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Kelly, Eagles Confirm Confidence In Foles By Passing On Manziel

folesraidersChip Kelly has always been in love with Johnny Manziel.

Kelly pushed hard to recruit Manziel to come to Oregon several years ago, believing that the quarterback would be a perfect fit for his system with the Ducks.

Nick Foles lit up the NFL last year after taking over for an injured Michael Vick, tossing 27 touchdown passes and only two interceptions once he was given the opportunity to run Chip Kelly’s offense. His ability to command the fast paced offense, combined with his accuracy and ability to protect the football were enough to convince the coaching staff to name him the starter even after Vick returned, and also sent the second-year man to his first Pro Bowl.

However, there’s still been a lot of doubt throughout the fanbase and media about whether Foles had truly won Chip Kelly over.

One of the most popular questions I had seen come up before last night’s draft was that of whether or not Kelly would be able to pass up the opportunity to draft Manziel. It was an interesting hypothetical, but one that we wouldn’t likely get an answer to, as Manziel figured to go somewhere within the top 20 selections.

However, Johnny Football kept sliding. The Houton Texans and Jacksonville Jaguars turned their noses up at the high profile prospect. Even Jerry Jones said no when the guy he had been coveting fell in to his lap at #16.

The Eagles came on the clock with the 22nd pick, and Manziel was there for the taking. And not only did Chip Kelly and the Eagles pass on him, but they traded down knowing that the team they made the deal with would be coming up to select him.

The Eagles made a significant statement here without saying a word. Chip Kelly and the front office is committed to Nick Foles. Chip Kelly believes that Nick Foles gives them the best chance to win. Chip Kelly believes that what Foles did last year is not a fluke.

The idea that Chip Kelly needs a “mobile” quarterback to run his offense has now been proven to be an utter myth. What he needs from his passer is a complete understanding of the concepts of his offense, efficiency on the field, accurate passes, and the ability to protect the football. What he truly cares about is whether or not the quarterback consistently puts a ton of points on the board, regardless of how he’s able to do it.

Kelly and the Eagles have their quarterback of the future, and his name is Nick Foles. on Facebook

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81 Comments for “Kelly, Eagles Confirm Confidence In Foles By Passing On Manziel”

  1. Chip and the Birds also have a 2 year buffer period to make sure that last year wasn’t a fluke before the rookie deal is up and they have to pay him the big bucks that a franchise QB would typically require. So didn’t really need an alternative yet. Now, if he passes on Winston, Marriota and Hundley next year……we 100% know where Chip’s allegiance is.

  2. Only a blind idiot like kool breeze, Jon hart and songs wouldn’t have confidence in nick foles

    • Your a freakin dumb idiot. Ive always said Im a Foles guy, you can twist and turn whatever you want loserville..

      JM would run this offense 100% because he can effectively run the zone read, Foles cant, point blank period..

      Now kiss my ass hoe

  3. That’s true upperdeck19, but the same can be said for every player on the team. If Jason Peters gives-up 15 sacks next year he will be replaced regardless of his contract. I think the DeSean Jackson situation proved that Kelly will get rid of the players that he doesn’t want.

    I think Denny is correct – The fact that Kelly passed on Johnny Manziel speaks volumes… It should be noted that Kelly also passed on Teddy Bridgewater…

  4. Wow josh Gordon might be suspended for the year.

    • Yup great no trade by the eagles !!!

    • What did he do now allegedly)?

      • Sources tell ESPN that Josh Gordon could face a season-long suspension following a second failed drug test, this time for marijuana.
        The Browns can’t even bask in their Johnny Manziel glory for 24 hours. Gordon, who was booted off Baylor’s football team for failed drug tests, was suspended by the NFL for the first two games of last season after violating the league’s substance abuse policy. A second violation can come with a 16-game ban, although the Browns are hoping to get that reduced to 4-6 games on appeal. Regardless, it would be a devastating blow to an offense that was previously trending up. Gordon was fantasy’s No. 1 receiver last season, racking up a league-high 1,646 yards and nine touchdowns in 14 games. Cleveland only has Andrew Hawkins, Nate Burleson and Greg Little behind him.

  5. xavier su’a-filo to the Texans in 2014 to the Eagles in 2018

  6. Dallas just traded up like 13 spots using a 2 and 3 I believe to get DE Demarcus Lawrence. Definitely a need pick. Dallas has no more picks tonight. SEnds are at a premium. This kid was suspended 2 times from his team due to off the field issues.

    • Cowboys having a good Draft so far with
      OL Martin and DE/OLB Lawrence
      It will interesting to watch the comparison of Kawrence to Eagles Marcus Smith over the next few Years ..

  7. The Lions got my guy Van Noy early in the 2nd, Dam…

  8. The eagles just traded up to #42 Cody Cody Cody Cody

  9. Nice.. I hope it’s Lattimer or DaVante Adams
    Could be DT Nix or Jernigan…


  11. Donte Moncrief maybe?

  12. Awesome Pick for WR Jordan Matthews..
    Someone get a hold of DCAr and tell him to cancel his Dinner-Date with the Wife and get on here !!!! 🙂

    • Howie just vindicated himself. He got my guy!!!! I’ve been touting him for months! Traded up, & didn’t have to use there 3’s. I love it! He is going to be a stud! Bank on it! Now in the 3rd, we can shore up the secondary, & lines. Jean-Baptiste, Desir, McGill, Ellis, maybe another WR. Bad 1st day, but today is looking brighter. Back to drinks with the Wife, before she kills me! LOL!

  13. This is what I’m talking about!!!! I hope nobody jumped off the bridge without hearing this pick lol

  14. we got Jordan Mathews in the second…if we took him at 26 we would have been cool with that. It’s a good draft thus far boys!

    • Im starting to love this draft by each pick.. Id love for them to draft your guy WR Bryant too or Latimer

      • Picking of Smith made perfect sense now. Cowboys wanted DeMarcus Lawrence who I said yesterday would be gone and the Skins wanted Marcus Smith.

        That kid would have been picked early in the second.

        The Birds did their homework.

  15. What did they give up in the trade?

  16. Didnt I tell yall to calm down!!! LMAO LUV JORDAN MATTHEWS

    Also scoop from down here in Va. The Redskins LOVED Marcus Smith and he was their target at 34.

  17. They gave up #122 there 4th rd pick

  18. He’s okay….Jordy Mathews is a average receiver….dont expect this kid to replace DJax…the best to expect from him is to be a solid No#3 receiver

    • foolbreeze, you are a f^#@ing idiot! You ain’t a fan, so just go the f^#@ away!

      • The second coming could happen and kool would be Like…it wasn’t all that!

      • drunkcar you are an ass! I’m a fan not fool like you…Jordy Matthews is an ok pick…but to do cartwheels over him is irresponsible…this kid is no Jerry Rice,he is not a replacement for Djax, and he is not projected as a No#1 receiver in the NFL…
        I would have been a bit more happier with Donte Montcrief has a receiver…and I think our biggest need is DT…we need a space-eater…Nix from Notre Dame comes to mind as a good choice for need.
        Eagles draft grade so far.. C-!

    • Leading SEC receiver is average…6’3″ 4.46 40 who catches in traffic…gets yac…and he’s average. Lol…..ok

  19. Debbie downer in the house

  20. Great pick birds

  21. What did the Birds give up to Titans to move up ?

  22. 3 Things I love about this Pick
    1) Played at Vandy with no big-time QB and still put up
    Big numbers in the SEC against top athletes of the SEC who
    Most Defenses were game planning and had their best cover CB’s on him
    (Alabana,LSU,Florida & Georgia) so this kid was getting it done versus top competition and Defenses
    2) is a humble, bright Player with a great work ethic, great attitude
    Who wants to excel and be the best he can be
    3) Has HOF WR Jerry arice as a Relative and mentor

    I tell u who he reminds me a lot of and thats the great WR that was on the stage who introduced the Selection and that’s
    Mike Quick..

    • Really Paulman…against Florida this year he had 5 catches for 45 yards he caught a lot of passes against Georgia where he went 11 catches for 89 yards …he is a nice possession receiver…not a dynamic playmaker…I had him rated as my 9th best receiver in this class…
      Again…ok pick…but I would have taken Moncrief who has deep speed only an inch shorter and a more dynamic playmaker!

  23. Draft McGill birds! He fits perfectly

  24. Like the pick….hate giving up the 4th. Would we have been worse off with Moncrief, Latimer, or M. Bryant, etc. who were still available at 54?

    McGill, Baptiste, Desir on the radar next?

  25. I told you guys, the birds will shine today and in the later rounds… Theyre about to prove to everyone the depth of their hours days and months of scouting has done.. Tom Gamble, Donahue, Howie and Chip..

    Both Smith and Matthews will be players for us for years to come, book it

  26. Saints just took Baptiste, now the birds need to move up and get McGill!

  27. The eagles now have the #1 pick in the 4th round and 5th rounds.. Moving down for what?

    I hope they’re not trying to out smart themselves..

    Your not the Seahawks guys!

  28. I would’ve taken Bryant over Huff..

  29. He will eventually be the Darren Sproles/Jackson replacement.

  30. Are you kidding me right now? I was joking when I said they were gonna draft 2 wideouts and they go and do it. Desean Jackson is sitting somewhere laughing his ass off right now. Address the damn defense Mr Ego this crap is ridiculous. They will trade that first pick tomorrow instead of picking Desir just watch they have 4 fifth round picks when it’s all said and done.

  31. I like Matthews, I somewhat like Huff if he was drafted in the 5th or 6th round. I guess Ertz and Sproles won’t be getting all DJax’s touches huh, whatever let’s see what today brings.

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