety
    All depend on play of Wolff & Allen
    Going to Stanford means he will miss most of the OTA’s and will be behind schedule once Camp opens so probably a Practice Squad Player
    With all things being relatively Equal,
    Chip Kelly will go with the Players he has Drafted over Veterans that were here and selected under AR, so players like D Johnson, B Graham,V Curry
    Dennis Kelly are probably all goners

    • I think Reynolds all ready graduated, Damaris Johnson needs to be released now. Allen may work himself into the rotation Hart and Kruger are basically the same guy. Trey Burton can play multiple positions he may be a camp surprise and it also wouldn’t surprise me if one of those undrafted RB’s beat out Tucker. I still say they are the best team in the division.

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