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Eagles Trade Away #83, Select Josh Huff at #86

huffAfter going defense in round one, Chip Kelly is going all out to upgrade his receiving corp.

In addition to picking up a big receiver in Jordan Matthews, Kelly spent his third rounder on a guy he is very familiar with, Oregon receiver Josh Huff.

Huff is a small, speedy receiver that the Eagles should be able to plug into the slot.

I’m not surprised to see the Eagles take a wideout with two of their top three picks. Make no mistake, wide receiver depth is a critical need for this team. Jeremy Maclin’s durability is always a concern. Riley Cooper can’t be considered anything more than a number two receiver. Before the draft, the Eagles’ third string receiver was Jeff Maehl. They needed some better talent below their starters, and they’ve added a couple of nice prospects with different skillsets to make that receiving corp as potent as possible.

The Eagles also traded away their first third-round pick (83rd overall) to Houston in exchange for their fourth and fifth round picks (101 and 141). on Facebook

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48 Comments for “Eagles Trade Away #83, Select Josh Huff at #86”

  1. The great thing about this pickup is he knows the system, that’s big! He can come in and contribute right away, we don’t have to wait for him to go through a learning curve, Chip said he plays all over the field plus returns kicks, Kiper said he was projected as a mid 2nd rounder, great quality pickup.

  2. Another reach, overdraft. Moncrief, Desir, & McGill still on board! And they trade out with their other pick! I just don’t get their strategy. Head scratcher, after head scratcher. Thank God, they got Matthews, or I’d be totally disgusted! They get a C- so far!

  3. Huff is listed as a third rounder in my guides. I think the Eagles will address the defense heavily tomorrow as there are still lots of talented defensive players on the board.

  4. Mckinnon got drafted before DeAnthony Thomas… im a huge Jerick McKinnon fan, hes the ultimate offensive threat.. He can do it all.. QB RB WR ST everything.. Very explosive..

  5. McGill gotta be the 1st pick come tomorrow by the Eagles, II don’t care who else is on the list…

    Martavis Bryant is the next one they gotta go with…

  6. Gotta sign either Desir, or McGill. If they don’t, this draft will get less than a C-

    • Yes, horrible draft! Smith is the worst pass rusher in the draft. Arms are to long, weight is about right, and he only had 14.5 sacks last year. Matthews is to tall (6’3″), to slow (4.46), to fat (217lbs), and caught over 100 balls in a weak ass conference (SEC). Huff is to short to play the slot, to solid of a frame, caught 12 td’s last year, and knows the offense already….bad choice. Then the idiots picked up an extra pick today that could turn into 2 picks….wth were they thinking!!!! I give this draft an F……
      Everyone thats complaining about the draft is just plain STUPID!!!! They have filled 2 needs already, got extra picks, and have gotten GREAT value…..wake up, shut up, and either be realistic or go be a Cowgirls fan!
      They had ZERO chance of landing Evans, Dix, Dennard, Mack, and Robinson in the draft….thats called Fantasy football.

  7. They made a another mistake, over drafting Huff, rather than Moncrief. Bryant has feet for hands. I didn’t want him.

  8. Josh Huff is 5-11” 205 lbs. that is a thick running back frame.

  9. Scar remember you blasted me for saying Nix or Heggaman would last until round 2. Told u you never know. However after saying I was right about the Eagles and the cap regarding wr I have to come back and say you were right in the long run BC they cut Desean so props to you.

  10. Eagles draft is light so far. I guess we are going to coach them up BC none of these guys I see as immediate impact. Defense is still not upgraded enough and other teams are getting better. Once again the Birds are know it alls.

  11. Wow Huff isn’t very small at all. Good size

  12. For all you experts out there Chip has been to a lot of pro days more than any coach went to visits the who nine yards every player he drafted fits his scheme. In my opinion job well done Chip bringing in his players in year 2.

  13. Im hearing the Eagles may go Aaron Colvin, the CB out of OK sometime Saturday…

  14. The great thing about eagles sitting as first pick in day 3? Overnight analysis and phones ringing. 3 teams must address QB who haven’t..Birds could draft back again..

    Day 3 showcases personnel dept, gems abound if you can find them.. These are the money rounds..

    • They need to take Desir but they’ll trade back for more picks, still some good players on the board. I didn’t like taking 2 receivers last night but it’s all a crapshoot. So far they have drafted a pass rusher who may or may not pan out and 2 guys better then Avant. If I’m wrong please let me know.

      • Well BL theyre not better than Avant as a blocker. Hes one of the best in the NFL…

        I would have addressed the DL with the Huff pick but I like the guys they took..

        They need to get McGill, Colvin and Martavis Bryant.. We need at least two corners by the end of this draft…

  15. Nix in the third round would have been a great value pick smh.

  16. Like Huff just thought we need more defense but we will see what they do today GO BIRDS

  17. The eagles will trade back with that first pick in the 4th rd and try to get multiple picks in the 4th if they do this maybe they can take

    Keith McGill and Christian jones and the dt they must get is still on the board mccullers.
    And look for a Bryce brown and graham trade.

    • Gloomy..hopefully they will draft Christian Jones today, if not him they will get Jordan Trip. Either keith McGill or Desir would be a nice pick up too.
      I seriously doubt that they trade Graham, from my understanding Howie likes the way Graham hasbeen conditioning and keeping his weight down this off season.

  18. I love the fact our Philadelphia Eagles brass seems to always surprise us on draft day.

    I remember the Eagles were sucking ass big time at safety with Earl Thomas sitting right there and outsmarted everyone by trading up a getting Brandon “shit” Graham in the 1st round.


    Remember the hockey player who moonlighted as a fireman who sucked ass and couldn’t play a lick?

    Oh Danny Boy!

    How many of us seen that coming?

    The Eagles nut sniffers here gave all types of cliche’s like, “The front off are paid to know more than fans”.

    Guess what?

    the fans were right again and the Eagles with all their inside info sucked ass and wasted another valuable first round pick.

    Now we’re here with our safeties still sucking ass, the Eagles get a converted quarterback as a 1sy round Defensive End.

    Any seen that coming?

    The Eagles blow smoke up the fans ass claiming they have a new philosophy by drafting the best player available.

    They could have got this guy in the 3rd freakin round and what that tells me is that smart GM’s is betting on Roseman being wet behind the ears.

    Rosebud needs to stick with crunching numbers and get the hell out of the draft room.


    Let me reiterate…

    Our Safeties and secondary will suck ass again this year and will be the sole reason the Eagles come up short and miss the playoffs.

    And if I’m going to lose it if I hear Howie Roseman say he’s expecting Nate Allen to take the next step this season again.


    I wonder what glasses these guys are looking through to make them believe this secondary is NFL worthy?

    Nothing to see here!!!!

    We all know how the season ends.

    • Inline all 3 Picks now that I slept on it ..
      With Trade of #83rd to Texans for their 101st & 141st
      The Eagles have 5 Picks for Today

      4th Rd
      #101 – CB Pierre Desir (Lindenwood)
      #122 – DT Justin Ellis (Louisiana Tech)

      5th Rd
      #141 – OL James Hurst (North Carolina)
      # 162 – Safety Dontae Johnson (NC State)

      7th Rd
      #237 – ILB Andrew Jackson (Western Kentucky)

    • songs, that funny stuff –
      if chip and howie draft Michael Sam today don’t throw your remote, cell phone, tablet or keyboard and damage them but before you take a deep breath make sure you voice your opinion here unedited, LOL

    • Hahahahaha!!! Songs is hilarious hahahahaaa!!

      “Rosebud needs to stick with crunching numbers and get the hell out of the draft room.


  19. While I dont share SONGS vitriol… I share in some of his opinions. I dont trust Howie with our D. Not 1 bit. This D has not gotten better in my opinion… the O looks to be gearing up but for 6 years now… this D is an afterthought.

  20. There are still have some of my favorites left in
    Jaylen Watkins
    Christian Jones
    David Yankey
    Craig Loston
    Keith McGill
    Louchiez Purifoy

    I hope some of these guys are Eagles after today.

    • They got Texans 4th & 5th Round Selections by
      Trading the #83rd pick to them..
      My mock above is incorrect for I forgot about
      The Eagles sending #122 to Titans in the Jordan Matthew trade up
      Revised Draft today

      #101 – CB Pierre Desir
      #141 – OL James Hurst
      #162 – Safety Dontae Johnson
      #237 – DT Shamar Stevens

  21. I fucking hate our picks so far and not because of the players but because they are all luxury picks.

    1st round we get a project
    2nd round we get a #3 wr
    3rd round we get a #4 or #5 wr

    We need help in secondary dl and ol and we don’t address any of those needs and waste picks on projects. We have sproles ertz Maclin McCoy cooper , drafting 2 wr in the first 3 rounds is flat out moronic IMO, not enough balls to go around.

    I just don’t see how we improved our team at all so far.

  22. I like this Huff kid but Nix was the guy they should have picked IMO…they better hope he doesn’t turn out to be the next Wilfork or Howie will never hear the end of this, could be Earl Thomas debacle 2.0. I don’t care if the guy only plays 2 downs. Last time I checked we got the ball run down our throats in playoffs

    • Not a Nix Fan at all.. He’s way too undisciplined and simply does not have the work ethic to play for Chip Kelly
      He had a nice Junior year at ND and got fat & lazy last Season where he should have dominated , can’t have Players who play hard when they want to.. Maybe he’ll change his attitude as a Pro for if he doesn’t, he will have a short NFL Career..

      • Did Patrick Chung have the work ethic to play for Chip Kelly?

        You claimed he was an upgrade last year this time….remember?

        I told everyone he would suck ass.

        So, answer the question.

  23. Well, at least we didn’t trade our first round pick to a division rival while needing pass rush help only to pick up a fucking bust at QB in the 2nd round.

    Can someone say “Kevin Kolb”?

    I’m going to give an Eagles 1st round bust example at the top of each hour….

    and keep in mind folks, they were very excited to get these busts to be mentioned.

  24. Jaylen Watkins. I like this pick

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